Alan Watt

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"Road Warrior Radio" with Chris Hinkley

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October 24, 2008

(2 Hours)
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Chris Hinkley:  Alright, good evening and good morning.  Welcome to Road Warrior Radio; you’re tuned in live this Thursday, October 23, 2008 or Friday October 24, 2008 depending on where you are and thanks for tuning in.  It’s always an honor and a pleasure to be able to spend a little bit of time with you and hopefully give you a fresh perspective on information that’s all around us and readily available.  I’ve had some interesting conversations in the most recent few hours…very, very interesting… and I have a very exciting guest on the way this evening and so I’m looking forward to that.  And I think we’re going to have some fun.  I think that it’s going to be a really interesting show and I think you’ll really enjoy it, as I know I will.  So, without further ado…Things are really getting interesting.  I’m absolutely beside myself watching what’s happening.  In fact I was just having a conversation about Colin Powell’s remarks, Joe Biden’s remarks.  I thought it was interesting; not that I’m going to make a big deal about it because if you know anything, if you listen to this show at all, you know how I feel about this issue.  And I go back to Pike’s letter to Mazzini, and again, as a conversation I was having earlier today and a couple of days ago goes, even if that was a spurious document based on the testimony of certain people, even going back to the turn of 20th Century.  If that’s the case, it’s interesting how it’s been followed to the letter over the last several decades. So, it’s a curious thing.  But you know, I’m referring to Biden’s remarks, about the fact that yeah, he’s a Zionist and you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.  And of course when I think of that, I think of, as I said, Pike’s letter to Mazzini, and the fact that this Third World War was supposed to be fomented between political Zionism, which has come to be recognized as the State of Israel, the modern State of Israel, and Islam.  And interestingly enough, I might just do a whole show on this, I was going to probably leave some questions for my guest this evening and that will be a lot of fun on this subject matter.  But I was listening to John Hagee today, it was interesting, who is America’s self-proclaimed pastor and you folks down in Texas know who I’m talking about, the fellow in your backyard in San Antonio down there.  You know, that’s the kind of rhetoric that he’s spouting.  That’s all that he is talking about, is this contest between Israel and Islam, “Oh my goodness, we’re overrun by Islamists,” and of course Biden says that he is unabashedly a Zionist and anybody can be a Zionist.  (Break)


Alright, welcome back once again.  And as I said, thanks for coming along for the ride, and it should be real interesting.  I’m not going to belabor things too much.  If you listen to this show, chances are you are familiar with my guest this evening and you’re going to want to hear what he has to say and not hear me prattle on all evening.  So, my guest this evening of course is Alan Watt, the host of Cutting Through the Matrix on this network, the Republic Broadcasting Network, (5 days a week from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central.)  If you are familiar at all with his work you know that his research is legendary and he is a person who, I would say, is a national treasure.  The information that is just massive and spans the expanse of recorded history rolls off of his tongue like it’s second nature.  And he makes it sound so easy.  It’s wonderful.  But he’s been at it a long time, in this his most recent life I guess you could say, because he did have another life, I suppose you could say, in a manner of speaking. But, without further ado I welcome Alan Watt on the show.  Alan, thanks once again for coming on the show.


Alan Watt:  It’s a real pleasure to be here with you.


Chris:  Well, I suppose a good place to start might be what we were just talking about, and I said, “Thank you for allowing me to steal some time away,” and you said that that’s all we really have left at this point and not so much of that.  Should we keep that in the bag for a little bit, or do you want to kind of lead off with that and expound on that a little bit?


Alan:  Yeah.  I think people today – and the average person too, who hasn’t really been aware of the big machinations of the world and what’s really going on with psychopolitics and the directions that society are being led into and led through, and led towards – even they are feeling that there is something very, very wrong all around them and it’s their ability for preservation that’s kicking in.  They realize that there are so many big pushes into their personal life, into their children’s lives, into the national life and international life, that isn’t coming from them. They aren’t pushing for anything themselves, but they realize that there are big powerful organizations.  Often the average person gets them confused with governmental bodies, but they’re not really governmental bodies.  They’re private organizations and foundations that control thousands of other non-governmental organizations which are pushing us all towards a set agenda in the world.  Even this present economic crisis was no surprise to me because when you look back at the histories of economics and who runs the economic system, now you’re into dangerous territory.  It isn’t just big bankers like the Rothschilds.  The Rothschilds are given protection by aristocracies that have already existed before the Rothschilds even came in through Europe as bankers.  You’ve got to understand that before we heard of MI5, MI6, CIA or the OSS, there were already organizations which worked for the British Royalty and other agencies throughout Europe and they had many different names.  One of them was the secret service in Britain; it still exists today.  It’s higher than the other organizations, and they’ve been running Britain for instance for hundreds of years on behalf of those who already hold power.  And we find, for instance, that in the 17 and 1800s, top economists that were employed by these big, royal-chartered organizations, top economists like Malthus came forward and put out his theory on basically depopulation, the need for drastic depopulation of the public and he elaborated and said that we will end this industrial era, it won’t go on forever and we’ll have all of these excess useless eaters, basically.  And he devised ways of trying to cull off the population, even down to putting them in to the poorhouses and they’d have people on the floor in the poorhouses.  They measured the distance between them to see how far; they knew how far for instance that lice would crawl from one person to the next and carry typhus and various other diseases.  This was a science that was already understood.  Now, when we follow that down through, we find the same big organizations that had global ambitions, again, centered primarily in Germany and London, or the Germanic provinces at the time.  They wanted a World War to unite the whole of Europe. We find that other agents that came out to get the Working Class working towards this as well.  You always use the willing fools, and we find that Karl Marx was brought over to London to write his Communist Manifesto.  And it’s even debatable if he wrote it all himself because his name didn’t appear on the first couple of issues of it.  But we find as I say, that they use all sides, the dialectical process of conflict, to bring out basically compromise or treaty.  There’s no such thing you see as holding on to your opinion with these boys.  They want you in opposition so that someone will come forward and compromise with them and then they go on to the next part, and that is the classic thesis, antithesis and synthesis technique that even communism uses, because communism was set up by the West.  There’s lots of documentation.  Even H.G. Wells who was all for the creation of the Soviet Union went over to visit and he said he was all for the fact that the U.K., big bankers, and the bankers in the U.S. in New York, were funding it all.  He thought it was just wonderful.  So we know that the opposition to Capitalism was set up by the Capitalists themselves at the top, at least the group who ran Capitalism.


Chris:  Exactly.  I usually say that when we talk about the Hegelian Dialectic it’s interesting, you know, how much they tell us these things and yet they still kind of mislead us.  I usually like to think of it as, everyone refers to it as “Problem, Reaction, Solution.”  I think it should be called “Solution, Problem, Reaction…” because of course we know that they introduce... Well they know what their preordained solution is and then they go about creating a problem that will cause a reaction.


