November 30th, 2008
Alan Watt as Guest on
'Godbox Cafť' with Tamurile
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Tamurile: Welcome back to the Godbox Cafť, where no one could accuse us of being silent.  And of course, we always encourage your feedback, particularly now, when everyoneís voice should be heard regarding the events of the day on a global scale.  Speaking of harbingers of truth, we have Alan Watt back.  Always a pleasure to interview Alan.  Please pay attention to every word he says, because it all has relevance to each and every one of you, regardless of what chair youíre sitting in, in what country and at what point in time. 


As we do not have any sponsors, we have the creative freedom to speak to whom we will and to speak about things that we will.  So, we are at liberty to discuss anything and everything and I am so fortunate, once again, to welcome Alan Watt to the Godbox Cafť after a long, long time.  Welcome back, Alan.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Tamurile: Iíd like to share a number of observations that Iíve made.  Since last we spoke, so much has gone on, and Iím afraid, if you would concur with me, based on what Iím going to be telling you, it could very well be that the ante has been upped considerably, based on the agendas.  And I would like, I donít know if like is the right word, I would consider an appropriate analogy to call you the canary in the coal mine of the collective here.  And so long as you sing your song, unfortunate and depressing as it may be, then we still have a hope of some kind of a future.  If we pick up our bootstraps.  I just recently watched a film, Alan, called ďTo Kill a KingĒ and it was done by a British production company with Tim Roth starring in the role of Oliver Cromwell.  And you immediately came to mind, because I was thinking to myself, here was a man historically who overthrew a despotic, tyrannical monarchy which was exploiting the masses, and literally turned things over, but gained nothing by it in the long run, because the people, once the revolution occurred, they didnít quite grasp what the change in this foundation of power was, and they werenít ready for what he was presenting to them.  And I think youíre confronted with the same thing as we speak.  So, Iím just wondering, are there times where you might consider that the onus is on every one of us to turn around and say no.  Say no to the restrictions on our freedoms.  Say no to the infringements that are happening.  Youíre announcing those, yet what will it take for the vast majority of people to stand up and say, no, Iím not going to let this happen?


Alan: Itís similar, in some respects, to the days of Cromwell.  The vast population had never had freedom.  And to be honest with you, they didnít have even an idea of what freedom really was.  They were serfs.  They had come out of a feudal system and they were serfs.  They were bought and sold with the land.  And this new system that came in, really, Cromwell was still catering towards a landed gentry you might say.  Therefore, the public themselves were out of the picture.  They didnít have a say in the big picture.  And in reality, he was replacing one system with another readymade system which they had no input into either, very similar to the American Revolution, where really a small band of the largest landholders, got together and drafted up a constitution and then announced to the people that theyíd given it to them.  But the public have never, ever had a say in which direction theyíre going.  In other regimes, like the Communist regimes, the Soviet regime, it was no different.  You had intelligentsia, printing presses were a big part of it, but there was also moneyed boys behind it too, that were financing it into being.  And the general public, really hadnít a concept of the big, big picture.  They had this vague idea of freedom to do as they wished, and as we know, once the regime comes in, itís anything but.  You have a regulated system where people you never meet decide the big problems of life, and even how youíre going to live it, and perhaps even what you work at.  So, the public generally across the world have never really had this thing called freedom.  Out of that you had the anarchist movements, and their idea was initially that if this is all right for you, then so be it.  It might not be always all right for you.  You might change your mind and go off and do something else and nothing should stand in your way.  And anything that did stand in your way, youíd simply remove, get round, or destroy. 


So, here we are at this stage of the game, nothing has really changed.  Weíre always run by a small dominant minority, as Aldous Huxley and others have called it.  And Plato had his own description, 2300 years ago, of this ruling elite.  It hasnít changed.  So, you see, weíre in a commercialized monetary system.  This thing called money is fake exchange.  Itís a substitute for barter.  Therefore, those who always control money are the dominant minority.  Those who profit from that system, theyíre on the outer fringes of the dominant minority.  Theyíre still included. And then, according to your wealth status, will also give you your particular power status, within a society.  The public donít have that.  The Western World especially was brought up out of feudalism, into a noble-only democracy, up until World War I.  The average person couldnít vote in Britain and most of Europe until the war was actually underway, and they were losing so many people, so they offered that as bait to people, that theyíd have a say in their own affairs, but it never really was that way at all.  Youíre just simply offered parties.  And once the party system took off, that negates democracy, because democracy is based on you sending your representative from your area or community to a parliamentary system to speak on your behalf.  And we always find out, once they go to the party, theyíll say, well, we know what we need for you, for your area, but I canít go that way because I must vote with the party.  Democracy is a joke in a sense.  And this is controlled. 


Itís deliberately set up this way, by the dominant minority to always hold on to power.  The future doesnít just, we donít stumble into the future.  The future is planned meticulously by think tanks which comprise part of a parallel government.  And Professor Carroll Quigley, wrote about this parallel government, which he was the historian for.  And that was the Council on Foreign Relations for the US; whereas in Britain and the Commonwealth countries, the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  And what the elite did was to give, when they gave the public what they thought was democracy, it was a sort of a placebo to keep us quiet and hopeful.  Weíre always hopeful every four or five years that things will get better when we vote someone else in.  But the parallel government was meant to get the agenda always underway, always rolling towards where the elite wanted it to go.  And Quigley wrote about this.  Margaret Thatcher discussed this when she gave her world tour. The world tour, part of it was done in Massey Hall, here in Ontario, and the title of the tour was called The New World Order.  She said, I belong to this parallel government, and she says, all ex-ministers and presidents belong to it as well.  She says, we comprise a system where we all know each other, weíre not responsible to the public, and therefore, we can get things done.  Democracy is too untidy. 


