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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Newcomers, who come in all the time, it's amazing how people wake up at all ages everyday, new people, and I ask them to go into my website and try to fill in lots of the blank spots in their histories and there's many of them. It's rather tattered like a fishing net tied together with string, lot of holes in it and you won't understand the present times unless you understand the past and what brought us to this particular point and where we're going with it all too. That's the shock of it all is understanding when it really all hits you, some people fall apart when they think their little world is simply disintegrating before them. You can also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe. Print them up, pass them around to your friends. At least, pass them around to those who are asking questions outside the box. Those who don't watch television too much and who have other conversations apart from what's on television, because otherwise you're coming from a different planet with all this information. It's only for those who are really looking and searching that you expend your time because we don't have time to evangelize like some kind of religious cause all those things that are happening today.


So much is happening you can't really spend too much time in one hour going over the incredible news and it is rather incredible. Although, we're getting used to it. There's so much totalitarian new laws getting passed all the time, everyday, major announcements by prime ministers and presidents and so on, you cannot keep up with it and the public is always, since they're trained adapt and adapt and adapt, until terror is normal. All the hype about terror becomes part of their daily living, something they eventually ignore, even when it's being implemented all around them and starts to affect them.


I said 10 years ago when I was asked a question on the air "what will happen to the United States and the Americas when the Middle East is conquered and finished?"  I said, they'll be taking the carpet from underneath your feet while they're taking down the Middle East because the purpose of the United States, apart from funding and supplying the manpower for this agenda, is literally to bring the world system in and then submerge itself into that which it has created. We’re looking at a global international system where there will be no states as I say or national sovereignty left. That's the whole idea of the United Nations. It's not set up to be an arbitrator of problems between countries. That's just a little front that it has. It was set up to be a world government and there would is to be three governments beneath it, Provincial governments: a United Europe (which it's already done), a United Americas and a region for the Pacific countries, another parliament for that one, but all under a superior world government. It's not going to be a nice sort of democratic type system where we complain to representatives and they bring it up in a parliament. It's going to be a dictatorial government. That's really what they mean by governance.


Long ago, even during World War II in fact, in Britain, while the war was going on, they were talking about bringing down the population even further. Killing them wasn't enough. I'll continue with more of this after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and before the break I was mentioning that steps had already been taken and plans discussed for a post-World War II world while the war was still going on because they weren't killing enough people off.  King George VI had put forth a think tank to study populations across the British Empire and find ways of reducing the population. This was taken up by Nixon in his era and Mr. Kissinger, that wonderful man that everyone loves, came forward with a bill and stated too the nation that "the number threat to the nation was overpopulation." He also meant for the rest of the world too and every president since has signed this bill and re-signed it and re-signed it.


We know they went to work with plans to reduce the population by every means possible. They mentioned food as well, not in detail, but we know what they've done to it since then and it's all been modified to make us all much healthier and you can tell that by our health these days, as we crawl along the sidewalks on all fours. They stepped up the inoculations too. They've trained the public, as Bertrand Russell would say, by experts, experts telling us what to think and through dramas on television that glorify the medical profession into a godly status so that you don't question them. We simply go along and bring our babies along to get all these pins stuck in them and watch them get ill and weak and come down with autism and all the rest of it and a vastly weakened immune system.


Now if you wanted to bring a population down with plagues, you would want them to have vastly weakened immune systems and that's what we have today. It's all done by foresight and planning because at the top they're always at war with the public. The public are a problem but they plan to solve of that through this guise of terrorism, terrorism everywhere where we're all stamped, watched, chipped and tracked everywhere and we need permission to perhaps leave our own little area; and that’s coming one day. You'll need permits just like the Soviet Union had to travel into the next town.


