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January 10, 2008


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 10th, 2008 and I've got quite a lot to talk about tonight, but before I get on with this talk I should mention to newcomers look into for lots of free downloadable audios from previous shows over the years, and remember there's 10 years in all. I have still some to publish yet. They haven't gone up anyway. They haven't been taken off old tapes from 10 years ago, some of them, and also look into and download the transcripts there in the various tongues of Europe. Print them out and pass them around to your friends because this stuff is traveling across the world and it's meant to bypass all of what they call "the B.S." in the Northern Hemisphere, because there's so much of it out there I'm surprised we're not chocking on it. Maybe some are actually. There's so much of the nonsense out there to keep us in the fake reality.


Today I had to go into town and do my running around, which I do very seldom because I don't like going into town very much. There's nothing in it that appeals to me. I watch the programmed people pulling out their plastic cards and just buying things on the spot, impulse buying, trying to make themselves happy and that's what advertising is all about is to sell you promises of things which are nothing but lies, because obviously happiness is something inside of you. It's not something that comes from outside, yet that's what advertising lives on and you'll see them all around the town scurrying around and worrying and buying something that's nice and shiny, shiny plastic. I remember when you could get shiny metal then they demoted it to plastic because plastic is a byproduct of the oil industry and that's why they even put it in your bottles for your water, apart from the fact it gives you a form of xenoestrogen which has rather odd effects on people but planned just the same.


Then I rushed back here and did a few things and then the power went out because they're building the big NAFTA Highway not too far away and they don't bother even anymore. The power companies used to call round to all the neighbors and just to be polite, because you're paying them after all, and they put a semblance of cooperation on with the public. They don't bother anymore. They just cut you off and rewire these things over the new highways et cetera and leave you in the dark. It's all a hit and miss thing. There I was, scurrying around with wires and cables and batteries and backups and extended telephone cables and so on, to get all ready within the last half hour and that's how it goes here. Before I go on with that, actually, because there's more to the whole power and energy thing than meets the eye, I'd like to mention that last night I mentioned for the first time that I can take PayPal donations at and I prefer at moment if people would make straight donations only. Straight donations at this moment because I couldn't cope if I tried with all the orders. This isn't a business. I didn't start up to make money on it and I'm running my feet off as it is, so I'll honor those that have come in, but please, for those who simply want to donate, because after all, you've got all that stuff out free for you have been listening for years and you can put straight donations in. That way I can still hopefully survive and keep up with all the things that I have to do because this is a one-man office here and the office is basically the house and the equipment is all over the place. You have step over everything to get anything done. The one-man band, so yes, just make straight donations only please at the moment until I can maybe get staff down the road, although I can see the end coming pretty quickly. It's almost time to take off actually from this old existence.


Talking about power, power and energy, for the average people who are out there, as you know, I'm sure you know lots of people who read the same things as you do and you can't remember anything that matters. It's as though all the big declarations and that's what we're getting nowadays. We don't get just statements or comments. We get declarations from our overlords, you see, about energy and Kyoto and the coming brownouts and they do have them in Europe. Some countries in Europe have rolling brownouts. They tell you when your area is going to have a brownout to save energy supposedly. In other words, what they're doing is creating the global plantation and all those guys, you know all us that lived so well, so well for so long, supposedly, have to be taken down to almost a third-world status because this is the Age of Chaos.


I was thinking about that today because I have intuitions about things before they happen pretty well all the time and coming back from town I noticed something happening. A cop car turned round and went back up. I could see the lights flashing and I thought they're either going to blast again for this highway or something is going to happen. Sure enough, they cut the power off and that's the sort of stuff that you just know is going to happen. It made me think about the 1980's and much before the 1980's even, because I watched the technocrats. Now the technocrats, if you look at the definition of a technocrat, it's someone who has been groomed for a high position who is generally unelected by any people, of the commoners, that is, who belongs to big institutions and floats from one institution to the other. He's a doer. He's a busy bee. He's also called the Fat Man in higher circles but he's a busy bee and he just walks through doors from one position to the next, all over the world even. Here in Canada and the States and at the United Nations there's a man who’s flipped through them all in the Rockefeller Foundation too who started them off and that's Mr. Maurice Strong who was raised in Canada, a very interesting man.


He was pushed by the Rockefeller Foundation and groomed by them for his position in life. He has more power than any politician and that's the words of Professor Carroll Quigley when he talked about technocrats. He says that the politicians have the airs and graces. They get all the stature. They get the bowing and scraping from the public but really don't have the power of a technocrat. The technocrat lives behind the scene in the constant knowledge that he has real power and people obey his commands, including the politicians.


Back in the '80's, Maurice Strong flitted from association to association. He just had to zoom here, zoom there and they brought him back from the United Nations where he was working for a while. He was up at the World Bank too for a while, but they brought him back for the oddest position, I thought at the time, and it was in all the newspapers in Canada. I didn't know he was in this position until it came to the privatization of electricity. At that time, they called it "hydro" here, even though we don't have the hydro dams so much producing it. It's more nuclear. They brought him back and they gave him a position in Ontario as the Chairman of the Board for Ontario Hydro or electricity and he was no sooner in the position than these strange comments came out in the newspapers. Little write-ups on Mr. Strong's plans for the future and he said all factories (there's not many factories left, mind you) but factories and main institutions and high-rise office buildings, the main ones in the cities et cetera would have to get in big diesel generators and they would be giving them subsidies to do so.


In the '80's we seemed to be rolling out along. Mind you, it was all plastic credit and so on, but people were rolling along to an extent. It wasn't quite as depressed as it is today and I thought well what's coming down the pike here? Mr. Maurice Strong you see knew the plan to cut back on all energy back in the '80's, 20-odd years ago and it was in the newspapers and no one asked, even of course especially not the journalists, as to why this was happening. Why would they have to get big backup generations to power maybe even permanently the industries that were left and the big high-rise office blocks and the bank towers et cetera, but it's rather obvious today. It's rather obvious today because since then in the last few years we've signed Kyoto treaties to cut back energy et cetera.


Now Joe Public thinks we're just floating through because that's what the media's job is, to make you think you're just floating through from one screw-up at the top – a bureaucratic screw-up at the top to the next screw-up and the next expert screw-up to the next expert screw-up. Well, no, you don't get all these experts that are paid big, big bucks. Have you seen the salaries of some of the top bankers and have you seen the bonuses they get a Christmas in the millions of dollars? These guys don't make mistakes. They're top leaders. They're the real economists. The real economists don't go by crystal balls like the lower ones do where it's all voodoo and guessing. The real economists at the top know the agenda. They know what big institutions and which big corporations are going to be pushed by the hidden powers behind them and which ones will not and therefore that's how they can plan our future and they have planned it. Now we're going into the next mode of the take down – the take down of society, the Age of Chaos.


