Alan Watt on "National Intel Report"
with John Stadtmiller
November 12th 2008

John: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is the National Intel Report, I'm your host John Stadtmiller the date today is the 12th of November, 2008. One more day behind occupied lines ha, ha, ha, here, in America!

My guest today is going to be Alan Watt. He'll be with us here, in a few minutes.

I had a very disturbing encounter with somebody today, going to get some water, at the water store. I walked in and there's a crowd, a lunch crowd, from Dell Computer, having a bible class there. Well, pretty innocuous; and, the owner of the store closes on Saturdays (doesn't hire any managers to run it, any employees to run it) has the, probably one of the busiest days of the week, they're shut down. And, I understand application, and going along with the prescribed faith; but, after the group left, I looked at her and I said: "You know - this troubles me."

She said: "What's that? Bible groups?" and I said:

"No, I know you're a person of faith and I'm sure these people are as well. What's troubling to me is we have a lot of people that profess faith, and they spend a lot of time on bended knee, praying to God. The only thing that keeps flashing through my mind is God sitting up there going 'what are you praying to me for? You know, I gave you the rules, I gave you the regulations, gave you the free choice, hey, have at it: get off your knees, quit praying to me, you can pray, that's no problem saying ‘Hi’ every once in a while, how you doin'? But, roll up your sleeves, pray or whistle while you work but get busy".

But, before that she'd made a comment to me that "well, you have your opinion" and I said: "It's not an opinion, I've looked at all faiths, I was raised a Roman Catholic and I've looked at Catholicism, I've looked at Mormonism, I've looked at Baptism, I've looked at everything. I mean the Hari Krishna’s for gosh sakes and there's one thing that really bothers me about this is: they all seek the company of each other, for comfort, when they should be seeking into each other for a leg-up to fight this evil that is all around us. That's what upsets me."

All of a sudden, her tune changed, she looked at me and said: "You know what, I think you're right." And, I said:

"Did you think this is an affront to Christian principle or being a Christian? It's not; my problem with all this is that everybody huddles together, in their little scared masses, and prays to God and tries to serve as a kind of emotional crying towel, a crutch for each other. I remember when this country was built by rugged individuals that had faith, but they knew they had a job to do and - by God - they did it!"

I don't think it'll be quite the same anymore, when I visit the water store. You know, I need it for my fish, I got to have that reverse osmosis stuff.  But, it just got me that people are, I just looked at her, I said: "You know, people are scared and I can understand, there's a faith for comfort, but you don't use that as a crutch, you don't use that as a way out, escapism".  You use it to bolster yourself and stand straight and get on with the business at hand and that's smashing the evil all around us; and I don't care if you’re a Buddhist, I don't care if you're a Catholic, I don't care if you're a Mormon, I don't care if you're a Baptist, a Methodist, I don't care what you are. Stand up and fight this stuff. Get off your bended knee and really give praise to God, by keeping people free.  

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John: Alan Watt is a gentleman; he's a researcher folks, into the causative forces behind major changes in the history of this world. The background is that this Renaissance man, with a background in three different professions: writer, artist, singer-song writer / performer. The guy has taken his, I guess, vocation here very seriously. One of the best researchers and thinkers out there folks: Alan Watt, good afternoon sir. 

Alan: It's pleasure to be on, John.  

John: I appreciate you coming on today; I want to mention your website I heard you on another radio programme today and part of the topic of discussion was, you know, basically, what has happened to the American people? What has happened to their psyche? What has happened to their cultural roots? And, after I listened to you today, I'm at a store and I look at the front page of USA Today and there's a picture of Barack Obama, in colour, embracing a woman, ex-military, standing there on two prosthetic legs and I'm looking at this and I'm thinking "how sick is this?" But I know what the picture was intended to do, it was intended to evoke emotion and all I could see was abject sorrow there. It didn't do anything for me but it made me shake my head Alan and go 'I know what that was designed for and I know the response they were looking for and I know the response that they got'. 

Alan: It's sad, everybody is exploited, especially the ones that are the 'willing fools' and those who put uniforms on today to go off and gain some personal power, and have status in society, generally from the lower classes themselves, are just used and abused, right to the end. Even when they lose their legs, they'll still be used for someone else's propaganda and photo opportunity; because, Obama has already said he's going to bring in a form of National Service. 

John: And the breakdown of that National Service, I mean this is going to be the Kennedy deal here, on steroids. We used to have different programmes, of which you could volunteer your time but it was completely voluntary; but, we're talking about something a little bit different here, akin to maybe a Brownshirts organisation, here in the United States. Alan, give a breakdown on that. 

