July 25th, 2008
Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" on RBN

Title Copyright Alan Watt July 25th, 2008:

"Hey Diddle-Diddle, the Hole's in the Middle,
UN, Family Planning Groups and British Doctors urge Britons to Emulate China"

© Alan Watt July 25th, 2008

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Alan stands in for John Stadtmiller, 2 hours.

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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller today, Friday, 25th of July, 2008.  For those who've listened to me before on Cutting Through the Matrix, you know where the sites are and are probably up to speed on a lot of the talks I've given in the past, which help tie all these differing associations together, that comprise this so-called New World Order, but for newcomers, I always ask them to look into it, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and go through the talks, and you'll learn an awful lot about this very complex system that is so finely intermeshed, that gives you your reality and updates us like computer programs on a daily basis.  And now it's global.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can print up and pass around in the various languages of Europe.  And that's the hardest thing to understand in this system, it isn't just a system that's changing America, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Chile, and all the Latin American countries.  It's simply the next part of a long-term business plan, the first part being the unification of Europe, something that Karl Marx talked about in the 1800s.  And as it's happening in the Americas, they're already underway, and I've talked about it, I've read from their own papers, how the association of the Pacific Rim group are bringing up an integrated system for the Far East, as well.  The three main trading blocks, as Karl Marx talked about under a World Government. 


And what is the World Government?  That's the big question.  We know the one that is presented to us, the one that hands out chocolate bars and tents to refugees, the United Nations.  But most people don't realize the United Nations has an equivalent department for every bureaucracy you have in your own government.  In fact, all the laws on building codes and plumbing and electricity and sewage and so on, have been coming from the United Nations for most of your lives, and you didn't know it.  They're already functioning as a government.  And what is the United Nations?  It's a corporation.  In this strange legal system, everything is very, very legal, you have these corporations.  Countries are registered as corporations.  The public of the countries have no say in it.  It's done by lawyers and groups of very powerful, rich people.  The people who run the commercial systems and the banking systems and the political systems of your countries set up corporations.  And what's odd about it is they stick to these legalities so like glue, like flies on fly paper.  They stick to it.  They never change their ways, regardless of the necessities of the public.  You simply have to fit into their system, one way or another, or you're eliminated. 


And this has been going on for centuries.  That's the part for most folk to grasp.  You're born into a system.  Your parents start downloading their download onto you, their reality, and if they can't warn you at the beginning that there is something very, very wrong, it will never dawn on you either. Everything that exists in this system, and all the electronic gadgetry and television shows, also have an interior purpose.  It's always an exterior purpose, you think it's entertainment, but it's actually there for putting in the propaganda of this reality.  You can't watch a cartoon today, for children that doesn't have all the greening messages.  In fact, Disney are putting out a major cartoon, that blames all the adults for everything that ever happened on the planet.  The poor machines have to come back and clean it all up for these fat people.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller.  And trying to get people to understand the big, big picture here.  Nothing is just happening in your lifetime.  What's happening is the system is being altered into its next phase.  And whatever is happening now was planned long before you were born, and that's no joking, that's a hard one to wrap your head around, but it's true.  After all, they printed many, many books at the beginning of the 20th century, even earlier, about this agenda.  And they're following it to the letter.  They laid out all the problems they'd face, what their goals were, the reactions from the public, how to overcome those problems from the public, and how to guide us all like sheep to the new pen.  And it's working.  What's happening today scares a lot of people who have woken up, by different degrees, and there are definite stages to waking up.  You never quite have it all, when you think you do, a whole new world opens up to you, and there's another level.  But what scares you is not just your reaction to what's happening to the changes around you, it's the people around you and how they're not reacting at all.  That's what scares you.  Most people are not conscious, they are conditioned.  They've been conditioned their whole lives from birth, through education and then media, all through their lives.  And that's their reality, it is fixed.  Even when the signs and symptoms of the changes are all around them, they ignore it, because they can't see it.  It's not in their program.  These are scientific techniques and that's what they call them, at the top, scientific techniques.  It works, it works. And that's why they can guide a whole planet and all in a certain direction, and very few people are able to actually see it. 


Even those who see it, see little pieces of it, and they tend to fix on a target that's causing it, and that's them for life too.  They get fixed on it.  They don't realize, it's much older.  This plan is much older than even the religions they follow.  It's something that has come down through time.  Many of the higher Masonic books give allegorical stories about it.  Everything is an allegory that gives you a scent of something, and they leave it at that, knowing most will not even smell the scent.  They talk about their Hiram Abiff and all the rest of it, but never go into the deeper meanings of it.  And really it stands, it stands for particular aspects of the human being.  The three blows that are struck stand for that.  Hiram, which is marih backwards and Mariah is the conquering wind.  It's the spirit they're talking about.  And they claim that they have this spirit, and they've carried it down through the ages, changing the world, always working through the centuries, from the most ancient times, conquering, bringing in what they call civilization.  And civilization, as the ancients said, is brutal.  Every step is brutal, because it must destroy all that was, to bring in that which is to be new.  The new building, the structure of society, they build societies and they take them down too, when they've fulfilled their mission.  And that's all history is.


From the ancient philosophers, who trained the biggest tyrants in the world.  The points of light as they call them.  That's what Theodore Roosevelt called them, and Benjamin Franklin.  The long corridor of darkness, that means the profane.  The world of the profane, symbolized by the big owl that they have at the Bohemian Grove and elsewhere.  They even have it in Wicca, which is not surprising, since High Masonry gave Wiccanism to the public for the new age.  The owl sees in their land, or the world of darkness, the world of the ordinary people.  That's what it means.  Sophia, wisdom.  If you look at the old English language, you'll see that the F is substituted for the S.  The Abyss, Hiram Abyss, from the Abyss.  And that's what it stands for. 


What is the Abyss?  People like Jung would call it the great unconscious.  The unconscious mind where every possibility exits, but it's tamed by the conscious mind.  But that's where all creativity comes from.  And those who have the point of light, those who have the fire within them, can alter the destiny of the planet, that's what they mean by their points of light.  And therefore every tyrant who ever existed, regardless of what he did, or how much slaughtering he did, if he changed the course of the world, then he goes down in the Masonic famous names book.  He's one of their boys.  That's all that matters, just changing the course of the world, doing the impossible and conquering.  That's what they mean by it.  And that is how the elite talk about the population of the planet today.  It hasn't changed.  So for all those little Freemasons out there, that are following the nonsense at the bottom, the outer portico, as Albert Pike calls you, you're simply being tested to see if you have the right stuff.  The right stuff.  You know, you're in the Rite of Freemasonry, you have the right stuff.  To see if you can be useful to control the people, or con the people, and keep the secrets as you're doing it. 


Right now, this world is under attack.  Every one has been under attack their whole lives, through the sciences.  The sciences, as Bertrand Russell said, would be risen to prominence as a new priesthood, with the same kind of authority that the older priests had in the past.  We know what happened in the past with priesthoods.  They have no toleration for heresy.  And they kill you.  And they make sure the public know it's grotesque and awful, it's a warning.  Well, we're seeing the same thing today, as the new priesthood, you know the ones with white coats come in, and make their incredible statements and show us graphs and pictures and computer programs to convince us that we are the problem on the planet, and we have to be eradicated.  And as they're doing it, they're giving you little blurbs that come out in newspapers and magazines and television shows, convincing you little by little subconsciously that you have to go, you're the problem.  Until you'll start parroting it to each other.  Yeah, I guess there's too many of us.  Perception becomes reality.