It's not bad enough that the Air Force as it said in the newspapers a few years ago (the American Air Force) would be – they'd own the weather and we're getting sprayed like bugs every day. This latest big, big thaw they were spraying like crazy all over the U.S. and Canada and people were coughing up as usual and the pharmacists, if you bother to ask them, they'll tell you what the most commonly bought medications are during these times and it's all the antihistamines and bronchodilators and all the rest of it. What's also worthy of note is they're taking the bronchodilators off the shelves. You used to buy them over-the-counter, now you have to go up to the counter and still ask for them and they look at you to see if you're going to make some sort of methadone mix or something, supposedly. They're gradually withdrawing all this stuff that will help you get through a bad time when they lay on the spraying rather thickly.


Use your eyes and your ears and think for yourself because the media is going to keep you in la-la land. It should be LA land actually, Los Angeles, because that's the job of the media to divert you off into sports and celebrities of the fictional world that they project to you where you get all your ideas from. That's the job of the media but never to tell you the truth.


Towards the end of the '80's and then into the '90's, Canada through a Mr. Allan Rock – Allan Rock was another technocrat. Sometimes he was put into appointed positions within government and he was made the attorney general at one point of Canada in charge of all the legal system and single-handedly he put through an omnibus bill which was the anti-terrorism bill and marshal law bill by himself and no one questioned it. It just went through. At least there were some reporters asking why during this peaceful time in the '90's when the Cold War was over we're having wartime bills put through with indefinite imprisonment with no charge and all this kind of stuff. The same stuff that they brought through after 9/11 everywhere else. Britain tried it at the same time too, mind you, but it didn't wash. People there at least had some memory of previous times of corrupt government and kings and queens, but in North America they didn't have so much of a memory and it sailed right through here in Canada. We were way ahead of 9/11 before 9/11 came along and Maurice Strong as I say was doing his big part to privatize and that was his job when they sent him over in the '80's to privatize the energy system. Now here was a massive system of nuclear energy and hydropower from the big Quebec systems supplying Canada with electricity and the public taxpayer had built this up through the taxation as they always do. All this stuff I'm talking about here happened in Britain long ago with the railway system and the natural gas and even the coal gas before that. We built everything up, then they privatized it and gave it to their buddies for pennies and that's how the game goes on over and over, this Hegelian dialectic.


The Canadian taxpayers had been screwed royally. "Royally screwed," and that's quite the screwing. They were screwed royally to build up this system and one day they showed ads going back to the '70's when Pierre Trudeau – Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, the same man who lead the young Communist Party, they call it "Comintern," in 1952 from Canada to Moscow, which the newspapers and media neglected to tell the public when he ran for election. Mr. Trudeau was on as Prime Minister participating in ads for the public telling them how cheap electricity was going to be down the road and how we're all building it together with our tax money for the common good. Here's a Prime Minister going into the advertising business to market the whole idea, the whole big lie to you, because he would know too that down the road they were going to privatize it and sell it off, which they have done thanks to Maurice Strong, the main troubleshooter they eventually sent in there. Once he set up that structure Maurice Strong was off again to work for the United Nations. He'd done his job. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through the Matrix, just filling in a little bit of the history that led up prior to 9/11, marshal law system and those events which were already at work before Kyoto was signed. See, everything is done after the main events and all the structure has been set up. That's how the real world works because the future is always planned. That's what governments do at the top. I'm talking about real governments, not the ones we vote for. The ones we vote for, if you ask them any pertinent question, they'll say that they haven't been informed on this particular subject and they'll look into it. That's the answers they give you and they're quite right by that, they prefer not to know. That's how you get up the ladder and get brownie points. You start as a trained seal once you've done a few good works and you've got your name in lots of charities and boards and so on and played golf with the boss. There's always a head honcho in charge of these charities and he gives the nod to those who are going to go on to the next step in local politics and then provincial or state politics and then national politics. That's how the whole system really works, you see. You get brownie points.


Then once they get into federal politics they sit like seals at the circus and you see the big one playing with a ball in the middle and the rest of them clap their fins. That's what parties are for. They clap their fins and please the top guy and he might notice them. If he notices them, they might get up the ladder and that's what they all hope for; and that's a psychopathic personality. They know what questions not to ask. That's more important than questions to ask, if you're a politician, what questions not to ask, then you can honestly say you know nothing about it. That's how the system works. Quite simple.


Same with the military, you obey orders and don't ask questions, same thing. That's how you get up the ladder and both institutions are Freemasonic, you see, and in Freemasonry you must obey instantly an order from a superior without question and reserve all moral judgments to the side. They must not come in to your decision to comply. You must simply comply. That's how the real world works and here we are, running along towards this New World Order and going into the time of chaos.


Maurice Strong, who scoots all over the planet and I think he's in his 80's now, was on Public Broadcasting a couple of years ago. Again, a rainy, rainy Sunday, I hate Sundays because they're always so boring and when I was small I used to have to go to school on a Monday so I'd try and make Sundays last as long as possible. I'd fight the clock until my eyes dropped you see and a rainy Sunday was even worse because you were generally stuck in the house and I'm still the same today. It's sort of ingrained in me, so once in a blue moon I'll watch the Public Broadcasting on a Sunday if it's raining, and, lo and behold, who is the program about? Mr. Maurice Strong and it showed you his family life and so on and he's still putting in 12 or 16 hours a day and this was taken in Beijing, of all places, because after he left Ontario Hydro after being at the United Nations he went back to the United Nations and was head of something. Then the United Nations sent him to Beijing and built a big, big headquarters for him to do with the Free Trade deals and so on and they just happened to mention there and they followed him to a graveyard in Beijing and Mao Tse-Tung grave I think it was there. At least I know one thing. Maurice Strong's aunt was there and he laid flowers at the grave of his aunt who happened to be in Beijing, buried there, and it said "Great Adviser and Friend to Our Glorious and Illustrious Leader of the Communist Revolution," and I thought really? Boy, have these boys and their predecessors and all their relatives been involved big time in the affairs of the world and they are you see. They're all like that if you go through their histories.


That tied right in with Bertrand Russell's biography when he talks about himself getting sent over to pre-Communist China to universities and he tells you he was preaching basic Communism to them to get the all started, to set the ball rolling of Communism. All big players, you see, and the descendents take over that role and carry it on. I think it's programmed in their genes like the Rothschild's. You don't see one leaving and saying well dad I want to be a fisherman or anything like that. No, they want to be a banker and they become bankers.


One exception was Victor Rothschild who was in the military during World War II as a bomb disposal expert. I think he commanded men to go in and dispose of the bombs. He eventually rose to the ranks and was put into Porton Down's, the big experimental laboratory for bacterial and viral warfare. He was in charge of that for quite a few years and he then was put in charge, after being the main suspect for the go-between, what they called "The Fifth Man," of a spy ring that operated in Britain. They caught some of them who all happened to manage to get out of the country because they were tipped off and helped at very high levels. He was put in charge of all the British security agencies to fight Communism.  Meanwhile, he was the main suspect. Figure that out. You see there's a third party running both sides. That's how there was never a real threat of nuclear war. There was a third party at the top running both sides. It was only those at the bottom levels of both sides that thought there was a real war going on and they did all the snooping on each other and all that kind of stuff. The top guys were sharing all the information and making sure nothing really happened that would cause problems, but Mr. Rothschild was right up there and he did go back into the banking system once he gave up that position.


