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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 17th, 2008. I've got more newcomers coming all the time. A lot of young people too who are probably waking up quicker than the older ones. They've had less conditioning and I advise them to go into my website and download as much information as they can handle to fit all the pieces together, this big jigsaw puzzle that's beyond science fiction. Also go into for the transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe. You can print them up and pass them around or be selective and give them to those that are at least asking questions.


There's no point in wasting your energy these days, especially in this time we're living in, on people who are literally brain dead living in the TV mentality because that's what’s happened. We've had so much conditioning all through our lives. The media took over where the school left off and propaganda works wonders. It becomes your reality. People emulate what they see, become debased and when you want to take down a whole world you must make sure that pretty well everyone in it is pretty well debased and they emulate that which is given to them, mainly as entertainment, and when that happens you don't have any bonding. When there's no bonding you have no one to stand up for you and you won't stand up for them in times of trouble, which is exactly the ancient techniques of warfare which have been reintroduced with high tech and broadcast to us in the present time.


When war was declared, a war on terror, 10 years after it was announced by Bush Sr., when he talked about a New World Order coming into view, he was talking about the fulfillment of a very old plan by very wealthy people with a tiered system of secret societies which they'd worked hard century after century; and that's no big deal when you understand that they had money, power and institutions. Institutions are intergenerational. They have mandates. They hire people, three or four or five generations all working on the same mandate. Each institution can hire think tanks and control society step-by-step intergenerationally. Those people who are outside the loop, the general public, never catch on that pretty well everything in their head, including all the nonsense that's given as education, was deliberately put there for other purposes, mainly for control reasons. They think the entertainment was there really to entertain them, to give them just pleasure and nothing is further from the truth.


In 2001, one month before the Towers, the Twin Towers, the Jachin and Boaz, went up in smoke, one month before the International Censorship Bureaus met and people thought up until then your censorship bureau was there to protect your culture, but we found out from that meeting because they disclosed their findings and their purpose. Their function was to see how further they can 'push the envelope' for change. Planned change and now they're going all the way and we're living through it. A time of terror and chaos, all planned, and now of course they're bringing down the monied system. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix and just going back a few years to mention what the International Censorship Committees came up with. What they came up with was really to push the envelope to further integrate society by what they would be showing on television under the guise of entertainment. You must debase a people before you conquer them completely, because, as I say, when no one can bond anymore then no one stands up for anyone else and the government can talk directly to you with no one in between or around you. The dream of tyrants down through the ages and this is a tyranny; this whole New World Order is a tyranny of those who have the money and who truly believe they're the most advanced species on the planet, under the Darwinian scheme of things, because they hold the power. They hold money intergenerationally. They don't have too many bad offspring that go and squander it, as they say it in their own writings, so they can pretty well guarantee because of the close inbreeding what their offspring will do and how they'll behave.


The problem is, too, they've hired literally millions of intellectuals on their payrolls through various associations to get grants from these associations and institutions to further their propaganda and to further their hold over the public, because to brainwash people who then lead the people or take charge of the people (the bureaucracy you might say) you've got to educate them along a certain way of thinking and reasoning so that they themselves will believe that they are also members of an elite. That's happened for over a hundred years as bureaucracies grow and grow and grow.


The war on terror is a true war on terror because eventually people will, through pure desperation, stand up to what's happening when their backs are against the wall; and they know this because this is an agenda to create a whole new civilization with none of the old civilization remaining – not even the memory of it. The old religions have to be shattered completely; "superstitions" they call them at the top. They have their own one, of course, everything else is a superstition in comparison, and marriage of course is a bygone thing. Science has taken care of that. Therefore, science will dictate to the public who should live, who should die, who should get born; what kind of people should be born; what mixture of genes and tampering by scientists will create the new types that will be better servants. The new utopia, if these madmen get their way of course, is really a Frankensteinian society of purpose-created ideal slaves; and that will be their peace when they don't have to worry about the populations anymore.


