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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 5th, 2008. I always ask newcomers, and there's always newcomers coming in every other day as the word passes around and they tune in, and I ask them to look into where they can look into many, many previous shows and try and build the big picture. It truly is a big picture, vastly different from the one that's been indoctrinated into us, about reality and all that goes in to reality. Also look into where you can download transcripts of some of the talks in the various languages of Europe.


Up here in Canada, it's been one of these busy days. In fact a busy week because the snow melts onto the road and then it freezes and then you get a skating rink and you can't go anywhere for a week probably. For those who are waiting for mail going out, just hang on because I don't know if I'll get out tomorrow. It might be Friday or it might be the weekend. That's just the way it goes this time of year.


Plus, with the privatization this public/private partnership deal that all municipalities have, all the little councils have, you'll find these private corporations now go through the motions of sanding the roads, but judging from what I've seen coming off the sanders, I could shake more salt from a salt shaker and do a better job. They're skimping on them of course because everyone's after the big profits now. I've no doubt too they've put down about five tons on this road at least on their list, but in reality you're lucky you've got 14 pounds in two miles and that's the way of corruption as the world goes down the tube with public/private corporations getting to run this show. Something we have to learn to live with and adapt to and make other methods of getting to where we have to be. If they'd leave things alone in fact and don't put anything on the road, I could probably get my skates and skate to the store.


Those who are watching the world go round (if that's what it's doing), or going down, it depends on how you look at it, will realize, and those who've really been studying this for years will realize that it's not just happening by chance. Some of the big boys come out once in a while too and try to almost speak for you because they understand; they collect intelligence, which is just what you talk about in the pubs and the bars and restaurants and to each other at work. They understand that and come out and give you plausible excuses to do with that, but they also give you the spins along with it.


Yet, this whole 9/11 deal that's kicked off, this New American Century Project, was planned years and years before 9/11 happened. In fact without 9/11 happening it could never have happened in fact. They needed it. They needed this and it's not just a New American Century. Every country pretty well on the planet has gone into it with them, which means it took years to set up in advance. Be back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, as the matrix thickens and we move into other big areas of it and that's what's happening because the big intelligence agencies, agencies that are into so much absurd things and have been all down through the ages that it staggers the mind. Most of them of course are covert operations against the public of their own people. In fact it has nothing to do with foreign people or foreign countries.


During the whole Cold War there were more people observing people within the so-called Western countries than spying on people without in every areas of your lives. They used to have special post offices in Britain where certain people's mail would be redirected and they'd open them and read them and they'd put them back in new envelopes with new stamps of all different countries and then rubber stamp them because they had all the stamps there for all the countries and send it on to the proper address. This went on for years and years unknown to the public and now they're simply moving into the next phase of the internet. They've done it in fact because they gave us the internet and foresaw all the problems before they gave it to us. After all, it was designed for any by the military-industrial complex.


Well, here's their next make-work project for retiring spooks and this is what they do for these characters who are semi-retired or they got too fat or a bad hearts or something. They were drinking too much brandy and overeating at all the functions they go to. They give them these semi-retirement jobs where they make work projects for them to do and in this new age of terrorism, terrorism everywhere it's limitless. It's utterly limitless.


During World War II, Dennis Wheatley, who wrote different novels on black magic and witchcraft, admitted to working with an agency set up by the British government who set up these mediums and so on, sorcerers, trying to find out what Hitler was going to do next. That's not a new thing with governments when it comes to war. They did the same thing in days gone by when kings would get their famous astrologers and they'd say, "ah, Jupiter is in line with whatever, Saturn, good time to attack France," and that's what they'd go and do, attack France. So you have the same nonsense down through the ages as they rely upon anything and everything because they tend to panic you see.


Here they're going into the virtual worlds, which they've set up, by the way, and this is an article from the BBC News on March 3rd, 2008. It says here:


            "U.S. government has begun a project to develop ways to spot terrorists who are using virtual worlds."


