December 17th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)
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Audio clip from "Network" movie:

I don't have to tell you things are bad.  Everybody knows things are bad.  It's a depression.  Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job.  The dollar buys a nickel's worth.  Banks are going bust.  Shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter.  Punks are running wild in the street, and there's nobody anywhere that seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it.  We know the air is unfit to breathe.  Our food is unfit to eat.  And we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be.  We know things are bad.  Worse than bad.  They're crazy.  It's like everything everywhere is going crazy.  So we don't go out anymore.  We sit in the house and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller, and all we say is please at least leave us alone in our living rooms.  Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything, just leave us alone.  Well, I'm not going to leave you alone.  I want you to get mad.  I don't want you to protest, I don't want you to riot, I don't want you to write to your congressman, because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write.  I don't know what to do about the depression, and the inflation, and the Russians, and the crime in the street.  All I know is that first you've got to get mad.  You've got to say, I'm a human being.  My life has value.  I want you to get up now.  I want all of you to get up out of your chairs.  And I want you to get up right now and to go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"


Alex Jones: We're live ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you so much for going us.  We'll be live at, streaming to members for the next hour and fifty minutes until the end of the radio show.  Alan Watt is with us for the balance of the broadcast.  Today we're going to cover the news with him, in the next thirty minutes.  And then, open phones for Alan Watt, and of course myself, Alex Jones, for the rest of this transmission, December 17th 2008. 


Seems like this year just started a few days ago, and now it is already almost over.  Interest rates have been cut by zero, further destroying the dollar.  The Federal Reserve is openly taking over the United States, 8.5 trillion stolen.  That number is two weeks old.  They're telling Congress and the media, even after four year suits that they will not release the information. Remember, they promised it would all be public.  This is all by design.  And scores of news articles and the Army War College are reporting that the military is training to attack the American people, and rules of engagement, to not just use microwave guns and sound cannons, but bullets.  It says, the American people are going to rebel against them.  The Ministry of Defence, last year in England, admitted this.  The Defence Department this year has admitted it in a new report out on I want to talk to Alan Watt.  With known and unknown, unconventional strategic shocks and defence strategy development, and this gets into, it says right here, their fight with the American people. So the question is, will the social engineers be able to bring in this worldwide depression, that they engineered publicly, and pose as saviors and then set up openly their world government, where we will pay our taxes, directly to the private banking institutions?  This is now being announced.  I want to now go to Alan Watt, of Cutting Through the Matrix.  Alan Watt is a prolific researcher on the true nature of the global elite and their master plan from their source documents and their own agenda.  And it is good to have Alan Watt with us today.  Alan, thank you for coming on. 


Alan Watt: It's a pleasure to be on. 


Alex: Alan, I know you're a news hound like myself because I follow your work.  And I know you've been covering the fact that hundreds of major newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times of London and others are all reporting that yes, we had a secret world government.  Yes, we set up a secret world government.  Yes, we've been soothing you and lying to you.  They even say this, for your own good, in the article, and now for world government by Mr. Rachman in the Financial Times of London, last Tuesday, they admit that it's tyrannical, anti-democratic, but they say it's for your own good to save us from global warming and terrorism, which we know they're staging and the financial crisis, which we know they're implementing.  Why are they now, in hundreds of publications, hundreds?  You can google New World Order in google news, thousands, around 5400 links come up in the last few months.  Why are they suddenly announcing it?  Don't they understand that the people finally are seeing that it's real and that they are the authors of our doom?  Why is New York announcing, 80, New York State, 88 new taxes on food and drink and ipods and taxis?  Why are they trying to squeeze us into conflict?  So, (A.)  Why are they openly announcing their world government?  Admitting it's tyrannical, anti-democratic, social engineering?  And (B.)  Why are they pushing us with all these new taxes, knowing it will cause rebellion, as we've seen worldwide?


Alan: What they're doing is simply implementing the next part of this plan.  They've had years of creating what they call apathy.  And they started that agenda back in the 60s in fact, the creation of apathy.  The idea was to estrange the people from the idea that somehow they took part in making the future, deciding the future, to estrange the governments from the very people themselves.  And to encourage the people to leave it to the better people, the ones who really dealt with the higher decision-making policies.  In other words, they divided us.  They cut us off from participating really in government and the creation of our future.  They've put us off the path of creating our own destiny.  And most people today, survey after survey, that's been churned out for the last thirty years keeps showing that fewer and fewer people bother to even vote.  They leave it, the higher decisions, to what they call the experts.  So, what they're doing now is putting that home to the public and creating more apathy.  The statements really leave you with the feeling that everything is out of your hands, there's nothing you can do.  That's the other message you get, subliminally.  And get ready for tough, tough times coming; just accept it.  They're trying to tell you it's so overwhelming, there's nothing you can do.  That really is the message.  It's psychological warfare to the extreme. 


Alex: Well, I concur with you.  In fact, as you know, they talk about in hundreds and hundreds declassified government psychology tests, starting with rats and then with other primates, and then humans, that if they just shock you with overwhelming information, that it creates a feeling of hopelessness and many people go into a catatonic state and detach and roll over.  But we also have a lot of Pentagon studies going back to the fifties and then again in the 70s and 80s, where they studied the Western World and then said within three to four days, rioting breaks out over no food, and within fifteen days, basically everybody becomes mad killers who will kill for food.  So it looks like they're pushing us into a crisis where they know we won't just be apathetic, and we'll actually fight back.  Look at Greece, look at Iceland, look at Argentina, all over the world a riot is now starting worldwide.  We have the establishment then trying to push those riots with Martin coming out today and, not Martin now, Harper coming out, saying we're going to have a depression with the head of the IMF saying we're going to have worldwide rioting if we don't fix the economy, when we know they engineered the crisis.  So, with your expertise, try to break down for us please, what exactly is happening here, and what this cocktail is of trying to get us to rebel and fight back, while at the same time trying to soothe us and getting us to go along. 


Alan: What we have to look at first is not so much what's happening, but what's the long-term goal.  And when they tell you they're going to have rioting for about thirty years, worldwide, and they're telling you as well that they have to get the world to accept, accept the fact that rapid deployment and reaction troops will be sent all over the globe from one country to the other, to each other as well, and you're going to see that in thirty years of psychological training, with riots breaking out in different countries and being quelled one at a time, after thirty years we'll have a brand new society, where we accept that the old way is completely eradicated.  The old way of choosing what you want to do with your life, where you want to go with your life, where you want to live, who you want to marry, all of that stuff.  Do you want to earn money for yourself?  That's gone as well.  It's a brand new world that's to come out at the end of this whole agenda.  So we're going to see the sporadic outbreaks in certain parts, until it's standard daily news, for thirty years.  The troops have been deployed in Brazil; the troops have been deployed in the Hague, will be deployed in Norway, Finland, the U.S. or parts of the U.S. and that will be our standard fare for thirty years.  That's what they want.


Alex: And we're now seeing tens of billions a year given to Mexico alone to suddenly militarize and put troops in black uniforms on every street corner and then start wars with the drug cartels they don't control, to further escalate the problem, reaction, solution crises that they're openly engineering.  I'm going to put up on screen, "And Now for World Government," from the Financial Times of London.  I mean, again, just incredibly arrogant to be throwing this in our face.  Please continue.


Alan: It's arrogant, it's arrogant too.  And also, when you go into the whole U.N. Agenda, you can't really understand this until you look at the U.N. Agenda, with all of its umbrella organizations working on the same agenda, to the state where eventually you will not work for yourself.  You'll work for the world state.  You'll get your food given to you by or via the United Nations.  That's in their charter.  They will be in command of all the foods resources of the entire planet.


Alex: And as you mentioned, the British Ministry of Defence public report last year said, we work for the foreign banks.  We're going to engineer in the U.S., England, and Europe, and Japan thirty years of riots, and our job will be suppressing the people while this transformation to world government is complete.


Alan: Yes.  And so a generation will grow up through these tough times.  And it will be quite natural to hear on the news that the rapid deployment forces are down in California this week, quelling a riot by malcontents, who will not go, who are anti-social, who won't blend into the new social structure.  And this is how they plan it.  It's really working on the minds of those growing up.  Already we have people growing up who have never known freedom.  They think that police in the streets and tanks going around, and guys in black uniforms in subways with machine guns is quite natural, that we're under a constant state of terror.  That's the only world they've known.  The one that will grow up through all the rioting will take that as standard.  They will think that those who riot are anti-social, because they want more than their fair share that the U.N. is dishing out to them.  And at the end of all of this, there will be no memory or history of the world that was before. 


