July 10th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show

(2 Hours)


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Alex Jones: The entire fourth hour, thatís the next hour, will be open phones for Alan Watt.  For the next 35 minutes weíre going to cover any topics he thinks are important, anything he wants to go over.  I donít really need to introduce him to this audience.  You know him well now.  Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Great guy, great research, dovetails with mine.  And again, he knows a lot of things that I wasnít aware of.  We all share information, we all, thatís how we all go to another level of understanding, and thatís why heís here.  Last hour, I had Dr. Doug Rocky, head of the DU program for the Pentagon, the Army on, how they knowingly know itís killing tens of thousands of troops.  Itís going to kill millions worldwide.  Theyíre using it at military bases all over the US now.  They are openly putting it in landfills, just blowing around on major cities.  Theyíre building level 4 bio-weapons labs in level 2 facilities, in major cities, when before they would have them on isolated islands, or in armored compounds.  I mean, thereís a method to this madness.  We know itís population reduction.  But even the eliteís top servants are coming in contact from this, and getting hurt by this.  What is this all part of?


Alan Watt: In Canada they started to do this with these particular laboratories, back in the late Ď80s, early Ď90s, and there was a hullabaloo from big cities like Toronto as to why would you put such a laboratory with deadly diseases in the middle of a city.  And at the time, of course, speculation for some of us was, that one day thatís where theyíre going to release these deadly bacteria from.  Itís the best place to have it, best place to do it, right in the middle of the crowded city, if the agenda is to depopulate.  And we know with Agenda 21, and itís been really rushed ahead now, to get everyone off the rural areas, into the existing, overcrowded cities for the masses.  And they will start pandemics once theyíre all in there.  Pandemics crop up every few years.  It will die down, crop up, kill a lot of people, die down.  Back and forth, back and forth.  That way they can bury their dead, and take care of their dead.  The elite wonít do that for them.  And so we always bury our dead.


Alex: And thereís evidence they engineered the Spanish flu, and they admit Plum Island alone, weaponized Lymeís and whatís killed now thousands, the West Nile is admittedly from there, released on purpose.  And of course, the elite admit in official US government policy, they want to kill 80-plus percent of us.  Memorandum 200, State Department.  But youíre absolutely right, Alan, the nail on the head as usual.  This is what theyíre doing, and see, just like theyíve had the bioweapons experts release foot and mouth and other things, at Porton Down, the news even admits theyíre releasing it, or a bio-weapons guy releases the anthrax, thatís admitted.  Then they try to blame a patsy.  And they have these Dr. Eric Piancas everywhere, who say kill 90% of us.  He gets a 95% standing ovation at the Academy of Sciences, and the point is, just like in 13 Monkeys, they tell us what theyíre going to do.  Theyíve got their guys when the order comes in, theyíre just going to march in and release it in every major city. 


Alan: They will.  And they want everyone packed into the city.  Itís interesting too, the ones who are packed into these cities, with the ID cards coming up, youíll also be restricted as to how far you can travel out of that city, very much like the old Soviet Union system.  So youíre literally going to be trapped within a city.  And if you look up the NATO booklet, thatís supposed to be available to every member of the public of the NATO countries, for bacterial and biological and atomic fallout on cities.  This is official.  Itís been the same since the 1970s, and every NATO country signed it.  The orders are, and a documentary was done in Britain on this.  The orders are that the troops have to contain everyone within that city.  Any people trying to leave have to be shot on sight.  These are present orders.  Whole groups trying to leave the city have to be bombed from the air, with CS gas.  And there will be three cordons of rings around the city, to try to trap everyone within it.  And the whole containment exercise, will be to allow the people inside those cities to gradually die.


Alex: And theyíve been doing chemical, biological, radiological, lethal, murdering us, all over the Western World, for at least 75 years.  Theyíve tested it all.  They tell us give up all your rights.  Let us militarize and have checkpoints to stop Al Qaeda.  But itís really so the eugenicists can carry out our extermination.  And the police officers listening, you will die with your families, worshiping your gods, until the end.  Wonít they, Alan?


Alan: Thereís no doubt about it.  This is a very old plan.  And see, World War III has been underway for a long time.  It was declared on the citizenry of the planet. 


Alex: Thatís right, Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Prisonplanet.com and infowars.com are my sites.  Weíll be right back with Alan Watt.  Unbelievable information.  Your calls coming up.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: If you look at the world it looks like some paranoid schizophrenic nightmare.  But thatís what the elite are.  Theyíre inbred, theyíre mentally ill, theyíre highly intelligent, and they have all these compartmentalized elites working for them, under them.  Itís like specialized insects in a hive.  And when I say this, Iím not trying to shock you, itís the truth.  The government says they want a world government to carry out your orderly extermination, and then the genetic engineering of the species into two sub-groups.  A tiny group of servants and the elite.  The elite will enjoy the future.  The rest of us, we wonít, our progeny, our future.  It is the ultimate of selfishness and they are setting up the world as a hell pit.  Now we told you, youíd see them legalize wiretapping and no warrants.  We told you youíd see check points.  We told youíd see blood being taken on the sides of the road, for DNA databases.  Theyíre getting you ready under the name of DWI, their rubric.  We told you everything, because we have the Rand corporation, we have the British Ministry of Defence plans, we have, I just had Dr. Doug Rocky on, who was high level Army, who worked for martial law.  Now we have PDDs.  Now the White House says theyíre doing it.  But this was decades ago.  This is all a giant plan.  They own the banks, they print the money.  They want power.  And as Alan Watt just rightly said, World War III is going.  It is against you, and the few "rogue nations" not controlled by the New World Order.  And I mean, the incredible thing is, I even forget about this stuff.  I remember, I wanted to ask Alan about this, in 2000, the army was in town.  They used a fake nuclear spill as their cover.  They shut down I-35.  Then they had army driving around downtown in plain clothes.  We have people inside the APD, they told us about it.  We got down there and got footage.  Austin police collapsed.  There was some type of gas downtown.  I thought it was a fake drill.  Later, I was told by sources, no, it was real.  They said watch again.  Then the DPS collapsed, shut down the building.  They were going to the hospital.  More than 30 people at the hospital there.  They did bio-tests, chemical tests here. Weíre not sure what it was.  The point is, I donít have to go down the road to find checkpoints taking my blood without warrants, or cops collapsing.  Why do they revel, Alan, in hurting their own military and police?  And then, how did they psychologically brainwash the military and police to enjoy being hurt by their masters?  I know a lot of people listening are going to die with your children still loving the government, who are listening right now, Alan.


Alan: What weíve got is, when psychopaths rule over people, they give you a psychopathic culture.  And theyíve bred a whole generation with a declining culture into immorality, degeneracy and so on.  The state has given the new values to those who have been growing up over the last twenty, twenty-five years.  They wanted a militarized people for now.  So they created, they went to work giving them video games, designed for the military.  They debased the culture at the same time.  Music went down.  All the arts went downhill.  Nihilistic type art, which the CIA have actually declassified in their documents, they were behind a lot of this and actually paid the artists to do all this nihilistic art and so on.  So you have a degenerate people, who basically have adopted a psychopathic type culture.  Now a psychopath will give allegiance to his master.  A classic example is at the Nuremberg Trials with Hitlerís followers, who, to the end talked about Hitler as a god.  He was superior to them.  They worship those with more power than themselves.


Alex: Well, thatís why Hitler and Stalin hired felons and rapists, aggravated felons and violent felons, out of the prisons, because they actually enjoy following orders and serving evil.


Alan: They enjoy it, and they also, because you see the system in a psychopathic structure which is militarized, is sado-masochistic.  So each person praises the person above them with more power than themselves.  The officer above him tends to despise the ones beneath him, the inferior ranks, and that is sado-masochism.  The whole thing is based on that.


Alex: Yeah, let me stop you.  Iíve noticed that a lot of these evil people actually in person admire me.  They say, well, weíre your enemy, but we admire you, because you have power.  And itís totally sick.  They even admire us, Alan.


Alan: They admire power.  That again is a sado-masochistic mentality.  They do admire power, absolutely. 


Alex: Well, keep going with their psychology.


Alan: And, as I say, they also despise the weak. Thatís something else, because theyíre sado-masochistic, and theyíre very cruel to the weak beneath them.  Youíll always find that in such societies when theyíve been militarized.  And we have been militarized.  When I saw the troops going in to the first Gulf War, and they showed you a bunch of marines on board a US carrier, doing rap music, stripped off, and you heard this noise, this incredible noise going across the ocean, and these men jumping up and down, like something that you would have seen in Africa 500 years ago, I said, weíre sending in the barbarians to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.  We had created a degenerate generation for this particular time in history.


