Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show
Tuesday 18th November 2008

--- Hour 2 ---

Alex: Alright Don, yes CO2 is just used in almost every type of manufacturing imaginable: soft drinks, the oceans are filled with it, the atmosphere, it's what the plants breathe; but it's the perfect thing to restrict, it's what humans exhale and - as the Club of Rome said, Richard N. Haass at the CFR, writing for them, he said it's about making humans the enemy and the state as the solution, to deal with the enemy. So, it's about making us bad. Alan Watt? 

Alan: Yes, that's in the book The First Global Revolution and that's put out by the Club of Rome and they said that - back in the '70s - they were looking at a way to unite the planet and allow the public to be dominated, they'd allow themselves to be dominated; and, they said that they hit upon the idea of making man the enemy to an environment and they could say that global warming was caused by man, they said 'that would fit the bill', that excuse would fit the bill.   

Alex: That's a quote; now this is published publicly, now think about this listeners, openly saying it's fake and openly saying they want a global state, waging war against the individual and exterminating us, these are not nice people Alan; any comments on that Don? 

Alan: What we know too, is that the Club of Rome is not just a Think Tank; it's the premiere Think Tank that creates strategy for the future and hands it to governments to put into policy. 

Alex: Meanwhile you have all these well meaning liberals and mainline people and having global warming parties and getting involved and knifing tyres of SUVs. I'm proving, oh I'm so loving and then now, Obama openly has announced these youth brigades, 3 million man, environmental squads, 1 million man domestic spy force. He says it on TV, his chief of staff says it. All of them too and he puts it on his website and then pulls it off and I'm getting hundreds of emails everyday Alan saying I'm a liar. They had openly - and then I was watching PBS Sunday. A show called Fuelled and they had a round table on PBS, with Robert Kennedy and others saying we're going to take everybody out of work and have them work for the environment, fighting for the environment. Can you imagine all these dumbed-down fluoride heads, sterilised, running-around literal zombie creatures, coming after us that know what's going on because the government gives them a little uniform? 

Alan: That is right and what the Club of Rome also said about that agenda, was that the only time the public will allow themselves to completely ruled 100% is during a war scenario and therefore they'd have to make a war scenario to do with the environment and man against the planet and then they would change all of society, by the laws they would then introduce. It's a war scenario, they're using all the techniques right now; so, you're quite right. A land army was spoken about, the first earth army, was spoken about at NATO, of all places, well actually, NASA came out with it. They now have it. 

Alex: And: they mention, lets get more into that after the calls but they also mention the other part of the pincer: it says "Fake environmentalism carbon tax terrorism, threat of staged terror" and like a beetle grabbing a wasp: schkeeww, he's got you, schkeeww pincer attack, fake terror-fake environment schkeeww, got you' 

Alan: That's right. 

Alex: My studio audience likes the analogy! 

Alan: The indoctrination of children at kindergarten now is terrifying, because they're going to grow up to be real staunch Enviro-Nazis and you can see it all coming, what's being planned. They always go for the youngsters, to train them for their role when they are adults. 

Alex: Well, you saw these articles in the New York Times and others where "I'm glad my 3 year old and 5 year old rebuke me for taking a hot bath, I won't anymore". "I'm glad my children are my bosses" So, reversing roles with mindless 5 year old Nazis, literally in red and black uniforms, climate cops, we’re not making it up, just storming around reporting everyone. Oh it's so good, I mean, how could you make this up Alan? It's too insane.  

Alan: George Orwell had that in his book and you can see it in the movie too, the British version, with Richard Burton. Excellent work, the movie, 1984. The children have little uniforms on, they call the adults thought criminals, they're going to report them. This is all here. 

Alex: And the uniform is red and black, just as it is now in England and the US. Red and black uniform, kids running round, by 15 they give them machine guns. We're going to skip this break, for internet listeners, I'm going to let Don finish up in Costa Rica. Here we go. Yeah folks you can't make it up, I mean, you can't make it up. It's in the Philadelphia Daily news, 15 years olds with M-16s, training for us. I mean, we're just screwed; they’re going to turn loose mindless hordes of scum. Brain-dead, brain-washed, lazy hamburger eaters, the mainline McDonalds heads, the fluoride heads on us. Because they'll do anything for money, anything for power; I just wish I was out on Costa Rica with Don. Don, finish off your points.  

John: Don dropped off. 

Alex: Don dropped off; I wanted to hear from Don, he does have a good idea down there in Cost Rica, Don. Jimmy in Kentucky, fellow thought criminal, I'm sure your children will be reporting you soon, because it's part of the home of the free, land of the brave. Go ahead criminal! 

