(Alan Stands in for 2 hours for John)

April 4, 2008


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and just cutting through the matrix. I’m filling in for John Stadtmiller for the next couple of hours and I’m a bit sluggish you’ll find because I’ve been up since about 5 or 5:30 this morning, had a hectic day and I’ve got a strep throat, so bear with me and we’ll get through this with something to teach the people.

Today is April 4th, 2008 and we are steamrolling into this incredible networking of the New World Order as NGO’s, official organizations, and military police, all the bureaucratic departments meshed together worldwide and put the same laws through at the same time. It’s a fascinating thing to live through and for a lot of people who understand it, it’s kind of frightening. For the general majority of the public, it’s not really real because they live in television land and if you can turn on that TV and your favorite comedy comes on, everything must be fine outside.  That’s how simple it is.

Meanwhile, we’ve all heard about the coming pandemics. This “must be” as it’s called in higher circles. The must be that Huxley and many others talked about. Huxley and Bertrand Russell, Wells, all these characters who belonged to The Royal Institute for International Affairs in Britain, bewailed the fact that antibiotics and better standards of hygiene for the average commoner would stop the death rate from remaining as it was and they were so terrified of all the commoners outpacing and outbreeding the elite that they wished that these wonderful diseases would just come back; and lo and behold, we’re told that they are.

Now anyone who’s studied medicine, especially for the last 50 years or so, cannot help come to the conclusion that most of the major diseases today were probably made in laboratories and I’m not kidding about that. They’re so far advanced in that field. A book to read is “Deadly Allies: Canada’s Secret War” and it’s about the Canadian-U.S. Alliance during World War II in bacterial and viral warfare, all declassified information in the book from the governments involved. Britain of course is involved as well and they talk about creating a virus in a matter of hours in a “fast breeder” they called it, and lo and behold, we’re seeing it all ready to be unleashed on the public. I’ll be back with more of this after the following messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller for the next couple of hours and before the break I was mentioning big characters of times gone by, not that there’s not enough that have taken over, but big characters who were complaining about antibiotics and better standards of hygiene and food making people too healthy and diseases like the Black Plague and so on would be very necessary in the future and it’s a pity they were gone. Meanwhile as I say in books like “Deadly Allies” written by a reporter from the Toronto Star in Canada who took the declassified information from the U.S. and British and Canadian governments and put them in his book. You’ll see how far ahead they were even during World War II.

Canada leads the world in the creation of viruses, bacterium and all kinds of diseases that affect crops, because when you’re in total war you also go for the enemy’s entire food supply. The food supply is an interesting part because we see The Royal Institute for International Affairs; go into their web pages. Look at all the organizations and departments they have working on the coming food shortages, the big crisis that they’re manufacturing, and it’s not hard to manufactured when only five agri-food businesses which are joined at the hip control pretty well the whole agricultural business of the entire planet. In other words, it’s all being brought on and is planned that way.

Getting back to the diseases and so on, now this is the first time in history and we’ve been getting this drummed into us since the movie came out called “Outbreak” and then we had all the diseases in Africa (it came on specials on television around the same time) that were killing Africans. Of course we know we have laboratories over there, especially in Uganda, the British have been famous for it for the last 30 years.  When we saw “Outbreak” and all the other movies that came out one after the other to predictive program us into the inevitability of this and then during these little movies or after the movies or after the documentaries they talked to the top scientists, virologists and so on, who said “well it’s inevitable, it’s just around the corner.”

We’ve had now maybe 15 years of this inevitability factor being drummed into us and they’re so sure, so sure that this flu – that all birds in the Far East have always carried – it’s always been there in chickens and so on, this particular bird flu they’re talking about. They know it’s going to do a whole bunch of mutations along one path out of millions and definitely attack all humans. You see it’s just absolute certainty. These guys should really try the lotto or some grand national winning thing because they’re guaranteed to win with their predictions. After all, they make it happen.

This is from the Daily Mail, a newspaper in England, and here’s the prime minister of Britain – the prime minister. Not that I think much of him, mind you, and doing what he’s told to do obviously and that’s to get the public absolutely petrified because food shortages, plague or even the threat of plague and a whole bunch of things, terrorism, are all going to hit us at the same time so we’ll be in shock and awe. You thought it was just about Iraq, the shock and awe. No, the whole world is to be handled by shock and awe as the bludgeon us through the next 100 years. The 100 years war that they’ve mandated and out of the end of that will come a much reduced and scientifically designed society and population.

Here’s from the Daily Mail and this is 19th of March 2008 by James Chapman.

“The greatest threat facing Britain is neither a terror attack nor climate change...but a flu pandemic, Gordon Brown said yesterday. It could kill 750,000 people…”

Alan:  I love how they pick the numbers out there.

“…and spread to this country at record speed, he told Members of Parliament.”

It says:

“Top Brass Force Brown to Review £1 billion…”

Alan:  That’s over 2 billion dollars.

“…defence cuts.

“The first-ever national security strategy, published yesterday after several months' delay, claimed the Government had drawn up plans for dealing with such a huge death toll, as well as other potential national emergencies such as terror strikes, extreme flooding, cyber-attacks and climate change.”

Alan:  I wonder what they’ve forgotten in there.

“It proposed creating a modern-day Dad's Army…”

Alan:  That’s your volunteer army.

“…volunteers to deal with a flu pandemic, evacuate the elderly in the event of a flood or help in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. The new "civil defence network" would be modelled on the ARPs, who patrolled the streets during World War Two bombing raids. A separate 1,000-strong civilian force, made up of emergency service workers and judges…”

Alan:  What are you going to need judges for on this, eh?

“…is to be created to assist failing states and help rebuild countries emerging from conflict.”

Alan:  That’s true too. We send our Royal Canadian Mounted Police minus their horses over to other countries under the United Nations now, so we no longer have really national police. We’re all international and they send judges over too and we think that that’s just fine and dandy, but we don’t think about the fact that these particular countries perhaps go by other laws and other religions in this system of men in black gowns and wearing white wigs and bashing gavels on their desks. It’s not quite what they’re used to. That’s arrogance in the extreme, you see, pushing your system on another country’s system.

“A "register of risks" ? a regularly updated assessment of the dangers facing Britain is also to be published. The Cabinet Office strategy report said that would enable communities to "prepare better" for potential disasters.”

Alan:  Now this internal army now made up of civilians and so on will have military authority over each street and you’ll have people on your own street who will have police-type authority over you.

“A large section of the report conceded that Britain faces a "serious and sustained" threat from al-Qaeda…”

Alan:  Ha-ha.

“…and other suicide bombers…”

Alan:  You never had this during World War II you know.

“…and others prepared to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the name of Islam.”

Alan:  Islam now is being used openly. Before they said no, they were not racists, there’s a few extremists. Now they’re saying “in the name of Islam,” and that’s how perceptions are altered, by subtly sneaking in this type of commentary.