That's what they mean by a war on terror – everyone technically is a potential terrorist. When you stand up against what's happening or you begin to lose your homes or you can't get food, you will be classified as a terrorist if you don't lay down and simply die. That's well understood and this system is worldwide, worldwide. Every country on the planet went into action at the same time with the same omnibus bills on antiterrorism. They're all in synchronicity in unison, which tells you it took a long, long time of negotiations and planning between bureaucracies to bring all this about.


There's an article in the Guardian and this is March 16th, 2008. The, and it says:


            "MI5 Seeks Powers to Trawl Records in New Terror Hunt."


Alan:  Now remember what I said a terrorist is. It's anybody who eventually is going to get targeted, lose their homes, property, can't feed themselves and so on; and it says here:


            "Counter-terrorism experts call it a 'force multiplier': an attack combining slaughter…"


Alan:  This is their words.


            "…an attack combining slaughter and electronic chaos. Now Britain's security services want total access to commuters' travel records to help them meet the threat by Gaby Hinsliff, political editor.


            Millions of commuters could have their private movements around cities secretly monitored under new counter-terrorism powers being sought by the security services. Records of journeys made by people using smart cards that allow 17 million Britons to travel by underground, bus and train with a single swipe at the ticket barrier are among a welter of private information held by the state to which MI5 and police counter-terrorism officers want access in order to help identify patterns of suspicious behaviour."


Alan:  Now what is suspicious behavior? It will be a look of utter desperation one day and it could be a look from your face.


            "The request by the security services, described by shadow Home Secretary David Davis last night as 'extraordinary', forms part of a fierce Whitehall debate over how much access the state should have to people's private lives in its efforts to combat terrorism. It comes as the Cabinet Office finalises Gordon Brown's new national security strategy, expected to identify a string of new threats to Britain - ranging from future 'water wars' between countries left drought-ridden by climate change to cyber-attacks…"


Alan:  Now when did they plan the water war nonsense? That was done back in the '60's when the UN had a world meeting in Israel. They talked about eventually the takeover of water supplies of the entire planet because everyone must have the basic things which you need for survival left to the big boys. They're going to own it all. That's what they mean by interdependence – you're totally dependent for food, shelter, clothing, warmth and everything else. You’re dependent on the big boys.


To continue this article here:


            "…'water wars' between countries left drought-ridden by climate change to cyber-attacks using computer hacking technology to disrupt vital elements of national infrastructure."


Alan:  I don't know if you know that this last week and a half worldwide there's been a combined practice cyber war going on with every government and every top government agency and all the big institutions involved, universities and so on, and that's why your mail is bouncing back and things are going slow and all the rest of it.


To continue this article:


            "The fear of cyber-warfare has climbed Whitehall's agenda since last year's attack on the Baltic nation of Estonia, in which Russian hackers swamped state servers with millions of electronic messages until they collapsed. The Estonian defence and foreign ministries and major banks were paralysed, while even its emergency services call system was temporarily knocked out: the attack was seen as a warning that battles once fought by invading armies or aerial bombardment could soon be replaced by virtual, but equally deadly, wars in cyberspace."


Alan:  That's the nonsense they're giving us about terrorism. There's also another article, I won't read it all, but it's about companies now that have been tracking the public with cell phones for years and they've been collecting data from the cell phones and they're collecting the data on who they meet with, associations they belong to. Then when you meet with the association, they then track everyone else there with a cell phone to see if they have similar qualities and traits as you – total personality profiles. Total personality profiles and they say they can predict your movements for the next month or so by studying you for at least one month. They can predict your movements. Pretty amazing, isn't it, and the people are fast asleep. Fast asleep because as long as you can turn on that television set and your favorite soap comes on, or comedy, or whatever else you watch, you'll think everything must be just dandy.


Meanwhile, diesel is more expensive than gasoline and gasoline itself is high enough. It's 1.18 a liter here in Canada. Diesel is about another 8 or 9 cents higher per liter and it's not going to stop. We've being told officially that within two or three months it will be up to 1.40, 1.50 per liter, easily, because they're on a roll. I've said it for years, as the U.S. finishes off its job in the Middle East, they'll be taking down the system back home at the same time. That is the agenda and they've taken away all the safety nets. They've taken away all their subsidies towards certain things, food and so on, and everything is going through the roof. Once we're all terrified we'll be pleading to government to help us and they'll roll forward this new agenda with new rules and everybody will be so glad we'll give everything up to be fed. That's basically it.


