January 3, 2008


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – January 3, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)






"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 3rd, 2008, a brave new year indeed. For newcomers, look into my website and you can check out lots of previous talks I've given on the histories and the organizations down through the years, even back down through the centuries that lead up and have led up to where we are today and where we're going. Look into my other site for the transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe.


I seldom ever, ever turn on a television to watch anything. I actually watch the news once in a blue moon to see what kind of spiel the people are getting and I did that tonight just to see. I went into the other world, you know the world that's presented to the public that they swallow without question and sure enough there was the fulfillment of Mr. Rumsfeld's promise when he said when the oil was approaching the $50 a barrel mark he said we're breaking the psychological barrier of 50 bucks. He says, don't be surprised to see it double in about a year and that has happened, it's about $100 a barrel and this man wasn't going by supply and demand. He was going by the statistics which they'd worked out years before when they made all of their plans to takeover the Middle East and the oil producing countries. That's why he knew, because in logistics and in planning for military campaigns you figure out all of these kinds of things. You factor it all in and so it's no surprise to the big boys who started the whole agenda that kicked it off, the Brave New World scenario, the New World Order coming into view scenario when they kicked it off in earnest in 2001.


We're galloping along and it all ties in perfectly well, all meshes so well when we follow it and we see that what they want eventually they want habitat areas with no transportation. No transportation, that means no "non-essential vehicles" as they say. Now what could that possibly mean? It would mean a drastic way and a change of living and that's exactly what it's all about, the Agenda 21 the United Nations released a long time ago. It was about the 21st century and their plans to bring in this new non-drivable society that would use public transportation only, but they just didn't tell you how they'd get you from your car to the bus; and it's becoming rather evident to a few as they gradually wake up and see it happening because people will get priced off the road. It's quite simple. "The power of the purse" they call it and people will get priced right off the road into their little habitat areas where you can rent only. That's coming, that's the other part still to come is the housing collapse and then they come out with a new plan which is rental only for this manageable society.


To watch tonight's news, of course, everything was about supply and demand and very vague – everything is very vague on it and why things are happening and they were even astounded that there's going to be a warm current coming into Canada in January. Every January we get the January thaw for a week or so and this is the typical January thaw coming up, but because they have no memory and they don't remind the people. They don't nudge the people you see. It's not their job to nudge you and make you remember, so they always present it as bizarre weather. Bizarre weather. Everything is going crazy. We're getting bizarre weather. Well, this is winter in Canada. We get the January thaw and then it goes back into deep freeze for a while too. This is natural.


Yet to listen to the world as it's presented to the masses, everything is a big puzzle. It's just big puzzle with spontaneous happenings across the planet that no one ever foresaw and they bring on experts too who go round in circles and contradict each other and leave you even more confused and then you throw your hands up and put it down to acts of God. Everything is an act of God, I guess, and maybe they're right. They just don't tell you which god they're talking about because I think it's a two-legged one sitting in some high building somewhere.


However, that's the real world. That's the real world. We're going straight into an agenda and at the same time we're seeing the circuses for the public and I hate to do this. I hate to sort of diffuse people's fire or put it out, dampen it, but the whole lead up to American politics is so much like show business it becomes a bit tiring. It's like circuses and Canada isn't much different. Canada's copied a lot of the U.S. system in election times when they pull out balloons and everybody gets badges and wear all kind of fancy hats and big banners and it's a rah-rah thing and it's just like a circus. Like clowns in a circus and I don't understand what that's got to do with the seriousness of the situation, to be honest with you. I can't get into this party mood. It just doesn't work on me.


We have all different parties pushing – the mainstream parties pushing really for the same agenda and pretending that they're not of course, but they all go along the same agenda because they have done for as long as I've been alive in every country because we're all on this global agenda. It was a done deal when they signed it all into the United Nations charter at the end of World War II, but they must keep the public thinking that we're still somehow the same, even though the average person can surely look back on their lives and say my God how things have changed. Whether you're 20, 30, 40 years at all makes no difference. It's drastic changes and very quick, very, very quick.


When I was born you generally had two parents and that had been the norm for many, many centuries, way, way down through time. Within about 20 years, starting with Hollywood of course and magazines and television interviewers about Hollywood and the stars breaking up and getting divorced and all that, then everybody followed suit because people don't think for themselves. They follow the stars and if the stars do it, it must be okay. It was about that time too that they were throwing religion out the window and the community that used to help each other and they were bringing in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy began to work with the stars as well and there was a big flood of them into psychotherapy and that became the norm and everyone followed suit and it became big business, so they replace one religion with another, you see.


They also replaced the family with single parent families and that's all happened in a few short years, not because it was time for it to happen by some law of nature, but because it was pushed that way from a hundred different sources and those involved didn't understand that at all because most folk don't think through things. In fact, you'll find unfortunately most people don't think period. They can parrot verbatim often what they're told on debates and on television but they don't really think about things and come to their own conclusions at all, pretty well about anything, and it's a sad thing to say but it's very, very true.


However, when I see these elections getting geared up for the circuses and the mud slinging, it's just entertainment for the public. At least that's how I view it, and we'll get little scandals with different politicians and that keeps us chomping away on tidbits and it's all a show, a big circus show because the big agenda marches on. You know how many bureaucrats are involved in the global system that we're actually in?  You don't elect any one of those bureaucrats in the federal government. Not a single one and the guys at the top, the heads of these departments, they know what their agenda is and they can go back to the founding charter of the United Nations and see their role right in there what their job is. Therefore it doesn't matter who gets voted in or out of politics, the system rattles on regardless and that was the way it was setup.


H.G. Wells wrote about it a long time ago. He said this basically bypasses politics, where bureaucrats now can send departments across to other countries or the League of Nations (that was the embryo of the United Nations) and get the job done without the interference of politicians.


Then we have Professor Carroll Quigley coming out with "Tragedy & Hope" and the big book that backed it up it was called "The Anglo-American Establishment," where he fills in all the little blank spaces of history in between the battles and tells you why they happened. Who funded them and what their long-term plan was and he says that there was a parallel government in existence back in the 1960's in his own book.


How did he know?


He was the official historian for this group that was the parallel government in the U.S. and he said the reason that they came into being is because there were too many irreconcilable differences in society between groups and segments, and sub-segments and sub-cultures and all the rest of it, through society to have any peace. They couldn't get anything done with arguing and therefore what they'd done is this society made sure that every president and his advisers belonged to the same institution. The rest down below, all the little politicians, you know the wanna-bees, the little psychopaths, they're allowed a certain amount of competition within their parties for brownie points and slogging the other guys, but had no real say. Their job is to act like trained seals and clap their fins and cheer their leader. That's what their job is – the party over everything else.