In Britain, so much is happening there with the declarations of Mr. Brown, who really is just one representative of this global system so whatever he talks about is coming here too and being implemented everywhere across the world. He made a big speech a few days ago in parliament about the big plans for Britain to cope with all kinds of national emergencies. You see, now we don't have the Cold War and governments always need an enemy. You've got to realize that you, everyone on the planet is basically an enemy. You're a potential something or other and they've got to keep hype going in a warfare situation because that's when we do what we're told. They found that under warfare we all sort of pulled together. That's what the slogans always say, "we're all in it together."  They've used that in every war for about 1,000 years and they're using it again.


Mr. Brown on the BBC a few days ago said this set of plans to do with national emergencies such as terror, disease, pandemics and flooding – now he personally sees the major problem coming down the road. He's just so certain of it. He should be because he has his friends who work in the British bacterial warfare department in Porton Downs. He said that the most important thing that he sees coming down is epidemics and pandemics, killer diseases, so much so, that they're putting millions of dollars forward to buy and/or have made special tractor-trailers which will go into these definitely coming, apparently, disease epidemic areas where they'll have portable mortuaries and portable crematoriums. They want to dispose of the bodies in a high-tech way and these guys do like fire, since that's a symbol of that which they worship.


He goes on to say:


            "The National Security Strategy also proposes that the "national register of risks" be made available to the public."


Alan:  To let us all know why we're being taken care of in this manner.


            "The prime minister said the number of security service staff would rise to 4,000 and that there would be new moves to secure the UK against cyber-attacks."


Alan:  You know all these cyber-attacks. Here's the computer and the internet given to the public by the military-industrial complex that had it going for donkey's years (that's a long time, donkey's years) throughout the whole Cold War and there's nothing about it they can't handle. They're not scared of little computer hackers, believe you me, at that level, but we've got to be terrified of everything. He says he wants to increase all security staff. They're also creating a form of dad's army like they had during World War II, basically a civilian internal army to take care of all problems, who will patrol the streets and all this kind of stuff. No doubt do checkpoints and all the rest of it. Gather data on locals. All the gossip goes into files and that's how they collect most data on people is through gossip.


He says:


            "This would include police, emergency services and judges and would be put on standby to help failing states and countries emerging from conflict."


Alan:  They plan to use this new civilian army across the planet and some regions have already been doing it. RCMP in Canada aren't riding around on their horseback doing parades. They're across the planet and have been, since the days of Haiti, working for the United Nations. Here's how they're going on with it to the next level.


            "Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Brown said Britain would use diplomacy to reduce the number of nuclear weapons…"


Alan:  That's just a sideline.


            "Among other changes, he also said there would be £15,000 payments for military personnel staying on for an extra five years and a £20m fund to help armed forces purchase homes."


Alan:  Now what was it Stalin said? In a totalitarian regime you must pay your teachers because they have to do the first indoctrination on the children. You pay them very well, then your police and your military, and here's the same old scenario happening again.


            "The security strategy consists of National Register of Risks; increased security personnel to 4,000; civilian task force to be sent to trouble spots; efforts to reduce numbers of nuclear weapons; the bonuses to the armed forces and the police service and moves to protect UK from cyber-attacks and a review of role of reserve forces."


Alan:  In other words, the reserve forces are like – they call it the militia in Britain, but their militia is comprised of people – it's a full-time army or a part-time army, but an actual part of the army and they do go abroad. They're going to start using it internally within Britain itself. He wants:


            "Four regional counter-terrorism units and four regional intelligence units would be set up to help the police. Meanwhile, the government has launched a review of the role of the Territorial Army…"


Alan:  That's your official militia in Britain.


            "…and other reserve forces. He said the threats to Britain had "changed out of all recognition"…

Alan:  Well, ain't that a fact? 


"…It's changed out of all recognition in recent years and that tactics had to alter accordingly."


Alan:  Hype, hype everywhere.


