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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 2nd, 2008. Newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as many shows over the years I've done on the great, big, Great Work, the New World Order, as you want to and put all the pieces together for yourself. Look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu where you can download transcripts in the various tongues of Europe.


We're surely on the highway to hell here because this great new utopia that's emerging out all around us and being publicized in newspapers everyday is conditioning the public to this new great prison system. I was thinking about the last talk I did on RBN concerning the raids, these massive battalions of police raids in London area, and that's to condition the police and the public to a new order of things. It reminds me of the old prison movies you see. Very boring depressing movies on prisons and you'd see the prisoners getting thrown up against the walls every so often and in come the goons and they throw them around the floor and look under the mattress and so on, and it's just the same thing that's happening now. They're getting the public used to the fact that their apartment or their home is just a prison cell and it can be raided at any time and eventually over the years this will become the normal, the new normal, and everyone will adapt. All the politically correct people will adapt and say, "well, I've got nothing to hide and I don't mind," as their place gets ransacked. That's what's coming down.


In the U.S. the police are trying these voluntary search to get them used to the same idea and some U.S. states have simply turned around and said no; and I hope they can keep that going because this is a must-be agenda. In other words, it was planned a long time ago. They never give up. They always come around in another direction and hit you again with the same thing. They may call it a different name or whatever but they don't give up. These characters do not compromise. They don't know what compromization means and they'll come back again for the same thing, so they're turning the world as I say into a giant prison and training the public. It's all Pavlovian training and they're using the guise of drugs, too much drugs, and we know that the CIA and MI6 and so on have been bringing the drugs in for many, many years. You can trace the drugs even to Britain back to the Rothschild's when they started up the Bayer Company. That was the real family name and it's now based in Switzerland I believe. It's still going too and they were selling lots of different potions in little chemist shops they called them and in every potion there was opium or opium derivative and they couldn't quite get the public hooked on that because the British pub system was too popular. Beer won out over the opium eventually. However, they've been at this for a long time controlling the public through drugs and the big massive amounts of drugs that come in to the countries are not smuggled in through condoms inside someone's stomach. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, going through some of the conditioning processes that are occurring right now. Now for many years they've gone by the old Stalinist agenda of making sure you build up an internal army, the secret police and the open police. They simply recruit vast numbers of them and pay them better and better gradually until they are your men and women. They're bought and paid for and they'll do whatever they're told, and they've done that all over the Western world and using drugs to do it. The 'war on drugs' has been going on forever and it will never end, of course, because they keep bringing the vast quantities in and too many people have come forward and admitted from Special Forces especially that they were part of bringing in heroin et cetera into the major countries.


We had the whole Oliver North scandal and you couldn't get any higher than that; and it was basically admitted they were bringing it in, the heroin in and cocaine in and so on, for weaponry for their black budgets. That's what they used their money for, supposedly, but it was all sold on the streets of the USA and people got hooked. They didn't care because in total war the whole population are involved, whether you know it or not, and so it was deemed quite okay to have so many of the population marked down as expendable.


This war on drugs has enabled police forces to basically become internal armies for a different purpose. For a purpose that was planned long ago, long ago. As I say, nothing happens spontaneously. It's a result of long-term planning. You don't make mistakes at the top. You don't make those kinds of mistakes. Nothing is a surprise. You don't pay thousands and thousands and thousands of people and think tanks to project the future and how to implement scenarios and look at the comeback and the fallout from those scenarios. You don't pay them that kind of money and give them the kind of lifestyle they live in, very high. You don't pay them all that to make mistakes. They don't do that and it's basically run as a science.


Stalin also said the next ones you must pay very well are the teachers because they are the ones who will control the generations by implanting the first indoctrinations into the minds of children; and that goes back to the willing fools. The willing fools are those people who must be used to indoctrinate others. In other words, it's far better to have people who truly believe in what they're doing. You have to be conditioned and indoctrinated first in order to indoctrinate other ones effectively. I'm talking about the Teacher Federation and the International UNESCO type idea of bringing in this world culture, this new world culture all based and mixed in with the New Age.


