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"Some are more equal than others in such utopias"-- George Orwell


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 12th, 2008. Newcomers are coming in all the time as the word spreads and it is spreading now because of all the things that are happening simultaneously. Only the completely brain dead can't really get it. They're too indoctrinated but the new ones come in as they're waking up and they look into the information that's out there, so I always ask them to go into and go over as many shows as they want, or as many as they can handle, to try and quickly put the pieces together. Also look into and download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


Last night, I actually put on my TV set. I had to stoke the fire to get the steam going because it's a steam-driven one, very old, and watched the CBC special because I knew it was coming up on the big hike in oil prices and gasoline because it's very, very important to see the stages that they go through. Each one follows on the past one and builds and builds and builds, and I wanted to see how it was presented to the public and so they came up with this massive crisis scenario. Everything is crisis of course and they said that China was the main problem because they were expanding so quickly and using so much oil that the oil had gone up to $109 a barrel. Then it flashed back immediately to Mr. Rumsfeld talking about breaking the psychological barrier of $50 a barrel and when he was asked about that at a conference a couple of years ago, he said, "don't think it won't double once it passes 50." 


These guys are simply following an agenda and this is what it's all about. Then the CBC, which is the Canadian version of the BBC, run by the government, went right into the National with the big special report on this very problem and tied it completely in with the greening program and how we all have to cut back on everything, all the energy, start wearing sweaters, maybe two, three sweaters at home during the winter and all of that kind of stuff to save the planet. They had a woman on there whose child from school had come home and informed her on what was happening with the poor old planet, and there she is, parroting the stuff that the indoctrinated child had brought home without questioning it. The children are being brainwashed at school and parroting all that they're told, because that's all they're told. Quite simple and we all have to go green, green and cut back because we are the problem. At the same that they're doing all of this jacking up of prices and cutting back on energy and increasing the price of all energy, electricity included, they're hitting you with the new carbon taxes. The whole program is to bring us all down, you see, and they've been saying this for a hundred-odd years in the books published by the big institutions that this would happen. They made it happen and we're living through it now. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and I tend to put the pieces together for people, at least I try to, as best I can, with the knowledge that I've gained over a lifetime of watching all this happen and build up to a planned society – a planned society that goes through phases. One of the phases being that everyone will have to get moved off rural areas into already overcrowded cities, and after maybe a generation or so of chaos and new laws and regulations and bureaucracies to deal with the chaos, they're bringing the populations down. Eventually they hope to have a Brave New World of domed cities and everything will be planned for the society.


You won't get born unless you're needed for the society for the world state and of course this is to be done by the superior ones – you know, the hidden masters, those who run the world but are never elected. It's something that was formed and reared its head actually in the 17 and 1800's through the big institutions and the founders thereof. People go on and on about Adam Weishaupt but he was only one man in one area of one particular branch of the same organization who got a bit too big for his boots and tended to boast an awful lot, so he was taken down. However, it didn't stop there because the agenda was to create a new religion as well to bring in this whole New World Order and that has been happening. It began in the 1800's in earnest with Blavatsky and theosophy. The whole idea was they had to try and bring in as many women as they could, especially, segregate the males again and find out what appealed to women, which they already knew because archives are at their disposal of real histories of the world and ancient histories too. They brought in the channeling, which is mediumship, and ghosts, spooks and spirits and that type of thing and also appeal to godhood. You can become a god. Very, very old story to that of course and they understood that and they've written that into every major religion in an exoteric and esoteric form. In other words, if you understand the nature of male and female you can manipulate either and it works very, very well.


Now we have big stars and people follow the stars, remember, their guiding stars. It's all occultic stuff and so you have the stars in Hollywood and stars on TV and some of the big talk show hosts, ones on television, especially the female ones, now are pushing the whole New Age movement and promoting all their books. Lots of books out there by all the top mediums and so on and the whole idea is basically theosophy bound. The idea of theosophy is taken from Hinduism, that we'll go through a big transformation – "change is good." That's where that slogan comes from. "Change is good," big transformation of society, the Darwinists call it the "Great Leap Forward," where we're going to be transformed into a new type of human being, a more perfected one, and that's what transhumanism is all about.


