April 7th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)


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Alex Jones: Coming up in about fifty-two minutes from now, weíre going to start the new fourth hour of the show.  Since 1997 I have been doing a weekday show.  At first it was one hour, and then in 1998 it went to three hours, and so, for more than ten years we have been in this time slot.  Iím expanding it to four hours.  Weíre going to have video feeds up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, starting in about 51 minutes from now.  Okay, Alan Watt is a very interesting person.  Heís a musician, I mean, let me just read his bio.  Heís been on with us a few times before, but heís with us for about an hour and fifty minutes today.  He calls it his wee bit bio from his cuttingthroughthematrix.net website.  


Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man with a background in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For much of his life (for main income) he was heavily involved in the music industry as a singer/songwriter/performer involved in folk music, blues, pop, rock, and even classical. Also known for his session guitar work, he has played with some of the most well-known artists and groups.


Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.


With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. (Alex: Thatís right.  They always have us in a current phase and are prepping us for the next phase.  Just like theyíre creating economic collapse.  The Federal Reserve publicly engineers it, now theyíre offering you the next phase, giving them unlimited governmental power, no oversight, private bankers literally running everything.  Into the next pasture.)


Learn the true esoteric meanings of mystery religions from one who knows.


Learn the science of Religion Creation-Domination. The latest book trilogy (Cutting Through Volumes 1,2,3) attempts to deprogram the reader from his/her indoctrination from accepting the world as presented.


Alex: Alan Watt, thank you for spending time with us today.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be on. 


Alex: Youíve got the floor.  Just tell us about Alan Watt, a little bit more about how you woke up and then when you really clicked and decided in the last decade or so, I became aware of you in the last five years or so, to start fighting the New World Order and really go public against them, which is a risky business.  And then, letís break down the basic overarching system and get into eugenics, their overall drive.  Letís understand the eliteís mindset before we go into their control grid.


Alan: Well, I caught on when I was very young to the fact that even the British system, although with the appearance of competition and free enterprise and so on, was entirely fixed.  It was a fixed system.  And it had a rigged system.  And it also had a completely fake history.  The history I was being taught in school didnít jive with the books written 200 years ago, which were available at some old libraries in Scotland.  And I got into these libraries, very young, from about the age of seven and eight.  And I was reading stuff that happened at the time, only to find out that what I was being taught in school was a completely revamped altered history.  And then I got into some of the major players, very early on, the Bertrand Russells, the Huxleys, the big families that had a hand in the creation of culture.  And it wasnít just the creation of culture, I caught on early that there was a huge agenda at play, and that weíre all living through parts of it.  Every generation was living through a part of it.  You can go back in history to find that this agenda was laid out openly in the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, for instance, with John Dee who coined the phrase, the term, the British Empire, for the first time.  And he presented his idea of a British style empire, with a British type government, running the world on a system of what he called Free Trade.  And he laid it out, right down to those countries which would adopt that system.  They would be given most favored nation trading status.  This is in the 1500s, and then you follow it down from there, and see it working through the British conquest of the world during the Victorian era.  You also find this other group that appears initially to oppose them.  And that was called Marxism, only to find out that all the Marxist philosophies were written in London, England.  And that Marx himself and Engels and others were being sheltered and given protection by the British government. 


Alex: Letís stop and zoom in there.  When I made my film Martial Law back in 2004, I went out on the streets of these peace demonstrations, where most of the people were well meaning, but they were with a control groups kind of leading it, and the Communists were there.  And Iíve had Communists and Anarchists who people say thatís the opposite.  No, they actually work together.  Not the minions, but the controllers, come up to me and even tell me.  Yeah, we work for the government, when they see thereís not a camera, and weíre going to kill you soon.  And they understand it, the leaders do, and then I was explaining in the film that the big banks created Communism to con the people back into serfdom and try to block some of the Renaissance that the globalists controlled but had gotten out of their total control later.  And I try to explain that itís a false counter-revolution or a false revolution by the people.  And the public just canít get that understanding.  Can you zoom in and flesh that out a bit more?


Alan: Yes, because Karl Marx for instance talked about a world that would eventually come into view and he said that there would be Three Trading Blocs in the World.  Far Eastern trading bloc, a United Europe, and United Americas.  And he wrote that in the 1840s.  And lo and behold, weíre living through this very, very thing.  And so they needed conflict, because they believe you see, this is the Hegelian technique of creating oppositions and out of the conflict between the two parties and people will always choose one party or another, thatís why they give you Left and Right in politics in every country.


Alex: Yeah, itís false choices.  And that goes back to the mystery school, the left and right hand.  One is the left, you know, the liberal, and the other is the male, you know, patriarchal, for those that donít understand, and of course, Eric Blair in his 1984 world, there are three blocs, the Anglo-American, the European, and then the Asian.  But then he finds out theyíre really all working together and itís war against the people. 


Alan: Thatís right.  The only reason that they could keep power over the public is constant internal warfare.  And thatís of course why government exists in the first place, to protect you from those bad guys over there.  Now, in a world governmental system, and Karl Marx knew this too, youíd have to have a new enemy.  And the new enemy would be the terror within.  Terrorism would be the new enemy in a global society where there are no real borders.  And we saw that happening on a mini-scale with Stalin.  Once they had basically conquered and took over their Soviet Bloc, they had to find new enemies, and suddenly they had these purges on terrorists within.  It could be your next-door neighbors, it could be you.


Alex: And they had hate speech laws, they had hate crimes laws, they even used the term terrorist.  And understand anytime the Nazis, the Communists, any of these different tools the globalists get in control, why do they always then mass kill?  Thatís their eugenics, which is then part of their religion, which has to have the human sacrifice.  But Iím interrupting.  Go back.


Alan: Yes, and so, thereís no doubt about it.  The big bankers and the British elite who do exist in Britain, most of them never appear on television.  Theyíre very old families.  They come from the Norman descendancy.  These characters are called The Establishment, in Britain.  They are the real government above the so-called elected government.  And they donít play politics, because politics is a game, but these characters do make an agenda.  And if you look into one of their front organizations, one of the biggest front organizations that they have, itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Alex: And explain.  That was then transplanted here as a regional governorship known as the CFR and they have these behind the throne, imperial shadow governments in all of the original holdings. 


Alan: Yes.  And Margaret Thatcher admitted that publicly when she gave her tour of the world.  The tour was called the New World Order, back in the 1990s.  And she said, we ex-politicians, ex-premiers, ex-presidents all know each other.  We never retire.  She says, we have a parallel government which is unelected to the people.  We can get more done, because weíre not responsible to the public.  And we work tirelessly towards this goal.  So, she admitted what their establishment was.  It is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they were given a royal charter by the British Crown to exist, and to speak on behalf of the Crown, the unelected elite.  And theyíve been working tirelessly towards this world system.  Again, to go back to how they created the two party sides.  You go back to nature in Ancient Egypt, and they talk about the laws of nature.  And of course they talked about Spring and then youíd have Fall in its opposition, and Summer and Winter.  And therefore, the whole idea was, everything works in harmony to a new beginning, if you go through the process of having opposites in battle and conflict.  And it was updated much later and put into new terminology with Hegel, who called it the thesis, antithesis and synthesis.  Synthesis is the merging together of the two opposing sides in a compromise.


Alex: And over thousands of years, the elites developed this, and if the elites didnít develop this, and if the power behind the throne, who was always his magicians, they were just the con artists.  They understood psychology.  That is the hidden mystery religion.  They then put on the theater for those out there in the general public or the congregation and that is the big secret, is just how to punch the buttons in peopleís minds.  Is that your take on it Alan Watt?


Alan: Itís all formula.  Thatís right.  Itís formula.


Alex: Formula.  Weíll be right back.  Weíre going to get into their mindset, what they believe, not just what they tell us, and their extermination plans for you and your family. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: In about thirty-five minutes weíre going to go live with video feeds at prisonplanet.tv.  Youíll be able to hear the audio for free at infowars.com for the fourth hour in a higher bit rate, or on the main stream at infowars.com.  And weíre going to be hooking into the satellites and all the affiliates for the next few weeks, for our regular radio listeners out there in AM and FM land, for stations that choose to carry it.  Going back to Alan Watt, please continue.  You know, weíve talked about the grid theyíve built.  Weíre going to get more into that, but specifically their mindsets, what they believe, what theyíre into, where they think theyíre going.  From your research, get into that, Alan.


Alan: Where theyíre going is to a utopia.  Theyíve talked about a utopia, a golden age, for thousands of years.  Every elite has talked about the possibility of immortality in this world, in this particular body, by understanding nature once again, in other words science, by conquering the laws of nature they could conquer death for themselves.  And thereís no doubt about it, they want to fix, as they say, in their old religions, the spirit in the physical body for eternity.  And no more, and at the top too, many of them do believe in reincarnation, but they believe that they are the most evolved species, both spiritually and physically on the planet.  Later, this was brought out by Charles Darwin, under another guise, a pseudo-scientific guise of determinism, through superior types and inferior types.


Alex: Yeah, letís be clear.  They claim on the surface theyíre atheists, but theyíre actually deep occultists and believe theyíre god and have god complexes.  Thatís why theyíve got giant heavy cyclotrons colliding heavy particles, which the equations show could cause a huge chain reaction and destroy the whole planet.  They canít help it though, theyíve got to play god.


Alan: They have to.  And they truly do believe that through their advanced sciences, they will dominate nature and everything in it.  When you look at the old psalms written for pharaohs, youíll see that the psalm would say that the pharaoh is god.  He is god on earth.  And he owns everything in the world, everything that flies, crawls, walks or burrows in the earth is his.  The land is his.  The people are his.  He was the owner of everything.  And it hasnít really changed.  The elite truly believe that we should worship them for giving us their system.  We should worship them for giving us jobs.  And they claim thatís the only purpose that we have.  And like good shepherds, when they have no more jobs for us, then their job is to cull us off.  Thatís how much they love their animals.  And the world that theyíve drawn up is to be a vastly reduced population, and not only a reduced population, but through the genotype of different people in the human genome project, theyíre going to take the best genes and create a better race of purpose-made slaves.  This has been published in many scientific journals.  Purpose-made humans for purpose-made jobs. 


Alex: Thatís right and what, in 1916, H.G. Wells had already written about atomic and hydrogen bombs, because Max Planck and others by 1905 had already put out the equations, probably before that.  Thatís when they told the public about it.  And then they used Einstein as the vehicle to basically publicize it.  They had, you know, he had written about the Eloi and Morlocks, almost a hundred years ago, this elite, cold-blooded psychopathic elite and their slaves.  And going back a hundred and fifty years ago to Galton and his cousin, of course Darwin, this is all in Endgame ladies and gentlemen, they already believed they were the super race.  They interbred, and it actually made unhealthy lunatics, or people who had extra or less chromosomes, massive genetic problems.  So now, they want to prove theyíre the best, theyíre saying, okay, well, weíll actually come in and artificially, just like in Huxleyís 1933 Brave New World, weíre going to make you stupid.


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt about it.  They had meetings at the beginning of the 20th century on how to dominate the public, the generally public of the entire planet, through chemical means, through ways of using chemicals to lobotomize specific parts of the brain.


Alex: Fluoride.


Alan: Yeah, to make people more, and also by using the needle, even Bertrand Russell talked about the use of the needle will make people very compliant.  And they can.  They can target specific parts of the brain through chemicals or viruses that they can send right to your brain.  And I really do believe that thatís the main reason for inoculations, because we look at the IQ dropping, plunging since the 1950s.


Alex: Just like sperm dropping, and then all the PR ads about how good the shots are for you.


