Jan. 28, 2008
Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" on RBN:

"Powers of the Air (Force) - HAARP and the New World Order",
"Battle to Retain Sentience"


Alan stands in for John Stadtmiller, 2 hours.

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 28, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller today, January 28th, 2008.  I'm generally on Cutting Through the Matrix.  We'll do a little Matrix Cutting in this particular talk.  We're led to believe that things just happen, happen to evolve spontaneously, and politicians and big shadowy parts of the government, MI6, CIA characters, just go into action to try and resolve some problem they never saw coming, and that's the trick that's been played upon the public for an awful, awful long time.  I have no doubt whatsoever that even before WWII, every country that's been invaded by the West, since then, had been planned back then.  I even have books from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the same body actually, from their Global Meetings back in the 1930s, talking about targets down the road, after WWII, and this is written before WWII had even started.  They even knew who they were going to go to war with, including Japan, they knew Japan would come in on it too.  They must defend the Soviet system they said, at this big international meeting held in Australia, and they said at all costs it must be saved.  They didn't say why.  We know now why, because the Soviet system was simply the dialectical game that they play between Capitalism and Communism, the two "isms" came together to create the Third Way, or the Third Wave.  Plato called it the Third Way, and Toffler called it the Third Wave.  Same thing.  The amalgamation of the two systems, where a fascist elite live in happiness really, creating a utopia, a managed utopia over a public that eventually will be literally, and I mean literally, unconscious.  Because they had total faith in science, that through scientific technique as they call it, they could manage the minds of billions of people across the planet.  On the way they had to completely alter culture, in such a way that generations would be born, live and die and adapt the part of culture they were upgrading, without even realizing that someone was giving it to them.  They adopt culture as Plato said.  They still do adopt culture.  They think that everything that appears on the shelves, the new toys and so on, is there for their enjoyment.  They're like children and that was the intent of it, to raise up generations who think like children, who never ask or wonder or stand back and look and say, where is all this leading to?  That's the last thing they want.  People should go into the writings of the ancient Greek philosophers especially, who wrote about the technique of creating cultures and managing cultures for peoples and Plato himself who was one of the champions in the culture creation....


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, who is down with the flu, and we're Cutting Through some Matrix here, because I'm trying to build up a little picture which shatters the illusions of the indoctrinations we've had, and we have had scientifically endorsed and funded indoctrinations for generations.  Our parents did, so did our grandparents, and this is well understood and written about at the time by those in the know.  They wrote books about it, which each other read.  The average Joe was too busy reading other things, and penny novels, and that kind of thing to even take interest in them.  But the Big Banking Boys, for instance, if you ever get to see libraries getting dumped from banks, and I have quite a lot of books dumped from banks, it's astounding the kind of information that they were writing and publishing, and how the big boys who were managing the system were learning from these books, the Big Banking Boys and establishments.  Nothing happens by chance.  And if you go into the warfare departments of countries, like Britain especially, and now the United States, they plan the centuries.  They plan the wars, because they have a big chess board, and they want to take over country after country.  And they will often give you a breathing space between it, sometimes not, they go right into the next country that they want to take over.  And the public are fixed generally on where they are now, or where they're going into now, and that's how far we see.  The job of the media is to keep us in this realm of things just evolving day by day.  That's the trick of the media, and also to keep us distracted and it also is meant to stop us thinking any further for ourselves, and that's been very successful.  Most people cannot think for themselves.  Zbigniew Brzezinski was quite correct, when he said, the vast majority of the public will shortly be unable to think for themselves, and they'll even expect the media to do their reasoning for them, to do all their thinking for them.  That will become their topics the next day after, listening to the news, that's the topics they'll talk about.  They'll repeat their downloads. 


This is a war on the entire world, the war that's on now.  It's a war of terror to scare everybody on the planet into complying into their Brave New World scenario.  It's not just aimed at adults, it's on every segment of the age groups.  It's on the children too.  The children are getting attacked mightily in such a way they enjoy it.  It's much better to get people hooked on an agenda, when they enjoy their part in the agenda, and their agenda is to grab all the electronic toys, the games that they're given, and look forward to the day where they can be interfaced with a computer.  That's what all the hype is about today in all the big magazines, and shows on television, interfacing into a virtual reality, where eventually the elite hope that generation will grow up in a virtual reality, just like the movie called the Matrix.  This is to be worldwide.  The main terror that's being shown about compliance is aimed at the adult population, to keep them afraid, and to allow all of this to go through without any hindrance.  So the adults are terrified about a falling economy, which is just a juggling act anyway, it always was, and the adults are worried about not being stared at, by the authorities.  They want to get through their life, hopefully they can retire, spend their money, and then croak in their sleep, nice and happily and quietly.  That's what the average Joe wants, and so they don't really want to know the big picture.  They just don't want to be stared at.  They don't want to come under the microscope, so they comply with every order that the Fuhrer gives out to them.  It's worldwide.  That took many, many years, many years of negotiations, of setting up societies, bureaucratic organizations that were interlinked across the world, to bring all of this into being. 


Those agencies were set up before WWII, and right after 9/11, there was a big rallying call, that was the big signal that it all goes into action now, because it was the action for a New American Century to kick off the New Global Empire, with the U.S. primarily funding it, supplying the manpower for it, and forcing it on the rest of the world.  And it shows you too, when you saw all the other countries fall into line passing the same laws at the same time, regardless of their situation, regardless if they had even no Muslims even living in the country or whatever, made no difference, they're all going through the exact same agenda with ID cards, hyper-security, cameras everywhere, and so on and so on.  This took a lot of planning, a lot of payoffs, because everything at the top happens with payoffs, that's no great secret. 


And it shows you there is a society that transcends all elected governments.  This was attested to by Margaret Thatcher, and others who gave a speech, gave a series of speeches across the world, called The New World Order, back in the early 1990s.  At Massey Hall in Toronto she gave one, and that's where she unfurled the plan which she was well in on, and she said that religious fundamentalism will be the next major threat to the entire planet, she said.  Now most folk at the time thought that she was just meaning the Middle East, but no, if you look at the history of these particular groups that run the world, they taught from the 1800s onwards, that religion and silly superstition would have to be outlawed, because it was outdated, it had served it's purpose.  The new belief would be under the authority of The Authority.  That would be the new priesthood, and science would be elevated to fill the gaps of the old black priesthoods with the new white-coated ones.  That was the agenda. 


And she said, there's been a parallel government in existence for some time.  She called it the parallel government, made up of high-level bureaucrats who were semi-retired or early retired from their positions, high-level politicians, prime ministers, presidents, and so on, that all knew each other because they'd worked together over the years, while they were in power, and now that they're out of the eye of the public, they're given more power.  They're called technocrats now.  A technocrat is not elected by the people, but they're given real authority.  They don't have to be pleasing the public.  They don't answer to the public.  And she said, this was the only way to get things done.  Democracy was too slow, too many arguments going on, and if you look into the Council on Foreign Relations, and their mandates, they say the same thing.  That's why they were set up.  They realized that democracy would have too much infighting, as all the lower politicians played their ego games, trying to get brownie points, and they couldn't get their big agendas through, it would take too long as they bickered. 