Alan: Well, there's been other people too, I noticed: there's professors of history and politics, that have looked at the scenarios in the third world countries and how different groups can be set against each other, to bring whole countries down. We saw this with Rhodesia, South Africa and so on; and, Rhodesia and South Africa did not fall because of the popular African will, there was big money, big power and munitions supporting them and Britain had made deals, to stay out of it and allow it all to happen. They can do the same thing within the Americas, by stirring up certain groups, they know this too and I think they'll use all of these means, to bring on a form of chaos, so they can get their totalitarian laws all rammed through. We have to go into complete and utter Martial Law down the road and they'll use all of these techniques to stir it up. Whenever you have children dressed up in uniforms and shouting mantras, whether it’s Mao Tse-tung's little Red Book or anything similar to it, you're in deep, deep trouble, because you're watching indoctrination at work and people who get uniforms, we saw this in Nazi Germany, we saw it with the Communists, young communists associations, with their uniforms, we're in big, big trouble. This isn't Obama's agenda, he's just another puppet, for those behind him and we've had Brzezinski, and others, talking about this 'new problem' that they'll have to face in the United States. They've tried to get the National Draft through, on a few occasions, in different Bills; every year it appears and it's going to be reintroduced under a disguised version, a national civilian security force - at home - is one thing they want, within the United States; and, when that happens, you really are in war mode. The whole culture, from children upwards, are being militarised into a long-term war mode and this is their hundred year’s war they're talking about. They also want to police the entire Middle East. They have Iran and Iraq - and Syria actually to go through, afterwards - and they know they'll have to have everyone in uniform, going overseas, at least for 2 or 3 years, maybe even 4 years of their lives. This is a long-term agenda. 

John: Again, the conditioning process and this is what prompted my call to you today, because, I see this conditioning process continuing. Many people think that, because Barack Obama now is in office, that this is a cultural shift, or - if you will, I love the term they use - the sea-change here, in cultural definition in this country. But I saw a story on MSNBC today where they were talking about they arrested some Klan members, because they recruited a woman, from Oklahoma, got her into the camp, evidently she didn’t want to join, and she ended up murdered; and, of course, they had their set groups out there, their supposed front people for the hate crimes. And, I'm listening to this and all that I'm hearing is the multi-culturalism terms being thrown about, that people that aren't accepting of ‘this’ or ‘that’, that they're not tolerant, that they're ‘not this’, ‘they're not that’ and, Alan, I'll be honest with you, I've about had it up to my eyeballs here with the white guilt routine. I've had it with - and I don't know if you'll agree with me on this - but this is my synopsis on the issue of the major discrepancies here between black and white, that many have played off of, in this country and that is that they were taught and indoctrinated with kind of a Marxist, or Communist indoctrination process; and, it would not bother me one iota if a man of colour went into the White House, not a hyphenated American. In this body of the story, they use the term 'African-American,' which, unto itself is divisive, we're supposed to be all Americans, under one law, in the same culture. But, I'm watching this Alan and it's bothering me, to the point that it's angering me, I'm measuring my words very carefully, but I am watching a cultural, real cultural split in this country; and, I see them leading up to something, I don't know what exactly it is on that cultural front but I know it's not good. 

Alan: Well, what we also know is you see: the United States was chosen to be the major multicultural society and it's also been chosen to push the agenda on the entire planet, so they're using multiculturalism to the maximum. They wrote about this, back in the 1960s, could they create a super-tribe within America and get all the racial groups into being simply 'American', so they could use them as policemen for the whole world. The idea being that when you invade other countries, that are still basically monolithic, in a sense, and with one particular racial group, then they can't very well pin it on white attacking coloured; so they make it a multicultural type army and that would further confuse the enemy, as to the goals and aims etc. This is a long-term strategy that they've been at work with. You're quite correct, the racial idea, it doesn't even have to be racial, religion has worked very well in Northern Ireland, for centuries. They made sure, when they out up Ulster, they could always spark that off when they wanted to get trouble going - and they've used it down through the years, from London. They do the same thing in Canada: they gave us Montreal, they have a separate French quarter there, basically, and once in a while, they rattle the sabres and pretend they're going to leave Canada. Therefore, they always have someone within the country they can stir up, at the right time and cause even street warfare, if necessary; and, this is an old-old tactic that they use. However, as I say, people are really going to be fooled with Obama, because he is the System's man. It wouldn't matter if he was green or a Muppet, he would still go ahead with the same agenda. He doesn't write his own scripts, his managers manage him, like they manage all the previous ones and, what they do, when they give you elections, is stop you from having a revolution and they found this in Britain, that if they could gave you elections every four or five years, you would not revolt, you'd simply vote in someone else, hoping they'd do a better job and that way-lays the revolutionary idea. This is simply a continuation of the same agenda; but, you're right: it's going to be on steroids now, because, within the United States, for the last eight years, you've had the setting up of the totalitarian regime. It's all worked out on law, on paper; they already have the internal police armies set up, to deal with riots. Now, they've put the man in, to trigger them off and it's going to happen.  

John: Your home country, I mean, for years and years and years, the news media concentrated in always underlining the point that, in Ireland, that was fighting against the Brits. Not because of religious preference but for freedom. It was always put forth that, well, it's the Catholics fighting the Protestants and that we had an organisation. I always wanted to get your take on the Sinn Fein. Was that just a front group, to cave in and just allow themselves to be absorbed? 

