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September 8, 2008




John:  I’m John Stokes, live on the air at KGEZ Montana.  How are you, sir?

Alan:  I’m not so bad.

John:  Well, we can’t say that about the rest of the world, though, can we?

Alan:  No, no, and of course we’re great liars too, so we’re not doing so great after all.

John:  Now, c’mon, those Russians invaded.  We all know that.

Alan:  That’s what it was; when we were sleeping.

John:  And of course, now we want to give Georgia a billion dollars to repay for the damage we caused their country basically. 

Alan:  It’s amazing what’s going on with the weather-warfare.  It’s quite staggering. 

John:  You think, you know, we’ve got, obviously the ability to manipulate the weather.  In fact, one of our listeners brought in a weather manipulation story from 1943.  It was in National Geographic, how the Army was gearing up and going to change the scenes in battle fields and yada, yada, yada.  It was like they haven’t given up at all. 

Alan:  They signed the treaty at the United Nations in the 70s when they had the capability, IN THE TREATY, to create storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, flood or whatever they wanted to.  It says in the treaty that it makes the ATOM BOMB OBSOLETE.  They have been using this steadily now for 10 years on western Europe and the Americas.

John:  Well, if we’ve got it, we’ve got to also believe that the Chinese and Russians have it, and others.

Alan:  I know that the US alone controls over 54 of them worldwide.

John:  The HAARP installations?

Alan:  They have them all over the place, Iceland, Greenland and Australia and other places.  

John:  I was just looking at this hurricane pattern we seem to be having here.  I was wondering if the Russians were sending us all of these hurricanes just to kind of teach us a lesson. 

Alan:  No, no, the same boys who own all of us now, own pretty well the rest of the world.  I mean, we created communist China.  We gave them all our industry through treaties.  Believe you me, if the elite of America didn’t own China, you would not give your capability of manufacturing weaponry and vehicles and so on, to China.  You would not do that.  You’d only do that if you already owned them. 

John:  We saw that fix was on under… well, obviously with the rise of Mao Se Tung but throwing Chiang Kai-shek overboard in place of it.  The opening of China through the Nixon, Prescott presidency and then having little Bush, or middle Bush, then, being the ambassador of China…

Alan:    And Clinton’s brother too.  Clinton’s brother went over after Tiananmen Square and said, “Don’t worry.  We’re not taking any action on this.  We’re staying out of it.  Trade must come first,” he said.  But we signed up the GATT treaty that allowed it all to happen.  Believe you me, it must have taken 20, 30 years of negotiations and set ups through bureaucrats and so on to set China up to be the manufacturer for the whole world

John:  Now, we had something happen here, well, the financial institutions are collapsing in America.  That’s all planned and it just like it’s another Great Depression and they’re just scarfing up all the assets and whether they’re leading us into World War III, we can discuss that or just the devastation of America financially.   One of our major banks, again, collapsed this weekend.  Silver State Bank in Nevada, they had 17 branches.  Just IRONICALLY, the CEO of that chain was Arthur… I think his name was Arthur McCain - McCain’s oldest son.  They don’t fall far from the nest, do they?

Alan:  No. That’s right.

John:  But, we saw this bail out of Fanny May and Freddy Mack, the largest mortgage institutions in the world.  A lot of people think they’re federal, they are not.  They are privately owned money creation banks, just like the Federal Reserve is.  They create mortgages out of thin air and then make us pay it back and then they sell the mortgages.  Now, a lot of the loans aren’t performing; so they were going under.  This last month they set up a situation where they could go to the Congress and they say, ‘Well, you know, just in case we need some money to bail these guys out, will you authorize it?’ well, lo and behold, this weekend they did.  And, my take on this is a lot different than anybody else’s reporting it, I’m sure.  You may or may not agree with me, that this was the trip wire.  We crashed this weekend.  If they did not step in and do this, we… America would be over this morning.  Because most of that Fanny May debt, they’re not bailing out the stock holders, they’re not bailing out preferred stock, they’re bailing out or guaranteeing the ones who are HOLDING the actual debt.   Which is Chinese central banks and Russian Central banks and the Asian Central Banks.  They’re owning all the money and they said, ‘If you don’t pay this thing off, we’re never going to finance your federal deficit again.  You’re over.’  We’re pulling all of our money out,’ and lo and behold, we have this half TRILLION dollar bail out today. 

Alan:    Well, that’s exactly what it is because China… I was reading the paper the other day there, from Britain, and it was talking about the US being a larger debtor on the planet and how China owns, basically, holds all of the debt, they own the US debt and they profit from the debt. What a system where you can profit from debt, isn’t it? What a farce to think they are the enemy.  As I say, the elite would NEVER give all of that power to your main enemy.  Which tells you no, they’re not your main enemy, they’re owned by the same bankers who own the planet. 

John:  Well, yeah.  Here we’re having to borrow $80 BILLION A MONTH to keep this federal, socialist hoax going for just a little longer and on top of that we’re borrowing all this money all the money off books, they’re create money, or digits, off books, to bail out the wall street bankers.  We’re in serious, serious, serious financial trouble and I see every indication that the world’s going into a major depression, followed by war. 

