Alan Watt on the Alex Jones show
November 12, 2008


From his Central Texas Command Centre, deep behind enemy lines, the Information War continues. It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.

Alex: Alright, for the next hour: Alan Watt joins us; then, we've got Gary Franchi popping, in the next hour, as well as Ralph Nader and then Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, to talk about record gun sales, the all-time record, in the last week, since the Election of Barack H. Obama. I want to talk about the Banker take-over, how they're openly setting up world government. I want to get into the staged Election and how he's using subliminals, NLP; a lot of people are picking up on it right now. How they're fooling the public, with their man Barack Obama, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I want to get more into TV and the subliminals and just how dangerous it is to watch television and to not be aware of what's happening. He's got the website and he is also a radio talk show host, in his own right. Alan Watt thanks for coming on with us.

Alan: It's a pleasure to be here Alex.

Alex:  What do you want to tackle first? The Economy, The New Bretton Woods, THE birth of the World Government, finally really happening, they've always had great control but now total control; or should we get into the staged election first? What do you want to get into first?

Alan: I think really, all the elections are staged, we know that, when you go down through your histories; and, you find, in every country, every country in the western world, since before World War Two, in fact, you go through this farce of election. What you do find, when you go into history, is that there is an agenda, there is a mandate, to bring in a new system and regardless of the party that seems to get in, the agenda roller coasts forward, it never slows down. When one party gets in, they never throw out the laws from the previous party, they stay on the books and so it's a continuation. This is exactly what you find the Founding Fathers talked about. Jefferson talked about it. He said when you see the same agenda going on between the 'changes of houses' (he meant the Congress parties), he said then you know you are under tyranny; and, you see, we are under tyranny. This whole financial bubble is all planned, it's a big business plan, with steps and stages all written out, long in advance and gone over by Think Tanks, to see all the repercussions. Just like a chess game they've gone through, before they even move the first piece. They know every part of the introduction of the steps and how the public will react. We are being trained to act the way they planned us to react. The New Bretton Woods system, it's time now to bring it in. You find that John Maynard Keynes, who brought in the Bretton Woods system, a really top Eugenicist, in his field, and an economist. They are always tied in together: Economics and Eugenics. He said that this is only one part of the system. The next part of the system will be to introduce a world of service, where every individual is responsible to government, and the government will be in, literally in your bank account, deciding what you earn, what you spend, what you buy, if you can even buy it etc etc. This is the next step they're going into now, with the new agreement; and, it ties together with what Karl Marx talked about, which was the three massive trading blocs, of the world, under a world government and the United Nations now is being brought up to its full strength, through the IMF (The International Monetary Fund), the World Bank etc. to take over the roles that they were actually designed to do, in the first place. We're going under total cradle-to-grave socialism, where you will have a planned life, from birth to death, that's what's coming in, step-by-step-by-step. This is a hundred year's war they have said at the beginning of 9/11, 2001 and by the end of the hundred year's war; they hope to have their Brave New World in where, literally, you'll have a new species of humans, at the end of the hundred years, who will serve the small dominant minority.

Alex: And, by the way, every time we raise that, people make fun of us, that's BBC, AP, Reuters, headlines the elites, the anthropologists, the biologists are saying that they are going to engineer us with drugs and education and breeding and sterilisation, to be a "Goblin-like" that's a quote, the BBC, by the Eugenicists "Goblin-like creatures" and then they'll be these, you know, ethereal angel like creatures and you're talking about social engineering. Notice, they're saying in England: ‘we're gonna ban cheap alcohol’, well that means they can ban any kind of cheap food too. We're not going to address why people are falling apart and being such drunks, we're going to just try to, you know, tax people, or, in England, ‘we're not going to let roadside shacks sell things that we say are unhealthy like hot dogs, we're going to say what you can serve’. I mean, think about how that sets a precedent for total control. The same now coming in here, so that's what the national ID cards are all about: it's tracking what we do, regulating. First it starts out with genetic screening, now they're saying: ‘well, we're going to make you have genetic screening and then we're going to say whether you can have a child or not’. I mean, they're really pulling the stops out right now.

Alan: Yes they are: it’s total tyranny, from every possible angle, even here in Canada, which is no doubt the same across the British Empire, as they still call it, the Commonwealth. They're bringing out laws which allow police to come into any home they want, on any suspicion that there is any chemical containing ether, like starting fluid for your car and so on. In other words, they're giving themselves carte blanche to get into anyone's house, under any pretext. You are looking at a system where you will have no peace and privacy and you’ll be trained to accept that as a normal; and, so when your neighbours get raided, or you get raided, there's no big deal about it. It will become a normal part of living.

Alex: and by the way, the British Government admits everyone I know, including myself, who's been to England, or who is a citizen there, a subject. The cops just randomly walk up, ask you where you're going, what you doin'? I'm going to put you on a database now and they're rude to you, by design, to prepare the general public, to interface with them.

