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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 31st of March 2008. I've been tremendously busy over this weekend, as I am with all weekends. I don't have a day off here. I'm trying to answer mail and email and so on, and so for those I don't get back to, don't feel I'm just knocking you out. It's just that there's too much to do here. There's no staff and I have strep throat as well, which doesn't help matters any. That's just the way it goes.


Over this weekend I was also looking at different articles from across the world about how the world is being taken down and over at the same time, all in unison everywhere. Same techniques that were used, techniques which show you that planning was done such a long, long time ago for these events. Before I go into it, I should also mention to look into That's the official website for me and look into for transcripts in the various languages of Europe and hopefully I'll be adding more to them. I've got more translators coming in all the time. The reason people are coming in is because a lot of people are waking up as they see the system, the old system, disappearing. It's a shock initially because most folk never notice anything unless the media tells them to look. The media tells them what to worry about, what not to worry about and people actually disregard their own sensibilities and perceptions and observations if it's not on the media. That's how easy it is.


A good example of that is the spraying in the skies. It's been going on now since '98 continuously. They were testing it long before then but continuously from '98 onwards and it's become such a normal occurrence that NASA has put out a movie for junior schools so that they'll all get taught these are condensation trails, which tells us all this is long, long term project. They're going for the next generation. They'll be growing up and seeing this their whole lifelong no doubt.


Most folk think in short-term planning. Very few people have the ability for long-term planning and by short-term I mean how many things can you do in the next six months, a year, two years, five years at a stretch and we hope to see things completed in our lifetime; and because of that natural way of looking at things, they don't see the long, long term planning of big foundations, institutions which work and hire and retire men and hire more men every generation. They carry on in the same agenda and that's how the world truly is run.


A long, long time ago, when I was small actually, I remember reading in a newspaper about the United Nations and how it was going to bring the minimal healthcare across the world and of course those countries who were paying for it all at the time, the Western world, it never dawned on them that they would be brought down to minimal as well and that's been happening for years. As far back as the '70's in Canada, instructions went out from prime ministers one after the other over a ten-year period to start crisis creation in the health industry. Now they're going the same route as Europe, where they're bringing nurses in to stand in for doctors as they pull the plug on the healthcare system and it will get more difficult to get treatment even for simple things. I'll be back with more of this after these messages.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and discussing some of the effects we're seeing today. That's what freaks people out really is the effects you see and that's why people go round like little mice chattering about what they're doing today and what they're doing now, what they're going to do next week and without realizing that nothing is happening today that wasn't planned probably long before they were born. Much, much longer in fact before they were born because you don't set up a system to take over a world, a long-term war, without massive input with think tanks and logistical experts and experts from all different parts of the warfare facilities – the big complex, the military-industrial complex. You don't spend 20 or 30 years building up front organizations which are real institutions or real corporations even, which sell real products to the public, but really they're all backed by CIA and staffed by it. It takes a long, long time to set the groundwork and most of the guys, the big builders (remember what they say about the builders), it would sometimes take seven and sometimes eight generations of stonemasons to build a cathedral in Europe in the Middle Ages. The guys who started it and the guys who worked through it knew they'd live their whole lives on projects they would never see completed. That's how the system is run.


Today as I say we're seeing the rumblings of the effects just starting throughout the whole world because in warfare to conquer a people you must conquer the mind first of all and that was done primarily through a standardized international education system. It was also done by making sure that a few main news handlers like AP and Reuters and so on are really all one. Repetition, remember, as Russell said, is very important to indoctrinate the people, and the media, all the media cooperates. All the media cooperate in this big plan to shape your mind and I remember in Britain when the news would come on at 6 o'clock at night and I was very small and there was no sports in it. There was no Hollywood in it whatsoever. The only sports that came on was on a Saturday in the afternoon for a couple of hours and it was almost overnight one week – at the end of the week there was nothing but sports, sports, sports. Everything was changed and they gradually brought the Hollywood bimbos in and their affairs and all this stuff, fashion and all the rest of it, until you had this surrealistic – in no time at all, a surrealistic of supposedly news where horror was mixed with trivia and farce. This was a technique of course they discussed and it was published as well and various people who worked at the Tavistock Institute in London, the institute for mind control you might say.