Alan:  Well, you’re actually in the war.  The war is actually a war on the world.  This is World War III and although it was already on the go, from World War II onwards, it was highlighted - I call it the highlighting - with 9/11 in 2001.  That was the kick off for the next phase of the globalization process and all the big players that work at the United Nations are, who are advisors to presidents, like Jacques Attali; he was advisor to about 3 different French presidents, he wrote the books, he’s now at the United Nations, he wrote the books on what’s to happen to America.  In one of them, it was called Millennium:  Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order, printed about ‘90 or ‘91.  He said eventually America will be absorbed into the world system which it has financed and brought into being.  He said the standard of living will drop, and with the borderless system they eventually will bring in, immigration will flood in from Latin America just like he said, like the hordes of Huns and Goths and Visigoths and so on that came into Rome.  He said the face of America will be completely changed.  The next boat people, because the economy will plummet, he said the next boat people will be US citizens leaving their country looking for work abroad.  See, this is the agenda.  When these guys write these kinds of books, they’re telling you the agenda. 

WE also have the same outlook from the Department of Defence, their main think tank in Britain, for the UK and NATO.  I’ve got 90 pages of it up on my web site in the archives section.  They go through this whole scenario for the next 20 odd years, talking about the escalation of crisis within America and Canada with this mass migration as they standardize and bring the WHOLE continent under one system.  Just like the European Union.  During that process there’ll be chaos, the economy will plummet and fall and so on.  And there will be rioting, which they expect, to start around 2010 within the United States on a LARGE scale. 

John:  Well, I think we’re already… well, 5 million a year is a pretty good invasion already. 

Alan:  It’s nothing.  It’s nothing because, you see, they want to bring the WHOLE of Latin America in.  And believe you me, in Latin America they still believe that the streets of America are paved with gold.  They’re living in such repression and poverty where they are, they truly think you just walk across the border and everything is… the sky’s the limit. 

John:  We’ve interviewed Frosty Wooldridge on a regular basis and he’s got his new book out, The Next 100 Million Americans and you know the census and population data says that… America, by…in, I think just another 10 or 15 more years, the majority will be Hispanic speaking Americans.

Alan:  That was also in Jacques Attali’s book from the ‘90s, early ‘90s. 

John:  Wonderful.

Alan:  That is the agenda.  These guys sit…

John:  No nation survives from that kind of massive, uncontrolled immigration, with separate languages, with separate cultures, without assimilating, it just turns into Babel. 

Alan:  Well, you see, the thing is it’s planned Babel and it’s planned chaos.  Rockefeller said it; “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”  He said this generation is the generation that is the cannon fodder for this agenda.  We have to go through all of this chaos while all of this happens and they will bring out, step by step, the new solutions, which I’m sure, were written years ago, ready to go into operation and we’ll come into this Brave New World of multi-culturalism.  But in reality, there’ll be no culture at all.  They are going to give you a NEW culture down the road, blend it all together and literally, you’re going into a world totalitarian state for the next 20, 30 years, according to the Department of Defence.  That’s what they’re bringing on, ON PURPOSE, to control it ALL. 

John:  Along those lines, there’s also the agenda to get rid of 4 Billion of us.    That seems… they want to overcrowd us especially with immigration, when does the population elimination come in because it appears to me from what they’re doing… they’re either trying to dis-inhabit this planet for something else or make us all just short term little zombie slaves because of the CHEMtrails, the GMO foods which changes DNA, they pacify us with fluoride, the aspartame, the soy…  I mean they are LITERALLY changing our species or… and you know, that all the disease outbreak there is obesity, diabetes, cancer, glaucoma, I mean, all terminal diseases that healthy people in a population should NOT be getting.  It looks like, with all the beryllium in the sky and the barium, like hey, ‘You’re trying to get rid of us for some reason.’

Alan:  Oh, they are.  They are.  They’ve made no bones about that.  They’ve told us they’re going to reduce this population to what they call a manageable level.  It’s a manageable level to suit a futuristic, high tech society, where you won’t need massive laborers as a population.  You only need the high techies and so on and even then, they have…  See, this is the never ending story.  They say that man is the building material and they can, through science, keep changing us to suit their purpose and to suit the age.  They are looking at PURPOSE-MADE, IDEAL-DESIGNED HUMANS to suit their needs in the next 20 years.  That’s why the push for genetics has been going on steadily for the whole 20th century into this century.  It’s to create a new type of servant to populace the planet, to serve those elite.  They’ve written this themselves in their own books like Charles Galton Darwin wrote in his book, The Next Million Years, he talked about doing this very thing.  He says, “We, the elite, must not change ourselves.  We must retain our ability for self-preservation because we will be steering the world, the ship of earth.  But the public won’t need those abilities of self-preservation.  The state will make all their decisions for them.”  Well, that’s been happening for years now. 