Alan: It was, eventually. Initially, the official IRA were the ones who set up the Irish Republican Army, it was comprised of Protestants and Catholics and many of them, in fact, were caught up with the Marxist idea at the time, not all of them though; but, they did want an independence from Britain. They all knew the history of London controlling its empire and looting the countries and they were trying to get freedom for themselves. Ireland, really, had been taken over long ago, beginning in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first and they put in their own overlords, to oversee the Irish, who ended up owning nothing themselves; so they were fighting this. In fact, the famine in Ireland wasn't just a famine because of bad crops, they were looting the country of food to feed the British Army abroad. 

John: and the Scots know something about British control as well. We'll take the break here. Alan Watt, is his website. Very pleased to have this man on this network, Monday through Friday, from 7-8 pm Central Time.  

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John: Alright, we are back, tried to play a clip here, for some reason, my computer did not want to work! Alan, in this country today, we have seen - and I sniffed this out - there was some confusion as to what was going on with our banker buddies; and, at the outset of this, we saw our United States Congress vote down any bail-out packages; but, we had the feeling that that was not going to stand and they went against the political process: ran it through the Senate and ran it back through Congress but - at that point in time - what I saw was a power grab, by the banking elite, the very people that have been financing and funding, not only economically but philosophically, with the New World Order and how best to merge different cultures and economies and eventually flying under one flag, that of the almighty, whatever they're going to use, it's not going to be the dollar but it'll be a world currency. This is extremely, extremely troubling.  

Alan: It's really the next part of Bretton Woods. Bretton Woods was only meant to last for about fifty-odd, sixty years and then the new system was to come in and John Maynard Keynes, who, basically, drafted up the Bretton Woods agreement, with the particular economy that's been running as for the last 50-60 years, said that the system they hoped to bring in eventually, Part Two, would be a world where everyone in the world, every citizen of the world would be in service to the world state and personal profit would not be the motive. You couldn't accumulate money in the new system; and, now we have Brown in Britain coming out with his major speech about that very thing. He called it a New World Order and a new economic world order too, in the same speech; and, he's talking about service to the world state etc. This is where they planned to bring us to, a long time ago and this goes back to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, who both worked out these processes, for the new world system. All they're doing at the moment, is standardising the world, with their wars, destroying the old cultures, creating this monolithic-type system, world-wide standardisation and then they'll bring in their new currency; but, the new currency eventually, as I say, will not be for personal profit or accumulation of wealth. They say themselves that, eventually, with the government now in your bank account, that's what it's about, they'll be able to dictate to the individual bank holder and they'll decide what you purchase, what you cannot purchase and also where you're getting your money from too. The government now is in charge of your bank account, with this public-private scheme of theirs and that's going to be used as a control factor, as Bertrand Russell said, a long time ago, where they'll issue you a set amount of credits ultimately, at the beginning of the week. You will not be able to save them up, you must use them and everyone then, at the bottom level, at least, will all be very, very equal, as they say. This is all part of a long-term strategy, which has been published long ago, over and over, in the books of the big authors and promoters of this in-coming system. 

John: This is subject matter that a lot of people and the New World Order has been talked about, Kofi Annan, I remember, several years ago, declaring that the new world is in disorder. It seems that they couldn't get their game-plan together; they had too many personalities and divergent plans. We have seen Senior Bush talk about the New World Order; we have seen him give speeches at the United Nations. We have Gary Hart, we have this guy saying that, you know, here's a chance for putting together the New World Order; and, I don't think there's anybody in the information business that does not know this for what it is, but they will not talk about it, because there's, quite frankly, through the corporations there's too many advertising dollars; it's their jobs that they must hang to. I'm sure they're given a script as to what specifically not talk about. Even Ron Paul himself mentioned the New World Order, in several of his speeches but it's the best-kept secret that nobody knows about. They were in denial about the free trade area of Americas, about the consolidation of Canada, the United States, Central America and South America. This really is the grand conspiracy and I've heard people deny that, and call people like ourselves, Alan, tin-foil-wearing-hatted individuals or just conspiracy theorists. It is in fact a well thought out, well, going on for tens of years, hundreds of years. The Grand Plan and it's the conspiracy nobody wants to talk about. 

Alan: Yes, H.G Wells, who was a propagandist for this organisation, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which spawned the Council on Foreign Relations, he called it, in his own book 'The Open Conspiracy' because you can find the data from the big non-governmental organisations that really run this system they're calling 'democracy'. They have the biggest say, they have the biggest financial backing, they have the ears of politicians, in fact many of them are in politics or in bureaucratic circles and so it's an open conspiracy. The mainstream media simply doesn't talk about it but the books are published by the authors themselves. 

John: Right, we got to take this break, we'll open up the lines, if you have any questions of Mr. Watt, the website

800 - 313- 94 -43. 

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During this break, John played an extract from the film Braveheart:

"What will you do without freedom? Will you fight? No, we will run and we will live, aye, fight and you may die, run and you'll live, at least a while; and dying in your beds, many years from now would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom"

John: Scotland had a little problem here. 

Alan: Yes! 

John: And it goes on, this is probably, Alan, real tough for people, because they're being faced with a situation and they know, in their heart, they may not know all the details, they may not know the mechanisations or the machinations behind it, but they all know that something very bad is coming and to not speak out against it, it was once said that power will die a thousand deaths but - a brave man - but one and this has got to be causing a lot of problems with a cognitive disconnect for a lot of people. 

