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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and go over as many of the older talks I've given down through the years. Talks which try to put a very complex system into place for your mind to perceive how it all interconnects, how you're managed in a global system and have been for quite some time, where even your culture and the alterations in culture are preplanned and simply marketed into your minds and you adapt to them—and you wonder why you live in a dysfunctional society. It was planned that way. I try to fill in a lot of the blank spots for you by going over old documents, old books, by big players in the field, players employed to work towards this global fascist type system. Also, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download written in the various languages of Europe.


We are on the fast track now, as they love to say themselves, the fast track. They love the term "track." A track is a line you see and everything starts with a point and then you draw the line. The old mystery religion is still in place and they want everyone "onboard" being pirates all. They want us onboard their system and on track with their agenda. Everything that goes into the creation of your system, from kindergarten to cartoons, to the books put out for children, to the movies made for adults, is all part of the predictive programming process which you're exposed to and have been your whole life long. Your children now are exposed to the upgrade version – the society that will be prepared for them when they reach 20 to 30 and it's not a pretty picture at all because we’re in the age now of crisis creation to pull off the final stunt, the final part of this part of an agenda.


They have to create crisis everywhere. How can they do that?


It's very simple. They've taken over everything that you need from food to clothing to shelter, heat, energy. They've taken it all over and put it into the hands of a few of their front international corporations. They've killed off the old farmers. They've driven them off the land. They've taxed them off the land. They've paid farmers not to grow crops.


What happens when you don't grow crops?


You get shortages you see and that's the next step because food is going to be used as a weapon, as I've mentioned for years, and we're seeing the scenario now loom above us as the major media, you know the brainwashing predictive programming bunch, start to talk about what I've been warning the public about for years. I'll be back with more on this after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and this is April 7th, 2008. I'm talking about the new crisis creation techniques. Everything suddenly is a crisis, from terrorists everywhere, terrorists under the bed. My goodness, it could be your next-door neighbor. It might even be you if you haven't been tested for it yet. Apparently it's catching and they're going after food.


Now, food has always been used as a weapon down through the many, many centuries, thousands of years in fact of the same techniques and I've talked about the United Nations speaking about using food to control people. Ultimately the UN is to be in charge of the distribution of food across the planet and they're going to use it as a tool to force people, a big stick to force people to reduce their population. If you don't bring your population down, you aren't going to get more rations. That's in their charter, Department of Agriculture at the United Nations. Now look it up for yourself. And I talked also a while back about the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this front organization that does the real legwork of running the global system, implementing it and propagating it to you via the media. They've been talking about the coming food shortages. Suddenly it's a crisis across the world and of course they'll blame global warming, which is another farce as well—another creation of one of the other think tanks, the Club of Rome.


Here's an article from the Telegraph.co.uk from today the 7th of April 2008.


            "Soaring Price of Food Leads to Riots."


Alan:  Now, I've been telling you they're predicting 30 years of escalating riots and that's from the top think tank from the Department of Defence for Britain. It also is a top think tank for the whole bloc of amalgamated militaries for the Americas, Canada, Europe and Britain. It says:


            "Soaring Price of Food Leads to Riots by James Kirkup, Political Correspondent

            "Rising food prices threaten economic stability and could trigger riots, Gordon Brown…"


Alan:  He's the prime minister of Britain.


            "…has been warned. The World Bank…"


Alan:  Another UN creation.


            "…said this week that the price of staple foods has risen by 80 per cent in the past three years. For consumers in wealthy nations such as Britain soaring prices are squeezing household finances and keeping inflation up. But for developing nations they can lead to malnutrition and social disruption."


Alan:  My goodness, they are bright guys. They've been using this for centuries for developing nations and keeping the population down.


            "Food prices are being driven up by shortages of supply - often caused by bad weather…"


Alan:  They own the weather, remember. That was in the newspapers a few years ago when the American Air Force said it would shortly own the weather. Well they do, by HAARP and by spraying us everyday like bugs from these aircraft that criss-cross the sky.