Alan: And people are becoming so unhealthy.  Surgeons are phoning me, telling me theyíre opening up young men and their bodies inside have advanced aging.  Youíd think they were seventy years old. 


Alex: Well, thatís the GMO food, which they knew would do that as well.  Ladies and gentlemen, youíre being orderly exterminated with soft kill weapons, all Pentagon run.  Hope you enjoy it.  Go ahead and serve the system.  Those that are laughing, theyíre killing you.  I know you love your masters.  Weíll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be our maiden voyage today.  The audio is going out for the fourth hour at infowars.com.  Weíre going to be taking your calls off a new phone number for the time being.  Coming up in the fourth hour today, that starts at 2 oíclock central.  And Alan Watt will be with us for the duration of that hour.  Also, weíre going to take the hour-long encoding of my document cam, of the video cam in here on me, and on the video clips we play, and Alan Watt, and that will be uploaded and posted at prisonplanet.tv within a few hours of the end of the show.  Because this is the internet, and sometimes there will be glitches on the cam when thousands and thousands of people are on there.  But weíre always encoding here locally, weíve got one machine encoding now.  Weíre going to go to about two soon, as backup, and so youíll always be able to see it, period.  Itís going to be very, very timely.  Always, even if you miss it live while youíre at work, youíll be able to get them, and there will be the new video for you, five days a week.  Weíre even looking into coming in with just a basic web cam on the Sunday show, as we develop and expand things.  Going back to researcher Alan Watt, who joins us from Canada.  His website, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, cuttingthroughthematrix.net, a link-up on infowars.com.  Alan, please continue.


Alan: Yes.  And so the dialectical process works so well, because the public, as I say, will always pick this side or that side, whichever one appeals to them, or whichever side their father or mother has followed before, they adopt the same attitude, and they donít think beyond that.  However, this agenda was to be set up under a new system, eventually, that would take over from this vague term called democracy.  Weíve never really had a true democracy in the history of the world.  And the new system that would come in, and this was published at the beginning of the 20th Century, they said that under this new democracy, only those biggest groups that exist and who are authorized to exist, would have a say in the affairs of government.  We now call them non-governmental organizations.  And so, with the use of again, front NGO groups, non-governmental organizations, who pretend to demand from government on behalf of the public that certain laws be passed on various things, they would guide this whole system into their Brave New World scenario. 


Alex: And itís all stated, and they brag, even in these textbooks, hundreds of books out there will list some of the names, that the slaves never read, so we can admit theyíre slaves, and they also point at the rent-a-mob NGOs, non-governmental organizations, and then say that that is the grassroots.  Really, this is all an elaborate thespian, the whole world is a stage, each of us a player upon it.  Of course we know that Shakespeare was an insider, that was really just an acronym for a group of Illuminists that wrote under his name.  He really wasnít writing a book a week, ladies and gentlemen.  And the history shows this.  Some say it was really the king or the prince, well it was.  William Shakespeare was just a front for a whole group of these people to put this out.  And so they expansively then pre-programmed the public, controlled both sides of the debate. 


Alan: It was even deeper, because they introduced a whole new language into England with the King James Bible and Shakespeare around the same time.  Because, prior to that, if you read the writings of Chaucer and others, around the 11th Century, youíll see that they were speaking a form of Saxon German, and so they even upgraded the language, because the language itself is very important to this whole agenda.  We think in a language.  Weíre like computers, and technically, and they knew this a long time ago, if they gave you a certain type of language, and they already know the logic, like the logic of a computer, then the programmer will know the answer to every question that you as a being must arrive at, because youíll use your logic, use their language, and youíll arrive at the predestined conclusion.


Alex: Why do people love logos?  The Volkswagen logo, the CBS logo?  Because in our development we would know what, if a spider was poisonous or not, by its spots or by its red hourglass or by its little violin.  We would know whether a fish was good to eat by its spots, by the way it looks, and so language really in the human mind is symbols or characters, like in Chinese or Japanese, where itís pictorial pictographs, pictures.  They then come in and change the meaning of those words and then add new mental recognition to those verbal signals and they are now altering those. 


Alan: Itís very, very simple.  Itís very, very simple, and sure enough, they do keep changing the meanings of words.  And George Orwell warned us about that too, how easy it is to do.  And if you start to adapt and adopt the new terms that are given to you, youíre being programmed, automatically.  Most people today, and this was written about in the 1960s, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, when they had the world meeting, to decide which organization, which country would lead the world for the new culture, and they said that theyíd give the job to Hollywood.  Most young people that watch all these soaps, and so on, their dramas, their school dramas and so on, and they donít realize there are new words, new vocabulary being introduced, new meanings of words as they change them.  And they start to parrot them.  They mimic them, as Charles Galton Darwin said.  So this is an age-old technique of controlling culture, through the use of words, and the gradual subtle alteration.


Alex: Now, letís be clear.  That was firmly institutionalized, going back fifty years ago, where the FBI would oversee all the production houses and have you arrested or blackballed if you didnít follow the order.  There is the overt control.  Now, today, the Feds, since 2001 have been spending 45 million a year, and this was in the Washington Post, L.A. Times, to just pay one scriptwriting house to write the "government terror scripts."  And then you look, and theyíre actually using those terror scripts, in real attacks, so it goes vice versa.  And then I remember having the Lone Gunman and X-Files star, Dean Haglund, he called me up and said, I want to come visit you.  He said, listen, the CIA visited us, and they would plant these on us, and tell us, hey, itís a good idea if you use this.  So, I want to be clear.  Everybody in Hollywood isnít marching around getting CIA orders.  Itís the top producers.  Itís the top production houses.  They decide what they want to pick out of the millions of scripts, and then once you start ideas rolling, it magnifies and others parrot it, adapt it, change it, and donít even know theyíre taking part in a larger program. 


Alan: One month before 9/11 happened, the international censorship committees of the world met.  And I didnít know at that time we had an international censorship committee.  I knew every country had one.  And you think your censorship committee is there to see what youíll be exposed to on television, and so on, and itís there to protect you.  They published their findings, and they published their speeches from the international meeting.  This got lost immediately when the bombings happened at 9/11.  But I remember them, and I kept, I cut them out of newspapers, because they had speeches given, identical speeches, written by the same scriptwriter obviously, for two professors.  One in the United States, who attended the meeting, one in Canada at a university here, and they said, now we have won the battle for homosexuality and lesbianism and so on, we shall push the envelope, our next target is for bestiality and intergenerational sex.  That will be promoted heavily through comedy, television, and so on.  So, your censorship committee is there to guide the culture into the next phase and the next phase and the next phase, not to protect you.


Alex: And thatís because they have to cold-bloodedly remove the old basic human programming to keep tribes together and healthy.  They have to fracture, break up families, break up societies, reduce us to isolated creatures who only have a relationship with the flickering television or computer screen being programmed by our imaginary friends, and they even call the show, Friends


Alan: And we must be very politically, you see again, Blair or George Orwell talked about this ability for bureaucracies to adapt so quickly.  Whatís true and correct one day, you must truly, instantly believe it, this new correctness for today.  Even though itís diametrically opposed to your conditioning yesterday.  And itís constant adaptation of political correctness.† Now, the term political correctness came from the Soviet Union.  Itís a direct translation from the Soviet for the same thing.  And when they introduced the term political correctness in the West, they also introduced the term, also from the Soviet Union, and that was anti-government.  It started to appear in the paper for the first time, Anti-Government.  So, if you complained about government or a policy, suddenly you were anti-government.  So, it makes sense, because remember what Senator Dodd, Norman Dodd found out when he did the Reece Commission, back in the í50s, and he went round the big foundations.  Now, the big foundations are the boys that pretend theyíre big charitable institutions, multi-billionaire, trillionaire institutions.  They dish out the money that funds these professional non-governmental organizations.  And Dodd found out from the Ford Foundation, Carnegie and Rockefeller, the guy at the Ford Foundation told him, our purpose is to eventually blend seamlessly the Soviet system with the American system into one.


Alex: Well, let me expand on that.  Letís just zoom in on a tiny, tiny microcosm of the entire picture.  For fifty years, the Ford Foundation has been funding textbooks and comic books, millions of them a year, just like Marvel last year got criticized for theyíre going to give every American child a UN comic book every few months, that teaches to like world government.  They admitted, the UN said, to teach us to accept global government, teach us how itís good, teach us about the new environmental system as an organizing cause, which is their whole eugenics program, and they said, donít get mad, weíve been doing this with comic book people since the late 1940s.  Well, itís the same thing, comic books in Mexico saying America took the Southwest, the US is bad, you want to break it down, la Reconquista.  Our government, just like our government with criminals that run it, it came out in the Washington Post, for 30-plus years, up until 2002, were still shipping millions of comic books and free radical hadisas, radical Islamic texts, interpretations, to the Muslim countries, from a Wahhabist perspective, and the Saudi Arabians would match money with the CIA to radicalize Muslims, so they could use those religious Muslims, to tear down any secular government, to actually neutralize and weaken the Middle Eastern and Central Asian areas, so, again, thereís the foundations, thereís the governments, breeding the rebellion. 


Alan: And in the Soviet Union, you see, this blending together of the Soviet system has already happened.  Itís happened here.  They have merged the two into one.  And remember, going back to the book called The First Global Revolution, written by the Club of Rome, published in the í90s, it tells you in there by the founders, in their own words.  It says, we, back in the í70s, looked for a reason to unite the planet.  And they thought about the space alien, would that work, would they all fall for that.  Then they said, we hit up on the idea of stating that the people on the planet were causing global warming.  We hit upon the idea, he says, and so they said, yes, man is the enemy.


Alex: Yeah, the head of the CFR in 1993, Richard N Haass, and this is published, this is on the CFR website and the Club of Rome, said, we made this up to make humanity the enemy.  Thatís a quote.


Alan: Thatís right.  Iíve got the book from them, Iíve got the whole chapter, and I put it up on my site.


Alex: But I mean, theyíre point blank.  Theyíre point blank, ladies and gentlemen.  I mean, everything Alan is saying is in mainline textbooks, itís all available.  In the í70s they had the church hearings on foundations.  They called in the heads of the foundations, and they admitted, the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, their founding document says weíre going to create war and control it and play countries off against each other to bring in the one world government.


Alan: Yes.  And then when Gorbachev of course was president of the Soviet Union, heíd already been given the right to have that organization in the United States, while he was still president of the Soviet Union.  This is the top of the KGB at one time, that was now president, and he was given the right to run this green institution for the planet, in cahoots with Maurice Strong and Mr. Rockefeller, and he had a hand in drafting up the Earth Charter. 


Alex: And thatís Green Cross, Green Shield, based at the Presidio Naval Base in San Francisco, where the UN was born, in 1945, set up by the Pentagon, directed by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Alan: Thatís right, and of course, he was given a knighthood as well.  The Green Cross is the Knight of Lazarus, thatís what it stands for.  Hereís a Soviet, a president of another country, a foreign country being given a top position within the United States, while heís still president of the Soviet Union.  In his last speech he gave to the Politburo, it was printed in the Toronto Sun, and Eric Margolis was the foreign correspondent, who printed up the whole speech.  And Gorbachev told the Politburo and the top generals, he says, shortly youíll hear that Communism is dead and finished.  He says, donít believe it, weíre simply moving on to the next phase of merging with the West.


