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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 9th, 2008.


Last week, I was talking about the food shortages that are coming up, the ones that are planned to come up, and that was the whole point of putting the entire food supply of the planet under five agri-food businesses. They've been at this a long, long time but they won't stop with food because I've said before everything you need for personal survival is being taken out of your hands. Water of course is something that's talked about for many, many years, even going back in the 1960's where they held a United Nations meeting in Israel where then they forecast coming water shortages across the world and how they'd deal with it. The whole idea being they'd take all rights from the public. We will pay through the nose for everything that we need until we're groveling like slaves for some water or food and there will be riots. There will be riots. This present shortage of crops across the world is already starting the rumblings of the riots to come and it's hitting home as well as the price of bread and everything else goes up sky high.


Here's about water, water, something that nothing can do without, and this is from an article from Canada.com by Mike De Souza, Canada.com to Canwest News Service published Tuesday, March 25, 2008.


It says:


            "UN Rejects Water as Basic Human Right


Alan:  Are you surprised after the Earth Summit where humans have no rights?


            "OTTAWA - The Harper…"


Alan:  That's Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister.


            "…The Harper government can declare victory after a United Nations meeting rejected calls for water to be recognized as a basic human right. Instead, a special resolution proposed by Germany and Spain at the UN human rights council was stripped of references that recognized access to water as a human right. The countries also chose to scrap the idea of creating an international watchdog to investigate the issue, choosing instead to appoint…"


Alan:  They love to appoint people you see. They really love democracy. You can tell it by what they do.


            "…a new consultant that would make recommendations over the next three years."


Alan:  And his job is already laid out for him. His script is written – written a long time ago. We'll hear it unfolding as he makes his appearances over the next few years.


            "Federal officials in Canada said last week that the government wanted to ensure the meeting's outcome reflected the fact that access to water is not formally recognized as a human right in international law. But a social advocacy group said that the position was designed to protect the right to sell water under the North American Free Trade Agreement."


Alan:  They did articles on selling water. They're already doing it from Canada to some parts of the States and you know that the big boys in the know get the big lucrative contracts and they bypass all the petty bureaucracy – all that little stuff that you and I have to wade through everyday. Back with more after these following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. I should also mention for newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com the official website and remember there are other ones out there but you have to check to see who really runs them. Cuttingthroughthematrix.com, net, and a few other ones are the original sites. Look into my site and you can also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download written in the various tongues of Europe. You can pass them around to your friends after downloading and printing them up.


Getting back to this water article here: Water, water everywhere will soon be forbidden to drink. This article from the Canwest News Service, it says here:


            "Clearly (the Harper government is) happy with the status quo: They're not going to be an agent for change, and they're not going to support the right to water," said Maude Barlow…"


Alan:  She's some official NGO leader.


            "…chair of the Council of Canadians. "About every eight seconds, a child somewhere in the world is dying from dirty water, and it's just shocking that our government has taken this position." The opposition Liberals supported the government's position last week, arguing that the original UN resolution could open the door to bulk water exports to the U.S. because of NAFTA. Liberal water critic Francis Scarpaleggia said he planned to introduce a private member's bill to restrict large transfers of water within Canada to ensure that bulk exports abroad would also be forbidden."


Alan:  Well, they're 15 years too late because I mean that was on CBC years ago that they were already doing it.


            "The UN's high commissioner for human rights, Louise Arbour, said last week that the position doesn't reflect Canada's traditional role on the international stage."


Alan:  A stage. It's a stage because it's all an act at the UN you see.


            "Canada is taking a position that is not the more classic perceived, Canada as the kind of the bridge builder…"


Alan:  Oh, the bridge builder, all masons here.




Alan:  Peacemaker, sure. They're off and killing people abroad and seeing the world.


            "…consensus maker," Arbour told the CBC. Meantime, Barlow denied that the resolution would require Canada to make bulk water exports to the U.S. "The requirement in the United States would be for them to conserve first," said Barlow. "There's no requirement as a human right for us to provide water for swimming pools and golf courses and fountains in Las Vegas."


Alan:  Well, it depends what class you're talking about here.


            "A spokesperson for the Foreign Affairs Department said in an e-mail that there was "no consensus among states regarding the existence, scope or content of such a right."