Since the 1950s, since they started talking about the urban sprawl, nasty word, sprawl, that just kind of degenerates, sprawling all over the place.  Not a fuzzy word.  And that gives you the picture it's bad.  And they didn't build new houses outside those areas.  They could only build houses within existing areas, knocking down old ones, building new.  And meanwhile, the immigration quotas across the world have been going up, from the Third World countries to the First World countries.  Therefore, when you have ten times the population in a city, that's what you had maybe fifteen, twenty years ago, naturally, it definitely seems to be to everyone in the city that it's overpopulated.  And that's how they create perceptions.  You create the problem, you create the illusion, you point to the effects of the problem, and you say, we've got to fix this, and then they'll tell us how to fix it.  There's too many of you.  Simple techniques.  The Magi.  The Magi are hard at work. 


The biggest scams they could possibly think of, are being pulled off right now on the whole world.  The biggest con games are happening right now, and have been happening your whole lives, with inoculations and you watch the autism skyrocketing along with the inoculations.  But don't think about it, you're not qualified to reason, you see.  They tell us that.  We watch the incredible incidence of cancers breaking out, until they're teaching them in medical school now, yeah, everyone is going to die of cancer.  It's normal now.  Things don't become normal unless something causes it to be so.  You don't, even with their own theories of Eve-olution, you see, nothing just changes by itself, in such a short span of time.  It doesn't happen.  But we're taught, no, it's just normal now.  You're going to drop dead of cancer. Meanwhile they've been ramming these inoculations into children on an increasing basis, more and more of them, admitting there is cancer viruses in them, all of these from Salk vaccine onwards.  They admitted that.  We watch the effects of it, but don't think about it, don't reason about it, because you're not qualified to reason.  Don't use your own perceptions, whatever you do.  Listen to the experts.  And what was it Bertrand Russell said?  We're creating a world where no one will be able to think without the advice of an expert.  And the day would come when a woman wouldn't know how to change a diaper on her own child, without a course given by experts, and voila, it's happened.  It's happened.  And the people haven't a clue, because they're not conscious.  They're not conscious. 


They really believe the media is there to tell them what to think about, and to warn them about things.  They really believe that.  They've been raised to believe it.  People should get the old movie that was out, about the media, and how they become reality for you.  I've mentioned it a few times, it's slipped my mind right now because I'm all over the place with my thoughts.  But they become reality for the people, in fact, so much so, the characters even in the fictional comedies are more real to the people then their next-door neighbors.  Everyone has become so isolated, so isolated they can't communicate to each other anymore.  Network was the name of the movie.  It's a must see.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller.  Just going through some of the negative implications of understanding, and sure enough, it's not very pleasant.  That's part of the negativity.  But you have to understand your enemy, if you do plan to take him on.  You, there's no point at going feint, what they call in boxing, feint, when someone pretends to punch you with their left, and actually punch you with their right.  That's meant to distract you.  And there's lots of distractions out there.  Because you're facing this multi-faceted beast, that seems to be everywhere, and it is everywhere, because it's one system that ties the sciences, the humanities, the educational system, the media, everything that gives you reality, it ties them all together with economics, and it's planned that why.  That's how precise it is. 


And it didn't start recently, as I say, a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, non-governmental organizations, heavily funded, were already operating to tie educational systems together.  To tie all the different branches of science together, and promote their messages through the media, to the public, and the public never perceive it as one big organization coming at them.  They see various names with little bits of information and they don't realize this is an organized effort to control your thoughts and give you your thoughts.  That's what creating public awareness means.  They give you your thoughts, and what they want you to talk about becomes reality.  You do talk about it, but you don't reason it through, you simply adopt what you think of as the best experts' opinion.  These are sciences, well proven, and it's around you today if you want to ask people around you what their opinions are on certain topics, you know you'll have two or three categories at the most that they'll fit into, all given to them, and they haven't reasoned it out for themselves.  Now I think we've got a caller from British Columbia, Tim, is Tim there?


Tim: Hi Alan, did you say you're having a migraine?


Alan: Oh, well now, I've got a thunderstorm overhead.  It thundered all day yesterday, with the new thunder, for the New World Order, everything is new now, and it went on for about six or seven hours, yesterday, with lots of spraying in between the clouds, as they were going overhead, with the new spray, it's even better than the last kind of spray.  It gets into a big, thick column behind the plane, much quicker than the old type.


Tim: Yeah, I'm just passing stones the last couple of days.  But anyway.  I was going to ask, I'm sorry, I haven't read your books, but I do donate, just to keep the spirit alive.  But anyway, why if Revelations is a template that the elite wrote, for their final plan of domination, why would they throw in something like Jesus or God coming back and saving the day.  Is that like the idea of the Rapture, where it's supposed to sedate the people emotionally, and stuff like that, to accept whatever comes along?


Alan: That's part of it.  That's part of it, but you must understand that Revelations is written in the mystery language.  That's why different groups are still fighting over the meanings today.  It's not meant that they understand it, it's meant that they get very confused over, but it's actually the elite talking about themselves, coming through into the New Age, and their deity coming back.  And again too, it falls in with only a few will eventually be saved out of all of this, and their helpers.  But of course from a Christian perspective, they think it's all of them.  They don't realize it's actually the other side talking here.  And when you have a prophecy, a prophecy is a supernatural prediction.  This is not a prophecy, it's called a Revelation, it's a revealing, so you reveal a plan you see.  So it's hard, when you've been indoctrinated in a particular sect, to jump across the other side, and say, how would your enemy see this, and then say, My God, it's the enemy's plan here.


Tim: And also, just another little quick question, I was listening to another radio show, and someone brought up some book that was talking about how the aristocracy of Rome are actually the ones who authorized the writing of the entire New Testament.  I'm sorry, I can't remember any of the names associated with that.  And I tried looking it up, but I couldn't find anything.  Have you heard anything about that? 


Alan: We know that the Medici family, that eventually ended up in France, and who were also money lenders to ancient Rome, one of the many money lenders, that had been on the go for centuries, that they had a hand in setting up the funding of this, what they call, New Gospel, across the ancient world at that particular time.  And they had a certain way of standardizing, again, all the different writings, what would be put into a final book in other words.  And that became the Vatican one, the Vaticanus as it's called, that became their book.  And the Protestant one is really a takeoff of that too.


Tim: Well, anyway, all of your work is very much appreciated. 


Alan: Okay, thanks for calling.


Tim: Bye.