Alan:  That will bring you to it; that’s right.  In other words, what you do is you look at the chessboard, and you know where you want to go, and you must get your player, your opposition, to make the move you want him to make.  It’s as simple as that.  However, if you look into the whole theory of the dialectic, you see once you arrive at the conclusion, or the synthesis, that will in turn create a new thesis which you start on.  So it’s a never-ending story towards what they call “progress.”  Now progress is never defined by the ordinary people, but all the top boys will mention this term “progress,” which means they have a plan in mind.  We have to realize this. 


Chris:  It brings to mind Fabius the turtle; two steps forward, one step back; two steps forward, one step back.


Alan: Yes, that’s right, and of course this is how the world is played.  But today, with the massive socialization of all Western countries, we are totally socialized and the government bureaucracies are like cancers; they sprout up and grow and suck from us and then they end up bossing us around.  Now all of these institutions, including government, remember, are supposed to be there on our sufferance.  In other words, we are supposed to decide what they do for us and within a short space of time, mainly between World War 2 and the present, they’ve helped us all forget that and now we think they’re there as some kind of natural authority.  Only our acceptance of what they do to us allows them to continue.  And so they’ve basically turned the populace into children.  That was the technique that Bertrand Russell and many of the big players working for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is a branch of the Secret Service, said they would do.  They would encourage egosyntonic behavior so that the adults would never become truly mature.  They’d go out and play forever, and government was taking over the role as the father.


Chris:  I was encouraged earlier this year to start reading Arnold J Toynbee, who of course I refer to as the gatekeeper of knowledge back from about ’25 to ’55, and you mention the science.  It’s shocking and frightening when you start reading, as you point out all the time, what these people have written and how absolutely precise the science is at this point, as you point out all the time, and as a good example of what you just mentioned about how the fraud is perpetrated before us, and because we allow it.  I’ve mentioned a few times that during the AIG bailout hearings by the House Oversight Committee, Chairman Waxman in the second panel of that hearing had the two crooks, the two former CEOs in front of him.  In the first minute he introduces them by saying, “we are pleased to welcome both of you to the hearing,” we’re pleased to welcome the criminals, but then he swears them in and immediately after swearing them in, he says, before we even begin, I’d like the police officer in charge to take the person who is holding up the sign and let’s get that out, you know, cleared out of the room right now.  Unbelievable.


Alan:  Yes it is. (break music)


Chris:  Alright, welcome back once again to Road Warrior Radio and my guest this evening or this morning, of course Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network, (5) evenings a week, 7-8 Central.  Before we went out, I don’t know if I got cut off, but just in case, to kind of tag on to what you were saying, I was mentioning, you know, the way that this fraud is perpetrated before us and because we allow it. Chairman Waxman, swearing in the two former CEOs of AIG, saying that “we’re pleased to welcome both of you to the hearing” and then the lady that supposedly… This was the point really…that supposedly Waxman and Congress work for…his employer… you know she’s standing at the back of the room looking for justice and he says before we even begin I would like the police officer in charge to take the person who’s holding up the sign and let’s get that cleared out of the room right now.  You’ve got to be kidding me.


Alan:  Yes.  You see these characters are so cocksure of themselves now and so arrogant that they rule us.  They’re not employed by us, they believe that they rule us; and they’re acting like kings and queens and the court jesters used to do in times gone by.  And as long as we accept that new impression – it’s all perception you see, how you’re taught to perceive things – then you will act like a child who has been taught to obey the parent.  And that’s the technique they’re using on the public from every part of government today. They’re now enforcement agencies for instance, whereas before they were basically police-keeping services.  We look all around us and everything is enforcement from the government all the way down.  Every government department and even the bureaucracies are into enforcement, including the housing departments and so on.  They don’t come and go with the public anymore, they dictate policy and tell you what to get done or else.  And that’s how it’s been done.  So, these agencies within government, really, you’ve got to understand there’s a parallel government existing within the United States.  It’s separate and yet within it at the same time, and one of the main organizations that’s all through the U.S. from federal to even the local level in some places is the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization that works for the high elite.  And you have all the top aristocracy of Europe in it, you have all the media barons in it, and TV media barons.  This is pretty well sewn up.  They have people on top of your educational system, they’re all members of it; everybody’s on board with the same agenda, and you’ll find Rhodes Scholars all through your bureaucracy; I think there’s 200 federal employees within your bureaucracy in the US that are Rhodes Scholars for world government.  Here they are, working inside your government for world government.  And it’s not simply a matter of “let’s all be friends, shake hands and share our apples and oranges,” it’s a matter of a planned future society that’s meant to serve them.  And that’s the word they use throughout their writings from the CFR; they’re bringing in a world of “service.” You will be born to serve the world state, and I don’t think people realize how serious this is.


Chris:  I agree, I agree.  And I have mentioned recently, as I know you have obviously, Gardner’s “Hard Road to World Order” back in 1974 from the Foreign Affairs, and him mentioning that it would be, the way that they were going to do it, was to make it seem chaotic basically.  And then now we’re to the point where he said basically that it would be brought back together; all of these pieces would seem to be formed in a disjunctive sort of a fashion and then to be reassembled and we see that happening now in every facet, in every way.


Alan: Every facet.  I mean, you think of all the present crises that are happening at the same time, you see that’s impossible unless it’s planned that way.  The economic crisis; you have crisis with employment; well they knew that was coming when they signed the GATT treaty and put all the factories in China.  These guys don’t make mistakes at the top.  But you’re right, and the theory of chaos, it’s Ordo ab Chao.  And so you must create the chaos, what appears to be chaos to the public, and, as you say, then you reassemble the bricks at the other side into this marvelous new building, the new society, and that’s what they’re doing.  Bush Senior said it in so many lectures, the first one was on September the 11th 1990.  They love that date.  And he said “the New World Order is coming into view,” and then he repeats it one year later on September 11th 1991, the same thing.  And of course, not one media person asked him what he meant by this New World Order coming into view.  Well, you find the answer from Gorbachev, because Gorbachev gave a speech recently at one of the big world meetings, and he was rather ticked off that the US was not fulfilling its obligation to become a New American Empire for this century.  Because the US’s job was to bring in this compromised Soviet Capitalist system, this new system worldwide.


Chris: Alright, we’re going to have to carry on that thought right on the other side of the break.  Stick around, we’ll be right back with my guest Alan Watt.  We’ll be right back.


Public Service Announcement:  You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Because you can handle the truth.


