August 25th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show (with Jason Bermas as Host)
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Jason Bermas: Alright folks, we are back, it's the Alex Jones Show.  I'm Jason Bermas, filling in until Thursday, as Alex brings you live coverage from the Democratic National Convention.  And they're not broadcasting right this second, but they will be.  They're on their way to the detention centers built for this event.  But as promised, we have Alan Watt of, very educated, not only on the New World Order, but the esoteric symbols that we see in all of our lives.  Thanks for joining us, Alan.


Alan Watt:  It's a pleasure to be here. 


Jason: Alan, you know, just to kick it off, I kind of wanted to get your take on the Olympics.  You know, I watched a lot of the opening ceremony.  I saw how they blurred reality by putting in fake fireworks.  Obviously, they faked the little girl's voice.  But, they made the image of God walking into the arena, basically.  They were putting off these fake fireworks of footprints, and then when it arrived, obviously there were these huge explosions, but then it goes right into a Chinese sundial.  And you know, obviously everything was in Chinese, so I couldn't tell whether it was zodiac symbols or whatever.  But I found it very interesting, and almost like the '36 Olympics in Berlin, when it was just such an obvious occultic ritual. 


Alan: Well, it's always occultic rituals, that they show us.  And even the symbol that the Chinese gave us for this Olympic games, it looks kind of like a man, but it's actually a Chinese letter, which stands for the power, the sexual power of the male, basically.  But the one difference in it is that they cut off the penis, which is quite interesting that in itself.  So, they believe that the power comes from the kidney, even for sexual potency, but they cut the penis of the man off, which is quite a telling statement. 


Jason: Yeah, is that for their hermaphroditic, androgynous symbolism?


Alan: It's partly that.  And there's no doubt about it, I mean, China, every statistic they give you shows you that there's going to be 70% more males than females shortly, because they're doing away at birth with the female species, and they're encouraging all kinds of alternate sexual release, so it's quite interesting.


Jason: Well, yeah.  I mean, on Friday I had somebody who was just so pro-China on.   It was unbelievable.  He was denying that they were taking the dissidents' organs, and that China was this wonderland, and you know, all these things that are happening in the Eastern world are good, and of course he was pro-world government, at the end.  But, you know, I am not pro-world government, and I see a huge problem over in China, with 1.2 billion people and having the military as the police.  I mean, there is no posse comitatus there.  You're guilty until proven innocent.  And although I've seen it geared towards a lot of Western things, you know you've seen McDonalds, Coca Cola, come in there in the last thirty years and kind of Westernize it.  You still have one-child policies and it's still acceptable that, you know, again, they're doing away with the female population.  You want a boy.  Which just doesn't seem normal to me.  Do you think that they're putting China out?  Why do you think they're bringing China out on the world stage in this level?


Alan: Because China, as the United Nations has stated already, because of its collectivist system, which is what the whole world is to become, China is the model state which we will all emulate.  That's why; the United Nations has stated that a few times.


Jason: And that seems to fit.  I mean, it is a total police state there, and there is the slightest veil of, you know, freedom under this dictatorship.  But at the same time, you know, again, our laws and our constitution and our Bill of Rights have been eviscerated so much that they become more and more like China's policies every day, and I do see us gearing, you know, kind of coming towards one another.  They get Westernized, we take, you know, Easternization at least in our police measures, our military measures, and that's very, very scary to me that now, you know, in front of the whole world, China has been like shown as this total superpower.  Do you think there's going to be a military conflict with them to bring in this one world order?  Obviously we've just had this situation over in Georgia, South Ossetia, and Russia, which we'll get into later, but is this the next big event?  Are we going to try to challenge Red China?


Alan: I don't think so.  To be honest with you, we created, the West created Red China.  We funded them into existence.  Bertrand Russell was sent over the 1920s to introduce Communistic ideas in the universities, and he wrote about that, and stated that, in those words, in his own memoirs.  He was one of many who was sent over, and then we found in the 70s and 80s, with the 80s and 90s, you had the GATT treaties and so on, which allowed Western corporations' factories to be shipped over wholesale to China, to set up China as the manufacturer for the whole planet.  So we funded China into existence.  We don't have nations; we have a facade of nations; everyone at the top of all the countries for a long time now, these dynasties, these family dynasties have been international.  And they have sewn up the world's economy, into an international scale, so much like a web, you can't separate the countries anymore.  You have a handful of people, maybe twenty or up to two hundred families who invest every day in the stock market in the billions, and they can create or destroy countries overnight.  So we're all tied together.  We are interdependent, financially, and so China is only part of this.  And if you go into the records of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the same organization, from the 1930s, they talked about building China up to be the superpower, that would eventually take over towards the end of the Millennium, into the new Millennium, the role of world police, after the U.S. falters and is exhausted, and that's what we're seeing today.  The U.S. is doing its final push, and it will falter financially and so on, and sink back, and China is to take over.  Arnold Toynbee that was the top internationalist for the Rhodes scholarships wrote about that, again, back in the 1930s. 