Now, if you go into one of the biggest think-tanks on this whole agenda, itís called the Club of Rome.  Their job, itís a premier club, their job is to look towards the future, take trends and so on, find out how they can bring those trends into their line of thinking, their pre-planned agenda, and make it work for them.  They then come up with ideas to control the whole world in a global society, and they put these ideas out to the lesser think tanks, and the round table societies, which then put them into operation.  In the Club of Romeís books, especially one, it was called The First Global Revolution, written by the founders of the Club of Rome and published in the 1990s, they said that back in the 1970s, í72 I think it was, they were looking at ways to get the whole of society and the world to work together.  And they found that the public only accept total authority and demands upon them, heavy demands upon them, during times of war.  Therefore, they said, to bring in a global society, they need a warfare scenario.  And warfare remember brings down into it rationing.  It brings new levels of bureaucracy to deal with farming, everything that society needs, industry, and so on.  And they also said that democracy was too cumbersome and slow.  Same thing as the Royal Institute of International Affairs with whom they work.  They said theyíd have to, because thereís too many competing and conflicting parties within democracy, nothing would get done.  At least it would be very, very slow.  Too slow for them.  Therefore, they looked upon all the systems in the world, to see what they favored most, what worked better along in the way of their agenda, their mode of thinking for the agenda, and they said they favored collectivism, which they meant Sovietization.† Therefore, they chose a Sovietized World, that they would bring in, across the whole planet, using the Soviet techniques, where non-governmental organizations technically would appear to be making demands upon government, and the governments would be only too happy to comply.


Now, the Soviet system was made up, in fact, Soviet means Ďrule by councilsí, but if you looked at the Soviet system, the public didnít elect the heads of these councils that supposedly spoke for them.  The Politburo did.  In the Western World it works exactly the same way, except the big foundations, like the Club of Rome, like the Rockefeller foundation, like the whole host, thereís hundreds and hundreds of them, who all work together.  And thatís part of the parallel government, by the way, to get around democracy.  They fund the NGOs into existence.  These are not grass roots organizations, these are big organizations that appear to be grassroots to the public, and they network together to shape the world, to bring it into this new globalist society, which theyíre now calling not Sovietization or Communism, theyíre calling it Communitarianism, and youíll find that George Bush Sr. was the first one in the West to start to use that term in his major speeches.  We jump from there to the Agenda for the 21st Century, a United Nations Agenda.  Now, remembering that the United Nations, if you read their documentation, wasnít set up to be a simple negotiation, a place of negotiation for conflicting parties and nations, it was set up to become world government.  And therefore, you have the United Nations gradually taking more and more power.  All our laws that have been passed in the Western World for the last forty, fifty year, have come from the United Nations, and itís then passed into law once itís put on the table in Canada or other countries.  Right down to your plumbing and electrical codes, septic system, everything, sewage, water supplies, everything comes from the United Nations.  It is set up with corresponding departments that youíll have within a federal nation.


Tamurile: And is this in detail delineated within the Agenda 21 documentation?


Alan: Yes.  It is.  This is the 21st century, and they want to bring in a new controlled society, with, youíve heard of family planning, well, they want global planning.  Itís a world where they want to vastly reduce the numbers.  We know from the big foundations that work with them, and look at all the organizations that belong to the United Nations.  It is a Sovietized set-up as the Club of Rome said.  Thatís what they favored most to control the people.  Sustainability is the key. 


Tamurile: Is China supposed to be the shining example of the prototype of where they see the entire world evolving into?  I sat there horrified to watch the Beijing Olympics, when the Chinese Army came in.  My mother lived through World War II, and she described the S.S. Officers that invaded, and the Chinese Army looked identical.  They were in fact walking as though they were all completely Nazi programmed.  It just sent shivers up and down my spine.  I didnít even live through the war, but it just brought back all of the things that my mother had spoken about in terms of the horrors of that kind of fascism.  I think there was an article in Macleans, by Maurice Strong, who based on my listening to your episodes on Cutting Through the Matrix, Iíve been paying quite a lot more attention to, and he was singing praises where China was concerned.  So, that in and of itself is a clue as to what their plans are, if Iím not mistaken. 


Alan: Absolutely.  Heís an interesting man, Maurice Strong too, because he was picked up very early on by the Rockefeller foundation and groomed for his role in life.  He claims himself that he was born into the tail end of the Great Depression and because of that, he didnít come out looking for more rights and better rights for the people and so on.  He looked upon the other problems, the financial problems and so on.  And really, when you look into his mentality, it falls in to the fascist system.  See, what weíre looking at here are groups of people, foundations, this parallel government that really runs the world.  And they do.  They make plans.  They are unimpeded by any public input or objection, and they work quietly towards it.  They network together.  And they technically are the rulers of this agenda and the world.  And they believe in themselves, when they talk amongst each other, theyíll talk as though they were benevolent dictators.  Thatís how they basically refer to themselves.  They believe they are the most evolved types.  They believe that the rest of the people havenít caught up genetically to them.  Theyíre really into genetics in a big way.  This has a lot to do with fascism, as you say.  And all Socialist systems become fascist.  I mean, thatís just the way they are.  It doesnít matter if itís called right wing or left wing.


When you have big business and money combined with government, big corporations lobbying government, you technically have a fascist system right there.  And thatís what we have.  And they bring on board a lot of people who work in different areas of society, mainly for social change, which they of course direct, where they want a workable planned society.  They claim that all the ills of the past happened because people were all doing their own thing.  And they said that causes disruption and disharmony.  Therefore, school to work, for instance, is a good way of getting people into the right jobs for them.  They will regulate how many jobs there will be in a certain area, how many people they need, but ultimately, over the course of this hundred years, and remember that speech that was made too, after 9/11, this is a hundred years war.  Now, it doesnít take a hundred years to knock out the Middle East.  This is a hundred years to bring in this new habitat area system, a reduced population, a planned society, where youíll be born for a task, a pre-designated task, if they need you.  And you wonít be born if they donít.  Or, if they say that you are genetically inferior, and thatís going to be the big stick thatís coming.  Itís actually getting pushed right now.  Weíre hearing it from all the magazines and talk shows and so on.  If they claim that you have defective genes, youíre not quite up to par, or you may have defective genes, youíre going to be out of the running all together.  And eventually, science itself will dictate who will live and who will die.  This is all part of the big picture that Maurice Strong believes in.  He believes that part of the problem with poverty is that there are too many poor people.  Thatís how you eradicate poverty.  You eradicate the poor.  Thatís basically it.