            "…and by rising demand. Mr. Brown chaired the Progressive Governance…"


Alan:  Progressive Governance Summit. Did you know there was such a thing? A Progressive Governance – governance, remember, summit. Now this is what they're calling it. Not GOVERNMENT. GOVERNANCE. That's where they order you to do something and you obey.


            "…in Watford at the weekend and heard a string of warnings about the rising price of food. António Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told the summit the cost of food is leading to riots. He said: "The biggest problem today is rising food prices in democratic countries everywhere. This can trigger social unrest." The summit drew together some of the world's most important Left-of-centre politicians, including former US president Bill Clinton. Many at the meeting blamed the price hikes on US and European Union moves to use biofuels such as ethanol to curb greenhouse gas emissions…"


Alan:  Another bogus creation.


            "…Ethanol, an alternative to petrol, is made using corn and its increasing use has pushed up maize prices."


Alan:  That's not really true because Monsanto you see had some how either by aerial methods or other means of delivery put in their GMO maize products into Latin America where they were denied entry, so they just flew over them and scattered the stuff and now it's taking over their crops.


            "The EU wants biofuels to make up more than five per cent of transport fuel used by 2010, and the US may triple the amount of maize it uses for ethanol over the next decade. But Mr. Clinton said: "What's really hurting the food markets is America moving into ethanol. People there are moving into corn and you have pasta riots in Italy related to what some people are doing in farming in America."


Alan:  Now I said at the beginning of the show, for those with memory, since World War II governments of all Western countries got heavily involved in agriculture, first handing out freebees and little tax-free havens for farmers to go into. They took the bait. The next thing they knew, in came the government to regulate your farms and ultimately they're being pushed out of business. Margaret Thatcher and others have said the same thing and they said at the United Nations Agricultural Department that farming was just too important to be left to farmers. You have giant agri-food businesses, international corporations, five of them mainly that now own the entire food supply of the planet. Not only that, they have made sure they will always own it because they've put in the modified seed with the killer gene so that they cannot reproduce themselves. You can't save seed and plant it next year. It already caused riots in India a few years ago when they were forced on it. Many of the farmers there committed suicide because they knew they've have to go back cap-in-hand to the masters every year and buy food, buy the seed to plant; whereas before they collected their own and planted it.


This is the start of the drumbeat to tell you that your food supply is going to go up and up and up in price as it becomes more scarce when those at the top bring on utter crisis and they're also raising the price of gasoline and diesel which transport everything including your food to wherever its final destination is. That's tacked on to the consumer at the bottom. Food, shelter, clothing, energy, everything you need for survival is pretty well out of your hands and what they mean by that is interdependence. You're now an interdependent person. In other words, you're completely dependent on them for everything that you need. You are a slave. That's what it boils down to by design.


A war has been going on against the general populace of the planet for an awful long time and the public have been completely oblivious to it. When you start to give up the ability to feed yourself, heat yourself, cloth yourself, barter with each other for what you need and so on, you're now dependent upon the system which you do not control. Someone else does. That's your new master. It's called interdependence, global and individual interdependence.


Here's the prime minister of Britain, a good Royal Institute of International Affairs member using the old standard technique of that very organization to terrify the hell out of people and get them ready for riots, riots and now you know why the Department of Defence published that 90-page document where they foresee nothing but escalating riots for 30 years. Remember, we're in a 100 years war according to those at the top. Cheney, Rumsfeld and others have used that term over and over. It's a 100 years war – not just against the Middle East. It's to radically alter every country, every culture and the way of life across the entire globe and out of it will come a drastically altered society. Their perfected society, a society that's much, much smaller, a society which they'll have no male and female as we know it, no family as we know it. They're going to genetically modify, create, perfect, ideal design humanity to serve them better. A humanity which will be unable to think for themselves, to even wonder what's happened, they won't even have that ability.


