February 24th, 2008
Alan Watt as Guest on
Feet to the Fire with James Arthur Jancik


And now, live from Chicago, hereís the Black Knight of talk radio, James Arthur Jancik. 


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James: Our next guest Alan Watt, he has been here several times.  He is a researcher, historian, and teacher.  He is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind the major changes in historical development.  Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the UK covertly into the European amalgamation.  Heís been warning the North American people for some time now, that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.  With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead people, like sheep into the next pasture.  Learn the science of religion-creation domination. Rather than simply stating current events details, Alan attempts to deprogram the listener and the reader of his works.  He has authored three books and has made available CDs and DVDs on his website, which is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And welcome back to Feet to the Fire, Alan.  Weíve had requests time and time to come back, because you have a very clear, not only are you prepared with a clean understanding of history, but you are able to kind of peer through the muck and call it like it is.  And we are living in a time of flux and muck.  What are some of the things that are on your mind, at this current moment of whatís happening in the world?


Alan: Itís almost like dťjŗ vu when you understand how the past occurred, and how populations were guided through major changes, and you see the same techniques being brought forth today, only with more sciences behind them, and more communications to propagate it to the public.  And you watch whatís happening to the public.  Theyíre behaving exactly as you expected them to behave, and yet, weíre going through the greatest changes probably weíve had for thousands of years, as they move us into the complete electronically controlled society, which will eventually mean that you have no privacy whatsoever.  Folk are already adapting to it very quickly.  And the next step of course, is no secret.  Theyíre talking about chipping people and ultimately merging you with a sort of cyborg type creature.  That will be a new type of human.  This is what they used to call the Great Leap forward.  This is a little sort of covert way they used to phrase it amongst themselves at the top.  They knew themselves that anything to do with evolution would have to be manmade, but they seem to know a long time ago that through the sciences they could make it happen and bring it forth.  And of course, with the proper shepherding, the sheep will go right through to the next pasture without even noticing how it happened, or even as it does happen.  They donít question it. 


James: I must admit that I did have some hope.  And I guess I still have some, but I was very impressed with Ron Paul coming on the scene, and what he was saying seemed to be pretty from his heart.  It seemed to be very simple.  There was a ground swell of people and millions of dollars were given by hundreds of thousands of people, and I knew the media blocked them out, but I still kind of had a hope that theyíd may be able to cut through.  But, apparently thereís not enough people ready enough to make that stand. 


Alan: It wouldnít matter if everybody was ready.  The big boys put in who they want to put in, because politics isnít real.


James: Do you believe thereís any, I mean they have that much of a control that thereís no chance of real votes being counted really, because maybe they didnítÖ


Alan: Well, Stalin said it.  Stalin said, I donít care for who votes for whom, he says, I only care who does the counting.  I mean, itís an old, old trick.  And Professor Carroll Quigley made it quite plain, and he was no just simple professor.  I mean, this man was an advisor to different presidents and the State Department and the Diplomatic Service and so on.  This man put in his own book, Tragedy and Hope, and The Anglo-American Establishment, excellent two books to get.  He said, he said, the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a parallel government by the way, thatís the real government, he said we always put our own people in at the top of every party.  Now, that means that the lesser politicians, the ones that are just working their way up, are allowed a certain amount of competition at the bottom level, but he says, it makes no difference because, as long as you have the top people for candidates, they all belong to the same organization for World Government.  That was always the plan.


James: But do you think as we look into the presidential race that, is there already a chosen one.  Is Obama coming into it?  Will he be absorbed, or is he out?


Alan: Well, I think probably, Iím waiting to see them put Hillary in for the final push, because, generally, throughout history, when theyíre making catastrophic changes, in days gone by they always give us a female queen for the bloodiest periods.  So the female always takes the heat.  So, Iím just waiting to see when theyíll put her in, because sheís been groomed for this position for a long time.


James: Well, yeah, thatís a good point though, that these leaders are used behind the scenes.  Is the behind the scenes guys ever come out in the light of day?  Or do they always lead behind?  Or is that the final push?


Alan: Well, one day they will come forth.  Theyíve said that in their own books, in fact, because, we know for instance, the Establishment, like the House of Lords, for instance, the noble families of Britain, backed Theosophy when it first came out in the 1800s, with Madame Blavatsky being the actress who led the charge, who was picked.  And we know that the ones who took over were related, their fathers were members of the House of Lords, so they were hereditary Lords from noble families, and they said that eventually the hidden masters as they called them would come forth at the right time, when everything was complete.  And we also know from Carroll Quigley, when he talked about how the system really does work, the show of politics for the public, and itís just a show.  Itís a wrestling match between parties, and we get caught up in it like itís a real boxing contest, and they even use sports terminology.  Theyíre running, theyíre racing, theyíre hammering so and so.  And we get caught up in that.  Itís tribal instinct.  And weíre just played like fish on a line.  Carroll Quigley said himself that those behind the scenes, the technocrats he called them, and he defined what he meant by that.  These are the ones who unelected who are financed by the big institutions, which front for this whole organization, this world organization.  We think of them as being charitable institutions like the Rockefeller foundation for instance.  But they actually fund hundreds and hundreds of non-governmental organizations.  And they put their technocrats in and out of politics as appointed advisors, not elected.  And when theyíre not in politics, theyíre actually going around the globe, carrying the real power.  Thatís what Quigley said.  So, they have, they have the knowledge that theyíre doing the real work, and they have the power to do it, and theyíre not answerable to any public, while the politicians simply take the heat and go through the performance to please the public. 


