Alan Watt on the Alex Jones show

Monday 20th October 2008




Alex Jones: For the next 51 minutes we're joined by Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix. Alan Watt, first, I want to get into the fact that the Trilateral Commission documents, the C.F.R. statements, the Club of Rome statements, back in the 70s and 80s: engineering a world financial collapse, that will be managed by the very inner group of private banks and the Anglo-American new world order system, so they can then pose as the saviours and bring in a world government of and by the banks, where they will regulate all the other banks and financial systems and governments' currencies of the world. They always said it would first, after the collapse happened, be a trilateral or three-tier system:  an Asian Union, European Union, American Union, with seven sub-regions under it, with all of those currencies pegged to the Central Government, in that tri-polar world. They then intend to merge those three systems, we already see this merger going on, by the time they announced the tri-lateral plan, we had already been in it for years; and, in my film Endgame, you’ve also covered it. It's admitted that the North American Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, is already being merged, Bush even gave speeches with Boroso [spelling?] and Merkel, on the White House lawn, over a year ago, where they admit they are already merging the European Union and the North American Integration Group, they are already merging those together, in front of us. So, we are being told about the Trilateral plan for the world, we're already in that, as we really move into the merger of the Trilateral system, so breakdown what we are currently seeing with this financial situation.

Alan Watt: We are seeing the implementation of a plan laid long ago, even before Bretton Woods, in World War II. At the beginning of the 1900s, they talked about the creation of this world system, under the League of Nations, and how they would eventually have to bring in a world bank. People didn't go for The League of Nations too well, especially in the U.S. and, so, they quietened it down, they brought in World War II, to bring us to our knees; and, even then, they tried to bring the whole world / global system and people still wanted to retain nationalism, so they worked covertly from then on. In fact, they by-passed any idea of democracy. There is no democracy, they ignored the public and the next part of the plan, as I say, Maurice Strong, who is a front man for Rockefeller, was instrumental in setting up this world banking system, he was the head of it, for a while. It will be the big, big stick. The economy plus nature, the world environment, are going to be used, to bring in a new type of New World Order, where it is scientifically-designed, run by technocrats and bureaucrats, who will decide who lives, who dies, who will be born, who is needed, who will not be needed. It's a whole regulative society that's to come out of this and there's to be a 100 years war, going on right out for the whole century, until they bring our their new types of servants, the new perfectly-made society, through cloning etc and genetics. A much smaller population will serve this global elite, who have said, in their own writings, that they will not alter themselves mentally, their brain capacity, they'll keep their abilities for self-preservation; but, the public won't need them anymore, because the State will be making all decisions for them. That is the 'Brave New World' scenario that we are going through now; and, as I say, it's been going on, Professor Carroll Quigley said, in the 1960s, in his own books, Tragedy and Hope that this parallel government had run America for 60 years, in his day. Basically, for a 100 years, they've been working towards this great utopia. It's a utopia for the elites.

ALEX: and they all openly admit that they’re setting up a world government for, and run by, the central banks. That they would use environmentalism - as a pretext to demonise human life, and to cheapen it - so that the state can carry out the orderly forced reduction of at least 80% of the population.

Alan: Yes, and also, I read recently, from the C.F.R's own website and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is just the British branch of it, that they are now ready, the public are ready, they've been conditioned and they said 'scientifically-conditioned' to accept this and people don't realise that everything they watch on television, everything they read, is nothing but propaganda to shape their minds, along a road to accept all that is coming down today. They are, literally, brain-washed and controlled and they know it at the top because they've done constant surveys on the internet, they know what we are all thinking and doing and they can tell that their conditioning and their propaganda has worked, to the maximum. There's only a few people who have functioning brains anymore - and an intellect that actually works and reasons - and the masses, unfortunately, have been conquered. That's the key problem right now. They did say too, a hundred years ago, that, eventually, after all the wars, that they would create, to bring the world into world government, through conflict and resolution and treaties, that they also said that the power of the purse would be used at the end because everyone is dependent on a monetary system for everything they need to live and so we are seeing that now. Governments in collusion with the banks is basic fascism, is classical fascism and the government, now that it's in with the banks, will be into your bank account, deciding what you can withdraw, what you can buy and what you can eat and so on and so on.

ALEX: All for environmental and - it's a pincer attack - anti terrorisms as Richard and Hoss [spelling] in the Club of Rome document said they would use phoney environmentalism to create neo-feudalism and serfdom, to control and regulate the public and then collectivise the wealth through the control of the banks and then the global elite above the nation state and the other side of the pincer attack is the threat of terrorism, they take our liberties and freedoms and surveil us, to keep us safe from these bogie men that they create and that they promote. Alan, I want you to specifically talk about the human mind and TV and cognitive dissonance and brain-washing.

