Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
Tuesday 18th November 2008

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Alex: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back with Alan Watt from Canada and your phone calls at 800-25-99-231. I'll go over the day's important news, the economy, his outlook on the future and a lot more. The always intriguing Alan Watt straight ahead. I'm Alex Jones. 

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Alex: It is November 18th 2008. We've got an hour and 52 minutes left in this transmission, broadcasting on the AM and FM dial, transmitting and streaming over the web at and as well as all the different satellite systems. This is the Alex Jones radio show. I am Alex Jones; and, our guest is Alan Watt of again for the next hour and 51 minutes. Now, I know that we have Don in Costa Rica, Jimmy in Kentucky, Dustin and others, holding over from the last hour but Alan can speak to any subjects you want to call in about. If you want to talk to Alan Watt, it's 1800 2599 231. I have a lot of questions I want to ask Alan. I want to have discussions with him and try to bring both of our knowledge of the New World Order and all of our knowledge together, to a higher level; because, to defeat the enemy, you have to know who they are and what their agenda is. But, we will start going to your calls in T-20 minutes, when we come out of the bottom of the hour break; so, everybody, be patient, we're going to get to everybody who is patiently holding.

Alan, last hour I had a caller call in: Mike from California, saying “well, if they're saying they're planning to kill 80% of us, how do they plan to do that?” and I was explaining to him that it's incremental. First, they've got to socialise us, get us under government control, being regulated, being tracked, being traced, in government schools, where they always have things more far advanced than they are for the adults. This is all part of like programming, bringing in the new model, flushing out the old info, putting in the new. Reducing the language, semantically reducing the language; drugging; poisoning; sterilising the population, we have all the numbers on that. I want to go over that.

But, out of the gates, I wanted to ask you, because I've seen a lot of this, in their Club of Rome planning, U.N. planning, biological diversity assessments, we've seen a lot of it in the university level documents they're putting out. What the Rand Corporation is saying, what the British Ministry of Defence said last year that I know you covered extensively, as we did here, where they admit that there's a global elite, they're waging war against the individual, that they're putting in robotic aircrafts, so that they can replace humans, even refusing to say nerve gas large cities. So, can you walk through how, from the pieces we have, I know you've researched the same stuff I have and even more in some cases, because I hear you, I read you, I know it's all on target, because it's from the enemy's own manuals. So, for listeners, this is not our opinion here. But, again, they leave gaps in it, they explain a lot of it but then you have, it's all compartmentalised and partitioned. You have to put it all together; and, they're not clear on time frames, but they want to use global war, global famine, controlled bio weapons releases, to train us with each terror attack, each bio weapons release being bigger, to live in a more and more controlled society, in the name of keeping us safe, to get us, finally, in that totally controlled technological enslavement grid, control grid, so that they can then exterminate us en masse with the super bio weapons, as they have and they say they're racing to do this, to save the earth. So, can you break down how you see that unfolding and where you see it going Alan Watt? 

Alan: Yes, well as far as bringing the population down, it's already happening. It's been happening for fifty years and their own statistics prove it. I've read reports this last week or so from official reports on sterilisation of males. The CBC television, Canada, that's the BBC version, came out with a documentary called 'The Disappearing Male' where we're now 85%, or more, sterile -  

Alex: The West is dying from Russia to Japan, to the United States, 'First World' is dying at about 3-4% a year but, to be clear: you mean they slowed down the global growth? 

Alan: Oh, absolutely and there's more women, girls being born than boys now, because the boys are being attacked in the womb, by Bisphenol A, and phthalates, which literally alter the biological makeup of the male. It attacks its endocrine system at the age of 7 weeks as a foetus and we're seeing them today, the effeminate males, they're much slimmer, they have no shoulders,  

Alex: Let's not glaze over that, and this is again, main government documents, CBC broadcast, what Alan and I have already covered; but, there is was, codified, the baby boys are dying in the womb, en masse, being targeted. If they make it out, I don't want to even say they're feminine, they're an emasculated male whose literal glands do not develop. Alan, please continue. 

