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January 17, 2008


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – January 17, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)






"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 17th, 2008. An odd thing just happened because the manager of the station phoned me and I was waiting for a call from the station and we chatted about things and he didn't know that I was to go on at 8 o'clock. That's the sort of thing that happens when you're doing things live. After five minutes I realized I'm supposed to be on the show, so we eventually got that figured out quickly and here I am, and that's just the way it goes in these fast times. It's called a lack of communication.


I've been looking around at so much information that's just flooding out across the planet and you have to be so selective now on what to even talk about because everything is put in a category, that which is of really important and it's in a descending order from there. I have been talking for years about this big agenda, an agenda that's totally diametrically opposed to people evolving, if you like, into more freedom. It's just the opposite. It was decided a long time ago that those who had physically evolved and intellectually evolved had already done so and that was the whole movement behind Darwinism. Therefore, those who had acquired the vast amounts of wealth, those big family dynasties that ran Europe and a good part of the world, were at the top of the genetic heap or pyramid and all those at the base were at the wasteland. That's what the actual pyramid sign on a dollar bill stands for. It stands for a pyramid and the bottom is sparse land. It's all sparse grass. That's the wasteland. That's the "world of the profane," as they call it, those who are in the darkness who don't understand.


Big institutions were put out there to front for these particular families, those who already had the wealth, who had the power and even royal families. The institutions would appear to be independent of government and that was the big con. They're not independent at all of government. They run the Non-Governmental Organizations. They set up really political movements, although they claim they're non-political, and their followers are very well led by leaders who are well paid and financed to demand changes in society, to demand governmental laws, which the governments are only too happy to accept.


That's how the simple scheme works in things and that's how the Soviet system worked as well. The appearance of a form of democracy because Non-Governmental Organizations would supposedly speak on behalf of the people and demand things from the government. The only difference being, in the Soviet system, the politburo would appoint the heads of these non-governmental organizations. The eventual movement that was created was to end with depopulation on a large scale, step-by-step of course, not all at once. They always want the dead to bury the dead as it goes on, just like any big plague would do, and they had all the statistics and studies done on previous plagues. They know this kind of formula so they had to really lead the sheep and that's why every religion talks about people being sheep and they give you good shepherds.


The ancient pharaohs were also called "good shepherds."  That's why they have a little crook in their hand, a little walking stick thing, a miniature one. That symbolizes the crook for the shepherd. They can either tug the sheep to encourage it in the direction he wants it to go and he also had the rod in the other, so you beat it if it doesn't go. You have coercion and then you have force and that's what all law is ultimately based upon. Always has been for thousands of years.


Now on the way to getting their ideal population as it's reduced and all the rest of it, they had to get us into a system of interdependence, which really means on an individual level there's no independence at all. You'll be totally dependent on the system that then would rule over you through various agencies and governmental structures. Everything now is specialized and "services" would initially be put out into the public, like health services, police services, and various services and even Children's Aid Services, and now they are "authorities," exactly as Wells and others wrote about it at the beginning of the 1900's. They've accomplished their mission. Everyone is interdependent upon the system for their own personal survival, even though the system is like a juggernaut that's going in one direction and we know where the end of the line is. We're all in the same boat and we're being given step-by-step, again, no alternative except to go along in this particular area. At least, that's what the big boys think and they've been closing loopholes all down through the last hundred years that would allow you to be completely independent from the system.


It was proven in the Great Depression in the 1920's and '30's, which really lasted right up until World War II, that's what pulled them out of the Depression through massive borrowing and manufacturing of weaponry. It was proven then that people who were completely independent in some countries and who didn't have to pay even property taxes for their little cottage or even hut that they lived in and they could at least farm for themselves and feed themselves, they would get through it, so after that they came out with property tax.


The Royal Institute, again an institute for International Affairs, proudly takes credit in Britain for instituting through their own members which they placed in Parliament the whole idea of property taxation. Their American cousin, their branch called the Council on Foreign Relations did the same thing in the United States. They take away even that mode to survive through any economic crisis. You'd still be demanded to pay taxes, which means you'd lose everything. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I should mention for newcomers to look into for other talks along these particular subjects I'm mentioning tonight and download that which you're interested in and go at your own pace as well. Try to absorb as much as you can so you can pass it on to others and also look into for transcripts you can download and pass around in the various languages of Europe.



I was talking there about how even through a depression, if we have another economic depression, how you can't even stay in your own because you see the taxation doesn't stop even when there's no work. The government still comes around demanding money for that little hut you're living in, and if you don't have it, then they send in the bailiffs, you know, the little minor psychopaths at the bottom, and they kick you out and then supposedly some charitable organization is meant to take over from there; and that's called interdependence. You're totally dependent upon this system for your everyday survival and therefore, at the moment, while you can pull out that plastic, it works, even though inflation is going through the roof at the moment with the prices going sky high everywhere; this is just the beginning.


They want a totally controlled society through all of this. Remember, they're long-term planners. They don't suddenly decide to do something and implement and have it done in a week or two. They go through things like a long-term business plan and that's what the world is. It's a long-term business plan, intergenerational. All you have to do is sit and make your agenda, create the institutions to make sure they're carried out and through hundreds of years they can make it all happen by recruiting, training in a certain format and retiring as they bring in new recruits that can certainly pull it off. Even when they were giving out the supposed free land in the Americas and you had the great races out there to get your plot of land, they knew at the top that you would clear it. You'd do all the hard work and their descendents could take it from you once you'd made it into REAL estate, financial real estate that they could take off you 100, 200 years down the road through old, old techniques. It's so interesting, too, that even some of the Founding Fathers talked about this because they watched all this before and they knew their histories and they were well aware of the tricks that were played under the guise of supposedly good government, which is actually corrupt.


Along this path we're on they've been closing the loopholes to make sure that everyone is totally dependent or interdependent on this system. It's quite clever really because the culture they gave us—which they did give us. They gave us culture. You grow culture. That's what culture means. You grow it and they make everyone think you're doing your own thing especially the youth and they give you fashions which the youth will follow. Sometimes they give you two varieties to choose from. but everyone wants to be a little rebel to establish their own identity and they don't realize they're actually just falling into line. They're doing exactly what was expected of them by those at the top.


Down the road they want eventually to chip everyone. The whole idea of chipping, and I mentioned this years ago, I said they'll start with the animals and work their way up. It's all a matter of making us all familiar with it. Familiarization of your target and you accept it as being a natural progression somehow, simply because it's done to something else before you.


Here's an article from "The Independent" on Sunday and this is January 13th, 2008. It says:


            "Prisoners to be chipped like dogs."