Most people have been so socialized and domesticated, and poisoned, there’s no doubt about it… we are being bio-engineered by the inoculations, the food, the spraying and so on.  They know the effects of everything they introduce into the food chain.  Believe you me, they know way in advance, what it is going to do to the human body.  You’re seeing the effects of it now with all the different categories of diabetes; people are not absorbing the proteins and carbohydrates the way they used to, everything is turning into sugars and they’re putting on weight at an incredible level and they expect, pretty well, THREE QUARTERS of the population shortly to be diabetic, as a NEW normal, without ever discussing the causes.  Whenever they don’t discuss the cause, you know it’s a purpose made thing.  This is part of the plan.

John:  Exactly. The solution is to make sure you have health care insurance and mandatory health care insurance and they get another 20% of your income and give it to our friends. 

Alan:  Yes.  That’s what I mean.  You see the third world war is not going to start like one amazing new dawn some day.  It’s already been going on.  It’s been going on our whole lives.  Since the introduction of specifically the polio vaccine followed by all the later ones, we’ve watched the health of the public PLUMMET.  We’ve seen the auto-immune problems that most people have come from that.  We’ve seen skyrocketing, increase in cancers of all kinds, and then we have, 50 years later, we have the video on Dr. Salk where he admits there’s cancer viruses in every shot.  Well, they’ve been killing us off for a while, you see.  They have been reducing the population and the United Nations boasts every year that the fertility rate of the Western male is now down by 75%.  Again, there’s no comment like ‘This is a crisis.’  They just give you the statistics and go onto the next one.  That means it’s intentional. We’ve been under bio-warfare attack for a long time. 

John:  We’ve been doing everything we can here at our station and through the Genesis programming, and guests like you to inform our audience about the food.  It’s not the same food.  You pick up a can and it’s got beans in it, salt and water.  Well, the salt is mandated to have fluoride in it.    This Codex [Alimentarius] thing has mandated that EVERY manufacturer of salt, that refines salt, is to HAVE fluoride INJECTED into it.    The city waters, all the canneries, all the production facilities that produce the food, they’re using city water that has fluoride and chlorine in it.  So you think you’re buying a can of beets or beans and… your going, man, this is a poison delivery system. 

Alan:  It is and plus they’ve lined the inside of most of these cans now, with a plastic type coating that gives off bisphenol, which is a synthetic ESTROGEN. 

John:  There’s another one.  (laughs)  Our audience is really becoming conscious of this; get rid of the soy.  Don’t eat that stuff.  Eat as much organic as you can or find.  Even the beef and pork, they’re getting steroids.  They’re getting fed genetically modified foods, that means you’re eating genetically modified food.   

You can see some of the audience out here that come and visit the station.  They’ve taken this to heart; they’re not drinking that water; they’re not eating that food and the pounds are dropping off of them, their hair is getting healthier, their skin glows, their cleaning out their colon, getting rid of the toxins, the poisons and doing chelation and getting rid of the metals in their blood.  These people are looking 10 and 15 years younger Alan.

Alan:  Yes and what I’ve found too, with this new type of obesity, once you’ve hit the magic number of 30 pounds overweight, it’s almost irreversible.  There’s literally biological changes take place within your body, in your cellular system, and so people are really, just puffing up like balloons.  It’s all over the place and it’s NOT because they’re just overeating.  It’s because everything’s been altered within their system, including the way they digest stuff; including the enzymes that break down all the different types of food stuffs. 

John:  My mother-in-law, extremely healthy person, just celebrated her 80th birthday and this last year she started losing a lot of weight, and then finally went into the hospital for diagnosis after an emergency visit.  They found seven tumors in her.    I said…  that’s pretty tough. But, it’s pancreatic tumor was the main one.  I started studying up on it because you do get interested in it, and they go ‘Well, you get that because your pancreas changes DNA.’  Now, wait a minute.    Humans aren’t supposed to be changing their DNA midstream. 

Alan:  No.  The pancreas, again, it’s all linked to the diabetes thing.  You have the islets of Langerhans that produce all the different things that need to absorb sugars and break it down.  The pancreas is definitely a target for this and most people today, that’s where the problem starts.  Pancreatic cancer used to be fairly rare, now it’s very common. 

John:  Now, with this agenda, or a lot of these Illuminati, or families, or whatever you want to call them, these people that are basically running the world,   …you know if there are these… how to they expect to escape this themselves?  If they leave the planet so polluted from pesticides in the water and the fish and the animals, and we all perish and die or all the trees die, what kind of paradise do they think they’re going to have here? 

Alan:  Well, the thing is, these guys think very long term.  You’ve got to understand how a think tank operates, especially security, etc. at that level.  If you were to take five people, five young men say, or women, and you put them in a tall tower, and they live there, they have their own rooms there, they sleep there, and meet every day for their lectures by very important people, within a couple of weeks, you could convince them of ANYTHING.  Any sci-fi, futuristic event, you can literally convince them of, until they’re debating it amongst their selves, the most impossible things as though it was quite natural or very possible.  Then you give them the power to be in charge of things.  Well, this is what’s happened.  That happened all throughout the Cold War with the Rand Think Tank organizations and the Game Theory Plan that they ran the world on… Game Theory; literally made up by a guy who was a paranoid schizophrenic.  This is the policy they adopted to RUN THE WORLD.  Based on the fact that everyone was so selfish, that that’s all that motivated you was your own selfishness and you have to be paranoid of everyone else, you could not cooperate; so they ran the world on this Game Theory.  It was all done in these big towers and think tanks where people almost lived amongst their own kind who’d been given the same conditioning.  These guys plan to outlive us all because they have the ability to already stop the time clock gene, the aging gene.  That was admitted by David Suzuki, who is a big player at the world system, the United Nations system.  He is a geneticist.  He said on national television, in Canada, “We have the ability, to NOW stop the aging gene dead and make someone live to 500 years, if we wish to.”