Chris: Alright, welcome back once again to Road Warrior Radio, with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network (5) days a week, 7-8 Central.  And Alan – man, we benefit in so many ways – has basically in my words dedicated his life, you know; this research is his life’s work and like I said it flows from him like it’s second nature.  He makes it sound so easy and yet it’s a compendium of information that I would say would take several lifetimes to put together.  And so it’s an honor and a pleasure to have him on the show.  You can learn more if you want to find out more; you can listen to his shows, at his website,  So anyway, as I was saying, it is a pleasure and an honor to have you on the show.  And you were mentioning Gorbachev and I know that you have mentioned that before, you talked about it yesterday for example, and before I forget though, for those who don’t know you or maybe aren’t familiar with your background and that you came from a music industry, which always, at least for me and probably for you and some others, brings to mind Tavistock, the mainstream music industry.  And whenever I think Tavistock I immediately think of a quote by John Lennon, when he said “our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.  I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.  That’s what’s insane about it.” 


Alan: That true.  You see it’s all culture control.  People think whatever culture that they are born into is quite natural because it exists, simply because it exists.  They don’t realize that culture has always been guided by those at the top and that goes for even what you think is rebellious culture, such as music and so on. That was all done for specific purposes to target the young and to separate them from the older generations.  They talked about this openly at the time, even in mainstream media, that this new pop or rock culture when it came out would literally create a new type of human with brand new values and the older types with contaminated obsolete values would simply die off and the new ones would come through.  Of course, the young ones never realize their new values had been already written for them too in order so that they could never really bond, have families of their own, and their lives would be pretty disastrous, all according to a plan, once again, for partial depopulation but mainly because the family unit and the real communities that surrounded the families, because they were all families at one time, were too close to the tribal societies where they’d stand up for each other; and that caused problems when government wants total control over the individual.  To get the individual, you must separate them from everyone else and that’s what they’ve been very successful in doing.  Plato talked about this science in his book called “the Republic” and how even in his day he said that certain arts should be licensed, like music, because with the proper use it could make the young rebel when required and therefore they should be licensed because of the tremendous power it had over them.  Drama and the visual arts and all the rest of it was well understood and plays were actually vetted by the elite to see if they’d have the right effect on the public before they were shown.  So, you’ve got to understand that all incoming information, especially in fiction, anything you enjoy, probably has a more profound effect on you than anything you’ll read in non-fiction.  And therefore certain facts can be attached to stories or dramas coupled with emotion, which imbed themselves in your brain and then effect your personality; you will emulate what you see.  And Plato even talked about the fashion industry that they also used in the drama shows to show off the latest fashions knowing the public would emulate them.  This is all well understood. So, nothing in our reality has truly evolved by itself. If anything, Plato said that anything that came from the grass roots would have to be eliminated at the beginning because it would be outside the control of the elite. So, we live in an Age where we take everything for granted, but in fact, it’s a pre-planned manufactured reality we live in and it’s full of deception.  It’s run by stealth and very clever people who are taught these sciences at all levels.


Chris:  You can actually find in the documentation from places like Rand especially, the absolute science; they have it down to a logarithmic equation of what you’re talking about where basically, I’ve seen – I can’t remember the name of the report, I could probably grab it real quick – where they have a dot cluster for example, and if you say and do things at a grassroots level that cause a certain response, that as you mentioned Huxley for example and the way that he said that there are those 20% of highly suggestible people; a demagogue that might stir them up, could organize them. If you’re a person that can cause that to happen, and you, based on the logarithms, could cause that – you fall within the dot cluster – well you have to be eliminated.


Alan: Mao Tse-Tung said something similar, he said he was not afraid of massive armies or weaponry, he was more afraid of a big idea that would come from some unexpected source and spread like wildfire across the world, and that is true.  We find the same thing with Lord Bertrand Russell who stated that they would have to catch these very young intelligent ones with leadership qualities at school, try to bring them on board working on behalf of the elite, leaving their families behind he said, and if they would not do that they’d have to be disposed of.


Chris:  I’m nobody, I wouldn’t consider myself somebody who is on the radar but I have actually seen that in dealings with certain people that I know are basically in the employ of those folks.  I’ve watched them squirm and wriggle so to speak because they know that there’s a difference between us shall I say?  I mean, I’m not…I know what they know but not because I was spoon-fed it.  And so there’s a creative force and some work that went into it that they don’t have and they’re fearful of it.  Just like you said, about how Mao Tse-Tung said that.  The report I was talking about is a Rand Arroyo Research Technical Report.  It’s titled Allocation of Forces, Fires and Effects Using Genetic Algorithms.  And what in the world is a Genetic Algorithm? 


Alan:  That’s right, but well the thing is, Rand Corporation, now here’s another private organization that literally ran the public society and culture on behalf of the US government all throughout the Cold War, and they based the whole Cold War strategy supposedly on Game Theory.  And game theory was truly the idea of a mathematician who was also a paranoid schizophrenic.  They made the movie about him, “A Beautiful Mind” I think they called it, a total made-up jest of the real man.  The real man was a horrible character, but this is what they based their game theory on and they did all of these surveys on society using the computers during the Cold War and they came to the conclusion that we as individuals had no real human qualities.  We were simply automatons that liked to eat and drink and be merry, we’re egosyntonic and therefore if they kept us in that kind of state, we would leave the bigger things of how we were managed to the government, and to an extent they were right.  Because they did encourage the egocentric behavior – narcissism. Narcissism is very, very good when you want to have people live their lives, a whole generation without thinking of what’s really going on outside of their immediate circle. And so they were running rampant through that whole 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s era with their foundations, with their non-governmental organizations and now they’re basically dictating public policy and handing it over to government.  They’re training government officials in fact in having their public policy.  So, we don’t have democracy in any way, shape or form, even in the countries that are supposedly democratic like Canada.   It’s never existed.  We’ve always been run by these higher societies – very secretive at the top, more publicly known on the way down, but even the ones like the Council on Foreign Relations; they do publish their own findings often to the public through their own magazine, but they don’t tell you all of the truth.  I have their old books from the 1930s where they go through the whole strategy, century by century, including the setting up of China in the 1930s.  They said that after the war, and eventually towards the end of the millennium, they would make China; they’d build them up to possibly be the manufacturer for the planet.  So, truly, everything is worked out before we’re even born and it’s implemented through these non-governmental organizations, these big incredibly well funded foundations which are backed by the old, old European Aristocracy to the hilt. 


Chris:  Yeah, and like you pointed out, I think it was, Bertrand Russell who said the reason that the old oligarchy or the old dictatorship was not perpetual was because they weren’t able to offer enough bread and circuses and now they weren’t going to have that problem anymore because obviously as you have mentioned, which is another thing we should get into, the TV, now they have that, the greatest propaganda tool ever devised as you have said, where they can literally hypnotize people and make them do what they want without them even knowing it.  And now of course the printing of endless fiat.  Those two together, endless bread and circus.  And you know it was interesting, a guy said to me recently, we were talking about what’s going on and he said, “it’s bad but it’s not bad enough to where people are going to figure it out; the Simpsons are still on.” And I said  “No, no, what you don’t understand is they’re going to keep the Simpsons on and there will be five or ten more because that’s part of the bread and circus.”