Alan: Yes, that's right, it's all training. Everything really is to train the public and we've had thirty years / forty years of sci-fi movies, getting us ready - subconsciously - for this present system that's coming in now; and, it's no big deal, because we're familiar with the idea of a totalitarian system, where the masses live in hovels and rubble and you have this massive army, well-equipped, that just go in like the Star Wars goons and this is how we're being programmed to accept this. There's no outcry from the public, because they, it is true, you see, behavioural psychology and mass psychology, has been so well studied and introduced and used; and, this falls in line with what Bertrand Russell and others, big players, in their day, talked about. They said that the public will come to conclusions and never know how they arrived at those conclusions, it will be by osmosis.

Alex: and then they value the propaganda they're regurgitating, as if it was their own. They hold onto the lies. I have people email me saying: you're making up FEMA camps, you're making up Barack Obama wanting national service, you're lying about - and I'm like, but here's the information - they just go 'we don't care'. You're a liar; we choose to believe you're a liar. Can you speak to National Service and how that ties in?

Alan: National Service. In fact, Obama had it up on his own website, a speech he gave; I think in Vermont, that he was going to make a call for, basically, National Service. He's since removed that from the site but I have the PDF here; and, so, I think, in January, that's what you're going to hear, is this call. You see, they want militarise the whole of society; and, to do so - they've found this in totalitarian regimes like the Soviet system, like the Nazi system - you must get the youth involved so that they will grow up thinking that wearing a uniform is quite natural and serving the system is quite natural and the heavy indoctrination they will have through the schooling system will augment that and they'll never break free and see it from the outside, as to what's actually happening. This is an old technique and they must militarise the system, for their hundred year's war.

Alex: and by the way Obama's announced that he's written about it, so has his chief of staff. He's given speeches, it was on then he takes it down, says it's all lies, none of it's true, his followers then agree, because they're not ready to launch it yet. Then, in a few months, he'll openly launch it and there'll be no discussion about how they lied and said they weren't launching it.

Alan: There was no discussion at all and you'll notice too - what's very interesting - is that, in Obama's speeches, he never pins anything down into a concrete fact, it's all emotive terminology he uses, which is standard in politics, but he has good scriptwriters; but, he does mentioned certain phrases, catch-phrases like ' World Citizenship' in his speeches. Here is a President of a country, a national country, talking about 'Global Citizenship' and the average person hears this and doesn't really ask what does he mean by 'Global Citizenship'? Well, this is the term used by the Rockefeller Foundation, that's right behind Obama, and Rockefeller himself has been giving out World Citizenship awards to all the big players, for the Great Work, for the last fifty-odd years.

Alex: And he keeps saying you've got to sacrifice, you're going to have to give, this is going to hurt and the revolution is giving everything to the government, being a slave, but then chanting 'yes we can' feeling powerful.

Alan: That's exactly right, it's a world of service and this goes back through the World Citizenship Society, into the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations who have drafted up the Amalgamation For the Americas, they admitted they were the ones behind the drafting up for the amalgamation of Europe, these are private organisations who take their orders from the Queen of England and the nobility of Europe and this is their age-old dream: to bring in world citizenship, but not a happy little land where we'll all play and buy and so on, but an organised society, where, literally, you'll not be born, unless they have a function for you to fulfil, to serve them.

Alex: And they say all that?

Alan: They do say that, yes.

Alex: I mean, that's like Lord Rothschild, Baron Rothschild, he has both titles, and he's called Baron Rothschild but his wife on CNN said "he is a Lord" and, again Wolf Blitzer who doesn't tremble before a President started trembling: 'oh, your Excellency, oh my gosh'.

Alan: Eugenics is alive and well and it's actually being introduced now, we see it, from the declarations, from the BBC, from CBC Canada and they plan to bring in this Brave New World, through genetics and social engineering.

Alex: Meanwhile they're poisoning the water and the air and our food. Let's talk more about that, when we get back, with the - always - thought-provoking and extremely accurate Alan Watt.


Alex: Alright, the major Veterinary University, in Vienna, one of the top ones in the world, found that treating mice with genetically-engineered maize, developed by the U.S. based Monsanto Corporation, to lower fertility and bodyweight, according to the study conducted by the University of Veterinary Medicine, in Vienna, presented Tuesday. In the study, mice fed with the MK 603X mono 810 Sweet Corn variety, over a period of twenty weeks, showed a smaller litter size and lighter offspring than mice fed with non-engineered maize and then they go on to the statistical difference being massive and also how many of them were sterile. I'm going to cover more of this later. We're being murdered, I mean it's an economic genocide, economic annihilation, consolidation, they are poisoning us - they are killing us. This is in all their documents and, again, the public, we've been right about everything Alan, everything we said is coming true. We're only reading their own documents, but, still a lot of people just refuse to listen and laugh.

Alan: Yes, again, it's a perfect conditioning, from birth onwards, and mainly through media and so on. Brzezinski did hit the nail on the head, when he said that shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves, all their opinions will be given to them, fed to them, by the media, through television and electronic –

 Alex: and he recently said that again, the arrogance! He said 'you're dumb' and laughed at the public. They enjoy it. Go ahead.

