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February 15, 2008


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller for the next couple of hours and this is February 15th, 2008. For newcomers, I always ask them to look at my own website. That's where you'll find hundreds of hours of talks from the past to listen to, which help fill in all the little blank spots that we have in our remote and even recent history. I show you all the various groups that make up the big monolithic structure that we call the New World Order and I tell you where it's going and the methods it's using to guide us all there. Look into and download the transcripts of these same talks. You can print them up and pass them around to your friends in the various languages of Europe. 


What's happening today to most people is just a feeling of uneasiness because we live such short lives and when we see things rapidly changing in our own lifetime we get kind of nervous. We get nervous because being human we like to have a sort of permanence throughout our lives in some form or another.


You'll notice even today in any town, even villages and so on, buildings go up and last about five, ten years then they're knocked down again. That's also intentional so there's no feeling of permanence there. Not so long ago you could grow up and walk the same streets or country roads that your grandparents walked and sat under the same trees as they sat under too. You had a feeling of belonging and that's all been eradicated by design because the society that’s being created is a form of transitory society. We're all supposed to be on the move in the near future by various means, of course, including terror, plagues and all the rest of it and economic collapse. That can be found – at least the economic collapse part can be found in Jacques Attali's book called "Millennium" and he was no little fellow giving his opinion. He was the man who helped spearhead the European Union. When he talks about American in "Millennium," subtitled "Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order," he said that people will be leaving America; they'll be the next boat people looking for work abroad. We're all supposed to be transients in the near future.


In fact the new nomads will be a form of bureaucratic class who help managed the rest of the world and they'll go from city to city wherever they're put for two months, three months at a time and then they move on, so everyone's to get used to this idea of no real permanence in their lives. That way we can be controlled, all of us in fact, including the bureaucrats, all the easier. However, traveling is not for everyone and that's the reason they're bringing out the ID cards. You won't be allowed to travel unless you have a perfectly, perfectly clear record of utter groveling obedience to the system. Anything you've broken at all in the past, maybe even speaking back to your teacher, will be on your record and you're a trouble maker, so you'll be stuck back home where they'll be no work or whatever or put into a certain little enclave they'll have set aside for people who don't fit in, at least in the intermediary stages.


I'm not joking about this. As I said at the beginning of this talk, we hate change. We're human beings. We like some kind of permanence, but over 100 years ago what's happening today, the machinery of what's going to make it all move, was set in place 100 years ago. Big foundations, myriads of groups including The Fabian Society where in motion to create this wave that took all this time, 100 years, to manifest itself. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt filling in for John for the next two hours, just going over some of the forces that work behind change because there are very real organized forces. Nothing happens in the history of the modern world without it being planned that way and we do see the ongoing plans as bureaucrats and different factions of governments across the sea all the time and taught to their cohorts in other departments – similar departments bypassing Congresses and Parliaments and all the rest of it. A process that was actually set up as far as the League of Nations, the precursor of United Nations, and they've been doing that for over 100 years now. About 100 years now is pretty well close to it. H.G. Wells, a member of The Fabian Society, one of the big groups that was set up that calls itself sort of left-of-center but really it was chartered again by the Crown of England to lead the people who were the working class along a certain path believing it would be their champion.


They have a Marxist outlook and they're often blamed to be Marxist, but there's nothing Marxist about them. There is no left and right paradigm here, but what we have are simply agencies set up to lead both sides and any other sides in between, they'll always give you their leaders. That's what they planned when they set up The Fabian Society in England. The Fabian Society had the exact same agenda that the later Natzis were blamed for having. They weren't talking about eliminating poverty by giving everyone work. They also went into eugenics, a big, big part of their program, eugenics and breeding. They blamed the poor being poor because of hereditary defects in their genetic structure. Their idea was to eliminate this eventually through science and through governmental implantation of laws and regulations to limit such inferior genes from manifesting as human beings.


In other words, euthanasia would be used for certain people, sterilization on a mass scale and all of that stuff. All that beautiful stuff that came down the pike in the 1940's was also discussed at The Fabian Society that was set up at the beginning of the 1900's, again sponsored by what they call in Britain, The Establishment, meaning the Crown royalty, all the hundreds of families that still control Britain. All that way from the Norman era and they all go through the Norman lineages, so they set up this Fabian Society and they also believed in a particular religion. In fact, all of the agencies and societies and big foundations believe in a particular religion, a religion which is based to begin on Darwinism. Darwinism with his right for the survival of the fittest and big powerful institutions were set up in the 1800's in fact.


Cecil Rhodes was just one front organization again given permission to exist, chartered by the Crown. It merged with Lord Alfred Milner's Round Table Society and became the Royal Institute for International Affairs. That was to recruit most media personnel into the organization and politicians who could have dual functions supposedly serving the country and at the same time swearing allegiance to a global governmental system and they would shepherd whole nations of people along a certain path, a pre-destined order of things where no inferior types would eventually exist.


The Fabian Society's part in that was to lead the left-wing along the same path and they would sponsor non-governmental organizations paid for by the big institutions that the people thought were philanthropic (charitable in their ways) and they pay these non-governmental organizations to come into being and champion all these causes supposedly on behalf of the people. At least that's how the general public would perceive these groups, championing their rights, but everything that the non-governmental organizations demand the governments are only too happy to comply with and it always means a new layer of bureaucrats making laws and regulating your life, which is exactly how the plan works. That's the exact same system as the Soviet system was set up to be. Soviet means rule by councils; under the pretext of speaking for the people various organizations would be formed. Workers organizations, certain factory organizations but the top leaders were always picked by the politburo.


Here the top leaders for the NGOs, the ones that are acceptable to the United Nations (and look at all the lists of them), it's quite interesting to see who’s on them. The leaders are picked and funded by the big foundations who then lobby governments to demand certain laws and the governments play this little game of "we're glad you asked. We were ready to do it anyway. We just happened to have this bill drafted up," and that's how the con game works and they pretend that we live under a democracy.


We live under a scientific dictatorship. Everything in this system is run and regulated by science and technocrats. The definition of a technocrat was given by Professor Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy & Hope" and his other book "The Anglo-American Establishment," where he goes through much of the history that I'm just giving here. He said technocrat is someone who may be elected sometimes into politics but generally is appointed and they come out of politics as advisers and so on and they're funded heavily, given tremendous power, more power than the politicians are given, to work behind the scenes. They're the movers and shakers who get things going, get things together. They're the fixers who travel the globe and they don't have to respond to the public for anything that they do because they're unelected. That's the Kissinger types and the Maurice Strong's and a whole bunch of other ones.


