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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 7th, 2008. I always request that newcomers, and there's newcomers every time popping in to the show, they should look into and download all previous episodes – previous talks I've given about this great New World Order that's all around us. It’s your whole existence in fact that was set up long before you were born and it's now just manifesting itself and making itself felt through all society. Look into where you can download the transcripts from the actual talks and print them up and pass them around. They're done in the different languages of Europe and Scandinavia.


As I say, where do you start with this New World Order? Because every mammal that's born looks to a parent to show it signs of danger for its own survival and we are the same as animals when it comes to that because we look towards parents. If our parents have been dumbed down and brainwashed in turn, then we will not know that there's anything amiss. Children tend to think the time period they're born into must be quite natural with everything it contains, simply because that's the way it is. They don't question it.


Then a generation that's growing up now since 9/11 who have been told there's terror, terror everywhere and the whole world is at war with terror and they're getting passports and they're getting IDs and all the rest of it, they think it's all quite natural. They've also been taught through the various MySpace programs and so on that's out there to put all their personal data up for everyone to see. They have no idea of personal privacy. They don't even have a clue about personal privacy. They don't know their history at all. They don't know that people literally fought and fought and fought down through centuries to get privacy from authority.


Authorities in all ages become tyrannical and we are going through the most planned and worked out, the most methodical and coordinated journey that's ever existed on the face of the planet right now and they're completely oblivious to it. Their heads are full of fun, fun, fun. They look to parents who sit and stare with their jaws dropped at the television set and they don't know that anything is wrong. They don't know.


That's the stage we're in and big, big worldwide organizations that were set up long ago that are all interconnected with other great foundations and the elites of various countries are closing in on the whole planet and following the scheme of the Darwinist theories and those who follow the theories. They're literally planning a world with a vastly reduced population where those who are declared as "unfit" will simply be wiped off the map one way or another. Preferably, they'll starve to death or die of plague. That way you can't really blame the authorities. The authorities will put their hands up and say we couldn't feed you all and that's all starting to come forth now. The drumbeat is starting to roll with their propaganda getting us ready for this.


Those who can't fit into the new system by any method at all will simply be eliminated and this was the mantra of Charles Darwin. It was also the mantra of his grandson and he printed a book called "The Next Million Years", Charles Galton Darwin, where he laid out what he saw for the agenda for the future. I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, trying to get across to people that nothing spontaneously happens in the system. On the contrary, everything is debated at very high levels. Every little tiniest change in culture or direction in anything to do with the public is heavily debated and drafted up and gone over and re-debated and all the rest of it, until it's perfected, and then it's implemented upon the public. Many years ago, they started to implement the plan for depopulation and part of it too, based on the eugenics of Darwinism, was also to start getting rid of the medical treatment that was available to the public, starting at the bottom level. The way to do it is always the typical way that they come after – they come from an opposite direction. They give you and they make you pay for the big institutions that are called hospitals and medical care. Then they privatize it down the road and then they build up associations of doctors and so on for boards, then the board members start dictating policy and lobbying government and the government is only too happy to agree because they both are traveling the same road basically, the agenda.


In the '70's in Britain, the National Health Service that was set up after a lot of fighting and wait by the public to get it going and that was working pretty well at the time, then suddenly it started to semi-privatize in some areas. Then they brought in the American system, they called it "The Salmon Scheme," and everything went to pot because it became top heavy with chiefs and directors and all the rest of it who started to cost cut in all the wrong places, but then they started to tag patients according to their value to society. In intensive care they started to put down who would be resuscitated and who would not and it literally went by your standing – the Masonic term, "standing in the community".  The pillar stands up you see. Those who are dead walk – you're lying around. That was the terminology they used.


If you have good standing in the community and you're important to the system, you would be resuscitated over someone else if you both had coronaries at the same time. That spread all throughout the British Commonwealth countries including Canada, but now they're going a step further. Canada loves to give to the world and it's very good propaganda that we're some sort of quiet, nice, well-behaved country that's not involved in world affairs and loves to help people around the world. We had tremendous parades and so on of politicians boasting how we were not involved with this great war in the Middle East, even though most of the support ships and troops and all the rest of it that went into the Gulf were Canadian and we've been heavily supporting it. A good part of the industry in fact supports it. We make the weaponry that's being used in the Middle East. However, apart from that and apart from the fact Canada for many years ruled the world for the creation of bacterial warfare viruses and bacterium and kept that fairly quiet too from the public.


