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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 10th, 2008. I always ask newcomers to look into and go over the material that's available for free. Lots and lots and lots of talks over the years on the histories and the people who brought us to the position we're in right now, as we go through the big transition into open "global governance" as they call it, which is just another form of tyranny and the big boys at the top make no real bones about that. The pretense of government as we've had it was just that. It was a pretense. Also look into where you can find transcripts of a lot of the shows in the various languages of Europe.


That's the hard part in this world is to go through the transition. People are trying to hold on to what they think is normal in a time when all the normal has been already destroyed. We’re in flux and when you're in flux you eventually will find all new kinds of new norms are brought forth from the top, because all culture is coordinated at the top and promoted downwards to the public, who simply adapt it to their own lives. They adapt their opinions, views and all the rest of it and that's why we're in flux. We’re in flux now because it's intended that all the old world, everything that used to be, has to be destroyed and we have to be all accepting. That's the key to it, all accepting of everything, and that means never ending acceptance of everything that it becomes new; and when new types of humans and so on are presented to the public, they've already been conditioned through movies and fiction to accept it. After all, we're all human, so it says.


Even with the movie "Artificial Intelligence" we saw that theme being pushed over and over and over again and the "Millennium Man" I think it was called as well with Robin Williams. They had the same idea to get their message across to the public: "what is human?"  We have trans-this and trans-that and now it's going into post-humanism and trans-humanism as the old types supposedly dies away, and to the average person they think we're just evolving and it's happening as science just open pages and finds things out for the first time—and nothing is further from the truth. The sciences published to the public and what they apparently discover were known a long, long time ago, even with genetics. That is why in the 1920's big players were very confident and published lots of books on the coming society, the Eugenical Society, where everyone would be programmed scientifically and also eventually would all lead in to a eugenics program with people who are allowed to breed and those who are not allowed to breed.


We also see fertility rates dropping like a stone and that was also forecast because the big boys had lots of meetings, which they published, world meetings on reducing the population, where they discussed all the methods to bring that about, including the food, water and everything else that we take for granted. Therefore when the United Nations publishes the next sperm count (which is about time that they did it, they always do it every year) and it's down 75 percent or probably 80 percent, it will be no big deal. They never back up why it’s not a crisis, because it's intended that way. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, this big, big mass that clouds reality and we have distortions of our perceptions, which are well backed up by repetition as Mr. Russell said. Repetition does wonders and eventually when all your friends are repeating the same stuff you'll be the odd one out if you don't go along with them. They'll think you're odd. That's all right. That's a good sign that you're actually waking up and you're looking at the robots around you and that's when decision time comes. Do you want to remain in the land of robots and talk robo-speak or do you want to say something that matters? And hopefully someone out there will hear it. That's what I do, trying to cut through this incredible scientific indoctrination we've been given, the very indoctrination that was written about and spoken about many lectures worldwide by Lord Bertrand Russell. The scientific technique of indoctrination and he did mention it wouldn't just be through school. It would be long lasting.  It would be your whole life long in fact. Continuing education through propaganda and they brought onboard the big marketing companies to make that happen and it's been tremendously successful.


You also find CIA, MI6 and other big spooky agencies have been running the culture industry since at least openly – well, amongst themselves since the 1950's. Now they're only admitting that they've been doing it. That also goes with the fashion industry and I always tie that back to Plato's Republic written 2,300 odd years ago, where he talked about this very technique of creating a reality for the masses and how even then all culture had to be authorized from the top down because anything coming up from the grassroots could have unforeseen consequences; it would cause ripple effects in their system. Therefore everything is authorized. Even the rebellious outfits that every generation are given by the fashion industry, they're designed for them. It's all okayed.


