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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 24, 2008. Newcomers, who contact me all the time, I advise to look into and download as much of the data from previous shows I've done over the years as you can and try and piece all the real reality together for yourselves. Look into for transcripts which you can download for print up and pass around to your friends. You'll find them in different languages of Europe.


The roll is on as we say. The roll is on. We're on a big roll towards this wonderful New World Order that most the people are oblivious of because they live in a TV reality and a 6 o'clock news reality, a magazine reality and an internet reality, all worked by the same puppet masters at the top. However, for those who understand what's happening for hundreds of years, especially the last century, organizations have come together and worked seamlessly together on all the big problems of the world and they had decided that the world is just too untidy. The dumb people down below, the common people, they just couldn't manage their own lives and therefore those with intellect had the right to be their masters and overlords. This was written about by Professor Carroll Quigley in "Tragedy & Hope" and his other book "The Anglo-American Establishment."  A new feudal order is in place.


It's here and it's working because democracy is run by lobby groups. Lobby groups which have offices opposite parliament buildings and congress halls and they have the biggest financing you could possibly imagine and they get a voice in everything. Little Joe Blow at the bottom has no voice whatsoever, and therefore the new feudal overlords are the CEOs of the big international corporations and they are authorized. They are authorized by even more powerful institutions above them to do what they do. Certain ones have been ordered to take over the entire food supply of the planet. This was discussed at the beginning of the 20th century and if you read some of the books printed for the League of Nations, which blossomed into the United Nations, you'll find that they said they'd eventually take over the food supply of the world. Well, it's been done, under the guise of private corporations and there's only five of them and I've no doubt the five of them, the big five agri-food businesses, are in reality one.


Water of course is the other big one because this is warfare strategy. The same techniques which were used thousands of years ago when storming a city-state. You go for the food supply and their water and everything else you need to live. That's what's happened and we're living through it as the monsters go ahead. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. We're back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I was just pointing out that what's happening today is no surprise to a few of us because we've been looking into the old, old books and following the history of the totalitarian regime. The scientific dictatorship you might call it as well, because it's all run by those so-called "professional people" with all of the new sciences and sociology et cetera and anthropology and those scientists involved in Pavlovian doctrines. One thing they all believe in their big religion is social Darwinism, evolution, and they believe that those people at the top, themselves of course, are the most evolved types on the planet. They are superior. They are eugenicists you see at heart and they've been terribly worried for over 100 years or more about all of the people at the bottom. You those with junk genes, "the commoners" as they call them in the wonderful monarchies of Britain and the British Empire, the commoners, those who simply can't get up the ladder because they pass on inferior genes and they're not too smart up top. That's what they think.


Therefore, to remedy the situation and rather than lose control with too many of the commoners at the bottom, as Charles Galton Darwin was awfully worried about, they decided to rectify it by reducing the population through various and every means possible, but having to do it in such a way that the public would never figure in as to what was actually going on. In other words, they weren't going to ask for volunteers for sterilization or for euthanasia. They simply bring in the methods and make it work and they'd feed us a lot of propaganda as to why it was all happening. They blame the public in other words. It's your lifestyle. It's your lifestyle that's making you live less and less years. It's your lifestyle that's giving you all of these aging problems. Diseases that use to hit the elderly are now found in adolescents and younger people, but it's because really in fact they put it in the inoculations and it's true enough the vaccines there were given for polio and so on contained many cancer viruses. Live cancer viruses – the only purposes these particular viruses had was to produce tumors down the road, but we also know there were other things in these vaccines because they were designed in bacterial and viral warfare laboratories.


That's why the people today don't have the energy that their grandparents and great-grandparents had. That's why they don't have the stamina and that's why they're having all these aging problems prematurely. Not just all the junk that we're fed too, it certainly all contributes to it, but it's not the only factors involved at all.