They also move in and out of the United Nations positions and you'll find the same thing with the guys I've just mentioned. Technocrats. They're not responsible as I say to any public comeback for anything they do and Quigley said that they who wield the real power are content with the knowledge that they have real power; whereas real politicians do not have the same amount of power because they are answerable at least in theory to the public and public opinion. Therefore, 100 years ago everything that's happening today was written down and debated how society would run. How every segment of society would be run. How children and what ages of children would be targeted. How the school systems would be run. How they could even take children at school and possibly use drugs if they became a nuisance or they were a bit too bright and inquiring. A hundred years ago because they had to make sure that coming through this big transitory phase from a very old way of living. It wasn't really that old. We came out of serfdom, had about 150 years of temporary possibility of individuality and now we're back into the mass man again.


However, they didn't want us going through this big change, the big, big change to serve the world system, with bright people, well-educated people within society because they could possibly lead the "mob," as they call the people, against those who planned this particular future. Therefore, means had to be found and devised to test them at school and pick out the possible troublemakers.


Now remember these characters at the top believe in evolution and that's only one part of their religion really, but they really do believe in it sincerely.


Now why should they believe so much in it?


It's because the players who write the big books advocating certain changes, the ones with power, come from these particular ruling families, very, very old families that go down through history, the monied ones that move. They move down through time and create empires. They create capitals of finance and then as they pull out, they move to their next heaven or Babylon, they collapse the system behind them and yet even as they collapse it they still leave it in an impoverished state and yet part of a bigger empire, always creating a bigger and bigger empire.


H.G. Wells, a founding member of The Fabian Society, goes through some of that in his various literature. Wells himself was trained by Sir Thomas Huxley, the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley. Sir Thomas Huxley was one of the best friends of Charles Darwin and he took up the crusades for Darwinism when Darwin died. He recruited Wells and many other well-known writers of the period who became well-known writers. Their whole idea was to influence the public through novels mixed with science and psychology and try to teach the people the "virtues" they called them, virtues, guide them along certain paths and ways of thinking that would fall in line with this Brave New World that they wanted to bring in. Fiction, very intense fiction, very graphic visual fiction too, because we imagine things so perfectly well in our minds if we read a good author, they would lead us along certain paths of thought where we'd accept sciences we had not seen yet come into play. That's predictive programming they call it. Many of these guys became very, very popular and they also had their movies made from their books. I'll be back with more about this after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller and like that song, if you heard the words, it's "The End of the Innocence" indeed. We can't really pretend much longer that we didn't know what was really going on. Getting back to some of the earlier years of those who created the big machinery, people who work literally intergenerationally to bring their plans about. That's why one of the organizations, The Fabian Society, used the name Fabian because the Emperor Fabian was known for his long-term planning almost like a chess game and he knew eventually if he did put out a few ideas here and there, put out certain people who could stir up thoughts within society or even his enemies within their gates, he could eventually take them over maybe 50 years down the road. That's how they work. The present bunch work in much greater lengths of time periods and they had the beginning of the New World Order to be kicked off in 2001, planned at the beginning of the 1900's.


Lenin talked about it. Lenin and all the other factions of the world were all funded and set up by the same people who already ruled the world. As I say, they always give you the groups to join. They look at society overall and they look at the comebacks from society, different segments and sections of society. How these people would come back at them by forming their own groups and therefore the easiest way to manage that is to start up the groups yourself, pretending to stand up for the people or the segment of society and put in your own leaders. Any ones that spontaneously do manage to crop up and keep financing themselves, which is a hard thing to do, you simply put in your infiltrators who eventually start doing more work than anyone else; and being so democratic as all these institutions are, eventually that person who does all the hard work, licks all the envelopes and so on, gets voted in as president and then you're off on a different course all together. Old, old techniques that are still used today.


Remember, they always give you your leaders to follow and if nothing else, they'll keep you going in circles while the big agenda is steamrolling ahead. The whole thing works on the premise that we the little people at the bottom whose lives are so short and remember it's not just a short life we have. We are different people throughout our lives. We're very, very different people at the age of 15 to 25, even 35, 45 and 50, we're learning all the time. Youngsters are really part of the mass group. They don't have their identity yet. They're struggling for it and in the struggle they conform before they find it. They conform to the peer pressure and they adapt. They want to belong. You don't start to mature until you're in your early 20s, really mid-20s even today, and you're in the workforce and then you're scrabbling for a living, so you're so preoccupied; and they discussed this back in 1910 what I'm talking about right now. Then, by the time you start catching on something is wrong, you're looking forward to a pension. You're scared to rock the boat unless you lose your job. Maybe they'll kick you out and punish you. Maybe you won't get that pension, so they're afraid.


They worked out all of the stages that they would bring in, but they also realized they'd have to start the whole ball rolling quickly to give preliminary tests of their agenda to see how it worked on the public. It would show up the weak spots that they hadn't planned too well and they'd go back to the drawing board and reintroduce it more perfectly. That's why they gave you the Roaring '20's. They called it roaring because it came in with prohibition, something that was unheard of because booze has always been used as a great tranquilizer on the masses for centuries and centuries and centuries.


The great Egyptians used to give even their bureaucrats about five gallon of beer per day. That's why they've got all these screwy pyramids that are kind of off-kilter and it's never really changed. The elites made sure that if nothing else in the Soviet system at times in the big cities you might have to queue up for some beans for hours but you could always get a quick bottle of Vodka. Here they are, doing something that's against their usual principles to keep the masses happy and prohibition came in so quickly and easily. They had their big men put in in advance.


In fact, the guys who led all the illegal stills and so on, the big boys, the Bronfman's and so on, were brought into the country in the 1800's where they sat and did nothing for about 20 years. Then suddenly prohibition came in and just as suddenly they had the apparatus up working – all the lines, how to transport it across Canada into the U.S., and even the Kennedy families and many others, many well-known families today made their millions during that period. It wasn't just booze. It was cocaine as well.