            "Our new approach to security also means improved local resilience against emergencies, building and strengthening local capacity to respond effectively in a range of circumstances from floods to possible terrorism incidents. Not the old Cold War idea of civil defence but a new form of civil protection that combines expert preparedness for potential emergencies with greater local engagement of individuals and families themselves. He also announced reforms of the Intelligence and Security Committee, a parliamentary body which oversees the security services MI5 and MI6, and other areas."


Alan:  It's quite amazing. This is only a partial list. You can find the whole thing, at least what has been given to the public, on an item it's and that was published on the 19th of March and you should go through that, because what is given out there is simply what's happening across every country that signed the same bills after 9/11. They're all in it together and they plan to make this happen. Make it a must-be. We've got to be living in terror for the next 30 years as they rush us through massive changes, destroy all the old system and bring in the new. That's the building technique of the high masonry. The real stuff, not the guys at the bottom with their tin cans and charities, but the guys at the top know exactly what this is all about.


All that was must be destroyed – all that was, even the memory of it, to bring in the new society; and in 30 years, remember, you'll have people who will be around 41 years of age grown up in a time of terror, terror, terror and they'll never have any imagination in times before where there was some semblance at least of freedom and definitely some kind of individual freedom, rights and all the rest of it. They will think terrorism is natural. They'll think that bending over at airports or everywhere they go is natural, and they'll also think it's natural to go and plead with an official for every pass and permit you must comply with and have.


Now there's another good article in the and this is from March 19th as well. It's called:


            "A Good Name Dragged Down."


Alan:  This is only one incident, remember, that's happening to many people across the place.


            "One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car, only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists…"


Alan:  Back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and reading an article from the about one poor sap amongst many poor saps – they're all poor saps in that regard.


"He went to buy a car in a Toyota dealership and he was told after a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists and drug dealers. He was then "checked for tattoos," he said, to make sure he wasn't the suspect. An 18-year-old found he could not open an account to accept credit card payments for his fledgling technology consulting business because his name was similar to that of a Libyan official on the watchlist."


Alan:  Getting back to the prior one who was buying the car, haven't these idiots at the top heard of tattoo removal? No? If the guy didn't have the tattoo, the famous tattoo. They'll have to go back to the think tanks and spend another $10 million of your money to think that one out. There's a whole list of people here.


            "A former U.S. Navy officer who served in the Persian Gulf who's father was killed in the Korean War when he was a child, found himself locked out of his PayPal account because his name was similar to one on the watchlist. "What do I need to do to remove my name from this list?" the officer wrote to Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, which compiles the list. He signed off, "An EXTREMELY insulted veteran of the U.S. Navy."


            More American consumers have gotten caught up in a special brand of watchlist purgatory because their names are similar to ones on OFAC's list of "specially designated nationals," according to e-mails and other documents released under court order yesterday. By law, businesses are barred from conducting transactions with anyone on the list. Yesterday's court-ordered release of documents to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area offers a window into the kinds of disruptions suffered by those ensnared in the process, as well as the difficulty of clearing their names."


Alan:  That goes on and on. This is just signs of what's all coming down now as we go into this scrutinized world, where the authorities must know everything you're doing and every part of your daily routine; otherwise you could be doing something that's naughty and unauthorized, and we can't have that, can we?


Now we've got some callers here on the phones. I think we'll jump to them. We've got Danny from Colorado. Are you there, Danny?


Danny:  Yes I am. Hello Alan?


Alan:  How are you?


Danny:  I'm well. I have a question for you. I listen to you and I read your site and the things on your site, and I just finished watching a video of "The Ninth Gate".  I think you mentioned it in one of your talks. I wanted to see what it was all about. I think that's very similar to "Eyes Wide Shut", so my question to you is I see that apparently this is the activities of the elite. Is there anything to this? I mean is this true or are they deluded?