Therefore, it seems to be in their genes, a genetic thing. They don't have a flair for leaving the family and doing something different, as far as we know, or any that do will end up generally hanging from a towel in the bathroom and then covering it briefly and being told by the old granny Rothschild to leave it alone if you want to keep your newspaper intact. That happened too. Do your homework.


We're living in amazing times. Amazing times as we rush towards all of this chaos, and to Joe Public out there, who lives on plastic cards and fast-food and they're having a whale of a time just surfing the internet and going into all kinds of mind games and things, they've had it basically. Those people have had it. You understand? They couldn't survive at all, even mentally, if this system was to break suddenly. Sad to say, but most folk are not mentally prepared for it. They'd collapse if they had to really survive in any kind of hardship. One generation was spoiled, incredibly spoiled for this very purpose because the chaos that's created and we go down the tubes, all the better for the ones at the top to use it as an excuse to guide what's left of you into the big sheep pens, the new habitat overcrowded cities, while the elite bureaucrats that still run the show and the military will have their lovely brand new habitat areas outside the cities and well spaced so there's a bit of room for them et cetera. That's what's to happen. One generation was to get spoiled rotten and have everything little thing their heart desired, on credit of course, and one day the piper must be paid, and when it does they'll all collapse because they couldn't imagine living any other way than the way they're already living.


It's kind of like the PayPal thing. I've had so many people say they wouldn't buy anything from me unless I was on PayPal, so they're promoting the very system that's going to take the power away from them. The very system, the cashless system, which is to go into a credit system given out by government, according to Bertrand Russell, if you're a good boy or girl. Back with more after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and sure enough, this can't go on. It can't go on because it's not meant to go on too long. Mr. Allan Rock, the one I mentioned earlier, who was the Attorney General for Canada, who passed this big omnibus bill (at least someone else drafted it up, of course he didn't do that), but he went right off to work for the United Nations right after that. That's generally what you find, right off to the United Nations. We found that Mr. Martin came in after Mr. Chrétien as Prime Minister and Martin had never left politics before except for a few months prior to taking over from Chrétien and where was he during that time? He was working at the United Nations.


Starting to get it? Starting to get the big drift?


The United Nations that does not count itself responsible to anyone, it was set up to take over (as a front too, mind you) for the powers who own the planet—the big wealthy corporations and people behind them that own the planet—to run the public in a form of Communistic style at the bottom level. They're not a Democratic institution. They're a private organization. They're not a nation either. The United Nations is not a nation either. The land that the buildings sit on in New York was donated by the Rockefeller family, again a big institution. Go back to Weishaupt, what did he say: "We shall run through institutions, foundations." Cecil Rhodes Foundation, Royal Institute of International Affair Foundation and here we are run by foundations, especially the big ones who are chartered, meaning have royal permission to exist on command of royalty, the Royalty of Britain, where they all go over after serving the system well, doing what they're told and they get knighted. Quite something indeed, isn't it? Foundations run our lives.


The United Nations is probably on about the fourth generation now of training their own offspring because they interbred there too there. They have their own private schools for the United Nations at the United Nations to bring up their own children to become good bureaucrats and take over from their parents, you see, an ongoing concern. Once in a blue moon you'll get one of them bypassing the PR (the public relations spokesperson), remember the PR spokespeople are supposed to soften it for public consumption, but once or twice I've seen a lady come across and I guess the PR guy was off sick that day. Maybe he was in the meditation room. They have their own mediation room there, worshiping the dark green stone, and she spoke and she was dictating to the public with a very hard way, almost like Janet Reno, if you get what I mean, and she was dictating to the public how it was going to be and they sort of cut her off. They took the cameras away because she was getting a bit too harsh, like an old school mistress that was lacking a few things in her life; and that's what the United Nations is comprised of. They treat and they've been taught to treat the public like children, irresponsible children, and that's how we're all viewed by those at the top. Being responsible means doing what you're told. Being irresponsible is thinking for yourself and making decisions for yourself, because, why, you're just too dumb and stupid to make your own decisions, according to them. I'm not kidding. They've printed lots of statements like this and that's what’s to take over when they bring us into the real chaos, which is really on a roll now.


Just in town I stopped off and there's a paper shop there. I didn't buy any papers. I don't believe in paying all that money for propaganda and predictive programming, but I noticed the front pages there about Canada now pumping millions or billions into the economy because we’re falling you see. We're going into the recession because we're linked to the United States for trade, and that's how it will be sold to the general public, that my, my, they never saw it coming. It's hit all the experts like a wind out of nowhere and they're getting blown off their seats. Just one of these things, like an act of God, like the insurance companies would say, and in a sense they’re right because they have their little deities there that generally walk around dressed in 5 to $10,000 suits and that's how this whole thing is going to get played out as inflation goes rampant. There's no point going into town to the printers or anywhere else nowadays without just handing out hundred dollar bills everywhere, because that's how you used to hand out 10 or 20's at one time.


Now it's a hundred dollars here, hundred dollars there. That's how everything is and the public again don't really notice it so much as I do because they are cashless. Most are cashless already. Most don't even check their bills. They give their numbers for direct debit straight to the electricity company and gas companies and all the other companies. They don't even read their bills anymore. They need more time to play themselves, so the important things like that or the trivial things like that are done automatically and to them it's a world that will never end because they don't see money shrinking in a wallet.


Paper money wasn’t that bad, at least it gave you something to see and by the end of the month when that was a really thin wallet there and the moths were croaking and dropping out of it dead because there's nothing left to eat, you got the message that you were pretty well at the end of it and you couldn't have that last impulse buy, but with the cashless society it's all unreal to the public. It's just numbers, just numbers in the ether, the electronic ether. It doesn't really mean anything to them so they think this is going to go on forever, even when those at the top are telling them that it's not going to. They don't believe it. That must mean someone else they're talking about, not me, and that's how the average person lives in their own little world with this thing spinning around them and somehow leaving them alone because they're special. Everyone is special. Everyone thinks they're special.


Same as soldiers, there's not one guy who would go into the military if you could take him forward in time and show him some bloody body on a battlefield and say "that's you, son, six months or a year down the road."  Unless you showed that person that scene they would never think it could happen to them. They live in a strange little world where know somehow they're special and other people might get it but not them and that's how everyone else lives too. Egocentric and egosyntonic as they say. The very system that Russell, John Dewey and many others, even Pavlov, talked about creating. A world that revolves around you and somehow you'll be safe, happy and warm and you can play, play, play until you become a geriatric and die quietly in your sleep without any pain whatsoever suddenly. That's what everyone thinks is going to happen to them and it's not because it's coming down now. When they start putting this recession and all this stuff in the newspapers they mean business. They mean business because you see this is a repeat scenario of what happened in Europe when they were amalgamating the Europeans under one system.