Alan: Well, it true and it is perfect conditioning, it works very well and, you see, the average person will look to others, especially young people, they look to older people for signs of alarm; and, if there's no signs of alarm, coming from the adult, the child will think everything is just fine and, of course, the media will augment that and tell them that you're living in the greatest time ever, look at all the toys you have, you have fun and there's nothing to worry about. But you are quite right, I've got a link to a CBC Canada documentary, on the infertility in males and it's astonishing, they've known this for fifty years, how we're plummeting and literally, two men out of every ten, young men, in college now are almost sterile. I mean, two are fertile, the rest are sterile, pretty well; they have 85% immotility -

Alex: That's called The Vanishing Male.

Alan: The Vanishing Male and that's only one study; but, isn't it amazing that everything that's happened has been directed at the male to make him sterile -

Alex: Well, they know what they're saying, those aren't males because it's the male hormones that also trigger the brain and the different psychological developments we're meant to have. Instead, we have gelded effeminate men. I mean, I'm not even attacking these men, I feel sorry for you. There's a reason you want to wear lipstick, there's a reason you desire other men. You have been hit hard by the New World Order.

Alan: Yes, and if we go back to the League of Nations, which was the birth of the United Nations really, the Department of Population Control said, at the time, they'd have to target the white western male, because he was the most aggressive, he would stand up against their plans, he'd fight their plans and therefore they'd have to neutralise them. Well guess what? They've actually done it.

Alex: They have, he's a pathetic creature. He believes manliness is grunting and acting tough and going to a football game and never defending his Republic, or never being informed.

Alan: That's correct, that's correct and they are effeminate, there's no doubt about it, and Carroll Quigley mentioned that these physical changes, back in the 1960s, and we know that the hospital reports too noticed in females that their hips were becoming, suddenly, very suddenly, within a ten year span, they were becoming narrower, they were having problems with childbirth, because they are also targeted, but the male more so, he's definitely pretty well sterile now, he's neutered.

Alex: That Black Op. went well but now they're going to get into more intense soft kills, I mean, they have to slowly ratchet up the cancer and the diabetes but now it’s 3 - 4000% up. The mass death now, we're getting very comfortable with our deaths.

Alan: What we find: during World War Two, when Canada actually led the world in bacterial warfare, and viral warfare, they also had world meetings, during World War Two, to deal with the post war society; and they, again, said they'd have to target the males and they wanted to reduce the population drastically. They said that the war, the world war, would not kill enough young men off. Now, in fact, the King of England was the one who authorised the study and they -

Alex: Royal Commission on Population.

Alan: Yes, and what they did was, they said they'd take down the Third World Countries, mainly Africa, quickly, because they were powerless, no one would stand up for them, they had no voice and no one really cared. Whereas the Western World, they'd have to bring in debilitating diseases and that what’s we have. From the '50s - '60s onwards, we've suddenly had these chronic illnesses -

Alex: Yeah, they hard kill the blacks and they soft-kill the western whites and a lot of racist whites go 'yeah, they're killing those blacks'. Hey pal: they're killing you too, ok. Alan, we're going to come back, it’s riveting info. By the way, everything he's telling you is documented. He is up on his website; I have it on my website, my films, films like Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement. I'm going to make a whole just on how they're killing us and that goes for you: the cops enforcing this, the bureaucrats, all of us. I'm sorry to have to give you the reality. We are being murdered by these people right now, it's called soft kill.

[BREAK - song played: Love Train by The O'Jays.]

Alex: Even a song like this can be used for propaganda, because in the name of world peace and world unity, they're bringing in world tyranny and world eugenics. So, there's no where to run, nowhere to hide; but, nowhere is worse than the United States and Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It's all the same laws, the same names, the same bureaucracy, web censorship coming in; it's all happening, a host of subjects I want to cover with Alan Watt. Take a few calls for him too, before he leaves us at 1-800-259-9231, specifically for our guest but he can speak to any issue. Alan, I interrupted you there, at the break. Get into the programme of hard-killing the blacks versus soft-killing people in the United States and now where this agenda is going.

Alan: What they realised is that if they could make people ineligible for marriage partners or long-term mating, by debilitating diseases, then that would help solve part of the problem; and, sure enough, we find out that in the western world, we have what used to be called aging diseases are hitting the very young now. You have juvenile arthritis is quite common. It's from the inoculations and things like that; Epstein Barr Syndrome, all of these things suddenly broke out around the same period of time and when people are lethargic and they're 'no fun at the parties' then they don't go out much, and they end up being ineligible for a good mating partner.

Alex: And there are now even juvenile brain-wasting diseases, like Alzheimer's.

Alan: Yes, we've noticed this, and autism as gone from about 1 in 25,000 to 1 in 150 and it's now normal to have 1 in 150. This is through inoculations, it's designed targeting of specific age groups and genders and so on.

Alex: and anybody that doubts they're criminals, they lie all over the world and say it's the law to take the shots, when it's not the law to take the shots. So, again, that's an illustration just of how bankrupt this Government is.