Alan: Also, in that same documentary, they said that, ten years ago, they could take sperm samples from young healthy males, in college, around the age of 18 and they had 60 million sperm per millilitre and now, the new normal is 10 million per millilitre. That's how far it's dropped and, so they keep dropping the normal sperm count for males and the sperm that's left is immotile, it's immotile dysfunctional, it doesn't find the target, it cannot go to the ovum. Technically, most males today are almost completely sterile; and, this is well understood, they've been studying this for fifty years. It's only now they're releasing what they've always known for the last fifty years and you have to go back fifty years, to the writings of Charles Galton Darwin, who came out with his book The Next Million Years. He outlined, on behalf of the Elite, the different techniques of doing this very thing: sterilising the population, primarily targeting the males and reducing them drastically. It has been happening. People are always looking for a big apocalypse and it doesn’t happen that way; it happens gradually, quietly and the big mainstream media make no big deal about it. 

Alex: Explain that, because you do that very well, I mean they state it's silent weapons for a quiet war as they slowly turn up the ambient chemicals, the frequency pollution, what's in the water, the food, so that we slowly get used to the neighbours' kids dying of cancer, the old people dying early, we slowly get used to everybody not being able to have babies on the block, except for the new Third World populations that come in that haven't been under the chemicals but then you take Third World groups that have been here a generation, they're just as sterilised as blacks and whites. I mean, we're under hardcore attack right now.  

Alan: It's complete all-out warfare, and now he discussed this, as I say Charles Galton Darwin, he was a physicist, in the 1950s and you find Arthur Koestler also worked at the United Nations. Arthur Koestler, it's admitted now, was a member of M.I.5 / M.I.6 and he taught at a university in New York, for a while, and he worked for the United Nations and he wrote about this necessity as well of vastly reducing the population. They're using the same techniques, in fact; they've been using on animals and - basically - animal management, in the Forestry Commissions. They target, primarily, the males, to bring their population down drastically, the same techniques, they use chemicals -  

Alex: They've been putting out baits to chemically-sterilise badgers and foxes and again, it's all done, just like you manage animals, they even say that. Go ahead please.  

Alan: They actually call it 'herd management' when they discuss humans, in the medical societies now, openly; so, this has been happening. We're seeing all the other side-effects too, as the sperm count drops and the endocrine system is severely attacked in young men. Their IQ level is dropping as well, which also explains why they can't catch on to the big picture of what's happening around them. They, literally, don't have the ability to see what's happening; and, that again, ties in with the big planning committees who discussed this with Charles Galton Darwin. He didn't do this on his own, he spoke on behalf of the big Think Tanks and Foundations that worked on behalf of the British Elite at the time and they talked about the necessity for dumbing-down the people, especially the male, because the male was their main target. They said that the men will never ever accept this New World Order, this regimented system from birth to death, they will fight it -  

Alex: and that's why they Prozac and Ritalin the boys, that's why they target them for a fist fight, they go to jail now, instead of doing, being allowed to do their normal male activities. That would be like arresting a baby pronghorn, you know, a juvenile pronghorn for challenging other males out on the grassy plains of New Mexico. All normal human activity is made criminal; the male is destroyed. 

Alan: That is correct and - as I say - they had targeted the IQ, very little testosterone working there, you, technically, are not a man anymore, you won't rebel, you won't stand up and fight, you won't even object, you're very placid; and, again, this is well understood by herd management for animals. When you basically neuter a bull, it becomes very, very placid and he'll accept treatment quite easily. There's no objections. Well, that's happened in society. 

Alex: and the police now take steroids to supplement the fact that they've been, basically, neutered, and that's the only sequestered area though where you're allowed to be male, only if you're assaulting your own people though! 

Alan: That is correct, that is absolutely correct; and, of course, the guys in charge of the military and the police turn a blind eye, they understand this.  I've seen cops too, in Toronto, standing outside the Gold's gym and opening their big bags and inside there's all the phials there of the different steroids. They have bags of it and they all look like the Incredible Hulk, they have no neck and shaven heads there and they're just dying to get out there and be aggressive. Now they have permission, so, once again, it's authorised, from the top.  

Alex: Please continue. 