Cocaine was brought in and they made it very enticing to the youth who want to be bad and naughty again, you see, to go into these booze cans, the illegal booze cans, get their booze and they gave the Charleston dance and the miniskirt and encouraged massive promiscuity. However, because of the fallout in society with venereal disease, it went rampant and they didn't have the antibiotics either to treat it with, and also the children who were being born and they didn't have all the abortion setups. They didn't have the pill. They had to go back to the drawing board, so they had music, promiscuity, dancing, miniskirts, pushing sex, but they didn't have the rest of the sciences just yet. Back with more after the following messages.


Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, filling in for John Stadtmiller, talking about how long-term plans, plans that work in centuries are laid and how they're implemented and how those who live through the big changes generally are the last to really understand what's really truly happening. They certainly don't see the long-term planning. They don't know their recent history is kept out of mainstream media but it's found in special publications and special magazines and also magazines put out by these organizations like The Fabian Society and books written by their members.


Going back to the Roaring '20s and the fallout that happened when the teenagers and youngsters suddenly went crazy, being advised to have such a great time, which they did naturally, and they had all these unwanted children. The big orphanages sprung up. The big Boys Town type orphanages sprung up and it didn't work out so well. However, it was a big test so they went back to the drawing board. They got their governments to use tax money – people's tax money to put it into massive research on ways to find contraception. That was done and then they brought out the same package deal for the 1960's and called it "Flower Power," something they borrowed from an experiment in 1920's Germany because that's where the first flower children were brought out on an even smaller scale in experimentation. Everything is linked together.


In the '60s they made sure they came out with the pill. They also had antibiotics and tried to con (which is a very good con) the public that they could pretty well clear up any kind of sexually transmitted disease, which wasn't true at all of course. Anyone who works in the profession knows that, but they certainly did push for that and then the way to get the population decreased is quite interesting because it goes against what we normally think of as logic. They use a different type of logic. They come from a different direction. The whole idea was to create massive promiscuity in the hopes that people would find it harder to bond the earlier they started having their adventures and especially if they had multiple partners. Something that Lord Bertrand Russell was talking about, he wrote a book called "Roads to Freedom," another big player who eventually we found out later on after World War II was working in MI6 in his later years.


These characters are all interrelated. Left wing, right wing, the aristocratic society, members like Russell all worked in core groups like MI6 working on behalf of the elite, the establishment, the Crown and that establishment that was firmly in place. They introduced as I say this promiscuity angle knowing that not all girls would take contraception and sure enough there was a lot of unwanted children, put it that way, or premature children and how do you deal with that? Well, then they funded the big feminist organizations. They brought them into being. Do you know that all these NGO groups get money from the government to lobby the government and the government will say "the people have demanded" talking about these NGO groups; they say "the people have demanded" and we will pass this law or that law whatever and out came the mass abortion clinics.


That was also to get the public to accept the fact that we're just another animal on the planet, because once we start to dehumanize ourselves from a rather sacred position then hell is the limit. Not the sky, but hell is the limit and that was the intent. So by encouraging promiscuity you can actually get a completely different end come to pass and that is getting society to discredit or at de-evaluate humanity. Until now it's quite accepted that we are just another animal, not a very bright one, and there's too many of us and they have to bring in eventually mandatory sterilization. Something that didn't begin – the Natzis are always given the blame for starting something off and it's not true at all because the Eugenics Society funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and headed by them were ahead of all of them. They were promoting eugenics from the 1930's onwards and they had laws eventually passed in different U.S. states that killed thousands of babies, not fetuses (a fetus is just a baby that's not out yet), and they got away with it for donkey's years. They also had people who they deemed unfit – unfit members of society, genetically inferior. They had them sterilized. The same bunch who ran all of those different parts of the previous era are running the present and they're running what's going to be the near future to becoming the future.


How is this done?


It's because foundations are set up with mandates. H.G. Wells and Russell and others have talked about it. They said that foundations can literally work in hundreds of years with a specific mandate hiring people, retiring people as they go. Their workers who never, ever – who spend a whole life working towards this mandate. That's how they can bring it to pass. We, who are not in these big institutions, are lucky to have a job that lasts two years. We think in very short-term projects. Foundations go on and they can bring about in true Fabian style their mandate into fruition.


Here we are, where a lot of what was planned including the total destruction of the family unit, which was mandated to be, they had to destroy the basic family unit. Well discussed, well written about because it was still the remnant of a little tribe and the ultimate goal for government was to have everyone numbered and everyone would be accessible by government authorities and no member of a family or relative would stand up for you. Everybody would be separated from everyone else. You'd be on your own, which would make you feel psychologically – just psychologically completely exposed and invulnerable and inferior. Discussed again back in 1910 and on and on it goes – mandates.


Now how do you get the youth to do what they do?


It's very simple. They're hormonally driven. We all know that. We've all been there, but the youth while they're at satisfying their hormonal drives and the mating imperative, as they call it, don't see the big picture. They're having too much fun. They're part of the mass people. They haven't had heavy responsibilities come down upon them and so they take it all for granted. All mammals take into for granted the society they're born into. If a parent doesn't know to warn them, the mammal (and this goes for all mammals) will see nothing wrong with anything within the system that they're born into. They won't ask why money is used or why we use this or that or the other. They accept it all as being quite natural. Cell phones are natural. They call themselves the cell phone generation. So much so, that social norms have already altered because they don't know what boundaries are any more. They've done studies on this and children will chat with other children even in the classroom on their cell phones and it's acceptable. They'll blurt through it all personal information to people around them. They don't care who's listening. They have no conception of privacy whatsoever. They have no idea of the value of privacy.


When parents phone them and they're in class they immediately pick up the phone and answer right there and will have intimate conversations. They don't know how to address people who are older than themselves. The boundaries have been broken. The norms are gone and they're being taught to put all of their information up on internet sites via the different companies they log on to and sign up for. Once again, they don't think there's anything wrong with that, because in this society for the general population it's to be an open society where all data, everything on you and about you, is to be instantly retrievable by government agencies.


How far back was that written about? 1905 and here it's coming into play, step by step, Fabian again, and the public live through it and have no idea how it's really happening. They think it's just some bad people who are in government at the present time.


The old movie called "Network" said it all when the main anchorman on television came out in front of the TV audience and he said why are you watching us, the TV crew? He said you're the real people out there. We're fake. We're the illusion; yet people have been trained through excessive television to want the fantasy life better and more than reality. Fantasy is better, reality sucks, as they go into a virtual world.


