Alan Watt
The Jeff Rense Program

May 27, 2008


Jeff:  Okay, welcome back – and back on the program with us for another visit is Alan Watt.  Alan has his own radio program, is widely read all over the Internet, and has much to say about many things.  It's always interesting to hear what Alan has to say.  He has a large listening audience, and we're glad to have him back with us tonight.  Hello, Mr. Watt.

Alan:  Hello, it's a pleasure to be back.

Jeff:  Thank you, sir.  You're in Canada, and it is cold.  Has the weather been a little "aberrant," as they say, up there as well?

Alan:  It's aberrant because they've been spraying the skies like crazy.  For ten years, they've been doing it pretty well daily across the planet.  You can actually tell when they're building up a storm by the shades of the trails that they leave behind them when they really go at it, then the big storm winds come up.  They were trying like crazy for this last week to build up this storm; they almost succeeded, and some of the trees went over but it kind of faded away.  Now it's gone south again, down your way.

Jeff:  I'm still interested in how they manipulate the jet stream.  It's fascinating, this linkage, of course, with HAARP is probably the big key when you sow the skies with enough barium and aluminum and God knows what else.  And then turn on the electromagnetic 'ray-gun,' which is also known as HAARP, all kinds of interesting things happen.  I've got a lot of stories up at, videos about those very unusual clouds, and I'm sure you saw them over China, right before the earthquake, 30 minutes, then 10 minutes, before.  Those clouds were utterly indicative of something man-made of a tremendous energy potential, doing something.

Alan:  There's no doubt at all, and people should look into the United Nations.  The United Nations have a treaty signed by all the major countries that have the HAARP technology – they've had it since the 60s – and in 1978, I think it was, they signed a treaty to do with weather warfare, and in there, they talk about how they have, and how it works:  this ability to bring the jet stream right down to ground level if need be, and direct it.

Jeff:  And that's very interesting, because that treaty, ... it was actually quite amusing – it still is – to read, because it outlawed things that were allegedly impossible to do!

Alan:  That's right.

Jeff:  They're quite funny.  And by the way, if the jet stream is dropped down (I don't know what its normal height is, Alan), but if it's dropped down to ground level... I don't know what a Force 5 tornado's winds are, I think they're 6- or 700 miles an hour – that's what we are talking about; the jet runs at about 600 miles an hour – and if it were dropped down to the ground, it would simply scour the ground like a huge scrub sponge.  That would be the end of it.

Alan:  They had that new phenomenon – we're in an age of 'new phenomena' – and the new phenomenon was when we had the swath cut through forest in a straight line, for miles upon miles.  This happened; this came out about eight years ago.  Of course, it's the same thing; it's the tampering with the jet stream.  They can actually do that:  bring it down, and cut straight as a die, right across a forest.

Jeff:  Wow.

Alan:  It's like a road being cleared.  It's quite, quite amusing to know what's causing it.

Jeff:  I didn't see those pictures.  That's interesting; I didn't know that.  If one studies the skies – and there are some excellent sites on the 'Net, just do a search for "weather control" or "weather wars" and look at the bizarre clouds – and then remember what it was like when you were a kid.  Most of you used to look up at blue skies and white clouds.  Now you look up in muck.  You don't understand, most younger people don't understand, what clear blue skies are like.  When it happens, it's a real blessing. 

Now, you mentioned something earlier, and we – in fact I think we talked about this a bit last time.  The controllers have the populace now right, precisely, exactly where they want it. The dumbing down is a fait accompli.  The school systems, of course, have been working on this for a long time now, the curriculum is such that the people graduating, if they graduate at all, don't ask questions.  They're thoroughly reactive beings; they're not proactive; they're easily programmable with advertising, stimuli, you name it. They go out and they're just triggered.  It's like shooting fish in a barrel.  Or, catching fish in a barrel, or whatever you do to them.  At any rate, it's not good. 

I've said for quite some time, and I'm sure you've echoed these things, that when the controllers saw what happened beginning in the '90s, and saw how thoroughly effective their mass media manipulation and control of the masses had become, they said, "well, what the Hell, let's do it!"  They also have, of course, their supercomputers, on which they run models all the time on the population and how much pushback there is.  When they saw there was no more pushback to speak of; that was it!

