Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" on RBN:

"We Go Through the Abyss, Stumbling for Sight,
with the Goal in Mind, There Will Be Light"

July 11, 2008

Title and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 11, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, on the 11th of July 2008. I’ll also be on, an hour after I finish up here, on “Cutting Through the Matrix.” I always start off my shows by advising people to go into the website, and looking through all the many shows I’ve done in the past tying up all the loose ends of histories and organizations that control the past, the present and if they get their way they’ll pull off a brand new stunt for the New World Order that they’ve had in the making for a long time. Go into the website and you’ll find lots of histories on this particular agenda. You can also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe.

Isn’t it amazing, the speed of transition from one system to the next since 9-11 happened in 2001?  For most people in the world, who do float through their lives, they’re not conscious generally, they think that the media must be telling the truth, that circumstances outside of politicians’ control and governments’ control just happened to have set us on a path where we must lose all our freedoms in order to have security. See, the big lie is just that, because it’s your freedom that gives you your security; and I don’t think people have thought that through at all; it’s the only safeguard you have. To give you security, is freedom. When you have no freedoms you have no security because you have no rights. This technique of creating terrorism to quell the people into compliance into a new system is ancient. The ancient Roman tyrants used it all the time and standing armies were always turned upon their own people. That’s why they had a big debate about standing armies when they formed the United States; after the Revolutionary War they got round that by forming the Marine Corps, it was still a military, but technically it belonged to the Navy; that was the big mistake.

Right after 9-11 happened, every media on the planet the very next day went into action, asking the man and woman in the street, “would you give up your rights and freedoms for security?”  That doesn’t happen by chance; why was that the main question asked across the whole planet? It’s because we’ve been global for quite some time, with a shadow government, a parallel government as Professor Carroll Quigley talked about, that he knew had been on the go since the beginning of the 1900’s. It took years and years of bureaucrats back and forth to other countries to sign agreements to create the conditions necessary to bring them all in on the same anti-terrorism bills and acts and security measures, at the same time, right after 9-11. Bureaucracies do not work quickly, it takes years in preparation for them to get anything done, never mind when it takes international co-operation so that they’re all ‘on board’ and they come out at the same time with the same bills. Nothing happens by chance, nothing, and I’m going to explain more of this after this following break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, and I think there’s quite a bunch of people gone off to some big march in Washington, I think that’s the reason John’s not here. In fact, I’m out of the loop this last few days, so I’m not sure what it’s really about and how many people are turning up at it, but I’m sure it’ll be quite some fun.

As I was saying, we have to start to get out of this linear way of thinking that we’ve been trained into, where we think that things evolve daily and politicians deal with problems that just crop up like weeds that come up through the grass as they happen, and deal with it for us. It isn’t until you go into the history books that you see that everything is literally planned way ahead of time by big foundations, big international meetings. When you go into the books of communism, where so much of this was written, and remembering too the evidence that communism was a creation of the West, it certainly was funded into existence by Western powers and Western banks and Western aid, and kept alive during its whole existence by the West; it isn’t until you go into their books, where they talked about their sciences of communism and their theories, and you find speeches by Lenin and Stalin and others. Lenin said that communism would probably last about seventy years and then it would blend with the West, and out of it would come a new system, not quite capitalist, not quite communist; it’s the new ordered socialist system.

What is socialism? Like so many things, it has different meanings to different groups, just like communism had a different meaning to the three tiers of groups in the Soviet Union. The Politburo were given the real agenda, the lower bureaucracies were given a different meaning, and the man in the street was given ‘we’re all in it together, it’s to better us all.’ That’s how things are done, and socialism is done in the same way in the West. We know for instance that those that controlled and run socialism ran it from the Fabian Society, set up by multi-millionaires such as the Astors in England, and they took on board prominent authors. Authors help sway the minds of people, that’s what writers are for; today, movies and so on have taken over, because we’re programmed through fiction. Fabian Socialism talked about the planned society; we’ve all heard of Planned Parenthood, the organization set up the Natzi and communist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. Well, we’re going into the planned society for the world and it’s a eugenics society, where even in the 1700’s those who were financing the industrial revolution in Europe were talking about a post-industrial revolution, where there’d be too many useless eaters and they’d have to start culling them off, either through wars or other means. They even discussed in the 1800’s, right into the 1950’s, using the needle, inoculations, ‘the needle’ they called it, to create crippling diseases and compliant societies; Bertrand Russell used that term.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media, whose job it is, being an essential arm of government control, keep people running around with trivia and things of no real import in their lives. It was decided back in the ‘60’s to bombard the public with a surrealistic media, including the news, where sports and Hollywood and celebrities would be mixed in with tragedies and wars and starvations across the world, until nothing is real anymore; it’s all mixed together in an almost fantasia, a dreamlike state. It’s hard then to come away after watching people starving somewhere and crawling around on the ground as they die, mixed in with some bimbo in Hollywood who’s just had the recent affair or latest boob implant or something like that. You don’t come away with the import of the topic; it’s mixed up with all this incredible fantasy, that’s psychological warfare which is used on the public. It was used, too, during the Vietnam era, where people would come home from work and gradually be accustomed and acclimatized to eating their dinner while watching people getting blown up and napalmed on television, until it became regular fare, as we all became desensitized.

More than that, those that planned this New World Order that was to kick off in 2001 had to – being long-term planners as they are – raise a whole generation of children up into adulthood with a different type of culture, with a different world view, with morals given to them by the state instead of the parents. They gave them the most debased society, becoming more and more and more debased with their music, their dress codes, the ‘me’ type generation, egosyntonic behaviour, because people who have no moral codes scream out for it, especially children – Hitler knew this, the Young Communists league knew this too – children who don’t have codes and rules and morals to follow will gladly come into armies where they do give them those very things. That’s why the Young Communists league and the Hitler Youth flourished as those same organizations using psychologists, who were telling their parents ‘don’t scold your children,’ etc.; that’s still used today. People who are not bonded together, there’s no binding there, there’s no bond in society, are easy prey to be manipulated, until we have a whole society where the government can literally bypass everyone around you and come right down and speak to you and no one, no family member, will stand up in their way or help you.

