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January 24, 2008


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – January 24, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)






"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January 24th, 2008, and I'm always astounded as to how far back you can go in history to find what to most people would believe actually that everything happens by chance. Big movements happen by chance and fade away and new movements in society take over with new agendas and everything's all coincidences, and many authorized historians are employed to keep you in that tailspin of thinking because nothing is further from the truth.


Even the whole movement towards the green, the greening of the planet and the carbon taxes, never mind the changes in society that's happened with great rapidity mainly within the last 50 years really but it was already happening in the 1800's when a lot of the big movements that were heavily funded, what were then really Non-Governmental Organizations, came on the scene, heavily funded organizations with what we now call technocrats. A technocrat according to Professor Carroll Quigley is someone that has real power behind the scenes. He's employed to go between countries and between divisions and departments and governments and get jobs done. He's not elected. He's not responsible and answerable to the people. However, they had these technocrats back in the 1800's, actually before, but they became more visible in the 1800's when they pushed this new society idea. The new society was to be the end of individualism.


In fact, it was stated in the first manifestos in the 1800's and before Karl Marx was paid to do his one; I think it was John Goodwyn Barmby. Barmby was the guy who came up with the term "communism."  He also used the term "communitarianism", a phrase that George Bush's father reintroduced and has pushed towards communitarianism, which goes with governance or global governance. It's all part of the same terminology put out there in the 1800's. In the 1800's two factions – they always give you two factions of an idea, which then take one part of the population in one direction and the other ones have a different idea or a mindset in the other direction, so they always give you a choice of two but they end up going back on the same path after a few generations.


Remember, those people who run the world work in centuries. They understand how long it takes to alter society and opinions, behavior, social conduct even and what is the norms. They give us the norms and this was talked about in a speech in the 1930's given at the Comintern meeting in the Soviet Union when Beria, who was the head of the NKVD as they called it then, which became the KGB, talked about how long it used to take them to introduce a major change within the structure of society. He said it used to take 70 years. That was what they called a generation. He said the techniques they were using from Pavlov and introducing through the schools they could now update children every four or five years. Every intake of children would be updated so that they would be ready for what they would experience when they hit 20, 25, so it was an ongoing process of updating like we update programs in computers.


However, the whole greening business as I say was all part of this internationalism and nationalism because they gave both ideas to the people at the same time because they had to have conflict going and the whole idea was that nationalism would end up with centralization of power. That was very important to them and then they would create alliances or allegiances and gradually meld into a world system of internationalism. They gave you one that was supposed to do it quickly, which was communism, and they gave you in the West socialism. These were all funded by the big bankers and the philanthropists' societies of their day. The philanthropists are still on the scene today still growing and Bill Gates of course now is one too, George Soros and Rockefeller and many, many other ones. These are the ones that pay the Non-Governmental Organizations. They fund them to demand from government exactly what government wants them to ask. That's the Soviet system, which is completely here actually.


Going back into the old 1800's in this old time machine – you've got to go back and forth all the time – they talked about the end not only of private property. It was a movement based on neoplatonism really. Neoplatonism was a creed that came out about the second century in Alexandria, Egypt, which borrowed on Plato's ideas and merged it with logic or science basically, what they could learn through observing nature, towards a world system where an elite, a natural aristocracy, should rule the world. Not simply those who are more ruthless but those who had cunning and intellectual abilities. This all reemerged openly in the 1800's and then you had Nietzsche and other ones, other philosophers again being paid and funded by the way to put out their writings, to stay at home and write and to help this whole movement along, because even in communism and socialism the whole idea of superior types was embedded from the very beginning. Eugenics has always had a part in it and in the guise of quality, et cetera, it was still understood by those who led the movement that those who had the better intellect had the right to rule the lesser. This in any other era would be called a class problem but they didn't like to mention that. The class problem was always aimed at someone else.


We come up through all this stuff and remember too in the 1800's they were rebelling against even the church. It didn't matter what church it was, Catholic, Protestant, or the various sects of Protestantism, it was simply rebelling against what had been used up until then as one of the main sticks to control the public and give them a social set of rules they'd all follow so they wouldn't end up killing each other. That's basically what religion was for, but like all things that start off, even with an ulterior motive, they become completely corrupt within a generation or two. It doesn’t take long.


The Founding Fathers of America, who were all Masons, wrote about this explicitly that they knew that everything that started off with the best of intentions, even if it did, it would become corrupt in a generation or so and that's why Jefferson advocated a revolution. He said it's good for the people and the government to have a revolution every one or two generations because corruption would set in so quickly. Wherever money is there's power and you end up having dynasties, a new feudal system that takes over before you know it and it happens. In the 1800's there were big, big movements but aligned together, there were contact men that went between the socialist movements, the communist movements, the different fragments in France that had different kinds of ideas of communism and the ones in Germany, Britain and so on.


To hear them using the same terms today is quite fascinating and remember too, in communism the sacred color was not red. Red was the main color, their open color for revolution and symbolizing blood and bloodshed, but green was the sacred color; and from there we find even the Green Party was born because it was a member – the granddaughter of one of Stalin's right-hand men who came up with the Green Party. Then you start putting the pieces together and you find out that sure enough we know that the West funded communism from its birth. The banks in London and New York funded it into existence. The granaries and the farmers of mainly Canada and the U.S. fed the Soviet system all through its reign. They created the dialectic, the right and the left, always two, always two ways to go. In every choice they give you two and we think it's quite normal to go along one of them and pick one and never thinking that why is there only two choices here and who made them?


Because we're getting guided along a plan that was born a long time ago that reared its head in the 1500's for the first time in Queen Elizabeth I court. John Dee wrote about it. He wrote about the creation of what he called a "Brytish Empire."  An empire that would be based on a form of free trade to amalgamate the world but under the same system and remember in John Dee's day there was no such thing as what we now think of as democracy. The monarchy, the aristocracy were to be at the top no matter what kind of front government they gave the people. The aristocracy would still be in charge. Free trade and even countries would be given most favored nation trading status, a term we've only heard in the 20th century – towards the end of the 20th century, again through the United Nations.


The Rosicrucians went through many different changes and they spun off branches of themselves just like the old monks used to do. Specific branches of monks and priests would spawn off another school or monastery that was specialized in certain areas and that's how they used to be at one time. They specialized in specific areas of societal control and Freemasonry as it came into being also did the same thing – specialized areas for specialized segments of society: ones for Catholics, ones for Protestants, Jews can go in, Mohammedans can come in. In fact, anyone can come in today, but it was all to get a network initially of revolutionary changes working throughout society quietly and sometimes even in the open under different guises they had front groups knowing that they wouldn't see the end of their Great Work in their own lifetime and that's why it works so well.


Very few generations stop to think that why is everything the way it is today? How come in even 50 years one major goal has been achieved and that was almost the destruction of the family unit?


It's almost been achieved by the very techniques that they said they'd employ, which would be encouraging promiscuity from a very early age. Encourage the actual goal that you want. They have the problem. You deal with the problem. You dehumanize society. We come off our pedestals. We're now another animal and we know it's all going from there because now we can get harvested off without our permission and harvesting is a farming term. We're being farmed. We're owned you see and you can understand why many people would join these groups back in the 1800's and 1700's where they thought that this Great Work would bring in a just society. They never seen a just society before and it was never intended that the workers lead this. It was always intended that intelligentsia would lead it and most of the writers in the 17 and 1800's were – these journalists were actually often leaders of these movements but they were being funded by big bankers all the way along.