You realize that we're really on a roll to complete planned New World Order and it's hard for many people who are breaking down in these times as they see it happening to them. Many of them don't know the whole story behind it. They only know they are personally affected. Those at the bottom are feeling the pinch quicker than anyone else. The middle classes never complain until it hits them and then they start howling too and something must be done et cetera.


Now I'll go to the phones and we've got Tim from North Carolina. Are you there, Tim?


Tim:  Hello Alan. You know I never had downloaded that Aldous Huxley MP3 and I was totally blown away by it.


Alan:  Yes, hold on a second, I hear the music coming. We'll talk about it after the break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this matrix system that we've been born and reared in and it's all around us and we're talking to Tim from North Carolina. Are you still there, Tim?


Tim:  Yes sir.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Tim:  I downloaded that Aldous Huxley MP3. I never had listened to it, and I mean to listen to that, that says it all, doesn't it?


Alan:  Yes. What's interesting, do you notice how he says everything in such a way you're almost mesmerized and people even laugh at the little jokes he throws in there.


Tim:  Oh yes, yes and then it's at the high learning institution Berkeley and they're out there clapping and loving it.


Alan:  Yes, because those students of course are from the upper elite themselves who end up going into the higher bureaucracies and of course they think they're safe from it all, but that's why he gave those kind of lectures to that particular type of university.


Tim:  And he said it with such ease. Did you notice that?


Alan:  It just rolled off his tongue and I've got other speeches to he gave where he went into more detail. He had no problems with cutting down the population. The only time he becomes animated even in that particular talk is when he's talking about the wires going into the brains of people and how they can control them and how placid they become at Tavistock Institute where he worked.


Tim:  Right. That and the sex part, I caught that.


Alan:  It turned this creep on you know.


Tim:  And I've got one question. From everything I've been learning, was the whole mystery school thing had to be about teaching them how to run the civilization is really what it was about, isn't it?


Alan:  It was. It was literally how man functioned. How man thought and actually they call them the milestones from a baby male all the way up through the different stages and ages and how your opinions change. What kind of opinions you'd have when you were 50 or 60 as opposed to when you're 30 or 40. Vast volumes on this kind of stuff and also the same with the female from the baby onwards. Once you understand that, you can manipulate either perfectly.


Tim:  This guy, I'm telling you, anybody with a brain that listens to that, if they can't glue the pieces together with this guy talking they're brain dead.


Alan:  Yes.


Tim:  I'll let somebody else call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Huxley himself, he used drugs too for his altered states. We now know that Timothy Leary, which was a Masonic name that was given to one of the doctors who was put out there to promote drugs to the youth, he used to appear on stage with his white coat on and talk about the wonders of the drugs and the drug culture. They had to get that going big time and now it turns out it's declassified. He did work for the CIA. The CIA and MI5 and MI6 were promoting all of this. Nothing came from the grassroots. The whole drug culture was promoted from the top down into society and they had to destroy as I say the old remnant of the tribal system. That was the family unit. That was so important and the way to do it was "free love," as they first called it in the late 1800's, because H.G. Wells' first books that he was told to write were to promote what you call free love in the 1880's and the 1890's and many of them were doing the same thing. However, they didn't have the pill. They didn't have abortion clinics and all the rest of it to take care of all the problems or the antibiotics to take care of the diseases, so they had to go back to the drawing board and try it again. In the '20's, they still didn't have enough science behind them and so they reintroduced the exact same thing back in the 1960's and it worked perfectly well then. Drugs, the wild lifestyle, do your own thing, there's no consequences to anything, and everybody fell for it.