John:  Well, I’ve always been curious since I became aware of things in the mid 70s, why in the hell isn’t David Rockefeller dead or Kissinger.  I mean these guys were old men then. 

Alan:  Yes, but they definitely get longevity treatment which we will never even hear about in any magazine or any expose on television.  We will never be allowed into the very high sciences which already exist.  Now, these characters have what they call arks.  These are the arks; like the one they did for the seeds, on the island of Norway.  They have arks also for all human, animal and insect genes.  They have them stored in cryogenics.  One of them is in Louisiana and they have done public broadcasting shows on these. The World Wildlife Fund owns three of them.  They literally have already admitted that they can take, basically, in the test tube, they can put male and female species together, insert the embryo into any other type of animal and bring it to term.  In other words, they can reseed this planet if they so wish… with anything that they want. 

John:  Well, that’s when I thought, started connecting the dots… they intend to depopulate us and have somebody else inhabit the world…  with the chemtrails and stuff that are all going on and food and stuff.

Alan:  Yes.  This is temporary but they definitely have the ability to recreate new kinds of humans, re-populate the planet with any species, grass, seed, trees, whatever.  They have all that within cryogenic storage and that’s only the three that they’ve admitted to from the World Wildlife Fund.  They have other organizations with the same ability too, so they think long term.  They also have the massive underground facilities, that was exposed in Britain, not so long ago, by a reporter who showed you some of them, to save the elite and the bureaucracies.  This continuity of government, as they call it, and the massive multi-billion pound or dollar funding that they’ve put into them, to save themselves for the very long haul, if they have to.  They can go in there and live for 100-200 years if they want to. 

John:  You hear so much about these underground cities and tunnels, and the alien technology that is down there and the alien species that are down there and working hand in hand…

Alan:  There’s no aliens there.

John:  Well, we’ve heard…  certain guests have said there are.

Alan:  There’s no aliens.  Believe you me, these characters have been so far ahead in sciences, if you go into the old writings of even the alchemists… they were a brotherhood remember, you had to swear allegiance to The Brotherhood, and one of the things that you had to swear to was never to divulge the higher sciences to the general public.  Because through the collection of TRUE knowledge and biology, chemistry, physics, they would become the masters over kings and queens and governments who would need their services for warfare making capabilities.  It’s not the aliens that are doing this.  These sciences are very high.  There’s three levels of reality on this world.  One is what the media gives the general public.  That’s also the same information from professors down.  There’s a higher level we see where the CIA, MI6, and so on, have technologies which are NOT even known about by the public and above them, there’s an even higher level of the true controllers that would never even give the main weaponry to the CIA.  That’s the three levels of science.  It’s the same with health and all other technologies.

John:  We have a question here from a listener that says, “With all that knowledge that is out there, why haven’t they taught others how to fight on a higher level, on a spiritual plane?”

Alan:  Well, on a spiritual plane, you’ve got to define what a spiritual plane is.  Everyone’s got their own idea, these days especially, what a spiritual… even what the spiritual life is.  It’s up for grabs now.  I mean, you got people living in communal set ups, where it’s multiple sex and they still think there’s spiritual lives.  So it’s all to do with judgments and so on.  A spiritual life can only be something that is known to the INDIVIDUAL, not the GROUP.  That was the secrets of all the ages.  The ancients knew this.  That anything that was given to the masses becomes debased because the masses wish to have formula and ritual and they want conformity that they’ll ALL conform too.  They don’t like people outside who are different.  They like them all to be the same, so any higher truth is always debased to suit the masses.  Therefore, any TRUE reality could only come TO the individual who would then be separated from the world.  You couldn’t join the world because you wouldn’t fit in any more.  That was the ultimate goal of seeking the spiritual path. 

John:  I can tell how much of an impact your having with your discussions and talks and seminars and books is now more, more I’ve seen, that you’re getting a lot more criticism on the net.    And I know for a fact, that people don’t criticize last place.   

