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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 3rd, 2008. For newcomers, look into the site and peruse through all the audios and transcripts, and you can try and put the pieces together for yourself because there's so many pieces involved in the creation of a very old New World Order, which is coming together right now. Look into and download transcripts which you can have printed and pass them around to your friends and they're done in the various tongues of Europe. I'm busy right now trying to update and get more recent ones done. It takes time. There's a lot of work involved and lots of people involved, too, to bring all of this about.


You can't pick up a newspaper – I seldom pick up a paper, I see them when I go into the store every other day and I peruse main headlines and try to get beyond the trivia to see what's happening and it doesn't take much. You just watch the headlines and its all conditioning, predictive programming from a thousand areas in your life, everything that makes up culture, society and even what you think of as your day to day reality is being manipulated on a scientific basis and it's not happenstance. It's not uncoordinated. It's very coordinated today and it's global. It took probably a century in the making to bring about the organizations to make sure they were all interlocked and networking together, including your governments and your various bureaucratic departments. That's the only way they could bring all of this together at the right time, and as they used to say in the old revolutions, "now is the hour."  That was their big phrase for the beginning of revolutions in bygone days and we tend to champion on the heroes that we're given without ever questioning if their agenda is the same as ourselves, so people follow and fight battles for them and then wonder why they go off in a tangent once they obtain victory. That's pretty well what's happened down through the last few hundred years.


There's another group with an agenda, an agenda based on what they call rationalism and science, and that there's also a eugenics factor in this because even in ancient times too, nobility had no problems discussing superior qualities of the superior types of "breeds," as they called them, including their own whatever it happened to be. "Good breeding" was a term they used, so much so that even ancient pharaohs were often mated with their sisters. The whole idea was that they were the pinnacle of evolution and therefore the offspring would have superior qualities over and above the average person down below.


Right up through the Middle Ages, right up through the 1700's, this was prevalent in Europe. There was no problem understanding class distinction. It was in everything. They had the segregations even in churches where the rich people had their special pews and seats with their names on it and massive curtains were pulled around them so they didn't have to see the rest of the masses, the poor people, which they called "servile," all sitting just across the way and round about them. It would offend their eyes when they were thinking about the good deeds of Jesus and God and these poor folk interfered with that nice happy feeling. That's the hypocrisy unfortunately of class and individuality and riches that comes all the way down through time to the present era. It hasn't changed a bit. It's a little bit more disguised in some countries like the U.S. and others, and in other countries like Europe it was easy to know who was your better according to the accent.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. Before the break here I was talking about how people who were in the churches had curtains drawn around them so they couldn't see the poor folk living or sitting next to them. They had their own cordoned off areas, massive heavy curtains that came all the way from the ceiling to the floor, and they called the people "villains" and they called them "servile", servant. You see, you're a servant. You're from the serf class and you also were servile.


I've got an echo in my ear here from the station, I think, but I'll continue. You were servile and you were also vile (from villain) because they believed that those from the lower classes had no natural noble qualities within them. It was written about openly amongst their peer group at the top and published in many books. They had no problems talking about this "natural order" as they called it and eventually of course they were overthrown through different means and because of their greed and their lust for more power and more and more and more over the masses below them, they were overthrown. However, the problem down through the ages generally is that the victor becomes the tyrant in turn, in this giant seesaw that we have called the world, in the fight for fairness and equality and all the rest of it.


Those who are given equality end up being more superior than the ones that they wanted equality with, and we see this and they become tyrannical in their own turn. However, what's even more interesting is to watch it's obviously a higher party in on the whole act that uses all of these movements to gain power and total control for a definite ending. That's the scary part that people eventually come to when they hit against the wall at the end of this long run.


What on Earth is this power that seems to coordinate it all so well? Is it simply all done by computers interacting with each other?


Is it just that we live in such an age of massive super-communication that tyrants and their minions of bureaucrats and departments can work for them and communicate so readily and easily? And how long have they had computers?