A generation has grown up with video games – video games, which is admitted by the military, were designed for the military to desensitize soldiers from killing. It’s not a natural thing for the average person to join the military and actually go and kill someone just like that. They found out during the American Civil War, after the biggest battles – and yes the tests and the surveys were going on even then – that in the battlefield only about fifteen percent of those who were dead on the field had actually fired their muskets. Video games took over from human targets, human paper targets. Video games were much, much better, especially when you get it into the minds of the young to act automatically as a game, and you go in and kill the enemies with no consequences, no reprisals coming back from society; and when you go into the real combat zones you act the same way – there he is, bang, he’s dead. A whole generation were raised and given an amoralistic-type culture where anything goes, they were told there are no values, values are constantly shifting according to the needs of the society of the day; it’s called moral relativism. We see the outcome everywhere in society, but these people do go into the military and do their job very well – raised on purpose for a war that would come down the road in twenty-odd years, which is here, now. That’s planning, and nothing evolves in this culture or this society by itself.

People always harp on about Adam Weishaupt, as though he was the creator of a system that started this esoteric movement towards global government and the domination of a few over the many; and nothing is further from the truth. He was only one member of one particular branch, who had a very loud mouth and took the heat for all the rest of them. He was arrogant enough, being a good little psychopath, to admit the ambitions of the organization; but he did say something very interesting, he said: Through the creation of philanthropy and foundations (in other words, what we think of as charitable institutions) they would guide the whole of society into this new system; and that’s what we have.

People think of democracy as rule by the mob; that never existed either. Democracy is chosen by those who rule the world, who really rule the world, not just govern it but rule it; democracy was chosen because the masses will always vote the way they are directed. However, within democracy, if you look into the meanings and the definition of democracy, the Western world, the Western countries will say that it’s ‘rule by the majority for the good of the many,’ it’s the most good for the most people, but they say ‘giving particular attention to minority groups.’ Within minority groups come the foundations, multi-billion dollar foundations like the Rockefeller foundation, the Carnegie foundation, the Ford foundation, the Guggenheim foundation, all of these foundations which work together and often have the same board members at the top. Back with more of this, after the following messages.

Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who’s off I think to Washington to the big march that’s on there. I’m talking about democracy and how it was set up to be a rigged game from the beginning, because you have to go into the definitions of it, where minority groups would be given certain preferences, and under those minority groups you have the big foundations – foundations which are incredibly organized with agendas set forth in their mandates, agendas that can be set forth three, four generations, five generations ago, always working towards the same goals. That’s again what Professor Carroll Quigley talked about in his book “Tragedy and Hope.” They don’t lose track of their goals.

You see, we work in a routine our whole lives long, our short little lives, we buzz through it, and it’s unthinkable for us to start something that we can’t complete in our lifetime. That’s why these big organizations are able to do what they do. They do it a different way, they put big money up, they hire people, work them, retire them and recruit new ones generation after generation and never lose sight of their goals. They can make things happen over a course of generations by introducing movements into society which alter the culture and eventually become the new culture. These big foundations all have the same agenda, although they specialize in their own little parts.

The agenda was well written about by some of the protégés set out by Professor Thomas Huxley in the 1800s. He was the grandfather of Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley and he was the best friend of Charles Darwin. He set up what was called the Red Tie School, where certain recruits would be brought in with special gifts – gifts of writing fact into fiction in a form of predictive programming which would capture the readers, leave implanted imprints in their memories on certain topics and they would actually act out these topics throughout their lives. They would look towards this world with glee in fact; they’d want it to come into being the way it was presented and painted to them. That is predictive programming. Everybody who attended that particular school run by this man who was dedicated to eugenics and the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest, everyone who went became a famous author, well funded, doors opened and they had teams of writing staff working for them; these weren’t little fellas working with a candle and an idea, in a form of science-fiction milieu, they had all the data given to them, all they had to do was write a fascinating story to captivate the mind. That still goes on today, by the way, and most big writers in that league are members of the futurist society and they’re picked out to play with the minds of the young, entice them into wanting this Brave New World where everything’s supposed to be very exciting – never telling the truth.

Wells and many of the rest of them were themselves members of the Fabian society. The Fabian society has a window, a famous window where the founders in stained glass are imprinted hammering the world over an anvil, hammering it into shape. Think about that: hammering it into shape. In the ancient occult systems run by ancient aristocracies, which also had no problem in the eugenics sphere, they talked openly about superior types and inferior types. They called themselves gods in ancient times. All aristocracy said they were descended from the gods. You have to ask, what is god? A god is someone who has ultimate power over life and death of others. A god is someone who says this is how it’s going to be, and it is – or else. The Greek philosophers talked about themselves as being descended from the gods. It helps the ego; it gives you credence in a society of mortal people. That also transpired into the Roman system; the Romans were just poor copiers because the Greek aristocracy did not perish when Greece went down, they were moving across a few generations into this new place they were building up called Rome and Rome really, the Elite of Rome, down through the ages, was still run down by the same Greeks who taught Greek, by the way, in their own little circles, not the Roman language. Back with more after these messages.

Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, who’s off I think to the Washington march that’s going on this weekend. Before the break I was mentioning how the ancient elites, just to validate themselves over the peasantry, would always claim to be descended from the gods. Very impressive of course, if you keep an illiterate population in the dark and you tell them fantastic stories, until after a few generations they come to believe you and treat you like deities and gods. It’s not much different than today. Those who rule in this system are technically psychopathic by nature. They’re not only psychopathic by nature, they’re inbred psychopaths who’ve run a system down through the ages of owning commerce and money – money itself being a strange creation altogether. It came between people who would barter; it was the third element. Very quickly the one who introduced the money became dominant over the two people who did the bartering and eventually he owned their supplies of that which they bartered with, and they became merchant bankers.