I saw it. I lived through the stages where they changed everything until everything is sports and Hollywood and so on mixed with horror and slaughter and so on until nothing is real. Nothing really is real and the newspapers at the same time changed as well from being very conservative. In other words, just newspapers and no commentaries by the journalists, just straightforward fact that was given to them, and it changed to more commentaries and you'll find that with reporters now. They give a commentary, their take on whatever they're discussing or writing about. The same newspapers suddenly became full of sports and then in came the rock era and so on, drugs, yah-de-yah, and promoted from the top down and I was so amazed to see the BBC, but I knew at that time, too, it was all staffed by people from Eaton (Eton). They wouldn't take any members of the public unless they came from Eaton on their payrolls to keep it all in the upper crust families you see. Here's the upper crust, the ones that you would think would be the last ones to push the base rock and roll, sex, drugs and all that stuff. They were the ones who were doing all the pushing and at that time the BBC was the only station on television you could get in Britain. It was rather phenomenal and I noticed that and I did ask questions to older people and they couldn't answer my questions for me. In fact, they were astounded that I was even asking why those who control the country were promoting what seemed to be the very anti-establishment system from the top; they were promoting it.


We all know today and there have been many exposes about it that the big secret service type societies like high departments of CIA and even ones above the CIA, and yes there are people above them too, were bringing in drugs and MI6 was doing the same in Britain and funding lots of the big black-ops. Their budgets with this kind of money knowing darn well that down the road they'd have a situation where people would be crowded into inner cities and there would be problems there, but they wanted the problems. You cannot build up a police force into an army and that's what they've done in every country in the Western world. They've built police forces into armies, huge armies. You couldn't do it without a reason. You have to create the problem to give the solution and this war on drugs was the greatest one they could think of and it's worked very well.


All the science fiction movies that came out in the '60's, '70's, and '80's showed a future of overcrowded cities with a tremendous poverty at the bottom. The masses would be in poverty and you would have these storm trooper type cops that would go in to the inner cities all dressed in this strange body armor that we now see appearing, but the sci-fi guys got it right apparently 30 or 40 years ago. They got it right because they had it from the horse's mouth. They got all those stories to write about from the Futurist Society.


Predictive programming and also when the video games came in, that was the clincher. I knew a generation were going to be raised into adulthood at least in time to join the forces and with the breakdown, the destruction of family and even a war between male and female that didn't exist before, being pushed by Gloria Steinem and others, who now it's publicly admitted they were funded by the CIA, then I knew there would be no opposition to this. Children growing up pick up the powerful ones to follow. They pick the same characters as they had in their video games, the guys who win with the big guns and the Ninja outfits with the black suits; and I knew by the immigration they were bringing in, massive immigration, and in a country – I remember during the '60's and '70's in Britain which was being de-industrialized, de-industrialized heavily. Massive unemployment. Welfare rolls were incredible at that time, all by design because it was planned to de-industrialize Britain when they signed the last part of the United Nations treaty. Old Winston did more than just lie to the public over and over.


I knew as I say that one day they were actually setting up a chessboard for trouble down the road, which they would spark when it was time, because I knew an age of chaos was being planned to bring a whole new system in with a totally different way of living, and I mean so alien to where we are even now, they'd have to create total chaos. That's chaos from every direction: For food, for work, for gasoline, for shelter, energy of all kinds and now they've built up these massive armies of faceless creatures we call police and military. They built them up for the present day.


In the Daily Mail they're starting to use these faceless characters just like the sci-fi's as I say that they brought out in the '70's and '80's. The Daily Mail has this particular article from the 27th of March 2008.


            "Thousand police raid drug gangs…"


Alan:  Drug gangs.


"…in north London."


Alan:  In other words, they sent 1,100 cops, an army of police all dressed up with their gear into the streets in parts of London.


It says here:


            "Police today smashed gangs dealing in class A drugs and stolen goods in a series of “unprecedented” swoops."


Alan:  Remember, this is an official cop release, so you don't know what's true.


