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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, that's the official website that I put out, and download as much as you want from all the previous talks that help to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, because I go into the histories and the foundations and the groups and the people who are giving you what is now called a "New World Order," why they're doing it and where they're taking it, and it's a never-ending story. We're taught to always look upon starting a project and finishing it; you don't realise that we are the building material. We are the raw material and they truly believe they can go on indefinitely using us, our basic DNA, for creating infinite types of human species forever and ever and ever. Their agenda goes on forever and ever and ever, conquering this, conquering that, conquering the stars eventually, they hope, and it's all to do with conquering; because they believe that when you lose your ability to conquer, you fade away as a species, you become decrepit and under their laws of nature, you are no longer fit to survive.

Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can read in the various languages of Europe; download them, print them up, pass them to your friends. This is April the 4th, 2008.

It's truly amazing to live your life, always knowing what the next part of an agenda is going to be. Early on you catch on, at least I did when I was young, that there was no point in trying to tell most people what was really, really happening in their little worlds. We live in little worlds, our "immediate circle" as they call it, those around us, how far you travel in a day generally, back and forth, and that's your little world. Because we're all so separate, even little counties are separate from other counties, you don't realise there are big, big machinations going on all the time and things are coming from not just federal governments affecting your little circle, but coming from world government—which is United Nations. You simply see the effects of it, thinking it's just local or whatever, and the job of the media (even your local media) is to keep you in that mode of thinking, like your own separate little cage.

A few years ago in Canada they were talking about making voting mandatory because people were so sick of politicians and political parties and the accumulating debt, never mind the scandals that we all see breaking out all the time, that they were getting so fed up and jaded with politics altogether; which isn't a bad thing, because once politics goes, then you'll find that the world will continue and those who really rule it must come to the fore and show their teeth. They're simply doing it, that very thing actually, in a different fashion by ruling the world by front groups and organisations, and using the politicians as the yes-men that sign the demands into law that these NGO groups make.

The Soviet system was the model for all of this, the big test bed, the second big experiment, "The Great Experiment" they called it, the U.S. being the first. Believe you me, the U.S. and the Soviet system have been vastly studied, intensely and minutely studied for things which would come to pass as they combined the two together, more and more, into one. I'll be back with more after these messages.

Hi, I'm Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about this strange system called democracy, something written about thousands of years ago by different philosophers in ancient Greece. They played out for us the scenarios we go through in democracy and how it ends up in the end—it always ends up with a form of dictatorship.

This particular article I'm going to read, which is very important to do with this because they're trying to make everyone vote now. This is from the mirror.co.uk, 25th of March, 2008, it was published, by James Lyons the political correspondent. Because they use the Soviet Union as I say; in the Soviet Union you were allowed to pick Politburo member 1, 2, 3 or 4, the idea being that once you voted them in, by law, you had to vote them in, you had to vote someone in, by law, then whatever they did to you was on your own head. It's a legality involved on it: "well, you voted us in, what did you expect?" That's the kind of attitude that you have, and that was found out even in local elections here in Canada, where a member in Sudbury complained about even the local council that was voted in and the strange direction they were going on and all these weird things they wanted to build that had nothing to do with serving the public. He was told that in democracy the only right that you have is to vote someone in; there is no recall, there is no complaints department once they're in power, and it's the same at the federal level. However, they want everyone to vote for this strange legality so that they can tax you and abuse you, and always telling you that they're helping you, as they grin and bear their teeth, and teaching us through propaganda that we don't see the teeth. That's how it's done, very, very simple; it's like a fairy story you tell the children.

From this particular mirror.co.uk article, they're talking about Britain and it also affects Canada too because they're trying to do it here; they already have in most of the British Commonwealth countries voting, by law, like Australia and other countries too; I think Holland has to do it and Belgium and some others.

"Radical fine plan to boost election turnout" by James Lyons, Political Correspondent, 25/03/2008

People who fail to vote at elections could be fined under controversial new proposals being studied by justice minister Jack Straw.

Alan: I'd love to call him the "straw man" because that's really what it is.

It is one of a series of radical reforms being considered to boost flagging election turnouts.

More than one in three voters snubbed the 2005 general election.

And MPs are concerned that unless the falling turnout trend is reversed…

Alan: Now listen to this:

… it will undermine the principle that governments rule in the name of the British people.

Alan: There's your trick, you see, if you vote then they pretend to rule in the name of you the voters. It's quite interesting.