Alex: Thatís right.  Theyíve sold us that skulls and death and murder and craziness is fun.  When really, the most vicious civilizations became civilized because they realized the great danger of barbarism, and knew that the veneer of civilization was incredibly thin, and once thatís stripped away, hell is released.


Alan: Absolutely.  And thatís what we have now. And we have a generation really where very few people have two parents.  Bertrand Russell and many others spoke about this, that it was necessary to destroy the family.  The state would become the boss and the new father, and it has been.  Now, when these young men, who often donít have a father figure, are brought into the military, suddenly for the first time, they belong, just the same as the studies that theyíve found on gangs.  Young people who have one-parent families will join the gang, because itís the nearest thing to the father.  He gets protection from the gang.


Alex: Exactly.  In fact, Iíve seen studies.  Most of the thug cops were single parent.  They were into drugs and crime.  They became bullies.  Theyíre not real men.  They think abusing little people is strength. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And so when you join the military youíre told youíre special.  Every country does the same thing.  You are special.  Youíre not a civilian now.  A civilian is a derogatory term.  And the bonding process is a scientific process in the military, and suddenly they belong to something for the first time in their lives.  Their new brothers are all around them, wearing the same gear as they do.  Their enemies are everyone else whoís not wearing that same gear, that uniform, that one form.  And so they feel secure for the first time in their life, and theyíre being taken care of, and theyíre given power.  Itís also the only area where a male in this society is allowed to show off aggression and be rewarded for it. 


Alex: Thatís right.  All other true male archetypes that are healthy, the leader of the home, hard worker, thatís all suppressed.  Youíre only allowed in a mutated form to exercise it within a uniform, or at a mindless sports game, acting like a fool.  Anywhere else, it is not allowed.  And as they commit crimes against the population, as they abuse and humiliate the population, that forms resistance, which then further compacts the gang into their gang psychology of see, the outsider is against you.  


Alan: That is right.  So, this is a very old plan.  You know, a lot of this came from Platoís Republic.  Platoís Republic talked about the New World Order.  He talked about ongoing Revolution. 


Alex: And Caesar wrote about how to manipulate his own troops. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: And thatís why Kissinger in his own book can call you dumb animals to be used by them, and you go, yes, Iím a dumb animal.  Oh God, nerve gas me, kill me, I love you Kissinger. 


Alan: Thatís right.  He called American troops dumb, stupid animals to be used for foreign policy.  And a foreign policy which they did not understand, never would, and actually they donít care to understand. 


Alex: As long as they get to act macho and tough. 


Alan: Well, theyíve been brought up with video games, where they see cartoons with guys with big machine guns and weaponry, and here they are.  Theyíre given the real stuff and told to go off and kill in the killing fields.  And theyíre also drugged too, mind you, mightily today.  Lots of articles on the drugging of the troops.  And that also was put out Janeís magazine, maybe fifteen years ago, that the future soldier would be heavily drugged, so that he would not retain memories of the things that heíd done.


Alex: Well, the Pentagon admitted on in late 2001, right as they went into Afghanistan, it was called the Marshal Plan, was the article in Wired, that the head Futurist, Mr. Marshal, 90 something years old at the time, I donít know if heís still alive, said in the future, and he looks like Aleister Crowley, he said in the future it will be what drugs youíre on, you know, and they admitted they were testing new drugs on the troops then, and then it came out that, remember four Delta Force guys came back from one unit and murdered their women and children, and of course it turned out that was a little test.  And then when the police would pull up at Fort Bragg, they were just flopping on the ground, foaming at the mouth, and the news said, oh, thatís quite normal to murder your children. 


Alan: We also had Canadian troops.  Canada was given the largest doses of a new drug, a substitute for quinine for malaria, and some countries like France banned it because it was so neurotoxic.  And a documentary was done on the CBC on troops who came back.  And one young officer said that his whole time there was like a LSD trip.  He was hallucinating every day.  They all were.  He was pulling his own pistol out and putting it at the heads of children.


Alex: And of course, that malaria story is just a cover.  It was like Bruckheimer, Private Bruckheimer told the Ithaca Times, yeah we go into villages and we line up all the women and children and murder them, and then the army came out and said, well, we want to clarify thatís only in some villages.  And then they give them things like halcyon amnesiacs afterwards. 


Alan: Yes, thatís correct.  So that they donít retain those nasty memories, but eventually, when theyíre demobbed, and come back into society they start going crazy, and thereís no help then for them.


Alex: Yeah, when theyíve got your wife pulled over at 1AM when sheís coming home from work, thatís when heís going to melt down.† Heís going to kill her right on the squad car video, and nothing is going to happen.  And if you speak up, a SWAT team is going to come by and theyíre going to murder you and the rest of your family, because youíre slaves now. 


Alan: And the other part of this, as well, apart from the psychological damage, and probably physical brain damage thatís done with these drugs, is the fact that during the Vietnam War, they recognized something.  And the same bunch, remember, who are helping behind the scenes in advisory capacities are in power today.  And some of them vowed never to let the Vietnam era happen again in a future war.  Now, they were scared of troops coming back who were well coached in the military on how to defend themselves in war tactics, in case they would cause a revolution back home.  And it was decided that, or at least the suggestion was put forward at a very high level, that if they could literally through inoculations and different means, disable those soldiers after four years or so were up, in other words, diseases would kick in which would make them very, very sick, that would put them out of the category of being a future threat when brought back home within the country. 


Alex: Well, thatís what the vaccines are for.  They give them the questionnaire, and this has even come out from high level sources, they give them a questionnaire and say, will you fire on US citizens, and the 75% on average that say no, they then get the shot that soft kills them, and this is, and youíre going to be dead in five, ten years, or a vegetable.  And then the others that say yes, they get promoted up, and they get taken care of like good race horses, and they donít get called for the special shots. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  So theyíre given time-delay diseases, which will kick in once their usefulness in the military is over, and they go downhill.  And many of them commit suicide as well.  Many of them have crippling diseases and terrible pain. 


Alex: Yes, so lie and say youíll fire on US citizens, but youíve got to convince them.  Or theyíre going to kill you.† Go ahead. 


Alan: So this is all planned, so those in the military are disposable.  And thereís always another bunch next year, turning the right age to join, to take their place.  Theyíre renewable and disposable and this is well understood.


Alex: Because Iím 18 and I donít know what I want.  And they know you donít know what you want. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And if youíre signed on for two years to four years, well after that four years is up, thereís a darn good chance youíre going to go home, work for a couple of years, and be stricken with some odd disease thatís going to cripple you, bring you down quickly, and youíre of no threat, as a trained soldier back home, when the country is going down the drain. 


Alex: Please continue, Alan. 


Alan: Well, as I say, everything is planned this way, and often published.  Thatís the amazing thing about this New World Order.  They do have their big players publish many, many books with future scenarios, because they have huge think tanks working on all aspects of society at all times, and they do love to print up and put out to the public the facts of their plan, their Brave New World scenario.  Now, the Futurist Society is a great huge society.  Itís been on the go for many years.  Thatís why your mainstream authors are invited to attend to get the latest, and they write stories around things which are going to happen in real life to familiarize the public, and condition them that this is inevitable. 


Alex: Revelation of the method, because their studies, their behavioral psychologist studies as you know, but for the audience, know that even if something is a horrible thing, if theyíve been introduced to it, they will take it better, and so thatís why there were so many books and TV shows about the government is going to fly planes in the World Trade Center.  Theyíre going to attack Afghanistan.  Theyíre going to use war games to cover it up.  And they told you, weíre going to do this.  And I even had the X-file guy on saying, yes, the CIA came and told us to write these pieces, and itís just letting us know.  Itís like we did it, and weíre going to keep killing you, okay. 


Alan: And I donít think people realize that everything in their culture is guided.  All arts and entertainment and so on is guided.  Thatís now declassified from the CIA.  They ran the culture industry in the US.  They were allied with MI5 in Britain.  And Iíve got all the data here thatís only recently been declassified.  The big bands, the big groups they funded.  The great artists they funded.  Even the poets they funded to guide and shape the thoughts of those that followed the arts. 


Alex: Well, thereís a lady, got a popular Ron Paul site out right now, and she was signed four years ago by one of the biggest record companies, and itís admitted, the CIA came to them and said, no, do not put this out.


Alan: Yes.  So, this is something you see when you read the Communist writings of Lenin.  Lenin said at the beginning of the 1900s, he said, Communism will not last forever.  He says, maybe 70 years.  He said, then it will blend into the West.  It will combine with Capitalism.  And out of it will come a Third Way, which again is the title of the book of Alvin Toffler [The Third Wave], who belongs to the Futurist Society.