Jimmy: How you doin' Alex? 

Alex: Oh, I'm realising that freedom is all sorts of secret police and children spying!  

Jimmy: Today's my first day actually getting through; I've tried to call before. So, instead of asking a question, I would like to give some information to maybe help people. 

Alex: Oh, do you have a licence to be able to speak, and be able to talk? Government wants you to have a licence to be able to speak to fellow slaves! I'm sorry, go ahead. 

Jimmy: [Laughter] No, you're alright! I got a simple physics test for anybody who does not believe that 9/11 was an inside job and anybody can do this anywhere. It's simply: grab a quarter and try to stick it in a nickel slot and if you can get that quarter to fit, then I'll believe the official version of it. Outside of that, I can't see a plane going into the Pentagon; and, consider me, I don't know, ignorant, but I think that's an easy way to get it across to people. Just figured I'd try to put that out there; and, Ventura, Governor Ventura, used a quote from Denzel Washington, "talk to me like I'm a six-year old so I'll understand”. I have another quote from Denzel Washington that I liked and it was in Training Day and I can't curse but "The crap ain't chequers, it's chess" and it's pretty simple when you sort of think that way that they will do whatever they can to win this war. 

Alex: Well, I mean, exactly, you've got these scientists who come up with these plans to dumb us down, sterilise us, poison us. They're doing it on record and the public just can't believe it because it's so horrible. Thanks for the call. Allan Watt, comments on that. 

Alan: That's absolutely true, you have to - people suspend their incredulity because they can't imagine it, and they have been trained, that the Good Shepherd there, the boss man, is really different from themselves. He is very altruistic, he's there to help them, and all the scientific elite are there to help them. That's how they've been trained to perceive this; and, the trick of the elite is always to convince, the wolf or the shepherd has always to convince the sheep their interest lay in the same direction as the elite themselves. That's the con-game of it, that's the trick of it. 

Alex: That's like the slave saying: we got to take care of this here plantation, this here our plantation. Here we go, we're going live. 

They have trained the public, Alan Watt, as you know, to believe that what they believe is reality and that the general public is with the elite; and, as you were saying: that the general masses' well-being is the same well-being as the elite or that we're altogether, we're all going in the same direction, we all have the same interests. The public's also been trained not to have respect for themselves and to imagine Hollywood people as like gods who float around on clouds and elitists with egg heads and fancy suits on TV know more than they do. When in truth, once you really know what's really going on, you watch the egg-heads, the experts, they're putting out false disinfo on purpose that isn't even meant to make sense. Alan? 

Alan: That is true and with science they can rationalise anything to an ignorant populous. 

Alex: Let's take more calls here. Let's talk to Dustin, In Ohio, Dustin, you're on the air, with Alan Watt, welcome. 

John: Dustin dropped off.  

Alex: Dustin dropped off, ok, I see that there. Donna, in New Mexico, you're on the air.  

Donna: Hello. 

Alex: Hi. 

Donna: How are you today? 

Alex: Fine thank you.  

Donna: Hi Alan as well. 

Alan: Hello. 

Donna: I'm going to raise a point that never gets raised, in terms of the global climate change debate and it's one that really gets under my skin, because I've researched it extensively and that is heating of the Ionosphere, using electro-magnetic energy from towers or projects such as HAARP, one of many I think, over 60 countries now are heating the Ionosphere and I don't see how we can even have a discussion about climate change and so forth, without including this in this ‘debate’. The debate itself is polarised, it comes down on two sides: those who believe in naturally-occurring climate change, that's one side, and those who believe in the global warming myth and it is a myth. There is no doubt about that, it takes you about 5 seconds to figure it out, if you look it up. What we see, when we experience this Ionosphere heating, with electromagnetic energy is severe changes in Jet Stream, increase in volcanics, increase in earthquakes. Now, my understanding is that HAARP went operational approximately sometime, right before 2004; and right after that, we had the dramatic earthquake / tsunami in Indonesia. 

Alex: Let me be specific here: because you're bringing up a really important point that I have made but not often enough; in fact, this morning, I was beginning to make this very point and then you have these thousands of thoughts, that never get on air and I want you to comment more on it Donna and then we'll have Alan comment on it. But, it's this: we know the sun was in a particularly hot phase, putting off more heat radiation in the last thirty years. Now, in the last few, it's cooled down, the entire solar system is cooling. The ice caps that were receding on Mars are getting larger, same thing from the Moons of Saturn and Jupiter and others. Now, separately from that, they're getting upset that, because of the cooling, it's becoming obvious that it's not global warming, so now they're just saying climate change; but then that's very child-like, we're always having climate change, we have seasons. We know we go through hot and cold periods, but you're right, none of that even matters when it's declassified that they're doing thousands of aerosol spraying operations, just 'google' it. The Government now admits they’re -  

Donna: I'm watching one right now.  