You might be surprised to know that Khrushchev in the 1960's had spies out working full-time, departments checking up on the New Age movements in the West to see if they were prospering and blossoming and having an effect on the people. Very interesting, that part of it. Here's the teachers and the Teachers Federation.


This is a mail that went round to many, many teachers in the United States and elsewhere to come to a meeting and the meeting is called "Seats of Compassion" from April 11th to the 15th, 2008 in Seattle it's being held. "Seeds of Compassion" and listen to this and how it's worded. Now it's worded towards a matriarchal system, which primarily the teacher associations have come under; they've fallen into that. Very politically correct inside there.


            "Seeds of Compassion" is a five day gathering to engage the hearts and minds of our community."


Alan:  Our community. Everything is community. Commutarianism is the word first given to the West by Bush, Sr.


            "…our community by highlighting the vision…"


Alan:  The vision you see.


            "…science and programs of early social, emotional and cognitive learning. Science, philosophy and the world, the world's wisdom traditions…"


Alan:  Here you have wisdom traditions you see. You don't have religions – wisdom traditions.


            "…have shown us that we are one humanity, one earth family with a common destiny."


Alan:  I guess that's the crystal ball part, the destiny part, because that's part of it. It's a religious term you see. You either have an agenda, a plan or you have a destiny.


Then they go on to say:


            "There's the perception and the experience of this interconnectedness…"


Alan:  Well, we're all one, you see, interconnected.


            "…this interconnectedness that brings a profound change in human consciousness towards the realization of a compassionate, just and sustainable world."


Alan:  Where have we heard all this before? That we're all one and interconnected?


            "In this 90-minute workshop for educators, parents, community leaders and youth will explore some creative examples of how schools and other learning communities that instill a sense of global unity."


Alan:  Global unity.


            "…and compassionate action. Co-host voices in war time, Yes Magazine, compassionate listening project and the Heritage Institute…"


Alan:  They're funding it too.


            "…will showcase several projects that open the mind and heart to the sense that we're all part and responsible to a larger community of life in which our individual lives gain greater meaning. You'll be enriched by music writing, story telling and group discussion…"

Alan:  No doubt they'll throw a bit of Yoga in there too and mediation and visualization, and maybe some tarot reading as well; and that's what the teachers who go round to these workshops they get taught you see. All of this stuff and this is politically correct. In other words, it's almost like a religion. You couldn't speak out against this if you were a teacher. They'd look upon you as the leper of the community and if you have individual ideas you'll be ostracized from them in fact. It's very strict in its political correctness. It's a religion that runs the educational system today and they're all working towards the global system and that's why they are so keen on indoctrinating the very early youth, young children, into this great New World Order, where we can all sit together and meditate together and have a great jolly old time. Just thought I'd read that about that meeting that's coming up.


While all that's happening and they're having a jolly old time and all being one, here's from the BBC – it's from BBC Home Page and this is about the hybrids which they've created. This is just a predictive programming blurb in itself, by Fergus Walsh, Medical Correspondent, BBC News, 1st of April 2008. It says:


            "UK's first hybrid embryos created."


Alan:  Now they're not the first hybrid embryos. It's actually human and animal combined, but it's not the first time they've done it. It's to get us all used to it.


            "Scientists are Newcastle University have created part-human, part-animal hybrid embryos for the first time in the UK…"


Alan:  Listen to this little way that they said this.


            "…the BBC can reveal."


Alan:  The BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation run by the government, so they're allowed to tell you this. They can reveal it to you now, even though we already know it's been happening before.


            "The embryos survived for up to three days and are part of medical research into a range of illnesses."


Alan:  Now that's always the con. You can tell how concerned they are about illnesses since they keep talking about the same illnesses for 100-odd years and put millions of your charity money into it and tax money and they've done nothing to help it, but they can make new humans if they want to from scratch—but they just can't cure these diseases. However, they always use the poor, the ill and the infirm as an excuse for their research. That way we're not so horrified. We'll say, oh well, I guess, maybe, maybe.


            "It comes a month before MPs…"


Alan:  That's Members of Parliament.