“But it concluded that a flu pandemic posed a graver danger. The Government is to work with international health bodies on early warning systems and preparing vaccines ahead of an outbreak.”

Alan:  Listen to this.

“Mass graves, inflatable mortuaries, 24-hour cremations and "express" funerals could all be used.”

Alan:  They have ordered these massive tractor-trailers actually, which are really portable mortuaries. I do believe that FEMA had some when they went into Louisiana when the hurricane went through there, so Britain is going to have all of this as well. At least when you know when they kill us all off it will be awfully neat and tidy. There will be no bones all over the place. We’ll all be up in smoke.

“Normally, the influenza virus kills about 12,000 in Britain, most of them elderly. But history shows that the flu virus can mutate into a new strain that is resistant to existing drugs. Most famously, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 killed 228,000 in the UK and up to 40 million worldwide.”

Alan:  They’re salivating over the thought of this one. That’s why, by the way, they dug it up again, right? in the permafrost in the north of Canada. A Norwegian came over and got permission from a clan chief (tribal chief, probably Inuit), dug up their graveyard and managed to get some live viruses from lung tissue. 

“Experts say a pandemic is overdue, either from the mutation of the normal human flu virus, or of bird flu. The second highest threat identified by the report was coastal flooding on a scale that last took place on the east coast in 1953, killing 300.

Gordon Brown: Calling for changing methods to match changing national security threats.

"Even with today's improved defences, a repeat of coastal or tidal flooding on that scale could result in the flooding of hundreds of thousands of properties, and the need to evacuate and shelter hundreds of thousands of people," the report said.”

Alan:  And the sky could fall too. I added that part.

“It also predicted that energy could be one of the biggest causes of conflict…”

Alan:  That’s true. They’ve planned that 50, 60 years ago. Energy will be gradually reduced.

“…energy could be one of the biggest causes of conflict in coming decades, with demand set to increase 50 per cent by 2030.”

Alan:  That’s why they keep giving us more and more electronic gadgets to burn more electricity.

“Mr. Brown told MPs (Members of Parliament) threats to Britain had "changed out of all recognition" in recent years. "Our new approach to security also means improved local resilience against emergencies, building and strengthening capacity to respond effectively…”

Alan:  I wonder what warmonger wrote this for him, what scriptwriter?

“…in circumstances from floods to terrorism," he said. "Not the old Cold War idea of civil defence but a new form that combines expert preparedness for emergencies with greater local engagement of individuals."

Alan:  Now in the 1990’s, the mid-‘90’s, I saw some practices in little potato towns across Ontario. Practices for national emergencies, stuff they hadn’t even had during the Cold War, with bombs possibly being in cars outside the Baxter laboratories in Allison, Ontario, and these little actors dressed up in all their ketchup and this was all done in the 1990’s before 9/11 happened. This is an old agenda, folks. Back with more after these messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt cutting through the matrix and standing in for John Stadtmiller, talking about what’s happening in Britain. The reason I read what’s happening in Britain is because the U.S. and every country on the planet is following the exact same script. Something that was planned a long time ago by intelligence agencies, thousands of think tanks, the big institutions, they all work together and generally take their orders from London because they have to find a way to terrify the public and move them into the Brave New World scenario, the Huxlian Brave New World scenario, and there’s no other better method than war – a war on everything from everywhere all at once. Something that Huxley would have applauded under his LSD haze.

I’ll continue a little bit with this because it’s exactly the same scenario, same system, same setup as they’re using in the U.S., Canada, and across the planet as they are in Britain.

“Mr. Brown announced that the number of security service staff is to rise to 4,000 and four regional counter-terrorism units and four regional intelligence units are to be set up to help the police. New measures would also be published next month to boost the way schools, universities and prisons work to disrupt radicalisation in their midst.”

Alan:  You’re going to get a whole new education, where if you thought it was politically correct at schools already, wait till you see it in a year’s time because they’re going to nip everything in the bud. They’ve already eradicated individualistic ideas and thoughts or beliefs in school to try to make conformity the way and they’re going to go much, much harder because you cannot let someone grow up who might have ideas. After all, it was Mao Tse-Tung that said he wasn’t scared of armies or wars. He was scared of someone who might give an idea out to the public. It might spread like wildfire and who knows where that would go.

“A new National Security Forum featuring up to 30 experts…”

Alan:  There’s experts again.

“…from academia and other areas will advise another body set up last summer, the National Security Committee. Mr. Brown also promised greater transparency in the work of the Intelligence and Security Committee, a Parliamentary body which oversees the security services.”

Alan:  Look into this article and you’ll find lots more like them because these characters are convinced it’s coming and it will come because pandemics are the best way, even the threat of them, to have us all terrorized and forced by law to move out of areas that could be contaminated and into the overcrowded cities. The Soylent Green type of scenario where we all live with rags on, as all these science fiction movies they’ve been putting out about the future for the last 30 years show. Massive amounts of people in poverty and a small time elite running the whole show; predictive programming indeed.

To show you how they’re putting this across, I got a paper from the United Kingdom that the dentists get. It’s the CDO. That’s their particular magazine for dentists and here’s an article here from March’s magazine and it says here, by Tony Jenner:

Pandemic Influenza and Dentistry.”

Alan:  Now here’s how it’s worded.

“When, when pandemic influenza arrives in the UK, it will be a major issue…”

Alan:  Right.

“…not least for the dental services. We are working closely with the British Dental Association and the NHS to produce guidance for both dentists and the National Health Service NHS. We will particularly be looking to ensure that patients requiring treatment in this period will be able to access it, and also that the financial viability of NHS practices is maintained through a period which will inevitably see disruption to services.”

Alan:  I’d say in a panic situation like that, but what a wording, isn’t it? When.

“When pandemic influenza arrives in the UK, it will be a major issue…”

Alan:  That is how we’re all supposed to gradually be terrified and terrorized into compliance. All the new agencies that are out there that shortly will be coming to your door and telling you what to do, maybe even moving out of your area. “You can’t live here. This is a susceptible plague or flu.” Now we’ve already saw the farce with the West Nile virus. The farce went so far in Canada the people were getting fined thousands of dollars with these silly old inspectors coming round houses in rural areas and looking at your eaves-troughs and so on for standing water and it all died away quite quietly of course and they never admit they’re wrong or anything, and they blamed it all on crows that were carrying it and it wasn’t that at all. It was a cover story put out because the crows are the first ones into the fields who eat young crops that are all genetically modified and they were getting killed by the modified crops. They were heavily dosed, ten times more, with the soya bean Roundup Ready and various other pesticides that they can really dump on the modified (GMO) food. That’s what was causing it. The music is coming up again, I believe, so I’ll come back with more on these topics. Back after the break.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt cutting through the matrix, and I always am of course, and standing in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour and a half. That’s what we have to go. And trying to show people they have to get out of the box of their nation to understand what’s happening across the world to realize everything was coordinated and intermeshed and it took an awful long time, probably since before World War II, to plan all of this and to enable bureaucracies to travel to their fellow bureaucrats and departments across the world and the UN to set up everything that’s now coming to pass today, because they don’t move that quickly you see. If anything real were to happen that wasn’t planned, there would be chaos and they’d be the first ones to be screaming, believe you me.