Alan:  It's not good enough that you're communicating to each other and being spied on. Now they're into the virtual worlds where all the spooks go and I have to admit that it is kooks who are going into or very young people who don't know any better. However, there are adults as well going into these virtual worlds going to create their own little fantasy, all New Agers of course, and live this fantasy life in preparation for the brain chip where they'll actually be in it.


It goes on to say:


            "Codenamed Reynard it aims to recognise "normal" behaviour in online worlds and home in on anomalous activity."


Alan:  Here already now they're going to create whole categories of what's normal. Now these are the characters who give you all these slaughter video games and all the rest of it that are giving you virtual worlds, but they're going to see if you're normal or not as they go into it.


It says:


            "It is likely to develop tools and techniques for intelligence officers…"


Alan:  Now I don't know where they're going to find intelligence in these officers.


            "…who are hunting terrorists and terror groups on the net or in virtual worlds. The project was welcomed by experts…"


Alan:  Again, those experts, those strange characters coming from different wombs.


            "…tracking terror groups using the net to organise or carry out attacks. Growing threat…"


Alan:  Oh.


            "Brief details about Reynard came to light in a report sent to the US Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) - which co-ordinates the work of US intelligence agencies. In that report, which talked about the data mining efforts undertaken by the ODNI, Reynard was described as: "a seedling effort to study the emerging phenomenon of social (particularly terrorist) dynamics in virtual worlds and large-scale online games and their implications for the intelligence community". Using publicly available data Reynard researchers will carry out observational studies to establish "baseline normative behaviors."


Alan:  Do you realize this will go eventually into the brain chip and they're already going to decide what's normal and abnormal? And believe you me, if you have some abnormal thought like thinking for yourself, in the world that's coming into existence, they're going to bring you in to rectify you rather quick or else they're going to eradicate you.


            "Once these are identified, Reynard will "then apply the lessons learned to determine the feasibility of automatically detecting suspicious behavior and actions in the virtual world."


Alan:  Here we're into suspicious behavior now. Maybe you use the occasional phrase from the Koran or a poem and that would be enough to get you into suspicious behavior.


            "It's a positive step," said Andrew Cochran, founder and co-chairman of the Counterterrorism Foundation."


Alan:  This is the make-work project that's going to rake in billions.


            "For a number of years we were behind in chasing jihadists' presence on the net and detecting it."


Alan:  What a joke. They set up Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda actually was the term the CIA initially used for intelligence network they set up via computer and communications devices to contact their own agents in the field when the Russians had gone into Afghanistan.


To continue here:


            "That's a very sensible step at the moment," said Roderick Jones, a vice president of Concentric Solutions and a former special branch officer. "Just to feel their way around them and work out what new intelligence collection methods might be required to deal with this threat, because you won't be able to use traditional law enforcement methods."


Alan:  Maybe they'll virtually stun you with a gun.


            "New worlds.  A senior intelligence officer at the ODNI said Reynard was in its very early stages and it was too soon to say which online worlds it would be studying. He added that any work on it would be purely for research rather than "operational" purposes. I think its highly unlikely terrorists would use things like Second Life or World of Warcraft as they do not have the necessary security," said Mr. Jones. "Terrorist use of the internet at the moment relies on password protected forums," he added.


Alan:  A BBC documentary, by the way, showed a few years ago that there were no terrorist organizations in Britain to do with the jihad, but the BBC documentary did say that many young people were being put into or starting to join organizations set up as sting operations by the British Intelligence Service. I keep telling young people don't join anything. They'll say all the right things to get you stirred up but you're being led by the nose. These are old techniques.


It says:


            "It was inevitable that terror groups would make greater use of the internet and the possibilities that virtual spaces offered them, said Mr. Jones. "There's more a chance of things like Jihad worlds coming online in the next five years I think," he said. The visual richness of virtual worlds made them good places to educate recruits about techniques, said Mr. Jones."


Alan:  Maybe even kung-fu, eh?


            "Attack pattern. We can see groups emerging in cyber spaces and virtual communities that would be wholly virtual," he said. "They would organise and radicalize in virtual…"


Alan: I wonder what they're going to charge the public, by the way, for their virtual swat teams that go into these virtual worlds and eradicate the ones that are not behaving normally. What a farce it's becoming, isn't it? An utter, utter farce.