Professor Carroll Quigley, also in his book, Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment, two must-get books, fills in all the blank spots in history, tells you about this agenda, that's been going on for centuries, and those behind it that are still in existence today, those organizations.  And he said, it's much better to be a technocrat because you live with the knowledge you have the real power.  You're not so much in the public limelight.  You don't come under scrutiny.  And he said there were too many irreconcilable factions within society to get anything done, and that's why they were set up.  It does exist.  These big boys that belong to it have written about it, they've given speeches about it in public. And Joe Public still thinks you just vote someone in, a lone gunman, and lo and behold, he cleans up the town for you, while you sit back and watch television and eat your chips.  That's the con game that's played.  The only way this agenda could possibly be thwarted is for people to realize what we're going to lose in the process if we don't stand up, and that's everything to do with being human. 


Being human, the other part of humanity, emotion, is a big problem to the elite.  And yet a complete human being down through the ages, is a sentient being, rational hopefully, but you've also got an emotional side with you that allows you to appreciate people and nature and all those things around you, or even a nice day.  But that emotional side also becomes a problem.  The elite call it the irrational side.  They want that destroyed.  It's too inefficient.  Emotion gets in the way of logic.  And this plan of theirs at the top is to be a super-plan where we'll be turned into happy little Borgs.  Happy, because we won't know what unhappiness is.  We won't even know we are a Borg, we'll just be assigned tasks and we'll be programmed to do it.  But it must be sold to the public as though you'll retain your individuality, even though the big world meetings at Loyola University in Louisiana, hosted by Newt Gingrich, he kicks them off, because they always find jobs for the boys, they never retire, and it was funded by the US Department of Commerce by the way, that's your tax money funding your annihilation of your conscious mind, they said that the chip is ready to go.  It will be inserted in the back of the head.  And all they have to do now is convince the public to accept it.  They said, this will be promoted through all media, through cartoons for children, because they're the main target, they're the ones who are going to grow up and actually want it.  And sure enough it's now in cartoons and the superheroes have them, with all these super powers.  And it will be promoted through movies, and so on.  We saw The Final Cut and different movies appear very quickly after that first meeting to get us used to the idea.  It's called predictive programming.  And it's steamrolling ahead.  It's all set to go.  But it certainly won't have the outcome that they give you in the fictional world.  You will end up being the Borg.  I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi, folks.  I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  I'll be on Cutting Through the Matrix an hour after I get off this show so you can tune in there again.  And at the moment I'm talking about this super parallel government that's been in existence before I was born, and it's much bigger even today, with its own departments of security, and their own parallel organizations of CIA and MI6 and all the rest of it.  Interwoven with massive think-tanks which have incredible funding, funded mainly through black budgets from governments, through different government operations, and also they get part of their funding through the big foundations.  Because the big foundations are front organizations for the global elite.  You're meant to think they're just there for charity, and they just want to do good deeds for the public.   That's why they were set up under a cloak of charity.


Charity has been used by brotherhoods for hundreds and hundreds of years.  You can look into the Hashshashin, who were one of the brotherhood illumined tribes, up in Afghanistan, quite a few hundred years ago, and see how they operated, and they operated under a cloak of charity.  They even brought orphans in who they trained to be assassins.  They brought them up in a mountain retreat, gave them everything that they wanted, beautiful food, great scenery, wonderful life, and they taught them this was heaven, and if they went and fought for their master and obeyed any command given, then they would go immediately to a place just like that.  That would be heaven.  And these assassins had the ancient world terrified, because they were well educated, put into great positions of advisory capacity.  Maybe years later they'd be told to assassinate their boss, which they did without hesitation.  So nothing has changed.  These techniques are very, very old, and we have them today.  That's where you get all these strange shootings that suddenly happen, always at the right time when they have a particular bill on the table to ban something or other from the public.  They just happen to appear.  And there's always too many questions about the particular individual involved.  Not only the fact that they were always known to the police, and well known to psychiatrists who were treating them, but it has always been a big mystery as to how they even managed to get the firearms in the first place, especially the ones in Britain, where you have to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop and do psychological evaluations, and yet they even had one in Britain, Mr. Hamilton who managed to get through, only, only, and approved to have a firearm, only because a Lord, a British Lord intervened, and told them to pass him through.  It's always the same story.   So, they have these mind control assassin types out there, just waiting for the command, and they always go through in a fugue type state, commit their deed, and don't remember much about it afterwards if they live at all.  So these guys at the top will always make the conditions occur, necessary to implement their seemingly plausible plans or reactions to them.  That's how the real world works. 


And the wars that have happened too, in this real world are planned as I say, years, years, and years before the public get a whiff of anything being up.  You cannot pull off anything today, in this world, anything, on any level at all without the CIA or MI6 knowing about it, because they employ thousands and thousands and thousands of people on salaries, from all different nations and races, and they've infiltrated everything in every country and they have for a long, long time, many, many years.  You can't do anything without them knowing about it, never mind blow up towers in New York.  It's impossible.  Not only impossible, but we know for instance, even in the BBC, on the day that it happened, or the day after it happened, a spokesman from MI6 said, they couldn't understand why the U.S. kept ignoring all their warnings of what was going to happen on that particular day.  They ignored it because it was something that was meant to happen.  It was meant to happen.  That was what, the big thing, the shot that went around the world in other words.  The new shot that went around the world.  The big signal for the new agenda to kick in, and roll ahead, and has it ever. 


Everyone now must bend down and roll over, going through checkpoints, at security border crossings, and airports, and all this kind of stuff that never happened before.  Never even happened during the whole Cold War.  And it's not because they're looking for hidden terrorists.  Nothing to do with that whatsoever.  It's to train the public to go into a totalitarian system.  That's what it's all about.  You're being dehumanized when you submit to it and ordered around by these Star Wars goons that you see there, these menacing type goons, where there's no comeback.  They don't have to answer any question.  Even when they hold you, they don't have to even tell you why they're holding you, or even why they're questioning you along a certain avenue, you're supposed to just answer like a good little scared citizen.  That's to train you, because the Department of Defence in Britain, that also is the head of the NATO, basically, top think tank for them, came out with its mandate for the next thirty years, the projection of what they see coming.  What they see coming is a horrorshow, and they know it because they're going to create the horror.  I'll be back with more of this after the following messages.


