June 9th, 2008
Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show


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Alex Jones: Okay, let’s go ahead and go to Alan Watt for the rest of this hour, into the next hour, because I wanted to get him on about all the things that are happening, the Bilderberg group, the global elite, and I wanted to talk to him about what he thinks is on their agenda in the near future.  Alan Watt of course is a researcher into all their occultic activities, their Masonic, Babylon, mystery religion system.  And Alan, it’s good to have you back on with us. 


Alan Watt: It’s a pleasure to be here. 


Alex: What do you think about the successful coverage of Bilderberg group this year, and the fact that my wife is getting threats, I’m getting threats now, threats of raping her, threats of people calling up saying they’re women and I’ve gotten them pregnant.  That means we must have really upset the Bilderberg boys. 


Alan: Well, defamation is the first thing that they’ve always done on a target and that was the standard techniques they used on all sides during the Cold War, and they still use it yet.  That’s the easiest way to discredit people, is to try and smear them or set them up.  And so, I’m not surprised at all, because we are in a time, it’s all coming down now.  This is a lot of planning for hundreds of years coming to a close now, as we transform from one era and age and way of living into a new, preplanned way of living.  And the people are not going to like this new system.  And the big boys have planned to handle the strife, the 30 years of riots they see coming, and they’ve been building up massive police and military to deal with this for years, under the guise of drugs and so on, the War on Drugs.  So, we’re coming to a stage where we’re going into a controlled society.  They want all of the same features you have in a war, an actual war, such as rationing for food, gasoline, and everything else, because that’s the only time, and Carroll Quigley put this quite plainly.  He said we can get more done in five years of war, where the people do what they’re told, they’re all obedient, than we can in 50 years of peace with propaganda; so a wartime scenario is what we’re going through. 


Alex: Well, Alan, you’re right.  And they’re not invincible.  I want you to talk about what this rationing scenario, what this global carbon tax is going to look like.  But let me just tell you, this just broke today, we have sources inside Bilderberg, this has been double, triple confirmed, they’re very upset about it.  They’re not invincible, and that is that they are fighting about whether they want to attack Iran or not, believing it’s waking the people up too fast.  They believe they’ve started the rationing too quickly.  They’re arguing that they’re enslaving us too fast, that it’s going to form too much of a resistance, but they all agree they’ve got to get the implantable microchip in us, which they’ve now done to a lot of the troops, to track every purchase, every sale we make, to fully track everywhere we go for their safety.  Because they’re upset that they don’t have the grid in place yet.  They believe that the riots and things might get too bad as they’re dehumanizing us and exterminating us and euthanizing us, and that they don’t believe their surveillance grid is fully in place yet.


Alan: Yeah, even though they’ve been tracking most people, who are already cashless.  They don’t use money anymore.  They don’t use cash, they use credit cards and so on, and debit cards, and they’ve been tracking them since they first gave those cards to the people.  So you’re quite right.  Everyone you see, in a totally controlled society, every single person must be completely predictable, and that’s where they haven’t got it quite up to scratch yet, without a chip, and so they’re very, very edgy, and believe you me, they’ll do anything.  And they always have plan A, B, C, and D on the go at the same time, because they can afford to hire as many think tanks as they wish to work on every aspect of society.  So, we’re in for a rough time, regardless of which way they go.  And these boys will not give up because we ask them nicely.  I can guarantee you that. 


Alex: Alan, the Texas Governor’s Mansion got burned down.  It is 25 to 30 yards space around a huge spike topped wrought iron fence.  There are state police and DPS intelligence, all over the grounds, and they’re now claiming that somebody burned it down, and that "terrorists" are involved and the "Feds" are there investigating.  Austin is a major capital of resistance to the tyranny.  This stinks to high heaven.  What do you say?


Alan: Well, there’s no doubt.  There’s no doubt at all.  But the first thing I’d do is check in to see if this particular person needed some insurance money, before they start blaming everyone else for it, because that’s generally what happens.  But you’re quite right.  They must start this internal terrorist scenario to get us thinking there’s terrorists all amongst us and to justify their actions.  And you’re quite right, Texas is a big player in this.  They have to start bringing it down.


Alex: And by the way, that came up from two separate sources, one that works for Bilderberg, another source that they said, we’ve got to start the white Al Qaeda movement now.  We’ve got to say that Al Qaeda is "red haired and blue eyed, blonde haired and blue eyed."  That everybody is Al Qaeda.  We’ve got to start this now to get the chip and tell the people that there’s now domestic terrorism.  So, I would look in the next year for more Oklahoma cities.  This is a major indicator, because they are the top of the pyramid at Bilderberg.  This is them.  Remember, we can predict wars, predict gas prices off what they say, that now they’re getting ready to move into domestic terrorism to blame it on the mainline population.  They built up the homeland security apparatus.  Now they’re going to phase out Al Qaeda and claim it’s domestic groups.


Alan: Yeah, they had to do that, because it was nothing to do with Al Qaeda, as we know.  It was a strategy.  They’d even printed what they wanted to do fifty years, eighty years ago in major think tanks.  And even Joe Average, that knows very little apart from what’s on television, is now getting kind of spooked with everything that’s happening.  And he realizes he is the target, so now they must justify it.  And I read that article where they say, yes, now Al Qaeda has more Westernized recruits with Western features, etc.  Because, you know, I get people visiting from the States quite often, and they get hassled at the border there regardless of what they look like.  They don’t look like Arabs, that’s for sure.  And this is to do with the average person, getting them trained to be subservient and obedient.  Bend over when they’re told to do it, and hop and jump and do what they’re told.


Alex: Alan, I was in DC, for the last five, six days, from Tuesday to Sunday.  We went a couple days into DC to get shots of the city for the film about Bilderberg, how it was in DC, or on the edge of it.  It wasn’t just us.  The police and security guards were everywhere.  People just walking around with their families, with ice cream cones, they would yell at them, boss them around, treat them like slaves.  On Southwest airlines last night, we’re all just sitting there, people are just talking, and the woman starts screaming everyone shut up, shut up, shut up, I want to tell you that the flight’s delayed.  Then an hour before the plane landed, she commanded the first boarding group, which was half the plane, the A group, to line up, and then when people didn’t, she said, I told you to line up.  I mean, this is just, they’ve given the orders to everybody, just to get us ready. 