For years they talked about the "R" word, like they were scared to say "recession," which is really a depression and inflation and they were standardizing different currencies during that whole period. If you notice the dollar of the U.S. and the dollar of Canada is pretty well on par, has been for a long time now, and that's all getting lined up, getting us lined up towards integration. That means, too, that the prices must raise mainly on the U.S. side to match those in Canada because we will not go down to their level you see. America has to come up to Canadian level and that will happen too, and there's going to be a hullabaloo as this process takes place, but not too much.


They'll be enough peanuts left over for you to live on, maybe not the same style as you're used to, but enough peanuts so you won't riot. They don't want riots happening until we're all one nation. That's when they’ll encourage the riots once that's done. That's the plan. They'll be some riots maybe of the poor because they always get hit first and no one cares about them, because, once again, if you're doing okay you think you're special. You're special. My world is special. My world revolves around me. I'm doing good and it's all based on you getting a pay raise every year from your boss and you just hope or expect, like Christmas, that that pay raise is going to take care of the inflation, even though for the last few years it has not been keeping up with inflation. The only ones who came up with inflation are ex-bureaucrats because they have index-related pensions. Same with politicians, they made the laws themselves you see. Back with more after these messages.



"Inside Job" by Don Henley


Are doing to me and you
And they'll keep doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
Until we all wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up



"Inside Job" by Don Henley


While you were sleeping

They came and took it all away…



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and I'm Cutting Through the Matrix as the people are sleeping, as the song says right there, and my God are they ever sleeping. They're inoculated like you wouldn't believe. They're getting sprayed like you wouldn't believe. They're eating food that's so far out of place or away from what food used to be, I'm surprised they can still stumble around. They're coming down with all kinds of very early illnesses that used to be attributed to old age, very old age, and again that's all going to plan because you don't want a very fit – you certainly don't want a sentient, intelligent, understanding, comprehending public while you're taking them through the greatest changes in history to a completely different society. The utopia of tyrants dreams for many, many, many centuries. You could not have that happen with a fit, healthy, thinking populace and that's why everything that's being done to make the people sick, rather dull and definitely child-like, because they are child-like, has been done to them and their food and their water and all the rest of it has been so heavily tampered with by design.


We're seeing the results and there will be chaos, shock, utter shock, utter shock as we hit one crisis after another because people are not geared to surviving through a hell, which they vaguely comprehend from old movies or World War II dramas or docudramas or scenarios or clips. They can't imagine that ever happening again. Vast amounts of people on the move and long lines mainly on foot, too. They can't imagine it. That's the best type of population for a tyrant to control because they'll be in utter complete shock when they see the system going down so quickly.


In the newsstand today, again, another newspaper front page, it's also been on the CBC Radio News, I believe, it was mentioned that a little place south of me on Lake Huron down Port Hope way is having—this is a cottage area. It's all cottages. Summer cottages and some old-timers that live there, Owen Sound area, and they've been told by the port authorities who are also in shock that all around the ports and harbor entrances and exits they're putting up barbed-wire fencing over two meters high. No explanation given except it's part of the anti-terrorism agenda, which I presume is happening to all other ports around every where else. Now, that's not to stop terrorists obviously coming in because no landed invasion is going to happen with big battleships, and, apart from that, if they were, they'd just blow those wire fences out of the way. It's not meant to stop terrorists because trained terrorists, if there were any, would be Special Forces. They have ways of getting through wire like that so fast you could hardly even stop them for a second. That's to stop the public.


You see, you need to use your own brain here. These people at the top are simply not stupid. They're not as stupid as they want us to think they are. They don't make these kind of mistakes. That's to stop the public having access to a port to try and get away from their area and it's also to stop other perhaps refugees coming in from stateside and other places if there was pandemics, which they say is "just around the corner" over and over. They say that every week from the top getting us all used to the idea and that falls in line with all the gunboats. I've read it on my site. It's all up there. My audios are on that. [Listen to October 18, 2006 Blurb: "Canoeing Ain't What It Used To Be" (Psychopathology of Control Freaks) or "The Threatened Camel-Kazi Invasion of the Great Lakes".]  I've done the programs on it and read from the articles where they're putting all these fleets of gunboats, which are there now in all the Great Lakes, heavily armed with big, big heavy machines guns. Machines guns that could rip through the hulls of warships and that's not to stop the little person smuggling something across the Great Lakes like a few packets of cigarettes. That's meant to stop and terrify and kill off hoards of people trying to move somewhere in a hurry. That's what that's about.


Now here they are at it, Owen Sound and different places, using barbed wire fences and it's nothing to do with terrorism, until you understand how they've defined terrorism and who they expect to be terrified, then it falls into place. I guess terrified people cause terrorism if they rampage trying to get away from something that's perhaps going to kill them, or if they need food and basics to survive, I guess then they will be classed as terrorists. That's how the game is to be played out you see and at the moment when they can pull out those plastic cards and just play, play, play, they will be hit the hardest because they will be paralyzed in shock when their little world they thought would go on forever stops and that plastic doesn't work anymore for anything or any of the other plastic cards that they have. Total utter chaos and shock and that's how it's been set up to be.


We're getting to that stage now. It's in the air. You smell it. You see the signs of it all around you, if you just look, and it's not just the New Agers who've been taught to be egosyntonic et cetera, do that which you like to do and look away from the unpleasant things. "Just be happy" as the song goes. "Don't worry, be happy."  It's not just the New Agers. They're well indoctrinated not to look at the bad things because they think they can make their own reality, which will be a handy thing when really tough times come as you sit and starving you can pretend you're in the middle of an orchard and maybe that will make you last a bit longer mentally, as you laugh and twitter to yourself in the air waiting for a message to come through, or you become a breatharian. You know actually some of the real fanatics actually believe this, that some people just live on fresh air, a breatharian, and they'll give you old stories (that are completely unverifiable of course) of certain individuals who never ate in their lifetime, and that's the kind of stuff that goes round their circles, and if they practice hard enough they can reach that level.


It’s an incredible insanity that's being purposely put out there for them all to swallow. Shock, horror and you'll see amazing things happening. Amazing things happening and that's the agenda for pretty well definitely the whole northern world for sure, because every country and I get reports in all the countries in the Northern Hemisphere and some of the southern ones and they're all getting it. Even little Finland is getting the Wi-Fi system put out there, cameras and buses and all this kind of stuff all over the place. Little old Finland, a little country that fought off everybody even during World War II, they had the gahonas to fight anybody who tried to invade, be it Soviet or German. They're now getting the Wi-Fi system and cameras and so on and so on, a place where nothing much happens. Everyone is getting it because the big boys know what they're bringing down on the little people at the bottom.