Alex: Just finishing this thought for folks that don't know what Donna knows, that don't know what Alan knows, I'm just throwing this out because it's so important, and I meant to make the point today and I'm glad you called in; that's synchronicity or serendipity, whichever one. The point here is that, just finishing the thought: they are clearly, as Secretary of Defence Colin said in '97, in Army Times, the April issue: they do have weather weapons, they do have tectonic earthquake weapons, they said it, they admit it, and they are manipulating the weather. So, finish up your comment and then I want to get Alan Watt's take on that. 

Donna: Ok, well there's a misconception about missile defence shields, what the mainstream puts out there is that missile defence Shield are these interceptors which fail 9 times out of 10; and, in fact, missile defence shield is pulsed-energy, electro magnetic energy into the ionosphere and I'm leaning towards thinking that the Chemtrails that I'm witnessing right now, outside my window, has something to do with that. So, what we have here, is this shielded energy being created by antennas such as HAARP and you say HAARP, you've got this horrible stigma, just like you have when you say Chemtrails; but, it's a very real thing and it's impacting everybody, every thing, living organism. 

Alex: Well, governments admit that they use antennas, to manipulate the atmosphere and that's in thousands, literally thousands, of mainstream newspapers have reported on that. China does it, Russia does it; the problem is we don't know the full extent of that.  We do know that there are thousands of spraying programmes going on and with aluminium, dioxide, with barium salts being added to jet fuel, perfect compartmentalisation, the companies don't even know. It's only the three big jet fuel makers that are adding it. Alan Watt, comments on this.  

Alan: It's much bigger even, the HAARP technology was used in the 1970s, early '70s, from Russia, Riga in fact, the soviet system in Latvia; and, we find out now that there's over 54 of them world-wide. The US has one and I think Iceland and one in Greenland as well, there’s one in Alaska and they have one in Australia in Pine Gap. Now they can work these in concert with each other. It was in the British papers they used it in the first Gulf War, in Iraq and it literally affected the minds of the soldiers who were just walking out the desert, completely stunned. They hadn't been under bombardment, at least a visible bombardment and yet they were like zombies. It can affect the mind. Now, the HAARP technology, there's no doubt about it, this ties in with technotronic warfare that Brzezinski talked about in his book Between the Two Ages. He says shortly a technique will be used on the public and it will affect their minds. It will make them very placid etc and they can also use it to put thoughts right into your head, if necessary, by using a secondary beam. The United Nations signed a document with all the countries that had HAARP technology in the 1970s. You should look into that, it's under 'Weather Warfare', and the whole idea was dreamed up in the '50s, with Teller who was the inventor of the H-bomb. He said if we can dose the atmosphere, with Barium salts, aluminium oxide and others, he said we can make it very conductive and it will help this ELF frequency cover vast distances and they could use it either for altering the weather, weather modification or they could cause global warming with it, or freezing, one or the other, it depends on the type of frequency they hit it with, and they said they could also affect the mindset of a target population. This is actually in the Treaty at the United Nations, from the '70s. They have this technology; they're using it extensively across the world. 

Alex: And, by the way, the Baltimore Sun, 8 years ago, did a big report, admitting that DARPA is testing antenna arrays across the United States and it said "To calm the American people we put off these waves" We love you, we're the government

Alan: I've got photographs, from Canada, the States and Europe, they're putting up these strange antennas that look like tall lamp posts, with like a wind-sock on the end of it. I've seen this construction and photographs of the construction, where they have massive thick cables going into the bases of them; and, this is part of the technotronic series set-up, where they can control crowds during (and whole populations) during times of crisis. They can make you, literally, zombified and very placid, if they wish to. 

Alex: But that's freedom Alan! 

Alan: That's the freedom, that's the freedom, that's their new freedom, ha ha. Freedom was redefined by Mr Bush himself. 

Alex: Well, for the people that think they're going to enforce this system, most of them aren't going to be part of the brave new future either, are they? 