Alan: Well, what's interesting too: one of the main chemicals is a synthetic hormone, the very thing that Charles Galton Darwin was talking about and advocated, Bisphenol A. Now Bisphenol A was understood, it was discovered in the 1800s; and, in the 1930s, the chemical companies in the US had done extensive experimentation with it and they found that it was an endocrine disrupter; it literally would attack male growth, in the womb. So, what do they do with this Bisphenol A?  They make it mandatory to use it, to sterilise all babies’ bottles. 

Alex: That's right, there's hundreds of types of plastic but they find this one type that sterilises rats and guinea pigs and so they make sure there's universal adoption of that. How loving. 

Alan: Yes, and then, of course, they put it into the bottles themselves and, with heat, it leeches very quickly from the plastic feeding bottle for babies and it's in the little teat they use too, the rubber teat. 

Alex: and in children, it's even more devastating. Alan Watt, stay there, we're going to come back and talk more about this. Only one small facet of how you're under attack. Don't believe us, it's all true, all on record, they bragged how they would do it. Diet, injections and injunctions will reduce you to the level of mutton, or sheep but mutton on the plate. We'll be right back ladies and gentlemen; stay with us. 

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Alex: Alan Watt's our guest; calls coming up. Alan, of course, we've only covered one tiny area of this and they just throw it in your face, that they knew, in the studies, over a 100 years ago, what this would do and they said we’ll put it in the plastics, we'll put it in the liners for the tin cans, put it in everything; and, more importantly, they said let's put fluoride, sodium fluoride, in the water and we have the documents on that but then they just laugh at us. Please continue, Alan Watt. 

Alan: Yes, what you have is a multi-pronged attack. When you look at your victim, or your enemy, in warfare, you must study the enemy and the enemy are the people. You study them, you find out what their habits are, what all people go through, in stages etc, how do they rear their young, even conceive their young, where can you hit your target? You hit your target in the womb, preferably, if you want to stop major natural changes from occurring, you get in there first and you cause abnormal changes. We've been under attack from so many areas, including the inoculations. Now Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, another member of M.I.5, who is now declassified (along with Koestler and many other big writers of their time, who led big international meetings), he said himself that they'd also use "the needle, to make people very placid". Those are his words, in one of his books. And: they have been using inoculations, they trained the public, who are taught to trust their masters, and they've trained them that every thing they pump into your body is for your own good -  

Alex: Well, it's like your dog, you're lovingly coming and over and getting your lap and the government just injects cyanide in. It's so sick, please continue. 

Alan: Once again, these inoculations, literally, have targeted the immune system of people. There's hardly a person in the Western World with an intact immune system. I thought about this years ago, when I looked at the fads that the medical sciences have gone through - and they do go through these strange fads - and, back in the '50s, at the same time as all this was mandated to go into effect, with the food and so on, they also started tonsillectomies and removing adenoids, as a matter of course, with all children in Europe, around the age of 4-5. It was the done thing to do and every mother brought in their child and out would come their adenoids and their tonsils. That's your first line of defence, they are parts of your immune system and they create white blood cells. Once they're removed, you're already missing 30% of them. You've been set-up so that ordinary little colds or flues, or things which you would normally fight off, could actually kill you; and, that was the intent of attacking the immune system. 

Alex: And they did studies in the '40s: they knew that antibiotics were going to create super bacteria; but, please continue. 

Alan: Yes, they did, and not only that, what really staggers the mind too, I call this the Matrix because you swallow the world that's been presented to you and everything in it is pretty-well false, or a deception, or a cover. Now, again, the CBC in Canada, did an incredible documentary, a few years ago, called Phagocytes, now phagocytes are viruses which are man-made, which can attack and destroy other viruses, any other viruses, literally programmed to destroy, or bacterium and the Russians, the Soviet System, were using them from 1917 onwards and all through the period up until the '90s, the mid-'90s, the West - they knew about this of course, the intelligence agencies, they knew about this in the military-industrial complex. However, we were told there's nothing but antibiotics. Meanwhile children can go into a clinic in Russia, with pneumonia, they get a little puffer inhalant, they have a couple of breaths of this; they go home, and they’re cured the following day, because special viruses can be programmed, like computers, from 1917 and they did not need antibiotics in Russia. Now, a company in New York bought over all of the rights of this particular Georgian company, in the ex Soviet Union; and, they've kept it quiet. They're only using it for one thing only, and I don't trust them here, they're using it in all cold cut meats now. They put these phagocyte viruses on the cold cut meat, supposedly to kill off other viruses.  