Therefore, I don't give you promises of things which will save you. You can only use your common sense. Many people will dive in to the usual stuff that's been "hawked," we call it, or "hocking" something. We call it "hawk." The stuff that's been hawked on the patriot radio stations for 50 years that's going to save you. Generally, it's rather heavy stuff they're supposed to use for transactions and the people that I know have bought lots of this stuff and they also buy air-raid shelters and everything else, and I keep telling them what makes you think you're going to stay in your home with all that stuff or be allowed to and escape? Have you tried to run off with five bags of gold? It's heavy stuff. Back with more after the following messages.





"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.


You don't know me from the wind
you never will, you never did
I was the little Jew
who wrote the Bible
I've seen the nations rise and fall
I've heard their stories, heard them all
but love's the only engine of survival
Your servant here, he has been told
to say it clear, to say it cold:
It's over, it ain't going any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
you feel the devil's RIDING crop
Get ready for the future:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, this fake reality which has become everyone's reality because we adapt so quickly into every phase that's implemented to it. We're the most adaptable species on the planet. Normally that adaptability is good for survival purposes, but what's been happening over the last 50 years in fact and that's not a lot. That's a blip in time. That's a blink of the eye. What's been happening over the last 50 years has made us so vulnerable to having a society which can be completely taken over because all bonding has been destroyed. While we were all thinking we're having a good time, we've actually destroyed all the bonding processes. Everyone is out for themselves. Their ego is so vastly inflated, generally out of touch with reality, they don't see themselves as they are. They have no ability and they're sitting ducks because when you don't have anyone to stand around and help you or defend you, then it's straight dictation from the government to you, the individual, exactly as George Orwell showed us all in his book "1984," which he was going to title "The Last Man," but his publisher, because it was published in '48, just turned around the 48 to 84. Orwell knew the agenda. He'd been trained to take part in it and much of the information was given to him when he worked in a propaganda department in World War II at the BBC.


He says in his own writings that his job was to help convince the British housewife that all these cheap cuts of meats, and that's the only stuff you could get with ration cards in those days, was actually healthier for you, even though of course the wealthy knew it was nonsense. The wealthy still got theirs but first the public had ration cards with an ounce of butter a week and a ounce of this, half an ounce of that, and they were told to start cooking all this stuff that used to be thrown away. They were told that it was to be better for them and they had cooking lessons and so on, on the radio, on how to do it all very enthusiastically. That's how the British do stuff in war times: always with enthusiasm, great enthusiasm, as you're being conned, lied to and taken as a fool. It works very well.


Now before I take any phone calls and people can phone in if they want to, you can phone in at 512-646-1984 and those with your own calling long distance you can call 512-646-1984.


I'm going to talk now about the chipping. The chipping is a must-be at the top. They've talked about this for about 50 years, how they'd have to get a way to control every single individual and so they opted for their faith. Their faith is in science, high science that the public are unaware of generally, because all we get at the bottom is the bottom level, which is generally obsolete by the time the military-industrial complex has been through with it and then it's given to the public in the forms of microwave ovens and stuff like that. It might surprise you that the Germans were using microwave technology big time in World War II and they lead the world on it and the general public never heard much about it until they were given the microwave much, much later on to cook their pretty awful food in. The stuff they give you for microwaving. The stuff you can't live on. Even bacteria won't live on it so it's pretty bad stuff.


They put their faith in chips and they were testing chips out on military members, unbeknownst to them of course. Guys who would go in for minor operations or abscesses in the spine and stuff like that in the spinal area and they'd put these little chips in. Suddenly all over Europe and different countries there was a brand new psychiatric phenomenon where these guys who had been in the military would hit the bottle or something else and then they found out about a year later as to why they were drinking themselves to death and they said it was to stop the voices. They'd tell you it was stupid and they didn't believe it themselves and they knew how they'd react if someone else told them about it, which is not what a psychotic person does.


A psychotic person would – they're unable to see themselves as others see them. They have no insight into their condition. However, here are people telling you with tears in their eyes that they had chips put in, even though they didn't want to believe it themselves. They thought a chip was controlling them remotely by a computer somewhere and most of the public hadn't even heard of computers back in the '60's. They thought they were these big massive things with big tapes running, as they kept showing us on television to fool us all. That was what they were doing, they were testing these things out remotely at distances back in the '60's and '70's. Brand new psychiatric phenomenon. Before that, schizophrenia used to manifest along the lines of those things which caused terror or inhibitions and guilt complexes, so it was mainly a religious phenomena and suddenly it changed into electronic phenomena and the computer chip and having implants and this kind of thing; and lo and behold, they're all ready to go. We know that because they've had the meetings at Loyola University about chipping everyone ultimately in the brain, but to get us used to that idea we must do a step-by-step process as we adapt and adapt.


That's how sheep are. You don't scare the sheep. The shepherd knows how to approach them. Make things familiar to the sheep. Anything that's new he'll introduce it from a distance and bring it closer every week or so and the sheep eventually think it's all part of their structure, just as we do too, as Skinner said it himself. To alter the people, what you have to do is alter something and things within and outside of them. In other words, in their environment, getting them used to it, computers and stuff like that, and we adapt to it without any fear whatsoever.


Now the VeriChip company has had a lot of publicity from different quarters and it's an interesting name, 'Veri'. You'll find that in all high Masonic stuff has a few meanings. It's not just truth, it’s also to do with light as well and things like that. The VeriChip has been pushed and I'm sure that the company that makes it will be a CIA front organization, a real corporation run by the CIA and started up by the CIA. All the top technology companies are owned by and started up by your Secret Services, MI6, CIA, Mossad, and so on. That's the facts of it. They can't allow anything to come up from the grassroots and really compete because they might find something that's outside the paradigm and sell it to the public and give power to the public, so they must be always in charge of all technology. They said that during the Cold War. That's what most of it was about supposedly. Those that had the highest technology and secrets would win the war and now the war is on the whole planet, all of us. We are the enemy. The old-fashioned people with ideas are antiquated and even some strange ones like independence and personal independence and stuff like that.


We know they've given these chips to I think it was the Baja Clubs started it off. One was in Holland. One was in Spain but it's really owned by a company supposedly in California and the guy who heads it just happens to have worked for donkey's years with the NSA (National Security Agency).  He's the guy that runs the Baja Clubs and they implant young people with these little chips in their forearm, so that's them getting used to the idea of cashless society. They can charge that chip with so many credits and whatever, which they spend at the bar or they spend to get in without having to pull anything out of their pocket, even plastic and it's given snob appeal as well as to how much you can hold and that works very well too. Get them used to the idea.


Then we get movies. We get cartoons now with superheroes with chips in them, special powers and so it makes it very appealing to the youth who actually think they're going to be given gratis of some special powers by a ruthless elite that's run the world for thousands of years. Boy, there's hope, eh?


Here's an article, because the next target they're going after are the diabetics. Now they've already gone after certain people with Alzheimer's et cetera in some of the U.S. states. Maybe across the world for all I know, but I know they've been after Alzheimer's patients as it's going to help them. If they get lost, we'll find them. They really care about Alzheimer's patients you see. It's always done under caring. They really worry. These are the guys who talk about useless eaters who can't contribute to society and yet they tell us out of the other side of their forked tongue that they care about you, the poor unfortunates.


