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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 14th, 2008. For the newcomers, look into the website I have put up there, and download lots of different talks on topics on relevant subjects to do with this great old New World Order that's all around us right now, and I try and explain how we go to this stage because it wasn't by chance. Look into where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe. Print them up and pass them around to your friends.


As we go into this great New World Order, it's done by stealth and massive planning. Planning at the top military level, the strategy is incredible because we have people who literally plan generations down the road to bring us all into a system they want to see appear. Something they've planned and prayed for you might say for a long, long time. A Brave New World scenario where only a few of the elite – after all, that's all that matters really, the elite themselves, as far as they're concerned, they truly believe they're the most evolved and they've proven by their Darwinian socialist standards that they've kept on to wealth and gathered more wealth and power down through generations. That's the testing part for that and they believe that they have accomplished this for themselves and what’s left at the bottom are all the old working classes for a system that's now become obsolete. We're in a service economy now.


However, part of the managerial system to manage us through this change is a new feudal system, as Professor Carroll Quigley talked about, and we have interlocking CEOs of massive international corporations all working with higher departments of government; and by higher, I mean the ones, the high bureaucrats and their various levels, which are unelected by the people and they're there all the time regardless of who gets voted in or not. The bureaucracies stay put and they work towards the agenda. It's very, very simple. It's been happening our whole lives long. It was happening through your parents' lives and your grandparents' lives too, and it's just as I say done by stealth. They don't come out and tell you, oh, by the way, we're going to turn the system upside down because you're all obsolete.


No. They bring it down through various means. Economic of course being the big one, big clout, and we see that happening now with the carbon taxes and the massive increase in oil because the idea is to drive us all off of the roads into the big overcrowded cities with the masses of people. Whereas the bureaucratic elite and the CEOs will have their nice beautiful villages, brand new villages. You can see them on the internet, they're for sale, these new eco-villages and that's where they'll live, where they're not crowded together, with all high-tech everything and solar panels et cetera. However, for the rest of us during this particular phase, we'll all get crowded into the massive cities where it will become a hell on earth, very much like what you saw in the movie that Charlton Heston was in, "Soylent Green".


That's the whole agenda and many of the science fiction writers have written about this scenario beginning around the 1950's onwards because they knew also it was coming because they get their plans. They get little bits of the plan from the Futurist Society, where they get their ideas for stories. It's up to them then to put it in stories and get it through your head to familiarize yourself with the idea, predictive programming. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm going to give myself the plug now, this shameless plug I do once in a blue moon when I remember, because I need you to keep me going and I make the money solely through selling the materials on the website that I do myself and you can also help donate as well. It's keeps me up and running because this is more than just a full-time job. This is a job for four or five people that's going on here and you get run pretty ragged and it doesn't help when the money dries up. I know it's getting tight out there. It's going to get a lot tighter as the whole agenda steamrolls ahead and the gasoline prices go up. We've all heard of course about, oh, China needs more of a demand for gasoline. Well, look in to the prices they're selling it to the Chinese. The same companies that sell it here. Look in to how much they're selling it to the Chinese for, because that's not the problem at all. The problem is simply that they want us now off the road and into the big cities.


Look at Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century at the United Nations. You can get it from them too. You either look into the website or ask them and they'll send it to you a booklet. Fascinating because the whole hundred years, the next 100 years, 200 years is already planned out. It's already planned out and it's a step-by-step process to get us into cities, and then through science and various other means they'll bring down the populations to sustainable levels, and that's what it's all about. That's what's really happening with the gasoline and the carbon taxes and all the rest of it that was signed at the Kyoto conference that everyone thought never applied to them.  Now you're seeing that it does. It's all a scam to get more and more money to the United Nations as they build it up as the front for world government, and that's what it is. It's a big, big front. Everybody is hand-picked by higher agencies above them that work in the United Nations. Look at the bureaucrats that work there. They're intergenerational bureaucrats. They intermarry each other. They have their own school for their own children. They have a completely different education than the average person outside; and when you hear the bureaucrats at the United Nations speak, they speak with authority. They don't speak to you like a politician would speak, dodging round issues and smiling and joking. They dictate to you and that's the kind of government that's coming down the pike rather rapidly.


Now I've got a caller on the line already from Montreal. It's Heather. Are you there, Heather?