Alan: It is, it definitely is. People - mind you, they have been under immense attack, their whole lives long, with the food and the injections and the massive entertainment industry - which has put them into a state where they can hardly tell fact or fiction anymore. They're witnessing what used to be shown in fiction, with SWAT teams and armies of SWAT teams, as a regular daily occurrence now, just about everywhere and now they accept that as reality. They were trained into this reality; and, as long as they stay fixed into the world of fiction, they're never going to wake up or to be able to anything about it. Individually, they think 'if I'm ok and I obey all the laws and all the new laws that come down everyday, then I'll be left alone' and that's such a lie, they're not going to be left alone at all. It's going to affect every single person, whether you are good or not good and by 'good' as I say, it's simply following the latest laws. They're going to come down for everyone. Everyone is to managed, from birth to death in this New World Order; it's to be a planned society from cradle to grave and whatever you do in life will be authorised, you'll have no free will whatsoever and that's the decisions you have to look at now. Are you going to speak out now and do something and say "no"? Because, once this gets rolling, you can't turn it back, it will not turn back. 

John: It is an avarice beast for sure. Apparently, they've had to change tact and game-plan from time to time. There was a lot that even made it into the political arena, down here in Texas, with their trans-Texas corridor. Governor Perry, he seems like the Dodo bird, he's not around anymore. He's gone by way of the Dodo bird. Very few public appearances and, basically, down here in Texas, we kicked George Bush Junior, that's what I like to refer to him as, kicked his butt on this issue but it's a temporary victory. There is a lot at stake here; and, what's troubling about this. I mean, you can even hear the smattering of truth, even in financial shows, where they will say that the United States doesn't have the chance of recovery because: well, they have no manufacturing jobs, they have no manufacturing bases, they are just a service sector, they have just been reduced to consumers, we cannot build or make our way out of this hole that we're in right now. 

Alan: Yes and that was planned, and discussed, back in the 1980s, with the Free Trade negotiations. They knew perfectly well where they were bringing the whole of the Americas, to its knees, basically. They knew, as well, that a service economy was discussed; a service economy is like a dog paddling in the water. You can only paddle for so long and then you have to get out, or you drown and it's a temporary fix, a service economy and then you simply start plunging down through debt. If you don't produce and manufacture and then you do nothing but accumulate debt, then eventually the debt would bring you under. This was all discussed, it was understood at the time, we were sold down the river, everyone was sold down the river in fact, in negotiations and we're seeing the effects of it now and it's going to get a lot worse, an awful lot worse. Look at the money that they're putting the American tax payer on the hook for, for the bail-outs of the banks. This is going to be an on-going thing as well; that means that ten generations from now, children are still going to get born into slavery, to pay this off. 

John: Well, and it can't really be paid off. 

Alan: It can't, no.  

John: The very nature of it: you cannot retire a debt with a debt instrument, it is not possible and I don't see any of these banks saying: 'well, ok, thanks American tax-payers for the break you've given us, buying up all our mistakes and bad assets on our books and, by the way, when we finally do unlock this thing, you know, we'll give you a reprieve, we'll make zero interest loans to you'. I don't hear them forgiving the juice, as I like to call it, from the international bankster-gangsters,  [Guido?] in his juice, there's not going to be a break from this. 

Alan: There's going to be no break; but, then again, the intent is to bring a new system in, as I say: where everyone that's born will be in service to the world state. That really is the whole purpose of it eventually. 

John: Well, and apparently, General Motors and Ford have run into a wall here. Paulson kind of flipped on them today, there was a lot of talk, through the Pelosi, through the Congress, that there was going to be a bailout package for General Motors and Ford, and I'm wondering, Alan, because the thought occurred to me: people have said do we necessarily need General Motors or do we need Ford, because somebody's going to be making cars and then the thought struck me: if General Motors and Ford goes bankrupt, well then you can clean out the people and the management that helped get them, their respective companies, in trouble. But the beauty of a bankruptcy is you get to go in on pennies on the dollar and buy up existing assets and there would be another windfall for them, they could literally break the union, because all bets are off, contracts are cancelled. Retirement benefits would not be paid; so, that would be a great escape for these people to do and, I think, and I don't know, I could be wrong on this but I'm looking for them not to bail out or not to give any monies to General Motors or Ford, let them go bankrupt and then, if they're going to be bought out by another company, or there's funds available, to restart them, under a different badge, by the way, I think that, ultimately, that would work better in their benefit, would it not? 

Alan: It certainly would, things are changing. In the past, they always, every few years, in Canada, too, every other country, the same thing, those that were involved in the military-industrial-complex, and, so basically, Ford and GM supply the military too, with lots of equipment, generally, they declare they're in trouble every few years and get bailed out by the public and that's what they call corporate welfare. We've had it here in Canada, too, with the biggest companies; but things are changing now, as I say, they do want to clean out the ones at the top, I'm sure, and bring in the new and they'll probably get foreign ownership anyway, which doesn't really matter, in this day and age, because most of the biggest shareholders are the same few families that own the dominant shares in every major corporation.  