            "…are to debate the future of such research. The Catholic Church describes it as "monstrous". But medical bodies and patient groups…"


Alan:  Now we have official patient groups now. They always make sure there are NGOs (like the Soviet Union) that pretend they speak for the public.


            "…patient groups say such research is vital for our understanding of disease."


Alan:  Yes, they really have helped us a lot in the range of disease.


            "They argue that the work could pave the way for new treatments for conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's."


Alan:  Now they had that about 50 years ago. Now here's the excuse too.


            "Egg shortages: Under the microscope the round bundles of cells look like any other three-day-old embryos. In fact they are hybrids - part-human, part-animal. They were created by injecting DNA derived from human skin cells into eggs taken from cows ovaries which have had virtually all their genetic material removed. So what possible justification can scientists offer for doing what the Catholic Church has branded "experiments of Frankenstein proportion"?


Alan:  Well, guess.


            "The Newcastle team say they are using cow ovaries because…"


Alan:  Now listen to this.


            "…human eggs from donors are a precious resource and in short supply."


Alan:  I almost fell off the chair laughing when I heard that because it's in the paper (the same papers) and the BBC almost every week about couples buying eggs from women in Britain and having them fertilized, sent over to India and put in a human host in India to carry it for nine months, generally by male couples. So I mean this is quite a farce as always.


            "The hybrid embryos are purely for research and would never be allowed to develop beyond 14 days when they are still smaller than a pinhead. Scientists want to extract stem cells, the body's master cells, from the embryos, in order to increase understanding of a whole range of diseases from diabetes to stroke and ultimately to produce treatments."


Alan:  Which is another lie.


            "Professor John Burn from Newcastle University says the research is entirely ethical."


Alan:  Now here he goes.


            "This is licensed work which has been carefully evaluated."


Alan:  Now who evaluated it? Well, is it bioethics committees? –which are the eugenics societies, you see.


            "This is a process in a dish, and we are dealing with a clump of cells which would never go on to develop. It's a laboratory process and these embryos would never be implanted into anyone."


Alan:  Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha. I added that part on. That's not in the BBC one.


            "We now have preliminary data which looks promising but this is very much work in progress and the next step is to get the embryos to survive to around six days when we can hopefully derive stem cells from them."



Alan:  Now I think this is a break coming up, so I'll be back in a few moments. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and we've got some problems with the sound, at least on my end. I think it's a dirty slide switch and these things happen in studios, not that I'm in a studio here, it's at the other end. So I'll try and hear the breaks coming up.


Now we'll go to the phones. We've got Robert from New York there. Are you there, Robert?


Robert:  Hello.I have two completely separate questions I'd like to ask. The first is in regards to your discussion about the drugs in the beginning of the show. My question is: Do you know if they altered the drugs they ship in at all? Meaning do they make them more addictive, maybe more toxic, have them produce different effects when you get them on the streets?


Alan:  I've no doubt that they do. They do grade them and depending on the process they use to extract the opium and clean it and so on, the same with cocaine, you can end up with different effects on the user as well. Of course, yes. Also it's very possible, I wouldn't put it past them, to have made really good hybrids, maybe even genetically modify them, just like they did the tobacco plants. They give more nicotine. I'm sure they've done the same things with these particular plants as well. They wouldn't miss that opportunity.


Robert:  Yes, probably, definitely, for sure. My second question is: You've mentioned that the technology we see on the ground is decades behind. The internet in the '30s. Cell phones in the '50s. What do you know or believe to be the most advanced technology that we've had attained?


