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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 29th, 2008. It's been quite a busy time up here in Ontario, Canada, because we seem to be left out of our share of global warming. In fact, it's snowing like crazy right now and we should all complain about it I think. We pay more taxes so we should complain and get our share. That's only fair in this modern world of ours.


Talking about modern world, the news is impossible to keep up with – the real news, the stuff that's between the lines, the stuff that's outside the Hollywood bimbos and the breakups and all of that. However, the stuff to do with us, the big laws that are passed every day in this big machine that just churns them out and people haven't really seen them enforced yet; but when you see thousands of laws on the books, these aren't just laws for a temporary period in history. These are laws which are going to affect us all for maybe 100, 200 years. This is a war for the Brave New World that's been in the planning for an awful long time and when you see all of the make-work projects that they're just churning out there it's staggering, staggering and what's even more staggering is how complacent the general population are because they question nothing really. They truly do believe, like Brzezinski said, that if there's anything worth knowing then the media will tell them. They'll tell them what to think about and what to worry about even and if they don't tell them anything they won't even use their own eyes. They won't see the spraying overhead. They just simply won't see it. They won't see the guys with the machines guns in the black clothes as being anything unusual and for those who are awake that's a scary thing to notice. You're kind of on your own.


It's good to stand around these characters with machine guns because you will see the occasional passerby with that gleam in their eye of awareness. If you manage to cross eyes with each other you might just happen to get in touch with each other and say my God there's another live one here and you'll feel much better, but the rest of the drones will go on their merry way to buy all the little trinkets that they have with two pieces of plastic and this seemingly unlimited credit that they have right now, the big glut.


However, we are in a make-work project. It's a massive make-work project for security forces of all kinds, for government institutions, for massive bureaucracies. We thought we had enough of that during the Cold War, masses and masses of bureaucracies that dealt with everything you could imagine and things you couldn't imagine and then compartments above compartments within compartments of Secret Services and CIA's and MI6's. It's expanded so big now you can't keep track of it because now they have employees right through society at every level within even the police forces, maybe even in your own local town, who get an extra paycheck for working for Homeland Security and even rat on their own "fraternities" as they call them, their own "brothers" within the police. Same thing within teaching organizations. We're living in a world that's been set up for vast paranoia, where everyone is going to rat on everyone else. It's modeled after the Soviet system and it’s here. It's worldwide.


Mikhail Gorbachev when he was the head of the Soviet Union, before he was made the leader of the greenies, talked about this in his last speech to the politburo. You should pull it up and listen to what he said about communism spreading outwards, not giving in. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I should always mention and sometimes I forget to say that newcomers can look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for old talks. They may be old but they're not so old-fashioned – when you say "old" it's no good if it's old, but these old talks help to fill in a lot of the gaps in the histories that led up to where we are today. It's important to understand them and it's important to see the organizations, the big foundations that are intermeshed that helped bring this particular part of the present upon us and where they plan to go with it. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe.



I was mentioning before the break about Mikhail Gorbachev, his last speech to the politburo was published in major newspapers. The Toronto Sun had an article by Eric Margolis. Look it up and read that speech because right there it shows you that the whole fall of the communist system was nothing more than a merger, as the big bureaucracies of the Soviets shook hands with their brothers across the way to the west; because during the Cold War the massive bureaucracies realized, as they always do, that they had so much in common with each other. They had to control vast amounts of the public and alter their perceptions of things. It was all to do with control, so naturally they realized that they nothing really to differ about ultimately and they knew they'd have to bring on a global system. They both wanted it and they pretty well merged and it's all here today.  I've no doubt, too, even the fall of the Soviet system and the coming down of the Berlin Wall was planned probably when they had the Bolshevik Revolution.