Alan: Yes, yes they have.  And it’s training.  It’s constant training.  See, most people are frequent travelers on aircraft.  Therefore they’re the first ones to be trained, and bending over, as I say, when they’re told to and jump and skip when they’re told to.  So, everyone is being trained.  And now, they’re going into city-to-city travel, where they’re going to start setting up roadblocks, etc, for practicing mind you, and for terrorist training, supposedly.  I see there’s a big exercise in Indianapolis coming up, 2300 marines.  And they’re going to do road checks and all the rest of it, fire off their weapons according to the disclosure.


Alex: Yeah, it said they’re going to be stopping real cars, real people, and searching them.


Alan: And asking them where you’re going.  And it’s the same questions they’re asking at the border.  Where are you going?  I’m going to the next state.  Who are you going to see?  Who are you visiting?  How long will you stay?  Are you sure that’s where you’re really going?  And they’re also, this is the odd part about it, it says, they’re also going to use or get practice in using non-lethal weaponry.  Well, how can you practice using non-lethal weaponry? 


Alex: Alan, please continue breaking this down.  Break down this training.


Alan: Yeah, the training is amazing.  I mean, we’ve all been trained, mainly through television, that helps too.  There’s a whole series of television dramas on now on the border.  The Border, even Canada put big money into making one series, and that’s government money backing it, about all terrorism is everywhere, it’s all amongst you.  So that first basically gets everyone into that mode of my God, they’re actually out there.  Because we’re trained mainly through fiction, and then you get the major media backing it up, with its propaganda and then they start to see real troops on the streets.  And so, this all works together to condition us into a complete war mode.  And in a war mode, once it starts, if we don’t hang on to how it used to be, then we’re completely lost.  We’re now flowing along...


Alex: That’s it.  We are going into bondage, prepare yourselves.  That goes for you police too.  This is going to destroy your family’s future, beware.  We’ll be right back with Alan Watt.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt, researcher, brave fighter of the New World Order.  Continue with what this future is going to look like.  The Bilderberg group is saying they’ve got to get these microchips in us.  And again, the people even yelling and screaming, and the police treating us all like slaves.  They’ve been ordered to do this.  They don’t understand what they’re doing, via the compartmentalization. 


Alan: There’s nothing that can be done to the general public without the compliance of the public, and the compliance of the recruits they use and they get from the public.  This is the odd thing about it.  We help them fulfill their plans, every stage of it.  We help them.  We supply the troops, the cops and so on.  We supply the tax money to train them and make them paranoid.  We supply them for the weaponry.  We supply the money for the think tanks to be paid that puts us in bondage.  And we don’t realize that we can stop accepting this.  We can stop accepting this and their whole plan falls apart without our help.


Alex: Well, I mean, here’s an example.  How many Americans know that in mainline NASA history that L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley and the founder of JPL, that it was all founded by occultists, and that they brought the Nazis over.  That’s mainline history.  How many of them know that that was set up by the Department of Defense as a separate adjunct, only answerable to the President.  And over 90% of their operations are military.  That’s just one example.  We have this giant shadow government, run by occultists, that do whatever they want, and they’re turning the world into hell.  Can you speak to that?


Alan: And they’re long-term planners.  That’s what the public must understand.  They plan in centuries, and they had this part, what we’re going through right now, they had this planned a long time ago.  And we know that the Ford and Carnegie Foundations and so on, under the Reece Commission, admitted their job was to help blend the Soviet system with the American system, so we’re going through this phase.  And they understood the shake-ups that would occur, but this is only part of it, because, you’ve seen yourself at this Bilderberger meeting, they brought in some of the Transhumanists, the top Transhumanist society members.  And Transhumanism is to do with genetically modifying humanity or select people from humanity, for a new species to come, which will then dominate as we, the old species, dies off.  And this is all coming together.  This is long-term planning.  And they hope to bring in this new species of perfect slaves around in about thirty years...


Alex: And they will get the life extension themselves, and that’s admitted.  That’s why they want to carry out the eugenics.  The eugenicists in the 1950s founded Transhumanism. 


Alan: And these characters literally, as I say, since 1890, were taking the first census across the Western World, to do with your hereditary affiliations and so on, and taking records for this, all to do with what was coming up today, for those who would be allowed to live and those who will die, who must die, they say.  They will not bring through what they call the "useless eaters" into the new system.  And in thirty years time, through all this chaos, thirty years of chaos, supposedly, that they have planned, and they’ve admitted to, from the Department of Defence in Britain, in thirty years time, they will bring in this new species, if we allow it, and go along with it.


Alex: Well, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll produce a patsy for this fire at the mansion.  They’re saying it’s arson.  They’ll use this as a pretext to set up a police state, here in central Texas.  We’ve always had Texas as a major target.  A total stunt.  You try to walk up to the gates of that thing and they will arrest you.  Now they’re going to put armored concrete all around it, like the White House, start the harassment in downtown Austin.  It’s because they’re tired of being bullhorned down there that they’ve burned down their own mansion.  Shame on them.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: They announced a month ago in a review that the new mission of the state police in Texas, the second largest state police in the country, would be fighting terrorists.  They said terrorists are everywhere.  There is new white Al Qaeda everywhere.  Everyone must be watched.  The state police must be federalized.  Then, magically, they claim that someone scaled iron gates, with security personnel everywhere.  You walk up near it at night, they all pop out of the bushes, literally this has happened to us and we’re just there to shoot video of it or bullhorn them, and was able to then set a fire up against the door, and then fire trucks took a long time to arrive.  Oh, they couldn’t get hooked up to water, and oh, it was allowed to burn.  And now they’re saying, see, we’re going to fight terrorists now.  And this is so obvious.  Alan, when you know how they operate, it is so obvious.  I predict they’re going to grab some mentally ill person, who will confess to it.  Alan, what do you say?


Alan: They could do that, or they do have lots of patsies.  There’s a lot of mind control out there.  I don’t know if the public know this, but MI6 for instance in Britain had authorized psychiatrists as far back as the ’50s to do experiments on people, privately, that would visit the clinics, or else the doctor’s consulting room, or in hospitals.


Alex: That’s right.  You go in thinking you’re seeing a shrink and it’s a government operative.  That’s admitted. 