James: So, yeah.  If it ever gets to a point, thereís a politician ready to take the fall, and they have someone else groomed to come in to be the hero or the savior, which is just another one of them. 


Alan: Yeah, itís an endless cycle, and they knew this in the 1700s in the countries like England, that if they did not give the public some Punch and Judy Show, and thatís what politics is, there would be revolutions every five years or so.  So, they give us elections instead.  And we donít really vote new people in, weíre so disgusted at the present bunch, we vote them out.  Thatís what we really do in democracy.


James: Yeah, unfortunately.


Alan: And nothing changes.  The agenda steamrolls ahead, because, when you go into the writings of the League of Nations, when they set up the League of Nations at the end of World War I.  And it had been in the planning for fifty years before that, again by the nobility.  And H.G. Wells was a propagandist for the British Crown. And he wrote a booklet on the League of Nations, and he said, at last, he said, we can bypass politicians completely, and governments completely, because now the high bureaucracies, who again are unelected, remember, can travel and meet their counterparts in the League of Nations, which turned into the United Nations, and they can bypass all politicians.  And each bureaucracy has itís own particular mandate.  Intergenerational mandates.  And theyíre not responsible to the public, who are generally unaware of what theyíre actually doing.


James: I got an email from an individual.  What I like is the synchronicity in which I get stuff from people.  It comes out, and this email will hook up with that email, and come up with at third thing, unrelated to either one, directly anyway.  And I got an email from a guy about John Tood.  Are you familiar with him?


Alan: Jack who?


James: John Tood.  T-O-O-D


Alan: Refresh my memory.


James: Iíve never heard of him myself, but he was an Illuminatist who got saved and toured around exposing the Illuminati, and he, the way the legend is.  I shouldnít say that.  The way the information I got was, was that he was arrested and convicted or sentenced for being crazy, and he just disappeared into the mental health system, and never heard from him again.  But there are information left behind, and they sent me some of these MP3s to listen to.  And he mentioned about another book that I got from another email, Atlantis, not Atlantis, Atlas Shrugs, as being the Illuminati kind of handbook.  And I was thinking, wow, these two emails coming in unrelated from one another, from people who listen.  AndÖ


Alan: Well, Ayn Rand, as she called herself, that wasnít her real name, was sent out.  Itís really interesting how itís all to do with perceptions.  Thatís how the tricks work.  And she said a lot of things that the individualistic, especially the American would relate to, to do with rights and individual rights, and why should the masses hold you down, type of deal.  And she was against Socialism.  However, when you see that she was actually talking about the elite themselves, from the other side of the fence, she was basically saying that the elite, the people like her lover, Rothschild, had the right, the geniuses had the right to dominate the lesser people and do as they wish, and plan the world in the future, as they wish.  Thatís what she was really saying, and yet, most of her followers were pretty well ordinary middle-class people, who saw it from their point of view, thinking she was talking on behalf of them.


James: So, this John Tood was from the í70s, I guess it was.  I kind of put it all together.  I just found it interesting that these two came in from different listeners.  I mean, people have sent emails before; it wasnít like there was some kind of a third party doing it.  Is that, should I, I drive a lot during the week, and I did find the book on CD of this Atlas Shrugged.  Would it be worth my while to read it?  Or I should say listen to it.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Iíd read all of her books, actually, because if youíre able, and most folk are not, unfortunately, they get caught into books or movies and they see it from one perspective.  They donít see it from other perspectives as well.  And if youíre able to jump from being who you are to putting yourself into the position of one of the true elites, the wealthy magnates of the world, youíll see that sheís actually speaking on behalf of them. 


James: Okay, well, that would be good to go in with that, with that perspective, right off the bat, because another thing I wanted to ask, another thing came up just this week.  I was listening to some Dean Brown books, and I has a little light go on that I noticed in these books in particular, I was listening to Angels and Demons, and Deception Point, and in Deception Point, he mentioned the Roswell Incident, but, the way it was written in the script, it was like, well, the Roswell Incident, actually it was a high tech balloon and some farmer thought it was aliens and the government went along with that cover story, etc.  And there seems to be a lot of evidence that it wasnít a balloon, that their highest echelon pilots are the ones who found it, not just a farmer and so on.  And then I started wondering, would his talk saying the Illuminati donít exist anymore, in his other book, I started to wonder, if anybody was Illuminati, it would be this guy.  Do you know anything about Dan Brown?