Alan:  Anyway, it boils down to the fact that we simply have no rights over food or water, the energy that we need to warm ourselves and so on, especially in Canada and other countries that are pretty cold, it's all been taken away from us to make us all helpless and obedient to the only system left that's in charge of it. Quite something. We've all been grazing on that grass, that green, green grass of home and not looking up to watch the fences getting built all around us.


Here's another article here to do with Canada again and the United States and this is coming from WorldNet Daily, February 24th, 2008. I remember reading it at the time but I thought I should go back and read it again.


It says:


            "Military merger continues. NORTHCOM furthers NAU police state agenda."


Alan:  North American Union police state agenda.


            "Wednesday, 27th of February 2008.

North American Army created without OK by Congress. U.S., Canada military ink deal to fight domestic emergencies.  By Jerome R. Corsi, 2008 WorldNet Daily, February 24th, 2008.


"In a ceremony that received virtually no attention in the American media, the United States and Canada signed a military agreement February 14th allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.


The agreement, defined as a Civil Assistance Plan, was not submitted to Congress for approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of a wide range of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots…"


Alan:  That's the real one.


            "…or terrorist attacks. In Canada, the agreement paving the way for the militaries of the U.S. and Canada to cross each other's borders to fight domestic emergencies was not announced either by the Harper government or the Canadian military, prompting sharp protest."


Alan:  Which of course is just totally ignored.


            "It's kind of a trend when it comes to issues of Canada-U.S. relations and contentious issues like military integration," Stuart Trew, a researcher with the Council of Canadians told the Canwest News Service. "We see that this government is reluctant to disclose information to Canadians that is readily available on American and Mexican websites."


Alan:  I believe Mexico is also involved in this.


"The military Civil Assistance Plan can be seen as a further incremental step being taken toward creating a North American armed forces available to be deployed in domestic North American emergency situations."


Alan:  Now that already came out a few years ago 2005 on the CBC television in Canada when they called it "Fortress America" and why they have to merge together to save ourselves primarily, and, number two, to compete with China and the European Union.


            "The agreement was signed at U.S. Army North headquarters, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, by U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of NORAD and U.S. Northern Command, or USNORTHCOM, and by Canadian Air Force Lt. Gen. Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command. "This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities," Renuart said in a statement published on the USNORTHCOM website.


            "In discussing the new bilateral Civil Assistance Plan established by USNORTHCOM and Canada Command, Renuart stressed, "Unity of effort during bilateral support for civil support operations such as floods, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and effects of a terrorist attack, in order to save lives, prevent human suffering an mitigate damage to property, is of the highest importance, and we need to be able to have forces that are flexible and adaptive to support rapid decision-making in a collaborative environment."


Alan:  Back in the '70's the UN started prattling on about rapid deployment forces. This is what it was all about back then. Not sending forces across the planet necessarily; they're sending them anywhere in America or Canada, or Europe for that matter.


            "Lt. Gen. Dumais seconded Renuart's sentiments, stating, "The signing of this plan is an important symbol of the already strong working relationship between Canada Command and U.S. Northern Command." "Our commands were created by our respective governments to respond to the defense and security challenges of the twenty-first century…"


Alan:  That's Agenda 21, of course.


            "…he stressed, "and we both realize that these and other challenges are best met through cooperation between friends."


Alan:  We're all friends now. Look into that one. It's just another sign of the times. As I say, this big coming chaotic period builds up and the shepherds, the good shepherds are building the fences and cages all around you, while you're guzzling along with your entertainment and eating the grass. Quite simple. Works every time and those with a bit of sense are aware of what is coming.


Now we'll go the phones now. There's some people there already and we've got Rose from Georgia there. Are you there, Rose?


Alan:  Hello.


Rose:  Hello.


Alan:  We've got a delay going on too and I hear you talking but I've got a delay here.


Rose:  All right, sorry.


Alan:  Okay. You've got to turn your music off if you want to talk on the phone because you have a few seconds delay and it comes back through and you get a loop going.


Rose:  Okay, all right. It's just that your talk is so important I want to get every word of it. I can always listen to it tomorrow night. Can I go ahead and ask you my question?


Alan:  Sure, go ahead.