Alan:  Oh yeah.  I’ve done a lot of research, you see… you remember too, that when it was decided to destroy completely the main religion that made a cohesive society in the west and that was Christianity in different forms and different sects.  They also realized and Gorbachev talked about this in his own book, Towards a New Civilization, he said, “I am an atheist,” he said, “but WE are creating a new religion for the people which must be based on a form of earth worship.”  Well, he’s talking about pantheism, but you’ll have a new priesthood of scientists that will tell you what you have to do to please the planet.  That again, falls in with depopulation and all the rest of it.  They’ve always used religion down through the ages for the masses to conform to.  The New Age religion was put out there by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  In the 1950s their magazine was called, The New Age, their monthly magazine.  In it, they boasted they’d bring in the New Age.  And sure enough, in comes Wiccanism and all the other stuff, the channeling, etc.  But it all brings you round eventually to the same direction and that is this form of earth worship, pleasing the planet, nature, but you have a panel of scientists at the top who dictate all the problems of nature and blame us for causing it.  So we must start sacrificing our self, as all pantheistic societies have, we sacrifice our self or our first-born or ALL our children, to SAVE THE PLANET.  That’s what they’re bringing back. 

John:  I’ve always said, you know, that through world domination whether it’s been the Romans or Hitler or Mao or Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great or the Vatican… that there’s always been one hold out group or somebody WHO rises up and you know and or they just over extend themselves.  But the goal has always been world domination; they always miss a single ingredient to unite people.  They say well I’m Protestant, I ain’t going for that, well, I’m white or I’m black and I ain’t going for that.  Or I’m red and you as a… whatever… Nazi verses Fascist, but once you get everyone to buy a universal lie and this thing like global warming.  You know I saw this coming thirty years ago, the environmental movement, there you go.  ‘We ALL have to collectively save the planet.’    It’s in the schools, it’s in all the advertising, I mean, it’s done.

Alan:  Well you see, when they set up this organization, to run the world, they did it by setting up INSTITUTIONS that would specialize in certain areas.  Now, the Cecil Rhodes Foundation joined with the Lord Milner Foundation and became the Royal Institute for International Affairs; the American branch being the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have so many different think tanks which belong to that, even one to do with the global food shortages, was set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the CFR.  They have think tanks working on all this propaganda all the time.  Another branch was the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome put out in their OWN BOOK [The First Global Revolution], written by the founders of the Club of Rome, and this book was published in the 90s, but they said, back in the 1970s, “We sat around the table wondering how to bring the planet together and we realized that only under war conditions, total war conditions, do people OBEY and allow their freedoms to be taken away, etc,” and he says, “We have to bring a war situation in, but how do you get a war in a global system?”  He said, “We hit upon the idea of blaming humanity for causing climate change.”  And that’s what he said, “That would fit the bill.”  That’s their very words:  “That would fit the bill.”

John:  Every once and a while, politicians have a slip of the tongue or reveal something they shouldn’t and a lot of times, it’s the media runs with it and a lot of times it just get wiped away, but one of the ones that stand out at me, in history, is the famous quotation of Pope Leo X.  And his quote is, “What profit has not the fable of Christ brought us.”

Alan:  Yes.  That’s right.  That’s one of them.  Another one said, he actually said, “This myth of Jesus has served us well.” 

John:  Now… and of courses, that’s the opinion of Leo the pope.

Alan:  But Leo was also the Kzar. 

John:  I can see there always has to be a boogey man that everybody has to be afraid of and how can… we’d better elect the military guy because we’re in a war on terror.    It’s hook, line and sinker, all over again.

Alan:  Yes and so terror is wonderful because it’s such a vague term.  Terror is an effect of something. 

John:  It surrounds you all the time.

Alan:  It’s not the Germans, the Japanese or whatever your old enemies were, it’s actually the result of something.  It’s not the thing itself.  Therefore, it can be expanded to include everything, which it is, of course.  Even THOUGHT crime is coming into it now.  With the hate laws, if you think something, if you’re asked in court, ‘Now what were you thinking when you did this?’ that’s actually been asked in Canadian courts. 

John:  We are on the air with Alan Watt.  His web page is  More and more, you’re hearing people phrase the phrase ‘matrix.’  We are literally living in a matrix.  How bad is the surveillance in Canada or is it even aware in Canada? 

Alan:  Oh, it’s in Canada, it’s really taken off now.  You know that Britain, of course, was the premiere country for testing all of this stuff out on.  They have the largest amount of cameras in the planet, basically. 

John:  They’re subjects, so they have no control anyway.

Alan:  Well, actually we’re all subject now; they’ve done it through legalities.  The thing is, a few years ago the company that makes all the surveillance equipment, under the guise of the World Chief Police Association, the World Police Chief Association, or Chief of Police Association, is a United Nations organization that MOST police chiefs belong to.  They had their organizational meeting in Montreal a few years ago and they decided, from ALL over the United States and Canada, to go ahead on the same agenda and get all of this equipment to bring up the same surveillance system as Britain has.  It’s under way now.  It’s quite interesting, that alone, now you have an organization of police chiefs working independently, almost outside of all politics, going along with the agenda, mandated by the United Nations, bypassing all public input… but using our tax money.  You’ve got to understand, there is no such thing as democratic input into ANY of this system.  That’s been the con game.  We’re bypassed with institutions and organizations. 

John:  That is the illusion.  That IS the matrix.  Now, for folks who want to listen to you on the internet, you’re on the Republic Broadcast Network.  What’s your air, show time?

Alan:  I’m on at 8 pm eastern standard time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

John:  Okay.  What’s the nature of the calls you get on the show, Alan?