Alex: That's what George Orwell talks about, who was a BBC propagandist, and openly admitted before he died of tuberculosis, and a lot of evidence showed he was killed, that this is the plan he was let in on as a member of British intelligence.  And showing that the British masterminds, not the British people, but the British masterminds are running this, everything the British government puts out as policy is then mimicked and parroted as official policy in the United States, Europe, Japan, and worldwide.  Alan Watt is our guest.  We'll talk about the public, even though world government is being admitted, some of the public is still in denial, saying the articles we're showing are fake. 


(Commercial Break.)


Alex: They're doing a bad, bad thing right now, ladies and gentlemen.  Alright, Alan Watt, as what I'd call an independent sociologist studying all of this, or you can define yourself and I guess the work I do.  I guess a real historian studying the elite and their program for humanity.  You have these hundreds of articles saying world government is here, saying world government is a good idea.  We're going to put one back on screen, admitting it's tyrannical, but saying it's for your own good.  And I guess that's just more of this terrorism.  Staged terror attacks, staged financial attacks, give us total power or the economy will implode.  The congress gives them total power under threat of martial law.  The British parliament is being spied on.  Governors are being arrested.  All this fear.  And then, even though hundreds of papers, and world leaders are all over TV calling for world government, I still get emails and comments and talk show hosts and Rush Limbaugh making fun of myself, even by name, saying that none of it exists.  So all these years we read the documents, the CFR reports, Carroll Quigley, literally thousands and thousands of them on air, wrote books about it, made films about it.  Now that it's all happening, and emerging publicly, a lot of people are waking up and saying oh my God, you were right, we've got to fight this.  But, just as many, I'd say 20-30% of the public are saying, you know what, they told me previously this didn't exist, so I'm saying you're a liar.  I'm saying these news articles are fake.  I'm saying none of this is real.  And I'm seeing a huge backlash.  And I know some of them are operatives and paid bloggers, but I mean, it just seems like such an insult to the public's intelligence to openly admit it, and then with the other hand, as this Rachman guy did a day after he wrote the article, he wrote another article saying there is no world government, you're conspiracy theorists.  So, can you speak to that?


Alan: That, again, Limbaugh and these characters really, their job is to keep the people in the illusion.  It's exactly like 1984, the majority of the bureaucratic elite had to believe in the propaganda that was dished out every day.  It didn't matter about those at the very, very bottom.  They literally will adapt to any system they're given.  However, when there's a rapid change in their standard of living, they will kill the messenger.  So they have the Limbaughs and characters like that to cater to the masses, who want to live in the 'oldthink' as they call it, the old system. Even though it is changing around them, they will deny their own perceptions. 


Alex: Exactly.  I always hear Limbaugh and Hannity still saying WMDs were found, even as the U.N. and Bush admit that it was staged, was fake.  It doesn't matter, they still say every day, no, it's real.  No, the WMDs were there.  Again, they're kind of living in the old model, or the old download. 


Alan: Yes.  And that's their job, is to cater to those who are heavily brainwashed, who are timid, who are scared, and who could not face a rapid change.  They want to believe that things will somehow get better.  But more importantly, they think, they hope it will go back to the past, and nothing ever goes back to the past. 


Alex: Well that's doublethink.  Doublespeak.  Crimestop.  They subconsciously, it's too scary, they make the decision to lie to themselves and say it's not happening, even as it is happening, as they put troops on the streets, as marines run checkpoints, DWI checkpoints on the road, against U.S. citizens.  They come back and say no, it's not true.  And then Limbaugh and others give them psychological sounding board, or cover to say, see, there's still a media saying it doesn't exist.  Even as the other mainline media tells the slaves, get ready for this, we're doing it.


Alan: Yes.  And the rest of the media keeps them in oldthink with lots and lots and lots of trivia.  That's exactly what Bertrand Russell said they'd be fed, is nothing but trivia.  And trivia is mixed with important news, and so they can't tell the difference.  Everything is surreal to them.  Surrealistic.  And their world that they live in is surrealistic.  And when the troops are, just like the Soviet Union, you know.  Solzhenitsyn said, at first when the NKVD (which became the KGB) came to arrest people next door to you, they would turn the whole street out under Soviet law to witness the arrest.  That was to have the powerful effect of terrifying the onlookers, you see.


Alex: Now they show it to us on COPS and the news. 


Alan: Yes.  And it's basically entertainment now.  I watched, I remember when the Hill Street Blues was pushed up to the top to be a big time, worldwide series, about the New York NYPD.  And it also had the SWAT teams in every series.  And they go through all this mental anguish, should they use them or not.  They were getting you familiarized to the idea of SWAT teams.  And then about five, six, seven years later, you saw it actually happening in real life.  So, who was emulating who?  What we were getting through the Hill Street Blues was being familiarized through predictive programming for that which was to come.


Alex: And on those shows they would torture innocent people.  They would break rules.  They'd say, I want to save the little girl, but I don't have a warrant.  Aw, screw it.  Do it without a warrant.


Alan: That's right.


Alex: And then they make your new heroes the people that torture and violate the law and set people up.  And now SWAT teams are raiding Amish farmers who give unpasteurized milk to their neighbors.  Or who don't register their farm, when there's not even a law.  Now the SWAT teams are used at checkpoints on the highway, or to go to people's houses for traffic warrants.  Now the entire police force is being converted over to these ring wraiths.  Excellent points.  Amazing insight from Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  We'll put his website up on screen, stay with us.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.  We are live at  In the future we'll be going at least two hours a day, live, so we can put documents up on screen and show you the articles we're reading live on the radio.  We are streaming live to the world, right now.  I've been throwing a lot of questions at you Alan, and I'm going to put up on screen again, just one article, because a Bilderberg member, Mr. Wolfe is the editor of this, and their Foreign Affairs editor Gideon Rachman, wrote the story "And Now for a World Government."  I want to give you some time, before we go to calls, to flesh out more of, because this is key, in my understanding, but I want to get your view, and your nuance to understanding on this, in some detail.  Again, why now are they not just saying world government is what we need, but that they've secretly, this is all over the news, building a world government for decades.  They have an image of cave drawings, you know, that's the editorial cartoon at the top of cave drawings, and then drawn on the wall next to images of primitive aborigines hunting deer and elk, and primitive bovine, they have the image of a globe, or a world government.  The message here I get is, we're the elite.  We've been in control of your destiny for thousands of years, since primitive times.  We've always wanted a world government, and now we're getting one.  The ancient dream is being realized.  I believe this is the esoteric meaning of the editorial drawing.  Please give us your take on this.


Alan: Well, part of the drawing too, is to do with primitive man.  Primitive man hunting for his necessities.  And of course, it's all to do with evolution as well.  Coming from the primitive in tribal into global society.  So from differences all coming together as one, under one system of domination. 


Alex: Oh, we have the wild humans being taken under the control, go ahead.


Alan: And you also have this elite themselves, who do believe in evolution.  They believe that they are the most evolved type of humans on the planet.  And it's been written about by Wells and the Fabian society and many, many others, down through the last hundred-odd years or more.  They believed that they have the right to rule mankind, because they've proven their worth, by the accumulation of vast amounts of wealth; power over the public, control over the public, and they've held on to it through generations.  In other words, they haven't squandered it away through bad breeding as they call it.  They have selective breeding, specially picked wives for them to breed with.  And they've been doing this for at least a couple of hundred years as far as we know, as far as the inbreeding goes, in documents they had put out themselves.  Probably much, much longer.  But they do believe they've evolved, and therefore they've just simply taken their natural right, which is to dominate the planet.  They say themselves, and we find in the writings of Charles Galton Darwin, who was one of them.  He was the descendant of very inbred people, but they were all bred to be special scientists, and he hints at that in his own writings, of the different types that were already bred to dominate the world.  But he said that the dominant minority, who will rule and own the world, must not have their ability for self-preservation taken away as the masses will have.  The masses won't need self-preservation, because the state will be making all their decisions for them.  But he says, we the elite must retain our wild instincts.  In other words, the laws will not apply to them.  Any kind of law will not apply; that's why there's so many deviants....


