November 14th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Richard Syrett Show

(Broadcast Live on CFRB 1010 AM Toronto, Canada)
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Richard Syrett: Here is your program for Friday, November the 14th.  Last night we began this show discussing the economic tsunami many people feel is headed this way, or perhaps even lapping up on our shores as we speak, the D-word.  Two D-words, Depression/Deflation.  Very ominous clouds on the horizon.  I don't need to tell you that, although we're going to spend more time talking about it.  It's unavoidable.  One of my callers last night suggested that perhaps this current economic crisis has been engineered.  It's not the first time we've heard that.  We've discussed it before on the show.  But what a perfect opportunity to welcome back to this program, one of the leading researchers in the conspiratorial view of history.  He's a long-time researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development.  His background is that of a Renaissance man with a background in three professions.  He has published various books on religion, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms.  He has three books available in the spiral bound paper format, an intertwined trilogy showing much of the esoteric control governing both ancient and modern man, Cutting Through I: The Androgynous Agenda, Cutting Through 2: A Glimpse into the Great Work, and Cutting Through 3: Esoteric Unveiled and the Meaning of Revelations in the High Masonic Tradition.  He is also, of course, the man behind the website, Cutting Through the Matrix.  What a privilege and a pleasure to welcome back to News Talk 1010 CFRB, Mr. Alan Watt.  Hello, Alan.


Alan Watt: It's a pleasure to be back on again. 


Richard: Well, let's just dive right in, shall we.  Do you think it's possible that this economic crisis, depression, deep recession, whatever you want to call it, has been engineered by the illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, the super elite, the unelected oligarchs?


Alan: There's no doubt it's engineered.  In fact, the system we were running on for the last fifty, sixty years was engineered as well, from the Bretton Woods Agreement, during World War II, where the whole banking system internationally was revamped, and the gold standard was completely, pretty well eradicated, except for a small amount of fractional reserve banking.  And John Maynard Keynes, who was one of the top international Socialists of his day, Socialism again from their standpoint has a different meaning from that which the public perceive it.  He was a top believer in reduction of population to suit economies.  That's how you eradicate poverty.  You get rid of the poor.  But Keynes himself said, this is Part I, of a revamped worldwide banking system.  He said, we shall not see the final outcome in our lifetimes, but the next generation will, when they bring in the next part of it.  Well, this is time you see, for the next part to come in.  And, sure enough, right off the bat, we find that Prime Minister Brown in Britain is giving speeches about a new international economic order.  We find that Sarkozy in France giving a talk at the EU Summit, using the same terminologies as Brown used in his speech with a New World Order in fact in it.  His talk is up on youtube.  It's in French, but it's very interesting.  He gives all the same buzzwords as Brown.  And how the International Monetary Fund must take over and be given revamped powers to work in conjunction with the World Bank, and so on.  And not only that, what you're going to find with the new economic system, government now is coming into the banking system, which means that the government will have direct access and authority over everybody's bank account.  That's the final goal, as this eventually unravels into the predetermined plan.


Now, long ago in Keynes’ time, they wanted to control society, and the best means to control society was to control each individual through their money.  Bertrand Russell talked about it.  He said, eventually the time will come where the government will issue credits to every individual, and that will be used as a form of social control.  You will not be able to save them up.  You'll start at the same amount every Monday, and they must be all gone by Friday.  And that way, everyone at the bottom basically will be equal.  Also it will be used as punishment if you didn't go along with the new social order.  Well, money is just a form of getting the public to go along and work in this system, to actually be taxed as well.  You either have slaves or you bring in money and you tax them.  And with the tax money you control them because you create the powerful institutions and police and court systems, military, above the people to control them.  You can't do it without money.  The other way, as I say, is to hire a gang, keep them very happy with drugs and booze, and women, and make them overlords.  It's much, much easier to use money and tax the people.  Now taxation itself is just a form of slavery. 


Richard: Or cause perpetual wars and draft them, draft the undesirables.


Alan: Yes, that too.  There's no doubt, it all combines together, and people thousands of years ago discussed this in Ancient Greece, this whole system of money and debt, taxation, and compound interest even.  So, we've been living in a system that's been here for an awful long time, but now they're simply moving it into what they call sustainable development.  It's the buzzword or the slogan that's used through all the United Nations meetings, the EU meetings, the Canadian leadership’s meetings and so on.