            "Many groups were likely to use the expertise and skills they learn in virtual worlds to target key net systems."


Alan:  Well, they know that because they gave all the war games to the children 20 years ago to make sure there's a generation of nihilistic barbarians for this particular time in history because they want them in the military and go off and slaughter people abroad and wipe out all animals and people in kill zones and throw puppies over cliffs. That's the system. See, they gave us that, with the media too, because the media too and entertainment industry works with the security intelligence services, always planning and bringing on a culture for the future which they've planned and we're surprised and when it happens, like yeah.


            "Ken Silva, chief technology officer for Verisign which oversees some of the net's core address books, said such an attack could be "devastating".


Alan:  Devastating.


            "We see a continuing growth in the amount of horsepower in the attacks that are directed at infrastructure servers," said Mr. Silva. "We are seeing a large shift from attacks that are directed at individual websites," he said. "The sophistication is getting a little smarter and they are attacking the infrastructure pieces behind them which is typically in most production environments the least invested in. Some of the basic systems of the net, such as the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) which helps data reach its intended destination, were open to attack."


Alan:  This is all bunkum because this is sewn up.


            "An accidental misconfiguration of BGP in some routers in Pakistan caused the recent problems with YouTube which left many people unable to reach the video site."


Alan:  Also, when NSA were rewiring the underground cables of India and all Pakistan and all of the various Middle Eastern countries about a month ago there, it was the NSA that was doing that to make sure that they could route all information into their own systems faster or immediately.


            "BGP is essentially a relatively unprotected protocol and is seriously vulnerable to disruption," he said. "Should that happen, it could take a very long time to correct that situation." "This has to be fought at every level," he said."


Alan:  Here you are, virtual worlds where they're going to do more surveys on everyone operating within them and create normative value scenarios. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we'll go to the lines now and we have Rick from California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes, I'm here. Can you hear me Alan?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Rick:  Okay. There were some problems with the phone earlier so I just wanted to make sure. I was thinking about something yesterday and I wanted to talk to you about. Earlier, a couple of years ago, about five years ago, four years ago I was living in sort of a ghetto neighborhood and I wanted to invite – I invited some homeless people to come in and live with me. They were struggling and they were sort of friends of friends of mine and I started to notice that everybody around me was sort of psychopathic, like they were only interested in what they could get for beer money, cigarette money and so on, and then I started to notice that there was like a badge of honor in the ghetto. They call it "getting over," where you prove that you're smart by taking advantage of people. Taking their generosity for stupidity was considered a badge of honor that you were more street smart. So I began to be very frustrated and because I didn't believe in prisons and jails and law enforcement, I didn't believe in calling the cops, I started to turn to magic and voodoo thinking that maybe I could put some fear into them to respect me. Plus, they were also bullying and also wanted to fight all the time and so I thought – I didn't believe in police and jails. I wanted an alternative to the system we have and I was thinking – an African man told me that in Benin you could leave $100 on the table and no one would steal it because of the fear of the curse. Then it led me down to this quagmire and I started to take on psychopathic traits myself and now of course I see past all that, but I'm wondering what you think of all this; in a system without police and judges and jails and money, how would you deal with psychopaths at the bottom? How would you take care of people like that or how would a community take care of people like that?


Alan:  No one's ever – for the actual psychopathic type, and they are all down through society. There's no doubt. No one's come up with a solution because it's a personality disorder not an illness and there's no treatment available for it. It's as almost as though part of the brain that gives them human emotion or attachment and bonding is not there. The ones at the bottom of the level, it's not all homeless people obviously, but you'll get groups of them that know each other and they do recognize each other, the same as the ones at the top. They recognize the same traits and they form their own little brotherhoods. You have to be very, very careful. Those that work with people who are homeless can recognize the normal folk with misfortunes and they do immediately recognize eventually because they get used to it. The psychopathic types, the street wise characters who can read you like a book quickly and know your weak spots and know how to manipulate you, so there's no way they've ever found to come up with it. If these same characters were born in affluent families with money and power and went to the right schools, they'd be up there with the other psychopaths ruling us.


