June 11th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Richard Syrett Show


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Richard Syrett: Alright, you know, I found myself taking great pleasure this morning watering my lawn.  I got a new lawn installed, front and back.  Before that it was just a collection of muck and the occasional bit of fescue and mostly weeds and a lot of dog doo-doo.  So I got it worked up, put in some nice fresh lawn, and there I was just watering the grass.  The simple things, I tell you.  The simple things.  Now, what we do in large measure on this program is we discuss the shadowy figures behind history, really, the managers, the stage managers, backstage in the global theater.  The puppet masters if you will.  Of course, we just had the Bilderberg meeting down in Chantilly, Virginia, at the Westfield Marriott Hotel.  It wrapped up on Sunday.  And our good friend Alex Jones got tossed out of there, yet again.  But it’s interesting, these people, many believe, these super elites are the script writers.  These are the ones that groom leaders.  They hand-pick the leaders.  And they hand them the scripts.  And the leaders, generally they follow these scripts to a tee.  That’s why we continue to vote for change but it never comes.  Because once you’re elected, you meet that Ned Beatty type, from the movie Network, and he gives you your marching orders.  At least, that’s my interpretation of history, that’s how it works.  And then of course, there are examples of politicians, statesmen, who decided to toss out the script and go it alone, become a Maverick.  Bobby Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, even Richard Nixon to a certain point.  When that happens, they are written out of the script, so to speak.  Anyway, for the next hour and a half or so, we’re going to discuss all of these matters. 


Alan Watt has been studying these shadowy figures for many years.  He’s an expert in ancient religion, ancient civilizations, the occult groups which manage them.  And he’s the author of a number of books.  The Cutting Through Book Series, volumes I, II, and III.  And you can read all about it on a really amazing website he has, called cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and it’s a great delight to welcome to the program once again, Alan Watt.  Hello, Alan.


Alan Watt: Hello, it’s a pleasure to be back on again. 


Richard: Well, I always wait too long to have you back on, because the people start emailing and calling and saying, when are you going to bring Alan on?  So you definitely Cut Through.  You’ve become a bit of a cult hero.  How did that happen, exactly?


Alan: I think, really many years ago, I was bringing up scenarios of what at that time was the future, because I’d studied the books and the histories put out by the big organizations, the big foundations, and the big players themselves.


Richard: Ford and the Carnegie Foundations.


Alan: Yeah, and Charles Darwin and of course, the later Galton Darwin.  And all the other players, Brzezinski and so on.  And these are the big players that shape and help direct where the world is going.  They don’t do it all themselves. They have big teams working with them, think tanks, etc, and as you say, foundations.  The foundations then give out the money to NGO groups, non-governmental organizations, which then go out into the populace and work on the populace, and they actually shape cultures to where we have to go for the future.  And I saw where it was all going many, many years ago, and it was a bit odd at the time to people to hear this kind of stuff.  I said years ago, that Canada and the US and Mexico would be joining.  And everybody thought, they’d laugh at me, actually.  Even when I could show them some of the primary data.  And of course, in 2005 on the CBC in Canada, we find out there’s the first official open signatory done by the presidents and the prime ministers of US, Mexico and Canada, towards the integration of it.  The last one is to be done in 2010.  And I said, isn’t this odd that Karl Marx talked about this in Das Kapital, in the 1800s.  You’d have a unified Europe, and then it would be followed by a unified Americas, and then another trading bloc with a far eastern Pacific Rim, that just got announced last week.  So, this is an old agenda we’re living through.  And when you realize that the future is always worked on in big, big business, big corporations.  They do investments up to fifty years, maybe eighty, ninety, even a hundred years. Well, that’s how the world is run.  It’s run like a big business, with takeovers.  Only now, the takeovers are actually whole nations and peoples into this world system that was planned a long time ago.  And as always, here’s the big thing, it isn’t just that’s the ending when we get a global government, a United Nations type deal.  It’s to be a Brave New World scenario with a whole new way of living, and really, all the freedoms that we were allowed to have, just through the industrial era to keep us happy and compliant and working, we won’t need those anymore.  We’ll only be born if the society needs you to serve it.  And this is where the depopulation program comes into it, the whole greening scam that’s going on.  I don’t know if people realize that this whole global warming idea was dreamed up with a think tank, a major think tank.  It’s called the premier think tank, and that’s the Club of Rome, and in their own book, it’s called the First Global Revolution, written by the founders of this big think tank, who are sponsored by the biggest institutions on the planet, they said that back in the 1970s, around ’72, they looked at a way to make the world cohesive, get everyone working together, towards a global system, and to give up their rights and so on.  And they looked at all the scenarios they could possibly create in crisis, and they dreamed up the idea that global warming would fit the bill.  That’s their very words they used.  And that they could convince the world that we were the problem, so mankind would be the problem, and we’d have to find a solution.  That’s in their own words, in their own book.