And they all believe the same thing at the top.  They claim thereís too many of the useless eaters as Lord Bertrand Russell called them, and he also worked for the same foundations and this parallel government.  And in a post-industrial society, and weíre even post-technological, we donít produce technology, China does all of that.  It was set up.  China was set up by the West to do all of this, to take over, and the West was only to be a service type economy, until the population gradually, and maybe not so gradually, is reduced.  Therefore, they bring in these habitat areas as an interim measure.  Now, itís interesting too, when you look at the whole sustainability question and when you do research into how far back they started to use the term of sustainability, it goes right back again to the setting up of the League of Nations, which transformed into the United Nations.  The League of Nations used the term over and over, sustainability for the planet.


Going back even further, you can find the same thing cropping up in the French Revolution, or just after it.  Because the French Revolution, it was not a spontaneous event, it was not the peasants rising up.  As I say, the mob will always follow those who lead them and say the right things, great speeches and so on and give them promises.  But it took years to foment and organize to get the French Revolution on the go.  This is where you go in through the foundations, again, and what they used to call Freemasonry, because they had coffee houses all over the place.† There were Masonic coffee houses in France and other countries, and thatís where the Masons themselves, in their own books, admit that they discussed their plans for revolution.  And they were all taught too, in Freemasonry, that theyíd bring in a Brave New World, again, a planned society.  And then, after the French Revolution, when it was going on, most of the public donít realize that they were setting up a Socialist system, very similar to the modern system, with habitat areas and again, mathematicians and professionals that were getting into the act for the first time using statistics.  And the idea was to reduce the population.  And they took vast amounts of peasantry across France and they killed them off, in order to reduce what they called the burgeoning overpopulation of the poor.  They even put people in boats, hundreds and hundreds of people theyíd put in boats, and theyíd sink them with cannon to get rid of them.


Tamurile: Oh, dear God. 


Alan: Because they planned the population ratio for each province, and how many farmers theyíd need, and how many extra peasantry they did not need, and so, youíre looking at the same type of planned society, done in a more cruder form than today.  Today itís more slicker.  Today, weíve had really sixty years, seventy years of ongoing propaganda, to reduce the population.  Weíve been given the services, what they call services to reduce the population.  Whatís interesting is that Lenin himself said that the West and the World will be encouraged to set up services.  We forget that the health service was a service, now itís an authority.  Itís the same with the police and all these other services.  They are now authorities, and Lenin said that would happen.


Tamurile: Well, I had to provide a notarized piece of paper, because I would not allow my son, they refused to have him graduate without having a booster shot for something ludicrous like diphtheria and polio.  And I refused to have him have the booster shot.  So, I had to go to a notary public and get a piece of paper signed, indicating that I was objecting, where my own belief systems were concerned.  I didnít care what I had to say, I would say it, even if it meant yanking him out of school.  I had no intention of having him immunized for anything else, especially since diphtheria, I donít know of any outbreaks of diphtheria in Toronto, and heís not planning to go anywhere, where it may be dominant, South East Asia or wherever it might be occurring as we speak.  So, I said, no, Iím not going to have him have a booster.  And so I had to pay $50 for this piece of paper, where I was granted immunity from him taking these shots, and he did indeed graduate, and I managed to dodge that bullet.  But here, Iím going to cry on your shoulder a little bit, because my son is an incredibly talented musician, and given a few more years of study, he could almost be as good as you are with guitar playing, but he has turned around, and based on what he himself has experienced, itís not me being older and wiser, because I canít even claim that Iím older and wiser.  I donít even know whatís going to happen tomorrow in this world, let alone five years from now.  So, the advice I could give him as a parent is minimal, because all I can do is just keep my hand on the pulse of whatís going on, but when he was turning around and making a choice as to what he wants to do with the rest of his life, music he completely opted out of, largely because he said, I donít want to be a rock star.  I donít want to crank out albums for some label.  Iím not going to work for the man in that regard.  So, he said, the music I do for myself.  And if people want to come and here me play, thatís great.  If they donít I donít really care.  So, what he ended up choosing to do instead, heís now apprenticing with a school bus repair outlet.  So, in effect, heís put on the yoke of an indentured servant, and it chokes me up to just even say that, and act as a grease monkey fixing motors and replacing light bulbs in school buses until such time as even that becomes null and void.  So, this is the state of affairs where Iím at, and Iím actually glad heís out of the school, because they now have an armed policeman there every single day, and weíre talking about a relatively affluent, suburban Toronto area, thatís predominantly occupied by lawyers and doctors and accountants.  So, weíre not talking about the inner city urban blight.  Weíre talking about extremely wealthy people on the whole.  I mean, theyíre not gentry, but letís call them bourgeoisie for want of a better term.  Their children, I think because of the fact that they have everything, materially speaking, are bored out of their minds, donít know what to do with themselves.  My son is the first one to say, weíre a lost generation.  We have no one to look up to.  Thereís no leadership here.  We donít care about the elections, because itís all bogus anyway.  So, he was born awake.  Our conversations at the table are always in relation to these types of topics and heís not conforming, yet I donít know from a hope standpoint where he even sees himself ten or fifteen years from now.