Rose:  Well first, I just wanted to say that I think you're an amazing teacher because all those books that you're talking about I've been researching them and wow, you're right on track, so you're amazing. You're like a wealth of knowledge. People don't realize how important you are in these times but I do and I know you're the most important person we have right now.


Alan:  I appreciate that.


Rose:  But you were talking a little bit about water and that's not the reason I called but you were talking about it. It's been in the back of my mind. In my area recently, I'm not sure if they cut it off but people are being fined $10,000 to water their lawns and their gardens. I thought that was rather extreme but I just wanted to add that and the other reason for my call is on the 7th you had a caller – I don't know if he was from Texas or somewhere. It was towards the end of your talk and he was trying to find "The First Global Revolution" put out by the Club of Rome. Well, what I wanted to tell him – I hope he's listening tonight. When Alan talks about a book, you don't sit on it. You get on the internet and you type it in right away and start searching because every book that Alan has been talking about on his lectures are disappearing. The prices are jumping up dramatically, okay. Just to give you an example, today, I looked for that book on the internet. I found it on Alibris. There were several copies available used copies and the lowest price was $134 and then they jumped up from there. Well when I came home I did another search. Well, I already bought the book. I bought the book as soon as I found it. Guess what? All those copies are gone except for one copy, it's used and it's $451.


Alan:  Really.


Rose:  Yes. Also, the Zbigniew Brzezinski book that you were talking about "Between Two Ages" – I hear the music.


Alan:  Yes. Hold on and we'll discuss this after the break here. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. We've got Rose from Georgia on the line talking about the books and mentioned being snapped up and you have to remember too that many of those big agencies out there can scour the internet quickly to find out who's got the books and they'll pay any price to get them and take them back out of your hands. That's actually been happening for quite a few years now. Certain agencies have lists of books and they're snapping them up and getting them off the public shelves and out of the hands of owners, so be very, very quick when you see a book. Snap it up before it gets up or simply goes missing. Are you still there, Rose?


Rose:  Of course I'm still here. Well anyway, so I made a printout of a list of prices from like a week or two ago just from "Between Two Ages". Now the first time I heard you mention the book I went out there and I searched for that book but I hesitated. That book was available for $35. I had to get it because I buy tons of books. I don't make much money but every extra ounce of money I make it goes to books, so I hesitated. I said well I'll put it on my wish list and go back and get it. Well, when I was ready to go back and get that book after hearing another talk of yours, that book jumped from $35 to $170, okay, and it was the only one at 170 because the next book $288 and it jumped up there to $495. Now that was a week or two ago. That book may be a lot more or those other books may be gone. I haven't searched them recently. So that's the message I wanted to get to that gentleman if he's listening tonight, that any books Alan mentions, snap them up. Now if the prices are reasonable enough where you can afford them, hey, $300 is a lot of money, but I’ll tell you what, $300 is nothing compared to the information that's in those books. It's still worth every penny.


Alan:  Sure it is.


Rose:  So spend the money. You buy those books because one day you will never be able to get them. They are disappearing and it's scary. So anybody listening, buy the books.


Alan:  And if you can't find it, also try your libraries. Some libraries still have copies here and there.


Rose:  You know what? I work seven days a week. Man, I'll tell you it's hard just staying afloat. You're talking about how things are happening economically to people. I have a computer science math degree. I'm making crap money. I'm working two jobs and making 70 percent less than what I made back in 1996 and I'm bilingual and I'm making – not making squat man. This is bad. But you know? I keep my head up and I listen to you every night that I can and go back to your archives and I listen to everything you say. My Uncle Butch was like you. He needs to read every damn book in the world and that man was brilliant and he was stuck working in a steel mill and the poor man died young. But when we were children we used to sit at his feet and he used to talk to us the way you talk to your audience. Let me tell you something. Those talks from our uncle was priceless because that has followed me in my entire life and many of the books that you are mentioning, my uncle used to tell us about these books when we were kids and you know we kind of followed but not exactly. It just sat in the back of our heads. My brother is also waking up. I'm trying to give him some information but he doesn't have much time either, and I want to thank you so much for the information. I don't know how much longer you're going to be able to keep doing this.


Alan:  I know. Oh, I know.