Alan: No, they will not, I think too that'll start freaking out them, as they become closer to their target, when, they, personally, will see their end coming. They will no longer be necessary. This is interesting; you see, technology is very old, because the true sciences are kept back from the public, even from Professors. There's much higher levels of technology and science existing and we know this from Nick Begich who had a documentary on television, on the Wendy Mesley show, where he demonstrated the obsolete technology, little hand-held remotes that the CIA used, back in the 1950s, where they could put thoughts directly into a target's mind. 

Alex: By the way, they had said Ted Stevens was beating his brother, but it looks like Senator Stevens, it’s going to be Senator Stevens, it looks like he's beating Nick Begich's brother, Mark Begich, so he's winning right now in that highly-contested Senate race, just a programme note. You're absolutely right; they’ve suppressed a lot of technologies. Anything else you wanted to add there caller? 

Donna: Yes, one more thing and this is really important: the powers of observation, for everybody, are critical, not just in terms of the political / geo-political situation, we really have to use our mind. But, in observing nature every day, if you really pay attention, you will see things you've never seen before. We had a period of six weeks, I live in a small mountain village in Northern New Mexico, where we have farming and ranching. There was a period of six weeks or more, where things stopped growing, literally stopped growing. Flowers didn't bloom, crops that had been planted weren't getting any bigger; and, when I noticed it myself, with regard to my indoor plants and outdoor flowers and so forth, these are plants that are potted mind you, not even in the ground. 

Alex: Everything these elites do is about playing God, total Matrix dominance, total. I mean, they have all these terms, but go ahead, full-spectrum dominance. 

Donna: Well, this went on for weeks and weeks and weeks, where they weren't dying but they weren't flourishing, they weren't growing. So, when I talked to local people, local farmers about it, they said 'yes' they had observed the same thing, they didn't know what was going on. I posted on a message board that goes out across the country, and people posted the same thing, they said yes, we noticed it was very strange. So what if? I mean it's a what-if? What if this energy that they're manipulating could be used to stop things from growing? 

Alex: Now it can be used to kill you so according - but listen - 2 billion bees, or close to 80% in England, just dropped dead, dropping dead everywhere. Other animals are dropping dead, whole bird species are dying; meanwhile, the Globalists prance around going 'it’s for the earth, for the earth' when really, they want to destroy the earth and rebuild it, in their image, playing God. Alan Watt is our guest and we'll be right back for everybody on the AM and FM dial. We're going to take some more calls, we want to get to everybody, here on the streams only, during this break. I joke around about all this because it would be too stressful if I didn't; but, this is all very serious, it’s all very, very painful to admit that we've got to this point. Ok, Alan, let's take on a call, very interesting call from Donna in New Mexico, you're comments to what she was just saying. 

Alan: She's right on, even here in Canada, where I am here, this is the blueberry area for this country and they literally didn't get enough sunlight this year. It rained every single day June and July; heavy, heavy spraying, this is the Global Dimming they talk about at NASA. 

Alex: NASA brags they dim the earth by 20%, that's BBC report, and they admit they're chemtrailing but it's only on university sites and then no news will touch it. 

Alan: That is correct and, also, there are no birds here, there are just no birds, I can walk through the forest here and there's not a single bird. The moles are coming out of the ground and dying; and, I've noticed quite a few of them, this last couple of months, so they're being poisoned by the stuff that's coming down in the spray as well. 

Alex: They're just slaughtering us and then they're going to say it's a global economic environmental crisis and then say that we've all got to be enslaved to stop it. 

Alan: And they blame us for doing it and getting us to believe it! It's a brilliant strategy. 

Alex: All you've got to do is just be completely ruthless, and it's a brilliant strategy. Let's go ahead and talk to Rico, in Toronto. Rico, you're on the air. 

Rico: Hi how are you?  

Alex: Good. 

Rico: Alan, I have to say that I really respect your work; and, Alex, of course. So I just wanted to say that off the bat. Second, something I want to say also: I’m sure you probably didn't get the chance to catch James Bond new movie as it came out Friday? 

Alex: No, but every James Bond has all these pro New World Order brain-washing messages. What's the latest brain-washing? 

Rico: Oh, Alex, this baby is crazy. Ok, there's a scene where they go into a theatre where all the shadow elite group is like communicating in the theatre itself. There's a giant eye that opens up and it's all Catholic priests; then, at the bottom of it, of the altar, if you will, there's a bunch of people who are being dragged as prisoners, to the eye in front. Then there's a woman that comes up with a knife and she's, basically, sacrificing this guy that's tied up to the eye; and to the whole altar. I was like: 'my god, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda'. 