However, the guys at the top are always picked and vetted by The Council on Foreign Relations for the United States, so much so that here in Canada where the people, I don't know, they can tell us more I guess because we're so apathetic maybe, but they do tell us more. We had on the Canadian Broadcasting Television (that's the National Broadcasting) run by the government, the BBC of Canada, they gave us in 2005 a mainstream news blurb from The Council on Foreign Relations acting as the council itself instead of being advisers to anything privately to newsmen. The whole panel was there and they said that they basically had drafted up this amalgamation scheme for the Americas and given it to the governments of Canada and the States and Mexico.


The Council on Foreign Relations is a non-governmental body. No one votes them in. At least the plebeians don't get to vote them in. They are a private organization, supposedly, but they belong to the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which once again is private but it's owned by royalty. That's why it's the Royal Institute for International Affairs. It works on behalf of the old aristocracy, the ones with the big, big money and the big international bankers. These are the ones who groom presidents and prime ministers and they will never let it out of their grasp and they certainly won’t do it by people saying "please, please be fair" or "please be democratic." 


During the Cold War they said that never would they allow this to happen again, the possibility, the possibility ever of people changing their system and bringing in a different type of system in, especially one run by the people, so they had declared war on the peoples where they have this Council on Foreign Relations or Royal Institute for International Affairs. It's only called the Council on Foreign Relations for non-British Commonwealth countries. Every Commonwealth country has their own Department of International Affairs and we have the Canadian one for Canada. We have the Australian one, the New Zealand one. They even have one in Pakistan, The Council on Foreign Relations, that is, and another one in India.


They're all over the world and remember their history. They were started off as a supposedly Secret Society that Cecil Rhodes ran and it wasn't so secret after all because it acted as a sort of unofficial agency that stirred up wars in other countries. They started the South African or the Boer War. They were behind that and Britain just had to come in of course once it started that these guys had created. Britain came in with the army officially to rescue the poor British subjects, but it was started deliberately and so they acted like an unofficial James Bond organization and they took the techniques from the Jesuits. That's in their old founding charter. They merged eventually with the Lord Alfred Milner Group that had the debating societies, the Round Table Societies, and then were given a Royal Charter to exist officially on behalf of the Crown, a private body. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I'm just giving my spontaneous little blurb on some of the things I was thinking about today. I don't prepare my talks at all. I don't have staff to punch up guests and so on that I ask to come on and give me a schedule for the day. I just do what I have to do at the time and I think that's more realistic and I don't have any particular ulterior motive to say what I say. I just see life as I do see it. I say it as I see it.


Now we've got Lee from Texas on the line. Are you there, Lee?


Lee:  Hi.


Alan:  How are you?


Lee:  Fantastic, thank you. I got your books right around this time last year. Sorry, a couple of weeks ago and I just finished the first part of it. I have a question for you based on some of the talks you've given and that would be and I'm not asking you to say anything that would implicate yourself or anything. I get the impression you're kind of isolated. You talk about the woodcutting and everything else. You've talked about the fact that they've said flat out there's going to be flashmobs and everything else. At the same time, I've also heard you say don't just be the positive and you get flattened if you go to the negative stuff. I mean do you still think people should be like making preparations for almost like nuclear winter type conditions, as goofy as that sounds?


Alan:  I think they should definitely – there's nothing goofy about it. I mean even some of the U.S. states recently have told people to stock up with food and so on for about three months for national emergencies and we know that the Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute have done their study, an ongoing study. A massive study too into the world's food supply and now mainstream news is talking about coming food shortages so we know it's coming. They're telling us gradually what's coming because it's planned that way.   I think if people can at least stock up on things that will get them through some hard times until they can get their wits together to do something more, it just makes common sense.


Lee:  One of the things I love that you've said. I've got friends that will sit there and go well it's another 9/11 we'll get it back like when Roosevelt was there. I'm like oh really. You should read up on Roosevelt.


Alan:  They have no idea. The American Constitution went out the window with Roosevelt.


Lee:  Then you mentioned well they want to go back to 1776. Which part? The slavery part?


Alan:  The slavery part, yes, or go forward and have the Civil War. You see most Americans don't even know their history. They get it from Hollywood.


Lee:  So you've got to convince because there's a group that you will see that's awake that is running under the guise of like the Founding Fathers. They'll close their show out with Thomas Paine and everything else, and you've got to almost like take what little illusion of freedom or whatever we've been given and use that to fashion almost like a temporary shield until we can make something better.  But we're all fighting for different goals it almost sounds like.


Alan:  Well there's the key. That's the crux of the matter. You're right on there. Society has been so scattered as far as its particular functions go as a society. It has been under battle for the last 60 odd years, tremendously so, and they haven't recovered from that and they probably won't. You've got everyone separated from everyone else. You've had scientific breakthroughs that have changed society completely and even the relations between males and females. Everything has been drastically radically altered and you also have a society that's now built up as primarily a service economy. It's not a productive economy. You don't make things and so it's fine at the moment, as long as this would go on where most folk can get a job at least to pay their rent and so on, male or female, and survive. However, because you're not producing anything, a service economy, as the big economists know—because we had all this given to us in Britain when they did the Economic Union—a service economy is not meant to go on for very long. It's like a dog paddling in the water and it can't get out. It can't get back up on to the land. You can only paddle for so long and so it's a temporary patch before bigger things come down on you, so they understand this.


Lee:  I love how they've gone ahead and done the complete double-speak thing in just about everywhere when I went through Part 1 of Cutting Through. For example, and I don't like reality TV and once in a while I turn the TV on, either plug in a documentary or whatever, then just try and to read. But they've like for example you've talked about the only way we're going to survive is by working together and the number one type of show like "Survivor" is all about flashing and cheating and lying. It's funny that the total twisting they've done to it.


Alan:  It works so well. That's the exact technique as they've encouraged everyone to think they're doing their own thing, then there's no cohesion in society, so it's very clever. They've encouraged what people really do think as doing their own thing, but when you look at them apart they're all doing the same things. It's not an individualistic thing. They're actually doing what's being encouraged but there's no cohesion at all. I mean they can hardly relate to each other in any lasting relationship of any kind. That's how bad it is and when that happens government then is your total boss, you see, and there's no one to stand around you. There's not even a family to stand around you anymore. There's not even that much of a remnant of a clan system.


Lee:  My family will look at some of this stuff but I don't think they're ready to abandon their savior, which of course alienates you know that kind of thing. Well thank you so much for your work and your time Alan.


Alan:  And thanks for calling in.


Lee:  I'll be ordering some more stuff as well besides the book so looking forward. Thank you, sir.