HI folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  And listeners should look into Cutting Through the Matrix an hour after I finish this particular show, where I'll continue with lots more information, but at the present, I'm going through, and trying to get the point through that nothing simply happens on a huge scale in the world, without it being known about, which generally means it's also planned that way.  And the objective is always to change society, change society.  The Great Work is to completely change society, step by step into perfection.  A perfect society, the symbol always being the beehive, from ancient times.  And in the beehive every order of bees has its place, there's no argument about it.  In fact, they're genetically altered to have their particular place in the beehive, and lo and behold, so will we.  They want a more perfected slave, a slave that they don't have to keep distracted with lots of information, lots of entertainment.  We are gluttons for entertainment.  We live half our lives to be entertained.  And I often wondered, even when I was growing up, how many hours a person would spend in their whole life just watching television, or reading novels, or playing games even, like card games, because all these things are really is passing time.  And when I was very young, I realized, I thought, every minute you're alive is very important.  Every thought that you can think is incredibly important if you're thinking along lines of understanding, because you've only got this one life to live.  Regardless of all the other religions there that say no there's other lives too.  The reincarnationalists keep saying you get born again and again and again and again and again, and you pay off your bad karma like a credit card, you just accumulate it and pay it off in the next life, that's how they sort of do it.  But in reality, I knew we have one life to live, and what you do and think, and what you do about what you think is very, very important because you can make changes.  You make amazing changes, even by informing others of what really is happening, while they're all being entertained and when they're passing the time.  We have a finite number of years, at least at the bottom level.  At the top, they can extend it quite a ways, but it's not for the commoners.  And so what you do with your life is tremendously important, and most people again have been stuck into dead-end jobs, where they get so depressed, and they watch the clock, and they get home, and they just want to zonk out in front of that TV set, and they think they're just switching off, but they're not really, because everything on television is meant to degrade you further.  That's how a computer is, you upgrade your programs, you're being upgraded while you watch television, as they bring on more and more awful stuff, and literally degrade humanity.  They're making a mockery of humanity itself, under the guise of entertainment. 


You know, there was an art show that traveled across the U.S. and across the world I guess, they called it art, and it was put on by a German fellow, where they had corpses on display, with injected plastic in some parts, and so on.  You could see the tendons, the sinews, and they had one of them hanging up in strange positions with wires, and they called it the ballet of the corpse.  And this was put on as art.  You see, they never had this kind of stuff going on in ancient Rome when they had the gladiators.  The Romans for all their degradation and perversion that broke out towards their end, never went as far, they didn't have fetuses in jars of urine and calling it art.  There would have been an incredible outcry, you see, about it, even though they were having blood sports in the arena.  We have been so jaded and dehumanized, which is the whole point of it, because when you come to the conclusion that life, that humans are just another biological mistake, just a little anomaly on this planet, we're nothing special whatsoever, then the big boys can go ahead with the next step and the next step and the next step, until you allow it to happen, because after all, what are you, you're nothing much, nothing special at all.  That's the intent behind it, and it's working pretty well, because these kind of so-called art exhibitions that roam around have a purpose, to degrade you further.  That's its purpose. 


Not so long ago, declassified information from MI6 and the CIA admitted that they have run the culture industry since the 1950s.  That included music, it included the painting arts, the nihilistic paintings, the Picasso types, the stuff that would make you all 'blah' after you looked at it.  They also put on the degrading stuff for us to lap up and become dehumanized in the process.  And you thought the left wing was doing all that?  Well, the CIA ran the most radical left wing movements in the United States, the idea being that if you want to fight a supposed enemy, which wasn't really the point at all, then you set up the most radical speakers who, the people follow the leaders that they give you, and then you basically are controlling the direction that they go in.  That was the intent of the intelligence agencies.  They ran the culture industry, in all countries, including France.  The French won't like that.  They don't like that kind of interference and tampering, but that's how it was.  They had an office in London, England too, shared by MI6 and all the top writers of novels and books, and even poets, because they were going to make sure that all our thoughts and discussions and even our fantasies came from them, because all of that was predictive programming, along a path which they were going to introduce for real in the future, because they'd made you familiar with it in a fictional form, then you'd allow it to happen without question.  That's how simply it works, and that is predictive programming.


They also adopted ways of dumbing us down.  They had huge meetings about this in the Western alliances, even before WWII on the use of drugs.  Don't forget that Brave New World was written in the 1930s, and it wasn't out of the imagination of one man that that scenario came.  This one man was simply one cog in a massive wheel of writers who were from aristocratic lineages, went to the best schools, belonged to Tavistock and other institutions, and they were writing stories, again, predictive programming along particular scientific agendas that they would eventually implement.  It's all being implemented now.  Brave New World is actually here.  So they knew how they had to tamper with their minds in such a way as to get us to accept every step that they wanted us to accept.  They couldn't come out with non-fiction.  They had to primarily dress it up in fiction, with lots of real data incorporated.  And they had a tremendous faith in the use of drugs.  They talked about drugging the entire population of the Western World to manage the people more efficiently.  Not to help you in any way, but to manage you more efficiently.  They even thought at one time, if they could take small doses of LSD, and introduce it into the water, or spray it from the air, or through other means, they could literally, radically, quickly alter society while they're in this disjointed, disassociated phase they would be in.  But they found that it was just too unpredictable.  They couldn't control it so well, and so they thought about Valiums etc. 


Therefore they stepped up the whole pace of life in countries like Britain, and Europe, and in America, and suddenly all the magazines, the big magazines again, which again were generally funded by the CIA, promoting ways to get rid of stress, and how stressful life was.  Mind you, the same magazines made sure that male and female if they read them would become completely dissatisfied with the life they were living in the first place, that's how it was done.  But then they would always give you ways out of it through drugs, the new sciences, that would help you.  And at one point, they even said that over I think it was 45% of all British women, this is in the early 1970s, the beginning of the 70s, they were on a form of Valium or Librium, daily as a matter of course.  So, all you do is increase the stress factor, you create nihilism in a sense, unhappiness, there's no point to anything, they go and see the doctor, the doctor prescribes them the pills, and suddenly they're back to being the Stepford Wives.  Nothing really bothers them too much; mind you, they don't get much done either, because they put everything off, nothing matters, but they're not so unhappy.  And they had meetings about this, world meetings, if they could make the public happy.  You see, it wasn't necessary to fix the things that were wrong in life.  The whole point was to simply make them happy through drugs.  That was the point, not to fix anything.  Because under the new psychiatric definitions, being normal was simply to be happy.  Being normal was to be happy.  Even though it was a completely new definition.  Being a human being has its ups and its downs.  It has tragedies as well as its successes.  To be up all the time they used to call being Manic.  Now suddenly, you had to be up all the time, be happy, and if you went to see a psychiatrist, it's still the same today, because they base it all on Freud, and you fall out of the workplace and you can't do anything, you're depressed, you're lethargic, and so on, they'll get you on some kind of medication.  He'll ask you every time you go in, what are you doing with your life, and when you tell him that you're back into the workforce, the very place that broke you in the first place, the workforce, you're buying stuff, you're paying taxes, and you're going around having lots of sex like rabbits, then you're classified as being healthy again.  And that's the new normal, that did not exit before.  Being a true adult entails having all of the emotions, being able to deal with ups, the downs, the sadnesses, and that's where you learn things is through tragedy.  Tragedy in a personal way or tragedy to do with other people.  Your emotions make you grow.  They are trying to eliminate emotions so we are perpetual children. 