Rick:  Yes, I was thinking about that and I realize now; I don't believe in magic and voodoo and all this stuff now. I've changed. I also recognize too that a lot of them were trained in prison. They had been in prison and so I could see why you live out in the country, because when you live in a psychopathic society and around psychopaths all the time, eventually you start to take on those traits.


Alan:  There's an old saying that you do, you become your opponent, and that's the problem with even the people during the Cold War. The agencies that were dealing with the Cold War became ultra-paranoid. They employed many psychopaths and paranoid people who were classically diagnosed paranoid schizophrenics were employed by the Pentagon to put their theories forward, which were adopted by the Pentagon. We found that with I think it was with Jonathan Nash, who they made a movie out of called "A Beautiful Mind," totally different from reality of course, the movie version. The man was not a nice person, never was a nice person. He lived in a fantasy world of utter paranoia where everybody around him was doing their own little game and he introduced game theory into the Pentagon and they ran the whole of the U.S. on behaviorism with the idea that everyone simply worked for their own advantage and had no interest in anyone else's safety or betterment, and they used that in society and you see it all through society today. We became part of the game theory with a psychopathic culture given to us. It doesn’t mean that everyone in it is psychopathic, but we adopt the culture because it was promoted to us.


Rick:  It's like I don't think I started out psychopathic and I wasn't interested in magic but just being around it so much and being hurt by it and bullied by people, I started to get very angry. I started to even hate the masses or hate the working class, but now I view it more from above – not above but I view it more of a sympathy. A lot of them have been trained that way and I also noticed too that not all homeless people in my community were like that. There were some that were really genuinely trying to survive but I also noticed that the psychopathic ones formed brotherhoods or they formed groups like you were saying.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Rick:  You're welcome Alan.


Alan:  Take care.


Rick:  You take care.


Alan:  I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we're taking callers and we have Daniel from California on the line. Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel:  Yes I'm here. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Daniel:  Hey, what's going on? I noticed that they don't have you on Coast no more, Alan. Whatever happened with that?


Alan:  On the Coast?


Daniel:  Yes. They don't call you back no more. Are they scared of you now?


Alan:  Coast-to-Coast?


Daniel:  Yes.


Alan:  Well, I know that the ratings that I got from that show they said were the best they'd ever had.


Daniel:  I'm sure.


Alan:  Put it this way, if I was kind to some agendas I would be back there.


Daniel:  Yes I'm sure. You know I noticed that and it's just because it's such a broad listening group that they cover. I had hoped that you would be on there more, especially after that one show because you did such a fabulous job.


Alan:  I could have been on every two weeks if I want along with some agendas, put it that way.


Daniel:  Wow. I have a question about some ancient history. Do you think the Aztecs and the Egyptians and the Phoenicians were connected in some way because of the pyramids?


Alan:  Yes. In fact, there was a U.S. professor who wrote "America B.C.," he came from Harvard, who put an excellent few books actually on that subject and he did a dig with students that was actually put on CBC radio. That's Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for the government. They did a series on his digs in Algonquian Park and they dug up the tops of three pyramids and they did find the living quarters of priests and they found old ancient Egyptian writing and old (they called it) "Proto-Iranian" writing.


Daniel:  They even found cocoa or something like that in one of the Egyptian tombs or something.


Alan:  What they found – it was the Parisian group, surgeons in fact, that did a documentary. It's out there. You can get it and they took apart the stomach contents, even though it was mummified and all the rest of it, but cocaine as a pure substance. They did detect cocaine, which comes from South America; but the Phoenicians too were taking tin from England, Cornwall, for 500 years and they kept it secret to all their competitors where they were getting this tin because they mixed it with bronze to make copper. Also across Scotland too, there's Phoenician graves and mark-stones which were found, so these characters were all over the world.


Daniel:  I'm sure and it's so funny because there's this – I can this kind of like they're trying to keep people from looking back at least 10,000 years. There's something there that they don't want us to look past 10,000 years ago.


