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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 25th, 2008. For those who are new to the show, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can download lots of previous talks I've given on various shows over quite a few years now. You can also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in the various languages of Europe which you can download, print up and pass around to your friends. At least you should think about it. You might want to keep them as friends. Some of them might just look at you rather oddly and they'll go off in a different direction when they see the kind of information that you're passing around.


This information obviously is not for everyone, mainly because we’re taught or we grew up actually in a system of two worlds. Two worlds. One is seen and that's the one that's propagated into you through your education and from your parents too who didn't know either what was really going on. They thought they did and the school takes over and then the media takes over from school or college and you're indoctrinated your whole life into the basic reality, the one you're supposed to believe in, where everything evolves haphazardly, crises come and go and politicians and authorities deal with them as they happen. Then there's the big system above it.


You might even say three systems because you have the top ones who run the whole show, which is based on money and commerce, banking, debt and with all of that comes economics. Then below them they have academia and levels of academia because the higher levels of academia admit themselves that they are allowed to talk about and discuss all the taboos topics which are by law forbidden on the lower levels. In a sense they're right because on the lower levels, because of a lack of knowledge and understanding, people will generally fight other people to the death, never really knowing what's going on. We love to blame everybody else for our problems, not realizing that there's a big puppet master above all of it who's quite content to have everyone fighting everyone else. We look around us today at the base level, the bottom level where we are. We live in a completely dysfunctional period and a dysfunctional system where families are pretty well destroyed.


Everything on television and 20, 30 years of programming has basically made the man a stupid fool and the female is just something that stares at the ads and is fascinated and wants this and wants that. That's what we're taught. That's what's really indoctrinated into us and the children are sort of things that come along. They just play on computers and machines and pass the time by themselves. There's very little interaction now between parents or a parent and children anymore. We even expect authorities to put on special programs after school to take care of them and pass their time. This is the system that was deliberately designed. It's chaotic. It's non-functional. It's meant to be non-functional because the new system is coming in and you have to really to destroy all of the old, destroy all of the new and it takes quite a while to do that. Quite a while in our lifetime and the way we judge the span of years, but really just part of the long-term business plan for those who devise it and carry it through the big institutions. Remember that the institutions go on intergenerationally with the same mandates. They hire, they retire and hire again until they get their jobs done. Quite a simple process really if you have all the money in the world to fund it with and all the people to hire to work at it. I'll be back with more after these following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, just trying to point out how the system works and it's not so difficult to understand really to say you have different tiers of reality co-existing all at the same time and the one at the bottom is trained from birth not to see the other ones above them. They're also trained that they are on the cutting edge. If you believe you're on the cutting edge and you know all there is to know about science and what inventions have been put out there, what they're working on now, they could actually be 5,000 years ahead and you'd really believe that you're in the age of microwaves and so on and that's as far as you've got, and you would never believe they were so far, far ahead.


It's quite easy to give you a fake reality because they make sure at the top, since they run the whole economy and the monied system, which runs the corporations, which runs the factories which make all the produce, it's quite easy to make sure that you only get on the shelves what they've authorized you to buy. It’s all antiquated equipment. We live really in a past, in THE past to be honest with you and very few people really know it. Just watch when the next invention comes along, the next gizmo, gadget or upgrade to the computer and you'll see all the companies, all the corporations who are supposed to be in fierce competition with each other come out with the same type of model at the same time. I've watched this all my life and that's how things really are. The technology is dished out to these big organizations, these corporations at the same time by those who've already used it and probably discarded it after its use because they're so far ahead now at the top they don’t need it anymore.


By that method, you can always keep control when you have the really big toys at the top and all the big weaponry and all the rest of it; and yet, even though with all this technology that we see today, they're not happy. They want a completely controlled, monitored, predictable society with a population of the world that's down to a manageable level – manageable level with a purpose. You can't be born in the future if there is no purpose for you and they'll decide if there is one. They'll also decide going by your genetics and if you have a parent in fact or parents—or who knows, maybe a test tube in the future, just like "Brave New World"—they'll decide if you have defective genes or your IQ isn't up to the par that they need and you'll simply be terminated. Quite simple because in economics everything goes on efficiency. They don't have much of a human – in fact they have no margin of human response or emotion involved in it. It's pure efficiency, almost like a hive of bees or a colony of ants.