At the World Science meeting held at Loyola University a few years ago in Louisiana, the top geneticists were there. The top bioengineers were there and the top computer people were there and they said that shortly it will be unable for an individual to even perceive themselves as a distinct separate individual. That ability will be gone. The top guy from Tokyo said think of it more like the beehive. You'll hear the buzzing or whispering of voices going through your mind from central computers or regional computers as they program you and you'll hear the voices of the recipients going back to the central computer. You'll hear the buzz, just like the Borg in Star Trek. Star Trek was one of the greatest forms of predictive programming for this whole agenda. They're very enjoyable. They make sure your poison is very enjoyable as they program you.


What a world we're living in and people call in all the time asking to the solutions, and I tell them the solutions can only start individually. A little light goes on here, a light goes on there and you've got to bypass the organized groups that have been put out there for you to join, because generally they're led by the same people at the top. They give us the leaders we follow. That's why they never lose.


We're down to the question of what is life. What's the meaning of life? Are we good enough as we are, or do we allow ourselves to be changed alongside the agenda? Back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. We’re cutting through this matrix, this thick, very thick multilayered system we think is reality, and casting away all the illusions and all the delusions that have been promulgated into us by a very scientific indoctrination system, coordinated with media of all kinds, along with the educational system and we do enjoy our downloading. They make it very, very interesting, especially on the fictional side of things.


Now we'll go to the phone now and we've got Vic from Hella. Hella of course is hell, for earth, and that's where we are right now. Are you there, Vic?


Vic:  What's going on, Alan?


Alan:   I'm surviving.


Vic:  It's good to talk to you. I wanted to ask you does Plato mention the creation of money in "The Republic?"


Alan:  He kind of avoids it. He accepted it of course as a way of exchange. It was also used for buying back slaves who were of nobility actually who were caught during wars. They would ransom them back with money, so he thought it was essential for that purpose so they could save their own elite if they were caught in some other territory and sold into slavery.


Vic:  Because money was a problem way before the Federal Reserve, right?


Alan:  It was always a problem. It was the same with the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians had it worked out that they would loan money to countries and then loan them to go to war with other countries. Part of the deal with the Phoenicians was that they would get a proportion of the vanquished and turn them into slaves and they worked gold mines with them as far as the Ural Mountains they had gold mines back in those days. They worked out that one-gram of gold per life (human life), because it was terrible working conditions, you died generally within a week of working for them, then that was worth it because slaves were so plentiful. Money and riches and any medium of exchange has always been tied to armies, slaughter and slavery.


Vic:  What do you say to the people that just want to blame the Fed and if we could just get rid of the Fed then everything would be okay?


Alan:  They'd have to do their history and look into the system in America before the Fed came in. Read "Robber Barons". Look at the depressions they caused in the 18th century with three men. They were so easy to collapse the banking system, which they ran primarily. Then they'd buy up all the stocks for peanuts, put all the pensions out the window and collect it all for themselves. You'll find that with Gould and a few other ones, Morgan and so on, they got together and collapsed the banks twice in the 1800's and confiscated everything and the businesses et cetera. That was normal business practice back then, so you would just go back to the same system.


Vic:  Could I get your opinion of the Black Panthers?


Alan:  I don't know too much about them.


Vic:  Because if everything comes from the top, is it possible that they are, because it seems to me they were the one people that were going to do some real things.


Alan:  They certainly drew a lot of attention from the feds at the top who immediately went into the business of hiring people, training them to infiltrate them; so probably in the beginning they were definitely a real force to be reckoned with and probably dedicated to their cause.


Vic:  What do you think of Malcolm X?


Alan:  It's hard to tell. He said a lot of the truth. There was no doubt whatsoever. Did he have any other agenda at the back of his mind? We'll never know. We'll never know now if he was completely genuine and if he would stay that course or would he go further and perhaps be part of the problem. I don't know.


Vic:  Do you figure he was more genuine towards the end?