Alan:  Now they've already gone for the Alzheimer's ones that were pushing it for the chips so we can find them and then some babies in California hospitals are getting them put in their heels – I guess so they don't run off or something.


"Prisoners to be chipped like dogs.


Hi-tech 'satellite' tagging planned in order to create more space in jails.

Civil rights groups and probation officers furious at 'degrading' scheme.

            By Brian Brady, Whitehall Editor


             Ministers are planning to implant "machine-readable" microchips under the skin of thousands of offenders as part of an expansion of the electronic tagging scheme that would create more space in British jails."


Alan:  Now here's Britain starting it you see.


            "Amid concerns about the security of existing tagging systems and prison overcrowding, the Ministry of Justice is investigating the use of satellite and radio-wave technology to monitor criminals. But, instead of being contained in bracelets worn around the ankle, the tiny chips would be surgically inserted under the skin of offenders in the community, to help enforce home curfews."


Alan:  Shortly you'll meet people in the community that have them, minor offenses and so on, and you'll get used to the idea, so when it's your turn you'll take it anyway.


            "…The radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, as long as two grains of rice, are able to carry scanable personal information about individuals, including their identities, address and offending record. The tags, labelled "spychips" by privacy campaigners, are already used around the world to keep track of dogs, cats, cattle and airport luggage…"


Alan:  That's your familiarization process.


            "…but there is no record of the technology being used to monitor offenders in the community. The chips are also being considered as a method of helping to keep order within prisons."


Alan:  It goes on to say:


            "A senior Ministry of Justice official last night confirmed that the department hoped to go even further, by extending the geographical range of the internal chips through a link-up with satellite-tracking similar to the system used to trace stolen vehicles…"


Alan:  That's a different kind of property.


            "…All the options are on the table, and this is one we would like to pursue," the source added. The move is in line with a proposal from Ken Jones, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers…"


Alan:  The Association of Chief Police Officers is a United Nations organization. I don't know if you know that. They have their own magazine and website and so on and they take orders from the United Nations because that's the agenda for the world. I'll continue.


It says:


            "…that electronic chips should be surgically implanted into convicted pedophiles…"


Alan:  Oh, so that's the nasty ones.


            "…and sex offenders in order to track them more easily. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is seen as the favoured method of monitoring such offenders to prevent them going near "forbidden" zones such as primary schools."


Alan:  See, they always use these guys to implement something that we're all going to eventually get; and remember, we'll all be criminals shortly. They're already expanding the books all the time, even on terrorism.


            "We have wanted to take advantage of this technology for several years, because it seems a sensible solution to the problems we are facing in this area," a senior minister said last night. "We have looked at it and gone back to it and worried about the practicalities and the ethics, but when you look at the challenges facing the criminal justice system, it's time has come."


Alan:  That's a Masonic saying, "its time has come."  They usually say, "an idea whose time has come." That's what they say. The other part is "now is the time" when they want to start revolution.


            "The Government has been forced to review sentencing policy amid serious overcrowding in the nation's jails, after the prison population soared from 60,000 in 1997 to 80,000 today. The crisis meant the number of prisoners held in police cells rose…"


Alan:  Yah-de-yah-de-yah. It goes on to try and justify this particular thing and then they bring in the financial costs of keeping all the prisoners and so on.


It says:


            "More than 17,000 individuals, including criminals and suspects released on bail, are subject to electronic monitoring at any one time…"


Alan:  This is with the present ankle bracelets.


            "…under curfews requiring them to stay at home up to 12 hours a day. But official figures reveal that almost 2,000 offenders a year escape monitoring by tampering with ankle tags or tearing them off…"


Alan:  That's the same excuse you're going to get when they give you your next step of ID, active ID, and then you'll find them stolen from people and they'll come in with the chip. It's so predictable, isn't it? I'll be back with more after the following messages.




"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and the river's to deep
We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and sure enough, this code of silence can't go on. It's time people also broke their own silence and stopped pretending everything is just hunky-dory because they can pull out that plastic and buy some toy which amuses them for a little while. Not for very long either, because it's coming down rather quickly and it's very predictable because if you go through the histories of these big organizations you'll find they're all on the same path. The path to a form of totalitarianism of the path that Aldous Huxley managed to write about in the 1930's of all periods with his "Brave New World" scenario, a world where he didn't have a good imagination and just dreamed all this stuff up. They had that predicted. They'd breed the new workers at the bottom; specially breed them and genetically create them to serve them better. The elite want better slaves.


We're simply too disorganized at the bottom. We need to be pampered. We need to be constantly entertained, distracted, or else we're fighting about things all the time. They're partly right. We fight about far too many things at the bottom and a lot of the things we fight about have been given to us to fight about because we've been given at the present a dysfunctional system. It was intended to go this way, but the big boys also planned to manage it right through the chaos period and this is one of them. This is one of the methods, to chip everyone, and for a totalitarian system everyone must be predictable and the only way you'd be predictable is to be monitored 24 hours per day. That's where it's going.


I'll continue with this article here. There's another interesting part of it.


It says:


            "A multimillion-pound…"


Alan:  Just like dollars.


            "…pilot of satellite monitoring of offenders was shelved last year after a report revealed many criminals simply ditched the ankle tag and separate portable tracking unit issued to them. The "prison without bars" project also failed to track offenders when they were in the shadow of tall buildings."


Alan:  There's their excuse you see and it says:


            "The Independent on Sunday has now established that ministers have been assessing the merits of cutting-edge technology that would make it virtually impossible for individuals to remove their electronic tags. The tags, injected into the back of the arm with a hypodermic needle, consist of a toughened glass capsule holding a computer chip, a copper antenna and a "capacitor" that transmits data stored on the chip when prompted by an electromagnetic reader. But details of the dramatic option for tightening controls over Britain's criminals provoked an angry response from probation officers and civil-rights groups. Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: "If the Home Office doesn't understand why implanting a chip in someone is worse than an ankle bracelet, they don't need a human-rights lawyer; they need a common-sense bypass.


Alan:  That's the whole point of it. There's a "must-be" at work. This is what they call the "must-be's." Must-be's are imperatives, things that must be made to happen according to an agenda and they will allow no other, no other way to go. That's basically it. The big stick is out. The velvet glove is off the iron fist and we're going into authoritarianism very quickly, big time. That's what it's all about right how and this is only one method of getting us all monitored. Britain is probably the most monitored country on the planet, as far as we know, with cameras everywhere in all the major cities and so on and they say you can't walk 20 yards without a camera finding you and photographing you. They also have boom mikes attached to them, super boom mikes which can pick up a conversation you're having in a door shop entrance at 200-odd yards. They have huge panels of people in massive rooms where television cameras or screens all around them monitoring everyone "for their safety" and they were doing this before 9/11, by the way.