Alan:  That's right. That's why history began in the West (where we’re given history beginning) with Greece and Rome and so on, but you go into these prehistoric or at least megalithic type structures, even the ones in Peru, and these are incredible feats of engineering. They're all over the world the same types, plus the standing stones are all over the world with the mounds in the middle and the alignment of the stars. There was obviously a common connection between countries at one time in ancient times. They call it prehistory simply because we are not given the written works on it. Anything that's prewritten we simply are not given anything on it; but Barry Fell is the professor. You should read Barry Fell's book "America B.C." and the other ones he put out there that were fantastic works and he gives all the evidence of what they'd found.


Daniel:  It seems like during the Roman conquest of Europe when the Roman church came and was trying to get rid of the remnants of that old age, when they came over here the rush seems to me was to get rid of all the shamans over here.


Alan:  We know that when the first Roman invasions, it was pre-Christian – there were pre-Christian invasions of Britain and we do know that they rounded up all the Druids in many places and they burned them to death in big long houses. They burned them to death to eradicate them.


Daniel:  Didn't they also – is it true that they took some of their religion and amalgamated it, kind of blended it into theirs?


Alan: You'll find basically in all the ancient world was a form of shamanism and it's called the "perennial religion." It keeps cropping up today. It's here today the same thing because it's very appealing to the individual to become a god. That's what's behind all of what they call New Age, it's really old age stuff; and through all the meditation techniques, the higher up you go, you're eventually told that you can become a god. That's the great delusion which they're full of and it's very handy for governments to train populations like that because they're taught to deny the negative, don't look it, look at the nice things in life – as their countries are slaughtering people across the planet.


Daniel:  I know it works, believe me. I talk to people everyday and you can see their conditioning, kind of you can see it right on their face sometimes.


Alan:  Yes, you do.  I better go on to the next caller though.


Daniel:  Well thank you Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I have Jim from Texas. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Yes, I'm here. Glad you started off your show talking about PNAC or Project for a New American Century, which is nothing but an update of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This is the modern day, the last stage more or less in my opinion what it is.


Alan:  Learned Elders of Zion is an interesting read. There's no doubt that whoever did write it certainly knew an agenda and that's what's perplexing about it all. We know again that there were high groups. We know too that before it came out in Russia that it was actually circulated in France about 60 years before that and it was altered again to blame just one group. Of course, too, we know that in the 1800's even Blavatsky's group at one point and other Masonic groups were calling themselves Zion with its learned elders. It's not a specifically Jewish thing at all, really, although Jews can join it, but whoever wrote it certainly did understand – even sports. They said they'd push sports to the extreme, at a time when there were no sports arenas anywhere in the West. Now they're everywhere. They knew those parts would be pushed in. They knew too that culture would have to be destroyed.


Now that was not a new theory because in the 1700's when all of this stuff first came out in the French Revolution, lots of the big writers, Voltaire and others, talked about the necessity to completely (and Proudhon afterwards and different ones), talked about the necessity to totally debase society – that all that was existing as moral, destroy it all step by step until there was no morality whatsoever or even the memory of what was moral, in order to bring in a new society. That's really what the same agenda is today.


Jim:  That was started by Adam Weishaupt in Germany.


Alan:  It was not started by Weishaupt at all. Weishaupt was only one man in one of the groups whose name popped up because they caught him.


Jim:  Yeah, but to go back it was started in ancient Egypt or even before that, it's the same plan, same--


Alan:  But this is how psychopaths again will always go in the same direction. You see, the only people truly, and psychiatrists all agree with this one thing in every study that's been done on psychopaths, psychopaths are the only people who are truly predictable by their natures. Therefore, they will always repeat the same formulas down through history when they get in control. They must always repeat the same scenarios.


Jim:  Absolutely. They're like the scorpion and the frog. Why did you sting me in the middle of the river? Because that's what I do; and that's what these people do. They've been doing this for thousands of years and they cannot even control it. They don't even understand what they're doing, okay. They do it because that's what we do. That's what they did in the Boer War in England, which is controlled by this same ethic tribe that we're talking about.