Alan:  Some of the most advanced definitely is to do with – well, apart from the fact that they can actually control your mind remotely right now if they want to. That can be done. They can affect your body and your functions in your body remotely by any cell phone tower. Now that was published this year or late last year from Finland of all places where they were doing research and they can actually from a cell phone, an actual tower, analyze the patterns, the signature patterns of different bodies around in that area, it's the line of sight so it's miles and miles, pick out an individual if they wish and literally beam from that tower – without moving anything on it, they can actually zone in on you in a three-foot radius and literally affect your body functions or your mind or whatever. That was declassified from the Finnish government. They have that kind of stuff. They also have their 'flying saucers' that have been going around since about the '40's, '50's and they've been making them not just in the U.S. They're making them in Britain too, the North of Scotland, at least, they were very famous for getting seen off Lossiemouth and Findhorn area and you could sit and watch these things. Some of them came out the water. Some of them came out of underground bases, just like Area 51, and this kind of technology too is amazing because the speeds they travel at are incredible and they can literally zip across the sky and stop on a dime. Now if they're piloted at all, they have to be altered to handle those kind of velocities and stopping. They have to have new technologies to create a different kind of atmosphere or gravity within the ship itself or you'd break the neck on any pilot, and it can stop on a time. These things have been around for many, many years. We don't know – we're not told at least, how they're powered. They can blink out of sight and reappear again maybe five minutes later in the same spot. Whether they have some kind of cloaking device or what, we don’t know; but these are very, very advanced craft and they were here before this Roswell nonsense.


Robert:  So we probably have much more advanced space program or interstellar travel achieved than we can imagine?


Alan:  We don't know how far they've gone into interstellar travel. They still haven't explained the Van Allen Belt and how they'd get through it, because technically anything going through it would be fried by radiation and that's never been explained to us. They couldn't even answer that in their question of it going to the moon, how they got through it. They didn't have any answers.


Robert:  Wow. Well, that's all I've got, Alan, so thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Robert:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. Now we've got Antonio from Maryland there. Are you there, Antonio?


Antonio:  Yes. Hello Alan?How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Antonio:  That’s good. I was calling – if I may, can I add on to a couple of things that your first caller just mentioned as far as drugs being a little more addictive and everything. Crack cocaine – do you want me to hold over?


Alan:  We'll carry this on after the break. I think it's coming in. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Antonio from Maryland on the line talking about the alteration of these drugs to make them more addictive. I think you were going to say something about crack, was it?


Antonio:  I was going to say crack cocaine was the government's more addictive formulation for the America public, and I guess for the rest of the world out there it spread; and their official statement on that is: that the CIA or any U.S. government organization was not involved in that, it was a Soviet lie that was spread to pretty much displace the American people on the origins of crack cocaine.


Alan:  The same thing too with some of the variations of marijuana. We know they were hybrid too by the military and even eventually declassified the fact that they'd done it with the actual product numbers and so on, according to particular plants. They have made things far more potent than ever before.


Antonio:  And to get back on topic real quick. The only other thing I wanted to talk with you about was that I guess pretty much most of your listeners probably realize that the government has been pretty much consenting almost with vast approval from the majority of the public sending their countrymen overseas to learn and to be conditioned in the techniques of urban combat warfare, so that when they do come back that almost coincidentally they will almost not notice that these individuals will join the law enforcement department through the local, state and federal agencies, private agencies, and these are the same individuals that as I say have become conditioned for combat and for killing. We know all the news stories we have heard about torturing and everything else without any--


Alan:  It was published in the newspapers here that 95 percent over the last five years I think it is of police recruitment in the U.S., 95 percent is taken from guys who are returning immediately from overseas right into the police forces. It also was published in Canada that the multi-jurisdictional task force – now these are cops from SWAT teams in every town and village has them now – they're sent over in batches with the troops and they showed a segment here on CBC television of them doing the same thing along with the soldiers bashing, kicking down the doors and going in with their guns and dragging all the people out. They're training the cops as well. They're getting their turn over there as well to get trained in the same type of techniques, and you're right. They won't care. They won't care who you are. It's all the same job to them and that's all part of the conditioning, so you're quite right.


Antonio:  Yes, you're right, and I guess these will be the individuals that they will turn loose on a docile and apathetic public if they do not awaken and realize what's going on.


Alan:  There's no doubt that's coming.


Antonio:  Well, I'll let you go, Alan, and nice talking to you again and you have a good evening.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Rick from California. Are you there, Rick?