It's odd that Lenin himself said that the dictatorship, he said of the proletariat—really it was over the proletariat—the dictatorship would last maybe 70, maybe 80 years and then after that there would be some kind of strange peace in a system that would be not quite capitalist and not quite communist. Merge that with Professor Carroll Quigley's talks and he talks about the new feudal system. A new feudal system, semi-socialist in nature in that massive bureaucracies would guide the public and control the public on behalf of a fascist elite. An elite who will be in and out of politics and also in and out of the CEO positions of international corporations, planned long ago and of course we're the last to know because you can't tell the people what's really going on. Perception management they call that and they use the mainstream media to do it, very simple. If all you're fed is certain news and they're all coordinating the same stories on a daily basis, you have no reason to question anything. It's quite simple.


Here's an article now which shows you where they're going to, from the Guardian.co.uk, and this was written on the 23rd of February 2008 by Ian Traynor in Brussels.


It says:


            "Government wants personal details of every traveler. Phone numbers and credit card data to be collected under expanded EU plan."


It says here:


            "Airline passengers will be monitored at every stage of their journey under the proposals. Passengers travelling between EU countries or taking domestic flights would have to hand over a mass of personal information, including their mobile phone numbers and credit card details, as part of a new package…"


Alan:  I like how they use the terminology salesmanship.


            "…a new package of security measures being demanded by the British government. The data would be stored for 13 years…"


Alan:  Yeah, sure. It will be forever.


            "…and used to "profile" suspects. Brussels officials are already considering controversial anti-terror plans that would collect up to 19 pieces of information on every air passenger entering or leaving the EU. Under a controversial agreement reached last summer with the US department of homeland security, the EU already supplies the same information [19 pieces] to Washington for all passengers flying between Europe and the US. But Britain wants the system extended to sea and rail travel, to be applied to domestic flights and those between EU countries. According to a questionnaire circulated to all EU capitals by the European commission, the UK is the only country of 27 EU member states that wants the system used for "more general public policy purposes"…"


Alan:  That's how it's termed. That's all we need to know. It's for general public purposes.


            "…besides fighting terrorism and organised crime."


Alan:  There are other reasons for it outside of terrorism, obviously, which is a bit of a joke and organized crime is all at the top.


            "The so-called passenger name record system, proposed by the commission and supported by most EU governments, has been denounced by civil libertarians and data protection officials as draconian and probably ineffective."


Alan:  It depends what they're really after. You see, it won't be ineffective at all. There's always a method to the madness.


            "The scheme would work through national agencies collecting and processing the passenger data and then sharing it with other EU states. Britain also wants to be able to exchange the information with third parties outside the EU. Officials in Brussels and in European capitals admit the proposed system represents a massive intrusion into European civil liberties…"


Alan:  I wonder what civil liberties they have in Europe.


            "…but insist it is a necessary part of a battery of new electronic surveillance measures being mooted in the interests of European security. These include proposals unveiled in Brussels last week for fingerprinting and collecting biometric information of all non-EU nationals entering or leaving the union. All airlines would provide government agencies with 19 pieces of information on every passenger, including mobile phone number and credit card details. The system would work by "running the data against a combination of characteristics…"


Alan:  Interesting.


            "…characteristics and behavioural patterns aimed at creating a risk assessment…"


Alan:  Here you go, computers once again, brainless computers, non-human pieces of junk. Things you could make with your own hands are going to give us the results and who’s going to be arrested or who’s going to turn out to be a suspect, yah-de-yah-de-yah. It's fascinating how this new god, the computer, and statistics and data, has taken over from all common sense; but then, don't expect common sense at the top people. Bureaucrats are not famous for their ingenuity.


It says here:


            "When a passenger fits within a certain risk assessment, he could be identified as a high-risk passenger." A working party of European data protection officials described the proposal as "a further milestone towards a European surveillance society."


Alan:  It's already there, isn't it?


            "The draft foresees the collection of a vast amount of personal data of all passengers flying into or out of the EU regardless of whether they are under suspicion or innocent travellers. These data will then be stored for a period of 13 years to allow for profiling. The profiling of all passengers envisaged by the current proposal might raise constitutional concerns in some member states."