Alan:  There at all levels of understanding because everyone today… you see DATA, data that comes through media or internet is simply that… most of it is just data.  Very few people can discern what’s valuable, what is disinformation, what is trivia, and so they’re all levels of trying to understand.  When people wake up or start reacting to what’s happening to them personally, through loss of jobs, factories closing… there’s hardly any factories left… and start questioning their lives.  They tend to initially look… they freak out basically, and they look for religion.  So they look at whatever religion is familiar to them and then they look beyond that, because the old religion is now BLENDED with the New Age Religion.  You now have New Age Christians, who think that Jesus is going to come back from Alpha Reticuli with a bunch of his servants to destroy the planet.  You have all this MUSH and confusion mixed together, so the more data you can get access to, the more confused you can become.  I try to tell people, don’t fall into that trap.  You’ll become MIND-BOMBED.  You’ve got to go into the older books, where BIG PLAYERS wrote about this entire agenda and spelled it out, how they would do it.  These books are gathering dust in the libraries; a lot of them have been thrown out already, but they were very explicit as to where they were taking the world. 

Now, during World War II, many of the big players in the United States wrote books about the coming New World Order, because they hoped to bring it RIGHT IN after World War II but the public decided otherwise.  They weren’t too keen on losing their sovereignty, so they had to do it the STEALTH way… which was step, by step, by step.  A United Europe first to be followed by a United Americas and then the United Pacific Asia Rim and that’s already happening.  Now Karl Marx wrote about that in the 1800s, by the way, that would happen… in that order.   

John:  We encourage our audience at all times to BUY BOOKS, you know, nautical books, the old books, even just the how-to books on how to garden and how to can and how to build houses and such things.  Because with one electromagnetic pulse, all the computer’s erased, all the data’s erased, all you’re CDs are erased, and there’s no knowledge base anymore. 

Alan:  There’s no knowledge base.  It’s quite easy to fry them and I know for a fact that people in the federal governments in Canada and the States have their own laptop personal computers given to them, by the government, and these things are EMP-proof.  They are expecting that sometime down the road. 

John:  Now for the web pages,, would you like to take any questions from the audience.  Our number is 752-2600.  Now to the audience already listening, you and I talked about this.  They’re probably saying, ‘Both you guys have been smoking to much wacky weed.’  Let’s kind of put a hands-on thing here.  Let’s look at the short-term events that are about to unfold and tie it into this agenda, Alan.  So they can say, ‘You know what, I heard about this a month ago on the radio.’  Now… you know, I’m real leery of people who prophesize about certain dates.  Oh!  Dec 27th, October 2012 the earth ends. Ah… Sept 27th is going to be a major event and the world will change on October 12 in ‘08.  So that’s good entertainment, I guess it gives people a real, anti, anti mood which could be, you know, special ops stuff they’re doing the whole thing for us to make us anxious… so I’m real leery about people predicting dates.  But with the financial thing coming on here and military moving around the world, food shortages, where do you think… well, if you know what the next Illuminati plan is to unfold, so we can watch the current events going, ‘You know what, that Alan’s a pretty smart guy.’ 

Alan:  I’d say that one thing that is very simple is just use what you can glean from little bits of information from the media to do with food.  Now, we know that 5 agri-food businesses, basically, have taken over MOST of the farmland of the planet.  You’ll find these guys consort with each other.  They’re not really separate, individual corporations.  That’s the appearance of things.  It’s one monopoly. 

John:  Same stockholders.

Alan:  That’s right, the same stockholders, and they set out a long time ago, during World War II, to start taking over farmland.  They’ve used bankruptcies and so on to do so and now they’re using weather modification.  If you look at the last 10 years, at how we’ve been hammered, in Canada and the US, in the farm belts with floods, floods, floods, drought, drought, drought, flood, flood and they’re doing it this year again, to such an extent.  The media tells us there’s going to be food shortages.  Well, THEY WILL MAKE THE FOOD SHORTAGES HAPPEN.  Shortly, we’ll see that kind of thing happen.

Kissinger made a great statement when he gave at lecture at California back in the 70s.  When he was talking about the United Nations coming IN to the Americas to help people in disasters and so on, and of course, there was a big outcry against it but he says, “Under the right circumstances, (in other words, manipulated circumstances) you will welcome foreign troops in here.”  Well, we’re seeing that happen NOW.

John:  Oh absolutely people will allow it.  They’ll say, ‘Ooooh, they’re bringing us FOOD.’

Alan:  Yes.  That’s right and we saw with this…  I don’t know if you realize that the total martial law system went in, again, to effect with that hurricane Gustav, because Canada and Mexico and other countries were on ALERT to come right in, to start working there.  That was the first trial that they’ve used of the joint, combination Rapid Response Forces.  That also means that anything happening in Canada, US and Mexican troops will be up here and so on.  This is a reciprocal type agreement they’ve got now and they are bringing more and more Latin America countries into this, this format.  We’re already… see, they’ve bypassed any constitutional rights.  Years ago in the Council on Foreign Relations and their Foreign Relations Magazine, they actually print up what they’re going to do and they publish it every month…  pretty expensive magazine as far as I’m concerned…  but they do tell you what the agenda is.  Because they’re in, they’re members of the Council on Foreign Relations, they said that rather than hit the constitution head on and debate it and destroy it line by line, they said we’ll simply do an end run around it.   They’ll simply go around the constitution and they have done that.  Especially since 9/11, and it was all ready to go into action before 9/11, we saw Clinton try to bring through the anti-terrorism bill and it was turned down by congress.  That very weekend, the Oklahoma City building blew up and it was passed on the Monday when they all went back and re-sat again.  This is how they do things.  They will make things happen, one way or another, and we will comply. 