When you go back to the writings of Charles Galton Darwin, quite a big character up there with eugenics, he was also a physicist in the 1940's and '50's and he wrote "The Next Million Years."  In that book it's almost a question-answer type of scenario, almost on the style of Plato where he had these dialogues with real or imaginary people, but it's a way to get their information out to their own friends.  Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, you'll find it's interesting because their purpose is hereditary. It's so closely inbred that the bankers will turn out bankers who will stay bankers and the guys into eugenics and so on will stay in the same field for generations. They're almost like clones of their parents they're so inbred and it's the closest thing there are to clones when you have three, four, five, six, generations of inbreeding between two families.


He talks about the structure and function of government and he said on page 193. He says:


            "If transportation is easy world conquest will be easier both for military reasons and because the more uniform culture should make the world government more acceptable."


Alan:  A "uniform culture" and this is happening right now. People think we’re living in diversity but they're not. You see when everyone has no moral opinions about things, everything is relative, moral relativism, then you think that anything goes – but who does it serve? Now those at the bottom might think it serves us, but it's to serve those at the top because they introduce the new norms as we’re going through letting go of all the old ones. Very simple technique and you have to be able to look at both sides of everything to understand the big picture.


He goes on to say too, this is Darwin:


            "Widespread wealth can never be common in an overcrowded world…"


Alan:  Always been a big problem with these guys is overpopulation. He says:


            "…and so in most countries of the future the government will inevitably be autocratic or oligarchic..."


Alan:  This is what we've got you see.


            "…some will give government and some bad, and the goodness or badness will depend much more on the personal merits of the rulers than it does in a more democratic country. Whatever forms the government may take, there can be little doubt that the world will spontaneously divide itself into what I shall call provinces, that is to say regions…"


Alan:  Now remember, he wrote that back in the 1950's and that's what we have under the United Nations today and we're amalgamating the Americas and so on. He talks about regions.


            "…though with no permanently fixed boundaries, which possess some homogeneity of climate, character and interests. I use the same word whether the different provinces are federated together, or whether they are what we should now call separate sovereign states. How large will these provinces tend to be? That will depend on the means of communication and transport, and so once again there arises the question of whether the fuel problem is solved wholly or partially or not at all. In the past the chief means of communication was the horse, and the countries of Europe are still mostly of a size adopted to suit this almost extinct means of transport, though some of the more newly formed ones do show a trace of the influence of the railway. None of them are really of a size suited to the motor-car or the aeroplane, or to present power production, whether by coal or water-power et cetera. If the fuel problem is solved completely, so that mechanical power and transportation is available in the future to a greater extent even than at present, then the provinces will be large; for example, the whole of Europe may well be one, and the whole of North America another."


Alan:  Then he goes on to describe how human nature is not designed to live in cities, something that the ancients knew. The ancients knew that in the stories of Nimrod, who is only one name for the same character that was worshipped in every country at one time. Nimrod was always given the title of the city-builder along with his wife. The city was the first artificial structure to contain people and within a city, since nothing is grown, then they cannot support themselves; they need money to do it, a substitute for barter. They can then hire people, which was the first hired army as well, and they went off to conquer other city-states and rural areas. This system goes back a long time and that's what they call the beginning of civilization: the building of the city-states. That's what it's all about, an artificial system with a religion behind it, but Galton Darwin himself understands this. He knows his history and he has access or had access to archives, as all the big ones do. Archives that are kept closed to the public where the real histories and complete histories are kept.


Some professors admit to this, that they – maybe one in 60 or one in 80 – are eventually given access to certain archives and even then they have to be very careful what they're allowed to tell the public.  People should read Charles Galton Darwin's "The Next Million Years," a fantastic read because everything he talked about then wasn't coming from his own mind. He'd been at many, many global meetings in his day with the elite, his own class, where all of this was discussed.


Getting back to the city, he said that even though it’s an unnatural state for people to be crowded into cities, he talks about them being easier to control by authorities because they're dependent upon everything that they need for survival ultimately from those authorities and their sort of pipelines of food, water, et cetera that come through. He said through scientific training they could become used to it and maybe even made to be dependent upon it, thinking it was the most natural thing that there was.