Alan:  Yes, pretty well.  I mean, there's some of the top people in their field in psychological warfare who wrote books back in the 50s and 60s on this very technique. I think it was actually Bertrand Russell was one of the first ones...

Jeff:  He was.

Alan: write openly about the fact that shortly the public will have techniques used to bring them to opinions – and they'll have no idea that they're actually being manipulated by outside forces, and they'll have no idea of how it happened to them –but they will adopt those opinions, thinking that they are their own.  Well, that's happened. He mentioned the fact that they'd bring all the forces of Madison Avenue, the advertising agencies – who understood the society and psychology and behavioral psychology better than any other organization – they'd bring them onboard with the government agenda for global governance.

Jeff:  Correct.

Alan:  They have done that successfully, but they've also gone after the food supply.  If you want to really alter the people (and you are what you eat), you go after the food supply.   You see the effects of it on the people now, when they've literally lowered the IQ level in the last few years, officially, and we have a "new normal," which is about five or six points lower than the last "new normal," so it's working effectively.  We're seeing them coming out in the open, now that we have a dumbed-down public who've been mind-bombed – and that really is the word for it – they've been mind-bombed with propaganda and massive TV-watching.  Nature shows, the Greening campaign (which is nothing but a new religion that Mikhail Gorbachev talked about creating); now you've got youngsters growing up who literally will offer themselves to be sterilized 'to save Mother Earth.'  This is the old, old agenda, written about hundreds of years ago, and we're seeing it manifest today – so it's quite fascinating. 

Jeff:  There are so many angles that have been explored, probed, mined and literally made to perform for these people.  They have attacked society as we knew it 20 years, 25 years ago, from so many angles... it's just mind-boggling for the average person if you try to explain to them.  They don't want to hear about it, they can't... they literally can't wrap their mind around it, and they won't admit that they've been controlled even if you could tell them about these things.  They just don't want to.  It's the human ego, a controlled ego.

Alan:  It's also an age where youngsters are born into what seems to be the miracles of emerging electronic devices.

Jeff:  Oh, they're fascinated! They're mesmerized by the whole thing.

Alan:  They are.  It's a magician's wand.  They have been taught nothing, in the school, about the past.  As you say, they don't want to know.  If you don't know the past, you're doomed.  If you don't know what's happened in the past hundred years, even, or two hundred, you're completely doomed, because a war was raging for all these centuries and is still raging today, and the results of that war, as I say, are manifesting in our lifetime:  with people coming out openly talking about population culling and forced sterilization, and the re-creation of humans into perfect beings, meaning slaves.

Jeff:  Well, they're talking "eugenics."

Alan:  It's an old agenda that goes back hundreds of years.

Jeff:  It does, and that's one of the most difficult concepts to get people to understand, that this is not new – this is a plan that goes well back.  Edward L. Bernays, of course, the master of mass mind control and manipulation through the media, was the giant of the last century, and his lessons have certainly been taken and perfected.  They are using, as Alan Watt just said, food; they're using the water; they're using the mass media; they're using electronics of all kinds; they're using, I believe, the power grid, as well, to embed frequencies into every home, into every office, every building – which radiate from all the wiring and have an influence, definitely, an impact on the people; cell phone towers; all of the... you can go on and on and on and on.  The control is so insidious and so dominating now, that there is virtually no chance for individuality to bloom and blossom very often anymore, especially when you look at the peer pressure of our young people today.  It is ruthless; it is vengeful; it is as vicious as it gets.  If you're out of line, and you're not "in," it's Hell for our young people. 

Alan:  Yes, it is, and they themselves have no idea that the culture they're born into, which they think is their own age group's culture, is given to them by very old and masterful people.  

Jeff:  And how, Alan, can you... can we, can any of our listeners, talk to our young people about these things when quite literally our young people might as well be hearing about life on another planet.  They don't have any experience with it; they think that what you're telling them couldn't have possibly existed, it's too "corny," whatever.  They just don't have the ability to relate to it.  It's a different language, to them.  So, the communication divide becomes ever greater all the time. It's truly amazing.

My guest is Alan Watt.  We'll pause, and come right back with more in just a few minutes. [music]

We're talking with Alan Watt.  The issue of fear and anxiety has never been more effectively mined, and sown, in any public, in any society on record that I am aware of.  Because of the mass media, it becomes a piece of cake to instill and incite and inculcate fear and anxiety and stress, continually, in a populace – which has been done since 9/11 and even before that, but certainly non-stop since 9/11. 