Alan:  They'll change that to suit, won't they?


            "The Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford said: "Where is this going to stop?"


Alan:  Well, maybe I should go over and tell her.


            "There's no mature discussion of risk. As soon as you question something like this, you're soft on terrorism in the UK and in the EU."


Alan:  You see, this is what people haven't caught on to. The vast bureaucracies created during the Cold War have to have an enemy; and in a global society, governments must have enemies to be governments; that's supposedly the principle that governments were founded upon. The tallest guy in the tribe becomes the hero and then you make him all soft and feed him all the best stuff and give him the best women and so on and they breed and become a dynasty. Then you have kings and queens who are going to protect you from the big guys over yonder and without big guys over yonder, you have to have a reason for existing, especially in the state of living you're in, which is way above the rest of the public. You feed off of the public, therefore you've got to have ongoing war. That's why we find George Orwell in his book "1984" talking about perpetual war, perpetual war and when they kicked off 9/11 that was obviously a preconceived idea. You couldn't write about it and hope for it. A Pearl Harbor event and then it happens, just like bingo, you won the lotto. It had to be planned that way and they knew where The New American Century wanted to take the world and we're all on the same boat together here. It took cooperation between all nations to get all these draconian measures drafted up, gone over and over and over for years and years, before 9/11 happened, to go into action so quickly together. That's obvious.


As I say, in a Brave New World you need an enemy and the enemy will turn out to be everyone. Everyone is suspect. You might not be an enemy now, but you might be an enemy down the road; who knows? In "1984" when the character Winston is locked up in prison by the Ministry of Love – the Ministry of Love are the ones who torture and kill you. When he's locked up he meets his next-door neighbor who said to him, "don't come near me Winston. I'm a thought criminal. It was my daughter that found out. I didn't know it myself. Thank God she caught me in time." That's what's coming. Everyone is suspect and as long as you go along with the promoted computer-generated perfect type of citizen, which is a non-thinker who watches sports, guzzles the beer and goes to work, pays taxes and doesn't think too much. All his topics will be from the media and entertainment, then he'll be classified as safe, but if he emerges out of that he's in big trouble, big trouble. You wait and see. Back with more after this break.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, which is getting thicker and thicker all the time. The unreality around all of this is because the general public have not seen the full effect of it yet, but they’re being told about it. However, in psychology schools and lessons they do various experiments even with the students, and some of that is to do with what you see and what you want to see and what you don't want to see. It's kind of like asking suspects after a robbery – that’s why the police separate them all to find out if each have the same kind of descriptions, because if someone that seems to be superior amongst the group, a dominant type, says it first then gives a description, the rest will start changing their mind and follow that description and neglect their own perceptions. That's how easy it happens and that's how this is working on the public too. They're after bad guys who seem to be everywhere. You know they seem to be sprouting up like bacterium and viruses and they have to do all of this massive new make-work project, the biggest make-work project on the planet for security and bureaucracies and divisions and all the rest of it, mainly because the economy has gone to pot. This is the new business, security. That's what it's all about and it's taking us on a path to hell, but, mind you, it's organized because they know where they're going with it.


Out of this is to come the Brave New World where they're going to create purpose-made ideal designs, the real meaning of ID is ideal design, and they’re going to make ideal designed humans to serve them better. They want to get rid of the junk genes, you know the inferior Darwinian types that Charles Galton Darwin was terrified were going to breed out of hand and there'd be too many of them and they'd overtake the superior types, the dominant ones, the natural aristocracy who had all the wealth and proven their worth through centuries of slaughter, battle and stealing. We call them nobility and that's what it's all about; it's ongoing today and it's going to get a lot worse.