Alex: We saw that in Rome, where the elite families and the Caesar could murder, kill, rape, steal, take anybody's daughter they wanted.  They could force the lower Romans to give their daughters at age twelve into the temples, which were the prostitution centers.  And we see the Romans training them that people being beat up and killed was entertainment, was fun, to dehumanize the public.  And now we see Burger King, I did confirm what a listener told me a few days ago, with a new slogan, as if anybody else matters.  And that speaks to the subconscious, to the id, the animal, go ahead and hurt yourself, go ahead and eat the MSG and aspartame with the subconscious mirror of that they're really hurting the rest of the public, and greedily only helping themselves.


Alan: That's right.  So we've had, as I say, this global system running, we know for hundreds of years.  In reality there never was democracy in Britain, although it claimed it all the time they had democracy.  They never, ever had that, because the British elite watched the French Revolution very, very carefully, and they knew that this was a movement that was going to keep going and pop up again and again, this drive for democracy where the people wanted a say in their life and their lifestyles.  Therefore they decided to give the public a fake, a front, and it's worked very, very well.  Margaret Thatcher in one of her speeches said that we are part of the parallel government that's unelected by the public; she said she was a member.  She was simply, again, reiterating what Carroll Quigley said, Professor Carroll Quigley, when he also mentioned this parallel government.  So they've been at it for a long, long time.  Their idea was to unite the world and unite many different tribes and peoples, cultures, through conflict.  And therefore the fastest way to do it was to create oppositions. They took over a good chunk of Europe and Siberia by the Soviet system.  That standardized a massive chunk of it.  They used the same technique in the Far East under the guise of Communism.  And now they call them democratic countries.  What they did was standardize one system, copied from the British exoteric system, into their system.  And you have a standardized world now.  Now it's time to bring it all together.  We all have the same education systems, we're taught the same nonsense in school.  We're all taught the same fake facts and histories and so on.  So now they can standardize us quite simply and easily, and the front organization for this is the United Nations.  When you look at the foundations, and that's how the parallel governments operated, was the creation of foundations with masses of money to fund their NGOs.  The Soviet system was run by NGOs.  Their leaders were picked by the Politburo.  We now have them picked by the parallel government.


Alex: And the U.S. and British governments allied foundations openly ran the Soviet Union.  So if you want to know what the future is, you all need to read what the foundations are saying.  Why don't you tell folks what the foundations' main goals are, where we are in the world system, how deep we're actually into it, and what you think we're going to see with the economy unfold, and then we're going to go to calls, in the next few years, Alan.


Alan: Well, what they've said already is that the system they will bring in has to wean us away from our selfish need, for self-preservation and accumulation of personal wealth, regardless of the class that you're born into.


Alex: So that's getting rid of our instinct to become independent, take care of ourselves in the hierarchy of needs, saying it's selfish to have a self-preservation mode.  That's what all this environmentalism that's fake is about, is to make us feel bad about being humans, so they can train us on loving our servitude, loving our feudal serfdom.


Alan: That's right.  And it's also part of the British system of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which runs the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have said that the world we're bringing in is one of servitude to the world state.  Servitude to the World State.  And they will decide, from the top, what servitude means.  It means giving your whole life, your whole activity, your energy, your very thoughts to the world state.  It's based on the doctrine of Plato.


Alex: And who can have children, eugenics, yes.


Alan: Plato was a member, remember, of the ancient societies.  He studied in Egypt.  He was initiated in Egypt, the Palestine area, and then India.  That was the standard route they went on.  He wrote about it himself.  And then he said in the book called The Republic, the one that H.G. Wells said was his bible, Plato said, what's the problem about owning all this money and having castles? He says, you're afraid of being robbed by the people; you have to pay all your servants, etc.  Isn't it far better that the people, under the guise that you're ruling them on their behalf, they build the castle for you, they supply its maintenance, they pay for the servants, they pay for anything that's stolen, they'll replace it for you.  That's what we have today.  This new system, with its higher level of – and they'll still call themselves servants – the Kissinger types, will live in their massive palaces, chauffeur driven, etc, and still pretend they're part of you, the same as you.  This was the Soviet system.


Alex: And every new crisis they create, they will always be the saviors for the next solution, which is even deeper into dehumanization and degradation.  Here's an example.  About a year ago, I have some employees, so the Texas workforce commission sent me a filing in the mail, and it said you now have to answer these hundreds of questions every year.  This is a North American Union survey.  And I went on my show, I went on the web.  I put it on the website, and people commented that it wasn't real and it was fake.  Now I have an image up on screen of Krogers, and it says, product of U.S., Mexico, and Canada.  Or product of U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  So everything is converting over to this, as you know.  They started a year and a half ago, it's in my film, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, merging the European Union, and the North American Union.  Bush goes to the Rose Garden, with Merkel and Barroso, announces it, but then anybody that talks about it is called a kook by Rush Limbaugh.  So how do you see this conversion happening into the next year, as they parallel continue to say it doesn't exist?  While on the other side, they say it does exist and is happening.  How do you see the mind slaves out there, who have been conditioned that this doesn't exist?  I guess the conditioning is just meant to neutralize them long enough so they debate whether it exists or not, until it's too late and already in place. 


Alan: Yes.  Most folk are never really in a conscious reality at any time.  Most of the people who are brainwashed, and that's the majority of the public, who get their reality from television.  Television is so surrealistic you cannot possibly retain your sanity and your cognitive thinking abilities and reasoning powers and watch it and enjoy it at the same time.  You can't have both.  It's meant to put you into a strange state, where gradually, through osmosis almost, you come to accept new facts, without ever consciously thinking through those facts.  You adopt them.  And you're upgraded like a computer program, each time you look into it, and here's a bunch of new facts, and you'll parrot them too.  And you won't even remember you had different facts that you parroted yesterday.  That's already in society. That's how most folk are working today.


Alex: And that's what Orwell talked about, where it didn't matter if they said we're always at war with East Asia, and the next day they were never at war with East Asia.  In Big Brother's world they had to go back and destroy all the old newspapers and TV programs.  Here, they just run it all parallel and say, I mean, they've skipped to the final phase where Winston's on the gurney being tortured, and he says do I have four fingers, two fingers, five fingers, ten fingers.  And he says, look, just tell me how many fingers to see.  And he said, no.  What I want you to do is see all fingers at once, and not be able to differentiate and just lay there like a jellyfish, and he goes, oh, now I see, I love Big Brother.  And O'Brien says, now you understand.  We're here to tear you apart and dominate you.  We're the priests of power, survival of the fittest.  This is about crushing humanity, and even ourselves, and reducing the language down to nothing, and we see they've now done that.


Alan: That's right.  They have done it.  There are people who are half-way waking up, and it's like Winston on the table again, and he says, I'm really trying to see four, and O'Brien says, that's not good enough, you've got to really believe it.  And so they're in a quagmire really of conflicting facts.  Because fear works in most people.  People are afraid.  And this again is why we're getting this predictive programming of the coming conflicts. 


Alex: And O'Brien, finish in a moment, but this is so key.  O'Brien wants him to have that mental break into delusion, into mental illness.  That's what the system, the schools do.  They train you how to be insane.  It's insane to want to drink fluoride and eat GMO food.  It's insane to drink aspartame and MSG and excitotoxins.  It's insane to have cancer up by 3-4,000% and diabetes and autism.  It's insane to be attacking innocent countries and to have the White House Press secretary say, Iraq loves us, they all love us, meanwhile they have polls over there of 90-plus percent hating what the United States does, but she comes to the U.S. and says No, they all love us. 


Alan: That's right, the official version.  You see we're living under what's becoming open authoritarianism.  It truly is the Orwellian system.  And yet it's only to be for part of a phase.  The thirty year phase, and in comes the Huxlian part of it, because at the end of the thirty years, and during the thirty years, they hope to bring forth the new type of enhanced human that will serve them better, that will be unable to even dream of conflict against their masters. 


Alex: And this is a thirty year hot war against humanity, and then it goes into the THX1138 lobotomized suboid population.


Alan: Yes.  And this present generation is dying off.  It's dying off; even in the Army's War Colleges own figures, in the studies they do, you have to really look at their studies.  They use history to the maximum.  That's why they chose thirty years.  They studied the Thirty Years War that was done in the past.


Alex: And they're saying, we've got the American people, we've enslaved them.  And that's what's so horrifying is to read all this, to show the viewers this, to know they're cold bloodedly doing this.  This is not Our military.  This is not Our government.  I mean, what is this we're facing?  What is this scientific technocracy?


Alan: The military colleges already have a big bunch of articles up on projected population declines in the West, because they've been following it for fifty years, since they've been sterilizing the Western Males.  And they know that in thirty years time, we'll all be dead with cancers and so on, and infertile anyway.  So, they've said themselves that many of the European countries are past the point of re-population, of coming back again in the same numbers they were before.