You see any need that a person has, any drive that you have, a natural drive or need, can become an obsession if it's promoted through propaganda; and they used to say "the image within," imagination, you see. You have an image within your mind when it's promoted over and over and over, for food or whatever, you'll keep eating and eating and you become the side effect or the outcome of that image that's implanted. It's the same with every other drive that you have in you, every other need that you have in you. They can use that and exaggerate it and you become exactly what they wanted you to become, which is technically and mainly dysfunctional as far as standing up as a group for anything and you certainly won't stand up for any individual.


We have a hard society today. There's only little clusters of people here and there in the rural areas that would still help each other out. The cities are hard places to be. They're very dangerous places to be and they'll be utterly chaotic when it comes down to the crunch. When the money stops flowing and when the food stops coming into the supermarkets, you will see them turn on each other so fast. They don't even know their neighbors. They don't know anyone. That's pretty sad, but again, it's by design.


Now we've got Mohammed from Oregon. Are you there, Mohammed?


Mohammed:  Of course. Yes sir and thank you very much indeed for taking my call and giving an opportunity to give my views. I need to talk to you about a few things but going to the Iran elections that it was the Friday – last Friday there was Iran's election for parliament and they rigged the elections and of course those people whom elected they are supporters of the Ahmadinejad the president of Iran and so this is the number one and the second one is the admiral--


Alan:  Hold on a minute and we'll come back after the break with this. Hi. I'm Alan Watt cutting through the matrix and we have Mohammed on the line, who's talking about Iran and the elections there. Do you want to continue?


Mohammed:  Yes, sure. Thank you very much. And then again the new parliament in Iran are majority 90 percent are supporters of Ahmadinejad and Admiral Williams was fired from CentCom because he was against the war with Iran, so now they're going to replace Admiral Williams with another one who is in favor of attacking Iran and so now we are going to get one step more closer to Iran and it's very sad that--


Alan:  I know. I've just got people who came back from Iran on a visit and everybody is just sitting – just ordinary people, ordinary families sitting waiting for the U.S. to go in and start bombing them like they did with Iraq.   I don't think people here, as we sit and entertain ourselves and play ourselves and amuse ourselves, realize what's going on across the world and because what's going on across the world, once it's all finished, will be happening here at home. I hope we all realize that.


Mohammed:  Exactly and once we see the gasoline, it's $5.20 in California. That's another indication because you see they are not going to suddenly bring the gas to 10 or $15 per gallon. They do it gradually and once it’s around 10 or $15 per gallon in United States then that attack will start, then they will not blame it on the [inaudible] because of Iran's attack. Otherwise people say oh you attack Iran so that's why we have to pay $15, $20 per gallon for gas--


Alan:  Yes, but that's the agenda. The agenda is to get everyone back here and across the Western world off the road, crowded into the big cities and that's what's happening. It's nothing to do with the Middle East. There's Kosovo. They've just declared they've just found this great huge find of oil there and that's the real reason they went there in the first place, apart from the fact the Taliban had stopped the poppy growing for the heroin. It was the ethnic Albanians who were the supply guys who brought it all to Marseille and Germany for processing for the CIA to distribute across the Western world, so that was the real reasons behind the war there. It's the same thing there too. These guys are simply plundering the planet because all things that they have must belong to them. Everything must belong to them in the long run. All resources, all food, everything which is necessary for human life will be owned by a few international corporations and this is exactly what Professor Carroll Quigley was talking about.


Mohammed:  Exactly. has already interviewed about the Bilderberg's meetings and he's a specialist and advise all your listeners go to


Alan:  I don't want anyone else's names put on my sites.


Mohammed:  Oh, okay, all right.


Alan:  Because that's what people do and until I check out people myself, I don’t like them advising where to go. I mean there's some people out there that have so much weird stuff that simply bring you back into another loop or take you off into outer space, but I'd rather not promote other peoples' sites.


Mohammed:  Oh, sure, sure, sure. And another thing is that people working 10 years in a company, now they have to take personality tests to see how they'd react, how they act with their clients. I mean this never was happened before. Do you have a comment on that?


Alan:  That's exactly what George Orwell talked about with the bureaucracy. He goes right through it in his book "1984" how the bureaucratic mind must work. Nothing has to be logical for the bureaucrat. They must simply learn what's politically correct today and tomorrow, if there's a new set of rules there where it's turned upside down and the opposite is true, they will then parrot the opposite. That's what it's all about.