For decades we told people they would get the population into debt, they would restrict liquidity, they would have a 'bail-out' that would give the central banks even more power, they would openly set up a world-banking government that regulated all the currencies of the world, in a tri-lateral system. In the last two weeks, we've seen it all announced, in detail, global government, new world order. I went and saw the film 'W' last night. They admit it, it's about a new world order, through Oliver Stone. They're just throwing it all in our face; but, still, my message board on, the comments on the pages are saying, when I post AFP and Bloomberg, all admitting this.  They say 'no, you're a liar, none of it’s happening, those aren't real links'. Now, I know a lot of those are government agents but some of them aren't. They're people so wedded to the delusion and the old lie that none of this existed while they were building it but now that they're unveiling it, the public is still denying it. Can you speak to that psychological system?

Alan: That's right, you see, most people never live in a state of consciousness, an awareness, they live in a world of fantasy, surrounded by their ego-syntonic behaviour, what they like to do, what's going to be pleasing --

ALEX: Exactly, their ego tells them they don't like being slaves, so they can be in bondage sitting in a pile of their own crap in a concentration camp and they're going to say that they're not in a camp because they don't want to admit that they've been enslaved.

Alan: Yes and I'm sure you've heard the same thing too, with the futurists and all those guys, who are all for this genetic engineering and creating new types, a small type of selected people, they truly believe they all will be chosen to come through this, because they're superior. In other words, they're calling themselves "clone-worthy". That's a term they're using now; and, it's so amazing to me how they’ve used the new age again to a massive build up, a creation of a religion is no big deal, if you have big wealthy foundations backing you, you can churn out thousands of books to promote what is called new age --

ALEX: and they will openly announce that they're Occultists, that they're into Theosophy and Lucifer, but then they'll tell you, if you criticise it, oh, you're just a Religionist, you have a closed mind and I'm saying 'no, I'm secularly, analyzing what you're saying and doing and they just use doublethink and say no it doesn't exist, as they announce it themselves.

Alan: As they announce it themselves, they all belong to the various societies, with 'secrets', as they call it, themselves; and, they all swear oaths to obey this great plan, to the 'Great Work' and work towards it diligently and it's to be done covertly because everyone else they call the 'profane' - those in the world of darkness, non-understanding, are called the profane. Now that ties in with the war on terror, because, if you read the American Psychiatric books, the Association's books, on the population and the American Journals of Psychology, you'll find many, many professors in there talking about the world and the population in it being, technically, insane. So, they are therefore the terrorists.

ALEX: and they say the family is insane and must also be broken down and that people shouldn't breed or people shouldn't have children. It's a culture of death. It's really the most ancient form of total war, is to conquer people through siege and then not let them appropriate.

Alan: That's exactly right and we find that it's a blend of what we saw as the Communist system, the Soviet system, with Capitalism, coming together as it was designed to do, after seventy-odd years. Lenin talked about this; and, sure enough, the Club of Rome announced that they looked at all the different systems in the world and the one they promoted most, thought it was the best kind to rule the people, was Collectivism, which is basically the Sovietised system and that's what's coming in. That's why the big services like childcare are now Authorities; everything is an authority over the public.

ALEX: That's right, or the prison guards, to boil it down, the schools are prisons to induct your children into official prison, or to get them on welfare, or to give them psychiatric designations, so they have no liberties, or freedoms. It's all about enslaving the population. We're going to slip this break for the online listeners and and viewers; for everybody else, we'll be back in 4 minutes. Alan, I mean this is so hellish, and I see so many mainline Liberals. You know, the Right Wing is all for a police state and total tyranny and surveillance, to keep 'em safe from the 'evil Arabs' or the 'evil Muslims'. They're being sold on that; but, the more sophisticated paradigm is the Left. They'll say 'yes, we're against the right wing government but we're for the loving U.N. utopia system of not having to work and milk and honey and the withering away of the State' and we see the big banks funding that and the Left says 'what do you mean the big banks fund us? We want to shut down the big banks'. Can you explain the brain-washing there please, Alan Watt.

Alan: It's the dialectic, the dialectical procedure has been understood since the days even before Plato existed but it's a technique of using, always, you see, to change society in any direction, you must have a conflict so you must create another. You must create one group which comes out with proposals to change society. That will automatically foment a group that will oppose them and through their conflicts and resolutions - and resolutions are the key, that means things like treaties for instance and laws, signed into law - then you are guiding both of them along a pre-planned path and that's how you get it. Now, most folk will choose one side or another, that's the nature of humanity, and, through the use of politics and sides, you're being conned; because, eventually, the two paths end up on the same road. I always say there's two wings on the bird there, on the emblem of the U.S. and they're both joined to the same body and the body is hidden behind a shield that's not for public view. Those that really run the Government are not elected.