Merchant Bankers go all the way back to the Phoenicians. Lots of documentation has been done on the Phoenicians, where they made deals with certain little countries to go to war with other countries, countries that wouldn’t let the Phoenicians come in to trade. The Phoenicians had a form of free trade set up on those countries they already dominated and wherever they went they brought the same coinage with them. It didn’t matter whose head was stamped on it, as long as it was the same weight and purity. They also would demand that captured soldiers in wars that they would finance be handed over to them for slaves and they used them to work their gold mines, some as far away as the Ural Mountains. They were everywhere, these people, and they also ran the trade routes. For centuries they brought tin in from Cornwall in England in through the Mediterranean. Tin was used to mix with copper to make bronze for the weapons and they owned the plants that made the weapons of ancient times too. Yet they kept it secret, all these sources of their goods and minerals were kept secret from everybody else and every other trader for centuries because they had a form of brotherhood, fraternity, sworn to secrecy.

All down through the ages we’ve found the same system fomenting wars, creating what’s called alliances, creating empires out of war, until today they’ve achieved a goal, pretty well, of a world system which had to come in their view, since after all, that was their goal. They did a lot of planning to bring in this world system, it wasn’t just going to be some happenstance thrown-together system that would develop by itself, it has to be planned, because if you’re a dominant minority you want to make sure that you’re always the dominant minority and so will your children; they live through their posterity. They wanted a planned society. The age of consumerism is going down the tubes as it was intended to go. China was set up to be the manufacturer for the whole world, good old communist China. Most people alive today have lived through it because most of the factories were going over to China in the very late ‘80’s but all through the ‘90’s. That isn’t ancient history, and because most people aren’t ever conscious, they just adapted to stuff saying made in China on the shelves and didn’t give it a thought. That’s the average person. It’s a sad comment to make but it’s true.

The average person is well understood by people like Zbigniew Brzezinski, who said that shortly the people will be unable to reason for themselves; they allow the media to do it for them. They’ve been trained that way you see. If the media doesn’t say, “stop, think about this,” then the public won’t do it for themselves. They truly believe the media is an extension of their own brain, a survival mechanism that will warn them of any thing or any danger approaching them. That’s why they can be guided through massive changes and never know what’s really happening and be fooled over and over and over again.

A poll was done in Canada for the States, the United States, during the – it’s wrong to say the war on Iraq, it was a walkthrough. This was after the inquiry on Iraq, the war on Iraq, where Mr Bush appeared on national television everywhere stating that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11 and that Mr Bush had never said so. In fact what he said was, “I just said that the man was a very bad man, and the world was far better off without him.” That was his validation for the war on Iraq. Now you should think about that because if he was telling the truth there, which he wasn’t again, it’s another deception, then if one man and a coterie behind him can take whole nations to war because they don’t like someone, we’re in big trouble. Where is the rule of law here?  Really, he was covering up the fact that the big oil refineries, which are really one big company, one big cartel. The big trading stocks are not sold to the public. There are two kinds of trading stocks always, remember, and those who control the real ones, the controlling ones, control the company. That’s why your gas is pretty much the same price everywhere you go; it pretty much has been all your life. It was said that the old refineries would be destroyed, that was in the newspapers in Canada at the time, and the US taxpayer and the Western taxpayer would build brand new ones for this cartel of oil refineries, who are now all back there. You know, all the biggies now, you can pull up their map and you’ll see where they’re situated, they were given brand new refineries, ultra-modern ones, courtesy of you. Plunder goes on as always.

A poll was taken after this and they found that only two months of propaganda by the media had re-convinced the public that Saddam Hussein was the sole cause of 9-11, after Mr. Bush had admitted that it wasn’t. There is the power of the press with repetition, a sad comment to make. Now think about it, when that can be done on a whole society, what cannot be done on that society?

We’re living through this other scam of global warming, a scam well documented in a book put out by the guys who invented the idea, The Club of Rome, the two founders, in the book called “The First Global Revolution,” stated quite clearly – because they like to boast, being good psychopaths – that they tried to find a way to unite the whole planet under an obedient system and they found that only in wartime situations did the people obey and sacrifice, right down to the home and what you eat and everything else through rations. Therefore war was necessary; but war on what, in a global system?  They said “we hit upon the idea of blaming human kind for causing global warming,” they said “that would fit the bill.” That would fit the bill. And from this big premier think tank, the Club of Rome, the idea was put out to the other think tanks, the ones that work it into being, the ones who distribute funding through foundations, to schools and universities and lesser media, to convince the people gradually over time, we’ve had thirty years of this gradual preparation, that we are causing incredible global changes. Therefore we must change our entire way of living – entire means entire way of living – to save the planet. It means that you’re going to be brought up in the eugenicists’ dream.

Strange how it falls into the same old agenda, where you can’t pick your mate; that will be taboo. Not that many do today because, as Bertrand Russell said, if we can encourage children to have pre-pubertal sex, after all the studying that he’d done in his experimental schools, it’s very unlikely that they’d ever bond with anyone for life. And most people think we’re just going through space on this old planet Earth, with things happening willy-nilly by circumstance. The big magic act is incredible because every facet of culture has been designed for you and it’s upgraded just like you upgrade a computer program to suit what’s coming next.