Alex: And they never even took the hammer and sickles off the tanks.  Going back and expanding on that, there are so many examples of our government shipping them hundreds of millions of pounds of wheat every year, oil, the Rockefellers, Armand Hammer owning the factories.  We have Carroll Quigley, the head of Georgetown Political Science division, Bill Clintonís mentor, admitting, bragging to everyone that hey, the Royal Institute roundtable groups that dominates the CFR and the rest of the world, they work with these people, they create these people.  Thatís like Lord Milner in the í20s said we need a rabble-rouser to put in power in Germany.  Weíll put the screws to the Germans, hurt them real bad, and then make them come after us, and then weíll have everybody surrounding Hitler.  Weíll then sabotage him.  I mean, theyíre slick man, because they plan out decades.


Alan: See, what weíre looking at here, and hereís where it hits most people who get to a certain stage of waking up.  Youíre dealing with an ancient system and an ancient science, and very old families who are given archives of information on the techniques, as I say itís formula, itís all to do with formula.  If you want the public, as Plato said, to do anything, look at past history. What theyíve been made to do in the past, if you know the formula, you can reintroduce it again at any time in the future.


Alex: And take the movie 300 that was the biggest blockbuster last year.  Made like 400 million bucks, they show them killing imperfect babies at birth.  They show basically how the Spartans went out and did human sacrifice.  Itís all shown as the most wonderful thing in the world.  Thatís the beginnings of the eugenics.  And I want to come back, Alan, and weíre going to take calls, ladies and gentlemen, in the fourth hour thatís about to start.  I want to explain to people what their real beliefs are.  Start getting into the eugenics.


Alan: Yeah, the eugenics is incredible.  If we go back into history, we find, we find for instance pharaohs and kings of Persia and so on, would often marry their own sister, because they truly believed they were the most evolved.  They were already Darwinian.  Darwin simply was a member of the same group, centuries later, espousing what they already believed in.  They believed that spiritually and physically they were already the most perfect beings on the planet.  And they didnít want to outbreed into the commoners.  They always had two groups, themselves, the gods, and the commoners.  And in Britain, the people are still called commoners.  If youíre not a member of nobility, you are a commoner.


Alex: Well, they also called us the little people, and thatís how they can tell who comes from a more "noble familyĒ the taller you are, because they would artificially starve, and thatís feudalism, the people as a way to control them, and then they would get madder and madder as they inbred more and more of their children.  You know, thatís why you always hear about kings and queens not being able to have children, and not having heirs.  Because they were so mentally ill, and deranged and psychopathic.  Really, they say theyíre their own species, they are, Alan.  They are a psychopath inbred guild.† Do you agree?


Alan: Absolutely.  Iíve talked to some of them, and heard them speaking about it themselves.


Alex: So have I.  Weíll be right back with Alan Watt.  Your phone calls.  The fourth hour, coming up.  The show isnít over.  Go to infowars.com to listen. 


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Alex: Alright, Gene, Steve, many others that are patiently holding, let me give you the new number to call in.  Iíve actually got a 1-800, we havenít hooked it up yet.  And this show will be on the network in the next few weeks.  But itís only going to be at infowars.com.  Iím going to call up and get a fourth hour shortwave too, in the next few days.  Itís going to be at infowars.com, free streams there, but you have to go to the infowars.com streams.  You have to go to the website to hear it.  It wonít be on the Genesis streams, this fourth hour.  You go to infowars.com right now, you can listen for free there on 32 bit, or 16 bit, and itís going to be on 64 bit, for members of prisonplanet.tv and youíre going to have a five minute video intro feed, and then myself and Alan Watt.  Weíll be back and we will be taking your calls.  Here is the phone number, itís 512-646-5400.  And I think 80-plus percent of the public now have unlimited long distance.  So, 1-800s are really being obsolete, but weíre still going to have one for you.  512-646-5400.  512-646-5400.  Iíll be right here myself, taking your phone calls off my board.  Weíre going to call Alan back here, in just a minute or two, and get him on my board here too.  Weíre beta testing this, all myself, live this fourth hour, with the video feed and the rest of it.  Let me just punch the video feed up.  Weíre rolling video clips of Stalin and Bush right now, but punch myself up, see, I can say hi to everybody.  We have a document cam.  I had Chinese food on the document cam a few minutes ago.  But thereís the document cam.  Got the finance and development magazine.  Global governance, whoís in charge.  See this is an industry publication.  Itís all just admitted there.  Oh yeah, World Government.  We run everything.  You know, thatís for people in management.  20-something-thousand CEOs get this.  I mean, Iím seen as a CEO, I guess, because I run my own company.  And all this stuff comes in the mail, because they have lists of this.  I never went on a list.  I never asked to be on this.  But I get sent it, you see, because Iím seen as somebody higher up in the system, even though I fight them, Iím on a list, they send it to me.  Alan, thatís how this works, isnít it?


Alan: It is how it works.  And you always promote culture and changes from the top down, not from the bottom up.  So itís following its old routine.  Even in management courses now, university, everything has been for quite a few years globalism, globalism, globalism.


Alex: Well, hereís another example.  My dad is a, you know, a health care consultant.  Heís also a dentist and an oral surgeon, so they always hire those guys, because of medical laws, they want those to be, you know, officers, board members, consultants, and he goes all over the country a couple of days a week doing this.  And about four years ago he called me.  He was at the Four Seasons here in Austin, you know, because they send him to these big seminars.  It was like four or five thousand dollars a person to go hear this top guru talk, this big CEO.  And he goes, this guy is talking about world government, how the elite miscalculated and dumbed everybody down too much, so now weíre head-hunting for home-schoolers to get them to join.  I mean, itís like you said, Alan, itís now just right out in the open. 


Alan: It is.  It truly is in the open.  And they have such a dumbed-down public; the public donít really care too much whatís happening, as long as their own little life and what they can do doesnít change too drastically for them.


Alex: Alan Watt, stay there.  Weíre breaking, leaving the Genesis mothership and going out on our own to find new worlds, new civilizations, to boldly go where no radio talk show host has gone before.


Hour 2


Audio Stream.....


Man 1: But letís say tomorrow the law stated that we had to use torture


Man 2: Donít be absurd.


Man 1: Why it used to be the law.  It could be the law again.  Itís only a matter of principle.  Then you would use torture if the law said so.


Man 2: Youíre using an extreme example.


Man 1: Alright then, whatís your limit?  How much injustice would you stand for to satisfy the people we work for?


(Song intro)


Alex: Alright, friends, we are live.  Thank you so much for joining us today on this maiden voyage of the new live fourth hour.  Anything new works out bugs as thousands of you log on to watch the video feed, as we tweak the settings there.  You can also listen right now to the audio, alone without the video, if youíre having any problems at infowars.com.  Alan Watt, again, is our guest for the rest of this hour.  His powerful website is cuttingthroughthematrix.net, and weíve got a whole bunch of phone calls weíre going to be going to here in the next ten minutes, for the balance of the show.  Alan, the New World Order system is being exposed like never before.  Some would say that the establishment means to have revelation of the method, and I think they have done that, obviously through the culture and the media, but I think it is going a little faster than they wanted.  I see real signs of distress within them, and I see this system theyíve set up, this formula as controlling them as well, kind of a wild beast, just a kind of hive mind or institutionalized system that is now even out of their control.  Your take on that statement, Alan Watt.


Alan: Well, one thing we must always understand, these people donít play politics.  As I say, they make an agenda, they do not compromise.  Thatís the one thing all down through history.  They do not compromise.  They get their way or nothing.  However, they have to, at this very stage, sort of use the double-edged sword, because they want a world, you see, children are already growing up with this conditioning of globalism.  They have been for many, many years now, and so they have to come out in the open, as though itís the normal thing to do, to be global nowadays.  And at the same time, they do know thereís still a generation left who are a bit older, but have the histories here, who remember and lived and grew up in the older system, and they donít want to go into this new sort of Soviet type of globalism, where weíre all monitored, watched, and prodded and chipped and all the rest of it.  So they expect trouble.  Thatís why they published their 90-page report from their top think tank of the Department of Defence in Britain.  It was published in the Guardian, 90 pages.  Iíve got the 90 pages on my website.  And this top think tank for the Department of Defence, also is the top one for NATO countries, all NATO countries, the US, Canada and so on.  And they foresee nothing by escalating riots from now on, up into the next thirty years.  And theyíre prepared to use all means necessary to suppress these riots.  Now, whatís going to make the average person riot?  Well, we can see whatís going to happen, because now they want full control of all your food supply.  They have it.  Your water supply, your energy for keeping warm.  Everything that you are dependent upon for living.


Alex: Well, Alan, I want to get more into their control grid, and then what the world will look like if they have their way, after we take some calls.  But specifically, I want your expert opinion, because I really do respect your research.  Itís very, very accurate in all the areas Iíve looked into it, and of course, meshes with a lot of things I learned independently, and then Iíve learned some stuff from you as well, as we all learn from each other in this, you know, college of awakening thatís happening to counter the elites.  The elites then respond to us, and Iíve had them respond to me, openly, that, well youíre one of us because you are thinking, and then join our system.  But then, I donít want to join their inbred, sadistic system, saying people are animals, survival of the fittest, that this is how you become dominant, you know, this is how you become the King Rex, you know the Rex Lex, or the Law of the Kings over the slaves is by feeding on the slaves, by feeding on the cattle.  I mean, I see the elites.  They do make mistakes.  I mean, their self-replicating system has been well oiled, an art form, works well, because they have the wealth amassed, and when they do make mistakes they never compromise and keep coming.  But where have they made mistakes?  Because theyíre not gods, they do make mistakes.  This is a topic Iíve never really heard you talk about.  Where have they made mistakes and then readjusted their program?


Alan: They tried right after World War I to bring in the League of Nations to its full strength as a global government.  People were still too nationalistic.  They had their independent cultures.  They wanted to hang on to them.  And so it faded back into the background again.  Still a powerful organization, but in the background.  H.G. Wells talked about it, before World War II.  He said the people havenít given up all their rights, theyíre not war-weary enough.  He said we needed another war, a Second World War.  And sure enough, they got their Second World War.  And right after that, after they signed the last of the main charter in California, for their United Nations, the phoenix bird of the League of Nations, they wrote lots of books, I have them all here, printed at the time, by the big players, talking about the need to push immediately for global government, while the people were still war weary.  But it still didnít take off enough, and so they went back to the drawing board and said, well, by the year 2010, 2012, we can bring the United Nations up through perpetual conflict, until itís the only organization which can come forward and promise the people theyíll take care of them, the big paternal United Nations.  Now, the United Nations is not a democratic institution.  Itís unelected by the populace of any country.  Itís a dictatorial institution, and itís already and it has been for many years passing laws which every government in the world simply takes and then passes into their national laws.  Theyíre already being built up to be the major country of the world.  Now, remember the department of agriculture at the United Nations has stated a few years ago that food is a weapon, and food has been used in the past as a weapon to control people.  Thatís an ancient technique.  And youíre noticing now, oh my goodness, thereís massive wheat shortages across the world.  Then you go in, you link that to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they have dozens and dozens of think tanks working on this global coming crisis, and they have had this for years, how to make it into a crisis.  So, theyíre building up the United Nations to be the big paternal figure thatís going to take over from the national governments, and promise to take care of you.  Theyíve laid their groundwork well.  Theyíve had a hundred years now of gradually pushing themselves up to the top, and they will use food as a weapon.  Now, the Department of Agriculture at the UN stated that eventually all food for the entire world will come to them, and they will dish out so much per country, per capita.


Alex: And, of course, thatís being done.  Even under the same names or similar names.  Same bureaucracy internationally sets standards for the animal ID, the premises ID, one chicken dies you get $2,000 a day fines if you donít report it.  Inspectors without warrants on your property.  But then the big poultry producers, they buy one tag per thousand chickens, for $10, but the small producers have to have one $10 tag per chicken or per pig, which then bankrupts them.  All of this being pushed in, all of this happening, the diabolical control grid going into place. 