Heather:  Hi Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Oh, surviving under the present conditions.


Heather:  I have a question regarding freemasonry. It's not a long question actually. My father was a mason but I just discovered actually just recently this week and it was a little bit shocking. My cousin just told me my uncle who I was fairly close to was a 33rd degree Mason and apparently he was a district grandmaster of this particular area in Ontario and I was a little bit – as you can imagine because I've been researching this and listening to you. 33rd degree, is that technically still part of the lower level of masonry or?


Alan:  It's a sort of crowning. It's an honorary degree they get for serving the Great Work, so it's conferred. The other degrees you work up to and learn parrot things and recite them.


Heather:  He did. My cousin told me she remembers him studying for all these degrees at home and I just saw her this weekend. I was so surprised when she said that this 33rd degree was conferred on him sort of as an honorary thing; and so he would be aware of this Great Work?


Alan:  He'd know what it was and by that time too – I mean I've talked to many Masons who have come out of it who have been at higher levels even than that, because there's more to it than 33, you know, but they're into the start of the deeper knowledge then. Masons have a hard time breaking away from it, but the ones who have and basically been deconditioned out of it will always say the same thing: that they cannot believe the difference that they now feel after being deprogrammed and how they viewed the world as to how they would view it today. It really does narrow your vision, your way of thinking along a certain path and it's a form of mind control in itself, where everything you're taught seems logical at the time. Even opinions you hear to do with the future and the kind of society, the great society they want to bring in, all seem logical at the time while they're in it, but once they've broken away and had time to reflect they become afraid that they were actually involved in something like that, especially when they realize they really did believe it at the time. Their minds were taken over.


Heather:  When my father passed away about 10 years ago my uncle came to the funeral and they – at the time I was very grief stricken of course, but they did this sort of Masonic ceremony at the funeral which I had no clue what this was about, all these symbols they were performing. They stood in a circle at my dad's funeral and now in retrospect – I'm just sort of shocked that this uncle I really loved was had reached such a level of this. So I guess it goes a lot higher than this anyway. I know a lot of presidents and royalty are 33rd degree from the reading I've done.


Alan:  Even Prince Charles when he turned 45 years of age came on stage in London in front of all his peer group and the lords and all the rest of them were up in their finery and he gave the Masonic salute of squaring his arm and holding out a glass of wine and so on.  The Duke of Kent of course is the official – he's basically the overseer of freemasonry. He's the Queen's cousin; so it doesn't matter what branch of masonry you go through, it all ends up with a charter that eventually traces its way back to London basically.


Heather:  If a family member is a mason from what I've read too, isn't there sort of a certain – I guess they all ban together and there's a certain amount of protection and support for family members I think too.


Alan:  At the low levels not so much. They don't help each other there, although they still claim that they do; and they used to help people in distress and so on, financial and otherwise, or even the unemployed. They'd try and find them work. In fact, they must give preference to a freemason in work and so on. That's why they get up the ladder and they get the promotions and other people don't and can't figure it out. At the lower levels they don't help each other as much as they're supposed to, financial et cetera, but in the higher levels in the noble orders they really, really do. They close ranks and protect themselves. 


Heather:  There's a lot to this. Anyway, Alan, I won't keep you. Thanks for everything.


Alan:  Yes. Thanks for calling.


Heather:  Thank you. Bye.


Alan:  Bye now. Yes, the ones I've talked to that have come out of it and had been deprogrammed all say that, that they see the world entirely differently than they did when they were in freemasonry. It scares them to think that they were so far gone in this kind of strange tunnel vision where everything seemed to make sense at the time and they did feel very elitist themselves because they belonged to this brethren. 


Now we have Clarence in Oklahoma. Are you there, Clarence?


Clarence:  Yes I am, Alan. Your program is I mean way above the norm as I would say and you give us this great information and I'll tell you what I found out. Now that I've woken up, I have an aunt – my favorite aunt. I had like four of them on my mother's side. My favorite one was married to a fellow who was a mason and he had a successful construction business probably because he had those connections. That's what they do at their level. He probably didn't know what was going on at the upper levels and she didn't either, but she was also a member of a group called the Eastern Star. That's their like auxiliary of the masons and a lot of people don't hear about them, but after they divorced she left that and there's a lot of people out there that are just at the lower level. They think they're doing a real good thing for humanity but then suddenly they – I think somehow some of them find out and they just kind of – they don't know it real consciously. They just walk away from it.