Alex: The mentor of Newt Gingrich, who is anything but a conservative. 


Alan: Yes.  And Lenin said that the system that would eventually transpire would be not quite Capitalist, not quite Communist.  It would be a form of an elitist group at the top, a fascist, elitist group, and a bureaucratic system run on the Communist lines to take care of the masses.  And everyone would eventually be brought in to serve the world state.  That will be your duty to the world when born.


Alex: Alright, stay there.  His website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  My websites are prisonplanet.com.  Check out the new Prison Planet.  But if you like the old one, classic.prisonplanet.com, thereís a big banner up there.  You can still have the old site too. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: I want to get into how you see things unfolding, the End Game, the timeline, as best as you can.  Alan tends to think theyíre going to succeed, at least in damaging humanity, probably in an irrevocable way.  At least Iíve gotten that from him in the past.  Your calls coming up next hour, 1-800-259-9231.  Shifting gears, you know, I took RTF at the local college here in Austin, and Iíve read a lot of books about it, and Iím familiar with the book, the Whirling Dervisher about media control.  Aaron Dykes has got it right out the window out there, heís reading it right now, about CIA control of the dominant media, in the past.  Theyíre losing control now.  So theyíre not invincible.  But I also, Alan, I want to get your take on the general public isnít aware that watching television puts them in a dream state.  I mean, thatís mainline science.  They think weíre just saying that.  It puts you in a dream state, and so thatís why, Iíve seen studies, a bunch of them, thirty, forty years ago, they would do suggestibility hypnotism tests at universities.  And they found about 25% on average could be highly suggestible.  And that was always the number.  Books were written by hypnotists and by magicians, and you can see it if you go on a cruise, you go to Las Vegas, you know, theyíll get a hundred people out of the audience and only pick ten or fifteen.  But now theyíre finding, when they have these TV shows, where the guy can make somebody give them their wallet on the street, or he can hypnotize people to go try to rob an armored car, or to jump in a river, and itís really happening, and now theyíre finding around 60% of people will do it.  Well, thatís because theyíre zombies.  Theyíre never awake anymore.  And sometimes you can even see them even kind of wake up when youíre warning them, you know, out on the street, or you see somebody you havenít seen in a while, and youíll see them kind of break out of it.  And I donít think the public realizes, those that are awake, just how we joke and say, theyíre sheep, theyíre zombies.  No, there really are zombies, Alan.


Alan: They are zombies.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíve never really been conscious to be honest with you.  Theyíve been raised and weaned on television.  Theyíve been babysat with television, from the age of toddlers.  And if you even look at what theyíre being shown as toddlers, youíll see all the political correctness there that that child is going to experience in their lifetime.  All the greening stuff is in the cartoons.  The Ďsave the worldí stuff is in the cartoons.  The messages of Ďtoo many peopleí is in the cartoons.  Theyíve been raised like that, not to be conscious at all.  And Brzezinski, who really specialized in certain areas of the human mind, on the mass level, talked about that in his own book, Between Two Ages, and he said in there, that shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves through scientific technique.  And he said, all theyíll be able to do is repeat what was on the previous nightís news to each other on the following day at work.  He said, they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And that has happened.  Itís been very successful.  The average person truly believes the media is an extension of their own brain, and it will warn them about things that they should know.  They donít stop and even question what is the media, the fact that theyíre private organizations, and they have tremendous power to mislead you if they so wish.  Now, only fifty years ago, people in all countries were very suspicious of media.  They knew they were owned by big business tycoons, who were generally related to royalty or whatever.  And big magnates.  And they knew that it was propaganda outlets, thatís what media was for, propaganda.  Media is an essential arm of government.  Thatís its purpose.  It gives us our reality through whatever information it decides weíre supposed to know, even if itís false. 


Alex: I want to talk more about that when we get back, and how to break people out of this mesmerized condition.  But as you said, from birth theyíre raised in it, to where the neural pathways develop.  And these are major studies of the brain, and the television with children actually brain damages them.  It lessens their future potential.  Weíll be right back.


Hour 2


Alex: It is the 10th day of July, 2008.  Alan Watt in for us, for another 60 minutes.  Your calls coming up in the next segment.  Eliot, Steve, Scott, Lonnie, Pete and many others.  1-800-259-9231.  I thought Iíd have Alan Watt on, and not just hog him for myself, but let you talk to him.  We always enjoy your phone calls, hearing the different topics, the grab bag of issues you bring up.  Alan, more and more I realize that we canít stress enough that the elite have created a system to mesmerize the public, and to put them into a dream state.  I mean the electrodes, the EKGs show that, thatís a fact, thatís taught in basic media, but the public doesnít even know that exists.  I mean, hereís a basic, theyíll have six video screens behind somebody on CNN.  And theyíll have a scroll at the bottom.  And theyíll have a blue mist in the corner.  And I mean in basic, and thereís different layers of propaganda as you know.  I want you to speak to this.  Weíre just going to skip through some of the breaks here for the infowars.com listeners and prisonplanet.tv viewers.  Itís too important.  I want to let you run with this, before we take calls, Alan.  But just one layer of the hypnotism, the mesmerization of the population, this is in textbooks, is youíll have eight, nine different forms of data, different video feeds, different things on one screen, and your conscious mind canít track it all, but your subconscious can.  So it immediately, for you to be able to even grasp that, you are instantly brought into a subconscious mode.  Then you have the TV flicker rate, you have then the overt propaganda of how theyíre twisting semantically, what theyíre saying, what theyíre doing, and you put that all together.  I mean, I will become mesmerized in a few minutes.  And thatís why I donít watch hardly any television.  I will listen to it like a radio, and then itís just annoying, hearing the semantical propaganda, and so I want people to know.  I mean, we donít just say that video games put you into a lower than dream state, an unnatural state of oxygen-starved narcosis.  Thatís major studies, just type that.  You know, long-play video games mimic death of the brain.  Thatís a mainline story about it.  And, but I believe, seeing the elite themselves, that they were not immune to this.  That there is a group consciousness, whatever you want to call it, a feedback loop.  Their cultural interactions, whatever you want to say, theyíre watching TV too, and I believe the elite have been caught in their own trap, and that now theyíre not just tearing down our intellects.  They are tearing down their own, and it looks like humanity is caught in a black hole, intellectual vortex, and that we are being dehumanized, and it looks like the elite themselves have basically fallen into their own pit. 


Alan: Well, itís possible.  What is true, absolutely, is that we have been dehumanized.  As I say, war was declared a long time ago on the ordinary people and to bring us down to a very base type society, where we wouldnít mind what was done to us next.  Once you get to a certain level and morality is stripped, and the norms are gone, the norms that safeguarded society are gone, and thereís no cohesion between society in the me generation.  Theyíre egosyntonic in behavior.  Theyíre egocentric.  Theyíre narcissistic.  Thatís exactly what Bertrand Russell said they would do to society.  Then thereís no cohesion; cohesion is actually a survival mechanism.  And when itís gone, the government then can dictate right down to the individual, with no one standing up for that individual, just like George Orwellís Nineteen Eighty-Four, all done by design.  But when you also strip all that which was beautiful and necessary for a healthy human psyche, and you replace it with stuff which is very debasing.  Everything is very debasing.  


Alex: Well, theyíre now replacing, even beautiful women are getting into it, ugliness, death, sickening things, next to beautiful things, to transfer us over into thinking the gross is beautiful. 


Alan: Weíve watched, and again the CIA funded this, fetuses put into jars of urine and put on display in museums, and art galleries.  Weíve seen corpses dried out, flayed corpses strung on wires.  Theyíre touring the U.S. right now.  And people are going in to pay to watch these corpses hanging on wires in grotesque positions.


Alex: And thatís just the public being trained for their extermination to think itís beautiful. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  Until you have no idea what is natural, beautiful, and so on.  You have this bizarre, almost a circus type mind with the music in the background, this odd music.


Alex: And we see beautiful women, mutilating themselves now, trying to be ugly. 


Alan: And this is the complete takedown of society.  Remember to bring order out of chaos, you must, and this was always the Communist idea too, and we know that Communism was set up by the West, the dialectic.  But to destroy, you must destroy all of the old values, completely eradicate them and bury them, before you can bring in the New Society.  And that is what has been happening.  Itís been underway.  All of the old values are destroyed.