You see, 9/11 was just the excuse to kick off a multifaceted part of this agenda in the West, especially in the Americas. They had to use it to unite the Americas closely, very, very quickly and not over the many years it took to unite Britain into Europe, but they wanted to do it quickly and terrorism was part of the plan, and here they are rushing ahead with it. We know that once the card with the active chip is working there will be a spate all over the world we'll only hear about people getting mugged and mugged and mugged and their card stolen and then they'll come forward and say my goodness we've been working on something to get round this and you'll get a chip. They'll get people so weary that most people will actually line up to get it thinking this is great. This is great—constant monitoring—especially if you can do your banking from that chip too, just like they do at the Baja Club which implants their patrons with a pre-charged chip which can help pay your bar bills without you drawing any money out of your pockets. You just swipe the thing past your arm. Most people will think it's so convenient and we will sell our souls for convenience. That's so tragic. We're becoming so incredibly addicted to what we think is convenience we don't see the dangers or who is in charge or where it's going, and we’re on a gallop, a gallop towards Huxley's "Brave New World". 


We're also on a gallop towards what Thomas Malthus talked about too, which was the necessity really to get a big reduction of the population going, because by his statistics we should have been all crawling over each other by now. Mind you, he used a lot of lies and fake charts, et cetera. They love charts and lots of data to get their points across, but the elite have had this in store for at least since the 1700's and Malthus was the top economist for Royal, the British Empire and the British East India Company that was basically owned by the Crown.


George Orwell interestingly enough in his own biography or a biography that was done about him, autobiography. He mentioned his father. His father came from a lineage of high-level bureaucrats and diplomats for Britain and his father was working in the British opium department of Burma. He was in charge of it in the 1920's into the '30's. Britain was growing opium and of course when that was brought up in Parliament by a politician, I think it was Thompson his name was, because Britain hadn't a clue they were still doing this kind of stuff. They found out they couldn't get any further because of reasons of national security because it was all Royalty and their family members who owned the corporation. However, the British taxpayer funded it all. We funded it all and we funded even the armies to take care of it and to police it and all the rest of it, which is standard, because we've always lived under a form of fascism. In the last hundred years it's been more carefully disguised and it's also used science and propaganda to make us think we were tremendously free.


"The more things change, the more they stay the same," they say. We're living in an area of rapidly accelerating change towards a world agenda and most folk will play their way right through it. They'll be entertained right through it and they'll never know how it ended up in the state we'll end up in. It will be a big shock.


Now even in the local papers around where I live, in Canada, there's articles there by the Salvation Army and other organizations talking about the new face of the new poor and the new poor are the working people who are still working, families with jobs, at the bottom of course. It always starts at the bottom. They see it first, those with low incomes, and the food banks across the countries are just getting emptied out now with the new problems. People cannot keep up just with the basic necessities. The same thing is happening in the U.S. I've had a report from Maine on the same thing from a newspaper there.


The big cushion, the safety net, the cotton wool that they kept around the United States and Canada is being taken away gradually now piece-by-piece until we'll end up paying the same as people in Europe for all the basic necessities and for the food and so on. That's also part of the agenda. Back in the early 1900's there was an organization founded for a form of Pan-American unionism with Europe. They discussed it back then. Back with more after the following messages.



"Inside Job" by Don Henley


Are doing to me and you
And they'll keep doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
And doin' it and doin' it
Until we all wake up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up



"Inside Job" by Don Henley


While you were sleeping
They came and took it all away
The lanes and the meadows
The places where you used to play


It was an inside job
By the well-connected
Your little protest
Summarily rejected

It was an inside job
Like it always is
Chalk it up to business as usual




Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. They say they have "conspiracy theories," which is a term used by the top, which unfortunately some people have adopted and think it's a good thing, but it's meant to ridicule the people who get into them. The problem with conspiracy, it's always been down through history as a natural thing at the top. There's always been conspiracies. Conspiracies to even assassinate people within their own families at the top. It wasn't unusual to have mothers poisoning the fathers, the kings or the kings killing their wives and sometimes the children killing one of their parents to get the top position because good psychopaths do that. They're very competitive. They want that throne and conspiracies have always existed to take down countries.


Napoleon called Britain "perfidious England" because Britain had a strategy of what they called "balance of powers."  What it meant was when a country started getting too big for its boots, according to the London mob, they would finance the little country next door to them and have a war and really give logistical support to the country fighting the big boys to bring down the big boys to a state where they were more manageable. If the victors got too powerful, the small country got too powerful, then they'd get a treaty with another country and take them down. They had treaties, ongoing wars, mainly through treaties, to keep everyone else down and that's how they kept on top for centuries, "perfidious England." Nothing much has changed in this kind of system because when people like Rudyard Kipling came to the United States to talk to the Senate and present his little poem about "The White Man's Burden" and he said, "we pass the torch on to you."  It was well understood that Britain had been in so many wars for so many centuries that they could never pay off the debt for the citizenry.


They also had a population that was pretty sickly, malnourished and all the rest of it, and they couldn't get the tax money coming in fast enough so they knew that the United States would have to take over and they had the Anglo-American Establishment already connected to do the job. The policy for "The New American Century" is just a later branch showing its head and their job is to bring an American empire – what the people will think back home in America as an American empire, but it's not really. It's a very different America they have in mind and a very different empire they have in mind. It's a totalitarian system for a global society and for what they claim are the genetically superior ones to rule over the inferior ones and do with them as they see fit. That's what's coming.


That's also what Marxism and all the other 'isms' were founded on was Darwinism and survival of the fittest; and from the psychopath's point of view at the top, they are the natural ones. They are the natural inheritors and successors to the planet. The goal is theirs and the crown is theirs, if they succeed; that's how they view themselves – not as an aberrant species or division of humanity, a creed, but actually the superior ones; and they fund scientists to work for them helping to convince the herd that follows that sure enough they are superior. "A world run by experts, we've all been trained in it" as Bertrand Russell said.


Now the United Nations, who is great front for this organization, again a combination of Marxism and fascism, the dialectic coming together for The Third Wave or Way of Plato. He called it 'way' and others have called it 'wave' since, and that's how the world has been controlled – the fascist at the top and a communistic bureaucracy running the people in a communistic, collectiveness fashion at the bottom. That's what the Club of Rome said in their own book, "The First Global Revolution."  They studied all the different techniques and systems to rule the people over the centuries and they found that collectivism was their best bet. That's what they favored the most.