Alan: No, no, I donít.  I know thereís been a lot of people whoíve come out in the past and made a lot of money and used pseudonyms and claimed they were in the Illuminati.  However, youíve got to understand what it really means.  Most folk donít know what it means and think itís some very, very hidden conspiracy.  Illuminati is a graduated system and everybody who goes through university in fact, become a member of the Alumni, the Illumined one, you see.  So, every step of it is just a gradated system, where you do your part, according to your understanding within that system.  And then you go up the ladder and up the ladder, until you have those who are interbred at the top, the real interbred families who ran the world for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, who do, control the wealth of the world.  Their ancestors were kings and queens and lords and so on.  And they owned the mercantile system and they had huge banking systems as well.  And often they had their own front men for the bankers.  They still do.  So, these are very wealthy families.  And you can find a lot of them came into Europe with a religion.  They always bring a religion in for the public to make them docile.  The Catholic Church came in through Europe.  They used Charlemagne as the first king authorized by the Vatican, to slaughter everybody who would not become a Catholic.  Through country after country, the great Charlemagne, and thatís how they converted them.  And then, later on, of course, in came the big flood, centuries later, and they were the Normans.  The Normans were the real ones, and the descendents of the Normans, all across Europe and Scandinavia still run those countries today and are still the titled people. 


James: so what he did in the one, book, Angels and Demons is kind of said the whole Illuminati thing started with Galileo etc, and it died out years ago, and it kind of went in stark contrast to the behind the scenes thing.  So, perhaps the Illuminati picture thatís painted by a number of these individuals who have made movies and exposes and all that is a bit of fiction or cover?


Alan: Well, at one time, you see, not so long ago, youíve got to remember, you couldnít speak out against the overwhelming system that ran the whole of Europe and other parts of the world.  And that was the Great Church itself.  That was the authority.  And so, the Secret Societies that basically surfaced in the 1500s in countries like England, for the first time, more openly, when they had the right Queen in, who accepted it, and that was Queen Elizabeth I.  She had the first openly Rosicrucian court.  All of her advisors were Rosicrucians.  So they could speak more openly about it.  John Dee, Francis Bacon, all of the well-known names.  Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, all these characters were members of the Rosicrucian society, which evolved into branches of Freemasonry, specialized branches, later on.  And they also called themselves from the 1500s onwards, if you look at the old Oxford dictionaries, it will tell you that the Illuminati is a term used for these particular fraternities they call them, brotherhoods, which emerged first around the 1500s.  It did not begin with Weishaupt you know.


James: So, what does the word Illuminati mean today.  I mean, not the history, but what is the Illuminati today?


Alan: Today, today thereís different meanings.  Thereís one for the general masses, which is, now you live in a transformed society where the old religion is gone and almost gone, and they bring in the new religion, which is called The New Age Movement.  The New Age movement has a thousand names, and people donít even know theyíre in it often.  Theyíll join some club or organization or meditation group or whatever, and theyíre actually in one of the New Age Movement groups.  So, part of the whole New Age Movement if you go through it, it doesnít matter what itís called, because, in old Babylon, they copied it after, they said that Isis was the goddess with a thousand names and a thousand faces, and itís the same today.  But its basically forms of Hinduism mixed with other old bits and pieces of religions, and itís put together under the New Age term.  And the whole process is to get you eventually into visualization and then channeling, which is bring an entity into you.  And during that process, thatís when you receive the light as you call it, Illumined.  You have the light, you know.  And Albert Pike mentioned it; even Blavatsky mentioned it in the 1800s.  She says, you know, the fire and the light of Lucifer.  And her first newspaper for theosophy was called, it was called the Luciferian magazine.  Eventually they changed it to the Lucius Trust.  So, they were quite open about Lucifer being for the masses of course they would sort of cross their fingers, and throw holy water, but to them it meant ultimate intellect and godhood. 


James: Yeah, well, that kind of, that kind of goes along with what, weíll say what Dan Brown says, except that he had them being extinct, and thatís where I think he may be actually trying to pass that off, like this whole thing was all back then, but now, weíre all together and weíre all nice and so the new Illuminati weíll say in a word, the New Age. 


Alan: The New Age and the ones that gave them the New Age.  Because, the magazine that first used the term, was the official magazine of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  That was their monthly magazine.  It was called the New Age in the 1950s.  And in there, one of their editions, or a few of their editions actually said that they would be responsible for ushering in the New Age, and they meant the whole movement as well.  Because, at the top of High Masonry, really High Masonry, you have people who have access to archives.  They can recreate religions or make brand new religions, because they know how the masses function and how the masses follow and what the masses want as well.  And so, the whole idea was to bring in a new religion, for a new era, which would captivate their minds, just with the same fire as early Christianity would do, and it would also make them very docile, but with this particular movement of the New Age, it would make them incredibly hedonistic, self-centered, and narcissistic.  The same things that Lord Bertrand Russell said they would promote was hedonism, because a society full of people who were into purring like cats, will not notice the vast changes that are being made around them as itís happening.  And thatís what you have.  In the New Age Movement theyíre taught not to look at the negative, so theyíre defenseless, you see.  And thatís the purpose of it.