Alex: Well, Alan, you just talked about Zbigniew Brzezinski, you just talked about Zbigniew Brzezinski saying, we would not be able to think.  Youíre absolutely right.  And in fact, in his Grand Chessboard, he said, the public is so disunified by design, so unable to be cohesive against us, by design, that we will only reunify them by staging giant terror attacks, that will only briefly in a kind of hive mind, you know, like weíre roaches, unify us to go in a certain direction, against the foreign nations that we want, in the final countries, we want to take down.


Alan: Yes, because they have to bring a primitive culture along.  Theyíve created as I say, a generation for this particular era, who are only too willing to put on the big black uniforms and get the big guns to finish off the job of standardization of the planet into one system.  Thatís whatís going on across the world.  Those countries that did not belong to the World Bank, that didnít use usury, etc, are being demolished, and everyone is being standardized.  The first United Nations agency that comes in, once thatís accomplished abroad, is UNESCO, that is sworn to bring in a unified educational culture across the world, for New World Citizens.  So, this is what itís all about in the end.  They will not tolerate anything thatís different, outside the standardized society.  And itís a horror show which is underway.  And itís well funded, well connected.  Itís intermeshed so perfectly well, itís incredibly intermeshed. 


Alex: Now, would you agree the globalists are also, the world architects are also, selling us with sick art and degeneracy and blood and death, not just because they want to neutralize our life force, main drive, or priority propulsion system of love and decency and building and honor.  But also the globalists are interbred psychopaths.  To them it really is beautiful.  So, theyíre just changing. 


Alan: And theyíve found studies with psychopaths, they have the oddest art on their walls.  Stuff that seems nihilistic to us, they kind of enjoy.  They do have a different way of seeing everything in life.  They have no guilt about anything they do.


Alex: Okay, Alan.  I want to take us back into the main broadcast right now.  And for the listeners out there, we just skipped that last break, prisonplanet.tv viewers had a chance to hear it and see it.  We were talking about how the elite are replacing everything with death and destruction, not just to neutralize the public, and to, because if you love death, you wonít stand up for your neighbor when theyíre kidnapping their kids with CPS or when the SWAT team is murdering you, itís a good thing.  But also because the elite think thatís beautiful.  You know, they think thatís great.  And Alan was finishing up talking about that.  Then I wanted with him to get into the carbon tax, how they want to use that as this global umbrella with social workers to micro-manage every level of our lives, how in England, and now in the US they want licenses for parents.  If you want to hug your child in public, youíll be arrested for pedophilia.  Major papers reporting toddlers who dislike spicy food are racist.  The police are called.  They feed a two, three-year-old hot curry.  If they say yuck, theyíre then put in a criminal database for life.  This is making all normal behavior criminal.  And itís meant to be insane.  Meant to sound crazy, to push all barriers, to end all barriers.  But, letís quickly, because I want to go to calls, Alan, and I love picking your brain here.  Just great talking to you.  Letís go back here and finish up with this love of death.  Selling us on Schwarzenegger loves art of dead babies.  You know, I talked about seeing PBS with Kevorkian with his art, demons eating babies.  And this runs through the elite.  When I was at a hotel where the Bilderberg group was meeting, the day before they got there, the paintings were of children, rich children with black circles around their eyes, that looked dead.  And it was like, this is like a joke out of a horror movie, like some crazy hotel would have, but see, thatís beautiful.  Dead children, and thatís basically what they were, dead children, dressed up with their eyes open on the walls.  And Iíve got video of this.  Thatís beautiful to them.  You know, pale skin, big black circles, the gums pulled back from around the teeth.  Basically pictures of dead little girls, thatís beautiful to them, isnít it, Alan?


Alan: It is.  And thatís when you really have to wonder what is in these people.  We use the term psychopath because itís the easiest way to describe them in todayís society.  We are living in a society today that is very, very confused.  People are trying to wake up, only to be misled by very well trained pied pipers, all over the globe.  But, you come back to this odd phenomenon of what is in these people?  Theyíre demonically possessed in some way.  Theyíre certainly, as I say, psychopathy simply gives you a scientific explanation of symptoms, which used to be called demonically possessed.  In other words, utterly evil.  And at least in days gone by, people could recognize what evil was.  Today, in an age of moral relativism, they think that anything goes.  Anything is okay.  Itís all different opinions, yours is as good as mine, etc.  So weíre living with all this open evil manifesting, as I say, with even dead corpses on display for art, to make money.  We see that the abortion industry is rampant across the planet.  Theyíre now making CBC movies with taxpayersí money on the man, Morgentaler, who started the abortion industry in Canada.  Heís now a hero.  Just like Kinsey was elevated to be a hero, a man with incredible sexual perversions himself.


Alex: He also murdered his son.† And brags about it.  Itís oh, he murdered his son.  How beautiful.  He starved him to death in a torture chamber.  Oh my God, itís so good. 


Alan: And Kinsey himself, who literally changed the sexual morality of men and women, because people read these books and thought, well, if geez, if these are normal men and women, Iím missing out somewhere, Iím not so promiscuous.  And so, it was to guide the society into hyper-promiscuity which again, they knew would help destroy family units.  You wouldnít need family units.  They would die.


Alex: Well, you wouldnít be satisfied either within, and then of course you find out really how unhappy you are.  Getting back to this whole culture of death, I mean, is there any way out of this, Alan?  I mean on the good side, how do you see things unfolding?  On the bad side, how do you see things unfolding? 


Alan: Those, Iíve always said this. Those who are not teenagers anymore, and who can still think, and who have done their homework and really gone into all of this and studied it well, weíre the last generation that can verbalize this to anyone.  The youth growing up have had more intense conditioning than any previous generation.  Theyíve had more shots, inoculations than anybody before them.  And theyíre kind of damaged.  And so itís up to those, we, who are conscious today, in society to do this battle.  Itís all up to us.  And I say that if we can regain, we can regain our natural humanity, and our humanitarian instincts, bring them back into play, because thatís whatís been under attack all these years.  That which makes us truly human, which is a survival mechanism for us all.  If we can bring that back, and stop being so selfish, the me generation, the egosyntonic, narcissistic generation, then we have a chance.  If we donít, if we go along with this me-first and youíre cut off from everyone else, weíll all go down together. 


Alex: And to be clear, I agree with you.  And letís get into whatís going to happen on the bad side if we canít, what the choice here is.  The different Roman historians wrote about it, pro and con.  And as the empire got more and more corrupt, fell apart more and more, got more and more abusive, they would have more and more games, until it wasnít just once a month, it was once a week.  Then it was five times a day.  And even though you might be thrown in with the lions next week, or your child might be, it didnít matter, because narcissistically, you could go sit in the bleachers next to the emperor, next to the Caesar, and you could see people being torn apart.  And itís a narcissistic power trip to see those dead Chinese dissidents on display and laugh at them, or to see human bodies dried on wires and giggle and snicker and ooh, itís, you know, itís fun to see fetuses in containers of urine and laugh at the little human, and laugh at, Iím alive, Iím doing good.  You know, so whatís happening again is they are glamorizing each individual being cornered and having our guts ripped out, so the system, so we donít have instincts to defend ourselves individually or others, so we think weíre saving ourselves by not caring about anybody.  The yuppies always had that attitude, and theyíll laugh at you.  Well, Iím doing fine, when really their own defence mechanism by not caring for others, well they donít care about you either.  Youíre now shields wide open.


Alan: Absolutely.  The only defence we have is to retain our natural humanity, and our natural, our natural abhorrence to see humanity debased and put into jars of urine.  At one time, you know, life was regarded as sacred.  And this has nothing to do, what Iím about to say, with the pro and against abortion, but I knew when abortion came along, the real intent was to debase society and to devalue human life, all human life.


Alex: And thatís what the entire Green Movement is about, and let me be clear here, listen to me environmentalists.  It is natural to care about your environment.  It is natural to want to have clean air and water, but the globalists are viciously, as fast as they can, destroying the human genome, the worldís genome, the true biosphere, toxic waste, radiation, super weapons everywhere.  And then they give you the fake system of, letís tax what animals put off, carbon dioxide, that is a life gas, total fraud, to train you that humans are bad.  And thatís what they teach.  They teach in all the public schools that thereís too many of us, we must die.  They have the kids play lifeboat and spaceship, and that thereís only enough room for five, six people on the life boat, four of us have to die, whoís going to die.  And then the captain decides who dies, i.e. government decides who dies.  I mean, this is so diabolical folks, what heís saying.  They are taking your, they are teaching you that your life force prime directive for the species is a bad thing, when it is the fulcrum of exploration and creativity and what humanity is.  It is a direct assault on the species life force, not just the individual, Alan Watt. 