John: and, as Thomas Jefferson warned: that you allow these bankers in and allow them to foster and grow the corporations around them, the country that you used to own will be yours no more, it'll be gone. 

Alan: Yes and the beautiful thing about compound interest is you can never pay it off, it's a wonderful scam.  

John: Alan, they all know, I don't think there's a seated congressman or woman in Congress assembled or in the Senate, or anybody that has two brain cells that can synapse and pass information to one another, that doesn't see this and doesn't understand what the root cause is. It's the classic and we talk about Hegelian Dialectic but this is the classic dialectic. 

Alan: Yes, it is and you see politicians unfortunately tend to come from the psychopathic groups. They seek power, they get in and they hope to benefit personally throughout their life, they don't care who comes after them; but it's time this present bunch got it through their heads that what's coming down is going to affect them too. They might not get their little golden throne at the end of it and they’d better start telling some truth, while they have a chance.  

John: Well, I was just going to say: I can't get it through their heads that even a bug smashing into your windshield doing 70 miles an hour, the last thing that goes through his head is his backside! 

Alan: That's right.  

John: Let's go to the phones here. David, in South Carolina, hello David, you're on with Alan Watt. 

David: Hello guys, it's an honour to speak with the both of you. Alan, I love your research and your work and everything you do and I listen to your show every night. I'm so glad you're on five days a week; and, I want to recommend everybody out there: please support this man and all his efforts. And, John: I appreciate you so much for the network you got and everything you do, getting the information out to everyone. It is really truly an honour to speak with the both of you and I also appreciate the fact that, John, you've mentioned the fact that the animosity that's going on in our country. I want to get right to this -

John: You've got a duplex phone, I think and I'm getting static when you quit speaking but I got a hum when you are talking, so if you would David, be succinct and get it on out there. 

David: Ok, sorry about that, is that a little better?  

John: That's a little better. 

David: Yeah, I'm trying to shout into the phone. I wanted to point out I'm a white guy that lives in the Deep South, I grew up here, ok and, you know, Western culture, in particular, I think Alan pointed that out, either on Alex Jones today or on your show once: we're the target because we're the ones that people they're afraid of, they're afraid that we will resist more vigorously, in every kind of way. And, we're like the main target ok? - and, you know, I grew up in the deep south and black folks I knew growing up, I was friends with anyone who was friends with me; but, they are taught and I know this, because I went to like a day care, I was like one of three white kids in the whole place. They're taught, from birth, and I'm 39 ok, so I grew up during / right after the civil rights era, but anyway, they were taught that 'whitey' 'whitey' 'whitey' is the bad guy and I see that happening that we are a target. I'm afraid that what's going to happen is there's going to be just a great big blood slick between Washington DC and Houston. You know, I hate to say that but - 

John: Well, and David, the propaganda has worked so well, and if you were in the deep south and you were witness to how the Confederate battle flag, it was not the flag of the south, it was the battle flag of the Confederate Army, how that was held up and ridiculed and being slavery based and hate based - and I've said this before, on this programme, Alan - that I don't care, the thought that we have a black man, or at least part-black, being in the White House, does not unto itself bother me, what bothers me is this guy is steeped in Marxism and Communism. What he thinks of himself, is not an American but a hyphenated American, African-American; and, to carry on that dichotomy and that split, that is what troubles me.  

Alan: There's no doubt it's a Marxist agenda that he is following; remember too the Council on Foreign Relations has stated that it works perfectly well with Fascists, Marxists, Communists and so on, it has no problem with the different factions. It uses all of these tactics in different countries, they call it Geopolitics; and, we know that Obama's mother was basically raised as a revolutionary and she might even have been bred for it in fact, I think and she studied various revolutionary techniques in university. That seemed to be her goal, so she has raised this man too, for his global position. He’s an internationalist, first and foremost. He's not really an American at all and it's an international agenda and you've got to understand Marxist policy: they do not have any distinctions between colour, race, religion or anything else. You are simply a Marxist or you're not. Don't be fooled by the colour thing, they will use the colour card down the road, if they want riots to start within the United States, I've no doubt about that whatsoever and all you would need truly is for the government to say they've defaulted on their payments for welfare etc and the riots would start in a flash. Therefore, I always warn people: don't follow anyone, if you really do identify as a group, you're in trouble already, because the big strategists have planned the future wars, by using you in the group. You have to retain your individuality and whoever I approach as a friend will be a friend, I don't care who they are and I don't see them as part of a group. I like individuals, not groups. 

John: Exactly, David thank you for your call, I appreciate it. I don't know if you heard my few minutes at the top of the programme, Alan, but I ran into some people today and I was just - as an observer - watching what they were doing and it was a Christian group and they had their leader and I did not say anything, I just observed and the woman that owned the shop, I had made a couple of comments to her and I said to her: "I see this as being rather sad" and she said "what?" and she thought I was attacking Christianity and I said "No, I am not. Where do we get morals or ethics from, that's not like manna from heaven or we rub up against an oak tree and all of a sudden we ‘get it’? I'm not anti-Christian or anti any religion or faith out there but what I see it as is a refuge for people, rather than them acting or standing against evil that is all around them”. They have a tendency to huddle unto themselves and to get on bended knee and pray to God.  And I see this as, if I can be so bold as to maybe, some conjecture here, as to what God might be thinking, looking down and saying 'You know what, I gave you everything you needed, why you praying to me, why don't you get busy?  