As I say, when you read the books printed by the big boys including the ones by Brzezinski, in the "Technetronic Era" in his book "Between Two Ages," the chapter called "The Technetronic Era," he goes into a technique that will be used on the masses of the populations of the world which would control their minds; mind control. Now he was no piddley old player. This man was an adviser to presidents (still is) and he worked for the NSA and many other major institutions. He talked about this technique that would be brought in that would basically control the minds and subdue the people. After all, the best way to defeat an enemy—and the public you see are the enemy—is to attack their minds first and foremost. That used to be left primarily to purely psychological warfare techniques, but they've gone a step further and they're using techniques to do with HAARP and other types of microwave technologies combined to bring us all down, including the spraying in the air which goes on incessantly.


Stuff going back to the days of Teller, the grand inventor of the H-bomb, another wonderful example of the psychopath. He recommended spraying the air with metallic particles and then using ELF frequencies on them, and one of the side effects he said would be to alter the emotions of people. That has been tested on whole continents in fact. They have all of this data and just by altering the frequencies they can make you very happy, laid-back or rather anxious or angry. Very simple stuff in these days and of course they can also cause earthquakes by HAARP as well in conjunction with the spraying, tornadoes, hurricanes and all kinds of wonderful warfare mayhem. The masters of war are fascinated by such power, but then all psychopaths are. It's in their genes and they certainly do pass these genes on to their own offspring and we wonder why this hell continues intergenerationally down through the many, many centuries. Well, that's why.


Plato talked about it. He said if you can breed qualities in and out of domesticated animals, you can do the same with people; and long ago the aristocracies bred out those genes – those parts of the brain that gave us compassion and empathy and helped us to be sociable towards each other, and that collectively becomes a survival instinct when we all help each other out. They bred them out for kings and queens and the wealthy families, as they intermarried and intermarried closer and closer and closer until they are psychopathic by nature. They then because they're so rich they hire the rich men and all the scientists to do all their work for them down below so they can control the populations, but the one fear they've written about down through centuries and centuries is that one day the masses might reach a magic number and become uncontrollable. They're terrified of that and well they should be. Well they should be because now it's coming out, often by their old books that they wrote themselves and they were rather arrogant, of all the things they wanted to do to the masses. We're seeing it manifest and people in the populations are becoming rather unhappy to learn about what's being done to them and why.


Speaking about genes, the whole Darwinistic socialist movement of the 20th century blossomed into different factions to study specific parts of personality types. They tried to stereotype different families in categories and predict what their offspring would be, of course, amongst the commoners. When they were first measuring the size of their skull and doing all of these strange things that they were all into, Adolph Hitler was one of them but then so was President Roosevelt, so was President Wilson, so were some of the prime ministers of Britain. They were all into eugenics you see and the belief in bigger cerebrums and the right to rule those with lesser cerebrums and they came up with all these crazy ideas measuring from the earlobe to the nose et cetera to try and detect criminal traits. Well, that's all been brought back together but under a more scientific guise, under genes.


Genes now are supposed to be the excuse that they're using for everything for all their theories. Now a theory remember is only a guess. They eventually get taught as fact but they're still called theories so they can't quite cross that line. Meanwhile, these theories are given the force of law and you'd never guess what they're doing.


Long ago in the various psychological magazines to do with America, the big ones, the big American psychological magazines and psychiatry, they wanted the rights given to social work departments to remove children from their parents if they had certain traits, including these strange measurements from the ear to the eye and all the rest of it. Here's what they're doing now and this is from the Telegraph on the 18th of March 2008. I've read a bit of this before but it's worthwhile going through again.


            "DNA Database Plans for Children Who Could Become Criminals by Simon Johnson.

            Primary school children should be put on the national DNA database if their behavior suggests they will become criminals. A senior Scotland Yard expert said yesterday."


Alan:  It says:


            Gary Pugh, the director of forensic science and the new DNA spokesman…"


Alan:  A DNA spokesman. Can you believe that?


            "…for the Association of Chief Police Officers…"

Alan:  Now the Association of Chief Police Officers is a United Nations organization. You should ask your chief police of your area if he belongs to this. You'll find that he does.


            "…and he called for a debate on the measures required to identify future offenders. He said: "If we have a primary means of identifying people before they offend then in the long term the benefits of targeting younger people are extremely large."