Alan: Thatís correct.  And the example you gave there about the lifeboat, everyone who is chosen to die, is chosen to die in order of less importance to society, which is exactly what theyíre talking about for the future societies in their sustainable development campaigns, who is necessary to keep alive to serve society, and who is the useless eater. 


Alex: And it all starts with on your car, what bio credit it has, what score in footprint it has.  Weíre all being taught weíre on a ration now.


Alan: Yes, and so when we begin to accept that oh, yeah, I guess thereís just too many of us, weíre useless.  And the victim, you see this is about mocking the victim.  In this occult system, which is a religion at the top, which is also a science, they must get the victim to accept his own death.  Itís like George Orwell, at the end, after all the torturing, he comes to love Big Brother. 


Alex: He wants to be killed.  In fact, heís at the Chestnut Cafe, and heís hearing the B.S. media report about another fake war, when itís really a global government, and he just says, I love Big Brother.  He cries, just like the cops being nerve-gassed and bio-weaponed, the military being killed.  They love it.  Yes, kill me, kill me government, I love you.


Alan: And thatís the occult technique, where theyíre now bringing a society around, that already have accepted that life has no real value.  Thereís too many people, useless eaters.  Even people in the working class are bombarded with these Nature Shows and so on, and hear the same messages over and over.


Alex: Every show, humans are bad, get the humans, humans are bad.


Alan: Yes.  And so they are having their minds altered gradually that, yeah, I guess, you know, theyíll have to eventually start killing us off.  And so the victim agrees to his own execution. 


Alex: And by the way, Alan, as youíre saying, exactly.  Everyone you talk to, I mean, theyíre like, well of course we have to kill humans.  Of course we have to die.  Okay, they did create AIDS, but thereís too many of us.  And Iím like, hey, you little dumb yuppie bastard, theyíre putting cancer viruses in your vaccines, you idiot.  When youíre dying of cancer at twenty-five or thirty or forty, or your child is born deformed, it ainít funny, you got it.  Itís you theyíre killing.  Youíre not part of the elite.  I want to skip this break too with Alan Watt.  Weíll come right back with your calls.  Youíve got my word.


Alright, Alan.† This is on the internet and being made as a live webcast, so itís about a tenth of the audience, but itís also important because it gets magnified on the web, so weíll come back in four minutes and take calls.  But right now, Iíve been jumping in so much, itís always dynamic to talk to you, because weíre on the same page.  You know more, I know more, it integrates, and itís great we can finish each otherís sentences, because thatís social proof for folks that donít check what we say.  If they did, theyíd find out it was true.  You know, to the average dumbbell, Iím saying thatís what you are, some of you, to hear me finish your sentences and you finish mine, is proof to them, in some type of monkey speak.  And Iím doing that at a primitive level instinctively, but itís very effective to try to unlock them from the prison.  Weíre in a race to unlock you folks, or weíre all dead.  Do you understand?  Weíve got to race to wake you and others up.  We donít have time.  But I wanted you to put a plea out to them of what life will be like, if we donít reverse this.  Youíve got three minutes. 


Alan: We know from the meetings they had at Loyola University, World Science Meetings, funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, because weíre all owned as economic units.  And they brought top bio engineers over to do with the brain chip for instance.  And Newt Gingrich kicked that off.  He gave the first speech.  That seems to have been his area that heís in charge of, and the scientist from Tokyo have said that the brain chip is ready to be used.  All we have to do now is convince the public, through the writings of novels, through Science Fiction shows, etc, and the little releases in science magazines, to accept the brain chip and how positive it will be, he said, but once they have it, there will be no more individuality.  He said regional computers have been set up to control vast populations throughout the Western hemisphere.  And when itís switched on, it will be like the hive.  Not society as we know it.  He called it the hive.  And you will hear the whispers of many voices of those around you, communicating back and forth towards this computer.  And the computer sending messages back to those around you.  And so immediately when I heard that, I said, that is the Borg.  Thatís the Borg mentality.  But he stressed it will be impossible for anyone then to think of themselves or have the ability to think of themselves as a separate individual.  It will be virtually impossible to do.  Itís the end of individuality. 


Alex: Thatís what Richard N Haass said in the early 90ís Club of Rome Report, weíre going to use the fake environmentalism as one side of the pincer, how to teach them to hate themselves so the state can wage war against humanity.  Thatís a quote.  And the other side is staged terror.  And man with those two things, oh, run into our arms, run into the Stateís arms because the terrorists are going to get you, run into the Stateís arms because the Earthís dying, and then, right there is the enemy, just absolutely crushing us. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: Do you have hope?  Do you think weíre going to?  I mean, Iím seeing a lot of people wake up.  Do you think weíre going to be able to break out of this, or do you think itís going to be a pitched battle?  I mean, I donít see things going smoothly for the elite.  I do see them currently being able to carry this out though. 


Alan: They can carry it out, if they have enough time, if they can keep and maintain control of the internet.  You know thereís a lot of problems coming up shortly with internet 2.  And if they can silence those who are making all the noise, and who can put out the truth and verify it with the facts.


Alex: Yeah.  So what theyíre doing is putting a background out of infighters.  And you can always tell a government op, or their minions, or their repeaters. They mean well, but theyíre weak minded.  They will always attack, attack.   Notice Alan is never attacking other groups.  Iím never attacking other groups, saying Iím the best, heís the best, whatever.  Weíre just wake up, please, itís an emergency.  The others spend all their time attacking each other and others.  That is an enemy operation.  Do you agree, Alan?


Alan: Oh yes, yeah.


Alex: Weíll talk about that before you leave.  Weíre going back to the full transmission right now.


Alright, letís go to your phone calls, right now, ladies and gentlemen.  I had my list of callers right here in front of me.  Who is up first here, I guess, letís go to Lonnie in Ohio, first.  Lonnie and then Steve, Scott, Eliot and others.  Go ahead, youíre on the air, Lonnie, with Alan Watt.


Lonnie: Yeah, how are you doing today? 


Alex: Good. 


Lonnie: Yeah, I thought Russ Feingold was supposed to filibuster the Pfizer Bill.  He made all kind of promises on link TV about.  I mean, yeah, the conspiracy, I mean it runs so deep, and itís not even a conspiracy.  It runs so deep, what theyíre going to do, and what theyíre going to try to do pretty soon, and weíve got to deal with it in a different way man, I mean, is there some website where we could just list where these guys are at at all times.  Everybody would know whoís in Bilderberg, so we can just, instead of them being on us, weíll be on them. 


Alex: Well, hereís the deal.  Iím trying everything I can to make films, have websites, have guests on, we had the Secret Service here again on Monday.  Iím being followed, death-threated, and then people are always saying, can you do this, can you do that?  Hey, folks, I always get critiqued.  I tell you guys, go out and do it.  Listing where Bilderberg is, I mean this is a self-fulfilling operation.  They sit in the seats of power, but itís institutional.  It feeds itself.  Itís a self-replicating perpetual motion machine.  Alan, you want to explain that to him?


Alan: Yeah, it is.  There are people out there who have the time to do these kinds of things themselves.  Theyíre always looking for leaders, because the American culture, especially, through Hollywood creation, who gave the culture, always gives you the lone gunman, who rides into town, and sorts it all out for everyone else. 


Alex: And people always tell me, Alex, youíre not leading properly.  Iím not saying Iím your leader folks.  Iím just saying weíre under attack.  Go ahead.


Alan: People have to learn that each one of you out there is a leader.  And you have as much responsibility to do your bit as everyone else.  And you can do it.


Lonnie: Very true, but Iím saying with the individuals that you have that mike right now.  You have that power right now.† I know youíre trying to touch people.  And even with myself, Iíve been watching this go on, and...


Alex: But I donít think youíre computing sir.  You just keep saying, weíve got the power.  You can do it.  No, we canít.  I appreciate your call.  And Iím not mad at you, Iím just trying to explain to you sir, I am working as much as I can.  I am doing.  Iím getting a bigger office, trying to up our game.  The world is a big, complex place.  And every day Iím told, you need to do this, you need to do that.  Iím doing.  Look, folks, you want to do something, get End Game, get Terror Storm, get Truth Rising, make 5,000 copies.  I know there are wealthy people listening right now, you know, make 10,000 copies of my film.  Give them to everybody in your town.  Get Alan Wattís CDs, give them to people.  Tell them about this radio show, thatís how we had the effect.  I mean the good news is we had, oh, I guess, you know, 50-60% of people a few years ago supporting government.  Now itís less than 10%.  We are discrediting them.  But you canít expect us to do it all.† Alan?