There's another big question too because we're the last ever to know what the real truth is when it comes to science, that knowledge is power and those in power have always kept higher knowledge silent from the people. They don't share it and whatever we're given is obsolete and from professorship down is the lowest level of reality. Different levels of reality work simultaneously together and once in a while you'll have the big boys that are presented to us on television giving you little catch phrases and buzzwords and never really explaining what they mean, and curiously enough, the press never ask them what they mean either. You listen to them, like the term "New World Order" that Bush, Sr. rolled off his tongue so many times – first on September 11th, 1990 and then the following year on September 11th. It's just coincidence of course in '91, "the New World Order coming into view," and it's not a horrific term. It's been used down through the ages, especially the last 300 years, as they talk about the change of regimes in the world and power balance of power.


Britain was the first to use it, "bringing in new world orders across the world," as it conquered and slaughtered and plundered to civilize the populations of the poor people who didn't know anything about religion and the British way of life. However, it's been ongoing too and once the Cold War was decided to come to an end – and it must have been decided long before any wall went down, that's a given fact, especially when you read Gorbachev's speeches before it happened, immediately before it happened and just after. It was a planned event that a New World Order, a new balance of power would come into view. The problem was they didn't have a main enemy left – no bogeymen. That's the main thing and governments need bogeymen in order to keep themselves in jobs primarily. These are very lucrative jobs the higher you go and not only bureaucrats but all the spooky agencies that you have that lived during the Cold War, for instance, and dozens and dozens and dozens of specialized departments and thousands and thousands of people all working on trying to anticipate the enemy's next move, like a big chess game. Never mind the military industrial complex that's involved in making a huge profit during it all, suddenly you've got no main enemy to blame; and of course, just like the Soviet Union when it first set up, it had to find enemies within and so they dreamed up the idea of terrorism.


The definition of a terrorist will constantly be expanded until it includes everyone with a thought or a comment that's not 100 percent politically correct. The term "political correctness" came from the Soviet Union. That's a direct translation from it. "Anti-government" is another term they used in the Soviet Union. It's now used here and that term began to be used here in the early '90's for the first time. Nothing has happened by chance. We’ve been led along a particular path, herded like sheep along it in fact, at a time when they gave us the biggest glut of easy available credit in history so that we wouldn't notice. We were too busy enjoying ourselves and playing thinking we'd go on forever, and the media gave us a ball with movie after movie being churned out of the big Hollywood machine and music was going through the roof with sales and all the rest of it. Meanwhile, these characters are working busily to get the next part of this prison that we're in built, mainly through laws and legislation, thousands and thousands of laws and regulations.


We've watched farmers being put out of business in our own lifetimes. There was no help from the government because the agenda was to eradicate farming because food and water in all ages, even thousands of years ago, was used as a method of warfare and power over peoples. Our own governments have been completely complicit in helping these big institutions and corporations patent every living thing on the planet—meaning they've given themselves the legal right to everything simply because no one had ever thought that they could do it before. It was unthinkable to patent seeds that had been passed down through the centuries, but these boys thought about it and they've done it.


Not only the seeds, there are 20 major international corporations that now own 20 percent of the human gene pool, the Genome Project, and eventually you'll be unable to breed without permission and paying a fee for the license to do so because you will be property. I'm not kidding about this. It's already underway. When we tie this whole agenda together, which is just like pulling the drawstrings on an incredibly large fishing net which is in a field of grass, it's all lumped together and scattered all over the place, you'd hardly know where the edge was, where the mouth of it was or anything else was – but when you start pulling that drawstring and you see that loop forming, you see that's what's happening to us. It's so huge by itself, it's hard to pick any single part and tie it to the rest until you pull that drawstring. We're watching the drawstring being pulled together now.


Education, the militarization of police, the big institutions with the United Nations, the whole depopulation program, the eradication eventually of inferior types, all of that stuff is happening. The inability to medical treatment, basic stuff, is already happening across the Western world if you don't have the right policies and can't afford the bucks. It didn't happen by chance. It didn't happen because they ran out of money.