Jason: And what you're talking about is actually very frightening, because there will be a total change in this country if we're driven into, you know, China's ways.  Let's look at a documentary I really enjoy, called Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices, and I brought this up, yesterday.  Now, sure, it's awful that the employees in the Canadian Wal-marts and the American Wal-marts, that they're paid between $6.00-$8.00 maybe $10.00 an hour.  They don't get overtime.  There's no benefits.  That's awful, okay.  But what's even worse are the Chinese slave shops where literal families spend nights in their Wal-mart dorms.  They live in the factory.  They're charged rent from the factory.  And even it they decide not to live there, they still have to pay for that room, I think it's something like half the cost.  I believe, when I watched it back in 2005, 2004, they were paying, they were being paid something like 35 cents an hour, and the rent on their room was like $171.00 a month.  And if they didn't want it, it was still $70.00.  I mean, those type of slave labor conditions, and they bring you inside the factory, are unimaginable in this country, at this point.  But really, not that far in the future, is it? 


Alan: It's not far, and here's how it works.  You see, a hundred-odd years ago, a hundred and fifty years ago, when they set up the big foundations, that was to take over this new role of what they call governance, global governance, they said that the duty, and this is in the Council on Foreign Relations' own mandate, they say that they're creating a world state where everyone will serve the state.  Now, when you look at the Communist system, it went under the same facade, as everyone worked for the state.  Now in the Western idea, it's camouflaged.  You have the big international corporations, the Wal-marts and so on, and technically they give out all the stuff that we need.  So, technically, they're part of the big factory system, and we will all eventually serve the state.  And all these big corporations technically are getting put over on us, as being our benefactors.  They're part of our system, our global system.  We need them.  Therefore we will serve them.  And therefore, we've all to be reduced down to the common denominator, as working for the state, and those corporations will come under that, that facade.  Under the Communist system, technically, again, it's all technically or appearance-wise, everything was owned by the state, the means of production, and the outlets.  In the Western system it's camouflaged, the outlets and the means of production are in the hands of a few families, basically, and we've all to serve that system.  The Club of Rome stated that they'd looked at all the different systems the world had, and the one that was the most efficient for their needs, for their use and their view, was Collectivism.  And that falls right in with the Cecil Rhodes foundation, which created the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, where everyone would live in a collectivist society, with a ruling class of elite intellectuals at the top, and aristocracy, and the masses would be run on a Communistic type system.  And their one duty would be to serve the world state.  That's what we're seeing, and all of the means of production, and the outlets for production are in international hands, a few hands, they're all part of this collectivist system.  That's why we're getting reduced with our wages and so on, down to the lowest common denominator. 


Jason: And I also want to point out, that our economy is being gutted here, and a lot of the money that we're borrowing from, the majority of the money in fact, is from the Chinese. 


Alan: Yes, it is.


Jason: So if they call in their debt, I mean, God knows what would happen.  Again, I want to warn people that our economy is about to falter, all these military conflicts are just helping it, and I mean, when do you see this happening?  Obviously, the United States seems to be trying to prolong their power by having Georgia invade South Ossetia, with NATO forces, you know, surrounding Russia, trying to coax Russia into a large scale attack.  They've already fooled most of this country into believing the Bear is back, and that they attacked with no reason on South Ossetia, when we know, very, very different.  Is this what they're trying to do?  Are they trying to bring in a military conflict to bring in the end of the United States, or do you think they're just going to drop the economy, all at once?