James: You mentioned a couple of phrases that reminded me, before the show started, Steven from Scotland sent a message to ask a question, can Alan explain the link between the ancient and accept Order, Scottish Rite, a.k.a. Supreme Council of the 33rd degree and the Scottish Rite of America?


Alan: Well, actually, in actual fact, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is not Scottish.  It was brought over to America from France by one man.  And I think he first came in through Cuba and then went into the States and its whole function from the beginning was to give an increased level of the degree system, and it would also be a revolutionary force, which it certainly is.  Itís a revolutionary force, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is accepted by the Grand Lodge of England, now.  At first they disowned it.  And Albert Pike, who was one of the most famous Grand Masters.  He was the Pope, really of Masonry, they called him, did train Mazzini, one of the revolutionists who went over to Italy.  And the whole idea was to set revolution across the whole of Europe, and they sent out different groups who were funded by big institutions as well.  And Mazzini started off the World Revolutionary Party, which eventually was taken over by his successor that was Lenin.  And thatís what they called it, the World Revolutionary Party and then the Communist Party. 


James: Well, that does sound, it sounds kind of funny, because its sounds like on one hand this is what it is, and you do have the background for it.  But it sounds like itís almost like a bait and switch, like hereís what it is, this kind of mystical type of a thing.  And then on the other hand itís really all about control


Alan: Itís all about control.   You see, the plan of unification of the world is not new, and they wanted to bring in their own order, across the world, under the guise, you always get the masses to fight for you, to fight your battles for you.  And so they use the ordinary people.  They created the term Socialism, even Blavatsky was pushing that.  And the whole idea was to get the masses behind them for Revolution to wipe out he old system.  To get centralized government was very important, because, before you can unify nations, you must have centralized government, every one.  So that was the real reason for the World Revolutionary Party which became the Communist Party.  Lincoln did the same back in the US.  He centralized the government, to give them more power than they ever had before.  And Marx even sent him a telegraph and congratulated him for doing it.  So, this was all working together to centralize governments.  They would then use scientific techniques for controlling the masses, as opposed to nothing but just religious techniques.  And thatís where we are today.  Weíre getting to the end of a long laid plan.  And from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, when you go up the ladder of Masonry, you go into Eugenics.  It starts to become evident to people, youíre into Eugenics.  Thatís where Hitler got his idea.  Blavatsky was pushing it, promoting it.  In fact that was their symbol for a long time, in theosophy was the swastika, and below it was what people now think of as the Star of David.  And the whole idea was basically eugenics.  And the Hinduistic belief, which suited them very well, was at the end of an age, the masses, the lesser, those who were unfit are purged off the planet, and only the fit come through.  And if you look at the whole world today, with eugenics and so on, and what theyíre talking about in newspapers, euthanasia is now official in three countries in Europe.  They want to bring it across the world.  Weíre aborting more children than weíre giving live births.  The only reason the stats go up in censuses every year is because of the mass immigration from other countries.  But theyíre trying to give the impression weíre over crowded, because they want to start to eliminate the useless eaters, as Lord Bertrand Russell called them.


James: Well, as I see that all triangulating, everywhere you go, whether it be the Mayan calendar, whether it be the Christian, the Return of Christ or the New Age, or whether itís aliens are going to come and help us all learn.  All these things, looking through those eyes are all part of the same deal.


Alan: Theyíre all part of the same deal.  The whole idea of ancient times was to give prophecy, which would, if thatís all that you knew was the little bit of religion that you were taught, you couldnít read or write, remember.  Most folk couldnít read or write until the late 1800s, actually, into the 1900s, only those with a good education could read and write, from wealthier families, and if all you were taught was your religion, and you were taught that itís based on prophecy, well, when things started to happen in your life, youíd think that was Godís Will, because it was written about and youíd heard about it, and what can you do against Godís Will.  So, you allowed it to happen. You wouldnít even fight against it.  So prophecy is fantastic for that.  When they brought in the Rosicrucian movement, they gave them the same thing, only they gave it through Tarot cards and stars and so on.  You canít change fate.  Itís written in the stars.  And folk would sit back and allow things to happen, just as they are today.


James: Well, there really is no choice but for us to get off our laurels and do something, or is that?  Is it really a point of just being aware of this end coming, or can we actually do something about it?


Alan: When you realize that the amount of people who control the public, all the institutions and police and military, educational system, incredibly important for them, is the educational system as they indoctrinate the children into the next step of what theyíre going to believe for the rest of their lives.  There are still billions of people on the planet who allow this to happen.  Itís like the old stage shows used to say at the very end, ďThank youĒ to the audience.  ďWe couldnít have done it without you.Ē  Well, you see, weíre the audience, and we should be participating in our own destiny here.  Because, we know where itís going.  Itís getting published every day where itís going.  We see the laws getting passed every day.  Weíve watched them for eight years now.  And its just accelerating until weíre going to be locked in our own little rooms and monitored 24 hours a day. I donít call that living.  Getting probed at an airport and told to bend over is not my idea of freedom.