They're going after the diabetics now and this is from an article for diabetics. It's The article is 3776. It says here:


            "VeriChip Patient ID implantable: VeriMed…"


Alan:  VeriMed, it's the VeriChip actually.


            "…features VeriChip's patented, FDA-cleared, human-implantable RFID microchip. Unlike traditional forms of identification, the VeriChip can't be lost…"


Alan:  Oh, isn’t that wonderful?


            "…it can't be lost, stolen, misplaced, or counterfeited…"


Alan:  I guess they could chop your arm off or wherever they put it.


            "…Because it's inserted under the skin, it's always there when you need it…"


Alan:  Always there when you need it. There's your little slogans from the marketing companies.


            "…regardless of where other kinds of identification might be. Using a handheld reader, healthcare professionals are able to securely access a patient's unique VeriChip ID number which can be looked up in a designated secure healthcare information database…"


Alan:  These are from the same guys that can hack through anything and tell you there's no such thing on the internet as secure. In fact, the security agencies tell us that themselves because they back in the '90's passed a law that every computer, every fax machine, every phone must be accessible by security agencies, the NSA. They must be made that way and have chips in them that will allow them to be accessible by these agencies. Here's the same people behind this VeriChip telling you there's going to be a designated secure healthcare information database.


            "…allowing them to immediately take the safest course of action."


Alan:  Isn't that nice? The people who want to kill off all what they term as "useless eaters" care about the poor unfortunates and it's the old story too. They're coming in for members of the pack just like wolves circle. They look for the ones who are older, weaker, lamer, the young ones first, and they come in fast and they pull it down and so they come in that way. Not all at once to kill everyone in the herd. They just take out certain ones here and there and the rest of the herd really just breathe a sigh of relief when they're left alone and we react exactly the same way. Well that's them, I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm doing okay and that's how it works, very simple.


First Alzheimer's, then all senilities, and then they go for babies too, by the way, in some states like California and put one in the heel. Then you go for another type and another type and another type, until we all have it, and then once you have that, you see, well what's the big deal about getting one that's active? How do you know these ones aren't active chips that can be broadcast back and forth through cell phones? Do you trust them that much?  Veri-ly not. Back with more after these messages.




"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot two,
and he's six feet four,
he fights with missiles and with spears,
he's all of thirty-one,
and he's only seventeen,
he's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu,
an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew,
and he knows, he shouldn't kill,
and he knows, he always will,
killing for me, my friend, and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians,
he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for democracy,
he's fighting for the Reds,
he says it's for the peace of all,
he's the one who must decide,
who's to live and who's to die,
and he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him, how would Hitler
have condemned him at Lwów, (German concentration camp)
without him Cesar would have stood alone,
he's the one, who gives his body
as a weapon of the war,
and without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier,
and he really is to blame,
his orders come from far away, no more,
they come from here and there,
and you and me and brothers,
can't you see,
this is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, that last song will always be eternally true as long as we have eternal young foolish men who want to be part of the team and be a hero. That’s just the way it is. Tribalism is used against them by those who know how to do it.


I'm going to go to the callers now and we've got Jim from Texas on the line. Are you there, Jim?


Jim:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello. Go ahead.


Jim:  Yes. I've called into the show before and it seems when I call I always forget to ask you, I was wondering if you still talk to Effie.


Alan:  Oh yes, once in a blue moon but I haven't had much time the last few weeks.


Jim:  I guess she's still getting along then.


Alan:  I hope so. She moved into an area when she was retiring thinking that would be her little haven, only to find out that the big planners had decided to put a big suburb round about her with these big flashy mansions. You know the old houses aren't good enough and then you have the noise and all the rest of it and people that can't sit still. They're always driving all night and day to go out for a half pound of sugar or something. They don't like shopping lists anymore they like to go out for everything that they buy, tea bags et cetera, one after the other.


Jim:  I really enjoyed her. It was kind of like that was food for the soul I guess in some of her talks.


Alan:  Yes. It's unusual to find people today that are elderly and still have wisdom to pass down because they were thinkers as they lived. They didn't just react to things. They thought things through. They observed and watched and realized and understood the cons that were going on, and at one time that's how we all survived. The elderly were looked up to because they hadn't created a youth culture. The youth culture has been promoted so that anyone who is not a youth anymore is over the hill and not to be listened to. That was all intentional. It was written about and unfortunately we now have people going into old age homes who really have no wisdom to pass on. They've gone through the artificial society and they've nothing really to tell the youngsters because they were not aware of what was happening through their own lives. We've been under scientific indoctrination for along time now.


Jim:  Before I go, I'll let you know, I know you don't watch the television but I thought it was funny. I'd seen some commercials the other day and they've got a couple of shows coming on. One, they hook each other up to lie detector tests and it's hilarious and everybody has a good time and ask each other question and the machine is never wrong. The other one they had American Gladiators coming back. I couldn't believe it.


Alan:  I was waiting for that.


Jim:  I thought somebody was kidding with that one, but, sure enough, they've got some gladiators to battle it out for everybody.


Alan:  Eventually they'll go into this sort of Running Man type scene and that will be fare for the public as they make us completely degenerate. It's already almost there with these reality shows.


Jim:  Yes, it's already there. They can't go much further.


Alan:  This idea with the lie detector it's because they're going to put these stations, magnetic imaging, resonance imaging stations up which are basically the same things and they can observe which parts of your brain are working. It's to get us used to seeing them because shortly they're going to be through towns and cities and the entrances of buildings and stuff like that. That's why they're showing all these shows.


Jim:  They're fun and everybody's laughing and the machine's always right and no one's got secrets anymore and everything's great.


Alan:  They won't show you some cop standing there and tasering you to death if you get it wrong, if you lie – not yet anyway.


Jim:  Not yet. That's the key thing. All right, I'll let you go, Alan.


Alan:  You take care.


Jim:  All right, you too.


Alan:  All these reality shows are getting us used to—acclimatized. They call it acclimatized, subconsciously almost. We don't think consciously through things. Again, it's done as entertainment and you don't question entertainment you see. You just get downloaded with an idea and then you'll see it around you and you'll think it's all quite natural. That's our sad state of affairs but that's how it works in reality and these reality shows are given to the public especially for the youth. It's to get them used to giving all their data out. Actually showing off like little actors and actresses so everyone can be an actress and actor and let everyone else in the community as they push "communitarianism" as they call it. The term coined by Poppy Bush. That's Bush, Sr. He termed the phrase "communitarianism."  Not quite Communism but communitarianism to make it sound better because all your data is going to be shared with all those in the community and you'll be made to be happy to put it all out there. Isn't that wonderful? The end of privacy. Who needs privacy? Only uncouth people. Primitive people need privacy, even though they fought war after war to try and get their privacy back in previous generations. Now they're being trained to give it all up. You don't need it anymore because we live in such an advanced culture. We're civilized today, very, very civilized. Isn't that a sad state of affairs?