Alan: I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller.  And as I say, going over some of the bad news, and you have to look at the bad news to realize the enormity of what you're up against.  It's enormous alright, but you know, it needs our cooperation at every step it takes.  That's the key.  That's the Achilles heel.  We must comply and go along with everything to suit our masters.  And if we don't, we're going to have a hard time of it.  Now, even the riots that are predicted to come along, as they start jacking up all fuels and the cost of everything that's transported goes up in the stores, your food, even the oil for heating and so on.  They're expecting riots as they start to cut us back, because they want to get us into a global war type situation, where you have rationing and all of that.  Even refugees within major countries.  They want to get all of that on the go, because as they said at the Club of Rome, back in the 1970s, and printed in their own book, The First Global Revolution, when they hit upon the idea of unifying the planet, under the guise of global warming, and they said that excuse would fit the bill.  They said that the only time that we do what we're told, and don't complain, and go along with drastic changes is in wartimes situations.  So this is what they're creating right now. 


2001 was simply the year to kick it off.  They even had the debates, when they gave us the con-game of Y2K.  Does the Century really begin with the year 2000, or 2001?  Of course, the scientific guys said it's 2001.  That's why we had to have the big Jachin and Boaz attack, Twin towers on 2001, the very thing that Arthur C Clarke had written esoterically into his book, 2001 A Space Odyssey.  High Freemason, gives you a journey in space for the exoteric, which is actually a journey of the illumined man going through and winning over his god, the god that restricts him, and beating it.  That's what the real story was about.  That 2001 was to kick off that as well.  2010 was his next novel, and in there a new son is born.  A new son is always the allegory they use for a new god.  The new god is science.  It's always been the god of the elites down through the ages, science.  They used to couch it in terms such as understanding nature.  When they could understand nature and the laws of nature, they could conquer nature and reshape it, remake it all.  Because they claim that everything was left imperfect.  Everything that the builder had made was left imperfect.  They were referring mainly to humans.  If you wonder why the massive rush towards genetics, the massive money that went into genetic engineering in the last fifty, a hundred years, that's why.  If you wonder why the eugenics program was already on the go, long before that, that's why too. 


These guys are eugenicists.  They look upon the public of the world as a herd, a herd that feeds them and clothes them.  This herd is even better then sheep, because we build their mansions for them, we build the big autos, and the Lear jets they travel in. But there's too many of us they claim.  And you see, we are taking their natural resources up.  The natural resources they plan to have for their great grandchildren, and since obviously they're superior than we are, then we have to go.  That's their simple reasoning.  And if we don't go, they're terrified as Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years, we might outbreed them and overtake them, and eventually do some nasty stuff with them.  Maybe eliminate them even.  So, before that happens, they eliminate the public.  Strike first, you see.  Very simple.  And when they strike, they train us to accept our doom, because it's always put under the guise of helping you.  And since we're living in a Socialized Society, socialism, perpetual childhood, where we've been trained to not go into the deeper problems of life, it's all handled by those superior guys up there, so we can have time to play.  We have a world of children, a whole world of children that wants to play and not be bothered with all the big heavy stuff, all that negative stuff they're taught about the New Age.  Don't look at the negative, look at the positive.  Turn your back on the negative.  That's when the train hits you.  Science. 


Science is so close to séance that it's quite intriguing.  It's quite intriguing too, to look into these characters and wonder, did they really, really use channelers or mediums in the 1800s, the channelers that even top prime ministers in the history books claim that they used getting messages from some other world.  Makes you wonder, eh?  Or is it all hocus pocus, to confuse the public at the bottom?  Even with the Vril society and the Thule society in Germany, they used channelers and that's where they claimed they got their technology from.  Again, is it hocus pocus or are they actually in tune with something?  When the elite used to write to each other and publish books before most of the public could read and write, when they claimed to be descended from the Rebels that were imprisoned here, were they telling the truth or is it more hocus pocus?  And when they started inbreeding with the public that were here, they started to lose their powers so hence the need to keep genetic lineages, to try to inbreed again.  There's no doubt about it, these characters are all related at the top.  Dynasty after dynasty, president after president, prime minister after.  You'll find with the Prime Ministers of Britain, they'll tell you years later who they really are, but never at the time.  Why is that?  Well, one thing for sure, they all follow the same agenda, and it never falters.  They give us the frontmen, left and right, it doesn't matter, the one agenda goes on, down through time, regardless of who appears to be in power. 


And why does it go so flawlessly without interruption?  It's because the bureaucracies, these massive bureaucracies, the bureaucracies that even Bertrand Russell said, and Carl Jung and others said, would be tyrannies at the end.  These are bureaucratic tyrannies of officialdom.  They know what they're doing.  They know what their agenda is, and they don't care who their frontmen are, what party seems to be in power.  They have their orders, and they work their whole lives in those agencies to bring it about.  We don't elect bureaucrats.  It was so bad even in Jung's day, he said he wasn't worried about an Iron Curtain, that was bad enough.  He saw a bureaucratic curtain stifling off the life of the planet, and guess what, we're actually here.  Where as Russell said before they get right into the scientific tyranny, which he said must come, a tyranny more brutal then any previous religion had ever been, because they'll have so much power.  He said they'll also work hand in glove with the bureaucratic tyranny.  And it's here.


The laws that have been put on the books since 2001, and actually before 2001, because Canada passed an anti-terrorism bill, like about 1998, it was pushed through by Allan Rock, who now works at the United Nations, and even then they were wondering what on Earth this was for, because the world was supposedly at peace.  It's the same bill that became Homeland Security for the U.S., it was in the mid-1990s that these agencies suddenly sprung up across the Americas to do with disasters, coming disasters.  And they were practicing for disasters in little potato towns like Alliston, Ontario.  And one day I drove in there, and here's all these fire engines and police and everything around, and actors dressed up with bandages on and tomato sauce.  And I said, what is this?  He said, it's a practice for disasters.  I says, what disaster?  Oh, car bombs.  They might set off car bombs outside Baxter laboratories.  You know, the big laboratory that makes vaccines that was part of IG Farben, still going.  And I thought, why would that be when the Cold War is over, there's no enemies, what's going on?  They were training us then.  Then they sent out a booklet round everybody's home, telling you that you now have these particular emergency response teams and agencies with offices set up to take care of you in disasters, natural and man-made, in the 1990s.  And boom, 2001 comes along, and then you find the real purpose. 


They're already set up in advance.  And still the public can't get it.  During the Cold War we never had any of that kind of stuff.  If Britain got nuked for instance, or Canada, it was tough cheese.  They had nowhere to put the people.  There was somewhere to put the elite, all right, they had the underground bunkers in places and cities, but there's nothing for the people.  That's the real world we live in.  There's Masters and Slaves.  Charles Galton Darwin said in his book, The Next Million Years, there has always existed slavery in one form or another, and we are now in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.  That was written in the 1950s.  He wasn't talking off the top of his head.  None of these guys do.  These men sit on international boards of scientists, the ones that control your schools, your news media, because yeah, it's a science putting across propaganda to the public.  They sit upon all the different research facilities in medicine and psychiatry and all the rest of it.  These are all arms and extensions of control.  Remember what Lenin said, it's imperative to set up agencies and services for the public.  They eventually will be used as authorities over the public, with the force of law.  They're telling us now, that they're going to inject us all by law, because of coming plagues.  The pharmaceutical companies that are part of this, they're hand in glove with the bankers.  In fact, if you look down, the years and centuries of the big international money boys, money lenders, they always have pharmaceutical agencies on one side, which they own, and the banking system on the other.  So did ancient Egypt.  They say there's nothing new under the sun, it's just the appearance that keeps changing.