Richard: I’ve been talking about global warming and not a believer in man-made global warming.  I believe, you know, there is natural cycles and we may be in one now.  I don’t believe in man-made global warming.  I’ve never actually mentioned the Club of Rome.  I didn’t know where this psy-op came from, but that certainly makes a great deal of sense to me.  It almost sounds, Alan, like similar to the report from Iron Mountain, from the Hudson Institute, where they were basically, after the, well, it wasn’t after the cold war, but again, they were thinking ahead to a time when there would be no major world conflicts.  They had to think how to control, because that is what war is.  It’s a wonderful way of controlling people, and particularly, through the draft, when you’ve got a young, rebellious, not so pliable group of individuals, the best thing to do is to ship them off overseas and put them in harm’s way.  But I guess, yeah, they had to think of a way, what happens in the absence of war?  How do we control people?  Will we get them...


Alan: Well, that’s it.  You see, even Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, he was a big player, too.  He wasn’t just a professor.  He lectured the civil servants, the top civil servants at the State Department for the U.S. and the Diplomatic Service, and selected people to be Rhodes Scholars for World Government.  That’s what the Rhodes Scholarship is for.


Richard: Yeah, he tapped Bill Clinton, didn’t he?


Alan: Yes.  And he said in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, we can get more done in five years of warfare on a social scale, that meant government encroachment and organizing the public, and reorganizing the public, he said, than we can in fifty years of peace and propaganda.


Richard: Alright, Alan.  Got to take a quick time out.  Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, here on the Richard Syrett Show.  Get on board.  Questions and comments.  416-872-1010.  Star Talk.  Toll free from out of town, 1-800-561-CFRB.


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Richard: There’s something wrong with the world.  Alan Watt has known that since a very young age, that things are bad out there, really bad.  And not by accident, either.  Things are planned to be bad.  And that’s because history has on a major scale been planned.  Nothing happens by accident and that is, I guess why you call it the Matrix, Alan, that we’re all living according to a script that’s been written and laid down decades, maybe in some cases hundreds of years ago.  Another great clip from the movie, the Matrix of course, where, you know the idea is that you can take the blue pill or the red pill and wake up in your own bedroom and go back to sleep, essentially, and sleep through this nightmare.  Or, you can take the other pill and sort of realize, or see reality for what it is.  Would your life maybe have been a little easier if you had decided just to go back to sleep?  I mean, I’m guessing that you’ve paid a personal price, a personal cost for seeing the world the way that you do. 


Alan: There’s no doubt.  And even the people like me were foreseen by people like Bertrand Russell, who talked about this upcoming society, which he was part of working on.  He was up there in many of the big think tanks, and he was a British Lord.  And he wrote many, many books about it, The Impact of Science on Society, and various other ones, and he was a public figure on this.  He mentioned, he said that eventually we’ll find those who understand what’s happening, very young, and he says, we must try and recruit them into our service.  If we can’t recruit them into our service, and they know what’s happening, we must eliminate them.  That’s what he said in his book. 


Richard: Have you, is that why you live outside Sudbury?