Alan:  That is right.  Bread and circuses are done through television mainly and through all entertainment in fact.  That’s all it is, bread and circuses, and most people spend so much time in front of that television.  Their whole—what they think is—reality comes from it.  They’ve been trained even not to question the main newscasters that come on, and there’s even retired mainstream newscasters up on youtube belonging to the World Federalist Association talking about their world plans and how they’ve always been part of it.  These are mainstream characters you know.


Chris: Cronkite was one.


Alan:  So, everyone you see has a role to play.  Anyone who has the ability to get into your mind or put suggestions into your mind has a big role to play in conditioning you.  We are all truly being conditioned each time you switch the television on and even through all the entertainment including the comedies, there are suggestions and political correctness that creeps into it and the little buzzwords and catchphrases comes through it and you start to repeat them too.  It’s monkey see, monkey do.  Very old technique, it works very, very well, and meanwhile too the flicker rate in the old version television was synchronized to match alpha waves in the brain, the human brain, and you couldn’t really see it when it was functioning properly but if you used the old video cameras with tape and taped them you’d see the flicker.  It’s the same thing you’ll see with a computer, it’s a built-in flicker rate.  That’s not there by accident.  They could have picked any other type of frequency rate but they picked the one that affects the alpha state of the brain, which puts you into a hypnotic state.  This is perfectly well understood amongst the scientists and those at the top and those who design them. With the new high-definition television it’s even more enthralling because it alters the visual cortex in so many ways and gives you perceptions you wouldn’t see before.  It literally hypnotizes you into a more drugged state and that’s what they want.  That’s why it was mandatory.  How come a government could come out and demand that every company that broadcasts must go high definition?  I mean, isn’t that supposed to be free enterprise?  When government says it, by law, then there’s a different agenda at work here, and it truly is an amazing tool.  I’ve watched children with their jaws hanging open watching cartoons.  Cartoons which have all the politically-correct enviro-speak in it, all through it, and if the parents talk to their children the children will ignore them – they don’t even hear them.  So, that’s the effect of television and what it does to us.  So, it’s getting worse and worse and worse and more technical too.  There are far more scientific characters working above producers and with producers now too, psychologists as well and even psychiatrists and behavioral specialists working to make even your little comedy shows that you see, all to program you.


Chris:  Unbelievable.  And for folks that might wonder…I was mentioning…we’re just about to go into a break, I might have to wait on this or come back to it but I mentioned to you I never take notes on people’s shows.  I listen intently to a lot of information, but I actually took notes on your show on the 15th of February this year, and this is one of the things you were talking about, the fact that TV is hypnotic, it’s designed to match brain-waves, that cartoons indoctrinate.  You mentioned the sound bites, the flashing frames, and that they target all age audiences, that they’re specifically targeted.  You know, like you said, you start to read their writings and it’s just shocking how scientific and like you said, how there are billions upon billions of dollars that are poured into more and more research to even refine what is complete overkill, the science of it in hyperdrive.


Alan:  Yes it truly is.


Chris: They never stop.


Alan:  And we buy it, we buy all the tools that help to enslave us and we enjoy it.


Chris:  Unbelievable. Well folks, stick around, we’ll be right back with more from my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network.


Alright, welcome back to the final segment of the first hour with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network (5) evenings a week, 7-8 Central.  During the break I was mentioning that there was a young lady that called me today that was asking about this letter that she received from a Rhodes Foundation and was asking if I knew anything.  As I was saying, I mentioned what they’re offering is similar probably to the Rhodes Scholarship; they’ll offer you money and you’ll get the best education but then you’ll be their puppet, you’ll parrot their rhetoric. And what was interesting is that she’s someone who knows a little bit about what’s going on, she knows quite a bit actually, and we were talking about it and we were talking about some other things and she said this is crazy what’s going on.  Because I said based on…this is really what sparked it…I said based on what’s going on and the legislation that’s just been passed, mark my words, probably within 3 years, I would say much, much sooner than that….Bread is probably going to be a hundred bucks a loaf, and she went, “oh my God.”  And I said, “that’s just what they do, I mean look at the historical record,” and she said “well do you think…is there a chance that someone will expose what’s going on,” and I said, “It’s been done a hundred thousand times,” and then I started mentioning all of their documents that they’ve published.  I said “Rand, The Beginner’s Guide to Nation Building”…and I said, “look, here’s another document from Rand that talks about – After Saddam is the title of it, prewar planning in Iraq.”  After Saddam?  Prewar planning?  I mean, this is before a war, and this is planning for after Saddam, all before there is even a war that was not even declared by Congress. And so I said, “You know there’s plenty to arrest people already,” right?


Alan:  There’s plenty to arrest them, but of course it can’t happen because they’re above the laws that affect ordinary people, and that’s the key to it, you see.  These are elitist groups which are given really above-board carte-blanche powers to rule society on behalf of their masters.  That’s the key to it.  They do have masters, all these big think tanks, and we have to go back to Britain because Britain had societies as far back as the 1500’s that truly caused, they fomented wars across the world even in those days and they worked on behalf of royalty and the hundreds of royal families and cousins and so on that were attached to it, the aristocracy in other words.  They eventually called themselves Rosicrucians, at the time of Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh.  They were all pirates too. They were allowed to plunder gold from other countries and put it into the coffers of the Queen.  This eventually merged into a society.  It was called the Royal Society.  The Royal Society, Francis Bacon and later Isaac Newton joined, and they are today the world’s most prestigious science club that you could possibly be asked into.  It’s royally chartered.  You cannot use the name “royal” unless the royal family charter you and give you permission to use it on their behalf. And every top scientist that runs the world in all of the expert areas, including that of the mind, belong to the Royal Society, and that in turn is a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which came out of the Cecil Rhodes foundation.  Very important organization.


Chris:  We need to come back to that right after the break.  Stick around folks, we’ll be right back.


Hour 2


Chris: Alright, welcome back to the second hour and of course joined once again by Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix, and you know I say on this program fairly regularly, and it’s not a statement made rhetorically or in hyperbole, either one, it’s true: Far too many people continue to show up to the chess match ready to play checkers, so if you are tired of getting checkmated when you think you’re playing checkers, you definitely want to listen to Alan, and I would suggest going back through the archives many, many times.  And speaking of that, I was saying during the break that since that last segment was short, I wouldn’t mind if you went back over that, what you were just saying, the history.  Like I said, that 60 seconds worth of sound byte was probably 6 months’ worth of research for most people.


