Alan Watt on

"Sweet Liberty" (Solo)

January 25, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė January 25, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)




Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This isnít Jackie as you can tell. Sheís got a very bad cold. Itís Alan. Jackie phoned me up about an hour ago and asked me to stand in for her. Sheís got a guest there right now. Although next week sheíll be on Monday, Tuesday herself and I think sheís going to talk about some information concerning World War I and the Lusitania.

I have nothing planned of course. I never do. I generally just talk as to what comes into my head first and one topic that was mentioned on the mainstream news last night was interesting and that was the border crossings between Canada and the U.S.

The news reporterĖthis is mainstream television in Canada, the main reporter was at one of the crossings, and Iím not sure if it was St. Catherineís or down by Sault St. Marie, but you could see the traffic flowing through without problems and she mentioned that. There were no real problems but there were some regular visitors that were shying away and crossings had dropped because the people thought it was more of a hassle getting through either way. Then of course they brought in the Ambassador to Canada from the U.S. and he said, well, itís going to be even easier shortly because with the new I.D. card he says you can just scan it through the machine and youíll be straight through he said.

This new I.D. card which is to be mandatory by 2007, right now itís actually voluntary. The new I.D. card will have your iris scan. Itís got an active chip in it. It has your DNA in it recorded, your voice print, basically all information about you that you probably donít even know yourself.† Youíll all be glad to know itís going to be so much easier to get through the border when they have everything about you on this card; and those people whoíve looked into the patent rights of cards, itís kind of like Monsanto with their seed.

Monsanto is in the business of taking all seeds that have been around for thousands of years and if no oneís patented them theyíre patenting them and so people who have those seeds now have to pay Monsanto because Monsanto has the legal right, you see, and we know in this world legality is everything in the system.

When you give your digital image to these people they basically own your rights, so everything is on it about you, even your DNA. I guess that means that legally they own your DNA as well and Iím not joking about this. Thatís how insidious and weird the true esoteric legal system is.

I should mention the day as well, this is the 25th of January 2006, and so thereís about a year left for this mandatory eventually I.D. card to come in and youíll all be so much safer and just buzz through so quickly and itís all for our own good, of course, because we obviously donít know who we are.

I donít know if they showed this in the United States. Probably not, because for a country that has more TV stations than anybody in the world, they certainly do keep you in a box in the U.S., and we [Canada] have far, far more mainstream news about whatís happening within the U.S. than they do in the U.S.

When Mr. Bush and Mr. Fox and Mr. Martin from Canada signed the "United Americas" last March it was shown here for at least 2 minutes on the CBC and maybe 3 minutes on global news, but I donít think anybody showed it anywhere within the United States itself and that was an official joining of the Americas.

Having so much data in the media doesnít mean theyíre telling you anything that really matters and certainly, of course, thatís the trick of it all. Itís the last thing someone would expect when you have such so-called "free media" that theyíre simply feeding you USELESS DATA and trivia generally or propaganda but seldom giving you any truth.

Of course, whatever governments have done in history, thereís always an esoteric for the public and the exotericĖthey sometimes give you the truth 50 years after an event and after the official secret act the time has expired and sometimes they wonít. Theyíll reclassify it for another 50 years.

For the "free trade negotiations" that were done back in the 80's, they buried most of the contracts really between the countries involved. That was the precursor to NAFTA and was actually more important than NAFTA because PREAMBLES tell you the meanings of the words theyíll be using in the actual official documents and theyíre often very different from the ones you think they actually meant. The free trade negotiations were classified and buried in some underground bunker outside Ottawa and they wonít be opened for another 50 years or so.

By that time, if there are still people around who can think, which I tend to doubt to be honest with you, theyíll gladly show it to you because a future generation doesnít care what happened in ancient history. You know 50 years today is ancient history and with the Dewey system well underway in the school system.

Any REAL HISTORY HAS BEEN PRETTY WELL CHOPPED OUT and itís hard to find a student today around 16 who knows when World War I began and finished, never mind World War II, and who participated in it.† THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN because they said that any conflicts that might go on down through the generations, because of racial differences or whatever, would have to be removed from the history books. †This has been going on under the National Education Association, which is a part of the International Educational Association, and THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BEEN STANDARDIZED TO THE SAME SYSTEM UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS.