Alan:  The problem is, one thing freemasonry allows the public to know, and they've always done this, is that you get help in society. You do get the promotions. You do get the jobs. You can bypass what they call petty bureaucracy and get right to the top. You don't have to go through long waiting lines and bureaucrat after bureaucrat.


Clarence:  Just like when I worked at the local air defense.


Alan:  You can also get a loan the same day, verified the same day as you applied for it, stuff like that.


Clarence:  That's the whole deal right there and I hope – and you're giving the truth out to the people and that's what's great because there is that – I mean I don't care if you go into the courts, the police departments--


Alan:  The police – I know policemen and if you go into any policemen's homes you'll see that the moms generally are so proud to show you their photographs and there's the one with the son in his uniform, his cadet uniform of the police, and right next to it is his one in his Masonic regalia because it's pretty well mandatory; it's like an insurance policy.


Clarence:  You see I never did that. I was a police officer but I never did – see, I wouldn't join, that's why I never got anywhere.


Alan:  I noticed even there there's a lodge starting up for the staff of Buckingham Palace within the palace itself and it's in the papers. You can do a search for it and they admit right there one of the main reasons that they're forming that particular lodge is so that the security guards and all the staff will have even extra protection. Now it's well known they bond together. They stand up for each other even if someone is in the wrong and that's why they mean by that. It gives them extra protection.


Clarence:  Absolutely. It's just kind of like the Spitzer thing. If you're on the wrong side they'll go get you.


Alan:  That's right.


Clarence:  He bit them in the butt as they say.


Alan:  Well, he didn't pass money somewhere. He was taking in his money somewhere but he wasn't passing the share – see, the workman must be paid his wages, as they say in masonry. I think he kept too much back for himself, but thanks for calling.


Clarence:  Thank you.


Alan:  I'll be back with more after the following messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt cutting through this very tricky should I say matrix. It's also thick and tricky and very, very deceptive because it's your whole reality. The reality that's being broadcast to you has been instilled in you through media and through your education and as young as two years old those who go into kindergarten even are getting tremendous indoctrinations right now. It even starts in cartoons for children around the age of two, but it's all to do with predictive programming so they'll grow up in a world vastly different from the one that their parents did and they'll think it's all quite natural and that's how it all works.


Now we're going to Benjamin from New York. Are you there, Benjamin?


Benjamin:  Yes. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Benjamin:  I have a question regarding education. I have three children and I'm wondering if you could point me to any authors or have any suggestions aside from home-schooling how I can fight the indoctrination process?


Alan:  I'll tell you, it was bad enough when Bertrand Russell set up his first experimental schools that was a model for the whole world really and back in the '50's he said if we can get the children at two, he said, any input from the parent when the child goes home will not be absorbed by the child because of scientific indoctrination. Now it's so far advanced and I know a lot of teachers. I know what's taught in the schools and there's a lot of hatred there. It's a matriarchal system within the school system now. It's highly feminist and there's a lot of hate taught about men there and it would be very hard to eradicate that once it starts. There's even young boys crying because they feel that they're getting the history of the world put on their shoulders and blamed for everything and that's how bad it is.


However, I noticed that there's a bill going through the U.S. Congress to prohibit home-schooling unless the parent themselves happens to be a qualified teacher, so they're closing the loops now. Before you could teach them yourselves if you followed the curriculum they gave you. They're trying to close that now too and that's going through Congress right now.


Benjamin:  Are there any authors you could point to or any ways that one could fight the scientific indoctrination process?


Alan:  It's very difficult because the child will go for its peer group too. Children gravitate towards their own peers and they want to read and hear and know what they're talking about or seeing it on television, and that becomes their conversation and that means they're already been indoctrinated by it. It's very difficult within this society, especially when you go back to the '70's when they said they'd create a common culture by using scientific means, and also the fact that all entertainment now – Hollywood is the premiere that's given the right to do most of the cultural programming for the world.


Benjamin:  Whenever we watch any movies or any Disney movies or any kids movies with them, I always try to point out what's going on. Do you see this? Do you see that? How the characters interact with each other and how they set up the kids against the parents. I try my best at that but I was hoping that you would have something a little bit more concrete.