Alan: It’s astonishing to go back and realize that the medieval times were nothing like it’s portrayed in Hollywood.  There wasn’t a merry old king who just loved his subjects.  It was far more gross than that, because we had the same types of cunningness, the Machiavellianism going on with those who already held power.  The Knights Templars for instance never went away, they were given pretty well immunity in England but definitely in Scotland and even the Chancellor of the H Chequer who was the treasurer for Britain, for the government, is called the Chancellor of the H Chequer, and you’ll find the actual “H” shaped checker board in Temple Square in London.  That’s where the Knights Templars worked out their profits and loss and all the loans they gave out on a chess board basically in the outdoors using big poles to push the big chess pieces, and so they never went away, but in the 1500s in the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, we find massive changes happening in history.  Lots being written at the time and a push towards science suddenly broke out everywhere.  Bacon was into it big time, the scientific research.  We find that with John Dee around Queen Elizabeth the 1st as well; he was also a spy for Queen Elizabeth the 1st and his name was 007, or his number was 007 in his correspondence to the Queen, led Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, all the big adventurers and pirates and buccaneers that brought home the booty of their thievery to fill the coffers of the Queen.  So, at the same time mind you, they set up the British East India Company, an international corporation that had all the status of an international corporation in that day, and they ran it basically through a secret society that at the time was called the Rosicrucian Society.  It was international, and it was already in France and a few other countries by the time it was mentioned in England and the tops of all these big corporations, explorers and so on, all were members of the Rosicrucian Society.  That became freemasonry in the 1700s and at the head of freemasonry is royalty again.


Chris:  We’re already coming to a break, I didn’t expect that.  We’ll have to come back to that on the other side of the break.  I’m riveted, I’m sure that you are too.  Stick around, we’ll be right back.


Alright, welcome back once again to Road Warrior Radio with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network.  Go check out his show if you haven’t.  I’m sure if you listen to this show you probably listen to Alan’s show and it’s fantastic.  As I said earlier, I do not take notes on shows, but I have taken notes on Alan’s shows and there was one back in February that was just so captivating that I had to stop and it was just, man, so much information in there.  Like I was saying earlier, you were going over all of the usual suspects and more.  You mentioned Vance Packard who doesn’t come up a lot, you mentioned Ian Taylor who doesn’t come up a lot, the specific books; you know Wells, The Shape of Things to Come was one and you mentioned how he had an entire staff of writers.  I don’t want to get off…I mean, my goodness, we could go on…you could go on for weeks I’m sure on all of this stuff but…


Alan:  You can, it’s endless.  The histories are endless because you realize there’s been lots of “Worker Bees” I call them, the big technocrats running around the world, teaching at universities, giving lectures to governments and so on, for centuries in fact.  And they all work for a secretive organization that really does guide the world, it gives us the cultures, it changes the cultures, always for their own progress as I say, the direction they want us to go in.  The public are never aware that they’re not free at all.  They’re very happy slaves.  They do accept today that Big Brother has a nice face, he can’t be all that bad, and that’s why they’ll deny the evidence when you present it to them.  They’ve been taught to be egosyntonic, so they’ll avoid the pain of unpleasantness and they’ll seek pleasure; because if you accept the truth, you have to make decisions in your own personal life, and then you have to act on them and they’re not used to making these kinds of decisions, so they decide to live in denial even when they start to suffer from the effects of those things that are happening around them.  So as I say, these sciences have always been perfectly understood, and anyone who wants to know how well understood, just look at Machiavelli and read The Prince.  It’s an excellent handbook on how to rule whole societies.  Look at the books written for the kings or royalty by Francis Bacon because he actually wrote some books there that were like résumés for someone who wants to be an advisor to kings.  And he said the same thing, it’s best that the public never know the real reasons of laws and regulations that are set upon them, he said, because they might rebel.  So he was teaching the ways to give false perceptions to the public back in his own lifetime hundreds of years ago.  This has never changed, never ever changed and it’s worse today because they have had centuries of using the behaviors, now it’s the behavioral sciences, and we are very predictable now.  They know how to work on the mass culture very easily.  They have the tools and they have the educational system as well which starts it all off.  So, we’re in bad shape. But at the top as I say going back to Bacon’s time, the Rosicrucians were in full bloom and then we find out in the 1700s freemasonry was born basically as it is today using some of the Rosicrucian traditions but not the higher secrets.  That’s reserved for noble nobility or noble orders. 


Chris:  To use kind of a hybrid term of yours, you’d call that…I think it was 1717... You had called that I think it was masonry 2.0 so to speak right?


Alan:  Yes.  What they do you see, they fashioned it after the Catholic Church in many ways and they used the Jesuit system, but they also used the system of monks and monasteries.  One monastery could spawn off another sect that was a specialized sect in an area and this is what they did from their main society.  Back in the 1500s the Rosicrucians, they then gave birth to other specialized departments all working like a cluster around them towards the same end in their own areas and it’s massive today.  It’s the same type of organization today, it’s a pyramid, with a capstone, and all the building blocks that hold it up are all the worker NGOs and Foundations that hold it up.  At the bottom of course you’ll see the sparse grass here and there and that’s the wasteland, that means the general public, that’s the population of the world, those in the darkness or the profane.  That’s how the world is run.  And that logo basically is on the badge of MI5.  People can look it up for themselves; you’ll see the pyramid there too.  So, that’s how the structure really is.  And people don’t realize too that democracy has never been a stable thing.  It’s never had a fixed definition.  It keeps altering.  In the 1700s right up into the 20th Century, World War I in Britain, you had to own land or be a land lord in order to vote.  The people in Britain didn’t get that vote if they rented, and 90-odd percent of the public in Britain at that time rented.  So, the country was run by a few.  So when they had to give democracy, or the idea of participation and representation to the general public, they simply went around it with the parallel government that really runs the show.  It puts its own people in at the top, in all sides, all parties – Carroll Quigley talked about that – and they can’t lose control.  Margaret Thatcher has come out openly and talked about the parallel government that she belonged to and all ex prime ministers and presidents belong to.  They all know each other and they all have the same agenda in mind.  There’s no differentiation really about where they are going and why they want to bring us there.