Alan:  Well, that's up to each person to decide for themselves according to where their head space or their belief is or how much they've studied. The one thing that is true is that these characters at the top who are also, by the way, and Prince Charles has mentioned this term, they call themselves "The Olympians" and then of course Mount Olympus is where the gods resided and they see themselves as gods. They see themselves – if you breakdown what is a god, a god is someone who rules lesser people. He is someone who can do whatever he wishes because he's above laws. He decides the fate of others. He creates wars. He can decide who lives and who dies. Who eats and who doesn't. Technically, in some sense, you see they are God; and with the incredible research into science, that they directed, by the way, through grants and foundations grants all the way to the Genome Project, they believe that they can make themselves ultimately immortal physically in this world. That's definitely their goal and you'll find with "The Ninth Gate" – remember, 9 in Cabala is completion as well; and in that fictional form or story form, they go round in circles again using Cabalistic terms and so on and the man technically becomes a god or actually a Satanic character in the Satanic tradition of fire. Even at the end they use fire in the scenes and light, the light of Lucifer. They use all these terms at the top and it's up to the individual to come to their own conclusions. Is this simply fun to them as they party and scoff at everything? Is it just a form of fun or do they really believe it?  And I have met some definitely who definitely seem to believe it and they're terribly arrogant – and if they are gods, then God help us all.


Danny:  What I'm asking you is, with your extensive knowledge and I know you've done a lot of research and I know you've probably – I imagine you've come across this. In your opinion, Alan, is this true? Is their God, Lucifer, real?


Alan:  All I can really tell you is that I have no problem whatsoever accepting the fact that evil as a force definitely is very real and an intelligent force at that.


Danny:  Well, they attribute their wealth to their affiliation, allegiance to this power.  Now, their power or their wealth is real—so my question is, is their power real?


Alan:  Their power is real but it's mainly done through using other people. Hold on and I'll be back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. We're cutting through this jolly old matrix and we're talking to Danny from Colorado about maybe the nature of evil, which is to do with the ones at the top, and truly it's up to the individual to come to conclusions for themselves. Now in a scientific era where science is the new religion, we scoffed at everything else that came before it. That's the way of all new religions and science is just one of them. When you look at the scientific terminology of the psychopath – the manipulative cunning psychopath and the intelligent ones too. They do have intelligent ones. Some will deny that but I've met intelligent ones; and all you have to do is claw your way to the top over centuries and breed for centuries and you're pretty well guaranteed to have another offspring of a psychopath, who will be psychopathic with all the same traits as good old daddy had, and he'll go across the world plundering and pillaging and stealing and eventually he'll set himself up an empire and become a good old king and hire historians to write nice stories about himself. That was the traditional way.


Then you have think tanks working for you and you have a monetary system which you basically own and you can ensure to employ more psychopaths because they're born in every strata of society and they go to work for you as you plan your world order. Now whether it's actually to do with anything beyond that into the supernatural truly is up to the individual. Otherwise, you can only take something on someone else's belief; that is faith. In other words, so-and-so had this experience, therefore believe it. That's called faith. That's in the realms of religion. I have no problem understanding these characters at the top do go to these functions. I've met some. I've seen some get dressed to go, in fact, dressed up in some weird outfits very much like "Eyes Wide Shut" and actually as far as that too and they have a jolly good old time for themselves. I know they did have an orgy at the end of it. I wasn't there though.  I do know that the ones who attended were all the higher-ups of that particular area in Canada: Judges, police chiefs, people who ruled over the councils, the local councils, city council. Anybody who was anybody was there; and on the one hand, you could say they're all showing that they're completely modern and completely uninhibited; or else they're actually partaking in a ritual that brings them some kind of power.