Even Plato, in The Republic, a book which must be studied if you want to know the agenda, something written 2300 years ago by someone who was a member of the aristocracy, descended from the gods as he liked to say, with a chuckle of course, he had some sense of humour, who studied in Egypt and who studied in the Levant, and his third place he went to was India. Ancient India even then had its mystery schools where they taught the mystery of the world, meaning the sciences, but mainly the sciences of how you control vast amounts of people through what we call today psychology and behavioural psychology. Plato laid out the system for the world that would be their utopia, a system that’s coming into being now, where he even talked about in the ideal world they will create new types of humans to serve this elite, this guardian class, all the better. He thought they could do it by selective breeding, intense interbreeding to create perfect labourers for a particular task, different sizes and so on, and also to drill out of the people any aggressivity they might have, make them docile, placid and good workers. He didn’t come up with the idea of genetic engineering, but outside of genetic engineering that’s about the only difference to achieve the end that he talked about. He talked about the guardian class, the guardians who would be the rulers of the world, and how they would be a select group and how they’d have a helping class as well which they’d draw from the lessers; he called the common people the ‘its’ – something the elite still do today, when they’re sipping their brandy in their back-room boardroom meetings. Also he talked about bringing a military into view eventually, which would be comprised of male and female and through that military he hoped, with certain interbreeding between both, they would create a military class separate from the people, a true bonded fraternity that would be separate from society in order to dominate society with brutal force and no conscience.

What’s that got to do with today? Well, we’re living through all the preparations of all of this. We have the army, who’s been given a debased culture, era to grow up in, their paymaster is their boss, because they have no bonding in society, even from their parents if they have two, very few do, and they crave bonding all the more; that’s what happens when you don’t have the two-parent family. The children crave the bonding, that’s why they’ll either join a gang or the military; and the military knows this and they become their father and their brother, and they take care of each other. Because of their debased culture and their conditioning to deprogram them (or to at least desensitize them) to killing, they are ideal soldiers for the task at hand today as they finish off the standardization of the world. The Middle East is the last place to be standardized into this wonderful democratic system, as they call it. In order to be run by world government, theocratic societies had to be obliterated. The existing religions were to be obliterated. Written about in the seventeen, eighteen and nineteen hundreds, the twentieth century right up to today, same targets, same goals. Because they could not have people with a conscience obeying what they though might be their deity, or disobeying their deity when it came to obeying a law from their government, therefore religion had to be done away with. If the government passes laws which are immoral to you if you follow your religion, then you’re going to have a conflict. They don’t want conflicts. When the Waco church was selected for a grand demonstration to the world of being burned to the ground with the people in it – a holocaust you see, the burnt offering – that was to shock and awe the public, and it was a message to everything to do with America, that the old rites are over. The old rites are over. That’s what it was done for. When they were burning it to the ground you could see the BATF hoodlums bowing to the flames. And you think there’s no secret fraternities rampant in the world today?

What I’m giving you is not a pretty picture. You see, most people really want the world to stop where it is right now and just not get any worse. That’s what people will really tell you, “That’s what I want”: “Let me die. Let me retire, live my life and die and then I don’t really care what happens.” That’s how we’ve got to this stage: every previous generation has left it to the next ones, the young ones, to take the brunt of what’s to come. It’s time to stop it – Now.

Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour to come as well, talking about the realities of this world and you have to face the bad news before you can get down to business. You can’t live in denial and people have to stop thinking that they are more important than everyone else, including the children who should still be able to come into this world and take over and live their lives as well. You can’t keep putting off the debt to the next generation so that you can live well yourselves. It’s not fair, it’s not right and it’s not giving them the chance that we as human beings should be giving them. We were dumped upon too, this generation, my own generation, was dumped upon by the previous generations. One generation were given what they thought were the good times, lots of work, plenty of overtime, lots of products to buy, even working people could afford a little boat or something and tow it behind the car and go off to a lake, and that kind of stuff, and those days are now gone.

The ones coming up now see no future for themselves, they are told they have no future for themselves; and you know something? Most of the adults don’t care. When you don’t care, the whole society is gone. To regain a society you can’t regain it, you must create a new society with the real values, the values that sustain life and keep you all alive in the process. Life has been devalued and of course it’s been the point of many debates, people get emotionally involved and heated up into arguments over things like abortion, but that’s not the issue; abortion was meant to get it into your head that you’re just another animal, that was the real purpose of it. Because once you accept that, they can then go to the next step of saying who should be born and who should be eliminated. Remember, they’ve said that, at the United Nations, for this Brave New Agenda 21 Society where everyone will serve the world state, that you won’t be born if they don’t need you. Now you go into another spectrum, the elderly, and you bring in Euthanasia. Then you go to the next step and you start selling parts of bodies all over the planet, just to further debase you and debase you, under the guise of helping people to stay alive. We live in the biggest butcher shop the world has ever seen and it hides under the white spotless clothes of science, but back-doors it’s spattered with blood. And we think this is all quite normal. When a baby’s spine fetches five thousand dollars on the internet towards some scientific society that wants to use it in experiments so they can find some trick for some elderly ladies who are stinking rich look a little bit younger and so on. And we think we are civilized. We have to find what true morality is or it’s all over, and the elite are well aware of that since they brought us into this stage of degeneracy. I’ll be back with more after this break.

Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller for the next hour, and just going over some of the bad news in society. The bad news is never talked about too much. They talk about recent events as though that was all very, very relevant but they don’t go into the deeper causes of things because if you have a society with no morals left in it, replaced by complete immorality which is pushed as the new normal, then you are going down the tubes and that’s against your own survival. There’s a form of collective survival, that’s why you had in ancient times real cultures; you still have them today in what’s called primitive societies. Primitive societies are hated by those who run what they call civilization – meaning, the agenda – because they will not adapt into the system and become dependent on the system. They call them “arrested civilizations” because they can live and make everything they need to live themselves. No importing, exporting, debt or anything else and they are quite content with the tools that they have, therefore they’re called arrested civilizations by those who hate them. All we’ve had in the Western world is histories beginning mainly with Greece; that was taught for centuries in the schools in Europe. We also know this civilization, this monetary system with priesthoods running the whole show, was there at the beginning of the times of Sumer and going off into Akkadia and eventually running across the whole world to the present stage, based on commerce and law. Commerce, money, law. The priests of Sumer used to be the lawyers, they divided up lands, dealt with leases, subleases so on, they dealt with all import and export agencies out of the country. Their biggest importer was from India, Ancient India. Tremendous set-up.