Eugenics, eugenics, eugenics is the big thing as they push, push, push and convince the public who are now unfortunately parroting this, yep, there's too many of us.  Mind you, I never hear anyone who says that volunteering to go first.  They think that they're superior.  In fact, they're trendy.  Have you noticed how people want to be so politically correct?  They jump on the latest bandwagon of political correctness.  I'll go to a couple of callers.  Aw, my page has just gone down again.  As I'm pulling this up, yeah, political correctness is quite something.  People cannot be correct enough.  And even though the new correctness is the opposite of yesterday's correctness, they don't seem to notice, something that Orwell talked about in doublethink.  We've got Clarence from Oklahoma there, are you there Clarence?


Clarence: Yes I am, Alan.  It's great to talk to you again.


Alan: Yep.


Clarence: And I hope you're not rushed on my account, because I can hold on however long, but.


Alan: That's alright.


Clarence: But you just, I mean, you hit so many points, and you know, my head starts spinning, you know when I call in. But, one of the things you hit is the fact that, this is an overall arching conspiracy, they call it conspiracy, I hate to say conspiracy, because people just jump up and down.  No, it's a system.  It's not a conspiracy, it's a system.  And it's been here for thousands of years.  And it's hereditary, and people don't realize that.  And I was just thinking today, let me tell you, you know I could give you a microcosm of what's going on here, because they keep the average public dumbed down, through the public fool system.  And what they do is, most, you can, have you ever watched Jay Leno's "Jay Walking"?  I mean, that's not made up.  Those people really don't know.


Alan: They don't.


Clarence: And you know, I'm 57 years old, at least I can count myself lucky that I was in a, at least they tried to teach you something back then.  And, but when I think about it, this whole system is so corrupt.  And you know, they've had these hearings today at the House.  I don't know if you know about that, and I've recorded the entire thing, just to make sure there's a record of it.  But this whole political system in this country, and I'm sure in all countries around the world is totally bought off, and totally controlled.


Alan:  It is, yep.


Clarence: By these people, and I made a call one time to the FBI, and that's probably a mistake, I'm on their list now, but I don't care.  I'm one of those people, I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees.  But you remember when Michael Reagan, I don't know if you heard about that, he made that threat he wanted to kill,


Alan: Patriots, yeah.


Clarence: Yeah.  I called it, that is as far as I know, when I was a federal police officer, many years ago, thirty some years ago, that is a violation of federal law.  I called the local FBI office here, they would not take my call.  They would not take my complaint.  I know what the law is.  So they said, no, you need to call in Los Angeles.  Now I thought now, if it goes, these are radio waves, they go across state lines, that makes it a federal crime.  So I called the FBI office there.  They sent me to some, and I could tell by his voice, I hate to say it, some young kid that doesn't know, you know whatever from shinola, and do you know what he started doing? Can you carry me over real quick, because I'll finish this real quick.


Alan: Yeah, quick.  Okay, back after this message.


Alan: Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back, standing in for John Stadtmiller, and we still have Clarence on the line.  Are you there Clarence?  You have to go, because we've go two minutes before the break, so.


Clarence: Okay, so I'm going to try to make this fast.  I talked to one of their minions, and I tried to make a police complaint.  I know what the law is.  It's illegal to say that over the air.  He got away with it, scot-free.  And what that, I got some young guy who's been, doesn't know, like I say.  He kept asking me, once I started talking to him about this, he kept starting asking me, do you believe that 9/11 is an inside job.  What does that have to do with anything?  I mean, that's what he did.  And he kept asking me over and over.  I said, I tried to tell him, look, I'm trying to make a police complaint here, and he wouldn't stop, so finally I told him he was Gestapo, and I hung up the phone.  But that's who these people are.  They believe that they're going to be, they believe that they have the power.  They've been brainwashed by this and they're their minions.  But there's one thing I'd like to say if I can ever talk to that, if he's here, I'm sure he's not listening, but some of them are, but they eat their own. 


Alan: Yeah, they do.  They do eat their own. 


Clarence: So that's all I've got to say about it.  I just wanted to get that in, because they think that they, they think that they've got the power and all that, they'll find out.


Alan: They do eat their own, that's true.


Clarence: Okay, I'll let you go, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And we've got Richard in Alabama.  Are you there Richard?


Richard: Alan?  Would you concede that eugenics and dysgenics are opposite?


Alan: To be honest with you, the whole field of it, what I've found not just in that, when you have a particular direction, any spin-offs or even opposites are generally all part of the same road to get us all taking one side or another, or even confusing us.  As long as we talk about it, we're actually doing their work.  We're talking ourselves into the next phase of compliance or acceptance, so whatever topic they give us to think about, they also tell us what to think about it.  So even if you're fighting something you end up working for them eventually.  That's how it works, it's very simple.  That's why they created Communism too, which seemed to be the opposite of capitalism, on the books.  But they were not, they both came together.  They were designed to eventually come together on the same path, which they have done.


Richard: Well, I would think of eugenics as culling out the unfit, and I would think of dysgenics as helping the unfit have more babies, and culling out the fit. 


Alan: Yeah, but who's deciding who is fit and who isn't?  After all.


Richard: Well, the welfare system.


Alan: Well, what about the welfare system?


Richard: They make judgments about who should be paid for an extra child, and who should not be paid for another child.


Alan: Who makes those decisions?


Richard: The welfare system.


Alan: Yeah, and who runs the welfare system?


Richard: The government.


Alan: Yeah.  Do the people run it?


Richard: Oh, no.


Alan: No, of course not.  Well you see


Richard: What I'm doing is, I'm challenging your choice of words.


Alan: But I'm challenging the way you perceive things.  The people never demanded welfare.  The people didn't demand that single mothers be kept.  This was the agenda, to create the massive impression that you're getting overpopulated, and also to destroy the family unit.  They didn't need men.  Back with more after these messages.



Hour 2:



Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back standing in for John Stadtmiller, and it's interesting with the last caller, because really he showed that he is a eugenicist.  He believes there are dysgenics, meaning people who are not really fit to live.  And they play these little games with you, but they can't see the overall picture.  And I'll tell you another thing, they don't belong to the upper crust, these people.  They think they're superior, and yet they don't realize the elite themselves will view him as inferior.  That's quite the thing I've noticed with this particular topic.  The people didn't ask for the welfare system.  It has accomplished a few different of the elite's plans.  They wanted to create massive debt, and therefore the big international lenders are only too happy to loan money to a welfare state, you see.  You create a welfare state.  It also destroyed the family unit.  That was prime, that was in all their agendas.  They printed it out, from the 1700s onwards, they printed they'd have to destroy the family unit to control every individual.  And how would they do it?  They'd go for the female.  She was easier to manipulate.  And if they could fund the female, she wouldn't need a man.  Therefore, the general public just see the effects of it, and blame the people they see, the single mothers.  They don't realize, no, this was planned this way.  You were also given a culture where you were told, "just have sex, sex, sex.  Don't worry about it, we'll pick up the tab.  The scientists will cure the VD, the venereal diseases, and the welfare system will take up the slack, or you can get free abortions, or we'll pay to have the child."  This came from the top down, not from the bottom up, because it was the agenda.  Now they've accomplished their goal.  The family unit is gone.  People who are going around like little bunny rabbits, before they're even into puberty, as Bertrand Russell said, because he practiced this kind of stuff on children, special schools back in the 1920s, they won't bond for life with anyone, so mission accomplished.  Now it's accomplished, they're simply taking down the system. 