Alan: What's even more ironical is they're following someone who stood up against the authorities of his time and was killed for doing so; but, since the World Council of Churches was formed, under the direction of the Rockefeller Foundation - and he was the Chairman for a while - they've standardised their religions and made them very-very passive and supportive of the system and given them lots of propaganda, to obey government as put there by God. Well, technically, if that was the case, then you should support Adolph Hitler, he was put there: he was elected by the people. In other words, there is a distinction, not all government is put there by God; and Christians, in the past, used to fight wars across Europe, and in the United States too. They fought hard and well, when the government went against the dictates of their faith.  

John: Keith, in Indiana, hello Keith. 

Keith: Yes, good afternoon.  

John: Hello. 

Keith: I wanted to call into Alan's show a few times. I'm just curious about one thing: I just wondered Alan, I mean, are you a believer in the word of God?  

Alan: There's a lot of truth in there, I know it's been warped as well and I think if you go along - the problem today is you have to fit into a pigeon hole that's been pre-made for you. You can find nothing wrong in the New Testament, as far as living your life goes; the problem - again - comes down to dogma that follows when you create organised religion and groups. So, I really have little to do with them, I find them too passive and too phoney. 

Keith: I agree with you there, but did you ever consider that maybe for a couple of hundred years these denominations have not even been close to the truth that the founders wrote? 

Alan: Oh, I know that, they were taken over a long, long time ago, in fact war was declared by the secret societies and the Rosicrucians on the Vatican, in the 1500s and that was their prime target, at time. Then of course, they used Protestantism and then they attacked that. 

John: Keith, hang on a second, we got to take the break. I'll hold you over. My guest today: Alan Watt, I'm very pleased to have this man on the network, Monday through Friday 7 - 8 PM Central Time. Folks, it would do well to listen to the man and what he has to say.  

--- BREAK ---

John: Keith, I'll ask you to be brief here with Mr. Watt. 

Keith: Oh, then I just have three brief points, I think they're all important, I do respect the work you've done in showing the mind control, the sinister, evil power, the wealth and how they've been able to manipulate it; but, I'll give you an example: Mother Teresa. How many people think that she's a saint? You know what she said? She said 'it doesn't matter what god you serve, they all lead back to the same one, through god”. You know that's exactly the opposite of what the Bible said and all the Apostles and Prophets said?  Ok, now last night was utter heresy, when Mark [Glen?] took over the Michael Collins Piper show. He actually said that the Talmud is an extension of the Torah. The Talmud is the antithesis of the Torah. The Talmud is the perversion; they have 613 precepts which are an absolute perversion of the law.  

John: Well, I don't look at Mr. Anderson as being anything of a prophet, or a study of religions. 

Keith: Well he's sitting there putting out this blasphemy from your show.  

John: It's not mine - look, Keith, let me make you understand something: not everybody believes the way you do, ok? And there are going to be people, I don't mind control people, I have never once picked up the telephone and said anything to Mr. Watt as to what I wanted him to work toward or what he could say or what he couldn't say. 

Keith: No, no, no, I understand that, I guess I'm just offering this as a warning: I would not want to close my show by saying "May your god or your gods go with you" that's outside the First Commandment. 

John: Well, but you know what's against my commandment: thou shalt not censor and I'm not going to huddle people around me that think exactly like I do. I see that as a most dangerous thing to do. 

Keith: Well, you know your problem guys? You've given over to interpretation.  

John: Keith, I got a lot of problems but you and I have been through that on these programmes and - quite frankly - I'm not going to entertain them. You had your say, I don't block you from coming on this network, but you have an agenda and you work it; and, I'm never mean or nasty to you but you have a point of view and you want other people to conform to your point of view and, you know, hey, what can I tell you? Peter in Canada, hello Peter. 

Peter: Hi John.  

John: Hi. 

Peter: I just wanted to point out something: you notice how, after the Fed's blew up the Murrah Building and of course they had their little Manchurian candidate so that it could be blamed on the militia so that way they could basically unleash the hounds onto the militia?  

John: Well, I was at 'ground zero' on that deal, I can tell you. 

Peter: Now, I noticed that, after the 19 Islamic [Keebler?] Elves with the box cutters did 9/11, you notice how they never sick the Feds onto the Nation of Islam?  

John: Alan? - I've heard Louis Farrakhan, ask for a nation state within, an Islamic state, inside the United States. He's been the anti-Christian, he's been anti United States Government; he’s been a lot of things, why haven't they gone after Mr. Farrakhan?  

Alan: Because they need these people to start things at the right time and - unfortunately - the followers never think, they do follow, that's why they're called 'followers' and they're very handy to have, if you're a government that wants trouble down the road. 

John: Peter, anything else? 

Peter: If you want to see a good example of what I'm talking about: go to YouTube, type in "Farrakhan endorses Obama Hitler Youth" and you'll see a little example of the Nation of Islam students basically making an evangelical sound thing. It's a little 3 minute clip, I'm sure a lot of people, if they watch it, they'll probably run, not walk, to their gun shops. 