Rick:  Yes. Hi, Alan. How are you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Rick:  I can hear you pretty well. I have a question I've been meaning to ask you. I've been reading some of these Afrocentric or African historians about people coming over to America from Africa before Columbus and I was wondering would you could say about the voracity or lack of those claims.


Alan:  I haven't really gone into that. I've gone into some of the much more ancient migrations of people into the Americas. I've no doubt whatsoever that people in Latin America, the Inca and different cultures, were brought over from a place of the north of India called Mustang; because if you look at their drawings, the steles they've carved out in their monuments and so on, and even the hats they wore for ceremonies, they're identical. I think they were probably ferried back and forth by the Phoenicians because part of what they did was to move populations across the world to be slave labor, and when they died off or moved off, I think they left them behind. There's too many similarities between them and the natives of the north of Mustang.


Rick:  Thank you for answering that. I have another question. Do you think that we earthlings are going to be able to travel to planets on other star systems in the future, or do you think that we're getting close to that kind of technology?


Alan:  We earthlings would never be given a snowflake's chance in hell of traveling in outer space.


Rick:  I mean did the elites though; have they marked out any planets that they are going to conquer?


Alan:  They've marked out planets. NASA did a two-hour documentary with David Suzuki narrating it on their plans to go to other planets and for mining purposes and by huge projects with machines using new kinds of energy drives, but these will be very long-term agendas. As far as I know, they wouldn't take any humans along for the ride. They don't particularly like us commoners. It will be special people only, I'm sure, and maybe even specially-bred people for the long journeys.


Rick:  I was reading something about NASA is going to put up something in 2014 called Terrestrial Planet Finder and they'll be able to find even chlorophyll in the atmospheres from radio spectroscopy analysis and we'll be able to see optically planets--


Alan:  Most of what NASA tells us is nonsense. It's public relations. NASA's job is to put satellites up there to track us now and for all the tracking and gizmos and gadgets that will be tracking us very shortly. It's a military-industrial complex and NASA is one of the biggest parts of it and they give us all this nonsense about doing experiments in space to see if spiders can breed happily and that's all nonsense. That's just drivel to the public. It covers up their real agenda. NASA is definitely part of the military-industrial complex and all these satellites, these masses and myriads of satellites, one day will be controlling everybody—and I mean controlling them—who have a chip implant in them, and that's what they're putting up there now. They're not into it to see if one planet has chlorophyll or not.


Rick:  Okay. Well my last question is Monsanto means Holy Mountain, right?Okay, all right. Well thank you very much, Alan. You have a nice day.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. We've got Daniel in California. Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel:  I'm here. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can.


Daniel:  Hey, what's going on Alan? Check it out. You know a couple of months back you had a guy call in asking you all these Jesus questions and you guys got into a little beef over – you were telling him basically that you weren't going to argue with him over his belief, which I thought was great because you were right. There's enough pro and cons for religion to keep the argument going on forever. But recently I went on YouTube and this guy put out a video trying to refute what you were saying and what strikes me is that this guy he's not thinking you see. Because you were basically saying that there's a lot of religions out there with sun gods and virgin births and everything, which is verifiable because even the Mayan texts say that and the Incas too and how about [Vericoa] who was born of a virgin birth who died on a cross – actually on two planks of wood. The story is verifiable everywhere but this guy is basically trying to say that you're part of this, the illuminati, in saying that even though you were invited at one point to these functions and you were asked to join higher level ups. He's taking that as you're actually part of them. Do you have anything to say about that?


Alan:  I would never comment on one little individual's thoughts. Why bother?


Daniel:  This guy is a perfect example – you know it's funny because at the beginning he is agreeing with you. He praised you for exposing the things that you do, but then again when it came to his belief and when you shook that it basically scared him. It's kind of like you know your mother. You've known your mother for your whole life and when somebody comes and tells you look this, this and this about your mother a long time ago, they're going to be like, no, they're going to shut you off. Plato's cave basically.


Alan:  You frighten them in their paradigm, you see, their little safety box that they live in. You threaten that. You suddenly make them afraid and generally when people are afraid they attack that which is unknown to them. That's standard.