We're also ahead when it comes to all the great changes in society – all the various changes that are destroying all that was, meaning the old system of living. Male, female, everything has been changed. Even parents have changed. Even relationships of children to parents, whatever, is all changed. The state is literally giving the values to the children in a very dogmatic way. It's a very prejudiced system within the school system, believe you me.


Here's the next step they've gone too. This is from the Jerusalem Post by the way. You have to go across the world often to find out what's happening in your own country. We got a lot of stuff that's about the U.S. that's not printed in the U.S.; and in Canada you have to go across the planet to find what's happening here. That's how the news is run.


This is from the Jerusalem Post on March 4th, 2008, updated on March 5th, 2008.


            "Brazen New World by Avi Shafran.


It says:


            "Asked by the New York Times in 2005 what today taken for granted idea or value he thinks may disappear in the next 35 years, Professor Peter Singer, the Professor of Bioethics…"


Alan:  Now that is basically eugenics. They call it bioethics now to make it sound less Hitler Nazi regime.


            …at Princeton University's Center for Human Values…"


Alan:  I love how they put the wording in: "Human Values," eugenics society.


            "…responded: the traditional view of the sanctity of human life." It will, he explained, "collapse under pressure from scientific, technological and demographic developments. This past January 30, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, Canada issued a policy statement that may come to permit the professor to add "prophet" to his curriculum vitae. In that document, the governing body of the Canadian province's medical profession…"


Alan:  This is the body of the Canadian province's medical profession, medical doctors.


            "…directs that doctors have the final say with regard to ending life-sustaining treatment of patients - regardless of the wishes or religious beliefs of the patients or their families. It also establishes a baseline for justifying life-sustaining treatment - including a patient's ability to "experience his/her own existence"…


Alan:  Now lawyers can play with that.


            "…below which a doctor is directed to end life-sustaining treatment, regardless of the wishes of the patient's family. The new policy paper has garnered much attention, and may well have ramifications throughout Canada and, conceivably, elsewhere."


Alan:  Well of course it is. They start it somewhere and it just takes off like wildfire.


            "Underlying the document - saturating it, actually - is the premise that ending a human life is a medical decision, not a moral one. Or, alternately, that medical training somehow confers the ultimate moral authority to pass judgments on the worthiness of human lives. Either contention is offensive. A foundation of what has come to be called civilization is that people are not mere things or even animals, that human life has a special, sacred, nature. Historically, the right to take steps to end a life has been regarded first and foremost as an ethical issue, not a medical one. And doctors, for all their training, are no more inherently qualified to address ethical issues than CEOs or plumbers."


Alan:  That's so true, or barbers for that matter if we still have any.


            "As it happens, the Manitoba policy goes beyond the ethical dumbing down of life and death decision-making. It actually betrays a preference for ending patients' lives. For while it gives physicians the final say (even against the family's wishes) for terminating life support, it puts the final decision (literally) in the family's hand when the family feels the patient should die and it is the doctor who feels otherwise. In Manitoba medicine, it seems, death is the desideratum. That contention is further evident in the Manitoba policy statement's self-awareness baseline, which exemplifies the pitfalls of what might be called iatro-arrogance - or, put more prosaically, medical chutzpa. Last year, the prestigious journal Science published a report on a young woman who was declared vegetative…"


Alan:  Now I thought green was in. You'd think they'd live more.


            "For five months, she showed no signs of awareness whatsoever. Scientists, though, decided to put her in a Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner, a machine that tracks blood flow to different parts of the brain and that was only developed a few years ago."


Alan:  Actually, they've had it for about 30.