Alan:  Bye now. It's true enough during the New Deal era and that's what it was called when FDR brought out the New Deal. That was an official announcement. When people hear it's the New Deal, it's a phrase to them. It really meant – the old deal was the Constitution. That's what he meant. They all knew that at the top. Here's the New Deal and he basically socialized everything or the government took control over so much and before that you literally had most folk living on the land, exactly what Jefferson said. Jefferson said that this Constitution, and that's backed up by Franklin and others, is meant to preserve peace and safety for people who are agriculturally based and he was so pleased. In fact Jefferson said that every small family that he passed had its own at least one cow and maybe a goat or something and they could sustain themselves, but it was meant for an agricultural society where people had their land, that was theirs. After the Great Depression, and it was still going on when Roosevelt came in, they also altered all that. Before you had about 90-odd percent of the people on the land and after the Great Depression they'd all been moved into the cities and now you have about 90-odd percent of the public in the cities where you're totally controlled and subservient and dependent on the system and that was all planned that way. It was all planned.


Even with the make-work projects that they did, the big massive make-work projects, it was very similar to the Soviet Union. They did the same thing there by using the people at the bottom to build roads and so on, giving them army uniforms, getting them ready for the army mode, living in camps because World War II was getting set up then, so it was already training them to right into the army and bingo it worked. Nothing happens spontaneously in this system. These projects including wars are worked out way in advance. Way, way in advance by very good strategists. That was the New Deal and the other big one of course the next part, Part 3, 4, 5 was when George Bush, Sr. made his big statement on 9/11 back in 1991 that there is a New World Order coming into view – "The Big Idea." That was the next official new system coming in. Back with more after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us

And the river's too deep

We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix because it truly is a matrix. It's a matrix. It's your reality, reality that was presented to you at birth and then was further indoctrinated into you by your education and television, entertainment and so on. It's a lifelong process and they used to have an Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1940's. They called him "The Red Bishop," who was a globalist and he went around the world making statements about this coming society and he said there'll be a world where all adults will be continuing adult education and I thought it was kind of strange. I thought well what does he mean, constantly learning new skills and trades or something? What he really was referring to was a constant indoctrination, an updating indoctrination for your entire life until you died to bring all of this about. It's true as I say that most people don't think through things. People are emotional creatures more than anything. It's how they feel. That's what they go by, how I feel about this and how I feel about that, and they don't get much information. They don't seek out much information on big topics. In fact, they'll turn away again through emotion. It's a negative thing. It makes them feel bad so they don't want to go into it in any depth whatsoever and so when you start to inform someone mistakenly, because you shouldn't do that unless they ask, but if you start to inform them about the real world and what's really going on, you get that strange robotic stare as they look left and right, and left and right, back and forth, and you know they're just dying to turn away from you because you're frightening them.


The world that you're giving them is frightening them and deep, deep down, even though they haven't really thought about the changes they themselves have experienced in life and are still experiencing, it's still at the back of their mind that you might be right. You just might be right and that really would terrify them if you are and generally people will blame the messenger. "You made me feel unhappy today by telling me this. I don't want to hear it and don't come back unless you've got something pleasant to talk about." What they're really telling you is if you can come back with robo-speak and parrot what everyone else is parroting on that particular day, then that's all right because you're reinforcing this false belief that everything is just hunky-dory and that's what they want. That's what they want to hear.


Adolph Hitler said this. He said:


"In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie."


That was in Mein Kampf and that's what all of the big boys who run the media know. What they give us generally are just big lies. See, being earthly creatures here who are prone to fall, you see, we know the small lies and we're kind of suspicious about the small lies like "oh I don't believe that" if you friend is telling you something you know there's something else behind it. However, when the ones that you've been trained to perceive as your superiors and your betters, this aristocratic group at the top with the $5,000 suits on, when they tell you a big whopper of a lie it's almost impossible for you to believe it because he doesn't even blush. Now he's telling millions of people too. It's hard for you to tell a little white lie to someone you know, but he's telling this big lie to millions of people without batting an eye so it must be true. It's as simple as that.


Train the people down below, the Plebeians, that these are superior people that somehow are more altruistic in nature than you are, angelic in fact, and it’s becomes impossible for you to realize that they're actually lying to millions of people without a blush or a nervous twitch and so they get away with it. It is easier to believe a big lie. People are very, very willing to believe it and that's why you're watching a police state being built all around you, and have been for quite a few years now, where even the media tells you everything you do now is monitored. Everything about you is being monitored and then they tell you the big lie. "It's for your own safety." Every totalitarian system and tyranny that's ever existed ran on information gathering on its citizens. That's its MO.  It's like the teeth of the big bad wolf peeking out behind the robe. We're seeing the teeth here. We're not recognizing them for what they are and history always repeats itself.


We know that all of this monitoring which is global monitoring of every individual has nothing to do with a caveman who started off in Afghanistan. Nothing whatsoever. It took years and years of strategic planning with high intelligence organizations of every country working in cooperation probably since World War II to get all ready and up and meshed together working now today. That's how long it took to get all of this up and the technology was adapted and created in fact during the Cold War, the farce of the Cold War, for this particular period coming into existence. All your tax money that then was going to keep you safe was going in to creating technology that would monitor you and everything that you did from morning to night. Even during the night. We are run like Pavlov's dogs, only better, much, much better.


In the Daily Mail and I've already seen it in another newspaper, the Daily Mail on the 3rd of January today it's got a comment there on science, which again is a half truth and half lie. It says:


            "Scientists have developed a machine which is capable of reading our mind and revealing our most private thoughts."


Alan:  Now this is old stuff being presented as though they're just working on it.


            "American researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, found that, with the aid of a sophisticated scanner and computer programme, they were able to determine how the brain lights up when thinking about different subjects."


Alan:  Now I have a memory, you see this brain works and I remember in the '70's a documentary was shown in Britain from Sweden on magnetic imaging. They call it MRI and they scan the brain and they can actually tell what parts of the brain light up when you're thinking about something or talking about something and they're even using different languages, different parts of the brain will light up. The Chinese use different parts of the brain for their language and for their writing than people who read and write English, for instance, and that was shown back then. However, they could also go into other emotions too by showing pictures of different things then watching what parts of the brain light up.


Now this is being presented in the Daily Mail today as though it's a brand new discovery and they're just working on it. This is for the researchers at the bottom. The real searching was done at the top long ago. It says:


            "…Using an advanced form of MRI scanner, they analysed how the brain reacted to ten drawings of tools and buildings."


Alan:  Very primitive stuff.


            "They then used a computer programme to work out whether a person was thinking about a tool or a building. The researchers' analysis was found to be 97 per cent accurate but they went on to show that they could distinguish between two similar objects, such as two different tools, almost as successfully."


Alan:  As I say, really primitive stuff. They're telling us as though it was a breakthrough. This is not the point of the story. It says:


            "This is the first time the technique has been fine tuned to distinguish between similar objects."


Alan:  What a joke. It says:


            "The brain scans also showed many different brain regions are involved in processing information even in the case of something as simple as a line drawing of a hammer."


Alan:  About four years ago a book came out, I think it was by Nick Begich, talking about the same technology and they already had at very high levels of NSA and so on computers which could scan your brain as you walked past a house or a building. It would pick up certain thoughts and if it thought you had the wrong thoughts it could instantly in milliseconds change those thoughts by redirecting them in an altered form into your head.