I want all of you to take note that, no matter what the venue, those who would sow fear and talk about doom and anxiety are doing you no favors.  They're playing into the hands, or are in fact the hands, of the controllers.  The game is to desensitize you to fear, and Big Brother, and control – and repetition is the simple key to doing that.  You get to the point where you can only sustain so much fear and paranoia, and then you have to let it go, and you accept it.  I've had intelligent people write to me and say, "Oh my God!  They're going to come and get me any time now, and put me in a concentration camp, and probably execute me," and I... (sighs) gets to be really disheartening. 

There is a place for information; there is a place for awareness; there is a place for disseminating viable and valid data to the best of my ability, and other competent broadcasters' and journalists,' and then there is the other side, and it's the majority.  Those are the ones who love to bang the paranoia/fear drum, to hear themselves, and on and on.  All they're really doing is really desensitizing a public, Alan – and you know this very well – to the fear, and to the suspicion, and to the critical examination of the control being imposed upon them.  That is a disservice, whether it comes from patriot radio, or the Pentagon press release.  It's all achieving the same thing! and that's the most difficult lesson for many – even discriminating – patriots to understand.

Alan:  Yes, the patriot business – and it is a business...

Jeff:  You bet it is.

Alan:  ...has been on the go for a long, long time, and a lot of its past history isn't something to boast about – especially when a lot of it initially was set up by the CIA back in the 50s and 60s, supposedly under the guise to 'fight Communists' by using Christian propaganda at that time.  They were using fronts to fight Communism, supposedly.  However, along with it goes this whole fear, and most of the stuff that's sold on patriot radio is fear-based.  It's panic buying, so they terrify the people, and then 'here's the solution.'  Whether it's for your health or...

Jeff:  Buy this DVD and get the Hell scared out of you!

Alan:  Yes, that's the whole thing.  You couldn't sell most of these products otherwise. 

Jeff:  Right.

Alan:  You couldn't do it.  I mean, I could make a lot of money myself if I pushed the advertisers, but I don't.   Most of the hosts do.  They will bring them on as guests – they get paid for doing it – and they push the product.  The whole idea being:  if you trust the host, then you'll buy the product.

Jeff:  Right, and the host will...

Alan:  I try to separate that altogether when I'm doing my shows.   See, trauma – and someone said this recently, about what happened after the New Orleans evacuation.   I mean, thousands of people were literally uprooted and thrown all over the country, without objection, and this person observed, and he says, "traumatized people are very easily manipulated and led."  This gets back to all this fear and paranoia today.   We're getting fear of the economy, fear of all these coming catastrophes...

Jeff:  Where are we going to be able to get our food?  How are we going to pay our mortgage?   How are we going to put gas in our car?  and it goes on and on.

Alan:  Yes.  And that really puts people at a disadvantage.  You're not thinking for yourself.

Jeff:  Oh, yeah.  (laughs)  Absolutely. 

Alan:  And you're being led, and the media will lead you by the nose to the next crisis, and the next crisis – and most of it is imaginary.

Jeff:  See, that's the victim mentality.  It's victim mentality, Alan.

Alan:  Yes.

Jeff:  I'm a victim!  And look, they're going to do this to me, they're going to kill me, they're going to...  It's wrong.  It's as wrong as it gets.  And there are people in patriot radio who have made BIG money on issues that are presented to the public as being vital – but all it does is scare people further, and rachet up the anxiety, and the paranoia, and ultimately it desensitizes them to really caring about confronting the control machines.   They say, "why should I try?"

Alan:  It also stops critical thinking.  That's the key to it:  constant terror stops critical thinking.  It's used in psychological warfare on prisoners, the very same technique, of blindfolding them, taking them out to get shot, you wait for five minutes.  They lead you back inside again, "Not today," so you don't know when it's going to happen.  Eventually, you lose control of everything until they can lead you around, literally by the nose, and you'll go along willingly, because you cannot make a rational decision for yourself anymore. 

It's a Pavlovian response:  you're like the dog that's trained to get your meal in one corner.  You always go to that corner.  If you move out of the corner, you get a shock.  Then one day, you get shocked in that corner, too! so you thought, "well, I better try another corner, to please the master."  You're okay for a week there, until he starts shocking you there.  Well, eventually you've been round all the corners.  You sit in the middle of that room, and you just shake and quiver.