There's no one to stand up for anyone anymore.  The man won't stand up for the female, because he's not with the female now.  The female demands her rights from the government.  The government now tells him, no, sorry, if you can't make it in this economic system as a good producer/consumer then you're just a bad citizen, we can't help you.  Mission accomplished.  Everyone's used in turn.  Used and abused.


Eugenics, eugenics, eugenics.  When did they start the whole eugenics thing?  It's ancient.  Plato talks about it in the Republic, how to breed slaves.  How to even get the physical size of the slave, the particular mental quality of docility from the slave.  He said, you breed them as you breed pedigree animals, and you interbreed them and you interbreed them until you get the size, shape, mentality that you want.  They've simply taken that Platonic system and today they call it eugenics, because the Republic that Plato wrote about in his book The Republic, the whole new world to come, is being followed, and this is what they call the New World Order.  Their utopia, the elite's utopia where they have conquered all.  And they're using genetics to accomplish the mission.  The Science magazines are full of the creatures, these chimeras they're going to create.  They're already altering the laws on the books of every country to allow this to happen.  And you'll have people who are even part fish.   That was in a major Science magazine, and they could be great for all, for fixing undersea or at least the big oil rigs for welding under water and so on.  And these guys can do it.  They have the sciences.  They're so far ahead that it's staggering.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi, this is Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour, and I have an hour's break, and then I'll be back on my own show Cutting Through the Matrix, so you can tune in again then as well.  And before I read this little article here, which is to do with Eugenics and to show how it's being promoted as the new normal, I'll go to the phones, and there's David from South Carolina there.  Are you there David?


David: Yes, Alan.  It's good to speak with you again.


Alan: How are you?


David: Well, it's just great.  You're doing a great job here.  I'm quite surprised to hear you on here, but you know RBN is great.  It satisfies both my political and your show, I consider myself eclectic I guess, but you know, you're fascinating all the material you have out there, and I really appreciate it.  Well, in regard to a question.  Well, first I was going to ask you, real quick, would you agree with the idea that we are in what's been called the Era of the Revelation of the Method at this point?  The Era of the Revelation of the Method, where they reveal what they're doing to us, but instead of freeing us, it's further enslaving us.  That's the concept.


Alan: Yes, a lot of it is.  In fact most, it's my opinion, most mainstream patriot stuff tends to fall into that.  You see, from intelligence networks that they have at the top, they want the people to be in fear, because they understand what fear does to people physically.  Your body literally will alter its chemistry.  Your mindset will alter.  And so it doesn't matter who is giving you the fear as long as you get it on a regular dose, and it tends to immobilize a person.  You see, the average person, and they've found this in many, many studies over centuries, it's never changed, the average person can cope with maybe two major crisis at one time, but no more.  After that you break down, and if you're hit on a daily basis with 20 different things that are going to happen, are happening and so on, psychologically you crash, you just fall apart.  You feel you're overwhelmed.  So therefore, psychological warfare has worked on you.


David: Yeah, psychological terrorism is about paralysis. 


Alan: Yes, absolutely.


David: That's exactly right, because I see so many people, you know, we know all the problems, but what's happening about it?


Alan: That's right.


David: We know, we know, but what are we going to do about it?  But anyway, I was going to, wanting to call in here in reference to what you mentioned earlier, the elites consider themselves kin somehow to some higher beings I suppose, that had been imprisoned on the Earth, I think rebels, imprisoned on the earth, is that what you said?  Yeah, the Book of Enoch was fascinating to me.  I don't have it in front of me know, I've got a new computer and I haven't downloaded it again yet, but you know I've always been fascinated with that, you know.  The Elohim, I guess is what they call, where they talked about in Enoch, where the fallen angels I guess came down.


Alan: They've got all these different allegories for the same thing.  They tell it in so many different ways, but it's the same story.


David: Yeah, and also I spoke with you when you was on, I don't know, it was a show on GCN last Friday, briefly, what your opinion, we didn't have very much time, the idea that the elite at least believe that you know Atlantis was real.  You know, Thule and all these other places, and you did confirm, well I've studied this for a long time too, that you know all these megaliths around the world, that kind of thing.  They're working towards that I suppose.  You know.


Alan: They are.  In their own writings, they were more prolific in the 1700s, but they wrote a lot about recreating that which failed the last time.  In other words they've tried this before and you do get references in old hymns that were taken and psalms that were taken out of the holy books, that are still available at universities, and why they were taken out no one has explained, but there's one in particular, and I have it here, where the prophets that used to always lambaste the people for falling away from their deity, were lambasting the elite, their own elite for having orgies deep underground, where they would have sex with one another, everyone else's wife or husband, or even men to men, female to female, or with children.  And that was in the Old Testament for a long time, and then it was removed for some reason.


David: Really?


Alan: What's odd about it is you find the same accusations to do with the Albigensians and the Cathars, which are the same groups that Masonry always put up as being persecuted.  That was the last Crusade that was done against them.  But they were actually gone against because of this particular orgy thing in which they had in common, and it's interesting that even in the Matrix movie, in the last one, they're underground in a cavern and do all this strange dancing with each other, and it kind of leaves you with that impression that something is going to happen, but they don't do it.  So, this kind of thing down through the ages, fits in with what also they've given out in that.  They can breed with one another, and they don't really mind who is the father to an extent, as long as they're all from the same group.  There's a saying that they have too.  They're the son of their father's brother.  That's got three levels of meaning, but that also means they're interchangeable at the top.


David: Okay, well I consider your vast knowledge of this, okay would the boss really then, basically be, probably it would obviously be, probably the central reason this ancient civilization fell in upon itself or was there any other theories about that?


Alan: What they claimed in some of these Old Psalms was that they were, you see, the old allegory of the tower of Babel was for unification of the world.  And it said, they say in there too, that all the people understood one another, meaning communication was rampant.  They all understood, and it was just when they were crowning their achievement of unification, that something stepped in and scattered them.  And then, when the people broke out of the spell they were under, the people hunted them down in the deserts and in caves and killed them, wherever they'd found them, because of what they had done to the people.  And that was taken out of the old books, but it was in them for a long enough time.


David: Wow, is there any good source, that you know online.


Alan: I have the sources here, and it's coming out in the next book in fact. 


David: That's great.  That's wonderful.  Well, I really appreciate all your works and efforts and God Bless You.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


David: Thank you Alan.


Alan: And yeah, we certainly do live in strange times when some things are being repeated all over again.  And no wonder they're going to such lengths to make sure they don't rush it.  They must get every phase incrementally introduced and accepted before they move to the next phase. That's why they take their time.  And it's interesting that even the Stones had that song, Time is on My Side, and the Tribute to the Devil.  Interesting, isn't it?


And here's an article that falls right in with this, to do with Eugenics.  And it's from the Guardian.co.uk, Friday, July 25th. 