I've noticed too recently that the Homeland Security, I have a couple of articles. I won't read them tonight but Homeland Security is now backing some big toy companies to put out equipment or toy equipment which children will see going through airports and so on, like scanners and metal detectors and all this kind of stuff, supposedly to get them used to it and see it as fun. Fun, fun, fun and the ads these companies are putting out now with the products, that's how they push it. It will be fun, fun, fun as you scan each other and you grow up thinking it's all quite normal. I wonder if they'll give them these finger condoms for body cavity searches as well.


It's just amazing how they can train us from a very early age and the parents generally see nothing wrong with it because the parents themselves have been completely brainwashed before the children and they see no harm in anything really; and if it keeps little Johnnie quiet, they'll buy it for them and help indoctrinate him. Incredible what's happening. It truly is incredible and looking back in history even with all the battles they had with religions and different kinds of religions, often they'd stop the wars when it came to a common cause for their own survival but you don't see any of that today. You don't see that at all. It's like people are quite content to watch every right every ancestor fought for being taken away daily from them, without so much as a hiccup and that's the sad part of the reality we live in.


I'm going to read a little article here and it's from year 2000 and I've read some of this man's articles before. Michael Chossudovsky and it's from Earthpulse.com. He is Professor of Economics University of Ottawa, author of The Globalization of Poverty and I believe this particular article came out in November 2000.


It says:


            "The important debate on global warming under UN auspices provides but a partial picture of climate change; in addition to the devastating impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer, the World's climate can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated "non-lethal weapons." Both the Americans and the Russians have developed capabilities to manipulate the World's climate.


In the US, the technology is being perfected under the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) as part of the ("Star Wars") Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI). Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes."


Alan:  Now you can find this too in the treaty that was signed in I think it was '78 at the United Nations on Weather Warfare.


            "From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. Potentially, it constitutes an instrument of conquest capable of selectively destabilising agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions."


Alan:  When they say regions they also mean countries and nations.


            "While there is no evidence that this deadly technology has been used…"


Alan:  It actually was back then.


            "…surely the United Nations should be addressing the issue of "environmental warfare" alongside the debate on the climatic impacts of greenhouse gases. Despite a vast body of scientific knowledge, the issue of deliberate climatic manipulations for military use has never been explicitly part of the UN agenda on climate change. Neither the official delegations nor the environmental action groups…"


Alan:  I'm not surprised.


            "…participating in the Hague Conference on Climate Change (November 2000) have raised the broad issue of "weather warfare" or "environmental modification techniques (ENMOD)" as relevant to an understanding of climate change."


Alan:  No, they won't talk about it because they're all hand-picked.


"The clash between official negotiators, environmentalists and American business lobbies has centered on Washington's outright refusal to abide by commitments on carbon dioxide reduction targets under the 1997 Kyoto protocol.1 The impacts of military technologies on the World's climate are not an object of discussion or concern."


Alan:  No, it won't be. As I say, they're all hand picked.


            "Narrowly confined to greenhouse gases, the ongoing debate on climate change serves Washington's strategic and defense objectives."


It goes on to say:


            "WEATHER WARFARE"


World renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell confirms that "US military scientists are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the enhancing of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods." Already in the 1970s, former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski had foreseen in his book "Between Two Ages" that:  "Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."


Marc Filterman, a former French military officer, outlines several types of "unconventional weapons" using radio frequencies. He refers to "weather war," indicating that the U.S. and the Soviet Union had already "mastered the know-how needed to unleash sudden climate changes (hurricanes, drought) in the early 1980s." These technologies make it "possible to trigger atmospheric disturbances by using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radar [waves]."