So they have an old plan of elitists who use lots of these worker bees who are kept in a high lifestyle, lots of prominence and people bow to them, but their goal is to come through into a new world order where all the lesser type, the common people, will be eradicated because we’re old, we’re obsolete, literally obsolete genetically and so on, and we have not bred selectively.  We’ve not had our mates picked for us and therefore we must be culled off because within our gene pool there’s always the chance of a revolutionary coming up and upsetting the applecart. That’s what they say in their own writings.  And we find with the Cold Spring Harbor system that was set up on Eugenics in the United States, that’s the conclusion that they came out with, that Cavendish and others came out with.  They said that they couldn’t trust the population, even if you had a good offspring that worked for them, but because he was trained that way, his offspring might be more primitive and go off in a different direction; therefore that gene pool had to be eradicated.  Now they’re talking about the whole population of the planet except the select few that will serve them.  And through genetics they really, really do believe they can create – and I do believe they can too, mind you, they’re way beyond what they tell the public – they can create a new human species to serve them better than we do. 


Chris:  I completely agree, and you point out all the time, for example, Bertrand Russell back in 1953 in the Impact of Science on Society, and he wrote – and how weird these words must start to sound in today’s revealed scientific climate – he said among other very disturbing things that gradually by selective breeding the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species and he said a revolt of the plebes would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.


Alan:  That is correct and then when you go into even deeper studies it becomes more horrific because it dawns on you, sometimes gradually, sometimes very quickly, especially reading books from Arthur Koestler.  Now Koestler and Russell and others of that era all worked – and I have the books now on it, the declassified information – they all worked for MI5, which works on behalf of the Crown, not the British government but the Crown of England. 


Chris:  And you can see that like you said in all of their logos, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, etcetera, etcetera.


Alan:  Yes, and so here you have an organization that people think is their countries but it’s not.  It’s the Queen’s, or the Royal Families’.  The same Royal Families mind you that have tremendous links with Germany and Prussia, and Prince Phillip for instance was over at the graves of some of his old ex-Nazi SS partners and relatives.  That’s been in the British newspapers.  And that’s what’s at the head of Britain, you know.  So, you’ve got to start asking these questions, “Who runs the show?  Who are these people really?  How long is their history?”  And we can go back through centuries before they even moved into Britain and we find in Venice and we find the black nobility and so on.  They were incredibly rich people even back then.  They ran the commerce of the world in those eras and they’ve come up through time always having their partners selected for them; the inbreeding of psychopathy is definitely a trait with them.  They don’t have normal human emotion or empathy for other type of people outside of their own class and very often not for their own children even.  You’ll notice that the boarding school system originated in Germany and in England for the wealthier classes and it was traditional for people in royalty to have nursing nannies for their children.  They didn’t even see their children often; as soon as the child was old enough they were sent off to boarding school. 


Chris:  Once again we’re running into a break and unfortunately we’ve got to stop there.  Stick around, we’ll be right back on the other side of this short break with my guest, Alan Watt.


Alright, welcome back to Road Warrior Radio with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix on the Republic Broadcasting Network, (5) evenings a week, 7-8 Central.  You can grab the show on the archives if you don’t catch them live and it’s an amazing show.  Hopefully you can tell – if you haven’t heard him before and I’d be surprised if you’re listening to this show if you haven’t – that he can traverse the expanse of recorded history in like tripping the light fandango so to speak.  I mean, it’s just absolutely marvelous and I don’t know about you the listening audience, but I’m hanging on every word and we actually have a caller on the line.  Melinda in Pennsylvania, I want to take her call before we move on, because I know that you could go on for as long as we could possibly give you. Melinda, thanks for staying up late and welcome.


Melinda:  No problem, I’m a night owl and I listen to you, and Alan I just want to tell you that I’ve been listening to you for the last couple of months and you made my brain hurt and it should be hurting.  I mean it, really.  There is so much information there and I fall down the rabbit hole and you make me stay down there for a while and I don’t remember hearing anyone that made me think so much and I just want to thank you and I know that on your program that you have mentioned that some people have taken advantage of you and I just want to let you know that there are those of us who are taking advantage of every word that you have to share, and passing it on.


Alan:  That’s what it’s there for, yeah.


Melinda:  And I want to tell you…you were just starting to address something that I’ve been thinking about a lot and that is, these individuals, these elitists who are running the world, they’re obviously without conscience; and is it through intermarrying that has bred it out of them?  I know that you had said they don’t live a life like us at all and their puppets, including our political leaders, do they also…do they program them? Because how can these political candidates and other people who are helping to…or so called…the people who are running our country and knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, how can they live with themselves and how can they hoodwink us?


Alan:  Psychopaths can be born in any generation, from any family.  However, it’s like Plato said, certain traits can be bred in or out by selective breeding.  And we find that the powerful families even in ancient times, generally won their power by slaughtering other people, so they already had the psychopathic traits.  Some of them were more cunning than others; those are the ones who eventually matched up with the daughters of other psychopaths and so technically you have an ongoing race of people who are psychopathic passing that on to their children and even showing it in the fact that they do separate the children often very young into special schools.  The Egyptians for instance, the ancient Egyptians, used to send their sons out to another Lord that would be related to them and they would become basically the squire to that Lord.  That was standard, and that’s exactly the same system that was used by the Normans, and I think there’s a connection all down through history.  They all liked to use the falcons for hunting; you’ll see that in the frescos.  They have the same M.O.’s [modus operandi(s)] of the fox hunt and so on.  So we’re looking at very, very old families with their own particular culture at the very top; however, they can also recruit the lower type psychopaths, lower-level psychopaths, in to work for them and they have no problem with that because psychopaths by nature seek power over others and they gravitate towards politics like a magnet.  Their ego is incredibly huge.  In fact, the psychopath’s ego – they say they’re egocentric – the world revolves around them and that’s why they gravitate into politics and that’s why nothing that’s disclosed about their past ever fazes them.  They never blush. 


Chris: We’ll be right back, stick around.


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Chris:  Alright, welcome back.  Welcome back to the second hour of Road Warrior Radio with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix, and I guess we lost Melinda. Thank you for your call Melinda.  Before we jump off…and I don’t know if you want to get back to the Gorbachev point that I interrupted you on to begin with, but I was just going to say, because of the evolution, the birth control, the population growth, the eugenics, that has come up a couple of times. I was going to say, one of my favorite ways to explain evolution and the reasoning and the mindset behind it and why it’s foisted upon us so much these days.  I think a lot was shaped out of the information that you’ve put out, and I usually say where Malthus left off, Francis Galton, half cousin of Charles Darwin, picked up right where Malthus left off.  And basically when he read his cousin Darwin’s origin of species, he said well this is great.  This frees us from the theological argument that life is precious and now we can say you’re biologically inferior, therefore you must die, and at the same time, with the inbreeding that they were practicing, they actually believed that this concept of evolution is true and that it’s real and that they’re getting better hereditarily over generations.