Mohammed:  Exactly and thank you very much for taking my call and you have a good night in Canada, sir.


Alan:  Take care.


Mohammed:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Now I've got Tony from Massachusetts. Are you there, Tony?


Tony:  Yes. How you doing? This is the first time I'm calling you. I've been listening to your show for just a short while, maybe about a month or two, but I really have to say I appreciate the sacrifice you're making to get this information out to people.


Alan:  I appreciate that because I tell you it is tough. It is tough and I'm the only person really out there who doesn't get paid by the studios or the backers. I don't bring on guests who simply sell you stuff. If I did, I'd be rolling in money but I think the intent has to be separated from commerce at this stage of the game because we are in dire straits.


Tony:  Oh, definitely. You know it's interesting because in light of what's happening here in the states, and I'm sure in Canada as well, but especially more acutely here in the states with the economic situation. I find it so strange I try to relay a lot of this information to my friends or my relatives and it's funny how you speak to them and they'll understand what you're saying and they'll agree with it to some extent, but then they'll switch right back to a political candidate or someone they want to vote for. They just think that once they get this guy in, whether it's one of these candidates that's out there now, is going to come in and just sweepingly change everything. It's just so frustrating to actually speak to them. It's almost like they're in denial and you can see in the whole system, what they're doing, the system crumbling right around you.


Alan:  They're actually denying their own perceptions around them and they want to believe that news and Brzezinski said it. See, they've had such conditioning their whole lives long. They've grown up with their favorite newscaster, who's always in that room at 6 o'clock every night like a big daddy talking to you and staring right at you from that camera and they truly believe that – they cannot reason for themselves. That's what Brzezinski said: They'll only be able to take their downloading from the media and repeat that amongst themselves. That perfect conditioning we're seeing.


Tony:  It can be a bit disheartening because like I've heard you say to other callers you kind of live inside your own head and you want to actually really get them to wake up, but it's just that you realize with a lot of people – and a lot of them are educated. It's not like they're people who haven't been to school who haven't experienced a lot of life and not have common sense but it's amazing how it really is true. They've really been conditioned to think that way. It's kind of sad.


Alan:  It is sad and they always get confused between the ability to be educated and well educated and what we call intellect. They're two completely different things. Someone who is educable is simply someone who can become a good parrot. That's how you get through university. You parrot what you're told; but someone who's streetwise uses their intellect and they derive conclusions from their own perceptions, big difference. These people are not street wise in any way at all. The world as I say has been pulled over their eyes – this big illusion put forth by the media and television, newspapers, magazines, all working together to give them a fake idea of what reality is. 


Tony:  Well, hopefully, if we can't get to them, at least we can at least get to a few ones out there that will really listen.  I really appreciate what you're doing and if I can support you in any way through your site, I will definitely do that and thanks for taking my call.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We're in bad straits. It's dire straits now because it's coming down and as I say everyone will be classified as a potential terrorist because if you are starving to death you will not be too happy with any government that happens to be there or any official, and you'll be classified as a terrorist if you speak out or do something drastic or steal some bread, because all laws now – all the laws – are coming under terrorism, if you've noticed that. Even civil offenses now are coming under terrorism. You can't cross a border if you have an outstanding ticket somewhere. The Canadian authorities are using the FBI database because you see we're already integrated. They integrate long before they sign their final agreements and since 2005 every year on television we see the big three guys getting together to sign Mexico, Canada and the U.S. closer into "closer ties" is the couching terms they use, closer ties and integration. They called it "Fortress America" and they've already said that high-level bureaucrats in Ottawa can apply for similar jobs in Washington, D.C. and be accepted and vice versa. We are integrated already. The armies now are integrated as well and Canadian troops have been brought down to the U.S. side. Mexican and U.S. troops are brought to Canada. That's all part of the agreement, signed, sealed and delivered. We're simply living through a drama right now as they start taking the rest of the system down.


Now we've got Michael in Ottawa. Are you there, Michael?