Alan: Thatís true.  And people have to start, Iím not kidding, very quickly, saying No, to the obtrusions that are coming into their lives.  To the ridiculousness of this bend down and expose yourself at checkpoints and all the rest of it.  Weíve got to, as I say, regain our humanity, our self-respect.  Weíve got to take it back very quickly, because we adapt as a species, very, very easily and very quickly into the new systems.  We canít allow this to go on any longer, until the abnormal is now normal, and weíre completely dehumanized and lost.


Alex: Exactly.  Folks, the solution is you literally handing out pamphlets and films to everybody, once a week in your neighborhood.  The answer is, posters everywhere saying somethingís wrong, Americaís a police state.  The answer is banner hangings.  The answer is calling in to talk radio.  I mean, folks, I work 18 hours a day.  Lately I havenít been, Iíve cut back a bit, because I want to spend time with my family, Iím only working about ten a day, right now.  I mean, letís see you activate like an Alan Watt or an Alex Jones.  I mean letís see you spend five hours a day, instead of telling us what we need to do.  And Iím not mad at you, Iím just talking straight to you.  The solution is in the mirror folks.  The solution is in the mirror.  Letís go ahead and talk to Steve in Colorado, youíre on the air. 


Steve: Alan.  It sounds rather, Alex, like youíre pretty well maxed out already.  So, but anyway, you had mentioned about people not thinking about the media conditioning people not to think.  On the local radio affiliate here in Colorado, that carries Rush Limbaugh, Iíve heard Rush say, on one of the promos for his program, he says, you donít have to think, folks, you just have to listen.  And thatís a perfect example, right there of how they just want you to trust the radio talk show hosts.  But anyway, I had three questions.  First of all, you had mentioned a Wired Magazine article on the Marshall Plan, and I was wondering, do you know offhand what issue that is?


Alex: It was called the Marshall Plan.  Iíve given you the name of the article. 


Steve: And then the second one is, you had mentioned that Alvin Toffler was the mentor for Newt Gingrich. 


Alex: Alvin and Heidi Toffler, yes.  Whatís the other one?


Steve: Okay, then Alan, you had mentioned that nihilistic art was funded...


Alex: Stay there, stay there.  Weíre going to keep talking during the break.  Keep going.  Letís go back to him.  Keep going, there, Steve.  I mean, ask your third question.  Iíve got to let you go to answer all those. 


Steve: Yeah, the nihilistic art, Alan said was funded by the CIA.  Iím not doubting what youíre saying, Iím just wondering where did you, is that written down anywhere?


Alex: Let me tell you.  And then weíll get where he says it.  Thereís hundreds of places.  The Washington tech editor, seven, eight years ago on the show, said that the government was funding implantable chips, body modification, body mutilation, to get you ready for cybernetics.  Alan Watt?


Alan: Yeah, that is true.  And the barcodes too.  We saw pictures in airports even of guys with shaved heads and barcodes and all of that kind of stuff.  Thatís part of the nihilism as well.


Alex: Yeah, they have smartcard ads, with a hand on a big billboard, with clear plastic, with a chip in it, I mean, itís everywhere.  The conditioning is everywhere. 


Alan: And now theyíre putting out a series on the declassified information from the CIA and MI5 on this very topic, in the next few weeks.


Alex: Yeah, but sir, you had another thing about Newt Gingrich and Alvin and Heidi Toffler, and their series of books.  Gingrich writes about him in his books.  Iíve read two of his books, back when I had time to do such things a decade ago.  He also has talked about him in speeches. 


Steve: Oh, okay.  Well, thank you both very much for the work that you do. 


Alex: What was the other question?


Steve: Oh, I was asking about the Wired Magazine.  It was just the Wired Magazine where you had mentioned the Marshall, you had said that the title was the Marshall plan.  Okay very good, well, thanks again. 


Alex: Thank you, I really appreciate your call. At a certain point, Alan, weíre here documenting everything we say.  How many lies has government been caught in?  How many times have they been caught carrying out chemical, biological, lethal tests, killing citizens, killing troops, murdering people?  Theyíre illegitimate, theyíre bankrupt, theyíre criminal.  I mean at a certain point, you know itís kind of like police, when they catch some serial killer, and they dig up forty bodies, and they find out heís killed ten more.  They still just charge him for those forty and give him the death penalty for that.  I mean, at a point, itís kind of like, why are we even having to sell this to people.  I guess because theyíre mesmerized.


Alan: Theyíre mesmerized.  Theyíve been given a false reality, mainly through fiction and drama on television.  It was Jacques Ellul, who in the 1950s, who was one of the top sociologists, and he understood human nature very well, he worked for the big boys.  He said that people donít realize every cop drama, or movie, is pure propaganda.  Same with all military movies, they are pure propaganda.


Alex: Well, hereís one layer of that.  On cops, everybody is guilty.  They only show you the white trash scum, so the image of the public is scum, who are all criminals.  The image of the cops is guys who always get their man, and who are good.  There you go.  Weíre going back live, main transmission right now.  More calls, straight ahead, right now.


Continuing with your calls with Alan Watt.  Alan, I want you to, before you leave weíre going to plug his website, and Iíve got to get some of his books and videos.  Excellent stuff.  Alan, flush out how the sociologists and top propagandists admit, all the cop shows are brainwashing tools, and then I use the example of, on the show Cops, they only show you the white trash scum whoís guilty.  They always look like hell.  The cops are good guys, always get their man.  The image is, the public is white trash, degenerate scum, the police are gods and angels, and itís admitted, total propaganda to brainwash us.  Meanwhile the government ships in the narcotics, runs all the major black ops, but the public still is bombarded with that false image.


Alan: Yes, and Britain led this field of using fiction and drama to alter the perceptions of people to accept authority figures, and actually elevate them up into special positions, of being almost superhuman.  As though these cops and detectives in the dramas came from different wombs and they did it all out of altruistic intent.  And nothing is further from the truth.  Police comprise a paramilitary army within countries, whose job it is, is to serve their bosses by any and every means possible.  And they will obey any order they are given, this has been proven, time after time, when countries have been invaded in the past.


Alex: Best, exactly.  I want you to talk about that, but best example was the parish police chief of New Orleans.  His mother was calling him on the cell phone for five days and the nursing home flooded, begging for help, and even the police chief, ordered by the feds, even though he had jurisdiction, let his mother die.  I mean, he cried about it, but his god was the Feds.  The drug-dealing, child-kidnapping Feds.  His mother had to die. 


Alan: And police, I mean, law, this is another thing too.  Weíre trained through all these fictional dramas and movies, where they give you a human story.  We get hooked on the human drama.  We identify with the characters, and weíre being brainwashed all through the movie.  And we forget, as I say, that police will enforce any law that comes along the pike.  They will do it, and say theyíre just doing their job.  And if that means leading you to the wall to be shot, that will be so as well.  Thatís been proven time after time after time.  We should not be worshiping people who are there to serve society.  And thatís been forgotten.  All these institutions are supposed to be public servants. 


Alex: And these institutions, one crime they committed, that is declassified, of thousands in the same area, was radiating 4,300 and something, atomic energy commission, the federal government has all the documents.  I put links to it.  Itís covered in End Game.  What is the endgame.com.   Thereís a full bibliography, a great volunteer put together, where every claim we made is right there.  Imagine, I mean, the will, the steel will to take, 4,300 and something in one program, toddlers, from their parents and murder them.  And those army doctors murdered those children, one after the other, and then they were promoted, larger cadres, and thatís one program of thousands.  But oh, the government is good.  They wouldnít carry out 9/11, Alan, would they?


Alan: And thatís it.  The amazing thing with even 9/11 is the fact they needed the event to happen in 2001, because 2001 was one of their occultic years, and Arthur C Clarke put out his novel in the í60s about 2001 and gave us an occultic story that people think is about space, but it wasnít.  It was a Masonic story if you follow it.


Alex: Something beautiful is going to happen.


Alan: Something beautiful.  And thatís the term that they still use at the top, in their big speeches.  And of course we saw the daddy Bush praised.  He mentioned the coming New World Order on September 11th, 1990, and then he gave the following speech a year later, the same date, on coming into view.  And it would be a New World Order, under the rule of law.  Law was going to be the big stick to help bring it in.  And then, of course, we had Brzezinski and others talking about...


Alex: The rule of law, not the law of the jungle.  If weíre successful, and we will be.


Alan: And then you have the big players talking about a Pearl Harbor event being necessary to motivate the public behind them for a major war, and bingo, they get their wish.