Alan: Well, I understand it, because so much warfare has gone on against the family unit in particular, for many, many years, and that was essential to get this agenda through.  Because, we donít realize that this parallel government, which also has royalty and aristocracy and so on, who never, ever believed that the public were going to be given democracy, so they set up their parallel government system.† Many of them who worked for it, like Lord Bertrand Russell wrote about this as far back as the 1920s.  And one of the books was called Education and the Good Life, and you have to understand the coding that they use.  They have different meanings for themselves.  But he did set up experimental schools, and found ways basically to dissociate the children from their parents.  That was the whole idea of it.  And to find a way of social indoctrination, a scientific indoctrination he called it, which would make sure that the children wouldnít emulate their parentsí ways, which were called ďcontaminated.Ē  Interesting he was using the same terminology as Communism was using, when it came to culture being learned by the child from their parents.  And he said eventually that if we can make daycare and kindergarten the norm and get the children early, he said even for three or four hours per day, with scientific indoctrination he says, we now, in the 1920s he says, we now can override any input or moral standards that the parents might try to pass on to their children.  Eventually the state would give the morality to the children.  And youíre talking about armed security guards and so on, well, see, thatís part of the outcome of it.  The school shootings, the violence, all of that.  The children were given their own culture, what they think is their own culture.  And that goes through music and rock and all the rest of it.  Thatís a managed system.  The culture industry is completely managed.  Itís not spontaneous.  Teenagers do not dream this up.  Neither do they dream up their fashions, either.  And if you go back as far as Platoís Republic, and his other writings, he talks about culture industry, and he calls it an industry, with fashion industry and so on, and how it works together, with music and drama, to influence the young, and how you can guide society along through culture creation.  Well, thatís what Bertrand Russell was also talking about.  He dealt with the educational system that would bypass the parental input, so that no contaminated thoughts from the old ways would be passed on, old morality, etc, while the culture industry took over from there and from school, and downloaded the children with what they thought was their own generationís culture.  Thereís nothing further from the truth.  Theyíve never had their own generationís culture.  It was just something that was made up for them to follow, which they do very well. 


Tamurile: Oh, thereís ample proof of that.  And Iím actually noticing as well, thereís a lot of billboards and it seems that David Suzuki is one of the front runners for this, where he is creating ecological Nazis out of these children, where theyíre encouraged to spy on each other and on their parents, where any types of violations are concerned, to report to the authorities, anything that could constitute an ecological faux pas.  So, this, in and of itself is horrifying, because there is a holier-than-thou perspective thatís being drummed into these children, which once again, as you say, is alienating them from their own family and fragmenting them, so theyíre becoming little spies.


Alan: They are becoming spies.  Again, Itís intentional.  Itís not just Canada.  It came out at the same time as the next move.  Youíll find that these organizations move in step in all countries at the same time.  And Roddenberry, who did the Star Trek series, was heavily involved, shaping the minds of people, through what you thought was episodes happening in space.  It was all really about the free trade system of the world and all the rest of it that it entailed.  He belonged to NASA, and he got a lot of his projections of the future from the boys at NASA.  And he talked about the creation of the First Earth Army that would come into being.  What youíre seeing with the children is what they meant by that, the First Earth Army, where they would give heavy indoctrination to the children. Now, where they got this idea from, and the Club of Rome also talked about this, was watching, not just watching, because they directed China, as they went through what they called the Cultural Revolution.  Not just the first main revolution, but the Cultural Revolution.  During the Cultural Revolution, they brought up a generation of children that were taught to hate everyone who was older than themselves, because they had destroyed their country, basically.  They were the gluttons.  They were the ones who consumed, they were the wasters.  They wasted everything.  Thatís what they were taught.  And they dragged the elderly through the streets.


Tamurile: Oh, dear Lord.  Well, over here you had the whole Timothy Leary, never trust anyone over thirty.


Alan: Leary, itís now admitted worked for the CIA.  So, what youíre looking at is a planned system.  And youíre right, itís from cartoons.  Iíve got books here that were sent to me, comic books for children.  Iíve been sent DVDs that were copied from cartoon series and so on, and the message that the adults have destroyed the planet and theyíve left nothing for us, is being really pushed and promulgated into the minds of the young people.  And we are going to see them, a horror show, because, believe you me, fanaticism can be drummed up quite easily.  But if you take years to do it, through careful scientific indoctrination, youíre looking at the same type of cultural revolution when they turn on their parents.  Thereís a big foundation, again, itís all done through foundations, putting out massive ads in Britain, I think itís called N-Power, and theyíre doing the same thing.  Theyíre giving them ID cards for children as spies and telling them how to report on everyone who doesnít do the right thing with garbage and so on, all their neighbors, and we are seeing what George Orwell put in Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the parents were terrified of the children.


Tamurile: There was a government sponsored employment over the summer where 6,000 students were hired to go in their neighborhoods and check to see people who were dog owners, whether the dog owners had licenses.  And if they didnít, they were fined.  So these children were going door to door making sure that the dog license tags were present.  And if they werenít then they would report as such, and these people were fined large sums of money for not having their dog licenses.  Thatís the beginning of it, and Iím seeing it first-hand.


I do so appreciate, this is quite redundant for you, because you cover this at great lengths where your own website is concerned,  But I appreciate your reiterating these things, because in a way, the more often people hear it, the more they may come to realize that this is not theory, and it has nothing to do with conspiracy, except on the part of those people who are trying to devalue what you and a few other brave souls are doing.  And Iíd like to see if we can, with the remaining time, I donít profess to say that you are looking through a crystal ball and serving as a prophet of doom or anything, but I would like based on the fact that you have seen the parallels through history, and you have read what a lot of other people are too lazy to crack open, because it becomes incredibly tiresome and perhaps too threatening upon their belief system, so theyíd rather go into denial, or simply canít get out of their complacent state of apathy to look into this in detail and find the documents that you refer to when you speak about this.  And perhaps we could do a time line, just so that people understand, not that they go into a state of fear and panic, but that they understand what time weíre dealing with here, in terms of the actualization of these global programs.  We are in the throes of elections in North America, both in the US and here in Canada, which is, perhaps voting is irrelevant I would say, when it comes to exercising oneís civil duties, largely because the people who are supposed to be representing you, once theyíre in power do what theyíre told by the robber barons and the bankers.  But, given the events that are happening, Iíd like you to perhaps address whatís happening where the stock market bailout is concerned and how that, as far as the public is perceiving it, where mass media goes, versus what is really behind this, and then just give us kind of a chronology in terms of where you see this headed within the next ten years.  Thereís this constant referral to 2012, so, I donít know if this is part of the agenda, so that people are reinforced with the notion of big things changing in 2012.  So maybe we can give it that four-year time line, and you could speak to that with regards to global economics, the elections and whatís being introduced, within, say, Bill C51, and Bill C52 in Canada. These are all things that will impact everyone. 