Alex: So, they're just throwing Illuminati / Catholic, the Catholic Church as the Illuminati, human sacrifice?  

Rico: Yes and it's like they brought this guy actually sacrifices to the eye, then after that you have, like the whole movie is about a war for the resources. The shadow group makes the government, the big theatre they're putting back in, selling the water rights to like the whole country.  

Alex: But, let me guess, the MI6 James Bond is going to save us? 

Rico: Yes, he basically he goes, like he’s not aware that that the Americans are with it, the CIA section chief is with it. 

Alex: Let me just say this, I mean, obviously the Vatican and New World Order and I'm not even catholic; but I am seeing major pushes to make it only about it being a catholic conspiracy, in the media. But then meanwhile, the new da Vinci code movie Angels and Devils is about the Catholic Church being the good guys and it being an Anglo-American Merovingian. Alan Watt, let's come back after the break and have your comment on this.

--- BREAK --

Alex: Ok, behind the scenes there, we were talking to Rico in Toronto. He went and saw the new James Bond movie. No, I didn't go see it; I'm dealing with all the admitted world government being set up in front of me. He talked about how it's Catholic priests doing human sacrifice to the Illuminati in the movie and I got some emails about it but I haven't seen it myself yet. So, on that side, it's saying it's a Catholic conspiracy, then you have the new Angels and Devils coming out with all these big actors like Tom Hanks, where it's the Catholics fighting the Illuminati and I'll tell you what that is: that's about making it factionalised / divide and conquer. Where now people will fight about ‘which group is it really?’ when the New World Order controls both groups. Correct? Alan Watt. 

Alan: Absolutely, there's no doubt about it, even Malachi Martin, who was a Jesuit Priest, said that the Vatican had been totally taken over and is now run by Freemasons and these are the same Freemasons that run the Protestant side as well. It's the same Freemasons that go over and get knighted by the royalty, that's one of their high ambitions of course, to serve the Great Work. 

Alex: Let's be clear: we're not having a debate about the Catholic Church pushing world government, the last two Popes have called for it; we're not debating that. We're just stating the facts of what it is today and, for some reason, groups out of Israel, fund the idea that if you don't only talk about Catholics being the source of all evil, that you are in their employ and that's just massive disinfo. 

Alan: That's right, even though in Israel itself, there is a Masonic Lodge there, where some of the Muslim leaders attend, along with the Jewish leaders and leaders from the Western world. There's been articles in the paper here, from a Jewish leader in Toronto, with his regalia on, his Masonic regalia going off to that particular Lodge, representing Canada. You understand: they used to say that Isis had a thousand faces, well you see, this is the organisation with a thousand faces and fronts. They're a ‘thousand points of light’.  

Alex: And, the Masons are only one more of those fronts. 

Alan: Yes, there's Blue, there's Royal Arch, but they all take their orders from the English Lodge, that's where they get their Charters from. 

Alex: Just like all royalty gets it’s Charter from there. 

Alan: Yes, and the Duke of Kent, traditionally, is the head of the York Rite of Freemasonry that runs the whole show. 

Alex: Alright. Rico, do you agree with those statements? 

Rico: I do, I do, definitely, it was just, and it was crazy, because they were showing you like its cabal of all industrialists. 

Alex: But, the British are good and they're going to save us from the cabal, right?  

Rico: Well, they wanted to go along with it; but, supposedly James Bond did not want to go along with it, then after that; but, it's like leaves you with like ok: this shadow group are there, they're still doing what they're doing and the Minister even goes out to say it's all about resources. 

Alex: So, we've got to go ahead and do what the Shadow Group wants. I appreciate your call. That's throwing it in your face and we're seeing that everywhere Alan, explain to people what predictive programming is. 

Alan: Predictive programming is a technique developed in London, for the BBC, by the Tavistock Institute, where they experimented on, first of all, mental patients and then they expanded it into the general population, by surveys and tests etc. They found out that, mainly through fiction, because your censor part of the brain is down, you don't expect to have to make decisions on information. You're being entertained, your censor's down and therefore all of the messages that are wrapped into, generally, a fight and flight scenario, where the hero gets chased, there's always a lot of chasing going on and your adrenaline's up. If it's attached to emotion and sex and so on, then many messages can be downloaded into your subconscious, to make you familiar with this new possibility, they've got possibility programming and therefore when it happens in reality--

Alex: And so, now when we talk about it, they're comfortable with it because 'oh, everybody knows about that'.  Everybody knows the CIA deals the drugs; everybody knows they put cancer viruses in the vaccines. I mean, a lot of people don't even deny what we're saying. They just go ‘ok, yeah, everybody knows that'  

Alan: That's right, but they don't realise that they now have opinions and conclusions and they have no idea how they arrived at those opinions, but they hold on to them. 