A simulation study of future defense "scenarios" commissioned for the US Air Force calls for:


"US aerospace forces to 'own the weather' by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications… From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary. In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels.


            The High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) based in Gokoma Alaska --jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy is part of a new generation of sophisticated weaponry under the US Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the ionosphere". Scientist Dr. Nicholas Begich --actively involved in the public campaign against HAARP-- describes HAARP as:


"A super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere [upper layer of the atmosphere] by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead."


Dr. Rosalie Bertell depicts HAARP as "a gigantic heater that can cause major disruption in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet." HAARP has been presented to public opinion as a program of scientific and academic research…"


Alan:  It goes on and on and on to tell us just what it can do, but what it doesn't say too is that it also affects the moods and the minds and the emotions of people. Very, very interesting when you into what HAARP alone just by itself can do. There's 54 of these worldwide. Back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and reading from a little article put out I think in the year 2000 by a professor from Ottawa on weather modification and what they're not really telling you. Of course they won't push this much on your 6 o'clock or your 11 o'clock news. They want you to be oblivious to it. They want you to think that global warming is just happening by chance, we're causing it in fact, because that is the agenda is to blame us and have us believe it. It's very, very good. It will probably work; works with most people and propaganda is aimed at most people like all weapons are. There's always a few individuals that don't react the usual way to any kind of weaponry.


However, this weather modification can also, remember, affect the moods – they've tested it out in different places. They tested it out in some places in the U.S. and they found that they could cause depression on a vast scale. Suicide rates went up. They altered the frequency and they found that people became aggressive and even domesticated animals became aggressive too.


They don't really care what they do. We're guinea pigs you see and now they're going to use it on a vast scale and coupling it with the spraying the skies that they're doing across the whole planet since about '98 continuously, then we can pretty well tell they're using HAARP in conjunction with the metallic particles. The very method that Mr. Teller talked about in the '50's, the inventor of the H-bomb, and it's being used upon the public of the world. That might explain part of the reason people are so quiet and laid-back when they're going through such vast changes and watching the wolves set up barbed wire in a sort of psychic sense around them and having them tested and prodded and poked and ID'd for everything that they want and they don't even object. They don't object when they're asked for their ID in stores and all the rest of it when they purchase things. They just go ahead and do it like good trained animals. Rather sad, isn't it?


Now we're going to go to the phones, so try Antonio in Maryland. Hello Antonio?


Antonio:  Yes. Hello, Alan. How are you today?


Alan:  Not so bad. Go ahead.


Antonio:  I was just calling to talk with you concerning some things you've talked about lately and just here recently today. You are always mentioning that people are always learning but never knowing and there are those of us who do know who must realize that there's certain actions you must take in order to try and change things. You cannot sit and wait and hope and believe a certain amount of society is just going to wake up and see what's going on around them. Even if they did realize what was going on around them, I doubt if they would react anyway.


Alan:  You're quite right. It's no different than in a fight at school. You'll watch that people will crowd around someone who takes on the bully. They themselves won't take them on but they will cheer someone one. However, if the bully wins, they'll also cheer on the bully. They want to be friends with him. That's the sad fact about human nature. They go with the winner because that's the new boss; it could be the old boss who’s won again. They're basically cowardly and I think something has happened to them as well. I think they've been so domesticated through scientific techniques, not just indoctrination, probably inoculations too, never mind all the massive propaganda through their daily dose of television and radio that they simply are not quite up to par if you compare them to people of even 100 years ago. People from 100 years ago, 200 years ago would stand up rather quickly if someone came along and said you cannot grow this food here to feed yourself or you can't travel here or there without my permission. These were causes for wars in previous times because they knew what enslavement was. They knew the procedure, the simple procedure of enslavement and it always came under guises of protecting the people, even as far back as ancient Rome, so you're quite right. There are the few that understand and it's not for everyone to understand. A lot of people cannot handle the bad news. They really can't handle the bad news. There are some pretty fragile minds out there and they'll go to pieces and never get out of it.