            "When they asked her to imagine things like playing tennis and walking through her home, the scan lit up with telltale patterns of language, movement and navigation indistinguishable from those produced by the brains of healthy, conscious people. The report's authors, while stressing that the patient may still be classified as "unconscious," conclude nonetheless that she has a "rich mental life." That young woman seemed entirely unaware of her environment. Only the development of a new diagnostic technology revealed active brain function. Is it unreasonable to wonder what future technologies might yet be developed that will detect other layers of human consciousness? Or what layers might forever elude scientific instrumentation? And then there is the misguided assumption of medical infallibility…"


Alan:  Isn't that so true?


            "In Calgary last year, doctors were ready to pull the plug on Zongwu Jin, who had suffered a brain injury. After his family obtained a court order to maintain life support, Mr. Jin's condition improved markedly and he is now doing exercises aimed at helping him walk again. More recently, doctors at Manitoba's own Grace Memorial Hospital sought to disconnect Samuel Golubchuk from the ventilator that was helping him breathe, claiming that he was unconscious and unresponsive - presumably never to recover. Golubchuk's children, Orthodox Jews whose religious convictions opposed terminating their father's life, promptly sought and obtained a court injunction. The judge in that case recently announced that there were sufficient grounds to doubt the hospital's analysis of the patient's condition, and Golubchuk's children report that he is now alert and making purposeful movements."


Alan:  Now it makes you wonder how many people they have terminated over the many years with the older methods there, and don't kid yourself for a minute that this is nothing to do with cost factor. It's all to do with cost factor because they have given all these incentives to directors of hospitals that cut costs by everything that's possible and these directors get rewarded for doing so. Just like the guys who run the banks and get a billion dollars bonuses at the end of the year. It's the same sort of thing that happens within hospitals. Big, big money and misery and these characters get a lot.


You know they were so inventive in Britain when they were told to cut back on hospital spending, directors of hospitals were giving out questionnaires via the internet to forthcoming patients who were booked in for surgeries and awaiting their time on waiting lists and they even had the gall to ask these people when they were going in hospital. Well, guess when they sent out the request to come in for the operation? You've got it – when they were all on holiday. Then they were back at the bottom of the waiting list. That was their problem solved. That's the sort of stuff that happens in these great institutions that we pay so much for through the nose. I'll be back with more.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and just filling you in on some of the things that are happening. It's not happening by chance because big boards like that and directors and all the rest of it get permission from a much higher authorities. It falls in line with the cost cutting measures as they declared 50, 60 years ago the cost of maintaining the baby boomers would be just astronomical, and apart from that, they didn't want too many people living in the future. They already had their plans to reduce the population and of course they've snipped through the inoculation programs as we get sicker and sicker, and our food now is totally contaminated and they have put all those various genes in there. It's all a big secret what genes they put in vegetables and all that and why they did it because it's classified. It's classified and the only saying "you are what you eat" was never so true as today.


We've been under war. War has been declared upon the public and they didn't know. They were told to be happy and just rock through the '60's and '70's and then rap their way through the door to the final ending and sure enough they did. They had fun, fun, fun. Now they're pulling away all of the little rugs that are under our feet and feel so good and comfy, and we're beginning to wise up a little bit and ask what on earth's been going on. The problem is, is it too late or is not?  It's up to the will of the people to put a stop to it because massive, incredibly huge bureaucracies worldwide now are on the road to utter totalitarianism as we've never seen it in the world ever before. They never had the technology to implement every part of this and mandate your life from birth to death and track and follow you and know what you purchase, know who you talk to on a daily basis.


You know the next version of the computer that's all ready, it will come out shortly actually, you'll have no memory in the computer. It won't need it because all the data that you require and all the programs will be held in remote servers and all the data therefore is shared with intelligence services directly. It makes it more efficient for them to make sure you're not turning terrorist by your thoughts or wrong-speak or wrong-think and that kind of stuff. First they give you the bait you see. It's just like putting noose down for the rabbit. You've got to put the noose down and camouflage it and put the good bait in the middle so he goes along and gnaws away there, then he's oblivious to that noose you see. Same idea.