Daniel:  I just find it funny because these guys like they don’t go and do the research otherwise. They just go do the research that, like you said, they follow the truth under their conditions. They don't want unconditional – truth is not wanted in the world, you know. That's understandable but these guys they can agree with you on certain things but when it comes to their faith in a certain god they're going to try to--


Alan:  That's why we've had war and conflict down through the ages and of course the elites use all of this as we fight each other. It's very handy for them as we all kill each other. I mean personally I wouldn't care if Jesus had a virgin mother. I wouldn't care. It wouldn't matter to me.


Daniel:  That's not the point.


Alan:  And I wouldn't care if he walked on water or not. I think all you're left with are the parts that he said which are eternal truths and basically if you followed some basic simple laws it would be a much, much nicer place, but unfortunately the dogma of the old religion was dumped right on top of Christianity and covered it from the very beginning once Rome took it over, because they already had the Alma Mater, the Queen of Heaven, and they put her back in as Mary.


Daniel:  It makes it evident that how the heavy overdose that our country has of religion.


Alan:  It's incredible. It's incredible and Benjamin Franklin talked about that and he brought over Wesley to talk – even though he himself, Franklin says I can be a Mohammed in Arabia. He says I can be a Buddhist with the Buddhists. He says I can be Christian with the Christians. In other words, he was a man for all seasons, as a good mason is supposed to be. He brought over Wesley because he said that religion is going to be necessary for the mission that the United States has to fulfill. They'd have to use the U.S.


Daniel:  It's crazy. I even get pamphlets in the mail telling me that this one book that they sent me, I got it in the other day and I was reading it. I was going through it because I like to read the other side's stuff. I'm not going to close myself off to them. I'm going to read and see the stuff that they're trying to feed people and I know people eat it right up, but they sent me a book trying to say that they had all the answers. They know the mark of the beast. They know who it is, what, now and all this. You know who, what, when, where, why. They know all of it and the answers are all in this one book and they just happen to send it to me in the mail.


Alan:  They've had many final answers and final books over the last 50, 100 years.


Daniel:  That's why I find it so funny that they're going to send me this stuff trying to feed me these ideas. What's a little scary is that people actually believe this stuff and do you believe that we could bring this about ourselves just by the character is fate deal?


Alan:  What you can be sure of is that these characters who are running the world are using Revelations as a plan. Step-by-step they're using it. They're using it because the conditioned public who will put it all down to as God's will and they'll simply accept it all as God's will. That's how it's done.


Daniel:  We'll just lay down our arms, right? All right, Alan. Well thanks. It was good talking to you again.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we have Kevin in Connecticut. Are you there, Kevin? 


Kevin:  Hi, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. How you doing?


Kevin:  I'm very good. Hey, I've been listening to your show for a while now and a friend of mine told me about your show and I'm really glad he did. I've learned a lot and I just want to say thank you. I have a couple of questions – two actually. 1) From listening to what you're saying over the last couple of months, what I'm wondering is you see a turn in the Book of Genesis where they refer to the Nephilim and I'm wondering if that's maybe some kind of Masonic joke or whatever. What, to your understanding, is exactly what's being referred to in there?


Alan:  You're talking about the Nephilim?


Kevin:  Yes.


Alan:  It's all a very confusing term. It's also actually – Nephilim is also the name of the Nordic land of the dead, Niflheim (in Old Norse, "Niflheimr"), as well, so there's a play on that there too and the giants and the sons of God that looked down et cetera. However, it goes much, much deeper than that because in ancient times the human god (very human gods) lived up high in the mountains in caves. We know from Sumer that they used to go up there and feed them and leave offerings at the mouths of caves for these characters, and they became the first priesthoods really. They studied the peoples for long, long times, watched their behavior from above and let you know the seasons, studied astronomy, the stars, charted it all and they became the first priests. Technically, those 'on high' were the giants, those who lived up in the hills, the mountains and studied the people.


Kevin:  The other question I have is: I listen to a lot of patriot radio and the question I have for you is it just seems like there's so much going on here. You talk about the fact that as far as your concerned with the elite, with the "big boys" as you put it, is right on chorus; so what is the best thing that we little people, for lack of a better term, what can we really do? What's the best way to stand against these people, because it seems like all the cards are stacked against us?