Alan: Well, again they did.  You've got to look through the big think tanks, and the top think tank for planning future strategy to attain this world system is the Club of Rome.  And in their book, The First Global Revolution, written by the two founders, who are completely interlaced with all the other big foundations, by the way.  They all work together.  The Club of Rome stated that they'd have to create a war situation, a prolonged war situation, because they could ram their agenda through under the guise of war, because the public go along with it.  We take rationing, we take ID cards, we take limited travel, all the things that come from war.  And that's why after 9/11 it was stated, this is going to be a hundred years war.  It's to change all of society like Carroll Quigley said.  That's what war's main function is, to change culture and society, because government departments can multiply like cancers and take over all the functions that the citizens normally do themselves.  They take the power from the citizen under war.  And this is a war to change the entire planet.  It's not just the U.S..  The U.S. has its role in it.  Its role is to bring it in, and once it's exhausted itself financially and through manpower and so on, it's to submerge and then China is to take over.  It's so amazing to realize that China was a main enemy.  Communism supposedly was the antithesis of Capitalism.  That's what the public were taught.  It's not true, because Capitalism created Communism.  They funded it from its inception.  And what they really wanted, the elite wanted and aristocracy wanted, was a manageable society where there was no individuality.  So individuality is destroyed under Communist systems.  And they wanted to bring the same system to the West and manage the whole planet in that way.  They've been very successful; individuality is frowned upon today.  In fact, you're down as a potential terrorist if you're an individual.  And they're teaching collectivism in the schools, already, so that this generation growing up in the school system will merge easily with the Communist type system of China, and the old Soviet type Union.


Jason: Well, let me give an example of that actually, again, with the Olympics.  I downloaded, because I missed it, the Australian feed of the Olympics, and it opens up with a young Chinese boy talking about, you know, one world.  And then an Australian girl coming on and saying one world together, and then they're both on screen together, and they're hugging and embracing.  And you know, we can make this one world.  It's much like Obama goes all the way to Berlin to give his New World Order speech, where he talks about global citizenship, and the fact that we will be required to do more, not less, in the future as a global citizen.  Do you realize that folks?  There are a lot of people out there, I used to be one of them, who worked 60+ hours a week.  How much more do they expect?


Alan: What they mean by that, is your life is dedicated to serving the World State.  That's what they mean by that.  That's put implicitly in the mandate for the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Every citizen, in fact, you won't get born unless they have a duty for you to fulfill.  That's also in their mandate.  It's a controlled society.  It's global family planning, on a large scale, and it's being taught, it has been taught in the school for the last fifteen to twenty years, now it's on a roll.  They're really indoctrinating the ones, even in kindergarten, for the world they're going to grow up into.  So, this is a scientific indoctrination, planned for the next twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years. 


Jason: I couldn't agree with you more, and really it is quite frightening.  A lot of the people that I went to high school and college with did end up becoming teachers in middle and grade school.  And you know, they just tell me these horror stories.  My one friend, Matt, was like, you know, he walked in one day, and they literally had DNA swab kits for his kids.  No permission slips.  No one told the parents.  And he was expected to administer these to the children.  He said look, I'm not giving these to my kids until I see a permission slip and I know that all the parents were called.  This is insane.  You know another example of the surveillance society that we live in is my friend Amy.  She was teaching a fifth-grade class and she also happened to be coaching softball.  She'd often go to her classroom after school to change.  And she was in there with her mother and her sister.  Her mom was the school nurse.  And they were cleaning up and they noticed in the center column, usually where the outlets were plugged in there was a dummy spot.  And in the dummy spot was actually a hidden camera.  So, she got worried.  She couldn't believe what she had seen.  She put a post-it over it.  And she went away, it was on a Friday.  She came back Monday to school, took the post-it off, and magically the camera was gone.  Now, she didn't want to be accused of paranoia, so she went down to the superintendent's office, and she said, look, we saw a camera there, I put a post-it over it.  My mother can verify it.  And the guy was like, well, yeah.  I kind of want to talk to you about that.  Well, the camera wasn't really on, and we had somebody stealing in that classroom with the teacher who was there last year, so it was just in place, but of course that doesn't make sense, because if the camera wasn't on, they wouldn't have been able to track and trace it, and pull the camera.  So obviously, they were watching her.