Alex: And they crow this.  They brag on NPR, isn't it great that the evil West is dying.  Isn't it wonderful.  Oh, I mean, these are the sickest.  This is nihilistic self-suicide.


Alan: Oh, I tell you, Hitler was a boy scout compared to these boys.


Alex: Alright, when we come back, I want to go to calls in the next hour.  But when we come back though, I want to talk about the minions, the technocrats that have a piece of the pyramidal structure, who know it's eugenics, but who have this fake environmental idea that humans are bad, and it's a great thing to kill off the parasites.  Don't they understand that it's they themselves and their families that are also going to be wiped out?


(Commercial Break)


Alex: The bottom line, this is a bunch of globalist control freaks playing God.  Taking control of our genetics, the planet's genetics, taking control of our water, our food, one-child policies, controlled plagues, all of it.  Alan, getting back into the question I asked you, about the minions of this system.  They're trained that their identity is being members of the elite.  But 99% of them are not true members of the elite, and they're going against their very human code.  Can you speak to their programming and ways to break that, or ways to defeat this?  Alan Watt?


Alan: Well, they are the bureaucratic types that Orwell shows.  And the movie that was done in Britain with Richard Burton and John Hurt was excellent really.  They showed you this bureaucratic elite that controls the masses.  They kept saying the masses don't count.  They call them the proles.  They kept saying the proles don't count.  In other words they would take whatever they were given.  The main thrust of propaganda and indoctrination was actually done on the bureaucratic class themselves, who had to adapt to the new paradigms that were given to them every other week, and really believe it themselves.  And of course, the Winston character was one of those bureaucrats.  He broke free of it himself, or else his indoctrination didn't take quite properly.  And he was being observed.  Now, I've talked to quite a few bureaucrats, and they are in a strange state between reality.  They know what's going on.  They're quite aware of it.  They also have this battle of self-interest.  They do love the lifestyle they're given.  They're very well-paid.  They mix with their own kind all the time.  They read the books they're advised to read.  There's lots of books put out there by intellectuals that are designed to work on the bureaucratic class to re-bolster their present belief systems as being superior.  And yet, they themselves are also afraid that they'll fall from grace.  That's the worst thing that could happen to one of these lifelong bureaucrats, especially the hereditary ones, is falling from grace, and falling down amongst the cesspool as they say of the masses, the unwashed masses.  So, they do know that their time is numbered too, because eventually there will be no more use for them.  However, each one who is alive today will believe they'll live their life in a fair good standard of luxury, while the system goes down.  They don't care very much about those that come after them, as long as they're okay.  So, self-interest plays a big, big part in all of this. 


Alex: I've got the Phoenix Business Journal today, on the heels of us yesterday writing a story about this.  Arizona police say they're prepared as War College warns military must prep for unrest, IMF warns of economic crises and riots.  And we meanwhile have all these presidents and prime ministers coming out saying we're now going to have a depression.  So, while they were getting their own money prepared and safe, they were telling the public everything was fine.  Now they're coming in trying to destroy confidence.  This is just incredible.


Alan: What's even more so is the fact that when you look through the Army War College's own predictions from their think tanks, they say that there will be during this time of rioting and conflict across the globe, during the thirty years, there will be safe havens for the elite and the high-level bureaucrats themselves in certain parts of the world, which will live at a very high standard of luxury compared to the rest of the planet. 


Alex: Alright, Alan.


Alan: That's what they're building in the Middle East, right now, too, that's one of them.


Alex: Yeah.  Dubai and other areas.  Stay there, Alan.  We're going to take call coming up in the next hour.  But then at the bottom of the hour, I'm just going to give you the floor, because you bring up so many things, so many points, you know where I want to jump in.  You know, I'm going to give you the floor, so you can go into any areas you think are most important.  Stay with us.


Hour 2


Alex: We're back live, ladies and gentlemen, into the fourth and final hour today.  Our guest is Alan Watt.  For anyone that doubts that the New World Order social engineers would do horrible things to society, they publicly funded the Maoists, now declassified.  All the old timers in the military came back and told us that in '49 the U.S. Government put them into power and then funded them to kill at least 60 million people.  That's a conservative number.  Some estimates are as high as 86 million.  The big New York and London banks funded the Bolsheviks in 1917, declassified on record.  Mainline history, just not on the nightly news.  They funded Hitler, the Milner group.  They put him into power.  They set him up.  So if you think they won't bring in a worldwide depression so they can openly set up world government for and by the banks, where you buy your carbon credits directly from them, you've got another thing coming.  All those years we told you they would do just that, and now they're announcing it and doing it.  We don't deserve any accolades here folks.  We just weren't under mind control.  We could read what the Club of Rome and IMF and World Bank and Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission were saying and doing in their own policy reports.  We're going to come back in the next segment and go to all the callers.  Matt, Chris, Ben, Brian, Tim and many others that are patiently holding, but in the short segment, Alan Watt, we've talked about the mindset of the outer party.  You have the proles, the outer party and the inner party in the pyramidal structure, the inner party at the top, the outer party and the elite who are some of the most suppressed and surveilled.  The NSA is really there to spy on them, control them, burn a few of their minions to keep them all in line.  Selectively enforcing laws.  Let's talk about some of the lower level minions, the police, the military, those that have been slowly twisted to accept all of this.  What do they have to look forward to, going along with this system?


Alan: Well, what we have is really what's already happened over many years.  And we've had a generation who have grown up, very often, in single parent families, no fathers.  Their choices were either join the local gang that replaces your father.  That's the only male figure you have, but they've also been brought up with video games and violence and guys wearing black uniforms with power and badges who seem to be the winners.  That's what young men see.


Alex: So they change the male archetype to a thug with an ugly look on his face, all the toys now, who's a U.N. soldier who beats people's brains in with no due process, and so the males then, like a baby duck, imprinting.  They imprint on that through Cobra Commander.


Alan: There's no doubt at all.  And they have raised a generation, worldwide, to have this image of the black uniform, the power, the big machine gun, and booting around these little people.  They don't even seem to be human to these people, in uniform.  You see, the indoctrination, the scientific indoctrination of the military is very, very precise.


Alex: And they know that males want to be warriors.  So they say your dad, your grandpa, or your grandma, they can't teach you how to shoot.  You can't be armed.  Civilians can't be armed.  That gun culture is bad.  But then, if you go join the dark side, then you're allowed to carry out these male activities. 


Alan: You have that, but you also have, the tribalism is allowed to basically progress.  You see, in society they've stopped basic tribalism.  It's been condemned and condemned until it's a taboo subject.


Alex: And they created false systems within their control.


Alan: That's right.  So you can join this fraternity, this brotherhood, and suddenly you're one of the gang.  They'll fight and die for you.  You'll lie for each other.  The cops have been doing that forever.  So that's the whole paradigm there.  And they're well paid.  They can also have little goodies and little things that the general public can't get access to. 


Alex: Special status.  Take California where upwards of a million people can't get tickets, can't get DWIs, can't get red light cameras, because their license number is encoded in the computer as above the law.


Alan: That's correct.  And so you do have a militarized youth.  They've grown up with the games.  They've been desensitized to killing, because that's what games are all about, is getting from the beginning to the end, and killing as much as possible.  So that's what it is to be a man to these characters.  They say the public really as "its".  They don't see them as people anymore, powerless "its".


Alex: It's an 'us against them'.  They teach them we're civilian scum, they're the godlike creatures that are doing all these bad things, for their own safety and the brotherhood.  But the brotherhood really is there to flush them down the toilet, and the bankers are about to take their pension funds as well.  Alan Watt, stay there.  Phone calls, straight ahead.  Right here on GCN and


(Commercial Break)


Alex: We are back live with Alan Watt, our guest.  I want to go ahead and go to your phone calls.  First up is Matt in Iowa.  Matt, thank you for holding.  You're on the air worldwide, go ahead. 


Matt: Hey, Alex. Thanks for taking my call.  I just wanted to pass along to you.  I don't know if the thing you were talking about, COPS and other shows that kind of accustom people to presence of armed "public servants" in their lives.  But I was watching ABC and this new show, Homeland Security, USA is going to be on.


Alex: Yeah, they're showing us who our new bosses are, and how we're going to have national police, with the military, and again, everybody they go after is always guilty in these made-for-TV shows and dramas and then real-life shows.  There's a whole bunch of new Homeland Security shows, and it's come out the Federal Government is funding and financing, but not just here.  Governments worldwide are producing similar shows.  Go ahead. 