Antonio:  That is true. Actually a lot of them will truly refuse to actually hear what you're saying. They'll just shutdown and you're also correct on another thing. I know that you're Canadian and live in Canada. People here in the United States must also realize that another thing that you have said that is true, is that it will, if anything is changed, it will take the people here in the United States to make the changes that's going to be needed here in the world.


Alan:  See, the U.S. is the engine for commerce too. It's the engine for this whole New World Order and oddly enough it still has quite a lot of people in the U.S. scattered across often in rural areas and different places who are aware and they still have a memory at least of what freedom is supposed to be and it's the only country that has that. It's the only country that's ever had that, so any change will come from the States.


Antonio:  Yes. I do have two quick more things if I can. The other one is that there is an effort and people must realize this also. But you mentioned this also yourself all the time that they are putting in place mechanisms as far as – do you want me to hold, I hear the music?


Alan:  Sure. Hold over and we'll come back to that after these messages. Hello. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we still have Antonio from Maryland on the line. Are you there?


Antonio:  Yes, I am, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead. You were going to make some points there.


Antonio:  I was going to mention that there are a lot of, pertaining to technology, there are a lot of mechanisms that are put in place as far as what they're releasing to the public as far as new computers, DVD players, digital TVs and everything. People do not realize what these actual units can do. Actually, they can be made to work just like you say HAARP issues. The combining of the technologies to enable the technologies to work together, as far as the new iPhone and devices such as that, people think of it as a convenience but they don't realize that as I said it's a convergence of technologies as far as what's being put in place out in the public world and what you're using inside your private homes and wherever you live.


Alan:  You're quite right and also some of these technologies can actually communicate with each other, the certain circuitry within that TV or within that cell phone and so on, and you're being monitored in everything that you do and everywhere you go inside your home and every conversation can be monitored, so you're quite right. They don't give us these toys just because they want us to be happy. On the contrary, we get addicted to these toys until we can't do without them and of course the toys, especially the cell phone, it's all been admitted to, you're tracked wherever you go and they can listen in even when it's switched off.


Antonio:  Yes, exactly. The last thing I wanted to make a point to especially the people here in America. Freedom, liberty and peace and justice are not things that we have to ask for.


Alan:  That's right.


Antonio:  Those are things that if you want to keep them you've got to fight for them.


Alan:  That's how they were gained in the first place.


Antonio:  They must realize that it's not going to be handed to you; and as an ex-member in the military and for anyone else who may be in the military or have been in the military, you must remember who you serve and that is your people and your country. You do not serve the ruling elite. That's all I have to say for tonight, Alan. Thanks for all the things you've done and all the people you've brought in to listen to your show.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Antonio:  You're welcome. Bye-bye.


Alan:  It's true, I said on one of the shows last week, I said that every individual has as much right to live on this planet the way they want to live without harming others as a Zbigniew Brzezinski or a Rockefeller or a Rothschild or anybody else or the king and queen. It makes no difference. They have no more right to live and dictate to us than we have to dictate to them and that's the reality of it. We have it all warped simply through conditioning and every child takes for granted the system he's born into. If his parents can't warn him or tell him what it's all about, he or she won't think either. They'll think it's all quite natural and they'll bow their heads to the right people as well. That's how simple it is, but freedoms are easily taken away under the guise of security. Look at the histories of ancient Rome. You see it happening time after time after time and it's simply being copied again today.


Now we'll go back and try Keith from Florida. Are you still there, Keith?


Keith:  Yes. Hey Alan?


Alan:  Hello.


Keith:  Hey Alan, I wanted to ask you a question about the John Birch Society, Robert Welch who founded it and not too long ago I got a video off of Jeff Rense's site. Lawrence McDonald who took over I guess in '83 for Mr. Welch and it was a really interesting film with him and Pat Buchanan. I mean he laid out so much of the agenda that you talk about now and the Birchers seem to be right on but there's just something that just doesn't seem to be right about the Birch Society and I've got Lawrence McDonald – Patton McDonald – Lawrence Patton McDonald. I have him right in front of me on Wikipedia and he's related to Patton and it just seems like – I mean can you sort that out for me? I mean do you have anything to say about the Birch Society and what they're really about? Is it more enigma inside the riddle or what?