Alan: We're turned into a surveillance society.  And the message is loud and clear, for those who don't quite get it.  The elite claim that they own us.  Now, lots of people in a socialized system are quite content being owned, as long as they can go and play.  But the playing is going to stop one day, and they're all going to freak out.  And that's why they've built up internal armies to take care of the fallout when it all comes out in the open.  That's what the statement is.  You are owned.  You have no rights.  And the only way you can get them, your rights, is to, first of all, I'd really like the people to try this.  Try to be really indignant.  Once in a while, just start with being indignant, when you're being frisked or told to bend over, or have little Johnny give his fingerprints at school or whatever else it happens to be.  Start with indignancy, because your ancestors fought battle after battle after battle to have the right to be free so that they were not owned by the king.  And here we are, right back in the same place, and the people don't recognize it because they can still go out and play, at the moment.


Jason: Well, they're too busy sucking down Jenny Lite, getting home from work, watching their sports team, only to cuddle up at night and watch American Idol, which is just this total blasé mesmerization of the American populace.  We're with Alan Watt of  I'm Jason Bermas, in for Alex Jones.


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Alright folks, we're back.  And the great Johnny Cash on the line right there.  Got some good tunes, that guy does.  We're with Alan Watt of  Alex is live, video feed is now up over at, as they pass the DNC detention center.  He's going to be joining us shortly.  And we're going to be taking your calls in this last half an hour with Alan Watt.  And Alan, you've dropped some serious names and organizations.  One of them I wanted to talk about was Carroll Quigley, who was kind of in on it.  I mean, he was part of the elite crowd.  They let him look at their documents, Cecil Rhodes and the Round table group.  And he came out with a book called Tragedy and Hope in which he described these guys' plans for world government.  And he wasn't down with all the means, but he was down with the end, so he promoted it.  And of course this guy was also, Clinton was his protégé, and he talked about him in his inauguration speech and other speeches about Carroll Quigley.  So of course, Clinton is part of this group, of course Bush is part of this group.  But I kind of want you to touch on the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations, because of course, Obama speaks at the CFR.  His wife is a member of the CFR.  And they just picked good old boy, Joe Biden, who is another CFR member to run as the VP nominee. 


Alan: Well, the CFR is just the wing of the foundation that Cecil Rhodes began.  The Cecil Rhodes foundation merged with the Milner foundation, and they created the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and in the 1920s, they opened their American branch.  They couldn't call it the Royal Institute, so they called it the Council on Foreign Relations.  It's one and the same thing.  It's the same organization.  And their goal from Cecil Rhodes and Milner, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has always been to create a world governmental system, where the eugenical, eugenics superiors would run the world.  A scientific elite would help the aristocracy, and run us all in a collectivist system.  And they stated right on their mandate, that everyone's duty will be to serve the world state.  Serve the world state, that will be your purpose in life.


Jason: It's unbelievable, and we're seeing more and more in that technology come out.  And instead of being used to free us as human beings, it really is being used to enslave us, as human beings.  And you know, some of these examples that I 'd like to give out are these iphones.  Alright, they track and trace you.  AT&T was caught with the secret room, and there's nothing we can do about it apparently. National security it's called.  We appealed that in a federal court and tried to sue them, you know, not through federal court, but through a regular court and they throw it out as well.  These guys are all protected under the National Security Act.  It makes me sick.  Meanwhile, I'm not sure if you're aware of this guy named John Kanzius, but I've been playing him on the show every once in a while.  There's this guy out in Erie, PA, that not only cured his cancer with radio fields and precious metals, basically injecting himself with nanoparticles of gold, and then running himself through these radio waves that kills the cancer.  But he also found a way to make salt water burn.  Now, that's salt water folks, listen to me here.  He literally has it burning at 1500 degrees centigrade, and no one's talking about it.  He fit his car to, you know, run on four-fifths water.  The companies don't want you to know about this, because they don't want you to be energy independent.  Instead, Alan, they want to make you feel guilty for your "carbon footprint" and get you to pay a tax.  Isn't that correct?


Alan: You're supposed to be interdependent.  Independent is taboo.  It's forbidden.  Interdependent is the mandate for the world.


Jason: Alright, we're going to be taking calls on the other side.  This is the Alex Jones show.  I am Jason Bermas.


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I am Jason Bermas, holding down the command center over in Austin.  Now, right now, we've got Alan Watt on the line from, and we've got a few callers.  Roy, Scott, Jeff, and more.  And we're going to go to them into the next segment.  But right now, we're going to cut for about two minutes to this live coverage of the DNC that you can only see at  Alright, let's go there.


Alex: Just filing out of this particular Baptist Church vans all day.  They've also got things marked as food services, and a lot of other things.  See, that's where the vehicle sits that's been in there. 