Governments plan how many doctors they will need in the next 20 years, 30, 40 and 50 years. They decide how many will go through medical school. When they create shortages of them it was planned that way. It was planned that way. You wouldn't want lots and lots of people with the skills to save people when you're planning to release plagues eventually down the road to kill them off.


We're watching big tests being carried out in major cities and areas to do with coming catastrophes and plagues, over and over and over again, all to do with containment of the public and it's mentioned in major media as though it was some sort of public holiday type event – everything except the bugles and the fanfare. That's how it's presented. Once again, you don't worry about it, like Brzezinski said, unless the media tells you to worry about it. We expect them to tell us anything we really, really need to know to survive and that's our downfall. Their job is to advise us, plant the seed, get us ready for it, but take no action—don't be involved. Meanwhile, we have a whole New Age movement, the new religion, a thousand faces of Isis all around us to bring it in. Nothing is real. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just pointing out the immensity of this juggernaut that's really coming out now for the first time all around us and how apart from all the laws and regulations ready to be enacted, by the way, and some of them are being enacted including the carbon taxes in British Columbia, shortly to be seen everywhere, you're going to have a form of slavery – a new type of slavery where you'll have to be obedient to the authorities in ways you'd never imagined, including what you think and what you say. We'll all have to become very good actors so that we don't give away what we're really thinking as we get watched and scanned by cameras everywhere for frowns and that kind of little thing, little giveaways.


Meanwhile, you have the big New Age movement, the big religion they always create to bring in a New World Order, a new era the time of Aquarius. A religion where, under the guise of being completely liberal and accepting of everything, it's completely intolerant of anything or anybody with a different opinion. It has not tolerance whatsoever for those with differing opinions. There is no absolute right or wrong in this new religion and if you claim that there is you'll see how tolerant they become. We’re watching this happen and people are flooding into it really thinking and being brought up with it, many of them, thinking that it's all normal. A thousands names for meditations and out-of-body experiences and everything is wonderful and happy and the whole purpose of life is just to be happy personally; and anything that's not too happy, like slaughtering people across the planet, you just turn and look the other way because that's negative and that will bring down. You don't want that. You want positive so you allow horror to continue and to escalate. Quite simple but rather disgusting, but again predictable because this was written about in the 1800's that this particular religion made up of a thousand organizations but all leading the people to the same path that would be brought into force.


Now we've got Don on the line. Are you there, Don? Hello Don.


Don:  Are you there, Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Don:  How you doing tonight?


Alan:  Keeping out of this freezing rain.


Don:  Good. I wanted to cover the subject of Codex Alimentarius. I know that's something you were talking about tonight. That's amazing stuff. People don't realize it but they're planning on according to what they're own records that that will kill approximately three billion people.


Alan:  Plus, too, you see in this day and age you can't really be – in fact none of us really know what it is to be healthy as our great grandparents were. We don't know. We think we are but we're not really and we can tell that as we get more advanced supposedly with inoculations and so on, the unhealthier we become, the weaker we are. Even with intensive farming, the great science of intensive farming and the adding of different chemicals to the earth, it does not put the minerals and vitamins back into it so we end up being lethargic, weak and not too bright population, which I think is what they wanted. Now they're taking away all the supplements that you could use because you can buy big potatoes and big carrots and all the rest of it that look great, but they're all modified and they're also brought up in depleted soil so you're not getting all the things you need. Now they're going to make sure that you simply cannot get what you need to supplement that.


Don:  Right, I agree because I remember you were talking about the fact that the United Nations would become the world government by 2012 and I like what you say, to always question what you hear, so I started doing some research and I wondered why that would be because I had never run across that information. What I discovered was that there's a lot of – well, you know and most people know, there's a lot of trouble coming our way.