Here in the model state, which is China, the UN has said that China is their model state for the world to follow.  Remember, technically, technically it's supposed to still be Communist, meaning it has a totalitarian form of government. This is a report I have here on China. It's from "The Wall Street Journal," November 2nd, 2007.


It says:


            "NANJING, China -- Mi Zhantao, a poor 25-year-old living with his parents outside this provincial capital in eastern China, was battling depression and had trouble socializing. Doctors said he had schizophrenia. They recommended brain surgery. Mr. Mi's family spent about $4,800 -- the equivalent of four years' income, and more than their life savings on the operation, at No. 454 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army in Nanjing. The highly controversial procedure involved drilling tiny holes in the young man's skull, inserting a 7½-inch-long needle and burning small areas of brain tissue thought to be causing his problems."


Alan:  It's quite interesting because psychiatry is really a belief system. They admit themselves, if you ask them, that they don't know what causes what they call "mental illnesses" and it's even debatable amongst each other as to what really should be classified as a mental illness. Some are very obvious, but most are not, and it's never been – the scientific bent they've put to a theory of lobotomy, all it does really is create someone whose IQ just drops and he becomes almost zombied.


To continue it says:


            "The surgeon, who operated on Mr. Mi the day he met him, says he has performed nearly 1,000 such procedures, mostly for schizophrenia, but also for illnesses ranging from depression to epilepsy, since the hospital started offering the operation in 2004. Mr. Mi's parents say the surgery did nothing but leave their son with a partially limp right arm and slurred speech."


Alan:  So the operation was a success that the patient's a zombie.


            "He continues to be depressed and withdrawn, his mother says. Wang Yifang, the surgeon, says he checked the medical records and, as far as he knows, the patient left the hospital uninjured."


Alan:  He just stuck a needle in his brain and burned parts of his brain. I'd call that an injury.


            "Mr. Mi's mother, Kong Lingxia, 50, says she'll regret the decision for the rest of her life. "I feel so angry," she says. "But I'm really angry at myself. How could I let this happen?"


Alan:  Again, it's the expert indoctrination, you'll come to put them on pedestals through propaganda.


            "The irreversible brain surgeries performed at No. 454 Hospital, which are all but blacklisted for mental illness in the developed world, are being done across China. They are a symptom of the problems plaguing the nation's health-care system, which has left hospitals with scant public funding and hungry for profit."


Alan:  Profit in a Communist supposedly system, eh? We're living in quite the age where so much is taken for granted including sciences and yet these sciences are based on almost voodoo. A lot of theories but no real proof. They don't know what causes mental illness. Some will say it's really a metabolic balance in the brain or a chemical imbalance in the brain or it's a dominant gene or a recessive gene and so on. These are all theories. None of them have been proven at all and yet it's run like a religion of fact by repetition and again through propaganda through fiction, fictional movies, fictional series on television. The same as they elevated the doctors to a much higher standard through fiction until they're glorified and can do no wrong, so we're on a roll now.


Now there's someone on the line. Is it Lee from Texas? Hello. 


Lee:  Hi, Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Lee:  I have a question for you. I guess you guys are over your thaw and back on with old man winter again.But I had a question for you and it was concerning when in the church when they had the split between Roman Byzantine and I was wondering if you could tell me if essentially the controllers or whatever because you've got like Roman and Constantinople during one of the crusades so I was wondering who bankrolled the – I'm sorry, I here the music coming.


Alan:  Yes. Hold on and we'll talk about it after the following messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen

Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we have a caller on the line who's jumped back into the past in a time machine with a question on history. What is it again?


Lee:  I was going to ask and I was wondering because if you've got the east and west split between the churches, I was wondering who financed essentially the rise of the armies and the prophet and all that to tear it down because that suddenly was like the last gateway into Europe for the Muslims, was it not?


Alan:  It was the gateway in, in Byzantium.


Lee:  Who financed that? Also as a secondary thing, and I'll take both off the air, could you speak to – is there any significance, and I'm like a former Christian recovering, but could you speak to – is there any significance to the Dead Sea Scrolls, which tends to get them into much in-fighting in a lot of the churches?


Alan:  It doesn't take much to get in-fighting in the churches.


Lee:  No it doesn't. Any kind of an argument will start a new branch.


Alan:  That's right, sub-sects and splinter groups. Of course we know that they were setting up two positions, two main power centers in ancient times to supposedly run the same system in case one fell. They had all these different groups coming down to invade them and you had the Alaric and different ones and they had Goths and the various names they gave to them, Visigoths, et cetera, who were plundering Rome while the elite had actually moved out to Constantinople and set up the other part of their empire. For centuries there was quite a lot of confusion because sometimes you had two popes on the go. You could have one in one country and one in the other. Technically, the one that was Rome was still supposed to be the boss, but they often ignored each other. Centuries later they even had two popes based in France who used to put spells on each other and they would cut each other off from going to heaven and all that kind of stuff, so it's quite the agenda. However, they were heavily funded all through it because empires are always heavily funded.


You'll find the same big moneyed families down through the centuries, the Medici's and so on, that go back thousands of years. You'll find even Aristotle, who was the coach, he tutored Alexander to become "The Great," another high Masonic term, to become a god, because that was always the mystery religion of what they often termed vaguely "philosophy," but it was to do with becoming a god. You attained godhood. Now all Roman emperors attained godhood as well and even Constantine had a temple built after he accepted Christianity as one of the many religions within the empire of Rome. He built a temple to himself where the people could go and worship his likeness, his image, and that was standard. He also became a member of Mithra, the Mithraic cult, which was mainly military at that time but it was kind of a Freemasonic type group, so he had insurance policies everywhere for the afterlife. However, he thought no more about Christianity than any other one, except to realize that it would be a fantastic tool in the future because it had such a calming effect on the public that followed and they would be more obedient in fact. 


Before Christianity, people who were pagan could often start revolutions, et cetera within the Roman Empire, but with Christianity they thought it was more of a conformist type idea with values, which, if the public accepted, could possibly make them more docile and obedient to their rule; so it was a very, very popular type of way to go.


Aristotle, by the way, that taught Alexander the Great, was married to one of the biggest international bankers of his day and they funded Macedonia and Greece to start their particular campaign with Alexander at the head to plunder across the world. You always get money and armies together.


Lee:  The other thing I said was is there any significance to the Dead Sea Scrolls?


Alan:  The Dead Sea Scrolls, even though they say it's out in the open it's not really. There's fragments here and fragments there, and we rely upon a few experts to translate them effectively to us because a lot of it was Gnostic as well. They fear that if the public got their hands on it they would go wild (which they probably would) and they'd still misunderstand even the Gnostic rule and you'd get a new cult of Gnosticism with all new fancy rules and regulations running amok, so all of it will never be given to the public. I've no doubt on that at all.