ALEX: The social engineering is really heating up. Again, how do they condition someone? You got somewhat into it but I want to get deeper into it, to where they're admitting that they're setting up the North American Union, they're admitting they're setting up the Caribbean Union, the African Union, the Asian Union. They're setting up this global Nanny State. The children are being trained to tattle on their parents, spy on their parents, to rebuke them for taking a hot bath at night, that was in the New York Times, as you know, a week and a half ago, for driving a car that uses too much fuel and the parents are saying 'oh I'm so proud of my children telling me what to do; but, that's the State coming in and becoming the parents but not just parents: turning the children into little Nazis, to report on the parents. I mean, this is classical hard-core tyranny but it's OK, because it's for the environment'.

Alan: Yes, H.G Wells talked about the need to use children, and indoctrinate them heavily; limit, of course, the information, because children see things either black or white, there's no grey area, they're too young; and show them injustice and they'll become young fanatics. They will then go out into society and force their parents to comply. Many authors, in the past, used the same terminology and we find that Lord Bertrand Russell was the guy who put it into an actual science, on how to do it, from kindergarten. In England, for instance, right now, many schools will bring in teachers who are applicants to teach and the students will give you, the teacher, the interview and the first thing out their mouths will happen to be: 'do you care for the environment, you're all for the environment, aren't you?'; 'Do you care about gay rights?' and so on. These are young students.

ALEX: and again, that's petty power: training the children, they're going to be the enforcers; and, when they become teenagers, the military and police admit they're turning a lot of public schools into military encampments, at the military schools, the children will then be the enforcers of the State. This is so classical tyranny, this is such classic tyranny, it just blows the mind

Alan: Yes and to do that, to get to that stage, they had to destroy the family unit and that what was so interesting in the books that were written in the late 1800s

ALEX: Alright, stay there, we're coming back to the full audience, let's make this point, here we go: talking to Alan Watt, an amazing researcher, Cutting Through the Matrix. We'll give you out his website here in the next segment. There's links to him up on Under the guise of ant-terrorism, the guise of the environment, they're training children all over the country, not just in public schools but private schools that follow the same curriculum, your parents are bad, having children are bad, the Police State is good, rebuke your parents, don't let them use too much food / eat too much meat, don't let 'em take a hot bath, don't let them drive an SUV and the parents are saying 'oh, I'm so glad to have my children bossing me around, it's so good to have my children bossing me around. So, first they teach the parents don't be parents, don't be involved, don't tell your children what to think. That's so they're a clean slate for the State to indoctrinate them. Then they get the children on these power trips and Alan Watt was talking about that: how they're turning them into good little Stasis. Break that down for us.

Alan: Yes, well Lord Bertrand Russell was given experimental schools, at the beginning of the 1900s, by permission of the Crown, the Royal Crown was behind it; and, he found that, through experimentation and scientific indoctrination, that the children would give their total loyalty to their teachers and their school and they would listen to nothing that their parents gave them on a moral basis, or try to pass on through their tradition or culture. In other words: the State was to eventually give the children the new morality that they would grow up in; and, that's been successful, they always go for the children. We saw that used in the Soviet system, they had the Young Communist Society, who were absolutely rabid in their beliefs, they were completely indoctrinated and Hitler Youth was the same thing.

ALEX: Mao had the same thing

Alan: Yes, and so now they're using it globally and it's part of what they call the First Earth Army that was mentioned back in the, I think it was the '70s, because Gene Rodenberry, who gave us the great Star Trek series of predictive programming, about the future, done on a Space type area but it's all about the Planet Earth, if you look through the stories, it's Planet Earth.

ALEX: Well the symbol of the Federation is the U.N. symbol over the Milky Way.

Alan: That's right and you saw the multiculturalism and you saw a specialised society; everyone was a specialist in a certain area and anyone who wouldn't join the free-trade federation was a bad guy, and ugly and nasty. So, that was all about the World and the United Nations etc and free-trade; but, Gene Rodenberry was a member of NASA and that's where you got all the predictive programming for that he was to put into his stories, to raise a generation who are already prepared mentally, through fiction, for the society that would be brought in, in reality, while they actually lived, in their lifetime and that's how all media works, especially fiction. It's heavily-funded: the Pentagon has been funding Hollywood for, since even before World War II.