Michael:  You don't remember me. I'm actually from Sudbury and I moved here to Ottawa. I've got some information to help out everybody that's out there. Number one, they've got scalar weapons. Go buy yourself magnets. Get a slingshot. Get it to work because you're going to create an interference pattern, right? They've got certain light rays. What you have to do is again an interference pattern. Get a blue gel, put it on the light. It creates an interference pattern against the ray. So there's certain things that we can do in order to get ourselves ready just by having certain items in our home. Have water available. Maybe learn about edible plants. I know about the chemtrails and aerosols and things like that so obviously you have to wash those things. Get yourself some bottles of javex. Put that off to the side. Sort of this emergency repair kit. I know that everybody seems to be very hostile towards this thing happening but we've got to remember if there's certain words in some of these different books and they're now saying suddenly there's going to be an occurrence, if you look towards the sky you understand that if we're coming towards the time of water we're supposed to have an alignment with the gamma rays of where the big bang originally occurred, which means that we'll be into a different field of the actual physical elements of the earth. In other words, that alignment sort of thing – some people say there's supposed to be some kind of planet that comes by every 3,600 years. I don't know if that's true or not and whether it's true or not, it doesn't matter.


Alan:  What they should be doing is stocking up on food, basic stuff.


Michael:  You've got to understand also because they've got machines that they can go and they can x-ray your place, they'll go oh look there's food for our army because they'll recognize the cans because it's giving off electromagnetic signal. It would be bouncing it off. So that's necessarily something. It's more the dry goods and putting them in plastic containers so that would be one piece of advice I could give to people about the food.


Alan:  People do that and also you scatter metal filings around too. You can get them in any engineering shop. They'll give you buckets of them.


Michael:  But then there's other things too. About the oil and everything else. I don't think this is the principality to go and run machines because the oil itself can be made of a product which is plastic sort of thing and I believe that one of the reasons why the government up here says well all the homosexual people look and they're all so liberal and they said look they smoke dope. If they want to move everybody here because they realize that there's a war that they want to create with Korea it's going to come our way and we're basically the drop zone for all this stuff so they're basically putting the garbage in the backyard from what they want to understand and also by the simple fact that people start to realize that this trans-gender bending type stuff is caused from [inaudible] which is contained in plastic and oils and chewing gum and all that.


Alan:  Estrogens and all the rest of it, but that's old stuff and I've done lots of talks on that. The thing is, see, we've been under war attack for a long, long time. We’re not the first generation to go through this. All inoculations were intended to knock out our immune systems. That's evident by looking at the studies on immune systems and reactions from the '50's onwards. We’ve been dropping like a stone and this is warfare. You soften up the enemy. You make sure he has no defenses and then you attack him. It's quite simple. Back in World War II when World War II was still raging, King George at the time of England set up a panel to discuss depopulation for the future during World War II. They weren't killing enough off you understand.


Michael:  They were even doing that before with the Bavarian illuminati.


Alan:  They were doing that during Malthus, but regardless of that, Kissinger eventually drafted up "enemy to the state." The number one enemy was overpopulation and they drafted up a document about the whole thing here and it was signed by Nixon into law. Every president since has signed it, that they'd have to bring the population down by any and every means possible.


Michael:  True law versus criminal law and crimes aren’t created they're legislated and that's where it's basically come down to and legislating something forward. Are we supposed to believe that NAFTA was something that was democratic?


Alan:  No, nothing was. Nothing was democratic. Democracy as I say was a sham from the beginning. It simply stopped revolutions happening every four or five years.


Michael:  And each one of them made money for the Rockefellers and those different individuals or rather a gain say in the situation. I believe that illumination – I looked at certain things and they had things called the time office and if we add the elimination of money then it would take both that power out of the power brokers hands and we could run it on a social net interest sort of group. Not sort of a communal. Not communism. Communalism, sort of--


Alan:  People forget that their ancestors, before money was brought in, they lived mainly rural but they were also tribal and they did very well without monied systems. It was the money system that created the city structure, which created artificial rulers and governors. You had to bring everything in. You couldn't grow anything for yourself or support yourself and so they could also hire an army for money and go off and conquer everyone else round them.