Alan: It is. We are run, as I say, by stealth and it's all covert, we're never told the truth, you cannot tell the children the truth and the truth is: the children would be very upset if mummy and daddy were killing them; and, so, mummy and daddy must pretend that everything out there is for your own benefit and it's there to help you. That's how you deal with animals when you put them to sleep, you don't scare the animal, you take him in, nice and quiet, and you inject him, quietly and he dies, quietly. We are the children and these big bad wolves at the top are deadly serious and they have been doing it. That's the impasse that most people have when you try to inform them.

Alex: That's what Joseph Goebbels’ wife when she brought, she said ‘it’s medicine’, the older one knew she was being murdered and she said 'no mommy'. She said 'it's your medicine, I love you; I'm the government'. Please continue.

Alan: Yes, and that is the trick of it, you can't tell the children you're killing them. You're taught the government is the big eternal factor in all of this. It's there for your own good and they've trained the people to obey the government, without question. You know, every inoculation is given by faith, from the people that come in that get the inoculation, by the doctor or the nurse who gives it. They have no ability to analyze it for themselves. What is says on that phial is what they believe, and, yet, I have never met anyone who's had a tour of a vaccine factory. In fact, one of the biggest vaccine factories in Canada is Baxter Laboratories, Baxter Laboratories used to be part of IG Farben and we know what they were up to. They created the war machine, for the Nazi Regime

Alex: Well, that what Bayer knowingly shipping out to over a million people: HIV and Hepatitis-filled shots, and the documents came out; they did it on purpose.

Alan: They did it on purpose, we had a little blurb on a CBC documentary, Canada, which is the BBC of Canada and they admitted at the World Health Organisation: they'd sterilised millions of women in Africa and India, with a fake Tetanus shot that was bio-engineered warfare-planned, engineered to attach itself to a hormone, to goes straight to the ovaries and cause massive inflammation and sclerosis and sterilises them - 

Alex: You see, that's too scary for the public to admit, so they won't check out to find if it's true so they just keep taking their injections.

Alan: Yes, they will. We're at a stage now, where those who gone are literally, truly, gone and we have to accept there's massive losses in this war. It's a war, that's quiet, it's silent but there’s massive losses and we cannot allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by how massive it all is.

Alex: That's what Colonel Alexander calls it: silent weapons for quiet wars.

Alan: That's right, that's right.

 Alex: So quietly how they put the pillow over the child's face and smother them lovingly.

Alan: Yes, that's right and it's difficult, you see, the average person will go into, they'll shut down, their minds will close into and they'll withdraw into a catatonic state; if they suddenly allow themselves to accept the facts and the evidence, and that is why they generally choose not to know. It's too terrifying for them. Once you know, you have to take action and you see that's what's mandatory; and, they know that. What are you going to do when you realise that there are people in this world, lots of them and lots of employees working for the Elite, working on methods to kill you off, by all kinds of nasty diseases? You can't negotiate with mass murderers; you cannot grab a serial killer in the middle of a spree and say 'please stop doing this'. You see, we'd have to deal with this and that's something no one wants to question and bring up.

Alex: Well, when I speak to crowds of people that don't know who I am or who are hostile, I just say to them, you know about black men in Tuskegee and letting them dies of syphilis for 45 years and spreading it to tens of thousands; yeah, and they say we know about that and: do you know about the atomic soldiers, how that had to march in to the bomb blast crater minutes after, knowing it was going to kill them, they wanted to do it; yea, we know about that. OK do you now know that they knew Agent Orange was going to sterilise and kill people; yeah we know about that. OK, well you do know about how they irradiated some foster children; No, we didn't know that. Well, as you know - and then you can go down into the horrors and that was all the Black Op Government creating and testing the cadres of army officers - Army And Navy And Marine Corp. and private corporate doctors - that believe this and will go along with it and I studied Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary, the new Fed. Chairman, all of them are part of Nature Conservatory, they're all giving anti-human speeches - they all talk about population reduction. Bill Gates, his father the head off Planned Parenthood, giving money to Eugenics. When you look at these people:  that's their ideology, they believe they're saving the earth by doing this and meanwhile they are really cross-species, genetic engineering and doing things that are destroying the environment. Can you explain, from your deep study, Alan Watt, which I really respect, I mean I really believe you can teach me something here? Hold on a second, I'm going to ask the question: Alan Watt, can you explain to me, how they say they are killing the majority of us and soft-killing us and how beautiful and wonderful their work is and how disgusting and evil we are and how we deserve to die. How they claim they are doing this all for the environment, meanwhile, they say they're playing God and that no mutation is a bad mutation, it's all natural, because they're doing this with evolution, they are an expression of evolution, and they constantly talk about destroying the planet, killing everyone. I mean, when you finally get to the higher levels, they admit that they are playing God and that they want to destroy creation. So, you've got their servants that believe that they're killing everybody with soft-kill, to save the earth and then at the top, they actually - what makes them tick? go ahead.