The computer was given to us and they made sure that even the most ignorant amongst us, myself included, thought there was nothing on it but pornography. Well, that was the bait to get everybody in. All age groups too just flooded into that apparently. It really wasn’t confined to young people at all. All age groups just flooded in and that was them hooked. You see, now they can't do without it. Even the ones who grew up where stores and all the rest of it used to do their inventories with pencil and paper and it was no big deal and you rung up stuff in the cash register. People could count and add and subtract in those days too, not along ago, and things passed through much quicker than they do with these cards and the punching stuff and all the rest of it. They keep telling us it's so much more convenient but that's the big lie. The whole thing was to get everything computerized and they knew they could do this 50 years ago. They knew it was coming.


How did they know so certainly it was coming?


Because they had advanced computers in the high military establishments back then. Not the big reel-to-reel stuff they saw in the old movies. That's for the lower echelons. At the high levels they certainly did have them and we are kept in a fake reality all through our lives with regards to high technology.


We are shepherded like sheep and the purpose of sheep, even though the shepherd seems a good shepherd, is to make you graze well, fatten up so he can eat you. He lives off you and you clothe them too. He lives off you. That's the function of government, not to represent the people. Charles Galton Darwin said that himself that the system that would have to come into play would be a totalitarian government worldwide. He said it was simply a matter of pleasing the people, that that's what government was there for. He said that would be the easiest thing to do. It would also be the cheapest actually. However, he goes right forward and tells you the government was never intended to be that. It was an elitist guided government, always, has been from the beginning of probably the 1800's at least.


Now we've got Don from Pennsylvania on the line. Are you there, Don?


Don:  Hello.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Don:  How you doing tonight Alan?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Don:  I was looking over your blurb last night about culture creation and I ran across this article about the young girl from Georgia that had autism. Did you see that where the court settled the case with her?


Alan:  Yes.


Don:  First of all, it's amazing they don't make that public that they actually have a fund set up.


Alan:  Well of course, it makes perfect sense that they don't make it public.


Don:  I also noticed within that article that the father was a neurologist and the mother was a trained lawyer and nurse.


Alan:  That helps.


Don:  Yes. People on the lower end like myself, there's no way I would have representation to ever get that kind of settlement.


Alan:  No, no. They probably have a very good friend who – I'll be back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, this big map of reality that's more illusions and alterations in perception than anything else – the indoctrinated perceptions that are constantly updated like computer programs by television and media and so on. It's, in other words, propaganda and that's how it's done, and repetition as Bertrand Russell says and repetition is very important.


Years ago they talked about giving the United Nations the total power to be the world government and they would need budgets to work upon. They're always crying poor, poor, poor, as they go around the world pretending to hand out chocolates and really they're simply blowing up people all over the place and changing the whole system to standardize it, because no competition in varying cultures will be allowed in this Brave New World.


This is from the Times Colonist, British Columbia, Wednesday, February 20th, 2008. Victoria, BC. The Times Colonist says – and here's Canada too, it's got to be first for Canada.


            "Carbon Tax Puts British Columbia Out in Front."


Alan:  Remember the Kyoto conference and all that hoopla?  Here it is.


It says:


            "New revenue neutral…"


Alan:  Doesn't that sound nice? Revenue neutral. Like what does that mean, like nothing?


            "Carbon tax means an increase in gas prices."


Alan:  There's your typical doublespeak that only bureaucrats can come up with.


            "…increasing gas prices of 2.41 cents a liter…"


Alan:  We have about 3.8 L to a gallon.


            "…beginning July 1st rising to 7.24 cents more a liter by 2012…"


Alan:  You can probably triple that. You know how they are with their figures.


            "Carbon tax will increase diesel and home heating oil prices by 2.76 cents a liter effective July 1st, rising to 8.2 cents by 2012. Carbon tax will apply to virtually all fossils fuels including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, coal, propane and home heating fuel. Effective April 1st, Victoria residents will also pay an extra 1 cent in every liter of gas to help finance the Victoria Regional Transit Commission."


It says:


            "Total carbon tax to bring in $1.8 billion over the next three years."


Alan:  That's just one province, like a state. Here's the minister in charge of it all dressed in green with this – no, I won't even describe what she looks like.