That's exactly the same formula that's being used on the public today.   

Jeff:  They shake and quiver, quoting either news from the mainstream media, or news from patriot radio (or what they think is news), and they'll pass DVDs around, "Oh my God, you've got to look at this!" or "Oh my God, you've got to look at that!" and it becomes very disheartening to see this, otherwise intelligent people acting as if...

Alan:  See, it doesn't matter who gives you the bad news, as long as you get it.  That's what the intelligence service knows.

Jeff:  There you go folks.  So, (laughs) it doesn't matter who gives you the bad news, or who puts the fear or anxiety out there, or the paranoia, because that pleases the controllers.  They don't care.

Be right back with Alan Watt in just a minute.  [music]

Okay, back, talking to Alan Watt.  It's very difficult to awaken people when there's nothing there to awaken.  It's very hard to talk to young people when they don't understand the frame of reference that older people – I'm talking, people in their 30s, even – have, and try to reach out from.  The prognosis is not good, Alan Watt.   I hate to say that, but it's a very difficult issue.  The people who have pulled this off, again, have been planning it for, as you rightly point out, for probably a couple of centuries now.  Over time, they have time, this is a grand plan of One World Government.  This is an effort to reconfigure this planet into a plantation planet.  A lot of people are going to probably have to be removed; that is, of course, the plan:  to reduce the size of the plantation workforce, the labor force, to a manageable size – however big that is, we don't know. 

We look at biological weapons; we look at, of course, the ultimate means of controlling humankind is through the most vicious, virulent tool of all time – and that is, the television.  Control comes in many packages, but that is Number One.  It amazes me to no end.  As you well know, Alan, they are enfolding and embedding into the audio-video of television all kinds of 'energetic devices,' shall we say? that are not charted, that are not regulated, and that are doing some amazing things.  I realized that... ah, maybe ten years ago, I don't know... I looked at a television set somewhere, casually, and found that I could not avert my gaze easily.  It was difficult.  And it was pure trash, on there. 

Alan:  It's a tremendous tool, a tremendous tool.  In fact, when they first put it out there, they designed it in such a way that the flicker rate would be within the brainwave's own – you actually have a brain pattern that goes through so many cycles per second, and you don't see the flicker in the television when you watch it, but if you take a video camera and video the television, then you'll see the flicker.  It's quite amazing.  Same happens with the computer.  It's designed to put you into an alpha-type state.

Jeff:  If you have a flat screen, an LCD, it's not there, but the old CRT certainly has it.  By the way, the concept of the flicker:  it takes about a minute.  The first time someone, a child, looks at television, before their brain learns to sync up with that flicker and go into a deep alpha, or even a high theta, state (there are four brainwave states:  beta, alpha, theta, delta).  After the first couple of times of watching television, it literally only takes, I think, it's three to five seconds to entrain the average brain into that flicker.  At that point, you're no longer able to pass intellectual judgment on the material that is pouring into your subconscious mind. 

Alan:  Yes, and as you said, they can't take their eyes away from it.  It works with adults, too.  I used to visit relatives of mine, and they'd turn the volume down if need be – they hated to do that, even, but they would still stare at the television, even though they couldn't hear it.  I realized this was a tremendously addictive tool.  As you say, you're not judging, really, what's coming in.  It's going right into your subconscious there.  Your 'censor' part of your brain, that guards you and makes you ponder, is down.  The shield is down.  You're being downloaded.

Jeff:  That's right.

Alan:  Downloaded.

Jeff:  You're being programmed.  Absolutely programmed.  You just....  Folks, you don't understand the depths at which this material goes.  It's extraordinary. 

The idea of concentration camps in this country.  Yes, there are a few camps around.  Every country has them, there may be more than a few here, but the concept that millions and millions of Americans are going to be put in camps is 1950s thinking.  This culture, this society – as I've been saying for a long time – is already, in fact, in a camp!

Alan:  You are.

Jeff:  Whether you want to view it economically, in terms of food, in terms of water, in terms of culture, entertainment; any way you look at it – most of all, usury and debt of course – but people are in a virtual concentration camp already.

Alan:  You have the cameras up around all the cities.  You have the microphones, too, with most of these cameras; they've admitted that in Britain.  They can hear you talking in shop doors...

Jeff:  Hell, and in Britain, the cameras can talk back to the people!