Look through the internet at all the big major international meetings on transhumanism. Look who funds it. Look who attends and it's the same groups, the same institutions, the same government agencies, heavily involved, and probably hundreds and hundreds of professors around the world are involved in this big movement to change humanity. Old isn't good enough you see. The body isn't good enough the way it was made and they're going to perfect it, and of course everyone thinks well that's a nice idea. Perfection is a nice word. It's like "social." We like social things. We are social creatures and perfection can have appeals to us, but no one stops to think (except those that designed this whole plan) that if we all lived for an awful long time then we would have an overpopulation problem. Therefore they came up with their big plan a long time ago that only those who were fit would come through, again right from Hinduism and "the waves of theosophy" as they call it. The waves of theosophy, where we go through the big cycles according to Brahma as he spins around and you come into the New Age and everything that was is destroyed and only those who are perfected come through; and that's what's taught under a thousands names and branches and organizations. That's what's taught even in psychology now. A lot of branches of psychology are completely gone into the New Age that you just channel your guide. You just bring it in and get led to the promised land. You'll come through. You're perfected and you achieve your god within. That's what is taught you see, the god within. It sounds awfully good, eh? Until you need a doctor, then you have to go to a bigger god than you, or a dentist. Of course, logic has nothing to do with vanity but it works very, very well.


That's all happening. Now remember too, I do go on shows that often will have people, who are not really who they tell you they are, who promote things, too, to do with some of these New Age gospels, generally channeled information. Don't get sucked in, because they know what they're doing. Don't be sucked in with nice sayings that come across television or the radio. Look into the actual books themselves and you'll have a roller coaster ride into the complete New Age phenomenon.


There's nothing better than having millions of deluded people being led by pied pipers over the cliff at the end. Nothing better and they'll probably go willingly, thinking they're going to be gods. Look at the movie "Logan's Run," excellent movie, good scenario and how they taught a whole people that they'd go to heaven when they die and the audience would turn up and watch them go up in the sky and go around, and it's all done scientifically of course, and instantly disappear. In other words, they're being annihilated but they didn't know that. Everybody cheered and thought it was great and they were looking forward to their own time when they were called too. It's quite the phenomena.


Now we'll go to the phone—and try and keep the questions short and not a whole series of questions. People tend to pump me all the time once they get me on the phone and it's the same when they write to me too.


We'll take Jared from New York. Are you there?


Jared:  Yes. Hello, Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Jared: I'm all right. How are you doing?


Alan:  Ah, run off my feet.


Jared:  Yes. I'll just stay on topic of the New Age thing. I see it when I go inside the bookstore and it will be like New Age section and the self-help section and just the self-help section is just New Age.


Alan:  Yes it is.


Jared:  I have a friend of mine who basically he works in his home and he sells all these products, and I was looking at the brochure and it was all New Age. It's like water that's like extra, extra good water and it's all New Age and I try to tell him but he just won't believe me.


Alan:  You can't. You see it's a religion and it truly is. It appeals to the ego even more than most religions because they think there's no real rules to follow and that appeals to the ego tremendously.


Jared:  Yes and I see it in all of the movies everywhere, Oprah.


Alan:  Oprah's pushed the Course in Miracles and all the big ones. Jesus was channeled. You see Jesus didn't have time to tell you all the things you're supposed to know, so this woman in the U.S. who worked for the government at the time just happened to channel the stuff that you forgot.


Jared:  Yes. My mother watches it and everyday I see her coming home from work.


Alan:  It appeals to them tremendously and it's really aimed – the whole New Age movement was aimed primarily at women. That's what Madame Blavatsky came out with and she was heavily funded to be a champion of women; and mind you, too, she had British lords backing her financially, so that tells you who was really behind it.


Jared:  I'm reading this book by Carl Jung, I heard you mention it a while ago, "Man and His Symbols". Some of it, a lot of it, I could relate to, but it's not convinced me because it seems like he was like a priesthood over the dreams and stuff.


Alan:  He himself had been brought up in a Masonic family and his mother was a channeler. His dad was also the head mason at one point for the whole of Switzerland. He was high up in Rosicrucianism so he was a true believer, where he had the occasional psychic experience and put it down to a whole theology rather than simply take the fact you can get the experiences. They don't happen very often but they do happen and that's why they can't be tested and put into a formula, but he brought a whole theology out on it. He also used drugs as well to try and get these experiences, and that's what you'll find that they all did at the top – altered states through drugs.