Alan:  I'm sure it is. The problem is that we're always given leadership, especially foundations, institutions that are well funded and they get lots of information out to the public through different means and regular media too, so we have to be so careful. They give us the leaders who simply tell us the truth. They actually tell us like politicians do, what we want to hear, things we've been thinking about ourselves, things we have noticed ourselves and they fill in a lot of blank spots for you, but they often go off in odd directions rather than keep on the right trail and do the right things. I know a lot of people who have gotten disillusioned with the Birch Society through some of their big fundraising campaigns that were going to sort of blacklist the UN many years ago and apart from a few billboards that went up nothing much was done with that money as far as the people who subscribed claim. Therefore, I really can't tell you except I'm always suspicious that come out in the forefront, especially by the rich. You see the rich themselves have too much at stake. How can you fight something when you yourself hope to escape through this system by having as much money and wealth as possible?


Keith:  Exactly. It's like these little factions of elites vying for power. If you're really interested, Lawrence McDonald in 1983 four months after that tape was shot on Crossfire he was shot down on air flight 007 over the Soviet Union and Welch had been a big Joseph McCarthy supporter in that whole witch hunt. The witch trials I guess they conducted in the '50's and it's just the whole idea of – it's very interesting. A friend of mine his mother has just received some literature from I think it's called The New American, one of their recent publications and much of what they say is very in line with the patriotic network, with the Ron Paul slogans and much of what we understand to be the New World Order, but there is just something strange about some of the players in that.


Alan:  The players and it's also the fact they don't go far enough. They never go far enough. They'll point out certain factions in society. They'll point the finger but they won't give you the overall picture and how they're all interconnected, including themselves, and how would you expect someone as I say these guys are pretty wealthy characters. They've made their money and their pensions off the public, the public purse generally, in politics and so on, and they're up amongst the elite themselves. They want to come through into the next phase with their families and their children to take over. They don't want to go down with the ship and I think that's part of the reason they don't go the whole way and tell the public the horror show, the actual horror show that's happening and coming up.


Keith:  I only started going online after September 11th. A friend of mine turned me on to some of these "conspiracy sites" and one of the first ones I started to frequent was the Jeff Rense site and over the recent months, especially after having listened to you, I sort of sour to the Jeff Rense website because I feel like I'm sort of even being steered into a certain direction there. I feel that there is a lot of emphasis on Zionist elite flying UFOs from outer space or something. It's just always has this – there's something about him – a lot of the writers I think are very amateurish and they scare me a little bit. I mean some of the writers he has on his site trying to vet some--


Alan:  All I have to tell you, to be honest with you, is counterintelligence and I'm not saying he is one of them but counterintelligence does work by taking the facts that are being discussed in the street even or in bars or restaurants or cafes or in homes. That's how they gather intelligence, then they counter it by putting out people who will discuss the same kind of topics and naturally you'll tune in to hear them because they're on your wavelength and then they do add all this stuff on with the UFOs and all the rest of it, and that tends to discredit the actual truth itself.


Keith:  Yes. It's sort of interesting. David Icke has got the reptilians. Rense has got the UFOs and what's his name down in Texas, he's Alex Jones, which I mean I really do. I mean Alex Jones really gets me motivated and pumped up but I remind myself that this guy is also a diehard Christian and he's complaining about human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove and all you have to do is look at a crucifix to be reminded of stuff like that.


Alan:  Well, the problem is, as I say, you have to remember too that all – I keep saying this, I'm not the best guy to promote myself when it comes to this, because the patriot business is a business. It's big business and people have been brought up with 50 years of sci-fi and all the rest of it, very good sci-fi and predictive programming, but I can tell you this, that one of the major guys that does a lot of videos for some of the top people is connected with people in London. He phoned me up and talked for two hours, and said he was going to come up and do a video on me, and at the very end of it he said "will you go along with the alien agenda and a few other things" which he just mentioned and I said "no. I won't fool the people," and that was the last I heard from him, but he does all the big videos for all the major international players.