Matt: The other thing I wanted to talk about too was, I was Christmas shopping the other day and there were these younger kids hanging out in the mall distributing Go Green bags, whatever, giving out bags to reuse again.  But on the side of it it said Go Green, underneath was Mid-West One Bank, and the O in the Go Green, was scarily similar to the O of Obama's logo or whatever.


Alex: Oh.  Well, they're going to have the environmental brigade, the youth brigades, the elderly brigades and Obama's website said it will be compulsory for everybody to serve the government.  And then his Chief of Staff has said that, written a book about it.  Obama has given speeches.  And then when we made a big deal out of it, he pulled that off his website, but is going ahead with the programs.  Alan Watt, comments on what he was talking about. 


Alan: This whole system is guaranteed to be run under the guise of greening.  The Green Party was set up to actually kick off that whole agenda.  And that will be the big stick.  It's to do with depopulation, is part of it.  They keep hammering, "there's too many of us.  We can't go on with unrestricted consumption; sustainability," it's in every single speech they're making from every quarter from every country.  And so that's being hammered into the general population, that we are responsible for the terrible state of the world and it's all our fault, and we've got to start cutting our numbers drastically, and stop consuming the way we are.  We've got to remember too that Bertrand Russell, who only gave out everything that he learned from the big world meetings that he attended, the big think tanks that planned all this.  He said eventually they'd have to create some kind of situation where eventually governments would dish out credits instead of money, and so the bank would be run through the governments to the people themselves individually.  So we'll all be issued with credits.  These guys have planned this for a long, long time.  We're simply going through the script right now.


Alex: Now to be clear.  You've said this; I've said this.  We're only reading government documents, what they've been quietly planning, now they're unveiling it.  The private banks come in, issue all this liquidity, infect all the stocks, the bonds, the mutual funds, the 401Ks, the pensions, the government pensions, fire, police, teachers.  They set all this up, then they implode the economy.  They come in as the savior, and they say, the new model is you'll pay your taxes directly to the IMF and World Bank.  And now, suddenly the last few years, you don't fill out your income tax to the exchequer, you don't fill out your income tax in the United States to the IRS.  Now it's to the Federal Reserve, it's now to the private Bank of England, and now, last week in the New York Times, and in a bunch of other publications, all on the same day, simultaneously, they announce, well, we're going to go ahead and probably bankrupt U.S. T-bills and bonds.  You know, we're blowing that out worldwide.  You'll now buy your securities, that have "government backing by taxpayers" directly from the private Federal Reserve, so your world ID card, with your credits on it, and people are trying to buy cash, headlights, battery, toothpaste, everywhere they're demanding now, even with a five dollar purchase, hey, you've got to give me your name and number.  And that is to get you ready for the cashless society and to destroy the underground economy, because they'll say, wait a minute, you bought more than what your paycheck says.  You must be doing underground barter.  And that's why they want to tax the web, and they're now announcing that.  So it's all coming into fruition, and I just posted up on the screen the Kurt Nimo article.  Democrats determined to re-impose fairness doctrine.  Look at that Orwellian term, it's like the Patriot Act or the New Freedom initiative, all taking your freedom.  The Daily Post in Palo Alto is reporting what Congress is saying.  They do intend to restrict free speech on internet radio, AM and FM, everything, the FCC announcing they will control "speech on the internet."  Alan Watt?


Alan: That's true, and even google and all the big boys have come out with their main servers, saying they're now going to say who will be pushed on the web, and on all the different search engines, and who they'll restrict, so this is the censorship already here.  You're right to do with purchasing.  Ten years ago in Canada, and most countries across Europe too, suddenly if you bought tires for your car they would want your full name and address and so on.  Now they want to know your vehicle and I asked the guy in the store, and he said, yeah, it's actually the law.  He showed me on the computer.  It is the law that they must find out what car you have, its registration number and everything, before you even buy tires. 


Alex: Amazing.  Again, punch up on screen guys, this article that I put up here.  Democrats determined to reimpose Fairness Doctrine.  Gong back to the caller.  Did you have anything else you wanted to add sir?


Matt: Yeah, I was wondering, if you guys think that Homeland Security is synonymous with Gestapo, or if Obama's 'O' is synonymous with the very swastika.  Was that embraced like Obama's being embraced, in pre-Nazi Germany?


Alex: Well, yes.  We're having the same fascistic, you know, basic symbols, basic tribalism.  They're bringing us into the crisis, and the message is in the media, Obama is your savior, just put your trust in him, when he was the biggest cheerleader for the banker takeover, but then I hear the Democrats saying, no, he will save us from the evil bankers.  Alan Watt?


Alan: It's true too, in his speech at the end of the election, he wore the red and white and black tie.  His wife wore red and black.  And that's the colors of Nazi fascism, socialism. 


Alex: But it can't be Nazism, because he's a black guy.  No, it's the corporate fascist model.  It's the corporate fascist model, and it can come in Idi Amin.  It can come under Hitler.  Go ahead, Alan, you were making a point.


Alan: They love to show you their agenda, right in you face, knowing, it's like the Masons say, we never speak so openly as when we do in public.  The public never understand what they're really hearing or seeing either.  But they do show you in symbols and colors.  This is all Pythagorean the color coding and so on.  It goes back for thousands of years.  But they do go along with this.  And you have to go into Obama's mother to find out why she was raised, what she was trained for, and you'll find she was trained to be a world revolutionary, and actually to literally breed an offspring to be the President one day.


Alex: Alright, Matt.  Thank you for the call.  Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Arizona.  Chris, go ahead, you're on the air. 


Chris: Hello?


Alex: Yes. 


Chris: Yes, Alex.  I've been listening for about, oh, since 2005.  I was over in Kuwait for a year, and one of my friends, he's an Iraq vet, you know, and he woke me up to this stuff.  I didn't want to believe it at first, but you know, I've been listening to your radio show, and I got a lot of your videos.  They really woke me up, and I just want to thank you for that, first of all. 


Alex: Well, don't thank me sir.  My family, myself, your family, Alan, none of us have any future if these social engineers, these madmen, these control freaks, these hyper-dominant people that want to literally kill us, and engineer who's left.  You know, either they're defeated, or we're destroyed, and so, don't thank me.  Thank god you woke up.  Thank god something in your background let you break your conditioning and the false paradigm you were in.  So understand, people always thank me for what I'm doing, or thank Alan, or thank others.  Listen, we are only doing what a normal person historically would do when faced with this type of attack.  I mean, when the globalists openly announce they're waging war against humanity, all I can do is fight back against them.  Alan?


Alan: We have no choice in the matter.  If you truly understand what's happening, you have no choice.  You cannot sit with the knowledge.  It will kill you otherwise.  You have to get it out there.


Alex: Absolutely.  Anything else, sir?


Chris: Well, I just, you know one of my friends I work with, he just bought a firearm, and it was, you know, one of those big desert eagle 50s, you know.  And he told me about, next year, the 2009 models are going to have GPSs, in them.


Alex: Yes.  Everything is RFID in the guns, everything is under Schwarzenegger marking the shell casing.  That will then force adoption of that nationwide and worldwide. It's all happening.  They're coming for the guns.  And people think that's just some archetypal thing I say.  The troops are openly been training for decades to door-to-door shut off the food and water.  And then, 99% of people on average they believe, I don't believe that's accurate, more like 90%, will turn their guns in.  Then they'll go after the rest of the people.  They know who's got guns.  It is registration when you fill out the yellow form.  It's long gun, shotgun or handgun.  And it's now being prepared.  The good news is though, Alan, and I appreciate your call, sir, the good news is that people have bought the gun stores bare.  The ammo has basically been sold out.  Record gun purchases, that shows.  And then Obama comes out and says.  Don't worry, I only want to ban some of your guns and restrict some of them.  Stop buying guns.  And the BATF is now harassing gun dealers and trying to get on the local news, telling people don't buy guns.  So it doesn't seem like things are working for them, Alan. 


Alan: They do expect trouble.  They do expect the problems, what they're hoping for is, I don't think they're even hoping for it, they've got it set up already that this rapid reaction force will be pulled in from other countries to deal.  You see, they don't want to turn.  They know that there's going to be a problem down the road if their own people, if your own American soldiers start killing Americans, eventually they get to a stage, and they found this in Nazi Germany with the firing squads.  They get to a stage where the guys who are killing their own people start to break down.  So they prefer to bring in foreign troops to do it.  And that's what the whole international rapid reaction forces are all about.  The same thing happened in Beijing.  China didn't bring in the usual Chinese soldiers, they brought in the ones from the far north, Mongolian types, and they had little in common with the average Chinese and had no problem killing them.