Alex: Thatís what I wanted to ask you, Alan.  Why do you think, we know heís a CFR architect, wrote the Homeland Security plan, Gary Hart, would publish a letter saying, US government stages terror attacks?  Iran, you better do what we say.  Donít think because 80% of the public is against attacking you, we wonít.  We will stage events.  And then we went and interviewed him, itís in the film, We are Change did it, itís in the film, the new film I just released that just now came out.  Truth Rising folks, that needs to be gotten out to folks.  I mean, itís a solution.  People that are asking.  And he just says, yeah, our government stages terror attacks.  And thatís what I said.  I mean, now, theyíre almost just saying it out in the open now.  Why are they doing that? 


Alan: Because theyíre so arrogant.  Itís a psychopathic trait.  They live on ego.  Psychopaths live on ego.  And they do love to boast how they pulled off some real fast, huge con.  They love to boast.  Itís very hard for them to contain their cleverness to themselves.  They love to boast about how clever they are.  Now Gary Hart also is on tape, you probably have it, right after 9/11 saying, talking to the CFR, and he says, we can use this tragedy to our advantage, to what Bushís father talked about, and called the New World Order.  So they use misfortunes which they also create, but they also use other ones to fall into their path.  They use all great catastrophes to their advantage. 


Alex: And they all believe when they tell the truth they have to add a lie.  Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, all of them, always say, President Bush only said once, knowing it was 244 times on TV in those four years, Clinton, all of them say, and Bush has said, my father only said once in an article, see, they always add, why do they say, Bush Sr only said once, that weíre going to have a New World Order.  Why do they always just add a lie?


Alan: Well, number one, they are born liars.  That is a psychopathic trait as well.  Thatís why they go into politics.  And they lie so well without blushing.  They do things, even when their life scandals are exposed to the public they donít blush, because a psychopath is pure ego, he will defend his ego at all costs, and they do, very successfully.  Theyíre almost a separate species, you know, the psychopathic class, especially the inbred type who have been born into wealthy families, and theyíre spoiled on top.


Alex: The hyper psychopath.  You know, Iím beginning to call them the hell force.  I think thatís the best way.  The elite and their minions.  This throng of sickos, with their fancy propaganda arms projecting.  I mean, itís like a cloaking device.  They project happy clowns and friendly, but itís just buzz saws and death, right behind that hologram.   And theyíre just chewing us up.  And Iím going, good god, Iíve been behind the hologram.  Iíve seen it.  But now, theyíve even lowered the cloak, and now theyíre telling us buzz saws are love.


Alan: Yes.  And weíve got to remember too, when we were told, right after 9/11, when Rumsfeld came on, backed up by Cheney and others, and they said that this is a Hundred Years War.  Now that was a legal statement to the public.  And this means thereís a hundred years to go through the thirty years of riots which the department of defence admitted to.  At the end of this hundred years, they hope to have new civilization. 


Alex: Thatís right.  If fact, they believe in international and ancient law, and commercial Roman law, so they always post it, like in the newspaper.  Thatís why they had all those books and TV shows, where the government hijacks jets and flies them into the World Trade Center to attack Afghanistan and use drills as a cover.  And they tell you, and itís the same thing.  Weíre going to have a hundred year war.  And then they give awards to professors that say they want to kill everybody and then give the professor access to bioweapons labs.  And then they say, Iíve had elitists, you know at the capitol, and other events where Iíve bumped into them, come up and say, Alex, they donít want your help, weíre going to kill them.  You know, basically, they donít want your help.  Thereís nothing they can do.  Donít you understand they donít want your help.  You know, thatís who they are.  And itís just so sick. 


Alan: And at the end of this, they hope to have their Transhumanist Society.  And theyíll have brought forth during this hundred years this new Transgender, Transhumanist creature that will serve them better and will give them no trouble, it wonít need entertainment, it wonít need to be rewarded for what it does.  It will be an easily programmed being, right out of Huxleyís Brave New World.  This is the plan.  The war isnít just about the Middle East.  The war is on the cultures of every country on the planet, to alter them all, and to get us to accept our own demise as the Old Man, the Old Yesterdayís Man.


Alex: And as bad and corrupt as the Muslim nations, Iím not defending them, they are angel-cakes, compared.  And so when Iran says, Great Satan, they are actively and correctly assessing what runs the West. 


Alan: Itís interesting that when they go to Mecca, they used to do two trips, one to the Kaaba Stone, and after that they all went to, up until two years ago, by the way, in Saudi Arabia, they then picked up stones and they stoned an Egyptian Obelisk that was called the Great Satan.  And that was only removed two years ago under the pretext that some of the stones were bouncing back and hurting people.  But from ancient times, that symbol, which is high Freemasonry, and thatís Washingtonís monument as well, was understood by the Muslims to represent the Satanic system.


Alex: But now theyíre not allowed to throw rocks at it.  They must love it. 


Alan: Thatís right. 


Alex: How dare you not worship.


Alan: That always stood at all ages, for totalitarianism, for an elitist system, and for a fraternity, a brotherhood who run the world.  And they understood that in those countries.


Alex: Absolutely.  Itís a big block, the all-seeing eye, crushing the little person, who is beneath it.  Letís go back to the calls here.  Letís talk to Scott in Arizona, then Elliot, Pete, Tea, and Collin.  Go ahead, I want to get to everybody.  Scott, youíre on the air with Alan Watt.


Scott: Hey, Alex and Alan, my question is more directed towards like, the elitists, of course they donít control Alexís show.  We get the true story on everything thatís happening out there.  But youíve got two media outlets outside on the mainstream, which is CNN and Fox News.  And youíve got two guys in those media outlets that belonged to CNN.  That would be Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs, who are the only ones in those media outlets who are talking about anything to do with like the North American Union, and stuff. Even Alex put Lou Dobbs in his film.


Alex: Yeah, but Dobbs, Dobbs, let me just say something.  Dobbs had his own contract, and heís still is for the war on drugs and a few other bad things, but heís a pretty good guy.  Please donít put him in the same grouping as Glen Beck.  Glen Beck will say we have to fight the New World Order, that means, you know, submitting to World Government.  I mean, Beck is really a monster, but go ahead.


Scott: Okay, weíll put Glen Beck aside.  But I just donít understand.  The elites control of both of those media outlets, and actually Fox News talks, and they donít have anybody like that.  But CNN does have those two guys.


Alex: They have to have the illusion, they have to have the illusion that they are fair and balanced.  You want to take that, Alan?


Alan: Yes.  You see, everything is fake in the world thatís presented to the public, because we think in the dialectic.  They always give you two sides of a story, and youíll pick one, and that will become your opinion.  I think it was Professor Anthony Hutton, when he was talking about these agencies and societies, he said, the guys from the same club, the same fraternity, will be on opposite stations and appear to oppose each other.  This is standard technique.  The average Joe will never think himself beyond that.  They appear to oppose each other.  And this is just a Punch and Judy show, to give you this or that opinion.


Alex: But the key is, itís always watered down.  You know, theyíll never tell you, get involved, take action, educate others.  Theyíll never give you the larger forms of the New World Order.  Theyíll just, ďwhy is the President opening our borders?  He sure is dumb.Ē


Alan: Yeah, yeah, exactly.  Itís to keep you stuck in the daily present, rather than go into the future. 


Alex: Lou Dobbs wonít tell you, exactly Lou Dobbs wonít tell you that Bush is a puppet.   Heíll still play into that control paradigm.  Thank you, Scott.  Elliot, in Ohio, go ahead, got to move quick here.


Elliot: Yeah, can you hear me?


Alex: Come on Elliot.  Yeah, go ahead.


Elliot: Alright, Iíve got a question for you.  Who is the biochemist that unleashed anthrax into the States?


Alex: Oh, Iíve got his name.  Heís an Israeli.  Heís the main suspect.  He broke back into the lab, even when he didnít have his authorization.  Weíre actually making a, Iíve got his name on the tip of my tongue.  Hey, Bermas, come in here.  You should know.  Somebody will call in in just a moment.  You know, they tried to blame Hatfield.  He was just found, you know, basically not guilty, just won five-plus million dollars.  And hey, what was the name of the Israeli national who was at the bioweapons lab there at Fort Dietrich, and even after he was fired he was back in the control area?


Jason Bermas: Iím not quite sure.  Iím not quite sure, Alex.


Alex: This is a memory thing, and see, weíre down to the end of the show.  If I googled it, I donít have a perfect memory.  Letís ask Alan Watt.  I appreciate your call sir.  Alan, can you remember who that is?


Alan: No, itís escaped my mind. 