Alan: And also, when they dish out food to nations, and thatís coming, they stated that itís up then to the national leaders to keep their populations below a specific figure, because they will not be given extra rations.  Population control.


Alex: So theyíre now artificially introducing this, because now big Agri has more than half of world food production, and the tolerances between what is a famine and what is a fat year are so small that they have easily gone in and created, and they brag about this, the atmosphere that has allowed this to happen.  Then they say, oh, weíve got to have more UN, more international funding to feed the poor third world, and they really use that money for eugenics.


Alan: Yes, they do.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíve decided a long time ago, and thatís what the human genome project was about, finding out who is superior, inferior, what type theyíll allow to come into the New World, the New World Order, and those who must perish.  And youíve got to understand, their religion is much, much older than even Egypt.  It goes back even into India, and Hinduism.  And in Hinduist philosophy, at the end of the great cycle, the big age, they call it the oceans of theosophy, thatís how they call it, then all the inferior types die off, and they must die off, because only the superior types can be allowed to go through.


Alex: Itís holding back the planetary evolution in the whole neo-Darwinistic/yogi system.


Alan: Yes.  Darwin simply reiterated something that he and his family and all their members down through the ages had already believed in.  Thatís right. 


Alex: I want to go to some calls, but letís specifically get into the UN world government agenda, how far off you think they are.  We know theyíre soft-kill poisoning the water, the vaccines, every new birth control always sterilizes or screws women up.  Itís always an accident.  The government then gives them liability protection.  We know that the Gates with Warren Buffet have given over $80 billion, and you know, the Gates family heads up Planned Parenthood.  IBM is a eugenics front, thatís mainstream history.  All of this going on, but when are they going to really start exterminating the Third World?  And we know AIDS is a soft-kill weapon, but itís more of a test of how it would spread from the info that Iíve got.


Alan: Weíre going to get hit, I think, with a whole bunch of things at the same time, because they want total chaos, the appearance of total chaos, to create ultimate terror, worldwide, so that weíll truly come to our knees and beg them to help us, and then theyíll come forward with all their plans, which they just happen to have drawn up already.


Alex: And thatís why theyíve built, all over the world, giant underground bases, public everywhere but in the US, because weíre the most dumbed down.  Huge elite compounds for hundreds of thousands of people to live for decades.  Underground railways all over the world, under the Atlantic, in Europe, so that they can carry all this out.  This is their great dream.  This is their excitement.  And of course we see all the newest James Bond movies about killing people for their genetic information, or that was a James Bond before the last one.  The latest one is about government sponsored, or establishment sponsored terror for gain.  But we have Moonraker, where the elite industrialist, the trillionaire, wants to kill the Earthís population while the elite go to space for a year, while the worldís population dies, so they can come back and then build the utopia. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  Margaret Thatcher talked about this, because Man Alive program, I think it was back in the late í70s, got wind of this agenda.  All NATO countries signed a certain deal, itís still in effect, that when plague or nuclear fallout occurs over a certain area, they have to cordon off whole cities by three circles, and any individual trying to escape from his quarantined area is to be shot on site.  Thatís enforced now.  Any person, any group of people who try to escape will be bombed with CS gas from the air.


Alex: And theyíve recruited 26,000 preachers in the US, close to half a million truck drivers, 23,000 executives, in Infraguard, all ready for this.


Alan: And Margaret Thatcher said, she was asked, what about you and your own class?  And she said, well, weíll be fine, we have underground shelters for ourselves.


Alex: And thatís why the elites all live in certain areas.  A lot of elites live in Austin because out at Bergstrom thereís an underground railway, this is classified, by the way, folks, going out to Fort Hood.  It nexuses into the Southwest.  They admit these tunnel systems under DC, the old Brier Green, all over the East Coast, a lot of their main bases are actually out under the Atlantic Ocean, and we have this from inside sources, but a lot of it has been leaked. 


Alan: Yes.  And Thatcher was asked, well, whatís to stop the ordinary people from trying to break in and get in to escape and live in your bunkers, and your underground shelters?  And she said, weíll have special forces, SAS and others manning all entrances, and theyíll be taught to, theyíll be told to shoot on site, anyone.


Alex: Well, they admit what all of the public bases have.  They have huge robotic turrets with nuclear blast proof camera pods that pop up, with machine guns, Howitzers, in case you come in with a tank.  They have multiple ones built into each redoubt, where thereís level after level that pop up, even if you assaulted it with tanks, more and more turrets just pop up.  Then thereís level after level of giant steel and concrete doors, where each level you blast through, thereís more troops waiting for you inside.  Then, even if you were able to take one of those bases, which is near impossible, even with an armored battalion, they would then just jump into their mine shafts, go in their underground railways, a thousand miles away to another base, and then of course, blow the tunnel behind them.


Alan: This is long-term planning.  The Rand Corporation were in charge of boring the tunnels with those huge machines they have. 


Alex: Hundreds of them bought in the early 1940s.  Thousands of locomotive.   What they declassified in the fifties tunneled four feet an hour.  And what do you think thousands of giant tunnel locomotives have been doing, ladies and gentlemen?  Swiss cheesing everything underground.


Alan: They can go at five miles per hour now, these particular machines.


Alex: Oh, five miles now?


Alan: Five miles, through any rock. Through any kind of rock.


Alex: Thatís right.  I guess I was looking at the í50s models that theyíve declassified.


Alan: Yeah, the obsolete ones.


Alex: My God, over a thousand vehicles, and last time I checked this was like six, seven years ago.  Thatís whatís on purchase orders.  Imagine whatís secret.  What do a thousand locomotives that can tunnel five feet an hour, and letís say half of them are broken, or, you know, being worked on at one time, what do a thousand locomotives, if you did that at five feet an hour, how much do you think theyíve tunneled, Alan?


Alan: I think theyíve been across the planet many times.  As I say, it was, they already had these machines in the í40s, the late í40s, and these machines were using some kind of atomic type power.


Alex: Thatís right.  They have atomic locomotion, so thereís no gas in the tunnels. 


Alan: Yes.  And they can actually create so much heat without melting the superior alloy, but it will melt the rock as they pass through and form a solid casing round the tunnel.  They donít have to go round and reinforce it when they pass through. 


Alex: But now, of course, in Switzerland they have underground bases for two years for the entire population.  Russia has it for one year.  But in the US, I grew up in Dallas, and theyíre still there, it says nuclear fallout shelter.  I get to go with my family and die in the underground parking shelter.  Thatís what Land of the Free, Home of the Brave gets with our tax money, whose even public budget is bigger than the entire worldís defence budgets together.


Alan: Yes.  Well, thereís no doubt, the US was given the mandate to take over from Britain, because of its tax base and its manpower base, factories and so on, to build the machinery for this whole world domination structure.


Alex: And thatís why theyíre so arrogant, is that, imagine, thereís only, what, max a hundred of these families.  Theyíve got about 3,000 servant families.   For those that donít know, this is how history has always worked, even in Babylon or Egypt.  You have servant guilds, where even the kings and queens and old oligarchs themselves kind of become like Chinese princesses that are like queen ants that are just tended.  The real power is in the mechanism and the families that serve them.  Alan, from your study, would you say thatís accurate, the number of families and servant families weíre dealing with?


Alan: I think so.  Now, they have many, many helpers.  The technocratic society, with the scientific elite.  They truly believe they donít need ordinary people anymore, as long as they have the scientific elite.


Alex: Yeah, from my study, isnít the sub-technocratic elite, is about 20,000.  The upper technocratic elite is about 500, and then it plugs into larger bureaucracies of several thousand families, and then you have the prime directives going off of, what?  How long ago from your study did the elites finally codify the current eugenics program that we are under?   Because, you know, they do stick to plans.  They donít seem to change them.


Alan: They never change their plans.  No.  Well, you can go back to the days of Thomas Malthus, who was the first one to come out on behalf of the elite.


Alex: Well, remember the Morlocks, written a hundred years ago, they live underground and control us the slaves on the surface, but go ahead.


Alan: Malthus worked for the British Crown and the British East India Company.  And the British East India Company was owned by the Crown.† And it was all members of the royal family.


Alex: The only licensee for global oceanic trade. 


Alan: Yes.  And he stated there that theyíd have to start culling the population soon.  He was projecting into the future, a hundred, two hundred years.  He painted this picture of us all living on top of each other.  And the terrifying prospect that they saw was that thereíd be too many of the commoners and weíd outbreed the elite.


Alex: And so they said, put us in tiny areas, and then poison us.  Use biologicals to get rid of us. 


Alan: Yes.  He had it worked out how to even infect certain types of parasites.


Alex: By the way, that was the 1750s.


Alan: Yes. And how to keep them on a minimal diet, malnourished, on a certain type of diet, so they couldnít walk off to a new plantation to work.  Theyíd be too weak.


Alex:  Which goes back to the Japanese and British model that were very similar.  How do the Japanese feed into this?  Because analyzing the enemy attack profile, Alan Watt, of cuttingthroughthematrix.net, I have noticed that the Japanese have an even more advanced, more refined system.  And it seems that they, they, I mean this is an Anglo-American dominated enterprise, but it seems the Japanese have been given a place at the table.


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  You have the old elite families too, of Japan, still well in control. 


Alex: And they publicly say they have given fealty for four hundred years to the Queen of England.


Alan: Yes, they have.  And they also had the Jesuits in there, who also helped them with their particular warrior type clans and their battle strategies.


Alex: Letís talk about the Jesuits a little bit.  Letís talk about how different groups fit into this. 


Alan: Thereís no doubt, again, all these different conflicting, remember, this plan, which is ancient, has worked down through time.  It uses whatever groups are handy at that time.


Alex: But specifically, letís get into the Catholic Church and the Jesuits. 


Alan: The Catholic Church, thereís no doubt about it.  The Jesuits initially were taught, now remember, Ignatius Loyola or Loyal Firestarter, really thatís what it means, was captured by the papacy, because he was raiding certain Catholic bands and plundering them.  And he eventually had a meeting with the Pope, this prisoner.  Whatever he said was very important, because he came out as the first, as they call it, Black Pope of the Jesuit Society.  And he had been a member of the Alumbrados, which is simply the Knights Templar branch that eventually lived in Spain.  So he was taught through the Knights Templars the strategy of using conflict, ever-lasting conflict.


Alex: Problem, reaction, solution, the dialectic.  And then they also claim they were fighting the Templars, didnít they, when they really werenít.


Alan: Thatís correct.  And so, down through the ages the Jesuits were masters at going into areas where they wanted to disrupt the society, plan rebellions, and even getting different sides fighting each other, blaming the other, while they would keep themselves clean.  And they could go incognito, undercover, wear the clothes of the commoners.  Some of them were even allowed to use wives and live in the same villages and houses.


Alex: So we see a lot of espionage going on.  It was a clandestine, what we would call the CIA today.


Alan: And eventually, of course, during World War II, they blended with the CIA.  Malachi Martin talked about that.


Alex: And they were working both sides in the West and with the Nazis. 


Alan: Yes.  Thereís no doubt about that.


Alex: Tell you what, letís talk more about that and take calls after this quick break.  Weíre going to take a break, and we will return on the other side with Alan Watt.  Iím Alex Jones and this is the one, the only Alex Jones radio network.  Stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alright, ladies and gentlemen.  Weíre back live.  Maiden voyage here.  Weíll be here every day for a fourth hour, 11am-3pm Central standard time.  Going back to Alan Watt.  Alan, continuing, because people get confused by Protestant, Jesuit, Catholic, all these groups.  They set up the World Council of Churches, before that the National Council of Churches, the Rockefellers running it.  Same thing there where every major denomination is controlled by these people.