However, I don't care who has power or how they get it, it boils down to the compliance of the public over whom they rule. No one in this world can say they're completely free or ignorant of what's been happening in the world. They read the same news as I read. They hear more of it in fact. I don't watch television. I've got rabbit-ear antennas. I don't have cable television or 24-hour news. No one can truly say that they are free or ignorant of what's happening across the planet. Who's suffering? Who's being bombed today with their tax money? So everyone is truly being compliant in a plan, an agenda that is utterly hellish – hellish is a good expression because it's definitely from hell, as far as the definition of hell goes, to wipe out a good proportion of this planet cold-bloodedly. To manage the victims through it by the media as though it's all happening through some chance or freak of nature and pulling off the agenda so they can have their wonderful utopia, with their own life extensions at the top and a much reduced population of worker bees. Especially what they'll have is a basic gene pool to breed hybrid humans (special slaves) – they can do this. They're perfectly confident they can do that now. They have all the technology and the research is all done.


However, as far as is this an actual something, a force, that gives them power – you'll have to do your homework. I could go on and on about it and people automatically fall into the trained religion, if they have one at all, to try and understand it and that would be partially misleading because it's far more older than any of the given religions that have been given to the public. You have to go into much, much older stuff to get to the basics of things.


Danny:  Alan, I know that you've gone into these older philosophies and religions and so I'm only asking and perhaps it isn't you don't want to – do you have an opinion on whether it's real or not?


Alan:  I've got my experiences.


Danny:  What have your experiences – what have they shown you? Is it real?


Alan:  It wouldn't matter. I wouldn’t tell because then it's a matter of believing me and then that's faith. Each person must come to it themselves by their own experience you see. Otherwise, it can't be real.


Danny:  I'll say this. In the movie, "The Ninth Gate," there was one line that was I think rather eye opening. The old lady in the wheelchair, I believe her name was Kessler. She said, "I met the devil when I was young. I saw him and I feel in love immediately," and that just seemed to be a strange statement in the movie and I don't know whether it was giving us a hint of the reality of this or not. Now in my own research, I read things where they said at one of these major events where they were at a table and the person that wrote this was actually there and he said in this that this Lucifer showed up and was sitting at the table with them.  I thought that was just – you know I was reading it and that was just so out of the norm and I keep seeing this throughout all of the studies that I've done on it, it keeps getting back to the actual incarnate of an individual.


Alan:  The incarnate – here's the problem today, too, now this can be done through scientific means. You've got to always remember it could be – it might be highly unlikely in your situation, but it still could be done, because you could be made to see anything and they've had these actual sciences for a long, long time and they can project anything, a very solid creature, and put it right in front of you.


Danny:  Well, I guess I'll ask you this then. I'll put it this way. Is this a contest that we're in now that we're currently losing because we don’t even know that we're in a contest?


Alan:  I think it's more than that. Again, it's back to much, much older understandings because--


Danny:  You're giving us hints of it. Please, just tell us what it is.


Alan:  You can't. You cannot tell incredibly in-depth things on a one-hour show or even in a few minutes because you have to lay the groundwork for people before you give them the answers, otherwise they're meaningless.


Danny:  Is our problem against man or something else?


Alan:  The problem is perhaps a bit of both. Put it this way, even if you were to take it as a bad elite, a nasty bunch of people, or say a demonic energy, regardless, whatever it is needs the compliance of everyone to go along with it; because without us, it couldn't get any of this agenda through.


Danny:  Well, is there a counterbalance to this?


Alan:  People ask that all the time because they think in the dialectic.  You cannot think in this kind of war in the dialectical process. We always think in terms of saving our world, saving our system, saving that which is familiar to us in our generation, even though whatever you know in your generation is only familiar to you because the big boys decided to give you that particular culture at that time. Perhaps the battle has never been for the majority at all. That's something else you have to consider.


Danny:  Again, I'm completely teased intellectually and I don't know – you're leaving it as an open question and I'll just say this. The dialectic is nature itself. There's night and day.