Alan:  Now remember that term that's called "pre-arrest syndrome"? It was brought in during the first Homeland Security Act in the U.S. and under the Anti-Terrorism Bills everywhere else, where they're going to arrest you if they suspect you might commit a crime. Same idea you see. Same idea. Back to the old eugenicists with their measuring tapes and measuring your skull and your ears and your eyes and all the rest of it. They never give up but it's the same bunch.


            "We have to find who are possibly going to be the biggest threat to society."


Alan:  Now God help anyone with a functioning brain because that's who they're after you see.


            "But critics said this was a step towards a police state that would risk stigmatizing youngsters who had yet to commit a criminal act."


Alan:  Boy, someone's still got logic here. We can't have that, can we?


            "The details of more than 4.5 million people including about 150,000 children under the age of 16, are held on the government's database making it the largest system of its kind in the world. Last week it emerged that the number of 10 to 18 years olds placed on the database after being arrested will have reached about 1.5 million this time next year. Police in England and Wales need parental consent to take a DNA same from children under 10, the age of criminal responsibility."


Alan:  Interesting. I'll read more of this after the break. Back in a moment. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix and we're watching the next move towards the persecution of your children, if anyone out there actually cares anymore, because to be honest with you those who really are interested and take full time interest in their own children are dwindling. They expect the state to bring them up and that's only happened since about the 1970's but it's here.


To continue this article from the Telegraph to do with taking the DNA of youngsters and trying to label them potential criminals before they've done anything. This is what this is all about.


It goes on to say here:


            "Children in Scotland can be charged with an offense at eight, but police cannot take DNA if they're younger. Julia Margo, from the Institute for Public Policy Research who wrote a recent report on the issue, agreed that it was possible to identify risk factors in children age five to seven."


Alan:  It's possible. You know what possible means? Go into the definition of possible because it's not factual, it's possible.


"But she said that placing young children on a database risks stigmatizing them.


Alan:  No kidding.


            "Chris Davis of the National Primary Headteachers' Association said Mr. Pugh's suggestion could be viewed…"


Alan:  Could be viewed.


            "…as a step towards a police state."


Alan:  Now what world has this guy been living in for the last few years, I wonder? Again, these characters are the ones who are always brought forward to pretend that they can't do that, that's naughty, we can't have that, so they bring these characters forward. They're all part of the act.


            "He added: It is condemning them at a very young age to something they have not yet done. To label children at that stage and put them on a register is going too far."



Alan:  I guess that's why he's a teacher, eh? He has the ability to say things like this. That's what they're doing you see and what they're really after are to find those children with leadership qualities, the ones who haven't yet been stuck on Ritalin, and they want to destroy those youngsters. That will be on their records their whole lives when they go for jobs and so on that they're a potential criminal, even though they've never ever done anything. It's quite amazing, isn't it?  Now we all sit back thinking that it doesn't affect us. "I'm okay Jack, but tough luck on you," because society has been so fragmented that we're allowing this to happen.


The old saying they came for the socialists and I wasn't a socialist so they left me alone, and then they came for this party and that party and all the rest of it and left me alone, it's so true. Then they come for you and there's no one to stand up for you. That's so true because this society has been purposely divided and conquered long ago. Man against woman, woman against man, children against parents, and we're watching the easy victory right now as they steamroll their agenda through. That's why it's being steamrolled. There's no opposition any more. It's been pretty well done.


Now here's an interesting article to that I'm going to mention before I take callers. It's about cell phones. Now people think cell phones are a great thing. You'll see people addicted to them, yapping to themselves behind you in stores or in queues for a coffee. They prattle on about their upcoming pap smears and stuff like that because they completely forget where they are and they're addicted. Totally addicted to yapping all the time, incessant chatter, it doesn't matter what they're chattering about as long as it's happening. It makes them feel alive. They think that the cell phone and all other things are given to them by the big manufacturers because the manufacturers just want profit and they love them; and nothing is further from the truth because the cell phone has been designed to track you and to go a step further, to track all your purchases.