Alan:  It's very, very difficult. Very difficult now as I say but there are organizations still out there that are fighting all of this and there are organizations or associations of home-schoolers. You should really do good searches on the web to try and find it and go through them. Charlotte Iserbyt also I think has a site up on the net to do with home-schooling as well. There's ones out there that can give you a lot of pointers and that's your best bet to start with.


Benjamin:  Okay. All right. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.


Alan:  Best of luck.


Benjamin:  Thanks. Bye.


Alan:  Bye now. How sad it is now today when it's almost like an infection that's sweeping through society and you want to protect your own children and give them the best start in life and help them to think for themselves. Something that's abhorred today. In fact, individualism is really going to be targeted tremendously. They don't like the independent individual who has rational thinking and can use reason and logic, because the whole system is meant to run on indoctrination and a belief system – a new belief system that this new wonderful Brave New World is going to be wonderful for us all. Well, it's just a new religion you see and people who think logically won't go along with it. That's why they're going to get targeted big time and it's a sad thing for parents. A tremendously bad time for parents to have to love their children and bring them up in a society where all of the authorities are out to get them if they don't go along and give control to those authorities. They want the mind of the child. They want that child's mind. How sad that can be.


Now we've got Moe in Oregon. Are you there, Moe?


Moe:  Yes sir, Mr. Alan. How are you tonight?


Alan:  Tonight. I think it's tonight. My day has been a blur so I guess it is. It's getting dark now.


Moe:  Yes, I know because of the three hours difference. I wish you well always and I would like to read to you a newspaper, I don't know if you are aware of it, in Dearborn, Michigan they had in the neighborhoods they have made the mosques and then they have put the speakers up in Michigan and then at 2 o'clock, 3o'clock, or 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock at different times they have a big prayer; it's like thinking that the USA is Saudi Arabia and I mean you cannot sleep. I mean people around the neighborhood are very mad but they cannot do anything because of the – you know they can't go sue the neighborhood et cetera so people are accepting it. Is this happening in Canada the same way?


Alan:  I don't know. I'm so far from the cities I don't know what happens in them anymore. I did that by intent. I don't want to live near them. I know what's coming down but I presume it will spread elsewhere too. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi and welcome to Cutting Through the Matrix, because that's what we're doing here is trying to make sense of all the myriad of information that's thrown at us on a daily basis, most of which is really irrelevant, and even then, nothing surprises people like myself because we've watched this our whole lives long. We know what government is and governance is and we have governance. That's where you don't have any democracy whatsoever. The government is simply the sham. The front sham of democracy that's in governance, you do what you're told. It's done by force and coercion. That's the reality of the world in which we live and it's coming down fast. It's on a tremendous roll because there's a timetable involved, a timetable drawn up like any long-term business plan, long ago, and they like to be on time with everything. They make it happen. They make it so. "So mote it be" as they say at the higher lodges.


Now we've got Dee from Michigan there. Are you there, Dee? Hello Dee?


Dee:  Hi. Just a couple of things that have been said tonight. First, I'm in Dearborn and we don't have the calls from the minarets and they don't keep anybody up at night. It's very quiet so your caller was very misinformed if anybody thinks that's happening.


Alan:  I wondered about that.


Dee:  But anyway, I wanted to address the home-school question because that particular case was in California and the laws are very different and I know your one caller was concerned and I really suggest he go onto John Taylor Gatto website. He is the pope of home-schooling. He was an educator in New York. He's won teacher of the year and he has all sorts of incredible links. As long as you don't use any of your taxpayer money in getting any of your home-schooling literature, it's very open. A lot of it has to do with what state you're in. California had the strictest laws and it was really under the wire because it was about an abuse case and they were being home-schooled, but states like Florida it's open, but please let him John Taylor Gatto would be the perfect site to go.


Alan:  And he has a website up there?


Dee:  Yes he does and I think it's just and he was in the New York public system forever and he became a whistleblower and he's every home-schoolers idol, I know that because my friend home-schools.


Alan:  Yes, I know people; I've read his book.


Dee:  Yes, "The Dumbing Down of America" and then Charlotte Iserbyt wrote "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," but I know that he can get a lot of information from there. It's a great thing and I know my friend's son loves it.