Here’s an idea that they’re also doing. I knew this would happen as well. You see, the UK was the model country for the world. In fact, the whole free trade issue and the amalgamation of whole continents under a world government was born in Britain in the 16th century. John Dee talked about it. He took his idea to Queen Elizabeth I and he talked about free trade and the Brytish Empire. The B-R-Y-tish Empire as he wrote it down at the time and this transformed down through the centuries into Cecil Rhodes with his idea, same thing, of a British cultural type system, the same parliamentary system across the planet. The reason he picked the parliamentary system is because it was all fake and above them the real establishment. That’s what they call them, “The Establishment,” they run the country, the very old landed aristocratic noble royal families.

However, they would give the public a form of democracy, but they had to go through stages and also start taking over every part of a person’s or a families’ life and ultimately the destruction of the family would have to come because if government was to have total control in a predictable society, they would need to have man, woman, child separate from each other. Therefore, government when it wanted you could talk directly to you. “Number so-and-so. Yes, number so-and-so, I’m talking to you. Look at the screen,” just like Orwell had in 1984 and no one would come to your aid or stand by your side. You had no family left and no friends either. That’s the ideal world – total control where everybody is predictable.

Britain started up what was called “services.”  Even the police were first called a service. Now they’re called “enforcers.” Then they gave us a health service and we’ve never been sicker since we were given it, because along with it came inoculations to help us and mummies took their little children along to the nice doctor. They liked doctors a lot because they flooded the television that they had newly given to the people with dramas like Doctor Kildare and stuff like that, where these characters in white coats walked on water and were very handsome and science was a new magical thing and all these characters who make medicines sat up all night worrying about the public, they were so altruistic.

The health service now is a health authority. In Britain, too, out came Children’s Aid – another voluntary organization, voluntary. Now it’s got official governmental federal backing. See, it was all planned this way.

How do you take over a society?  What are your main enemies?  How you destroy the enemies to your takeover?

You create services and turn them into authorities, and then you make laws and mandate everything and you train the public to go along with it.

This is an article from and it came out – where’s the date on this thing here? I love the way they put these things down here. Find the dates on them. Anyway, it’s News and Current Affairs London. Okay, 24th of March 2008.

Lose Weight or We’ll Take All Six of Your Children Away: Outrage over Social Workers’ Draconian Ultimatum To Parents.

Six young brothers and sisters face being taken from their parents and put into care because they are overweight. Social workers have warned…”

Alan:  Warned. Now these helpers now are warning them.

“…warned they will intervene if three of the youngsters – including a 12-year-old boy who weighs 16 stone…”

Alan:  There’s 14 pounds to the stone. Figure it out.

“…do not shed several pounds in three months. The parents have been told they risk losing all their children if there is no improvement in the 12-year-old or two of his sisters aged 11 and three – who weigh 12 stone and four stone each – by June.”

It says:

“Should overweight children be taken into care? Scroll down to tell us your opinion.”

 Alan:  Yah-de- yah-de yah. It goes on and on to talk about the obesity crisis.

“The family have also been ordered to send their children to dance and football lessons to help them lose weight.”

Alan:  Now have you noticed that all the food and all the advertising and the big corporations and fast-food chains that now everyone lives on apparently, except me and a few others, do nothing but put fat on people. That’s all they do because they’re loaded with MSG and stuff which make them addictive, but there’s no nutrition in them whatsoever. You can get very fat people – very fat people are getting all the carbohydrates but there’s no minerals or vitamins or anything else. They’re always technically hungry regardless of the weight they put on, but they’ll never attack that because that’s international, multinational corporate, you see, corporations that are dealing with this. No, they blame the victim and in all the advertising, look at the advertising on television. Every five minutes there’s some dish being shoved in your face and telling you to eat it on television.

To continue with the story:

“The family have also been ordered to send their children to dance and football lessons to help them lose weight.”

Alan:  Ordered to.

“The shocking development highlights Britain's childhood obesity crisis, which has already forced those as young as 13 to seek National Health Service (NHS) weight-loss surgery.”

Alan:  Now the war on smoking came from the United Nations and every country signs it into law and pushes it. The war on obesity has also come from the United Nations, by the way. They’re the hidden masters behind all of this. Check it out yourself. You’ll find I’m right.

To continue:

“Only America has more overweight children than the UK, leading health experts…”

Alan:  The experts, again, who tell us what to do, how to stand and how to go to the toilet.

“…to warn that our current generation of youngsters may not outlive their parents.”

Alan:  Well they make sure of that. They’ve inoculated them with a lot of poisons and diseases and so on.

“But critics last night described the intervention of social workers as "deeply worrying" and questioned their powers to break up families. Dr Colin Waine, of the National Obesity Forum, said: "This has to be a last resort.”

Alan:  They even have a National Obesity Forum. It says:

"We must understand the health dangers associated with obesity, but the approach I favour is regular monitoring…”

Alan:  See, they want to monitor you from cradle to grave.

“…of children's weight from birth to avoid drastic action like this." Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP for Mid- Bedfordshire and a former nurse, described the measure as "draconian". "A far more sensible and cost effective solution would be for the local authority to provide round-the-clock support within the home, aimed at both assisting the children in attaining a healthier lifestyle and educating the parents.”

Alan:  I agree with that last part. I’d educate them. I’d throw their television out the window and I’d maybe give them a grandmother – bring in a grandmother who might be able to with some memory – if she’s got some memory (a lot of grans have none) and show them how to cook for themselves, and you’d find they’d start shedding this stuff and they’d be healthier eating better food and they wouldn’t have all that MSG and nonsense in them.  Read that article for yourself because that’s happening across the world because the United Nations now has declared war (after smoking) on obesity and they want to start with the children and then work their way around to you, the adults. The monitored scientifically designed controlled society is well underway – well underway and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now I’ll go to the callers. Now I’ve got Mohammed from Oregon. Mohammed’s on. Try and stick to one topic, Mohammed. Hello?

Mohammed:   All right. I appreciate your taking my call and I have very special news for Canadians and that is I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but last week on April 6th there was a mini-series on CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation called The Trojan Horse and it was this movie – this political thriller Trojan Horse with Paul Gross as Tom McLaughlin, a politician who watches from sidelines as Canada relinquishes sovereignty and joins the United States and Mexico and he refuses to lose his country without a fight, whether it's fair or not, and we know about the Trojan Horse that it’s a practical trilogy. A big hollow wooden horse led by the Greek up on their--

Alan:  We all know the story. We all know the story of the Trojan horse.