Alex: Well, they did that in Poland.  They'd bring people from the East to the West, from the North to the South, and for those who don't know, when we come back, I'm going to briefly list all the mainstream news, the Pentagon, the British, major War College reports.  The biggest army recruiting centers and marine centers are in Mexico.  They're in the Eastern Europe.  They're in the Philippines.  So already in our military is a bunch of foreigners.  They're also hiring violent felons, foreigners who are aggravated felons for the military, that's Washington Times, Washington Post, both telling you how great it is.  They've also signed a deal to use Canadian and Mexican troops in the United States.  That's been in the Toronto Star and other publications.  Congress said, hey, we weren't consulted, earlier this year, and they were told, shut up, by Northcom.  So they do have foreign troops ready to come, take your guns, and rape and kill you.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: I played this quite a few times, but in the next segment I'm going to play it and get Alan Watt's take on it.  There's a bunch of video games out in the last decade, like Shattered Union, and in some of these games, your job, you work for the Illuminati, for the World Government.  You hunt down and kill militias.  You torture militia members to death.  In one game, when you get to the final level, you get into a safe, and you know at the top of the Illuminati, and one of my videos, Police State 2000 is the great secret inside of the safe.  I don't know why the establishment does that, or why they keep sticking my voice, or my rants in video games, and in some cases, without my permission.  Then one time, they went to the network and got the rights, I think for like $300.00 to put me in one, but the point is, we'll get Alan's take on why that's happening.  Right now, let's go back with the calls.  Brian in Canada, you're on the air with Alan Watt.


Brian: Hi.


Alex: Hello. 


Brian: How are you?


Alex: Pretty good.


Brian: I'd like to thank you Alex.  I know what you said before, but even though I was aware like a deer that knew it was hunting season, it wasn't until you led me in the right direction in 2005 that I started to make some sense of my life.  Today I was calling, I did want to talk about my Prime Minister Puppet and cell phones and things like that.  But I notice that there's a lie being propounded out there, and there's a chance that even our side of truthers might buy into that lie.  And that lie would be that this is the first time that there's a one world power.  I'm getting kind of tired of reminding people, and asking them if they've ever heard of a little place called Babel?  And a little guy called Nimrod?  Because that was actually the first global world power, and at that time, he had one language.  He probably had everybody compartmentalized, the way they do it now, too.  But there was only one language.  And when god came down and messed them up, well all the different languages went off with all their little pieces of what to do.


Alex: Yeah, that story is of the system breaking apart, that global empire and that separates, and then the Romans, and the Roman Catholic Church, and the British Empire.


Brian: Well this is where we believe that this is what's led us to this.  He had to go out across the world, to get back all of his little recipe books of how to get back this one world power, and that's why he's on this breakneck speed to get it done now, because he's never been so close as he's been now. 


Alex: Alright, let me get Alan's take on that, because he's our guest.  Go ahead, Alan Watt.


Alan: The symbol of Nimrod is that, it's world power.  Nimrod is also the same as Satan, really, in the ancient literature, and his wife as well, as being the ultimate rebels, who swore that they would rise higher than all the gods and dominate the universe basically.  So it's the same old power elite idea of the psychopath who's a megalomaniac and who truly believes that he has the right to dominate the whole planet.


Alex: And it's not just dominate Creation and the fellow humans.  They state that they want to make war on the heavens.  They want to become gods.  And whether you believe in that or not, they do.  And my parents were just over in Germany last year, and they took back all this video and showed me, of where the Germans, even during World War II, built a big armored dome over Ishtar's gate and the seat of Satan from where Babylon was in Iraq, and that Hitler believed he was invincible because he had the seat of Satan. 


Alan: Yes, that is true, Hitler did have his own special mediums.  He was into the New Age.  He was a theosophist.  Theosophy is the same philosophy as the elite all believe in.  Rockefeller himself sponsored the main magazine, for the Lucius Trust, it used to be called the Lucifer Trust.  And Lucifer to them, of course, is the epitome of the ideal, intellectualized Super-Man, to come.  They believe they are the progenitors of the Super-Men to come. 


Alex: But they have to destroy this Creation, to build their new Creation.  Finishing up, caller, Brian in Canada, with your point about your puppet, Steven Harper, suspending Parliament with the Queen, twice.


Alan: And that too, even though he suspends Parliament, he still has dictatorial powers during that period, apparently.  They didn't know that either.


Alex: And we're seeing this all over the world.  Anything else, Brian?


Brian: Yeah, I was just saying that that drove me nuts up here, because he even exposed himself in front of all of us.  I was here the first few days that he called the election the American market was crashing every day.  And the news would start to pressure him, like what about this?  And the first few days he got very mad and animate and said, Canada is not the United States, and we're not going to suffer the same thing as them.  And then, four days later, when our economists started coming out and saying, yes Mr. Harper, we are going to suffer, then he stood in front of the news, and he stated that they knew about this fifteen months ago, and started taking measures.  So right there he exposed himself.


Alex: Alan, why is he in your papers today saying there's going to be a depression?


Alan: Well, he waits for his lines.  He's a bit behind the times at times.  He waits for his lines being sent to him from London.  You've got to understand that Canada is still part of the British Commonwealth.  Not one law gets passed in Canada without the Queen's signature, even though they call it democracy.  So he waits for his orders, and they shift accordingly, according to the mood of the people.  So he does what he's told.  He's a puppet for sure. 


Alex: Alright, Brian.  Thanks for the call.  More calls straight ahead, and this Shattered Union clip when I come out of break.  Not just the audio, now, if you're watching at, you can see it.  We're live at right now, go over there and check it out. 


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Alex: I love this species.  I love humanity, and I have great hopes and dreams for my progeny living with your progeny in the future.  I know I'm part of a great cycle of life, we're on a beautiful planet hurtling through space, and I want to stop the greedy, controlling, covetous New World Order control freaks, that are so greedy they want to control the future and shape humanity in their degraded degenerate image.  That's the basic psychology we're dealing with. I want to punch up on screen, and then we're going to go back to Alan Watt.  I want to get his take on this.  This is the trailer of one, it's got to be more than a hundred games, that push, we're going to have marshal law, things are going to break down.  It's cute and funny and we're looking forward to it.  This is all part of the acclimation, here it is, Shattered Union.


In a disputed election, and a tie vote, the U.S. Congress installs the most unpopular president in U.S. history, as David Jefferson Adams becomes the 44th President of the United States.  Shortly after the election increased unrest, rioting, and a growing number of militias have given rise to ever increasing domestic terrorism.  In response, the President invokes the Homeland Security Act and declares martial law on the West Coast and other areas of the country.  Though highly contested, a Supreme Court Ruling sidesteps the electoral process, disqualifying popular presidential candidates from several states.  Public outrage explodes when a sham election leads to incumbent David Adams accepting a second term in office.  During the 57th inauguration day ceremonies, Washington D.C. is struck by a low yield nuclear weapon, killing David Adams and most of the U.S. Congress.  The destruction of Washington D.C. effectively breaks the chain of succession, sending the Nation into chaos.  In an emergency vote, the European Union deploys peacekeepers in the greater D.C. area to secure international interests.  With separatist sentiments rising, California's governor declares Home Rule, and secedes from the Union.  Texas follows quickly and declares sovereignty, taking neighboring states with them, and forming the Republic of Texas.  Now, the once United States of America, lie in ruins.  The time for words is past, and a Second American Civil War now erupts, as seven factions wage war across the land.  They battle one another to reclaim a nation.  To restore peace.  To rebuild this Shattered Union.