Albert Pike made a reference to this. He talked about the creation of foundations and he said eventually by using every means possible, even the stock market, climbing our way up to the top, we shall be become masters over the masters of the world. All through the movements for communism, socialism, what became fascism too, you had Freemasonic lodges. They met in lodges and discussed the revolutions and their methods of obtaining their objectives. The French history books are often polite enough to call them "coffee houses" but when they closed the door they unrolled their "jewels" as they call them and laid them out on the floor, created the altar, tesserated floor, et cetera, and then they had their secret meetings.


Benjamin Franklin did the same thing in the United States. He was quite open about it and how he got into it in his own writings. Benjamin Franklin was also on trial for murder for setting a candidate on fire, but because he had very wealthy friends he got off with it and he said that it was just some sort of prank that went out of hand.


These guys who all belonged to these particular Freemasonic societies that we are now taught today and it's very true at the bottom level they're just charitable organizations that go around with tin cans and play little games for children. That's a good cover but the ones who get to the top have specific qualities and they're tested for them throughout because they have a mission for the Great Work. The mission came out in the days of Madame Blavatsky where she said the goal of theosophy (which was eventually given a Masonic Charter), the goal was to blend the world of spirit with that of science. Science is very important and I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. I should mentioned to for the newcomers to look into to download talks I've given in the past that help to fill in all the little gaps that they don't give you in the schools, if they even give you any history anymore. Look into and download the transcripts, which you can print up and pass around in the various tongues of Europe.


I was just going over a little bit, just a little dash in the time that we have, of how we arrived at where we are today and they always give you a dialectic. That's the essence of it. This or that, which do you want to choose, left or right, this or that? It's always this or that, and we don't realize that really our decisions are being formulated for us and depending on your mindset and your condition and your state of living, you'll feel this way or that way and that's what politicians count on too. It's all a big con game and we're steered. You steer. It's like sheep dogs, if you watch sheep dogs and I used to watch them in Britain.


They'd have sheep dog trials every so often up in the hills in Scotland and when you have a whole bunch of sheep scattered about there happily eating they don't want to move and so you generally use one or two sheep dogs. Two makes it easier and quicker because one will come down the hill from one side and the other come down from the opposite side of this little valley and between the two they steer them towards the pen they want them to go to and the sheep look at one dog then the other and go the middle way. This way it's simple to drive them along a path, even a straight path if you want, by that technique. This technique wasn't invented in the 1800's by Marx and Engels, it preexisted thousands of years old this particular knowledge and it's still working today.


In the 1800's people had such a hard time – they'd had a hard time for centuries with the church and all churches actually because the Protestant ones were just as bad. Some places in Scotland and England had four churches on every corner on the crossroads in the middle of town, huge things, which took tremendous upkeep and they just couldn't make them big enough and more expensive enough and the same thing is happening in America today because it's so intensely involved with commerce. Commerce and religion go together and I was thinking about the indulgences because the Catholic Church for a long, long time has sold indulgences. It's kind of like an extra insurance policy so your way to heaven you get prayed the whole way after you were deceased and so on. Here you are, for centuries, indulgences were sold for big money and people were taught to believe in it and hell was terribly real and you wouldn't get there if you'd missed anything, your confessions and all that, and so you had this kind of side insurance policy of indulgences so you'd be forgiven for everything. No ordinary priest would do it, it would go all the way up to the Vatican if you could afford it and they'd have their little joke and got their money and you would be happy that you're going to heaven.


Today, it's the same con job that's going on, and why change it? After all, it works, because they've come up with this whole idea of global warming and carbon taxes, the same thing. The same thing, carbon taxes, a complete abstract phenomena, carbon taxes, and I won't even go into the nonsense of do you believe in it or do you not believe in it. That's what you're meant to do. That's your left and right again you see.


The fact is you've been conned once again because the Club of Rome, the big massive think tank connected with all the other big think tanks that run your world for you, came up with the idea of global warming to unite the planet back in the 1970's and they published it in their own book published by the Club of Rome called, "The First Global Revolution." They said they're looking for a way to unite everyone and they hit upon the idea of claiming we were altering the planet's atmosphere and causing warming, destroying the planet and therefore the public would be the enemy. A new war, not only to save the planet, but a war on humanity as such, to reduce our numbers, our way of living and all the rest of it. That was an idea, one of many that they came up with, but that's the one they chose. Heavily financed and backed by the big foundations once again. Remember they back all these big movements that really run your lives, the foundations, they're fronts for a very high aristocracy, then these NGOs come forth as though they're somehow the new democracy and that's how they're presented to the public.


All these different names that you hear, "Friends of the Earth" and all the rest of it, these are all NGOs paid and led by the big foundations. You don't elect them, but this global warming idea and carbon taxes, as if something on a massive scale was happening, a monumental scale was happening; and believe you me, it does happen, because when I went to school they said even then with the test bores they'd done in the North Pole they could tell there was at least a hundred ice ages before this. That means there's been warming ages between the ice ages or you would have one continuous ice age, eh? Common sense. They have all this kind of knowledge tucked away in archives and they've conveniently removed all the old history books where you could tell in the Middle Ages for 200 years in Europe they didn't build any fires or fireplaces insides their homes even to cook with because they had 200 years of very warm periods. Much warmer than now and then it went back to what it was, so you go up and down all the time.


This whole warming thing is nonsense and never mind that. You'll notice when they spray the skies heavily back and forth, these jets that have been doing it for 10 years now – they aren't suppose to exist and everyone's got photographs of them – you'll see it gets warmer and actually reflects the heat. It keeps it back in. They're creating this whole global warming thing and the one savior is going to be money. Money, amazing.


Money. Has it won the war on poverty? The war on drugs, the war on anything? Has all this money, all this rip-off taxation phenomena we've experienced helped anything?



No, because it's all a con. It's all a big con and this is from the UK version, the international version of the BBC News on Wednesday the 23rd, January, 2008.


            "European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has announced "historic" plans to make Europe "the first economy for the low-carbon age".


Alan:  Here he goes on with the traditional statement.


            "He said Europeans wanted…"


Alan:  You notice that when they want to unite they always say that "the British want" or "the Canadians want" or "the Americans want." We don't get asked anything at all. There's not even a poll taken. This is how they do it in traditional ways you see.


            "…Europeans wanted "a vision…"


Alan:  A vision.


            "…and a plan of action" against climate change and the measures would cost 3 euros (£2.10) a week for every citizen. The aim would be a 20% cut in the EU's greenhouse gas emissions by 2020…"


Alan:  You see, this is a substitute for indulgences. It's another farcical fantasy. That's what it is, but it's to change your whole way of living by the way.


            "…He told the European Parliament there was a cost, "but it was manageable".


Alan:  Yeah, he won't be paying it.


            "…Mr. Barroso put the figure at 60bn euros a year…"


Alan:  60 billion euros a year.