Jared:  Yes, I have heard about they used mushrooms and stuff like that. One more question before I let you go. I'm going to school right now and basically I first went in there like over a year ago thinking I could learn and get a good job and whatever, but I'm really starting to see like what's the whole point of even being there?


Alan:  I know what you mean because things are changing so rapidly that shortly there'll be no real usual jobs and all you'll be left with is law enforcement, SWAT teams.


Jared:  Yes I see that. Everybody's just law enforcement, homeland security people who are going to learn that, like it's a good thing, and I'm telling them don't you see it's like a police state we have? And they're just like, hey, it's paying money.


Alan:  That's right and the other side of it is the high technology, again involved in the same police state scenario, so that's about the only two things that will be left and you only have one third class and that will be the people who are getting their heads bashed in with the SWAT teams.


Jared:  Yes. I bought your CDs and it's pretty good stuff, but I have to give it to you, you have a lot of patience.


Alan:  You need patience for it. Thanks for calling.


Jared:  Okay, thanks.


Alan:  Now I've got Mark in Pennsylvania. Are you there, Mark? Hello Mark.


Mark:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Mark:  I'll give the perfect example of a short question.


Alan:  Hold on a second, I hear the music. We'll pick it up after this break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we've got Mark from Pennsylvania, who was going to say something before the break. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  I am. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Mark:  I'm having a major battle with my wife about Disney and she thinks that it's no big deal, that I'm making much to do about nothing, and I'm obviously on the other end and she respects your opinion, so what would you tell her?


Alan:  Walt Disney was in the business of altering perception from the beginning. That's what cartoons are all about and I remember when I was small and I was dumped in front of the big silver screen to watch I think it was "Bambi", and here's animals talking to each other and all very cute.  I knew that they didn't really do that in real life but I could see the other children around me with their jaws dropping and the emotions and smiles and tears, and all the rest of it, as Thumper the rabbit and all that had his trials and tribulations.  I realized that we were having our minds played with in a big way and of course the whole idea, what you didn't realize at the time, but there was already a movement out that eventually became the Earth Charter where every species has priority over humans. They have more rights than humans now and this has been a steady drumbeat since Disney launched the first effects in a cartoon form.


Now of course they do it with the cartoons. I've seen a few that people have sent me their children watch and they've got environmentalism all through it and the greening all through it and so on and so on, so it's an indoctrination tool, there's no doubt about it.  Jacques Ellul said that all entertainment is propaganda when it comes down to it. It's authorized to be out there. It has agendas. It's very politically correct. At the time it will promote what's in and that's how we get our thoughts. All drama, especially drama, is more effective than straight news, which is also propaganda, because during fiction our censor part of the brain is down. It's not working and we think we're being entertained for our pleasure and you don't realize that along with the story that you identify with, or the heroes that you identify with, you're also picking up on the spins that are put in there. The psychological spins and the opinions that are formulated in that movie or cartoon will become your opinion.


Mark:  Yes. I'm watching my wife's reaction as she's listening to the delay of this. My final question for you is have you heard about what happened to the governor of New York today?


Alan:  Not today, I didn't hear, no.


Mark:  Eliot Spitzer was retired as governor and I'm wondering if you knew what the real reason was behind it. It was apparently that he visited a hooker. Of course that's not news for anyone in politics, so what would be the real reason do you think?


Alan:  Well, from what I understand, he'd gone for years to these high class ones--


Mark:  That's right.


Alan:  Hundreds and thousands of bucks went. Now I know that in London people who are attached to big offices in London, for instance, it's the same worldwide, or MI6 or CIA, the clearance and so on, they get all these what they call fringe benefits and high class hookers are one of them. Someone who costs you $5,000 even in London will have gone to the best schools and she'll have a very polished accent. She'll be conversive in different subjects and classical topics and so on, does finishing in Switzerland and they basically are the ones that they hire for the elite group. That means they've been protected up until now and he's done something wrong. He hasn't paid kickbacks all the way up to his next in line and that's they're way of coming down on their own when they don't pass the money on. 


Mark:  Have a great night. I appreciate your help.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We now have is it Rick in California?


Rick: Yes it's me. Can you hear me, Alan?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Rick:  How you doing? How's the winter treating you?


Alan:  The winter – it snowed a couple of nights ago again, and I'm telling you, I'm demanding my share of global warming right now.