In Australia non-voters are fined up to £30 unless they register in advance as someone who objects to voting on religious grounds.

Alan: You could join the UFO Party for that one, I suppose.

Labour chief whip Geoff Hoon is said to be in favour of fining non-voters. And polling experts reckon Labour…

Alan: That's like Democrat in the U.S.

…would benefit more than the Tories…

Alan: Which is Conservative.

 …or Lib-Dems.

But welfare minister James Plaskitt warned it could backfire.

He said: "In a democracy the freedom not to choose is as important as the freedom to make a choice.

"Parties need to put up proposals to win over voters otherwise you can get a grudging democracy which I don't think is good."

Alan: Here we are, under totalitarianism, and they're still pretending that you've got democracy. We're getting watched more closely than scientists watch bugs in a cage, and they still have this pretence of democracy going on in these articles.

And he warned that extremist parties like the BNP…

Alan: That's the British National Party, the extremists, because under the United Nations (which we're all under) if you still think that your country should be nationalist, you're called an extremist.

…could end up benefiting. He said: "If you are forcing people to vote they may say I'll teach you a lesson by voting for someone you don't like."

Alan: Ha ha, there's another good one. Bring on the clowns

Shami Chakrabarti of civil rights group Liberty said: "It would be a sad indictment of politics in the oldest democracy…

Alan: There's another good joke right there. These guys are really good.

…if the only way they could persuade us to vote is under threat of criminal sanction."

Other proposals in Mr Straw's reform package include holding elections at weekends and allowing voters a "second preference" vote if their first choice candidate fared badly. The most recent poll on compulsory voting showed the public were narrowly opposed by 49 per cent to 47 per cent.

Alan: What a joke, isn't it really? We're going into—we are under totalitarianism. We have homeland securities in every country all working together, all linked completely together, intertwined to the hilt, joined at the hip, sharing the same data on every citizen on the planet. They don't have enough data; they want to know what you're eating everyday. They've already got the whole genome project done, they know what your DNA type is, they know what your great-great-great-great-grandfather's type was too and what his IQ was. They know more than you'll ever know about you; because you, being part of a herd, which they claim they own, they have to know all about their animals and so we truly are living in "Animal Farm" here and we get these joking stories to keep us all amused. Unfortunately people will be arguing over these stories thinking it's all awfully real.

That's the con game of democracy that we have going on. As I say, the Soviet Union was a prototype where they made it compulsory that you had to vote. Now they're just spreading their wings and they have to have us vote eventually, even though it's getting worse and worse and worse, and it's hard to keep up any façade of democracy whatsoever. Then they can say to you, "well, you voted us in," as they take your homes away, as they tax you to the hilt with their ever-increasing taxation—which is part of the agenda, of course, the end of private property—and all the other manifestos that they've created in the world down through the years; their combining together to get their way.

That's the real set-up of the world we're living in. We're under the microscope, every single one of us, and it's not enough at the moment; they want us ultimately to be chipped, even, so they can track and trace us and watch the meetings we meet with other chips at—we'll all appear on their screen as these chips meeting together, and they'll know what you're talking about and we'll all be categorised. That's only one phase of it, because, as I say, at the end of this "hundred years war"—the same phrase that's been repeated over and over and has been again recently by the top players—they plan to have a completely different society emerge at the other end of it than anything you could possibly imagine; it's beyond science fiction, in fact. They haven't shown us that sci-fi bit yet.

They've shown us the riots that will happen when they start cutting back on the food supply. Now remember, as all this hype about the coming food shortages escalates and also everything you purchase including the food goes up in price, as gasoline and diesel and all methods of transporting it to the stores goes up and up, remember that it's all part of a warfare type strategy. They know there's going to be riots down the road; they've written about it. The Department of Defence from Britain, its top think tank, has given out its 90-page report on it. It's on my website, look into it. They talk about the coming riots of all kinds and they foresee 30 years of escalating riots. Now think about it: what's going to get the average Joe and Jane away from the television set and rioting on the street? What it will be is your basics. Your basics: a roof over your head, food to eat, water to drink, heat, from energy and so on. You're going to pay through the nose; we're already doing it for all energy resources and that's under the Kyoto agreement that we had no say in. It was spearheaded by Non-Governmental Organisations and signed into law by all the governments of the world because it's the plan. There is no democracy, there's only an agenda: when we start to get that through our heads, then we can plan from there.