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  They run all organizations to get them all appearing to be in conflict, but the whole process goes to resolution, a predetermined resolution that the public eventually accept.  So they use all advance type guards, conflicts, rebellious types, to steer the world.  They even use major wars in the same way.  During World War II, Joe Stalin was Uncle Joe.  Immediately after, they needed another enemy, and he became the Great Bad Bear.  And so they always have an enemy, because to keep control over masses of people, you must have war or the threat of war.


Alex: Alan, weíre going to have to have you back up for another two hours in the future.  I promised to go to calls.  Letís go ahead and take some calls right now.  Letís go ahead and talk with Steve in Colorado.  Steve, youíre on the air, welcome. 


Steve: Yes.  Hi, Alex.  Hello, Alan.  I have three questions regarding material that youíve just mentioned, just some details.  First of all, do you know what the date was that you mentioned Eric Margolis wrote in the Toronto Sun about Gorbachevís speech?


Alan: That was just before they announced the takedown.


Alex: I remember that was all over the news at the time.  You can dig that up.


Alan: Look into the Toronto Sun archives and youíll find it there.


Alex: That was in 1991.


Alan: Eric Margolis.


Steve: Okay, Margolis.  Okay, very good.  Second question is, you had mentioned Margaret Thatcherís tour of the world, I think you called it. 


Alex: New World Order, yeah.


Steve: Okay, what year was that?


Alan: It was in the early í90s.  She spoke even in Massey Hall in Toronto, and the title of her talk was the New World Order.  In that talk, it was printed strangely enough, on a weekend.  I think the main editor was off, and a novice reporter was there.  It was very straightforward.  She talked about the parallel government which she now belonged to, that really ran the world.  It was printed in the Toronto Sun, again. 


Alex: Anything else, Steve?


Steve: You said that was Massey, Massey Hall in Toronto?


Alan: Yeah.


Steve: Okay, and the final question was, what is this group that you said that Ignatius Loyola belonged to?  I think you said Bratin or something like that.


Alan: It was the Alumbrados.  Itís Spanish for Illuminati.† Illuminati were there long before Adam Weishaupt.


Alex: Yeah, Adam Weishaupt was just one putsch or one junta that was launched out of Germany into France.  And then of course, they failed there, so they brought in Napoleon. 


Steve: Okay.  How are you spelling Brat, how are you spelling that word.


Alan: Alumbrados. 


Steve: I see.  Okay, very good.


Alex: Illumined.  Illumined, yeah.


Steve: Okay, Great.  Thank you very much.


Alex: Thank you sir, appreciate the call.  Letís go ahead and talk to Leo in Mass.  Leo, youíre on the air, welcome. 


Leo: Mr. Watt and Alex.  Yeah, Mr. Watt, when you come on, I am afraid to call, because I donít wonít to break your scheme of thought.  Itís so clear.  Anyway, I have one thing I wanted to say about my, I go around debunking World War II, and one of my prime methods is to use Dunkirk as to why he was just another controlled stooge.


Alex: Yeah, Heinrich Himmler and Herman GŲring, the head of the Luftwaffe, allowed 300 and something thousand French and British troops, with their equipment to escape.  And they say itís because Hitler loved them and liked them.


Leo: You know, a chess player doesnít do that.  Anyway.  But my real thing is, Iíve been thinking recently about Joe McCarthy and the hearings.  Now, I think he was really onto something, but they said, oh, let him go, heíll self-destruct, and thatís what happened.  I remember, he self-destructed in the public, and the whole thing died.  I am so furious that his handlers didnít tell him to cool down and...


Alex: Letís be clear, let me comment, letís be clear about McCarthy.  He was a good guy.  He meant well, but he only thought it was a communist conspiracy, which they then used to take the general publicís freedoms and liberties in the nation, and create a you know, hysteria and fear as Alan said, enemy creation.  But as soon as he found the documents that the army, and that our government was funding the Soviets, he was totally destroyed instantly, because that was about to expose that communism was just a fake front, just like we knew from books that were written and inside people that Mao was put into power, in 1949, now itís admitted on the History Channel, and they have the old CIA section chiefs, who are now dead, but videos of them admitting that they put Mao into power.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes.  And if you look into it too, whatís really interesting, you see, Adolf Hitler, for a long, long time he truly thought that Britain was going to, and he wrote about this, Britain would come on board.


Alex: Yeah, they had a secret deal and thatís why Albert [Rudolf] Hess parachuted in, in his full uniform, in England trying to meet with the king.  Go ahead.


Alan: Well, actually, he landed on Lord Lothianís land.  Lord Lothian at that time was the head of the Royal Institute for International Affairs.


Alex: And he was supposed to be brought to the Royal Family, and he was saying, why are you breaking your deal.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Thatís exactly what it was.  And he landed on Lord Lothianís land.  He was the head of the Royal Institute at that time for International Affairs, and basically, he was saying, ďwhatís up?  Weíre supposed to call it off now.Ē


Alex: Because the previous head, and Iím just adding this for listeners that donít know, the previous head of course was Lord Milner.† And so he had set Hitler up.


Alan: And also too, in a book thatís called Fringes of Power, written by Churchillís secretary, he said that Churchill was telling the public to go off and fight for their culture, their country and to save England, and meanwhile, at parties he was saying, this war is the greatest thing that ever happened.  Weíll get a United Europe out of this, our lifelong dream.


Alex: And then in í49, he did the treaty of London, which really set up the EU, but then they officially set it up with the Treaty of Rome, 1947, and thatís why now weíve seen the conversion of Tony Blair over to Catholicism, so he can head up a Catholic Europe.  But, people then want to say itís a Catholic conspiracy.  No, the Catholic Church is a unit of this, Iím not debating its New World Order, Iím just trying to say that thereís groups above that, and people get mad at me.  They want me to say it is a Catholic conspiracy, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, I know.  Thereís no doubt, youíll use everything. 


Alex: And weíre saying itís run by them.  Thereís no debate here.† I mean, weíre saying that itís near the top of the pyramid, but no, weíve got to say itís only Catholic and that the Protestants are good.  No, theyíre run by the same thing. 


Alan: If you look into Milnerís groups, now Milner and with the Cecil Rhodes combination, with the Round Table groups, they created what they called the Young Turks, the Young Italians, the Young Zionist groups and so on.  All Revolutionary groups to bring in World Revolution.  So they used all existing types and members. 


Alex: And now itís the La Reconquistas, here in the US. 


Alan: Same technique.


Alex: And thatís why you see big money, big network owners running billboards, almost 700 of them, at tens of thousands a piece in LA, saying LA is Mexico.  Thatís why you see Absolut Vodka, with, you know, multi, you know $50 million ad campaigns saying the US belongs to Mexico.  They are funding it.


Alan: The Rockefellers were the first ones to come out and fund that particular group in Latin America.


Alex: Yeah, thatís just one microcosm.  Thank you, caller.  I really do appreciate your call.  Now, letís go ahead and talk to David in Texas.  Youíre on the air, David.


David: Hello.


Alex: Yes, sir.


David: How are you doing?  First of all, I want to congratulate you on your fourth hour.  I wish you the best of luck on that.


Alex: Please spread the word about it.


David: Iíll do my best.  Iím actually just calling in.  I donít have any way of getting it.  I donít have a working computer right now.


Alex: Weíre going to have it on AM and FM stations and shortwave by next week.  Go ahead.


David: Yeah, is the daytime frequency 12180 or whatever?


Alex: 12160.


David: And maybe you can talk to Mike Jones or something about it.  Anyway, I had a couple of very quick comments.  I wanted to also put in my two cents worth on memoriam to Charlton Heston.  I actually appreciate his legacy overall.  No one is perfect, but he was a good man, and he meant well.  I agree with your take exactly on him. But I want to just briefly mention that, and we will miss him.  As someone who really is a Patriot and supports Conservatism, true Conservatism as you like to put it, and I agree with that, I think that we need to get back, I have a personal view that we need to get back to a more Constitutional government.  I have several proposals: term limits, reform in the electoral college, going back to having states pick the Senators, getting rid of the income tax.


Alex: All good.  All things the bankers put in in 1913.


David: Hard asset backed money as opposed to the phony funny money or fiat money we have now.  Term limits, balanced budget amendment requirement, property rights amendment against abuses by eminent domain, getting rid of asset forfeit through seizures. 


Alex: Excellent points, sir.  Do you have any comments or questions for Alan Watt?


David: Yeah.  I quickly wanted to mention, I appreciate the work that heís done, and I listen to a lot of his work in broadcasting on other sources that he does regularly, and I appreciate his work in researching the New World Order.  The thing I think, why do these people think theyíre entitled to this, one?  And two, what would he recommend average people do to band against bringing down the whole grand scheme they have of wanting to take over the world and do away with anyone other than their fellow elite?


Alan: The why is quite simple.  Theyíve been in charge of this world for thousands of years.  And theyíve built up empires, and as they move out of one old empire they take their wealth with them and it collapses behind them as they move into the new.


Alex: Yeah, itís parasites.  They come in, use it as an engine, attack the neighbors, get more lebensraum, get more land.  Then because they built up power in that nation, they have to destroy it, so that the sub-elite there doesnít threaten them, and then they move on to the next group.  But finally, with a one world government, they can wage war against full humanity, through survival of the fittest, the social Darwinistic view that itís the eliteís right and their responsibility to slaughter and kill the public.


Alan: Yes, and again, to combat this, when you realize the magnitude of it, because itís your whole reality, itís your whole indoctrination, itís your daily indoctrination if you watch television.  Then you have to come to a decision on a personal basis first.  You donít run out and just join a group and realize youíve been fooled again.  Youíve got to change yourself, and you must be willing to stand up as an individual against whatever you see as right or wrong around you in society, regardless of whatís now politically correct, or what will be tomorrow.


Alex: Absolutely.  Letís go ahead and take another phone call.  Letís talk to, well thereís so many I canít tell who to go to next here.  I tell you what, just air whoever you want.  Weíre going to go to Bart in Houston.  Go ahead, Bart, youíre on the air.


Bart: Hey, Alex.  Hey, Alan.  Itís good to hear you guys talk.  You know, this last week Joseph Nigh came to Houston, Texas, and I had a chance to catch up with him at the World Affairs Council.  Itís kind of like a sub-group for the CFR to come out and introduce their indoctrination to, you know, the people that think theyíre elites, all around the country.  And I really have to say, you know, I knew he was coming, so I did a lot of research, and I read up a lot on what heís been writing about, and I think that what weíre really going to see, I really do think weíre going to see Obama or Clinton come in, because everything this guy is writing about, and this is the fonder of neo-liberalism.  Heís one of top ten policy thinkers.  Heís Bilderberg.  Heís head of the Trilateral, North American Trilateral Commission.  Everything heís talking about is the need to recapture domestic opinion here, and public opinion abroad. 


Alex: Yeah, let me, let me add something to what youíre saying.  Congress has an 11% approval rating, even in their admitted polls.  Thatís what Iím saying.  Iím a little more optimistic I think than Alan is sometimes, though he understands that theyíre, and I understand theyíre trying to even angle on that, and then theyíll create another counter-revolution to add even more fervor and blood and belief to energize their system.  They love having salesmen that really push their agenda in a well meaning way.  Thatís very convincing and it gets through peopleís instincts against evil.  So, itís very sophisticated, but youíre right.  They are coming in and theyíre very good at every city, even little towns have their own good old boys, boss hogs, people that think theyíre the elites.  And thatís why they go along with it, because theyíre well meaning people in most cases, and they believe, with the compartmentalized info that theyíre given, that theyíre part of some larger elitism, and that, you know, itís not corruption, itís somebody has got to control things.  And they are desperately right now, thatís what Obama keeps saying, Change, Change, make America know we can work together, you know, bring us back to the "process".  That means back to the controlled process.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, thatís true, but weíve got to remember too, that above them, as Carroll Quigley said, the new system that has come in is a feudal system, where the CEOs of major international corporations are now the new feudal overlords.