Those who've grown up in cities don't realize that prior to the Great Depression in the Americas especially, most folk, 97 percent lived outside the cities on the land and that's where they were far healthier mentally and physically. However, the Depression was the means to get them in to the big cities and to lose their land and you see the effects of it today. Now everyone is under layer upon layer upon layer of massive bureaucracies and various organizations of enforcement, from child welfare all the way up to the police and military and all the rest of it. Quite a system we live in and yet because it's been done incrementally it seems quite natural to most people. You turn on television and your favorite sitcoms are on. The world must be all right. Very, very simple. People should look into Charles Galton Darwin's writings because as I say he wasn't speaking off the top of his head.


He does mention too the creation of a creed, which is a religion, would be very helpful. Very, very helpful because it could last a few generations, whereas simply appealing to the morality of people along a certain pathway doesn't work too well, but religion does. What he was referring to was the New Age, what's now called the New Age. It's something that's been promulgated at least since the 1960's much more openly and heavily, although they started it in the late 1800's by Blavatsky and others, because you've got to have a religion to keep the people acting uniformly, even though they're all thinking they're doing their own thing; they're not. They're being very, very uniform because they give them the choices; limited choices of what to pick, but really they're along the same pathway, which is a form of mind control and the New Age has worked wonders. It's been marketed primarily initially towards women because they understood the psyche of the female and they gave the men sports and created stuff like that. We're all understood perfectly well and manipulated by the scientists. Back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just mentioning one of the bigger boys who put a lot of information out to the public. It's not to interesting to most of them, there's no sex or violence or throwing puppies off cliffs, as the American troops like to do – the products of the state giving them their morality. However, books like Galton Darwin's are really indispensable for understanding the big agenda and to show you that all of the things you're being told today were planned and set up to be instituted a long time ago and there's nothing happening at all, not one single phase of this transition phase, by chance.


Here's another thing that Darwin said, page 191 of "The Next Million Years".  He's talking about the regions, these provinces, these trading blocs.


"Consider next what are likely to be usual relations between the provinces. It is too much to expect that there can ever be a permanent world government benevolently treating all of them on a perfect equality; such an institution could only work during the rare occasions of a world-wide golden age. To think of it as possible at other times is a misunderstanding of the function of government in any practical sense of the term. If the only things that a government was required to do were what everybody, or nearly everybody, wanted, there would be no need for the government to exist at all, because the things would be done anyhow…"


Alan:  Do you understand what he just said there? He's telling you there's another function of government. The real function of government is to control people for someone else; a higher minority in fact. It's not there to keep the people happy.


He goes on to say:


            "…this would be the impracticable ideal of the anarchist. But if there are to be starving margins of population in most parts of the world, mere benevolence cannot suffice. There would inevitably be ill feeling and jealousy between the provinces, with each believing that it was not getting its fair share of the good things, and in fact, it would be like the state of affairs with which we are all too familiar. If then there is ever to be a world government, it will have to function as government do now, in the sense that it will have to coerce a minority - and indeed it may often be a majority into doing things they do not want to do."


Alan:  He's telling you in his day too it was working just the same way. It's not there to please you. It's not there to serve the people. It has another purpose and they use coercion into getting their agendas through – not for the happiness of the public.


On page 99 he says:


            "Civilization has taught man how to live in dense crowds, and by that very fact those crowds are likely ultimately to constitute a majority of the world's population…"


Alan:  He 's talking about city-states. You'll notice that the UN a few years ago started to advise that we increase the size of the cities to be called super-cities or city-states.


He says:


            "Already there are many who prefer this crowded life, but there are others who do not, and these will gradually be eliminated."


Alan:  He's talking about the rural people.


            "Life in the crowded conditions of cities has many unattractive features, but in the long run these may be overcome, not so much by altering them…"


Alan:  The conditions.


            "…but simply by changing the human race into liking them."


Alan:  Do you understand what he's saying there? Do you understand they can make us think anything is normal and even get us to like the abnormal? Quite simple, quite simple. They understood humanity a long, long time ago. We are the most studied species on the planet.