Alan:  That's right, and so you're in a camp.  Most people are 'cashless' now, they use cards for everything, they're being tracked wherever they go.  Everything they buy is being tracked.  They put all their information up on the Internet; they do emailing as though the person's next-door and it's their best friend and there's no one in-between.  All their information's constantly being given out to the authorities who admit they're collecting all the data:  personality profiles, daily activities.  They have complete rundowns...

Jeff:  Medical records...

Alan:   They can describe you better than you know yourself.

Jeff:  That's true.

Alan:  You're in a camp, and it's not enough for them.  Daily, they're telling us the next level, and the next level, and the next level – and the people are so conditioned to it, they almost yawn.

Jeff:  Look... that's right.  Because, again, they're just fried, on... they're desensitized to fear, and concern, and normal intellectual processes which they used to rely on to try to differentiate between right and wrong.  Those things have been pretty well trashed.  The future is continuing to move in the wrong direction.  I would suggest to all of you that this Theatre of the Mind.... Do you remember The Prisoner, that series, The Prisoner?

Alan:  Yes.

Jeff:  You can get it on DVD.  It's well worth watching, I've seen it, and it was extremely prescient at the time.  Some of the quotes from it are extraordinary.  Patrick McGoohan was in it.  He was excellent. 

The American political campaign season, joke of jokes, insult of insults, obscenity of obscenities, and I could go on and on; how does it look to you up in Canada?

Alan:  I never liked circuses.

Jeff:  Well, me neither.  Nor the clowns.  (laughs)

Alan:  ...I never followed the circuses.  I never follow the circus that's put on for the public, because I've watched the agenda, all my life, unfold.  I read about it when I was a child; I went to the adult libraries.  I read up about the Royal Institute, I read up on the League of Nations and where they wanted to go, I read up into all the eugenicists that were behind everything, the most famous people who wrote big, thick books.  I realized where it was all supposed to go. 

Throughout my life, I saw this agenda unfold.  Every step that they wanted went in; regardless of which party seemed to be in power in any country, it went unabated.  I realized that the parties themselves were just fronts – just organized fronts to keep the people believing they had some kind of say in what happens.  In reality, it's just that.  There's no 'democracy' of any kind at all.  Never has been.

Jeff:  Nope.  No.  Democracy is a myth.  Back in just a minute.  And watch, now, how Americans are beginning to fear for their stomachs.  Believe me, that is the ultimate controller.  You take and constrict the food supply of any people, and they will literally begin to line up.  They'll queue right up.  "Whatever you want us to do!  Just give us the food," and the resistance, of course, to Monsanto's evil, death-dealing, genetically-modified crops is fading in the face of fear, now – worldwide fears.  So, Monsanto is loving this contrived food crisis.  Back in just a minute with Alan Watt.  [music]

Okay, back with Alan Watt.  Always a pleasure to speak to Alan, a man of great knowledge, and breadth and understanding of what's happening, and he has studied it for many years. 

There's one issue I want to clarify, and it didn't originate with you, but it came.... Apparently some... several people quoted you as saying this, but let me preface it by making this clear.  I'm no expert, but I have spent a lot of time talking with professionals about chemical weapons in warfare.  Not biological; I'm talking about chemical weapons, not 'bio' as in viral or bacterial.  Chemical, as in nerve gas, pharmaceuticals and so forth. 

Now, someone suggested that the public was being targeted to be sprayed with Valium by aerial and aerosol means, and then potentially to be followed up with spraying of Prozac or some other SSRI.  Now, that is so absurd and ridiculous, I can't even begin to.... I need to explain it.  Look:  Valium, first of all, is a third-generation soft-tissue relaxing agent.  To get dose to the ground from 10,000 feet, equally spread over a populace of a million, or two million or three million people, is absurd.  You have wind, you have climate conditions, you have solar activity on the actual material itself.  To get exactly the right dose – let's say, 10mg of Valium – into three million people from an aerial application platform, is laughable! and to follow that up with something like Prozac, which has to be administered every DAY, is even more absurd. 

Now, I know you didn't make that up, Alan; it was told to you by someone, or you heard it somewhere, but we need to tell people...

Alan:  That was from Mr. Rumsfeld.  Mr. Rumsfeld said it.

Jeff:  Well, this is beyond asinine.  It doesn't work.