Jason: Unfortunately folks, he's on a cell phone, so he may be breaking up, in and out.


Alex: Now, a week and a half ago, the news media was able to just, local CBS and NBC, were able to just walk in here.  But they've got it blocked off now.  We've had police just swarming us all over the place.  See, and this is strategically located, with this railroad track, all these government buildings, all around it.  But, let me show you. 


Jason: And folks, there is a large train station.  We're going to go back to Alex in a little while.  But, again, I want to take this opportunity, because I don't get to talk to Alan Watt much.  This is my first interview with him.  And I really became aware of your work, Alan, I think it was winter of this year.  Somebody passed along some of the Cutting Through the Matrix MP3s and what not, and we were listening to them out in Naples, California.  And you definitely have a unique perspective.  You're well spoken.  And you're a breath of fresh air in my opinion, in this movement, because you're not somebody who tears other people down.  You really are just looking at this system of control and trying to expose others to it. 


Alan: Yeah.  It's so old.  And Quigley himself, in his other big book, which is worth reading, it's called The Anglo-American Establishment, he claims that this particular group that makes your policy, the Council on Foreign Relations, has so many members in the U.S. government, and outside of the U.S. government, and all through the bureaucracies of Washington D.C.  They create the policy for the United States.  And he says they've been behind all major wars for the last couple of hundred years, this particular group, Anglo-American group that went through different societies into the Cecil Rhodes group, into the Council on Foreign Relations, and it's the same bunch who are running this show.  And their policy has always been to create a world governmental system, which is efficient for them to rule over.  And to do so, they must abolish as I say, the main culprit, which is individuality, and make us a collectivist type of society.  That has been also behind the push for eugenics, and for literally removing certain genes, and...


Jason: Alright, Alan I've got to interrupt you, just because Alex is talking to somebody on the video.  Let's cut to that really quick, John.


Alex: And we're live streaming still.


Tech: As far as I know.


Alex: Excellent.  Guys are you there?


Jason: Yeah, we're here.  What's up Alex?


Alex: Okay, here comes a police van, right here.  In there, inside the FEMA camp.  Hey, he actually waved at us.


Jason: Yeah, I just saw you talk to somebody in a van, correct.


Alex: Yes, yes.  We just talked to, because it's a giant, like half-mile long warehouse, and there are still some, that's how the media has gone in here.  And there we had one of the spooks just drive by and show great interest in us.  We're going to go ahead and just go inside.  Here we go.  Going into Mordor.


Jason: (Laughter) Excellent, Alex.  And again, you can watch this live video feed, over at  If you can't get it to boot up, you just have to do a little bit of refreshing, and this is really going to be real gorilla journalism, all week.  And then on Friday, we're going to wrap up the highlights.  This is groundbreaking, Alex.  I mean, we continue to break new ground every day in this infowar. 


Alex: Jason, I just appreciate the great reportage you're engaged in, and I'm sorry to the guests this week, but all week they're going to be preempted, moved around.  I appreciate Alan Watt being on the show.


Jason: Absolutely.  We'll be back with Alan Watt, callers, and Alex Jones.  It is the Alex Jones Show,


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Alright folks, we are back.  It's the Alex Jones show.  Alex is live from the DNC.  We are with Alan Watt of  We're going to get back to Alan and your phone calls in just a moment.  But, we are going to go live to Alex, who on, if you go to, it's embedded there, you can see the police officers.  He has just entered the facility in which they are detaining people unlawfully for protesting.  So, let's go to that feed.


Alex: You got me?


Jason: We got you.


Alex: Okay, Bermas, you just keep talking, filling in things when I'm not talking.  Appreciate you and everybody else.  We are about eighty yards, sixty yards, from one of the little private prisons, and the police have taken an interest in us.  So we're going to walk up and talk to them right now.  Alright, ladies and gentlemen. 


Jason: This is amazing, it's absolutely cutting edge broadcast journalism.  We're watching it live, on the air.  Of course, Rob and Aaron and Richard Reeves doing a great job, giving us all this info on video. 


Alex: Why would they keep this secret?  Why wouldn't they just admit what they were doing?  Why was this kept secret?  Come on guys.


Jason: As they approach, I can tell you that there's two large buses that look like they're there to detain people, and I guess those are the vans that they're going to round people up to process them, at this facility, correct?