Now we'll go to the phones. We’ve got Clarence in Oklahoma. Are you there, Clarence?


Clarence:  Yes. Hello Alan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Clarence:  I love your program. This is the best expositions I've had since I graduated from college. This is like my college extension class right now listening to your talks and you've said so much and I started out but the last thing you said is absolutely true. You can get people to accept anything if you have the [roots]. The first thing I wanted to say that brought it about, I remember my grandparents and I'm 56 years old. My grandparents, the ones that lived that I knew, they lived through the Depression and like you said. You said exactly what I was going to say. At that time the United States was mostly agrarian so it didn't have that big of an effect. Well, it had an effect but these people they farmed. What I want to say is governments – and that's why the family farmers have been pushed off their farms. This was done by design and has been and that's why you've got Archer-Daniels-Midland and ConAgra and all these people. They don't want small family farmers and they're pushing them out because they're independent. They can live independently and the controllers, those that are above our government, there's one thing they hate is undisciplined or uncontrolled slaves and that's what they want us all to be eventually and that's what they're working on.


Alan:  The United Nations – you should look into the Department of Agriculture. Now remember, they were just the metamorphosis from the League of Nations. They said "farming was too important to be left to small farmers."


Clarence:  Could you hold me over?


Alan:  Sure. I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Clarence from Oklahoma still on the line. Are you there, Clarence?


Clarence:  Yes sir, I sure am.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Clarence:  Oh gosh. There's so many things I could – I've listened to your shows and others so long, I could talk about but what I want to say is that there is a – this thing has been going on and as you well know and this is what I've been learning. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Land Grant University where I live and I think listening to your show long enough somebody ought to somewhere ought to give me at least a Master's, I'm figuring, after listening to you. But that doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Those are just imprimaturs of the people, the elites, the ruling people, through the education system and I understand that now. I understand what I've been through and I finally woke up and they don't like people that wake up because they can't control them. There will be people that will be up and they'll say hey wait a minute, there's something wrong here; but beside that, what I wanted to say is that I did take a college course back 30 some years ago at a local junior college before I went to the big college and had a sociology instructor who – and since I woke up I now remember, this came back to my memory. I'd forgotten this class. He was quite a character. He was very unconventional and I doubt if he's in teaching right now as unconventional as he was. Actually, the guy reminded me of George Carlin. He was rather opinionated. At any rate, he went to the blackboard. Remember when there were blackboards and so on?


Alan:  Yes.


Clarence:  So he went up there. He drew three triangles on that blackboard. He said these represent pyramids. He told us that right at the beginning. These represent pyramids. Then he went to the very tip of each one and drew a horizontal line to the top of each one equal at the top of each pyramid. He said the first pyramid is academia. The second pyramid is the government, military, everything; the third pyramid is the corporations, the bankers, all that. Then he started drawing, from those little tips, he would draw lines with a little arrow and each one, it looked like little black missiles going over the top of earth at a nuclear war. He drew all that. He said they are interchangeable.


Alan:  It's a power structure as I say that goes back thousands of years and people don't realize there were corporations even thousands of years ago. They formed combines. They used to call them combines, where they had similar interests and resources et cetera and markets, and they were really international corporations even as early as Sumer. The priesthoods there literally took track of all commoners coming in and out and drew up all the legal papers and even chiseled them in stone, and there's thousands and thousands left there, which people are still reading. They traded with India and they even set up Bahrain as the main country that was a staging port for trade with India and that was their prime commerce was putting wool out there. They also had lawyers, which were priests as well, which dealt with land divisions and the breaking up of other lands into smaller pieces and who owned them and so on; and they had taxation systems for everything, including death duties when you died. Nothing is new. 