That's where we are with this and they're steamrolling ahead, a world with no privacy where children have no conception of the past or why privacy was so important in the past and why it's still so important today. They can't imagine in their teenage years that the adult population would allow anything really serious to happen to them. They can’t imagine that. It's almost unthinkable because even though they think they're young adults and all the rest of it, they're still really dependent upon the adults for everything that they have and the adults surely wouldn't allow nasty things to happen to them, quite natural response.


However, if the mammal can't warn its sibling or its child because it doesn't know itself that things are wrong, then the child won't have much of a chance themselves. They'll take it all for granted that it's normal. What do you do? You give every agency that demands it all of your personal data. That's what's happening and that's where we are with it and we know the ID card once again was discussed back in 1905. It was also reiterated in the books put out by Lord Bertrand Russell. Read up "Education and the Good Life," one of his many books, where he talked about eventually credits being used. Money can be anything at all, it doesn't matter, as long as the public are conditioned to accept it and he said eventually that governments will issue so many credits per week for your spending because in the future there will be no private property.


It's interesting that the abolition of private property was a mandate that came out of the high Masonic groups including Albert Pike and also through the Marxist groups. The abolition of private property, you'll find it as far back as Plato in "The Republic" because under the guise of a talk with one of his students, Plato talks about this utopia they could bring in. He said here we are with our landed estates where we have to pay servants and have horses and so on and pay for the attendance of those horses and the feed of them and the repair of the buildings and worry about stealing, replacing valuables that are stolen. He said it would be better if we have the people pay for the upkeep since we are ruling them; so technically you would own nothing if you were a member of the upper elite. It would be a form of some public/private corporation, a trust you might say, and the public would pay for anything that disappeared or broke or had to be replaced. However, the public themselves would have no private property. Only the thing was, no one else was going to pay for anything that was stolen or taken from them.


That's the same system that they're heading towards today with Agenda 21 from the great United Nations. Remember, UN is just French for ONE. It's the ONE. Everything in this world is to become the great ONE. George Orwell put it in a better way. He said "in such utopias some people are more equal than others" and that's exactly the point. It's a tiered system of class, very rigid, more rigid than any one that's gone before, because there's only the masses who really in the future will be mainly superfluous. Again, a debate they've had for over 100 years. They saw this time coming when machines would be so efficient and even robotics would become so efficient that they could do away with so much of the menial laboring jobs at the bottom. They then discussed the need to reduce the population.


H.G. Wells promoted a figure of 1.5 billion people maximum; and as far as I can see, they haven't changed that today. Jacques Cousteau, the great guy who loved little fish, the fishy fish and little furry animals, detested the common people. Hard thing to swallow, isn't it, when the guys you've been brought up and watched and been fascinated by tend to be such monsters in reality, because he gave pretty well the same statistics to a magazine that was interviewing him.


You find the same with the great David Suzuki of Canada who is a geneticist who works for the big high world Wildlife Fund and other institutions whose goal again is to reduce the population and create this great paradise of happy habitat areas – only not so happy for the peasants. They'll be in overcrowded cities like "Soylent Green" the movie and the elite will be living in their very high-tech scattered abodes in the country, like the dachas of the Soviet system, because they serve the system. Quite the world they're bringing into place and meanwhile we're dancing our way through it and gorging ourselves on fantasy and television and emulating what we see. I'll be back with more after the following messages.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller. I'll be on again tonight at 8 p.m. on Cutting Through the Matrix on this station talking about how things don't simply evolve. The machinery is set in motion generally 100 years at least before the events start to show themselves to the general population. When it does show itself the public are stunned, confused, angry, irritated, but definitely they never really understand what is at stake, what's happening and how it's come to be. They tend to think that present politicians have just implemented something out of some kind of crazy scheme that popped in their heads and nothing, nothing is further from the truth.


Remember that Karl Marx wrote about the European Union back in the late 1840's. He talked about the unification of the Americas at the same time. He also talked about a Pacific Rim region; 3 great trading blocs with a form of provincial government within each that would be subservient to a world government and we think that's coincidence. Here was a hack journalist, Marx, who was put up in a very wealthy apartment, very expensive apartment in London and funded to write that particular manifesto. There were many other people who participated. They just put his name on it eventually because they wanted him to be a main spokesperson.


Interestingly enough, I think it was the third or fourth edition of that book that Marx wanted to dedicated it to Charles Darwin, but Darwin, who was over the moon to have been asked, decided to decline because he knew they had roles to play and Darwin technically had to pretend he was still a member of the right-wing type elite; whereas Marx's job (and I say his job) was to start off the head of the left-wing elite. That's how the game is worked. It was worked out long, long ago.


Here we are, again, 150 years later, watching the unification of these places happen because that's how long they've been at it all and World War I and II were absolutely necessary to bring this about. Professor Quigley again said wars aren't just fought for gain. That's part of it. The big corporations that rule your country always profit and plunder under many guises and they never call plunder. They use different terms and they always go to "free people," just like the Romans were "bringing civilization to the barbarians" as they plundered all the barbarians' countries. It's no different today. However, the main purpose of war was to change society. All societies on all sides are changed as government implements policies, takes over the basic necessities of the country (and that's farming et cetera and business and production) and sets up all these layers of bureaucrats to run the ordinary citizen's life for them. That's the main purpose of it and he said you can get more change done in five years of war than 50 years of peace and propaganda.


I'll be back with more in the next hour after these messages.






Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt standing in for John Stadtmiller. I'll be on for the next hour. Also don't forget I'll be on at 8 p.m. as well on Cutting Through the Matrix and before I go to callers, I just want to read something that falls right in line with what I'm talking about to do with this wonderful eugenics policy, a plan that most people can't wrap their heads around because of its intricacy. So detailed too, when you go into the old books and when you understand it you see it fall into place. You see it happening around you today amidst a welter of confusion from people around you. They have no idea what's really happening.


This is from the Daily Mail, the 15th of February 2008. The headline is interesting.


            "Why we should sterilize teenage girls…temporarily at least" by Faye Weldon.


It says:


            "Last week, an intriguing proposition was mooted by Government minister Dawn Primarolo. Teenage girls, she said, could be steered towards what is described as "long-term contraception". This is now possible thanks to the development of contraceptive jabs and implants which can last up to five years. In other words, there is a way of effectively sterilising girls for a lengthy period of time. At what age? Well, doesn't 12 until 17 sound rather sensible?"