            "In one of the Met's biggest operations, more than 1,100 officers stormed 40 addresses…"


Alan:  Isn't that overkill?


            "…and 19 firms in Islington. Investigations focused on a network involved in heroin, cocaine, stolen goods and fraud."


Alan:  Now the heroin – anyone who's followed the drug wars should drag out a book called "Dope Incorporated". Dope, Inc. with the history of these particular drugs with all the evidence in it of who brought it in, who set it up. We know forever for instance that the French connection – they even made movies about it. All the heroin comes from France from Marseille, some from Germany now; but they bring in cocaine, stolen goods and fraud supposedly for this raid.


            "In one raid, police stormed Blackstock Road, hitting 19 businesses from butchers to internet cafés and fast food outlets."


Alan:  Now you've got to understand this is also a training exercise not to just get the public accustomed to this but also to get the cops accustomed to it, to get them hardened.


            "A stretch of the north London road was barricaded as more than 40 vans ferried in officers in riot gear. Police hope to pick up at least 70 suspects. Hours earlier, 40 warrants…"


Alan:  Forty warrants.


            "…were executed in dawn swoops in north and north-west London. Other addresses in Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire and Leeds were also targeted. "


Alan:  You should see the photographs here. Nothing but cops, armies of cops in streets. Back with more after the following messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt. We're cutting through the matrix and I've been reading from an article from the Daily Mail, 27th of March 2008 concerning these massive armies of police now raiding homes, businesses and so on in parts of London. Get used to it because that's how they're training us for the future because we’re all going to get packed into these big overcrowded cities and they'll have their goon squads to rapidly deploy – and that's what rapid deployment forces are all about. These combinations of police from other areas all come together called rapid deployment forces. You thought it was just the military under the United Nations; no, it's also your police as well and they'll be raiding your places to see if you have an extra tin of beans that wasn't on your debit card and you didn't get marked off for it, or whatever else is in your home. They're training you to be helpless and to feel powerless as we steamroll into this New World Order. It's coming to a place near you. Read the article for yourself and look at the photographs that they give you. Incredible photographs, just thousands and thousands of these goons, a lot of women there too, if that's what they are, and it's just incredible – an army going through streets to raid the people. Fantastic. Who would have ever thought in jolly old England?


Now I'll go to the callers since we have a bunch already. We've got – I'll take John from London. I think he's a long distance so we'll try him first. Hello John. Are you there?


John:  Yes, hello Alan.


Alan:  Yes.


John:  It's a pleasure to speak to you and I've been listening to your show now for about a year and it's just good stuff, keep up and I just wanted to ask you a little bit on what you know on Manley P. Hall and what your opinions on his thoughts and philosophies and stuff. After you answer, if I could come back and speak to you about the Blackstone raid on the weekend.


Alan:  Manley P. Hall was definitely a high mason. This is an interesting phenomena. You'll find some of the high masons were funded by very wealthy women and it was a multi-millionairess who funded him to sit and write all of his books for the Masonic institutions; and part of it was to set up what they called the Philosophic Society, a front cover for all New Age (what we now call New Age) type books and phenomena, but a long time ago he talked about interdependence – global interdependence would be brought to the world. Everything in fact in this whole system to do with the end of private property or the end of marriage and so on might come as a shock to people to realize it comes from the books of freemasonry. The very high books of freemasonry and even the gender, the end of even traditional marriages and so on, and avocation that a school system, a universal student school system, would indoctrinate the children. That was all pushed by high freemasons worldwide and it's almost exactly the same as the Communist Manifesto. It's an interwoven completely with it.


Manley P. Hall in his speech at Carnegie Hall in New York, December 2, '42, this is what he says:


            "Mere physical reconstruction of ravaged countries and the reorganization of political, economic and social systems is a lesser task we will face."


Alan:  That's a lesser task.


"The larger problem and the great challenges in how to setup a New World Order or a new order of world ethics firmly established on the foundation of democratic idealism. They are recognizing the necessity of conceiving the world as one interdependent structure."


These are the same terms that Margaret Thatcher later on used and George Bush and so on, but it's all from freemasonry all of this whole agenda.