Keith:  It's to your credit, Alan. It's really to your credit but I'll say this and I think you would agree with me and I think that all – because we have to stay really sharp right now. I mean these are real – I mean we're hitting critical mass here and I mean even with what you say. When you make a claim or you make a statement, I do my best to research and vet what you say and I'll tell you what. I haven't found any issues with the information that you're giving and it's been very consistent and I really appreciate it and I'm not saying that these guys are – I understand they've got to make money too. They have to sell their radio show and they have to sell their films and they have to pay their mortgages and their rent, but it's confusing. It's really confusing.


Alan:  It is, I know, and I think some of them are intentionally, especially across the pond. Britain's been very good at that. I don't know if you as the movie called "The Good Shepherd" about the start of the CIA and how they went over to Britain and they were taught the black arts of propaganda and counterintelligence. It's worth seeing for that alone, but Britain is the premiere, it's par excellence, as far as propaganda and counterintelligence goes, how you mix fact with fiction and totally confuse or defuse the fact and the baby goes out with the bath water and that's how it works, very simple. Thanks for calling.


Keith:  Thank you, Alan. Have a good night.


Alan:  Bye now. I've got Megan from Pennsylvania. Are you there? Hello Megan.


Megan:  Okay. You were talking about the weather before and what do you think their purpose is of drying up Lake Mead? That's where the Hoover Dam is built and they supply water to Las Vegas and Southern California including Los Angeles.


Alan:  I think you just answered the question.


Megan:  Yes, but why would they want to do that?


Alan:  They said back in the '60's when they drew out plans for the future world they wanted to bring out, and some of them did come from the United Nations and other agencies associated with them, that they would want a world where people were moved from all coastal areas far inland, because again they were talking about eventually getting habitat areas. There will be no more urban sprawl. You'll all be crammed together, but definitely they wanted vast areas around every coastline free and clear and I guess that includes the Los Angeles area and so on.


Megan:  Okay, thanks, Alan. Good night.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. These characters literally make plans so far in advance and they carry them out because it might take two or three generations of bureaucrats or employees and foundations, but they can pull it off and that's why they can pull it off. They have all the time in the world and they stick to it. We are short-term planners. We are lucky to plan next year or two years down the road. These guys go to work knowing what their agenda is and their job is for their entire lives, and if they retire, some new recruit comes in and gets retrained and carries on with the same agenda. It's been like that for a long time and that's the stuff Weishaupt and others and even Albert Pike were talking about, they would create foundations which would be incredibly wealthy and they would basically create what we now call non-governmental organizations, thousands of them – actually, 1,000 main ones. That's the "1,000 points of light" that George Bush, Sr. was referring to. High Masonic terms they used. Benjamin Franklin used the same term in his own memoirs, his own diaries. If you read his letters he called himself "a point of light."  These are the ones that change the world and the destiny of the world. Old, old stuff, still going on and it doesn't change.


Now there's Ken in Massachusetts. Are you there, Ken?


Ken:  Hello. I spoke to you back in September, had a little chat with you about spraying and also amateur astronomy. Did you get to see the eclipse?


Alan:  Yes I did.


Ken:  Excellent. We had a pretty good view of it here. Something that I've kind of been pondering as I've been listening to your broadcasts and some of your callers talked about some similar issues as far as technology that's been withheld. Are you familiar with Moore's Law?


Alan:  Moore's Law, refresh me on it.


Ken:  I learned about that back in the '80's and someone by the name of Moore. It's not a physical law but it's more of an observation and it's that computer processors and storage capability has been doubling at a given cost level every 18 months for the past 50 years.


Alan:  In fact they say it's now every one or two months.


Ken:  Right, but I'm wondering if there's sort of an elite technology?