Now what's amazing too is that this information I'm giving here is available to the general public, but just like the people who just witnessed a robbery, they can glance over this and it doesn’t even make a mark on them. Not an indent, nothing. It's bad news and they've been taught to be egosyntonic. You look at the good things and don't look at the bad. It's like the New Agers, look at the positive things and turn your back on the negative. That's how they've all been trained, an egosyntonic society, the type that Bertrand Russell said they would create, it's all here and it's not new. It was here beginning in the '60's.


This is from the Press Association, Thursday, February 28th and it was also printed on Yahoo News UK and Ireland.


            "Every part of Britain will be mapped for its potential to produce violent Muslim extremists under a new strategy drawn up by senior police officers."


Alan:  Now here's the cops drawing up strategies which will become law. Now that's wrong itself, you see, but they won't point that out to you.


            "At its counter-terrorism conference in Brighton this week, the Association of Chief Police Officers…"


Alan:  Now you don’t realize that this is the same in the States and Canada and all across the world. This is a UN Organization that we pay for and we think they're local police chiefs but they're actually part of the International Police Chiefs Association.


            "…has approved a blueprint for how to prevent al-Qaeda…"


Alan:  You know, the ghosts.


"… recruiting fresh supporters. The 40-page document aims to stop extremist ideas gaining hold in schools, colleges, prisons and over the internet."


Alan:  Over the internet.


            "It includes advice for parents on how to stop their children searching for jihadist websites."


Alan:  It's quite amazing. What's the alternative? They can go to the game websites where they slaughter, slaughter, slaughter but that's okay.


"The internet is a potential area where a tendency towards violent extremism can be exploited," it reads. "Parents and carers have a need for advice on how to control access for their children and to understand what defines the legal-potentially illegal divide."


Alan:  It's illegal divide here, see.


"The strategy also outlines details of an anti-extremist agenda to be included at every level of state-maintained education from primary school…"


Alan:  That's when you start off at five.


            "…to university by 2008-09."


Alan:   It's all here, "Sieg Heil!" It's all here.


"It speaks of a "pressing need" to develop relationships between the police and the education sector "at every level" with regard to preventing violent extremism."


Alan:  We're really, really going into the dark side now. I hope you understand what this all means when police are putting their own laws forward and they're going into the school systems big time to monitor, watch and this will come to testing every child too, and don't believe it's anything to do with Jihad supporters.


            "It speaks of a "pressing need"…


Alan:  A pressing need.


"… to develop relationships between the police and the education sector "at every level" with regard to preventing violent extremism. The strategy will be rooted in "neighbourhood profiling…"


Alan:  Neighborhood profiling.


            "…to establish what is normal and what is unusual behaviour."


Alan:  Now here we go in to the computer-generated robotic cop type mentality, when they start deciding what is normal, we're in big trouble. Back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt and thus us Cutting Through the Matrix. Terror, terror everywhere and there's no peace to drink because we're not to be allowed any peace as we go through this terror because it's a war of terror. The greatest changes that ever happened in the past in history often took place when there was terror everywhere, mainly generated from the top again. Even during the great Black Plagues they had times of pillages and plunder. There were knights going back and forth. They had people coming back from various crusades and pillaging across Europe and it was just a massive chaos at the time. Again, at the change of a particular era, an era which they talk about in the old King Arthur legends, which is to show you that an old age was passing and new one was coming in.


The same thing happened with the Industrial Revolution when millions of people were ousted off their land across Europe and forced into cities, pressurized in, because the big banking boys who ran the merchant systems had dumped corn and various other crops from all other countries on each country. They had laws passed to allow that to happen. The Corn Laws were passed in Britain by Lord Rothschild and suddenly all the little farmers go out of business with all this cheap corn flooding in and they had to go into the big factories that were all built and ready to receive them. Nothing happens as I say by chance in an economic system.


A few weeks ago I talked about the Royal Institute of International Affairs and you should look into their website. Look into the organizations which they run. There's hundreds of them. This organization itself is in charge of hundreds of others in specialized departments working on such things as your food supply for the next 150, 200 years. Very important to them in this day of modified crops and the hype is coming as they try to tell us that the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket and we're supposed to be terrified. When we're terrified we leave it to the experts and that's the goal of the whole project is to have us sit back helplessly and allow them to take more and more power into their hands over another big manufactured con.