We have lots of data to keep us occupied but thereís very little truth that we can use unless we really dig into it and use our own REASONING POWER, because the BIG BOYS WILL NEVER COME OUT AND TELL YOU WHAT THEYíVE REALLY DONE TO YOU, WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING TO YOU, AND WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO TO YOU.


Since we are going along in a system which has been here for thousands of years where they have Good Shepherds. Today, they wear business suits. Sometimes in past history they wore uniforms, like Adolph Hitler and Stalin and so on, and we still have our friend in Cuba of course.† Through the UNIFORM, which is "ONE FORM," thatís what uniforms mean Ė Masonics make "one form" out of many, "one" you see, and one system, one world, all of this kind of stuff.

Youíll find that in our minds we expect to see dictators or tyrants in a uniform who yell and scream at their audience and gesticulate with wild gestures like Mussolini, and thatís why they keep showing us these old cuts every so often. They seem to crop up all the time and that is to condition us this way, so when we see a guy in a business suit and he doesnít yell and scream (at least not publicly) we can't see him as being a dictator or a tyrant; and itís very misleading because they can say things much, much worse than any tyrant has ever said publicly, in a nice gentle way, and the viewers simply are not conditioned or theyíre de-conditioned not to actually see what theyíre seeing or hear what theyíre hearing.

I think Mr. Bush himself said that the Constitution of the United States was "just a piece of paper," which is odd because I said that on Jackieís show back in í98, and it is. No piece of paper can stand up and demand your rights. Itís the people who back it and who want that to be so, who make it so, and if they donít care, well they donít care. It is a piece of paper.


However, the GOOD SHEPHERDS as I say WHO RUN THE WORLD and itís not the front men you see, the shepherds; the true shepherds seldom go amongst the sheep. They pay their front men to do that and of course the sheep like the shepherd. They think heís a good guy. He wears a business suit and even the one in Communist China wears a business suit.

These shepherds wear business suits and they have nice scripts because they have the best script writers in the world who must have a common education from some strange underground university because they all advise their front men in the same speeches and to PASS THE SAME LAWS WORLDWIDE AT THE SAME TIME.† Yet WE NEVER HEAR how come these advisers, who are UNELECTED of course, in any country, we never hear how they get these positions or who trains them and who authorizes them to be where they are, but they do write good speeches. Theyíre Hollywood type scripts, right down to the pauses that the presidents and the prime ministers make, even the little jokes they sometimes tell Ė as anyone who watched the movie, "Wag the Dog" Iím sure saw.

Weíre living in a Disneyland really, very much so and it isnít simply because weíve woken up into Disneyland. Disneyland was here long before Disney.

The ancients knew and anyone who studied the history of India, ancient history, will come across certain princes who moved into India. These are the ones who did call themselves the Aryan race, whom the Brahmans supposedly are descended from, and they moved into the Dravidians Ė the name given to the people who were originally were there and they knew which religions to use for the particular people they took over.


Youíll find fantastic planning going into the creation of religions specifically tailored for the inhabitants of different areas of India. According to the culture they had at that time, they could actually adapt or tailor-make these religions for the people and the people would in fact obey them. They would obey all the rules they were given because it seemed fairly logical the way it was presented to them. The reason this formula worked then and it works today is that people are trained in one generation to listen today to EXPERTS.

In ancient times it was Holy Men and the Holy Men would be backed up with other priests. They would actually go out amongst the people, teach one generation that the set of rules, the reasons why they must obey the rules because there was a deity either watching them invisibly all the time.† Or else, you know they went into the reincarnation thing where youíre poor and destitute because you chose to be so and thatís why youíre in that position, but if you work really hard and lick my boots and if you create anything at all, I want a cut of it or I want a share of it through money.

If you do these kind of things to one who is superior to you, you might just come back in a higher position the next time. Strange as it sounds today, these religions worked very, very well for thousands of years for a SMALL ELITE RULING GROUP and all they had to do was TRAIN ONE GENERATION and thatís all they were taught.

They couldnít READ OR WRITE. They believed priests and monks and so on, and they had TAILOR-MADE RELIGIONS given to them, psychological warfare par excellence.

Nothing could be improved upon the last few thousand years; in the last hundred or more actually, theyíve been using electronic backups and various other techniques, Pavlovian type indoctrinations to make us "LINEAR THINKING" as THEY CALL IT.† Linear thinking is the reason most people canít ever figure out whatís really happening, even the ones who think theyíre waking up. They might catch on to the banking system or the Constitutionís going down the drain, or we're amalgamating, or we're losing something, but theyíre still really in the higher level of LEVEL ONE REALITY because this planet is far beyond simple changes that are happening today. Itís far more occult than that.