If you still think it's just a matter of voting in someone or some party, then please go back to sleep because you've never really woken up. This is beyond that. We never had that; we never had that system at all.

I grew up watching an agenda unfold, reading about it when I was very young, watching the stages of it unfold, predicting what was going to happen because I knew the agenda; they printed and published it in many of the big books that were available at libraries. It was almost like seeing déjà vu with each part of it come into play. What was more astonishing was always the same reaction from everyone around me, including all the adults, of being utterly stunned, still thinking mistakes were being made and it was just this party or that party, or this particular prime minister or that one, or a president in the U.S. or whatever. They would argue over that and no amount of evidence would break through their conditioning; because, you see, to break through conditioning you have to crash, technically. You have to crash to a stage where you're wide open to learn from scratch and to use your own perceptions and your own logic, and not the constant barrage of propaganda that assails you every single day of your life from a hundred different sources. Remember what Russell said: Repetition, repetition, repetition, is how they get their ideas into the minds of the general public. That's how it's done. You have to crash in order to see and use your own perceptions. I'll be back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back Cutting Through the Matrix, and I just got told (before everyone starts complaining) there's problems with the line, I think it's the carrier on the other end somewhere, so this voice might be coming in like some kind of warbling bird or a Dalek, perhaps, from Dr. Who, but there's nothing I can do about it. It's not this end here.

The thing is, though, there's never been democracy. You understand China had tried democracy about 500 or 600 B.C. Greece tried it. Other countries have tried it in ancient times, and it's a circle you go round and you always end up, regardless of right-wing or left-wing, you always end up with dictatorship at the end. Not only do you end up with dictatorships, we already have a scientific elite telling us that they will be the natural heirs to democracy. Because democracy, remember what the Club of Rome said (the Club of Rome that published "The First Global Revolution" towards world government), they said that they looked at all the previous systems running countries and vast nations and they said that they favoured collectivism over any other system, because in collectivism the scientists, the bureaucrats, the technocrats have nothing in their way; there's no barriers in their way and they can steamroll full ahead. In other words, run it in a scientific manner; and that's the same thing that Bertrand Russell and the Royal Institute for International Affairs basically promote. Democracy is too cumbersome. Margaret Thatcher said the same thing, she said we ex-politicians, ex-prime ministers and -presidents, constitute a parallel government, she says we know each other, we work outside of politics now but we work towards this agenda because democracy itself is too slow and cumbersome and there's too many conflicting parties to get anything done.

Every elite of every nation on this planet belong to one big club and they're all in cahoots together. It doesn't matter what they call themselves, the ones running Christianity, Judaism, the Moslems or whatever, they're all part of the multi-billionaire club and they've been intermarrying each other for centuries. They don't care about religions; they have their own high religion and they truly believe that they are all technically the Darwinian proof of superiority.

Now we'll go on to Steve from Denver. Are you there, Steve?

Steve: I had a quick question for you. You had mentioned something on another one of your shows, someone brought it up to you and you agreed with them, something about the Dalai Lama being a 360-degree mason. Could you expound on that and tell us are there any other 360-degree masons and what does that mean?

Alan: I didn't say he definitely was a 360 but it wouldn't surprise me if he was certainly way up there; that's what I said. Any one of the top ones that run religion is always in on the big agenda; they know what religion is for. They've been trained since a very young age as to not only what it's for, but the whole history, not only of the religion that they're put in charge of, but the history and the social histories and the governmental histories behind all the religions, and so they are way above simple rituals for the public, waving smoke in front of their eyes and all this kind of stuff. They are in on the importance of their role over the public.

Steve: Are you agreeing or disagreeing with that premise that there are 360-degree masons out there?

Alan: Of course there are. There's 360 degrees in a circle. In ancient times they used to have 360 days in a year; ancient Egypt ran on 360. You see the serpent eating its tail and that's what it symbolises; it's in so many of the high Masonic emblems it's incredible. It's not just the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, or simply the rebirth as you go around in the circle of life into another reincarnation; it's also the whole circle. That's what they talk about too, when you're going around the circle or the block, you're circling the block. It still doesn't occur to most of the guys who even perform that ritual the full significance of what they're involved in.