Alan: It is a religion with them, there's no doubt. They do believe that a long time ago, there was an evolution in the species and that they have proven that they are part of the most advanced creatures who have ever been born and lived. By the very fact of their own personal family histories, the fact that they have amassed incredible wealth down through centuries and held on to it. That's the key: it's the ability for your offspring to take over that wealth and hold on to it. So, they've proven and, plus they have selective breeding, where they have their mates matched up for them, from other powerful families. This is how they rationalise it, amongst themselves. That they are the proof; the living proof, that they are part of the last great leap forward - and - they have the right to rule the lesser types. When you look into the religion of very high Freemasonry, not the lower level stuff, but the high Freemasonry, which again is full of Eugenic Theory, you find that the Elite talk about this, they believe that when you come through a new age and these ages are twenty-five and a half thousand years or so long, a great age, a Platonic Year they call it because Plato talked about it too. He belonged to the ancient Secret Societies and they believe - just like the Hindus do - it really is from the Hindu religion, that all the lesser types must be killed off. That's also part of the Darwinian Theory, which is nothing but Hinduism dressed up. If you allow the lesser types to come through, into the New Age, they will bring down those advanced types so they must be killed off to the last man. That's a true belief with them, a very firm belief. Now, meanwhile, they have set up Cryogenic Systems across the planet, the World Wildlife Fund has three Arks across the world, where they have all kinds of cells, of all living materials and animals and insects, in Cryogenic -

Alex: That's it, they're going to destroy the planet, to bring in the tyranny and then they will rebuild it and through that crisis use that as the cover to exterminate us. You’re absolutely right Alan and I want you to continue here, in a moment. But first, Barons of Banking the big newspaper out of the United Arab Emirates, it talks about the world banks meeting there last week, to set up the new International Order, and he talks about Global Governance, A New World Order is taking over now, but in the rest of his interview it’s about how families maintain wealth and how that is their supreme victory is that they carried on the wealth, genetically, and that they didn't let their children become decadent; and, so he's saying he's most proud of the dynasty holding the wealth and expanding the power, not losing it. So, people always ask how you've old Elites and they say I can't even balance my cheque book, how do they organise this? Well that's why they're in control, and they believe because they, like they say in the film that was put out, Apocalypse Now, where he talks about the beauty of being willing to chop little children’s arm off. The strength; the diamond bullet. Now, please continue, you were getting to the point of the Cryogenic Arks with the seed and animal banks, the deep underground bases, which they admit, and their Moonraker scenario.

Alan: Yes, on public broadcasting, they did a documentary, a couple of years ago, on the World Wildlife Fund and one of their Arks is in Louisiana. It's headed by a Professor, a woman professor, from the local university there, in New Orleans and it's a massive facility, an incredible multi-million dollar facility. She said there are three of them, world-wide, and they have already put together in vitro fertilisation of some of these sperms and ovum’s, from the Cryogenics, and they can put them into any animal and bring the creature up to term, regardless of what kind of creature it is. In other words: they could bring, they could grow a dog in the womb of a cat, or even a lion - they could start it off in a domesticated cat and then transfer from there to a bigger animal. That's how far ahead they've done and they've been very, very successful. They could, literally, in the case of disaster, which they can create themselves, do the Genesis Project. The Genesis Project was first mentioned, of course, in predictive programming, in the Star Trek movies. They can reseed the planet and recreate it. Now, this is what they called, by Albert Pike's Doctrine, the Luciferian Doctrine. The whole idea, remember, of a Luciferian Doctrine was that Lucifer wanted to remake everything in the way that he thought it should be made on Earth. In Freemasonry, they actually say that they're here to perfect that which was left imperfect, by the Creator itself. So, by destroying all that was, they will bring in the new and they will perfect it, in their own image. This is the true Luciferian Doctrine that they talk about, in their own writings.

Alex: and they make fun of this in movies with Terry Gilliam, like Time Bandits with the Devil, that's what he really wants: he wants to remake it the way he wants it.

Alan: Yes, exactly and they are doing it, they are doing it. It's not going to happen, they are doing it.

Alex: And: of course, all over Europe, they have been up in the North Pole and in Iceland, they've built giant vaults. Big government vaults and they're openly getting us ready with films, that they put out there about the public being mass-sterilised, you know, no one being able to have children. Again, they are incrementally, getting us ready for this, incrementally, preparing us with all this predictive programming in all these movies like Children of Men that are coming out to do this.

Alan: There is no doubt about that. These Science Fiction movies, and the novels too, are authorised to be out there from the World Futurist Society and when you see who guides and funds the World Futurist Society, it's the same big players again, the big names. The big multi-millionaire Philanthropic Organisations, like the Rockefellers, so, wherever you find those names, you know this is the agenda and they fund the authors, just like H.G. Wells was funded, to put out propaganda and they tell them what to include in their stories.

Alex: Well, here's a very simple one: it's admitted that GI Joe cartoon, in the 80s, had some Defence Department funding and the whole thing is about join the military and they phrase it as all individualist and 'an army of one' and then now that's their official slogan today and they're fighting this evil group but - really - the bad guys are always cooler, so what they were really predictive programming for was to be bad guys.