Lee:  I've been reading a little bit on John Marco Allegro who was like the leading philologist. He had a book in the '70's I think called "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross."


Alan:  There was that one. Gnosticism itself wasn't just one sect. At later ages they gave it all the same term. The original Gnostics were people, the wise men, who went off to be hermits to get away from everybody else and they'd go off into caves and say bye-bye and people would eventually come to them for wisdom. The later Gnostics were very much like the later Shakers in fact in their style. They had the same – it's a human condition. It's an odd thing, but when you get a big, big following – there are people in society who want very, very strong rules to follow and they're also masochistic in a sense, some of the people. It's never harsh enough for them. I guess they're laden with guilt or something or repressed but they want these very strict sects and Gnosticism eventually came into almost a Shaker type existence. They separated the men from the women, even married couples in different buildings and no sex was allowed and all the rest of it, and so that came into it, so it completely changed its face. The early Gnostics claimed they sent emissaries to Constantine. They said "what are you doing? You're stealing our religion and remaking it" (meaning Christianity) and they claimed that they'd always had this deity, this perfection of man as a spiritual image to follow that didn't actually physically exist. It was something you attained through enlightenment and they claimed that Rome was stealing their idea and making it into a real person. Rome once it put Christianity on the books, along with all the rest of them, set up armies to hunt down these particular sects and eradicate them because they knew too much.


Lee:  And reading was outlawed.  Excellent, well thank you very much Alan. I went through the books the first time. I get the impression that it changes when you read them the second time.


Alan:  It does. Each time your mind will see something different and think something different.


Lee:  It slowed down some of the other reading that I've been doing because I can't stop disassembling all I read. Well thank you so much Alan. Have a great one.


Alan:  Yes. Thanks for calling.


Lee:  You bet.


Alan:  People don't realize that Constantine he even offered armistice to particular groups that he'd banned. He allowed them to come to the meeting under oaths of safety and they died of poisoning on the spot. They were all poisoned and killed. Therefore religion, as always, when it's coupled with power, which Christianity unfortunately was from Rome at its beginning, you can't separate the two, the spiritual side from the political side that was merged together. Rome was already a ruling empire with big bureaucracies and so on and that was the unfortunate part about it, but the ones who win always eradicate their opposition physically generally and that's what happened there.


You'll find if you go deep enough into the histories that the big empires were funded into existence as well. I write about that in the third book to do with the money men in ancient times and how they took countries over through the introduction of money, often forced upon people by the previous country that they'd put into debt and conquered and got standing armies to go off and invade, and then put the next country into the same system.


They forced them to use money and that's why often the wars with Sparta went on for an awful long time. They couldn't bring down Sparta. It took them the longest time to do it. They would not accept this foreign money. They knew the international bankers were taking countries over through the creation of debt and slavery, because that's what debt puts you into, it's slavery. That's what the Black Book is all about that's in all the Masonic lodges, The Book of Law, as they say. It's how to put people into slavery, how to rule them. It has the rules of this existence and the higher Masons understand the rules. The general public never do because they take the story form and that's all they see.


We're living in a maze and it's an old, old maze and unfortunately, like Leonard Cohen says in another song, "the rich get rich and the poor get poor. That's how it goes. Everybody knows."  That's how it always has gone and if you went into the books by Charles Galton Darwin, "The Next Million Years" is a must-be. You must get that one because speaking on behalf of the elite in the 1950's he tells you about the population reduction and why they'd have to do it, from the elites' point of view. He tells you of the methods they would use to reduce the population, including hormonal changes in male and female and what that would do to them. He also says that "we the elite will not alter ourselves but we'll alter those beneath us, the commoners." It would mean dropping IQ and so on. He says, "because we the elite must retain our survival capabilities because we shall be the captains of the ship of planet earth, whereas the rest of the public wouldn't need that since they would be taken care of and ruled by government."  He was talking about forms of lobotomizing the public, as was Arthur Koestler, same kind of idea.


Nothing changes. It's a horror show really when you understand what's going on and things start to make sense to you. Here we are supposedly at the pinnacle – we're actually on the decline of the biggest or best healthcare systems supposedly that the West ever supplied, at least for the people, and people are getting sicker all the time, sicker and sicker. We now have old age diseases hitting the young. We have juvenile arthritis and adolescent arthritis. Old age diseases hitting everyone because of what's been done to the public and I'm sure the modified food also has its place in it too.


Now we've got Andrea from Texas. Are you there, Andrea? Hello. 


Andrea:  I'm here. Hello.


Alan:  You're there. Go ahead.


Andrea:  Yes. My phone is phasing out. Anyways, I started my microbiology class and started off the first lectures talking about the first vaccinations and things and that got me thinking because that's something that I've been interested in. I was wondering could you maybe refer me to any books or things like that because I do want to earn the teacher's respect but you know how people are. She can't wait to hear kids shut up with the next vaccine and everything.


Alan:  I know. This is the problem. How far do we go to get along and survive in life when we know what's really happening? That's a big dilemma. I know nurses that have left the field because they see it themselves. They see what the inoculations that they themselves have given have done to the people or the children and the effects.


Andrea:  You bring up nursing. I've been in school for that for a while and the more that I learn, the more I don't know what I should do, but I just want to graduate and get it over with.  I'm also in this abnormal psychology class and how we go on and we learn about Freud again and I notice that there is never any mention of Jung or any of his work and things like that.


Alan:  The whole idea of Freud, again it was a must-be, like a Darwin. They created Darwin to be a star before anyone had even seen him or heard him talk. The media built him up for a year before they released the books saying this genius is going to give us all this stuff and that's how the public are trained. The same with Freud, he was basically a nobody, a small group of people there with an experimental school. Psychiatry then was still dunking patients on chairs into big pools of freezing water trying to shock them into sanity. That was psychiatry at that time.


Andrea:  I remember there were different methods that they would do and the conditions and they were describing them and I used to work at a state mental hospital and not much has changed.


Alan:  No it hasn't. The theories just get better and better and they use a lot of psychobabble to try and rationalize and justify what they're doing. As long as you mix science with anything, you can make people believe anything. It's trying to prove it is the problem.


Andrea:  The teacher who's teaching the abnormal psych class she's I don't know maybe at the most five years older than I am and she was talking about Hippocrates and his ideas about what caused physical imbalance and she didn't even know where he came from and stuff. I remember her saying oh the history kind of bores me and stuff like that and all these supposedly educated people.