Alan:  It's difficult to say. I mean everything is so muddied because most of the scholar work done upon him is being done by people outside the groups. In other words, the established media, so you don't really know what's true anymore as they muddy the waters.


Vic:  I'm really curious about this in your book: How is it possible for them to arrange the Lincoln-Kennedy symmetry you know with all the dates?


Alan:  Oh, they love this. It's almost like schoolboys at a private school.


Vic:  How could they have the dates happen on the same--


Alan:  They love this kind of thing and they go to extreme lengths sometimes to get the right names, at the right place, at the right time just to have their in-house joke. That's how they boast to each other "we are gods" and play with the public and the public haven't a clue.


Vic:  But wouldn't that mean you have to arrange a birthing for a certain person at a certain time? Like how does one do that?


Alan:  It certainly would, or either you have them change their names a generation beforehand or you could use them down the road, which, mind you, they have been known to do.


Vic:  In your opinion, are there any good guys in the public view?


Alan:  I don't really see the good guys at the top.


Vic:  Anybody on TV, in any music-wise, political-wise, anything?


Alan:  I kind of doubt it. Many people might be genuine but they're not in on the big plan and if you're not in on the big plan and you don't see the overall picture, you can be used as a dupe; a very honest dupe but a dupe nonetheless.


Vic:  So even as far as dupes go, who are your favorite artists or celebrities even though you know?


Alan:  It's hard for me to say even today because I never watch television and I haven't watched for a long time. It's so zany now I don't really follow it you know.


Vic:  Well, I mean as far as music-wise and movie-wise and actors or musicians that you like?


Alan:  I can't really go into that now. It will take too long.


Vic:  Can I ask you another question when you get back?


Alan:  No, that's enough for now. I've got other callers.


Vic:  Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and we have Charles from Nova Scotia on the line. Are you there, Charles? Hello Charles.


Charles:  Hello.The purpose for my call this evening is I wanted to ask you about the special closed session of the U.S. House of Representatives that was discussed back on March 13th. I wanted to know what you thought about that.


Alan:  I think they're just going the same way as all the British Commonwealth countries have gone. We have what we call Privy Councils. Here we are electing people in, yet they have a private council where the public are not allowed in. We’re not allowed to know what's being said. It's just the U.S. version of the same thing and I was waiting for them to do it because it's all the same system worldwide now, regardless of republic, democracy, constitutions or anything else. We're already under the system and they're just showing us that we don't have democracy anywhere.


Charles:  Supposedly it was leaked that they discussed the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008. I was wondering what you thought of that date.


Alan:  Well, I don't know about that. It's hard to go with leaks or even supposed leaks that end up in rumor. I know that when they said that oil went past the $50 a barrel then $100 a barrel as predicted by Rumsfeld at the beginning of 9/11, he said it will probably double by two or three years time. He says don't be surprised. That's part of the agenda and then The Economist came in on the same act and they said generally it takes four years for the economy to catch up and show a decline or a boom. Well, it will be probably four years from I would say now. That's when the major bust will come. That's when it catches up and all comes home to roost.


Charles:  Do you think these supposed leaks are just like a fear-mongering tactic to get people worried about what's going to happen?


Alan:  It gets you worried and then once you're worried enough and you're terrified, they'll come out with a United Nations organization or department then that will say we'll have to take over the system. Now remember too, they're using this fear mongering to amalgamate the Americas even faster and that will also be used as an excuse to the public as to why they had to amalgamate. "We cannot have all these separate governments, separate occurrences et cetera, and the only way we can fight this and compete with China and Europe is to amalgamate in the same way." That will be used. Yes, it's to create fear before they give you the answer.


Charles:  The claim of the imminent collapse of the U.S. federal government, their finances and such, I just saw it as another step towards the American Union. It's almost like the preprogramming to get us even more into it.