They found thousands and thousands of these transactions. You could even go into a market in Sumer and get a baked receipt in fifteen minutes. They found thousands of them. Nothing much changes in a commercial system. They found, too, the weighing machines using the same scales to weigh out gold powder that they do today; they use the same system today of weights and measurements. They had other sections studying the stars, the solar system, and they had the lunar system and the stellar system – solar, lunar, stellar – because time was very important to them. Even back then, that’s when they started what we see as a work week – see, a work week in a primitive society doesn’t exist. You go out when you’re hungry and you hunt, you come back, you only hunt for about three hours generally and you have the rest of the day to yourself, so does your family. You had a good old time. We’ve been trained in an artificial system to serve an artificial system and unfortunately, nowadays, we’ve been given no other system to opt into. They’re closed all the loopholes over time, especially the last 50 years. When you look in at society from the outside – and you have to learn how to do this, get out of the linear thinking of your indoctrinations, and understand what perspective is, how you perceive things from a certain perspective – then you’ll realize that you’re really a slave as Charles Galton Darwin said, and he said we’re in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. Back with more after this break.

Hi Folks, I’m Alan Watt, standing in for John Stadtmiller, who’s off at the Washington march, I think it’s on this weekend, I don’t know if it’s on all weekend, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it once it’s over, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I’ve been giving you some of the bad news, and being trained in a society from the ‘50’s onwards that trained the public to be egosyntonic – that is do what is enjoyable and don’t do those things which are less enjoyable and also listen to the positive news and ignore the negative – that’s been all through the new age and promoted heavily, and it’s the greatest way to put people into a defenceless situation: you strip them of their defences. If you can’t look at the bad news, you’re doomed. It’s like kind of wearing a walkman and walking up the railroad lines, you won’t hear the train coming up behind you so you won’t know to jump off. This was cultivated deliberately so we’d be like children and accept that special people who come out of special wombs, who rule over us in bureaucracies and government agencies and so on, really are altruistically taking care of us in the best way they know how – like they’re born to serve us in some strange way.

This is how socialism has been gradually implanted very slowly into our minds, until it becomes a normal concept, yet nothing is further from the truth. As I say, you must stand back and perceive from a different way how things really, really are. At the top there’s nothing but incredible corruption, all through society. That’s been the norm all along. Billions go missing every year and heads do not roll. The boys at the top help each other out in their big multi-million businesses, which they’re all involved with; they leave politics and become CEOs of the same corporations they channel money to, to bail them out.

When Bush Sr. left office he was given the head of the CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation, along with a whole bunch of other directorates. That’s how they pay them off. The prime minister of Canada at the time, because they’d both signed the NAFTA deals which benefited these companies, was given a whole bunch of boards to sit on too; he became the vice president of Barrick Gold Corporation. This is the real world, utter corruption from those at the bottom’s view if they know about it; but for those at the top it’s just their daily fare. It’s their due, it’s the real world. They call the people cattle and fools and ‘the profane.’ Those who are kept in the darkness are profane.

We’re the most studied species on the planet and that’s why it’s so easy to manipulate whole nations along certain paths.  I spoke before about slavery for instance. What is slavery? Most people think of the whip and the lash and guards forcing people to do something. When you are working and giving most of your money back to government through taxation, that is the sophisticated form of slavery that Charles Galton Darwin talked about in his book, the big boast I should say, because he called it “The Next Million Years.” He called it that because he and his kind expect to rule the world for the next million years. You can alter perceptions by the alteration of terms, terminology. “Tax” means to force, you tax yourself on a job, you’re forcing yourself. Now it’s something else, that’s how we see it; we don’t see it as being forced because it’s become customary. It’s still forced. If you don’t pay it, you’ll get the force all right. The Force will indeed be with you. That’s the sophisticated form of slavery.  Who brought in the income tax to the Western world? In Britain it was the Royal Institute for International Affairs. In the United States it was the Council on Foreign Relations. They drafted up the whole agenda for income tax and property tax; and the death duties you’d pay as well, on property. Because they go by the old agenda, this new world they’re bringing in, the platonic-type agenda will have no private property; that’s signed into Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century under the United Nations. Therefore, by guiding you through it and by using different terms and terminology, you don’t see it for what it actually is.

They understand your mind very, very well, and how you think, because you think like a computer. A computer has a program and has a language. The person who designs and sets up that computer should know the answer that computer must spit out at the end because he understands its program and he understands its language. We are fed data and we think we are coming to our own conclusions, but we use the language and the language we are given, and the new terms they keep introducing, the new terminologies, and you will come and arrive at their conclusion, very, very simple. Very few people have been taught to reason, and it is an art in itself. Today it’s a battle in order to reason.

Here’s an article from the Herald Tribune, published July the 10th, 2008, it’s also in the Associated Press.

Like the dollar, value of American life has dropped

WASHINGTON : It’s not just the American dollar that’s losing value. A government agency has decided that an American life isn’t worth what it used to be.

The “value of a statistical life” is $6.9 million, the Environmental Protection Agency reckoned in May - a drop of nearly $1 million from just five years ago.

The Associated Press discovered the change after a review of cost-benefit analyses over more than a dozen years.

Though it may seem like a harmless bureaucratic recalculation, the devaluation has real consequences.

When drawing up regulations, government agencies put a value on human life and then weigh the costs versus the lifesaving benefits of a proposed rule. The less a life is worth to the government, the less the need for a regulation, such as tighter restrictions on pollution.

Consider, for example, a hypothetical regulation that costs $18 billion to enforce but will prevent 2,500 deaths. At $7.8 million per person (the old figure), the lifesaving benefits outweigh the costs. But at $6.9 million per person, the rule costs more than the lives it saves, so it may not be adopted.