            "…until 2020: "a real commitment, but not a bad deal." It would mean a rise in electricity prices of 10-15% but there would be less reliance on energy imports. He said work had to start to cut global emissions in half by 2050 and he said Europe could lead the way."


Alan:  Now you notice these guys again are doing their long-term projections because most folk today, it's 2008, don't really care about 2050. That's how we are. That's how we live and think and they know this stuff. I'll be back with more of this con game after the following messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and cutting through this warm air that they're putting out there that's going to change our whole way of living because we're the problem you see. We're carbon based entities and we emit CO2 and lots of this kind of greenhouse kind of gases. This other term "greenhouse gases," stuff that they've given us for 30 years of repetition. Like Bertrand Russell says, just keep repeating it and we start to mimic them and repeat it in our conversations until it becomes almost a concretized reality; whereas in reality it's just an idea or an abstraction or even a blatant lie. That's how we've gone from indulgences to carbon taxes. Same con game that will work wonders on the public but more so because now they can show you all kinds of things on television and use all the techniques of the television industry to brainwash the children. They're already brainwashed into it. Shortly, they'll be coming forth at the age of 5 or 6 to be sterilized to save Mother Earth, and I'm kidding you not, and they'll get little special prizes for doing so. They'll get little special social citizens cards or international citizens cards for doing so for helping Mother Earth, maybe even privileged jobs and so on. That will come because it's all part of the plan.


To continue with this, before I take the callers, just a little bit more.


He said:


            "Addressing business critics who have complained that the proposals might drive industry away from the European Union, the commission president said energy-intensive industries would be given emission allowances free of charge…"


Alan:  So that's not bad. The big boys get off with it again you see but you little characters at home will be taxed to the hilt.


            "He told MEPs…"


Alan:  I guess that's members of the European Parliament.


            "…the package was "not in favour of the environment and against the economy". "We don't want to export our jobs to other parts of the world," he said."


Alan:  Now what a joke because the whole idea when they signed the beginnings of the integration of Europe in 1948 when they set up all the bureaucracies in every country in Europe quietly and secretively to do this, they talked about the need to de-industrialize. That was also part of the package that they signed at the United Nations in 1945, '46. These characters – but then politicians are not known for telling truths, obviously, but they do expect the public to have a short memory.


            "Carbon allowances - Environmental groups…"


Alan:  Environmental groups. Here you are again, another holy term here, a new priesthood. "Environmental groups," as though they're any different – what are environmental groups? Groups are groups. I can get a bunch of people in my field there it's now a group you see. Environmental groups, holy status.


            "…believe the commission should be planning for the higher target of 30%."


Alan:  Once again, these non-governmental organizations funded by the big foundations, which own all the energy on the planet pretty well, these big foundations, want to go higher and pretend they're speaking on behalf of the public. This is how the con game works and this is the Soviet by they way.


            "Scientists warn that a cut of at least 30% is required to prevent a climatic catastrophe…"


Alan:  Scientists. It doesn't say which ones.


            "…said Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, UK."


Alan:  I guess everybody else who is not part of the group is an enemy of the Earth.


            "The solutions already exist. What we lack is political ambition and courage." The commission's proposals would see the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)…"


Alan:  That's the ETS. Isn't that beautiful? You thought ET was extraterrestrial.


            "…(ETS) extended to include more industrial sectors in the years between 2013 and 2020. Apart from a few exempt industries, the power sector would lose the right to free emission allocations and have to buy all its permits at auction…"


Alan:  You can actually buy permits at auction from 2013 onwards for the pollution that you're going to cause. It’s like paying for the sins you're going to commit. The same con game. Isn't that beautiful?


            "Aviation and other industries would move gradually to a full auction. Companies' carbon allowances would be decided at European level, replacing the current system where nations submit bids to the commission. The aim would be to reduce allowances so that by 2020, emissions from the sectors included would be about 21% below the level they were when the ETS started in 2005. For emissions not covered by the ETS, such as transport, buildings and agriculture, the commission has proposed national targets."


Alan:  Now here's the clincher. This was decided at the League of Nations at the end of World War I when they were going to bring up or actually standardize the planet in the same system.


            "Richer nations would have to cut their emissions: the target for Denmark and the Irish Republic…"


Alan:  Blah-blah-blah.


            "…The poorest countries would be allowed to increase emissions…"


Alan:  The poorest countries would be allowed to increase emissions and that's why China was allowed to get away with the pollution that they're causing. That's all part of this UN Agenda, so the richer countries are to pay for the poorer ones, where all the big international corporations move to. Isn't that clever, eh?


            "Carbon savings - Each country has been given a national target for renewable energy."


Alan:  This goes on and on and on and on and this is just amazing, another form of indulgencies. A great con game that's going to alter our entire lives because we'll all have to go along with it and new bureaucracies are sprouting up all over the place, these new priesthoods who are pushing this whole religion down our throats and how we must change our way of living to suit old Mother Earth. Green, green, it's green they say on the far side of the hill.


Now we've got Dave in Ohio. Are you there, Dave?


Dave:  Yes.


Alan:  Yes, go ahead.


Dave:  Alan, I've been listening to you now for a couple of years and I've got a couple of your books and I read them. I hear you talk to us about the con job of organized religion and the New Age and B'nai B'rith and Blavatsky and theosophy and all these kinds of in-authentic religions and I was just wondering if you could speak maybe a little bit about what you think are the components of authentic spirituality and maybe how one gets in touch with or disposes oneself to the higher dimension, because given – I believe that consciousness is more than like the sum total of electro, chemical and neurological processes and so on, so if there is a higher reality, given that you've debunked all these other false religions and how our religious leaders aren't speaking about what's really going in and how they're trying to feed us all of these new priesthoods. I mean what could you say toward something that's authentic?


Alan:  Whatever is authentic would have to make sense only to the person involved. It's not something that – you see, people come out of their old religions looking for something similar which is generally a mass movement with rituals to follow. They get you from A, B, C, D, E to full fledged whatever, so they go shopping for new religions. That's why they always supply them for New Age. They give you new religions and people go shopping and there's only a slight variation in each one. They're all termed the New Age, which all link in together with the greening project and all this kind of stuff, planned a long time ago. However, for any true "experience," put it that way, to make sense it must happen to an individual. It's not something either you could hand to someone and say get on your knees ten times a day and do this; it's nothing to do with that. All searches begin with the individual themselves. You have to look at yourself because all the answers that you're looking for generally are within yourself. All the problems you see in society you have the capabilities of manifesting in yourself as well, but you also have the solutions that you can only work out for yourself within your own little sphere of influence. It's only from the self can you have a true experience, which probably will make no sense to someone else.


Dave:  But that's more of eminent type thing. Don't you think there's something transcendent that one needs to be in touch with so that one is tune with a god or whatever your god may be?


Alan:  Well, that's just it. You see, that could only happen, whatever that is, if you're honestly seeking. It would never happen to like an army of people all at once. They used to say in ancient times that the creator could only speak to one person at a time when that person is ready to hear. Some people are never ready to hear. Everyone knows or feels there's something bigger beyond all of this. It's getting in touch with something like that that makes you wonder and generally that only happens when you're pretty well broken at some point in your life. Hang on. I'll be back after these messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking there to Dave in Ohio and I'm trying to answer a question, which you hear often really, because people are looking for a way to get in touch with something that's bigger than themselves which they suspect is there once in a while in their lives when they're really contemplating or some tragic event or something. It forces you to look beyond all the physical and unfortunately there are no guidelines given out to the public except the con game ones where you join groups and learn new rituals or you go shopping for a religion to supplant or replace the old one.