Now I've got Richard from Alabama on the line.  Are you there Richard?  Hello, Richard.


Richard: I want to talk about what appears to be a little bit of the New World Order agenda creeping into RBN.  There's a guy who has a program, and he spends all his time on immigration.  And he can't, he doesn't like immigration, but he never, never, never touches the subject of all these documented foreign nationals who are driving without licenses and don't need one, driving without insurance and they don't need one.  They have jobs and they have welfare also, and they don't file a tax return and they aren't required to.  And a lot of this folks on this network don't talk about it, but I see it's a growing trend that anybody who's not white has an opportunity now to go to a consulate of some nation where his great-great grandfather may have originated, and get documentation, as a citizen of that nation, and yet, stay here, never set foot in that nation except the consulate, and just live here and be immune from all of our legal processes.


Alan: In fact, I was reading the paper, it was a couple of years ago about this particular mandate.  You've got to understand, we're already global.  You do know that don't you?


Richard: No, only America is global.  The rest of the world is insular, nativist.


Alan: Oh, no.  I don't know why you understand that, because, believe you, me, you go to places like Britain, you'll find whole cities almost speaking the languages of India.  It's the same, you go to Germany, you've got Turkish, you've got everything through there.  America is the last country to become global, even though they pushed it and made it a mandate after WWII on the rest of the world on the lend-lease program.  That was part of the lend-lease program, that they start to become international, integrate into a European society. 


Richard: But China and India are not going along, and none of the African countries are going along with globalization.


Alan: Not yet.  Africa they've got a special plan.  They've got to unify them into one big country.  That's going on at the moment, one trading bloc.  Then they'll be forced to go global, and China is the same.  China, technically, they're still classed as third world, even though they're producing everything on the planet.  They'll have to go along with it at the end as well.  So that's written into the mandates of integration.  The third world countries don't have to adapt to these policies until they're brought up to a higher level of living. 


Richard: Well, still it looks to me like only the white nations are targeted for this destructive immigration.


Alan: Oh, they're targeted alright, because they want the end of the old cultures.  You've got to understand too, it's not a white racial thing either.  The elite characters at the top, it's a class thing.  If you understand that from a different perspective, the ones at the top of what you think are a white society, it's a class thing.  Their class incorporates the high Brahman class of India, the high classes of China and so on.  They are a particular class, and they see everyone else as inferior.  Once you understand that aspect, you understand why this is being pushed from the top downwards.


Richard: But still, can't you see?


Alan: But can't you see what I'm saying?  So of course they don't care.  They want this big melting pot of new slaves, and it doesn't matter, it really doesn't matter because in ten, fifteen years, you're going to see most people being cloned and specially made for their jobs.  That's definitely on the cards.  And look at the sperm count of the Western Male.  It's down 75%, we're going sterile, by purpose, by design, because they want to bring in a new type of slave, and they don't care what kind of color it is. 


Richard: Well, apparently they don't want white slaves.  They want black slaves and Asian slaves, but they don't want any white slaves at all.


Alan: Well, they don't need us anymore.  We're not needed anymore.  We've done our job.  We were the worker bees that forced this system on the entire planet.  I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who is down with the flu.  He should be back tomorrow, I hear.  And for the listeners, if you want to hear more of my prattling on about this stuff, I'll be on an hour after this particular show ends.  And I know it's confusing, this whole thing about immigration, it's confusing to people who see something from their perspective from where they are, and where their culture has led them, but it really wasn't their culture either.  I mean, most Americans don't know their own histories, even recent histories and what happened.  Hollywood has filled in a lot of blanks and gave you a fiction.  The white people were brought over initially to colonize the Americas through different means and methods.  Often they had to start revolutions back home, put down the revolution, and then export millions of people off their land, like they did in Scotland, or get a famine going in Ireland to populate the colonies.  And those colonies as they called them then were not really nice places, because they were infested with mosquitoes, they had swamps everywhere, they had no machinery to uproot trees and clear land.  It was all done by hand, and they found that the white races were the most rugged people who would persevere and actually do it.  But our job is over. 


The elite of our, what we think are our races, see themselves as a different race altogether.  They have nothing in common with us.  They never did.  They are international.  If you look at all the Big Boys in the States going back for the last hundred years or more, they invested abroad all the time.  They were always involved with foreign investments.  And they lived apart from the ordinary people.  They might move amongst you on rare occasions, but they live apart from you, because they see themselves as being eugenically superior.  And this is to do more with eugenics than race.  That's really the point of this.  The top economists that work for the British East India company, which is a British Crown Corporation, only members of Royalty and elite could have shares in it, had international meetings in their own day, about controlling the populations, what kinds of plantation slaves to have.  And eventually they changed the term to workers, even though they didn't pay them enough to even save up to get out of the area and move on, you were still a slave technically.  They talked about this, and they came to the conclusion that the white man did not make a good slave.  But if you taught him he was free and was working for himself, he'd work like crazy, and do amazing things.  So that's the con that we had.


We thought we were free for awhile, and they gave us, really from after WWII onwards, they gave us a happy little time, lots of entertainment, Leave it to Beaver, Little House on the Prairie and all that kind of stuff.  And everything that they turned out from Hollywood was a Western, and everyone thought that that's what the old America was about.  There was nothing but cowboys for centuries, and it wasn't true. It wasn't true.  And the time for the white man is over, because they also knew that the white man, if he ever did come to his senses would actually do something about what was going on.  Therefore, he became the number one enemy.  That's why you'll find that fluoridation of the water was introduced in the white countries before anyone else.  So the very worker bee that they'd used to bring forth this world agenda, the source of their armies that they sent all over the world to conquer and force everyone under this monetary system and tax and world bank and all the rest of it, that same man, that white male would be a problem down the road, and they'd have to dumb him down pretty quickly, which has been pretty successful, unfortunately.  And they don't care any more for the peasant of China or Britain, the U.S. or anywhere else.  They're all lumped in as peasantry by the guys at the top.  We have to get that though our heads.  We're talking about people who are intergenerational, who go through Yale and Princeton and Oxford and Cambridge, and a few other places, and they don't see themselves as even having anything in common with us at all.  I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hour 2


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, on the radio indeed, and Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour to go.  And trying to break through, as I say, it's a Matrix conditioning, to help people understand that what's happening today is not really new in a sense, that you have an elite who interbreed, they can appear like you, but amongst themselves they call us the commoners.  We marry in common.  We don't marry because some high priesthood picks out good genes and power from powerful families and good dowries.  We marry because we get a tad, well you know what I mean, we get kind of horny, and that's how we generally mate up.  That's been the system of life forever.  But the characters at the top, no, they only marry generally just to have offspring.  Their own offspring is very important, because they are into eugenics.  They've always been into eugenics, nothing new.  In ancient times, sometimes kings would marry and pharaohs would marry their sisters to keep it all in the family.  They thought they were superior, they didn't know why at the time.  They called it blue blood and different names, but they knew it was something in their bodies that made them superior, and ruthless.  What it was really was simply the fact that they were psychopathic in nature, and as Plato said, you can breed out or in any traits that humans have, into humans or out of them.  And therefore obviously, if you want a king, you want someone who's pretty ruthless on occasion, but yet manageable by the high priests.  The high priests always have to manage them, the top advisors.  But they must be ruthless, psychopathic, tremendous ego, and therefore you want to breed out any symptoms of compassion.  Therefore the ones who show the right psychopathic traits are matched with a female from another powerful family, a family that's dominated maybe whole countries, and that's how they mate up.  They are psychopathic.