Rose:  But if anybody can they need to somehow archive the information you have before they shutdown that net because eventually they're going to shut it down.


Alan:  It's going to shut down; there's Internet 2.


Rose:  I have conducted searches that I would consider sensitive, politically sensitive, and end up with the most bizarre list of hits in different languages in Chinese and some that were absolute gobbledygook. I said what the hell's this? Am I imagining this? I had to actually take a printout. I took a copy of it and sent it to my brother. I said John look at this. You're not going to believe it. So the people out there who are kind of hesitant and you guys have to act fast because I'll tell you what. That Iron Curtain, man, it's coming down. It's coming down.


Alan:  It's coming down. First they get you hooked, then they make it indispensable. Then they start policing it.


Rose:  That's right.


Alan:  Then they start pulling the sites.


Rose:  You also talk a lot about the vaccines. I work at a county health department as an interpreter. Man, I've never seen so many messed up little children in my life.


Alan:  Yes, I know.


Rose:  They're getting – you wouldn't believe the vaccines these kids are getting. And you know what? If they don't want them, they hold them down and jam them in them.I'll tell you what. When I have one parent on the phone or anybody come in there that has any snippet of a brain, because there's not many out there. I mean they're really brainwashed, but if they have one little glimmer of intelligence I let them know how they can exempt out of that vaccine, and guess what? They go for it. That's the best I can do. I can't go in there and cause mayhem in the health department. I'll lose my job. I mean I need to eat. You know what I'm trying to say?


Alan:  We're all over a barrel in this society. We do what we can under the circumstances and help those that we can.


Rose:  You know we've got four year olds that don't know the difference between a circle and a square. They come in and they can barely talk. They're like almost five and they can barely talk. What is wrong? They're all like that and they're twitchy.


Alan:  I know cardiac surgeons who phone me and they're opening up young men about 30 years of age and inside they'd swear they were 70; they were prematurely aging. Thanks for calling, Rose. Thanks for calling. Back after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and we've got Daniel in California there. Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel:  Yes I'm here. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Daniel:  What's going on, Alan? I have a couple of questions that will compliment Rose's comments. I picked up Jacques Attali's "Millennium". Actually I found that book in my local public library and ended up buying it. I found it back a year ago when I had initially read it. You could find it everywhere but now the only place I could find it was on e-Bay.


Alan:  Really.


Daniel:  But I found a good mint copy on e-Bay for $8.00.


Alan:  That's good.


Daniel:  I have a couple of questions about the pictures in this book. This book is awesome. I've already read it three times. I love it. It's a good book. Behind the cover page there's a picture of a sphere and encompassed by circles and 12 heads blowing wind. What are those? Can you tell me what those are?


Alan:  They always have 12. Even the European Union flag, even though they've got many more members than 12, they said they would not put any more stars on than 12. That's the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 invisible rulers of the world they sometime phrase it too, or the 12 top families. The circles, too, it means you're a point within a circle and all those that you influence, like a compass – if you put compass on paper, drew the circle, you're the point in the circle and all those in the perimeter that's as far as you can reach. In other words, all those within that circle are yours. You can influence all of them.


Daniel:  Oh. So, the world basically.  I've seen them. How about at the beginning of the first chapter, you have a picture of a head gleaming – it looks like a floating head but it's really not. If you look closely there's a hand holding a book at the bottom of it and it's got the circular like the halo type in the background but then it's got light like sharp beams coming down.


Alan:  Lots of publishers have that symbol or they have a torch of light and of course that's Lucifer, the one who stole or who brought light or intellect to earth.


Daniel:  There's an angel above him.


Alan:  Yes, with an angel above him and that will represent – remember, Lucifer was an angel. They also have a halo generally or a "glory" they call it. It's a burst of clouds.


Daniel:  How about the next one where he's – the second chapter "The Struggle for Supremacy" where you have a guy with a sword over another guy who looks like he has a club in his hand and he's like in the fetal position.


Alan:  It means the intellect over the inferior. The one with the sword et cetera over the young, the brutish lower type.


Daniel:  Man I'm glad. It just fits the chapters so well. I know it did in some way. I was just kind of curious as to what they meant and then in the third chapter that's "Millennium Losers," they have a lady that looks like she's crying with another lady and she's holding a baby and they kind of have their hands up. It looks like stars or fire is falling on them from the heavens.