James: No.  And itís rather disturbing, and thatís why I like having you on here, because sometimes I do catch myself getting caught up in hope, and I mean, hope isnít a bad thing, but if thatís your answer, weíve got a problem.  Itís going to be perhaps hope might be some kind of a guidance, but thereís got to be action. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  People have to get involved in their own destiny and maybe for the first time.  Maybe for the first time, theyíve got to start taking their rights back for the people.


James: On that note, we have a question from Ben in the chat room, saying, Iíd like to know Alanís opinion on ďnatural personĒ and ďfreeman on the landĒ particularly with respect to the pros and cons and how the coming World Order will look upon this.


Alan: Um, thereís no doubt, regardless of laws or legalisms, or even terms, theyíre not recognizing them anymore.  There were little loopholes in the past you could use according to your terms, like are you a natural person, and all this stuff, itís stuff that lawyers do.  Theyíre disregarding them now, and theyíre going to use force.  They want the public off the land.  Thatís been made quite clear.  They want them crowded into the big existing cities, which will be the new type of Soylent Green type scenario, like the movie, and overcrowded, filthy and so on.  But only then we will we die off through plagues and pandemics, which they will release.  While theyíve already got huge sites out there by big companies advertising these ultra new homes, modern homes, in the country, maybe twelve, fifteen to an area, where this is where the higher bureaucrats and those who will run the world will live, just like the Soviet system.  They had their dachas in the country for the higher members of the Politburo.  Itís going to be the same scenario here.  They want everyone in these new, what they call habitat areas.  Thatís where you will live for the rest of your life.  And, but they plan on reducing the population drastically.  And if you want plagues to be effective, you want them all to be in the same crowded cities.  They will get people off the land.  And with the Kyoto signatories already completed, youíre going to see now the implementation of all these ridiculous taxes, which will tax us into the ground, until you cannot travel any more, because part of the mandate is well, under the United Nations, by the way, who pushes all this stuff out, is that in the habitat areas that are coming up, there would be no personal transportation.  No private transportation of any kind. 


James: Yeah, what Don and I had a couple of years ago was the surface idea of say, Monsanto making you go back to get their corn from them.  I mean, that seems like a capitalist type of a trick.  But what I came beyond that was, now they can just put a disease out to destroy a huge portion of the worldís food, because itís genetically altered to be a certain way, and of course, thereís a back door if you will to that gene code.  And they could just wipe out entire continents of food.  


Alan: Yes, they could.  Itís so easy now.  The odd thing, not the odd thing, I guess it makes it the sensible thing to do, when you look back in the old books from World War II, and theyíve declassified information that came out after World War II, to do with all the methods of defeating an enemy in warfare.  And apart from economic war, youíd also go for all their food supply and water supply.  And they were talking then that all of the disease they had for crops would not be completely effective, because of the vast variety of strains of crops.  However, youíre quite right.  With the maybe five companies, which are probably really all one company at the top, controlling the worldís grain supply, one disease could technically wipe them out.  The public would think there was nothing they could do about it, and it wonít dawn on them that this was actually made to be this way, as we all go under quietly. 


James: What about these swine flues and bird flues?  Theyíre all scaring us with that stuff, but nothing happens.  Is that preparing us for the real one?  Oh, see, I told you?


Alan: Yes.  We first saw it.  When the movie came out called Outbreak, years ago, I knew then that was the start of getting us ready by predictive programming, so that subconsciously youíll start to gradually accept this, not just possibility, but inevitability.  And even all the newspaper clippings that Iíve collected over the years, when theyíve talked to the great experts on this topic, that are paid to work in warfare laboratories, generally, they say, oh, the plague is just around the corner.  Itís inevitable.  So, theyíve been pushing that and pushing that. You notice that the West Nile Virus has gone out the window.  That was going to be the great killer.  However, itís done its job.  It got us all ready to accept the possibility of contracting a fatal disease and dying.  And then they went through SARS in Toronto.  A great experiment there.  And that was ethnic specific though.  It attacked mainly people of Chinese decadency.  And then weíve moved on from there.  So, these are all predictive programming methods theyíre using to familiarize us with the possibility, the inevitability of the idea. 


James: Well, what do you think?  I mean, Iím sitting now going like, okay, itís over.  Nice talking with you.  I mean, but itís like, thereís got to be, thereís got to be an answer and I canít accept.


Alan: The answer can only come from the will of people.  It can only come from the will of people not to be such pathetic, indoctrinated sheep any more.  And you have a right as a sovereign individual, and many sovereign individuals, you have the right to decide your fate in this world, just as much as any king, queen, or Mr. Brzezinski or anybody else.  They have no more right than you do. 


James: Well, okay, I agree.† Isnít there some type of manipulated or shunned inner power?  Not just our intellect.  But some kind of a sixth sense, a real one, inside, creative type of a brand of, weíll call it where spirituality meets science in quantum mechanics where we can actually create the future.  I mean, is there something like that?  Or is that all just baloney too?