Alan:  Hold on and we'll talk about that after these messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot two,
and he's six feet four,
he fights with missiles and with spears,
he's all of thirty-one,
and he's only seventeen,
he's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu,
an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew,
and he knows, he shouldn't kill,
and he knows, he always will,
killing for me, my friend, and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians,
he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for democracy,
he's fighting for the Reds,
he says it's for the peace of all,
he's the one who must decide,
who's to live and who's to die,
and he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him, how would Hitler
have condemned him at Lwów, (German concentration camp)
without him Cesar would have stood alone,
he's the one, who gives his body
as a weapon of the war,
and without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier,
and he really is to blame,
his orders come from far away, no more,
they come from here and there,
and you and me and brothers,
can't you see,
this is not the way we put the end to war.




Hi. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and certainly this brute force and massive slaughter that goes on isn't the way to end war, that's for sure, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there's many wars planned in the future once they've finish their present targets because the CIA works way, way ahead. Always looking ahead for this chessboard game that they play to achieve their ultimate ends.


We're talking to Andrea from Texas about the dilemma we have. How far do we go to earn money when perhaps what we know that what we’re doing is harming people?  It truly is a dilemma for everyone because again we're all stuck in the same system to survive. More and more data is coming out all the time, not only about the medical chaos that we have, which is rapidly declining by the way. The hospitals in the West are going down the tubes fast to match the ones in Britain and that's already underway.


Even up here in Sudbury you have to go to clinics and sit for hours and hours in dirty places and hope that you might see someone by chance, who happens to pop in to serve you. It's happening the same in Toronto now, too, because they never trained enough doctors to take care of the population. That was by design because I remember reading 20 years ago there were debating how many they would need in the future, what the population would be, and you don't pay these big bureaucratic think tanks masses of money to make mistakes. They knew they would cause a chaos in the future and it's by design, because we're not supposed to get better and healthy. We're supposed to actually get sicker and hopefully start dropping off. Are you still there, Andrea?


Andrea:  Yes, I'm here.


Alan:  I'll go on about Freud there. Freud was put up to the front there to basically promote the same idea of a new way of thinking. Before that, people who had relied heavily on religion and that was the first one that had to be destroyed to bring in the new religion of science, so it started with Darwin. Freud was put out there to bring in all the theories that they came up with to do with mental illness and Freud himself was a drug addict. We know that. He died with cancer of the jaw. He was always smoking opium and so on. These characters were all into that at that time. It was quite legal then. Arthur Conan Doyle that did the Sherlock Holmes novels always had Sherlock in the novels shooting up heroin and it's because Conan Doyle did the same thing himself. That was quite acceptable with these characters who all belonged to the high institutions and they believed in this alternate reality where they got their ideas, and that's why they were so wacky, all these ideas that they came out with. All Freud did really – it's obvious that Freud himself was the one with the sexual problems if you really study his work.


Andrea:  You know what? I thought that too because I don't know if you've seen this BBC documentary but I've been making copies and passing it out and it talks about Freud, Bernays and Anna. Even when I first heard about his complexes like in sixth grade, eighth grade I was like this is psychotic.


Alan:  The man definitely was and he was psychotic and he had tremendous hang-ups and he talked about the tactile senses and babies would love to play with feces and all this kind of stuff, and generally that's not the case at all. What he did was displace his deity which is above his head and put it below his belt, so he based everything on libido and the sex drive, which has been generally dropping. It's been dropping, that whole idea, that belief that it's just all libido driven, because now we know it's really psychopathic natures that run the world. It's not an excessive sex drive and it doesn't matter if it's male or female either. The ones who get to the top in the system are psychopathic by nature.


Carl Jung himself was a student of Freud and he was being trained by – even though he literally was a real psychiatrist. Freud didn't have psychiatric qualifications. He was just an M.D. but Carl Jung did have them. Carl Jung himself, being the son of the Grand Master of Switzerland at the time, also coming out of the 1800's, a time when the New Age religion was really being pushed big time and contacting the dead through mediums et cetera, Jung was also into that whole area as well. In his thesis at university was to do with the dead, the life after death, spirit world and so on. He sort of put that to the side and didn't want that to be too well known once he became very popular and famous in case it would discredit him. He did couple, he even gave credence that most of his ideas, Carl Jung, came from a spirit guide which he called Philemon. Philemon in ancient mythology was the King Fisher, a man who looked like a King Fisher with the big wings and colors and the King Fisher of men in ancient Greece. He was getting all his messages and a lot of his data from the spirit world according to himself. You have all these characters at the top who gave us what we're now taught as sciences and psychology itself has devolved into the most hodgepodge sect, just like religion, many different sects of psychology blended with the New Age. It's almost part voodoo, depending on where you go you know. They'll give you any kind of treatment.


Andrea:  It's permeated in the culture because my mom's been a product of this, you know she's a baby boomer and she's completely messed up. My God and she always listens to the psychiatrists and you know you hear her joking and talking, like my bother he came from Iraq. He was one of the ex's over there and she's always tells him well like he needs to go to the VA hospital and get a check and he's quit acting crazy. He must be crazy. You need to get some meds and I'm just like please stop.


Alan:  Yes I know, but it's sad. It's sad. Now there are some good videos out there on psychiatry and the history of it. Now one of the best ones actually and I didn't know at the time and their content isn't bad, but it's called "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death." Now the foundation that set it up is a real foundation. It's supposed to be helping the poor. I don't know. However, behind that I think you have Scientology.


Andrea:  I went to Dallas where they have one of these big office buildings where they dole out all these various prescriptions to all the people that can't afford them and it's just – you know, and I sort of remember a time when you didn't see ten ads for Zoloft or whatever it is on TV if you did happen to watch it.


Alan:  That's correct. I know. It's devolving into a spaghetti. Thanks for calling.


Andrea:  All right, bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now. I'll be back after these messages.




"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Can't go on. Can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.




Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and it certainly can't go on. It's not meant to go on forever because governments across the world went into action before 9/11 in fact. You can tell that because they had all the plans ready to go, the same plans ready to go all pushing the same agenda to take care of unrest, massive unrest within large populations right after 9/11. It was just like clockwork, which meant there was a lot of setting up to do long before 9/11 because big bureaucratic organizations and military organizations don't work that quickly. Yet they all went in and signed the same bills worldwide pretty well to go along with this one agenda and Mr. Bush pretty well told every country that wouldn't go along with it in his little statement, "you're either with us or against us."  That was a declaration of war on anyone or any country, but also any one, any individual, too, that wouldn't back them on it. There's a choice for you in democracy, isn't it?