Alan:  No. You're going back into the fake part. See, the fake part is what they gave the basic low freemasons and that's how they explained how to control nature, by understanding it, as you say, winter, summer, et cetera and then using those techniques. These mean much deeper things that what they're telling you. They're telling you of other sciences behind it and that's the low-level guys that get taught that kind of stuff. It's much, much higher, much deeper, much more intricate and much more involved than just that. The understanding of human nature is the main part of it. The perfect understanding of the male and the female is of absolute essence to pulling this whole agenda off. However, within the human being it's a battle ultimately for each individual to go through themselves. As I say, no one can live through these present times without making decisions their whole life long, and even the decision not to know is a decision. People will say that, "I don't want to hear this. It’s bad news." That's the decision they have just made.


Danny: In this wealthy elite, is there a wealthy elite who doesn't go along with this program and who doesn't want to see man under a one-world enslaved situation? 


Alan:  Not at that high level, no.


Danny:  And they're spending their money to try and stop it or to hinder it in any way?


Alan:  No.


Danny:  So in other words, the wealthy elite have their strategy in place and they're all in line with it, and the rest of us are up against it and what we have is we don't have the wealth--


Alan:  No. Understand your entire reality that you're used to is not yours at all. It was a structure you were born into that they already owned in its entirety, including the monied system, including commerce. There are many different avenues – like Lenin said himself, he was trained by these guys. He said, "society could live in a thousand different directions but they mustn't know that. They must think the one they're born into is quite natural."  You have to think beyond this system. Beyond working eight hours a day or ten hours a day. Beyond having weekends off. Beyond everything that you take for granted. This is an abnormal system from top to bottom that you're living in.


Danny:  Well there must be or hopefully I guess I would hope there is – well, more than that. I'm sure there is.


Alan:  Anyway, I've got to get off to the other callers.


Danny:  I'll let you go and thank you for your time.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Danny:  You're welcome.


Alan:  Now we've got Eric in Florida. Are you there, Eric?


Eric:  My question tonight is: How can so many Americans be so dumb for so long and no less the 9/11?  Even after you show them videos and the bombs, the plumes coming out of the buildings that are falling straight down on their footprint. They still refuse to believe and even open their mind to consider that maybe there was something in addition to an airplane that hit those buildings. It's unbelievable.


Alan:  It is unbelievable, but again remember that Brzezinski and Russell and Huxley and many others talked about a coming system of perfect indoctrination where the public would be unable to reason for themselves. They would expect, not just depend upon, but expect the media to do their thinking and their reasoning for them. Well, as you say, it's happened. It's a perfect system of indoctrination.


Eric:  Yes. It works really well.


Alan:  It's perfect.


Eric:  Is there anything that people could do to beat this system down? Obviously, the media has complete control over most people's minds, but there's got to be something that can be done to circumvent that.


Alan:  What has to be done would have to be for people to put their cowardice behind them. See, most people live in their own little world. The parameters of their world is a small circle. It's where they move around in, their friends, their acquaintances, that's their micro-culture within the bigger culture and they can't think beyond that. They hope, personally, individually, that things will get worse after they're dead; that maybe they can kind of sneak through to their pension and enjoy themselves and die in their sleep. That's what everybody counts on. No one is willing to stand up and look this evil in the face, and say to them, no more. You see, we've been trained that we're subservient and that's something that we don't think about consciously, but we have been trained again scientifically that we're managed by experts, like Bertrand Russell said that would happen. It's happened and because we are not fully mature people as adults, we in a one sense want to be taken care of. We have this Big Brother is looking after you mentality and life isn’t like that. When you can't stand up for yourself, no one else will; and the people today have never truly matured to stand up for themselves, because this generation is the perfectly trained generation.


They couldn't have gone this far in a pre-World War II situation because people then had a memory of what life was not so long ago. They knew how to stand up for themselves. They knew how precious any kind even a little bit of freedom was. They knew how hard won it was and they also knew that you had to, and in every generation, stand up to keep it. We've had since World War II the scientific indoctrination. The school had a lot to do with it. The media had tremendous amounts to do with it. We had money flowing like never before to the ordinary people, even though most of it was credit and debt, and they were taught to do nothing but play. Play forever and then in one generation you have an infantile adulthood who are like mice in a cage in a laboratory and everyday the boys in white coats come in, the lab workers, and stick needles in them. Shock them with electrodes and all they can do is say "what are they going to do to us today? Oh, they're going to shock us today. Do you think so? Yes."  We chatter like mice amongst ourselves because people are unwilling to stand up to evil at every level, right to the bottom even, and say "no more". 