Alex: Absolutely. We have another call here, Jeremy in Canada, a lot of calls where you're at, Jeremy - you're on the air. 

Jeremy: Ok, listen I really appreciate what you and Alan are doing and other people like you on the alternative media because you're the only ones I hear speaking the truth these days. I just have one question: wouldn't the Bilderbergers and the elites who are killing us with soft-kill, are they suicidal as well as homicidal because, like on the subject of the Disappearing Male, wouldn't their sperm count be way down and wouldn't their children be deformed too? 

Alex: No, when you read, they all avoid the plastics, they avoid the vaccines. It's like when I had the State Director on about enforcably injecting the kids in Maryland, he said "It's no law, you're right and my kids don't take them" then he laughed. You see, it's that pleasure. Alan. 

Alan: What's interesting, back in the '60s I think it was, I was small at the time, toddling around, but there was a documentary on the Queen and how she had her own personal herbalist who dealt with the soap she used and everything else. They don't use what we use, they understand the agenda and they make sure they're healthy and their offspring are healthy too. 

Alex: Does that answer your question? 

Jeremy: Yes, except. 

Alex: Jeremy, hold on, hold. 


Alex: The Empire's on the run, its Alan Watt and the GCN Radio Network. Go ahead Jeremy, finish up. 

Jeremy: Ok, what about some of these plastic dangerous chemicals that are right in the atmosphere of the whole planet, so they would be breathing it too. 

Alex: Well, they are and the fact is they're doing it. Everything Alan's telling you and I'm telling you, they admit sir. I mean we can give you all the sources they're on , they're on , they're on our sites. I make films about them. Alan does presentations about them. They also understand how these things cross and mix, it's a nexus of - take the Batman movies - in one of them, they say, from about 15 years ago 'yeah, we staged terror attacks like the Gulf of Tonkin', or this event, or: “hey we're crossing a whole bunch of different hair care and face care products but together they poison you and then they sell you solution”. Well, see that's what they really do in the real world. OK, so, these people are obsessive-compulsive, they're all about intricately-woven systems and they brag about it. Lord Rothschild, two weeks ago, in major papers, saying: “We run the world; we're setting up world government / world governance”. He said “My family's most proud of how we've kept our wealth, not been decadent, controlled our family”. See, they're all about keeping their money, Institutions; and, the general public's like 'how can something last 500 years?' They don't understand, it's like universities or organisations, Alan, do you want to explain that to him? 

Alan: Yes, it's inter-generational, Foundations can go on for centuries with the same mandate, retiring, using and rehiring new ones, into the same agenda. 

Alex: Their families all breed together; even the servant families breed together. 

Alan: Yes, it's all eugenics; Rockefeller ran the Eugenics system back in the '30s and 40s and so on. They were the ones who mandated for sterilisation for what they called the 'feeble-minded' and they're still into that yet. I've heard a Rockefeller recent speech, talking about the need to reduce the population and that there's too many, basically, common types at the bottom. It's never changed. 

Jeremy: I totally agree that they are doing eugenics and that they want to get rid of the 'inferiors', which is most of us; but, I'm just wondering: the pollution in the atmosphere, are they really totally responsible for that? because they're breathing that air too.  

Alan: Yes, but understand how these people live. If you take Buckingham Palace, it's rigged up to, and the same with Rockefeller’s home and all these people's homes, these are rigged up to withstand and even filtrate radiation, through filters etc. They don't breathe the same stuff we do. Their limos are the same, so they have, basically a system which keeps them pretty well out of the main pollution atmosphere at all times. They also have an advanced Chelation, that's the big thing with them at the top, where they go in and literally, with micro techniques, they can actually carry them around in their pockets. 