Alan: That’s another reason, maybe.  But I found out even at school, they kept throwing various great things for your future, if you would take scholarships here or there in all the best schools and so on.  And it was evident then to me, that once you were in, the great halls, say, of Oxford, as they say themselves, that the centuries close in on you, and you suddenly become part of the granite stones.  It affects you that much.  And of course, once you’re well paid for it, and you’re in amongst an upper working elite, then you don’t go back.  I knew that very early on.


Richard: So did you sense at one point in your life that there was an attempt to co-opt you, perhaps recruit you?


Alan: Oh, I had them.  I had them very early on, scholarships and so on, and men coming up from London and quizzing me, etc, and trying to coax me along, but I wouldn’t go along with it.  I had a natural allergy to it.  So, I knew there was something up.  And I already was into the early books.  I was fascinated by these particular types of authors, that had put out these big books.  And I read the future.  They put the future right out there.  They even talked about the post-industrial era, how they’d start to scale down the industry in the States around about the 1970s.  They even mentioned, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in the 1938 meeting in Australia, that they’d eventually build China up to be the main manufacturer for the world.


Richard: Is that what the Bilderbergs mean when they talk about demand destruction?  Okay.  Listen, let’s take a quick timeout.  We’ve got news upcoming at the bottom of the hour.  Back on the other side.  Cutting Through the Matrix, with thinker, philosopher, researcher, Alan Watt.  Back with more on the Richard Syrett Show.  News Talk 1010, CFRB.


(Commercial Break)


Richard: Welcome back.  Alan Watt is with us.  The website, Cutting Through the Matrix, just like the movie, The Matrix.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com and all sorts of great information there.  Some audio, some video, and you can read some samples from his Cutting Through series of books, Volumes I, II, and II; we’ll tell you a little bit more about those as the evening progresses.  Alright, Alan, back to the script.  What sort of script do you think they were hammering out at the latest Bilderberg meeting down in Chantilly?  I mean, do you follow that?  Do you have sources inside or do you just pretty well connect the dots and do pattern recognition?  How does that work for you? 


Alan: Well, in the past, people really, the best they could do was to see who goes into the meetings, who’s called to the meetings.  And we’ve had presidents before, or up-and-coming presidents called in.  You always know that’s the one they’re going to pick, and the same with even governors, in the States.  That’s how Arnold Schwarzenegger really kicked in to be the governor.  He was invited to the meeting right before he became the governor.  So, it’s almost like they go in there to get the nod for their positions, and other top advisors in this world, because it is a world government, as far as the big boys are concerned, and that’s really what we have.  It’s an economic system, worldwide, bound together by trade, and it goes back to the days of Britain; Britain started up this whole idea of a Free Trade.  But it isn’t just Free Trade; along with acceptance of Free Trade, you must adopt the whole cultural system that goes with it.  What we’re seeing across the world is a standardization process, where the last of the few countries that have their own particular culture and ways of living, are being demolished basically, and rebuilt from start.  That’s what they’re doing in Iraq.  UNESCO was the first one in there, to start getting a young group of children, teach them this thing called democracy and commerce and trade and all the rest of it.


Richard: Wasn’t Huxley’s brother, Aldous Huxley’s brother in charge of UNESCO? 


Alan: He was the first one ever appointed to be the CEO of it.


Richard: Because Huxley, Aldous Huxley talked about towards, well I think he died, did he not die the same day that Kennedy was assassinated? 


Alan: Yes.


Richard: But I remember his speech, a recording of a speech, I’m not that old, a recording of a speech he made at a university somewhere in California, where he basically admitted, that Brave New World was not a piece of fiction, that obviously he had sources, like his brother, and that this was based on their actual, I say they, the elite’s actual plan for mankind.