Alex: That's right, in Latin, it means bacteria-eater and, well, the bigger problem with the cold cuts and the meats they're spraying with it, is that it allows them to take rotten meat covered in faeces, from the slaughter house, literally folks, and not clean it off or not throw it away. They just spray it with virus eaters, viruses that eat bacteria, and then you still have the bacteria dead in the toxins they secrete, their faecal matter; and, so you then eat the toxins. Also, the way they're breeding these viruses, in these tanks, there's other viruses they're mixing in when they spray it in to the larger preparation. Correct Alan?  

Alan: That's right and now we have outbreaks of Listeria on cold meat, suddenly, that didn't happen before! 

Alex: and, so their answer is irradiate it [Alan: laughter] but you're still eating the toxin. What gets you really sick is the bacteria excrement. We'll be right back with Alan Watt and your calls. 

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Alex: Going back to Alan Watt. Your phone calls: here in just a moment. Alan, I said I was particularly having you on today, and we appreciate your time to take calls, we can go in different directions than you or I would normally focus on. I'm on pretty much the same page with you and your research because we just go to their own source documents, with the chemical dumbing-down, the biological attacks, what they're setting up. But, I want to go to the calls and we've been interrupted by a few breaks and my seconding everything you're saying, but I can't help myself, it's all so accurate, I want listeners to know this isn't a joke, this is earth-shatteringly important. But, encapsulating it - and then I want to go to the calls - again, you're trying to give people the facts, like you always do. I do the same thing; but, going from the up-close view to the wider view, just in a general gestalt: what their time-frame is; what the world's going to look like; what their end-game is. Alan Watt from

Alan: They want to manage the take-down of society and - at the same time - they want a unified world to come out of it at the very end, with the survivors, with a new system, a standardised world system, where they can – literally - replace all the old types with better enhanced, genetically-enhanced types that'll serve the elite better. Now, we know that the Elite themselves are not going to dumb themselves down, Charles Galton Darwin was very explicit about that in his writings, so was Arthur Koestler. He said that: we the elite must retain our survival abilities because we will be guiding planet earth; but, the rest of the people will not need theirs because the State will be making all the decisions for them. So, that's what they want to come out, at the very, very end: a placid, compliant, genetically-enhanced, more productive species but a far-reduced, more efficient population. When you tie that in with the Department of Defence's Think Tank study, for NATO, which was echoed by the US Military's one, in fact, they’re identical: they see nothing but riots starting around 2010 to 12, to do with food and various other things, necessities really, and escalating for thirty years. Now, that ties in with the time-lines that the United Nations has talked about, for their new global society, with the reduced population. They say, in their own documents now, there'll be a vastly-reduced population by the year 2030-2035. So, we're looking at a long-term ‘business plan’ that's going to reduce population, during that time, they'll be putting big money into genetic-enhancing of specific people, to serve them better, new strains and - at the end - as the ‘old man’ dies off, they'll bring in the new type. In fact, the ‘old man’ will be unable to even procreate and reproduce. So, they'll bring in the new type and this will be the reason for bringing in the new type: 'well we've all gone sterile, we have to do it' and no one will complain, no one will object. They'll think it's just a necessity and a strange thing in nature. That's how, you see most people don't think on a conscious level, they're in a state of almost perpetual hypnosis and this has been done by scientific indoctrination, from birth. Plus: the masses of entertainment they take in; they cannot tell fact from fiction. They have no reasoning abilities and they do expect, like Brzezinski said: 'they expect the media to do their reasoning for them' and - unfortunately - for most folk, that has happened - 