Sciences are used BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION of most people, apart from the very, very advanced electronics which are used, there are other means of applying science or transmitting signals you might say; and where they are scientifically, I donít believe is just 50 years ahead.

I think the proof in Francis Baconís little Essay on the New Atlantis written in the late 1500's and published in 1602, where he goes into Solomonís Island, which is actually Salomon's Island. Itís a play on the word salmon for its red flesh because the color of this agenda is ALWAYS RED.† Francis Bacon talks about eventually in the last chapter about getting into the UNDERGROUND CHAMBERS or LABORATORIES where he saw something powering the "underground facilities" that GAVE OFF THE LIGHT OF THE SUN.

Now today we would say thatís nuclear energy and then of course he talks about going into another lab where they have a machine to control the weather and create hurricanes, storms, droughts, famines and earthquakes, which sound suspiciously like HAARP today.† Going on from there, he goes into the genetically modified vegetable and animal area. He doesnít use those terms.

He says where they take the most miniscule parts of life and work on them and create any kind of vegetable, or, he said, animal Ė and I PRESUME HUMAN of course, thatís what youíre supposed to come to yourself Ė and they know exactly how it will end up when they first start the stages of planning. In other words, they werenít experimenting and doing it for the first time.

When you get these kind of clues from someone who is living in the 1500's, writing supposedly with beeswax candles and the best form of transportation was sailing ships and canvas, or on land it was a horse and buggy, heís coming up with incredible stories which a crystal ball couldnít have told them. He didnít claim to be a medium, either.

Therefore, it would tell me they had these sciences; and of course to control the world for thousands of yearsĖnot just control it, but this worldís been heading along a long set plan, a set agenda, for thousands of years, it would tell you that THEY WOULD NEVER ALLOW THE GENERAL POPULATION TO KNOW HOW FAR AHEAD THEY TRULY ARE.

While the people of the Middle Ages were living in the Middle Ages, those who were controlling the Middle Ages were probably living in what we might say in the 20th or 21st centuries with the sciences that they actually had; and so you get these kinds of proofs popping up.

Lady Queensborough, who wrote about Freemasonry in the 1800's, talked about one of her friends who I think was an ambassador who went to the Grand Orient Lodge in France, prior to the telephone, met the Grand Master and thatís after of course Benjamin Franklin was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France.† They were having tea with a silver tea set and he heard a ringing noise coming from the teapot. The guy pushed something. The lid came up and he talked into it and he says, youíll never guess where Iím talking to?† It was some other country across an ocean, so THE TELEPHONE WAS HERE. By the way, it was probably cellular because we donít think they had wires laid at that time. That came later on. These things were reported and observed back in the early 1800's.

Lord Rothschild was also reported to have his little ventriloquist box. They had cartoons in British newspapers and thatís what he always pulled out when he was making these big deals such as taking over the Bank of England, because he just knew who won the battle before anyone else did. He liked to talk to himself into this little box you know. Of course, the official version is he had vast fleet of clipper ships that got there before anyone else got the news and then a horsemen rode to London told him who won. He dumped his bonds. Everyone thought that the British had lost and then he bought them all up for peanuts Ė all very legal, which is always a strange thing Iíve noticed in this system. NO MATTER HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE, THEY TEND NOT TO BREAK LAWS BECAUSE THEY WRITE THE LAWS SO THAT THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT BASICALLY.

Certainly very immoral, but then again if we look at the rule book, which is Old Testament, we have to admit that the old god blessed Jacob for conning his own father into believing that he was really the brother in order to get the blessings. The old father was blind and half deaf and so he dressed up like his brother with a woolskin shirt and brought him his favorite bowl of soup and stew and so on, and then got the blessings and he ended up supposedly being charged with the 12 tribes Ė which doesnít mean 12 tribes at all and JACOB DOESNíT MEAN JACOB. Jacob was the sun and the tribes were the constellations; that's really what it meant, and so heíd broken through into the light to the sun. He became as the sun, and thatís the test of the very highest pinnacle of freemasonry when you hit 360 degrees because thatís what it takes to go around the circle.