This is from the Los Angeles Times, March 16th, 2008.


            "You might not know it, but as of January it became illegal in California for companies to require workers to have devices implanted under their skin that would reveal their whereabouts at all times."


Alan:  Did you know that had been brought into a bill that they tried to pass?


            "State Senator Joe Simitian called his legislation a safeguard against the ultimate invasion of privacy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill into law in October. But your privacy may not be completely safe."


Alan:  See, these guys don't stop. They come back again and they offer you—the mice—more cheese and they go for it generally, the bait.


            "The same chip based technology that California won't allow to be forcibly placed under peoples skin will soon be ubiquitous in cell phones, which the telecom industry believes will be increasingly used as electronic wallets to make purchases."


Alan:  Surprise. We're all really shocked and surprised, eh? Yawn, yawn, yawn.


            "Virtually all leading cellphone makers are already introducing this technology to their handsets. Payments by cellphone are expected to explode over the next few years as more stores are equipped to handle such transactions. Here's how it'll work: You go to the Gap, select a pair of khakis and wave your phone in front a reader at the cash register. The purchase price is instantly deducted from your checking account like a debit card or applied to a credit card account. A record of the purchase is also entered into the Gap's database. That's very convenient and will undeniably be a boon to shoppers, merchants and cellphone companies. What the technology also means, though, is that all cellphone owners, which is nearly everyone, will be technologically "tagged." In theory, anyone -- or any company or government agency -- with a desire to do so would be able to identify you from as much as 300 feet away and track you as you go about your business."


Alan:  Actually, they can do it from satellites. They can do it from satellites too. That's the real news about it. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, this matrix of illusion that's been propagated at the public from our birth and reinforced through repetition, through mainly the media who takes over from the educational system and we're being educated all our lives. We're educated and constantly upgraded like a computer system by upgrades in the program, and it's downloaded into us by the media like Brzezinski said and that's what we parrot about every day at work – but not the stuff that I'm talking about here. They parrot about the trivia. It's the trivia that grabs them. It's intended to in this surrealistic world.


To continue a little bit more with this cell phone tracking and your purchases.


This writer says:


            "Your cell phone will be constantly broadcasting your location…"


Alan:  Your location.


            "…possibly your name, address and other potentially sensitive information. The public has been slow to appreciate the privacy implications of this technology…"


Alan:  No kidding? I don't think they think too much at all about it. They'll sell their souls for convenience. That's what I said.


Here's what Simitian said.


            "He says who has a variety of other bills in the hopper to address various aspects of what's know as radio frequency identification or RFID. Most people don’t realize there's no law against who can read the information in an RFID tag and no limit on what can be placed on the tag Simitian said. OK, let's take a deep breath. RFID technology has been around since World War II, when transponders were placed on allied aircraft to distinguish them from German planes. These days RFID is everywhere. When workers wave an ID card or fob in front of a reader to enter their building, that's RFID. When plastic tags are placed on merchandise in supermarkets or retail stores to manage inventory, that's RFID. Tags are starting to be inserted in driver's licenses and passports. The Legoland theme park in Denmark recently experimented with giving RFID wristbands to children so they could easily be found by parents. (A spokesman said there was no plans to test technology at the Legoland in Carlsbad.) China is now the process of issuing RFID-equipped national ID cards to all of its 1.3 billion citizens."


Alan:  Now remember, China is the model state for the world, according to the United Nations, which we must all start to emulate.


            "There's no question RFID can make official documents harder to fake and make life much easier for consumers. Think how fast the checkout line would be if everyone were carrying an RFID equipped cell phone or credit cards instead of cash or old fashioned magnetic stripped plastic. Cellphone companies love the technology because they anticipate customers using more minutes and being less likely to switch services once they've turned their handset into an e-wallet."


Alan:  The cell phone itself is only stepping stone towards the chip. Once something becomes indispensable, as these things do so quickly, like the computer, they can't think of going back to old-fashioned pencil and paper, or telephoning people and talking over the telephone or even face to face. Therefore, when they come out again with the chip, when it becomes mandatory, they'll accept it and be quite happy with it for most of the people. We will sell our souls for convenience sake.