Alex: and that's why we see all the pre-programming, I mean, the Pentagon, back in 2000, as you know, said: we'll use Hollywood, we'll use movies, we’ll use security, we'll use the call for Alzheimer's patients, we will use the Fed-driven PR peer-pressure system, public relations system, to sell the public on taking micro-chips; and, they talk in all these government white papers and documents, I covered one on Sunday, I think I'm going to play that clip later Dr. Kaufman talking about it, from the document about how most people don't even have their own thoughts, how we're pathetic slaves. I mean, they're really doing this to you and I just feel so sorry for the yuppies and people who are so arrogant and so into themselves being powerful, they've been trained to laugh at us and then they wonder why their son, you know, is sterile, or why they are sterile or why they're so unhappy or why their wife has breast cancer at 40. And: it's all engineered and they just sit there dying, still loving the lie. 

Alan: They do. They truly, you see the trick was - and written about too - is they make a generation believe that they were on the cutting edge that no other society has ever had before in history and that all information is out there and it's all true and therefore, in other words, there's nothing you can tell them. They truly believe everything they've been told - 

Alex: An arrogance, a haughtiness, a self-false-satisfied-ness that they're members of the Elite. I mean, here's a microcosm: there have been tens of thousands of urban warfare drills the last 25 years, I mean, they have thousands a year. So, I mean, it's got to be tens of thousands, more than tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands and they always tell the town or city, even though they may have been there 15 times, over the years: ‘you are the first city to have this drill, you are special, you are the first city to have us tax you to drive your car with transponders, you are the first’ and I always see that and go “but they're not the first” but again, it's part of that ‘oh my god, I'm part of the first, I'm cutting edge, I'm a trail-blazer’. Go ahead please.  

Alan: Exactly, that is how it's done and they truly believe they're the most advanced species that's ever existed. That's exactly what Bertrand Russell and others said, in the '50s, they said we shall create an ego-syntonic society, a hedonistic society, where they live for themselves and think they know it all and they will be the 'willing fools' for our strategy. Well, that's happened, that's happened.  

Alex: And, you can take them to the documents, the published works, government policy and they will just laugh at you. They'll get this pre-programmed little smile and go [Alex’s inimitable illustrative sounds]. Man, I tell you and now they're openly announcing world government Alan. They're now openly announcing the banks are going to run it all, carbon taxes and still people email me and post - on and - the comments, they say 'oh, they're announcing world government but that's different than the one you're talking about' or 'governance isn't government, it says Lord Rothschild called last week for governance'. Well governance is, in the definitions, government, the system of government, it's a global system of government and then they say 'ok they're calling for a new world order but that just means a new system' and I go but we told you specifically it would be by the bankers, that they would create the collapse, we have their documents and they just say 'no, I'm sorry, I'm in power, I'm a member of the establishment and that's impossible'. I mean, how do you break through to them? 

Alan: Most of them, you can't. I've even had people - yuppies - who say that they want the brain chip and that the big benefactors at the top, that designed it, designed it to help them and to make them happy. They really believe this - 

Alex: I've had them tell me that too. 

Alan: and I say to them, I say: well don't forget there's going to be central computers to program that chip, which means that you're not going to be in control of your own mind anymore! 

Alex: and they just laugh and go [Alex’s inimitable illustrative sounds]. 

Alan: So they're a lost cause and I realise this is a war and you have the vast amount of people are the casualties, that's just the plain fact; but, in a war, you've got to see the war that's still going on and accept those that have fallen, have fallen and you go for those who are still standing. That's the ones you try to help. 

Alex: Well, the good news is: there are more people that do want to hear, that do want to know and it's so three-dimensional, and even four-dimensional, how it's all interlocked and after decades of study, you can get a map of it in your own mind, you can articulate it but still: it's so hard to articulate the subtleties to people. The Globalists, in their own documents, articulate it and try to articulate it; and, because the public can't see it as one-dimensional or two-dimensional, they'll just throw it out of hand, saying 'that's too complicated for anyone to run' when it is being run and they say they're running it.   