Richard: Alan, stay with us.  Alan Watt from Cutting Through the Matrix is with us on News Talk 1010 CFRB.  Is the current economic crisis engineered by the illuminati, or the secret elite, unelected oligarchs, if you prefer?  Get on board, questions and comments.  Alan with us for, well, the next hour plus.  416-872-1010.  Star Talk.  Star 8255.  And toll-free here on the Richard Syrett show, 1-800-561-CFRB. 


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Richard: Alan Watt is with us.  Did the illuminati engineer this economic crisis?  Alan, before I ask you how they may have done this, and obviously we're entering into the world of speculation, but let's find out exactly why they're doing it in this way.  If the end game here is total control.  They want control over our bank accounts.  They want to basically keep everyone down at the same level.  We'd all be the proletariat, except for the few at the top, who would have and control all the resources.  Why would they go about it in this way?  Collapse the housing market, create these ridiculous derivatives that are based on some formula most people don't even understand, certainly myself included.  Probably most of the bankers as well, in order to create this bubble and then burst the bubble.  Why would they do that?


Alan: Because it does show that the whole thing is just that.  It's a bubble.  It's a complete fantasy, and of course it's easy to blame simple corruption and greed as the driving force behind it.  That's what the public will eventually believe.  But when you look at the whole system of the stock market, we know that the United States for instance, the government has been dumping money into it, each time the big companies start to fall in shares.  So they've kept it artificially high for twenty-odd years.  Why did they pick this time to say no more?  And we find that the treasurer, or the man in charge of the treasury actually said that, that he was not going to dump money in this time.  Now they could have technically kept this going for another twenty-odd years.  It was based on a complete abstract nonsense to begin with.  So, why now?  Well, now is the time.  They've put in the structure now for complete Total Information Network, meaning every human on the planet is to be monitored 24 hours a day.  All data collection.  They've given themselves the rights under the anti-terrorism.  Now it's a step to go into your bank account and bring out a very old plan that literally is the Third Way.  It's the mixture of capitalism and communism.  This is the Third Way that Alvin Toffler talked about in his book.  So they're merging the two systems together.  And I've been going through some of the speeches given by big institutes at the United Nations, and at the Economic Union, the Parliament, such as the Club of Rome.  And right in their mandate there, they mention that they have the same mandate as the United Nations, with the redistribution of wealth.  Now, that's right out of the Communist Manifesto.  And these are the boys at the top that are bringing in this new globalist, fair society. 


So, you're quite right.  It's been on the go for a long time.  It was planned a long time ago.  And when we look at Communism itself, it did not originate in Europe somewhere.  It originated actually in London.  And it was the dialectical technique to create an opposition, which brought together dozens of smaller countries with different cultures and systems of government, under the Soviet empire.  It was the fastest way to consolidate them all, standardize them all, and just like Lenin said, after 70 years, that system of the dictatorship would fade away, and they'd blend with the West.  That has now happened.  The two systems come together.  And we're going under a system born in London a long time ago, with the dream of building a world empire on the British system.  It's also mentioned by Professor Carroll Quigley, in his book, the Anglo-American Establishment.  And he was the historian for the American Branch of this particular organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, that was working towards this global world empire.  So, we're simply going through a stage of development in a well laid out plan that was decided and basically formatted long before we were even born. 


Richard: Alright, we've got news awaiting at the bottom of the hour.  Alan, stay with us.  Back on the other side.  More of our conversation on the engineering of the current economic crisis.  Get on board.  Questions and comments for Alan Watt.  416-872-1010.  Star Talk.  Star8255.  Toll-free from out of town here on the Richard Syrett show.  1-800-561-CFRB. 


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Richard: Alan Watt is a long-time researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development, and we are certainly in the midst of a major change, in our development.  We could be on the precipice of a depression, certainly a prolonged recession.  Alan, you talked about government control over our bank accounts.  So, it sounds like we were moving to some sort of a cashless society and we would I guess have X number of units deposited into our accounts each week or each month.  We couldn't save them.  They'd have to be used up, allotted portion for food, mortgage, etc, etc.  How is that, how is that going to happen?  Do you also, do you have a time frame for that?  When is this cashless society, if in fact that's what they have in mind, going to come about?