Alan: That’s right.  Now, we know the same thing happened in Britain with Hamilton, the man who ended up going to a school and shooting a bunch of children.  He was seeing a psychiatrist, a psychiatrist who had worked with the British government and worked with special air service.  And we know that the police never gave a license over there, if you had anything on your record, and this man, Hamilton was a known pedophile and so on.  The police visited him.


Alex: That’s right, he was tied in with the Masons. 


Alan: Yes.  Then it was a British Lord who when his license was turned down, a British Lord intervened and told them to grant permission for him to have a handgun license.


Alex: That way they could then totally ban guns, which they did.  Look, there’s no doubt here.  This is a Reichstag Fire.  They have firebombed the Reichstag.  We said for years it was the government.  Now it’s been declassified just six months ago, five months ago admitting that Marinus van der Lubbe, the mentally-ill person they threw out naked on the side of the street didn’t do it.  Herman Göring did it, and Hitler used oh, look, they’ve burned down the capitol building.  This is a Reichstag.  This is really bad.  I knew they were going to do this.


Alan: They might.  The danger here is they might find someone or already have been working on someone who will say he belongs to a Patriot group and this is his revenge, and that’ll start the ball rolling.  This is what they want. 


Alex: Well, I tell you.  I feel great earnest in my spirit, in my soul, in my heart.  I mean, we’re up there.  Bilderberg is calling up threatening me, harassing me, doing all this stuff.  I’m flying back.  They’ve burnt down the Governor’s Mansion.  Our movement gets bigger and bigger here.  And look, terrorists, you’re not getting away with it.  I mean, just bottom line.  This is so asinine that someone could climb those spiked fences and go burn it down.  And they’re saying, oh, well, "there was somebody here to potentially set the fire."  He declined to give more specifics.  State Fire Marshall Paul Baldebono said early evidence, including interviews with security personnel, bystanders, and some downtown residents indicated there was somebody here to potentially set the fire.  So somebody supposedly.


Alan: They’ll have cameras.  They’ll have cameras all over that place, you know.


Alex: These people never end, man.  We know they bombed the little bomb at the military recruiting center.  And then now they’ve got people out with signs on the street saying, we did it, 9/11 Truth.  Saying a group that I’ve you know basically energized, We are Change, with Luke Radowski saying; I mean, it’s getting obvious, Alan.


Alan: It’s obvious, but mind you too, they have put out statements already that the Pentagon set up a panel to go over all talk show hosts.  This is in the paper.  And to go over all your previous talks to see if you’ve ever said anything that could incite riots.  And this was in mainstream newspapers in Canada here.


Alex: That’s right, and then they are going to come arrest you on the pickup list, which they now admit.  Well, good luck.  Good luck to them, you murdering bastards.  You’re not going to get away with it. 


Alan: This is their technique.  And they must find someone or produce someone or create someone who will take responsibility for this fire, and say, yeah I belong to a Patriot group, and I listen to these shows. 


Alex: It is absolutely amazing.  Alan Watt, stay there.  Folks this isn’t a game, it isn’t a joke, DPS, some in it were resisting, saying making their main mission fighting terror, that means pulling you over, running checkpoints, searching you, spying on you, following you and staging more terror attacks.  They’re going to turn the military cadres loose on us here like it’s Baghdad.  We’ll be right back.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: The feds shut things down "for the safety of the Governor’s Mansion" and then called in their people, keeping the state folks out of it.  This thing just follows every other action they’ve done in the past.  Alan, I know I’m focusing a lot in on this, on them burning down much of the Governor’s Mansion.  They’re admitting, I’m reading more articles that there was "people in the building" that they let in, and that someone that they let in they think set the fire.  I mean, how obvious.  They always open the door.  They always protect whoever supposedly they blame.  I mean it’s always the same, Alan. 


Alan: You probably couldn’t move anywhere in that mansion without being on video camera and having it recorded.  So they know who did what.  And....


Alex: It’s filled, it’s filled with million and two million dollar famous paintings.  I mean, it’s just filled, filled.  They’re not going to let those workers in there.  They admit it was all under surveillance. 


Alan: Of course.  And here they are going out, asking the public if they saw anything.  This is a joke.


Alex: Yeah, go out and ask the public, did you see anything, when the whole thing has got at least a hundred cameras on it.


Alan: Yes, exactly. 


Alex: What do you think we ought to do, Alan, about this?


Alan: I think I’d watch it awful closely and get right in there when they start to hint at who they think may have been behind it, which of course will be the Patriot community. 


Alex: So, you’re predicting they’re going to claim that the anti-New World Order crowd did this. 


Alan: No doubt.  In fact, anything that happens today will get blamed on them.  In fact, even if it was a real accident, it would be awfully handy.  They wouldn’t miss the opportunity.  They’ve got to.  You see, it’s the general public, it’s not the listeners to these shows that they’ve got to convince.  It’s the general public.  They’ve got to convince Joe Average that we’re under tremendous attack, and people all around you, terrorists are all around you.  They’re everywhere.  And they must get this mode going, this mode of thinking going. 


Alex: Well, Jim Tucker said, that was one of the main things being discussed inside Bilderberg was how, again, to say that blonde-haired, blue-eyed Al Qaeda is everywhere.  And then magically this happens, while the Bilderberg group is meeting at 2am, Sunday morning.


Alan: Yes.  And as I say, when you read the Department of Defence’s documents, it’s on my site, there’s 90 pages there.  They have a prediction for the next thirty years of riots.  Now that means that Joe Average, every ethnic group is part of the terrorist problem, according to the bigwigs.  So every group.  It doesn’t matter what you belong to or think you belong to.  You’re already targeted as a terrorist.  You’re post-industrial, you’re post-technological.  You don’t have a function anymore.  You’re a useless eater, in a service economy, that’s now being, they’re pulling the plug on, and therefore they want to start eradicating us.  And to do so, they’ve got to create a new system of terror and fear and obedience as we go down the drain quietly. 


Alex: It’s getting more and more serious by the millisecond.  Pray for this show.  Pray for everybody that’s fighting it.  Pray for Alan Watt.  All of us have to spread the word, ten times harder, now, as fast as we can, to expose what these people are doing.  Alan, fire out your website. 