Alan:  As I say, it's a hard, hard time now for parents trying to keep the one thing that's precious to you and keep them sane and rational and logical, rather than see them being turned over to a system that takes their mind over completely. I watched a program on television last week for the CBC Canada about the greening and all the rest of it and they had a woman on whose child was coming home brainwashed with the greening stuff, and the mom was picking it all up and parroting the child, so the child was literally indoctrinating the parents.


Dee:  There was a story on I believe it was AP with the home-schooling and even in the article it was saying the system quoted someone – one of the people regarding the court case. "A primary purpose of education system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation as a means of protecting the public welfare."  That's what the judge wrote, quoting from a 1961 case, so nothing to do with education.


Alan:  It was the same thing if you read the speeches of Daniel Webster in the 1800's, you'll find pretty well the same thing being said by him at a meeting in Washington, D.C. He said the same thing. He said the purpose of education is to bring up an obedient society to the state.


Dee:  Charlotte Iserbyt – I'm not sure if it's a subscription only but she has a lot of PDF files that she got from the Freedom of Information Act and she was with the Reagan Administration and she lived and breathed Ronald Reagan. She had no idea what she was getting into. She took an appointment with the Department of Education during his administration and she said lucky that she didn't know what she was getting into because she wouldn't have accepted the job, but when she got there she saw all these documents. I think she even smuggled some of them out, but I think the one I've heard her talk that turned her around it was something like the Carnegie Soviet Education Pact, which proved through the foundations, the Carnegie Foundation, that we were mirroring our educational system towards that and that's when she became a whistleblower.


Alan:  It came out too in the Reece Commission. It was set out to do from Washington, D.C. Senator Dodd's was sent out and he spoke to the leaders, the CEOs of the Carnegie and Ford Foundation and they told him that their function was to change culture and society in such a way that they'd blend the U.S. system effortlessly with that of the Soviet Union. If you go back even further and read the memoirs of FDR's wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, and her book on returning from Russia, her visit, she said that she met her hero Pavlov who introduced all the indoctrination techniques in school. She says that the children on their way to school show no signs of fun or unhappiness, she says, but they're so well behaved; and that's the system she wanted to bring back into the United States with her. This is an old agenda as I say and it's been implemented perfectly well.


Dee:  Google Video has the interview with Norman Dodd while he was living and I strongly suggest everybody listening to it because – well, how many years ago was that? From the '20's or '30's, I don't recall. I know it was quite a bit when he was involved in the investigation so they were able to interview him before he passed away and it's eye opening to see how it's worked.


Alan:  That's what I'm saying, that we're living in plans that were drawn up and worked out over 100 years or more.


Dee:  Oh, at least. Well, thanks again and I just did want to let that one listener know about the home-schooling. So thanks for your time and thanks for all the work you do.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Dee:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  It's good to know that you can sleep well in Michigan too. Now we've got Andrew from – where are you from, Andrew?


Andrew:  Hi Alan. One of your callers recently brought up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and I was doing a bit of research and it looks like – I guess a lot of it was plagiarized from some Frenchman who had written a piece that was I guess critical of I think it was Louis Napoleon if I remember correctly. But I guess I've looked through it and it does seem to have a pretty detailed and accurate account of how a group of elites might establish control over society. So I was really just curious what your take on it was.


Alan:  There's no doubt the agenda was in there. It was originally written in the form of a dialogue in its first form in French and it was copied after the dialogue that Plato would use, for instance, with two people discussing something. Then they changed it, took many points and put it into the protocols. We do know that already freemasonry was heavily involved within Russia prior to the revolution. In fact, the Czar had cracked down on it mightily. However, one of the biggest giveaways is in every second line – you see there's a particular technique that's used by authors that want you to come away with a spin or an implant in your mind, and that's simple repetition of the same thing over and over; and every second or third line it will say "we Jews should do this. We Jews should do that," and I've told people if I was going to take the world over by a bunch of Scotsmen, I wouldn't have to keep repeating to them "we Scotsmen will do this" and "we Scotsmen will do that." It's a bit obvious you see. 