Alan:  It's not just one ethnic tribe here. What you're looking at is a conglomeration of psychopaths from all the dominant tribes that now belong to one. I mean Winston Churchill belonged to them just as much as the rest of them.


Jim:  And Winston Churchill was bailed out by a certain ethic gentlemen in 1936 when he was going bankrupt and he became an obedient slave to him from there on after.


Alan:  He was pally with Baruch but so were FDR and all the rest of them. These guys don't serve just the bankers. Psychopaths will interbred with every group and even Japanese.


Jim:  Of course they do.


Alan:  It's not just Jews. I mean most Jews have no idea of what we're talking about. At the top, as I say, you've got primarily just one thing that is recognizable and that's from all groups, all groups, and that's the psychopath who is interbred with the other psychopath. Believe you me, it wouldn't matter what you called them, any term at all, it's a psychopathic nature which will repeat ad nauseam until the public start to participate in their own destinies rather than sitting back and being entertained and to stop giving power to people that you're taught to almost worship. Everybody that they present to you to vote for, you know people literally grovel – and this is again a sad thing with human nature. They grovel in front. People grovel. The poorer they are the worse it is. They grovel to riches. They grovel and they bow their heads and they feel shame for their poverty.


Jim:  For riches and power. It all goes back to the old I don't know actually where it originated from but the emperor has no clothes. Everybody would argue about well is this the most extraordinary finery I've ever seen or is it just – well, it's better than normal clothes.


Alan:  I know. I have to gone on to the next guy. I have to keep going through. I've got five lined up here. Okay, we'll go to Moe in Oregon. Are you there, Moe?


Moe:  Mr. Alan?Can you hear me good?


Alan:  Yes. Be quick though. Be quick.


Moe:  You see there is today my internet company because we have problems all the time we called them. They checked and then because we live on the fourth floor they came and they went on the top of some places out in the dark and they went and check everything so these people are spies. They come to your home and they look at everything in your home. They check everything. I mean what the hell. I mean to me I went through in such – I mean it was very, very awful; and you know is that happening in Canada too?


Alan:  It will happen with certain people, if they put you on a list they will do it, yes.


Moe:  And another thing that Iran, will the sanctions stop the bomb or start the war? Can you please answer that for us?


Alan:  It's hard to say. I hear their top man in Iran is saying two things. It's like the forked tongue with the white man. It's difficult to say what game is going on here because he's already said he would give credence to the United Nations.  I'm just wondering if the United Nations is getting built up to be the big hero that it was meant to be by all this fracas. They may bring us to the brink of war, terrorize us all and then they will tell us we can't go on like this and the UN must take over and everybody will breathe a sigh of relief, so who knows?


Moe:  I see. Thank you very much Alan. Right now there is French exercise going on with the gulf countries and they have made an artificial island inside near to the Persian Gulf and they are attacking that island and et cetera. They made an artificial island inside near to Persian Gulf and then they are using that as target to practice with the French as of right now until five more days it's going on. Thank you very much Mr. Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Bye now. Now we've got Andrew from Texas. Are you there, Andrew?


Andrew:  Hi. No. It's Andrew in Victoria.


Alan:  Okay. Go ahead.


Andrew:  Hi Alan. I'm noticing that there may be some shifts going on, that is plans coming unraveled and I'm thinking specifically the last couple of weeks apparently a couple of stealth bombers in the U.S. Air Force have gone down. It's the first time it's ever happened and then the incident with the cruise missiles back in August, the six that went missing and five were found later. Those all seem to have the hallmarks of sabotage on them and it's occurring to me that enough people are starting to pay attention and wake up that some of the plans of the big boys are starting to come apart.


Alan:  I don't know if it's even real what they tell us, because see they don't have to tell us anything that's really happening, so when they tell us that they flew a bunch of A-bombs somewhere by mistake, that just doesn't happen. They've got so many fail-safes they can't do that, so I wonder what their real game is. Is it to terrify us that the world is so unsafe? I don't know.


Andrew:  It could be, as you say they don't have to tell us anything.