Doctors' advice to Britons: (Alan: See how they don't even have to say what doctors say what anymore, just doctors, it's like experts, and we just automatically obey.)


Doctors' advice to Britons: have fewer children and help save the planet


(A: And then they go on about rising population and all the problems.)


British couples should consider having no more than two children to help reduce the environmental impact of the rising global population, doctors have said.


(A: You see?  Does that mean all doctors were asked to comment on this?  Do you see how it's presented?)


An editorial in the British Medical Journal today calls on GPs to encourage the view that bigger families are as environmentally dubious as owning a patio heater or driving a gas-guzzler.


(A: So human beings now have been reduced to this, comparing to a gas-guzzler. It says:)


'Better to have children in Ethiopia than UK'


Writing in the journal, John Guillebaud, professor of family planning (A: Family planning association, that's abortion folks.  You see, family planning, sounds nice, but it's actually abortion.) at University College, London and Pip Hayes, a GP based in Exeter, urge doctors to "break a deafening silence" over the use of family planning to curb the rise in population, which has been viewed by many (A: See, by many) in the community as a taboo subject.


Managing the impact of a soaring human population will be one of the most politically fraught issues governments will have to grapple with in coming decades.


(A: This all started, remember after Prince Philip.  You know, the genius, Prince Philip.  The man who's done so much for humanity, when he's not sozzled.  This is after he said there's too many people.  It's not a problem of there not being enough food, there's just too many people he says.  This was to kick off, and that's what they do, they get someone to kick off the topic to raise it to consciousness, so we all prattle about it.) 


Although the rate of population growth has slowed since the 80s, the UN (A: Here's the UN again) estimates the world's population has increased by about 76 million a year this century,


(A: Well, if that's the case, across all the rest of the world, outside of Europe, why do we have to bring it down even more?  And this is a pack of lies.  Because, you see, I have the official books of population from the Censuses, going back to the early 1900s.  I've got them here.  I even have the arguments, the same arguments they were putting forth in 1920, when they stated in Britain they hadn't killed enough off in the war, so they would have to step up abortions.  This is from the top.  So they were lying then too you see.  And if the Third World is having a booming increase in population growth, why would we have to reduce it here?  We're not supposed to use logic are we? oh no.  Don't reason.  We're not capable of reason.)


Previous efforts to limit population growth in India in the 70s and in China, with its one child policy, have made any attempt to raise the issue in Britain highly controversial.


(A: And I said years ago, the United Nations, it was published in the newspapers, the United Nations had stated that China was the model country for the World.  The model state for us all to follow.  That means all of its policies.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back, standing in for John Stadtmiller, and we've got about half an hour to go, so I'll try to rush through this, and maybe some more callers will call in as well.  Reading this article from the Guardian, and I'm sure they have lots of similar articles across the planet right now, but mainly across the Western World.  And probably the same handout as well, given to reporters who put it right into their papers, to do with bringing down the population, because now, that's the big roll now.  We're all the inferior types.  If you haven't made it up to the multi-billionaire class, you're inferior.  If you haven't come from the right lineages, you're inferior.  So even with the money, you're not necessarily accepted.  It's not just money, it's having the right background.  The old family ties and so on.  It says here, and they want us to emulate China.  Now, I don't know if you know what happens in China.  Where they've trained the population to drag off your neighbor, the female, if she's pregnant with a second child.  That's how well trained they are now.  It's socially unacceptable to be pregnant a second time.  They used to use the militia for it.  They don't need the militia now, the neighbors will do it.  That's how easy it is to create social approval and social disapproval.  The guys who dreamed this up for China have written a book about it, how it's done.  And they were the same guys the UN brought in to create the anti-smoking campaign.  And now, they're leading the anti-obesity campaign.  It's all connected.  It's all science, and everybody takes a side, and starts arguing and fighting.  They don't realize they're being pulled like puppets on a string.


The authors call on schools and GPs to develop education programmes to explain how a rising population is environmentally unsustainable, (A: Now that they've got Five Agri-Food Businesses owning the food supply of the planet and roping it in, and jacking up the prices.) and how families who have no more than two children will help ensure the population remains steady or even falls.


Government figures for 2007 show that average fertility rates in England and Wales were 1.91,  (A: They love all this kind of stuff, 1.91) meaning there were 191 children born for every 100 women, but that rate has been rising since 2001.


(A: And before I get off this topic.  Did you know it was in the papers a while back that they thought they'd just substitute masturbation for the males in China, since they have nothing but males now, they're aborting all the females.  And the guys were lining up, and there's holes in walls and women behind them, wearing gloves, who masturbated them like machines.  Like milking machines.  Do they want to bring that here too?  But you see, according to the elite, we're all animals.  And we're all capable of modification under the Skinnerian rules.  And they believe that whatever they can do in China, they can make us do too, and guess what?  They can.  That's the scary part, they can.  It says:)


Guillebaud argues that bringing the fertility rate down to 1.7 would lead to a halving of the population within six generations.


"Should we now explain to UK couples who plan a family that stopping at two children, or at least having one less than first intended, is the simplest and biggest contribution anyone can make to leaving a habitable planet for our grandchildren?" the editorial asks. "We must not put pressure on people, but by providing information on the population and the environment, and appropriate contraception for everyone (A: Appropriate contraception for everyone, eh?)... should help to bring family size into the arena of environmental ethics, analogous to avoiding patio heaters and high-carbon cars."


The authors emphasize that couples should never be coerced into having fewer children than they wish, but the environment should become part of a couple's decision making. The doctors, both of whom are linked to the Optimum Population Trust, (A: Here they are, like they have no hidden agenda here, eh?  They're just speaking as citizens, are they?  And they belong to the Optimum Population Trust.  Well funded, heavy pockets.)  a thinktank that researches the impacts of a rising population, claim that every new birth in the UK produces 160 times more greenhouse gas emissions than one in Ethiopia. (A: Ho, ho, ho)


"We are not criticising those people in Britain who had large families in the past, because a lot of people had no inkling about the sustainability implications," Guillebaud told the Guardian. "The decision that needs to be made is one that balances rights. It's people's right to have the size of family they choose, but surely that should be balanced against the rights of future generations."


And there it is, your argument right there, you see.  They give you this or that, you see.  This or that.  And the people at the bottom will start arguing this side or that side.  Because they can't think for themselves, they can't reason for themselves.  So the old Charles Dalton Darwin stuff is well on its way.  And people haven't a clue that even their thoughts and opinions and even their decisions are programmed into them.  It's quite fascinating, isn't it?  Quite fascinating indeed.   And this goes on.  This goes on and on.  But yeah, China is a model state for the world, where we can all get little holes through screens and be masturbated and that's to be the good substitute you see for sustainability.  And then they'll bring in the next phases, start killing off the females in the womb.  And this had to happen, because as Aldous Huxley talked, it's up there, I think on the Google site, he gives a talk where he says that the only thing standing in the way of this whole agenda, including what I'm talking about right now, at that time was the Catholic Church.  It was the only thinking stopping what he saw as the merging of Communism/Capitalism and the whole eugenics agenda.  And the Catholic Church is completely gone now, taken over.  And here we are.  We're full in the fight.  Back after these messages.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, and trying to show you how your thoughts are formed, how your topics that you converse about with your friends are given to you, and how you even pick sides.  You're given this or that.  Just like politics, do you want this side or that side?  You choose one or the other.  It doesn't matter which one you choose, as long as you get into the debate, reinforce your indoctrination by debating it.  That reinforces it in your mind, and it fixes itself there.  And then, the two sides merge along the great highway, and you're all on board along the same track as they say.  They love everybody being on track.  And that's how ideas and opinions are given to us. 