Alan: Well, thatís what Blavatsky said.  I mean, she was part of the whole thing.  She said, our purpose was to blend the possibility (for the people meant to believe) of spirit and science, until the two will be indistinguishable.  We are run by sciences.  Even the New Age Movement is run by sciences.  And the public donít realize it.  And it takes more than that.  Youíve got to have will to do something.  And it means becoming completely conscious, as a conscious being and thinking for yourself, outside the box.  Any mass movement you join has been put out there for you to join.  They have different types of groups for different personality types.  Itís all totally controlled and well funded, by the way, you know.  And youíd be surprised how interconnected all of these big groups are, including the ones who come out to supposedly lead you into a spiritual life.  So, you have to think for yourself, and go through your history and say, what changes happened in the past, who did it, what kind of people made the right changes, and youíll find that they did not come from any group that was sitting wishing their lives away, holding hands and pulling daisies, you know.


James: No, I would agree.  And in fact, one of the things that I look back on is that Iíve always been kind of allergic to groups, to authority, to people telling me this is how it is.  Thereís just this inside going, like, no, I mean, Iíve got to know why.  Iíve got to see the mechanism.  Iíve got to see the stuff behind it.  And when I hear things, especially when youíre bringing out these aspects of certain books and so forth that I read in histories, itís like, well, yeah, yeah.  You know.  So, thereís got to be, thereís got to be an answer thatís not tied into any groups.  However, these groups, in order to get power, must be telling some truths.  There might be some things mixed in there that we can distill out and use for our self.


Alan: You can. Itís almost like putting water on gunpowder.  You canít blend the two together, because one is contrary to the other in the whole movement of spirituality.  The whole modern idea, which again is modern, and it was put out deliberately, well financed from the top and promoted from the top, like all culture is, was meant to make hedonistic.  As long as theyíre hedonistic and narcissistic, they will not care.  And you see it all around you.  They donít care whatís happening across the world.  They donít even care if their tax money is being used to make high weaponry.  Thatís not only blowing people up in the Middle East, thatís going to be used shortly on the public here.  Thatís in the Guardian newspaper.  I read the whole 90-page report.  Thereís 90 pages altogether from the Ministry of Defense.  You see, nothing but thirty years of riots, starting very shortly, and escalating.  And theyíre even prepared to use neutrino bombs on the public.  Thatís in the official NATO, Army document.  Now, what on earth is going to happen to the public to make them rise up, throw that television away, and actually do something or start the rioting?  Well, what will happen is theyíre going to turn off your food supply now and then.  Your water supply.  Theyíre going for them all the time.  Youíll notice that.  Theyíre going for everything that gives you independence, because the world theyíre bringing in is going to be interdependent.  That means right down to the individual.  Every need you have for survival and living is going to be dependent on being in a system that controls you.  You wonít even be able to grow your own food eventually.  Thatís on the cards.  They want you interdependent as a slave to the system.  So, when people realize that, thereís going to be rioting, as they start losing all their little toys, their goodies, and they canít play and watch TV all day.  Thatís when the riots will start.  When the money stops, when the money goes through the roof or inflation goes through the roof, which itís planned that way.  They expect the rioting.  Now, thatís from the top think tanks from the British Army of Department of Defence.


James: And of course, the rioting would just pay right into their plan to be the destructive mechanism to thin out the herd, if you will. 


Alan: Yes.  And theyíve been building up an Internal Army under the guise of the War on Drugs, and War on This, and War on That.  Now, itís War on Terror, by creating police forces.  Itís a paramilitary organization.  And giving them special training with machine guns and all the rest of it.  When police start training with machine guns youíre in big trouble. 


James: Yeah.  I was just thinking about the í68 riot in Chicago, and what the police were using, the shield and a stick versus the SWAT Teams theyíve got now, that come right out of Special Ops in the military.


Alan: Yes.  And they also have a generation who have been groomed, whom theyíve got their whole education and their reality not from their parents, but from the school system, and thatís what Bertrand Russell said theyíd do.  The state would give them their values.  Theyíve been brought up on video games, something that was developed for the military industrial complex, by them, to train soldiers to kill, because itís abnormal for guys.  You could train them to actually kill by basically instinct without thinking and thatís what video games were designed to do.  They were used in the military for years, before the public got them.  Theyíve risen a generation like that.  And those children grew up playing those games where the whole object is kill, kill, kill, and get out to the other side.  Thereís no morality of any kind. And theyíve been brought up with nothing but war games.  And their heroes on television are always the military guys, or the guys in black uniforms within society.  These are the guys with power.  Children gravitate to the winners, and thatís what they wanted.  Now, they are wearing the uniforms, and they will use the toys theyíre given on the public.


James: So, the people who are going into schools and shooting people, some people are claiming some kind of a big mind control deal.  It could just be the fruits of the labors of what youíre just saying.