Alan: It’s cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And, as I say, I’ve got lots of documentation on there.  I go through the history of this, and try to show the big picture.  We’ve got to understand the big, big picture, and the long-term planning.  That’s the hardest thing for the average person to understand.  These characters work intergenerationally. 


Alex: Long term, compartmentalized system.


Alan: Yes and again, Quigley mentioned this.  He said an institute or a foundation that’s set up, can go two hundred years working on the same agenda and hiring and retiring, and hiring and retiring, and then complete that agenda.  That’s how easy it is to do with the money and the mandate.


Alex: Okay, I want to play a short little report here.  This is from the Associated Press today, saying about the arson suspect in the fire down at the Mansion.  We’ll go ahead and roll that for people now. 


Arson is suspected in a fire that swept through the historic Texas Governor’s Mansion.  No one was hurt, but the blaze left much of the 152-year-old home severely damaged.  The roof buckled in.  Parts of the mansion’s columns and front wall were charred, and some of the elaborate decorations inside were completely destroyed and cannot be replaced.  About 100 firefighters responded, when an alarm went off around 2 o’clock, Sunday morning.  More than 6 hours later, small hot spots were still burning.  Investigators are reviewing security camera footage, and talking to people who were in the area when the fire started.  Texas Governor Rick Perry and his wife were out of town at the time, and authorities say there is no evidence they were being targeted.  Perry and his wife moved out of the Mansion last fall, so it could undergo a multi-million-dollar renovation.  There’s no immediate financial estimate of the damage.  Carlotta Bradley, the Associated Press.


Alex: By the way, when was the first time Rick Perry went to Bilderberg?  Last year and unprecedentedly put out a press release.  He’s handing over the infrastructure, the waterways, the power plants, to a known Bilderberg member who is under indictment.  And this whole thing has Bilderberg written all over it.  I mean, just every angle.  The more I think about it, it just keeps popping up.  Alan, your take on that. 


Alan: It’s standard.  Once again, the main characters are not in the building at the time.  You find this down through history with the same scenarios.  They’re always somewhere else.


Alex: Well Nero burned Rome to get a police state going.  I mean, they love these fake fires. 


Alan: Yeah, the same sort of idea too that terrorism was everywhere in ancient Rome.  And everyone had to obey the authorities and the troops were set on the general public, as always.  So this is standard.  This is an ancient technique and it generally works, because they create so much fear within the public, who want to be safe.  And the government says, we’ll keep you safe, but here’s the conditions, bend over and touch your toes.  And if you want to eat, we’ll feed you, but here’s the conditions for that too.  They have the world right now in their hands, because they’ve given us a system, they’ve created a system of interdependence.  That means individual interdependence.  You’re dependent on the authorities for your water, for your food being brought in, gasoline, everything you need to live, and they know this.  They have the big, powerful cartels that run all of this.  And this is going to be used as the biggest weapon very shortly. 


Alex: Alan, one area that I don’t want to say I disagree with you, but I have questions.  And I was trying to figure out exactly the full point you were trying to make, is I heard you doing your own radio show a few weeks ago, driving in my car, locally on, I think it was 96.3, maybe it was 90.1, and I heard you talking about how you act like a zombie in your own neighborhood, your own area, and that you don’t talk to your neighbors, and that because there’s spies and CIA and intelligence everywhere, and that you only talk out of your area.  And I just wanted to say this, I wanted to give you a chance to respond to what I’m going to say, and respond to what you were saying yourself.  But first off, here’s my take on that.  We have to be more open than ever.  We have to be louder than ever.  We have to point out that they’re the terrorists, they’re the criminals, they’re illegitimate, they’ve lied a billion times, talk to our neighbors, so that they don’t have a chilling effect, so that darkness doesn’t fall, because as soon as that intimidation happens, they win.  That’s A.  B: We know with black ops and from analyzing the budgets of from even some of the secret budgets, that they probably have, and now I have newscasts today where they’re training school children all over the country, to tattle on their parents, their neighbors.  They give them little credit cards and then have briefings every day about, well who are you going to tattle on.  Total, total East Germany, so I’m not saying it’s not going on, it’s just that they haven’t geared up yet to that total level, and a lot of the people that worked for the government, I’ve talked to, are waking up.  They’re upset about what’s happening, a lot of them are blowing the whistle.  And I just disagree with saying you should be secretive, because I’ve found when you’re secretive and creep around, that lets the evil and the tyranny grow and I don’t think I agree with you on the number, or maybe I misunderstood the number of spies you were talking about.  But if we get intimidated and shut up, they definitely win.  What were you trying to say?


Alan: Well, I was responding to someone who generally is trying to get their own relatives, etc, to wake up.  And I keep telling people, don’t spend that kind of energy trying to wake up people who are telling you they don’t want to.  They don’t want to know. And so you have to go further afield.  And if you do go further afield, or even locally too, you’ve got to have your facts correct.  Most people come out, remember the average person out there, they watch television, that’s their only source of media.  And here you’re hitting them with all of this information, and it’s completely foreign to them.  So you have to have facts there.  Most people go out and they’ll start rattling on what they’ve just heard on the radio, on the Patriot Stations, and people look at them askance.  They can’t understand where you’re coming from or where you’re going.  It’s not been on the regular media.  I try to tell people, especially here, where I am here, I mean I can’t afford to know the locals, because I know how the chain of gossip gets to the police where I am; in the British Commonwealth countries, this is standard...


Alex: Well, I have to agree with you.  If you show somebody a Ron Paul video, sometimes you get arrested and the police, they have a system where if they get called, they won’t respond to a real crime or a robbery or a shooting half the time, or to your car being stolen, but they will then respond to just a petty rumor, and it’s encouraging that.


Alan: Yes.  And as I say, but here in Canada, and I know this for a fact.  I know how it works.  And this was mentioned, by the way, in the 1950s, by Jacques Ellul, he said, since the 1950s onwards, they’d already set up the spy system.  He says, even if you live in a rural village in any of the Western hemisphere, he says, at that time they were using a Cardex system, and even the gossip that gets to your local restaurant or cafe or whatever, that you attend or the gas pump that you pop into, gets put back to the police, and they take records on that.  He says, this is unknown by the general public.  And today, it’s much, much worse.  So you have to...


Alex: Well, certainly.  We’re going to go to break, but right now, let me play a clip from San Antonio News about the Tattletale Squads.  Here it is. 