You see we were taught at one time we had as much right to live as a sovereign being as any king on this planet and that they had no more right to tell us what to do than we had the right to tell them what to do, but we've lost all that. We've been trained that we are subservient and inferior and most people are infantile in socialistic societies, which is perpetual infantilism, perpetual childhood; they've come to believe it. That's why they will never believe that their Big Daddy at the top there will do anything nasty to hurt them. They'll be in complete denial.


Eric:  Yes, I hear you. Can you talk a little bit about the oil?


Alan:  Well, the oil – it doesn't make any difference with the oil. They're going to phase cars out eventually. That's the United Nations agenda. You see, in a totalitarian system you don't have people traveling. That's the main point and in the United Nations habitat areas, they've said that. There'll be nothing except essential vehicles only, no private transportation. It's just a steady decline to take us off the country, get us into these habitat areas and then we're all contained, as we get changed, altered and population reduced. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got two more callers to go so we'll try to rattle through quickly before the end comes. It's not the end of the world, just the end of the show, hopefully.


Now we've got Don in California. Are you there, Don? Hello Don.


Don:  Hello Alan.How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Don:  So good to speak with you. I've been listening to your show for about two months now. First time I've called in. Yes, you're really helping put the pieces together. I've been studying this kind of stuff for a number of years. A little bit here and a little bit there, but you really bring a lot of wealth of knowledge together and I appreciate it. I had a question.Sometimes I hear you talk about food. It's all genetically modified and down here in California we have a lot of organic foods and I know that the standards are trying to be altered so that GMOs can then be labeled organic and whatnot. What are your thoughts on the organic food industry and like heirloom seeds, which are supposed to be original seeds? Is it all going to be swept under the rug?


Alan:  Well again, even the heirloom seeds you'd have to get from a really reliable source or even know some Mennonites or Amish people. They tend to collect their own seed and haven't fallen for it; but the organic industry has already compromised and comprised and they're even allowed to use certain pesticides too, so you can't really trust that. Since they kept it secret for so long that they've even modified the food, it only broke out here because Canadians were told via Britain that we were the test guinea pigs for ten years without our knowledge for eating this stuff.  Who knows how long they'd actually been tampering with it anyway?  It could have been donkey's years long before that.


Don:  All right. Also you talked about the New Age movement, hedonism and everyone's a god and a goddess, which is fascinating because I've actually been – here in California some of my circle of friends are in the New Age and they have these god and goddess parties, and what's really fascinating to hear you talking about that. Being around them, like it doesn't really feel right to me. It feels a little awful self-serving and multiple partners if you want.


Alan:  Again, the whole New Age movement was created from London in the 1800's. That was the beginning of the movement. They knew it would take 100 years to catch on. That's how long it takes to get a religion going and it was tailor-made to go to the ego and to create a hedonistic society. Bertrand Russell mentioned that that they would create a hedonistic society, self-love, a narcissistic society that wouldn't care about anyone else as long as they were doing well, feeling good. It's emotion based but they also use a lot of high-tech wizardry there, scientific instruments to give them experiences. The CIA are heavily involved in this, have been since the set up of it, even from the beginning of mediation classes and so on, and they have used equipment – they've even imbedded them in some of the walls in the first big places they set up in the '60's. They could put thoughts into your head or even give you a little vision and you'd think that God had spoken to you. It's a perfect system for this time, but the music is coming and we're coming to the end of the show.


Don:  Thank you so much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. And to the other callers, please call in again. From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your god go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)