John: And a lot of people are. Alan, you can stay with us?  

Alan: I can stay a little while, I've got to eat!  

John: Ok, not a problem. Alright, hey Peter thanks for your call. Dave and Tom hang on, we'll get to your calls as well and we'll let Mr, our hungry guest here go, Mr. Alan Watt. Hang on folks, top of the hour break here. We'll be right back with you. 

--- BREAK ---

John: We're back ladies and gentlemen, second hour of the National Intel Report on this Wednesday 12th of November 2008, right in the middle of the take-over of the New World 'Orderites'.  Alan Watt, I am sitting here watching what the Congress assembled has done so they can look as if they're in service to the people, because we're in this financial crisis. I have seen what has gone on, and what's going to continue to go on; and, the problem I'm having here: the very same people, any thinking individual, that looks at 1929, that looks at 2008, there is one inescapable conclusion one must arrive at and it's been the fault of the very same people, both times: the banks themselves.   

Alan: Yes and what's obvious too is they never ever fixed the problem in the first place so it could not happen again, they left all the same things wide open, the 'doors' wide open, so they could use the same techniques once again and no one’s ever watched the big investment companies closely enough, it's never been done, they've been given a free hand. And let's be honest too: the whole stock market's been rigged all along because the Feds were dumping money into it each time the major corporations were falling; so, why would they pull it now? They could have kept this bubble going for as long as they wished to; the reason they've done it now, is to bring in the second part, as I say, of the Bretton Woods, the new system where we'll be in service to the World State and government is hand in glove now with dictating policies into the banks, right down to your personal bank account. It's more control over the individual, that's what it's about.   

John: And we knew this, right from the start, the hunt for Al-Quaida, the putting down of these Islamic extremist terrorists that have infiltrated every corner of the earth. They had to do that, to justify, right in front of everybody, right in plain sight, bringing about the police state. To offer excuse why they snoop and poop on your emails; why they had to listen to your phone calls; why they're screening you at your job; why they're checking you at check-points. We have a hundred mile buffer area now, inside the United States by the way folks, that two-thirds of the United States population lives in; that the border patrol are now stopping people within that 100 mile corridor, completely ringing the United States.   

Alan: Yes, it's incredible the totalitarian plans that have been put into effect; and, because the average person hasn't had personal contact with repercussions of them - yet - they're going along in their dream-state thinking everything is just wonderful. However, shortly, all of these laws that have been put on the books, all of these agencies have been massive power - and firepower too - will be kicking a lot of doors in, as we go into this totalitarian regime. There's no doubt about it, the US will get more of this than any other country, because it's the only country that ever had, at least, the memory, or the idea, of freedom and they want to quash that. No other country in the world had this kind of idea that you had personal, individual civil rights and liberties and so on.   

John: Yes and the right to your own earnings, the right to your freedom, the right to your liberty, you could contract without the permission of the government; that has changed. Tell you what Alan, can you stay with me until the next break? And then we'll cut you loose, so you can go fortify yourself   

Alan: Sure, I can. 

John: ok, thank you, we'll be right back and take your calls after this break folks.  

--- BREAK ---

Music: Don Henley

John: Alright, we are back, Don Henley off the CD Inside Job. Many good tunes Alan, you've heard that CD, I take it?  

Alan: Yes. 

John: Yeah, many good cuts on that. I think Don Henley knows what's going on; what do you think? 

Alan: Oh, I'm sure quite a few of them know what's happening, absolutely. 

John: Tom, in Georgia, you're on with Alan Watt. 

Tom: How's it going? I listen to both your guys; I appreciate everything you guys do. First of all, hopefully, the archives will get up, I feel a little bit lost without 'em, for the last couple of days.  

John: and Tom thanks for mentioning that, we're installing new computers, with mega-mega memory on the things and hard drives. It's extensive, so everybody just bear with us. We're not taking the archives away; we're just making them better.  

Tom: I hear you; I do IT work, so I know what it's like to turn that stuff around. Comment: about the churches and about just praying. I'm 40 years old, I live in, I'm mostly an agnostic throughout my life and I kind of got into the Christianity thing, a little bit of the Protestant thing and the Catholic thing. I'm not very religious but I've listened to some of those shows, like some of the Catholic programming and some of the other religious programming and even some of the independent churches, so it's not just the organised religion and that when you try and talk to them, they will usually come back with this: well just pray and it gets to what you were saying before, it's almost like well go into a corner and pray and everything is just going to get better and I'm just thinking, I've heard it just so many times and I'm just like I can't listen to this anymore, because it's nonsense. I mean, whether you're a Christian or whatever it is, at a certain point, yeah you should pray, you should pray and then go to battle, go and do something and that's why this country's falling apart, we're not doing anything, we're not organised. I can go and pray, I can go to the blessed sacrament all I want. I'm not saying I don't believe in prayer but, you know, to sit around and give that as the first answer, which I hear all the time, not just from the Catholics, I hear it from other places, it's sickening. 