Alan: Oh, absolutely, he talked about it quite openly.  Huxley, and some of the big players, even Bertrand Russell, and even George Orwell.  You see, even your culture creators that give you these books, even novels and so on, it’s been admitted now, declassified from Britain, that they worked for MI5 and 6 during the Cold War.  So even all those who were giving you ideas and things that can take you off into nether regions, they’re employed by the same system to give you predictive programming.  Most predictive programming comes through fiction.  Our censors are down, we get familiar with an idea that’s not here yet.  When it comes along, we accept it, because it seems kind of familiar to us.  And that’s how it’s done.  So, these guys were big players, and we know that Huxley worked with many of the big, big, think tanks.  He worked with Tavistock.  He talked about that in his Berkeley lecture.  He was fascinated.  You see, they all belong too, to another group, and this is another part of this elite structure.  It’s to do with eugenics.  And for a hundred years, our tax money has been funneled, not into curing different things, but into the whole area of eugenics, and when you go into who started up the eugenics movement, at least openly, it’s a horror show, because they literally were the same people who started up the census, the national census for the Western World, and they were funded again by big foundations, institutions, and government money too. 


Richard: That’s right.  A lot of people think that the racial hygiene laws came right out of Nazi Germany, but in fact, Hitler sent Ernst Rudin to the United States to learn about this.


Alan: Yes.  And we also had Cavendish that was set up by the Carnegie Foundation in the U.S. in the late 1800s, and he came up, he amalgamated with the AMA in the US and they came up with the first national census.  And he said, the public mustn’t know this, he said, for generations we’ll take the family histories, combine it with their school records, criminal records, and medical health records, to find out who are the fittest, and the ones, the inferior types that should be eliminated.  And this is the same ongoing project today.  They stopped sterilizing people in the U.S. because of these laws that they set up back then, only around 1970.  But they changed their name.  They’re now called Trans-Humanists. 


Richard: Yes, and then also, we still have Planned Parenthood, and the den mother of that, Margaret Sanger, was an avowed racist and a Nazi, and co-opted blacks from within the black community to sell these ideas, sterilization and things to the black community, because she hated them so. 


Alan: She did hate them. And again, she was an elitist.  She believed in inferior and superior types.  And this is a standard with the whole of the genetics movement, and the eugenicist movement, and the trans-humanist movement, is the eventual elimination of the sub-species, as they call them.  Those who are not fit to come through into another age in a post-industrial, post-technological society.  And interestingly, at that Bilderberger meeting, one of the top trans-humanists that was called in there is a professor, a lady professor from the States, and I knew darn well that is their agenda.  They’ve already talked openly about, and it’s been in national papers in fact, in some countries, and in some major science magazines, that the rush is on now to create a better type of human.  According to the trans-humanist websites, and these are in universities, they tell you that humanity as it is, right now, is an inferior type.  It’s not a completed species.  And therefore they’re going to perfect it by creating these new types, more efficient types of people.  I call them slaves, because that’s really what they’re talking about.  They’re going to eliminate the old man and bring in the new man, just along the same lines as Plato talked about 2,300 years ago, in his book called the Republic.  Only he was going to do it by inbreeding special types, for specific work.  This time they’re going to make specific designed, ideal designed people, for specific jobs, and that’s what the trans-humanists are all about. 


Richard: Alright, Alan Watt is with us here on the Richard Syrett Show, News Talk 1010, CFRB.  The website, once again, www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com. I really urge you to get on up to that site and check it out.  Some great information.  We’re happy to have him here tonight, giving us more of the same, and we’ll also open up the lines and invite some questions and comments for this very insightful, learned man.  416-872-1010. 416-872-1010.  Star Talk.  Star 8255. Toll free from out of town.  1-800-561-CFRB.


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Richard: Alan Watt is with us, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Do you ever feel like Howard Beale from Network, Alan, that you’re trying to wake people up, and they just won’t?