Anyway, weíve been lied to, conned mightily for thousands of years. Every generation has been brought up to believe theyíre on the CUTTING EDGE.† When they were dying like flies in factories during the Industrial Revolution in Europe when the plague carts went around to collect the dead who DIED OF OVERWORK and malnutrition, often for working 16 hours per day, including Sundays, by the way. The day off on Sunday came much, much later, but the people in those days thought what else could they do. Itís just the way it was. Thatís how weíve evolved, as they would say in Darwinistic circles, you can help the poor so much but what else can you do for them?

What they donít tell you is that Mr. Rothschild once heíd taken over the Bank of England Ė and personally I believe he was brought in by the elite already in Britain to run it more efficiently Ė when he was created Lord Rothschild he passed the Corn Laws Act, where you could bring in foreign corn and so on and dump it on the British market. It put all the tiny landowners out of business. They were forced then to go into the cities because thatís where THEY WANTED THEM so they could WORK the FACTORIES and everything happens you find in this order.

Thereís no happenstance to anything. The people are coerced. THE WORLD IS PRE-PLANNED. THE DESTINY OF THE WORLD IS PRE-PLANNED THEN AS IT IS NOW and whatever you think is happening now, youíre generally wrong.

The mediaís job Ė the media means "THE MIDDLE". Pyramid is of course "fire in the middle" too. Itís the fire between the capstone and the rest of the world, meaning the body; and the mediaís job is to communicate certain data to you to shape your mind on an ongoing basis into expecting the next move, which will seem perfectly natural to us by the way it is explained.

The fact that for instance the New American Century published their agenda in the 1990's beginning with an attack on Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran and then Syria, in that order. The fact that we did hit Afghanistan first after 9/11, the EMERGENCY NUMBER, COINCIDENTALLY of course, and then go into Iraq.† During an inquiry Mr. Bush DID ADMIT on Canadian television at least that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the Twin Tower bombing, he was just a bad guy that was in the way and the world was better off with him removed. Now of course theyíre beating the war drums for Iran.

Iím sure they have their own men in Iran because each time he says something about the New World Order or Israel, Iím sure the population are quivering in fear because why would a man bring on disaster when the worldís biggest army is right next door to him ready to move in?

Why would he do this?† Until you realize that the old assassinsĖthe assassins were called "Hashishin" [or, Hashshashin] and thatís where the world "hashish" comes from, since thatís what they basically lived on. That was in the Middle East and the Knights Templars in fact joined forces with the assassins and became one. Therefore, Iím pretty sure this guy whoís in charge of Iran and is making these big noises right now at the most inappropriate time is one of their own, and if anything does happen, Iím sure heíll be picked up or smuggled out, one way or another, before all hell breaks loose. Youíll find thatís how the game is truly played, because wars, as Professor Carroll Quigley said:

"Wars are not intended simply to beat another people, theyíre primarily to change the culture of all the participants."

Therefore, itís the little people who have to change in the aftermath of war. It changes the culture, such as Britain when it came out of World War IIĖit went into World War II to fight national socialism and ended World War II as a national socialist country. Thatís how it changed it. The BIG BOYS understood that. That was their goal. Itís hard for the average person to ever figure out how it happened and how it came about, because that was THE PLAN in the first place.

Hitler wanted a united Europe. Winston Churchill weíre told now with declassified documents by his personal secretary 50 years after the official Secret Act is up, Churchill spoke many times about a UNITED EUROPE coming out of World War II.† Regardless who they decided to win, it literally united Europe anyway.

Itís the SHEEP who must be conditioned for the changes. Not the people who LEAD US to the CHANGES, but the people themselves.

I hear the break coming up, so Iíll keep quiet now while the music plays when it comes on. I may have a minute left here. Anyway, Jackie will be back next week as I say on Monday and Tuesday and I think sheís going to talk about the Lusitania, which, when sunk, helped to get the United States eventually into World War One.



Hello, this is Alan Watt here standing in for Jackie Patru. She will be back on Monday and Tuesday, maybe Wednesday too, by herself doing a talk on the Lusitania, World War I.† Iíve been just going through these things that float through my head of course and thatís why I prefer not to be a linear thinker.

To be a linear thinker is to show that your conditioning through schooling has worked because linear thinking is obviously to do with what they call LOGIC and SET FORMATS where you look at a subject. You find out why the subject is the subject, what caused it to be so, what its purpose is, where does it go from here, et cetera, et cetera. Itís a MATHEMATICAL SEQUENCE so when youíre given a problem you think linearly and you come to the conclusion really thatís programmed for you to come to, which is always the wrong one.