In ancient times they always said, "know thyself," because there's no other way – there's no other place you can start from. I think, therefore I am and all you have to go on is your own thoughts, your own feelings as well. Something that the new system, the new scientific system would rather you not have, and that's the emotional part of human nature, because we're more than just logic and the battle has always been fought down through the eons with logic versus emotion, symbolized in many different ways, which most people sometimes worship and are unaware of. However, emotion is part of the human being. The ability to feel and understand and think and appreciate and even love, you see is uniquely human. We also have the ability to go the opposite way and hate and kill and destroy. Sometimes occasionally in a person's life you have to stop and wonder about it all and some people never do, by the way, just stop and wonder. That might surprise you too. You think everyone is the same as yourself but they're not. They blithely go along with their ego in charge like some kind of creature of instinct just satisfying their senses, all of their senses, but never learning anything.


Really, there's no hard and set formula to give out to a mass audience on how to do something. Anything of meaning has to only be meaningful to the person involved really. Hello. You understand?


Dave:  Yes. And so you really have no pearls of wisdom to impart to the masses but I heard you say earlier about when one is broken then things may seem to open up. Could you speak a little bit more what this brokenness is?


Alan:  It means when your ego is cast aside for some reason because we live on ego. We do live on ego and we put a front on to people, a persona, especially in a fake system like this where success and happiness is equated with wealth and having material things and being looked upon favorably by society. Sometimes you can be broken through illness or someone dies or something really awful happens and rather than just get over it, you're required to go on a little journey to try and find out what's beyond all of this and reevaluate what is value in your own life; your life and no one else's. That's the start of it.


Dave:  You're saying strip yourself of the trappings of the ego?


Alan:  You have to. There's no other way. By that, I mean the false ego – see, most people's egos just copy the system. Your ego goes along with the system. It's all to do with what we think of as being successful and it's not just a class thing either.


Dave:  Are you differentiating maybe the ego from maybe like Jung would call "the self?" 


Alan:  He called it "the self" as well, although he went and split it into different parts even from the self. You don't even have to go that far. As I say, it's all a matter of true value, true value. What is real value to you that makes you complete, as opposed to what society tells you is value. Anything in the physical world can be lost tomorrow, tonight, the next minute can be gone so there's nothing really of value. It's like when you die and people die in hospitals, if you ever visit them you'll often hear them telling you, the elderly people, "I wish I'd done this and I wish I'd done that."  Well, it’s too late to do it now you see, and yet they'd come to a point sometime in their life where something else took on meaning but they went right back into the same mainstream and forgot about it. Now it's too late. They call that "The Othello Syndrome." You view the past with sorrow and the future with dismay because you're too old to do anything and do it properly for the future. You're on your way out. That's what I mean by that. You reevaluate what worth truly is and do you want things or people? What's more important to you? You'll find that most people will choose the things, the reassurance of the wealth of the material world, over each other, especially in today's society.


Dave:  Do you think when someone has an intuition or feeling of yes this is the right way that there is some kind of confirmations or signposts that one gets to encourage oneself to go on or is it pretty much you're always in the dark?


Alan:  Sometimes you have a little bit more intuition, it's more than just a little passing feeling, but generally it's up to you. You're the only one who can interpret that for yourself and regardless, does it give you value? Is it proof of value to you personally? That's more important.


Dave:  Okay.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling.


Dave:  Thanks, Alan.


Alan:  Now I've got Judd in New York. I'm trying to refresh my screen here. Are you there? Hello, Judd.


Judd:  It's Judd.


Alan:  Okay, how are you?


Judd:  Yes, I'm all right. I just wanted to touch up on what you were saying about like the opposing forces and religion and how it's used against us. I was wondering especially how it surprised me how like that above/below system even was permeating in Christianity as God and devils, and I realized it was my whole reality and I just wanted to explain that. I just wanted to tell you that and you're always saying how people ask you and tell you is there any hope? Is there any hope and I was reading George Orwell's book and he said it perfectly and can I read the quote?


Alan:  Yes.


Judd:  He said, "There is no possibility that any perceptible change will happen within our own lifetime. We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. But how far away that future may be, there is no knowing. It might be a thousand years. At present nothing is possible except to extend the area of sanity little by little. We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual, generation after generation. In the face of the Thought Police there is no other way."


Alan:  Yes and that's true. He was in on the agenda. He knew because he was recruited into the agenda and he was employed during World War II in the propaganda department of the BBC and he'd been recruited to go and fight for the agenda, which he had initially believed in until he got into the higher aspects of it. He realized that these guys do work in centuries and thousands of years and that the only way that anything would counter it or even deflect it and retain – he said it's is humanity they're trying to retain, remember. That's a very important part. He knew that this system would try and knock what we call humanity out of us and make us more like robots and he said it's not just winning or fighting that's important, he says, it's retaining your humanity going through it all. He was talking about a far-ranging plan and hopefully, maybe when we come past this next phase of cyborgs and all the mutations they're going to create along side it, we'll be able to reintroduce something when it all falls to pieces. There's nothing natural in our system you understand and when man starts playing God and they really are playing God when they get into the minute matters of life and the miniscule parts of life, something that the ancients knew about. The Greeks came up with the atomic theory back thousands of years ago, long before supposedly they had microscopes. They knew all this stuff and so this ancient system from Egypt to Pythagoras on down and through the Atomic School knew they would eventually tamper with the very smallest parts of creation and become gods they claimed. Well, gods have a habit of fighting with each other if you look at mythology and when they do all the little people get stomped on the ground, so millions of us go along with them, so all we can do is hope we retain our humanity because that's the only saving grace we have for survival is helping each other.


Judd:  Exactly. All right, thanks Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. That's a fact. You see, survival isn't just a personal thing. Survival in all ages because man has always been a tribal creature, survival depended upon helping everyone in the tribe because they will help you and that's how it all works. When we turn our backs on that we're in big trouble. Big, big trouble and that's what the governments done. They’re trying to isolate everyone from everyone else so they're the ultimate masters of all.


I'll be back with more about this after these messages.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:

It I murder.


Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant
When they said REPENT REPENT
I wonder what they meant


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix and just to show you that nothing is the way that it appears to be, how it's all projected towards us, through magazines, television, radio and speeches from 'on high,' doesn't make truth any more true. In fact, we've got more lies than anything coming from the top, but that's what the big managers do. They're the big managers of society.


We've got Mohammed from Oregon on the line. Are you there?


Mohammed:  Yes, I am.


Alan:  How are you?


Mohammed:  Oh fine and thank you very much indeed for taking my call Mr. Alan. I would to bring to your consideration that these stimulated packages that Nancy Pelosi, the Italian mafia and then the rest of the gang in United States are trying to assimilate economy that is crashed already and they are sending us $600 check which we are going to get it by August or November of 7, 8, 9 months from now. This is all a sham and the people must wake up. These things are just a bunch of boloney.