Now I'm going to go to the callers and I've got Jim from South Carolina on the line. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Yes. Hey, Alan how you doing tonight?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Jim:  Hey, I just received your first book in the mail. I'm real excited to read it. I had one observation and one question for you. The observation would be I just flew for the first time in several years and I just found out how disturbing it was how they process people through the airport. When I went to go get my ticket at the counter, you can't even talk to any person anymore. You have to go through the computer there to get the ticket, which is very different than when I was just a little boy going through the airport, so right there they've taken away kind of the humanity of a person. We have to go with the computer and then you have to go through the Homeland Security that they have now to get checked and screened and you have to have your ticket with you in hand and you have to show it to three or four different people. Then, if you bring a bottle of water, I've noticed other people in line, they pull you aside and make an example of you and it was just amazing how people will tolerate this and it's just the continual – I see it in people that they accept this and I just found that disturbing.


The question I had for you was I was listening to the radio show that I heard you back on what's the guy called out of Texas? I can't think of it now, but he was talking about the Delphi Technique and I looked online and read a little bit about that and remember them doing similar techniques in school where it's group thinking and they try to break you down, where if you have an idea different than the group, then they try to use that against you is that you have the wrong idea. I was just wondering if you could talk about that.


Alan:  The Delphi Technique has been used for many, many years. It came out of the same institutions as the human potential movement they called it and the whole idea was that they understood that a dynamic type leader could pretty well hypnotize an audience. Especially the people who were already true believers, that's why they come, to learn powers et cetera, inner powers and all the rest of it, but they also thought they could use this for persuasion purposes on peoples – on councils for instance.


At council meetings where the public are invited in to listen in and for the big changes that they wanted to do with the world, even right down to taking down their water supplies from. They would send in these particular characters that were taught in the Delphi Technique and they would set the stage so to speak so that the public who would come in who would eventually have to give their consent for any of this to proceed, you know any projects to do with taking over your water supply et cetera, they put plants in the audience. What they do is they quickly are able to suss out those in the audience as well who are the people pleasers – the ones who would bring apples to the teachers if they were still back in school. They would make eye contact with those ones, therefore if anybody stood up at the conference and asked a serious question that the man didn't want to be asked or it was too hot on the topic, too truthful as to how the public would suffer, if a particular bill or whatever was passed, you would get the people pleaser to stand up and shout down that particular talker.  It's a psychological process that's taught and the whole idea again is to bring everyone to consensus by using simple Plato-type dialogue techniques where they'll lead you into a form of logic.


They'll say we all agree that gravity keeps you on the ground and you all say yes, but if you jump off the ground you'll come back down, yes. Step-by-step they'll take you along their topic, if they want to take the water supply from you, and at first it will be logical. No one wants a poisoned water supply. That's correct, they'd all agree and little by little he'll take you in 180 degrees. When the few in the audience who are not under the hypnotic spell of consensus—because people in groups all tend to want to agree with each other, but there's always the few who retain their individuality and can still think—when the one person stands up and points out the obvious, the fact that they're going to be robbed of their rights and they'll pay a fortune for this new installation to be brought in or whatever, the people pleasers then stand up together and shout down. They'll say, "quiet! You're disturbing the talk. You're disturbing it!" – and that's how it works. It's pure psychology, an old psychological technique, and these professionals are sent across the country. They're flown in to get their way. It's generally for a continental-wide movement.


For instance, they did that with the watershed bills that they wanted passed, where they could say that everywhere in the planet was a potential watershed; and that's to take all your rights of land away from you, but it was never presented to the public in such a straightforward fashion. They used Delphi Technique to make it happen and ultimately the people will give their own consent to their own demise. They will lose everything through consensus building.


Jim:  And it's extremely effective on most individuals.