Alan: Well, to me, I donít panic, because I understand by following history how these guys work.  And they do everything on a huge scale, everything including spraying the sky.  Thatís quite the project, worldwide.  Thereís always a large-scale agenda.  If we go back into the 1800s, youíll find that Karl Marx talked about this system, when he was living and being financed in London, England, where everything came from, really.  And he talked about a United Europe, that would be the first United system, a sort of collection of provinces, and now theyíre called a region in fact.  And that would be followed, eventually, by a United Americas, and very quickly afterwards by a Pacific Rim conglomerate.  And thatís happening.  Of course, thatís happening.  Europe has already done it.  Weíre doing it now.  Since 2005, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV, we saw the first open, thatís the key to it, it was the first open signing of integration of the Americas by the prime ministers and the president of the US.  They said that they had another few to go to 2010, and then the Americas is totally integrated.  And sure enough, theyíve been signing the same thing every year, further integration.  What they called in Europe, when they were doing it, was ďcloser ties.Ē  That was a code term they used for complete integration.  Thatís happening too, with the Pacific Rim Region.  There will be a parliament set up for every bloc, trading bloc.  And I think they even discussed Montreal during the Free Trade Negotiations back in the late 80s for Canada.  Theyíd set it up in Montreal for the Americas.  They also have to bring in a common currency.  So, what youíre seeing now, itís real.  Itís very real, as they can crash the economy, or control it, controlled crashes I call them, whenever they wish.  Or recessions, or inflation.  But itís all to get the public ready for big changes.  Thatís the main reason for it.  Itís a huge drama, put on the public, so that the public will be terrified and afraid, and will be ready to accept their next overture, which will be the presentation of the new moneyed system for the Americas.  But they also want, eventually, to go into a global currency, which will be all electronic, of course.


Tamurile: And is this pretty much what has been alluded to as far as the mark of the beast, meaning that if you donít have this sub-dermal microchip, you cannot conduct any type of commerce?


Alan: That will come.  But again, they train us as you train animals.  You donít spook an animal by going all the way to slaughter.  You donít slaughter animals in front of the rest of the herd, either.  You take them away from the herd.  You acclimatize the public to every step that you want them to go.  That way you can control them.  You donít lose control.  So, weíre being trained now that the Americasí day as the rulers or the policeman of the world, the big economic powerhouse are declining.  We have to be trained into that way, to lower our standards of living, drastically, incredibly in fact, if you listen to Maurice Strong and others of his ilk, and to sustainability.  So this is all the rumblings of what thatís about.  If they want to toss more paper into circulation, they will.  They could do it forever, if they wanted to.  Or they can simply start bringing it into the banks, less money circulating, and then you have a depression.  But one way or another, theyíll bring us through a form of depression and inflation to train us to get ready to accept the next system, which will be offered to us.  Now, I was looking at a Wendy Mesley show from 1998.  And sheís very good for pushing out the next parts of the agenda before anyone else.  She has a program in Canada here, CBC.  And she was talking to the manufacturers of the new ID card, back in 1998.  And this card, of course, has, I know from the British version, the card has the chip, which will also eventually become your bank card as well.  Everything about you is in there, including your bank account.  Well, she was talking to one of the men for Canada, for this big company thatís going to distribute the ID cards, and remember, this was before 9/11, 2001, and they were already ID-ing, giving Clear Passes, we think itís a new name, no.  They were giving Clear Passes back in 1998 to people who want to cross the border.  They were already introducing it then.  But she said to the man, ďWhat makes you think that people will accept all of this intrusion and fingerprinting and iris scans and so on?Ē  And he said, ďThe public will be given no option.Ē


Tamurile: If you are obligated to travel, you will have to comply. 


Alan: You will have to comply, but that also will go for buying and selling and everything you need to live.  Thatís where itís supposed to go.  Now, that did break out in Britain, before 2001, again, and the people turned it down.  They couldnít understand why their government was forcing this ID card on them with space for their bank account, when nothing in the world of a major event like this scale was happening.  So, 9/11/2001, was an essential thing to happen to ram all of this through.  That was the excuse weíve been given to ram all this, under the guise of terrorism and safety, weíre having all our rights taken away.  But itís really to bring in something that was already on the go, and thatís a totally controlled society.  And when you talk about the Mark of the Beast, they discussed this at the Loyola Meeting at Loyola University in the States, the world science meeting in 2001.  Theyíve had one every year since.  They discussed an implantable chip, which is already there.  They said theyíll only have to convince the public now to accept it.  And how they would do it would be to promote it through movies and novels and even cartoons.  Thatís already happened.  A series of movies came out right after it, with the chip in it.  One was called The Final Cut, with Robin Williams.  And this ties in.  This is an important part of it.  You see, your specific ID is to tie in with what will be your new Sovietized area.  People think itís to do with crossing borders and so on.  Eventually you wonít be able to move out of your region or your community in your new Communitarian system, your habitat system.  Eventually, down the road, maybe fifteen years, you wonít be able to move out of your community without special permission.  People think that free trade with the free flow of labor, which is written into the charter for the Americas, the Summit of the Americas, and at the United Nations, they think thatís a good thing.  It sounds good.  Like everything else, sounds good.  But itís really limited traded only to authorized international corporations.  And the new type of travel will be essential travel only over borders for people and executives that are required by those corporations.  Itís not for the average person at all.  Thatís what you find out when you go really into the writings about it.  So, it sounds wonderful to the public.  They say, ďWhatís wrong with that?Ē  Until you look, itís actually restrictions for everything. 