Alan:  That's true, they are, and the beauty of it is that many of the people involved in this scam wrote about creating scams back in the 50's and '60's and how they themselves did it, and here they are doing it all over again and the public are totally oblivious because they just parrot, like Plato said, "most of the public parrot what they hear from stage," now of course it's television, and it's repeated over and over. Just simple repetition by the new priesthoods, the experts, and the public don't question anything. They just blindly go along, pay up the money, the extra money or whatever it is. Bend over here, bend over there and hope to get through their lives as they're being taxed into the ground. Under this new system we are slaves. People should realize that's what we are. We're all slaves under this new system and we're owned as property of the big corporation, which is government. Governments are corporations.


Mohammed:  Exactly. I don't know if you have seen in Zimbabwe, Africa, they have printed $10 million reserve notes banked around their own country and with the $10 million in Zimbabwe you cannot even buy a piece of bread in Zimbabwe. Do you have knowledge of that?


Alan:  I know they've been trying that there too, but you have to understand too in some of the African countries there's a big agenda to get united African nations together as one, just like Europe, and so they don't really want much stability. They want to create upheaval and then they'll come down the road with the answer, which is amalgamation, single currency and admission into the UN as a new complete bloc of nations. We're played along the same game over and over you see because if the big bankers wanted to back that and make it solid they'll do it in an instant.


Mohammed:  Right and Canadian Action they have protesting February 26th attending all over Canada. I'm sure your aware of it or not, but they're going to take the referendum, referendum is the only for way for North American Union and I'm very sorry that Americans are zombies and they're not doing the same thing at the same time that the Canadian Action Party is doing and we should go to the streets. Millions, millions, we should go to the street and we should say referendum, referendum. The only way is for North American Union and these things we talking are serious stuff. This people think that oh North American Union is coming maybe 20 years from now, 10 years from now. No. They are serious. Within two years they're going sign up on it.


Alan:  Actually what they did – it was on the CBC Canada, and for people who don't know, that's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, like the BBC, that's owned by the government. In 2005 when the Council on Foreign Relations came out and said they'd drafted up all these agreements that are to be signed into law, this non-governmental organization, they said that they had five more to sign. That's to 2010 and then the integration is complete, and they've already admitted that certain bureaucrats in the federal governments can swap positions from one country to the other and they've integrated the security systems. That's CSIS. That's Canadian Security Intelligence Service and also the CIA are now totally integrated and now the military is doing the same thing, so you're quite right. 2010 is what they said and that even goes as far back as the Free Trade negotiations in the late '80's when they came out with the same statements. We all hear those statements but people seem to think it doesn't concern them somehow. It's odd.


Mohammed:  Exactly and I'm very glad about your Canadian because you know in Europe the government is from the people but in United States we fear from the government and that's the difference between Europe and United States.


Alan:  Kissinger, I think it was at Bali recently, Kissinger defined for the first time what a terrorist was and what he said was, "You people have your idea for a terrorist." He says, "We in the United States when we call people terrorists we're talking about groups of people who are anti-globalization."  That's the definition of a terrorist now under the U.S. law.


Mohammed:  Wow. I would like to ask you have you seen the "Protocols of Zion," the movie that it has been all over the United States and Canada and what is your opinion about the "Protocols of Zion?"


Alan:  I never saw the movie. I didn't know there was even one made.


Mohammed:  A Jewish guy, Mr. Levin, and he's already – I mean you can go to Blockbuster or any of the Hollywood Video you can get it, "Protocols of Zion."


Alan:  Have you read the book as well?


Mohammed:  No. I saw the movie. It was so great.


Alan:  I wonder if it follows the book or if it's taking liberties, or if it's keeping to the book. It would be interesting to see it. What we do know is that whoever wrote it and I guess really it was written by what they called "The International" back then, in the 1800's, because it was published before Russia got their copy, it was already published almost 50 years prior to that in France and then it was dressed up and released as the Protocols supposedly from Russia and then brought over by Marx to Britain. Whoever wrote it, there's no doubt about it, knew the agenda for the next 100-odd years, including the use of inoculations, including building up sports and building arenas all over the planet. We didn't have arenas back then. It was unthinkable that men would just sit and watch sports all day. They had all of this stuff very well documented, whoever put it together, but then when you go back into the older documentation of the International you'll find, and again it was what I was talking about at the beginning of the show, you'll find that same agenda was well written about even from the 1700's onwards and how to completely destroy the old society and then gradually bring in the new of "interdependence" they called it, and that was printed in the 1700's, but they'd have to destroy all that was to bring in the new.


Mohammed:  Exactly, exactly. That's what the movie is about and it's very beautifully done and he himself is Jewish, Mr. Levin, and he did that and I advise everybody go see this Protocols of Zion and then whatever you tell, what Alex Ansary is talking about or Alex Jones or Katherine Albrecht, it's all right. It's all exactly true.


Alan:  I'll have a look at it and see. Thanks for calling.


Mohammed:  Thank you very much indeed and you have a good night. Bye-bye.


Alan:  You too. Bye now. Now we've got Megan in Pennsylvania. Are you there, Megan?


Megan:  Yes, I am, Alan.


Alan:  Yes, how are you?


Megan:  Pretty good. Are you taking orders through your books?


Alan:  Yes.


Megan:  Because on your website you say "donations through PayPal and at the moment only one way".


Alan:  Yes, until I get the PayPal up to commerce or whatever it is they do with their legalisms there. 


Megan:  Oh, so you are taking orders for your books?


Alan:  Oh yes.


Megan:  Oh okay. I misinterpreted that. Well anyway, I listen to you all the time on my computer, I do have broadband, but I discontinued my cable TV because all the things you said and I could see through all these shows like you said it's a farce.


Alan:  These reality shows – see, I've never watched TV for quite a few years and what I know though from other people is how far it's gone with the reality shows. Everybody wants to be on TV. They don't realize everyone is being encouraged, even the tennie boppers, to have their whole life on screen so that everyone else can watch them. They're giving up their right to privacy and they want to do it. They think it's the cool thing to do.


Megan:  Right. Well I do understand. I'm 51 and I was led into that whole thing with the hippie era. I was brainwashed too going against my parents.


Alan:  Everyone had it done to them and they tried it – what's interesting too and someone wrote to me the other day and noticed the same thing, that before overt fascism or the Nazi philosophy comes into flower, if you look at the patterns in history, you'll find almost a wanderlust or the hippie-type movement emerges. The hippie movement came out right after World War I, the first hippie movement in Germany, and it lasted a few years and then died away and that was the time when you had rag-time bands, the booze cans, drugs were coming in, cocaine, in the 1920's. The miniskirt came in and they went back to the drawing board, created the pill, got LSD, reintroduced the whole scene for the '60's and the hippie movement flowered again. They even called it the flower movement, "the flower power movement" in Germany before World War II.


Megan:  No kidding, wow.