ALEX: Alan Watt, how do we break out of this Matrix? I mean, not only do we have the children, 8-9 hours a day, they're expanding the school year in many areas, to not 9 months but 10 or 11 months, in Europe and Canada and some places in the U.S. They're having after-school programmes and encouraging the parents to have fun at the bar, leave your children here and when they get home, they sit down, children for an average of about 4 1/2 to about 5 hours a day, parents about 3 1/2 hours a day, so there's really not real human interaction going on, there's less and less of that; and, if it is, it's a big gladiatorial diversion or distraction, in these big communal group-think events. I mean, the social engineers know exactly what they're doing and then they have an overlay that I constantly hear: everything's an accident, governments are idiots, they couldn't plan that, they couldn't do that. When we have all their documents and plans where they were saying they were doing it.

Alan: And actually doing it, as I say, Lord Bertrand Russell. You see, initially, their idea of the elite in Britain and the Elite throughout Europe, their idea was to follow the plan of Plato, where they'd remove their children from the parents, at birth, from their mother at birth and bring them up communally; but they found that if they could get them as young as two into kindergarten, with that scientific indoctrination, then, as I say the parental input would be simply cancelled out. And: that has happened, they will not listen to their parents at all and - of course - they use the Media big time entertainment for those young children, even through cartoons, to indoctrinate them further therefore they feel more estranged from their parents. In fact, all they are, are being brought up economically and being paid for by their parents and that was a good thing, according to Russell, it saved the State having to fork out the money. We found the same thing in the Soviet Union, they tried that because pure Communism was to be based on Plato's Republic, where they did remove the children, they tried it in certain areas but the parents still liked to have their children, it was a natural tie, a natural bond.

ALEX: It's like China, they let them visit a little bit now and then, meanwhile, more and more people work for the State, or are dependent on the State, where you have this hoard of dependent brain-dead zombies that work for the system, now honing in on us. I'm getting confirmed reports of people walking up to people at coffee shops, and in restaurants, saying 'why are you reading a book?' 'What is that book about?'. It's that bad, like people do not trust readers. So, Alan Watt, stay there, riveting information, so important. I want to get more into what we are going to see in this New World Order system, on the other side. You're only alive once, do you want to live it as a slave? Do you want to be conned? Do you like being dumbed-down by a bunch of social engineers? Do you enjoy them playing games with you and suckering you? So you like being smucks? Or do you want to get angry, get informed, and get educated and take back our societies, individual by individual, city by city, county by county, country by country. Social engineers, eugenicists are in control of our society, we have to say 'no'. We have to resist, we have to get informed and get involved. Don't just sit by ladies and gentlemen and watch history go by, with a bunch of tyrants controlling it, get involved today and resist the New World Order. If you think I'm going to sit by and be a slave and not fight back, you got another think coming. I am not going to live on my knees as a slave. I am not going to go quietly into the night. We may be going down but not without resistance. I am not going to sit in a ditch and lick the boots of the New World Order. I am going to go 110% against them and I'm going to do the best job I can to activate my fellow humans not to even believe what I'm saying but to look into the true nature of the global power structure. Alright, Alan Watt, fire out your website for folks so that they can find out more about the great research you are doing, on a daily basis.

Alan: They can look into  and

websites for lots of previous talks I've given, filling in a lot of the histories that led up to our present state and where we're going with it all; and, I name the big foundations and the think tanks that work with them, this parallel government, that's really what it is. It also consists of ex prime ministers and presidents that work in the C.F.R. and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, all working together, globally, on a long-term strategy. I mean, for instance, when they set up the C.F.R., in the U.S., it's a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They also set up specialised departments, the Institute for Pacific Relations was one of them and their job was to work, 80 years ago, and getting the Asian, the Far Eastern States, to come in under a bloc, a trading bloc. That's how long they've been working on all of this, inter-generationally, towards the same goal.

ALEX: and people are ignorant, I mean, they love the cliché of 'something couldn't last hundreds of years, they couldn't pass it on generationally'. How could do you have the Marine Corps, two hundred and forty-something years old?; how do you have the Army, two hundred and forty-something years old in the U.S.? Or the British Army, been constituted under the same name and system for five hundred plus years? How do you have universities that are 500, 600, 700, 800 years old? Or churches, like the Catholic Church, 1800 years old? I mean, these are generational systems where people sit in the seats of power, as the chancellors or chairmen of those corporations, of those companies, of those universities and then they inter-marry with other elites, they expand their power, while they're in their seat of power, it's human nature to want more power, it's a fraternal thing and it's how history works and, somehow, that: no, no, no none of that's going on. 