Alex: Well, thatís it, but what Iím saying is, the people are seeing through the political simulation that isnít real.  And so, the people are seeing the matrix like never before.  I agree, weíre in the grid now, in the jaws, but again, I donít think these enemies are gods like they think.  I think they can be defeated, Alan.


Alan: They can be defeated very simply.  And thatís simply by the majority of the public not going along.


Alex: Seeing the man behind the curtain.  Go ahead. 


Alan: Not going along with the agenda, and saying, no more.  No more.  We should be in charge of our own food.  We should be in charge of everything we need to live on an individual basis.  Not some remote multi-national globalist agri-business.  We have to have the right to retain that which we need to survive personally.  And when we have that back in our hands, then we have a voice, but not before.


Bart: Well, everything that this guy was talking about is pure Hegelian dualistic, you know, mind control.  Iíll let you guys go, but at the end of his speech, I walked over to him, and I leaned over while he was signing books, and I said, sir, can I ask you one more question.  And he didnít look up at me, and he kept signing the books, and he said, yes, of course.  And I said, recently Zbigniew Brzezinski was quoted as saying the prospects for a New World Order had been put back 20 years by the missteps of the Bush and the Neo Conservatives.  And I asked him, and I said, do you agree with that assessment.  He set the pen down, and he turned, so he could look right at me, and he said, "We will recover".  And just the chill of how confident he was when he made that statement really has stuck with me.  So, I do think they can be defeated.


Alex: Yeah, here you are talking to a top globalist minion, a super gofer, and theyíre point blank admitting it to you, and then you go tell the poor schmuck down the street, and theyíve been pre-programmed it doesnít exist.  I really do appreciate your call.  Letís go ahead now and talk to Dan in California.  Dan, youíre on the air, welcome.


Dan: Well, thank you sir.  And I really appreciate the work that you guys have done, Alex, especially your early work with the films, where youíre walking around exposing the UN plaques on National Parks and things like that.  My take is, or my question is, how do we get all of our legal capital together to simply restore the Constitution.  It all breaks down to a law enforcement problem. 


Alex: Well, the police have been militarized, brainwashed.  Even if a cop is good on average, on the ground, the system is predatory and wicked.  Thatís why the White House came out and tried to in the open promote torture.  That was because they were already carrying it out, and they had people complaining inside their system, so they thought by just putting it in plain view, that would neutralize their own people thinking it was illegal.  So they have to always push the envelope, because they want to do this on a mass scale.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, it will take something on the scale of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, where we stand in front of tanks one day.  Thatís whatís coming.  Thatís whatís coming.  Donít kid yourself.


Dan: Hopefully we can avoid that.  But I just wanted to comment about, what do you think about the Royal Institute of International Affairs, itís the Council on Foreign Relations?† Doesnít that confer a title of nobility to its membership, and of course, in the Constitution it says, no state shall grant title to nobility, but I believe it also says that no elected official to congress.


Alex: Yeah, let me comment on that in the interest of time, and then Alan can.  Weíll take a few final calls.  The Logan Act says that our politicians, state or federal, canít go to meetings where policy is being set and private interests are there secretly, or without publicly admitting theyíre going or going, you know, with Congressís approval.  But, Hillary, Bill, the Bushes, before they were in power, Tony Blair, they all do it.  Now, we see them exercising corruption in front of us.  Weíve seen both Hillary, and we have seen John McCain, go to Rothschild meetings, and other public meetings, and be given hundreds of thousands of dollars for going and speaking at those meetings, for their campaign, illegal, out in the open.  So, theyíre publicly setting the precedent that, if you run for county commissioner and violate one little letter of the law, youíre going to go to prison.  But, if youíre the big politician, they can do what they want.  So that is selective enforcement.  And then, as for titles of nobility, the British did set up the CFR, but itís not a public title of nobility, it is a really, an intelligence agency, operating, where they give you favors if you serve them, at the heads of banking, academia, media, government, at state and federal and international liaison, state department type level.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes.  In fact, I think it was Quigley also, who described what a technocrat was.  A technocrat is someone who works behind the scenes, not elected generally, but has the real power in the parallel government to make decisions.  Heís not responsible to the public for comeback.


Alex: Yeah, theyíre the experts.  Theyíre the thinkers. 


Alan: Yes.  And so youíre right with the professors.  I looked at the Trans-Humanist agenda, their big global meeting recently, and every major professor from across the planet, from universities, they happened to attend.  Every big person was there.  These are the sellout prostitutes who believe theyíre going to be allowed to come into this New World Order and be saved with their families because they have superior genes and intellect.  And thatís why theyíre all working fervently towards the same goal for their masters.


Alex: Publicly writing books about it, and then the general public has been preconditioned by them it doesnít exist, like you tell children.† Weíre all treated like children.  Theyíve trained us to have an extended childhood.  Letís go ahead and talk to Mike in Illinois.  Mike, youíre on the air. 


Mike: Hey, how you doing, Alex?


Alex: Good, sir. 


Mike: You know, I just want to say, thank you for you, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, all these people helped open up my eyes within the past month.  I had no idea of any of this.  I served in the military, and now Iím a disabled veteran.  And I actually served under a command where I had a commander and a master chief who was a Freemason.  And there were certain things that I wouldnít be able to do or say, because of subjecting my rights.  But I wanted to thank you guys.  And then, I also had a question.  The question was, state militia, independent state militias, do you, are we for them, are we against them?  I mean, whatís their status.   I mean, donít they represent the Constitution?


Alex: No, no, itís, I mean, I mean, we need to have a state militia, an organized one and then an unorganized one.  And thatís why you see the elites going after that.† But the elite knew that we needed an armed mass of citizenry to basically kill the Native Americans.  And of course most of the founding fathers believed in it.  They were good guys, but they were being manipulated too.  So, for a time we were allowed to be armed, because they were going to populate the frontier with families.  And so, it was kind of going into a militarized Spartan type society.  And the elites even said, itís the New Atlantis.  This will be the new Sparta, and so we were allowed to be armed.  Now, the Spartans took it over, and so now theyíre bringing us back in to the amalgamation, and itís all being slaves.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  They can allow you to create real estate out of swamplands and take all that hard work back from you, a hundred, two hundred years down the road.  Theyíre long-term planners, intergenerational planners.  What the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.  Thatís their own little motto.  And they believe theyíre the Lord.  So, yeah, they can take everything from you that you think is your natural right.


Alex: Yeah, thatís right.  In the Bible they took out the word Yahweh and, or Yah, and replaced it with Lord, which was the ancient European term of, you know, God.† Which is their name.  They are the lords.   Lord Vader.


Mike: Okay.  And then, one final statement.  I just want to say that not a day goes by where I donít tell at least three people and try to notify them what the New World Order is, and in a polite and reasonable manner, so I donít look like Iím just some theorist, but without presenting the facts, so.


Alex: Alright, thank you sir.  Got to jump.


Mike: Thank you so much.


Alex: Mike in Wisconsin, youíre on the air, go ahead.


Mike: Yes.  I was just going to say that these groups that you guys try to illustrate here, theyíre usually confusing and mysterious to try to pinpoint who they are.  And Iíve found that two great Patriots.


Alex: Let me just stop you.  You have the elite, the global elite that understand how humans operate, the first psychologists, the first psychiatrists, who made a study of how humans operate.  And then they can infiltrate anybody, any hierarchal organization, any system, and take control of it, and then even play different sides of their own mechanism off against each other, because they know that you want the illusion of choice.  And so, theyíre in the Masons, theyíre in the Catholics, theyíre in the Protestants, theyíre in the governments, theyíre in the corporations, like for like.  The elite congregate with the elite.  The elite go to the same schools.  The elite go on vacations together.  Alan, you want to explain this to him?


Alan: They call it the circles, the circles of influence.  That circle that you move amongst is your circle of influence.  Now, Margaret Thatcher talked about it when she took public money and put it into the private school system for the wealthy elite, and she justified it by saying, these are your future leaders.  They will grow up together. Theyíll be in politics, business, CEO positions, and she says, we must keep them going.  And thatís how she rationalized taking the public money to fund private schools for the wealthy. 


Alex: And then the elite also are scanning through the whole public school system, finding the best minds, and then making, the stories.  Weíve had like Dr. Cuddy on, and others, and youíd have these elite individuals, you know, with the best test scores, say in Wisconsin at the government university.  And then, all the sudden, David Rockefeller would fly in, and just be in the lunch line and walk up and sit down next to the young man, saying we want you to come work with us. 


Alan: Thatís how they picked Maurice Strong. 


Mike: Well, what I was going to say though is that I think two people in history have illustrated very well who these elite are, two of them being Benjamin Friedman and Jack Bernstein.


Alex: Benjamin Friedman and Jack Bernstein.


Mike: Which I have transcripts of them on my website.


Alex: Oh, youíre that stupid twit. 


Mike: Yep, Iím that twit.


Alex: You look like such a weak little punk, man.


Mike: Thank you.  I appreciate it, Alex, I appreciate it.


Alex: Hey, take care, weakling. 


Mike: Thank you.


Alex: Why donít you come up to New York next time Iím up there?  Iíll be up there this year.


Mike: Iíll see you.


Alex: Iíll be there.


Mike: Iíll see you.


Alex: You hear me, Iím going to be there.


Mike: Iíll be there the third time this year.


Alex: Good, you come up and talk to me. 


Mike: Alright, weíll have a little discussion. 


Alex: Good, punk.  You little cowardly piece of crap.


Mike: (Laughter)


Alex: Hey, coward, Iím going to be in New York.  You hear me punk?


Mike: Hey, Alex, Alex, itís alright man.  You can calm down, dude.


Alex: No.  F*ck you.  F*ck you.  This is the real radio show, punk.  You just go ahead and come up there you little cowardly, soft twit.  I dare you to come up to me in New York, you little punk.  You little weak punk.  Youíre a coward, and youíre not going to be there, you little punk.  Let him go.


Mike: (Laughter)  Bet you I will. 


Alex: Okay, punk.  Iíll see you there.  All these guys.  Iíve told everybody, Iím taking the gloves off.  Excuse me, Alan.


Alan: I get the same ones.  I get the same ones on my shows phoning in too.  And often they do it in tandem, from one end of the country, and one of their buddies, at the other end of the country, will phone up immediately after them.  And they push their little agenda.  And Iím telling you, a lot of these guys donít realize, the books that they are reading were put out by the CIA.


Alex: No, no, no.  I mean, the reason is, that wasnít me just getting mad and losing control there.  Iíve announced to everybody, that Iím really going to be myself, and itís probably not good, because a lot of kids listen to me, and I know, I probably shouldnít get mad at people.  I am for real.  I believe in what Iím doing.  You know, I make films about exposing the New World Order.  I expose what Israel does.  I expose what the Vatican does.  And itís key that we understand that itís all these groups being run by the same people, if weíre ever going to stop this.  And you know, these people send me threatening videos, they send me comments, they say all this stuff, so I want them to know, that all of them, that this is the real deal, that this is reality.  And itís come out in so many things that Nazis and other groups have been funded by the government.  They want to do that.  They want to make this information unpalatable.  They want to tie it to attacking certain religions or attacking certain racial groups so they can then stop us from actually waking the people up.  Alan.