Michael:  I wonder how many people realize while they're passing around these pieces of paper that these are actually notes of slavitude of themselves. They don't realize it's a bond of a slave and they're using it, because I actually was a medic at Montebello for the SPP and I was there to help 200 people with tear gas and a friend I had with rubber bullet wounds and I was like that, so I'm actually a warrior – actually physically involved in the front line sort of movement to get these individuals and to allow people to understand certain things.   I move around the Ottawa situation and I let people know about certain things and actually back when I was in Sudbury, I was doing it back in Sudbury too and I was taking care of things that were out there. I mean I think that what it is is that a lot of people have to got to open their ears, their eyes and forget their own particular observations. Look at what everybody has compiled because--


Alan:  What we're going to have to do – I mean basically if anyone can do it should start and a lot of people have been. They've been moving out of the cities and downsizing as they call it and putting up with a little bit more hardship and getting some stuff stocked by for the hard times that are coming, because you don't want to be in a city when this goes down.


Michael:  Oh no. And the cities – if they start to use some of these new items that they've got they can flare electromagnetics throughout the cities because they're so conductive for electricity.


Alan:  Well, the break is coming up, but thanks for calling.


Michael:  Okay, thank you.


Alan:  Bye now. Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We're cutting through the matrix and we have James from Australia there.


James:  Yes, quick. I was wondering what all the fuss about the Japan whaling protests and all this sort of hysteria about animal rights; and am I just being too cynical about the wildlife animals or is more to do with taking away sovereignty and bolstering up international law? I've been thinking about this for months now.


Alan:  It's international law. Australia, Japan, New Zealand are going under another sector, a "region" they call it, and China will be the boss, so they'll be taken down, too, to an extent. China is to be the boss over them with the Royal Institute of International Affairs. That's from their own meetings from years ago.


James:  Wow. Didn't realize it at all there.


Alan:  The first meeting was in the 1930's. The books that I have from the Royal Institute for International and the Australian Institute for International Affairs is where they held it in Melbourne, Australia 1937 and they talked about the regions set up and there would be a dominant country. China will be the dominant country for that part of the world, so you're seeing the other countries become more communist in some ways, more bureaucratic, bureaucracies ruling them. That's because China eventually will be using their own system over that whole region.


James:  Wow, okay. Just one more question if that is okay. Just wondering what is the cause of family and friends sort of turning on you when you start speaking from your own mind?   I've been and graduated through university as well. I've been through that sort of ceremony where you do all those weird things.


Alan:  I tell people not to waste time too much with family. I'm not kidding you. You'll estrange yourself from them because maybe one in a few thousand will ever wake up and the chances of it happening, two in the same family, are very remote; and so rather than estrange yourself and have them turn on you, which they will, you're best to look for those who are awake and have some peace at home with the family. Most folk will not be able to break out of the mind conditioning. They've had too much of it and it also terrifies them.


James:  Yes. There was one person I was speaking to in my family that were sort of accusing me of being superior and having this attitude of better, which wasn't the case. I just told them facts in all I speak and I just couldn't understand it. Like it was such a sudden reaction to get from them and it's just weird.


Alan:  Yes, I know it's scary because they'll attack you. They'll actually attack you because you're frightening them and they want to believe the system could never do anything so bad to them. This is a patriarchal system and it's really an oligarchy at the top, but it's sort of patriarchal system where they tell and we do and we've been taught to believe that big daddy won't do anything to harm you. Their whole lives have been full of this kind of propaganda and they have no idea that the sovereignty issue is over, it's gone, and that their fate was decided upon a long time ago. As I say, it's published as far back as the 1930's.


James:  Okay. Well thanks very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


James:  Okay, bye.


Alan:  That's the sad fact of things. Don't estrange yourself from them. People will turn on you, and why cause yourself problems if you have to live around them? There's also some people who will also report you, thinking you're crazy, and have you carted off to the old loony bin for some reconditioning. 


I hear the music coming, so from Hamish and myself, up here in a cold Ontario, Canada, it's still cold, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)