Rick:  We're getting our share. It's really, really hot here in California. I just wanted to share an experience with people out there and I'm wondering if they had a similar experience. First I want to say that from talking to a Jewish friend of mine's mother, who suffered in the holocaust and survived, and she was telling me about Adolph Hitler about he would be – he was not very charismatic but then a spirit would come over him and he would become very charming – not charming but he had a sway over the people because he knew he was into the occult and all this. But the experience I had was watching John McCain through the Republican primary runs and everything he was very haggard and not very good looking but then suddenly when he got the Republican nomination his eyes were bigger and they seemed unusually black and he seemed a lot younger and it was creepy. It was like it was reminiscent of what this friend of mine told me about Hitler, like a spirit had come over him or something.


Alan:  Either that or what they took and it's in their belly and it just kicked in or they snorted. I mean these guys are into drugs big time and guys like Hitler – Hitler did get a professional deportment manager in. It's well known in the history books he brought him in from abroad to teach him the charismatic gestures and so on. The same kind of thing you watch Billy Graham doing with the gestures. These are taught ways of movement in front of big crowds and how to be a good orator and use passion et cetera, and that was commonly taught in the pre-television days. To sway audiences you had to get the passion in there, and that was certainly used by Adolph Hitler and yet he was very quiet in his off-time. Hold on and I'll be back after these messages.


Hi folks. This is Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Rick in California on the line. Are you still there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes I am.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Rick:  I just want to say real quick that I do not mean this as an endorsement for Obama or Hillary because I'm sure they have theirs too, but you were talking or mentioning earlier about how like on another show about how they accept these entities. They take on these entities and they become perfectly possessed. You had mentioned that and you compared it to Malachi Martin and although he was off too because of his indoctrination.


Alan:  You see what I'm saying is this is their own belief, understand, and they've all been into the new ways. They've been reared into what we now call the New Age philosophy and they believe in that. If you look at all their history, this goes way back with prime ministers and all the rest of it. McKenzie King of Canada was one of them. He used to go around talking to ghosts in parliament hall. This is an old tradition with these characters, because the very religion itself appeals to their vanity being psychopaths because they themselves truly believe that they are godlike. Godlike qualities, becoming God, truly appeals to them very much.


Rick:  I see. I'm a little confused because when I read the Foreign Affairs back in November and I saw Clinton and McCain and read "Old Red" on the front, I predicted that Clinton would get the nomination and McCain would get the nomination and now it looks like it's Obama. Clinton went to Bilderberg, so do they change their plans sometimes?


Alan:  Very seldom. Sometimes they put on a show for the public. See, they've got to make you believe this is like a boxing match and they use sports terminology, like "so-and-so flattened so-and-so at this debate" and yah-de-yah-de-yah. It's all to get you hyped up and into it like it's a real sports event that's happening; and no, the winner would be picked long ago. That's what Professor Carroll Quigley said in his own book. He says the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, says we own, we always own the leader that's picked for the public and he said that's been that way for 60 years; and he wrote the book in 1960.


Rick:  Okay Alan, well thank you very much. I'll let you get onto other callers.


Alan:  Right. Bye now. There's Eric in California. Are you there, Eric?


Eric:  I am, Alan. How's it going?


Alan:  Not so bad. Surviving.


Eric:  That's good. I wish I could say the same. I'm having fun myself. I wanted to, if I could, read a very short paragraph from the "Shield of Achilles." It's by Phil Bobbitt. It's "War, Peace and the Course of History."  It goes right into what these guys are up to with the "New World Order" and changing from princely state to kingly state, territorial state, state nation to nation state. They do this to carry on a change in title or a bankruptcy and to literally start things all over again and to cover up not only the underlying corruptions, but where all the money went from the previous "form of government" and it's called: "Historic Consequences of the Long War, and the Long War is from 1914 to 1990, and this is a neocon bible. The thesis is the market state is superseding the nation state as a consequence of the end of the long war. And they're bold enough to put in here and talk about our constitution and a new constitutional order emerging or a "New World Order." The end of the Long War has been quickly followed by the emergence of a new constitutional order. This new form is the market state; whereas the nation state with its mass free public education, universal franchise and social security policies promise to guarantee the welfare of the nation, the market state promises instead to maximize the opportunity of the people and attempt to privatize many state activities and to make voting and representative government less influential and more responsive to the market. The United States a principal innovator and development of the market state and was fashioned its strategic policies with this fundamental constitutional change in mind."  And that is NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA, WTO, IMF and the whole kit and caboodle.