Alan: They'll phase it in over the next ten years or so.  And what we have to do is tie this in with so many other reports that have been made available to the public, such as the department of defence for Britain and NATO, all NATO countries.  Their top think tank published a report for the scenario for the next thirty years and what they saw starting around 2010, 2012, was escalating crisis across the planet, to do with food resources and so on, and riots literally in all Western countries.  And then they went into all the methods that they'll use to deal with the riots in the western hemisphere, including, if it gets bad enough, they'd even use small neutron bombs on flash mobs they call them, that will spontaneously arise because of cues for food and all.  So when you tie this together with the sustainable development policies, that's all we hear today is sustainable development coming from all the big institutions and the United Nations and top politicians, who are all tied together through treaties into sustainable development, you can see that something is happening.  We're going for a big, big change, on how economy and society is governed.  They're calling it governance now.  A global governance. 


Richard: With the Feds stateside, pumping 700 billion dollars, now they've changed the centerpiece of that bailout.  Originally it was going to buy failed mortgage securities, and now it's going to be used for other things.  I'm not sure, maybe to prop up the auto industry, etc, etc.  But at what level, I guess what I'm looking for is a glimpse into the structure of this, these elites, or if we call it the New World Order, the illuminati, where the sort of the buck stops.  For example, does Paulson get his marching orders from above?  Is he reacting to the situation, or is he just following a script, when he's pumping that 700 billion in, in a last-ditch effort to try and you know, right this ship?


Alan: No, he's following orders.  In fact, they admitted themselves and I read the report in fact on one of the shows, from Paulson's secretary, who said they just picked the 700 billion dollar figure out of thin air.  They didn't have any statistics to go by.  So they picked that number.  As I say, it's pre-planned.  And really the import is to get through to the public that we, all of society must change its ways.  And the ways that we have to change into have already been planned for us.  Now we're supposed to sit back and allow ourselves to be guided slowly through the massive changes which will occur over a span of years. 


Richard: And with the cashless society, does that also mean within the same time frame, because you mentioned about ten years, the dissolution of the nation-state?


Alan: Oh, there's no doubt on that.  I don't know if you even read Brown's speech to the City of London, yesterday.  It was full of internationalism, interdependence, this term that Manley P. Hall, the high Freemason, first used in the 1930s, when he said we'll bring in a world of interdependence.  Everyone locked together economically, financially, and so on.  That was echoed again by Brown in his speech.  We find as I say Sarkozy used it in his speech at the EU a few weeks ago.  So, this is one agenda.  When they're all using the same terminology, the same slogans, basically, then you know they're all part of the same internationalist group.  Brown even said that he, he says, I am an internationalist.  Something that no Prime Minister would dare to have said before. 


Richard: Alan Watt is with us, Cutting Through the Matrix, here on News Talk 1010, CFRB.  Barack Obama, is he essentially the suit to front this?  I mean they chose him over a Conservative, because why?  The illuminati fear that the American public was growing weary of these austerity measures coming from the right, so they said, well, let's try it coming from a fresh-faced charismatic kid from the Left? 


Alan: Yes, because in democracy we don't vote new people in, we vote the last bunch out, we're so sick of them.  And everyone has watched this Totalitarianism creep up to us with all the different measures they’ve taken, with security and government in everyone's pocket, in your window in fact, and your computers.  So the machinery was set up by the last bunch.  This one comes over, we don't have any Revolutions over it.  We don't demand we go back to having rights and freedoms anymore.  This fresh one will get four years, five years, and put forth his part of the same agenda, and bring Socialism more closer to home, basically, for the American people.  You see, America has been Socializing the World.  They've been spearheading this term called democracy.  They've been funding it through the United Nations and manpower for the United Nations, as we witness, as they standardize the whole world into the one system by force.  And now it's time to bring the American people down into the very system which the US has created and it will start to lose its superior position.  China is slated to become the policeman of the world in maybe fifteen to twenty years.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British side of the Council on Foreign Relations, they've already stated that in their own publications.


Richard: If we look at China today, and the way that people there are ruled, governed, is that the model for the New World Order?


Alan: That is the model, and when Kofi Annan was in, he said that openly, that China is the model state for the world to be run on.  Now, when you look at the system of China, it supposedly started off as Communist, and it still proclaims it is a Communist system, a regime.  The public obey government.  And they have now entwined it with the capitalist system, the complete merging of the two, the Third Way, again, as Alvin Toffler called it.  But government has more control in the personal lives of people in China, especially to do with population reduction, one child per family, all of this kind of stuff.  The same things that are now to be adopted by the Western countries, through law and legislation.  We've had people in Australia come out, the Prime Minister came out, and they're forcing that through in Australia now, and fining couples who have more than one child per family. 


Richard: Alan, stay with us.  Another quick time out.  Back with more of the Richard Syrett Show.  News Talk 1010 CFRB.