John:  Just one more thing, Alan. The Blackstone raid that happened over the weekend, and I don't know if you heard about it over there, but in the UK it was news these people are basically being targeted for Algerians. That was the way it was portrayed in the news, you know, our guys are going to get these foreigners, these foreign [inaudible] because they're doing drugs and doing illegal things; and that's the way it was sold here.


Alan:  That makes sense. As I say, I saw them setting up the chessboard by the massive immigration and then concentrating these immigrants in specific areas and it was evident to me that one day they would cause explosions in those areas. That's why they were doing it.


John:  Okay, Alan. Thank you. Good job. Thanks a lot.


Alan:  Take care. Yes, they set up the grand chessboard long ago and now they're stirring it up because they want riots to start and ethic strife to start. Britain is a past master at this. No one else has these techniques down off pat as they do. They're the world's leaders for it.


Now we'll go to Morris in Austin, Texas. Are you there, Morris?


Morris:  Yes Alan. I appreciate your show and just wanted to talk about a situation that's going here in Texas with the Trans-Texas Corridor toll roads. Basically what they're doing is they're having a change agent voted in today during an executive session and this is something that they slipped in, which they normally do during their monthly meetings, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. They have CTRMA which is the capital area of metropolitan – they've basically taken the place of – basically what they've done, Alan, is we have a board with people that are building the roads are not the same people; it's taxation without representation. The people that are building the roads, Campo and CTRMA, which they don't line up. There are people who are voting for roads that the CTRMA can't even build. 


Alan:  Hold on and we'll finish this after this break. Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Morris from Austin, Texas, on the line talking about the toll road situation down there. Would you like to continue, Morris?


Morris:  Basically we have in my opinion a [inaudible] and I'll make it real brief, but the bottom line is that the people that are voting for roads are not even the same people that are building the roads.That's how convoluted its gotten. If you look at our capital – CAMPO, Capital Area Metropolitan Organization, we have another organization that's taken the place of Tex-DOT which is puppet called the CTRMA. They're the ones that are actually going to borrow money to build these roads and so the bottom line is the same people that are building the roads are not even the same people that we elect that are funding the roads. Hays County is not even a part of the CTRMA, but they're on the board and we have unelected officials. So what I'm saying is so convoluted that you'd have to be totally insane to realize unless you – probably 60 percent of Austin doesn't even know what CAMPO represents but the problem is that it's so convoluted. The people that are building the roads are not the people that are voting for the roads to be built and some of the people in other counties voting for these along with people that are on the boards that are not elected, so it's like building the autobahn. Whether it's the Trojan horse or whether it's the autobahn or whether it's the Trans-Texas Corridor, it's all done the same way.


Alan:  It's by deception. It's done by the ignorance of the public who are not kept informed or else they don't want to be informed and everything is contracted out today as you know. A lot of money goes into pockets during these contract deals. I know that for a fact because it's people within state governments who keep me informed. They're up in the offices that actually deal with this and the corruption itself is massive. It's an old boys network and it's all done – really, it's outside of law in a sense. It's kind of like a parallel system and it's done with the acquiescence of the people because they don't know in order to object. They don't know what's happening.


Morris:  Right and we collect over $120,000 a month at these cash toll booths where people throw in their money instead of having a tracker chip on their windshield and so they pay the tolls and it's a break-even proposition, which I believe is a losing proposition, but the CTRMA has even admitted that these toll booths that collect $120,000 a month are break-even and yet this is supposed to increase our transportation and relieve congestion. But hey, I just wanted to tell you that you and Jack Otto, and John Stadtmiller and Republic Broadcasting, I have never called into your show before but you and I really connect. I just want to let everybody know that I do believe in Yahweh my creator, that's my God, and I thank you and I really appreciate your show.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Everything today is so convoluted because it's done through corruption and at the top they don't see it, being good psychopaths at top, they can rationalize anything to suit themselves and they take their payoffs quite simply and usually with no difficulty whatsoever. Most money ends up in private pockets and the rest of these big deals like Halliburton is an umbrella company and they seem to – we've never been told why they're the only company authorized to bring in this global structure across the planet. Really, they simply take the cream off the milk and they pass on through subcontractors all the jobs down below. That's how the system really works, from the federal government right down to your local.