Back to the Daily Mail, the old stuff, this is how it's presented to the general public and it says:


            "…Thinking about how a hammer is used activated the areas involved in movement, while thinking about the shape of a hammer and what it is used for lit up other regions."


Alan:  What a joke but the main part is interesting and it's at the very bottom. It tells you the real intent of it and I'll tell you what that is after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and try to get underneath the massively thick cloak of deception that we have. The deception is what most folk think is reality, and no wonder, as I say, the way it's presented to the public in this traditional – it's now a traditional method of keeping us living in a sense in the past as far as real science goes. This news blurb I'm reading from the Daily Mail about this MRI technology that's supposed to read the mind that they claim is in its infancy and which is old stuff. They're way ahead of that and there's been stuff published in leading magazines years ago on this very topic.


The end part is the part that's interesting because this is the real point of it. The rest of it is to get the public used to the idea of it. You must always train the animal first, you see, little by little. Don't spook them by simply slapping something on their head. You've got to move something closer to them and closer to them until they eventually just chew the grass and don't notice it's there. That's how we get trained. Here's the real purpose of this little article that was released to major newspapers.


            "…The device's possibilities can, however, be extended and the team envisage a time when it will be used to conduct infallible lie detector tests, while the accurate interpretation of a person's intentions could allow police to arrest criminals before they break the law, as seen in the film Minority Report."


Alan:  There's the point of this whole blurb in this newspaper. That's the real intent of it, to get you used to it. It's kind of far away. It's not that close to you yet, but get the idea in your head and suddenly it will be out there and you'll just be chewing away as normal and allowing your brains to be scanned as you pass by major buildings and all kinds of stuff on a daily basis, just like you get prodded and poked at all the airports and you don't say anything at all about it. It's all quite normal now. We adapt so quickly as the ancients said. We’re the most adaptable species on the planet. Ain't that a fact? 


Now we've got Jim from Texas on the line. Are you there, Jim? Hello Jim.


Jim:  Hello.


Alan:  Go ahead.


Jim:  Yes. I've read your books a couple of times and been working through your blurbs. I've still got a couple of clogged cylinders in my brain that I'm trying to idling right, but I wanted to get your opinion on a guy. I know you dabbled in poetry and I was reading some of James Russell Lowell's poems and some of his quotes. He was at what the Porcelain Club at Harvard and he was kind of a real establishment guy, it seems like, but he writes all this stuff and I didn't know if you could say anything to his sincerity?


Alan:  I don't know about his sincerity. You can never really tell a person's sincerity but I do know that there's actually documentation out, I'm going to read it maybe next week, that's now declassified from the U.S. and Canadian and British governments admitting that the last 50 years has been run culture-wise totally from poetry, music and everything, the whole culture industry, by departments of the CIA and MI6. It's a scary thought to think that even your mainstream poets were also in the employ of the CIA, isn't it?


Jim:  Right. Well I was looking at some of his connection. I thought he had some backing besides just him.


Alan:  That's the sad truth. I mean it's astounding. I mean I knew it was pretty bad but I didn't know myself it was as bad as all that, but it is.


Jim:  Another thing you were just talking about earlier about that glaze you get, that look when you try to tell somebody something that's not from the television. I was sitting there in Texas with some buddies of mine and they're just blowing these big chemtrails big time with the cross patterns. I mean it was just real obvious. They were just gigantic and it was such a beautiful morning and that's how they do it here. I'm sure they do it everywhere. It's a beautiful morning. They come in and before you know it there's haze everywhere. But I mentioned it to some buddies and I made a joke said something about there must be some new bugs they're spraying. They've heard me talk before and there was just this look like you better start talking about the cowboys or something but we ain't going there.


Alan:  Oh they won't. It's just amazing, isn't it? I remember the Beatles sung a song. Part of the song said about the skies turning tangerine and so on. They were talking about LSD of course, but we're actually coming to the stage now where you'll see all this happening. In fact, I've seen rainbow bursts next to the sun. Not arches but the actual rainbow bursts. It's like oval shapes and so on with the polymers in the air after spraying and others have noticed it too, and it's a new phenomenon to the scientists. They can't explain it of course. They're totally puzzled.


Jim:  They'll come out with some kind of spin on it. Well I don't know if they even need to. I used to think they'd have to.


Alan:  You're right. They don't need it anymore, do they?


Jim:  That's what kind of scares me because I was thinking wow if this is so obvious and nobody will talk about this then there's no hope. I mean we're sitting out here and you can see and I do. We both have eyes and you can't tell me that's a condensation trail because I can point you to another plane later, what the other one looks like.


Alan:  It's tragic, isn't it?


Jim:  Yes it is because when I first started reading some of the stuff, getting in your blurbs and I chased some other rabbits in the wrong direction but that naïve part of you thinks oh man let me go tell the guys. You know I'll tell them truth, we'll stomp this out by tomorrow. No, it's no big deal. As soon as I start talking everybody is going to jump up and go all right let's go fix it, but that isn't the case.


Alan:  They just don't want to know any bad news and don't rock the boat because it scares them.


Jim:  And it gets tiresome. I do my best with like you said the robo-talk but that will wear you out.


Alan:  It does wear you out. It wears you out having to go back into their world and talk about the things that you know are going to please them. That's just it.


Jim:  Yes, it's the standard playbook. You just pull the sports card or tell them something you read on the news, some scandal. Stick to the playbook and everybody's happy.


Alan:  That's right. It's sad.


Jim:  Well I'll let you go. I appreciate all your work. I just ordered another book of yours for a present. I've got that video coming.


Alan:  Okay, I appreciate that.


Jim:  Every time I get a question it gets answered if I go back to your blurbs.


Alan:  There's a lot of information in those blurbs, yes.


Jim:  Appreciate it Alan. You have a good night.


Alan:  You too. Bye now. It's true enough. What a sad condition. I was thinking that today that the leaders – that's why they're so arrogantly confident that they can pull all of this off. They understand the mentality of most people and the depth of their conditioning. They understand it and they understood it before I was born. I mean Huxley talked about this coming up and he was quite confident they could pull it off because they understood human nature. Sad isn't it? Tragic and very, very scary when you look around you and you see all of that.


Now there's Dan in Colorado. Are you there, Dan? Hello Dan.


Dan:  All right. Well, a pleasure talking with you. I've just recently found your show and I've been on the internet and gone through everything I can find on your site. I've got pages of questions but I know I don't have enough time, so let me just get to some of them. Number one, I want to contribute to you because you've done so much for me by just my listening to you. I have a movie I recommend for you. It's called "Return in Red". I don't know if you've seen it.


Alan:  No.


Dan:  It's about EMF signals altering people's minds and how the government was using the public as the guinea pigs, a small town, not a very good movie but an excellent premise.


Alan:  It wasn't based on truth, was it, because they did try it on the people of Maine? That's official.