Steve: I hear you're going to break and thank you very much, and if you could, mention any others that attend.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Back after these messages. Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, and I understand that the phones on the other end are all kind of warbley and we'll just have to put up with it because there's nothing we can really do at this end here at all. It just means that I'll be up for another hour on top of the four hours after the show uploading to all the sites after I've taken it off of a backup tape and try to rectify it. Because that's what I do here, it takes five hours after I finish a show to get everything uploaded to the sites and that's another hour from a tape to a disk when the show goes warbley, stuff like that. Just to let you know what I do myself, I don't have a huge team here at all, I don't have a team to do all that kind of stuff for me.

Now we've got Richard from New Brunswick on the line. Are you there, Richard?

Richard: I actually called in initially to report the fact of the technical difficulty you're experiencing, but the interesting thing is that all your advertising comes through clear.

Alan: It does?

Richard: Absolutely impeccable, but when you're speaking it's all warbley.

Alan: I guess the advertising is already on disk, though; that won't be coming through the phone line from here to RBN.

Richard: I don't know how you're doing things over there, Alan. I mean I've run a few pieces of equipment like what I suspect might be being used, but if they just change the channel that you're on perhaps that would rectify everything. I don't know. I think you're down in Ontario and they're in the States somewhere, right?

Alan: They're in Texas.

Richard: Oh, I understand what's happening. Maybe it's your microphone.

Alan: It's not my end. It's the telephones at the other end, their server that's doing it.

Richard: Well I called in initially to report it, then I found out listening on the phone I could hear you and understand what you're saying, whereas I can't through the internet, so I stayed online. Maybe you could just leave me online and carry on with the conversation.

Alan: Yes, I know what you mean. That would be the way to go, maybe.

Richard: Hey, good luck on everything, Alan. We love you out here, man.

Alan: You take care. Bye now. There's nothing I can really do, but as I say this does add to it, I'll be up till four this morning uploading with all this back effort, and this is the sort of thing you put up with every day, this kind of stuff, and people ask me why I don't have time to write the books.

Now we've got Tony from Massachusetts there. Are you there, Tony?

Tony: How you doing, Alan?

Alan: I'm trying to keep cool.

Tony: I understand. I heard you when I first tuned in tonight and I thought, wow, he must really be sick or something is wrong. Hearing the other callers I realised you definitely had this problem and I'm sure it will be rectified sooner or later. Well, I had two questions for you. The first one was in relation to, you mentioned not too long ago, in a few of your talks, you mentioned how they plan mass displacements of populations possibly out of cities and moving people around and depopulating entire areas when they believe these pandemics or whatever it is they decide to do. I was wondering, looking at the whole Katrina disaster, could that have been some sort of a dry run perhaps? It just seemed that the way after the whole incident took place and information came out on it, you kind of wonder, wow, you know.

Alan: It was a dry run. It was a dry run because ten years before Katrina a movie was made by the backing of the big foundations and institutions including, I think, the Cecil Rhodes foundation; that was on at the trailer at the end. It was about a hurricane hitting Louisiana and the whole premise was we were causing it, global warming, yada-yada-ya, World Wildlife Fund and all these characters helped make this movie. You saw these people, thousands of people moving northward en masse into another state to implant the idea that mass migrations of people will take place in the coming disasters.

There's no doubt about it, we know for instance that when New Orleans gets with hurricanes all the buses from the entire state know the procedure. They practice this procedure, they'd done it just the year before, and they all come in by the hundreds to evacuate the people to a safe place and so on. FEMA stopped all that happening; they turned the buses back two or three times in a row; they forbade anybody to go in and help those people. The whole idea for about four or five days was to show us, the viewers, how helpless everyone was and it made us all feel totally helpless because nothing was being done to help those people at that time. That was to get the sense of apathy and impotence across to us all. Then of course, later on, once they got underway with FEMA, FEMA said that they were the only ones authorized by law to work in an emergency; no one else was allowed to do it by law. Then you saw the mass evacuations, so that was indeed part of the whole process to get us ready for mass migrations.

It's a wartime scenario, they've written papers on this of people getting moved from countries if need be, mass migrations. They want a mayhem situation, chaos, for the next hundred years to bring out this whole New World Order that they've been looking forward to; so you're right.

Tony: Wow, that is incredible. In light of that, you would think that the general public would at least, just from the way that disaster, that whole thing actually turned out, you would think that they would at least see that and say, wow, if that's how that whole situation worked out, what's going to happen when they really drop the bomb? It's just really, really scary.