Alan:  It is. They also used 9/11 for Fortress America, which they published in 2005, the reason why they have to amalgamate the Americas is because we can't defend ourselves with separate governments. This economic chaos that they're bringing in is also going to be the next nail in the coffin, the second reason why they have to amalgamate and that will suit most people. They'll say, "well, I guess they had to do it, they had no choice."


Charles:  Also, I'm suspicious of the push right now to buy gold. It seems to me like it's just a fleecing of the populace to remove their assets so they can't actually invest in things that would be more useful like food and things that would help them survive through the coming crisis.


Alan:  People always push these products during crisis times and I always go by the Rothschild's dictum, which was you buy when low, sell when high.That makes more sense.


Charles:  Okay. And they're also predicting the possibility of a civil war inside the USA as a result of the collapse of the economy.


Alan:  They've been preparing for civil war for 20 years by building up internal armies to deal with it. They knew 20, 30, 40 years ago exactly where they'd take us by 2008 and 2010 and they've been writing about the coming civil unrest. As I say, they published it a 90-page document for the top think tank for the Department of Defence of Britain and all NATO countries, so they haven't told you why you'll be rioting but it's obvious—it's going to be your food, it's going to be money, it's going to be increasing taxation while all that's happening and you've no money to pay. No doubt, too, if they need be, they'll throw a plague into the mix as well.


Charles:  They've even claimed advanced roundups of insurgent US citizens likely to move against the government and the detention of those rounded up at the Rex-84 camps can start to [inaudible].


Alan:  They published them initially back in the 1980's and then '90's again and they've been building them ever since, so this is a long-term plan. They know where they're talking us and they're causing the crisis every step of the way.


Charles:  Also, the possibility of retaliation against the members of Congress for the collapse, so they're basically going to sacrifice their front men, I think.


Alan:  They'll be well shielded behind lines of security men. They already are. They have their private security forces, generally ex-CIA guys, protecting them. Every prime minister, every ex-prime minister has security guards supplied by the RCMP and CIA for life. They're already prepared against all of this kind of stuff.


Charles:  They're making the promise of those safe locations, the safe facilities for members of Congress and such and their families during the masses civil unrest coming.


Alan:  That's right.


Charles:  I caught your show on Alex Jones today, a really good show. It was really well done. Also, I wanted to ask you one last question. Am I correct when you said that the underground tunneling machines that they're using are actually tunneling at five miles per hour? Is that it?


Alan:  That was the latest thing that I read when they published that some years ago in one of the science magazines.


Charles:  Okay. All right, thank you Alan. Thank you for your time.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Jake in Texas. Let's see if it is Jake. Hello.


Jake:  Hello. Hi, yes, Alan, you and Alex Jones make a good team. You balance out his hyperness. But my question is: How do we as free thinking people start to at least imagine a new system to put in place when this one crumbles because if it does crumble the surviving elite will just pick up the pieces and they'll start over again and there are no "good old days" to go back to.


Alan:  That's right. I mean I don't when the good old days were. It's primarily through fiction again and Hollywood and Little House on the Prairie and the Walton's, you know.Times were pretty tough. The only difference being they had solid family and community units that helped each other out. They've done their best to destroy even that cohesion over the years as they bring out the new scientific global community, a completely different, radically different entity all together, so it's going to be very difficult regardless. Some people will definitely help each other out. Other ones will turn on you because they have no ability to bind anymore. They don't even know their neighbors. They're suspicious of people. That's the modern society for you. It will be chaos for a long time. I've no doubt whatsoever.


Jake:  So basically trying to bind with other people to come up with a new system together, because I know I can't ask you directly what's a new system because you don't know and I don't know.


Alan:  Any other system would have to be something based more naturally on an old human society where people had their own communities with a strong culture. Not this destroyed fragmented culture we're given today where the elite really are the bosses. Ancient societies didn't need to know if there was a department of welfare out there to help them out. The tribe, the clan, the people helped each other. That was the law. There were very few laws and the people knew them all. They didn't have police forces or armies, didn't need them, they were all part of the army, and that's what we'd have to get back to, something like that. You cannot give your ability to sustain yourself to others. That's the bottom line.