Alan: You do.  And I understand why.  Because culture, as I say, you’re born into it.  You’re born into a system.  It’s all you know.  And Huxley himself said that all mammals, mammals look towards the adults to warn it of danger.  If the adult doesn’t know, then the young will take everything for natural, to be natural.  And that’s how we are.  If your parents don’t know, and of course they don’t, they think we’ve all evolved up to this step through industry and technology and so on.  And that television is normal, and we sit and watch it for four or five hours a day.  All that kind of stuff, then I understand why people think that when you tell them this is coming to an end and there’s other plans in the works for us, how shocked they are.  They can’t imagine this ever stopping.  Even as they’re adapting to the changes every day or week or month, very quickly – we’re the most adaptable species on the planet – they still don’t want to think that their little system, which is not theirs at all, could possibly change drastically to their own detriment.


Richard: I feel sometimes that we have no natural instincts left.  We’ve been totally domesticated to the point.  And I don’t know if you buy into the idea that maybe the fluoride in the water has played a role in this, and that these secondary serotonin re-uptake inhibitor type drugs have played a role in this.


Alan: There’s so much happened to the public really that they have no idea about, going back to the early inoculations, even.  When you look at who gave us the polio vaccine, for one instance, the man, Salk, was a top eugenicist.  He truly believed in reducing the population drastically, and he belonged to the top societies.  He wrote papers on it, scientific papers for magazines, on that very subject.  And then he comes out as your hero, and we all get the shots.  And since then, we’ve seen the drastic increase in cancers of all kinds, debilitating diseases and so on.  And even the CBC had a documentary on Salk, old footage they showed a few years ago, and in it, they admitted they knew there were so many (they call them) simian viruses, live simian or monkey viruses in each shot.  And the simian-40 virus only had one purpose, and that causes cancer.  But they thought that the benefits outweighed the risks, they claimed.  I would go against that and say that actually that was the agenda, because they were talking about reducing the population from the days of Thomas Malthus, who was a top economist for the British East India Company, and worked for the British Crown.  This is nothing new with these characters.


Richard: It’s interesting how many eugenicists out there that we hold up as heroes, for example, the CBC had a vote a couple of years ago, the greatest Canadian, and who was number one?  The man who, you know, introduced universal healthcare, Tommy Douglas.  If you go to the University of Toronto Library, you can read all about his views on eugenics.  He was an avid supporter.  I mean, this is nothing to be lauded.  This is pure evil. 


Alan: It’s utterly evil, but they always give us our leaders.  They understand how we tick, and what we want, and what we’re going to ask for, and they supply the leaders, who become the champions, and we never suspect there’s another agenda on the go.  If you look at the Nazi philosophy, and Nazism wasn’t based simply in Germany, it was a philosophy, and an understanding of a particular science.  And again, it was wrapped in completely with eugenics.  They talked about creating the Super-Man.  Look at the Soviet system, that was another Socialist system, very much like Nazism, and they were working through science, again.  Both of them took their ideas from Darwin, and the theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, and they were working to create better types of humans, but really it was to serve a pre-existing system.  Better workers really is the term that should be used, rather than better human beings.  And as I say, when you go into all of the things they discussed at world meetings, from the early 1900s onwards, about how to reduce the population, you realize that they’ve actually been doing it.  The United Nations comes out every year, and tells us that the sperm count now is down 75% in the average Western male of what it was in 1950.  So, in that time, we’ve become 75% sterile, and there’s no comment made.  There’s no “my goodness, this is a crisis,” which you think it would be, and that very fact tells us that this is what’s supposed to happen.


Richard: Well, people have bought into this idea that humanity must take the suicide pill, because, you know, they see us as a virus.  I mean, Jacques Cousteau, again, another hero to many people, same thing.  I don’t know if he was a eugenicist, but he certainly...


Alan: He was, yeah.


Richard: ...Was on record saying, we need to get about, I think he said two-thirds of the people off this planet in a hurry.  Alan, stay put.  We’ll come back and talk some more.  Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, here on the Richard Syrett Show.  News Talk 1010, CFRB. 


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Richard: Alan Watt stays with us, past the top of the hour, into the next half hour.  In other words, he’ll be with us until eleven thirty.  And again, the website, www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com, talking about how history is planned, stage managed by the super elite, and our so-called political leaders are basically handed a script and they have to comply with that script, follow it to the letter.  I mentioned, obviously, JFK and RFK, and I think to a certain extent, Richard Nixon, I think by the early ’70s, perhaps the elite had lost not their stomach for assassination, but maybe they became a little more sophisticated.  Would you concur that Watergate was essentially a sort of a mild coup d’état?