Alex: Well, at least they're air conditioning the camp. 


Jason: (Laughter)


Alex: It wasn't going to be air conditioned before.  They also removed the barbwire and the sign that said electroshock.  Once the public found out about this, they put air conditioning in last week, removed the concertina wire on top of the fences inside, and removed the signs that said electro-shock devices in use.  It was meant to terrify and terrorize people when they came into the camp. 


Jason: Very interesting stuff and he just showed you, the separate air conditioning facilities.  They look like they're mobile air conditioning facilities, as this is a mobile prison.  Remember, these are makeshift prisons to make sure that dissent isn't out of control.


Alex: Howdy, officers.  How are you guys doing?


Jason: Alex is approaching the police officers.


Alex: (inaudible)...of the generator.


Police: Yeah, behind that barrier.


Alex: What is this?  Officer what is this?


Jason: It's hard to see what's going on.


Alex: Can't they be taken to Denver County or City Jail, after?  Yes, sir.  Thank you.  Why was this secret at first?  Okay, thank you.  Thank you guys.  Beautiful day, huh? 


Jason: Oh, Alex and his charm. 


Alex: Absolutely amazing.  Thank you, officer.  Can we have that number?  Thank you.  Good. 


Jason: And it looks like they have to leave.


Alex: You know nobody wants impose on the police state, but look at how gorgeous the mountains are.  Just look at those clouds.  I wish I was up in those mountains hiking right now, instead of doing this.  Overlooking the camp, here, let me see.  Overlooking the camp is some of the most beautiful scenery.  The Rocky Mountains are off in the distance.  And here you have all of this.


Jason: And you can take Alex's word for it.  Let's go back to Alan Watt.  But yeah, it is gorgeous there.  I've been out to Colorado.  The scenery is amazing.  Alex, just talking to some of the police officers outside of this makeshift detention center, and Alan, they really drilled it up for this in the months coming.  I mean, they literally have black helicopters flying around.  They broke out the microwave weapons.  They even pamphleted the city with wrapped-up American flags with orange light sticks, and a little propaganda card as well.  So, it's pretty outrageous the amount of preparation they've done for this event.


Alan: Yeah, it is too.  It's also a way of getting the public used to this.  It's a psychic form of separating them from the people, and putting a barrier between you, psychologically.  Subconsciously you start to accept that's the natural order of things from now on.  And so the more that they do this, the more that we'll get used to it and accept that we're being ruled.  You see, it's all to do with making you accept that you're being ruled, not really governed by elected people, but ruled by people who are chosen by an intellectual group above you.  That is what they call the natural order.  And it's true enough, they do give us the candidates to vote for.  The candidates are always handpicked, as Carroll Quigley said, because they belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, or they have been in it, or their wives are.  And in fact, I think even Obama's wife is in the Council on Foreign Relations.


Jason: Yes, she is.


Alan: So they're all connected to the same society.


Jason: Absolutely.  It is total and complete acclimation of the population to be ruled by a global elite, in the backdrop.  I mean, we are just so brainwashed and mesmerized.  Most people have no idea that there's even three branches of government, Alan.  They couldn't tell you that there's like supposed to be checks and balances, that's why we have the legislative, the executive branch.  I mean again, they're there for us, but we don't know how to use them.  We don't know about the judicial branch in this country.  People just are so far gone, they think that these people on the television are there to tell them how to live, and what to do, and fix their problems.  They have no idea about this housing crisis.  They don't know what they're going to do when their banks falter.  I mean, we are in some real trouble in this country as banks start to go under, as houses are foreclosed on, as people are no longer going to live in this cushy society which they have in the last twenty years, which has really made them blind to all these problems. 


Alan: Yes, and again, even the Council on Foreign Relations' own magazine.  They put their own magazine out every month that gives you their long-term agenda.  And I think twenty-odd years ago, they stated in one of them, that the U.S. constitution was such a nuisance, it was always in the way of this big plan, so they'd have to do an end-run around it.  In other words, through tradition, through gradual acceptance, you won't need it anymore, and that's how you sort of gradually think about it in your mind, if you thought about it at all; you don't really need it anymore, things have changed.  Well, it was the only protection that you had to keep your sovereignty.  And the whole idea was to demolish sovereignty.  And all of these characters that are presented for you to vote for, are complete globalists in their make-up, their psychological make-up, and in their family traditions; they're interwoven internationally with their own investments in fact, and their own families are too.  They're all internationalists.  And Carroll Quigley said it doesn't matter if they're Republican elite at the top or the ones in the Democrats, he says, they're always picked by the Council on Foreign Relations, and all you have to do is have your presidents and your advisors in the Council on Foreign Relations.  The rest of the lesser politicians can have a form of competition between them, but it doesn't matter.  The ones at the top always belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.