Andrea:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Andrea:  This is Andrea. I just had two questions. I meant to ask the other time I called but you were talking about like moving out of the continent and everything and I'm trying to graduate by 2012. Is that too late?


Alan:  It's hard to say because I know that 2010 that was the agreed date for the amalgamation the final signing and then once that's done – they started in 2005 and they have another five to go, annual ones to sign and then we're totally integrated. Hold on and we'll go into that after this break.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, it can't go on. It's not meant to go on. The signs are all around you and as I say the public think it doesn't somehow concern them. Each person within the public thinks that must be all about someone else because I'm special, I'm charmed, I live a charmed existence. That's how easy it is to bring it all down. We're talking to Andrea from Texas on that very problem. When should we get out of the country because we can see it coming down now and I don't think there's a week passing that they don't have those big holy guys, the expert class come out and tell us that there's going to be a plague and it's coming and it's just around the corner. We've been hearing that for the last eight years now, 10 years, like a drum beat. These guys can't predict anything supposedly judging by past experience but they just know it's just around the corner and they know that this particular virus that hits the poultry in the Far East and the water fowl is going to do 5,000 jumps in mutation right to the very one that's going to affect humans. They just know it's going to happen and of course they'll know that because it's been designed that way. I was reading an article where they say they can actually design from scratch a killer virus in these big laboratories for warfare purposes. They can do it in an hour now. How's that? Child's play.


Are you there still there, Andrea?


Andrea:  I was asking well I hope that's enough time, but speaking of Avian flu I picked up a microbiology book and they had a little computer graphic of the avian flu virus. The other question was Loyola University. Is that the one in Louisiana?


Alan:  Yes.


Andrea:  That's odd because my grandfather was one of the first batches of black lawyers to graduate from there in the '50's.


Alan:  Loyola University, they've had annual meetings there on the brain chip alone for the last six years now and they bring the big heavy technicians in the big scientists that deal with biotechnology and microchipping and so on. For the first few meetings they had they did publish on the university internet their findings. I did get 600 pages from the first one. I got it on a disk somewhere and then they go and chop out all the tasty bits for the public, but it's going to be mandatory eventually to get a brain chip. It's all set to go. They said that at the first meeting and they have regional computers set up, the big super Cray-type computers already set up.


They say they can handle millions of people within each region. They call it regions and you'll be basically a robot. In fact the guy from Tokyo said think of it more like the hive, the beehive. They'll be no such thing as even the ability to comprehend individualism or comprehend you're a distinct separate individual. He says you'll hear the humming and whispering of voices going through your head from the supercomputer to others around you and going back through you to the supercomputer from the people and that's going to be their utopia. This is fact. This is fact and that was sponsored and paid for by the Department of Commerce. The public paid for all these meetings and Newt Gingrich was given the little job – they always get jobs for boys you see when they got out of politics. Again, they're technocrats really and he's supposedly at least in the titular charge of this particular project.


Andrea:  And places to go. I remember you mentioning Spain and northern India. I actually kind of like those places but that was all the questions I had for you.


Alan:  There's going to be big changes and most folk will not even attempt to go and live – most folk could not even live in what they think of like northern India. It's a third world from their point of view but believe you me--


Andrea:  I've always had a slight obsession as a young child with the gypsies, the Roma, information about that. I remember I heard your piece on Christmas and everything and I like to dance too and I've done a little bit of flamenco and stuff. But I was talking to my mom and pointed out the chemtrails to her and she admitted it, yes you're probably right. I told her I was thinking about leaving and she said I'll just stay here, I know God's got a plan and she went off on that.


Alan:  That's right. Religion is very good. It doesn't matter if it's New Age or old new age or whatever, the predictive programming built into religions that makes them obedient and stay where they are, thinking again that something bigger is in control which is going to do it all for them and save them and that's how it works. The New Agers have been taught for years they can create their own reality just by wishing it to happen and the other mainstream religions teach them that they can't fight this system because it's God's will. In other words, it's God's plan. God's playing chessboard with himself here and so if you fight the system or try to alter it you're going against God and don't worry, it's all God's plan and he's going to save you at the last minute; so it works so well for those in control you see.


Andrea:  It's just like as you've been saying, because "you're special."


Alan:  It's sad, isn't it?


Andrea:  It is and especially to see people that you love and everything. I remember another caller saying you know how some people would know that they'd stay and go ahead and go down or whatever.  I just can't see myself doing that.


Alan:  It's very sad. It's terribly sad but that's predictive programming and religions have always been used down through the thousands of years for the same purpose unfortunately. Well thanks for calling.


Andrea:  All right. Talk to you later.


Alan:  That's why I don't – I mean I had one fellow last night, I knew who it was because he had been emailing me like crazy trying to convince me that Jesus was who he said he was and all the rest of it and existed and yah-de-yah-de-yah, and I won't argue the exoteric with people, so I'll tell everyone that right now. I don't argue the exoteric with people. The exoteric is meant for mass movements and for behavior control purposes, always with good nice stories on the exoteric to give you a form of living so you're very obedient and you don't buck the system, but it's not the esoteric. The esoteric gives you the inner meanings of religions. It's always the ones who follow the exoteric who want to argue and they want you to be the same as them. That's really what they're phoning up for.


Now there's nowhere in the New Testament you'll find Jesus chasing after the young man who wanted to join him but wouldn't give up his wealth and all the rest of it or his family. He didn't go chasing after him hounding him across the desert saying "join me, join me or you're cursed".  No, he didn't, you see and Christians should remember that. That once you've offered whatever it is you think you're offering once, be content with that. You don't go and try to mind bomb the person and beat them into compliance with you. That's being a control freak. We have enough control freaks in the world already. That's part of the problem. That's why all of this is happening because of control freaks and when you follow the exoteric you'll find it impossible to live and let live, especially, unfortunately in the western version of Christianity because it was hand-in-glove from the beginning when Rome took it over. Rome was already a governmental empire and it married massive governmental programming with a religion and made sure the people complied to be obedient and it's all exoteric you see.


It's very comforting to people to think that little old me is going to be whisked off into a cloud somewhere at the last minute, and out of all the millions and millions and millions of Christians that are out there, I'll be one of these 144,000 who will get saved. It's very comforting to think that and I'm happy, I'm very happy for those who are comforted. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you, but please keep your happiness to yourself. I have my own type of happiness and I enjoy understanding.