Alan:  The ladies often symbolize grief and rebirth. It's a cry and it's also joy for the creation of a new type: A new system, a new type or even new creature.


Daniel:  Oh, I can see that because there's one with her head down with her hands up. There's another one up with her head up and one hand up and her other hand is holding the baby. I see.


Alan:  That's the new man to come. The new rule by the new man.


Daniel:  Wow, oh I see. And then they have one where it looks like death on a horse. It looks like there's the priest or the pope or somebody's below the horse and the rider is real boney old man. He's got like a staff with what looks like three prongs. I mean I'm guessing it's three prongs. I'm not sure. But does that rider represent death?


Alan:  It's more than just death. The horse means over land. The three points as the three points of masonry but it's also the tripod of Neptune, so it means land and sea. It's the domination of land and sea.


Daniel:  Awesome and so I take it that the man that's underneath that horse that looks like a pope or a priest of some kind that's crying. What is that the kind of religion that they're trying to conquer?


Alan:  Old what they call superstition, the old ways.


Daniel:  Ah, the old superstition. Crazy. I love it. How about the last one? The guy – it looks like God. Actually, he's all grayed up. He's got wooly hair, big beard. His eyebrows come out like half an inch past his head. He's holding a book and he's got a knife or a sword. Actually the butt of the sword starts at the mouth and he's not even holding it. It's just coming straight out of his mouth like it's set on top of his mouth and the sword just comes down.


Alan:  Again, too, that was the tongue represented the sword. It's not just that the pen is mightier than the sword. It's the voice. Whatever you say is mightier as well. It's a dictatorial society.


Daniel:  Ah nice. Now those photos compliment those chapters really. Yes, because I just wanted to tell Rose if she can get a copy of this book "Millennium," it's an awesome book. I recommend it to anybody.


Alan:  Yes, they say that right there, the next boat people in the world will be Americans going abroad looking for work.


Daniel:  Oh yes it's awesome. It's like this guys he takes you through the domination of basically the planet and for lack of a better term through money.Through money and that's what I love about this book. It takes you deep. It takes you into past cultures. It takes you into the objects that we have or going to have basically through money.


Alan:  It's the power of the purse they call it, and at the very end they would force everyone in the world, since everyone is dependent on this odd commodity called money, they'd force the whole world along with the agenda that will be used to sustain your life. It will be used to punish you by withdrawing it and money doesn't have to be any traditional type you've had so far. It can be credits issued by the state eventually, like ration cards. That's just the same thing, so money is the big kicker towards the end now that we all believe in it as though it was some natural thing.


Daniel:  So let me get this straight. This Attali, did he get this knowledge from somewhere else? He had to of, right? He helped it along.


Alan:  He was groomed to be a top adviser for Mitterrand and a few other top French presidents. He was one of the instrumental guys for setting up the European Union and he then moved on to the United Nations to do with the global integration structure of the three main trading blocks: North American Union, Europe and the Far Eastern Rim.


Daniel:  Yes, because you could just hear the arrogance in this book of how he talks about nomadic man and the peoples and those. It's like if you really didn't know what this guy was talking about, if you didn't know the context, you would be lost.


Alan:  Yes, you'd be lost and even Rockefeller himself says "you must know your history." That's what they talk about history. If you understand how to control people in the past, you use the same techniques for controlling them in the future.


Daniel:  Awesome. A buddy of mine just bought "Labyrinth" his other book and could you explain to me what the labyrinth means to them?


Alan:  The labyrinth, it's different meanings in different levels going back to the old Minotaur the Bull of ancient Grecian times too. The Minotaur's and they talk about the different ways to the truth. There's so many mislaid ways one can travel for your life and there's only one straight path that they can find too. It's tied up with a lot in mythologies. It would take ages to explain it.


Daniel:  It's awesome. That's crazy. Well you know what, thanks, Alan, so much. I had always wondered what those pictures were at the beginning of those chapters and I recommend it to everybody. It's Jacques Attali's "Millennium" and thanks a lot, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Daniel:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  Now I've got Richard from Alabama. Are you there, Richard?