Alan: You divide and conquer.  Itís the old story.  Divide and conquer.  Have everyone fighting everyone else.  Meanwhile, the big boys march ahead while youíre all fighting each other.  Itís a simple technique. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Well, this is the new radio show, ladies and gentlemen and the gloves are off.  In fact, we can always go over here too if we want, but I actually am going to not be profane.  Iím not usually.  I just, you know, just, things are so serious.  The world is falling apart so bad, that I am just turning the heat up, Alan.  I mean, I just feel in my gut that weíre hurdling towards major collapse, major calamity.


Alan: We are.  Thereís no doubt.  This is not a show.  Itís a revelation of whatís coming, and this is where we are right now.  Weíre in a battle for our lives. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Well, all Iíve got is my genuineness.  All Iíve got is that I really believe and research what I say, and I really care about the innocents.  I mean, the elite are sick.  If they are such great elite they should want to build up humanity and go to the stars.  Instead, in real eugenics, they actually target the intelligent and try to mutate the entire middle class, just so they can keep their hegemonic power, and that makes me angry.  And you do have this, you know, eugenics, this whole eugenics agenda, thatís being pushed, and it just makes me angry. 


Alan: It is.  And itís published wide out in the open, with the Trans- and Post-Humanist agenda.  And thereís nothing hidden anymore.  And as I say, weíre in a battle for our very lives here, and the childrenís lives too, for everyone.  Everyone who went before us, that made us who we are, and those who can come after, is in the balance right now.  And weíre the only ones with the information that can fight this at the moment.  The next generation are too young.  Theyíve had too much indoctrination.  They canít do it.  Itís up to us. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Letís go ahead though, and for a few minutes, Alan, can you stay over about another 20 minutes, take more calls?


Alan: Sure.


Alex: Letís get into Israel.  Because I made a film about how Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty, trying to sink it, to blame it on Egypt, and then Iím told that that film is a lie, and that Iím saying Israel is good.  No, I just added that our government was involved working with Israel.  Thatís like if two guys rob a bank, and I say that there were two guys there, and people say, no thereís only one.  No, there was a white guy from Texas, called LBJ and there was also Israel.  And I make a film about it, and then, that last twit that calls in says, youíre covering up for Israel.  Thatís intellectually bankrupt.  Thatís not reality to say when I daringly in a high profile, make a film, exposing Israeli sponsored terror, and I go through all the crap that comes with that, they then, the agents or people influenced by agents, and I think this is weak minded people.  Most of them are just mocking birds, who repeat, then they come and tell me that Iím covering something up.


Alan: Well, again, hatred is so easy to instill, and hatred blinds.  And a lot of people who have brought up on a steady diet of stuff, again, churned out by the CIA that runs most of the white supremacist groups, then itís impossible for most of them to break out of their own conditioning and see the bigger picture.  And yet, if you go into the writings of the governor, Lieutenant Governor, for Palestine at the time, 1930s, í20s-í30s, when they were setting up Israel, Lord Storrs, wrote a book called Orientations, and in it, he said, that we the British are setting up a new Ulster, he said, in the Middle East.  Now, if you understand the history of Ulster, itís when the British government, the Crown, set up an organization, mainly of Protestants, to go in as overlords of Ireland.  And thatís been a conflict, a thorn in the side of the Irish for centuries ever since.


Alex: And the British have been caught staging terror, over and over again, as a pretext to stay there.


Alan: Yes.  And so they did the same technique.  They set one up.  The British funded and set up the organization of the new Israel, and it was a mandate for them.  They took millions of troops away from the front lines in World War I, and brought them into Palestine to make sure that these new immigrants, mainly from Russia, by the way, were allowed to settle.  The ones who settled initially were primarily hard-line Communists, and many of them said that they left Russia because it was not Communist enough.  Thatís not Judaism.  Thatís a Communist line, and people have to recognize the difference.


Alex: Absolutely.  And people out there need to understand, there are powerful Israelis, in positions of power all over.  And no one has ever denied that thatís going on.  I mean, I made films and wrote articles six, seven years ago, about Israel creating fake Al Qaeda groups, staging it.  Just like Iíve exposed what the Vatican is involved with.  And again, people out there say youíve only got to harp on one group or nothing, and it just is frustrating to me, because I understand that it is hooked in, itís like a hydra, and if you donít attack the heart of the hydra, youíre never going to be able to chop off all its heads, because it just grows new ones. I mean, can you break that down, Alan?


Alan: Well, itís true.  You see the simplest way to take the heat off yourself if you have a name for conquest and being an empire builder, is to get another group to settle in an area that you want to conquer.  And thatís why they funded and set up this new Israel.  Itís really an arm of the same system. 


Alex: And thatís why theyíre setting up a La Reconquista movement in Americaís Southwest.


Alan: Same thing.


Alex: And again, I donít dislike Mexicans.  I want to be their friends.  I donít dislike Jews.  I want to be their friends.  Theyíre being manipulated and controlled by the subgroup that hooks into the larger pyramid that feeds and controls on them.  And itís come out in Zionist documents, and weíve always talked about this, that, and even Jews have written best-selling books on it, that Israel, as it was being set up, it was being set up before í47 ladies and gentlemen, that they made deals with Hitler, the Zionists did, to not let Jews out, if they wouldnít go to Israel.  And disgusting comments about a cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Germany or Poland.  And that makes me mad.  That makes me angry.  And just like the Mexicans have been enslaved, you know, the difference is, Iím not going to sit here and attack Jews and attack Catholics and attack Mexicans, all these groups have been used.


Alan: They have been used and I tell people, be careful of the fact that you have a culture that youíre tremendously proud of, because that can be used against you.  They use tribal instincts against you.


Alex: Exactly.  Talk about tribal instincts.


Alan: Tribal instincts are so well studied.  These characters are ethnologists and zoologists at the top.  Theyíve studied us forever, for thousands of years.  And when thereís trouble, the men automatically stand up to preserve the tribe.  And therefore you have your tribal emblems.  Now itís flags today, and uniforms, and patches and badges.  And whenever you see them, you automatically go into a tribal fight mode.  And itís the same thing.  They use Judaism in Israel as a Patriotic thing, to theyíll fight to the death, etc, etc.  Itís nothing to do with the fulfillment of a Bible prophecy.  Itís an extension of a military policy of world conquest.


Alex: And again, the elites see themselves as great because they see it as cold-bloodedly scientific. 


Alan: They do.  And they know it will work very well.  The greatest way to get people battling is to put two different cultures together in the same little confined area and supply them with arms and let them go at it.  And then the Big Boys step in and say, ďgee, we have to take over.  Look at the trouble youíre causing.  You canít settle your differences.Ē  That will come eventually. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Weíre going to take a few final calls and then let Alan Watt get out of here, but this is such a fun interview here, weíll keep going.  Jason, youíre on the air from Nevada, go ahead.


Jason: Hey, Alex.  Oh my gosh, itís an honor.  Alan, itís an honor.  I have to say my eyes have been opened.  I just have to really say that, and Iím aware of the New World Order and the police state is coming. 


Alex: Oh, itís here.


Jason: And Iíve got to say, Iíve got to say, just like what you were just saying, I have no emotional attachment to my culture, but I am in a tribal mode right now for my country, right now.  Iím getting in the enemy mode for my country, because itís in jeopardy. 


Alex: Well, I defend the US because of this, itís better than anything else weíve got, and the globalists are now wanting to get rid of this tribal unit, and so, if it blocks the globalists and their operation, yes, we tribally can defeat.  Alan, do you agree that tribal structures certainly still have their uses?


Alan: They have their uses, and also, again, because they are natural instincts, they can be abused.  Because theyíre natural instincts, they can be motivated too for the right reasons.  As long as we donít follow the wrong people.  And you see, the United States is the driving engine for this whole globalist agenda.  We find that Kipling wrote a poem, where he said, we hand over the torch to you.  He read that in the US Senate, meaning the US was to take over the financing and the manpower for the armies that would eventually bring this global system together.  And, I think the answer to all of this lies within the US itself.  If it can regain some, or hold onto some, or bring to the fore some of its real morality that was there a hundred years ago.  People were incredibly decent from the United States.  They had a tremendously good culture.  During the Great Depression, when people were abused and used by the elite again, there was no robbery amongst people.  They helped each other out, even though they lived in tents.  They had such a great, cohesive culture.


Alex: Thatís right, once they developed.


Jason: Absolutely.  Absolutely.


Alex: Exactly.  They use wars to get us into that violent, dirty mode, and then you never really get out of it.  Then, once youíre even around your fellow tribe, you fight with each other.  And I get in a tribal mode. You know, earlier, it makes me mad, because youíve got some self-righteous individual that calls in, and it makes me mad, because they really believe in what theyíre saying, and then they say things about me that are a lie, and so it makes me mad, and so I apologize for being mean and even cussing at people.  Iím just letting folks know that Iím the real deal.  All I have is who I am.  Iím putting my life on the line.  Iíve been physically attacked before over this.  I get death threats over this, and Iím tired of people self-righteously telling me Iím wrong, when I really do what I do from my heart.  I mean, this is the real me. This is what I believe.


Jason: And that last guy was ignorant too.  I mean, Iím sure he gets off from being misinformed. 


Alex: No, no.  Not even that individual, people he supports, you know, have done radio shows where they say, you know, that Iím a pedophile.  I mean, itís just the ultimate lying crap.  And if I had time, and I donít, I would sue people in France and things over that kind of stuff.  You know, and I might go after Terd-Schmidt.  You know, but I donít have time.  I say, well can I fight the New World Order, or do I fight this mentally ill schizophrenics.  And I appreciate your call.  Iím not even talking about the last guy who called.  I appreciate your call.  I was watching some clip last night of a guy that was clearly a schizophrenic.  And I was laughing, and then I stopped laughing, because it wasnít funny.  I mean, this schizophrenic was video taping out his window, thinking that people loading their cars with stuff or mowing their yards were gang stalking him.  And then he went back and got on his youtube and was saying I was a CIA agent.  And in a way itís fricking scary, man.  I mean some of these people are bonker, cuckoo, cocoa-puffs.  Thereís this one guy that says the Catholics do it all, run it all.  And this guy, somebody sent me a clip where he says the earth is on a pinwheel and goes on a string up and down.  And that the sun orbits the earth.  I mean, thatís the problem, Alan, why a lot of people wonít listen to us, is because our movement is just filled with nuts.  But the culture is.  Just because the mainstream media is lying, just because the mainstream media, you know, is out there spinning and doing things, well, then we look at the other culture.  Just because somebody is saying something different from the mainstream media, doesnít mean itís automatically true.  Can you talk to nutballs?


Alan: Well, you canít.  Thatís just it.  And of course, theyíre encouraged, and weíve got to remember too, this is very, very important, there is a cyber war going on.  Itís been published in the newspapers in Canada.


Alex: Pentagon, yeah. 


Alan: And, for the last few weeks, for instance, theyíre attacking peopleís sites and so on, and bringing you down.  However, part of the divisions of this particular cyber war that theyíve had in place, is to fund certain people to cause this kind of mayhem and to attack the talk show hosts that are speaking out against the agenda.  So, theyíre funding and training some of them to do this. 


Alex: Continue, Alan.


Alan: So, weíve got to be very, very careful.  And they work.  Theyíre coordinated.  Iíve had them phone into my shows.  And Iíll let someone speak, and then Iíll try to go on to the next one, and immediately, itís another one of his friends across the other side of the country, with the same pablum, and you know itís a coordinated effort, to try and close you down, under the hate laws.  Iím well aware of what theyíre doing. 