Dan:  Well now that leads me to a question – I'm glad you brought that up because it's somewhere in these pages that I have for you. One time you made a blurb, a mention about the fact that Jacob's Ladder was an actual event in Vietnam.


Alan:  They did try that particular drug, that is true. They definitely tried it. Even Bo Gritz admitted that in one of his talks.


Dan:  They did some mind-altering experiments unbeknownst to soldiers in Vietnam?


Alan:  Yes.


Dan:  Okay, all right. Well now my question is that this information that we're learning and I find it's sort of like addictive. I've been looking at this for many years and I'm wondering if somehow the information isn't almost self-destructive? Of course it causes you to lose your friends and in some cases your family because it makes you seem like you're on a different plane, but do you think that the information itself can somehow because you're saying that these, for lack of a better word, "evil scientists" are so adept at doing things. Is it possible that the information itself can be some sort of detriment to the fight though?


Alan:  No. You see if you don't understand what's happening there isn't a snowflakes chance in hell you're going to change it. You have to understand what's happening in order for anything to start growing.


Dan:  I hear the music. Can I hold?


Alan:  Yes, hold over. We'll be back after these messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant



Alan:  Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, some of us have seen the future and it certainly is murder. It's been murder for quite some time in fact but just quieter and we're talking to Dan from Colorado who was asking the question which some of the New Agers ask because they're taught not to look at the negative and just think positively in their own little lives. Their own personal lives will be just hunky-dory and they don't see the express train coming up behind them as they have the Sony Walkman earphones on. They don't want to know and the answer as I was saying to Dan is that, number one, when people ask me about the truth. I do ask them. I said do you really want it? Really think very carefully if you want the truth because once you open Pandora's Box there's no stopping it and it's going to change you drastically. It's going to make you not only see the world differently but yourself as well because you'll reevaluate everything that you ever knew including your opinions about yourself because it comes down to the self ultimately. Who are you and what are you going to do about all of this now that you know? And you'll have no peace and you'll lose friends and you might even lose your mate as well. That's very common.


However, the thing is, nothing can change this without people understanding not just the basics as I'm talking about here tonight but the complexities and the intricacies of it all and your own personal part in all of it too, because they say that you're the microcosm and in a sense you are. What is true in all ages is that it's the individual that starts off the rippling effect. This is the big Q-factor that they hate at the top. They want a world where everybody, no individual excluded, will be monitored and understood and controlled perfectly. Up until now the occasional individual here and there in every generation can pop up and start saying that the king has no clothes in such a way that the public suddenly understand and the spell is broken and their intentions are diverted for a while.


We can divert this big scheme and you can only do it my knowing what's happening, because if we don't it's a horror show. Literally a horror show, this society they're bringing in, this global plantation with the reduced population and if you really understood what they've already done to the public to make them sick for instance. Sick people make bad spouses, they're not good material for mating up with someone. They decided a long time ago that with the population reduction programs they'd take Africa down quickly, but with the West, because there's more power there and there's more communication, they'd have to do it slowly and so they decided to put out all these diseases that would make people sick and chronic fatigue and all the rest of it. Lo and behold, we had one thing after another hitting the general public out of nowhere that had the lower doctors scratching their heads. Epstein-Barr virus and a whole bunch of things which certainly did initially hit mainly the female population and now it's coming into the male population too, exactly as they said.


They've been doing hellish things to the public because you can't tell the children what you're doing to them. We're treated like children. They can't come out and tell us. If they asked us all 20 years ago to start reducing the population and by starting with ourselves, well, no one would step forward and volunteer so they do it. That was the whole point of creating the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a parallel government, because they said that democracy and the bickering with politicians and as I say the irreconcilable factors amongst groups within society were just too different, too much at odds and at loggerheads with each other. They could not get their big agenda through. Therefore the parallel government would not be responsible to the public and they could steamroll ahead and bring in their New World Order. That's what's been happening. Are you still there, Dan?


Dan:  Yes I am. Thank you. Let me finish with my questions because I know you have other callers. Quickly, is there anyway to contact you? I know that you're in Canada but I haven't been able to seem to locate you there. Do you have a contact number? Are you open for contact?


Alan:  You have to email me.


Dan:  I have emailed you and have seen on your site that you're behind in your responses. You might recall mine. I ended my email with STOP, YOU'RE SCARING THE CHILDREN.


Alan:  Okay.


Dan:  At any rate I understand that. My next question is how do I access because I heard you mention that you have 10 years of archives? I haven't been able to find them on your site. 


Alan:  I've got lists of books and so on but generally I talk to people first. I mean I've been sitting here for years like a reference library, being a reference library to people and I used to get pumped for question after question, only to find out by the way that certain people were passing this information on to big authors who were publishing it in their books, so I stopped doing all that.


Dan:  I understand and my suggestion is that you need to write your book, but do you have 10 years of archives available on your site?


Alan:  I have them up somewhere. [Ancient Religions and History MP3 CDs Part 1 (1998) & Part 2 (1998-2000) available, see for details.]


Dan:  Well I've read everything on there that was left on there so far and it's just amazing. Now, finally, my question is this and maybe it's new-ageish, but I would like to end this on sort of a hopeful note. You know in the system as a whole there is duality and there has to be a duality. That's how the world is structured but I don't see the opposing force to this, so if they're there they're extremely secretive. I've never heard of them or heard any reference to them and so I'm asking you if anyone would know I'm hoping it might be you. Is there a duality here? Is there an opposing force to this? Since the 1100's this has been going on. By the 1600's it was in full swing but there must have been or just according to nature there has to be a duality, so is there an opposing force to this?


Alan:  There's an opposing force and it generally expresses itself with individuals coming out to society.


Dan:  As an individual?


Alan:  That's right. You see, you're still thinking in groups. You’re still thinking in the old-fashioned way of the group-think. Now I've never ever said I would be a cheerleader for society for the ordinary people. I'm not kidding you because everyone on this planet is making the decision to know or not to know their whole life long. They hear all the mainstream blurbs that you and I hear that should get them thinking but they're making decisions each day not to listen, not to remember it and not to even think about it. Therefore it boils down to an individual war primarily to begin with. Not a group thing.


Dan:  In that case we're outnumbered because we're dealing with an organization.


Alan:  You're still thinking in numbers.


Dan:  Well I'm thinking particularly about the group that was put together in the 1100's that maintained its hold and is continuing in its endgame today and so I was wondering was there some other perhaps secret type organization that's actually working against their goal?


Alan:  Well, if there was a secret organization I'm sure I would never mention it on mainstream.


Dan:  Exactly. I was just wondering is it even there?


Alan:  I know there is a couple of organization that do exist in the world. However, as I say, it would never, I'm sure, it would say the same as I say that it would not be here to save the majority of the public. People must make their own decisions. Do you understand that?


Dan:  Oh absolutely, absolutely.