Alan: It could be definitely part of it.  Thereís no doubt.  You cannot give that kind of military gaming, which is a teaching tool, to make you loose your natural inhibitions to killing people.  You canít give that to children, advocate that, and itís made to be addictive, by the way.  We know that from the Japanese, who are probably the worldís leaders in creating addictive type programs.  And you cannot give them, remember, all television, all drama, all series to do with police and military and so on, is propaganda.  It always is, dressed up with human little stories to keep you hooked, as you get downloaded with the respect that youíre given for these guys at the top with their outfits and uniforms.  Thatís what Jacques Ellul said.  He said, all entertainment at that level to do with military, with police detectives and so on, and the law courts is always propaganda.  You donít realize it.  So, theyíve had twenty years of massive propaganda, starting with, what was it, NYPD Blue, I think it was, with the SWAT Teams, and simply escalating from there, until you canít turn the television on without seeing guys in black outfits smashing through windows.  And itís all quite normal now.  And now they have the uniforms on guys who are eighteen and twenty who will do that thinking it is quite normal.  They learned it all from the TV, from their heroes, their fictional heroes.  This is all deliberate, because the future just doesnít happen by chance.  The present didnít happen by chance.  Culture creation and the culture creation industry, gave us todayís society. 


James: Yeah, I see it in quite clear clarity.  I, gosh, I still, well Iíve got some kind of hope.  I donít mean hope like sitting on my hind end hoping, I mean, Iím doing what I can to bring people on to talk and learn and try and weed out phony spirituality from real power, internal power and looking at the higher good of people, not the personal narcissistic type of personal creation that theyíre talking, like you know, the secret and all that is teaching people to try and use this higher good creative ability to make your own toys and money and so forth.  What do you give a suggestion to somebody whoís waking up, and okay, what do we do?


Alan: They have to be more discerning than probably any generation in history, because, over the years, the last ten years or so, those who did the real research to do with the banking system, the culture industry, all that stuff, stuck to the facts.  Today itís a big business.  The patriot business is a big business.  Theyíre making lots of money off it.  And a lot of them have stuck together with the whole New Age Movement, with the UFOs, with everything else until itís all surrealistic, and they canít determine fact from fiction or priority from those things that really donít matter.  That was intentional too, to diffuse the basic facts.  Itís the fact that are important.  Itís the facts that you act upon, and itís all mushed together and into a massive confusion now, because the Big Boys have put out their own people to blend the New Age in with the whole Patriot business and discredit it. 


James: So, Iím looking for, so, I should start looking for a place in the mountains somewhere?  I mean.


Alan: It certainly wouldnít harm.  I mean, Iíd rather be in the mountains than somewhere in any city.


James: Because it sounds like, I mean, what youíre saying, I mean, Iíve heard you and weíve talked before.  Itís not that youíre telling me necessarily things amazingly different.  Itís just, when I sit here and listen to you, and I have this kind of clear picture of this huge wall ahead of us thatís been planned brick by brick, for over thousands of years, itís impenetrably thick.  Thereís weapons we donít even know they have yet.  Theyíre all in it.  Weíre all being herded down this pathway, and itís like, wait a minute.  I donít want to go down this pathway. 


Alan: Thatís right.


James: But it looks pretty overwhelming.


Alan: It is overwhelming until you start to, rather than do wishful thinking, you actually act on it.  And that means everyone has got to stand up and stand out.  This is not a time for those who are cowards.  Itís not a time for the fake ones that are out there just to make piles of money and to mislead the people as well.  Itís a time for those who know whatís really going on to stand up, and go to all the offices that they know in their own area and everywhere else and demand to know, demand to know every organization, every politician, every bureaucrat belongs to.  All the world and global organizations theyíve already given allegiance to.  They cannot be sovereign and they cannot be international at the same time.  Youíve got to know what every woman and man belong to, that has power over you, including the cops too.  That means every fraternity, every Masonic organization, every, and thereís many names in it too, by the way.  Look into all the organizations.  Thereís hundreds of different names you would never suspect are actually Freemasonic Institutions, male and female.  And that should be out in the open, because theyíre ruling us through an agenda.  They know, they donít want to rock the boat.  Theyíre looking for their own careers.  Thatís all they care about.  They think theyíll be saved out of this morass of the public.  In fact, I got a lot of information coming from federal and provincial state bureaucrats.  And I know what theyíre up to.  I know whatís going on.  And they are terrified themselves that maybe theyíll be left out of the safety net, you know, when their job is no longer necessary.  So itís a time now to start exposing this, because you either have puppet servants or you have masters.  Itís time the farce of them being servants is exposed once and for all, while thereís chance to do it.  It has to be done, and the public have to demand it on mass. 


James: And well, since they are loaded with food bombs and water bombs and turning off electricity bombs, we do all that, they just, well, itís a little earlier than we expected, but I guess weíre going to have to start the rioting.