Alan:  Very effective. More so today because for the last 15 years, sometimes 20 years in different states, different places, they've been using it in school through groupthink where they'll all sit in circles and before anyone can leave the group or the circle, they must come to a consensus on everything. If one particular individual has a different opinion from the group or the mob, he's ostracized and he's "sent to Coventry" so to speak until he realizes the errors of his ways and comes back and agrees with the rest of them. They've already been conditioned to consensus.


Jim: Very interesting. Well thank you, Mr. Watt.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, we're run by psychology and psychiatry and science and we are well understood because we're the most studied species on the planet.


Now we've got Jim from Buffalo, New York on the phone. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Yes sir. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Jim:  I've just been listening to your show. Great as always. You mentioned before but you said it in a different context about people not – nobody cares. I'm convinced that it seems to me that nobody cares about anything and when this kind of news like you're telling it's – when you're trying to put forth this info to people, people look at you like you have three heads because I guess if they didn't hear it on CNN or Fox News it's not true. This goes I guess it kind of blends right in to what you're saying about this Delphi Technique. If people are being indoctrinated to think that way, then they're not going to think outside the box, ever. It's a sad state of affairs.


Alan:  It is. However, you go back into the books again and you'll find that many of the big players who understood and set up the think tanks that would eventually implement a lot of this agenda, like Lord Bertrand Russell, they stated in their own books that they would create a situation, a state, a mental state of apathy amongst the general population. They went into it in some detail as to how they'd bring this about. The whole idea was through constant repetition of daily news with little blurbs coming from government agencies that people would psychologically begin to accept they were inferior, their lives were being controlled, they'd accept it, and that they didn't have rights et cetera; all the thinking was done by their betters above them, these special people; and that's happened. You have a state of apathy where people feel that everything is out of their control anymore. Plus, with the wars on the family, which were very real wars, they were scientifically brought into play and promulgated through magazines and talk shows and so on until you have a dysfunctional system. People are in an apathetic state and when they're all divided and conquered, it's much easier to steamroll ahead with this scientific type dictatorship that they plan to ultimately admit is being used on the public.


Jim:  Right, and the mainstream media and advertising agencies do this to us every minute of every day.


Alan:  Again, Bertrand Russell in the 1920's and again in the '50's reiterated that very point. He says we must bring the experts in psychological manipulation, he says, "Madison Avenue and the others in to work with us because they understand how to motivate the public and make them do things they would otherwise not do."


Jim:  Yes, and this is why we have a nation of sheep.I don't know. Where are you from, Mr. Watt?


Alan:  Scotland.


Jim:  Scotland. Are you there now? Is that where you do the shows, where they're coming from?


Alan:  No, I'm not in Scotland now. If I was in Scotland now, I'd be in some prison in London.


Jim:  Oh I'm sorry. I forgot about that. Actually, once in a while the mainstream media throws you a – I like to say they throw you a bone, but then they don't really give you any details. Yesterday, just for the record, I think it was yesterday afternoon, National Public Radio here reported that the level of autism has gone up quite a bit and I don't know if you've heard this or not.


Alan:  I get a lot of reports on that.


Jim:  But they chose to then follow it up with someone who told us that they had no idea why.


Alan:  Of course, of course.


Jim:  So I don't understand what the point of even telling us was.


Alan:  The point is to familiarize you with the idea of a form of inevitability that this is so. You accept it eventually, the more you hear it as being a new normal. They're always giving us new normals and however aberrant it happens to be, it does become a new normal in the minds of the public because they don't think through it on a conscious level. They just hear it through repetition.


Jim:  Right. You mean as opposed to the complete absence of this disease say 50 years ago?


Alan:  That's right. It used to be one in 100,000 and even then it was evident from birth; the new autism, the new normal autism happens within about two weeks after having its first inoculations and that's standard now.


Jim:  And we just don't ask any questions anymore, right? I mean that's really--


Alan:  Well, part of it was the mercury but that's a red herring too. Mercury is definitely not nice for the brain. They knew that back in the 1800's when they used it to fight syphilis. They knew the effects on the brain. However, I really do and I've come to the conclusion that when these characters a hundred years ago talked about bringing the population down, by sterilizing the populations, by attacking parts of their brain which gave them their critical thinking abilities, I think they have done it through the inoculations and I think they've inserted specific chemicals and viruses that target certain parts of the brain, because peoples IQs – you probably know that, we have a new normal for the IQ level; it's down a few points. They've dropped it officially.