Alan: They say and that's the key to the term they're using of 'governance'. You see, the new system, it's already here; it's been here for a long time, is a system that, to the public, appears to be something called 'democracy'. In reality, you have a parallel government run by Foundations, which, in turn, are a front for the ancient establishment, the very wealthy / rich establishment. They fund the non-governmental organisations that appear to speak on behalf of the public; but, in reality, they’re speaking on behalf of the very Foundations that fund them. That's the new type of governance they're talking about. It is the Soviet System. "Soviet" means 'rule by councils' and - in the Soviet Union - they had NGO groups, with their leaders appointed from the Politburo. We've the exact same system here, as they merge the two systems together. That came out from the Ford Foundation, during the Reece Commission and with Norman Dodd, the Senator, they said they were blending the soviet system seamlessly with that of the West. The Club of Rome said they favoured the collective system more than any other system because it's easier to control the people. So, it is here and they're using this Sovietised system with the NGOs and 'governance' literally means that those groups with the power and the voice, who get the voice and the media's too happy to listen to them, they are the new type of government. This is the new Soviet that has been brought in. If you don't belong to a big group, you have no voice whatsoever and these big, well funded NGOs -  

Alex: and they call them 'stakeholders'. The individual has no voice but all these sub-groups who then have Heads, who are Globalists, who speak for them and really control them, they are 'stakeholders' and then we see all this nomenclature now coming in and replacing everything. Alan, I want to go to calls here but, just in closing, before we do that, The Plan: the official UN documents issued now and Government documents say they want to reduce us by 80% and everything we've seen up till now is just testing the soft kill weapons, testing how to sell the public, how to not have the public notice that people are dying all around them. How to try to cook the numbers and spin things; but, we know there's been hot kill going on in Iraq, hot kill going on in Serbia, Afghanistan, Africa, Latin America, where large portions of populations are being killed, 10, 20, 30 - 40% in some cases. The hot killing, the fast-killing in the West, when are they going to start launching those?   

Alan: I think fairly shortly, they have big plans to standardise the world quickly. What they're doing, and that's exactly what they're doing, they're eradicating all older cultures that haven't gone along and accepted this very vague term of 'democracy'. They haven't accepted world bank running their system, they haven't accepted, basically, the British style parliamentary system; because, this whole world system was born in London, England, it's from the 1500s, John Dee wrote about the creation of a world empire, based on the British system - 

Alex: and it's now come out that the Crown, MI5 and MI6 run the whole Parliament, spy on it, they kill any member or set them up if it gets out of line. It is totally ceremonial, just like the Congress.  

Alan: Yes, and after World War Two, there were big talks at the United Nations, once they'd set it up, that those Colonial countries would not be pulled out of by Britain until they had set up, in those countries, a mini British-type system of Government and then they could pull out and withdraw. It might take a generation or more to do it.  

Alex: and they wrote hundreds of books, from Quigley's to others, bragging about the system; but, you go to Wikipedia or to the mainline Encyclopaedia Britannica and they say the New World Order doesn't exist. It doesn't matter if it's taught at Princeton, Harvard and Oxford and they admit the system of world governance, through the shadow round tables, they will still laugh at us and say it doesn't exist. 

Alan: That's right, even though the Historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is part of the parallel government, Carroll Quigley himself, wrote his big book on it, Anglo American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope and he outlines in there, their whole agenda. It was quite fascinating. 

Alex: Yeah, that's a great book, I read that back when I was about 15, and I had no idea that what I was reading was the keys to how it all worked; and, this is the Government commissioning. You have to understand that the people in government really have know how it works: these are the slaves, we're poisoning them, we're going to get rid of them, ok and if you work with us, you'll be allowed to procreate and we won't kill you, how's that sound? 

Alan: Another odd thing too, was back in the 90s, I think it's the same in the US, that politicians, in Canada and the British Commonwealth countries, they made a law to treat the politicians, and their families, in special military hospitals and, I thought at the time, “well what's all this about? Aren't the hospitals we have good enough for them?” and I realised too, what it is, is all these coming plagues that are scheduled to come out, they do have treatments for them, they do have the real antidotes to them and I think they've been giving the politicians and the families these particular antidotes and, so in other words, they're bought and paid for.   