Richard:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Richard:  Hi. I want to ask you a question about Iraq. Now America is supposed to have some enemies like Iran is supposed to be our enemy and China and Russia and Hugo Chavez is supposed to be not our friend. Now all these people have money. Why don't they get some good anti-aircraft weapons for the Iraqi insurgency? Why?


Alan:  This is to be a long drawn out war. See, they're doing this also for the war. They need a war. They must have a war going on because the war is to go round the whole planet for a whole hundred years and out of the end of this whole ongoing war, it's a war for everything on everything. A whole new system will come out of it, a preplanned system, so it doesn’t matter who they're at war with as long as they keep the war going and under war situations they can use martial law on the public. They can use the dictatorial means that they're using already. Without war and the absence of war, they don’t have any ability to order you around, change your lifestyle et cetera, and so they need ongoing war.


Richard:  So these countries I named they're not really our enemies. They are our pretend enemies?


Alan:  They're handy at the moment. I mean they've used enemies in the past. Napoleon when Britain was doing the whole job itself Napoleon said it was perfidious England because England would always arm to the teeth some small country that was next door to a more powerful country. It encouraged the war after they armed them and they'd help fund the smaller country up to a higher position, but if need be they'd then rearm their neighbors and bring that country down. They kept arming different sides with perpetual ongoing war. That was called how you kept the balance of power and they're doing the same thing again. During World War II, Joe Stalin was called Uncle Joe by all the propagandist papers. He was our best friend, we had to save the Soviet Union by any and every means possible; and at the end of World War II we had no enemies, so they had to turn him into the big bad bear, so this has been going on forever. A government cannot expand and be dictatorial without a war and an enemy to point at so they can say "we are here to save you. That's why we're doing all this too you. We're saving you." Without war, they can't do any of this.


Richard:  Several years ago I read this article in a magazine about the Saudi Royal Family and their origins of the Saud family and according to this article, I believe it was in the Free American Magazine, the Saudis are really Jews.


Alan:  I've heard of it but I've never seen it. There's more rumor out there than truth.


Richard:  And that the original patriarch of the Saud family was murdered and replaced with a bunch of false cousins.


Alan:  As I say, there's more rumors to do with that than fact. An awful lot of rumors about it in fact. What we do know is that Britain was involved in setting up Saudi Arabia a long time ago. In fact, one of their top master spies, Kim Philby, was sent over to really set up the Saudi establishment and he was a top player for MI6 at the time.


Richard:  So you're not sure whether that rumor is true or not?


Alan:  Well, how can you be sure of a rumor?


Richard:  Well, it was a--


Alan:  You either like a rumor or dislike a rumor, but I'd rather deal with the facts than rumors. And apart from that, the Arabs themselves wouldn't put up with too much of that either themselves, so you've got to take that into consideration too. Okay?


Richard:  It's not okay but it's enough to worry about tonight.


Alan:  There's lots to worry about tonight. There's just as much to worry about about all the things that are happening within the Americas that you don’t know about that are happening every night and we are the last to know. We will be the last to know what it's all about, but thanks for calling.


Richard:  All right, good night.


Alan:  Good night. Now we've got Robin from California?


Robin:  Hi Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Robin:  You know I'm calling because I wanted to share a brief experience I have and get your opinion. Back in '93 I was in Vietnam and I was invited to the home of the director of the Vietnam Oxfam effort and Oxfam as you know is an NGO and a charity and so forth. They had this fabulous villa that this director was living in and they had tag-team nannies running around taking care of their babies and they had all these servants and gardeners and drivers and they were putting on an elaborate party and it was just kind of this circus. At the time, I was very suspicious because I thought wow I don't know if the people that give their coins and their bills over to Oxfam realize that they're running this embassy and not just living with the people and working with the people. They're living on top of the people.


Alan:  Sure.


Robin:  And so now after listening to you, now it occurs to me that it's more than just having to schmooze with muckety-mucks but what they're having to do is they're having to prove that they're schmucks too.They're crooks and so here's our big hot embassy that our foolish people are paying for, so we're in on the dirty deal with you.


Alan:  That's right.