Alan:  Everything has been tested before in different areas and what I noticed even when I was traveling through Europe, I noticed every country was experimenting on its own particular area in socialism and Holland, for instance, back in the '70's the government started paying men to stay home and look after the babies, to do role reversal. That was interesting to see that each country seemed to be specializing in a particular area. Sweden was way ahead – I think it was Palme the Prime Minister who gave the go ahead for putting computer chips or the wiring into prisoners brains back in the '70's. Every country I went to had its own little specialty and now they're bringing all of those techniques together for a world society and we see the effects happening now. We're living in a dysfunctional system where no one can get along with anyone for very long.


Megan:  How do you know all this, because it's just amazing what they can keep from people?


Alan:  In Holland in the '70's they even did a BBC documentary where anyone could be an artist and I think half the population were officially classed as disabled with bad backs and you could also become an artist and the government had to buy your art from you. They got three massive buildings like factory warehouses to house all these scribbles that everyone suddenly became an artist and you get a grant, you see, and I watched the experimentation going on. I saw in Denmark that Marxism was being preached openly in the schools. It was being taught in the schools and the sexual liberation was way ahead there. The same in Sweden and I knew the dysfunction was being studied by professors at the top who were introducing all of this and promoting it. As I say, now they're bringing all of those things that worked, including the school-to-work system of the Pavlovian training in Russia. They're bringing it all into this global system and we're seeing it all introduced and that's why it's so dysfunctional as they go through into the next phase where we become basically slaves. Individualism was declared to be the number one enemy back in 1840.


Megan:  Wow and that hippie era was suppose to promote, individualism, like the "me generation" and do your thing.


Alan:  That's right and the drugs, just be happy. Again, don't look at the negative, so you turn your back on all the things – survival capabilities. You just turn your back on them and look where we are today with it. The ones who went through the so-called hippie and then the yuppie movement became the worst rip-off merchants when they went into business. They became the worst rip-off merchants, the most ruthless business leaders the world's ever seen, so not much good came out of that era.


Megan:  Yes. Well thank you, Alan, for opening my eyes and thank you for your work.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Megan:  Okay, bye-bye.


Alan:  Bye now and I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot two,
and he's six feet four,
he fights with missiles and with spears,
he's all of thirty-one,
and he's only seventeen,
he's been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu,
an atheist, a Jain,
a Buddhist, and a Baptist and a Jew,
and he knows, he shouldn't kill,
and he knows, he always will,
killing for me, my friend, and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA
and he's fighting for the Russians,
he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for democracy,
he's fighting for the Reds,
he says it's for the peace of all,
he's the one who must decide,
who's to live and who's to die,
and he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him, how would Hitler
have condemned him at Lwów, (German concentration camp)
without him Cesar would have stood alone,
he's the one, who gives his body
as a weapon of the war,
and without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the universal soldier,
and he really is to blame,
his orders come from far away, no more,
they come from here and there,
and you and me and brothers,
can't you see,
this is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt and cutting through this messy old matrix here, a world of illusions and mirrors, con games and devious people in power, devious institutions that guide our thoughts; guide our educational systems too. You have to grab the children very young and even the word "kids" which is so widely adopted was mentioned by Lenin. He said, "we shall dehumanize the people by introducing terms which are not human," and that's what a kid is. It's a young goat and not everyone says it. They don't look upon them as they are, as young human beings. We're dehumanized in many, many ways. It's much easier to get us along this terrible road to be harvested for the wealthy to live a bit longer than they already are.


Falling right into this, here's a topic that was also in the BBC and I think it was on January 17th, BBC News on the health section, "Green light for hybrid research."


It says:


            "Green light for hybrid research. Regulators have given scientists…"


Alan:  You know those priests again, "scientists," the word that's good enough for us.


            "…the green light to create human-animal embryos for research. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority granted permission after a consultation showed the public were "at ease" with the idea."


Alan:  Do you know that? Do you get asked, eh? We all agreed. Again, the public, the people, the nation were at ease with it. We were very at ease with the idea, so that's to put you at ease. If everyone else is at ease then you should be too. That's how polls and things like that work.


            "…Experts said it was vital for…"


Alan:  Again those experts. Those are holy people, experts.


            "…said it was vital for research into life-threatening diseases."


Alan:  There's always the con there to help the poor unfortunates.


            "Two centres, King's College London and Newcastle University, will now be able to begin their work under one-year research licences. Any other centres wishing to do similar work will have to apply to the HFEA for permission, which will make a decision on a case-by-case basis."


Alan:  I guess if you want to be an ostrich and part human or whatever, maybe a hippo.


            "Hybrids - Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells."


Alan:  All this nonsense about stem cells when they can actually take it from adults (and it's in the long bones) and create it that way, but they're always on about the necessity to get fetuses because it falls in with a different agenda.


            "The embryos would then be destroyed within 14 days."


Alan:  Ah-ha, ha, ha. That's just like they tell you when the police have you on a database, when the expired time is up, they don't take it off. We all know that. It's there for life. That's how things work.


            "The cells form the basic building blocks of the body and have the potential to become any tissue, making them essential for research."


Alan:  That's where they're going to mix you with chickens and things.


            "At the moment, scientists have to rely on human eggs left over from fertility treatment…"


Alan:  What a joke.


            "…but they are in short supply and are not always good quality. Critics say…"


Alan:  We've got experts, critics and scientists, but no names here.


            "Critics say they are repulsed by the idea and there must be no creation of an animal-human hybrid. They say it is tampering with nature and is unethical. It is already illegal to implant human-animal embryos in the womb or bring them to term."


Alan:  Now if you think that hasn't been done, that's another great fallacy because when I watched a program a few years ago on the Public Broadcasting about the Ark. That's one of these special arks that they have, the three worldwide for the World Wildlife Fund. Massive estate in Louisiana run by a professor who teaches at university down there and they have all the eggs of all kinds of creatures in the world in three arks across the planet, in case anything goes wrong and they have to reseed the planet; and she admitted that all this stuff in cryogenics. They can bring them out, fertilize the male and the female, put them into a womb of any other creature and bring it to term. It's already been done she said. Interesting, eh? They're always telling us the nonsense. They're way ahead of whatever they do in a different department.


It says:


            "Go-ahead - Dr Stephen Minger…"


Alan:  That should be Mengele.


            "…and colleagues at King's College London want to create hybrids to study diseases known to have genetic causes…"


Alan:  Oh, here we go again.


            "…such as Alzheimer's disease…"


Alan:  It's all the aluminum that's in our stuff and they're spraying us with.


            "…spinal muscular atrophy and Parkinson's disease."


Alan:  Yes, they really care about people. They themselves and their higher echelons call it "useless eaters."


            "And Lyle Armstrong's team at Newcastle University are hoping to use the technique to help understand how stem cells develop into different tissues in the body."


Alan:  They just don't know. It’s a big mystery.


            "In the distant future this information may enable scientists to grow new tissues in the laboratory."


Alan:  They've already done it. I saw that when I did watch TV about 10 years ago.


            "Dr. Armstrong said: "Now that we have the licence we can start work as soon as possible. "We have already done a lot of the work by transferring animal cells into cow eggs so we hope to make rapid progress."


Alan:  That's milking the public, a new term for it.


            "John Smeaton, national director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said: "The HFEA decision represents a disastrous setback for human dignity in Britain. "The deliberate blurring of the boundaries between humans and other species is wrong…"


Alan:  Does that sound familiar in other areas?