My second question was I had a question on Mr. Alvin Toffler, I'm sure you are familiar with his writings. Is there anything as far as the whole agenda and the New World Order and would I be able to glean anything from his writings?

Alan: Alvin Toffler is one of the players from the futurist society and he wrote "Future Shock" and it was a whole new, again, society to come into view. He also wrote "The Third Wave," as they term it, which is a Masonic term (Plato called it the third way). He's friends with Newt Gingrich and Newt Gingrich was handing out that book "The Third Wave. It's about the coming together of Soviet system and the capitalist system creating a third way; it's a Hegelian dialectic with the synthesis in fact. Newt Gingrich was handing that out free to all the congressmen in the U.S. when it came out a few years ago.

Tony: Wow, that's interesting, well I guess I'm going to pick that up and take a read of it. I saw it in the bookstore the other day but was kind of hesitant on grabbing it, but I definitely will. Well I appreciate your answers and I will continue listening to you and thank you for taking my call.

Alan: Okay, thanks for calling. Now we're going to go to Ken in Fort Worth. Hello Ken, are you there?

Ken: Hey, you know they're trying to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico, right? Have you seen the New American magazine issue with forty pages of information on it?

Alan: Not the latest one, no.

Ken: Hey, if you google New American, real simple, and you'll find a story, the cover says U.S., Canada and Mexico merger mania. It's got forty pages of information, it's worth reading and passing around you know and telling other people about it. You know what IRS stands for?

Alan: I've heard a whole different bunch of meanings, but I know it's a scrambled "SIR" as well.

Ken: "I Resemble Satan," that's what it means.

Alan: It's quite a little statement, though, it's scrambled as well for SIR; "you always pay Sir," as they say in medieval English.

Ken: Hey, people ought to do a particular on their mail and bills and cheques and write down: IRS, where is the law? You know, file 1040, where is the law?

Alan: It doesn't matter; I know what the law is: Whoever has the arsenal and pointing the guns at you, they're the law. Mao Tse-Tung said "power comes from the barrel of a gun," and these guy literally own the army. They are the government and they own the armies and they're not kidding anymore; they're not even giving you the pretence of a constitution or rights anymore.

Ken: I think what's happened is they wanted a constitution convention here and we stopped it in Florida and Alabama back in '88, and they're mad.

Alan: They're not so mad. You see they don't put all their eggs in one basket; they have three plans on the go at one time: A, B, C and sometimes D as well.

Ken: I believe that they wanted to have a constitution convention and say, hey, you folks didn't want it no more and we trashed the constitution and we're going to do something different; but we stopped them, now they don't know what to do. You've got political butts come out, you had Randy Weaver, you had Waco, you had [inaudible], they took the guy's church away in Indianapolis. They don't care anymore.

Alan: These characters don't care anymore. They have the power, they have the means, they have the organisation, nothing else is organised against them; they know that. They've made sure of it, in fact, and they have such high-tech weaponry and snoops everywhere, we're all being monitored every time we turn round.

Ken: Have you seen this current popular science magazine that shows a C-130 with a laser?

Alan: I've seen that. It's interesting that they showed that laser because remember there was a big airliner shot down a few years ago and people swore on the east coast that they saw like a light beam going up to it and the thing blew up.

Ken: How long have they been using this laser?

Alan: It was probably lasers that did that at that time; that would be their experiment as well.

Ken: That's a good point; just because they tell you now, they might have shot Roswell thing down, you don't know.

Alan: Of course they've been using it in space satellites too. Remember that was the Star Wars program, they could blast not just satellites, they could pinpoint anyone on the planet and burn a hole through you.

Ken: Now who's going to stop that?

Alan: Exactly.

Ken: Hey, nice talking to you, buddy.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Anyway, I'm just going to read something here because maybe my voice will be a little bit better; the callers—it's just too much like Donald Ducks talking to Donald Ducks on this end of the line here. It's happened a few times on this show and I think it's just a harassment thing of some kind because I can't spare the time to fix every problem and re-do tapes and so on. It's just burning out, it can't go on.

This is from Britain again, Times magazine, March 28th, 2008.

Head teachers to get powers to ‘stop and search’ for drugs

By Greg Hurst, Political Correspondent

Schools are set to be given further powers…

Alan: Even further powers; they already have so many already.

…to search pupils for drugs, alcohol and stolen goods to help head teachers to enforce discipline among the most disruptive students.