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Richard: Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix with us.  Alan, do you see martial law coming to the United States during Barack Obama's tenure?


Alan: Yes, I do.  The machinery was set up by the Bush administration.  They don't go to these lengths to set up that kind of machinery.  The police are thoroughly militarized.  And in Canada it's becoming the same way too, the same in Britain and elsewhere under the guise of terrorism.  And really, 2001 was the year they kicked it all off.  They needed the tower incident to start the whole ball rolling.  And they did say that this would be the New American Century that would blend into the next, as we say, the Chinese will take over.  It's to get a whole New World Order to come out of it, something that they've dreamed about for a long, long time.  Winston Churchill talked about it.  Previous prime ministers in Britain talked about it, a world order based on the British or London system, really.  Which is very old, going back to the days of Francis Bacon, when he coined the term the British Empire for the first time.  And even Free Trade was mentioned in the 1500s, and most favored nation status would be given to those who joined in the 1500s.  So, we're going through a very, very old agenda.  Most people cannot believe that people can set agendas and never see it fulfilled and completed in their lifetime.  But, again, Professor Carroll Quigley mentioned that big foundations and institutions are intergenerational.  They can keep the same mandate going for centuries, if need be, and that's exactly how the world is run.  Big institutions run the non-governmental organizations of the world.  The Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie foundations in the States sponsor about 1,000 NGO groups that then lobby government for laws to be passed.  In other words, they're the front arm for these big foundations.  The foundations circumvented democracy.  And it was never ever intended that the general public would truly have real democracy by those who ruled in the 1700 and 1800s.  So they gave us this form of democracy.  They choose the ones, the candidates which we eventually vote for.  They're all vetted beforehand, and the agenda steamrolls forward.  Now this system of the merger between the Capitalist and Communist system was advocated again by one of the biggest think tanks, the Club of Rome.  It's called the premier think tank for the UN and so on.  And they said that they looked at all the systems of the world for Social Control, and they favored most strongly the Communistic or Collectivist system to run the people.  And this is what they've adopted, and this is the one now they're bringing in for social control across the whole planet. 


Richard: Let me throw this out there, and it might sound really out there.  But I'm thinking that if this sort of thing was going on, and I guess it was to some extent, but let's say a hundred, a hundred and fifty years ago, the mindset of the American people, you know, the Second Amendment and all that, I would think that they would have, if they were conscious of what was going on, risen up on mass and we would have had a revolution.  So, I'm wondering why it isn't happening now, and I'm wondering if things like Prozac in the water supply, even fluoride in the water supply might have something to do with that.


Alan: It's more than even that.  There's definitely the connection with fluoride.  Germany used it on the countries that it invaded, because it did make people more placid.  We find that fluoride is just the byproduct of aluminum waste.  And the Bronfmans were heavily involved in that for lobbying to have their waste put into the food supply or the drinking water.  And the inoculations were discussed heavily back in the 40s and 50s at the United Nations to do with ways of basically eradicating aggressiveness in humans to make them more easily managed.  So, many methods have been used to bring the people down and make them socialized, as they like to term it, but really, I call it domesticated.  I've read reports recently, which have been out on the CBC in Canada, on The Disappearing Male.  Men literally are almost infertile.  And that's no accident, because they've known this for fifty years.  Why is it suddenly now coming out into the public?  The reason being, is that now the public and groups within the public are noticing it, so they have to come forth and own up to this.  But of course, we'll be left thinking it's just one big mess that happened unforeseen by the chemical companies.


Richard: See Cutting Through I, the Androgynous Agenda.  Listen, Alan, we've got to take a quick timeout.  Back with more of our conversation.  Did the illuminati, or are the illuminati engineering this current economic crisis?  Back with more of the Richard Syrett show, on News Talk 1010, CFRB.


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Richard: Top of the hour quickly approaching.  Alan Watt will stay with us until the bottom of the next hour, so eleven thirty.  And we are discussing the illuminati or the unelected oligarchs, the elites who rule the world and whether or not they've orchestrated this economic crisis that we are now in.  Further to the idea of martial law and the dissolution of the nation-state, Alan, back in February, under little fanfare, the US Defense Department and the Canadian Department of Defence, I believe they were down in Colorado, signed some joint agreement, without a parliamentary, without a parliamentary vote or any Congressional Hearings, or anything like that, that would allow the United States army to cross our border, and vice versa, the Canadian Army to cross the United States border, in the event of some natural disaster or, I believe also included in this omnibus type agreement, was any sort of civil unrest.  Obviously they had something in mind.  Do you see a scenario in which the US forces are going to be pouring across our border at some point, some time soon? 