Alan: They gave us a thing called democracy, which was a good panacea, because the idea of democracy is you can always vote this bunch out; that's what you do in democracy, you don't vote a new bunch in, you're really so sick of the last bunch, you're voting them out. So, they play this ping-pong game and that stops people from having revolutions every four or five years. That's why they gave us democracy; but, all along, as I say, the parallel government has run since the birth of so-called democracy, this parallel government has been here, under many different names and, now, it's so well-funded and organised and funds their NGO groups that create policy for the public.

ALEX:  It's now emerging as the official government; I mean why are they now emerging? why are they now admitting it's going to be a global government with a global controlled currencies, under their system?

Alan: Because now, as I say, with the C.F.R., on their own website, they say that they've used enough scientific indoctrination that the public are ready for it. They have altered the perceptions of the public, their outlooks on life, through massive propaganda, for their whole life long, that they believe that they are ready to accept anything that's presented to them. Most people truly, truly, believe already with the campaign that we are causing problems on environment. They truly believe this and they truly do believe that there are better people, more intelligent people, above them, that will take care of it all and that's the key. The Elite have hoped for hundreds and hundreds of years that the public would just accept that their betters should rule every aspect of their lives.

ALEX: Acquiesce, capitulate, give in. Alan let's talk about what's going to happen in the future, as we capitulate and what the system is going to try to do as there is a great awakening, because there are a lot of people, it's exponential, who are waking up to this or are least to certain levels of it.

Alan: Yes, well the people, I tell you now is the time, because they better start taking to the streets and doing mass demonstrations till they cannot be ignored anymore, because all the talking in the world, amongst each other, or over the Internet, is not going to stop this. It has to be, literally, people, contact is what they need with, with other people and mass demonstrations to stop this from coming in. Because: a horror show has been planned for the rest of society. We're already being culled off, everyday, in newspapers, they're reporting, New Zealand, just today, the men in New Zealand are almost sterile now. This is a planned take-down because population control was one of the main mandates from the League of Nations, back in 1919.

ALEX: That's right, there is no doubt that different fluorides, different poisons are being put in the water, that there are hundreds of different types of plastics but the one type that was chosen for universal adoption, world-wide is the type that gives off massive amounts of oestrogen mimicking chemicals that feminise boys, sterilise them and then hyper-feminises women, massively increasing all sorts of reproductive problems and breast cancer. They admit it, it's mainstream news but they're not stopping it, they're actually intensifying what is lined with this, even tin cans and most other packaging for food and then the Tetanus shots, the UN has been caught adding hormones to sterilise women there. This is very, very serious, can you break that down.

Alan: Yes, this was intentional: they knew back in 1920s and 30s the effects of Bysphenol, from the plastics etc, they knew, by testing it in fact, with, they polluted in the United States, and I think it was Monsanto, they polluted certain villages' drinking water with chemicals that were coming out of pipes. They studied the people and they found that the young men were growing breasts and stuff like this. The females were having menstruation at the age of 6 and 7. So, they understood the effects of this and, like always, they always say we can use this to our advantage, that's the key term they always use and they have been using it. However, I do believe that inoculations were also weaponised, to also attack certain reproductive - -

ALEX: Well, you don't believe, you know, it's been proven and you've gone over that research. They also love the compartmentalisation. The average city facility doesn't know what they're putting in the water, there's only a few companies that sell them the systems per nation, they ship it to them, even those mixing it are just told 'this is what we put in there, it's good for the people'. They love that compartmentalisation, they love putting these toxins into the environment, where we, basically, have no way of getting away from it. Now that people are getting away from fluoride toothpaste, fluoride water, they're now saying that we're going to spray it on the crops, as a pesticide, it'll kill bugs but it'll also go through the membranes, through the cell walls of the plants and adulterate them, impregnate them, with this as well.

Alan: Yes, this is the planned take-down; and, one of the top players said, back in the '60s, they've got to bring the population down and, cancer is as good a way to do it as any; and, sure enough, we've had the cancer explosions. Ever since, they've been tampering heavily with the food and pesticides and stepping up the inoculations as well. This is planned, it's hard for people, you said yourself, that, just a minute ago: everything is based on trust, even the doctors, who give you those shots truly believe it contains what it says it does but they have no way of proving it.

ALEX: Look, everyone I know takes their children and gives them shots and then says 'Oh, I should have listened to you, my child had auto-immune response, swollen up, had to be given all these drugs. Everybody I talk to won't listen, or they want to get their dog a check-up and the vets won't see them now, if they're not injected every year; I know a bunch of vets who say it's ridiculous, it should only be every ten, according to even, you know, conventional stuff and then they give the dog the shot and the dogs die or almost die. I mean, it's there, but, they also institutionalise the breast cancer and the other cancers caused by the injections and the hormones and they make it a fad, they make it: 'oh, everybody's got autism now, you know, from 1 in 25000 to 1 in 86' and then it becomes a campaign issue and 'the government’s going to help you' or now, we're hearing ads all over the country, radio, TV and print, about how children, foster children, are more highly susceptible to suicide, drugs, being killed, having post-traumatic stress disorder than even our troops and so the government needs even more funds and power, because the foster children have got it so bad. When that's all been done by design and we have the heads of the state health departments on video, in Endgame, saying that they had bad gene pools so we're doing this to them.