This is from "The Sunday Times", February 24th, 2008.


            "Food Shortages Loom As Wheat Crop Shrinks and Prices Rise."


Alan:  It's pretty well verbatim from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations group and what they printed themselves because most of these reporters work for them. By Jonathan Leake. I guess he's leaking the news to us.


            "THE world is only ten weeks away from running out of wheat supplies after stocks fell to their lowest levels for 50 years. The crisis…"


Alan:  There's the word.


            "…has pushed prices to an all-time high and could lead to further hikes in the price of bread, beer, biscuits and other basic foods. It could also exacerbate serious food shortages in developing countries especially in Africa. The crisis comes after two successive years of disastrous wheat harvests, which saw production fall from 624m to 600m tones, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation."


Alan:  Now go into the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organizations website. Look at their own little mandate and their charter and all the speeches they've given before because the purpose of this part of the UN, like all other parts of the UN, is to take over the world's food supply for the world. They've said that eventually they will be the ones to dish it out to the "regions" they call different parts of the world, amalgamated regions, and those leaders in those countries will be forced to bring down their population because they will not up the food quota to any region if you go above a certain limit. Now you know they'll start with a limit and they'll start brining it down. You know where it's all going. It's so obvious. Now here we have the big bogeymen at the top, the faceless ones, experts, that's the word you see. As soon as we hear experts we switch off and believe them.


            "Experts blame climate change as heatwaves caused a slump in harvests last year in eastern Europe, Canada, Morocco and Australia, all big wheat producers. Booming populations and a switch to a meat-rich diet in the developing world also mean that about 110m tons of the world’s annual wheat crop is being diverted to feed livestock."


Alan:  Remember that the world they are bringing in is to be a vegetarian world. That's what Alvin Toffler said when he was getting his book handed out to all the Congressmen by Newt Gingrich a few years ago, "The Third Way" or "Wave" as they call it then. It's based after Plato. A little play on Plato's one and it's where the two systems, capitalism and communism, come together to begin the next way – the Hegelian Dialectic in motion. Here it's right here, they're going to blame the cattle for it and all of the rest of it. They've already brought in the fart tax, although they should bring it in in parliaments as well because that's where most of it is generated.


            "Short term pressures have compounded the problem. Speculative buying by investors gambling on further price rises has further pushed up prices."


Alan:  What they're not telling you is they've deregulated all of the controls that government had over basic necessities like food. This is part of the whole privatization process, where everything is handed over to businesses who are supposed to manage it better because they have the selfish motive of massive profit and that's supposed to be good for everyone, but they play a lot of con games with us too.


It says here:


"Short term pressures have compounded the problem. Speculative buying by investors gambling on further price rises has further pushed up prices." Though shortages are often blamed on the use of land for biofuel crops, the main biofuel cereal crop is maize, not wheat. Farmers have brought millions of acres of fallow land into production and the FAO predicts that the shortages could be eliminated within 12 months."


Alan:  "Could be," so this is going to start like every other type of crisis we're going to hear the hype as they push this and push it and push us ad nauseam, because, as I say, everything in your life that you've taken for granted growing up is to change drastically and everything that you look at has to be a crisis. Everything will be a crisis and we'll all have to just adapt and listen to the experts who will guide the sheep to the new pasture, where it's going to be a different kind of grass you will eat, believe you me, and they'll also decide if you're a good enough animal, a fit enough animal to come into the Brave New World. If you have any junk genes there that are undesirable or the potential of having something severe like, oh, an allergy or hay fever, they don't want you. They want perfectly fit only and they want a good solid background history and stability in your lineage. That's the Brave New World we live in and that's the Brave New World that's rushing upon us as we play ourselves. As we play and try and live as we've always done in this monied system, which is to get up, earn money, spend it, reward ourselves with toys and run after sex and all the usual things, and hope that maybe one day you'll get a good mate and all of those things. That's what everybody really wants but part of it is an illusion. Part of it is almost impossible because the society you're living in today makes sure that you can't be content with anything or anybody for that matter.