Now, the chip has already been tested out in Spain and in Holland in nightclubs to see if the young would go for it.  This particular one is implantable under the skin.  You join the club.  I think itís the Baja Club they call it.  Itís actually based in California, but they have them over in Europe, and you can pay up an account in advance.  Itís put into the chip, just like a debit card, and your arm is scanned.  And your drinks, etc, is deducted from your account.  So, theyíve used it already in that respect.  Theyíre using it in more and more of these clubs, to get the youth used to having this, without having to carry money.  And a lot of the young think itís fantastic, they donít need to carry money or even their card and so on.  Itís also given snob appeal, because depending on the size of the account, you can have gold, platinum, and all the rest of it.  And they make sure these clubs are the sexiest clubs, the best-looking dancers and so on, to get the people into it.  And itís working very well.  The guy, by the way, whoís the CEO of this organization, in his own writings, itís been published in the newspaper, he worked for the NSA, prior to coming into this, the National Security Agency.  So, this is the agenda for the future.  Itís to be a totally controlled society.  Step by step, through different phases of it, including the chip, is only one phase, until they go through genetic engineering into Transhumanism.  And if you look up the websites on the big Transhumanist societies, look at them.  Again, heavily funded by the foundations.  Stacked with professors of all kinds and researchers of all kinds, all the top people, where they plan to eventually over the course of this century, bring in a new type of human society.  Theyíll be enhanced, they call it.  But, when you tie that in with the Loyola Science Meeting, to do with the chip, they might be very physically superior, but in the Loyola University, they said it will be the end of individuality as you know it, because once this chip is inserted, theyíre talking about inside the brain.


Tamurile: Yes, indeed, utterly Borg, to use the Star Trek.  Itís, you will be assimilated and resistance is futile. 


Alan: Yes, they said it will be impossible for anyone to think of themselves as a separate distinct individual.  That will be gone, and so, therefore the elite will have achieved their objective.  Now, remember, the elite themselves will not use this chipping technique on themselves.  Thatís written into their own documentation.  Arthur Koestler mentioned it.  He worked, now itís declassified, thereís books out on it, he worked for MI5 and 6.  We find writings by Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, in the 1950s he wrote the book, The Next Million Years.  He also said, we the elite will not change ourselves.  We must retain our ability for self-preservation, but the masses wonít need it because the state will be making all their decisions for them.  Itís very arrogant.  To be honest with you, thereís no reason why they canít pull it off.  They do need our compliance.  Thatís the only thing that they need is our compliance.  And the public have all of these ideas marketed to them, to make them familiar with them, but they donít tell you all of the story.  Survival here depends on our ability to want to retain individuality.  If you give a society a depressing culture, a depressing time of misery, all the values have gone down the drain, even the old religions.  Anything that they used to hang on to, to give them hope, has been pretty well destroyed.  Weíre told that science now rules.  This is the Age of Science.  Science is a cold master.  It has no compassion.  In fact, really, it has no humanity in it.  Itís simply what is functional, what is not functional for the time.  Thatís the system weíre going into.  And we have to decide ourselves what we are.  Are we really human?  What does it mean to be fully human?  We have to regain those human qualities that kept us alive all this time, or itís game over.  Weíre literally fighting not just for ourselves, but for all the previous generations that were abused and used for their wars of glory and gain, and for all those who are yet to come.  If these boys have their way, theyíll have a planned society, and in fact, there will be no parenthood as such as we know it.  They will create new types of humans to serve them better at the top.  Thatís the idea of this whole agenda. 


Tamurile: Well, weíve got biological warfare in terms of being bombarded in the air and the water we drink and the food we eat.  Itís all toxic and the sterility levels are astronomically high in a very short span of time.  The ratio of cancer patients.


Alan: Yeah, thatís intentional too though.  I was looking at some of the writings of some of the CFR, and one of the professors said, back thirty years ago, about ways of reducing the population, he said, well, whatís wrong with cancer?  They might as well die of cancer as anything else.


Tamurile: Whatís really ironic, Alan, is Iíve done a few of my own forays into the backgrounds of these people who are the so-called ruling elite, and irony of irony, a lot of their offspring were either say Darwin, Charles Darwin, in terms of children, I think a couple of them committed suicide.  One went completely mad.  So, if these are supposedly genetically superior people, I canít see that bearing witness to what their children end up doing and being.  It doesnít speak very highly for them, from a chromosomal standpoint.  But is there any possibility that given the fact that they know no shame, they know no greed, that theyíre psychopaths in no unquestionable terms, is it possible that there would be some infighting where they would basically be arguing amongst themselves and not have a consensus of opinion, and perhaps by the divide and conquer scenario, say the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers just canít agree anymore, is it possible that it could crumble from there and that might be our opportunity to turn around?  And theyíre also very much ritualistically oriented and very concerned with occult things, so that could potentially be their Achilles Heel, could it not?


Alan: Itís possible.  You see, they do cooperate and they can cooperate for a long, long period, even centuries, as long as theyíre all benefiting.  But, now that they see their goal coming into view, which is a world government, and I always say, I use the allegory of a throne, a throne of the world, where really youíre going to have someone appointed as the CEO or King of the Planet one day, not too far off in the future, and for a psychopath, thatís an awfully alluring magnetic thing.  They seek power.  They want to go down in history, itís very important to them to be remembered in history, terribly important.  That is when theyíll probably start to have infighting, because thereís only going to be one top CEO here, and they all want to be King of the World.  Thatís probably when theyíll start.  However, when the Titans fight, especially when they have weaponry as they have today, like plasma weaponry and all of this, and EMP pulsation technology, a lot of people die when Titans fight.  The little people get stood upon and stomped.  And thatís the problem too.  These guys truly donít care how many people they take with them, you know.  I can remember Begin, when he was prime minister of Israel, and he really was going over the edge, and he said, if Israel goes, weíll take the planet with us.  And they nicknamed that the Sampson complex.  But he wasnít the first to use that.  Another psychopath, and that was Adolf Hitler, said at the end, when Russia and the US and Britain were coming in, into Berlin, he said, heíd take all of Germany down with him.  He said if the German people could not rule the world then they were not fit to live.  Well, thatís the standard psychopathic rationalization, coupled with eugenics, because they all believe in eugenics.  All of the present day are no different from the Nazi believers.  They believe that they have the right of might and those who have got that particular right will survive.  If they canít survive then itís just too bad.  They donít grieve over them.  So, itís a horrific show thatís coming up.  Itís actually happening.  When you look at the instance of disease thatís occurred since about 1950 onwards, itís skyrocketed, as you say, with cancers and autism.  Everything that came along with the big push and the start of mass inoculations for everything.  We have inoculations now for so many things, which are supposed to be eradicated from the planet.  Weíre still being inoculated for them, so they claim.  I have my own suspicions as to what they inoculate us with.