Mohammed:  Yes and I would like to announce that April 6th at 8 a.m. CBC they will show the last two parts of this movie and I would like the Canadians especially to see this movie and also I would like your comment on that. Is that a form of brainwashing that Canadians accept North American Union?

Alan:  It doesn’t take much brainwashing to brainwash Canadians because they’ve even advertised on the mainstream news shows when they started signing the first open—and I mean open, they were doing it all along—agreement to combine the U.S., Canada and Mexico in 2005. The CBC did a documentary special on it, the signing at Waco, and they even had the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just The Royal Institute for International Affairs, as a panel before they showed them signing the agreement. The Council on Foreign Relations admitted they drafted up the whole negotiation deal which the presidents and prime ministers were signing and yet no reporters said well how come the Council on Foreign Relations (which is classed as a non-political body, in other words it’s a non-democratic unelected body), how come this NGO, this non-governmental organization, can draft up laws and integration of countries and then make the democratic countries go ahead and supposedly sign it?  There’s no such thing as democracy. I think we should get that through our heads. DEMOCRACY AND VOTING IS A SCAM, a pure scam. We are running on a business plan, a long-term business plan and democracy and the show of politics has never slowed this plan that was on the go and being published 100 years ago by many of the guys who created it.

Mohammed:  Sure. Can I give the website in CBC so people can go there and watch part 1 about 10, 15 minutes of it and then I’m sure the next week--

Alan:  Yes, go ahead.

Mohammed:  With your permission. It’s, T like Thomas; R like righteous; O like okay; J like Jack; A like apple; N like in November; H like in horse; O like okay; R like righteous; S like in Sam--

Alan:  How long – wait a minute. Wait a minute. How long is this thing here? This could last two or three minutes. I’m sure they could look into CBC and find it themselves.

Mohammed:  Yes, it’s called Trojan Horse.

Alan:  They’ll find that.

Mohammed:   If they put it that they go to the website and this is about the movie and they can watch about 10, 15 minutes of the movie’s first two hours and then--

Alan:  Okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. I’m sure they’ll find their way. I’m sure they’ll find their way. Thanks for calling. Yes, they put it right in your face, all of these kind of predictive programming things, and they are also taking the pulse of the population to see if there’s any feedback and generally, to be honest with you, there’s nothing. The Joe Average today is a mind-bombed zombie who’s been dumbed down through fluoride, inoculations that targeted his brain when he was about two followed up by all the other shots he’s had and boosters since. He has pre-aging diseases, pre-elderly diseases. They’re opening young people up now in their 20’s and 30’s and they have aging diseases. Stuff they used to see in the 60, 70, 80-year old groups.

It’s interesting too, of course, when they discussed the need to depopulate the world quickly. They said not too quickly for the West. They’d have to give them other things to make them ineligible for good partners, that way they won’t breed. Give them chronic diseases, chronic fatigue-type diseases, arthritis, all these things and they would be ineligible for marriage partners. Bring them down slowly, whereas Africa and so on they could bring down much quicker; and lo and behold, we’re living through it but the person who is in yo-yo land (which is television) will never catch on to it. I’m afraid most of them are gone.

I never watch television except once in a blue moon to tune in to see what kind of news they’re giving you and I haven’t seen news on television for over two years. I tuned in just the other night and it was like coming from another planet and I was the alien because even the way it was presented was so infantile. Sure enough, they did it in a realistic way with mixing fact and fantasy and Hollywood and utter trivia with impending gloom and death and all the rest of it until nothing was real anymore. That’s how they do it to you and I realize that most of the population they live inside TV land. Like Brzezinski said, “shortly the public will be unable to do any thinking for themselves. They’ll expect their reasoning for them be done by the mainstream media and all they’ll be able to talk about is what they saw on television in the previous day.”  That has happened for the majority of the public and if it’s not on television it can’t be true, right? Back with more after these messages.

Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller and just pointing out how all countries are working along the same agenda. The final goal has been in the works for an awful long time. Generations have lived through this completely unaware of the agenda. They knew they would have to bring world wars into – even H.G. Wells wrote about it. World wars to get the world to its knees and make them so sick of war they’d give up all ideas of nationalism and nationality and submit themselves to a global government. Before he died, after World War II, Wells wrote that they still haven’t completely got down on their knees and we need another war. This is what you’re going through right now. It’s a war. The war is already on you see. The people don’t understand that the war is on. War takes many forms and as Professor Carroll Quigley said, “you can get more done, more changes pushed through on a social level (meaning bureaucrats and bureaucracies and governments), more done in five years of war than 50 years of peace and propaganda.”  That’s what you’re seeing all around you, but as long as they’re not banging on your door right now, you think it’s okay and you can always get those reruns of Seinfeld on television and everything must be fine in that case, right? That’s how it works. It’s very simple.

Now we’ve got Jim from Texas on the line. Are you there, Jim? Hello.

Jim:  Hello.  Sorry, I heard some funny beeps and scratches on there. Yes, Alan, it seems you’re a real busy man lately. I noticed your schedule’s constantly grinding, running ragged. I had a question and given the time and I know that’s a big if, but given the time would you have any plans of writing any more books in the future or any DVDs?

Alan:  Yes, definitely. I have it all in my head. It wouldn’t take long to write if I had just the time. What I’m doing here mainly is all secretarial work and I don’t have a secretary. From morning until night, it’s just non-stop and running to stores and post offices and making up orders, posting things off and answering email. It’s all secretarial work but it literally takes my day up, seven days a week too. There’s no breaks here and just if I had someone to do that I could literally churn them out because it’s all inside my head ready to go.

Jim:  Yes, that’s a shame because I enjoy your show and so you want to hear the show and but at the same time the books are great. It’s one or the other almost. What I was going to say is something that you don’t talk about as much on your show that I thought was amazing was the two 12-hour CDs you did with Ms. Patru.  That was a course in itself. That was – and it’s easy because the books, you really got to get the brain cooking, but the CDs that was amazing stuff. It that was cool little experience going through that process because you know how some of the callers, even Jackie, going through some things.  I really appreciate that, but that’s all I had to ask you, Alan. I appreciate all the work.

Alan:  Yes, thanks for calling.

Jim:  Take care.

Alan:  I think that’s the music again, so I’ll be back with more after this break.



Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix standing in for John Stadtmiller, and as the last caller was talking about, I’d like to put out a lot more books. It’s all inside my head and I could certainly rattle them off very quickly if I had someone else doing all the mechanical work here. It really does take up so much time and even a half-day in town getting essentials sets me back for a day and a half or two days, but that’s just the way it goes in these times.  I could certainly sell a lot of books that way too, but the times we’re in are so incredibly changeable that we can’t give up or even take time off because we truly are going through a final stage here into this Brave New World, which is going to be a heaven for those who control a utopia, but a hell for the masses as we all go through 100 years war—100 years war—and out of that will come new types of humanoids all created by scientists and so on, and the older ones will simply die off with diseases and plagues and all the rest of it and we’ll all be out of the way. This is going to affect everyone – everyone on the planet who’s not in or at least not on the list of the elites’ charter.

Here’s another article here from the Trumpet on the 17th of March 2008. Now some months ago, I talked about a book called “The First Global Revolution” put out by the Club of Rome, the top think tank that comes up with all the sci-fi ideas and con games and then they put it to other think tanks to work it into action, all the way down to The Royal Institute for International Affairs. In that book “The First Global Revolution” the founders of the think tank admit that they looked around in the ‘70’s for threats that they could create (unreal threats, all threats you could create), make a world public believe it and have them all come together under a global governmental system. They looked at all the stuff, you know the aliens are coming and all that kind of stuff and asteroids and yah-de-yah-de-yah, and they said that their best bet was to claim there was a crisis in the atmosphere, in the earth changes. A crisis that we were causing so humans would be problem. They’d blame the humans and that way we’d all have to go at war because war to save Mother Earth. That was what they came up with 30-odd years ago. Here we are living through it and it was all a con game from the beginning to unite the planet and take all your rights, all your freedoms and all your ability to sustain yourself individually away from you because the system that they and all the rest of them want to bring in is a world system of “interdependence.” That means individually you’ll be completely dependent upon the system for everything you need to live. That’s the bottom line.

Here as they carry on with this con game:

Report: EU Must Build Military in Face of Climate Change.”

Alan:  Here you go. How are they going to get the European army together to amalgamate all the countries? Here it is. The same con game.

“The European Union needs to increase its civil and military power because of “serious security risks” posed by climate change, according to a joint report from the EU’s two top foreign-policy officials. The paper draws attention to resource shortages in particular. EU observer reports: “Significant decreases [in crop yields] are expected to hit Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia and thus affect stability in a vitally strategic region for Europe,”…

Alan:  Back with more from this article after the following break. Hi folks. This is Alan Watt from Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller and we’ve got an hour or so to go, and just bringing you up to speed on the international changes because everything that happens across the pond in the UK and Europe is coming here and being implemented here actually, quietly, at the same time. It’s one global agenda with all the scare tactics and they’re all intermeshed with rapid deployment forces ready to go from one country to the next – we thought that was all to do with uprisings in Africa and so on, that’s how they presented it to the public 20-odd years ago. Now you know it’s really for you.

This article I’m reading is from the journal also called The Trumpet, 17th of March 2008, going on and using the same global catastrophe scenario and lack of food everywhere because of crop failure now that they have Monsanto et al running the whole agri-food business and with a particular crop across the plant by force, by the way. Because in Iraq once they had went in there and bombed the people all to hell and blew up all their infrastructure, they couldn’t even feed themselves or have clean water. They mandated through the UN that they would use the modified (GMO) seed to grow their crops. What a swell deal?

I was just continuing here from this article quotes from the EU Observer. It says:

“Significant decreases [in crop yields] are expected to hit Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia and thus affect stability in a vitally strategic region for Europe,  predicts the report, while “water supply in Israel might fall by 60 percent over this century.” The document also warns of major changes to landmass leading to territorial disputes, political radicalization in poorer regions of the world…”

Alan:  Well that’s obviously going to happen and that’s why they’re getting all these rapid deployment forces together. That’s why the Department of Defence published 90 pages on 30 years of riots; increasing, increasing riots. It’s on my website, look into it under article archives.

To continue this report:

“…and the effects that sea-level rises and increases in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters would have on port cities and oil refineries. The Trumpet has forecasted for years that resource shortages will increase tension between nations (see, for example, “The Coming Food Shortfall” and “Running Out of Water.”)  Europe will have to deal with these very real problems. The report points out that these problems will also increase the EU’s immigration issues, as people from poorer countries attempt to travel to areas that are thriving.”

Alan:  Ha, thriving. Have a look at that and you’ll see what’s in store. This is the Great Plan, the Great Work, to get us through is 100 years war as we lose everything that we ever had or thought we had and the real fist appears because they’ve taken off the velvet glove. The authorities now, as I say, all those services that you thought you had, these authorities are now going full-steam ahead drastically to radicalize the whole world into their system of obedience. Blind swift obedience and they’re going to use every method in their arsenal. Ordo AB Chao is on the way because it’s the only way to get the people to comply—through terror and fear, shock and awe, shock and awe over and over again.

Now we’ll go back to the phones and we’ve got Linda in Pennsylvania. Are you there, Linda?

Linda:  Yes, Alan.  I just wanted to bring up one good piece of reference material for people to go to, to read an overall summary of this grand plan that you’re always talking about piece by piece. It’s the Report from Iron Mountain written in 1967. You know about that?

Alan:  I know about it and there’s a lot of humming and hawing if it was genuine and then the reporter himself (the guy who wrote it) initially said it was and then he about-faced and says, no it wasn’t, he put it out as a novel, and he went back and forth wishy-washy. Either way, I think it was predictive programming from probably think tanks getting us used to the idea even and seeing how quickly – see, they also test the patriotic community by putting out reports every so often ahead of mainstream media to see how quickly it travels through the patriotic circles because they want to see how they will affect the general population, if they have any affect at all, in fact.

Linda:  Whether it was real or predictive programming, nonetheless, allegedly it was published in 1967 over 40 years ago and everything that is laid out in that report have come to fruition and is on track according to all the predictive programming articles that we see now, on track to be carried out in its final phases.  I just think generally speaking for people who are wanting to wake other people up that would be a good place to start with a comprehensive summary of exactly what is going on.

Alan:  It’s might be, but as I say it was put out too by someone too who wrote novels and so on. Personally, I’d rather stick to the facts that are published by the think tanks themselves; if you go into the Rockefeller Foundation for instance. Look into the website of The Royal Institute for International Affairs. Look at all the departments – now this is a non-profit organization, supposedly, and non-political, who draft up integration processes for Europe, America, the Far East and so on, and it’s all lords and sirs in their boards. Look at everything they’ve got their finger into: Oil, gasoline, food, across the planet, all infrastructure. They’re into everything and they publish it and they also publish their own journal for the Council on Foreign Relations (the American branch of the same organization) “Foreign Affairs” every month and they tell you where it’s going. These are the same guys who published in “Foreign Affairs” magazine that they would do an end-run around the constitution; rather than attack it head on, they would just simply ignore it and go round it.