Jason: Absolutely.  Let's cut back to Alex.  He just showed a shot inside one of these makeshift prisons, where they literally had the Statue of Liberty, another hermaphroditic, illuminati symbol actually.  But let's cut back to Alex, right now. 


Alex: Yelling, screaming, cussing, Fox News yesterday only went to the bad protests, only went to one little group of young people going, F you, screw you, Ahhh.  You know, looking like total scum, instead of all the women with baby strollers and the nice families.  This is how they demonize anti-war folks.  We're here at the DNC because the Democrats obviously swept into office almost two years ago, into Congress and the House and Senate to supposedly end the war.  We've got over 90% of Democrats wanting to end the war.  About 65% of Republicans wanting to end the war.  The vast majority of the American people, close to 80%, but it doesn't end.  So that's why they're putting this police state into place, because they know, all of these are used as drills, as training.  They admit they are, because it gets them better and better at controlling populations.  I am just so angry we didn't show up five minutes earlier.  Because, we showed up here, and the microwave gun was being wheeled out, and I saw it.  I saw it.  It had the jack, so they could jack it up.  It had the control system.  It's exactly what we saw on 60 minutes.  Rob, come over here.  Which one of you.  I want to get Rob on camera.  Rob, tell folks what you saw.  Did you get it on video?  You see, it's on this camera. 


Rob: I got maybe...I brought the camera around, the car was leaving and....


Alex: Yeah, they came out and were going this way, we were going that way.


Rob: So was the vehicle.  So I got like the corner, maybe a half second of it.  But I did see it.  Like by the time my brain registered, you know, you've got to hold the camera, up, you've got to look at...


Alex: Yeah I drove past it. I got a look at it.


Jason: Alright, let's get Alex go.  We'll go right back to him, again.  They're still on the scene of that detention center.  Let's take some of your calls for Alan Watt right now.  Let's go to Roy in Missouri.  Roy, what's on your mind?  Are you there Roy?  Alright, if Roy dropped, let's go to Scott....


Roy: No.


Jason: Oh, you're there.  Okay.  What's on your mind, Roy?


Roy: Hey. Anyway, what I was going to get at here is it seems to me that the resolution to our problems have already been clearly defined in 1776.  It says in the Declaration of Independence, it says that it's our duty to throw off this government.


Jason: Well, absolutely.  I mean, that's why the Second Amendment is there, is that if this government ever gets out of control, the people are there to overthrow it, violently if necessary.  I mean, I agree with you there.  Absolutely.  I just don't see people attempting to do so, not even peacefully, because they're just not in tune with the issues Roy. 


Roy: I'm curious about, more than anything, maybe somebody can tell me is that to properly do this, wouldn't we have to have like a representative from each state sign like a minorly rewritten Declaration of Independence, to be produced to like Congress?


Jason: Well, let's ask Alan Watt, Roy.  Thanks for the call.  What do you think, Alan?


Alan: Well, it is true.  That's why, you see, that's why they've taken so long to brainwash the American public into basically amnesia, a state of amnesia.  You must create amnesia in psychological warfare, and lack of will, as well, is another factor that comes into it.  And you do that by socialization, and entertainment, and keeping them busy with other things, so they're not involved in their own self-determination.  So that has been a long psychological war that's helped this to happen.  It's only at the beginning, when you see it beginning to happen, that you can actually take it into your own hands and do something about it, because you still have the will, you still have the memory of what you're wanting to retain, and why you fought in the first place to try and get those rights.  That's gone with the general public.  And, you know, Lincoln did state though that any one of the states, and so did Franklin too, that wanted to withdraw from this confederation had the right to do so.


Jason: Yeah, I'm with you.  Apathy has taken over in this country, and it is very, very unfortunate.  To do something, the people must have the will again.,


(Commercial Break)


Jason: Alright folks, we're back again.  It is the Alex Jones show.  I'm Jason Bermas filling in, while he's down at the DNC detention camps right now.  We've got Alan Watt of  We're taking your calls.  And we're going live to Alex Jones, right now.  Let's see if Alex is on the line.  Alex are you with us?