Alex: Alright, now, notice they gave an Abraham Lincoln quote.  Who is Barack Obama telling us that he's modeled after?  Abraham Lincoln.  Now, the British came in and manipulated both sides, got the South to break off.  My family was in the South.  But I'll tell you right now, it was staged.  British intelligence openly manipulated that.  The Russian Empire sided with the North, the British sided with the South, giving them weapons.  They meant to break up the country.  That's now been declassified.  That's in the major British annals, to try to break up the country.  The same thing is being set up now.  You do not want to riot.  You want to defend your family.  You want to take care of your family.  You want to reach out to the military and police to educate them, not to come out and confiscate guns.  Now, once they do it, that's another subject.  But you don't want to go out looking for them, trying to engage them.  Police and military, if you don't out and out ignore those orders, you need to just sit on your butts and not be part of this.  They're going to stage riots.  They're going to prepare everybody.  This is the game plan.  If we get the word out on this, we may back them off, they may cancel the operation.  We haven't had more big terror attacks staged here, though they were planning it, because we exposed the false flag attacks of 9/11.  But you talk about predictive programming, Alan Watt.  Hundreds of these video games have similar lines in them.  And they are conditioning the public for this.  And when I would first air this, two or three years ago, and other video game clips, people would laugh, and say that will never come.  We'll never have foreign troops, we'll never have.  And now it's on the news that it is happening and the marines are in the West Coast, just like this states, running checkpoints.  So, the people that made this game were definitely being given inside information.  Alan Watt.


Alan: The intelligence communities have basically been in charge of video games from their inception.  That was their whole idea, was to militarize the public, at least get to the recruits that they'd want, who are conditioned to kill on sight, when they were told to.  So they've always been in charge of video games.  We tend to think that industry and commerce just develops on its own happenstance.  That's not true.  Those who are in power never let anything out into the public, unless there's a good purpose to serve those at the top.  And when it comes to toys and things, believe you me, they don't militarize the minds of the youth unless there's something for that youth to grow up into doing down the road.  So they've always been in charge of video games, but not only that.  They've been in charge of the whole culture industry, and now there are books coming out with declassified information, admitting that.  The whole culture for fifty years has been controlled by the CIA.  The most recent movies coming out of Hollywood, of I think nine of them are disaster-based movies, with this future scenario, that's almost here, all on the same theme.  So this is mainstream now indoctrination and predictive programming of what's to come.  And it ties in exactly with that strategic studies report from the military that said it might even break down to civil war within the United States, and even a civil war with nuclear weapons.


Alex: And then we have Tommy Franks going out, and it turns out he was being paid $500,000 a year by the Pentagon, to go out and give interviews in the press in print and TV going, I'm really sad, but martial law is the only thing that will keep you safe, and it is coming.  So again, we think there might be riots, boo-hoo, we've got to go out and attack the American people.  And again, now the Arizona police say, you know, we reported on this yesterday, dealing with the fact that the Army War College says they're preparing to attack the American people.  That's going to be their main mission.  Now, domestically, and people denied that the report was real.  Here it is in the Arizona business journal, for everybody in their face, go ahead.


Alan: Yes.  So it's in the open now.  They're conditioning the general population to this as inevitable.  And they do know that the bulk of the population will always sit on the back seat and watch what happens.  They're afraid.  You see, violence itself, and law runs on the threat of violence, it's coercion.  Most people go along with law because they're coerced to do so.  And coercion if it's not followed or doesn't work will be backed up with force.  Most people understand that subconsciously, and they want to be left alone, and they hope that nothing drastic will happen to them if they sit back and let it happen.  They don't realize that this is a war that's going to continue right down to the bottom level.  And no one's going to be unscathed by it.  You're not going to get out of it.  So everyone must participate in stopping it from happening in the first place.  That's how you stop these things from happening.  Everyone's got to get involved now and stop being entertained by television, and demand their voice back.  We cannot leave this to the experts.  The experts work for the psychopaths.  Most of the experts are psychopaths, and we've got to nip this in the bud right now.


Alex: Now, Alan, we know that they have their own predictive war-gaming with computers, and before that with their sociologists, psychologists, and others.  You know they bargained for an Alan Watt and Alex Jones, you know they bargained for people to resist.  Though I've seen in their white papers, I don't know if this is disinfo, that the rebellion is much bigger, much more coordinated, much more widespread.  That's why they're saying they want to shut down the free web and take us to Internet 2, as Google and of course Obama are doing.  How do we feed into this?  The Wild Card.  Because it looks like things are not going well for them, and we know they want to act like they're god and omnipresent and invincible, and they want to use A.I. to try and do that, but they really aren't.  So, how do shows like this, and your website, Cutting Through the Matrix, how does all that feed into this?


Alan: What they're afraid of are people who have the knowledge, the background, the history, and the facts to back up the explanations we're giving out right here to a public who can then use that and run with it, and teach others.  That's what they're afraid of.  They don't care about all the wild and wacky websites out there that mix it all together into fantasy.  They're after the people who have the knowledge.  Now Russell himself said this time would come, he said, where, if we cannot recruit these people to leave their own class behind them and join us, we'll have to eliminate them.  And that's coming up.  I don't know about you, but I've had overtures recently from the big world organizations to join them.  Very urgent, very polite invitations to come and speak at their world meetings.  And I know this is a last attempt before they simply eliminate me.  I know this is coming. 


Alex: Well, I mean, I've had major radio networks try to hire me years ago.  I've been approached by some of the biggest Hollywood studios wanting to put my material out.  Kind of golden handcuffs as they say.  I know that I have been approached, and it's always done under confidence, so I can't break that as a journalist, the confidence.  But other things happen, like we call up Rothkopf, you know former head of the Kissinger group, who wrote the book Superclass, earlier in the year, admitting world government is here and they run everything, and when I got him on the line, my producer had set him up, he goes, I know who you are, Alex Jones, yeah, yeah, we watch your work.  You really ought to, and John Harmon, he was the only witness to this, he was in Minnesota, and I was on the line with him.  They'd called him, saying you know, you really ought to join us.  There's nothing you can really do, and I've had other people contact me and say, listen, the public is scum.  You know they're a bunch of trash, a bunch of back-stabbing garbage.  They will destroy you.  You need to join us.  You're one of us.  So, yes, I have had those overtures, and I know that that's how the threat works.  It's like, look, we're giving you a chance.  We're not like Pol Pot, who just killed anybody who could read or wore glasses, you know, who could see through his garbage.  They try to co-opt, and you think that rebuffing repeated co-opts is a sign that they're going to another level?


Alan: Absolutely.  When you get them coming one after another for world meetings, you know this is the last overture.  And they've pretty well hinted in much of their writings, from these institutes at the war colleges, etc, that they'll have to stop all agitators as they call it. 


Alex: Well, we must be getting through to them, because we can be confronting marines on the streets of Austin doing psy-ops, or marine spokesmen in California.  I mean, we call them up, and we're like, oh, we know who you are, Alex Jones, yeah, we're fully aware of your operations and then they tell us all about our website and stories we wrote.  I mean, so that tells me we're really having an effect when their own establishment is aware of what we're doing.  I mean, it shows that we're having an effect.


Alan: Oh, there's no doubt on that.  I had some bureaucrats who went to Washington D.C. and in the cocktail parties the people were mentioning the names that are making a difference, and it's common talk amongst those particular classes.  So, we are making some difference, absolutely, we've been noticed, and not just noticed, but highly monitored and watched.


Alex: Well, you know, Bill Clinton was in town last year, and wife's mother has been active in the democratic party, so it was a democratic party dinner, and there was about a hundred people there, and they're all around Bill Clinton, talking, and somebody said, what do you think, not my wife's mother, but one of her friends said, what do you think about Alex Jones?  You know, the radio and TV guy who's talking about the New World Order.  And Bill Clinton said – let me think of the exact quote – Alex Jones is one of the most important commentators and what he's saying is some of the most important things being said in the world.  And they said, you mean Alex Jones, the young anti-New World Order guy.  And he said, yeah, Alex Jones, and mentioned some things.  I mean, that is, that is just absolutely incredible.  And it's kind of bone-chilling, Alan. 


Alan: Well, they are monitoring anyone who they claim is an agitator or someone that can break through the matrix.


Alex: But why would he say something nice about me?


Alan: It doesn't necessarily be nice.  See what they're saying is, what we are saying is important, and in other words, it's true.  And of course it means, because it's so true they cannot ignore it, but they also hope the general public will be overwhelmed with the regular media, which keeps them in limbo. 


Alex: Well, Alan, isn't there something even more?  Within the pyramidal structure, according to Rothkopf and others, and I agree, there's only about 3 to 6,000 people that even have 95% of the big picture and that we've reversed engineered from their documents and reading different compartments of their operation, really accurately what they're doing, and so the few commentators or reporters out there that actually know what they're doing, and are accurately reporting it, they are recognizing that, because even within their own elite, most of their people don't realize the big picture.  And I think that's another danger, is members of the elite, members of the establishment, who didn't have the full picture are hearing and seeing what we have to say, and I think that's causing them some problems.  Another example is, General Stubblebine's wife, Dr. Labo, treats a head of state.  And they've given me evidence of this, they can't say the name on air.  And the head of state is like, I know, I'm sad that we have to kill everybody, and I kind of don't like it, but this is how I was brought up.  So I think the establishment, a lot of them, except for that inner core are having second thoughts about this.