Alan:  Sure. Yes, they did come up with that. They knew that when they put up the League of Nations in 1918 and they talked about this coming order, but they also knew they'd have to have more wars to bring it about and they came out with two – they always give you the dialectic, so they gave us one guy who gave us one type of economics and then they gave us another one that actually they brought him in after World War II from Germany and he became a top economist. Then in the '80's Maggie Thatcher openly came out and backed him the second one that had the same philosophies you've just read there in fact.


Eric:  Well, even Bernanke, he's Austrian. We have an Austrian governor in California and when you start to look at it it's Austria, Bavaria, Germany and the Netherlands using England as a thoroughfare to create a one-world government.


Alan:  Sure, sure and we've had that for ages now where characters are put in as prime ministers or presidents and governors who have been the heads of corporations. They've been CEOs of multinational corporations. Just go around your parliament or congress buildings and look at the lobbies across the way, all the other buildings where the lobbyists live for the big corporations. Fascism has been here for an awful long time.


Eric:  Yes and you nailed it because fascism is corporatism, it's feudalism, it's self-appointed royal family rule and it's something that our Founding Fathers, no matter how many people want to speak against our Founding Fathers, they knew it. They understood it. I believe that they did try to set up a system to confront it and oppose it, which was our republic, separation of powers and more, and what's happened is all that has been converted.


Alan:  It's a complete turnaround.


Eric:  Now all the things that are there to protect us are actually being used against us.


Alan:  This whole idea, they're talking about free competition but it's not really. It's like free trade. It's only for the big boys who are authorized to do it and free competition is the same way. There's no free competition in any market. It's a closed shop.


Eric:  It's not a new idea either because even the Dutch tried it in the 1560's, "free trade," and it destroyed them as an empire.


Alan:  It did to an extent, but you must remember they move. As they built empires they'd move out and let it collapse behind them and then Britain's the same. Even now the wealthy and the higher bureaucratic middle class that work for federal governments are moving from Europe and the Americas and taking their families to China to work because that's the up and coming empire of the future.


Eric:  Well you know as well and you can comment on this is that Martin Bormann, I believe he was the executive director assistant to Adolph Hitler, he outsourced and moved not just the technology but the individuals and the capital of over 750 corporations before the empire fell.


Alan:  That's right and also the I.G. Farben umbrella group was headed up by Rockefeller and a whole bunch of them in the West, even Rothschild-Bayer Group were involved, and they basically created what was called the Natzi war machine. ITT and all these groups were in there with GM, Ford and so on, so much so that when GM and Ford were bombed at the latter part of the war, in the 1980's both companies sued the U.S. and British governments for compensation. They were awarded millions of dollars from the taxpayer because their two plants in Germany that were turning out the war machines for the Germans were bombed.


Eric:  General Electric and others got plants and facilities for $2.00 for the whole facility after the war was over, so it was basically a ceding of land and property and technology to these. A lot of these companies that were corporations, they were started as General Atomic, General Dynamics, General Motors and you can go through the whole long laundry list and they were actually U.S. corporations, a portion of the U.S. government.


Alan:  There's no doubt. The CIA have been involved with putting their own men at the heads as CEOs for 50 years and that's all part of it. You can't allow competition in a technological age where technology will win, so therefore they set up real companies, very international big corporations, that really manufacture stuff and it's really all fronts for the CIA.


Eric:  Yes and I want to throw something out real quick because I've kind of like come under fire from guys like Tiddle, a member of the Federalist Society, John Snow, secretary of the treasury or former secretary of the treasury here in the United States. Also other members of the Federalist Society like Alex Brudzinski, serves on the Ninth Circuit. This guy ALJ Brudzinski who is sitting on matters involving me right now and has been for the last five years. They're trying to force me under a "mental" health examination, all paid for at federal expense and he's picking the judge. They're paying for it. They're not supposed even to be carrying on federal contracting like this, but Brudzinski and people need to look into who he is and what's going on because he's also ruled on commerce cases involving Iran. He has a partner that speaks Farsi. He also ruled on a case called Rendin or Rendon vs. TSA. If you go into a public facility now like an airport you get charged $700 for cursing in the airport.