Alan:  People must make their own decisions and even when they're running around enjoying themselves thinking they're being normal, comparing that to everyone else they know as being normal, that there is their decision. If you turn around and look at the destruction they're causing in their own lives, look how chaotic and dysfunctional it all is as they're all having fun because the government has taken over the roles of families completely, completely.


Dan:  I choose to believe in the law of the duality and there must be an organization there and perhaps it comes out in people like yourself.  I would say that you are the literal expression of the theme of the movie "They Live".  Your information is putting the glasses on people so they can see the reality that they think is reality which is really a contrived reality and by being normal they're falling into the trap and they're playing the game that they want them to play and I'm honored to have spoken with you. I'll continue my efforts with the email. Perhaps you'll run across mine. As I said, it ends with STOP ALAN YOU'RE SCARING THE CHILDREN. It's a pleasure talking with you sir and Happy New Year.


Alan:  Same to you. Bye now.


Dan:  Good-bye.


Alan:  Now we've got Scott from Florida there. Are you there, Scott?


Scott:  Yes. Hey Alan how's it going?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Scott:  Hey, I've got a question for you. I've been studying a lot of this stuff since '93. The first book I read was "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper and then later on he died and was killed and that was a whole debacle in itself. But one of the things that I realized like you were saying earlier is that they're planning to eliminate the population came down to a lot of these diseases and stuff that were created and at the same time now they have us poisoning ourselves with cigarettes and the water we drink, the food we eat including the air we breathe and everything else. The cancer rate is just out of control. I know a couple of people that I know personally that have it right now. Now do you, in your belief, do you feel that it's survival of the fittest that you know those that have the immune systems will be the ones that survive and will move into the future? Or do you feel that we should be like moving towards growing our own, having our farms with our hydroponic systems and growing our own food and living next to clean water sources like spring water and trying to find clean air to live in?


Alan:  Well, the latter one, sure. I mean people should try and do that regardless. It doesn't matter how good your immune system is or how well endowed your genetic system is to resist it, with what these characters plan to release on the public, no one really who has been given standard inoculations is going to survive. There will be true inoculations for those at the top I'm sure, but not for the people down below, but definitely being away from people who will be contaminated. You can't go into town without catching the flu or the cold these days because people are taking these inoculations at the bottom level and they become "breeders." That's what they call them in science. They actually start breeding the virus and they shed them wherever they go, so if you can get away from towns and people and go into town as little as possible you definitely stand a better chance when they start giving out the plagues, which they will do. That's definitely on the cards. In fact a lot of the management techniques they're using right now (supposedly emergency management) is all to do with plagues and containment of plagues.


Scott:  So basically we should be trying to move to an island somewhere and just starting our own hydroponic systems and own energy systems to live on and anything else that's probably going to be the future.


Alan:  The future definitely is to have a supply of good water and good food is essential. That's your prime things for survival. Good food and water and everything else is secondary. What I would tell the people is don't go overboard with technology. It's a matter of learning how to live as your grandparents and great grandparents lived with much, much less. Less wastage too and it can be done much more simply, because we're not going to have access in the future to it – look at how the energy is going to go sky high. They're going to double and triple electricity, maybe quadruple it. All of this is coming down the pike so you know you can't use their system. I keep telling people you cannot use this system to fight their system. You can't do it. They gave us the entire system. We are interdependent on their system and so we've got to get out of their system if possible and live on much, much less and I'll tell you that's another thing too. Most of the public could never do that today. I know that.


Scott:  All right, Alan, thanks a lot. I appreciate it.


Alan:  Back after these messages.



"The Universal Soldier by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,

Been a soldier for a thousand years.


He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi. Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and ain't that the truth? Ain't that the truth, that with the complicity of the general public that this whole agenda can go forward into the hell that's been planned for the public. What a dilemma and what a paradox indeed. They need the consent of the general public to carry out every part of their mission to take over the whole planet so that a few might own it. Those who do the jobs at the bottom are generally just ordinary people from the lower classes and armies and so on who want to be respected and that's the one thing they're told in society, that they'll be respected suddenly if they put on a uniform and go off and kill whoever they're told to kill. Unfortunately, a lot of them today like it because they've been brought up in the most debased society that's been created by the culture industry, which was run by the CIA, intentionally, to get a generation with no morality as such. The state would give them all their morals or lack of them. They're brought up on video games where they enjoy killing, because that's the whole purpose of video games is just to go through it all and kill, kill, kill, and they're given real guns to go and do it.


Sad comment on the state of people today, but that's the truth. That's the truth of it. None of this horror show could proceed without the complicity and the acquiescence of the general public.


Now we've got Jeff from Iowa on the line. Are you there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Yes I am, Alan. I've talked and you get all the snow we send up there for you.


Alan:  Oh I've got plenty of snow indeed.


Jeff:  Yes you're exactly right on the people there. I know someone that got a job at license station and I was just surprised but it always shocks you. She comes back and the first thing out of her mouth is "ha, ha, ha. Now I have the power to take these peoples licenses away from them." And I'm like yes that's how the system works. But I told someone the other day, it was very funny, I told her I didn't watch television and you'd have thought I just told her that I kill people for a hobby. The look on her face was just absolutely dumbfounded. It's like you don't? And it’s just crazy.


Alan:  You're lucky she didn't report you as a suspicious character to the terrorist groups, you know the anti-terrorists groups.


Jeff:  Well that's not real funny actually. 


Alan:  No. That could happen.


Jeff:  Yes and it will eventually on certain things. Another person that I've been talking to that I kind of got him to not watch television and they've gotten kind of off of it for about a couple of months and it's interesting talking to them just to see that they're noticing different things that they never noticed before. This person is pretty intelligent but she mentioned it to someone and his reaction was well what do you do? Work 24 hours a day, you know, and she says like wasn't that an odd reaction. She doesn't understand the whole picture but is starting to see a lot more things, which is kind of interesting to notice it.


Alan:  It's a process.


Jeff:  Yes, it definitely is. The bad part is you also have to watch people that you know that you can't penetrate, which is still the most amazing thing, even though you find out how it works is that something that seems unbelievably obvious to you they won't even look at it and can't see it.


Alan:  They can't grasp it no. Brzezinski said that in his book "Between Two Ages."  He said that"shortly the public won't be able to think for themselves and they will really truly believe that the media is there to do their thinking and their reasoning for them," and so they'll give up their ability really to reason and think. Well see that's been successful.


Jeff:  I would say that's very complete because that's exactly what happened. I have a question for you on – I'm about halfway through Jacques Ellul's book "The Technological Society" which is pretty good. He pretty much goes through everything in there as well but when he talks about the machinery and the technique he does speak about technique as kind of a separate sentient entity that will go its own way no matter what. He also talks about it forming – a technique will form an aristocracy with secret societies. If you've read other books, is he actually talking about kind of two parallel things or is he inserting machinery and technique a little bit to mean the controlling elite?