Reporter: You know in the San Antonio Independent School District the district launched a crime stoppers program itself today.  Students can now help police catch other kids and even adults committing crimes, and they can be rewarded for it, just as with the regular crime stoppers program.  Students can remain anonymous. 


Spokesman: And anything we can do to encourage kids to come forward and be productive parts of our community, is a very, very good thing.


Reporter: The San Antonio School District students can call 227-TIPS to report a crime.  Rewards range from 25 to 250 dollars, but they can reach up to a thousand.


Alex: And by the way, we’ve known about that program for ten years in Austin and all over the country.  They debrief you daily and ask about your parents.  Boy, that’s freedom, isn’t it Alan? 


Alan: It is.  And the FBI are recruiting ones that have got into trouble and then let them off on condition that they tattle and giving them little perks if they do this for them.


Alex: Yeah, it’s a total criminal state, total criminal state.  Stay there, Alan Watt.  I’m Alex Jones.  We’ll be right back. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Alan Watt is our guest.  We’re going to be taking some of your calls coming in in the next segment at 1-800-259-9231 for Alan.  And then I’m going to recap in the final segment a little bit about what’s happened at Bilderberg.  Very suspicious with the Texas Governor’s Mansion.  What do you see happening in the next few years, Alan, from your studies of the globalists, and some of the things they’re doing?


Alan: Going by what they’ve published themselves, and what’s in the newspaper today, we know they’re going to give us rationing for everything we need.  And that’s food, possibly water and all the rest of it.  They want to get us into a total war mode.  And they’re also using the high-tech weaponry.  They’ve been spraying the skies across most of Canada here for the last four days, and it’s so hot and humid.  And you see them spraying like crazy.  They’re using HAARP technology along with it.  They must convince the public that we are the problem on the planet. 


Alex: And now the universities admit there’s a spraying program.  I mean, it’s just all drugs in the water, everything. 


Alan: Yes.  And Joe Average that watches TV will start to, because we’ve got David Suzuki and the big players working for the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations telling them repeatedly, we’re the problem.  They’re creating these abstract terms like carbon footprints.  You’re all breathing out carbon dioxide and killing the planet.  We’ve got to reduce the population.  And this is the amazing thing, they know, they’ve studied humanity for thousands of years.  They know with enough propaganda put across to the public, consistently and repetitively, the public will begin to accept it.  And this is the victim accepting their own demise.


Alex: They also admit that as they reduce the resources artificially, we will then fight with each other more, and they’re already saying you don’t have resources, because there’s too many people, and then the general public will accept one-child policies, euthanasia, and the rest of it.


Alan: Exactly.  And now you’ve got youngsters coming forward that have been brought up with the Greening program, who are talking about voluntarily sterilizing themselves.  That’s exactly what the victim is meant to do.  He’ll believe the propaganda and he will acquiesce and go under.  They want to kill off the old type – that’s us, the old type of humanity, the imperfect type species – and bring in a new perfected slave system to serve them better, that they won’t have to use propaganda on, because you won’t be able to think as an individual human being.  It will be impossible to think individualistically.  At the Loyola Science Conference they had, kicked off by Newt Gingrich a few years ago, they talked about giving us the brain chip.  And he says, when this is done, he says it will be no longer possible to think as a distinct, separate individual.  He said, think of it more like the hive.  You’ll hear all this buzzing in your head from the central computer, giving commands to those around you and to yourself, and then back again, so you’ll hear....


Alex: Well, that’s what the Pentagon said in 2000, that the Federation of American Scientists put out, and it was really from 1993.  They said their job, by 2025, would be inserting themselves, the last of us into the hive chambers as described in the Matrix.  You see, they didn’t make that up in the Matrix.  In the movie it’s the Grand Architect, basically Lucifer.  And folks, you can’t make this up.  These people are totally insane, but they’re doing it.  Alan?


Alan: And also you had the Borg in the Star Trek series, where everyone is part Cyborg and chipped, and the Queen Bee controls them all.  And their ship was even called the Hive, you know.  So, this is, they give you all this subliminal programming to accept what’s coming, and you don’t consciously think through it.  And then when it really happens it’s kind of familiar to you, so you go along with it.   That’s the programming through fiction that we’ve had.


Alex: Meanwhile, Mr. Shatner, he is, William Shatner is big into all this, and admits that’s the plan.


Alan: Yes.  He’s all for it, himself, you know.  He thinks he’s one of the superior ones.  And he belongs to the Transhumanist Society, and gives talks to them. 


Alex: You know, it sounds all so amazing, but we have an amazing life.  We live on this incredible planet, spinning through the galaxy.  There’s all these wonders all around us.  It’s 2008.  We’re living in a science fiction nightmare.  But there’s also all these great things around us, and we don’t have to go along with it folks.  I know all this sounds crazy, but it’s their own words, it’s their own admissions.


Alan: You see, since the 1960s onwards, they had done so much to gradually step by step dehumanize society, destroy the family completely.  And destroy even conversation between people.  Everyone sits and watches TV and even those in their room don’t communicate, unless they’re talking about what they’re seeing on television.  And what you’re fed is degrading stuff, getting more and more degrading.  And when you’re apathetic and degraded you’re easily managed.  And even the language itself has become minimalistic.  They’ve taken so many words from the average person’s vocabulary, they can’t convey an idea.  And you’re the perfect target then; you can’t convey your thoughts to another. 


Alex: Alan Watt is my guest.  Your phone calls, straight ahead.  This is the one, the only GCN radio network.  I’m Alex Jones, the tip of the spear in the info war.  We all need your support.  We’re all in this together.  This is the fight for humanity.  The fight for humanity’s future.  We’ll be right back. 