Alan: That's right, that all ties together, because, even with the human genome experiment, this secretive world-wide campaign to try and type everyone's genes had many different aspects to it and it was a eugenics programme: they want to find those people with what they call 'inferior genes', because those are the types who will not be allowed, in future, to breed, they'll die off rather quickly, probably, and only those with the specified genes will be allowed to procreate, with permission that is, at least for one phase of this agenda. This is all a long-term, multi-levelled phase.

ALEX: That's right, they're testing each phase, then it goes mainline and they start testing the next operation, it's just so incredible.

Alan: And: even in the movie Gattaca, which is well worth the seeing, they show you the genetically-enhanced people in a future society, not too far in the future, that actually creates a class, a new class of people, those who are passed as genetically-perfect and superior and the rest of the people have the rotten jobs at the bottom, they're inferior types. That's actually coming in shortly.

ALEX: And, then we have control groups: African tribes that won't take inoculations, huge populations of over 150,000 Amish in Illinois alone, where major university studies have been done, none of them have autism, their cancer rates are 1000s of percentile lower and it's because they're not taking the inoculations, they're drinking well water

Alan: And: they're not eating the modified food. The modified food, and this is what I've come to realise, after studying the scientists who helped put it all together. A lot of these scientists came from warfare institutes, they have weaponised the food.

ALEX: And, so, for police officers, for F.B.I. Agents, for people in the system, for governors who are listening, for high level people, you think you're part of the system, it's happening to your children, it's happening to all of you and you can laugh all day but everything we told you is coming true. This is real and I'm sorry that reality is so horrifying but you can't be like a child and say 'well I choose not believe it'. Whether you deny or whether you accept it and decide to fight it, it is still there and still going on.

Alan: I've got an article on my website, from a mainstream paper, where the main headquarters in the United States, for Monsanto, their cafeteria banned the use of GM food for the staff who work there. They said it was dangerous!

ALEX: Yeah, I saw that. So, that's how it works and - of course - we have these giant people don't realise- I've been to London a few times, but what's the, isn't it Windsor Palace that is like fifty-something square miles?

Alan: Windsor Castle, yeah.

ALEX: but I know there's a whole bunch of the, Buckingham Palace, in London, it's like a huge part of the City but I've seem documentaries with Prince Philip and Prince Charles, where they'll go on and they have hundreds of these palaces and you see them throw this in our face in the movie Children of Men, where the government's put something out that basically sterilise the population and the government's staging terror attacks, they tell you three times in the film it's the government staging the terror attacks; but all of sudden, when they drive in to Buckingham Palace, and how many square miles that is, everything's clean, everything's nice, they have good food, they have good water, right outside, it's dirty and poisonous and I saw Prince Philip admit they grow all their own food, raise all their own beef, on those palaces, tens of thousands live on those grounds and they all are openly eugenicists. He goes in and buys himself the organic beef, you know, everything is, and I've read about the Rockefellers are all obsessed. They'll have wine and water and food that is hyper-clean, non GMO, grown on their own farms and it's trucked and flown everywhere they go.

Alan: Yes, I watched a programme on Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, where they had the biggest herds for the royalty, herds of cattle and so on and they eat the natural grass etc. There's no GM anything, no pellet feeds there, and they even send their chef up there to pick which ones are to be slaughtered, to be brought down for the royal banquets.

ALEX: Meanwhile, they're saying give up all your rights for the environment, save the Earth, while they are involved, these Elites, in cross-species, open air planting of plants and animals. They announced in Canada and the US, hey guess what, you've already been eating cloned food for years, shut up and like it. They're already getting all sorts of mutations, oh Alan, I can't believe it's so serious.

Alan: Yes, and this was planned, it's warfare, you see, they declared war on the people a long time ago and, according to them, the common people are obsolete. This is part of their religion, we're obsolete, they believe they are the most evolved type because they have been into specialised breeding for centuries and centuries and having their mates picked out for them, for specific qualities, where as we, the commoners, are the low end of the gene pool and we're the junk genes. It’s time to eradicate the junk genes who are now a problem to them.