We’ve got Mohammed from Oregon there. Are you there, Mohammed?


Mohammed:  Yes of course and thank you very much for taking my call, Mr. Alan, and not only your last caller, I appreciate you. We all appreciate you for what you're doing to RBN and WTPRN and you have give us the truth and let us get the truth from you. Otherwise, we don't get the truth in CNN or MSNBC. My comments are on Iran situations are very, very tense right now. It's called operation [inaudible] ethnic attack by U.S. forces on Iran planned. Russia and military resources [warned] and they are asking for emergency UN Security Council to possibly to not that this happens and United States are going to use B52 bomber from Diego islands in the Indian Ocean and they are going to bomb Iran 4 a.m. April 6th until 4 p.m. local time. And I have seen two other version of the same story, one from Officer Jack from RBN that he's respected too like you. He said that actually there is going to be three cities nuked in United States--


Alan:  I wouldn't go along that line, to be honest. All these predictions end up being nonsense. These guys have been at this for a long time with predictions. I'll tell you how things work in the real world. In the real world no one has a clue. When it hits you it's when you least expect it and it's generally the last thing you would expect. Right now, united Europe is amalgamating all of the armies and the top military boys have just announced it. They must unite the armies because they're going to have riots across the whole continent of Europe in the very near future over food, the lack of food because of the supposed decline in crops. That's what's happening too. You see, we don't look at what's really there. These guys, remember, are long-term planners and they'll hit us with plagues when it's the right time and more than anything else. There's an age of chaos where they're going to bring in everything in at once and that's the only way you can terrify the public. Very simple animalistic behavioral control – you terrify the victims and that's what they're going to bring down. They have sitting ducks today. They have a dumbed-down stupefied spoiled TV ridden culture that can't imagine it ever changing and they could never feed themselves if they had to. They wouldn't know even how to pick a vegetable out of a garden if they saw it. They're sitting ducks for what's coming down. They have no clue of the real world. They live in the matrix that's been given to them and they'll crack up completely and there will be riots.


That's why the Department of Defence published 30 years of rioting starting very shortly and escalating. The big boys have taken over the world's entire food supply. They've used genetic warfare on the crops of the world in certain areas, Africa. Now they've got a crop disease, a wheat disease that goes for the stem and has spread now into Iraq; and remember those Iraqis were forced to use Monsanto. Monsanto's particular crop is wide open to this particular disease and the same thing is now going into Iran and Pakistan. It's spreading, so they've going after your food supply. They've already contaminated your water supply. They add chemicals and drugs to it and they're spraying us like bugs. These are the things that we do know about and that's the things to keep your eyes open for, because the boys are playing for everything that you need for individual and collective survival.


Mohammed:  But you remember that two months ago there was three places Homeland Security had the drill, the dirty bombs. Portland was one of them and Phoenix and another island in United States, so they had [inaudible] already in Portland. So with the [inaudible] analogy of the situation, I mean I was just worried that maybe we will have something coming this week or very soon in Portland and we were worried.


Alan:  If anything happens it will be either a pandemic which is real (it's been released) or else they'll just show someone on a stretcher carried by people in biochemical suits. That's all we have to get shown and then they go into panic mode, just like the mad cow disease. They kept showing the same one cow staggering across the farmyard in every country over and over for the whole year, the same cow, and because of that they killed off the whole meat supply of Britain. We're dealing here with masters. These guys do the biggest deception you can imagine. It's like Adolph Hitler said, if you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a really big lie because people can understand little lies, because they do it in their little lives too, but it's the big lie they can't imagine ever telling; and that's what they do. Therefore, be very, very careful about predictions and so on. Now we do know that [Gordon] Brown in Britain has been in the national papers. He himself has hyped up right now telling us it's definitely going to be the plague and we also know that those particular exercises in the U.S. were primarily geared, not what they said to do with fallout from dirty bombs, but actually to do with plague containment. That's what it's really all about.