Alex: Yeah, thatís another thing.  Number one, I donít believe the exact paradigm theyíre putting out, because itís bigger than that, but number two, why should I jump into the trap of what the enemy wants? 


Alan: Exactly.


Alex: I mean, theyíve been caught creating these fake klan groups, and white supremist groups, and a lot of people saying Israel runs it all, theyíre not racist, you know, themselves.


Alan: There was a program put out on the British television.  I think it may also have been Man Alive, back in the 1970s, and the camera team followed police raids on five different white supremacist groups in different cities.  One of the main places they raided had guys dressed up in Nazi uniforms and all the rest of it.  Two hundred people inside.  They took them all outside in the raid.  At the end of the night there was only three of them arrested.  They found out there were so many, all the rest of the people attending, including the leaders, worked for CIA or FBI or one of the many other organizations.  And they didnít know they were all attending.  Only three of the guys had walked in off the street for a coffee.  They were the guys who got arrested.


Alex: Well, I mean, that came out in the, itís come out everywhere, but German intelligence, in fact, thatís in the Ed Koch interview we posted, where we put all the articles as I told him about it, and he denied it, runs, founded the Neo-Nazi groups that have been caught firebombing Turks and others.  And then when reasonable Germans say we have a social welfare system, we canít have unlimited foreigners here, that will bankrupt us, they can go, oh, youíre the ones that want to firebomb Turks. 


Alan: Thatís right.


Alex: You know, that make sure and target and firebomb the exact apartment building thatís full of kids.  Thatís the same thing.  I mean, it happens over and over again.  They were trying to pass hate laws in Idaho about a decade ago, and there was this Nazi group out hailing Hitler, and it found out their donation P.O. Box was owned by a rabbi.


Alan: Yes.  Thatís happened in Canada too.  There was one rabbi in Montreal that was caught selling drugs to the local people, and his excuse was that it was to be sent to Israel.  Weíve had these kinds of incidences happening as well.  See, this is what Iím saying, if you belong to any group, be very, very careful who your leader is, because they can completely mislead you.


Alex: Well, thatís why Iíve never created groups.  Thatís why Iíve always just told people, hereís my ideas, hereís my guests, people I trust, folks that I think have good info, or sometimes enemy guests we have on to expose them.  And then I just say, itís an idea, of liberty and freedom, and getting outside of the cage, getting outside of the grid, getting outside of the cave, getting outside of the walls.  And that doesnít even mean believing what Iím saying.  And anybody who comes up with these orthodoxies of Iíve got to say itís the Catholics, or Iíve got to just say itís the Jews, A. from my research thatís not the case, but B. you know, B. expanding on all of that, Iím not going to go off of some orthodoxy, and Iím not telling people to go off my orthodoxy. 


Alan: And you remember too, and youíve spoken about it yourself, how the Pentagon brought in all those preachers, Christian preachers, telling them to go out and demand that their flocks follow into this New World Order and go along with it.  Well, weíve got to understand, theyíve gone to rabbis too, and all other cultural leaders.  So, be careful if you belong to a cultural group.  Your religious leaders might be part of the whole agenda too.


Alex: Absolutely.  Letís take four or five more calls, fast, then weíre out of here.  Maggie in Texas, youíre on the air.


Maggie: Oh, hello Alan and Alex.  I think this is an appropriate time to mention that last week, Rabbi David Weiss, the head of the Neturei Karta or Jews against Zionism spoke on the UT campus, and it was a very, it was a very good speech.  And I think he would make a good guest, and you could probably get him.


Alex: Yeah, thatís an idea.  Letís get him on.


Maggie: Would you like me to track down his contact info for you?


Alex: I think I know how to contact him.  Theyíve got, what, jewsagainstzionism.com?


Maggie: Jewsagainstzionism.com, truetorahjews.com, I think theyíre the same website.


Alex: And all they do is actually follow what the Old Testament says, that they arenít going to have Israel until basically the Messiah comes.  And thatís what the Bible says.


Maggie: Exactly.  Thatís exactly what he was saying, and he made that point over and over, long-windedly at times, but thereís no doubt that heís very...


Alex: Well, they also talk about how the Zionists made sure that the religious Jews couldnít get out of Germany.  Thank you for the call, Maggie, I appreciate that.  Iím going to move really quick here now.  Letís go ahead and talk to John in Florida.  Go ahead, youíre on the air with Alan Watt.


John: Hi, Alex.  I just wanted to first say donít apologize for getting angry with that fool that called you earlier, because youíre right.  And I just wanted to thank you for lashing out at people like that. 


Alex: Well, I lash out, because you know, I donít like people who sit there, not even so much that guy, but other people talk about my family.  And I mean, itís dangerous, because, because, Iím not a litigious person, but I have sued people before.  A local talk show host did some stuff, I sued him.  I mean, I spent like 15 grand.  The local access people were trying to shut down free speech, I sued them, and sent the director to prison when we found dirt.  I had PIs on him.  I had a guy stalking my sister because of me.  I sued him, and he ended up going to jail after he violated the restraining order.  I mean, dude, I donít play around, but things are so serious now, that I ignore a lot of this stuff, but then I canít be, and then some idiot talk show host, who claims heís a lawyer said, well, defence of you know libel and slander is the truth, and blah, blah, blah, youíre a public figure.  No, if thereís malice of forethought and the intention to hurt people, then you can sue them, and you can destroy them.  And so thatís what people need to know, is that maybe I need to make an example out of a few people, who sit there and make crap up about me.  Maybe I need to drag them through the court system, so they find out, and stick their butt on the stand, and say, okay, now you go ahead and prove this incredible statement you made.  This incredible statement that you have made.  Alright, itís a bunch of them.  The Catholic people have said it, the ĎJews did it allí group have just said the worst crap you can about me, and Iíve literally been, Iíve even called my lawyer and had the process going, and then said, no, no, stop, stop, because I go fast.  I put PIs on people immediately, so I can hit them with a process server, you know, so I can get them immediately.  Itís just, and Iím not a litigious person.  I donít want to spend 15 grand.  But the thing is, I donít worship money, so I will spend it.† Alan.


Alan: Yeah, I mean, eventually you get stalked.  I get the same problem.  I get phone stalkers and all the rest of it.  And it might not be a bad idea to grab one of these guys, and find out on the stand, exactly what group is financing him to do it. 


Alex: And a lot of times, they wonít even know.  Theyíll have someone who is an agent handling them.  But a lot of times theyíre just mentally ill people.  Anything else, caller?


John: Yes.  Actually I wanted to talk to Alan too.  Thank you, Alan, for your work.  Youíve really expanded my understanding of whatís going on.  And Iíve just been listening to you for a week.  And I have a question for you.  Do you believe that there is a god?   And if so, where is god in all of this?  And is there any hope coming from him?


Alan: I think that god helps those that help themselves.  And why should any deity help anyone whoís going to sit on their rear end and allow all this to happen?  I donít think so.  I think you have to be active too.  I think thatís the only way your creator would eventually help you, if youíre worth saving.  If youíre not going to save yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. 


John: Good point.  Thank you very much for answering my question.


Alex: Alright.  Good to hear from you my friend.  Just a few more calls and weíre going to let you go, Alan.  Boy, what a show.  I mean, I told people that I was going to let it all hang out on this show, at least for the next few weeks, until we actually go up on the satellite and the AM and FM dial, but Iím still going to even warn the stations, the fourth hour is going to be a lot hotter, a lot more serious.  I mean, Iíve never held back on my info, but Iíve held back on, you know, really telling it like it is, really going after folks.  And plus, Iím eating a lot healthier, Iím jogging again, and Iím almost scared to get in shape, because thatís when I really get aggressive, and start, you know, Iíve got a lot of testosterone folks.  I appreciate you spending time with us today.  In fact, Iím going to go run right after this show is over.  I just canít wait.  Iím sorry, Alan.  Iím pretty fired up.  You know Iím a wild man, donít you, Alan?


Alan: I know.


Alex: Thatís why though itís good to have you on.  Youíre very calm, cool, and collected my friend.  You know, weíve got to get you a show over at Genesis.  The problem is, youíve got to actually track Ted down, and get him to get you on, instead of the other way around, networks calling you up getting you on, because I was on Talk Sport a few weeks ago, and they asked me what I thought of you, and I just said, youíre one of the best people out there, because itís just all documented info.† Letís take three more and weíre out of here.  Letís go ahead and talk to David in Texas.  Go ahead, David.


David: Hello.


Alex: Yes, sir.


David: How are you all doing, again?  What is the, what do you think is the best thing that the Patriot Movement should do at this time, given weíve got three candidates, none of them are really going to help this country.


Alex: Itís all a big distraction, run around like a chicken with your head cut off, waking up everybody you can about the matrix false paradigm.  Just tell them to think for themselves.  Thereís a lot of evil going on.  Warn them about martial law, expose false flag terror, their favorite tool of problem, reaction, solution.  Break that mechanism, their favorite mechanism, before they use it.  Alan.


Alan: Yes.  And I would also, and itís something that Iíve told people.  They should demand that anyone who youíre going to give power over you, any politician, even a school board, given power over your children.  You better demand to know all their credentials and every organization they belong to, and have sworn allegiance to, must be put on the table for the public to see.  Youíll have a shock, to find out the institutions that they all belong to. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Donít just trust the people that run the government schools.  Get them out of the government schools.  Youíre going to find out that itís very, very serious.  And just by getting involved in the system, that will gum them up.  Their system is based on formulaic, top down, horizontal integration that is centralized.  You break the pyramid by decentralizing it and just doing things that are unpredictable and against their system.  Alan Watt.


Alan: Yeah, you go for the foundation.  Thatís it.† Thatís the cornerstone at the bottom.  Not just the capstone at the top.  You take the cornerstone away, and that thing now is unwieldy.  It will eventually collapse.  So you keep chipping away there.  Find out who they are, what theyíve sworn allegiance to.  Youíll find that theyíre all in some kind of higher Freemasonic association.  And youíll find itís male and female, and theyíve sworn allegiance to the same agenda.  And you check out the writings of Pike and others, youíll find that ultimately, between the lines, heís giving you the same as the Communist Manifesto, the abolition of private property, the abolition of traditional family, the abolition of everything that once was normal. 


Alex: Absolutely.  Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíve got audios, videos, a lot of great stuff on youtube and google video.  Just google Alan Watt, W-A-T-T, or cuttingthroughthematrix.net.  I really appreciate you spending more than two hours with us.  And I look forward to having you back on in the near future. 


Alan: Itís been a pleasure, Alex. 


Alex: Take care.  There goes Alan Watt.  Iím a maniac.  This is what happens when I start doing four hours and twenty-two minutes of radio, so far today, and weíre going to be ending the show here in just a moment.  Weíre working the bugs out.  We didnít have problems with our servers today, sending out the video to the prisonplanet.tv members, with the document cam and the video cam and the cam of myself.  Weíre going to be upgrading it, expanding it.  We had problems in house with the T-1 and the cable modem getting it out to you, so thereís some blips there, but weíre going to encode this, clean it up, and upload it for prisonplanet.tv members by this evening, and then weíll be back live tomorrow, 11am until 3pm.  And the fourth hour will be video, and weíll take calls in that hour, and have special guests on as well.  Throughout the week we are going to be here.  Everybody, take care.  And I will see you at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com. Great job to the technicians and crew and engineers and the producer.  Fabulous job.  Great job, Aaron. Talk to you soon, ladies and gentlemen.  Iím going to end you with a shot of Aaron out the window. 


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