Now from their point of view, they are the natural successors, and the natural ones to dominate the world.  That's what they believe.  They often couch it in phrases, such as, this is Nature's Way.  Darwin was very good at that.  Even Albert Pike said it, we don't criticize nature.  He was talking about those with the high IQs, the brains, the cunningness like top predatory animals to get their prey and always be top dog.  They think that's natural.  And they think the ones at the bottom, the commoners, should be subjugated and meant to serve them.  That's the purpose of the masses.  The whole democracy nonsense was put out there simply to con the public from the 1700s onwards when all the revolutions were happening, con them into believing that they had rights and that they were all equal in those rights.  Otherwise we'd have revolutions every four or five years.  So instead they give you elections and keep telling you you have rights, even when they show by their actions that you don't.  You don't have rights.  You do what you're told.  Or else.  And that was the con game that was pulled off, because the elite in the 1700s had a few big scares, and they decided it would never, ever happen again.  They would employ think-tanks.  They would project the future by keeping the pulse on the public, and finding out where it was going, and guide the public along different paths.  They'd give us our thoughts and our topics and they would give us a new culture.  That's been very successful.  As far as interracial problems go, or marriage goes, good luck to anybody in this day and age that can get married from any group or different races and actually make it work.  Good luck to them, because marriage itself, as everyone knows, is under attack in all cultures and there's very little chance, as everyone knows, of anyone coming through it with the same mate until the day they die.  I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller on the Intel Report, and I'll be back on again, one hour after this show ends with Cutting Through the Matrix, so look in later tonight.  We are under attack alright, but so is the whole world under attack.  As I say, the elite themselves have no favorites in this game.  They go to all the top meetings with scientists and so on, and listen to them gibbering on about the wonderful new races they'll create to serve them better, the new humanoid types with mixtures of some better material here and there.  They'll swap different genes from different people and different races for what is the desired outcome.  Different kinds of purpose-made humans, ideal design.  ID.  The ID also has another meaning, it means Ideal Design, and they've come to the conclusion a long time ago, we're just too imperfect.  We need too much entertainment.  We have to reward ourselves when we work every month.  We want to buy some little piece of plastic from China that's supposed to make us incredibly happy for five minutes, and then work another month to get something else from China that will break before you know it.  That's the con game, it's all a big lie.  We've all been trained Pavlovian style into this system, and people wonder why they're generally unhappy.  Well, things don't make you happy, you see.  The things don't make you happy.  Being a true human being and interacting with other humans is the only thing that can make you happy.  It's from within.  That's where happiness comes from.  Not from little things that you buy, and turn to rust, or fall apart, or the plastic just breaks in your hand as they do today, generally.


Everything today is meant to fall apart.  It's cheap junk, because we're going through the last phases of the consumer society.  The next type that they bring in won't be a consumer society.  They'll be a servile society, purpose made.  That's where it's going.  And yes, the boys at the top probably will try and stir up the racial tensions within countries.  They've done this down through the centuries, over and over.  If they can't get people of a different race to do it, they'll pick on religion, one religion against another.  We saw that in Northern Ireland, going on too, for years.  Something they set up in the 1500s, so they could always pull out the hat so often, when things got too quiet.  And they always give you your leaders, unfortunately, on all sides, and all colors.  And the general population of the world better catch on to this fact rather quickly.  And personally, I don't judge a person by their skin color, or their accent, and I don't believe I have to love a whole race of people, even the ones I come from, I go on whom I like personally, individually.  If there's something special in them, or if they talk from the heart, and this is a real person speaking, that's the only thing that makes you like someone.  Or dislike them.  But to blanket, cover a whole people as some kind of stereotype is just simply out of date.  The elite don't care about one group or another.  When we get that through our heads, maybe we can all work together to thwart and divert this particular agenda from the path it's deemed to go on.


Now, as they're dumbing us down through many, many ways, inoculations is one way.  They have been tampering with our genes through inoculation, our immune systems are down, we're three-quarters shot basically, compared to 1950s level, so the more inoculations they give us, the more shot our immune systems become, because that was the purpose of them in the first place.  It was not to make you healthier.  It was because they decided a long time ago, there was simply too many of us.  And Thomas Malthus, who worked for the East India Company, had that big warning cry in the 1700s, and published his little Essay on Population and the problems that he foresaw on the behalf of the elite.  We found the same thing being reiterated by Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, in the 1950s, with his big book, well worth reading, called The Next Million Years, where he stood up for the elite, saying there's too many commoners, they're breeding out of control, they'll overwhelm us, we've got to do something about it, maybe sterilize them, maybe use the needle to do it.  Maybe spray it on them, maybe put it in their water supply and their food supply, and so on, but it has to be done, and he was given massive applause by all the leading institutions of his day for saying all of that.  These are very, very nice psychopaths at the top. 


Now, while all this is going on, and we're diverted all over the world, for the last ten years we have been sprayed daily from the air, and anyone with a thinking brain, who does not disregard their own perceptions will see it, you see.  Now Zbigniew Brzezinski did say in his own book, Between Two Ages, that shortly the public will be unable to think or reason for themselves, unless it's on the television.  So, if it's not on television they won't believe it, even thought they see it.  And that's happened.  Because the spraying is heavy, daily dosing of spraying is going on all across the world, even in Japan now, and in China.  And I'm certain that within all of this stuff it's not just to do with atmosphere or weather control.  That's part of it.  We know that.  There's a lot of documentation out on the HAARP technologies that are used in conjunction with the spraying of the air.  The metallic particles make HAARP more effective.  They signed into a treaty in the 1970s at the United Nations, all the things that HAARP could do.  Earthquakes, tidal floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on.  Droughts and floods.  All of that stuff was already under its capability back then.  There's another aspect of the spraying, because you go back to the originator of the aerial spraying and that was the man who came up and invented the H-Bomb, Mr Teller.  And Mr Teller advised spraying the air with metallic particles, using a HAARP type technology, but he also said, apart from using it for weather warfare, they could also affect the moods and the minds of the populace.  It was already known back in the 1950s.  And people are getting sick across the world, chronic bronchitis that just doesn't leave them, from this aerial spraying.  And I've got thousands of photographs, too many to even put up on the website, and they come in every day from all over.  Here's an article from the Epoch Times.  And that's E-P-O-C-H, the Epoch Times.  I say Poch like a Scotsman does or a German does.  The English would say E-pock.  But there's a c-h at the end of it.  And it's from January the 16th, 2008 by Martin Croucher, Epoch Times UK.