We are a commercialized system where marketing has taken over our thoughts. The way we dress with all the brand names on our clothes because the marketers have taught us to do so. They gave it snob appeal. At one time during the Great Depression, you'll see that in the old black and white comedies with Charlie Chaplin and others, they had to pay men to carry billboards advertising clothes and the names of shoes and so on. Not today. They've trained the public. The corporations now have trained the public to feel ashamed if they don't have the "in" brand names showing on the clothes they bought, so we advertise what we buy to other people around us and most folk don't even think of that. They're only too proud to show the brand name because it's got snob appeal, snob appeal. It works very, very well.


The same thing will happen with the chip scenario because they don't want to just force it down our throats. They've had meetings in federal governments to do with the chip and they initially wanted to give it snob appeal. In others words, to give it a bronze or silver or a gold or a platinum model and have you buy it, because when we buy things we're not suspicious of them. If the government mandated you have a computer, you would be suspicious. If they mandate you must have a chip, you will be – even those in a coma might be a bit suspicious, but as long as we buy it we don't think about it at all. It must be natural. It must be quite natural and you go for it. You're wide open then.


That's the reality of our world. They know us down pat. They've trained society through commerce to obey and Lord Bertrand Russell and others said back in the '50's they were bringing on the biggest marketing advertising companies onboard into the big think tanks to start to scientifically manage the thoughts and the behavior of the public. It's happened and most folk have grown up in it never even knowing, never knowing.


People said 100 years ago that democracy, this chosen system that was chosen long ago to be the one system allowed to rule the world, there would be no competition; although it would lie its face off initially when they set up the League of Nations, then the UN and they said that they would accept all kinds of societies, even dictatorships and religious societies and so on, but that was a big lie. Their goal all along was to demolish all competition, all alternate ways of living, and bring in this thing called democracy and it was well understood 100 years ago that democracy meant and would mean ultimately that if you don't belong to the big group, whichever the big group it is, you'll have no say as a private individual whatsoever. In fact, you'd have no rights. You'd have no hearing on anything, no standing as they call it.


Only the big corporations that lobby big government have the biggest rights today. They have instant access to the politicians and the guys who dish out the contracts of your tax money to the public/private corporations. The average individual is pretty well helpless.


Alexander Hamilton said a long time ago when he was criticized for his way, but I prefer a good open psychopath to the conning liars that deceive, and Hamilton didn't deceive anyone, he said what he thought. That's handy when a psychopath tells you what they think because he thought that the same system that ruled Europe of the tried and tested bluebloods, the royalty, should rule the Americas with the same system of the bankers and all the rest of it. He made no real bones about it. He wasn't too much of a diplomat. He was a straightforward type of psychopath and he said something that was very true.


He said what do you want? He said look at history, if you have dynasties of royalty, all you have to pay for is the royal families, their cousins and all of the entourage and those that serve them and a few castles, and you'll have a tyrant maybe once every third dynasty that makes life hell for everyone, but he said think of it the other way around. When you have whole new dynasties, thousands of them, thousands upon thousands of bureaucrats, government employees and their families living high off the hog above the ordinary people, he said, it will be an awful lot worse, it will be slavery; and he was condemned for his opinions but he was stating a practical fact. A dilemma has never been figured out or talked about yet and that's what we have, like this security business. It's the only business in town. It's the only business in the world right now. It's the biggest make-work project ever devised, on a war footing, a world war footing. This is World War III and it's a war for everything.


One was to establish the League of Nations; 2) was to set up the United Nations with more power; the third one is to eventually finish with the UN completely in charge, as a front, of course, over the entire planet.