Tamurile: I have the same suspicions as you do, because I work for a radiologist, and you can well imagine.  Interestingly enough, just to add my own personal views on this.  My son is working at Ken-Par just moving boxes from a warehouse into a truck, and he makes more money than I do being a medical receptionist.  And the doctor who I work for is pretty standard, when it comes to the more people that he can radiate in any given day, the happier he is, because he can do more billing and then he can go on cruises and who cares if thereís.  I see, every single day, people walking in, getting radiated, because their digestive systems are completely compromised.  Their immune systems are virtually non-existent, and I see this on a daily basis.  And itís exhausting and incredibly depressing.  I am witnessing this first-hand, personally, so I completely concur with you from that standpoint.  One thing I do want, weíre running rapidly out of time.  Iíve been watching, if the big fish eats the little fish scenario here, again, and simply because we still have the internet and I need to get this information out to as many people as possible, as do you.  I saw Yahoo and Google just swallowing up all kinds of services left, right, and center.  Do you see the potential?  Iíve read in some particular circulations among the lists that I link to, that the possibility of free internet is soon going to be rendered null and void, and that some massive company like Google or Yahoo will absorb all of the browsers and every other potential servers out there.  And then you will have to pay for every single click that you do on the web, so information will no longer be accessible or free.


Alan: Thatís correct.  Again, it was an idea that was born in Canada, by the way, a few years ago, when they had the first United Nations conference to do with policing the internet.  What they meant was, the eradication of contrary sites, contrary to the agenda.  And with internet 3 coming up, and I gave a talk on the founder of the internet system, the worldwide web, who now has hundreds of big corporations backing him to do with the coming out with the new system, internet 3 I think they call it, and the fact is that itís going to be divvied up amongst the big providers.  The mainstream media in other words are going to get the first grabs at things.  Everything else will be pay as you view.  Small sites will be eradicated.  But theyíre also going to make it impossible for you to pull up sites that they deem politically incorrect.  That was by the founder of the worldwide web.  He said that.  So, if they label you as undesirable, giving out what he claims is false information to mislead the public, they will just pull your site.  I read the document from the British newspapers on my website last week.


Tamurile: If you could email me that, I will put that link up on the show notes when I post this interview.  So, do you have a timeframe on that, Alan?  Do you know when this whole thing will become a reality?


Alan: Again, 2010, and then 2012.  2012, they want the United Nations to step up and declare world government because of world emergencies.  2010, of course, Canada is to be amalgamated with the US totally, thatís the finish of it.  Thatís the last signature.  And therefore it could be 2010, 2012.  I think the guy who set up this internet system talked about 2010. 


Tamurile: So, thatís our window right there, in terms of what we can say and what we can do, speaking freely amongst ourselves on a global level.


Alan: Yes.  In fact, someone just emailed me something to do with the Norton Anti-Virus program that you get for your computer, and this is right after I gave the talk from the founder of the www, the worldwide web.  And already, itís saying you do not want to look at this site.  It is deemed undesirable.  So, theyíve already put some of it into motion, to get us used to it.  But when they bring in the new system in 2010, this new policing body, and it is a policing body this man belongs to, with all the big corporations and the NSA was one of the corporations backing this new system that he suggested.  They will pull your site from the web.  You wonít be able to put anything up at all.


Tamurile: And so what recourse do we have, given that we have the alert?  Youíve warned everyone.  Can we just by the uproar of solidarity among the masses say, ďno, we will not complyĒ?  Can that possibly be reversed or prevented?


Alan: Theyíve already thought all of this out.  You see, they always plan things like a chessboard, how the public will react, how they will get past the reaction and so on.  And they plan a massive advertising campaign to revamp and show you this new, wonderful wonderland of internet 3.  And they hope by marketing alone, because they now have the public addicted to constant data.  Not the truth, but just data.  They think theyíll continue to use the internet and go into the mainstream and thatís all that theyíll have, and by massive marketing and giving them more titillation, probably a bit more sex and so on, the public will continue to use it.  Thatís how they plan to overcome this.  As far as public objection, you need organization to do it.  And thatís it.  Thatís the key to everything, is organization.  The public donít have organization.  When they do get it, itís generally set out by the other side and it collapses at the end, or goes off in a different tangent to mislead us.  We donít have enough real, genuine organizations out there, that are willing to stand up and fight for it. 


Tamurile: Thatís very true.  And I think also, Alan, since so many of us are living on a hand to mouth basis, and weíre completely in survival mode.  You get up, you go to work, you come home, you eat, you watch television, you go to sleep, you get up, you go to work.  Itís the same thing.  And nobody wants to hear about what could then possibly happen as far as our liberties being removed carefully one at a time.  Iíve spoken to so many people when it comes to, I wouldnít say rallying the troops, because Iíve avoided that.  You just draw attention to yourself and then you defeat your own purpose by being locked up as both my parents were, voicing their political concerns about these types of dictatorial systems.  But itís a question of getting people off their collective, indifferent arses and doing something about it, not just saying, oh, ďI canít be bothered.  Itís not going to affect me.  I just have enough trouble paying for my rent.Ē  I mean, I looked at my books for last month, and believe me, between two earnings, we pay rent, we pay the utilities, we pay for gas, and we pay for food.  There is virtually nothing left over after that.