Jim:  Yes, yes, very interesting. Well, I would hope that people start to wake up. I don't know what else to say.


Alan:  Yes, I agree. I don't think it's up to the masses. The masses will probably go whichever way they've gone in previous times, but big changes don’t happen by the masses. It's always by the few who can retain consciousness, who can stand up at the right places at the right times and point to those who are doing this and speak eloquently enough with enough historical data and facts to back it up, and suddenly the king has no clothes and the spell is broken. You can appeal to the emotions of the public as well, because we have to get those emotions back. The bonding emotions that kept us together as your survival mechanisms, that can be appealed to because ultimately it is true if the public eventually look down at the ground when you appeal to their emotions and ask them do you really care about other people or don't you give a damn? When they don't give a damn, it's over for them. There's no doubt about it, but we will go through hell, absolute hell through this scenario and we'll see the Battle of the Titans as they war amongst each other at the top. It does not look good for the general public but some of us will come through and hopefully the lessons learned can be taught to the very young forever so that they can avoid this kind of thing ever happening again.


Jim:  Well thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Back after these messages. Hi. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Nate in Alabama here. Hello?


Nate:  Hey Alan. How you doing?


Alan:  I'm surviving here.


Nate:  I hear you. You have a pretty interesting show. Earlier, you was touching on the cell phones and having all your financial information in it and being convenient and everything. I would like to confirm that because when I was in Japan last year I actually seen this technology and the guy I was with he had all his credit card information in his cell phone. He used it to purchase stuff and you know it's really convenient. If you've ever been there in a train station it's really chaotic and you could pull up any train station and the schedules and the maps and pretty much anything you wanted to do is on the cell phone.


Alan:  Once we're in it, of course, there's no going back you understand. Once a certain percentage of the population accepts something under this so-called term "democracy," it's made law and it will be the only way to go, because one way or another we've all got to get tracked and traced by the authorities. The cell phone will be used for a few years and then in will come the chip by law and that definitely – that's the whole object of us getting trained step-by-step. Computer to cell phone to chip.


Nate:  Yes, I agree with that. Actually, pretty much everybody's got a cell phone except me and that's how they're probably tracking everybody right now.


Alan:  It is, yes.


Nate:  But I just wanted to confirm that because I have seen it with my own eyes and I know it's out there.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Nate:  Okay, thank you.


Alan:  Bye now. Now there's Mark from New York. Are you there, Mark?


Mark:  Yes. Good evening, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Mark:  Good. Your show is great as usual and your last caller's right on the dime with the cell phones and the caller before that saying that he hopes that people will wake up and I sure hope so. They wake up soon because I heard a conversation today of truck drivers talking about a major slowdown coming very soon in the near future. He was talking to a baker who owns a bakery and he said he can barely stay in business because of the price of wheat, the price of flour; and the truck driver said with the price of diesel, he thinks that in a very short time he's not going to be able to deliver the goods anymore.


Alan:  That's dead on. They're going to create a massive crisis in the food industry, as with everything else, because food is a weapon and just today even in Canada the price of a loaf went up 20 cents. It's going up by 40 cents in the next couple of weeks and they're creating this supposed wheat shortage across the world. They've announced we've only got 50 percent of last year's wheat because of bad crops, but it's all lies. The five agri-food businesses have been taking over the entire world supply of food.


Mark:  Yes I know that. I'm trying to get my supply of wheat in right now for the oncoming food shortage. Unfortunately, other people don't believe me. They think that I'm fooling around.


Alan:  You have to just do what you know is coming. Prepare for it yourself because food is going to go sky high and be used as an ultimate weapon. The United Nations Ministry of Agriculture stated that years ago they would use food as a weapon.


Mark:  Right. Well, I hear the music and thank you for taking my call, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I'll be back with more in the next show. As for Hamish and myself (Hamish is my dog), up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)