Alan:  Yeah, there’s no doubt about it.  They need an excuse; in fact it’s not enough to have an idea or a belief system at the top for their own class, you have to train your subjects to also believe it in order to have their compliance.  So we always comply with their wishes and they have reduced us to a state where it’s non-religious.  Religion was always in the way for them because it elevated man, and every man and woman, up into a sacred status, so that was a big nuisance down through the centuries to them.  So now they’ve trained us, No, we’re just another biological species, we’re protoplasm and neurons, and your thoughts are just little sparks between the nerve endings and the dendrites and so on.  And once you believe that, once you believe that you’re just another animal, you have just given up your right to stand up and say “you can’t touch Me, I’m a Sovereign Sacred Being.” We’ve lost that right, we’ve given it up.  So we have voluntarily complied because we’ve been conditioned to be basically atheistic in our thinking and to believe that the scientists are the new gods. Therefore, whatever they say must be true and we must obey them.  And this is the worst tyranny of any religion that’s ever existed on the planet, this scientific tyranny, the same one that HG Wells worked with and also warned us about because he realized – he wasn’t quite sure on the right outcome of all of this even though he worked towards it himself.


Chris:  Yeah.  It’s absolutely shocking and mind-boggling when you find out and you realize we are exposed to the fact that they wrote about that too.  The fact that the way that language is smithed…and like I keep telling people…because it was you that said…the way that you expressed it I didn’t hear anybody else express it the way that you did…this language like Orwell wrote about.  They’ve manipulated it through the centuries and millennia but most recently brought down descriptive and creative language and thought to a point that a person can’t communicate danger to his neighbor because of the plus and minus or the one and zero.  I could try to say it, but I don’t do a good job of doing that and the receiver can’t receive it.


Alan:  That’s what’s happened.  They understand the science of communication, and verbal and visual communication.  They understand all of these sciences.  They’re slightly different from each other so they can use visual on television and give you writing beneath it so you’re thinking two different levels at the same time, and you’re easily programmed that way.  It’s called psycholinguistics, the use of how words are strung together in specific sentences and with the use of repetition at least eight times, and all the big marketing companies understand this.  You have to hear it eight times before the average person will automatically spout that same sentence themselves without ever really reasoning it out to see if it should be their opinion.  They just use the slogan.  Lenin said, “we shall win the war for the world by the use of slogans.”  And they use psycholinguistics all time.  WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, over and over; these kind of terms are used and when you see ten men across the world coming out with the same brand new term or phrase then you know an organization is running the whole show.


Chris:  When you see a guy who supposedly is the most evil terrorist in the entire world show up on your own soil and give a talk at Columbia University, per the visa that was granted by the guy that called him the most evil terrorist in the world, that should draw questions in most people’s minds.  Without running away though…and if people hear me chuckling, it’s not because I think it’s funny; it’s because I’m so shocked and astonished that this is actually happening.  I mean the truth really is stranger than fiction, but…


Alan:  And it did come out at the Reece Commission when Senator Dodd was sent out to the foundations to find out why they seemed to be supporting Communist front groups with heavy funding, then he was so shocked when the CEO of the Ford Foundation came out and told him, he said, our job is to help blend the culture and society and the educational system of the Soviet System with that of America so they could be blended together seamlessly.  When you couple that with Gorbachev being brought over, an ex-KGB leader, an ex-President eventually of the Soviet Union, given the Presidio and given his license to operate this charitable foundation while he was still the President of the Soviet Union – that was already signed in California – then you know there’s a bigger world agenda going on here.  And this was after of course Margaret Thatcher had brought this new reformed communist over to the West with the 6,000 dollar suit and so on, a very trendy communist, and that’s how the media were told to portray him and his wife, and the media admitted that they didn’t ask any political questions about Russia during the whole visit because they were requested not to by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They all complied quite happily.  Then they did a poll survey on US citizens afterwards, once he came over here, and they said “what do you think of this new trendy president, would you vote for this man?” Seventy percent of the people said “Yeah.”  They would vote him in as the President of the US at that time because the media had done such a great PR job on him.


Chris.  I remember that quote.  And you know, speaking of that, my wife asked me a rhetorical question and again, I made the statement and it sounds like hyperbole but it really probably isn’t.  It’s probably more true’s probably I guess funny because it’s true.  She was asking me the other day, kind of lamenting the whole election process and the debacle and everything, the whole fraud that it is really, and asked a rhetorical question and I said you know, I think, I honestly believe this, I really do, that even with the banter between the supposed two-party system that we have, if the Communist Party candidate were to be elected by a landslide, supposedly 95% of the popular vote went to this Communist Party candidate nobody had heard of, I think most of America would respond by saying, “well I don’t know…I don’t know who he is, but somebody must have liked him.  Maybe a lot of folks in the Midwest liked him, so I don’t know, maybe he’s good, let’s give him a try.”


Alan:  Exactly, again Huxley said, you’ll know what the people want because it’s what everyone else wants. That’s how they decide.  “What’s everyone else doing?”  That’s why opinion polls were thought up, the whole idea of them, by Tavistock as well because they found out that if they put out polls saying anything that they wanted to say, and claiming that this percentage were for this and so much for that, the public would believe them and they’d go with what seemed to be the majority opinion.  That’s how simple it is.


Chris:  Which is why when McCain was asked earlier this year – I forget where he was – he was overseas when he was interviewed, and asked specifically, the fact that his position on most matters of State was different than 70 percent of the American people, he said it doesn’t matter.  He didn’t care.  And unfortunately he’s probably right, it doesn’t matter.  Before we run away, I don’t know if you want to get back to the point in response to Melinda’s call about the psychopaths and that they never blush.  It’s amazing when you see these people.  If anybody ever really stops and thinks about what’s going on, like the Congressional Committee hearings, even though we know that the fox is always in the hen house, the game is always rigged – even so, if you or I for example were to show up before a Congressional Oversight Committee Hearing, supposedly on trial, even though it was a mock trial and we knew it was rigged…I would blush.  I would be a little shocked, but like you said, they never blush and the hubris of these people, I mean it is sociopathic.


Alan:  It is.  The psychopath will immediately defend their ego.  It doesn’t matter if they’re caught in the act of doing something, they’ll deny it or rationalize the most irrational things away to suit their own ego first and foremost, and when skeletons are brought out of the closet during election time it doesn’t faze them in the least.  Even when they’re in power, like Bill Clinton coming on national television, looking right at the camera, saying “I did not have sex with that woman,” these characters have no shame.  Psychopaths are incapable of feeling shame.  Incapable.  It’s not in their makeup, it’s absent completely and it’s the greatest cover they have because the average person can only judge people by their own emotional standards.  It’s hard for them to realize these people don’t have those emotional standards that are ruling over you. 