John:  If you recall Clinton and the Murrah bombing, one of the first things he did was flash out at and blame it on Talk Radio.

Alan:  It was Talk Radio and it was interesting to me that across the world, when Oklahoma City went up, the first thing the news showed you, before the music stopped for their intro, that day, across the world, was the same shots of guys wearing mis-matched camo gear going through forests.  In other words, the militia was behind this. That was the farce they tried to give us. 

John:  They already had that in the can, ready to go.  It looks like we got a caller here; let’s see if we can plug in together.  Hi, you’re on the air with Alan Watt.

Caller:  Good morning John, Alan.  Thank you for being on this program this morning.  We all are totally aware of the chaos and the chaos that’s going to be unfolding.  That’s just an absolute given because these people are….  Are you still there?

Alan:  Yes.

Caller:  I’m on a cell phone so sometimes it cuts out.  But, at any rate, could you speak to, or are you aware of the rise in human consciousness parallel to the darkness and the chaos that’s coming.  Some of the folks out there have talked about that.  My absolute opinion is based on personal experiences that there’s going to be a segment of the population that will come into a very high, evolved consciousness that will be able to deal with this and there will be remnants of the civilization left over but not what the New World Order thinks it’s going to be.  So I’ll hang up and let you answer that question.  Thank you.

John:  Good question.  Here, even in Montana, because of talk radio, it’s our audience yearning for the knowledge.  They are changing their life styles, they are refusing to be poisoned and they’re open to every… they’re learning that everything the government’s told them has been a lie for the last 200 years.

Alan:  It’s a catch 22.  There are always people who can wake up through this as opposed to those who simply react.  A lot of people think they’re waking up but they’re reacting.  Other ones go beyond that and they start with questioning themselves.  There’s no point in questioning the world, it’s too confusing.  You’ve got to question yourself first, as a starting point… then you understand the world.  Few people can go that far.  Now, the New Age also unfortunately, said the same thing.  Oh, they’ve given us all this dis-info, the photon belt was the big thing, we’re going to go through this photon belt that was going to bring ILLUMINATION to everyone and suddenly we’d have all these powers and we could destroy the enemy.  That was pushed for 20, 30 years from the Rosicrucian Society and through the higher masonry.  You’ve got to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, you see, and what’s true and what isn’t. 

Now it’s true that some people are really waking up.  It isn’t just a matter of self-preservation in a physical way.  There’s no doubt about that.  You’ve got to go higher and you literally come to the stage of, what am I in charge of, what can I actually control… because everything seems outside of your control.  Technically, it is.  These decisions are made by big people you’ll never even meet.

John:  Right.  I cannot control the weather modification going on in Africa right now. 

Alan:  So, you start with yourself.  That’s the only material that you can be sure of and that is yourself.  You can be sure of NO ONE ELSE.  Then the changes start happening within YOU.  Because you will question your own mortality, that’s something you have to go through.  Your own mortality and then you start questioning, where the hell have I been my whole life?  What have I been doing?  You’ll find you’ve been doing what everyone else has been doing, which is pretty well having a good time and doing nothing.  So you start to freak out and then you realize you’ve got, you have a different path to follow.  You will NOT be sure of where it will lead you.  You’ll not be sure.  But you must also be very careful of all the New Age books out there because… that side… they’ve already set up leaders for you to follow and you will follow them like the pied piper that takes the children over the cliff edge.  Don’t go their way.  NEVER GO THE WAY OF THE GROUP.  And I don’t care what group it is.  You must always follow your own spirit. 

John:  Who is the… the name is just gone from me right now, but the original founder of… the one who predicts all the wars for the CFR or the Illuminati or the Masonic guys… what was his name?  He basically wrote the book on all that stuff and they followed him…

Alan:  Oh, you’re talking about Pike…

John:  Albert Pike.  They seem to be following… like you said, they telegraph everything.  It seems like every… World War I, here’s the geopolitical… we’re going to divide it up… here’s World War II… and he’s been very clear about the plans for World War III.  We seem to be moving very rapidly towards that agenda. 