Alan: It was.  And I think, even when I was very young watching all of that, you could see that Kissinger was running the show.  He was the real boss.  And they had to ridicule Nixon.  They said he was going crazy at times, or insane, even in the White House, all these kinds of rumors printed in the newspaper, so that he would lose credibility.


Richard: What do you think he did that ticked off the elite?  Where did he veer off the road? 


Alan: We’ll never really know.  So much stuff is still classified, and in Canada too, a lot of stuff is classified, and I don’t know if you know that when Gouzenko came over to defect from the Soviet embassy to Canada, and King didn’t want to bring him in.  He didn’t want to upset Russia.  He wanted the RCMP to pick him up or maybe the KGB, but eventually, he was picked up, by the Canadians, and gave them all this list of top civil servants that were working for Moscow, and all the names and the lists and so on, and what really happened, was classified for a while, and Pierre Trudeau reclassified it.  It was the last thing he signed before he left office, so we’re not to know, never to know what had really been going on.


Richard: Which of the so-called cabinet ministers were actually in the employ of the Kremlin.


Alan: That’s right.


Richard: Unbelievable.  Alright, Alan.  Stay with us.  News is next.  And if you’ve got a line, hold on to it.  I promise we’ll get to your calls, here on the Richard Syrett Show and News Talk 1010, CFRB. 


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Richard: Alright, we are back, with Alan Watt, the man responsible for cuttingthroughthematrix.com and his Cutting Through series of books, Volumes I, II, and III.  And really dedicated his life to exposing the secret societies that have stage-managed world events, and basically write the script by which we all live and our political leaders are expected to follow.  Let’s go to the phones and say hello to Clare in Scarborough.  Good evening, Clare. 


Clare: I thought there were going to be others before me.  I just want to say that I’ve been listening to your program, and I really appreciate all the people that you have brought on, I mean, to talk about the different political scenarios, and all of that.  I just want to say that there is one person, I know I’m going to sound like a religious kook again, but I just want to say, too, generally, that, I just want to say generally that all these people that are into the eugenics, and all the different Darwinists, and all of these other people, who think they’re going to take over the world, and kill off some people, and take it all for themselves, they have been really, seriously deceived.  I really feel sorry for them.  And I just want them to know that whichever one of them or listening, or whoever is delivering messages to them at some point, they have been thoroughly deceived and they will not win in this situation.  They are going out faster than they think.


Richard: Well, that’s a very positive viewpoint, Clare.  I know it’s informed by your Christian beliefs that obviously, you know the Second Coming, and the final battle between good and evil, and good will triumph.  Alan, did you want to respond to that?


Alan: I think too, people have to realize that there’s an old saying too, that God helps those who help themselves.  And I think the people have to very quickly wake up to the seriousness of the situation, because it’s up to us as well to start to demand to get our rights back.  We’re losing them at an incredible pace.  We’ve seen since 9/11, which was definitely premeditated, not by a bunch of people in Afghanistan, in fact Brzezinski talked about the need for something on a Pearl Harbor level to bring everybody behind, the public behind the government for war.  This war was to kick off a world war.  It’s a war on the public of the world.  That’s what it is.  To standardize the world into a new system.  And I get reports from all over the planet of what’s happening.  Even road searches in Britain, where they’re doing census taking at the side of the road with policemen, just when you’re driving along in your car.  Stuff like this.  This is incredible what’s happening, but it’s for a whole new system, and it’s not going to be pleasant.  Now, you have cartels running the world.  They own the food supply.  Five major agri-businesses own the whole food supply.  You have a cartel that owns the oil supply.  Everything that you need for personal survival is owned by a handful of major international cartels.  And they’re all working together to create crisis at this particular time, worldwide.  And we have to realize that those in the cities, more than anyone else probably, are completely dependent on this system, which these big boys own.  They own the system.  Everything that comes to you, everything that comes to your table, is brought in by them. 