            "Taylor said the tax is just one part of a larger strategy. Just as British Columbians showed Canadians the benefits of granola, healthy eating and aerobics, they are again leading a social movement to save the planet she said."


Alan:  This is to save the planet. They're taxing you into the ground. It's to save the planet.


            "This is an important turning point for British Columbia and we think for Canada, because we're out in front on this."


Alan:  Yeah, we're always so happy to be out in front. They've made a great job with all the other things we came out in front of too.


It says:


            "We don't want to wait until we get a consensus."


Alan:  No. Let's not do that.


            "We think that it's important to take the first steps."


Alan:  And just tax you. I added "tax you" because that's what you should tack onto the end of it.


            "Environmental groups…"


Alan:  You know the funded Rockefeller type environmental groups.


            "…welcomed the carbon tax, but expressed concern that government increased subsidies to the oil and gas sector at the same time. Those subsidies will climb by nearly $50 million to $327 million in 2008-09."


Alan:  Of course, it's a fascist system and any moron can see that.


            "Two steps forward, one step back," Will Horter of the Dogwood Initiative said. NDP critic Bruce Ralston ripped the budget for exempting big polluters such as oil and gas, aluminum and cement producers from the carbon tax. They will instead be regulated through a yet to be determined carbon cap and trade system."


Alan:  Now the reason I'm talking about this is: This is just the implementation starting on the complete bogeyman called "carbon pollution," because I wonder when the next volcano goes off how they're going tax that or will they blame that on us too?  Probably they will blame that on us to and say that our bad thoughts weren't good karma. That's what caused it to erupt you see. This is the kind of nonsense we're into in this day and age.


We'll go back to the phones and we've Stefan from Germany. Are you there, Stefan?


Stefan:  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Hello, Stefan.Yes, I can just hear you.


Stefan:  Okay. I wanted to say I'm very glad about the show yesterday. I found that was really a good show. A really good show as always and I wanted to ask if I may, ask some questions that are not political.


Alan:  Sure.


Stefan:  In your first book you had a poster of something that looked like a Grey and you named a troglodyte. Did I get that right?


Alan:  That's right. It's a pun on people who existed a long time ago in the Middle East and elsewhere. Sometimes they called them the first great builders and because they dug – in fact do you remember Indiana Jones where you see in Petra? I think they used Petra, the area where there was a city carved in rock from rock bases. These technically were troglodytes. You'll find the same in Ethiopia where they built entire churches inside mountains by carving the rock away, even carving away spaces above the churches inside the mountains to act as the sky. Incredible works of not only art but engineering and we find traces of these troglodytes. They had odd customs. They were tribal people. They were employed as guides by every invading army. They knew the terrain. They knew the passes through mountains and so on and they'd always work for money, but they had the odd custom of killing their own people when they hit the age of 40. They would bury them up to their neck in sand and throw stones at the head until they were dead; but technically, because they lived in caves and inside mountains, the Greeks called them troglodytes and in the Middle East some of them called them the Hurrians or Horites.


Hurrian also is related to the world Aryan. That's where it comes from and you had legends. There's a good book called "Jewish Myths and Legends".  It's put out by the University of Oxford and they go into some of this mythology, ancient history, prehistory, it's really mythology, where they talk about the troglodytes and the different peoples. They mention that the Tribe of Manasseh that supposedly was given the North of Israel to the mountains interbred with these cave or mountain dwellers who were almost albino; and Manasseh after a generation became primarily blonde, red-haired, blue-eyed and very ferocious. That's what was noted. They were very ferocious. They often fought with their own tribes, the other tribe, and even when invaders came in they often give out their services and act as mercenaries and attack what used to be their own peoples of Israel. These are part mythologies, part truth, all mixed together. However, there's no doubt about it, these people probably and even to the north of India where the Brahmans claimed they were the last or they're the remnant of the last man that came through the previous age. They also lived inside mountains in the Himalayas and they were riddled with caves and tunnels towards the base. There's no doubt that people did live inside mountains thousands and thousands of years ago and no doubt had knowledge that times were changing and saved themselves.