Alan:  Yes there is.


Ken:  And is that part of – it seems to like introduce – when I think of the ramifications of introducing technology on a predictable basis like that, it's sort of commoditizes technology?


Alan:  It does and it's planned that way. We know the CIA from the equipment demonstrated on the CBC TV by Nick Begich himself, that somehow the CIA had dumped in his lap, obviously had to have worked on microcircuitry and this is before we even had – we used tubes in television in those days. We didn't even have the transistor radio in those days and yet these guys were already 50 years ahead. That's what we know of. How long did they have that even then? We don't know.


Ken:  That's a good point and I noticed over the course of the year it's like when they'll describe like somebody using computers regularly they will describe a certain barrier in technology where they're not going to be like the chips. I mean there's a limitation, but it almost seems like clockwork for whatever reason, it's like that barrier comes by, they are able to surmount it.


Alan:  I know. We’re just led along by the nose. Back with more after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I think we should try and jump to the next caller. There's quite a few here. I won't get to them all but there's Jim from New York there. Are you there, Jim? Hello Jim.


Jim:  Hi Alan.


Alan: Yes, go ahead.


Jim:  To go back to the HAARP for a minute if you don't mind. You've mentioned a couple of different times that there's 54 different HAARP arrays. Is that what you're talking about or are they maybe older systems that have been retrofitted?


Alan:  They're probably as old as the HAARP themselves, the one in Alaska. We know that the Russians had them in the '70's and they had them in the Baltic regions of Latvia in fact. They had them at Riga and that was the first one that was noticed by all the ham radio characters who picked it up because it was blocking out lots of signals and we know that China has got them. We know that there's one in Iceland also owned by the U.S. and there's other ones across the world. There's even portable ones too. There's field ones.


Jim:  So they wouldn't necessarily have to be the whole array that's in Alaska?


Alan:  That's right. It was also in the British newspapers after Gulf War I that they used it in the Gulf War and when you saw those thousands of soldiers coming up very dazed and giving themselves up just like sheep and even afterwards, even the American troops were saying they were so incredibly dazed. They didn't have shell shock. They hadn't been pounded or anything and it was put down to the fact that they had been using HAARP technologies and some of the people there were having hallucinations. Some of them claimed that they saw a river flowing backwards; so they had all these kind of strange hallucinations, which you can get from certain doses of frequencies of HAARP.


Jim:  Are you familiar at all with the Philadelphia project?


Alan:  I know. I think too it was pumped out of proportion through movies.


Jim:  Okay, so that was just basically a form of propaganda or predictive programming?


Alan:  Yes. I've no doubt eventually techniques can be used where they can literally merge your molecules with any kind of material including metal, but I mean movies are movies and they never tell you what they really have in a movie and what they really were capable of doing.


Jim:  Do you think that any of the HAARP technology could have been built off from some of the work from Tesla or are they completely different in your opinion?


Alan:  Tesla was only one man who was testing out the same theories. You'll find even in the high Masonic groups they were really obsessed with electricity and the power it could have on the weather. In the early days too, they were putting up kites like Franklin and many others were putting up kites with metal wires to try and bring down to Earth lightning and some of them were killed by these experiments, so they were obsessed from the beginning for using electricity for various powerful weaponry type means.


Jim:  Okay. Thanks for your time, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Thomas from Arizona. Are you there, Thomas?


Thomas:   Yes, hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Thomas:  I know we've only got a couple minutes so I'll just go on. I was actually going to kind of talk about the scalar technologies as opposed to HAARP and do they coincide? See HAARP seems to be through my research just seems obsolete.


Alan:  It's not so obsolete. The scalar is really interfaced with it. They're all just different frequencies of the same type of technology. All radio waves are just different levels of frequencies.


Thomas:  Whereas the scalar technology is more of a quantum weapon.


Alan:  It could very well be, yes, but it can also be used in unison or partially together.


Thomas:  Okay. The music is coming on.


Alan:  I'll talk to you again.


Thomas:  All right, thanks.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)