Nothing is new and these characters understood mathematics and geometry to a very high degree, so they'd already inherited sciences from a much, much earlier period obviously. Yet, when you trace the Phoenicians, for instance, a term broadly used for people who literally had the world's trading routes in the ancient world for maybe a few hundred years and kept it all so secret. They never told anyone else where they got their resources from. The Phoenicians set up literally factory towns with slaves in them and they financed wars too from all their profits; and from every country they'd take over, generally through debt, because they introduced money to those countries and then got them into debt and took over the countries, they created bigger and bigger countries we now call empires. They were called "empire builders" and they used everyone behind them as a slave. Nothing really has changed down to the present day.


When we see that other third pyramid that exists with international corporations, inside that same pyramid you'd also find thousands of what we call institutions; and it's an interesting word, institute. It's something that's not quite public but it's supposed to serve a public good, according to whoever implemented it and authorized it, and you'll find it's the same boys at the top that run the money who run the institutions and they are completely integrated. Armies again were recruited by the Phoenicians from the slaves; from the conquered peoples they would become slaves, they would put them into a military and use them as slave armies.


Today it's different. Even this guy Charles Galton Darwin said something awfully interesting. He said "there's always existed a form of slavery." In previous times of course it was much more obvious. You were either born or taken into slavery; and your children, if you had children while you were in slavery, that belonged to the master as well. That was part of paying off the debt and we're doing the same thing today through a different means. It's through taxation and debt and national taxes and national debt. Something that you'll find even the Founding Fathers talked about: "A generation born into paying off the debt from a previous generation are de facto slaves."


Nothing has changed here at all. It's still the same system. Now the world, the throne of the world is their goal and by careful working and networking, incredible, incredible communication and networking for the last say 100 years more openly, by their publications at least, they've pretty well pulled it off and they said there would be no opposition to this. They said that there can only be one standardized world, one standardized culture; and the United Nations said when it started up, said oh yes we have diversity and keep your sovereignty, culture et cetera. That was the big lie that they told because if you go back further in the United Nations and here they are telling them at the League of Nations in 1917 they'd have to do the same thing: Standardize a world culture and then introduce eugenics et cetera, et cetera, et cetera; so they're born liars. They con the public but they also control us through all the entertainment they give us that we think is for our benefit. It's destroyed conversation. It’s destroyed family life. No one talks in the family anymore. They stare at television and people don't have opinions of their own, although they'll fight you to keep the opinion they've adopted.


Clarence:  Exactly. And I want to mention one more thing and I’ll let you go back to any other callers and everything. What I've also noticed about all these people from these empires and from the ruling elites and they've been here all along, they've changed names throughout the millennia. It doesn't matter. They're here. It's a matter of – the human race is nothing more than a little tribe that's too big and what they've done is it branched out, and think about it. I watched the BBC News this morning and they had a little deal on Kazakhstan. Stalin moved all of – that was his big prison colony, Kazakhstan, and the Kazaks are less than 50 percent now but since they became "independent," they really aren't. But they're starting to assert their culture again. He sent people from all kinds of nations and cultures and religions from throughout the Soviet Union there to prison camps where [inaudible] and the Kazaks were originally a nomadic people like – that's what the nature of the human species is, and they told about how they took their language away and they taught them Russian and now they're trying to learn their language back. I myself, here in Oklahoma, I'm one-quarter blood quantum Cherokee, and believe me, I know only about two or three words of that language; and so what they're doing there, they did the same thing to not just my people but all the other tribes because there were so many other native Americans.


Alan:  What you'll find with people with this system is there's many ways to define genocide when you realize how much goes in to it – it's not just killing people off. Britain was very good at that too. You'll find very few people in say Scotland, for instance, now that can speak Gaelic. For a generation it was forbidden to speak it on pain of death by London and they sent teachers up to ensure that that's all that was taught to the children to destroy any remnant of that culture and they did the same the worldwide over. Wherever they've gone they've done the same thing and the same thing with the American Indians and forced them into another religion et cetera, but definitely it was mandated they could not speak their religion in classroom. They were brutalized. Even in Canada here there's cases going on on the West Coast right now that the brutalization and it was by the Anglican Church that sent in the ministers and teachers. They were awfully abusive to the children there to an awful extent if they tried to use their own language in school, but that's what is called genocide. That's all part and parcel of genocide – to destroy and eradicate a culture.