ALEX: and then they claim we're junk genes, but, in true eugenics, as you know, it's not even positive or negative eugenics, it's truly to dumb the mass down, so they're more easily controlled and that's stated, I mean that's so cold-blooded.

Alan: everything, this world, it's a horror show, what's coming in and it's never been done on such a scale before, where you won't be able to do anything at all for yourself, you can't make any decision for yourself. An agency of one form or another will decide something for you. You'll have to have check-ins, to see where you are, report-ins, to see where you are.

ALEX: and they're the authorities. Weekly environmental visits, monthly, they're announcing this in Europe and England and the U.S. C.P.S. visits to everyone's homes, all of us under the social workers' control.

Alan: That is correct, they want to give you annual psychological tests, to see if you harbour terrorist thoughts, right out of out of Orwell's book.

ALEX: Now they're claiming that these quackish electronic machines will decide if you're a terrorist or a liar

Alan: Also, as I say, the financial stick is the big one because Russell and his big Think Tank, back in the '50s said: they'll bring in a new type of financial system, where the State will issue credits into your bank account every week. You can't save them up

ALEX: and that's the new carbon credit - and carbon rationing, it's actually happening

Alan: Yes, and he said it would be used as a new form of social punishment, if you are against the system, they'll withdraw your funds and you either starve or you're out because there'll be no private property, it'll be rental only and you won't be able to afford a roof over your head.

ALEX: Good god, we're going to skip this break too for the audio stream listeners exclusively and viewers for those folks, this is just too important ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back. For everybody else on AM and FM dial and shortwave and satellite, this is the one, the only GCN radio network, spread the word out wherever you're listening, Alan Watt's our guest. OK Alan, I'm jumping in here because everything you’re saying is so true and everything you say, and I can think of a thousand plus examples of works backed up, I mean, we are so far along. We already have the Elite sequestered, in their research communities, sequestered in their government reservations and compounds, sequestered in their Elite government facilities, in their underground facilities, in their palaces. It's a governmental system, the Saddam palaces, the royalty palaces in England and they're in this higher technological system and we're down here being massed poisoned and it's such a few of the actual even elite that are even aware of what's going on. I think the key here is not just wakening up the general public but waking up people at higher level strata’s of the compartmentalised system. It's like Orwell's 1984 and the real Stasi system, or the Maoist system, they're really watching the outer party and the inner party more than anybody. Doesn't the resistance, as Winston said, start within? At first he thought it was the Proles but really the resistance is going to be in the inner and outer party?

Alan: Yes, that will happen and, of course, the ones at the top know this too. I read books years ago on intelligence agencies and how they operated and what was interesting was the Soviet Union had more files on their employees than the common people. Masses of data on them and their movements and who they met and who they talked to and what they said on the 'phones. That is the same with the lower echelons who work and bring in this system.

ALEX: and now that's all being standardised with the cell phones, the face-scanning, the satellites that can scan your heat resonance and how you walk, that's all admitted. Now, they have computers to do it, where they can just pull up a file so it increases that power of surveillance infinitely.

Alan: Yes, and so those who are in the lower echelons but who are workers towards this system eventually will start to see their own demise, when they no longer become necessary, because other departments are taking over their functions gradually. All the organisations that have been built up and the multi-branches of police, it's incredible how many agencies police have now,

ALEX: and that's the real reason it's all being phased in

Alan: Yes and so those ones who were the quiet bureaucratic type workers who did their job and kept their mouth shut will shortly be obsolete but they know to much and that's when they become afraid, very, very afraid and they should be afraid too.

ALEX: Alan, I want to come back, in the final main segment, and talk about solutions, how we get around this, I think that you've got another programme coming up, can you stay for five more minutes, five after?

Alan: Sure

ALEX: OK, so you can stay until the five after next hour?

Alan: Yeah.

ALEX: OK, but no longer, correct?

Alan: Maybe ten past

ALEX: OK, well that's exactly ten past? We can come back at, there's a quick break at five, we can come back for a few more minutes, or do you want to leave at five?

Alan: OK, I'm not on until 39 minutes past.