Alan:  You can never stand against them as a physical army, because, number one, you don't have an organized physical army to stand against them. You have to start – if you live in cities, get out of the cities if you can. Learn to live simply with less and at least you're outside of the major harm's way. Cities will be cut off. They'll have ration cards eventually in cities for the food and there will be chaos there. A lot of these big exercises in terrorism is to do with riots in the city. That's what they're really there for: to contain riots that will come down the pike. You don't want to be near them. Get out of the cities. Stock up on food and basics and learn to live very simply with as very little money as possible and give yourself at least that much of a breathing space from what's coming down.


Kevin:  What kind of timeframe do you think we're looking at?


Alan:  The Department of Defence in Britain has already stated from about 2010 for the next 30 years there will be escalating riots as they cut down our energy consumption, gasoline, food. In fact, food is going to be a major one. Medical here has gone to the pits. Medical attention and care is going down the tubes. They're going to give us minimalistic healthcare. It's already happening in Canada big time and Britain and other countries, and so you should stock up on different antibiotics, things that you might need in the future while you can still get them.


Kevin:  Wow. That's good. Well thank you very much and I'll get off the phone so somebody else can call. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. I'll be back with more after this break. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this jolly old matrix. We've got Eric from Ohio on the line. Are you there, Eric?


Eric:  Hi, Mr. Watt. How are you?


Alan:  How are you doing, Eric?


Eric:  I'm doing pretty good. One person earlier was talking about the GM drugs and genetically modified drugs and the marijuana from like 30 years ago did not have the THC that it has now, so I'm sure that's all been modified.


Alan:  Yes it has.


Eric:  And then last show some lady was talking that she wanted to talk about the masonry and how they advanced and my experience when I was a mason – let me specify that very clearly--


Alan:  You were 32 degrees there, weren't you?


Eric:  No, 3 degrees. When you would come up to situations that were kind of shady, they wanted to make sure – they'd want you to go a certain direction and course. I was a little bit too ethical for that so I never really passed the test, but they were really insistent upon me getting or taking something, the York Rite or the Scottish Rite. It's mostly Scottish Rite around here, and getting those particular sets of degrees and if you show an interest in those things then I'm sure they'll advance you into other things, as far as making ranks particularly in government bureaucracies and things. But I also heard the same thing from people working in say with General Electric. If you were a mason then they would progress you up faster in the different chains in the organization.


Alan:  Sure. It's the same in the educational system with Eastern Star; it's rampant through there, and school boards and police as well.


Eric:  A lot of your police are masons. I can't remember it was a book about the Masons in Scotland Yard and there was lots of them and lots of strange things that went on and supposedly Jack the Ripper was protected from other Masons and in fact I saw one of the Mason publication was talking about that. The movie called "The Good Shepherd" that came out, that one is sort of like Masonry on steroids, but you'll notice in the process that they immediately provided him with a wife. They didn't want him with a deaf woman because she was probably genetically inferior. When he did – they would approach him and he would do what they wanted him to do, nasty things. You'll notice he kept progressing up the ladder that way and they really wanted someone without a conscience and that particular character didn't have much of one.


Alan:  No. He was psychopathic in his own right.


Eric:  And so that's a pretty good example of it. Now a lot of your Masons probably, if they're listening here probably would say oh I never had that experience and it's quite possible that they were already screened out earlier on that they weren't even going to approach them, or maybe they didn't have any particular power or things that they – authority that was useful for the other Masons, so they were basically left alone.


Alan:  If you have some ability or power of command in an area, you could be advanced very quickly, even within a week, up the ladder.


Eric:  Well, listen, that's all I have to say and take care of yourself.


Alan:  Thanks for calling, Eric.


Eric:  All right, bye-bye.


Alan:  Talk to you again. Bye now. Eric was a mason and bureaucracy too. Well, I hear the music coming, so from Hamish and myself, up in a still kind of cool Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)