You'll also find that the fabled Mount Ararat, which is now run by Turkey, is riddled with mountains as well. It's not so much an ark on top. It was an ark inside and those entrances are guarded by the Turkish military. Then if we jump to the writings of Tacitus, for instance, he got the Druids' legends of three previous ages and how the elite survived by living inside hollowed mountains for long, long periods of time and they were stacked with food and water and what they needed to survive. We also have the same with the Greek legends. That's how they claimed they survived the previous age in Mount Parnassus. Whether these troglodytes in the Middle East were remnants of the same peoples who are elites who had survived is up for grabs, but technically that's what a troglodyte is—simply a cave dweller or a tunnel dweller that comes through a previous age into a new and continues to live in that fashion.


Stefan:  Why did you connect the image of an alien with that?


Alan:  Well, because alien is a spin on the new spin. They love to bring in Greys and different types of aliens into the New Age scenario. See, in other words, it's a bit of a joke. I think, though, previously the real troglodytes probably are the ones who came up through previous ages with the knowledge, arrived in Sumer, maybe even created Sumer, and kept histories and that's how they could recreate an entire system of economy very quickly with a whole pantheon of gods and bureaucratic priests.  I think really a true Grey is someone – see, in the esoteric language, a Grey is someone between the black and the white squares on the chessboard or the tesserated floor – the Senate or 'Senet' as the Egyptians called it. It's metaphorically speaking. A Grey is the one between two worlds or two ages. Technically, a Kissinger type or technocrat today is also a Grey in high Masonic parlance.


Stefan:  May I ask another question?


Alan:  Yes and if the engineer could turn up the volume a little bit too.


Stefan:  Oh, I have only the phone. I can't. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes, but the engineer can hear us; he can turn it up for me.


Stefan:  In your talk yesterday you said you have done your homework in regards to the old times to what this is all about. Do you mean the old ancient stories with the gods fighting or do you mean something else?


Alan:  The homework really is to go over the past. If you don't know the past you'll never figure out what's happening. Even the last 100 years. Most people have no idea the big institutions that's running their lives now and are going to be more manifest shortly were set up centuries ago, some of them, and what their goals were under agendas; it's very important to know their agendas. They have never ceased you see.


Stefan:  That is very true. I understand that but the further you go in the past the more foggy it becomes and it's hard to find good information and I thought maybe you would say what kind of information led you to your understanding of the old times.


Alan:  What it was with me I think a good beginning in a very poor family, which was just a normal family, I didn't know it was poor, everyone else around me was the same. I wondered why if human manpower was worked out in wages, which are paid hourly in a sense, I wondered why in the great British Empire that boasted so much of its conquests and its plunder had so many working people generation after generation who could not accumulate anything to even have some rest for paying their rent or basic worries for food. They didn't have the credit cards and so on like they have today, but how come the majority of the public in Britain did not own their own home for instance and could never own their own home.


The majority of the public lived very similar to Germany in social housing. Why would that be if there was this time the elite in London had come down through century after century accumulating such incredible wealth and still holding on to it, and reigning over the public, it made no sense. Then I realized that the whole system was rigged by going through newspapers from different areas within Britain and you'd find a carpenter's apprentice for instance began at the same wage from north to south to east to west, it was the same. The whole system was rigged and then the maximum pay you would have as a plumber or carpenter or welder would always be the same wherever you went. You had a fixed rigged system run by the economists who knew darn well that the complete statistics of the income of the average person and family, their needs, their requirements and how much they'd have left at the end after they paid it. You were kept in a deliberate state of obedience and pretty well dependency upon that job and that system.


Stefan:  I'm totally with you on that point, no problem, but I mean with something like religion. Everybody is asking what is this world about and most of the religions don't seem to get this right and therefore I think one has to go very, very far into the past to find out and I wanted to ask about forces of that kind.