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Remember, the New World Order staged the September 11th attacks.  The first World Trade Center attacks in ’93 as well, the Oklahoma City bombing, and there’s countless others, like Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, where they admit what they’ve done.  Hitler brought in his tyranny by burning down his own capitol building.  I believe they’ve done something similar here in Austin, Texas, just a heads up to everybody.  I’m going down there, 15, 20 minutes after the show ends, so at about 3:30 Central, I’m going to go down to the governor’s mansion, trying to survey things.  If they try to tell me I can’t have cameras and be getting video of it, I bet they’re already trying to cover it up, so we can’t see evidence of what they’ve done.  95% chance they’ve done it.  I mean, out of that 95% chance, I would say an 80% chance out of that, that it was arson, by the government, by a criminal element.  Maybe there’s a 15% chance that it was something in the construction that caused it, and they’re just hyping it, saying it’s terrorism.  Saying it’s arson, but the DPS had come out, saying that they were going to switch over to "mainly fighting terror."  The imaginary boogeyman.  That is suppressing the public.  When you hear that, that means the terrorists running your life, turning the state police into total thug goons, as they’ve already been converting.  They used to be a lot nicer.  Now they’re really getting bad.  It’s really a shame to see this happen.  The government is training your kids to be tattletales on you.  They’re sucking blood from you at checkpoints.  You see, they’re not going to stop, folks.  They’re not going to stop with 9/11.  They’re going to keep going.  They’re not done.  They’re not going to give up, they’re not going to give in.  This is life and death.  And I realize that.  I mean, I am totally into this fight.  We don’t have a choice.  None of us have a choice.  We can’t just sit here and let them carry out eugenics and rationing and micro-chipping against us.  Alan, how do you see them, we’re going to go to calls from Australia to Colorado, California, North Carolina, but how do you see them trying to get the public ready for the chips?  I mean, I know they’ve made the military do it now, most of them.  That’s now admitted, that the unbelievable has now happened.  I guess to have a job you’re going to have to have one or be a trusted traveler you’re going to have to have one.  That’s what Bilderberg was saying.  You know, you’re going to get special perks if you take it.  I mean, I guess I’m answering my own question, but anything else you want to add?


Alan: Yes, they’ll also hype it up.  There was also an article put out a little while back there from the major drug companies to do with chips will save us all in times of pandemic.  And because they’ll be able to scan you, and that chip will tell them if you have a fever and possibly are carrying a plague.  So, they’ve got a whole bunch of scenarios they can use to make us take this thing, or try and convince the public.  And as you say, you’ll get little perks if you go along with them.  And no doubt too, you’ll be shunned by society if you don’t go along with them.  We find the drug companies are already putting ads out there to get for instance the flu shot.  And if you don’t take your flu shot, the ad stops and it says, you could put the rest of the community at risk.  This is the creation of what they call social acceptance and non-acceptance.  They’ve copied this system from China to do with abortion, where they get society to turn against you, because you’re the odd one out.  You’re a threat to them.  And so they’re using the same techniques here.


Alex: Peer-pressure. 


Alan: Yes.


Alex: Let me just add a point here.  We’ve got a story up on Infowars.com, named Bilderberg Goon with a Gun.  And people are saying, why is it a still shot from a youtube video?  Why don’t you show the actual video?  Well, let me explain something.  We’ve got about 60 hours of footage that four of us shot while we were there.  There were hundreds of other people there.  I got in at 12:30 last night.  My plane was delayed for an hour and a half.  This is not our footage.  We got the same footage.  I saw them with the guns.  We haven’t even had time to dump our footage to the computer or put it up.  This is other people that were there putting up youtube videos of what I saw and reported to you days ago, them flashing the MP5s at us.  So they’re in the comments section saying, its blurred. You can’t tell it’s a gun.  It’s not a gun, it’s a seatbelt.  No, they had guns.  They had them out.  They were aiming them at us.  We have clear video of it.  We’re not a million people.  We actually have to do this work.  Like, I’m going to have to get in the car and drive down there to investigate the Governor’s Mansion, even though I haven’t seen my children, because I just got home last night and saw them briefly this morning, in five, six days.  I’m not whining, it’s just that I’m not Super-Man.  I’m not Super-Man and we, this morning, I saw that somebody put up the video of the guns I saw, so I told Kurt, I said, get a screen shot of this, he did the best job, they did.  If you don’t like the fact that it’s not that clear, you need to have been out there, and get video of it.  And I’m not complaining, it’s that they’ve trained the public, even our own people, to never do anything themselves, but to then nitpick and demand everything else out of us, Alan.


Alan: Yes, they have.  And again, people live on fiction.  And a generation has been reared watching cops smash doors down and so on in movies and in dramas and in real life things, and those youngsters, youngsters want to be on the winning team.  This is an instinctive survival thing with all youngsters.  And the heroes to them, through the video games, from the military organizations, that’s where the videos all came from, to all the programs they watch with their super-heroes, the guys dressed in black.  That’s what they want to be.  Well, now we have a generation who are in the police, and in the military, with the toys and the guns, and they think nothing about turning that gun on you.  They think nothing about it.  They’ve been conditioned that you’re not a human being, you’re just a target like the video games.  And believe you me, they will do what they’re told.  That’s the unfortunate thing.  They’re like robots already.


Alex: Yeah, another issue is, we have Infowars posting open to everybody.  It’s a first amendment forum.  That allows our enemies and detractors to come in and say, I’m an agent, you’re an agent, everybody else is an agent.  No, that’s what agents do.  They go around telling you that, telling you all these things.  They’re in there, and before we’ve tracked the ISPs, it’s government most of the time, saying let’s get the government, let’s kill them, let’s do that.  We’re not saying that.  And again, we have the feds in there trying to destroy free speech by posting these type of things.  And again, I had fed after fed come up to me and say, come on Alex, you know we need to get violent.  And I just look at them and go, man, knock it off.  You’re such a traitor to this country.  I mean, how do they get these, these Feds to be so criminal?


Alan: It’s not so hard.  We have, again it’s to do with the psychopathic type.  People at the top, they give you a psychopathic culture, which we live in, and we emulate.  And success is getting to the top by any means possible.  We worship, look at the television.  They worship the stars.  They worship people who are multi-millionaires, the rich and the famous.  And this is what you’ve been taught to worship.  It doesn’t matter how they got up there, how many they destroyed to get up there, as long as they got there.  This is what we’re given.  So we have a psychopathic culture.  And these characters, who get well paid, Lenin said this.  He said, first we must pay the police well, and the military, then the teachers, because they all have to do with social control.  Long-term social control.  And this has never been stopped.