Alan: Thatís right.


Tamurile: So, trying to get people to wake up in that kind of situation, I mean, even if they are awake, part of them just says, ďI can barely make it the way things stand now.  Iím not about to turn around and risk hearth and home to speak out my concerns.  If I do that, theyíre just going to turn around and censure me and use me as an example and punish me even more.Ē  So, there is a lot of that going on too. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it, if you can depress an economy, keep people worrying and scurrying around for a poor survival, they will not generally be involved in any long-term, any long-range goals.  Their basic concern is immediate survival.  And also too, people are too complacent now.  Weíve been trained.  Weíve had fifty years or sixty years of training the public.  And again, Bertrand Russell goes into this technique.  And they call it technique.  Theyíve trained the public to listen to experts.  Donít worry about the big problems of the world, there are special people above you that deal with all of that.  Just leave it to them and be good little children, and play.  Thatís basically how weíve been trained, and unfortunately, intergenerationally, for the last fifty, sixty years itís worked.  Weíre seeing the product of it today.  Weíve also seen the division of society.  Itís not cohesive anymore.  If you destroy the family unit, thereís no community really.  If you have a community, itís just a bunch of prisoners, all inside the same pen.


Tamurile: Yes.  That whole notion of clan and the tribal sticking together against a common foe, that seems to be almost rendered null and void, because everyone is spying on each other within their own family unit.  As my last observation, I just wanted to share with you, Alan.  Iíve had a chance to look at some architectural indications of where the wealth lies, and I just wanted to point out a couple of things that Iíve seen, and get your feedback on that, and then weíll let you go.  There are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, which is eerily like the Twin Towers that were taken down at 9/11.  And then youíve got this extraordinary hotel that looks like a sail that was built in Dubai.  These are like glittering jewels now in another part of the world, which Iíve only had the opportunity to view in still photos.  Is that where the trail is?  Would you say thatís where the money lies now?


Alan: Yes, it does.  They love to build symbols for their moving on.  If you go through this occult system, when the Rothschilds were given, I call it given the Bank of England.  I think they were brought over to be honest with you, to take over, because they were better trained at this new scam, the British government also brought in, they brought over from Egypt an obelisk.  And they put in a lot of money, and they actually incased it in steel, they made a special shipping compartment that was floated across the sea, all the way to London, England and erected.  We find that around the same time, this is connected to it, by the way, going back to the days of Constantine, in fact, Constantine sent one of his sons to Egypt to get one of those obelisks as well.  And he put it in the Circus in Rome.  And when they were setting up the one for the Rothschilds, for the big banking group, and itís faced by the four major banks, itís surrounded by the four major banks in London.  In Rome, they moved the one from the Circus and put it in front of the Vatican.  And then when New York was being built up to become the new financial power, they brought one over and put it in the great park there, from Egypt.  And of course in the US, they also had the new one, and that was Washingtonís monument.  They love this symbol that theyíve used down through the ages.  And the Twin Towers, of course, is a symbol of two of them, the male and the female, the Jachin and the Boaz, as they say in Masonry, the male and the female, the fire and the water.  So, yeah, youíre quite right.  The one in Kuala Lumpur, I think is joined as well.


Tamurile: It is. 


Alan: And if you look at what itís joined with, itís actually a compass coming down.


Tamurile: Wow, I hadnít even seen that.


Alan: Itís a compass.  Yeah.  So, they use their symbols all down through the ages, and youíre right.  Whenever they put up these big, brand new monuments, theyíre showing you their new place, or their new headquarters of operation.  Thatís where the money is.


Tamurile: Okay.  Well, thatís one way to follow where the action is, no doubt.  The other is to follow Alan.  Alan, please tell us once again, where people can look to get information on a daily basis from you.


Alan: You can go into website, and thereís hundreds of talks you can download for free and go over, where I try to fit all this together, I piece it together, for the people, to try and give them shortcuts to understanding.  And we really need shortcuts today, because we donít have the time that previous generations had to pass this information on.  


Tamurile: And the books you yourself have written too, they can order those books online, via that site.


Alan: Yes.  Iíve put a series out, the Cutting Through series, to show them the occultic side or part of this, how the symbols are always around you.  You grow up living amongst them and you donít know what they mean.  But why is it so important for the elite to have these symbols all around you?  And I also give you some of the codings that they use.  And I also put out, thereís a book now of transcripts, written transcripts of a lot of the shows, and thatís a good book to read too, rather than just staring at the computer and reading, itís much easier to have a book of transcripts, where I go through talk after talk of the ancient history, leading up to the present history.  So, they can find that too on the website. 


Tamurile: And I can certainly recommend that everyone order that while the opportunity presents itself, because youíd have a hard copy, so that whatever happens with the internet you have on hand, because I donít think theyíll be eliminating paper in 2010.  So, even if all of our technology shuts down, which may not necessarily be a bad thing, in terms of the radionics weíre bombarded with, the paper will still be yours to keep on file and educate yourself.  Could you tell the international listeners where they can find your site thatís for people who are outside of North America?


Alan: They can go into and again, they can download lots of talks and transcripts and so on from that particular site.


Tamurile: Wonderful.  Well, Alan, Iíll try to bring you on as often as I can within the confines of the time that we have left where free internet is still accessible.  I totally appreciate and am honored that youíre sacrificing your own time and your own personal goals and ambitions towards your own happiness to try to raise the level of awareness of our collective, and I am so grateful for your being here.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here, while we can talk.  We must use it.


Tamurile: Most definitely.  And believe me, my son and a number of his friends are well aware of what you are doing, so you are connecting with the next generation, believe me.


Alan: Thatís all itís about.  Thatís the whole point of the exercise, yeah.


Tamurile: Absolutely.  Thank you, so much, Alan.


Alan: Thank you too.


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