Alan:  Yes, an awful lot of trouble. It's chaos. You see, it's order out of chaos. You've got to understand what they mean by chaos. Now everything that was—that means humans, any old culture, mating with a partner to breed, love itself—has to be completely eradicated from the human psyche. The memory has to be even eradicated from it and that's what you're seeing. We've been living through it. We've been living through it our entire lives, watching it happen, and it was a purposeful plan and they haven't stopped yet. Anything goes. I can remember in 2001, the month before 9/11 happened, the International Census Bureaus met together. Now every country has a census bureau for TV, radio and you think they're there to safeguard your culture. Well, once again, wrong again. You must take it from the other perspective. This is how this whole system works. Their job is to literally see if you're ready to push the envelope a step further and debase you even further and they talked about putting out more and more actually homosexual comedies, but they said the next step is to push bestiality and intergenerational sex.


Don:  Yes and you can see that coming because I went to a basketball game for my son the other day. He's 17. He's a senior in high school and the kid – I mean the talk was just unreal. The conversation these kids would carry on I mean was only sexual in nature. Anyway, also do you mind if I get off topic just a second?


Alan:  Yes. Hold on and we'll talk after this break. Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we've still got Don on the line who's going to talk about some other topic. What is it Don?


Don:  The topic was I had a military recruiter call me today because my son's 17 and he's getting ready to graduate, if you want to call that, from high school and it amazed me because I just speak openly and I was talking about the North American Union. He was going around recruiting these young women and young men to fight for a country that doesn't exist. We went into detail talking – he knew about Agenda 21, Kyoto Agreement. He knew all these things and I said well why on earth would your recruit young women and young men to go and fight for something that doesn't exist? And so his only answer was is that we've got to protect the world and I said listen. I went on to talk about as far as the disarmament act and as you know about the PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act.He said he had no idea of it and I said that is amazing because they have gradually been implementing it and getting rid of our army and giving it to the United Nations.


Alan:  Yes, he knows that. He knows that. I mean there's not a soldier in the world that's worked with the United Nations where they put off their usual cap and put on the blue beret and then back again the next day like musical chairs. They know what's going on.


Don:  He tried to pull a quick one on me and he said are you sure this just isn't conspiracy theory sites and I said listen, when you're able to weave together a picture like we've just discussed in our conversations, we go beyond a conspiracy theory. We're talking factual here and all he could say is well I've got to go sir.


Alan:  He'd have to say that, he can't go any further with it because fact is fact. When Woodrow Wilson set up and funded using American taxpayers money the League of Nations to bring it all in, read the books that were printed at that time by Wilson and his friends. It's astounding. This whole agenda was in those particular books to bring about a world society, a world system, a world government and so on.


Don:  One more thing and I'll let you go, but then after our conversation my wife said one of these days they're going to come to our house and arrest you and take our family and I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I mean at some point you have to speak out. I don't think we have much longer to be able to speak freely like this.


Alan:  You're quite correct. We won't have much longer. I can see them coming down. Even on the talk shows they'll start to censor them and give them a list of topics that are taboo and what to avoid and which ones are politically correct and have us all talk about politics for the rest of our lives and that's quite safe.


Don:  Yes. In all these subjects – like I said I have a 17-year old son and a 13-year old daughter and we've been reading your books. I've openly discussed about the fact that they are trying to kill us; I mean it's tough to be able to convey that to your young kids and being honest at the same time to teach them the spiritual message to be strong and to be willing to know yourself and understand that there's life. Something out there is greater than this world.


Alan:  Yes, this is an interesting point because when you look at the fall of Greece – mind you, the elite simply moved to Rome and then the so-called fall of Rome. You'll see the same debauchery at that particular time with the wealthy, with what you called at that time the upper middle class. The same New Age type scenarios, everyone wanted to be a god, thought they were a god; and I keep telling people that we cannot handle godhood. We can't do it. It's impossible and yet the whole New Age movement, all the signs and symptoms of an end of a society, the end of an age, are here right now with the same ominous repercussions that will happen throughout society; whatever comes out of it does emerge after the chaos and all we can do is retain our consciousness and our memories and our humanity. It's like Orwell said, "the hardest thing is holding on to your humanity," and yet it's vital so that we can come through and teach people as to what happened and how we got to that awful stage.