Alan:  They even put it in movies years ago, in the "Demolition Man," where they showed you what was coming.


Eric:  You've got it but I could help. My name is Lieutenant Eric Shine. I'm a graduate of Kings Point the United States Merchant Marine Academy. If you could touch on in the future as much about the law of the sea treaty, admiralty--


Alan:  I know all that stuff, but really it's so open for people they should really do it for themselves. It's so much but it's always been here and I know all the cons left, right and center, up and down.


Eric:  And if you could do anything to help get word out about what's going on with me I'd appreciate it and I know RBN already has done that and I appreciate what you're doing in getting the word out and keep doing your job. Peace.


Alan:  Hang in there.


Eric:  All right, take care.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Vic there too. Hello Vic. Are you there? 


Vic:  Hey, how you doing?


Alan:  Where are you from?


Vic:  Hella.


Alan:  Hella, of course. That's off of planet earth.


Vic:  No doubt. I want to first of all thank you for the books. It's very fascinating, and disturbing as it is. It's incredibly fascinating so I want to thank you. Question is: if we could get this information out to enough people and we were successful in our mission, what can we really do?  Because say if enough people knew and we could awaken enough people and give their damn money system back to them and say no. Everything we have to say no to. Don't they have us in checkmate with NASA and weapons and everything else? Don't they have us cornered? Like we're cornered when it comes down to it?


Alan:  This was prepared with military strategy every part of the introduction and planned years ago. They'd go over all comebacks, all retaliations of all kinds from different groups and they plan for all that and people overcome them, insofar as even putting up their phony patriots, which they do once in a while too. They set everything up. The whole chess game is set up and so you're right. We've come to a stage where we're technically dependent on – most folk are totally, utterly dependent upon the system for their whole existence and people have never thought that they've never owned the system. It's not there to serve them. It owns them and therefore they haven't gone into philosophical questioning as to what is life about in itself. What's the purpose according to you for life? What do you think about it? Are we here to serve an economy or is an economy here to serve us? If you had an economy, what kind would it be? Would you have to go back to some form of almost clan type systems or national systems?  Because people today – see, the vast majority of the public, even if you could get the airwaves on major television for a month or two and educate them in the history of this, and then told them where it will take them, which is over the cliff, annihilation, they will vote this one right back in again.


Vic:  And you can't do it the Alex Jones way. It's not a violent revolution.


Alan:  That's right.


Vic:  It's just about the information.


Alan:  The thing is, too, you see we can talk and talk but there's no organization. We are up against the biggest organization and the biggest organized groups on the planet here, the most well financed. There's no organization whosoever that's legitimate to counter it.


Vic:  Right. That's what I'm saying, if you say the time is now to get this information out and if we were successful in doing so and say enough people were to wake up, don't they still have us in checkmate with all the weapons they've got?


Alan:  They've got the weapons but they must need the general public to use them. These characters in uniform, remember, belong to the people and they will sway too. They will sway as well, which way the wind goes, and that's happened before in history.


Vic:  Even with the robots they have and the NASA stuff?


Alan:  Even with that.


Vic:  You think we can still defeat that?


Alan:  Yes, and we'd have to know what kind of society. It's never been debated what you want. You couldn't keep the same thing. We know it's not our system to keep. They gave it to us. We've never owned it. You could not go back to manufacturing here. You couldn't force the corporations back here, and even if you could, they'd still work at it again and go right back to what they've done, so it's a new way of life. There's got to be a new way of living with a different purpose and we've got to get rid of all the incredible indoctrination and propaganda that's been promulgated in the people that's made them all divisive, male from female, child to parent, and so on. All of that has to stop. That's not the job of schools to teach primary indoctrination for political correctness. That's been the main area, Bertrand Russell said it: We've got to get the children at two years of age, and he says scientific indoctrination will ensure that they'll grow up expecting the changes that we tell them are going to happen and they'll think it's all natural. We've got to stop this. That's not what education is for. We also would have to be tremendously organized and debate in a philosophical sense what life should be, what it could be, and so on, alternate ways of living than the one that we've had and the one that's finishing right now.


Vic:  Are there people like us brainstorming the type of living that we could make possible?


Alan:  Yes.