Read the writings of those who set up the old League of Nations and they tell you that. No big mystery and they would use wars to bring it about, propagandists that were paid by the British government and by the authorities that ran the government because there's never been freedom in Britain. It's always the establishment. Guys like Wells talked about it openly and wrote about it openly, this coming world society. He was a founder of the Fabian Society alongside his propagandist job and he wasn't a single author. He had teams of writers working for them, as indeed all the big ones do and always have done. Professors worked along side of him. They gave him the data and he wrapped the stories around the data, predictive programming as they call it. It has to fascinate the public. However, he said himself after World War II just before he died, he said, not enough have died, they're not on their knees yet. They won't give up their sovereignty, we need another war, he said. He thought that was quite practical and that's how a psychopath does view things. They're very consistent with their strange logic. They're predictable and this is the third world war.


The Soviet Union was set up by the big banking foundations of the West. The Soviet Union really was not the Soviet Union. It was a Bolshevik Union. The First Revolution happened in 1905 by the Socialist organizations and they formed a Parliament and the small Bolshevik faction had a coup overnight in '17 and took it over, but they were financed by big banks in the U.S. and in London from the beginning. Russia was starving to death and the massive aid was gathered up by governments of the West including the U.S. to feed them and clothe them and keep them going. They couldn't let it go down. They needed it to happen. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix of this increasingly complex system. We've got Jim on the line from Texas. Are you there, Jim? Hello Jim?


Jim:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Jim:  I think it very impressing of you to describe George Orwell's "1984" because if he were to write that book today he would describe Western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as 1983, 11 months, 29 days and 35 minutes. That's how he would describe it because that's the situation we're in. They control everything, every thought process, every bit of the media. As you well know in Canada that they control everything. The Canadian government has assumed – I don't know if they consider it rightful or not that they can control the internet. They can control whether a Canadian citizen can call up on the internet at an American website and get some information. They say that it's illegal for a Canadian citizen to call up an American website and get some information that the Canadian government might not approve of.


Alan:  That's right.


Jim:  This is why I talked to you about a week ago and this is – I don't understand how the Canadian people have allowed themselves to sink to this low.


Alan:  It's the same as everyone else. The old song says "Let the good times roll" and so they gave them plastic cards and lots of little trinkets and colorful toys to buy and that's what the whole world has been doing in the West, just going out on a massive binging spending spree and having fun while all of this has been happening all around them. Quite simple.


I'll have to take Drew from New York City before we go. Are you there, Drew? Hello Drew?


Drew:  Hi. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you?


Drew:  Great. Aldous Huxley would be very excited to hear about the new CDC announcement recommending that every child from six months to 18 years should be immunized for the flu vaccine every year now.


Alan:  That's right, every year, and so once again you have pharma-business private corporations working with government to force laws on the public. Not bad getting a business going and getting the government to pass laws and making it mandatory. You buy whatever they sell.


Drew:  Yes, it's unbelievable.


Alan:  It is.


Drew:  Just shocking really. And there are parents in jail for not getting their child vaccinated.


Alan:  Shortly, it's going to be everyone going into jail as they push it because now they have so many laws set up, you probably know about Homeland Security. In fact New York City has given out licenses or little cards to all nursing staff and medical that they're now working for Homeland Security and they will be basically called up right away to immunize populations when there's the possibility of a plague.


Drew:  They're also making it illegal in New York City to own your own Geiger counter. A really interesting law, like why would anybody be concerned about that?


Alan:  It upsets them because they're scanning your city every night for everything including radiation, so your old Geiger counter there might throw them off a little bit.


Drew:  All right, thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, we live in the most amazing times, but then not so surprising to people who've followed this their whole lives and know where it's going. It's up to us to change it, not the media, and really we should put pressure on everyone we know to save ourselves, if the will is there.


From Ontario, Canada, it's goodbye from Hamish and myself and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)