Alan:  Now remember the old saying that they've had in politics for over 100 years and the saying was "for everything that happens in government and policy there's always a very good reason given to the public and then there's the real reason."


I'll continue with this article:


            "This would have the advantage of bringing down the teenage pregnancy rate, so high in this country it makes us a disgrace among the nations - the worst offenders in Europe."


Alan:  We'll stop here and just go back over some realities that's omitted here, but this is predictive programming the way it's written. The youth have been given this nothing but promiscuity – this promiscuous culture rammed down their throats since they were born. They've been ramming it down their throats – I had it rammed down my throat too growing up and we've all lived through it. Everything is aimed at the youth. It's nothing but sex, sex, sex, so the media industry that's controlled and authorized by the top to promote this very thing and this is the outcome. Here they are, exactly as I said about how do you get abortions into place? How do you get sterilization going et cetera? You make the problem happen. You create the problem and then go for the solution you see.


            "The abortion rate would fall sharply. And silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers…"


Alan:  You see that's what you're for. This is a typical bureaucrat talking. Your job in this life, your reason for being is to be a taxpayer.


            "…not benefit recipients."


Alan:  Now I'll be back with more of this article after the following messages. It's very interesting. Hi folks. I am Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller for this coming hour. I'll be back on later tonight at 8 p.m. on the same station. I'm just reading an article that fits in with what I'm talking about from the Daily Mail from Britain, talking about how sterilization and so on is not so bad an idea after all and I'll go on to callers after I've read this.


It says:


            "The abortion rate would fall sharply. And silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers, not benefit recipients. Now, many people will see this modest proposal as little short of horrific - nothing less than state interference in our reproductive lives. But think about it: it might not be such a bad idea. We are moving into a science fiction age in which life itself can be created in a test tube, and it seems that, before long, perfect babies could be bred at will, largely free of hereditary disease and illness."


Alan:  Now that's straight out of again H.G. Wells' books from the early 1900's. He talked about the elimination of inferior types. How they'd breed them out of existence or simply euthanize them and get rid of them.


To continue with the article:


            "So, in my view, there is little point any more in feeling shock-horror at the idea of mass sterilisation."


Alan:  This is in the newspapers, mainstream newspapers.


            "Neither do I believe it will encourage "promiscuity" because girls will feel they have nothing to fear in sleeping around. In truth, they seem to be doing that already."


Alan:  Of course they are. It's been promoted everywhere you look.


            "I'm afraid we are now in a time when sex is mere recreational pleasure to thousands of young women."


Alan:  That's what it was intended to be when they brought out this system.


            "The trouble is that pregnancy no longer holds the fear for teenagers it once did. The social stigma has gone. Indeed, for many, it seems, a child has actually become a kind of perverse badge of honour. Obviously, there are millions of sensible young girls, but for many, having a baby seems to be the logical, and even desirable, result of their teenage flings."


Alan:  People should read this particular article because there's so much spin in it. So much disinformation that's also predictive programming and the writer, the author does not go into the history and does not go into the fact that the culture industry created the very problem in the first place and they did it intentionally so that writers like this could write this kind of stuff exactly at this day and age that we're going through now.


Now we've got Moe in Oregon. Are you there, Moe?


Moe:  Indeed. Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Moe:  Thank you very much, Alan, for taking my call. There is a few things I need to talk to you. First, the thing is last time I talked to you about rebate of one's tax that similar package that they have passed and three days ago it was said rebate at once and today they have changed the information a little bit and then I called Ms. Vought in IRS and she doesn't know anything about it. She said to me – I asked her simple question. Is this real rebate or is this rebate at once and are you guys going to charge us tax on that? I mean for example I'm married and I get $1,200 extra, do I have to pay you back and how much am I going to give you pay back on 2008 income tax and I ask her so much this, she says she doesn’t know and then I told her I need to talk to your supervisor so I talked to the supervisor. Supervisor said I'm sorry we don't have any information. So they asked me to tell everyone call their senators. They called both Houses in United States and tell them what the hell is this. We want real rebate. We don't want at once and if it's--


Alan:  The thing is, this con has been pulled year after year for the last 50 years and you're going to get nothing back from government. Government takes. It doesn't give. Government does not create wealth. In fact it exists on your tax money. All of the things that it hands out to NGO groups and so on is all from you – see, you're a slave. That's the bottom line. I've talked to people in government in Canada and they tell you quite openly that everybody works for the government. We all work for the government. We are a slave to government and so you're not going to get justice in this fake system because it's not meant to give you justice.


It's meant to create an illusion that you have a right to do one thing in democracy. Look up the one thing you're allowed to do and that is vote. Yet they'll present the people to vote for you to vote for but that's the only right you have. Once they're in office they can do whatever they want and even put handcuffs on you, they don't care and you have no comeback on what they do. You've only the right to vote and that's a fact. People have inquired into that under democracy. What are our rights and especially in the British system and the British Commonwealth system, and that's the only right that you have. You have no written constitution or anything really. We have this farce of a one for Canada but that was put out by Pierre Trudeau who was a member of the Rhodes Scholarship and the inner circle at All Souls college and he also played the Marxist side too when he was younger. He was allowed to play all sides and he made sure there was no right to private property written into the Charter of Rights for Canadians. So we're conned left, right and center and you can complain and complain to the massive bureaucracy as much as you want. You will not get anything back from them. It's separate from the people. It's so high – it's an ivory tower on its own, that there's more deception than real informing to the public. It's just so far removed. It's a dictatorial massive bureaucracy and there's no way really that you can fix it as far as I can see.


Most decisions remember are taken by councils within bureaucracies. We don't vote for bureaucrats. We have no recall of any bureaucrat. They're basically given a free reign to do as they do. The politicians are just front men that go in. They're appointed to certain departments, health, environment, whatever it is for a year or something and they depend on that top bureaucrat who is there for life. He's the only guy who knows the mandate for his particular section and he is the real boss. He informs the little front men called the politician what to say. His boys write the scripts for them and the politician fronts to the public. It's all a farce.


Moe:  Exactly indeed. I mean this was the object for my prior information I give you last week or 10 days ago and I will give an update because I am international journalist and I work with many radio stations, and anyway, people need to be right on the track. If you get this rebate check you will be ending up to pay with the interest and God knows how much they're charging you and you might even if they--[AUDIO DROPPED]


Alan:  Hello, hello? Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I think we were cut off, Moe, not from this end, but I understand what you're saying and if you take this particular rebate you'll be charged interest down the road and it's probably going to be compounded per day until you end up paying it back.