Mohammed:  Yes. Actually in Long Beach, California, in the northbound freeways, there have been many, many tanks and many, many are more cars going northwards in Long Beach, California. So I don't know. So you're telling us we don't need to be worried, or half-and-half, something like that?


Alan:  I'm not worried about the predictions. I've listened to these guys talking about nukes for years and given predictions of when it's going to happen. Most of that comes out of disinformation, info specialists and PSYOPS, and it's spread down to the bottom to keep everybody in a panic.


Mohammed:  Oh, okay. So that's good. Thank you for your clarification in this because so I feel a little bit better and calmer too because I was worried.


Alan:  Don't let it get to you. As I say, it's a common thing. They've been passing this disinfo forever. A while back, it was yap, yap, yap all over talk radio about something going off in New York Harbor. That came from PSYOPS as well.


Mohammed:  Oh, I see. Thank you very much indeed for all the clarification you have made. Thank you, sir.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Maggie in Texas there. Are you there, Maggie?


Maggie:  Hello Alan. I have a question about freemasonry, but first Morris' call reminded about the Trans-Texas Corridor and toll roads reminded me that quite recently a very, very key player in that whole situation died unexpectedly. He had been in the news on an almost daily basis and he was chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission and there's definitely no difference whatsoever. It’s absolutely amazing. It was like a non-event. It shows you how interchangeable they are.


Alan:  They are and what they do is they set up what they call "must-be's."  A must-be means that they go ahead with their agenda. Nothing is going to stop it. No public input, complaint, demonstration is going to have any effect on it whatsoever. We saw that in Australia. In Australia when Prime Minister Howard was in, he said on national television and radio in Australia, he said I came into this office with a mandate. "A mandate" and he said that nothing and no amount of protestation is going to affect it. He said go ahead and make as many protests as you want. He says nothing is going to change this mandate; and that's the same the world over now.


Maggie:  Yes, I can see that. My question about freemasonry, I've wondered about this for a long time. You're the person who can answer it. I'm noticing how many people of importance are high-level freemasons and assuming that it must take some degree of time and work to get there, I would like to know how do the truly ambitious people advance through freemasonry? Is it done like in classes like a school?


Alan:  Actually up to the 32nd degree it's not difficult. Lots of folk go into the Blue Lodge. They all go into the Blue Lodge to start and in the Blue Lodge they do their 3 degrees and from there they can go into either the York Lodge Rite or they can go into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. They have the two to choose from to go up the ladder quickly. If you can pay the money you can get up very quickly. You pay up to the 32nd degree. The 33rd is honorary; however, you're also tested along the way according to any particular gift that you have that they could use. If you have importance as a newspaper man in the local area, anything like that, they'll help you up.


Maggie:  Okay. Now as far as the actual reading and study that must be done, is it self-paced so that each person goes at their own?


Alan:  Some of them, when they want them up badly enough, they're almost carried through it you might say. All they have to remember is they'll be asked questions and they have to give repetitious answers.


Maggie:  I see, okay. So say they want someone, they want to promote someone, then that person can get up there relatively quickly; is that correct?


Alan:  There's a guy on one of the talk radio stations who got up to 32nd degree in a week.


Maggie:  Oh my gosh. Okay. Well, that explains a few things. I've often wondered how people found the time to do this.


Alan:  They don't do heavy study into anything at all, to be honest with you, and even those guys don't know an awful lot. However, if you have particular abilities or you're in a good position of control over people in some way, there is also a side-degree they can pull you off from the main lodge and you're given the real inner truths to the agenda.


Maggie:  Okay. Thank you very much. I've also noticed that there's a resurgence of women's lodges, not Eastern Star but women's lodges.


Alan:  Yes, there's hundreds of them, different names. You're right.


Maggie:  Cuba. Some of it is starting in Cuba and going to Latin America. Okay, I'll get off. Thank you so much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Yes, there's only one religion running the world and that's it, it's masonry and it's in every little village. It's in every town, every city and just look at the billboards as you drive into the towns across Canada, for instance, and it's the first big billboard you'll meet. "Welcome to Sudbury," for instance, and there's all the myriads of different associations of freemasonry, male and female, and that tells you who runs that town—and they do.