Alex: Yeah, we’re going back to the main audience. They also do total body blood transfusions. Here we go: Alright, final segment with Alan Watt. This show has just blasted past us. We got Kyle, Scott, Dave, Andy and others, and we’re going to go back to Alan Watt here, in just a moment. I want to make something clear, before I take some final calls for Alan Watt here, who we really appreciate. You know, I don't even loose sleep dealing with this, I do sometimes, but not as much as I would if I just didn't do the best job I can fighting it and move forward. You're only alive one time. There are just very wicked folk as control freaks that run the planet. They say it's our right to do this to us because - survival of the fittest - they're in control, we're not. And, I liken them to cancer, you know cancer can take over a body, cancer is "dominant" in the tissues of the body; but it ends up killing the host. And, it's the same thing with the global elite. I don't think they're in total control, they've lost their minds, they're crazy, they say there's no such thing as a genetic mutation, when they create chimera / cross-species creations, they just say well man's a natural mutation and, so, anything we make is a natural mutation. So, all their talk about the environment is a bunch of bull; they don't even care about themselves, at certain levels. Some of them do, some don't. A lot of them are very nihilistic and openly state – and we have this in Endgame: blueprint for global enslavement - that they might want to just destroy the Earth for fun. It's like Nero burning Rome or Caligula marrying his horse, throughout history these guys go crazy. So, there is some megalomania going on here; but, this is just a huge institution of evil and they select more evil people into their ranks, as the older ones die; and, to them it's a great honour that Zbigniew Brzezinski brags that he supported Pol Pot and helped him kill 2 million people, he's very proud of that and they honour him when he walks on stage anywhere. They look at him with respect: 'Ah, you killed 2 million'. Kissinger killed tens of millions, that's why there's such respect for him. These people, “we respect the tough job you've done". “Well someone has to do it.” Alan, in closing, before we take a few final calls; but, in closing for your comments, I want folks to go to , get some of the audios, the CDs that are there to support you, well listen to your interviews and stuff you do, there's of different variance and flavour and ideas covered there. But, I want you, in closing, to just speak to the enemy's mindset and, was I accurately, from your position studying it, was I accurately trying to articulate their mindset?  

Alan: Yes, what they've found with psychopaths like Hitler: he said that the German people could not conquer the world, did not deserve to live under his own theory, A Darwinist theory, and you find with Israel: Israel had to drag the Prime Minister Begin off when he had this Samson Complex, when he said “If Israel goes down, we'll take the world with us”. That's a standard psychopathic response, complete nihilism, if they cannot win and get their way. However, most of them at the top, have utter faith in their own abilities and the money and power to buy the sciences they need to help their own survival; and, so they pin everything on higher sciences which are kept quiet from the public, to pull themselves through. 

Alex: Same thing with Hitler and his super weapons but they do have the underground bases, I mean, in Switzerland or in Russia, they have underground bases with whole population food. Here, we're told they don't exist, while they're under congressional office they admit it exists; but, they tell us, the dumbest people on earth, no, it doesn't exist; or the most mind-controlled people on earth I should say. So, they're also very confident, because they have those facilities. 

Alan: They have their total faith in forward planning and the unlimited financing that can be taken from the tax-payer and funnelled into building their safe houses and their underground bases; and, they're well-stocked up as well. Margaret Thatcher talked about that when she was in power because she was spending incredible amounts of the tax-payers' money on building these things, for the elite. She was quizzed on it, she said if the common people tried to get in, the SAS will machine gun them down, because no commoner would be allowed in. That's the arrogance of them.  

Alex: That's the arrogance and - by the way - Michael Crichton did come out about global warming, his last book was about the New World Order, State of Fear. I read it; it came out in what, 2006. It was about the New World Order, how they're engineering the mass extermination and I know people that knew Michael Crichton, he died of an accelerated, basically very quick-acting, cancer. He was in great health, a medical doctor and, I believe, they got rid of him. Mark Cuban, was going to put out Loose Change, he backed off, after threats. He was threatened, we should do an article about that; so, he did back off of it and then notice, you have trillions being stolen by the Bankers but they claim he stole stocks, selling his own stocks, $700,000 and he's worth like $5 billion, selling some stock of some little company, but again the public will think of him as rich, he owns a basketball team, just like they burned Martha Stewart. So, none of the bankers Cash Cary [?] or Paulson or - they won't get in trouble and of course, their minions too. No, no, it's going to be Mark Cuban and he's going to punished now, for even thinking about and remember O'Reilly threatened him, and he said “You will be taken down. Do not make it or you're gone buddy, you hear me”, I'm talking about he went further and just threatened him on air and he said “You keep your mouth shut, you don't do it or you're going down, it’s over. You understand I'm threatening you, this is a threat, don't do it.” and then now, you see they wait and he's punished. It's just like the governor of New York was going to go after the Banks, well his dirt came out. So, this is dangerous stuff we're involved in. 

Alan: Oh, they are ruthless at the top, absolutely ruthless. We had James Goldsmith, Sir James Goldsmith, who tried to pull Britain out of the EU, he was popular enough and famous enough to get a massive following and he died from a pancreatic cancer that killed him within two weeks of diagnosis.  