IT KEEPS US IN THE DARK. If youíre non-linear you can thinkĖyou can jump back and forth between various topics and time and history because it all must be shown together how everything thatís happening today is simply a lead up, or was led up to, by preparations from thousands of years ago.† I put some of this in my three books for sale and I should mention them now.

I do some of the ancient history, the pre-Masonic but still the builders, of course, history of ancient Egypt et cetera. I show you much of the Masonic symbolism, although thatís being co-opted by one of the main superstars of shortwave whoís adopted this kind of stuff because they must get themselves put as the superstars so youíll be led up the garden path; but it doesnít matter anyway because they NEVER GIVE YOU ANY OF THE ESOTERIC MEANINGS anyway. If you want one or any of these books, or all three, [see for ordering information].

These books as I say go up through that. The third book goes into that as well. I show you the big coincidences in history such as the Statute of Rhodes, which was the capital of the BIG BANKING BOYS thousands of years BC, and the Statute of Rhodes of course had the sun god with the spikes coming out of his head. He had his right hand out. Some ancient historians say he held a torch there. There was definitely a beacon there and of course people today will say, gee, thatís a similarity to the Statue in New York, quite near Rhodes in fact, isnít it? That must be coincidence, mustnít it?

Youíre seeing the same symbols of UNBROKEN POWER from thousands of years ago up until today and you canít put it all together. Thatís quite something because these symbols have been used all down through history through every religion on the planet, every authorized religion, and the esoteric is ALWAYS HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC or the PROFANE as they call it. Itís also HIDDEN from the lower degree Freemasons because you must have "willing fools," as Mr. Pike said himself, who donít know that theyíre fools. They think theyíre there for charity and to do self-help work and all that kind of stuff.


Everybodyís in their little pigeon hole or a tunnel and they donít know that thereís another tunnel next to them and thereís a whole bunch of tunnels next to them. They only live in their own little tunnel from the day they are born to the day they die.

Itís very interesting if we even go back to the times of Sumer, youíll see the statues of the priests of Sumer and itís very interesting that they wore the sheepskin skin around their loins, and of course itís the same today. The proper Masonic pinafore, the apron, is also made of sheepskin (at least the good ones are); and of course youíve got to ask yourself if there's a wolf behind the sheep here, or is that just Viagra? because these guys love to boast and they certainly do.

We have the same symbology down through the ages of the shepherd people, you see, the sheepskin, those who wear the sheepskin and they make the SHEEP AROUND THEM believe theyíre ONE OF US. †We donít realize the shepherd's VERY DIFFERENT FROM US because the SHEPHERD ACTUALLY OWNS US and we feed him and we clothe him. If the sheep knew that, theyíd run a mile when they saw the shepherd, but of course the SHEEP DONíT KNOW THAT. They see business suits and well dressed people who are obviously EXPERT at running things and so we like them, just like the sheep, no different than ancient times.

We give it all to the GOOD SHEPHERDS who are PROMOTED to us, so that we might follow them. The only DUTY you have as a citizen in any country and you've got to realize a CITIZENĖthe definition is "someone born into a system with preexisting duties."


In other words, IF YOU HAVE PREEXISTING DUTIES, HOW CAN YOU BE FREE? You see? It takes a little bit of thinking there, but we can overcome that barrier, and so we have preexisting duties. Of course, part of that is ALWAYS TO PAY OFF DEBT, even though Benjamin Franklin, a member of the illuminati, who gives you a lot of the clues, they speak openly because I guess they have to really give you very easy, easy clues.† Jefferson said:

"A generation born into paying off the debt incurred from the previous generation are de facto slaves."

Today, we call it DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM, so itís quite amazing how we can be told the truth by some of the "illumined ones" down through history and we think, "well, so what, everything is fine, Iím okay Jack. How are you?"† WE IGNORE THE TRUTH.

Yes, from the sheepskins of the ancient Sumerian priests, you look at the Pharaohs of Egypt and they wore a cloth around them. You also see it was hung in the middle in a pyramid type shape from below the belly button down to above the knees like a kilt and of course he wore that type because heís a perfect pyramid. He is at the top of the pyramid actually. The ones below would have to have ones with the flat square because they donít have a capstone.