Alex: Oh, Iíll just look for it right now.


Jason: Well, I can say this, Alex.  Jonathan Pollard was convicted of being a mole inside the US intelligence agencies, and since then, two other people have been arrested in conjunction with that.  The latest one about three months ago, and another arrest was made in 2004.  The 2004 arrest may have something to do with that, but Iím not quite sure. 


Alex: No, I mean, his name is everywhere.  In fact, I think I know, but I donít want to say the wrong name.  Let me see, Iím going to type, Israeli anthrax scientist.  That should find it.  Iím just spoon-feeding all of this.  Itís so easy to find all this stuff folks.  The hidden anthrax letter suspect.  Oh, no, thatís, Iíll find it right here.  What really happens, got an area, weíve written articles about it.  My memory is not, Iím not an encyclopedia folks.  Alan, anything you want to add to that?


Alan: You always find this though.  Things come out of the bag after.  You see, the main intent is to get the whole New World Order totalitarian system under way.  They donít really care if it begins to unwind and it gets exposed, once itís out, you know, once itís underway and weíve already adapted to checkpoints and ID cards.  They donít care if the truth starts to come out then.  Thatís why you canít let it get any further than it already is.  Weíve got to start taking it back, taking our rights and freedoms back, before weíre in the worst hellish totalitarian system ever seen on this planet. 


Alex: And the gird is almost in place right now.  The grid is almost in place. 


Alan: And you see, we cannot allow ourselves.  One generation is growing up right now, since 2001, who have never known of a world where terrorism wasnít dominating it and men in uniforms boss them around.


Alex: Thatís right, to keep you safe from the shadowy thing, that probably was funded by the government.  Weíve got his name.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Okay?  Google that folks.  Weíve done whole shows on it.  Dr. Philip Zack, and that was on the tip of my tongue.  There you have it, thank you Bermas, thank you Aaron.  Okay folks.  And if you donít know the name of something, just type, Israeli agent, anthrax.  You know.  Iím not mad that you called in and asked, itís just, itís on google.  Please find it for yourself.  And Iím not mad at people asking.  I want them to ask.  But have you ever noticed that everybody wants to be spoon fed?


Alan: I know.  I know.  I get so much mail in here.  And I donít have time to even point them in the right direction.  They have more time to do it than I do.


Alex: Yeah, I mean, you can better believe that if Iím saying something, itís accurate.  Itís out there.  It can be documented, you know 98% of the time.  Iím wrong about 2% of the time.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Dr. Philip Zack.  Weíre going to keep talking during the break.  Iím going to keep taking calls, because weíve got to let Alan go here in just a moment.  Got to have him back up.  Itís always stimulating, always informative.  His website, ladies and gentlemen, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Check it out, get some of the books and dvds there.  Weíll be right back with the final segment with Alan, for prisonplanet.tv viewers and infowars.com stream listeners.  Weíre going to keep talking right now.  Go to those streams.


Okay, Alan, letís go to those few final calls here, because Iíve got a few things Iíve got to plug at the end, so Iíve got to let you go in a moment.  I want to thank you for coming on though, with us.  Pete in New York.  Fast as you can, brother.  Go ahead.


Pete: Yeah, Alex.  I just wanted to let you know, that today at twelve noon, eastern time, I was down at Foleyís Square, downtown Manhattan, with former Senator Mike Gravel, 9/11 family member Bob Macelven, actress Kristine Ebersall, Wayne Madsten, John Field, and a few others in the movement, gathered for a press conference to rally support for the New York City 9/11 ballot initiative.  There was no media coverage whatsoever, Alex.  A complete blackout.  And no mass media reporters were present.


Alex: Yeah, thatís right, youíre trying to, tell folks what the ballot initiative is.


Pete: Well, the ballot initiative is to get, weíve got about 20,000 signatures so far to get New Yorkers registered to vote, so in the coming election, we can have a, we can choose to have a reinvestigation of the 9/11 Tragedy.  84 million Americans according to CBS in the New York Times poll, agree that there needs to be a reinvestigation of what happened. 


Alex: I hear you.  Thatís a sophisticated problem.  If they ever tried to actually investigate that, all the men visiting hookers would suddenly be exposed.  The electioneering in most areas is under electronic voting machine fraud system.  Iím not saying that what 9/11 Truth and those local folks in New York are doing is bad, itís just Iíve seen years of their energy put into that, and that only, instead of just, you know, giving somebody a Terrorstorm or an End Game or a Truth Rising will wake them up.  And I say, grassroots.  Just inform, discredit the system, instead of spending 90% of our energy begging the establishment to listen to us and to investigate itself.  What do you say to that, Alan Watt?


Alan: I agree, much more has to be done along those lines.  And itís an uphill battle, because you have so many powers arraigned against you, who donít want this information out.  As you say, you can have a fantastic meeting, bring great guests along and so on, and the major media doesnít even show up.


Alex: So the answer is, grow the alternative media, defend the internet, theyíre trying to shut down through internet 2, taxation, the end of net neutrality.  We are overtaking them.  We are already bigger than them in the aggregate.  Theyíre in a panic mode.  Weíve got to defend the web and use it like itís not going to be there in a year.  Do you agree, Alan Watt?


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely.  Because it might not be there if we do get their way.  Weíve seen what internet 2 is.  And they plan to bring on the big companies.  Once again, they get first dibs at it.  And then they want to make you pay for every site that you look into, and do away with all the smaller sites. 


Alex: Yeah, that will shut down the viral spread of our info, completely.  Letís talk to Tea in Canada.  Quickly Tea.  Well, weíre coming back out of break for the full audience.  Letís go to Tea here in just a few seconds.  Infowars.com and again, prisonplanet.com are the websites.  Here we go.


And theyíre going down like the dinosaur.  They used to grow corn in Kansas, now they grow it on the moon and eat it raw.  Your home garden is already against the law in a lot of places. 


Alright, letís take two final calls.  Got to let Alan Watt go here in a moment.  Man, I really hate weíre ending the show.  I love having him on.  Heís great to come on with us.  Tea, in Canada, quickly, youíre on with your fellow Canadian, Alan Watt.  Go ahead.


Tea: Thank you, Alex.  Thank you, Alan.  I wanted to know if you guys, like apparently, in the US they didnít show that public apology that the Canadian government made for the genocide committed in the residential schools.


Alex: Yeah, thatís right.  They take the Indians and murder them.  They, just in a four year period in the early 70s, they sterilized 42% of the native women forcibly.  This is a murdering, psycho government.  Alan.


Alan: Yeah.  It was amazing.  There was one ex-Anglican priest, who was defrocked from the Church, who stood up for this, and listened to the stories of the Indians whoíd been buggered by all these holy Anglican priests.


Alex: Whatís his name?  I want to get him on.  I keep forgetting.


Alan: I have his name here.  I can get in touch with him for you.


Alex: Yeah, folks keep saying, I need to get him on.  Iíll set him up, thanks.


Alan: And literally, you donít touch the Anglican Church, because the Queen is at the head of it.  You can attack all the other ones.  And these children went through absolute hell.  And this genocide was put upon them, this ongoing genocide to destroy them and their culture.  And theyíre now digging bodies up of children.


Alex: Exactly.  Meanwhile itís all, liberal.  Oh, donít say you donít like hot food.  Thatís racist.  Oh, donít be racist.  Meanwhile, theyíre killing them as fast as they can.  See, thatís the perfect cover. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: God help us.  Thank you so much Tea.  Weíre moving fast here, because itís just an unbelievable.  Alan, we need to have you back on to talk about that.  Collin in Canada.  Youíve got 45 seconds.  Hit us hard. 


Collin: Hi, hello.  This is Collin in Canada.  Good to talk to you Alex and Alan.  Thanks Alex, for introducing me to Alan Watt.  I listen to both of you guys every day.  I just wanted to say that, I knew about this a long time ago, because I went to school with a total psychopath, who murdered his best friendís family.  And we used to have arguments all the time about philosophy, about philosophy, about Plato and all the philosophers, and then this guy went on, and he even acted in a play, a play about Rope, the Alfred Hitchcock play about the psychological pursuit of murder.  And he went on to do it a year later, and now heís in jail.  And his sister is trying to get him out.  People should check it out.  Heís in jail in Seattle.  Heís was a Canadian who went there.  Have you ever heard about it?


Alex: Very interesting.  Weíre out of time.  Call me back later with that.  Yep, the love of death.  Well, Alan Watt, itís been great.  cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thanks for coming on with us.


Alan: Itís been a pleasure, Alex.


Alex: Weíll have him back soon.  Thank you, Alan.




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