Alan: That is correct, young men, again, especially, and this is well understood too and the FBI have done studies on this. Young men who have no male role figure, and most of them today have no male role figure; single mothers, who are even ordering the sperm, from different countries, they don't want men. Men are just sperm banks, according to some of them; and, the men grow up, they have no role model, but they still crave the masculine role model. They either go for the gang leader and become part of the 'family' and the gang leader will - one thing about gangs - they will stand up for their members, you see and that's what young men like. Right or wrong, they'll stand up for you; and, the next step of course is the military, which is the biggest gang of all. It uses all the gang techniques and you've gone in there, you belong for the first time in your life, you can wear the black gear, you have a sense of power, where before, you were a nobody and you're given armaments and you can go and 'kick butt' as they like to say. So, this is an engineered system and, unfortunately, there has arisen a generation of young men who have had no fathers, most of them, they crave power, now they're accepted for the first time in their lives and they will do whatever they are told to do, to be part of the team.

Alex: Absolutely, and then all these shows making the SWAT teams glorified and it's so fun, as they blow everybody up; and, then for someone who is actually conscious, you watch that and it's so empty and so fake and so pathetic; but, for most adults, they really buy into it, they really believe the delusion and that's why the social engineers say they're not really alive and they laugh at the zombies.

Alan: They do, the zombies are replaceable, as we know, and that's why I tell people don't start fighting. The greatest thing they've done, down through history, is to get the poor fighting each other and it's like William "Boss" Tweed said, in New York, in 1800, the Mayor of New York, he said you can always hire half of the poor to kill and fight the other half. We mustn't attack the ones at the bottom, they are goons and they are easily replaceable, from the hordes behind them that are up and coming. So, we have to go for the ones at the top and, as I say, these are mass serial murderers. We have to - and this is the big part - no one wants to go near: we have to make them accountable and they must pay for their crimes.

Alex: But they love setting the precedent to not pay, as they openly admit that no transparency, no Congress, Fed Chairman, former Fed Chairmen come out and say we are above the law, we are keeping the money and the heads of the banks say we are keeping it for bonuses and they laugh at the public; but, then that's not enough to just throw in our face, they then must lie and let us know they're lying and have Paulson come out and say ‘there's total transparency and tax payers are in full control’.

Alan: Laughter.

Alex: So, stay there: I want get your take on why they do that psychologically, they will throw it in your face and to make it even worse, they then say 'but I didn't just say that'

BREAK.  Song: Bob Dylan's Masters of War.

Alex: There's a war on for your mind, there's a war for your wallet and you're physically being bombarded by the military-industrial system; and, then when you get sick, they suck all the money out of you and the compartmentalised doctors and nurses don't even know what's going on, they don't even read their own peer-reviewed Journals, that admit all of this is happening. They're passing all sorts of laws, to arrest you: if you're heard using a cuss word. You're going to get more and more people into the system, there's an article up on profanity police. They see if you're not wearing a seat belt, you got to jail. It's all about getting you in the system, for smaller and smaller reasons. Your child says a cuss word in the playground, they're arrested; you don't finish your homework, the parents are arrested. It's all part of lawlessness by the system; getting everybody else in there. And: Alan Watt, talk about them flaunting it, why do, why are the private bankers, Paulson comes out yesterday and says 'yeah, we're giving money to secret groups, we're not going to tell you' and then they say, yeah, Two Trillion's been spent, we're not going to tell you where it went and, by the way, that's total transparency! I guess, they're just teaching us double-think?

Alan: It is a form of double-think; but, it's also a Magical spell, in a sense, a psychological spell. Because, even the average person will sense that there's nothing but massive corruption at the top. That further disarms you, in a sense, it makes you feel even more powerless, to realise that there's such corruption above you, blatant, flagrant, arrogant, corruption. This is the same sort of system, they used, you see, during monarchies, where monarchies ruled, with impunity and the king's men could just grab you and hang you on the spot, for any reason they wished. So, it truly, psychologically, disarms you, it makes you feel as if you're an amoeba floating in the sea, with no power whatsoever, with these, above the law, type gangs that run the system. It does work very well, people are apathetic when they hear this kind of stuff and they become more apathetic, they feel dejected and useless and helpless. So, it is a psychological spell.

Alex: Well, that's like the State Attorney I had on, where they, in Maryland, said it's the law; ‘you've got to take shots’. There were thousands of them outside, with riot police and dogs barking at crying children and they didn't tell them it wasn't the law, they lied. He laughed on air and said 'I know Alex, I don't give my kids the shots' and started laughing.

Alan: That is correct, they do not give their children the same shots and there are shots, of course, that the royalty and so on do get; but, it's not available to the public. What we are fed are simply debilitating diseases.

Alex: So, what's going to happen in the near term and in the mid - long term? I mean, things are really getting 'turned up' right now, things are accelerating.

Alan: Well, they always wanted this system to be global / standardised. That's the first key to everything; Karl Marx came out with the centralisation of government. We find, that under the United Nations, we are now under Regions and, when you go into the documentation, the reason for the Regions, again, is more centralised government, over various countries. Now, we're going into Global Society and they have to finish of those cultures which have not succumbed and gone under and accepted the Western culture. So, they'll be blown into existence, if they cannot produce a generation, with the indoctrination from UNICEF, to be the next leaders of those countries and then they'll be thoroughly westernised, when they do. At the end of the hundred years, as I say, they want their Brave New World here, one way or another and they'll have Plan 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' for every part of it, waiting in the wings. These guys will not give up. The evidence is in the longevity of their main members. These characters are still trotting around the Globe, giving meetings, speeches to World Bodies, on a daily basis, in their 80s and 90s. These guys have a religion; they are religious fanatics, of the ultimate kind. They truly believe in their quest and they will keep going. We can't discuss things with them; we cannot compromise with these people

Alex: No, no, they're going to give us no quarter. Stay there Alan. Let's continue talking about how they're murdering us.