Jake:  And I'd like to tell you about a new mind control device I heard on another radio program that all the bigwigs like Oprah and Donald Trump and all them and they're selling it at the high-end stores. They've got out a new watch that's supposed to make your brainwaves in a certain frequency and give you bliss all the time, and when I heard that I was like oh yeah, that's mind control in a watch.


Alan:  Mind control indeed. They'll be happy when they all have their chip. It's all part of conditioning the public towards getting a chip, and that will also be pushed on the public through keeping their safety and they have to monitor everyone for safety reasons.


Jake:  Yes, so the listeners out there, be on the lookout for that new device coming around too.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Jake:  Thank you. Bye.


Alan:  Now we'll go on to Keith from Florida. Are you there, Keith? Hello


Keith:  Hello Alan.In response to the last caller, I would suggest a system loosely based on the Amish community without all the religious dogma. I think we could grow a lot of good food and build a lot of good houses and take care of one another.All right Alan, thanks a lot.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got John from California. Are you there, John?


John:  Yes I am, Alan. Nice to talk to you. Alan, I just had a quick question for you on your appearances as a guest on Alex Jones show this morning, and you and Alex were both talking about global warming and each of you cited a source I believe. Alex came up with the Carnegie Foundation and you mentioned some source, a book from the Club of Rome, in which you both seem to be saying the same thing that the people who are running the world back in the '70's had come up with this idea of global warming to sucker the masses into it. Can you give me a specific reference? I went to the Club of Rome's website.


Alan:  The book is called "The First Global Revolution," published and put out by the Club of Rome itself.


John:  When was it published, do you know?


Alan:  They published it in the '90's. The founders who wrote the book said that back in the '70's the two of them (the two founders) had come up with this idea, this bogus idea to fool the public to bring them together under a global system and they dreamed up the whole idea of global warming. They looked at other options and they thought this would fit the bill. That's what they said.


John:  You don't happen to remember the names of the two men, do you?


Alan:  Actually, you'll find that yourself. It's a simple book check. You'll find it out there.


John:  Okay. "The First Global Revolution".Well look, Alan, thanks a lot for your help.


Alan:  Thanks for calling in. Now we've got Robert from Nova Scotia. Are you there, Robert?


Robert:  Good evening, Alan. How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you doing?


Robert:  Great thanks. I've just got one question there about chemtrails, Alan. Last week, I always look up and see lots of chemtrails go by as they fly north-south air Europe to the United States. Anyway, there was one aircraft flying over the house here and I was videotaping it and taking some pictures of it a long chemtrail and then all of a sudden there was a black line in front of the aircraft going off to eternity basically and it was falling directly in this black line. Have you ever heard of that happening?


Alan:  I've seen it many times. In fact, I've seen some of the types of spray sprayed above the clouds and when it cuts through the cloud below it, which means it's heavier obviously (it's not just water vapor, it's heavier), you'll see it turning black as it cuts through the cloud beneath it.


Robert:  Exactly. I've actually thought about that as well. Also just right after that there was another aircraft coming behind it with a long trail and the trail actually that was coming out was a blue color. I've never seen that, a different colored one, before.


Alan:  The blue ones tend to mix – I call them the polymer ones. It's almost like looking through a plastic film or a barrier for your basement or your insulation as it gives off that blue tinge. However, the polymer was designed back in the '60's and this is declassified stuff, and they said its purpose was to bring virus or bacterial or chemical agents down to ground target level.


Robert:  That doesn't surprise me. Everybody I talk to around here is sick these days.


Alan:  Yes they are.


Robert:  Okay. That's all for now, Alan. You have a good evening.


Alan:  You too. Now I've Maggie from Texas. Are you there, Maggie?