Alex: well that's actually already come out: they get all the cancer cures, they get it all. I mean, this is so diabolical. 

Alan: Yes, and that's why they go along with it these politicians, they will keep their mouth’s shut, they will play the game, because they're getting all these benefits and a fairly good guarantee they will live.  

Alex: Ultra-vicious, ultra-wicked, ultra-selfish and a lot of you listening will continue to laugh; but, god-forbid, as you're burying your children and your wife or your husband, from what your masters are going to do to you, maybe then you'll fight back. Then you'll be facing the drone aircraft and the swords and the brain-washed chipped troops but we can still get into their deep underground bases, even after this happens and probably beat them; but, we'll see. We'll be right back, stay with us. 

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Alex: Alright, we're going to Don in Costa Rica, Jimmy, Dustin, Donna, Rico, Dustin, Jeremy and others. You know, I've done a lot of hit pieces, I've gone on a lot of national TV shows, where they tape you for days, for hours and they cut up what you said and they never let you put out your real evidence of 9/11 being an inside job or the New World Order; and, you know, the key is the mainstream media's lost all their credibility, they've been caught putting out their disinfo forever; and, I said I'd do this, first the History Channel thing and others and I did them and it's a stacked deck. But, this newest one, Alan, was a guy that specialises in hit pieces on JFK, researchers and others, and really puts out ridiculous pieces, where it's not even based on reality, you know the very foundations of it aren't - and he's doing a big piece for National Geographic - and I said: "you know what I don't think I'm going to do that interview, no, I'm not going to be interviewed by it" and they just can't believe that I don't care about going on their national TV show, so that I can have them stack the deck and do that. Again, the culture is so sick, wanting to be on TV. Alan? 

Alan: It's true, it's interesting as well to recognise that Professor Carroll Quigley himself mentioned that was a technique they used in mainstream media, because they often called on him to bring on with a guest who's coming out with a theory of the world being manipulated and they'd bring him on, to try and repudiate the guest. That was part of his function and he admits that, in his own book that they'd try and stack the deck and make the person look ridiculous. 

Alex: Yeah, to go on TV, here he is: Government Historian, who's writing a book for the government, laughing and how he would go lie to the American people and say this didn't exist. I mean, how do they get these guys to do this against their fellow man? 

Alan: There are many people out there so easily bribed, ego, status, self-benefit. I've been asked by the Elite themselves, you know, why don't you simply join us? You know you have the skills, the talent, the IQ and so on; and, they cannot understand that you have something which we call integrity, they can't understand that at all. It's a foreign, they actually go into a stunned look when you say it, they can't understand 

Alex: Well, I mean they killed 3,000,000 Iraqis in the last 18 years.  I don't want to be part of that, I mean, killing little kids.

Alan: Yes, and to them, that's nothing, that's nothing at all. They sleep well, they plan this kind of thing, they don't need sleeping pills, they are psychopathic types and we really cannot relate to them, they're so far removed as a species in psychopathy and so in-bred that it's guaranteed to pass on to their offspring.    

Alex: Alright, let’s talk about psych - that term - later. But, right now, let's go to Don in Costa Rica and then we'll hold him over. Don you're on the air with Alan Watt. 

Don: Hello there Alex, yeah, I'm calling from an IP phone in Costa Rica, a first-time caller, former Californian. Can you hear me ok? 

Alex: Yes, sir. 

Don: Ok, I just wanted to talk a little bit about global warming and, supposedly, its cause, CO2, which a lot of people call a green house gas; but, if you want to find some information on it, you'd better find it by looking up "industrial gases" on the Internet and you'll find all the uses that industry uses CO2 for. So, my plan to stop all talk of global warming would be simply just to outlaw the sale of CO2 and, when you do that, the first people to raise a stink about it would be the soft drink industry and also, maybe, their consumers. 

Alex: Yeah, well they're not going to do that, they're going to tax it, they know it's based on all manufacturing, life on this planet, you know, a key, it's: sunlight, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide makes the world go round. Stay there, we'll get Alan Watt's take on this, when we get back. The global feudalism tax, stay with us.

Transcription by Bill Scott.

HOUR 2 to follow …