Humans tampering with the atmosphere may be causing extreme weather patterns, experts (Alan: You know, these big group of experts) believe.


They believe that the debate on climate change has ignored the role of environmental manipulation projects.


Artificial manipulation of the climate is nothing new. During the Vietnam war, the US military used cloud seeding techniques to cause torrential rain and disrupt enemy supply lines.


Last month, Chinese media reported that the Communist party was preparing 'rain-prevention techniques' to be used on the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics this year.


(A: This is old.  This is child's play.)


But some experts believe that new technology can enable governments to manipulate climate patterns globally for military use.


Extreme weather patterns in recent years, such as record numbers of hurricanes, floods and droughts across the world, may have been the result of such technology being tested, they claim.


(A: Then it goes on to play it down a bit.  It says:)


Without concrete evidence to support them, (A: Now there is concrete evidence.) such claims to many remain little more than a hot topic for conspiracy theorists. (A: That was a term put out by the elite for all us to use.  Conspiracy theorists, like it's a new hobby.) But there are things about the various atmospheric research projects run by the US military that that do not stack up.


The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) based in Gokona, Alaska, an array of transmitters pointed toward the sky, is claimed to be a scientific endeavour for studying the properties and behaviour of the upper atmosphere (ionosphere).


(A: Now that's only one base.  There's another one in Greenland and Iceland, and they have 54 worldwide.)


It consists of an 'Ionospheric Research Instrument', which fires a beam of energy at the upper atmosphere, and a series of other antennae for monitoring changes.


But to many the project resembles a 'death ray' with all the hallmarks of a James Bond film. Canadian economist and policy adviser Dr Michel Chossudovsky calls it a "weapon of mass destruction".


(A: Which it is actually.  That's why they signed the treaty at the United Nations.  It can cause mass destruction.  Actually, they said this makes the atom bomb obsolete, at the United Nations.)


The project is funded by the U.S. airforce and navy, and on its website claims that a key purpose is to "enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defence purposes"


The idea is to magnify communications signals so they can be received by receivers on submarines and underground bunkers.


(A: Now, that's not true, because they already had during the whole cold war, alternate systems to pass the extremely low frequency signals to submarines.  People who have a memory, might remember all the stories that came up with The Bermuda Triangle, ohhhh, and spooky movies they put out there too, about compasses going crazy on ships, and on aircraft, and they just couldn't figure out what it was.  Well it was because in Bermuda, you see, they were using special transmitters for ELF.  And ELF is also how whales and dolphins and so on guide themselves and they kept beaching themselves up on the beaches.  And they had all the fish lovers out pulling them back in to the water, trying to save them, and they would come immediately back onto shore again, and they couldn't figure it out.  Well it was because that was the military-industrial complex doing that.  That's what was behind it.  They didn't need HAARP for that project.  Then it goes on to say.  It says:)


The project is funded by the U.S. airforce and navy, and on its website claims that a key purpose is to "enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defence purposes"


The idea is to magnify communications signals so they can be received by receivers on submarines and underground bunkers.


But, according to some, the facility also possesses the capability to knock out communications in a wide area of the world, by making modifications to the ionosphere.


Well, they've already tested that, and they can do it.  And I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  And I'll be on for the next 40 minutes or so.  Then I'll be back on with Cutting Through the Matrix at 8pm Eastern.  I'm reading this article from the Epoch Times to do with the HAARP technologies.  And I'll continue, because this part is quite important.  It says:


If the facility has been used for this purpose it is doubtful that we would ever find out. In 1977 the U.S. was signatory to an international convention which banned "military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects".


(A: Now, you'll find that, if you go into the United Nations, into their treaties section, under weather warfare treaties.)


It defined "environmental modification techniques" as "any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes—the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space".


(A: Well, they've done all of that actually, including outer space.)


However, according to Dr Chossudovsky, the scientific establishment has since been mute on the possibility that unusual weather patterns may have arisen from artificial manipulation.


(A: Well, we all see it.  They put the farmers out of business in the US and Canada, especially out in the West there, by giving them drought after drought and then giving them a flood after about four years.  And that's part of it, because there's to be no private agriculture, it's all to be big Agri-Food businesses, the top five like Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, and so on.  Because at the United Nations they said that farming was too important to be left to families.  To continue this article.)


"This is one of the most powerful weapons in the world but no-one mentions it at the policy level. This has potentially devastating consequences for the environment, yet no one dares to raise it when they meet on the global climate agenda.


(A: And that's the truth.  No one will talk about the spraying or the use of HAARP.  And Ham radio guys have been picking this up 24 hours a day.  I can pick it up on my shortwave, 24 hours for the last seven, eight years, daily.)


"This is a weapon of mass destruction in the truest sense of the word. It could be used to interfere with the climate in a wide area without anyone knowing anything about it."


According to radiation expert Dr Rosalie Bertell, HAARP has the facility for disrupting weather patterns.


She said: "I believe that this is an attempt to influence the course of the Vapor Rivers [streams of vapour carried in the lower atmosphere], five each in the northern and southern hemisphere, which bring rain from the tropics into the temperate zones.


"The course of these rivers, when changed, can cause drought or flooding. It is also likely that the HAARP manipulations of the ionosphere can influence the shape of the jet streams, which in turn have effects on temperature and local weather patterns."


(A: Now, when they first used this, I watched it on television about nine years ago.  And suddenly the jet stream was going right up the pacific doing a right angle at British Columbia or Vancouver and going straight across, as a straight line, across the whole of Canada, across to Nova Scotia.  That never happened before.  Now it's fairly common.  Because in the HAARP treaty, if you go into it, you'll see that they can bring down the jet stream, right down to ground level and cause devastation, and all kinds of strange weather.  To continue with this particular article, it says:)


Her research is corroborated by Nick Begich, an author and associate of Dr Bernard Eastlund, one of the figures behind the creation of HAARP.


According to Dr Chossudovsky, he owned a patent (A: And it goes into the patent number and so on) "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere", under a contract with Atlantic Ritchfield Corporation (ARCO), whose subsidiary Advanced Power Technologies Inc (APTI), completed the first stage of the HAARP project.


There has however been little official indication that HAARP is to be used for military purposes.