Clarence:  That's exactly what my ancestors, a quarter of them, experienced. I'm one of those people – the other quarter are from where you are from and from Scots, Irish, Dutch, German, all of Europe. The rest of them is European but I always identify with the underdog and the people that were – and those other people that were sent over here, the regular people, they didn't know what they were doing.


Alan:  No, they didn't. In fact, the best way to get them across was to create famines at home or drive them off their land. They cleared them and Scotland was cleared, they called it the highland clearances. That was by law and it was the Red Coats with the bayonet and the big cannon that literally took thousands and thousands of people and clans and put them on ships and sent them abroad to depopulate the country.  Thanks for calling, though. I have to go to the next caller.


Clarence:  I sure appreciate it. It's been great talking to you, Alan.


Alan:  Okay. You hang in there.


Clarence:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Zee in California. Are you there?


Zee:  Hi Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Zee:  Hi. Thanks a lot for taking my call. I do appreciate everything you do. You have one of the best shows out there. I do appreciate it. I have a question for you. Actually, I have two questions for you. First question is have you ever read Isaac Asimov's series, the robot series books?


Alan:  Yes, years ago.


Zee:  It was one of my favorite series but the fascinating thing about that is that all the citizens of the earth are living inside of giant domes and they're petrified of going outside because of a biological threat that they perceive and they've been so conditioned that they cannot leave. These giant super-cities is kind of what you were talking about earlier, so what are your thoughts on that? Is that some sort of foreshadowing of what's going to happen?


Alan:  They knew back then that they'd have to create some incredible scenario to terrify the public for total control. These characters will pull off whole world con games on a grand scale to get their way. It's like when they went to the moon, and as a child I saw the flag fluttering on the moon when they stuck the thing in. I said well there's no air on the moon. Why is it fluttering in a breeze? You're talking about incredible con games that are pulled on a global scale, and it's like Adolph Hitler said, "if you're going to tell a lie you tell a big one."


Zee:  Yes. The bigger the lie is the more believable.


Alan:  This whole scenario to get folks into domes is quite real. I've got a lot of the documentation here from people working with the United Nations, where they've got all these drawings of these domes, even ones for the elderly, ones for the workers, et cetera, et cetera. These are going to be the new habitat areas of the future. However, I spoke to a top architect who is also one of the richest guys on the planet. Architecture is his hobby and he owns hundreds of companies and other corporations, this guy, Galen Weston his name is. Prince Charles is on his polo team, not the other way round. He showed me some of his drawings back in the early '80's that he'd done and it was exactly the same thing. It was this massive dome, sort of geodesic type dome. It was covering the whole of what would then be the next Toronto, a much smaller Toronto but a Toronto nonetheless, and I said well where's all the other houses? He says, "oh, they won't be there." And he said all traveling will be done underground by a subway, so people would never go into the open air.


Zee:  Yes, absolutely, just like what is happening in these books is this exact same thing. This is exactly and Asimov was known to have contact. I mean he knew what was going to happen.


Alan:  Yes. He belonged to the Futurist Society.


Zee:  Yes, exactly. Now my second question is, forgive me if this is something that's common knowledge, but are you in any way related to Alan Watts?


Alan:  Not that I know of. I've got relatives certainly all over the place. There's even some apparently that went to California and they owned some oil fields in the late 1800's, early 1900's.


Zee:  Fascinating. I was just wondering because you guys had a very similar name, but thank you so much for everything you do. You do an excellent job and keep it up. Don't ever stop doing it.


Alan:  Yes, I'll try my best.


Zee:  Keep it up and take care.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, everything that happens as I say was planned a long time ago and yet when they bring things forward to the general public it's as though it's a response to an immediate crisis. That's how it’s presented to us, yet these characters were talking about massive dome cities back in the 60's, that we know of, and publishing it in science fiction books and then doing drawings in the '70's and '80's on the same scenarios.