Richard: Alan, what leads you to believe that these super-rich elites would listen to some sort of, you know, public outcry?  I mean, short of taking these things back at the, you know, with a gun, how do we fight back?


Alan: I think people individually, even when they’re being accosted by all the new regulations, by officialdom and so on, have to start reminding these officials that they are public servants and they serve the public.


Richard: Okay, so we throw them out, and then it’s the old Who song, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss." They’re getting the marching orders.  It doesn’t matter, liberal, conservative, NDP, they’re all controlled by the what?  The Rockefellers?


Alan: They get the same backers, financial and otherwise.


Richard: So, what good does it do to vote them out of office?


Alan: It’s not a matter of voting them out.  I think every individual has to start taking back their rights.  It’s not a matter of looking for a hero that’s going to do it all for you.  That’s where we’ve been misled, in fact.  We’ve given up our rights through this thing called democracy, that leaders come along and we can go and play while they’ll take care of all the big problems.  We’ve all been fooled.  And of course, again, we find that Huxley and others said they’d bring this system in, an ego-syntonic society that will play, and they’ll be taught gradually that their betters, those above them, are doing all the major work.  Don’t worry your pretty little heads about it, just go off and play.  We’ve swallowed that.  That was called the socialization, which is domestication, process.  And we’ve got to start taking it back quickly, because these guys mean business, and they’re in a hurry now, as you can see.  And the Department of Defence for NATO, the main, major one in Britain, has published its findings and its scenarios for the next thirty years.  And they say that starting around now, or 2010, there’s going to be escalating riots, worldwide and they’re prepared to even use neutron bombs on small-scale segments of the population to deal with it.  But that’s all they see.  They don’t tell us why the riots are going to happen, but look around you.  Your gasoline is to go through the roof.  Your food is going up.  Everything that’s transported is going up incredibly in price.  They’re creating a worldwide crisis scenario, so that we will beg them to help us, and they’ll come in with the new system of rations, and do as you’re told and all the rest of it.


Richard: Global currency.  Cashless society.


Alan: It’s not even to be a normal currency.  Bertrand Russell said that eventually the government shall issue credits to every citizen.  And you’ll get the same amount of credits every Monday.  You must use them up at the end of the week, because you can’t save them up.  It will go back to zero on the Saturday or the Sunday or whenever.  And if you are bucking the system and not complying, they’ll withhold your credits and you won’t be able to pay your rent or buy your food, or whatever.  It will be used as a form of social punishment.  You see, we’re looked upon as animals in a very Pavlovian sense.  These guys really believe in Pavlov’s techniques, which were used extensively in the Soviet Union.  And the Soviet system is now blended with the West.  In fact, we’ve brought so many of the top Soviets over to help run this system, even the head of Homeland Security was brought over from the Soviet system.


Richard: Primakov.  Yeah, when he came he said he congratulated, I guess, I’m not sure who he was addressing, but he basically said, you know, it took Stalin and his system of gulags years and years and years to accomplish what you’ve done through the mainstream media.


Alan: That’s correct.  And that also was predicted by Theodor Adorno, that came over from the Frankfurt School.  Lots of them came over from Germany to live in the United States and work there, and they looked at the whole culture of the United States, and they said that what runs the United States is the media and the entertainment industry.  And that’s where the whole culture took off from, fashion, music, everything, via the electronic media.


Richard: Alright.  Tons of KGB, former KGB living around Arlington, Virginia.  People may be not aware of that.  Listen.  We’ll take another quick time out and get to some more calls, for the man, Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, the Richard Syrett Show, News Talk 1010, CFRB.


(Commercial Break)


Richard: Always in a rush against time, it’s a conspiracy.  John is in North York.  You’re on the line with Alan Watt.  Go ahead.