Now that was the main purpose of it, remember.  Now they don't build multi-billion establishments across the planet so they can take photographs and admire them.  All warfare weaponry is meant to be used.  They've never made anything which they haven't used, eventually, and they're using this today, because the whole con game of global warming is being caused by a global attack on the atmosphere.  And that's what part of all this daily spraying across the world is all about.  You'll see them criss-crossing the skies, if you get up early enough in the morning.  It's in Belgium, Luxemburg, all over the planet.  I've got the photographs.  But again, if the mainstream media ignores it, and you mention it to someone who is stuck in the mainstream media, it can't be important.  They will deny what they see.  It's also an official policy for the airforce in Canada, Britain and all over, to give out the same standard reply to anyone complaining, and they'll tell you what a condensation trail is.  Like little children.  Little baby words.  How condensation trails are formed.  These trails that go across the sky, if you watch them, you'll often see them switching on the spray, and they can go across part of the sky and switch it off again.  Now if that was a condensation trail coming from the burners and the afterburners, that plane, which is not a glider, would start tumbling out of the sky.  It would not continue in a straight line at the same speed at the same altitude.  It would be impossible.  So they switch on and off, on and off across the sky, making little dots and dashes sometimes.  I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, who's down with the flu today.  And I'll be back on after this show ends, an hour later, with Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I'm reading an article from the Epoch Times about the HAARP technology.  And just to finish off what it says here.  They point to a document that was released


from the Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report —a fanciful document of future technologies—


(A: This is what supposedly the "conspiracy theorists" use as evidence, but it's actual fact.  It was also published in newspapers across the country, across the world, and again to say that it's an extract from the Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report.)


It reads: "U.S. aerospace forces [will] 'own the weather' by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications ... From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary."


(A: And it goes on to read:)


However it is doubtful that the document, readily available online, carries any official indication of current policy.


(A: Well, of course they won't add to that.)


A spokesman for the U.S. department for Defence was unavailable to comment on the accusation at the time of going to print.


Well, they have been using it, you see.  And they are using it, because they must create a form of chaos, a form of chaos, that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and nature is just going rampant and chaotic, with all kinds of weird weather happening, and it's all our fault and that of course was what was dreamed up at the Club of Rome, the big think tank that works for the globalists, when they came up with the idea.  And you'll find this in their own book, written by the two heads, the CEOs of the Club of Rome, in their book called The First Global Revolution.  It was printed in about 1991.  They tell you that in the 1970s, they were looking for ways to unite the whole planet, because they found that in wartime, that's when people all obey and come together and go through sacrifice and do what they're told.  So they'd have to find a new type of war to pull the planet together in a global society.  And they hit upon the idea, out of many possible ideas, that man was destroying Mother Earth, you see, and creating tremendous weather problems, therefore man would be the enemy, and they'd have to bring in the new system to control man.  They tell you all about it.  They could have picked the space alien thing if we'd all believed in it enough, and projected holograms in the sky.  They almost had that going with all the big cults that grew off the UFO syndrome.  So, be very, very careful what you want to believe in.  Do your homework on everything, and try and always find, and look behind the screen of the Wizard of Oz, to see who's pulling the little levers, and what he wants you to believe.  And then you'll find out for yourself what you should look into, and what you should, what conclusions you should come to for yourself.  Now on the line, we've got, I think it's Mohamed from Oregon.  Are you there?  Hello?


Mohamed: Yes, Mr Alan, can you hear me good?


Alan: Yes.


Mohamed: I would like to thank you for taking my call.  And I have a few comments for you.  First of all, the Bush speech to calm fear over the economy, what a bologna.  Our economy is gone down the tubes.  I mean, millions of people with the mortgages that they've given to them are messed up.  And now, he's telling us everything is good.  And again, he lies and he lies and he lies.  I mean, he thinks that we are going to buy it.  Never, never.  We are not going to buy his lies that he is going to say.  And also, he's going to run a third time for Iran's attack, World War III.  So in Persia, we say if you say things three times, it's going to happen.  So, two times in the past, in a few months he warned that World War III would be starting from Iran, and now he's going to again, pretty much say the same thing again in his speech in a few days.  So, I mean, I would like you to comment on his speech?


Alan: Well, I don't generally follow their speeches, because I believe what Eisenhower said.  And he said that the general public should realize that one man cannot rule a whole nation in this day, there are so many departments.  And so the front men at the top are given script writers that know generally more than the front man does.  And that's why the whole group of them, who have specialized areas, one man, and this is the myth of modern democracy, that one man is somehow in charge.  That's the con game that we believe in.  We have military-industrial complexes above it.  We do have literally people from Hollywood, scriptwriters who work with them, and write scripts often to con the public.  They understand the psychology of people very, very well.  They definitely do, you see, they don't want to kick off World War III, we're in World War III.  World War III began with the first attack on Iraq.  The first attack on Iraq, back in the 1990s.  That was the kickoff to World War III, and the whole agenda was to bring in a new global order of things.  And those countries that have not joined the IMF and the World Banking System, those systems that didn't have what they call democracy, because they decided that they'd lied after all, when they brought people into the United Nations, when they said you can keep your customs and your way of life, etc.  That was the con they used for 50-odd years.  Now they're not pretending anymore.  They decided long ago they would only have one world culture, and that was the culture that they would give to a World Society.  So anyone who was religious, might be a problem, because religion, regardless of all the problems within religions, it leaves the individual with a conscience.  You either obey what you think is right by your god or your deity or whatever, or you obey your king.  And often there was conflict there, when you didn't want to obey your king.  That's why we find that before the King James Bible came out, the King James Bible came out in response to the Geneva Bible being written in Switzerland by expatriates that were in hiding, and it was trying to show the people that they didn't have to follow illegal or ungodly even laws put out by their kings.  And the King James Bible was put out in a response, where the writers and authors were told to try and build up all those statements where the king was the sovereign and God put him there.  It was a war.  So religions are used and holy books are used as a war, and always updated.  This war today is to eradicate all religions.  It's time they have said that all what they claim are superstitions must cease.  And the new scientists are the new priesthood.  They will, the experts will tell us what to believe or what not to believe in this new grand world order, therefore they must eradicate all those old systems, including the family too.  You see, religions tended to keep the families together, by giving them specific laws, and that again, is part of it, because their mission, even in the 1800s according to H.G. Wells, was elimination of the family unit.  So those countries that still have a functioning family unit are to be eradicated.


Mohamed: Exactly.  And did you know only One World Religion, and One World Language, such as Esperanto or Interlingua or Curingon, I mean they are going to push for that.  I mean everything that they have, everything is in place and order.


Alan: They don't even have to go along the old way of Esperanto or any of those new languages they try to dream up, because when they insert a chip in you, you will have a computer language.  So they're going to bypass, they don't even need Esperanto anymore.  We're talking about simple graduations within generations.  Now it's a rush, lots of changes between each generation.  They're looking to about 20 years down the road, and then they'll have a society that are all hooked up to computers, and you'll have what they call the language of mathematics will rule your life.  That's what Lord Bertrand Russell did his thesis at university on, that's what he worked on, was a computer language for a computer society. 


Mohamed: Exactly.  I think you are right.  But I mean, they're pushing that in the, I sent you an email actually.  Have you ever received my email yet? 


Alan: I don't have much time to even look at them to be honest.  I've been so busy. 


Mohamed: Oh yeah.  I sent you on the World Government that issued the World Passport to the identification card and marriage certificate, with World Drivers License, etc too.  I mean that's very important.   I hope you can get to the bottom of it and tell us more about what kind of organization they are, and to whom they are affiliated.  I believe they are affiliated with the CFR, but I'm not sure.