Linda:  Right, right, right. One question I have is they said in this Iron Mountain Report that said that it was – a report was leaked out. It was leaked out. It was published but it’s hard to get a copy. It was published by Dell they said.

Alan:  As I say, there was too much controversy about it and the author himself eventually said no he’d simply--

Linda:  So he recanted.

Alan:  …wrote ideas and speculations into it. Personally, as I say, I’d rather stay off novelists all together.

Linda:  Well I didn’t know this.

Alan:  Even though they do put out stuff like that. Now a lot of the science fiction writers go to The Futurist Society. The belong to this massive society run by the top boys and they’re given their ideas what to write in their novels for predictive programming, so a lot of that stuff comes out of the top think tanks. If you had access to The Futurist Society, you would hear all this stuff years before anyone else. A lot of the novelists get their ideas from there.

Linda:  Right. Okay, I just wanted to put that out there. Thanks a lot, Alan.

Alan:  Yes.

Linda:  Bye.

Alan:  Thanks for calling. Now I’ve got Audrey in Austin, Texas. Are you there, Audrey?

Audrey:  Yes. Earlier in the program, I missed it. You mentioned a book and the author’s name regarding germ warfare in World War II. I had just walked in the room and I missed that. I was wondering if you would repeat it.

Alan:  The book was called “Deadly Allies” and the subtitle was “Canada’s Secret War.”  It was put out by a reporter from the Toronto Star and it contained declassified documentation of Canada’s leading role in the viral, bacterial and fungal warfare agenda during and after World War II.  It was all stuff given out by the governments of Britain, the U.S. and Canada and it’s photocopied right into his book those particular parts.  It’s not made up. It’s factual and what’s allowed to be known to the public is horrifying in itself, never mind the fact that most of this stuff is still classified.  During World War II you’ll see in the book “Deadly Allies” you’ll see that they could literally – they were talking about infecting everybody with a German gene and Sir Banting, who gave us (or he had the honor at least for creating) insulin, worked for the bacterial warfare foundation for Canada and he was working on certain diseases to even kill off the food supply. See, food again has always been used in war and he wanted to kill off the whole food supply on the Axis forces. They even came up with a disease which literally could hollow out and funnel out like a sponge the brains of cattle, very much like Mad Cow disease, so it makes you wonder if they simply reintroduced it at the right time for a different purpose and a different enemy, because they had all that stuff during World War II. They could literally put different viruses together, splice them and so on, and come up with a new virus and a “fast breeder” they called them; and the fast breeders were out on an island off Nova Scotia, Canada, and they could create a new a new virus within an hour. That’s how far advanced they were. They came up, too, with Lyme disease and they tried it out in Alberta and sprayed from aircraft et cetera attached to ticks and that’s been spread too. I hear the music coming.

Audrey:  Yes. Thank you for your information.

 Alan:  Okay and I’ll be back with more after these messages. Hi folks. Alan Watt back Cutting Through the Matrix and it’s just fascinating as I say to understand the reality above all the levels of the lower matrix. A matrix being the world you swallow, the world that was presented to you at birth and then indoctrinated to you through repetition; and then you judge what you think is sanity and your own sanity by those around you, never realizing that they’re just parroting back to you their own conditioning, the same conditioning, and if you all have the same conditioning you all think you’re quite sane. That’s why you’re oblivious to moves that a medieval man would see immediately happening and he’d run off to save himself. The public haven’t a clue. They’re kept in la-la land, dreamland, by mainstream media, scientific indoctrination and believe you me that television set is a classic example of predictive programming, the best tool that was ever given to the public for control purposes. That’s where all their ideas and opinions come from and they’ll even go so far as to not see the trails in the skies from all the daily spraying we’re having. Everyone’s coughing and hacking and the biggest problem we have across the world now are bronchial problems because of this stuff. You can’t dump it in the atmosphere without it affecting your lungs and your bronchial tissues and no one talks about it because if it’s not on the TV it cannot be important. That’s how simple it is to control the minds of the public.

I always refer people to the movie “Wag the Dog” to show you how politics and illusions actually work. They gave you a fake invasion a year before the real invasion of Yugoslavia, even had the names right of the places. Even the scenarios they’d present to the public on television in a comedy-type form, then they followed the movie a year later in reality every part of it. All the con games they presented to the public with smart bombs and all the rest of it was shown to the public. The agenda is well known to the high-ups in Hollywood because they must be given certain information ahead of the public in order to write the movies that change you and change your culture gradually along the way. They prepare your minds for what’s coming through what you think is entertainment, and that way predictive programming works because subconsciously you’ve seen this idea before. It’s familiar to you, so you don’t question it when it really happens in real life. You think I guess it must be inevitable. It’s kind of familiar, you see. Never before in history could anyone claim a plague was coming; only in an age of science where we can create plagues can you can be sure of it. That’s called common sense, common sense.

At the beginning of the show tonight I talked about people like Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Huxley and others bewailing and bemoaning the fact that health improvements and standards of living, hygiene, better food and medical treatment were dis-encouraging the death rate to increase. They wanted it to increase you see. They were terribly afraid that all the common types would outbreed the elite types; the “junk genes” in other words, that’s how they got their little in-house joke about us the people. We are all junk genes. If we weren’t junk genes, we’d be at the top because we’d be bred selectively, very specially, carefully selected for male and female and offspring, as the elite are. That’s what they married for. They don’t marry because they love each other. They marry because they want offspring to inherit the family estate inheritance and they live through their progeny, just like the ancient pharaohs did.

Just to show you that they mean business and they’re going the whole way, from Canada is the Globe and Mail, Tuesday, February 26th. Here’s a report by Martin Mittelstaedt, the environmental reporter. They even have environmental reporters and you know whose payroll they’ll be on.

“Hollowed out of a sandstone mountainside on a remote Norwegian island, a newly constructed planetary depository for seeds from key agricultural crops - dubbed the doomsday vault - is receiving its first samples this morning. The underground, bombproof shelter, financed by the Norwegian government and located in the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean, is designed to safeguard the genetic diversity of the plants backing the world's food supply, in case political instability, nuclear war or climatic upheaval over the centuries wipes out key seed varieties from their countries of origin.”

Alan:  What he hasn’t mentioned here is that there’s also private foundations involved in this.

“The vault has the capacity to hold a hoard of about 2.25 billion seeds, enough to preserve every important agricultural crop on Earth. But it will inter for safekeeping today an initial shipment of 100 million seeds from 268,000 varieties of wheat, barley, lentils and other crops, the beginning of a genetic trove that could come in handy for future generations.”