Some environmentalists accuse the Bush administration of changing the value to avoid tougher rules - a charge the EPA denies.

“It appears that they’re cooking the books in regards to the value of life,” said S. William Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, which represents state and local air pollution regulators. “Those decisions are literally a matter of life and death.”

Dan Esty, a senior EPA policy official in the first Bush administration and now director of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, said: “It’s hard to imagine that it has other than a political motivation.”

Agency officials say they were just following what the science told them. […]

Instead, economists calculate the value based on what people are willing to pay…

Alan: Listen to this:

…to avoid certain risks, and on how much extra employers pay their workers to take on additional risks. Most of the data is drawn from payroll statistics; some comes from opinion surveys. According to the EPA, people shouldn’t think of the number as a price tag on a life.

Alan: But that’s exactly what it is, you’re just economic units; because you, as Cecil Rhodes said in the birth of this organization that eventually became the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations], he said: in a world state where everyone must serve the government, ultimately everyone will be paid by the government; because the government eventually, through the next big series of crisis, will come out with a ration system for the public. You will serve the world state, that’s what it’s all about, and we are economic units and we’ve been looked upon as economic units right up until now. In fact, the United Nations’ definition of a citizen, the perfect world citizen, is a good producer-consumer. That means if you’ve retired and you’re just consuming, you’re not a good citizen anymore. It also means if you’re disabled, you’re not a good citizen either – think about that; but then, eugenics always pops up and now it’s called bioethics, of course; it’s the same societies funded by the same foundations. We are economic units, whose purpose according to the elite is to serve them and serve the system they give us.

The top think tank that runs NATO, and NATO of course always looks towards future wars and scenarios to protect the elite that it serves, similar to the police that serves and protects the elite in the system, and that’s what the top think tank for NATO does too. The British Department of Defence published their findings, a 90-page series of documents, on what they see for the next thirty years. Yes, it’s more bad news, folks, sorry to give it to you, but you will never get anywhere until you understand the bad news; you must know your enemy and what’s coming. I’ll be back with more data about this after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and I’m filling in for John Stadtmiller for the next forty-odd minutes, talking about the bad news. As I say, you can not go through a war and hope to win it unless you understand the bad news. You must understand how it was brought about. You must understand an enemy’s tactics and what they hope to accomplish and where they hope to go, should they be the victors. You know, there’s no end of information published by the elite themselves and some of their top spokespeople to read about their agenda. Most folk can’t read it because it’s such bad news. It’s very cold, unemotional, full of statistics and data, and they tell you step by step where they’re going to take society into this new trans-human world, where they’re going to create, using your tax money, your labour, using all of that to create a race of servants, more efficient servants, servants who don’t need entertainment. They won’t need all of this propaganda machinery to keep you dazed and sort of sleeping through life – that’s a lot of work that goes into that, it detracts from their profits, keeping you dull and stupid. The next type will be programmed by computers quite simply; they’ll have no ability to think of themselves as distinct, separate individuals; they will be the Borg in fact. Even that isn’t the end of the story because if you remember that term that was used, ‘the never-ending story,’ that’s how they see us. We are the building material and what they can do with us, they claim, is endless; and we will serve them if they get their way. It will be the end of all creativity as we know it, the right of every individual to go out into the country, smell the grass and listen to the birds and have those wonderful moments; it will be the end of feeling the hormones kick in and going ga-ga over a beautiful girl when you’re a young fella; it will be the end of that, all those things, and you’ll be an obedient Borg that serves their masters well. That’s what they plan and they’ve published it in a vast array of publications, magazines and books.

The real Plato agenda of The Republic is happening in our lifetime; it’s been happening in the previous few generations’ lifetimes, rather more accelerating and openly. Most people are floating through life obeying the jackbooted thugs as they train you to be debased, as you hold your pants up with no belt walking through security checkpoints at borders and customs and airports, because that’s what it’s for: to make you feel debased. That is what you do to prisoners when you’re going to put them through psychological torture; you must debase them. There they are, with their stocking feet, holding their pants up with the one hand; and you know they’re even doing that in some big courtroom sessions now with the juries – and the public say nothing.

Someone wrote to me just the other day, and they had the Victoria Day weekend not so long ago in Canada, the celebration, fireworks and all that – we always coincide with the U.S. because we have the same occultic holidays and so on – and he was shaking his head in disgust as the police went from person to person in this park, shaking them down, searching them; and one woman was on a cell phone just chatting away as this was happening to her, as though nothing was happening at all. That’s how fast we adapt. That’s how fast we adapt to being utterly, thoroughly humiliated and dehumanized; and this has to stop – Now.

When you allow this to become normal behaviour the game is over. Alexander Solzhenitsyn talked about when the KGB (at that time it was called the NKVD) first started coming in the streets to drag people out, to drag their neighbours away to the gulags, he said there was only two or three of them that would come at a time, with the uniform; they were trained to obey uniforms, it’s just training of symbolism, a language; that’s what a badge is too, part of a language. He said we should have grabbed everything at our disposal, from pickaxe handles to hatchets to hammers to anything, and killed them right then, he said; because once it became habitual it was defeatist and it was game over; you adapt to it.

A generation is growing up now that is purposely being trained and indoctrinated into a new system of ‘greening the planet’ and ‘serving Mother Earth,’ as Mr. Gorbachev said in his book “Toward a New Civilization,” when he said after saying he was an atheist, he said but we are creating a religion for the world based on earth worship. It means you will live for the planet, and there will always be a priesthood telling you what you must do, of course. We’ve got to stop this debasement now before one generation grows up never knowing a world without this bogus terrorism everywhere. Back with more after this break.