That was a legal statement of war on the people right there. That's the kind of world we're really in. It's a nightmare and it's going to get worse because they're going to bring us down to a much lower standard of living rather quickly and they plan to take care of it. That's why the Department of Defence in Britain, their top think tank, published that 90-page report, which you can find on my website in the archives, you'll find it in there of nothing but civil unrest escalating and escalating up until about 2030.


What on earth would happen to the general public to make that happen?


Well, you see they know. That's why they predict it. They know what they're going to make happen to cause the reaction from the public. They know that everything is to shoot up in price. They know we'll have great chaos in society. We'll have to move into habitat areas, which are just overcrowded cities for the general population, and there's going to be probably outbreaks of plagues, which they'll release on the public as well. That's always been a favorite of theirs, I think, that whole idea, and they've been doing this mantra on the coming plague even before they gave us "Outbreak" the movie, the first one to really condition us. The actual first one was done in the 1950's about a plague in New York that broke out so they've been at this for a long time, this predictive programming thing, it's inevitable. "It's inevitable. It's just a matter of time," as every expert on television tells us.


Here's the other part. As they're doing all of this they're looking towards the perfect slave to serve them, the Huxlian Brave New World slave for the future and going back to Plato. Remember, Plato talked about breeding people for special tasks. By selective breeding you'd make them mate up and take their offspring and take certain ones from them with certain qualities and breed them for work-related tasks, and every one of these characters at the top always talks about Plato. Wells said it was the first book that he read and it was his favorite. He kept reading it over and over.


Here is from BBC News and I think this is January 17th, (today). It's BBC News and this was probably published on the 15th of January.


It says:


            "Green light for hybrid research. Regulators in the UK have given scientists the green light to create human-animal embryos for research."


Alan:  Research.


            "The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority granted permission after a consultation showed the public were "at ease" with the idea."


Alan:  Did you know that you were at ease with this? Did you know that? Were you asked? Did you put your name in for the poll? Did you hear of any poll? So there you are. That's for the general public to accept. Everyone's at ease so I'll be at ease too.




Alan:  Experts. We're given no names. Just experts. Experts, you know the Holy Men, experts, Bertrand Russell's word. We'd be trained to just follow the experts.


            "Experts said it was vital for research into life-threatening diseases."


Alan:  There you go. That's their reason for it.


            "Two centres, King's College London and Newcastle University, will now be able to begin their work under one-year research license."


Alan:  Ha-ha. It goes on to say:


            "Any other centres wishing to do similar work will have to apply to the HFEA for permission, which will make a decision on a case-by-case basis. Hybrids: Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells."


Alan:  Oh sure.


            "The embryos would then be destroyed…"


Alan:  Oh sure.


            "…within 14 days."


Alan:  Oh sure.


            "The cells form the basic building blocks of the body and have the potential to become any tissue, making them essential for research. At the moment, scientists have to rely on human eggs left over from fertility treatment, but they are in short supply and are not always good quality."


Alan:  That's not true at all. You can take them from bone marrow even from adults and create stem cells. You don't even need supposedly aborted fetuses et cetera.


            "Critics say they are repulsed by the idea and there must be no creation of an animal-human hybrid."


Alan:  It’s a bit late for that. I think they did it a long time ago.


            "They say it is tampering with nature and is unethical. Some believe the research is also scientifically unnecessary. It is already illegal to implant human-animal embryos in the womb or bring them to term."


Alan:  Well, you can be sure they've done it because the boys at the top are beyond the legal system, the ones who do the first searching.



It says:


            "Go-ahead: Dr Stephen Minger…"


Alan:  It's almost like Mengele. It's Minger.


            "…Minger and colleagues at King's College London want to create hybrids to study diseases known to have genetic causes - such as Alzheimer's disease, spinal muscular atrophy and Parkinson's disease."


Alan: Like they don't know already.


            "And Lyle Armstrong's team at Newcastle University are hoping to use the technique to help understand how stem cells develop into different tissues in the body. In the distant future this information may enable scientists to grow new tissues in the laboratory."


Alan:  Like they can't do that already.


            "Dr Armstrong said: "Now that we have the licence we can start work as soon as possible. "We have already done a lot of the work by transferring animal cells into cow eggs so we hope to make rapid progress."


Alan:  Maybe 10, 12 years ago, I don't know if the general population know, but the Ministry of Agriculture or Department of Agriculture for the States, the federal government, had already allowed the go-ahead for implanting human genes in pigs. Pigs that became the norm and you ended up eating them, which is kind of like cannibalism, isn't it?  Isn't it amazing how they bring stuff out like this, as though it's a brand new thing on one bottom level, while they've already done it and we're actually eating it. Technically, when you look into all this mixing up of insects and animals and vegetables to put into your turnip, we're already eating parts of other creatures anyway and humans too, I'm sure, which again is cannibalism. It's all to do with how you perceive things or even think about things. Most people unfortunately don't even think about things. They don't think about things.


When I went into that big Zehrs Supermarket down Allison way, I asked the girl at the vegetable area what was modified and what wasn't in the line of vegetables and she didn't know. She got the manager and he was sincere and he says, "you're the only person that's ever asked that. No one has ever asked that." He didn't know and that was the frightening part about it. That's what terrified me, not so much they were doing it, but the fact that no one else asked and they all saw the same news reports I did. No one had ever asked him in two years, no one had asked him. That's scary. Scary when stuff that's going to keep you alive, you hope, I mean food is very, very basic and it doesn't even concern the public, that's very, very scary. I'm sure the general public will accept chimeras when they bring them forth and they'll bring out little squat characters with four legs and a certain IQ who can go down sewer pipes or something and clean it out. Who knows? That's the kind of stuff they're talking about in the future.


They have had books published by top scientists for the last 20 years on this coming phenomenon of creating purpose-made humans coupled with animals for specific tasks, including ones that could breathe under water almost like a dolphin and work on an undersea oil rigs and do welding under water, that kind of stuff.


It's amazing how the economy and economists always work with the scientists for an economic purpose and there's no laws at the top in economics to do with ethics or anything. It's a given fact that whatever economics wants is the way to go. It gets its way and all the other laws must follow suit. Simple as that, but that's what they're all about. They want to change society into a Brave New World scenario and that's why Aldous Huxley knew about it back in the 1930's. He didn't dream it up. He didn't have a fantastic imagination. He was just given the facts as it would be in this Brave New World they were going to create by the top guys at the time. Back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're back with Cutting Through the Matrix. We're chatting about some of the amazing things that are getting rushed ahead in this time when everyone's having fun. They've never had the ability to have so much fun and impulse-buy so many things because of the credit situation that's been temporarily given to them. We're all distracted with so many things while big things move ahead. Years ago a movie came out, I think it was called "Universal Soldier" with Van Damme as the main actor in it, where they had men who were in the military who were part cyborg. That was one of the first major ones to get the idea implanted in our minds. Then in various articles in Jane's Magazine, the military magazine, they talked about the Pentagon working on this very, very project and there's been many articles come out since as we get familiarized with the whole concept of it and even think about it too.