John: It's all being pumped up by the 501C3s; and Alan, you're familiar with our nation's history. At the time of the revolutionary war, we used to have Christian preachers, they called them The Black Brigades and what they would do is: they would preach, after they got done with the church services, they would promptly don the military uniform of the day and go out there and kill the British. 

Alan: Again, you see religion was always a very powerful instrument and they had to, basically, emasculate Christianity, especially in order to conquer, because people did, at one time, stand up for their rights and if they thought the government was going against the dictates of their deity, they would fight for their deity. Naturally, it came under attack, very heavily, they had to atheise pretty well the culture and they've done a very good job of it. We've had 50 years of Hollywood degenerating the culture and people emulating Hollywood, so they're at the perfect state now to be conquered and that, unfortunately, has happened. It's also a war of the material versus the spirit, as they say, and people are choosing materialism. Now you’re in their ball park, those who rule the world, because that's their ball park. They run the world of the material goods and services and money and so on, and people have lost their connection to something much higher than themselves. 

John: Well and it's fascinating to me, I mean, even Paulson claiming he's shifting his focus, which there was never a shift in the focus as what he was doing with the bank bail-out. He said illiquidity in the sector is raising the cost of reducing the availability of car loans, student loans and credit cards. There's that credit, credit, credit and that's what got us into this in the first place.  

Alan: Absolutely. 

John: It's amazing. 

Alan: Again, that's the dictate of all religions too, that if you're a borrower, you're in slavery to the debtor, until that is paid off and, if you cannot pay off in your lifetime, your child then pays it off. That, unfortunately, is part of the system too. 

John: "Be not a borrower; a lender be". Tom - anything else? 

Tom: Yes, actually, you're saying emasculating Christianity and it just seems so perfect. It's that plus like, I call it Consumerist Christianity, it's got no power behind it, they won't even stand for anything and I know there's the 501C part but I just think part of it is just everyone becoming kind of indifferent and whatever, it's just kind of pathetic. So, let me ask you guys what are we going to do? We're about to be taken over here, we're going into this slide and it's we're where Russia was a hundred years ago and when I do an analysis of Putin and Medvedev and I look at some of the things they've done over there, I know they're not perfect, there's corruption everywhere but I’m seeing more positive things coming out of their side than we're at. What is it going to take? Are they going to take our guns? They’re going to put in these phoney hate crime laws and we're just going to sit there and be dumbed down and, I just want to say one thing: I hear a lot of guys in the Patriot Movement, actually you can hear them in Rush Limbaugh and other places and they'll talk about no-one's going to take their guns but, you what, damn it, I'm telling you 90-95% of the people, when they put those laws through, and they tack on their minimum 5 year sentence, people are going to be turning their guns over like crazy because I don't see us getting pissed off and doing something. We're not organised.  

John: Well, Tom, be careful what you ask for, my friend, because that's what the Militia did during the '90s and I was there, first hand, to watch the organisation and then watch it quickly busted apart and people go to jail. Keep something in mind: that there is about 85,000,000 gun owners in this country and if 90% give up their guns, well, that leaves 10% that know what those weapons are for and what's 10% of 85,000,000? Isn't that 8.5 million people? That's a hell of an army, and, remember one thing, occupiers have a real problem with occupying; we know the lay of the land, we know our territory, we know the ideology and we know what we're fighting for. We're fighting against slavery and - at that point in time - Alan, I'm sure you'll agree with this: a man that has absolutely no options, nothing left to lose, he knows exactly what he has to do.   

Alan: As you say, there will be nothing left to lose, because that's when people riot, unfortunately, it's when their back’s against the wall, it's human nature, we tend not to - you have this window of opportunity where you can make your voice heard, you can stand up against the evil that's coming down; but, once that's closed, that window's closed, then you're left with nothing except desperation and unorganised rioting. This has to be nipped in the bud now, before that happens.  The laws are already on the books, they simply have to be implemented and they will spark it off at the right time and we're going to go into hell regardless. There's no way round this, we're going to go into hell. 

John: Well, you're familiar with Jack McLamb, correct? and his book he put out: Operation Vampire Killer 2000? 

Alan: Yes. 

John: Ok, Rick Dalton, that was with Jack for a number of years, he's about half-way done with the Redux of Vampire Killer 2000 and that is going to be made available and I’ve suggested strongly to people, to our military and our police - I don't care if they're police departments, I don't care if they're county sheriffs, deputies, whatever the case may be - that we at least let them know and, hopefully, we'll get a somewhat of a pass from law enforcement and working toward this end with law enforcement, to let them know what really is at hand and not to take arms against people that have been left with no choice. They weren't born into law enforcement, they were born Americans.   

Alan: Yes, first and foremost, they're human beings, like everyone else and their badge and their uniform does not make them superior; and, they've got to stop emulating the movies and getting back to following the law, rather than acting like tough guys. That's what I see happening.  

John: We got to say goodbye to Alan Watt here, the man's starving to death! And, Alan Watt, I thank you for taking this time out on short notice, 

Alan: It's been a pleasure 

John: his website

This man is on this network ladies and gentlemen, with his research and his sound reasoning, every day, Monday through Friday, from 7-8pm. Thank you.


Transcript by Bill Scott.