Alex: Great darkness is upon the world: a criminal elite, adopting eugenics, as their scientific excuse, to dumb us down, poison us and kill us and massive control. Our guest is going to be with us until about 15 after, so we're going to come back and take three or four calls, in the next segment, then let him go and Gary Franchi, he joins us, with the End The Fed, Protest nationwide. Then Ralph Nader, and then of course, on the Second Amendment front, on this live Wednesday edition, the 12th day of November 2008, we're also going to have Larry Pratt on.  Alan Watt from  Alan, certainly they've conditioned the public to love their slavery, or to feel like they're powerful or to buy the propaganda, as if it was their own; but, what are some of the solutions you see? I mean, there certainly is a great awakening happening. What are some of the solutions you see, to turn this around?

Alan: When it comes to solutions, you must, first start with the individual. This is a war also against the individual; the United Nations has said so. They don't like individuality, they want conformity, they want the 'mass man'; but, the problem has been organisation. The public themselves are unorganised. The only organised side is the opponent side and they have covered every base. Now, even when you try to start up a grass roots movement, you'll get infiltrated so quickly, by people who start to say the right things then spin you off, or before you know it, you're even on the global agenda, towards a better type of global society. We have to be very, very careful. We need organisation and, what really has happened too, you see, the culture at one time was fairly standard, throughout the Western Hemisphere, it was a Christianised culture, and, even if people didn't believe in the doctrine, they still had the culture, from Christianity and so they could cooperate and help each other and so on, they were bonded, to an extent, with each other, through the culture itself. That is why that had to be destroyed and now you're left floundering in this space where there's nothing to really to hang on to, except what you're given as the new ‘normals’. That's the big problem. People have to start to find the strength within themselves, first and foremost, before they can go out to help other people and they must overcome their fear. Fear is the greatest killer and stagnator of all. You have to overcome the fear, because we're getting killed anyway. When you realise that and are going to die one day, you have nothing to lose and you must retain, or even gain, empathy, for other people around you. Even those who don't understand; it makes you tremendously sad to see them in their ignorance. They don't know what's happening, they are parroting, just like automatons, things from the media. They don't know they're being killed.

Alex: You don't have your humanity till you do stand up and fight back, and, absolutely, we have no chance out of this, if we don't speak out and get involved and resist. Now, the enemy tried to condition us to go for the Banker Takeover, but 95-98% of the Polls, a thousand and one phone calls to Congress, were against it. So, the good news is, on more and more fronts, people are not buying it. That's why I was so hurt by the Obama thing: them calling him ‘The One’, ‘The Saviour’, ‘The God’, because his whole agenda is identical to Bush's, who was another puppet; and, it's just sad to see my fellow humans being conned.

Alan: Yes and once again we've got to stop looking for two-legged gods, and realise that every single one of us, is our own champion. We are our champions, ourselves, and everyone can make a difference, when they start to speak up and complain and say 'no more of this, we've had enough, we've had too much, thank you very much'. We've got to start, literally, setting up organisations to try these people in the future, when we do turn all of this around. We've got to start organisations up and tell them 'we're coming after you'.

Alex: Absolutely, let's come back and take a few final phone calls for Alan Watt. Then we'll look forward to the exciting resistance to the Fed. People actually protesting for real government, a real Elite, nationwide, with the end the Fed demonstrations, November the 22nd. Stay with us.


Alex: Right now we're talking to Alan Watt. Alan, I want to take a few calls here quickly for you from Mike, Kelton, Lisa and Jim. But, tell folks about your websites.

Alan: It's and also for Europe and they can download lots of free talks I've given, in the past, covering a lot of this information and the big agencies and Foundations and big players behind it; and, I give them links to their scripts, actually and their books and so on, which tell you the whole agenda. It is out in the open, HG Wells called it 'The Open Conspiracy' and, as I say, what I'd like to happen, one day in the future, after maybe millions of us have died off, been killed off, if they cannot crush the memory and the history of their acts, we have, we keep their records, we are the keepers of the records of history. Then, one day, hopefully we can have a new Nuremburg Trial and bring them all - and all their paid lackeys, all their scientists, that have happily worked on these agencies to kill us all - bring them all to justice. This would have to be televised, world-wide; because we could never forget what's been done to the public. It's a horror show. They must stand trial for this, one day.

Alex: Absolutely, let's talk to Mike in Illinois; you're on the air Mike.

Mike: How you guys doin'?

Alex: Good.

Mike: I got a question, for Alan, actually two of them. One of which is: how is Obama going to be falling into this eugenics programme? It seems like that everyone they put into office, they have some kind of personal agenda that they're trying to meet, for their ultimate goal or ultimate plan.