Alan:  He's talking about the controlling elite. He knew the controlling elite. That's why he could write so much about the truth. He's quite right too, you see. The one thing we don't want to talk about in this society especially during and after the Cold War was the fact that we have a class society. In all ages you have a class society at least beginning with the advent of money that allowed an elite to rise above the common people then get the common people to support them. We don't like to talk about the class society, the class system, but it's alive and well and it works very, very well indeed and so those who rise up to the top will always form the little clubs and societies and then the ones who are wealthier get worried about those down below them so they get institutions. They form institutions and pay them to try and project the future to keep a hold on things so that they never lose their authority and position and their wealth. That part is standard so technique will always emerge in monied system which allows the rise of the classes above the common people.


Jeff:  He does talk about money being the vehicle and the prime mover in enabling all of this.


Alan:  All of it. Even the ability for an intelligentsia class to arise in ancient times was only because they were using money and they had slaves and the money goes upwards. Most of the money goes upwards to keep those at the top in comfort and wealth and they have leisure time. Even the word school comes from "schola" from the Greek (σχολα), which means "leisure," and so it was only the leisurely ones who could learn anything and they could have time to study and observe. That's how it works. Hold on. We'll finish this after the following break.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Can't go on, can't go on

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and stating quite firmly that it can't go on and the big boys know it themselves since they planned it that way. They know it will come to a head eventually, but they hope to take care of that with all of their emergency responses and plague containment and all the rest of it and rationing cards. We're talking to Jeff from Iowa. Are you still there, Jeff?


Jeff:  Yes, I'm still here and being in Iowa I'm kind of inundated in this political joke for quite some time. But I always waited – I can kind of tell when the leaps and jumps that are going to come and you can kind of tell by what they present to the public in a way and 9/11 was kind of an obvious one. That was all the chips in the pot type thing. But I always waited for a woman and now they've introduced of course Hillary versus Obama and basically that move was kind of predicted because it sucks everyone back into the political process because either half the people don't want a woman and the other half don't want a black guy, so they all jump in and all worried and centered on political stuff.


Alan:  I always laugh because it's so predictable as you say what's going to happen and politics is just a show for the public and it's like a wrestling match. They even use sports terminology – "so-and-so is in that ring there and he's battling it out. He's battling it out with so-and-so in this debate and battling, battling and he beat and destroyed and yah-de-yah," and the people get on it like a Rocky movie. They get right into it and they believe it. They really believe all of it. It's quite amusing.


Jeff:  It is because it's the same thing time and time again. The story never changes just the names and faces that they replace. I tell people I don't vote it doesn't matter. I said if anybody changes anything (some people I'll tell) they'll get 'Kennedied,' if I think that they won't hit me on the head with that. Then they go, well, no, I think they can make a difference and I go you know I remember when I was younger Nixon goes over to China to pretty much finalize the deal with China and I'm thinking, hmm, trading with China. Why is there so much activity here just so we can trade with China and then all the industry moves and then I ask them I say now long do you think that took? Nixon basically finished it so I go of all these people that have been elected, who changed it? No one. And so, oh, you know, we can get a change. But if at the end here, if you don't mind, if I could read maybe a paragraph out of "The Impact of Science on Society".


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Jeff:  And I'd recommend to everybody as you're going through the blurbs write down the books and I'm sure most of you probably want to do this anyway but you kind of have to learn this stuff for yourself because it opens up in a proper manner for you I think. You'll also hear most of the stuff that Alan said as well going through it. But he even says that "we know now that limelight and the brass brand do more to persuade than can be done by the most elegant train of syllogism." That's just one sentence but here's the paragraph on where he worked with the schools and I like how these guys write things. They tell you the truth and then they tell you complete double-speak and it's really obvious to read but most people don't think when they read and it's interesting in his book "Education and the Good Life" which I'd recommend for anybody that's going to educate their children because it gives both sides of the coin in that one. It will tell you how to educate someone and how not too. He goes on to say here to talk about how people are influenced. He goes: "It may be hoped (an interesting word, hoped) that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if they can catch the patient young and is provided by the state with money and equipment."


Then he goes: "This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship and Anaxagorasmaintained that snow is black, but no one believed him. The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakeable conviction that snow is black."  That's kind of funny because he did it.


            "Various results will soon be arrived at. First, is the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white (and I love this economic – economy always comes into this) that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate it is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray."


Alan:  Yes, that's a fact and it's true enough that they're now indoctrinating them so much into the green, green, green, save the planet, that they'll come forward and voluntarily be sterilized because they'll believe everything they're told. That's the next step.


Jeff:  That's just terrible and as far as the spray program and HAARP, he does mention in here that "energetic people will become rebellious. Quiet people become apathetic."


Alan:  That's right.


Jeff:  I thank you for your time. I hope you have a good few weeks ahead and get through the winter here.


Alan:  Yes. We all hope for the same thing for each one of us, but call again.


Jeff:  Good luck to you and thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now we've got Mohammed from Oregon. Are you on the line? Hello.


Mohammed:  Yes of course. Thank you very much for taking my call, Mr. Alan. I would like to talk about Mr. Putin about recent German interview with the head of the Institute [inaudible] of Russia. They say that Russia is under former king which have Jewish background only [inaudible] and all of the Jewish background and they own government of Russia and Putin owns 37 percent of the stock of oil and gas. Right now it's valued about $20 billion and including Putin owns and also he has 50 percent of the stock of the gun [inaudible] to find oil for other places and just last year $40 million they put into the gun war and they got $8 million profit for that. Also Putin is going to give the Presidente to another person which is like him regarding the same [inaudible] of mafia and then he's going one step backward and I like you to comment about that please.


Alan:  It's no big secret that the Bolsheviks primarily came out and were funded; they were part of a revolutionary group. Britain set up revolutionary groups within every country. In fact World War I was kicked off by what was called The Young Turks. It was a Young Turk student that was in there at the time they killed the Archduke Ferdinand and they had a Young Italian group but they also had the young – they called it the Hebrew group at that time in the pre-Soviet system and they became the Bolsheviks and then they sent Lenin in eventually as the head of the World Revolutionary party that became the Communist Party and there was a coup that happened, they took over. There was already a revolution in Russia for socialism and there was different socialist parties and the Bolsheviks who were well-financed and well-trained took over and about 200 families ran Russia all through the Soviet era and most of them were indeed members of this revolutionary group but still working in concert with London in fact who started them up in the first place. Putin's real name I think is Zimmerman, his nickname used to be [Putza], so it's no surprise to people who follow global affairs.