Robin:  So anyway, I want to thank you because your shows gave me this insight that I'd always wondered about why they were doing this. I'd also like to say that I've done a little very brief research on Oxfam and one of the founders is guy named Gilbert Murray, a professor from Oxford, and he has ties to H.G. Wells and League of Nations and all this stuff.


Alan:  That's right.


Robin:  Well anyway, it's the same old, same old.


Alan:  And that's why they named it Oxfam.


Robin:  What do you mean? Oh, Oxford. Yes, Oxford famine.


Alan:  And also going through Oxford University because they have their own Masonic group for the elite Ivy League type to get initiated into, officially on the map where the river runs through Oxford, it's called Oxford on the Isis. That's the name of it.


Robin:  Oh, these guys they just never tire of this stuff, do they?


Alan:  Never. No, it's in your face but we're so ignorant most folk don't know and they love that because they snicker at us in our ignorance.


Robin:  Yes. Well thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Robin:  Bye-bye.


Alan:  You've got to check into all these big charitable institutions because they're just part of the establishment and they set up a lot of them. There's little global village stores and so on all over the countries and the money is going to all the wrong places. We know that for a fact. It's the same with the – people wonder why the Red Cross, why is it that the Red Cross after 9/11 and the Katrina disaster, how come the Red Cross and the Salvation Army were the two authorized charities that Mr. Bush said – how come? When can a government say these are the two authorized charities that you must send your money to? Look into it and find out. Why do you think the Red Cross has that red cross there? The old Knights Templar cross. Why is it they can go between battle lines and not get shot at? They have immunity. It's all freemasonic and it's a rip off big time. The Red Cross has contaminated more people with contaminated blood than probably any other in this system in the world for spreading bacterial warfare. Back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and I've just got time to read this little article from GlobalResearch.ca, April 2, 2008. It's from Global Research.


            "Canada and Israel have signed a far-reaching public security cooperation agreement. The agreement, described as a "Partnership", involves a "Declaration of Intent" by the two governments. The Declaration was signed in Tel Aviv on March 23: 


            "Today, the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety Canada and Avi Dicter, Minister of Public Security of the Government of the State of Israel, signed a Declaration of Intent to enhance cooperation in the area of public safety."


Alan:  Departments of Public Safety remember were put up in the French Revolution for the first time.


            "The Government of Canada is committed to enhancing the security of Canadians – both through our actions at home and with our international partners.” said Minister Day. “Today’s declaration demonstrates the longstanding cooperation between Canada and Israel on public safety issues, and we welcome this increased cooperation in order to improve our countries’ capacity to protect our citizens.”


            This declaration will allow Canada and Israel to better enhance cooperation in the areas of organized crime, emergency management, crime prevention, and other related public safety concerns. The declaration seeks to establish a more structured framework for the continued cooperation on public safety issues between Canada and Israel. “The Declaration of Intent is an opportunity for Canada and Israel to strengthen their commitment to safeguarding their citizens and respective national interests from common threats,” said Minister Dicter."


Alan:  There's a link at the bottom of that page you can look into as well. This is a handout obviously given out by governments to the people. That's how it's done today. They give handouts, little authorized spiels of authority. They don't go into much detail. You know you're being conned. You're not getting the whole story to do with this at all. It's just a handout and you can take it or leave it. That's the attitude that they have now. After all, why should they pamper the public and it's true enough most the public really don't care what's really happening anyway. They're too busy watching TV and seeing who the latest American Idol happens to be, or watching these silly little reality shows where you have little girls and little boys put in the house and they go at it doing all their silly little things. That's what's happened to the public. They are conditioned in a world, like Brzezinski said, where they can't talk about anything or think of anything except what's been on the news the previous day. That's what's in their head. It's rather sad but it works. It's very, very true.


We're on a roll as these big boys see their New World Order coming into view, as Bush Sr. phrased it, this beautiful New World Order, and they're going after everything you need to be able to sustain yourself. They're going after the young generation big time grabbing them at kindergarten and indoctrinating them so they'll never break out of their indoctrination. We already have young people coming out asking to be sterilized to save the planet. I said they'd do that 10, 15 years ago. Now it's actually happening. Indoctrination works wonders especially when you have no parents to give you any input and it destroyed the extended family which was so important in passing down the histories, the oral histories, living histories of people to their grandchildren, very important.


Well, from Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)