Alan:  But not for us. Back after these messages. Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt from Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller and we’ve got about half an hour to go and I’m trying to get some information out there to the public in the meantime. Although I will be back, mind you, at 8 p.m. on my own show. I’m reading just one little red herring and I mean red herring. When they publish something in the newspaper about storing the world’s seeds, believe you me, they have about nine or ten other ones – it’s a magician, you see, “watch this hand.” That’s how everything is done. “Watch this hand” and they have all the money in the world to play with because they tax it from us, you see, so they can build these things all over the planet, but “watch this hand. Watch this white glove and don’t watch the other one.” That’s why they publish things like this. No doubt during a catastrophe, or if there was a catastrophe, which they’ll bring on and it will be man-made for sure and planned that way, and people try to head out to this vault they’ll probably find there is not much in it, if anything at all.

I’ll continue with it anyway as they give us more of this.

“The vault opening "marks a turning point toward ensuring the crops that sustain us will not be lost," said Cary Fowler, who helped assess the feasibility of the storage facility as executive director of the Rome-based Global Crop Diversity Trust, a plant preservation group. "In the case of a large-scale regional or even global catastrophe, it is quite likely that the seed vault would prove indispensable to humanity," he wrote in a report being released today that describes the thinking behind the creation of the vault, which cost about $9-million and has been built to withstand everything from global warming to nuclear war. "Given its location and construction, the seed vault would likely survive almost anything."

There are currently about 1,400 collections of agricultural seeds spread around the world at plant breeding facilities, in agriculture ministries and universities, holding about 6.5 million different cultivars, or crop varieties. The new vault has been designed to gather samples from these collections and store them in a secure facility, ensuring that if anything happens to the original seeds, backups will be available to guarantee the unique genetic resources aren't permanently lost.

Alan:  Then it goes on and on about this one here, but believe you me, this is part of the red herring idea. The real ones behind this are secretive and will never appear in a newspaper. I watched a program a few years ago on public broadcasting on a rainy Sunday afternoon about facilities they call “arks” run by the World Wildlife Society – big, big foundation with lots of pull. Look at the top-ranking members who also push the global catastrophe scenario and who also believe in vastly reducing the world’s population and this particular wildlife facility was in Louisiana. Big estate, massive buildings and the woman who was in charge of it was also a professor at one of the major universities down there and it’s a cryogenics laboratory, one of three they claimed worldwide; they didn’t say where the other two were. In it they had every gene from every living species of every creature on the planet.

I’ve no doubt too, they’ll have the majority of human genes there too, if they ever want to re-create particular types of human servants or slaves. The woman was asked if they’d used this artificial insemination process after taking the genes out of the cryogenic state and successfully gave birth to anything, and she says, oh yeah, many times. They could even take, say, wildcats out of it, bring them back to a certain temperature, carefully nourish them, put them in an artificial insemination into even a domesticated cat for part of the pregnancy and then move it to another animal creature. It didn’t really matter who the carrier was or what the carrier was and it would give birth. Now that also means they could do the same to humans and she said that was one of three worldwide; but the same scenario again for worldwide catastrophe or coming plagues or whatever it happened to be.

The elite are so far ahead of ensuring their own survival it’s beyond any scary movie you could ever imagine, so I often wonder too – you see this whole idea with the International Space Station (or ISIS as it’s commonly called amongst the in-group), if that’s also another ark because it’s a perfect place to keep all the genetic material of the planet. You wouldn’t need very big deep freezes up there in space to have everything you need to “reseed” as they call it, reseed the planet, should they go the whole way with all of their ideas for annihilation. These are the maniacs, the psychopaths who naturally are in control, because I’ve gone through talks on this psychopathy before. Psychopaths crave power. Psychopaths prefer to manipulate others to get their way. They get others to do their work for them. Psychopaths can sometimes go into the military and become top generals and leaders and so on and they also crave power in politics. They also get to the top as CEOs of big corporations because they are ruthless. They are utterly ruthless, another trademark of the psychopath.

In a financial system – to be honest with you, I think the financial system is their system going back thousands and thousands of years with the advent of money. They don’t care what money is. You’ll always get the same – as long as there are people in charge of it deciding what it’s worth and running it and telling you every day what its purchasing power is. Everyone has a fear, a natural fear of poverty, sickness, not being able to get health treatment, food, all the things that you need money for; as opposed to a natural system where tribes took care of each other without money and they did that for thousands maybe even millions of years beforehand. We forget that all the time.

Money literally destroyed all that and put certain people in charge and it also enabled them to get in and accumulate money, those who wanted to get up the ranks, the psychopaths. It’s a psychopath’s dream the commercialized system. They can’t help but get to the top because as I say they are utterly and completely ruthless. They don’t care who they destroy. They don’t care what tactics they used to get there. They sleep very well at night and don’t need sleeping pills. Those are the psychopaths so this system is run by psychopaths and the problem is they’re interbred. Plato went through in his book “The Republic,” his utopia, and he himself remember was a member of the aristocracy and he put it down to “good breeding” as they say. In other words, they selected their mates perfectly. Money would marry money, which meant that both male and female came from families that clawed their way up or slaughtered their way up to the top, so they obviously already had traits. He said they could also breed working class people the same way as animals. They can breed traits in or out of the domesticated animals. If you want a guard dog, you don’t get a Labrador. Labrador’s are bred to be very, very happy types of dogs and retrievers. They don’t necessarily look like guard dogs to you. They’re not ferocious that way. You can breed traits in or out of humans the same way.

They’ve always given us good shepherds down through the millennia. The animals forget what they’re there for. How would any animal call its keeper its farmer good when its only purpose is to feed the masters? Be slaughtered and to feed the masters or to clothe them, or to earn money for them by being sold to someone else to eat. It’s almost fascinating how we call ourselves sheep. Sheep are domesticated animals, millennia-long interbred, specially-bred domesticated sheep that initially came from types of goats. Goats are wild. Goats climb mountains to get away from hunters and enemies, but domesticated sheep are different.

We are domesticated. That’s the problem and we’re domesticated through many, many, many means, not just programming, through a cultural system that you’re born into. You’re domesticated now with attacks literally on the brain, where specific parts of the brain are targeted by viral warfare purposes and techniques; and I’ve always said that’s what inoculations primarily do. Babies have tremendous fevers after their first inoculations. Where is the fever centered? It’s centered in the head. Doctors are told in training that this is all normal. If they just stopped and stand back from their training, they might start thinking because wherever you have inflammation you have the death of tissue. Some of the big characters have written about this too.

Lord Bertrand Russell said by the use of even the needle they could manage the population, by the use of the needle make them docile. Think about it.

Now I’ve got Tim from North Carolina. Are you there, Tim?

Tim:  You know I was thinking about when you were initiated into these orders. It seems like to me that they’ve done the same thing to the public, the same logic to it, through school and such as that. What do you think about that?