Hi, I am Alan Watt, filling in for John Stadtmiller, giving you the bad news, and not everyone can handle the bad news. Most people truly want things just to stop in time, and live their lives, go shopping, retire, go fishing, then die and then all hell can break loose as far as they’re concerned. We can’t keep passing this on to the next generation, that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in today; it’s been passed down. The buck has been passed and now it’s collection time, because we’re the generation going through it all, the massive changes, the big change, the change towards the Brave New World scenario – the New World Order that was chanted by Bush Sr. so many times, especially on high holy days like September the 11th, 1990 and ‘91.

As I said before, I never finished it because of the break, NATO, the top think tank, talked about the coming thirty years of rioting that they’re getting all prepared for. Prepared to the extent where they’re ready – and this is published, it’s on my website, it’s from the British government Department of Defence, look into it – they’re getting ready to even use small neutron bombs on people, on whole groups of people. They didn’t say why the Joe Public would be rioting, but we know what it is. This war is to use all traditional methods of war, and what do you go for in war and in wartime? You go for the food supply, number one. If you can go for the water supply as well, number two, all the better. We see this sudden drumbeat towards the coming food shortage, out of nowhere; and to most people it’s all happenstance and just strange weather, and of course we’re to blame, as they keep telling us, as they spray the skies everyday and either cause drought or flooding. For ten years we’ve had the skies sprayed and for ten years the breadbasket of Canada and the States has either had severe drought or severe flooding. Very simple stuff to do with HAARP technology and coupled with the spray; look into the agreements signed by the United States and the other top countries, called Weather Warfare treaty at the United Nations, where they admit they can do all of this; and they’ve been doing it, to bring upon us all the conditions of total war. They’re talking about eventually bringing starvation to the Western world and it fits right in with their culling program, as they want to depopulate us down to a manageable size more suited to today’s needs – which is actually, of course, their needs. They don’t like (being good farmers) having surplus cattle around when they have no use for them; they eat too much hay, etc. That’s how it’s done; it’s very simple economics to them. The only difficult part, and it’s not even that difficult, is to convince the public that they are the problem; there’s just too many of you.

And from the days of Thomas Malthus onwards, who published his little essay, which became an economic bible, still used today by some quarters, on bringing down populations to fit the times. They give you phoney graphs and charts and a lot of lies and useless data to try and convince you, the victim, that you must be killed off or we’ll all perish. That’s the secret of this, is the ability to get the victim to accept his own demise; that’s the true occultic spell of the high occult. People will one day walk into euthanasia chambers and give themselves to Mother Earth, to save Mother Earth. Anything can be done, any type of culture, with enough funding can be brought into being by those who know the processes of behavioural psychology and have access or own the media and educational system. It’s difficult for the average person to believe that; you all think you’re so smart, you can’t pull the wool over your eyes – it’s been pulled over your eyes your whole life.

A “Logan’s Run” scenario, the movie “Logan’s Run,” can quite easily be brought into being if you just separate a bunch of children from the rest, bring them up in an artificial environment, give them a new reality, and they’ll believe it all. Quite simple, experiments have been done all along on this particular type of subject.

Most of the public now are parroting the slogans. Remember what Lenin said: We shall win by slogans. Repetition, repetition, repetition; weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction; global warming, global warming, global warming – and they parrot it, until it becomes part of their everyday conversation. A whole bunch of abstract nonsense – carbon footprints – is talked into existence, as the victim convinces himself that he is the problem and obeys those with all the answers. You don’t have to read science fiction to be amazed, you just have to be perceptive and awake today and live a life, because it’s all around you.

The Department of Defence sees this thirty years of escalating riots. Remember what Rumsfeld said after 9-11: This is a hundred years war. He wasn’t talking about flattening the Middle East; it is a war to bring out what their dream has been for ages, their utopia, their managed newly-created type of society – that’s what they hope to have at the end of it, where computers are interfaced with humans (or what once were humans) in a Transhumanist world. There’ll be no more dissension, there’ll be no more riots from the people once it’s all over with; we just go through the riots in the meantime as they cut off the food supply. It’s amazing how we demand from the abuser the relief and help that we seek. People will turn in droves demanding the government do something, do something, as this planned escalation of fuel prices goes on and everything in the stores goes out of sight until you can’t purchase it. It’s already hitting those at the bottom of the ladder, as expected; and believe you me, these guys have this all worked out like a timetable, they know exactly what prices will hit and when the first major riots will occur. They plan this with military precision and the public unfortunately will react the way like mobs always do react. When they’re fit and healthy and have the power to change the world, they’ll do nothing; but when their food is cut off and they see those around them perishing, they riot; they’re an unorganized riotous mob who are easily dealt with. This isn’t off the top of my head, although I’ve studied it through history, it’s also what the elite have written about themselves; it’s what they expect.

Many will be in denial, many are in denial today; they can still go off to their little cafes and sip wine with friends in the open air and think of things swell, and pretend to themselves, but it’s coming along. It isn’t just war and weather warfare on America as the breadbasket; Australia’s breadbasket for the ten years of spraying they’ve had there – again, that ten years – they’ve had nothing but drought; Britain’s been hit hard too. This is a planned coming famine. We know, too, that all the great seeds of the world are being stored in an island in an underground shelter, it cost billions to build it, it’s been in all the major media, remember, and it’s inaccessible to the public. –What do you think is coming down the pike? What do you think is coming down?

They want everyone crowded into the cities, and that is in Agenda 21. Read it. Long read but there are some of you out there who can do it; if you can get through it, it will become all clear to you. In Agenda 21 it says there will be no private transportation, so they won’t need the cars, it’ll be public transportation only. People are flooding into the cities now, there’s articles in the paper, I predicted that would happen a long time ago, because the rising cost of transportation and fuel is getting ridiculous; it’s always higher in the country to begin with. People have to prepare now to go through the worst of it; those who don’t will not come through. You don’t have to go overboard and bankrupt yourself to do so, you can buy in bulk and prepare as best you can to bring you and yours through what’s coming down the pike – not because we’re imagining it, but because the big boys themselves are telling us it’s coming.