H.G. Wells himself, who was all for this and who wasn't completely at the top in the know, he was simply a propagandist for those at the top and he wrote on behalf of the elite, but when he made his own visit to the Soviet Union when the Bolshevik's took over he did complain. He said the one thing I didn't like about it was that all the top positions right down to the street level really were filled by primarily Jews that were part of this particular revolutionary group funded by Britain, the Young Hebrew group. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and on the line with Mohammed who was talking about the Soviet Union, the ex-Soviet Union really, and the successors of the wealth and the power who are becoming exceedingly rich and I was going into some of the history that started off the revolutionary groups. Now all of the Young Turks, the Young Hebrews and the Young Italians and so on were all revolutionary groups that were sent out. The Turkish ones were to fight within the Ottoman Empire and overthrow it from within. That was part of the strategy and they went out abroad to and acted as assassins and it was one of them that killed Archduke Ferdinand that kicked off World War I by assassinating him in Yugoslavia. They were all headed, these groups, by the Royal Institute for International Affairs because Cecil Rhodes and his group had started off these Young societies and they picked the groups within in every nation that had the biggest chip on their shoulder, didn't fit in, or were excluded from society, and put the seed in there of revolution and then promised them financing and backing and training, which they did. They got it from London and they became the bosses helping overthrow various governments and then putting themselves into power, but still being subservient to the main ones in London, the Secret Societies as it was called then. Does that help with your questions Mohammed?


Mohammed:  Exactly, yes, yes. You discover it exactly because always you talk because you have very, very knowledge of a person and whatever you say that we love to hear it and when you break down things into good manners always. Is it possible I can talk about Benazir Bhutto's issues?


Alan:  If you're quick, yes.


Mohammed:  I would like to ask you about the Benazir Bhutto's which was [inaudible] for what is going to come for the Iran situation? Before the New Year we had Bhutto was martyred by one person that was having a gun and three bullets on her and the next person to him it was a suicide bomber, so it's like 24. These people they don't know each other. Each one has something to do with that and it's very weird that this happened and please remember [Ahmad Shah]. We remember that after that Taliban took over and they broke up all the statue of the Buddha in Afghanistan and we should remember of the terror of John F. Kennedy and all these things are preview to something else which is going to come and especially today. In Turkey there was a big bomb exploded and stock market is down and housing bubble is going to be masked in a lot of that it's going to make it so bad. North American Union is going to come and there are a lot of things and especially Iran war is still is intact. I strongly believe that Iran war is coming. I would love to know your opinion please.


Alan:  I'm sure of it. This is the time of chaos, when all that was is to be destroyed to make room for that which is new. That means we're really going to go through incredible scenarios with war, financial collapse and probably even hit with the Avian flu a the same time and governments all across the world will all come into one along the same agenda and bring out a new society at the end of it with a much-reduced population and a completely new way of living. That is what the agenda is all about, but chaos must happen first to destroy the old systems.


Mohammed:  But Iran war still is intact and I strongly believe that [inaudible] Iranian maneuver on February of 2008 that is going to be happening. I think it's going to have something like Gulf of Tonkin and as a result what will happen is they say that Iranian have down one of ships and then the war will start in February.


Alan:  It won't take much, real or contrived, it won't matter to the public. It will be presented as a hostile act and it will start off, very simple.


Mohammed:  Thank you very much and happy New Year and God bless you.


Alan:  Take care. Now we've got Kelly on the line. Are you still there, Kelly?


Kelly:  Yes I am, Alan. I'd like to thank you for taking my call. I've been studying the materials that you've got and I'd just like to tell the listeners out there if you don't got them get them because they all enhance each other. They really do. From the MP3s to the books to the DVDs, it's all very interactive and I feel it's open my mind to seeing reality and I'd just like to throw a plug out there.


Alan:  Thanks.


Kelly:  I enjoy them a lot.


Alan:  It's different. It's a different style and you actually find your mind starts working as you read it. It's designed that way.


Kelly:  Yes and going out into the world I'm starting to see thing in a different manner and I'd like to just make a quick observation. I went to the movies with my girlfriend this past weekend and we saw "I Am Legend" and then we snuck in, because you know it's so expensive, we went to go see that "National Treasure" and in the "I Am Legend" it's basically – a lot of the movie is about diseases that are going on. All these zombies and all that stuff is going on. However, at the very end the woman makes it to the encampment and before they decided to go they had said it would take a day to get there and at the very end she just says on September 9th, 2012 he discovered the cure and then in my mind I'm going wait. It took them a day to get there, which is September 10th, and so then she presented them with a cure on September 11th and nobody – I've talked to people. Did you pick up on that? No, I didn't even notice, and then in that National Treasure the bad guy, who ends up being a martyr saving them, he at one point said "I am a direct descendent of Albert Pike" and I'm like I've heard that name. Right in the movie and they didn't even go into that. It's Albert Pike and I was like oh my God, freemasons from way back in the 1800's.


Alan:  It's comical. It's comical, isn't it? It's so comical that the public haven't a clue and yet they can get mocked by Hollywood all the time. 


Kelly:  So then I'm seeing other movies that I've seen in the past in a different perspective and it's just mind-boggling. It's great.


Alan:  It truly is. It truly is when you see what they put right in front of your face all the time. It's a form of mocking the public and they do it so well.


Kelly:  And with music, the music reinforces beliefs about heaven and hell, about good and bad and love and hate. It's amazing. Anyway, I do have a question. Now you've talked about credit and debt and they've given us bankruptcy. Now why would they give us a solution for that? Wouldn't they want us to keep stuck at our jobs, keep working to pay all this stuff off? Why would they offer it?


Alan:  The time is coming when they won't need it – number one, they don't need the big population that we have today. They don't need that worldwide including China. China will be reduced as well in size because they only have to produce for the elite, not the whole world. In this Brave New World scenario you'll find too that guys like Bertrand Russell wrote about it where there'll be a big, big crash at the right time and governments across the world will simultaneously dish out credits that will go into an automatic system. The credits will take over and you can't save up because at the bottom – there's only going to be elite class, a technocratic class, a scientific class and then beneath that the masses, that's going to be the classes – and for the masses you'll all get these credits. You can't save them up. You'll be stuck at the same level of existence for the rest of your life. That's the system that they want to ideally bring in for themselves, but as I say with a much-reduced population who will be so shell-shocked with all the things that have been happening that they'll go along with it because we're in for crisis and chaos one thing after another, very shortly, in rapid succession.


Kelly:  Yes and I'm finding myself I can't talk to people about politics or religion. They don't want to hear it.


Alan:  There's no point.


Kelly:  They want to talk about what's on TV this past week or the sports game, no, because I'm just not interested in that anymore.


Alan:  It's the dead you see. The elite call them the profane. It means those in the darkness, the ones who have swallowed the world as it's presented to them, who have no opinions, who are not thinkers and most people, I kid you not, they really cannot think for themselves and they don't want to think for themselves.


Kelly:  I was there and I didn't even know I was there.


Alan:  Most of them truly will fight you to the death rather than wake up and that's a sad thing to say but it's true. I say to people, and there's nothing more true than this, be very careful if you want the truth because there's a price to pay for it, but it's worth it.


Kelly:  I've got a hunger for it.


Alan:  We have a hunger indeed. Okay, thanks for calling.


Kelly:  Yes, thank you.


Alan:  From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)