Chris:  Yeah.  And speaking of that, you know the doublespeak, it’s intriguing to me that when you listen to what they’re saying, a lot of times, you know one of the things I pointed out for example on recent shows is that you’ll hear one of the sound bites, the rhetoric that goes around now is not the…when we hear about the economic collapse it’s not the collapse of markets, it’s not the collapse of economy or any of that, they say it specifically is a collapse of confidence.  Everyone’s saying collapse of confidence.  And people, if they just would understand, as one person said, “what if they decided to throw a collapse and no one showed up?”  I mean, it’s that simple.


Alan:  That’s right.  When your president gets on national television and tells you basically to panic, then the people will panic, because they want everyone…it’s like 9/11.  We had to believe that the whole world was at risk of a caveman somewhere, and the hype they went to to make us all believe that, it’s the same hype they’re using to get this off, this whole economic crisis on the go, to make us all stampede so they can guide us into the new system.  And it is a new system that’s going to come out of this.  They’ve already set up the machinery to put the World Bank at the top of all this managing all the finances of the world.  That was always the intention of the World Bank and the United Nations.  It was set up to eventually become the front organization for the elite under the guise of a nice new daddy who cares about us and so that’s what’s coming out of it.  And out of these bailouts, it isn’t just national bailouts that you’ll have to deal with.  Under the treaty for the Americas, and the Summit of the Americas and the amalgamation, this Peace and Prosperity Partnership, what it means really is once they have a totalitarian regime within the Americas they’ll have peace at the top. They won’t have to worry about us, and they certainly will prosper at the top.  We’ll all be slaves.  But also we have to bail out European banks as well if they go under.  So in other words, we’re all in it together.  That’s their big slogan and that’s what they always wanted us to come to.  But they’re going to bring a new monetary system out of this eventually; I don’t know when.  John Maynard Keynes talked about it.  He said it will be a new system not based on the old profit type system or the hoarding of money.  It will be the world of servitude; and only by panicking and terrifying the public across the world, giving them tremendous hardship, would we be ready to accept it. 


Chris:  I completely agree.  You mentioned the bailing out of foreign interests and that’s a multifaceted issue but that’s why I keep saying the bailout Bill turns the United States into a giant economic landfill.  Getting back to the doublespeak, you were pointing out when they say “we…”. I tell people this all the time, when they say “we,” they’re not talking about you or I, but we assume that.


Alan:  That’s right.  It’s funny because you see the password of Rosicrucians in Queen Elizabeth the 1st Court was the old Greek term, it was from NOUS – you transpose that into French and it was US, and that’s the term that they always use.  You’re either with US or you’re with the terrorists.  So they have all these little Masonic jokes amongst themselves and the public have no idea what’s actually being said.


Chris:  Yes, it’s absolutely fascinating.  I wouldn’t mind giving a shameless plug…it’s really not shameless…but for your books.  For example, the Cutting Through Volumes.


Alan:  I’ve got three books on my website,, and I do the Cutting Through series, 1, 2 and 3, which goes through some of the psycholinguistics and even terms and even the sciences of this going back for a few hundred years and how they brought it all into the English language.  We don’t realize that even the language itself is updated and upgraded every so often by those who control our minds and they put it to full use as well.  Once you understand how they speak, what they’re saying and the coding they use, you get a completely different picture and everything becomes understandable. 


Chris:  Interesting.  Well I have a question, and I know we have about 60 seconds left in this segment and then a short segment on the other side.  My question, and I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I’m just curious what your thoughts are for the next segment.  And this, I don’t know, will probably leave folks hanging, it will leave me hanging, but my question is, “do you think, in your opinion, is Putin a wildcard or is he controlled opposition?” Because for example I heard John Hagee say this morning…he was harping on the whole…I mean he’s basically doing his rhetorical sound bite job but he’s talking about how Russia attacked Georgia.  Putin is one of few people that chronologued what really happened appropriately, so when we come back from the break hopefully you’ll share some thoughts on that.  Stick around, we’ll be right back with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix.


Alright, welcome back to the final segment of the second hour of Road Warrior Radio with my guest, Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix and I unfairly asked a question with a short amount of time left and so I don’t know, hopefully maybe that will be a setup when we can do this again sometime but what are your thoughts on the Putin factor I suppose if we want to call it that.


Alan:  Well Putin, I always say he was Put in there by design, but Putin if necessary he’ll play the bad guy if they need an enemy, if we won’t get to our knees and give everything up as they hope we will, they’ll have to get another enemy very quickly to scare us to death and bring us to our knees till we do pray that they give us an answer to it all and they’ll be only too glad to do so.  However, they’re allowed a certain amount of competition even at Putin’s level; same with politicians below presidents and prime ministers.  They’re allowed a certain amount of competition.  It’s only necessary you own the ones at the top, that’s what Carroll Quigley said. Now Georgia is a very unique place.  That was a special place set aside by Lenin for certain people for helping in the Bolshevik Revolution and that was one of their main areas for scientific research in different areas.  They set up under Stalin ten supercities, very advanced, you’ll never see them on a map, however another one, the eleventh one, was the one that is on the map and that’s in Georgia.  In Georgia, they basically had phagocytes from 1917, they didn’t need antibiotics; they could literally alter viruses to destroy any other virus or bacterium, any disease from 1917 onwards.  And the West was only told about this on a documentary from the CBC Canada about four years ago.  And it’s called Phagocytes.  Very interesting movie to see if you can get it from CBC.  Now it’s been suppressed again, that information.  But they could literally kill anything including gangrene with it.  That’s how far ahead the sciences at the top really, really are.  Georgia was the mainstay for this.  Georgia has a special tie with Israel we found out because the Israeli troops had signed a deal with them.  They trained the troops, they armed the troops, and it’s all to do with who gets first grabs at the pipelines that are coming through there.  So at that level they are allowed a certain amount of competition amongst themselves.  A sort of jousting match you might say, like knights do to take the booty, the rewards.  And that’s really what Georgia was about and more will come out of this as time goes on and the reporters are allowed to say a little bit more about it when we don’t really care anymore.  That’s when they tell us what really happened.  So, Georgia definitely in the scientific research field was way ahead, light years ahead of the West, with its antibiotics and different things too.  If you can create viruses to eat other viruses, that meant you could literally program viruses in 1917 to kill people as well.


Chris: And then of course coincidentally we wound up with the Spanish Flu in 1917. Imagine that?


Alan:  Yes we did, and I’m certain that’s why, because I’ve gone into it.  If you see Phagocytes, CBC Canada, you’ll get the history of that.  How a guy came from Canada to the Soviet Union and set up this factory and they were curing diseases from then on with a whiff from a little spray you just sprayed into the person’s mouth.  It would kill off the bacterium or the virus that it was designed specifically to kill.


Chris: Unbelievable.  Folks, you’ve been listening to Alan Watt, host of Cutting Through the Matrix.  That’s it.  Take care.  We’ll catch you on the other side.


Transcribed by: Zak


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