John: Hi, yes.  I was wondering, is there some kind of maybe a dynamic here to belittle and to devalue men, and where would the feminist movement tie into the theory here of this New World Order.  Is that a tool that is being used by this upper establishment, to strip men of their rights, whether it’s in the legal systems or in....


Richard: Good question, John.  Alan?


Alan: Yeah.  A long time ago, to do with this particular agenda, and Huxley, again, and Bertrand Russell, and many, many more, talked about this.  H.G. Wells, who was recruited and trained by Sir Thomas Huxley, who was the grandfather of all the other Huxleys, they all said the same thing as the Communists did, which was no coincidence by the way, because they worked together.  They said they had to destroy the family unit.  The family unit was the last vestige of tribalism, and government could never be supreme until no one stood up for the individual.  There would be no one around you to stand up for you.  So you’d isolate every member of society.  The government could talk right down to you, like George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four predicted and portrayed.  So, they would target the females mainly, because they were breeding, and through science, they knew, they worked fervently to get the birth control pill through to reduce population, then to separate men from women, get them both in the workplace, and they knew that through promiscuity, if it was taught and promoted at an early age, mainly through media, and we’ve got the pop culture to kick it off, that the more partners that they had, very young, the less chances they could possibly bond together for life.  So that was actually predicted, well written about at the top think tanks, and published in their own books.  So, they targeted the female.  And now, if you notice, the female is going to go out of business eventually, because now they’re working on creating synthetic wombs, where they will no longer need the women at all.  So they’ll put them out of business.  This is all planned, and Huxley talked about this back in the 1950s.


Richard: Alright, and of course we know now, that the den mothers of the modern feminist movement, Gloria Steinem, was CIA.  That’s been proven.  And Ms. Magazine, which she was the editor of, was created by the CIA. Betty Friedan of course, we know her past.  She was on record as comparing being a homemaker and a mother as being in a concentration camp.  Alright, Glen, last question to you on News Talk 1010. 


Glen: Hi, thanks for having Alan Watt on.  I was just wondering, for me, 9/11 was the gateway to learn all these things, although I’ve studied comparative religions and the New Age.  Do you think it was a gateway for you?  And what kind of impact do you think we’re having in the world?


Richard: 9/11, was that your, well obviously it happened a lot further before that, Alan, for you, before 9/11.  For a lot of people though it was 9/11.


Alan: Yes.  The big statement came from George Bush Sr. on September the 11th, 1990, when he first declared a New World Order coming into view.  He repeated it one year later, in a few speeches on the same day, on September the 11th, 1991.  And then Bingo, September the 11th, 2001, it kicks off the whole war for the world.  So this was their little inside jokes that they had.  And that’s how they communicate to each other too.  They say these strange phrases, they give them out, but they don’t explain exactly what they mean.  But those in the know do understand it.  We find the same thing with a big player in predictive programming, who was given a Nobel prize, and that was Arthur C Clarke, who wrote 2001: The Space Odyssey, which really had nothing to do with space.  It was an allegory of high induction into what is awfully called the Illuminati in this day and age.  But, supposedly in 2001, it was to kick off a whole new system on Earth.  And 2010, which happens to be the year where the Americas are completed, the final signatory goes on it, then you find again, this new system is complete.  He wrote his last novel, 3001, and then the vast majority of the old man, the old types, the inferior species are dead, they’re gone, long gone, and only this elite, the superior type, high genetic types, high IQs, are living very high on the hog, with a big wide world to play in. 


Richard: Like immortal gods.  Alright, Alan, I truly believe that the work that you’re doing and the information that you impart is so important, especially in these times, almost to the point where nothing else matters now.  I’m not sure where we are in this script, whether we’re in the final act, or the epilogue, but we’ll talk again, hopefully soon, and just continue to try and wake people up from their strange slumber. 


Alan: It will be a pleasure being on. 


Richard: Cuttingthroughthematrix.com and check out, you can read some samples from his series, Cutting Through Books, volumes I, II, and III.  Alan, again, a pleasure. 


Alan: It’s a pleasure for me too. 


Richard: Alright.


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