There's no doubt about it, we know that theosophists were heavily involved in all the revolutions. Blavatsky wrote about that herself and we know that the Rosicrucians and freemasonry have been behind all the big revolutions, so there's no doubt there's a lot to that. Plus, when you read the histories, what's really fascinating too, the Royal Institute for International Affairs did set up the Young Turks group and it was a Young Turk who actually went in and blew up the Archduke Ferdinand in World War I.  They were revolutionary movements to change the world into this global society, but they had Young Italians too under Mazzini and others but they also had the Young Zionist League and the Young Zionist League were all freemasons. When you become a high mason you throw all your old religion out the window and you believe in this new religion, so they did use Zionism to a great extent within Russia but they used it on both sides, which is typical, because they had the chief of police that was persecuting a lot of the groups in the [Belaya] settlement in Russia was actually a Jew himself, so the whole idea was to persecute Jews to get them to rebel and here's a Jew persecuting them because he was a high freemason himself. It gets very thick once you're into the spook scenario with the secret organizations and that's typical Marxist: You must get the people to rebel by persecuting them, so they even used the freemasons as chief of police to do the persecuting to make the folk rebel.


Andrew:  Oh wow. Well I appreciate you telling me about that. I mean its kind of one of the things I've always been--


Alan:  We also know too that Bernard Baruch, who was the top banker in the U.S., did a deal with Japan. Japan didn't know where to get money. They went over to the States. You'll find it in a book written by a rabbi, Tokayer, a Japanese rabbi who lives in New York now, and it was the history between who funded Japan to bring them up to the warlike capacities.  Baruch, who was a great friend of Winston Churchill, was the first one to get the big bankers together to get loans to Japan, on condition that they attack Russia; and it was the attack on Russia that caused the massive taxation in Russia that caused all the unrest that helped to bolster the start of the Russian Revolution, so it was all tied together.


Andrew:  Okay. All right, well thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  We do have a murky world out there where you have to dig into things to get the deeper stories. It doesn’t matter as I say which group you think you belong to, or especially the ones above you, if you affiliate with them or you think they stand or speak for you, you'll generally find they actually belong to another organization all together, totally elitist, and they're all the same. However, that's how Russia got into the war. They were so taxed. They were losing so many men and they had the first revolution in 1905 brought on by the Japanese-Russian war that was created on behalf of Mr. Baruch in the U.S. and his friends Winston Churchill and others. That's how deep it is.


Now we have Andrew in New York City. Are you there, Andrew?


Andrew:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  How are you?


Andrew:  I'm good. Getting back to your discussion about the educational system and the deliberate dumbing down, I had read, and I just want to see if you confirm this as being true, that when the Prussians were defeated by Napoleon, the Battle of Jena in 1806, the Prussians decided the reason they had lost the battle was that their soldiers were thinking too much for themselves and that they completely restructured their educational system to basically turn them more into automatons or something. The Prussian educational system was imported into the United States and spread across Europe.


Alan:  There's even more to it. You'll find all the royalty of Europe trace it back to Prussia, all the lineages, and they were the first ones to try and put in the scientific indoctrinations in schools. You're quite correct with that. Greater Germany became the most advanced scientific country really in Europe, way ahead of everyone else, and the whole idea was to demote the old religions and give scientific indoctrinations and they used the School of Frankfurt and others for their indoctrinations. It was out of there that all these big teachers like John Dewey and other ones were sent out from after getting this particular method of training the children and they came to the U.S. and to Britain and other countries. They were brought in by the elites of those countries to implement these particular systems and it truly is a scientific indoctrination. People like Bertrand Russell and other ones worked heavily with these people to introduce the "experimental schools" as they called them. The whole idea was to break the bonding of the old traditional ways, the bonding of the parents too, and so the state would become the master, as we see it today, the state becomes. When there's no father or mother with authority over the child, the child craves authority, and they knew this back in Prussia, and therefore they'll give their total allegiance to the ones they respect and that's generally the teachers or the teaching system or the ones that bring them in, take them out camping and all the rest of it. That's why they brought the boys' brigades in, scouts and all that, same sort of idea. Even the Hitler Youth took off on that idea and did the same thing in Britain with the army cadets. When the parents lose respect the child craves more. They want a role model and so the role model becomes the leader of the group they now belong too. It's an old technique.


Andrew:  Right. In the United Nations of course with their childhood – child rights laws, basically, encourage children to not listen to their parents. Tell them they have legal rights not to listen to their parents.