 Alan:  You’re quite right. In fact, Albert Pike in his own writings talked about this being a Masonic system, meaning they give us education, culture and so on, which they did. They were the guys who spearheaded it and not only education, which is a good thing if it was real education, but an actual indoctrination process, you see. He said there are many out there who are Masons although they haven’t gone through the higher rituals. They’ve never been initiated. You see, you’d been initiated already if you’re born into a preexisting Masonic system. It’s all through your school system. When you used to stand up outside schools in military fashion, that’s all from freemasonry and marching and everything came from freemasonry from the Templars; so you’re born into a freemasonic system already and you don’t even know it. Everything around you is freemasonic. They champion their mandate and their mandate actually, the higher mandate that Pike and others put out, mandated the end of private property, the restructuring of family. Well now you have new types of families now if you notice. They also talked about science and nature’s science and the laws of nature is how they often couch it, meaning science itself would rule; and the natural aristocracy, meaning the experts, would have the right to rule the lessers; and the end of even a particular type of financial system would come into play. They do work towards what they think is a utopia. The guys at the bottom don’t know much about it; they’re not too bright. You are in a Masonic system. Their symbols are all around you.

I once sung in a Gaelic choir at junior school. I think I was about ten years old or so. We won what they called the “mods” that was the Gaelic choir contest in Scotland. We won it that year and we were asked to sing at the opening of the Presbyterian Church for Scotland – the National Presbyterian Church. Actually, it’s a worldwide one and the BBC was there. They filmed it and so on. Massive church in Edinburgh we went to and I saw these guys with their black gowns with what the Masons they call their “jewels.” They have the particular objects that they carry back and forth. Well, these guys went back and forth like sergeant majors dressed in these black gowns and they were marching and they were doing about-faces, proper military drill, and I said what kind of religion is this? Well of course all the religion came out of freemasonry, the Presbyterian movements, and if it didn’t come out of it, it was certainly taken over in a hurry. You’re watching military Masonic drills take place and the public haven’t a clue what they’re actually doing when they see this being performed.

Tim:  We’ve been exoterically bent one degree at a time, haven’t we?

Alan:  Yes we have.

Tim:  A different question. Was that guy William Cooper for real?  Bill Cooper.

Alan:  William Cooper started off initially in the New Age movement. He had been in the U.S. military. He was convinced it was aliens that was doing all of this and in his first talks around the country he was completely sure of this. Then after an accident and coming across some characters that were following him, he found out that he’d been used and given false information, prepared for his role in fact. I’ve always said if you want a fool to fool others, you get a willing fool, someone who truly believes it.

Tim:  Well that’s what I heard him say. He said exactly that. That’s right.

Alan:  Then when he’d realized he’d been used and even when he was in Naval Intelligence, that false information had been passed around across his desk to con him, to fool him, then he got really angry and started to expose it and he went to Area 51. He did put out a video on Area 51 and you’ll see these craft coming out of the ground and streaking across the sky and he said the same thing, they’re making these craft here, and he got very bitter to realize that he’d been set up over a number of years while in military Naval Intelligence.

Tim:  Yes. I got that book “Behold A Pale Horse” and it’s pretty – it’s looks on the money to me.  I’ve been reading it. I’ve got through with that “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” too, very interesting.

Alan:  [That’s a fantastic start] and now we know they have them because now they’re publishing the fact that they do have these and they’re using these weapons on the public as they spray the skies, as they use the HAARP on top of it and so on. They’re using these quiet weapons.

Tim:  Yes. I tuned into I think it was 4813 kilohertz on the shortwave and I heard the whooshing sound you were talking about. 

Alan:  You’ll hear it in a few different places. Sometimes they’ll alter it from morning until night. In fact, it’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week now and that’s the HAARP technology pulsing away as they spray the sky.

Tim:  See, I had all that stuff in school about waves and carrier waves and modulated waves and I kind of understand how they’re doing that, but that’s scary that they can do that all over the planet.

 Alan:  Yes it is and they’re also using satellite technology in combination with it and we know for instance that the treaty that was signed in the ‘70’s at the United Nations on weather warfare, they can also affect your mood, make you angry, aggressive, passive, whatever they wish according to the frequency they decide to use.

Tim:  I’ll let somebody call in. I hear the music.

Alan:  Back with more after these messages. Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and I think we can fit our last caller in. There’s no name here but it’s a caller from Maryland. Are you on the line there?

Maryland Caller:  Yes I am.

Alan:  Yes, go ahead.

Maryland Caller:  I have a question. Do you think seeing that the elite or some of their families have figured out how to carry on their own consciousness through their progenies and that’s what motivates them to plan so far ahead?

Alan:  It’s interesting because in ancient mythologies of Egypt they used to have ceremonies called “opening of the mouth”.  A ceremony when a pharaoh died and it was claimed of course by the priests, who always come up with mumbo jumbo, that they could move the spirit (the deceased) into either a statue temporarily if the prince was away out of the land and then eventually put it into the prince; the idea being that the wisdom of the father’s spirit then went into the young guy and that’s how.  In other words, through – it’s an idea. However, we know that they’ve been working on engramming the brain patterns of people. They’ve been working on this for a long, long time. They’re way ahead of anything that they ever publish in a science magazine and although they have published that eventually (and for the lower science magazines, which is what you think are the top ones, they’re actually low magazines) they’re telling you that the time is shortly arriving when they can take the memory or all of the engramming and brain patterns of a person and put it into another person – and also they could erase the complete memory of another person and then reprogram it with someone else’s memory; or clone themselves, a perfect younger version of themselves, and then download that memory into their new body. This is all fact. I mean this is what they’re working on heavily because these characters truly do believe that they should be immortal physically as well as spiritually.

Maryland Caller:  In the news when people are said to die. For example, Ken Lay of the Enron Corporation and then the Pakistani woman Benazir Bhutto. For some reason it just doesn’t strike me as true. My gut feeling says they aren’t really dead. Are people being skirted off somewhere in preparation maybe for a cataclysm here?

Alan:  It’s very possible if we see an awful lot of that happening then you’re probably quite correct. It’s quite easy for the big ones to arrange worldwide televised scenarios if they want to skip out of the limelight and come back with plastic surgery or whatever, reconstruction. It’s not a difficult thing at all. In fact as I say, the more you promote it the more everyone will believe it if you do it on a wide scale or a dramatic scale, so it’s very possible. We really don’t know. We’re kept in the dark at the bottom level. We’re like mushrooms.

Maryland Caller:  If we’re thinking they’re getting that far with the engrams, still that wouldn’t explain why thousands of years ago they were still behaving as though they were coming back. I mean it indicates that maybe they can do that without technology.

Alan:  It was always their goal. That’s why they literally went to such incredible lengths to preserve the bodies of the pharaohs and created a religion to do with perpetual return of spirit into body after death, the KA and the BA and the other three; so you’re quite correct. That’s always been their intention and they show it through their religions.

That’s the music coming up for the end of the show now.

Maryland Caller:  Thank you.

Alan:  So we’ll talk to you again. From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.


(Transcribed by Linda)