Alex: Let me give you an example of that.  They admit they fly in tens of billions of dollars.  It’s over 60 billion they admit to, on huge pallets, and they just give $30,000 to privates, $50-60-70-80,000, $100,000 to the different grades of officers above that up to colonel.  Millions to colonels.  And these goons were there, and I said, they pay you guys off when you were in Iraq.  And they just started going, yeah, we do, so what.  Yeah, when I was there, they just admitted, you know.  It’s total criminality.  They’ve been trained to be involved in criminal activities.  They’ve been compromised. 


Alan: Yeah, they’re bought off.  And technically, they have a mercenary attitude.  They’ve done programs in the BBC on this very thing years ago, on the psychopathic types that are recruited, especially by the US Military for top positions in Special Forces, and they give them tests to see if they have psychopathic tendencies, because they said they can count on them to do whatever they’re told and they will simply obey the man who pays them.  And this is the psychopaths we’re dealing with right here.  They have no moral qualms whatsoever.  They also belong, this is part of the mind control from the military that they use on the police now as well, you’re a separate species, you belong to a brotherhood of the fraternity of police, and your enemy are those people out there, all those people walking the streets, the ordinary people, they’re now your enemy.


Alex: Well, you’re right.


Alan: And they start to believe it.  It’s a very well proven technique of mind control.


Alex: Yeah, it’s a gang mentality and us against them.  They segregate them.  Well, when they would drive in and out, with big SUVs, with sirens on the top, they would have the windows down, sometimes the doors cracked and they would lift up and show you the MP5s and look at you with pure hatred, like it was scaring us.  And I just saw little punks.  But the point is, there they are, menacing peaceful protesters with guns.  I mean, it’s just unbelievable. 


Alan: It’s unbelievable, but that’s what we have.  They’ve been, as I say, bred for this job.  They’ve had thirty years of a debasing culture, gradually dropping to the bottom.  Any old system of religion has been almost totally destroyed, so there’s no moral qualms and they will please their boss.  They want to be on the winning team.  And they’ve lived their whole lives to wear those black outfits and carry those guns.


Alex: Let’s take some calls.  I’m going to go to Al in Australia, who’s been holding the longest.  Thanks for holding, Al, you’re on the air.


Al: I’m lucky my surname’s not Qaeda.


Alex: Absolutely.  You’re on the air, sir.


Al: Yeah, I’ve been listening to every show of yours for the last three years.  Alex, this is the most powerful one I’ve ever heard, and you have the creme de la creme in guests, in Alan.  A quick thing I had to tell you, I did a huge backdrop banner, or a promotional banner, whatever you want to use it for, but Cosmos has it.  He took it back from the 9/11 Truth Conference that was in Sydney here.  I did the art for that.  And the quick point I wanted to make is, that I think the actual global genocide is well under way.  I rang Lee Rogers about this the other day, and I just wanted to get your take on it.  I think that we’re just like one whisker away from the cashless society.


Alex: Well, I mean, look, we’ve already got women with this sevenfold in one decade, this came out in 2006.  In ten years, from ’96 to 2006, a sevenfold increase in women.  I mean, twenty, thirty year old women getting lung cancer who don’t even smoke.  We’ve got from one in thirty-three having cancer to one in three.  All these other diseases are off the charts.  We know they’re poisoning the air, water, and food, and all these poor cops and goons, and they have no idea they’re being killed.  Alan?


Alan: Absolutely.  I’ve got the tape, I’ve got the tape from Dr. Salk, that was aired on the CBC television here, a few years ago, where he admitted, this was a live interview.  He admitted that he knew that all these cancer viruses were contained in his polio vaccine.  They also talked to his staff, and he did say that the only purpose these particular viruses had was to cause cancer.  Now, Salk himself was one of the top members of the eugenics society, who prior to that, prior to the polio vaccine, he was working on ways of depopulation.  He was a prime advocate for massive depopulation. 


Alex: And there’s massive evidence that they engineered the polio vaccine, to then give people a "cure" to train everybody to take vaccines.


Alan: Yes, and it was right after the polio vaccine, you had the burst out of tremendous drop in health.  People were getting sick with junior arthritis, adolescent arthritis, it never happened before.  Their immune systems were about half of what they should be.


Alex: Now hundreds of thousands are getting Alzheimer’s when they’re twenty-five, thirty years old, and I want to be clear.  We’ve played that CBC report where he laughs and says, yeah, the monkeys had thousands of different viruses, ha, ha, ha.  And then they all laugh.  And he talks about AIDS, and about how the monkeys they used for different vaccine manufacturing had all these viruses from a bio-weapon lab that they had in Africa.


Alan: This is deliberate, there’s no doubt it’s deliberate.


Al: I see a synchronistic date, sort of the 30th of December, next year, when the Codex Alimentarius sort of comes into place.  Add that to what Alan was talking about before, the chemtrails and the world famine that they’re just bombarding us with and the CO2 tax, and that’s the actual date that the global government is in place, you know, and that’s what Bilderberg was actually about.


Alex: Well, it certainly is, and I appreciate your call, Al, from Australia.  Look, I’m not saying I’m a hero.  I’m not saying I’ve even got courage.  I learned of criminals doing bad things fifteen years ago.  I got on air 13 years ago.  I go to the Bilderberg and try to warn the people, these are the folks setting up the North American Union, their own documents, the European Union.  They’re the ones that want to destroy the dollar.  They’re the ones that wanted to jack up oil prices.  They’re the ones that launched the wars against Serbia and Iraq.  They’re the ones that want to go into Iran.  They’re the ones hurting us.  And I know for a fact they’re poisoning you police.  I know for a fact, they’re staging almost all the terror.  I know for a fact they’re the bad guys.  Alan knows.  And I didn’t go there, you know, enjoying bull-horning them or enjoying putting myself in their way and then having their phone calls to my family about gang-raping and then, you know, before that about how I’d gotten some girl pregnant making it up to freak my wife out, which didn’t work.  It upset her that they did it, but she knew it was bull.  I mean it just, it just reaffirms that we’re living in one dangerous time.  These are very evil people, who the elites said hundreds of years ago, we want a scientific way to control people and maintain our power.  They’ve made all the modern scientific developments about controlling us.  They’re compartmentalized.  And it’s just so sad, that this is happening, but, god help us.  I mean, they’re killing you out there, folks.  You can’t just stay quiet and not fight them.  And Alan, what are ways for people to fight back against the New World Order in your opinion?