Now we've got PJ from the UK there. Are you there, PJ?


PJ:  Good evening, Alan, and thank you very much for your program and thank you for highlighting this police raid in London. The size of the raid is important. The most shocking thing is and it's probably a number of years since you lived here but it's even shocking for me who does live here. They are wearing the European Union uniform of blue and yellow. That's the European rapid reaction force uniform. Do you believe that?


Alan:  I do and that's the right terms. We all thought that rapid reaction was to do with the UN and military going abroad somewhere. No, it's at home.


PJ:  Oh yes. Just one brief thing, I know you're running out of time, but under the [inaudible] he signed the European arrest warrant which is the European police--


Alan:  Can you hold on for this break?  Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got PJ still on the line from the UK. Continue please.


PJ:  Okay, thank you very much, Alan. I'll just be very brief. Now this is the culmination of Tony Blair agreeing to the European arrest warrants because the way it would be worked is it doesn't have to be police coming across the channel on a boat. It's a combined operation of British police; but that is quite a shocking photograph, blue and yellow. No police force wears blue and yellow. That's the European Union arrest warrant and you probably know this. The European arrest warrant has a clause in it. If they come in here and arrest you, say French police come in to arrest a British person, and if in the course of arresting you they shoot you dead, they have immunity for life. That's been written in legislation and you can check that out; but that photograph is massive and I'll save that and if you'd like to save it I'll send it down to John Stadtmiller because it's such a telling photograph. But thank you for highlighting that.


Alan:  It's the shape of things to come everywhere.


PJ:  Oh, even I who am immersed in this almost as much as you are, I'm quite shocked to see that photograph. It's quite shocking, but the Daily Mail is a campaigning newspaper and it's – how many years since you lived in the UK by the way?


Alan:  I've been back and forth up until ten years ago.


PJ:  I lived in Bronte, Ontario and in Alberta too. Very different parts of Canada but I have to say one thing, last point. Canada is the home of political correctness. I think they invented it. How do you put up with that there?


Alan:  I'm very "non-correct." I'm very "incorrect" in everything here, but the people understand it.


PJ:  Okay. I'll talk to you again but thank you for highlighting that.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


PJ:  Thanks a lot.


Alan:  It's incredible what they're doing. They're also eradicating the histories of Ireland, and again, de-culturalization. There's many ways of genocide and destroying history is one. Tara, one of the oldest, oldest, ancient sites in Ireland is being destroyed for a motorway to go through it and Tara goes back to ancient times, pre-biblical times even. Although some people say it was founded by the daughter, whether real or imaginary, of Jeremiah. There's an old Pictish fort there, even a wooden one underneath the other one, that dates about 5,000 BC and it's being completely destroyed to eradicate the history – part of the history of Ireland. You wouldn't believe what's going on in this world today because they want to bring a world culture, a new type of culture where we're all one, all the same, all politically correct. What a world that would be, eh? We'd all talk like robots to each other and we can't say anything unique. Mind you, most folk can't say very much unique today because they don't think for themselves.


Now we've got Rick from California. Maybe very quick we'll try and fit him in.


Rick:  Hey Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Rick:  Hi. I was just curious. What happens up in the 300's degrees and who occupies those kind of positions?


Alan:  Then you're in to the real money boys and high royalty as well, because the noble orders take over from the 33rd degree.


Rick:  Who occupies 360th degree today? Do you know?


Alan:  I don't know who it would be. I'm sure they're even above Brzezinski and the guys that you see on the media. They say they're the hidden masters; they never appear in the public limelight for a good reason. These are the characters who really control the world, but there's very, very old family names involved, but they do tend to keep themselves out of the newspapers, out of all media, so anyone who appears in the media is a front, even the Rockefeller family. They're high up certainly but they're not the crème de la crème.


Rick:  You mentioned a certain family. I can't remember the name of it but it's the people who do the astrology books and stuff is the same name. I can't remember.


Alan:  Anyway, the thing is we'll carry this on the next time--


Rick:  Yes, definitely, okay.


Alan:  The show's ending right now.


Rick:  Thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, up in a wet and cold Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)