            "…and strikes at the heart of what makes us human."


Alan:  Once you knock the pillar down from the Pantheon, all the other pillars take the strain and become terribly weak and then down comes the roof eventually, which is their whole goal of the mission, you see, to destroy all that was to bring in that which is new. In ancient times they used to say it in the mystery schools, "The perfecting of that that was left imperfect."  They claim that the Great Architect – the Architect is not a Creator. An architect can only work because he's been taught to work, means someone had to teach him, with traditional methods using materials already at hand. The builder is the same. The builder can only use the materials that are available in nature, or are made from things from nature, but you cannot create brand new from scratch. Here they are, at it again with their Frankensteinian agenda and old Mary Shelley who came out with the book, "Frankenstein," she was married to Shelley the poet, she met with the big guys in the know and with their own little clique and they discussed the coming body swapping parts and so on to do with humans. None of this is new. It was known back then what they were doing because they were already testing some of this a hundred odd – 150 years ago. Back with more after these messages.



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


…can't go on. Can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.

And it can't go on. And it can't go on.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and sure enough, it can't go on, because if it does we'll just walk into this nice new Brave New World where we're all connected up with computers and the big regional computers. The ones they discussed at the Loyola University meeting where the international science got together on all the biotechnology they have. The one hosted by Newt Gingrich where they talked about implanting us all with brain chips and we would all be run in a perfect hive community, and that's the term they used, "hive," because there'll be no such thing as individuality. My goodness, their age-old problem, the one they kept writing about, individuality, and we'll all be happy little Borgs doing whatever we're told to do, but totally incapable of even being unhappy or even being aware of what's going on, but very efficient machines because the body you see is self-repairing. It's a fantastic machine.


At the moment we are superior to any robot they bring along that needs different kinds of maintenance, expensive maintenance and lots of hydraulic oil. However, you see we can eat the stuff that's renewable resources, food and all these modified vegetables, and we are self-repairing, so once they couple us with the technology and give a few different implants for specific tasks, of course, we'll be much more efficient slaves. That's what it's about because if we look at the writings of the big boys in the past when they were a bit more brazen – not that they aren't any more brazen today or less brazen.


Look at the ones in the past by Charles Galton Darwin, "The Next Million Years," where his whole theme was my goodness (on behalf of the aristocracy) look what's happening to the general population, they're breeding. Oh my God, they're breeding and eventually there'll be too many of the low ones at the bottom. They'll over power the superior ones at the top (like himself) and that was what the whole book was really about – ways to limit the population, alter and tamper with the genetics and the hormonal levels of male and female, by the way. We're seeing the effects of it physically today in very young children because these guys don't make wish lists. These guys are in positions of power, who belong to big, big wealthy associations that run the world and the banking and the pharmacology and everything else.


They don't make wish lists and Galton Darwin talked about the need to eradicate a good portion of the population, but he also talked about the way to make them better slaves. He said in his own book, if I remember it, he says, "there's always been a form of slavery in one form or another, he said, all down through the ages."  Now he's talking about this term called "civilization," which is the elites' term, because the introduction of money in the very first place was the introduction of what they call "civilization" and the commerce came with it of course, debt, slavery and all the rest of it. That's what he meant. He says, "we are creating a more sophisticated form of slavery." He's talking about making – him and his boys and his whole clique at the top were already working on creating a more sophisticated form of slavery and guess what? It's here and we're seeing the verges of the next part of it, which is the greening, the greening revolution. As I mentioned earlier, that sacred color of the Internationale, the greening agenda, and I believe even Madeline Albright's grandfather was the guy who worked in the Communist system who came up with the idea when they wanted to merge communism with the West. Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin because the banker owned the coin; funded both of them.


Here's a statement here by Huxley. The great Huxley, again another one, whose family – they're specialized families; like the Rothschild's tend to stay in banking because they're so well bred that they don't deviate from their particular function. The Huxley's too were similar because going back down through history you'll find that the man, the best friend of Charles Darwin, who took over from Darwin with the whole concept of evolution was Sir Thomas Huxley, the grandfather, and right down through Aldous Huxley and we also had his brother Julian Huxley that ran UNESCO, his whole idea. Read Julian Huxley's statements about UNESCO, the United Nations educational society, that was going to set up a standardized system to brainwash the children. He doesn't mince words if you read his quotes about it.


Here's one from Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World" and "Brave New World Revisited" and it's in a book that comes from The New Totalitarians by Roland Huntford. Roland Huntford is the author. This is a quote from Aldous. He says:


            "As political and economic freedom diminishes, says Huxley, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase and the dictator, unless he needs cannon fodder and families with which to colonize empty or conquered territories, will do well to encourage that freedom in the conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope, the movies and the radio, it will help reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."



They love democracy, these guys, you see, the con job for the public, and as I've said it before that democracy is the opiate of the people. That's the con they've pushed to us to make us believe we have some kind of say in the future and where we're going. There hasn't been a say for an awful, awful long, long, long time.


In countries like Britain they came up with the Chartist movement, which again was funded by the big banking boys and so on to create a new system because they knew that eventually the public would overthrow the old systems of total corruption where you bowed you head after taking your hat off. You doffed your hat when the lord and his mistress rode out on the big estate and you were standing at the gates. You had to bow. You couldn't look them in the eye. That was a crime. That was actually a crime to look them in the eye.


See the movie, "The Madness of King George", well worth seeing, factual and truthful. You could not look these characters in the eye and they knew, the elite, that there would be an overthrow eventually, especially if they were taxed and thrown off into wars and all the rest of it, always to end up with nothing themselves (that's if they stayed alive), and they came up with the idea of democracy, so they funded the groups that would push democracy. They found out that the public wouldn't revolt, they'd simply wait another four or five years and vote the last bunch of crooks out and live in hope that the new bunch of crooks might be a bit better or not quite as corrupt; and that's what democracy is, because only the psychopaths in this system get to the top.


The psychopath is guaranteed if he's intellectual, if he's been brought up especially with a family with a bit of power and financing and he has the schooling for private schools, he's guaranteed to have the doors open on his way up. Ordinary folk can't do it because in politics, since you're dealing with psychopaths at that level who are all corrupt, they'll either test you to see if you'll go along with all the little illegal things they're doing themselves, as they help themselves to the big honey pot where the tax money is, and if you don't go along with them they'll set you up and get you out, one way or another. Some politicians have tried that and left politics rather quickly when they found out how corrupt and psychopathic it truly is.


The whole system we live in is totally inhumane to begin with. Success is supposed to be getting to the in something with enough bank notes to match it, to match your status, which means that for every one winner there's going to be an awful lot of losers as they say. They make sure there's always enough poverty so we see the poverty. There's always enough news reports always every year about the poverty because we don't want to join those people at the bottom. The people who've lost everything and that's the fear motive that keeps you working in a system that is completely insane, at jobs you don't like, generally, for eight or more hours per day. That's if you've got one job, you may have two or three nowadays, and it's all driven by fear. Fear of poverty, fear of being sick and having no money to pay for your help, fear of loneliness, fear of homelessness, all these fears are prayed upon by what we call a "civilized" society, civilization, and there's nothing normal about it. It's perverted, completely perverted and let's be honest here.