Alan:  We’re in it.  That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people.  World War III has been going on your whole lives.  Everyone who’s alive now has been living through different phases and stages of World War III.  When they signed the United Nations agreement, every leader gave away YOUR sovereignty right there and then.  That was a GIVEN, IN THE AGREEMENT.  The world was to be run by a parallel government that Carroll Quigley talked about.  Now, Carroll Quigley was the HISTORIAN who got in to the headquarters of the Harold Pratt building in New York for the Council on Foreign Relations.  Then he wrote his book, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo American Establishment, his two books, and in there he fills in the reasons for the wars for the last 200 years that they didn’t give you in the history books.   He says, “This organization has been behind every MAJOR war ACROSS THE WORLD with the intent of COALESCING THE WORLD INTO WORLD GOVERNMENT.”  He says, “We are a parallel government; an unelected government which has been in existence for over 60 years.”  Now he wrote the book in the 1960s.  That was confirmed by Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister of Britain.  After she left, she gave a world tour.  The title of the tour was ‘The New World Order.’  She said, “I belong to an organization which is a parallel government.”  She says, “We are made up of ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents and high bureaucrats of all countries.  We all know each other.  We work in unison.  We can get things done because the democratic way is too cumbersome, there’s too many arguments, too many factions arguing, they can get nothing done.”  She says, “This way we are unaccountable to the public and we can make the agenda and BRING IT INTO FRUITION, MAKE TO WORK.”

John:  Do you think there’s going to be a shooting war with Iran pretty soon or is it Russia?

Alan:  I think that… there’s no doubt about it, we know that the group who are at the top in the US at the moment, with Bush and Cheney, Wolfowitz and all the rest of them, Richard Perle is on the sidelines still working, they drafted up in the 90s, and published in the 90s The Project for a New American Century.  That’s still up on their web site.  In there, they go through the plan for taking over the Middle-East.  They wanted to start with Afghanistan and sure enough, that’s where they went into first, after 9/11, then Iraq, then Iran and then Syria.  Now these guys simply see the world as a big business plan and countries as a corporation that they want to take over and that’s what they’re doing.  These are CEOs, these people, and they see it as a take-over.  They will NOT back-track.  One way or another, they’ll get what they want.  It’s a MUST BE. 

John:  I see a rather more extreme, more bizarre, more shocking false flag attack, like 9/11, involving the fleets we have dispatched over there.  The sinking of 2 aircraft carriers and battleships and they’re going, ‘Oh, my God.  Game on.  We’ve got to retaliate against somebody.’

Alan:  You see, that might happen.  That could happen… it is a scenario because it was a couple of weeks ago, the US dispatched a large fleet over there to basically create the same situation as they did with Iraq.  They’re putting in an embargo of all incoming goods and outgoing goods from Iran, so they want to STARVE them first, for the next 4, 5 years just like they did with Iraq and then they’ll have disease breaking out, they won’t get medicine coming in.  If you remember Madeline Albright when she was up there during the Iraq War, she was told that 500,000, and actually it was over a million, Iraqi’s – women, children, men – had died because they couldn’t get medications and antibiotics and good food.  She was asked if that was worthwhile, this strategy of starving them to death.   And she says, YES, it was quite acceptable to her.  Well, they’re doing the same thing now with Iran.  Bush signed the agreements to go ahead and do that and all covert actions within Iran as well.

John:  And they seized all their banks in Europe, so they can’t buy, sell or trade, and it’s just a joke.

Alan:  This happened in Japan too.  We forget this as well.  That helped bring on World War II, because FDR had the fleet in the Pacific.  The Japanese HAD to get their resources from outside of Japan and the fleet were blocking them, so what happens is then you have to retaliate and kick back.  And then you’re given your excuse to go to war.  This has been used over and over again down through history.  World War II came about because of the Versailles treaty in World War I and the reporters said this at the time.  The treaty itself… the way it was worded, meaning Germany would have to pay every other country that fought against them, all the reparations forever and ever, amen.  They’d have to pay that forever or starve to death in the process or fight.  That’s what brought on World War II.  Germany had to succumb and go under or fight its way out.  That’s the same thing that’s being done now with the Middle-East. 

John:  So many people want to watch their football and eat and drink their beer and have a good time and ignore the fact that we did starve out the Iraqi citizens, women and children, and now we’ve put depleted uranium all over the place, burying them with birth defects, with literally millions being deformed and dying and now the agenda to starve the Iranians through food embargos and petrochemical embargos so they can’t farm or do anything.  We’re so naive to think that these groups of KILLERS at the top won’t do it to us. 

Alan:  That’s right.  You understand these characters are put in place not because the public elect them.  The public are presented with them.  Who are you going to vote for, this one, that one or that one?  Carroll Quigley again, Carroll Quigley said, he said, “We (and for 60 years and that was in the 60s and it’s continuing since) WE make sure that one of our men is in charge of each party.”  It doesn’t matter who you elect.  They’re all groomed for the global agenda.  And it’s a GLOBAL AGENDA.  These are internationalists at the top and they don’t view the peasant of America any differently from the peasant of Iran or China. 

John:  Alan, we are over time here.  I can’t thank you enough for joining us here on KGEZ.  We’ll get copies up to you so you can load it on your site and all of our listeners can go to and find out a lot of Alan’s stuff’s up there and he is on the Republic Broadcast Network at 8pm eastern time, Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the net.  Thank you so much, Alan.

Alan:  It’s been a pleasure.

John:  Thank you, sir.  Bye-bye.

Alan:  Bye now. 




Transcribed by Diana