Now I've got Patrick from the UK there. Are you there, Patrick?


Patrick:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Patrick:  First of all, thank you very much for your consistently good program. You are the true historian educating us all, but just regarding Charles Darwin could I ask you a question. The BBC are forever promoting Charles Darwin. Isn't it true that Charles Darwin when he was studying man and animals had no interest in proving that we're descended from apes until his youngest daughter died and he suffered terrible grieving at that point? From that point on, he set out to prove that there was no God. Am I correct in that?


Alan:  It's partly myth. I'll tell you because when he came out with "Origin of the Species" it had already been written by his grandfather.You see this is a family thing. The Darwin's are an interesting family, one of many families that became well-known in Britain and doing the same thing as many of these families. They were already practicing his theories before he was even born because the Darwin family only interbred with the Wedgwood family. His grandfather married a Wedgwood. His father married a Wedgwood. He married a Wedgwood. When his wife died he married his mother's sister who was also a Wedgwood. They were interbreeding for what they already believed in was genetic superiority even before he was born and he did the same thing.


Patrick:  I see. And just another thing, you may know this. I know you’re very up to date on what happens in the British media. One of the biggest suppliers of vaccinations in the UK, Paul Drayson was [inaudible] into the labor party and is now in the government and he's in the Department of Defence and all this, but therefore you have government fear of promoting as you've just touched on, a vaccination for 12-year old girls to prevent cervical cancer, eight years ahead. While the statistics prove that that is a very, very small disorder and disease, isn't it?


Alan:  It proves that but also the big Merck company I think is behind it. Now Merck has already published a statement saying that their goal is to eradicate amongst the population of the world only two or three types of viruses. Now there's dozens of them that infect the venereal problem and this supposedly only going to affect two or three of them; so you're right. It's a miniscule amount and since when do private corporations mandate government policies to the public?


Patrick:  And put in the House of Lords to promote vaccinations in the Ministry of Defence as well. But thank you very much for program and I just wanted to clarify that point.


Alan:  Yes. Thanks for calling.


Patrick:  Thank you. Thank you, Alan.


Alan:  I'll be back with more after the following messages. Hi folks. I am Alan Watt filling in for John Stadtmiller and we've got half an hour to go. We're just talking about Darwin with Patrick from the UK and it's amazing how they can present fallacies to us – but they're not in the business. The media is not in the business of really informing us of truth; it's meant to fascinate us and have us all talking and parroting what they tell us and that becomes your general conversation, what's on the news the previous night or the History Channel or whatever. The History Channel is full of so much bunkum it's just, to me, that is fantastic. That's a fantastic voyage if you watch that nonsense because whole chunks of history and reality are taken out of the past, but then, like George Orwell said, "all the bad stuff must be put down the memory hole where it's burned and lost to the world."


Darwin was an amazing character. He joined the Royal Society as his father before him. The Royal Society is a freemasonically created scientific society and they're all again integrated with the CFR and so on. They're all part of the same thing, same sort of networking groups. It's meant to be an elite organization that asks you in as a member. You can't apply and be taken in, but the Royal Society goes back quite a ways, quite some time.


They were the guys who funded big expeditions into Africa for Livingston and other people, not just under the guise of spreading the jolly old gospel to the poor natives who didn't understand that Jesus could save them from everything that they had to own at that time and that the British wanted to take over. They funded people like Livingston to also start up enterprises in Africa for the elite themselves and of course they all got shares in it. It was highly integrated too with the East India Company, again owned by the Royal families of Britain and Holland and some other countries in Europe all working together. Countries are nothing but corporations with figureheads at the top of the particular symbol that runs them and corporations go into countries under many guises. They've always used religion. They always put in their advanced guards and that's generally ministers and so on who will then "soften up" the heads of the natives who generally should fight them and kick them off, but once your head is softened up and you're taught not to kill and you start to lose those things you think my God I'll commit a sin. God will see me doing it and then you become prey to the top predators on the planet who follow in behind the ministers with armies, and that's how the British Empire was created.


They send in the softening up crew with their little black books and then you back it up with the red tunics and the bayonet, all again going back to big institutions – big institutions that work with government for an establishment that does not run by democratic means or methods. It gives you the pretense of helping to run your government by giving you a vote in something called "democracy," so as that a preexisting plan can be put into being and fomented down through time. Without democracy, they'd have revolutions every few years so we are allowed to vote every few years hoping things will just get better and it never does. Everything that happens in society, just like the article I read from the Daily Mail, here they are blaming young girls for promiscuity and meanwhile the same characters from the same media elite have been promoting nothing but have fun, have fun, have fun. The fashion industry works hand-in-glove with them. They advertise through the same media and you have also the TV working at it to create this promiscuous society because that's the agenda.


As Bertrand Russell found out in the 1920's, the more promiscuity you can promote the less chance there is of a male or a female bonding for any length of time down the road. Very old technique, works very well, but they always like to blame the victim. Remember the abuser always blames the victim for what happened. Psychopaths are known for that. Psychopaths can stand up in court and say amazing things about their victims no matter what they've done to that victim and they'll rationalize it in such a way that only a psychopath could possibly accept because normal people could never. We are run by a scientific elite who generally are picked for their own psychopathic traits.


Quite a system we live in, isn't it, and there's so much confusion. We've lost all of the old ways: the bonding, the things that kept us all together, the empathy that used to help us through the bad times, empathy for others who would then have empathy for you when you went through the bad time. Government has stepped in and set up welfare agencies, childcare agencies, all these agencies that take away all the rights of the people to help each other in a natural way. Those agencies then become authoritarian and then they dictate laws to you, big difference, and that was planned as well and written about how it would be done.


I've lived through a good part of it, watched it implemented and the public are completely ignorant of how it came about. Last night, on another show, I talked about how authority is obeyed, how we're taught to obey authority through experiments. Get the book called "Obedience to Authority" by Stanley Milgram, interesting read. Back after the following messages.