Don:  One of the last things that the recruiter said before I left was he said what group do you belong to? I mean what organization and I said I don't belong to a group. I don't believe in it and I said if I did you'd infiltrate it anyway and he said "what?" I said listen. I'm a sentient human being. I said I'm growing and learning but I said you know these things. I said how do you sleep at night and he hung up. All right, I'm going to let you go Alan but I appreciate it.


Alan: Thanks for calling. He keeps doing it for his paycheck and his status and a hope too that he and his family will be spared, being with the winners, you see.


There's Jim from Texas. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Yes, hello.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Jim:  Yes Alan, I wanted to ask you a quick question. First I've seen that "Reality Check II" you have. I thought that was excellent and some of your listeners might have watched "Reality Check I" for free and I think "Reality Check II" is on kind of a whole different production level and I just wanted to let you know that. But the CDs you have for sale, the two 12-hour ones, I was wondering if that was something you would listen to in order, like in some type of sequence, or is it more like a bunch of different random shows?


Alan:  It's random shows but along maybe in some areas it's more in depth, in some of them, to do with ancient history which is very interesting. It's pertinent to what's happening today. You'd be surprised how much happened in ancient times that's pertinent to today and it kind of fills in a lot of little holes along the way, little blank spots, and helps you get another picture of the same psychopathic personalities running the world in ancient times, their modus operandi, and you'll recognize the same things down through history once you understand that.


Jim:  Well I'll be looking forward to those. I'm going to put in an order for that tomorrow and I'll let you go, but one thing I wanted to say before I went, I was having trouble with a lot of people that I thought were waking up and I was wrong, but I thought there was a lot of people that could wake up. Then I was reading "1984" again and it reminded me of Winston's girlfriend and he's sitting there and he's reading her this book and she accepts everything but she just falls asleep.It's like yeah no big deal and I know a lot of people like Winston's girlfriend I guess.


Alan:  It's a good analogy. It's a perfect analogy actually. A lot of people can go along. They see the basic stuff so they can listen to you talking about the higher in-depth stuff, but really they've made a decision in their own minds and the decision is there's nothing you can do so don't worry anymore about it, and it really is a decision that they come to.


Jim:  Yes. I've had people tell me straight to my face, yeah, yeah that's all true, Jim, but that's too stressful to think about, I'm not going to bother with it; and then they'll get back into stuff. They know it's baloney. I hear them talking about stuff they know is baloney, but I just say whatever makes you feel good I guess.


Alan:  That's it, it's egosyntonic behavior. People phone me up and want me to teach them privately and I'll always say to them do you really, really want the truth? I said because if you have the truth you'll have consequences and those consequences are that you'll have to – you might risk losing everyone that you know. You might risk losing a husband or a wife or being ostracized by your entire family.


Jim:  That is the sad truth.


Alan:  And yet that is the price of knowledge and truth, because once you understand what's happening you can't remain mute with it. You have to use the knowledge. You have to use it. That's the key to it.


Jim:  Well I appreciate your time Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Jim:  You have a good night.


Alan:  You too. Now we have Alex from Canada. Are you there, Alex?


Alex:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Alex:  Hi, Alan. I want to know about your views on Chinese medicine were, whether you thought this thing they have about meridian lines and acupuncture, if it has any value in it?


Alan:  I personally think to be honest – again, it's all part of the old New Age. It's all recycled again where they bring in all the cultures together of the world to bring a new culture in and you'll find people will get temporary relief from any of these things, including basic hypnosis. Now they're even using laser therapy for stopping smoking. Anything which you happen to believe in at the time will give you temporary relief but it will remerge itself. It doesn't matter how many magical qualities they hand to you or the philosophies behind it, it doesn't really matter. Basic hypnosis will have the same effect.