Alan:  They don't. Believe you me, the biggest blunders they make they never tell you, so I'm very suspicious. They do want to terrorize the public in a thousand ways and this is another way to do it, to make us think, "my God we've got bombs missing now and it's happening right now, they're still losing them." That just does not happen with all the fail-safes. They don't lose planes or bombs or anything, or even go off in the wrong direction. It doesn't happen.


Andrew:  Well that's true. That's not possible and switching gears slightly I wanted to mention another book called "Cloak of Green" by Elaine Dewar.


Alan:  I've heard of that one.


Andrew:  I've got it on order. Apparently, she spends about a fifth of the book taking apart Maurice Strong, of course you know about, and it's telling that of course I went to my local library system and not available. I went to my local university where I had a card, not available, and I think I managed to find a copy and hopefully its on its way, but again it shows you – and yet the university here teaches environmental sciences and so on and yet anything that detracts from what they're teaching simply isn't available to these students.


Alan:  That's the standard way. Universities are the main way to shape – I think it was Thatcher that said that years ago. She says we must make sure the university students get the main indoctrinations because they become the future leaders and they must believe what they're taught; so they limit access to any conflicting data so that they will come through their education truly believing they know it all and it's all the harder to break through to them then because they truly do believe they know it all. It works that easily. I'll be back with more. Hang on after these messages.


Hello. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix on the last leg of this talk and is the caller still on the line?


Andrew:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Did you have anything left to add?


Andrew:  No, not really, but certainly what you're talking about with the universities and essentially dumbing people down and of course the problem we run into is that we're also brainwashed to accept people with certain credentials.


Alan:  That's correct, the experts.


Andrew:  I'll go and let somebody get on the line and we'll talk again.


Alan:  Okay. Thanks for calling.


Andrew:  Thanks Alan. Bye.


Alan:  Now we've got Adrian from Washington. Are you there, Adrian?


Adrian:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  How are you doing?


Adrian:  Good. How about yourself?


Alan:  I'm kicking on.


Adrian:  All right, that sounds good. Hey, I know we don't have enough time but I wanted point the listeners out to a movie that I ran upon and it's called "Return to Red." It deals with the HAARP technology and it starts off with a quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski and low budget and parts of the movie are a bit dramatic but it's worth looking at. There were times when you described how the HAARP was done over the shortwave radio, like the woomp-woomp-woomp, and they had that exact same noise inside of the movie.


Alan:  What was the name of this movie?


Adrian:  "Return to Red".


Alan: "Return to Red".  Is it a recent one or an old one?


Adrian:  It looked old to me but it's labeled 2007, but it looks like an older movie, but it's definitely worth looking at. The over exaggerated parts, the effects of what happens to the people – you see people banging their heads against the wall, things like that, their nose bleeding, all of that, and I understand that's part of Hollywood but it deals with ultra-magnetic frequencies affecting mental states so it's definitely worth checking out.


Alan:  I will do. I'll try that one.


Adrian:  Also, if you have time, I'd like to contact you after the show a little bit. I don't want to take up your time. I know you've got to get something to eat and everything.


Alan:  Yes, you could. Give me 20 minutes to start the uploads first.


Adrian:  All right.


Alan:  I'll talk to you again.


Adrian:  All right. Bye.


Alan:  I know Adrian. We do have chatting back and forth, and I don't know if we've got time. We'll try. We’ve got is it [Mathoon] in California?


Mathoon:  Hi.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Mathoon:  Yes. I had a question about – you spoke of or you wrote about troglodytes in your first book and you talked about perfect possession the other day. I was just curious how those two are related and how those two interact at the top of the chain?


Alan:  Troglodytes again is a term given by the ancient Greeks. They called them the Horites when Rome was ruling that area and you also find Horites mixing supposedly with the northern tribes of Israel in the old Bible. They were albino-type people, very ferocious and then interbred with Manasseh who became ferocious, red-haired, blue-eyed and they actually fought against the rest of the tribes of Israel. Long, long story but you can't really fill all in at this time and the music is coming in for the ending. Maybe we can go into that in another show.


Mathoon:  Thanks.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Well, from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, where it's rather icy and snowy, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)