Hi. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and I'm standing in for John Stadtmiller. Look into the show tonight at 8 p.m. I'll be back on again on the regular show on the same station. For those who don't have my books, look into the site. I have and you'll see how to order them. Also, you can send donations. That keeps me going. It's expensive keeping all this going here. I don't ask any of the stations for money. I don't get paid for what I do. I do it because it has to be done. I do it because someone had to come out for the first time and cut through this mess that we have. Even within the patriot movements, you give them a higher, more full understanding of not only where we're going but how we got to where we are. You've got to understand the past to know how it all comes together and you've got to look through all the big books to find out where they plan to go with it. Nothing but nothing is just happening by happenstance in this system. It's planned that way.


Wells himself talked about two world wars would be necessary, both with Germany, in a fictional setting. He wasn't a lone author. He had a whole staff of people and writers working with him, paid for again by the establishment in Britain. He was given the agenda by the associations he was brought into, which included professors. Professors from the biggest universities in England who worked themselves on this particular agenda and he wrote stories around them – predictive programming stories. He wrote "The Shape of Things to Come," the two world wars with Germany and then a third world war would come. The last war supposedly the British forces or this scientific elite of the superior types, the natural aristocracy as they call themselves at the top, they would eventually go into the country they conquered and set up a world air base where they would become the policemen of the air. They call themselves "a Freemasonry, a new brotherhood of the air."  That's in his book.


Try and get the old black and white movie. It's very well done and a rather quick version. You can't get all of the book into a movie but they got a lot, an old black and white with Raymond Massey called "Shape of Things to Come," but the interesting part – there are many of the interesting parts but this is one of them. It was the fact that the country they eventually conquered and set up their base for the world where they could gas the people around the world who didn't comply—subdue them, tranquilize them, kind of like the spraying we’re having today—would be based in Basra. Basra in Iraq and where did the British troops go in when they went into Iraq? The U.S. went to the north and Britain based itself in Basra. What a coincidence – all those years later. They're very good with their coincidences because there's nothing coincidental at all.


Long-term plans including wars are discussed by big think tanks paid by big institutions not to make mistakes. That's why the best minds in their particular fields are brought in by these agencies and paid handsomely to keep quiet about what they're really doing. A good book to read, I was just thinking about that, was called "Darwin and the New World Order."  That's for Patrick if he's still listening and the author was Ian Taylor. Ian Taylor is a scientist in Canada I believe and he has the documentation on Darwin and his inbreeding and much, much more to do with the whole theory of evolution. He demolishes it scientifically. He tells you it's basically a religion that's promoted by the elite. Very interesting book, "Darwin and the New World Order."  You may be able to get it second-hand, I don't know if it's still in print, or try your libraries as I always advocate the libraries. It's good to keep them going because eventually you'll find on the internet all the sites that give you books will disappear and you'll be left – unless they're leaving you trash. Perhaps that will happen too.


I know that when you go into the main ones for dictionaries and so on, it's just like George Orwell said, every year they're getting thinner and thinner as they create linguistic minimalism. That's the fact that if you can eliminate descriptive language from the language itself and reduce the vocabulary, you cannot convey full ideas to anyone. George Orwell had it in his book, "1984," a Department of the Dictionary, and when they reduce it to state where it's very difficult to get an idea across there'll be no more terror. You can't be a thought criminal if you can't convey your message to someone else. Quite simple and they call it "linguistic minimalism" at the top. That's being done. Look at the dictionaries from 100 years ago. Look at the ones today.


Youngsters pick up and mimic what they hear on television the new words they're given and they repeat them just like monkeys do. Monkey see, monkey do. That's where the new vocabulary comes in. It's a minimalistic vocabulary and rather than explain in a sentence in detail what they mean, they'll say "totally" et cetera and "awesome", eventually it'll be "plusgood" and "plusbad." That is part of the plan.


It's interesting that George Orwell also put in his book "1984," written in 1948, they simply reversed the last two numbers, and the original book he wanted to call it "The Last Man," meaning the last sentient man but it was his publisher who wanted to change it to "1984".  It's all about the last sentient people and what you'll have to go through including how they torture people and have them say anything, confess anything to the whole world on television, just like these characters we'll shortly see that the military's been torturing for six years in Guantanamo Bay. They're going to take the can for something they probably didn't do.


Nothing, but nothing happens by chance. We’re living in a big drama, a big drama where all the main events are scripted for the public, where the public have been brought to such a low level of understanding where baseness in all areas has been promoted to the nth degree that there's no critical thinking abilities left within them. Look how long they'll drivel on something like a murder in the newspaper, O.J. Simpson for instance, or pick some little starlet that's no different from millions of other women in reality and have millions of people talking about them as though it mattered.


They say there's seven billion or more people on the planet but they can get half of it talking about one little person as though it really mattered. Meanwhile, the important things are missed by everyone. The things that matter in your personal lives are missed. You're wrapped up in fiction. There's nothing that comes across television that's true. Nothing is true. Nothing is straightforward truth, never will be. It's an illusion and it's a great tool. It's conditioned so many generations already. We take it all for granted.


Years and years ago, I think it was Vance Packard that came out with the book, the first book to the public. It was already available for people in marketing, all that information, on how the advertising industries would train us to be consumers and how they had the best writers to put little jingles out with just the right notes that children would pick up on and repeat, coupled with words. "Repetition," as it was said by Russell, they would change society by slogans and repetition. Karl Marx said the same thing, so did Lenin. "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent."


I saw a video that was incredible to me where they saw summer camps for children in the U.S. where people from the big industry, McDonald and so on had the children singing the McDonald song like a choir in a field. How can parents give over their children's minds to corporate advertising like that to be indoctrinated to be good consumers? And those same parents run off to clinics to try and get the obesity of their children down or little Johnny is rather sick. His bones are poor when he's eating all this junk. We are run by the television. It runs peoples lives. They're addicted to it. It's hypnotic. The cycles per second on the screen are hypnotic. They match your brain pattern to put you into the alpha state. It was designed that way from the beginning.


They knew it would work too when they put cartoons on years and years ago during the day. It starts when mommies get up and dads get up and that child is plunked in front of this television where the first indoctrination starts. Someone sent me just recently some of the latest cartoons for two year olds and one and a half and two years, just plunk them there, visual images, and over and over again the whole stories about the greening of the planet and how to save the tree, how to save the grass and that's the whole plot the little cartoons. No sequence lasts more than two and a half seconds because if a child looks away for a half-second it will lose the thread of the story. That's intentional. It's a science. We're run by sciences, sciences which had become perfected during the days of Skinner and since his day. These sciences are perfected and they are targeting every age group. Everybody has their target.