Alan:  But, it's not, really, because I went into – in fact, it's on my website – it's from government agencies that actually are working on this very stuff...

Jeff:  Well, let me interrupt. 

Alan:'s called benzodiazepines and the serotonin inhibitors. 

Jeff:  I understand. 

Alan:  And, it's called 'calmatives.'  Now, if people go into it, I've got the links to the government's own experimentation with these particular drugs which they bind with other chemicals to bring it down to Earth level.  [Links at bottom of page.]

Jeff:  How can they guarantee.... How does Rumsfeld PRETEND to be able to deliver an equal dosage to people indoors, outdoors, all around the town, to an element that has a breakdown time.... Now, I spent a lot of time, and I.... Rumsfeld, what a source!  ..., a lot of time with people who have written books – two authors – on chemical weapons, and how ineffective and absurd they are to even think of deploying it in a battlefield situation, let alone a metropolitan or urban area where people, again, are indoors and outdoors, and available to breathe the air.  And how.... What's to keep people from breathing in 200mg of something and overdosing?  So, Rumsfeld, I think, is nuts!

Alan:  They wouldn't care.  You see, this is the thing, it's for emergencies – real emergencies – supposedly, according to Rumsfeld.

Jeff:  You're talking about a one-time application, or a two-time application?

Alan:  It could be; however, he was asked this question.  They said, "What are you going to do if there's another major attack, like New York City..."

Jeff:  And he would disclose a top-secret plan like that, an asinine plan like that? 

Alan:  ...and he says, "We have plans..."

Jeff:  He's not gonna...

Alan:  He said, "We have plans to spray whole cities..."

Jeff:  ...he's not going to divulge that, I don't believe... and now, furthermore, you know this:  you know that one of the perimeter defense technologies used around sensitive military bases strategies is electromagnetic.  That they can create in the mind, through electromagnetic transmission, through the air, almost any state of consciousness they want:  from fear, to complacency (which is what Rumsfeld was talking about), to anxiety, to... fight or flight, you name it!  They can do it with broadcast electromagnetics.  So, for me, Rumsfeld saying they're going to spray diazapam from 5- or 10,000 feet over an urban area to calm the populace, when they can do it with GWEN towers, with cell towers, with (possibly) the electronic grid, and really reach everyone with a maneageable, equal, efficacious dose, yeah – that makes sense, but the idea of spraying a pharmaceutical does not. 

Alan:  Well, these characters take every possible weaponry that they have.  Remember, Rumsfeld's main specialty was in the chemical industry.

Jeff:  He was Monsanto's clown prince.

Alan:  Yes, and he was also the man who was the CEO for the company that made the aspartame and pushed it through.

Jeff:  That's right – bribed it through.

Alan:  He was also the guy who went over to Saddam Hussein back in the 70s...

Jeff:  I got pictures, so do you.  

Alan:  ...and gave him the chemical weapons, and those chemical weapons worked pretty good; they killed a lot of people off.

Jeff:  The unfortunate part about that is the Iranians were the ones that used them!  And, the CIA station chief over there admitted that, in a lengthy report.  It was not Saddam Hussein who gassed the Kurds.

Alan:  They sold it to both sides.  The thing is, these characters have all kinds of weapons.  There's no doubt at all they'll use the silent weapons, the ones that can't be detected so readily.   I have no doubt they already are using ELF and all the rest of it on the public, because some days, I get maybe 50 calls from all over the world in places that are getting heavily sprayed, especially in conjunction with the ELF and so on.  People are dead tired! and they have to doze during the day.  A lot of them are young people, too.

Jeff:  I would suggest the aluminum and barium are enough to do it.  We know that aluminum deadens the frontal lobe portion of the brain that creates initiative... and you've got fluoride.... You know, there's an electromagnetic signature for all of these elements, too, and they can broadcast that, as well.  So, I mean...I can't imagine him disclosing anything of a, seriously, a secret nature.  I think, from what I know about it – and I mean this in the most constructive sense – I think it was a canard, and you know.... we don't want to lose sight of the fact that these people are stupid, and maybe they would think that that was a viable thing to do, but given the winds and everything else and then trying to deliver it....

Alan:  Well, I think they'd even do it, just to use the stuff up and buy a new supply from the owner, because it's all financial as well...

Jeff:  (laughs) Yes.

Alan:  ...this whole war industry runs on commerce.