Alan: You'll find the World Citizen Society behind it.  And the World Citizen Society is run by the Rockefeller foundation.  They give out World Citizenship Awards.  Now here's a family who are intensely involved in politics.  They've even had members in the Senate and so on, and they're giving out Global Citizenship Awards to all the top people, I think even some of the people who are running for President today, have Global Citizenship Awards, and here they are applying for a National Position over you.  You see, the secret society that founded the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs, that runs these big foundations on behalf of the global aristocratic and Royal elite, go by Socrates.  And Socrates supposedly, according to Plato, when he was dying, he said that I die not as an Athenian, or member of Attica, I die as a Citizen of the World.  And so it was only for a philosophical elite who would take over this world.  That's what it was meant for, and it's still the same today.  They see themselves as a separate breed, much more evolved than the rest of society that still thinks in what they call the narrow confines of nationalism.


Mohamed: I have one question, the last question for you.  What is the solution?  How can we prevent all this mess?  How can we prevent all these things that are ready to go forward and to go to the final stages?  I know we are in the final stages, but what are, I know I am wake up, you are wake up, your listeners are wake up/woke up, I mean so what else can we do?  I mean, I mean, in what ways can we do?


Alan: What you've got today, and this is the key to everything, and it's how I kind of started this talk at the beginning of this show.  This is a fight to regain and retain your humanity. And that means that we have to very quickly decide, are we really so unhappy that we'll go along with this Borg agenda.  That's what it is.  You're going to become Borg in the future, or is what we are, which is a full human being with a complete range of emotions and abilities to love, even the ones to hate at times, all of those things, a complete human being, is it worthwhile fighting to retain that.  And that's what the war truly is all about at the very bottom level.  If we don't stand up and say, yes, life is not supposed to be one happy journey into nirvana every day of the week, we have to have the good and the bad and be mature.  You see maturity is knocked down today.  They've created a youth culture with a very immature society.  Even their comedy shows are awful.  They've created an immature.  And you have people who are middle aged and elderly today who are just as immature often.  They've learned nothing their whole lives.  We're not supposed to be happy all the time.  There's even a happiness sometimes in sadness.  There's definitely a growing that comes out of it and grief.  And are we going to allow them to change all of that and remake humanity in what the image they want us to be, or are we going to stand up and say, we have all the right in the world to decide which way we will go. 


Mohamed: Exactly, indeed.  And thank you very much for taking my call, and you have a nice evening over in Canada.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Mohamed: Thank you.  Bye-bye.


Alan: That truly is what the battle is.  It's not a battle to retain the few pennies you have in the bank.  It's not a battle to earn enough money for that cable TV, so you can get your mind sozzled every night and fried by all the junk as they push the envelope as they call it in the trade.  And that's what they call it in the culture creation industry.  They push the envelope to see how much degradation they can put out to you daily and monthly and yearly and watch you go down the hill.  Because, when you are completely degraded, you have nothing to fight for.  That's the bottom line.  This is a science.  This is a science understood thousands of years ago, by people like Plato, who was trained in Egypt. Egypt had run the ancient world for 5,000 years already.  That's an awful long time.  These sciences of culture creation and updating culture, like a computer program, were well understood.  They can give people their reality, or, more realistically, their unreality.  They can have you worshiping a stone, a flame, whatever they want you to worship, a statue, or an invisible man in the sky.  Whatever they want, they can make it happen, but they will tell you what the big man in the sky wants.  And they'll make laws all around it, and they'll make sure that the children are conditioned and grow up believing it, and act accordingly.  It's culture creation.  And the first thing you must do is distort perceptions, something they knew in the days of Zoroaster. 


Zoroastrianism was a perfect technique of that, the dialectic.  The Good and the Bad in constant battle, down through eternity.  Ahura Mazda vs Ahriman.  That's what it was all about. And that's where most of the religions came from, that source, in fact.  You had someone writing all the good points that you did down through life, and someone writing all the bad points down through life.  Good and bad.  Hell, heaven, and so on.  And then they made the people obey them and had them worshiping fire, sacred fire.  You couldn't just light a fire anymore, you needed permission.  Today they'd give you a license to do it.  It's the same con game.  Same con game.  You distort the perceptions of what you see yourself and you'll come to a conclusion that's already predetermined, because you've been trained that's what you're going to see.  It's no different than taking people out and showing them the sky, it's full of streaks and all these aircraft going back and forth in a grid pattern, and they'll tell you they see nothing.  When you point out the lines in the sky, they say, well yeah, I see some lines but that's condensation.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back with the last couple of minutes of the Intel Report, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who's down with the flu.  He should be back tomorrow I hear.  And for myself, I'll be back in an hour's time with Cutting Through the Matrix.  In the meantime, I've been talking about how perceptions are distorted and how we think we're coming to our own conclusions, but we're not really.  We're not coming to our own conclusions when we can see evidence of something that should shock us, because your survival capabilities are meant to kick in.  However, because the media isn't talking about something which you can see, then you disregard it and it must be unimportant.  They tell you the things you should think about and worry about.  Like poor Brittany Spears or someone.  Something like that, you know.  One person amongst 7 billion people, they have everybody prattling on and gossiping about.  That's how they tell us to worry.  Worry about this, but disregard what you see with your own eyes.  Disregard the chronic illnesses that are breaking out and have been for some time.  Disregard as we're getting healthier and healthier as science takes over all medication and so on, disregard the fact that we're just dropping dead, one in two with cancers.  How can that be if we're getting healthier and all these inoculations are meant to help us?  Population reduction you see.  Very, very simple.  The media won't go into that aspect of it.  Their job is to be part, in fact they're an essential arm of government. 


The media gives you your reality.  They tell you what to think about.  What to worry about.  What to do.  What to wear.  And all the gossip they fill your head with.  What to emulate.  What's in.  What's out.  They help you to float through life, float through but never look around you.  That's their job.  Scientific indoctrination.  And it's not surprising that the top media moguls down through the last hundred years or so, run off and get knighted by Her Majesty the Queen, for their good works in keeping you all dumb.  Dumbed down and immature, that's the job of it.  I used to wonder why they gave so much accolade to the top newscasters even in Britain, never mind the U.S., when they retired.  I mean, this guy reads a dummy board.  He just reads.  He's a good reader.  He's paid to be a good reader.  He didn't even make the news up.  It's because they wanted you, a whole nation to become familiar with that face, because he became daddy.  And of course, the question is, would daddy ever lie to you?  You grew up with them.  They never retire.  They keep them there for about sixty years and pay them incredible salaries for reading a dummy board for fifteen minutes to half an hour per night.  Not bad money if you can get it.  That's why they keep them there so long.  The most trustworthy, fatherlike figures, who look at your eyes, right to you every night, and actually he's reading a dummy board, right in front of him.  It's all illusion.  The world is run on tricks and mirrors and distorted perceptions.  We better snap out of the illusions, very, very quickly, while we have time to think at all.  From myself and Hamish up here in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Article: "Is Human Tampering Causing Extreme Weather?" by Martin Croucher, Epoch Times UK Staff (epochtimes.com) - Jan. 16, 2008.)




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