Maggie:  Yes. Hello Alan. A previous caller brought up something that reminded me of questions I've been holding for a long time because they were sort off the subject. This concerns elite in-jokes based on names and word play. I find it hard to believe that we have as a candidate a person whose last name rhymes with Osama and who’s middle name is Hussein, and I just wonder what you think of it because I understand that he's quietly being groomed for at least 20 years I mean behind the scenes for a major career and that would imply that Osama who was also an operative of course had been groomed for the same amount of time or that somebody a long time ago recognized this. Is this possible?


Alan:  It's very possible. They actually do this kind of thing.


Maggie:  They do, okay.


Alan:  And they do love – especially when they have picked them years ahead for their task, you'll find that they do this and pick specific names for them. Sometimes they'll change their name for the task as well and they love these jokes.


Maggie:  Yes. Okay, quickly two more. The Elian Gonzalez incident: That surely wasn't set up, was it not? His name is an anagram for alien. How could it get more perfect than that?


Alan:  You're right, you're right. There's no doubt about that. We'll be back with more after these messages. Hi. I'm Alan Watt cutting through the matrix and putting some of the pieces together and it's very, very complex, but you do see how it meshes like a big jigsaw puzzle gradually in itself again. It comes together, implodes together.


Now we've got Diane from Minnesota on the line. Are you there, Diane?


Diane:  Yes. Hi Alan. Hello.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Diane:  Hi Alan. I wanted to thank you for all the stuff that you do. I listen to you all the time. I was listening the other night when you were on Jeff Rense one other night and by a fluke he said to put in rogue government and go to his site, and I put in Rogue and I spelled it wrong. I spelled it R-O-U-G-E government and up came the North American Union in the area that I live and all the doctors and those that are affiliated with the North American Union. This really blew me away.It must already be up and running.


Alan:  It is running. It's been running for a long, long time.


Diane:  So these people, these doctors and clinics in the area, then they're already in the know and in agreement with what's taking place?


Alan:  Yes, the higher paid ones. They'll go along with anything for saving themselves and keeping their own standard of living. At least they hope to keep their own standard of living and they'll go along with anything and they'll keep quiet and silent from the public if need be.


Diane:  I was just so blown away and one of them is a doctor that I use and I know and just recently though, but I plugged in that with a few of the other communities on another friend's computer and her town came up and it listed the ones that were in her town and the smaller ones roundabout. So I've been listening and studying for quite a while now and I've looked at all your old information. I ordered your books and it's hard to find people that will listen. I have a couple of people that listen but it's really difficult. They think you're – they can't handle it, whether they think it's true or not.


Alan:  No, they can't and most people will never be able to handle the truth. It's too big for them. It bursts their bubble of the fictitious world that they want to believe in where some big paternal figure is taking care of everything for them and they don't realize that's the problem with the whole thing. You have to deal with the problems yourself. You cannot give that right away to others because then you're going to be dominated by them, and you can't stay a perpetual child or Peter Pan for the rest of your life. You have to grow up. That's what human beings are supposed to do. We’ve been brought up in this cotton wool with these faceless experts above us all dealing with major problems and look at the mess we're in today. We're like children. We don't know what to do. We never learned what to do and we've been taught to have blind obedience to our masters, our betters, those who come out of the special wombs at the top.


Diane:  Actually, I talked to a friend who I asked her I said if they told you to jump off the bridge in this one religious organization would you do it and she said yes. That tells you right there. They say if the tree is orange would you believe it and they say yes. But other than that, I don't want to do about it all. I looked at the same with the vaccines and the babies and informing people of what they're doing. It's practically a holocaust with the vaccines and abortions, but I don't know what to do about it. Do you have any suggestions?


Alan:  Just keep on doing what you're doing, as we all must do. It's up to each individual. Whether they know it or not, they're making choices that's going to affect the whole world, definitely affects them and we've got to soldier on and see this through. That's the music for the show ending.


Diane:  Okay, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, where it's thundering and lightning right now, it's good night and may your god or your gods to with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)