Alex: Well, I've got a comment, after Alan; but go ahead Alan:

Alan: Well, I don't think they have a personal agenda. I think they do what they're told. I think Obama actually has been bred for his task and you actually will find that this has happened in the past. If you go into his mother's history: she was a born and bred revolutionary, for the world system. I thought it funny, in his speech, he talks about Afro-American slaves and so on and now the guy was not an Afro-American slave, his father was a Kenyan and he calls him a Prince. He's using all tactics, simply, as politicians do, to get into power; but, he is simply a front man.

Alex: He's also related very closely to Bush, Cheney, all of them

Alan: Yes.

Alex: and they're all much more related than the general public. I mean, again, that's probably not even his father folks, Obama has been groomed (Ron Paul said that here) but listen: they'll use his individual looks and what he says and does for their angle, their spin, to give the illusion of choice and a variance between the puppet to puppet. But, Obama, because he's black, is going to be perfect to lead. He says he wants to get GMO into Africa; he says he wants to give women their choice - that means planned parenthood, sterilising them, injections, abortion - so, yes, he'll make sure that the black babies aren't born and he'll be held for that and Jessie Jackson will cry all day.

Alan: That is correct, you've said it all, this is how they play the game and rather than giving us a revolution every four or five years, they give us this 'choice' of voting in a new Party, who simply continues the agenda. This is how the trick has been played for years.

Alex: Folks, they know that humans build things, we create things, we’re amazing. The Globalist System is about diverting you into halls of mirrors, little false realities, so you never truly live; see reality for what it is, so you can affect reality. You were meant, we're a species that's like a coral reef, we grow on top of each other and they learned to engineer that and make sure we never leave anything behind. Only they're handling something behind. I know how short my life is, I know it's about the mark I leave, what I do for the species. I live on through the species. I have a communal love of the species, whereas this Elite believe they are a super species and they have a religious hate of you and your family. They want to murder you and your family, they love children dying of cancer, they love poison, they love dumbing down. They love destruction, it's dominance for them. It's like sitting on you. Alan:

Alan: Yes, they are psychopathic, they are so inbred and you'll find Obama, I'm sure if you truly get a hold of his real history, he's just another one who’s been created for the purpose. Literally, a purpose-designed human. We find the same thing happened with Armand Hammer; Armand Hammer's father was way up there in Communism, in the United States. He was done a few times and charged for back street abortions. He was immediately into the Abortion Debate, way back then and then Armand himself was sent off to study with a Rabbi, at the age of five, he left home, at the age of five, to be indoctrinated in his role, for life, to acquire millions of dollars and, eventually, to get an office right next door to Lenin. These guys are trained and bred for their purposes and their duties, to their system, to their cause to their own elite.

Alex: Got to jump Mike, Kelton, in Texas, go ahead.

Kelton: Are you guys there?

Alex: Yeah, we're on the air world-wide right now.

Kelton: OK, thank you. I just had a quick comment. You guys are absolutely right on, as far as how the Police are implementing tyranny in the communities. I'll give you a prime example: about a year and a half ago, I was pulled over, well, I actually wasn't pulled over, I was at the bus stop, from Austin to Cleveland and, all-of-a-sudden, a police officer just pulled me over, had me spread my arms on the car and I was telling them, I told them, hey, my licence are in my pocket, my bus ticket is in my pocket. They were saying 'where is your luggage?' but my luggage got lost and they put me in the back seat of the car, ran my information and let me go. Oh, but, this is one important thing: before the guy let me get up off the car, he said 'don't make an ‘effing’ move or you'll become a statistic' and I found that is still -

Alex: That's about humiliating you, letting you know you're lower than dirt, they're told to do that, to train us to accept enslavement. Don't worry, that cop's going to have his pension fund taken by his global masters. He's going to be hurt by the very same system he loves. So, go ahead and shoot your kid up cops, with vaccines, laugh at us, go ahead and serve the system, go ahead and think you're. Alan?

Alan: I know, it's disgusting, you see the problem, again, is we that have a generation, who have been brought up and their heroes have been the goons that they are now dressed up as. They become what they wanted to be, the ones with the power. Look at what they've been - look at the movies they watch, look at the language in the movies 'eat this sucker etc' etc. I mean this is the mentality that was purposely put out there for this generation. The generation they are now using as the bullies. We also have psychopaths in all strata of society, unfortunately and they do hire the low-level psychopaths, who'd otherwise be smashing windows on streets and stealing stuff from the stores and they put the uniforms on them, so they always use the degenerate class to control the rest of the people.

Alex: 'It's not them anymore, it's Officer Demomsky' [?] ah, I got me a badge and you gonna learn to respect me'. Alright, I appreciate your call, Kelton. Lisa, Jim, we just got to leave now. We've got our next guest on. But, next Wednesday, Alan Watt, because he's such a great mind, we appreciate him, has agreed to come on, for two hours, next Wednesday. So, I'll talk to you in seven days Alan.

Alan: Aye, will do.

Alex: You bet, take care, I appreciate you spending time with us.


Transcription by Bill Scott.