Alan: There's no doubt.  It is set up.  They never set up these scenarios without using them.  That's one thing about the military.  It's the same with weaponry, if they create it they use it.  And when you see the organization that went into and negotiations too, behind the scenes with bureaucracies meeting and so on, that takes a lot of time and paperwork and further debates, then, this was set up itself a long time ago.  When we get little snippets given to the public, that's the end of the matter.  It was done a long time ago in reality.  And we saw the same scenario happening with the European Union, where they were merging the armies together, and they can now have this rapid response force they call them, which they can move across to any country in Europe.  And it's a mixture of all troops, it's the same thing for the Americas, for the Unification of the Americas.  And that snuck out too, during 2005, when they called it Fortress America.  They admitted they're now amalgamating the economy and taxation system of Canada and the US.  And it went so far as to say that bureaucrats even in Ottawa can apply for equivalent positions in Washington D.C. and vice versa.  So we're already integrated.


Richard: So this means that North American Union has already happened, and it's too late.


Alan: Yes, it has already happened, yeah.


Richard: Alright.  News awaits here.  Stay with us, Alan.  Back with more of the Richard Syrett Show, on News Talk 1010 CFRB.


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Richard: Right now, Alan Watt stays with us, until the bottom of the hour.  The website, and there you'll find all sorts of free downloads, podcasts, videos, and books as well.  You can order his three spiral bound paper format books, the Cutting Through series, I, II, & III.  Alan, let's talk a little bit about the structure of the illuminati, if that's even possible.  I have been told by a gentleman who claimed to have been a former illuminati, a foot soldier, because normally, my understanding is that you are born into this ancient bloodline, this secret group, occult if you will.  But he was invited to join, as a mere foot soldier, but he described the structure this way.  Above the, I don't know, thousands of foot soldiers that we may find working at you know school boards and inside churches and various organizations, you mentioned the NGOs, around the world, above them, we have the Committee of 300, and above the Committee of 300, we have a group known simply as the Unknown 9, and above the Unknown 9, there is an even more secretive elite group called The 7, and above the 7 is Lucifer himself.  How do you see the structure of the illuminati?  Does any of that make sense to you? 


Alan: I don't think it's as really so occult as that, to be honest with you.  You can find the term in the Oxford Dictionary, illuminati, breaking out around the 14th and 15th Century.  And it definitely came out with a Freemasonic group, the Rosicrucians, who openly across Paris put pamphlets up with their whole policy for the future.  And they basically plastered Paris with their mandates.  And out of that came what we call Freemasonry.  Freemasonry is The Religion of the World in all power structures.  You must join it to get up the ladder.  It's all through society.  In Scotland and England, you're openly advised at university to join it if you want to succeed in life.  Same in politics.  We find that in the real secret societies that are simply your covert agencies, like MI6, MI5, Peter Wright, Peter Wright who was a member of that group, who wrote Spy Catcher.  He was up in court on the orders of Margaret Thatcher for Treason.  He said in his own book, that you had to join Freemasonry to get into MI5 and MI6.  So it's the same with the CIA and CSIS in Canada, etc.  That's how the world is controlled.  It's through an organization which is controlled from Royalty at the top.  It has what appears to be opposing branches that are all connected, working as the dialect.  They have the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  Albert Pike became the Grand Master of that.  He did not start it.  It came out of French Freemasonry, which in turn was given a charter by English Freemasonry.  So, England, or London is the home of Freemasonry.  The Duke of Kent is traditionally the Grand Master of the whole York Rite.  So, Freemasonry, as I say, every little town and village has its little lodge.  Everyone on the Councils, male and female, belongs to one of the branches of Freemasonry in their town, and that's how the world is run.  They are internationalists.  They swear allegiance to an international brotherhood, and they have worked tirelessly for centuries to bring in this system, but it’s not for the ordinary working people.  I know people who have left Freemasonry, when they found out it was not for the working man at all.  They were all being fooled, but it's been a great tool to get everyone on board, on the same track towards a global society.  Those who get up the degrees start to catch on that there's a lot of self-interest involved.  There's a lot of graft involved, and they're allowed to graft from the profane, the public below them.  A lot of corruption, but they see that as their right.  They don't have much respect for the ordinary people. 