Nothing has really changed to today.

What we call "Freemasonic" is to SHAPE and BUILD CULTURE and SOCIETY and MAN HIMSELF. We look at the ancient builders of the medieval times and when they were building up a cathedral, they were also dismantling the old one; so they dismantle the past as they're putting up the new structure. This goes on and on through all the symbology.

Eventually THEY WILL RESHAPE MAN and itís not that far off. Theyíve got the ability to do it. Itís not because theyíre waiting to improve the abilities to do it that theyíre hanging on. Theyíre getting us all ready mentally and psychologically to ACCEPT the BIG CHANGES that are coming in a PHYSICAL REALM, because theyíve ALWAYS said THEIR JOB was to "perfect that which was left imperfect."

The guide to Solomonís Temple is the individual "enlightened one" is the temple, you see. You are a temple, but itís IMPERFECT FOR THE MASSES and therefore theyíre going to perfect it. The next type of working type of people they will create will be purposely made for their tasks, just like Brave New World.

Aldous Huxley DID NOT get his ideas from again a crystal ball. Aldous Huxley was the grandson of Professor Thomas Huxley, who was Charles Darwinís best buddy and he became the champion of Darwinism after Darwin died. Aldous Huxley got his information from inner circles of the ELITE in Britain from the universities and simply wrote them into his books.

He said on his speeches that he knew this would be put into operation, the Brave New World scenario where they will purposely grow people for a specific tasks and hereís another BIG COINCIDENCE.


We jump back to Platoís Republic, when Plato in his discourse talks about the creation of a perfect world state where the guardian class wonít have to utilize so much time and energy to watch all the workers and slave populations because they will purposely make the SLAVE POPULATIONS for their own particular functions. That was called The Republic and that was his form of a utopia. Utopia to them is when they donít have to give you entertainment, distractions, frivolous wars, that type of thing, dramas, plays, music to entertain us. They wonít have to. Weíll be very, very efficient because theyíll program people after creating them to do their work 24 hours a day. They wonít need entertainment.

Plato himself DID NOT dream up that idea, since Plato was a pupil of Socrates. Socrates of course was forced to drink the hemlock after being convicted and his conviction was they he tried to Ė heíd been recruiting the elite youth and training them through a secret society to infiltrate the power structure and cause revolution. Socrates and Plato both studied this in Egypt and so you look back at Egypt and you find all of these elite people who went to study there were initiated into the high mystery religions. Then they were sent back to their original countries to set up these little cult groups and train the youth through fascinating stories, which is the same today, of the supposed esoteric (but they donít tell them the esoteric) and fomenting revolution Ė all must become one.

"Out of many, one."† Reverse it = One out of many. You might also say "monopoly". Mono = one, Poly = many, and thatís what the United States has been famous for is the creation of monopolies, "E Pluribus Unum".

This has always been their agenda. You see it all down through history if you care to look. It is not a coincidence and weíre dealing with something here which is obviously, very obviously does not think in completing any ONE THING in a LIFETIME, a human span. Weíre dealing with SOMETHING which can make incredible plans thousands of years into the future, right down to the finish dates too; and IT obviously also always knew the wisdom of the past, meaning the study of human nature, for thousand of years in ancient times, to plan out a destination to bring mankind culminating into a world order, a New World Order, which of course in a coincidence Papa Bush mentioned September 11, 1990. All these coincidences are just tripping us up everywhere.

Weíre dealing something which is beyond simply the human. It does teach humans as well, of course, the little workers they have, in a religious format because thereís a religion behind this Ė a definite religion. Thatís what motivates natural man is DEDICATION TO A RELIGION, especially when it gives members SPECIAL PRIVILEGES in this world; but whatever is behind it, as we know, doesnít worry about dying in a generation or so, thatís fairly obvious.

Itís also obvious that humans are not apt to plan something a generation ahead and carry it out. Other things crop up. Finances have to be pushed elsewhere. Unexpected things happen and people just get plain tired of it. Thereís SOMETHING HERE DRIVING THIS GENERATION between one to the next to the next and the next.