When did this eugenics part come into full force really, and show its ugly head?  It did it during the French Revolution.  The French Revolution followed on the heels of the American Revolution, and in fact, the whole thing was set up like a chess board, because the King of France was funding the U.S. through Benjamin Franklin, who was basically the envoy to France, and he was getting all the loans that were given to him and sending it back to the Americas.  And that helped create such an amazing taxation problem, and then coupled with the con game of the Pacific bubble, an investment scam that was set up by a Templar, that crashed the economy of France, that brought on basically the reasons for the overthrow of the King, and brought the Revolution on.  And of course those behind it, helped lead that Revolution.  They understood what was really happening.  The mob never understands what it's really all about, and they don't have to.  It's only important they think they believe it, and they think they know why it's happening.  But in France, they weren't just guillotining nobility, they were also bringing a planned France into existence, where they decided there was just too many peasants farming the land.  And they had all the different areas, or provinces of France broken up on maps, and they were collecting people off the land, putting them on ships and rivers and at the coast they'd put them on elsewhere, and they'd sink them and drown them.  They were doing population reduction as part of the system.  Because, what's happening today, is part of the same people who led these revolutions down through the ages.  Always with the same agenda.  Always stating that they must elevate nature and bring down mankind, in the process.  Quite amazing when you realize that it's all connected.  All connected. 


And it got so bad towards the end, that Thomas Paine, who was a professional revolutionary, who was trained and brought up by families of Revolutionaries.  In fact, they go all the way back to the founding of the Templars, Hugh de Payen, which means Hugh the Pagan.  They were given charters by the Pope.  Kind of odd how the Pope would give a charter to Hugh the Pagan, and they changed their name and anglicized it to Payen, then Paine.  Professional revolutionaries, but it got too much for him even in France, and he was locked up when he said they were killing too many people.  And the U.S. had to send money and envoys to get him out of prison back over to the U.S. 


They always say, if you don't know your history, you're doomed.  It isn't just a matter of repeating it, you're actually doomed, because you don't see the con games that are going to be pulled on you, which are always repetitive.  Plato said, that which has worked successfully on a population in the past, be it religious, social or whatever, if you know the formula, you can reintroduce it at any time in the future.  Just follow the formula, and it will work again.  In ancient times in Greece, because the Grecian islands were fixed, they were small, they could only sustain a certain population so they had wars planned between the different little princes and kings.  They'd decide how many they could afford to lose each, how they could profit off it in the meantime, keep the populations down.  And they also introduced a form of giving your child to the spirits of the mountains, the gods, the first child.  That kept the population down.  And then, in no time at all, when Christianity swept through, the opposite was true.  So those that were found trying to kill their first-born would be stoned to death, because it was illegal and wrong to kill.  And today, we're back to ancient Greece again. Because most abortions happen to be the first, that would be the first-born child.  Is that a coincidence?  Is that a coincidence?  Think about it. 


And yet, in this system it's not easy to bring up a child on your own, it's not meant to be easy.  This is not a natural system we're living in.  There's nothing natural about it.  It's a designed system where everyone is reduced to an economic function.  It has no place for humaneness in it.  It always has a show of humaneness, which is generally big charities and big cons.  But it really doesn't like the poor.  It doesn't like them.  They always keep the poor around you to remind you where you might fall to.  That's why they keep them on the streets.  That's why they're there.  That's why they're really there.  Scientifically that's why they're there.  To scare the hell out of you.  So you don't want to end up there, do you?  So you'll do anything to earn a wage.  This is not a humane system.  Science has taken over, with agencies, governmental agencies, all the functions that families used to have.  At one time families helped out their own members, who lost their jobs, or they were sick or whatever.  They came along a while back with agencies, oh we're here to help you.  And you hand over your rights.  And then through massive propaganda, as Jacques Ellul said, all TV programming is propaganda.  And all your dramas that you watch and get lost in, because they have their little humane stories that you follow and you take all these messages.  It's all propaganda, because these services end up being agencies, which end up being law enforcement agencies over you.


And one day they're going to, they've already done it with your DNA.  They have your DNA.  They've got you categorized according to your value.  They've had you categorized according to all the offspring you might have and any kind of problems that they might have as well.  Down through the generations.  They've got you slated on books you won't see yet for possible vasectomies, sterilization.  There's many ways to sterilize a population.  One of them is your food.


Years ago, I knew when the soya bean was altered, heavily altered, and it was promoted from the top as a great substitute for meat and protein.  I said, there's a con going on here.  And they went to incredible lengths to try and make it look like meat and taste like meat.  George Orwell even put it in his book that he wrote in, or published 1948, where it says, yeah, it looks like meat, tastes like meat, but there's no meat in this at all.  In his book Nineteen Eighty-Four, the reversal of 48.  And now they come out years after people have been using it.  It's in everything, by the way.  Soya is even in your candy bars, they use Soya flour, it's all through everything.  The guys who have been brought up in using it are 75% sterile.  Directly attributable to the soya.  Do you think they didn't know that at the beginning?  I keep telling you, there's no coincidences.  How come everything that happens to the public falls in line with their agenda?  Every coincidence falls right in line with their agenda that they published a long time ago, and have done so over and over since.  How come they don't give us something where it actually increases your fertility?  It's always in the negative, but it's always what they want.  Isn't that amazing eh?  These guys could win the lotto over and over and over, they're so good.   They have so much luck.  But for Joe Average, it will go in one ear and out the other, because Joe Average technically is gone.  He's never actually been here to be here. 


Consciousness is an odd thing.  I say odd, because it's very rare.  And it takes a crashing of the old world, you must crash in the old world to be born again as they said in the ancient, ancient, ancient mystery religions because that's what it meant.  It meant seeing everything anew.  Understanding everything for the first time, and then wondering how on Earth did every part of what you used to know is a con and you didn't catch on to it.  I was blind, but now I see.  Hmmm.  What could that mean?  And it's always been the same way; most people in every generation are unconscious.  That's been going on for thousands of years.  That's why Brzezinski could say quite confidently, in his interview to a magazine, asked about the people if they would ever rebel.  People, he says, well, he says, you can beat them, you can starve, them, and what do they do, do they, no they don't rebel, they just turn around and eat their dead.  So confidently, because they know human nature.  They have archives.  Ancient archives with all the data on human nature. 


Civilization, civilization.  The term itself comes from the city.  Nimrod is given the title of the big city builder.  The first artificial containment of people.  Somewhere where they couldn't even grow their own food, completely dependent on what?  On the person who owned the city, for everything they needed.  And they had to get something that was a new creation, to make them live.  A thing called money.  And once they had the money, they could buy the food.  Only after they'd convinced those in the agricultural business outside the city to accept it, often by force.  Then they got armies together, and paid armies, standing armies to go out and conquer and introduce the money everywhere else.  And the guy who runs the money runs the system.  The ancient temples of Greece and Rome were famous for it.  That's what they did in old temples.  The big temple of Diana, was where they had all the mint made, the money was made in the temple itself. 