Just to get back to Galton Darwin for a minute, talking about slavery, when he said that "the world has always had slavery in one form or another." He said, "we are simply in the process" (this is in the 1950's) "we are simply in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery."  What he meant by that is a system where you'll be truly, truly in belief that you are free. In fact, you'll think you've never been so free; and look at it today, when 60 percent of people's incomes through various taxations, direct and indirect, is taken right back out of their pocket again. Taxation is a form of slavery when your labor is taxed. That's the law. That's the law you see. It's always been the law. It was always common law too, long before they put it in books, and yet the people do it as though it's all quite natural because their parents did it too.


As I say, mammals and the offspring of mammals, the offspring look to the adults for signs of danger and what they should be weary of. If the parents don't know – the human parents don't know – then the children won't think there's anything odd about the society which they're brought up in. We've got a generation growing up, which is exactly what they wanted, who will think there's been terrorism forever. They'll never know a time without checkpoints and ID cards and eventually chips. They'll think it's always been here and we've always been under some kind of weird attack. That's essential for their plan. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and there are a couple of minutes to go and we have one caller. We’ll try to squeeze him in. It's John from Chicago. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes I'm here. I just had a question. Actually, I've been going through your website over the weekend. I've been watching all the videos and I was actually thinking about picking up the books but I had a question regarding the shows that you have, Ancient Religions and History, whether any of that information is pretty much the same as in the books because it's kind of expensive to get the CDs too. I was just wondering do you recommend getting all the material or would the books be enough for me?


Alan:  The books are good in their own sense. It's meant to wake a person up. It's a different style of writing. I don't go through stuff boringly and dryly. I shock people by symbols and statements and showing you how the language itself is coded, which works on your mind; you're literally programmed. Whereas as the CDs go into a lot of the ancient histories down through the centuries of the techniques that they were using on other peoples up to the present time.


John:  Okay thanks. Because that's very interesting because actually ever since I was a kid I was like very, very interested in history even like a particular scholar remembering dates, just trying to learn and stuff about where we come from and where we're going, I guess. So you would recommend getting the books with the audios too?


Alan:  Yes. It certainly compliments. It gives a much bigger picture to realize just how old the system is and how its been implemented before in different phases by using these techniques.


John:  Okay. Well thank you very much for your time.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Bye now. Here's a little statement before I finish with Charles Galton Darwin. Again, a guy who belonged to the Futurist Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all the big boys who run the world and run the real government.


On page 189, he's talking about slavery existing down through society and down through time:


            "One of the triumphs of our own golden age has been that slavery has been abolished over a great part of the earth. It is difficult to see how this condition can be maintained in the hard world of the future with its starving margins, and it is too be feared that all too often a fraction of humanity will have to live in a state which, whatever it may be called, will be indistinguishable from slavery."



That's page 189. You understand that nothing is new. Nothing here at all is new we're going through, right down to gender issues, trans-genders, post-humanism, all that kind of stuff, was planned a long time ago and long before Darwin came out with this stuff in the 1950's following his grand-daddy's agenda. This was always known and they've been implementing it all down through the ages. Even the sexual revolution was tested in the 1920's. They went back to the drawing board; got the pill. They worked fervently to get the pill and bring down the fertility rates too by other means on the males and females, which have been very successful, which they've never openly admitted to actually doing it. They admitted to wanting to do certain things with inoculations and so on and food, and we see it plummeting and that was all planned as I say when our grandparents were born.


Quite amazing, isn't it, to realize you're just living an agenda, as the media keeps telling you you're on the cutting edge, you know all there is to know; and they bring forth experts at the bottom level every other day. Well, every day in fact, to keep up this pretense that we're just evolving on a daily and weekly basis. Quite the joke, isn't it?


Well, from a still cold Ontario, Canada, it's good night from Hamish the dog and myself, and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)