Vic:  How do we hook up with them?


Alan:  It's a matter of again debating philosophically – philosophical matters. Some people would say spiritual but spiritual has been so dirtied because now they're calling New Age religion "spirituality," you see, and they've also mixed a lot of the phony patriot groups that were put out there as spiritual. They've brought in the New Age with them to further muddy the water and make it more confusing and that was done on purpose. People really have to decide for themselves: what is the quality of life? What is life about and how else could we live than the way we're living right now and still have a happy enough existence and work together towards something? It's like looking at the big experiments in the past. They've all been phony at the top, that's the problem. There were real big national movements in the past where real people at the bottom would work their hearts out, hoping to bring in some better system of working for everyone, but the ones at the top, the psychopaths, gravitate there and they take over. That's always been their problem.


Vic:  Are you willing to talk with people privately about what you're going to be doing in the future and possibly hook it up, with, if not you, the people that you know?


Alan:  It's possible, but right now, I'm just overwhelmed with work right now just getting through the day.


Vic:  Right. But I just mean as far as what you have planned for survival and whatnot?


Alan:  We do have probably about a generation left and once it's gone it's finished.


Vic:  Okay. Well, let me know if I can get with you personally and ask another question if that's possible.


Alan:  Hang on until after the break and back in a few minutes. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're with Vic for one more question from Hella, old planet earth here, on the line.


Vic:  I was curious in your opinion about the origins of hip-hop. It's been a big inspiration to me and especially in terms of my recent findings about the secrets and whatnot and what certain things that certain orders say. As far as being anti-establishment, you know it's very disturbing to find – I will acknowledge that it's been hijacked in recent times, but the origins, I mean doesn't that come from Africa? You've said "rap" is "wrap it up", and in hip-hop? How did you find that out?


Alan:  No, no. It doesn't come from Africa.


Vic:  Really?


Alan:  No, not at all. Guys in New York dreamed up that. It was the same ones that deal with folk music, country music, rock music; they simply gave you another form for it.


Vic:  In the Bronx, yes, but I mean I'm saying the beat.


Alan:  Oh, the beat, yes, the beat itself. The steady beat, even when they were using it in rock, they studied it well. Ethnologists had studied it and watched the hypnotic effects on it and they did lots of experiments in laboratories, long, long before people even heard of rock music and they told the people to start using up the bass, put the bass on, and the records started pumping out lots of bass and the heavy beat. They found, too, by the different rates of rhythm they could speed up the heart or slow it down because your body will emulate what comes in. Then when they copied that with the strobe lights, they put you into a surrealistic state. It would also heighten up the sexual side of it because they really wanted promiscuity big time and it worked very, very well. It was scientifically designed, there's no doubt about it.


All fashions that go – they always give you a fashion to go with the new music and the fashions too are designed by generally very old people, old white people. Very wealthy people, old families and they give you the fashion to go with the music that you then emulate, thinking you're rebelling but in reality it always becomes inane after a while. It loses it's – they used to say the salt loses its savor, it's no use at all; and when you see these characters dripping with gold and all the rest of it and running about in limos, singing about poverty for the people, it becomes meaningless. It's a hypocrisy if it stayed at the bottom level. Also, it was designed to go to at a certain speed and rhythm that most people who are older than that one particular age group would not listen to and they couldn't understand the words, and that was intentional. They wanted the children to hear the words because they do want rebellions in the future. They really do want them. They expect them. That's why they're building up their armies, but they want a managed rebellion so they can use those rebellions to then turn the heavy guns on the public and say we've got to change the system and go for more and more security and no freedoms whatsoever. It's all intentional and I hate to tell the people the truth but it is the truth.


Vic:  I know people had a lot of emotional stock in the whole hippy movement and it being about peace when it was the opposite. It was good culture creation and so I believe you when you say that, but it's hard to imagine that when that's what you used to believe in. Actually, those words itself, "rap" and "hip-hop," are masonically created. But you can take that into consideration that beat and that bass – if there is inspiration behind it, is that even bad to enjoy it? Because you still enjoy rock, no?


Alan:  You can't help but enjoy it. The beat will get you.


Vic:  Because I mean is there a music that we can hold true that wasn't created for us?


Alan:  If you make your own, maybe that's it.


Vic:  Good to talk to you.


Alan:  Yes, hang in. Well, for Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)