Alan:  You have to go into the ancient religions. Look at the system and the religion that ruled over the system. You'll find they're all based on forms of slavery and what's interesting is it was always the same system, where the priests or the high priests would always back up a king or a pharaoh, royal families who inbred. It was always the same system, even when the Catholic Church came in and adopted so much of the old paganism to get the pagans in. They gave them so many things which were familiar, the trinities and all the rest of it, and tacked all that back on to Christianity until you had the exact same stuff as Semiramis, the mother worship and all the rest of it, and Isis worship. It's all the same stuff. They also backed up kings, queens and rulers with interbred families. It was the same system that came down through the ages. It really simply was like a Phoenix getting reborn every few hundred years under a different guise. Slavery was the norm and the great Greek Empire and the Roman Empire ran on slavery. At one point there was about 80 percent of the public of Rome were actually slaves.


Stefan:  Athens was the same.


Alan:  Yes, and if you go into Charles Galton Darwin's book "The Next Million Years," he said, "there has always existed a system of slavery and we are in the process of creating a more perfected system of slavery." It's a scientific slavery where the public think they're free.


Stefan:  Okay. May I ask another question?Could you elaborate on the relationship between Cabalism and Gnosticism?


Alan:  Between the first one is what?


Stefan:  Cabalism, the Cabbala.


Alan:  Oh, Cabbala. Well, Gnosticism, ancient Gnosticism began simply meaning those who know and it was a term used for a wide variety of people initially and they brought in the Cabbala eventually. The Cabbala as Mr. Budge said, one of the first main translators of the "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" – Hold on. I'll be back after these messages with more about this good topic.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about Gnosticism with Stefan from Germany. Now it began as I say with various hermits and so on and over centuries it developed into an esoteric understanding of things, but they also used numerology. You can trace numerology all the way back to Chaldea. Chaldea used coding in the alphabet and numbers and so on, and that was followed suit by other cultures that followed them down through the years. However, much of the modern Cabbala was invented around the 1500's, much of the latter parts of it, but earlier parts were taken simply from ancient numerology with the tricks with the language. If you understand the numbers you understand the letters. You put the letters together you have the words and of course they also went into all the different names of God and so on and the numbers with the names et cetera, 72 names for God and each letter was a number. When they added up each name of God separately they'd have a sacred number as well involved with the name of God. It's all to do with coding and you could also pass letters on to each other in code. To the average person it would mean nothing. To those initiated it means something.


Later on eventually when the masses got hold of it, it became distorted, perverted because the masses love ritual and a few laws and rules. You even had the later Gnostic groups ending up very much like the Quakers. They separated the males from the females believing that sex itself, intercourse, was the original sin and they were forbidden to breed basically; and so they thought they'd bring harmony on earth by splitting the male from the female, living separate lives. Even the married ones had to separate and come together at meals only and that way there would be harmony. You'll find that a similar thing down through the ages where they believed that evil or Satan or the Lord of the World ruled the world. That's a Greek idea as well, the Demiurgos, and it's represented to an extent with Jehovah. He's the angry type man with all his rules and laws, but in the esoteric tradition there was a higher deity above that and that was a creator.


The Gnostics themselves simply degenerated into all kinds of sects like all religions will go. You'll get splinter groups going off into the more and more ridiculous and absurd and ending up always with magic and then self-worship. That's what we have today under the guise – it's really the old paganist religion when it ends up as self-worship, where they believe that you yourself are a god, all you have to do is bring the godhood out of you and you purr like cat. It's a great technique, though, for the present rulers of the world to bring into play while they want the world to be stroking itself, each person stroking themselves and purring, while they take everything and every part of your freedom away from you. It's a great delusion to bring people under at this particular time.


Gnosticism has always changed its meanings down through the ages, one for the masses and one for the higher esoteric groups; and those who really understood in ancient times, as I say, simply became hermits and went off to live on their own, which is probably the most sensible thing to do. Okay, Stefan?


Stefan:  Yes. May I ask another question?


Alan:  You have to be very fast because it's almost a minute to go.


Stefan:  Okay. Well then, I won't do that, but I wanted to ask would you like that I phone you up sometime?


Alan:  You could try sometime if you could get through. Okay.


Stefan:  Okay.


Alan:  There's the music coming in, so from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)


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