Alan: It’s a matter first of educating yourself into, number one, you’ve got to understand that this is their system already.  For the last fifty years that was their system.  They gave us that system of factories and employment and so on.  They’re simply, from their point of view at the top, they’re upgrading their system.  They owned it then.  They gave us a little bit more freedom and scope and a little bit more luxury to afford, but...


Alex: And they admit that.  They admit in policy reports, that was to get us lackadaisical, to get us fat and happy, to get us to trust them. 


Alan: Yeah.  You see, you must create a socialized society where the people gradually accept without reasoning it through, but it’s a gradual process of acceptance that there are experts ruling over you, and taking care of all the big problems.  So you’re being taught to be like a child forever, and allow your betters to take care of the big problems.  They’re destroying your independence.  That’s what it is.


Alex: That’s it.  It’s making you totally dependent on them so they can carry out the eugenics, the soft kill and orderly exterminate you through their system.  Dave, in Colorado.  You’re on the air, go ahead. 


Dave: Alex, thanks for taking my call.  Can you hear me?


Alex: Yes, I can.


Dave: Okay, thanks.  I just have to admit that when you asked everyone to say a prayer earlier today, despite myself, I found myself saying that prayer and felt inspired to go ahead and get on the line, although I knew I wouldn’t be talking to you, and here I am, so.  Miracles do happen.  I’m a professional cultural anthropologist, specializing in the Andean region, and I’ve worked for the Smithsonian and have taught in the University of Maryland system, where I taught 9/11 Truth, by the way, and showed Terrorstorm.


Alex: Thank you.


Dave: And I’m currently co-authoring a book with Peter Dell Scott, that starts around the turn of the 20th Century and the Eugenics movement, and going into the 1930s Fascist coup attempt and then obviously World War II, and then post-World War II, Operation Sunshine, Gladio, and Condor, and then tying that all in.


Alex: Well, what’s your name?  I’d like to get you on as a guest.  We’ve had Peter Dell Scott on quite a bit over the years. 


Dave: Sure, I’d love it.  Would you mind if I told you that after we get off the air?


Alex: Yeah, I’m going to let you come back and finish up real quick on the other side with Alan Watt, because it’s the final segment.  And then I’ll try to cram Corey and Bill in.  I just want to say that the elite want to control history.  They want to control the future.  They want to wall us off and orderly get rid of us, so they can inherit the future.  It’s the ultimate form of selfishness, the ultimate form of abuse, the ultimate form of greediness and small-mindedness, and I’m just begging everybody in the system to fight back against it, and spread the word, and we can beat these people.  We’ve got to do it.


(Commercial Break)


Alex: Final segment with Alan Watt.  I’ll be back live tomorrow 11-3 Central.  Rebroadcast on the internet starts in five minutes at Infowars.com, if you missed any of the first hour, where I broke down what happened at Bilderberg.  It’s going to restart in about five minutes.  Dave, yeah, I’m going to have them put you on hold a minute and get your contact info, if you want to come on about being a guest.  And you can come on when the book comes out too.  Sounds interesting.  What’s the point you wanted to make?


Dave: The point I wanted to make, today I was just wrapping up in the completion of the talking about what we’re writing about is, tying all of those antecedents towards 9/11 and the development of these private mercenary armies, Blackwater and the entire private security apparatus that Oliver North and all those people were setting up.  What I wanted to say today, having a very short amount of time, is that really what we’re looking at is just a reoccurrence of the same type of system, just with better technology that we’ve seen in Gladio and Condor.  And I do want to hype a book.  It’s not mine, but the best book I’ve ever read in terms of Operation Condor, one of the most frightening books you’ll ever read is titled Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America by J. Patrice McSherry.


Alex: I’ve read it.  That’s what I was about to say, is they’re setting up death squads. 


Dave: That’s exactly right.  And the part that Peter and I are focusing on is the recurrent thread of Nazism in its most virulent form in all of these settings.  It was, as you know, since you’ve read the book, that it was Nazis, S.S. Stormtroopers who were training the...


Alex: Yeah, they’ve used Nazis in NASA and in the bioweapons in every forum, because they were the perfect catalyst, like an enzyme to gel and create whole groups.  Listen, I’m going to get your info.  Like to have you on.  I’m going to get it right now.


Dave: Thanks a lot.


Alex: Thank you, Dave.  Alan, I’m not going to have time to take the other calls.  I apologize to Corey and Bill and others.  They can call back tomorrow, head of the line, but in closing off what he just said.


Alan: Well, people have to realize, number one, what are they fighting for?  And it isn’t until you get to that stage and stop and say, well you can’t fight to save the system that’s not yours in the first place.  It’s owned by the groups at the top right now.  Most people are trying to save what they already have, and hope it doesn’t get any worse.  But what you’re really fighting for is that inner self, of the higher things in humanity.  It’s the higher things that bound us together.  It brought us through thousands or millions of years together.  It’s the cooperation.  It’s the decency.  We’ve got to bring back decency within people and show that, because that’s the only way we’re going to combat this system, is when we interact and help each other out as real human beings, instead of being selfish and disagreeable, because that’s really the only chance we have collectively of altering this and coming through.  But it will be a different system we’d come into.  We can’t go back to the same system, with the same groups running it.


Alex: Alan Watt, fire out your website again. 


Alan: Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


Alex: I appreciate you spending an hour and twenty minutes with us today, and I want to get you back up in the near future.  Thanks.  Thanks for all your fine work. 


Alan: Thanks for having me on.


Alex: You bet.  Take care.  These are very dark times.  I am very chastened.  I am very humbled by all of your love and passion and all the great people I met at the Bilderberg, fighting the establishment, trying to get the word out peacefully in the info war.  I am saddened by just the continued confirmation of pure evil that we’re fighting, and that so much of the public is not aware of it.  My passion is to wake people up.  My passion is to simply warn people.  I just want to warn people about the poison in the water, the fluoride, the mercury in the shots.  I just want to warn the people how they’re putting cancer in your body through the vaccines with the cancer viruses.  I just want to stop this and turn it around, it’s so horrible.  These same people killed 200 million last century, they’ve killed millions so far, this last few years.  We’ve got to fight them.  Rebroadcast starts now at infowars.com, but for the shortwave, AM and FM satellite, we’ll be back tonight, 9pm-1am.  God bless you all.  Infowars.com, right now.


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