If we look at the cathedrals of England and Europe, we realize that these cathedrals took five to seven generations of stone masons to build through famines, through plagues, through crusades where the money was getting taken to go off abroad, massive money from the public and yet this AGENDA to build the cathedrals NEVER CEASED. Never ceased and architects today Ė trained architects to go over to study these cathedrals in Europe are flabbergasted at the sciences which were used to bring these inner dome vaults et cetera together. I donít know how many of them, Iím sure the Masonic ones did, but I donít know how many of them noticed that really these arches within these cathedrals and their big beams and all the rest of it are simply a sculptured form of nature, because it's showing you a grove. These cathedrals inside simulate the tree grove it seems and the ability to put all of this work together, incredible creations, is almost beyond the modern architect and builders societies and so on. They couldnít do it so well.


Weíre living with all of these amazing coincidences and weíre taught at school weíre on the cutting edge of science and civilization and who knows what weíll discover next thatís going to push us in a great leap forward. When in reality, the sciences that are HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE FOR AT LEAST 500 YEARS AND PROBABLY LONGER.

We look at the explosion of micro-circuitry that first appeared in wristwatches back in the 1970's, which flourished overnight. The markets in all countries were dumped with these cheap watches which were battery operated and kept perfect time, digital readouts and all the rest of it, and played about three or four different tunes et cetera and put the Swiss watch making businesses out of business OVERNIGHT.† I saw many of my friends buying them and what amazed me was none of them were stunned as to where this technology had suddenly come from. They take it for granted. You see, most people take everything that happens for granted. THEY DONíT QUESTION IT.

Most people alive today lived through the BIG TRANSITION of all the major industry in the world over the last 15 years to China and yet very few were conscious of it. They dreamed through it and now they simply think itís normal that everything is made in China. People donít really live through their life.

Living means being a sentient being. Sentient is awareness and PEOPLE WHO DONíT ASK QUESTIONS are obviously NOT AWARE; and Plato, jumping back then in non-linear thinking, of course, Plato himself said, "we create culture."

He said we can give oppositesĖheís talking about the elite of course in ancient times. He says, "ALL CULTURE COMES FROM THE TOP." Culture that came out from the bottom could upset, have a ripple effect and destroy everything, the unpredictable, you see, so all cultural changes are from the top down; they're permissible and PLANNED BY THE TOP and implemented and of course the people who see the culture changes through generally music according to Plato.

Today itís much music. Then it was just roving musicians. They had roving troops of drama players and of course he said "people mimic what they see on stage."† The general public generally mimic what they see, the fashions and so on.† Plato said, we can literally change the culture and all of its values in a completely opposite direction within one generation and in that generation there will hardly be one person who was actually conscious through the transition; and that is true today. Itís no different today.

The public go through the transitions WITHOUT NOTICING them, even if the skirt goes from the ankle to halfway up the thigh in one generation. Itís somehow normal and itís normal because itís approved from the top, because anything that was not approved from the top, believe you me, would be nipped in the bud before the public even heard about it. If you wonder why pop stars who help bring in the drugs, sex, rock-n-roll, which eventually destroyed what was left of the family, were getting knighted by the Queen.

You know the Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," LSD, who turned on millions of people into drugs got KNIGHTED for helping what? What did they help in the system?† What we know is of course that they had to destroy the remnants of the family unit by creating promiscuity, which theyíd planned in the 1800's.

H.G. Wells was promoting "Free Love" they called it in 1885. Free loveóbut they didnít have the contraceptives and the fallout was disastrous, so they went back to the drawing board and had all the scientists work on the contraceptive pill, so they put that out forward with the National Health Service, which gave you free abortion and penicillin for the diseases, and we applied it, using music, the traditional Plato thing, you see. Fashion, the mini-skirt and formulas. These are simple formulas and they worked very well. The public didnít notice the change. They never thought why did it come this way. Where does fashion come from? Who authorizes fashion?† And fashion remember means "to shape," so itís Masonic you see as everything else in this world is.

Uniform as I sayĖpeople in uniform are "one form" and thatís why armies have been created for thousands of years and once again youíve got many acting as one. Theyíre drawn from the ranks of the people at the bottom. "Drilled," just like miners in a sense, because thatís where drilling comes from. Square bashing Ė itís Masonic so they walk the square. The drill on the square and they are "one form" when they are ready and theyíll do whatever theyíre told, even if it means going and bashing the parents on the skulls with the butt of the guns, they will do it, because all of this is done before down through history.† Here is this music coming, so I guess the time is growing to a head. Well, Iíll end with that rant and itís been pleasure to talk to you. Itís non-linear thinking, which I enjoy of course.



(Transcribed by Linda)