Alan:  In California – there's a saying in Europe, an old, old saying. They used to say that every social cancer (they used to call it cancer) starts off in California and spreads across the planet, because they're the most trendy New Age group that ever existed. It's the seat of the New Age you might call it and everything to do with the greening – it's the old religion. This is a religion with greening and nature all part of it, all starts there; and as you say the pretense rights of the child, which means really that the parents end up having no rights with the child at all.


Andrew:  Right. Was the Eslon Institute in California part of that?


Alan:  All these particular agencies and institutions work together their networking and they started off of course with "you can change reality." "You can change reality by breaking the bonds that you've been trained to use," and they used the human potential movement – you know they'd even send groups of people from corporations and you'd fall backwards and they'd catch you, and the whole idea was to make you stop being reliant upon yourself and be part of a team. Have faith in the team. That was all part of it too. However, it goes higher than that and you end up into the religion part of it and it's a real religion. It's the religion that denies there's any religion that's valid but is a religion in itself and it's the most intolerant one of all, and that's what's taken over and it's called technically the New Age Movement. Now they simply call it "spirituality." It has no tolerance for anyone with any other opinion and that's the one that's being authorized to take over and become the religion of the world.


Andrew:  Okay. Well thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, so many groups out there, all with the human potential, how you can improve yourself and find hidden powers and strengths and spirituality and become a god eventually, if you just do all these things like we tell you. Back with more after these messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Chuck from California on the line. Are you there, Chuck?


Chuck:  Hey Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Chuck:  Hey, listen, I was looking at some of those eco-villages you were talking about earlier and I was just kind of looking at a bunch of them. It looks like a bunch of hippies and stuff living on there, you know 'kumbayah' type people. Do you think that when whatever happens, happens they're going to let those people live and sustain there or are they going to run them off with machine guns?


Alan:  They'll be off. I've seen the ones that are for sale and these things are very, very, very expensive, way above the hippies' incomes, and these are protected villages. They'll have their own security systems, guards, all the rest of it, and an area even with barbed wire I'm sure to keep the local peasantry out.


Chuck:  What about the ones that have their own gardening, organic gardening? Are they going to run them off or are they going to let them be in peace?


Alan:  They'll get left for a while. Eventually everything comes under this New World Order, everything, especially anything to do with being independent for anything you need for living and so eventually gardening will be forbidden. I've no doubt on that at all. In fact, if you look at Monsanto and all the big boys up there, ADM and so on, they're patenting all the seeds and now they're going to start coming out if you're using what they claim is their seed, even though people have had it for generations and never thought about patenting it. No one would ever think of it except these shysters. They now own those things so you'll have to pay them a right to grow stuff in your garden because you're using something they have the patent over, even though they didn't create it or even invent or even splice the old genes together. It was done centuries ago but no one had ever thought of putting a patent on them, so they will be going after people shortly for this very thing.


Chuck:  I wonder how long it's going to take until there's a revolution and we take our world back from this scum?


Alan:  Well, I think Brzezinski is right because they've studied humanity long enough and he said, the people, will they rebel? He says what do I think of the people? He says, well, you can beat them to death. You can starve them and he says do they rebel? He says no, they just turn around and eat their dead. That's what he thinks of the people. Unfortunately it's true, it's not until people's backs are against the wall, then you've got an unorganized rabble that's easily dealt with by trained armies and so on. That's what rapid deployment forces are all about is for getting into these areas. That's when NAFTA highways and all these things will be used for 50, 60 years down the road to move equipment and men fast to troubled areas.


Chuck:  How long do you think we have until we're totally under the gun, I mean with the economy crashing and everything? Next year or this summer or what?


Alan:  This summer is going to be one ride downwards as far as the economy because everything that's transported by diesel or gasoline or whatever is using fuel and fuel is going to go through the roof. It might even double. We've been told that in Canada and therefore everything that you buy from the stores, everything that's brought to them, is going to go through the roof.


Chuck:  And that's all by Rockefeller's design?


Alan:  Rockefeller and all the rest of the big clique at the top. It's international. It's an international movement and it's centered from London too, this Brave New World that was written in the 1500's about. We're living through the big changes.


Chuck:  It doesn't sound good.


Alan:  No, it's not good, no.


Chuck:  All right, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Very testing times for all of us, you've got to hang in there and be strong. From myself and Hamish, in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)