Alex:  Say when a practitioner let's say takes my pulse and tells me about my liver and pulse, is that complete nonsense? Is he feeling something or?


Alan:  You can't just know how the liver is doing by taking the pulse. It's impossible unless he's waving his little divining stick at the same time and looking at a crystal ball. See what you're looking at basically--


Alex:  Are they self-deluded as well, some of these practitioners?


Alan:  Some of them are. I've talked to some of them and they definitely are deluded. Some of them end up dying from their own treatments in fact. They end up going on these weird binges of certain herbs and so on until they literally die.


Alex:  Right. So is like water fasting and juice fasting the same sort of thing?


Alan:  I think probably fasting is a bit more sensible if you want to clear your toxins out. Certainly don't bring more in while you're doing it. You simply top eating for a while and try to let the body clear itself out, especially in this day and age.


Alex:  So you're saying that actually that has some benefit to it?


Alan:  You give your body a rest because it's true your liver has to breakdown all poisons and toxins and drugs as well in order to turn them into products which can be excreted in your urine, breath and feces, and it works overtime in this day and age with all the chemicals in the food.


Alex:  Well that's real interesting. Very interesting. And I've heard about this Codex before. It had to do with supplements and I heard about it a while ago. Was it coming to Canada or will I not be able to buy my supplements anymore in the near future?


Alan:  It will come worldwide, yes.


Alex:  So you're going to need a prescription or something?


Alan:  Exactly. Everything that you need for survival you'll have to be a goody-two-shoes or you won't get your prescription. See, all these things are to make sure that you will obey every order and rule or you'll be punished by not getting what you need.


Alex:  Wow. I really don't know how that's planned because there are so many people who are aware of their health and like I know and that they take certain supplements in a sense. If the government said "you know what, you need a prescription," they would freak out. Like I don't know, like I think there would be a backlash. I don't know how easy they'd be able to get away with that.


Alan:  Well, the only time that Canadians I remember ever, ever en masse lobbied the government, apart from the lobby groups but the actual people themselves, it was the Snowbirds when they were told (the elderly) they were told they were deregulating the Cable TV industry and they were going to get charged full cost for their cable television or they would be cut off. That was the only time the Canadians ever petitioned the government.


Alex:  So if they're just careful not to raise taxes on beer too high and keep their cable prices down they'll be fine.


Alan:  Yes, that's true. That's the only time Canadians ever, ever got so angry about something was because of TV. That big teat was going to be turned off.


Alex:  Thank you so much, Alan. I appreciate your thoughts.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. And that's the silly world we live in and that tells you a lot about people too, but in an interdependent world everything you need for your personal survival will be owned by someone else and you'll have to be very good or you'll be punished, because all of this food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine is going to be used as a method for you to conform or they'll punish you by not allowing it to you. That was discussed even by Bertrand Russell and his various groups back in the '50s and they're bringing in a credit system of money once we go through the major crisis they'll organize and that will also be retracted. You won't get your credits at the beginning of the week to pay your rent or buy food and that will be punishment. Very simple punishment, scientifically organized.


You have to understand how this is all set up. We hear these little buzzwords like "interdependence" and it sounds so vague and kind of fuzzy that we don't question what the ramifications on us personally and it's not just nation helping nation or we build part of a car here and some other country builds the rest. It's not sharing as you think. It's literally putting you into a dependent situation because the United Nations taking over from the League of Nations said (and they were following the same agenda) that independence was a curse and they bring in interdependence.


Manley P. Hall made a statement about interdependence back in the 1920's as well. They understood where they were going with this and then it was made popular by Maggie Thatcher in her reign of terror as she went in the Falklands war, because they had to give her a war since that was her one demand. She wanted to lead Britain through a war, like her hero Winston Churchill, so they gave her a mini-war like the Falklands and she said that interdependence would be the way to go.


Hello Keith. Are you there?