Richard: And we're not talking about, we should be clear, the run-of-the-mill members of the Freemasons or the Shriners, the people that raise money for burn units in hospitals.  We're talking about a secret element within that fraternity, correct?


Alan: Yes, and even then the charities really are fronts for them.  The greatest disguise you can have is to have a charitable front.  I have some of the top Freemasonic books here, where they admit that very little of their income goes to charity.  But it gives them good public perception, and it gives them a good cover for their Great Work.  The Great Work, remember, is to bring in a New World system and rebuild everything that was left imperfect, including man himself.  So, you have top lawyers, geneticists, working in this field too.  So, that is the religion that really runs the world.  It's used by those who hold money and power already in the world.  As I say, royalty, the elite, and they've had this goal in mind for a long time.  They brought on two World Wars to help bring in the United Nations.  And the United Nations is now to be set up as the world governmental power.  It will be a front for the elite, but it will be given more teeth now, and it has been running.  People don't realize, during the whole Cold War, NATO, that was supposed to be set up to oppose the Communist group, they had an opponent in Communism set up there, it ran through the United Nations.  The United Nations also had the charter for the Communist group.  So the United Nations ran both sides of the Cold War.


Richard: Well, certainly if we look at the police action on the Korean peninsula, the Russians were, you know, leading the campaign in the North, and the Russian in charge was sitting in the United Nations, and of course, it was a United Nations police action, so the United Nations was running both the North and the South side of the peninsula.  And I don't understand how that escapes people.


Alan: It has never been explained to the public.  And in fact, it's in its mandate, its charter, that the director of security forces for the United Nations would always be a member of the Soviet Bloc.


Richard: Alright, another quick timeout and come back.  A few more questions for the great Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, the Richard Syrett Show.  News Talk 1010 CFRB.


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Richard: Closing moments with Alan Watt.  Alan, this is a pretty bleak picture we're painting here.  We're talking, if I understand the implications in the foreseeable future, a return to feudalism, the massive depopulation of the planet.  Probably the re-wilding of vast portions of for example the United States, here in Canada, where the remaining population will be herded into several large centers, and as you say, observed and tracked 24 hours a day.  How do we wake up from this nightmare, or is it already too late?  I mean, would it take a revolution?


Alan: It probably would.  And even then you'd have to have an organized revolution, rather than a riot.  Agenda 21 at the United Nations, the Agenda for the 21st Century, has pretty well all of that that you talked about there, with the re-wilding, the Habitat areas for humanity, no private property will be allowed, eventually. You'll have no private transportation.  That's to be outlawed too.  So the whole agenda has been already formatted for the public, years ago, and it's now being implemented, step by step.  But to the public, it must be seen to be simply spontaneous reactions and decision making to spontaneous problems that are just arising.


Richard: Like climate change.


Alan: Yes, just like that too.  Yeah.


Richard: So, again, how do we, how do we get out from under this, if at all possible?  Because if there's a revolution for example, what, I mean the odds are that the elite would subvert that.  They would fund it, they would control it somehow.  We'd think we would be revolting but we wouldn't.


Alan: That is correct.  And not only that.  With the build-up and the militarization of police, within Canada too, they've already set up the mechanisms to deal with all of that, which they do see coming, down the road. 


Richard: So, any glimmer of hope here? 


Alan: The people would have to literally want, want to get back rights.  They would have to want independence, personal independence, too, and privacy, and they must be indignant.  If they don't have any of that, then it means the elite have succeeded.  They have literally bioengineered our self-preservation abilities out of us.  That's something they talked about years ago doing, through chemical means, the food process, etc.  Perhaps it's happened.  I don't know yet if it's too late.


Richard: Well, let's hope not.  Alan, always insightful, and you bring such an amazing wealth of knowledge.  We appreciate your generosity of time, and I look forward to speaking with you again, down the road, while there's still time.


Alan: Yes, it's been a pleasure, Richard. 


Richard: Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Back with more of the Richard Syrett Show, News Talk 1010 CFRB.


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"Waiting for the Miracle....."
Also available in Spanish or Portuguese translation: "Esperando el Milagro....." (Español) & "Esperando um Milagre....." (Português)


Ancient Religions and History MP3 CDs:
Part 1 (1998) and Part 2 (1998-2000)


Blurbs and 'Cutting Through the Matrix' Shows on MP3 CDs (Up to 50 Hours per Disc)


"Reality Check Part 1"   &   "Reality Check Part 2 - Wisdom, Esoterica and ...TIME"