All the major religions of the West have gone along with this for century after century after century because they worked hand-in-glove with the monarchs they appointed in those countries, hand-in-glove. It all rotates around the monied system. We think we're going to some beautiful wonderful world. The term they're using of course since Arthur C. Clarke is "something wonderful is going to happen," and remember, you can see things from many points of view and many aspects if you only think about it; and from an elite's point of view when we all have our little chip and before that we know we're getting step-by-stepped all the way to the brain chip. That's coming. The card is one of the next part of it with the active chip in it, then we know we're going towards a sort of hell. It's going to be a hell on earth and that's their utopia. For them it's going to be wonderful. Back with more after these messages.



Hi. I'm Alan Wall back Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm just going through some of the things which people should be aware of and conscious of because we're trained to almost scurry and float at the same time through life and only believe that we're evolving – this word 'evolving' – down some kind of strange path willy-nilly and the experts, you know those holy ones again, different wombed births, these people. Special birth canals and the scientists again, special birth canals. They just deal with problems as they come up at the time and we ordinary folk must sort of go along with it to save ourselves because everything is a crisis you see. This is the age of crisis creation, par excellence – never been done on such a scale before. It's war footing you see. It's a war scale and that's exactly as I said at the beginning of the show what the Club of Rome talked about, something that would unite the planet together. Everybody together in a common cause and only warfare they found in the past had made the people obey and complain less and sacrifice, not just in the field of battle, but back home as well, with their quality of food and their way of living and so on; and so it's all to do with sacrifice. Sacrifice for the planet.


For the ones who’ve decided that 'sustainable development' is going to have a high price, and I don't mean just monetary-wise. Remember, taxation is defined as a form of slavery because you're either free or you're not free. You earn your wages or you don't earn your wages. If you own your wages you own all of your wages. If you don't own all of your wages and you must pay the big boss, then it's a form of slavery because that money that they take from you represents your labor. That's what it is. You worked for it. That was labor and they take it back off you in taxes and you have no say in where that money goes, what it's used for, or anything else. That's slavery, so Charles Galton Darwin told us the truth.


They often do. They often do and some people will read that and say oh how silly. How silly. The man told us the truth. We're slaves you see and now we have a more sophisticated form of slavery coming into view under the greening, the greening. Mother Earth, old pan again in full blossom because the ancient religion all down through the ages always talked about nature and nature's God. Nature, nature, nature and how by dissecting nature and everything in it they would rebuild everything in perfection because they decided in their glory and intellect that we were all just "not up to par," not quite up to quality control pass level, you see, and they know how to make it all better. They're playing gods, which shouldn't surprise us because in ancient philosophies you'll find that that's what they believed they could become—through understanding they could become gods.


That's why the old emperors even of Rome right down including Constantine himself had his own likeness put in a place, a temple, where he'd go and worship his likeness when he was elevated to godhood and Constantine was no dummy. He followed the traditional roads of Rome and he belonged to every insurance policy they had. He belonged to every temple there was. He was also a member of the Mithraic cult. Very important sect, Mithra, because Mithraism was really a form of early what would we call today the Knights Templar type society. They recruited most of their members from the warrior class and the slavery class that were in the military. Many people were pressed into the military in ancient times as slaves and if they survived a few battles they might be given some kind of freedom.


Mithraism was given this particular honor of leading the charge for the future through a secret society, having been long before then, mind you, it never really disappears. It only reemerges under new names down through the eons and Mithra was the guardian of Ahura-Mazda, basically. He was the guardian of the Zoroastrian god. They're the guardian of what they call "the God of Fire."  Fire is revolution, revolution towards a particular cause and a particular ending – the perfection of man, the wiping out all of that which is inferior, by the way. That's what they do when they build structures like massive cathedrals. They destroy the old as they begin to build the new, as you wipe out the foundations.


Look at 9/11. They took everything away from there because they didn't want anybody to test what was there for specific types of explosives and so on. The same thing happened of course before that with the Oklahoma City bombing. I think they even sold parts of the girders and the metal off to China and shipped it out pretty fast. That's fairly standard. They get rid of the old foundation as well and build the new, always. These buildings they make are very important to their societies. If you look at the architecture of them, it tells you an awful lot if you know what you're looking at.


Now I think we're getting close to the end and I've got one caller here and it's Ken from North Carolina. Are you there?


Ken:  Yes. Hey Alan, how you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Ken:  I had a question. Have you ever read the elites saying anything about if the people become awake in numbers? Have they ever commented on that?


Alan:  Yes they have. They've commented a lot on it in fact, especially on various directives on how to keep the people divided. That's where you'll find it is how to keep the people divided. It's not hard to divide people through simple things from religion to genders to everything. You can have them all fighting each other so that they won't come together and save themselves. That's the dark beauty you might say of their methodology. They understand us very, very well. They know and Charles Galton Darwin did write about his fears of the masses doing this very thing, out-breeding the elite for their control and overcoming the structures that held their society in place.


Ken:  I tell you, it's very true what you said about it being lonely in the land of the blind.


Alan:  It certainly is, but the one-eyed man is king. As long as you've got one eye you're still king, because no one else is looking.


Ken:  Everything you said about degrees of waking up and people that can't be woken up and this whole massive structure that's in front of us they just can't see it. It's odd looking.


Alan:  It's interesting. I always use the analogy which has been used many, many times because some of the top characters, Skinner and other ones, who were into behavioral psychology, and Tavistock did it too in their experiments. They put implants in the brains of rats and tried to find a sexual stimulus area and they found that once they did that the rat could pull a lever and it would go into perpetual orgasm, so much so, that even when it was stopped, it would pull the lever again and it would starve to death. It wouldn't even eat its food. It preferred having fun, the sensation, rather than eating or drinking. When I look at people today, you're seeing them go through the biggest gluttony that's ever been given to them before with cheap credit, cheap goods been flooding into the country to keep them occupied and happy and having sex galore like there was no tomorrow and they're completely oblivious. It's to have fun. It's like people going round a whirlpool and they don't see the hole where the plug is and they're all going down together. They're having fun as they go down and that's the technique that is being used as we go through this whole system.


Ken:  And they only communicate – I found out the hard way that I can only communicate with them what I call surface talk. It's nothing in any depth.


Alan:  They don't want anything that's not on the news. If it's on the news it might be okay, but anything that requires serious consideration where there's a fear factor they will avoid it like the plague.


Ken:  That's amazing, that's amazing. Okay, I know your show is closing, Alan. I'll let you go. Thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. It's called "egosyntonic behavior" and that's what Bertrand Russell said they would encourage in society – just perpetual fun, fun, fun; people who would never mature. Their world would revolve around them personally. Me, my—how I feel—me, me, me, me, me—and that's what you have in society. They have lost touch with the bonding process through others, which is so necessary for all our survival, and that was deliberate, and Orwell made reference to that with his book "1984" when everyone has got a television screen. It's a two-way screen and the character on TV talks to you and you're given a number and you're told your number and you’re told what command to obey. Bend down, dance, stretch, exercise, whatever, and that's what's coming down. We have no one to stand round about us to help us. It's divide and conquer, divide and conquer, until we lose our ability to help each other. That's the technique that's being used.


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)