Alex: And, of course, there's more than just that: we have the guy that was going to get us out of Iraq in England, who was going to beat Gordon Brown and something happened to him real fast.  

Alan: Kelly and he also, I mean Kelly, he said they'll find me in the woods with my wrists cut and, surely enough, they did but they found no blood; but we know their standard MO [modus operandi], they're utterly ruthless at the top; and, those who join their circles and join their fraternities and take oaths do put themselves at risk, they know that. Now most of them think they'll never have to recount for it, or stand up for it but they do know if they cross the line, their lives can be forfeit. 

Alex: What do the elites think of us Alan, from your study?  

Alan: I always liken it to the sadist breaking the legs of the cow and down it goes and then they kick the cow because it can't get up. In other words: they've dumbed us down, they're poisoned us, they've dropped the IQ, they've literally bio-engineered us until we're almost trans-sexual as we are today and they laugh at us, they laugh at the mess we're in and they have this complete disdain for us, in fact. 

Alex: That's right; they laugh at us wallowing in our excrement on the ground, broken legs drooling in pain and say: 'look at how ugly they are, look at how beautiful we are’. I mean, that is the ultimate in selfishness. 

Alan: I was watching a documentary that was made in Germany during World War Two, where some psychiatrist was explaining to school children why they had to kill off the feeble-minded and they showed you the most extreme examples of deformed people with very low IQs and I thought this was exactly the same technique that they're conditioning the whole public. They're conditioning the victims to accept their own demise. That's what they're doing right now. 

Alex: Well, I want to jam in very quickly a few final calls here. Who's up next John?

John: Kyle in Florida

Alex: Kyle in Florida, go ahead, you're on the air with Alan Watt. 

Kyle: Yeah, how you doin' Alan?  

Alex: Good, go ahead. 

Alan: Not so bad. 

Kyle: First of all, your show is amazing, you have unbelievable insight and I hope the general public knows what you know! My question for you is: I have a situation going on where I'm prescribed with painkillers and my doctor decided to drug test me; and, apparently, I came up as positive for a certain things that were not prescribed and did not come up through what they prescribed me. After that, they urine tested me and then I went and had a blood test done. After that, I'm just wondering why they are trying to make this a criminal procedure. 

Alex: Well, number one, I appreciate your call but we've got to jump here. Look, everything is designed to trap the average person and, so, nice people always say 'why are they setting me up?' 'Why are they criminal, don't they want to be nice?' No, they want to put you in the prison, they own the private prisons, you're seen as slaves. So, they put out drugs as an excuse to legalise slavery again, instead of it being an illness or a problem, or something you need to be gotten off of, it's ‘oh look you're bad, we're going to put you in prison now’. And, so, yes, they go, they put you on painkillers; then it's a Schedule 3. Then they test you and they find marijuana. You know, when a mother goes in, they don't tell you, they find marijuana in a mother: kids gone. They find any alcohol, they find, in about a third of the time, it's a false positive, they CPS your kids. The whole system is meant to destroy individuality and to get control of your life. So, folks, never take painkillers, even if you're in really bad pain because if you get addicted, they're going to ruin your life. Never take their illegal drugs, because they want to catch you. You defeat them by living clean; you defeat them by living well. You defeat them by realising they're scum and filth and garbage. Young people: do not use drugs; do not think at school, they're brought here for you. Don't even get into the gateway drugs. Keep your head down if your parents put you into a government camp, keep your mouth shut. They are there to destroy you. I can rant and rant but, Alan, in closing, do you want to comment on that?  

Alan: It is true, they run both sides of the drug industry: legal and illegal and you would not have the excuse to build up the massive police forces, always under the guise of recruitment to fight the drug war, if it wasn't them putting out the drugs themselves. We know for a fact - and I've read articles from some of the top ex-special forces men who were involved in bringing drugs into the country. We see the Oliver North scandal, with the drugs for guns, with the Contras and so on. The government itself are the biggest drug dealers of all time; so, they want them in society. 

Alex: Absolutely and again, ladies and gentlemen, realise the hospitals, everything, the churches have now openly turned into homeland security. They are there to put you in prison. They are there to ruin your life. More and more, they are there to hurt you and that's what this change is with Obama because he's going to convert it all over fully to the system, lock step with Bush. Alan Watt: thanks for spending so much time with us. 

Alan: It's been a pleasure Alex. 

Alex: It's been great having you here.  


Transcription by Bill Scott.