I remember a tape, I have it here, I think it was a World Bank meeting, and Mr. Rockefeller got up to speak and he said, “unfortunately this generation is the cannon fodder for what’s to come” – meaning, for their agenda, to bring it off – “this generation is the cannon fodder,” but, he said, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” That’s what this phase is, with all of its coming hardships, its problems, its heartaches and trials and tribulations, that’s all it is to them, all the suffering that comes down – including all those who have been bombed to bits in the Middle East, as they become standardized and UNESCO comes in to train their children to be good little socialists – it’s just making an omelette. The lives that are lost, all the consequences, and all the money that goes into it that could be going to better purposes, well, that’s just you can’t help breaking eggs if you want to make the omelette, just broken eggs, that’s all it is.

To get something back, you have to have had it in the first place. I’ve heard this talk about getting something back, like a system back. The system did not belong to the people; it was taken over a long, long, long time ago. The book to read is called “The Robber Barons,” it gave you the big corporate boys and how they plundered society and the taxes and the pensions of the people, all through the 1800’s, how they got the contracts and bribed their way through the political arenas to get contracts and free land, the railroads, etc., which they still own today. There’s other books out about the present robber barons and it’s the same descendants, same offspring, plundering the planet as they laugh at the public and give us all their little pirate symbols and flash it in your face. And appear on the daily news with that stern, honest-looking face and stare right at the camera and lie to you without a blush or a blink, and only psychopaths can do that. Also, they have such disdain for the ordinary public, they truly see us as a bunch of moronic imbeciles who don’t need much persuasion to be fooled.

You can’t get something back if it was never yours. The factories have gone; they were funded under the GATT treaty that, again, everyone lived through today, the GATT treaty, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, with its Star Chamber. All the factories were funded by your tax money to leave the shores and set up in China. Did you know that we’re still paying for those factories, any losses they incurred in the process of transition over there and setting up?  Is that a sweet deal in this democratic system of fairness and free trade?  Isn’t that beautiful?  Well, are you going to order those factories back to get back the country that you had before?  How are you going to do it?  We are a service economy.

You have more laws today on the books to stop you setting up companies in your own country than ever existed before. They don’t want you producing anything at home. Standard economics will teach you that the reason America took off like a rocket in industry was the lack of bureaucratic systems and rules and regulations and laws, because once they all come in they impede and hinder any creativity. Britain’s the same way; Thatcher talked about that, as she upped all the rules; the little businessman spent three-quarters of his day eventually filling out forms for the government, until he couldn’t possibly function anymore. Everybody I know in Britain that had their own little business eventually had to pack up and join – guess what? – international corporations, working at the bottom.

Go back into H. G. Wells, a spokesman for these people, he was a propagandist, that was his job, and he tells you they were bringing in a world where there would be no free competition at the bottom. There would not be ten different bicycle repairmen, as he said in “Shape of Things to Come,” and he called all the peasantry, “Mr. Everyman.” Free trade as you were given it is not free trade at all; it’s limited trade, with only international, authorized international corporations allowed to do the trading. United Nations and those who set up the United Nations talked about farming, which is a good instance of this whole topic; they said farming was too important to be left to farmers and family farms – corporate only, that was the agenda, and it’s the same with all business. Nothing has happened by accident, nothing at all. And believe you me, if they had more for the United States to do, they’d have kept back the hordes of bureaucracies off the backs of the businesspeople; and now that they’ve been unleashed on the businesspeople, you know the end has been declared. Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, Alan Watt back again, filling in for John Stadtmiller, and I’ll be off for one hour then back on again on “Cutting Through the Matrix.” As I say, going through the bad news, which is not something pleasant to listen to; but in those moments of quiet reflection, if you take the information I’m giving you and really ponder it to its depths and extremities, because that will contain your ultimate plans. That’s how you arrive at plans, how to come through what seems to be insurmountable odds. As long as there’s human will involved, the spirit of the human will, there’s always a chance – never forget that – when such a small minority have cast a spell over us, we can still shatter it. Although, remember, and I’ve heard this said years ago by a man who understood this too: many people like socialism, they like being perpetual children in a system where experts and agencies deal with all the “weighty problems of life” and give them lots of time to play by doing so, they do it all for you; lots of people will like that. It’s not as though you’re going through this change in some kind of war of “us against them,” because many of us will go to the wall to try and save this system as they’re losing it; it’s all they know, it’s the only familiarity they have, and they will also be your enemies.

It’s like the movie “Matrix,” in the practice matrix when Neo gets distracted by the woman in red, and then he’s told: everyone around you, these normal people here, are your enemies until they wake up; because most people are living in TV fantasy and they’ve been trained to turn on everyone who talks about what’s going on. Just the talking of it scares them. They’ve been taught to live in denial. However, to know your enemy is to give you a leg up on the war; you must understand them and you must understand how they expect you to react and behave – and blind rioting is not the answer. It is time that every individual started putting into place and into play their own rights and stop allowing themselves to be humiliated by organizations that now call themselves authorities but are still servants of the public. They’ve got to be put back in their place very quickly because they exist on our sufferance, not the other way around. That’s how our perceptions have been so distorted and perverted. All these organizations and agencies, and even government itself, exists by your sufferance. We’ve been trained they’re all-powerful; well, when they put it on the books I might believe it, but until then I won’t. They’re still supposed to serve the public. We’ve got to stop being children and you cannot allow one generation, and that’s almost there, to grow up into adulthood knowing nothing but men with machine guns in black-clad uniforms bossing them around and stripping them in the street. Don’t be degraded any more.

I’ll be back in an hour with Cutting Through the Matrix; from myself and Hamish, up in Ontario, Canada, it’s goodbye for now, and may your god or your gods go with you.

Transcribed by Samantha.

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