Now I've got Daniel from Houston on the line, are you there Daniel?


Daniel: Yes, is this Mr. Watt, is that your name?


Alan: It is, yeah.


Daniel: Yeah, it's great to speak with you.  I've heard you before, I think maybe it was on a weekend show, I know you're filling in today.  Such a diverse subject range, but it's really great to hear you, especially the fact that you mentioned Plato and classical sources.  So I think it's great you're on RBN and you can talk about this and try to get people's minds to look at history and expand a little bit.  But of course, since you mentioned Plato, I would say for others to read the Politics of Aristotle and Machiavellian ethics of Aristotle to try to give an alternative version of the family, especially the politics.  Because I know exactly what you were talking about in the Republic and I agree with you on that.  And the other issue too, I saw you mentioned the Catholic Church in some way being the bulwark or at least the barrier to stop the whole thing that started with eugenics and how it's kind of broken down, and it's very interesting.  There's, it's called the Declaration of the Rights of the Family, that the Vatican put out in 1983 or 1982 and it patterns on to the Declaration of Human Rights that was originally drafted by Jacques Merritan, back in the 1950s, and this all stems from everything that happened out of Nuremberg, in WWII, and the notion of the atrocity of the Holocaust, and what Humanity can do to itself and you know this big charter, and of course, I know you know all of this, talking about the League of Nations and all this other stuff.  But I think these people were very deluded on that point.  And then, I'm a Catholic, I love being a Catholic, but this Rights of the Family, if you read them they're very good.  But the fact is, and you know, of course, the UN signed off on it, it's good, the Vatican has this little vote, but no one will follow those things.  You know, here you're talking about the two children in a family stuff, no one will follow any of these things.  They're just, they're just words, and you know, the governments give lip service.  Nobody is going to go along with it.  And one last thing I wanted to say, because I could go on forever with you, but I won't take your time up.  This is a quotation from Thomas Aquinas from his book on the government of rulers, which is one of his main political philosophy.  Only the first chapter is accredited to him, the other chapters are accredited either to his disciple or somebody else, but this is a good quotation, it says: "If the citizens themselves devote their life to matters of trade, the way will be open to many vices.  Since the foremost tendency of tradesmen is to make money, greed is awakened in the hearts of citizens through the pursuit of trade.  The result is that everything in the city will become venal.  Good faith will be destroyed and the way open to all kinds of trickery, each one will work only for his own profit, despising the public good.  The cultivation of virtue will fail since honor, virtue's reward, will be bestowed upon the rich.  Thus in such a city, civic life will necessarily be corrupted."  And that's America.


Alan: Yeah, that's it.  I remember that, that quote.


Daniel: That's America.


Alan: That is America.  Again, it's not by accident.  It's also understood, it doesn't just evolve this way.  We had Russell and others writing about this, how they would create an egocentonic society, everyone out for themselves.  That would help split everyone up, divide them, and once that was completed, then the government would be, when you have, you see, when you're not in charge of yourself and you have no one around you, the government can come right to you and demand things from you as an individual, and there's no one to stand up for you.  That was where they're headed, but they said, they'd have to make an egocentonic, egocentric, narcissistic, hedonistic society to do so.  And they've done that through the 60s and 70s and 80s.


Daniel: Yes, and because of all the, whether it be Socialism or Communism or something, I would encourage your listeners to look up the principle of subsidiarity as far as government goes, and also maybe look at some of the encyclicals of Leo the 13th and others, where you can see that this war was actually being raised, and all the sudden, it just stopped.


Alan: Yes, that's right.  It was.  It's been raged and written about, and again the average person is oblivious to this, which makes them sitting ducks for what's coming down the pike.


Daniel: Well, thank you, I appreciate it.  Take care.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Yeah, it's hard for most folk to get a grasp, especially when they've been taught that anything that's old, like old news, is irrelevant.  What a beautiful way to con the people, if you don't.  Even Rockefeller, says in all his major speeches, that you've got to know your history.  And these guys do, they study their history because they know what works and what doesn't and they can repeat it, they bring in big top philosophers and historians, so they can find ways to re-bring something in from the past, the ancient past that worked before for them.  Great techniques, but we're sitting ducks because we're kept into the now.  Just think about now and nothing else.  Back with more after this break.


Hi, I'm Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, and we're coming up to the end of the hour.  And remember, I'm on after a break for one hour and Cutting Through the Matrix on this same station on RBN.  And I got a call from someone, or a message from someone asking what form of payment can they send for donations, what's the best way.  Well, within the U.S. and Canada, personal checks are fine.  You can also send an international postal order, which is an orange one, not the green one, international, or you can pay through paypal or Western Union.  The details are on my site, and that is www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you punch it up and you'll see how you can help keep me going, because that's what does keep me going.  This really is brought to you, by you.  I don't do this because I could rake in the big bucks, I certainly could rake in the big bucks if I wanted to in other areas, but we're in a war, there's no other game in town.  This is a war for everything.  It's a war for sentience.  It's a war to retain your ability to think as an individual, to even have a mind of your own.  Those in the future will not have that ability.  The elite have already planned ways which they've published, the brain chips and all.  I have lots of documentation on it, from their world meetings.  I'll be talking about that next week, in fact, going through their talks that they've had ongoing, every year, since 2001, on that very topic.  So yeah, you can keep me going.  Because there's children to come who have as much right to be sentient and go through the joys of life, or the ills, the ups and downs, that makes you fully human.  You can't be mature and have wisdom without going to all extremes.  That's the wonder and the beauty and sometimes the misery of being human, but it's good enough for me.  It's good enough for me.  Huxley says, well you know, most people are unhappy, what's wrong with drugging them, or putting wires in their brains to make them behave better?  He thought there was nothing wrong in that.  It's actually demonic.  It's a demonic statement.  What's wrong with that?  Someone who can't see what's wrong with that, and he thought doing it to the whole world would bring a world peace, but the elite themselves, he said the same thing as all the rest of them, Galton Darwin and so on, they wouldn't change themselves.  They'd have to retain the survival instincts, since they would be steering the ship of planet earth.  But for the rest of us, yeah, you don't need your brain.  You don't need to sit and think or use that imagination and go off into realms of unexplored territory.  That's what the mind is for.  The elite will do it all for you.  What gall, what arrogance, what kind of gods do they think they are, because they believe they are gods.  And we sit back, and we take this stuff in, and we comply and comply and comply. 


And what I'm trying to do is stir something within people they've forgotten about, very quickly, something called indignation.  Righteous indignation.  Something your forefathers had, your predecessors had, and they fought hard to get rights, that this generation are giving up, as you blow your nose on a paper handkerchief and throw it away.  And once it's thrown away, you've had it.  You didn't know what you had.  You have nothing left.  So easy, eh?  You've given up, so you can play and be children.  From myself and Hamish, up in Ontario, Canada, until the next hour, it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.




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