Alan: They donít like, these guys, the reason they take such a long time, intergenerational changes remember.  Remember what Beria said in the 30s at the Comintern Meeting, International Communist Meeting.  He said, it used to take seventy years to alter, a major shift in the public perception of things.  They said, now, thatís back then, he said, now we can do it every five years.  And eventually he says, it will become much quicker with scientific indoctrination.  Well, what he meant was, they all knew TV would come out eventually.  It didnít just suddenly appear.  They knew this was coming up.  Even Bertrand Russell knew that too, long before we heard of it.  And they were going to use all the scientific tools to gear us towards this.  And today, itís on a roll today.  We have to start taking responsibilities for our own lives, and stop allowing non-governmental organizations, to dictate to the governments as to what they want, because all the NGOs, the official NGOs, and all the Greenies, and all the rest of it, lobby the government, theyíre full time lobbyists.  These guys roll in millions of dollars, and pretend theyíre grassroots organizations speaking for the public.  They are not.  They are not the public.  Theyíre taking over the roll that the public used to have, and theyíre funded by the big institutions.  Many of them are even paid by your tax money, from the same governments that are lobbying for the radical changes that end up affecting all of us.  The government pays them to lobby them.  And weíve lived through all the changes and the mayhem.  Weíve watched the destruction of the family with a lot of the radicals, who are paid by your governments and foundations to do that very thing.  Then you tell me if that government is working for you. 


James: Oh, thatís clear.  It isnít.  I mean, what Iíve found, and let me give you an example on the show we do here.  Every week we do a thing where people send in a name or they can put their own name in for someone whoís gotten ill, and accident or what have you.  And we put together an intention to send them energy for heeling.  It sounds real New Agey type of a thing, but itís based in the idea of what makes up matter is energy, and that if you can actually do this, you can intend for this to happen.  And I have had so many people writing back, people who have, who were dying of cancer.  Iíve had people referred to by other guests who knew about this, have been healed.  There is some kind of a power there.  I mean, I donít mean you can just will the government to be nice, but I mean, thereís some kind of untapped inner power that they have been working on for years to enslave us.  And is there like, you know, besides becoming aware that time is of the essence and this big wall is in front of us, itís almost like itís time to stand up like that clip we play, ďIím mad as hell and Iím not going to take it anymore,Ē and asserting some type of creative power just to stop it.


Alan: Well, there creative power perhaps, but creative power is manifested through physical actions.  And I mean, you know of the spiritual cons in the past.  Iíve seen the boxes they sell even to collect the energy, and all of the different cons theyíve pulled in the past.  And Iíve known all the testimonials that you chase them up and itís not true.  We shouldnít be so easily fooled, and we do lived in the most easily fooled generation thatís probably ever existed, because, we canít tell fact from fiction, unfortunately.  If thereís spirit in a person, it must work through that person.  And if it sits there and wishes and leaves it to others, itís doing nothing at all. 


James: Well, thatís true and one thing weíve noticed is that the people who are participating in this, some people have gotten momentarily changing in their physical position, and then they just slip back because they havenít done anything.  Other people.


Alan: I could do the same.  I could do the same, I could do the same right now, just by a few words, and thatís just self-hypnosis.  Itís the same thing with the big characters, the televangelists that drip with gold.  Iím sure youíve seen them.  And they have someone who will jump out of a wheelchair, and yeah, they do for ten minutes.  I could do the same thing with suggestion, hypnosis.  And you know, once their screen is gone, then those characters are back to worse than ever.  You can do an awful lot with autosuggestion. 


James: Well, yeah, a lot of these people, you know, they were talking a cure of cancer, went into the doctor cancer-free.  I guess they could be lying to me.  You know, but.


Alan: Youíll also find a lot of people will exaggerate what they have.  Iíve known people who go out and do a bit of gardening, and then think theyíve got arthritis because theyíve got a sore wrist. Well, I donít care how old or young you are.  You do a bit of gardening you havenít done for a year, youíre going to have a sore wrist.  And people swear theyíve got arthritis and this pill, this particular pill cured them.  I mean, this is again, suggestion to the people who donít get the diagnosis.  And I have heard, Iíve heard lots of these cases, but Iíve yet to see one and the evidence in a blind study. 


James: Well, maybe thatís something.  I want to find truth, so I would love to be able to put something together, as you talk about, a blind study type of thing.  Actually, when Iíve put my kind of the feet to the fire so to speak and asked them, some of these remote viewers and what not, to do some type of test, they always have some kind of an excuse to pull out of it.


Alan: Yeah, because itís big money.  I could be making millions today with what I do know, to do with the occult, which is more than what youíre going to hear from other people.  And I could make lots and lots of money by giving the public what they want to hear, because #1, you have a ready made audience in this day and age, because the new religion is the New Age movement.  Theyíre already there for you.  Theyíll snap everything up that makes them go wow and ooh.  And if I had no heart at all and I was psychopathic, I would, Iíd just rake the money in and give them what they want to hear.  Itís no different, a hundred years ago, any guy rolling into a small town in the USA, or even a large city who was well known, an evangelist there could have them hopping and screaming and jumping, and seeing the lord and all the rest of it.  Youíll always have the same phenomena in religions, thatís why theyíre created that way.



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