We're all a target audience and when the teenagers become 25 it's a new audience. They're targeted because they know how you're going to feel, what you'll be doing when you're 25 and what will be uppermost in your mind. They'll target you at 40 or 50 because now you're becoming the pensionable age you see and the things that are on your mind. Then they target what they call the "snowbirds," those with the pension money.


Beria, the head of the Secret Police in the Soviet system in the 1920's and '30's used to give speeches to the International Communist Committee. The Comintern they called them and the Comintern had branches in every country including Canada and Pierre Trudeau led the Comintern bunch over in 1952 from Canada; and Pierre, being a good Rhodes Scholar for World Citizenship, worked all sides of the fence. Carroll Quigley said that. Their members are allowed to join and actually lead sometimes all kinds of parties and they even support dictators. They played the game with everyone you see. However, Beria said that it used to take 70 years to train a population for the slightest change in their culture, meaning it had been done before obviously. It took 70 years. He said but now in 1930's he says we have it down to a fine art where we can upgrade the culture every five years, meaning the children in five years time that go into school will be given a little bit more of what they're going to face when they hit 20 or 25. The next intake will be given a little bit more yet. In other words, you accept what comes along quite naturally if you've been conditioned at a very early age. It's a perfect science.


It isn't just the children that are updated. Years ago the so-called Red Bishop, he was actually an Archbishop of England the Anglican Church, wrote many books. He belonged to the big UN agencies and he was all for global governments and everything that it stood for including the reduction of population, the reduction of the "unfit" as they called those at the bottom, just like H.G. Wells. This Red Bishop wrote a book and it was about continuing education and all through the book there's nothing about going to night school or anything like that. It was all to do with propaganda would be the education itself and how they'd have to continuously throughout your entire life "upgrade your program," you might say, to get you to accept and accept the next change that's coming, the next change that's coming and the next change that's coming.


Continuous blasting propaganda from all magazines, all newspapers, all TV, radio shows and all the rest of it and all media in other words would be used to make everyone think that everything was developing naturally, but meanwhile every individual was actually being upgraded like a computer program. He spoke on behalf of these big foundations, these powerful institutions that were already hard at work running the world and bringing in this great New World Order – this scientific dictatorship that Aldous Huxley talked about, Aldous, the grandson of Sir Thomas Huxley (Darwin's friend).


Meanwhile, Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley was the first president for UNESCO. These families have agendas and they breed their children and raise them for their part in the agenda. Julian Huxley gave speeches about UNESCO, this United Nations Educational Society, to bring in a common culture which would obey the world authority – very obedient culture. You should read the writings by Julian Huxley. They're just as bad and horrific if you understand what Aldous was talking about. Aldous Huxley thought it was fantastic, this Brave New World idea. He thought that the ability to breed new types of superior humans – superior in the fact that they could do the jobs better, that is, without any complaints, even without the possibility of complaining about their stations in life. He thought this would be marvelous and from an aristocratic point of view it would be because that's what they mean by a utopia: when the general public cannot even think to complain. That's what it's all about.


Now we've got Richard in Alabama. Are you there, Richard? Hello Richard?


Richard:  Hi. I want to ask you a question about the way John McCain shakes hands and signs autographs. He always holds his elbows up high. Is that a Masonic symbol or something?


Alan:  The Masonic symbol you'll see everyday on television. You'll see them, it's hand-to-hand. They step in with the right foot, that's toe-to-toe, knee-to-knee. They hug each other. The left hand goes to the elbow then to the back then they whisper in each other's ear. You see it all the time between all these top people across the planet. Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller and we'll be back in an hour's time. Is Richard still on the line?


Richard:  Yes.


Alan:  If you see them, the politicians meet and I saw it even during the Soviet Era. It was quite funny to watch where presidents would meet the presidents from the Soviet and so on and you see archenemies meeting other archenemies, supposedly, and you'll see them facing each other. They give the right hand shake. The left arm goes to the elbow. The right foot goes into the right foot as they touch foots and then it's knee to knee. The left hand moves from the elbow of the other guy and goes to his back, and it's cheek to cheek, and then they whisper something in each other's ear. That's your "five points" as they call it. That's the low meaning of the lower five points of Masonry. There's higher ones as well but that's the low level one. You see it all the time as they go through their routine for the public.


Richard:  But the elbows up is not a Masonic symbol?


Alan:  It depends if he's holding his forearm across his chest. Generally, they use a sort of 45 type degree, sometimes a 90 degree.


Richard:  I just noticed McCain he does all his autographs with his elbows up and he does his handshakes with his elbows held high.


Alan:  It could be, but I don't know. Generally, you'll see them too, they often make the square with their foot. They call it the square where they splay their feet to create again a 45 to 90 degree angle. There's lots of different signs they use including verbal signs, but they'll all be Masons for sure at that level, you can take that for granted. 


That's what happens. We have systems within systems and brotherhoods within brotherhoods and you can't really get up to the top. It's well known that even at the bottom if you want to get ahead in society you join one of the lodges because you "get up the ladder" as they say in finance and success. You also cut petty bureaucracy. That's what they let known to the public. You can bypass a lot of the petty paperwork and get things done very quickly. If you're in a good lodge you can go to the bank manager and get a loan the same day. It’s all approved and it will be in your hands before the bank shuts. There's lots of little perks they get too, tax breaks and various other things, if they say all the right things to the guy that comes and accesses their home, so you can't get to the top without belonging to one of these particular organizations.


It's the same with the females too. The side lodges they call them. They don't get into the higher secrets although they think they do. That's well explained by Mackey in his "Encyclopedia of Freemasonry" and others, but everyone that's anyone on any board in your area, town or whatever, male or female, will belong to the local lodge.


Richard:  Does the Prince Lodge have any real power?


Alan:  Are you talking about Prince Hall Lodge?


Richard:  Yes.


Alan:  Albert Pike authorized the startup of it and it does have power. Remember, it’s an elitist organization that pulls men out of the masses, so even though you think you're following someone who looks like you and appears like you, he believes himself he is superior and that's why he's been pulled out of the masses. They give you your leaders. All peoples have them. They have them in China too and Japan. Well, that's the end of the night I think coming up here and I'll be back later in an hour's time.


From Hamish and myself, up in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)