Alan: What I've found, and this is factual as well, when governments, the U.S. government and the Canadian government, and I think the British one too, stopped their employees from going into my website at their work, it's banned now, they can't get in, and lots of them have told me that.  When that's happened, you see, it's more important to them that their bureaucrats live under their own little illusions.  They cannot afford to have their bureaucracies waking up, because that really is important to them.  They are generally kept in a state of doublethink, doublespeak.  They're never really, but when you come out, when they hear people talking the truth, the work they're involved in suddenly becomes more clear to them.  They realize the whys and the wherefores for the first time.  Because they themselves have been heavily programmed, and that's what the elite are afraid of.  The elite need the massive bureaucratic class to guide all of this into place, and to keep it working.


Alex: Yes, and historically it's the minion servant class to the elite that is one of the most surveilled, oppressed, controlled, and murdered, and abused groups.  So they need to come out and join free humanity.  And yes,,, banned in Europe at the major train stations, and "free government" wi-fis.  Banned in government institutions.  Banned at Dell., I've seen the screen shots online, where it says banned, this is extreme, when all you're doing is posting and reporting on their own documents, Alan. 


Alan: That's right. 


Alex: I want to come back and take a few final calls.  We've got to have you back again soon, from Tim, Sherrie, Tom, and Eliot.  I don't know how many we can get to, but we're going to try, but before we end this segment.  What are some of the things that are most important to you, right now, that we haven't covered, Alan?


Alan: The important things really, it follows on what you've been talking about.  They're watching us as well.  What they're looking for not so much is for people who simply put the information out, but can those people be potential leaders.  If you have that ability to bring people together with a common stance on something, then you're very, very, very dangerous.  And they're waiting to see how we react, we on the radio react, when we influence so many people, when basically the shit hits the fan.  That's what they're waiting to see.


Alex: So, we're being used as a gage.  We're being used as an overall war game to see how the public is responding.


Alan: To see how they're responding, and to see if we ourselves will come out with ways, innovative ways they haven't foreseen to start to get people bonding together in a common stance against this tyranny.  If we have that ability, we are very, very dangerous. 


Alex: Well, it's a little too late.  I mean this canary has sung.  I mean, we put our information out, and I think that's the only reason we're still walking around, Alan Watt. 


Alan: It probably is.  If we go to the next level of advising what to do, then really, we'll be very, very well noticed then. 


Alex: Alright.  I want to skip this break for just viewers and for folks listening to the audio stream.  For everybody else on the AM and FM shortwave satellite, we'll be right back in three minutes to jam in some final calls.  Stay with us.  Alan, I think they're going to have trouble killing us.  Instead, what I see happening is this flotilla of mainstream TV shows, demonizing myself and others, attacking 9//11 Truth, attacking the alternative media, and then trying to shut down the web.  Then down the road they may try to set us up with some type of crime, or burn us out as they've tried to physically do with you.  Do you concur with that? 


Alan: That's very, very possible.  As I say, if they can't win you over they have to eliminate you.  And if you do have the ability to guide lots of people in a common purpose or cause, then they'll definitely have to do something about it. 


Alex: Well, I want to state on record, that the elite is not invisible, and we've had many victories against them.  The only way to stop them though, is to get the mass, you know, large portions of it, like Winston finally figures out that the secret is the proles, not what he'd always been told about it being the Party and the Inner Party.  We have to find people out there, in the general public that will resist and will speak out.  And I see that happening.  Let's go ahead and go to some calls.  Tim in Ohio, you're on the air with Alan Watt, thanks for holding.  Go ahead, Tim.


Tim: Hi Alex.


Alex: Yes, sir.  Go ahead.


Tim: Haven't talked to you in a while.  And a couple of things.  A comment and a question.  Haven't talked to you since the convention, and I have never, ever seen evil personified in a woman's face like that Michelle Malkin.  Oh, my god.  She should change her name to Medusa.


Alex: Well, I mean, look how they sent people in that were with her and left with her to scream, "Kill Michelle Malkin" so it could then be put all over radio and TV and try to get me blackballed, and it almost happened, until it backfired, because other videos got up on youtube, showing that they were with her, and that the whole deal was staged.  And then she had to back off, and admit I didn't say that.  But that was very close.


Tim: Yeah, very bad.  Alan, are you there?


Alan: Yes.


Tim: I want to question, maybe you could both answer it.  Knowing the disdain that the elite have for the black race, you know, why would they pick Obama for president and will it play out that Obama is going to be exposed and Biden be inaugurated instead?


Alex: Well, what's going to happen is, they're going to use him as a puppet for a while, then they're going to destroy his name forever, and yes, it will be used a way to demonize black people.  Comments, Alan Watt?


Alan: Black people, and then Hillary, I think if he steps down, will take over as President, and then she'll be even worse.  They always put in a female in history in the bloodiest periods, you'll find.  That's their way of doing it.  They love symbolism and they love their routine.


Alex: Yeah, the goddess will extract the blood.


Alan: And so that's how they've got it set up. So they demonize one, and probably it will cause some kind of civil war within the U.S. as this sparks off.  Obama will use all the forces that have been put on the books by the Bush regime.  He set up the machinery for it.  Obama will use it.  He'll be hated.  He'll probably eventually step down, or go off sick, leave as sick, and Hillary will probably take over.  And then of course, she'll be the real vixen that will use ultimate force.


Alex: Tim, hold on.  We're coming back to the full audience.  I'll let you have one more comment.  Appreciate your calling, here we go.  Okay, let's hurry, let's hurry here and Tim, finish up the comments, from Ohio, and then Sherry and others.  I want to jam in a few more here.


Tim: Just the follow up to my question was, if they do not have Obama or Biden in, what are the chances of Cheney and little old temporary Bush remaining in power after inauguration day due to some type of false flag terrorist attack?


Alex: Look, look, they want a new puppet to get.  They've invested too much in Obama.  I believe that he's going to go into office and then it's going to be really serious.  Alan Watt?


Alan: I concur with that.


Alex: Alright, got to jump, Tim.  Appreciate the call.  Let's talk to Sherry in Texas.  Sherry you're on the air, welcome.


Sherry: Hey.  Hey, Alan.  I just wanted to say that you're my sociological guru.  I think you're right on the money.  I know you've been studying these systems for a long time.  And I really think you know what you're talking about.  My question for you is, how are the elite able to get such strong people, you know, like in the upper middle class in America to accept the demonization, and also the genocide?  Basically the doctors are killing people here. 


Alex: It's ambient.  It's incremental.  They slowly upgraded it until we're at a fever pitch.  Let's get Alan's take on that.


Alan: Yes, it's incremental.  It's intergenerational dehumanization.  You have three generations sitting watching television together, and the oldest is embarrassed at the regular fare for viewers and entertainment.  The young ones don't mind.  The one in the middle is already accepting it.  So it's intergenerational indoctrination and propaganda, and dehumanization. 


Alex: That's right.  They train people to love tyranny, to love evil, to feel like they're part of the winning team, to associate themselves with the system.  And again, they act like sex and violence and destruction is cool, and you know, the nerds just don't understand.  Really, they're searing the conscience, so you'll accept your neighbors being drug off or yourself being drug off.  And so when you're being drug off, your neighbors will accept it.  Sherry?


Sherry: That's exactly right.  And also, as far as the cancer rate here, it's just skyrocketing.  And they actually have a big room with all these comfy chairs, where all the ladies who have cancer, they sit and they get to socialize while they get their chemo.


Alex: And they make it a social fun thing. 


Sherry: Yes!


Alex: I appreciate your call.  We're out of time, Sherry.  And I apologize to Tom, Eliot, Grace and others.  Next time Alan's on, you can call in.  You'll go to the head of the line.  Alan Watt.  I really want to appreciate you coming on the show.  Give folks your European mirror site.


Alan: It's  And you can get transcripts you can download and print up in different languages. 


Alex: Alright.  We appreciate all your time.  And we appreciate your tireless work for humanity.  I want to talk to you again coming up early in the New Year as things develop and things unfold.  Thank you, Alan Watt.


Alan: It's been a pleasure, Alex. 


Alex: Always a pleasure having you on, a true gentleman.  We've got a lot of information out in that show today.  We've been live for almost two hours at, if you're watching the live streams.




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