Alex: They've cordoned it all off.  They've basically told us they're going to arrest us if we touch the police line or get involved in it in any way.  Let's go around the back and try to walk down there.  I just want to thank the great team.  I want to thank Bob up there at the office, one of my new IT guys.  I want to thank the other people.  I want to thank Trey Kincaid, our producer.  I want to thank the GCN radio network, Jason Bermas, and all of you, the viewers out there, for making this trip possible.  We left Saturday afternoon, drove in yesterday afternoon to Denver.  We left Texas, went to New Mexico up here, and again, this is where the shadow government is really based.  Colorado is where the real government, they started building the shadow government, the underground cities, the Adam and Eve facilities, 1947, when the government went underground.  It was completely handed over to the foreign private banks.  And now, with Northcom designating the United States as a theater of operations, we are literally living in a military coup, a military grid.  But it's high tech.  They're federalizing your local police.  The feds paid for this secret prison.  They lied about it; it didn't exist.  Again, what are local police doing running secret prisons?  What are they doing running secret facilities?  Why did they lie about that?  Why did they do that?


Jason: Alright, let's go back to Alan Watt, because I want to get his take on these underground cities over in Denver Colorado.  For those that don't know, the Denver International Airport is just full of gargoyles, occultic paintings, sickles, hammers, all sorts of weird symbolism, and like Alex just said, you know, this seems to be the home of the shadow government.  And the CIA, I think, is moving in one of their bases there.  It's going to be larger than the one in Virginia.  So, this is a hub for this "New World Order" isn't it Alan? 


Alan: There's no doubt, they've been setting this up for a long time.  That's part of this era we're going through.  They envisaged this time would come, when they'd have to push with military might to take over the whole planet, and the mind of every person as well.  And so they knew they'd have to start building up internal police forces, really militaries, to deal with the fallout, when the public start to have their toys and their goodies taken away for them and their economy is gradually, basically inflated out of sight, until money is worth nothing.  So, they've been preparing for this for many, many, many years.  And they're preparing for their own continuity of government as well.  They have bases for the United States, not only in the U.S..  They have one in Australia they've been building for twenty years for continuity of government, in case they have to move to Australia.  This is an international elite, remember, and the world is their playground, and they rule over us, even when they keep us under the illusions, occasionally when it suits them, that we're still national sovereignties. 


Jason: Alright, let’s take another caller.  Let’s go to Scott in Arizona.  Scott, what's on your mind? 


Scott: Hey, Jason.  One of my questions I have for Alan, is 80% population down to 500 million.  They've got to do this some time soon.  I don't think they're going to hold off for many years, to make that to happen.  The only way they can get this military world, where they're going to round us up into camps, is they're going to have to unleash some kind of bio-terrorism on us, on a big grand scale, or a nuclear war to get us into camps.  There's no other way they're going to be able to do it.


Jason: Well, you know, I've heard that, you know, they possibly may use codex alimentarius which is a food regulation, to just basically make the population so sick, because they don't have the proper nutrients, that they will die on their own.  I thank you for the call.  What's your take on that, Alan?


Alan: Well, see, people have already been dying on mass, just not altogether at the same time.  We've been dying, increasing in numbers with pre-aging diseases for the last thirty years.  And it's escalating. There's never been a time when there's so many tumors of all kinds hitting younger people, not just from the cellphones, but from other means as well.  They've also denaturalized your food, until there's hardly anything in it worth eating.  And they just, two days ago, passed a law in the U.S. that they can now irradiate your vegetables as well, to make sure that there's nothing worth eating.  The only thing that's worth eating probably is the ecoli, because it's the only source of protein left.  So, I'm not kidding you, they're basically making us so unhealthy and so unfit, which falls into the whole plan, because when you have poor nourishment, poor nutrients, like Malthus said, the people can't think too swiftly.  They're more obedient.  They do what they're told.  They're always lethargic.  That falls right in with the line, again, of what they want to do.  Plus their weakened immune systems make them wide open to die off from even simple viruses or bacterium, which normally would not affect them. 


Jason: Absolutely.  Alan, you are just a great guest.  We hope to have you on, soon.  I hope to have you on maybe again this week.  It's Alan Watt,




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