If the truth was so hard to seek and find in Jesus' day, how hard do you think it is today? How hard do you think it is today? And if you truly believe in an archenemy called Satan, don't you think he'd attack a Holy Book first and get it all changed? I would if I was him. Back with more after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and it's everything. It's your whole reality. It's your custom. It's the fads that you go through. It's your fashion. It's your music. It’s how your children relate to you or not relate to you anymore because of their scientific indoctrination. It's everything that you now think is normal. That's the matrix and eventually they'll take you into the one you can't get out of, which is the brain chip, but it will be sold to you as something you can walk in and out of and have great fun initially, until everyone's got it, then they'll pull the main switch and there's no more you. Kaput, gone, zap. Now there's bliss. Bliss no more. There can be peace on the planet. Peace forever. "A thousand years of peace" they say. That's what they say at the top "a thousand years of peace" when no one can cause them at the top any problems.


Now we've got Ben from Japan on. Are you there, Ben? Hello Ben.


Ben:  This is Ben from Japan.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Ben:  Yes, this is Ben. I saw a TV program in Japan about microchips, I think they connect something to your ear and it's for video games. Another person had kind of a handheld control similar to controlling a remote control car and when the person would adjust the handheld control the test subject would either stumble to the left or stumble to the right. It would affect his coordination and balance.


Alan:  That's correct. I've read about it.


Ben:  It was marketed to people who are video game addicts as the best things for video games, where you play the video game on it and it's much more better because if you're on a motorbike on a video game and you turn a corner the body would actually lose balance and stumble to the right.


Alan:  It will affect your spatial ability. They tested this out years ago in Canada in fact at Waterworld here and they had a game you could strap yourself into like a virtual reality game and put a helmet on you and you could walk up walls in the game and across ceilings. Then when they let people go they found out that their spatial ability was so distorted, they had adapted so quickly to do impossible things, that when they got into their cars they couldn't judge distances or speeds and they were crashing into people. You're quite right. The brain adapts so quickly to this kind of treatment that your coordination is completely put off and if you turn to the right afterwards you might go all around the way in a complete spin. You'll spin right round 360 degrees and you didn't mean to. That's exactly what Joseph Delgado did with his testing on the bull with brain chips in fact back in the early '70's from the FBI.


Ben:  Yes, it was quite amazing because the guy had the controller in his hand so he was like controlling the guy's sense of balance like remote controlling a car.


Alan:  Exactly. That's what Joseph Delgado only he had the little remote and he controlled the bull that was charging towards him. He could make it stop, turn right or left and do whatever he wanted to, so it's the same old technology being rehashed as something brand new to get us used to the idea. I understand in Japan, too, they've now got a cell phone they're testing on some individuals where they'll put the speaker actually imbedded in your ear, the ear lobe, and they've got another one with the hearing piece in the other ear lobe and that's another step closer to familiarize us with getting an actual chip in our head obviously.


Ben:  I thought that might be one of the ways that they would market it to people, as you were stating before about marketing the brain chip.


Alan:  It will be. You're right.


Ben:  Also I noticed for anyone who wants to know, Japan has lots of chemtrails often pretty heavy.


Alan:  Yes I know. I know you're getting it big time, so is China in fact, some places in China.


Ben:  Have you ever heard of a cloudbuster?


Alan:  They sell all kind of gimmicks from the same companies that sold the UFO non-abduction equipment back in the '60's and '70's. They'll sell you anything.


Ben:  What's about your opinion about that and Wilhelm Reich who was put in jail and then killed one day before he was released? It was quite interesting. I just don't know. It's hard to tell what to think about the technology about Orgone generator and stuff like that.


Alan:  Believe you me, anything they allow to be sold to the public is going to be ineffective against that which they're already using. I know for a fact that they're using HAARP – incredible frequencies in HAARP. You can find it on the shortwave radio, if you scan through it, you'll hear the HAARP booming away there 24 hours per day and sometimes at night you'll see it rippling across the sky with a strobe light effect every one second or so. They're already using this technology. Yes, they're using it and you can see it sometimes maybe 2 or 3:00 a.m., if you stay up, you'll see it rippling across the sky especially if it's cloudy and sprayed at the same time.


Ben:  Wow. One thing I thought you might find interesting is if you go into YouTube and do a search for "Clinton Mind Control" there's a video of Bill Clinton acting very strange like he's in a trance. It's very interesting to watch and it makes you think maybe Bill Clinton was mind controlled like a puppet.


Alan:  What I do know is they have technology and it's based on the same stuff that was shown on CBC television. The CIA had equipment from the 1950's where they could actually put thoughts into your head or music or words, but they also had the same technology on a different frequency which could affect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that could make you throw up, for instance, immediately, projectile vomiting. Exactly what you saw Bush, Sr. doing at the president of Japan a few years back. He sat down and it was instantaneous. It could make you double up in fact and this has been used. It has been demonstrated in the European Parliament by Dr. Nick Begich because some of those in the Parliament thought this equipment was being used on them. This is established fact this stuff exists. 


Ben:  Yes, it's amazing. Thank you very much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Ben:  You're welcome. Have a great day.


Alan:  You too. We’re getting sprayed from all over, Japan, China. There's some teachers in China who keep me informed and some people in Australia are not getting it in some areas. Some in other areas are getting it and it makes me think because a few years ago in the newspaper they talked about a part of Australia where they were building a complex for the continuity of government should anything happen in the Northern Hemisphere and it was the United States that was behind it. I'd imagine they'd use storms and HAARP to get the inhabitants off that particular area, so no doubt wherever they've had recent storms or hurricanes is the area they want cleared of habitation for their main projects.


So much is happening in the world it's quite amazing, but I think personally it's not Planet X. They keep putting out Planet X every few years. They tried that in 2001 and they knew darn well it was one of the closest conjunctions with Mars and Earth that had happened for thousands of years and all these goons are going outside being distracted looking for a Planet X. It just happened to be Mars, which happened to be on the mainstream media, but these people were listening to conspiracy sites, which are run by the CIA and MI6 to keep people totally distracted into the wrong areas, and that's the way it goes. They resurrected Planet X again and here's all the yo-yos looking up into space rather than looking at the media and what's happening around them. Great distractions they pull out of the bag every so often.


Try and use your own wits, your own sensibilities. Use your own perceptions. Figure things out for yourself. That's what your eyes are for. That's what you ears are for and that's what your third eye, which happens to be your mind, you see. That's the real third eye is your mind. Use it yourself. Wild animals do it. Wild animals do it all the time. Anything different in their environment and they're very weary. Anything at all they're weary of and that's how they survive. The domesticated ones are easily fooled. That's why they've been purposely inbred to be domesticated; and with human beings, we've had more work done on us than any other species, especially in the last hundred years with inoculations, alteration of food, fluoride in the water and all the other beauties they gave us to help us progress.


It's called "progress" and it is progress from the elites' point of view because they want dumb-downed population, a population that's coming down with juvenile arthritis now. Boy, oh boy, it's quite amazing and autism is shooting up and don't be misled just by the mercury. It's what's actually in the vaccine that's doing it. It's targeting the brain. I'm sure it's been designed to do that in these early inoculations that they're all given. That's what Arthur Koestler talked about, ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that is the Ghost in the Machine.  The Ghost in the Machine is YOU—your specific individual uniqueness; your personality; that which is you.


From Hamish my dog and myself, from up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)