Ed Balls,

Alan: What a name.

…the Children’s Secretary, wrote yesterday to Sir Alan Steers,

Alan: Another name, Steers, cattle.

…the head of a review of behaviour in schools, asking for advice on how such powers could be introduced most effectively. Head teachers are already able to search pupils for guns or knives under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, which also allows them to make random searches or to install walk-through metal detectors.

Alan: Now the reason I'm reading this is to show not just people in Britain, Canada, or the U.S., but across the whole planet what's been happening here. Remember what Russell and others said: The state would eventually destroy all family input so that the old contaminated culture would be destroyed. That was all part of it. The state would give the students their new culture, their new morality. Now we see what they've been fed, we've all been through it, for about 40-50 years, what's been fed steadily to the youth and they simply mimic what they see. They take the drugs that have been flooding into the country, brought in by the big boys, the CIA, MI6, Mossad and all the rest of them out there. They're fed a steady diet of massive violence like never before in history, massive violence. All their heroes win by brute force and being psychopathic; they simply slaughter their way from the beginning of a movie to the end, last man standing. They emulate what they see; they mimic it, as Charles Galton Darwin said. They mimic what they see, that's why you're given this particular culture. You can't have all of this anti-criminal law and so on getting passed if you don't have crime. You create the crime. You create the behaviour to warrant the introduction of new totalitarian laws, so you create the culture to suit, very simple technique.

To continue with this particular article from The Times:

Sir Alan’s initial review proposals included a requirement that all state schools should take a share of disruptive pupils and if they expel students they should accept others who have been excluded from neighbouring schools on a “one out, one in” basis.

Mr Balls also yesterday attacked as “wrongheaded” the call by the National Union of Teachers to campaign against military recruitment by the Armed Forces in schools.

I'll be back with more after these messages. Hi, I'm Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, and just prattling on here because I can't take callers because they sound like Donald Duck or the Daleks from Dr. Who, and it's no fun for listeners when they can't really make out what you're saying. I'll just continue, hoping that you can hear what I'm saying, although it might sound duckish as well, and maybe one day we'll find out what's causing this because it's happened a few times and it just gives us all extra work. I'll be up extra hours taking this from tape, trying to smooth it out and putting it up on the site.

Now people should check into the Irish Times business section, this is an article on the brain-enhanced world, management groups to do some predictive programming, I think it was March 28th it was published. It says:

A management group called Net Results has looked into the crystal ball for 2018. Some of what it finds is wild and wacky but other predictions have a ring of truth, writes Karlin Lillington.

Robot workers, microchip-enhanced brains, computers you speak to, terrorist cyber and infrastructure attacks that bring down the internet, and travel hubs such as Heathrow and JFK - sounds like the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Think middle management instead. Such are the predictions for the business world of 2018 that trained managers will be expected to negotiate, according to a fascinating study released this month by the Chartered Management Institute in Britain. Not in their usual fare, I should think. And yes it does sound wild and wacky. The report does make business management sound the most exciting place to be. Here was I with the stereotypical picture of boring management conformity, whereas in future your bank manager may be busily uploading new information packs to her embedded brain chips, heartily chastising the PC, bravely fending off terrorists and hackers, and sending the robot to the canteen for a tray of coffee (although maybe that will be outside the robotic union agreement). Among 16 "possible futures" highlighted in the report are "the world under cyber attack" in which an unleashed virus shuts down much of the internet and systematically deletes business and private data.

Alan: Now you can be sure that all of this stuff is going to happen and the viruses will be released by those in charge, because you have to have ongoing war and only they have the means to make that happen. Ongoing war—look into the causes of war, the funders of wars, the planners of wars; and to stay in power, people at the top need war. This upcoming war that is to last 100 years is on the general population and the general population are totally oblivious of the fact. Through war they can get so much done through taxation; they have a compliant public who want to be kept safe and the wolves make hay in those particular periods of time.

Upcoming is a microchip world to enhance abilities of employees, but more chillingly, "some also use them to monitor and control their employees".

Alan: There's the real part of it, will be given:

…to monitor and control their employees. That may sound laughable - especially only a decade away - but the report soberly notes this "scenario may be closer than we think".  And remember - these are managers making these predictions, not Daily Mail headline writers.

Alan: These are top managerial staff making these predictions.

That's it for tonight, so from Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or gods go with you.

Transcribed by Samantha.