Jeff:  I don't... I... anyway, that just struck me as so absurd when they've got such advanced technology they wouldn't... I mean, it's just silly.  But, be that as it may, folks, rest assured that in the case of massive civil unrest, there will be all kinds of advanced electromagnetic weapons turned loose, used upon the populace to sedate them, to calm them, and they're not going to feel like doing anything.  They won't need anything in their water, they won't need to breathe anything to do it, either, unless it's some....  It's not going to be diazapam, but if they spray anything else, it'll be a new generation of....  They have... now, we think of sodium pentathol as being the so-called "truth serum," they have combinations now:  four or five different new drugs which are so far beyond sodium pentathol, it isn't even funny.  There is no way for anyone to withhold anything anymore.  None.  You just can't.  If they want it out of you, it's theirs.  So, they'll just inject you, and you start talking.  It's very simple. I know people who have had this used on them. 

Ah, anyway.  So, the idea of a massive civil issue brings to mind people continuing to worry about 80% of the world's population marked for extermination; not in one fell swoop, but we can certainly see it in fairly substantial chunks, and I would suggest to all of you that the H7N2 variant – the Fujian strain of H5N1, of course, also – are moving very, very close now to putting the avian pandemic that we've been talking about for four-and-a-half years on this program, on the front porch.  I mean, we're right there! and that's just one means of doing it. Do you think that they're going to knock the population down soon, Alan?

Alan:  I think they're on a roll to do so, and they've been gearing them up to accept this coming, for years.  Pandemics, according to people who've written about 'what a sad thing that we don't have the Black Death,' like Charles Galton Darwin did in his book...

Jeff:  Or Prince Philip...

Alan:  And Prince Philip as well, and a whole bunch of them – pandemics are the ideal way to gradually bring down a population, and at the same time get them used to an even more increased martial law, and containment within cities; you won't move outside those cities.  Rather than a fast cull, where there'd be bodies everywhere, they want us to bury our dead, naturally, get rid of them, as we're dying off.  Pandemics are the best way to use, because... 

Jeff:  Oh then, they'll make a profit, too.

Alan:  ...they can spring up every five years, die down, spring up again, over many years, and it's an ideal way – until one generation passes thinking, "we've always had these pandemics," and it's always reducing the population.  I see, too, now in the U.S., they've just passed a law to allow this new chemical – which is an alternative to cremation, supposedly – and, it's basically an acid-type-based formula where they're going to put the bodies in it, and you'd literally get dissolved.

Jeff:  (laughs)

Alan:  It's a tank!  I took the article and put it up on my website, it's quite interesting, but they've given the go-ahead for funeral directors over in the U.S. to use this stuff. 

Jeff:  Really!

Alan:  Yes.

Jeff:  Ah, yes.  The Tank of Everlasting Life.  Or something like that.

Alan:  Well, they used to say when they'd take you down the police station – they used to say,  "We'll take you down to the tank."  It will have a different meaning now. (laughter)

Jeff:  So, it would be difficult to talk people into....  I guess they'd rather keep a little bottle of ashes than a little bottle of hydrochloric acid on the mantel, wouldn't they?

Alan:  I'd think so.  That would really be nice for the people.  They said it does smell a bit, but it eventually wears off in time.

Jeff:  (laughs)  All right.  My friend, we have a minute left.  What would you like to leave us with tonight, anything?

Alan:  Well, the people should really.... Those that are awake have a lot to fight for.  That's the whole thing.  Stop looking at all the defeats or what you think you've lost.  You can think of the human potential of what's been in the past, and how all – all – of our ancestors fought hard to bring ourselves up to where we are today.   It's not a matter of fighting for yourself; it's for what's been, and for what's to come, and for those lives that still have a right to come along after we've gone.  That's what it's all about.

Jeff:  Indeed, and step number one is to turn off the television set.

Alan:  Definitely.

Jeff:  Reclaim your life, and allow your consciousness to come back, and allow your children a chance to develop individuality.  Thanks, Alan Watt – great to speak with you.

Alan:  It's a pleasure.

Jeff:  Take care. 


[Links: Alan Watt - Blurb: "Global Shock and Awe, with 'Calmatives' for Dessert - The Use of Tranquillizing and Hypnotic Agents on the Public in Times of Crisis or Riot" - April 13, 2008
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Transcribed by C. Tirat