You have a generation growing up where their heroes in the cartoons are part cyborg, so you can see how everybody is getting trained towards it, especially the ones who will end up being part cyborg, and it will seem all quite natural to them as they go into it. Here's an article from "AlterNet", ALTERNET.ORG, and it's by Penny Coleman, posted January 10th, 2008 and it says:


            "In June, the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health acknowledged "daunting and growing" psychological problems among our troops: Nearly 40 percent of soldiers, a third of Marines and half of National Guard members are presenting with serious mental health issues. They also reported "fundamental weaknesses" in the U.S. military's approach to psychological health. That report was followed in August by the Army Suicide Event Report (ASER), which reported that 2006 saw the highest rate of military suicides in 26 years. And last month, CBS News reported that, based on its own extensive research, over 6,250 American veterans took their own lives in 2005 alone -- that works out to a little more than 17 suicides every day.


            That's all pretty bleak, but there is reason for optimism in the long-overdue attention being paid to the emotional and psychic cost of these new wars. The shrill hypocrisy of an administration that has decked itself in yellow ribbons and mandatory lapel pins while ignoring a human crisis of monumental proportion is finally being exposed. On Dec. 12, Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, called a hearing on "Stopping Suicides: Mental Health Challenges Within the Department of Veterans Affairs." At that hearing suggestions were raised and conversations begun that hopefully will bear fruit.


            But I find myself extremely anxious in the face of some of these new suggestions, specifically what is being called the Psychological Kevlar Act of 2007 and use of the drug propranolol to treat the symptoms of posttraumatic stress injuries. Though both, at least in theory, sound entirely reasonable, even desirable, in the wrong hands, under the wrong leadership, they could make the sci-fi fantasies of Blade Runner seem prescient.


            The Psychological Kevlar Act "directs the secretary of defense to develop and implement a plan to incorporate preventive and early-intervention measures, practices or procedures that reduce the likelihood that personnel in combat will develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other stress-related psychopathologies, including substance use conditions. (Kevlar, a DuPont fiber, is an essential component of U.S. military helmets and bullet-proof vests advertised to be "five times stronger than steel.") The stated purpose of this legislation is to make American soldiers less vulnerable to the combat stressors that so often result in psychic injuries.


            On the face of it, the bill sounds logical and even compassionate. After all, our soldiers are supplied with physical armor -- at least in theory. So why not mental? My guess is that the representatives who have signed on to this bill are genuinely concerned about the welfare of troops and their families. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., is the bill's sponsor, and I have no reason to question his genuine commitment to mental health issues, both within…"


Alan:  Blah-blah-blah. I do a lot of blabbing on this show. I do blah-blah-blah because I know where it's going.


            "Since World War II, our military has sought and found any number of ways to override the values and belief systems recruits have absorbed from their families…"


Alan:  Again, that contamination factor of passing on your own ideas and morality.


            "…so the belief systems recruits have absorbed from their families, schools, communities and religions. Using the principles of operant conditioning, the military has found ways to reprogram their human software, overriding those characteristics that are inconvenient in a military context, most particularly the inherent resistance human beings have to killing others of their own species. "Modern combat training conditions soldiers to act reflexively to stimuli," says Lt. Col. Peter Kilner, a professor of philosophy and ethics at West Point, "and this maximizes soldiers' lethality, but it does so by bypassing their moral autonomy. Soldiers are conditioned to act without considering the moral repercussions of their actions; they are enabled to kill without making the conscious decision to do so. If they are unable to justify to themselves the fact that they killed another human being, they will likely -- and understandably -- suffer enormous guilt. This guilt manifests itself as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and it has damaged the lives of thousands of men who performed their duty in combat.


            By military standards, operant conditioning has been highly effective. It's enabled American soldiers to kill more often and more efficiently, and that ability continues to exact a terrible toll on those we have designated as the "enemy." But the toll on the troops themselves is also tragic. Even when troops struggle honorably with the difference between a protected person and a permissible target (and I believe that the vast majority do so struggle, though the distinction is one I find both ethically and humanely problematic) in war "shit happens." When soldiers are witness to overwhelming horror, or because of a reflexive accident, an illegitimate order, or because multiple deployments have thoroughly distorted their perceptions, or simply because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time -- those are the moments that will continue to haunt them, the memories they will not be able to forgive or forget, and the stuff of posttraumatic stress injuries. And it's not just the inherent conscientious objector our military finds inconvenient: current U.S. military training also includes a component to desensitize male soldiers to the sounds of women being raped, so the enemy cannot use the cries of their fellow soldiers to leverage information."



It is quite the article here and it goes on and on and on, and we are running out of time unfortunately. You should read it for yourself. Read the whole article to see what the military really is all about. Now remember, I've talked about this before. During the Civil War they were doing little studies then and they found that only a few people on the battlefield actually had fired their muskets on the major battlefields and they were trying to find ways then to make them kill more people and to desensitize them from killing their enemy. See, it's not natural for ordinary people to go out killing, especially when you're not even furious at them. I mean you can't even call it a "crime of passion," as the French would say. It’s nothing even to do with that. It's just that you're told to do it, so it's an unnatural act to begin with and the whole job of the military is to kill.


That's the purpose of military. It's an extension of business. That's what warfare is. When diplomacy fails—and diplomacy is all about taking over someone else's resources—then you send in the military, it's an economic factor, but unfortunately this human conscience problem gets in the way all too often. They found that during the Vietnam Era and even some of the guys in power right now, who were in power back then behind the scenes, talked about ways to desensitize people growing up, children especially, so they'll be more prone to kill in future wars. That's what video games were given to them for.


Video games were given and invented for the military to use and then given to your children to desensitize them. They don't see those little figures on the screen as real people and they don't think about killing them. They just get from here to there and you win and kill as many as possible and you've succeeded. You're a winner.  That's what life is supposedly all about, being a winner. You don't want to be a loser. You want to be a winner, so you're already desensitized.


In Canada here, target shooters were not allowed to use the figures of humans to shoot at in their silhouettes and their target boards. Only the police and the military were allowed to use that and here you are training children to fire at what appears to be animated people in video games, bringing them up to be completely desensitized to the concept of killing. What a world. Sure, conspiracies do exist, it happens all the time, or you can always believe it's all a coincidence theory.


From Hamish and myself, from up here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)