Keith:  Hello Alan. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Keith:  Hi, Alan. Boy, it was quite a shock last week when I tuned into your normal two hour program on We The People and I got hit by a couple of juvenile kids sounded like they were in their garage doing radio shop last week. It was – I felt sort of humiliated. Mr. Stadtmiller at least appreciates what he has with you there at RBN.


Alan:  Yes.


Keith:  I hope he does because We The People – I tell you, I will not listen to that radio show again except for to call each and every one of them to remind them that they need to think about something more than Ron Paul and gold bullion and all the other nonsense they hawk; that assault weapon that they always like to sell over there, that Belgian assault rifle I get tired of hearing about. So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciate you for what you do, your integrity, and don't ever sell out. I know you won't.


Alan:  No, no. I won't sell out. I could certainly be living high on the hog in many different areas if I wanted to.


Keith:  I bet.


Alan:  But I'm certainly not doing it and it's almost a hermit like here in a sense too. Most folk would say you're deprived. I just say I'm depraved.


Keith:  Yes, right exactly. I know the feeling. I'm a struggling poet myself and I tell you what I've recently confronted in my pursuit to become a published poet is the hierarchy of power controls, not only the media but the literary world, and they have sort of a steel trap on things so to speak; and who owns that We The People by the way? Is that Bob Schultz?


Alan:  Who owns it?


Keith:  Yes, who own that? Who are the primary interests in that?


Alan:  I don't know about Bob Schultz or who really does have the top say.


Keith:  Because I know that Bob Schultz had that lawsuit that no one seems to talk about anymore. It's a lawsuit to stop the voting machines and I thought he was an interest in that but maybe I'm wrong.


Alan:  I don't really know. Well thanks for calling.


Keith:  All right. Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Back after the following messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and the last caller was quite right in how the heavy door above you is either closed or open if you're a writer or a poet or whatever because the culture industry is incredibly controlled. It's totally controlled in fact. It has to be, because going back to the days of Plato he goes through how culture is created and authorized from the top down because thoughts and pictures influence your mind; therefore they want to decide what is going to influence you in what direction. Therefore what's in is in and the news travels very quickly in all media of artistry as to what they want at the top, what they're going to buy, what's popular right now and same in music. The copycats jump in quickly. They sniff the wind and they know which way it's going and they hope to get in on it, and some do for a little while and make some money out of it, but that's how heavily the culture industry is. The top writers, novelists and poets since at least the '50s onwards according to declassified documents from the CIA were basically authorized to be out there doing what they were doing by the CIA as they ran a Department of Culture.


I grew up in Europe wondering why every country including Britain had a governmental Department of Culture that dished out grants and money to certain artists or writers or television producers and so on, until I realized they're guiding the whole culture. In other words, they are deciding which way it's going to go by what you see and hear and it was the same in every European country. It's the same across the world and when they had the international meeting on who would be the world's culture creator, a big two or three week expose and debate held in London, England in the '60s with the Royal Institute of International Affairs with its cousin CFR, they decided that Hollywood would be given the main job of creating the culture for the world. Monkey see, monkey do and we certainly do. We emulate whatever we see.


Again, read Plato's "Republic" and read his other books too because he mentions how culture is so easily understood and how you can use formulas in culture. What works in one time can be brought back again if you understand the formula and introduce that formula in the right sequence. The public will adapt just as they did before. In other words, what humanity has been made to do in the past and accepted can be brought back again at any time and we're living through that time now. They're using it to the full, especially with all the television toys that they have and ways of communicating directly to us now, never mind the host of magazines and books out there and novels.


Even one of the biggest in-things right now and has been for some years is historical novels, novels that do take certain parts of history and weave incredible detailed stories but they spin everything of course. They spin it all and that's how you implant thoughts. When we think we're being entertained and we're enjoying it the sensor part of the mind is down. You're not critical of anything and you can be indoctrinated quite simply and definitely comedy and so on is the easiest way to give you predictive programming without you realizing it. Your guard is completely down.


Well, from Hamish and myself, up here on a freezing rain night in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)