ALEX: Alright, well, we'll just let you go away after that, Then OK, here we go Alan, we're going live right now. You have to understand something ladies and gentlemen: I read the British Ministry of Defence public documents, the Pentagon Plans, they were admitted on C-SPAN with Thomas Barnett, Naval War College that there's a global government, they're enslaving us, period and one time I was on the 'phone with Barnett, trying to get him on the show and he said "no, you’re Alex Jones, I'm not coming on" and he said "we're going to beat you, I want you to know that" and I said "no, we're going to beat your New World Order" and he said "No, you're not" and literally growled at me on the 'phone. So, when you're actually talking to one of their planners, they're like [in a ‘growly’ voice] 'listen, you're going to be beaten, we're gonna win' and I want you to understand something: they're ready for you to try and storm London, storm Washington, they will use a neutron bomb on you, they state this in mainline Government documents, they're ready for the old frontal assault. They can't handle a societal awakening to their technocracy and their system - the information Alan Watt and I cover and only a few others unfortunately - instead, with the rest it's all new age, you know, control, which is another new world arm; and I tell you it's sad that so much of the awakening movement is co-opted but thank god we're some of the most prominent people out there so folks are listening. Bottom line here, we need to get this information, get it out, because they are scientifically-preparing for us to resist them and they're worried about you activating person-to-person, getting healthy, talking to neighbours, educating them about the system and then just having a general awakening and saying 'no' and then stop arguing with the new world order, openly announcing and declaring "we see you, we know the scientific dictatorship, we are saying no to you" and that's one of the only ways to get around this. Stop watching, you know, mainline brain-washing TV, start spending more time with your families, stop being so materialistic, stop letting them control you, stop making them let you feel inadequate through Madison Avenue, being empowered individually, because they're ready for the frontal assault. Alan, how do you see us getting around their system? Solutions for this segment and the next.

Alan: The solutions, I'll tell you, have to be based on a value system. We've been raised with a generation of moral relativism, where anything goes, to the extent they are now displaying corpses in art galleries and they say it's all very wonderful and pretty. What they've done you see, over the last fifty years especially, is to help us to believe and go into this dehumanising agenda. We participate in it with everything that we do and we go along and when there's no disgust at what's been done to humans, foetuses in jars of urine on display as art. You see, what they're doing is dehumanising us and saying you're nothing special, you're just a bunch of protoplasm and nerve endings and so on

ALEX: 'You're ugly'.

Alan: Yes, and therefore there's nothing special about you, that's why they had to eradicate the vestiges of religion, which said every person had something sacred within them, that was their first war, was against religion, now it's into secular humanism, for the public at least; and, when you believe that that's all you are, you've just allowed yourself to be dictated to. They will tell you when to walk into the gas chamber, or the extermination chamber. After all you're not an endangered species; you're just a freak of nature.

ALEX: 'You're a parasite', 'you're a disease', 'you're a cancer' and they use the peer pressure to teach us we're worthless, to sell us on seeing our own species, in simulated and real murders, being torn apart, on TV, a hundred plus times a day. All of this, and they teach us with peer pressure, to say and do what the TV says. Folks, if you don't break out of not caring what your neighbours think and of screaming bloody murder and breaking out of the conditioning and shaking it off, if you don't do that, it's over. We're being enslaved, we're being controlled, we're being euthanized, in slow-motion. Isn't that key to not caring what people think anymore and realise we're being brain-washed?

Alan: Yes, and really that’s the key to it. People’s emotions have truly been blunted for the majority of the public; they live in a world of myth and fantasy.

ALEX: They get upset by my outrage at being a slave with my family under attack; they think it’s abnormal. I mean I’m just a primitive human, I just have my instincts intact, so to see enslavement and get upset and say we’ve got to fight this, that’s a normal propulsion system for protection of the species and they’ve gone in and turned that off. Alan, we’re going to be back in seventy seconds, I want you to continue on that thought. They tell you, sit down, relax, it’s okay. No, we’ve been successful because we have told people it’s serious. We’ll be right back.

The global engineers of tyranny bringing in this nightmare technocracy, this scientific dictatorship, are counting on you not having the will and the focus to take action to reach out to wake up your friends and family. Folks, we don’t have a choice; they’re already killing us with the soft-kill weapons, the fluoride, the poisons in the water, the GMO food. We have all their documents, thousands of them; I’m sure there’s tens of thousands more we don’t have, but we have it all documented. That’s how we can tell you what’s going to happen 2, 3, 4, 5 years ahead of time. This is such precious information and I’m burning with desire to warn you. If I look at my neighbours and people, they’ll quietly go, “yeah, I know what you’re telling me is true but I don’t want to speak out, my neighbours will think I’m a kook”. It’s just waiting there, these pathetic people waiting for the government and people to take care of them and tell them what to do. People have to have some self-respect and take action and take control of their destiny. Alan Watt, four minute closing statement.

Alan: Yes, the people now have to realise that they can't sit back any longer and allow this to go much further, because there is actually a step you go beyond that you cannot turn back on. If we go into this new monetary system, for instance, that's the big, big stick, to control everyone's lives; because you have government involved now with how you accumulate money, spend it on what and so on, how you live; that's all what it’s about: how you live, are you living the way you're supposed to, according to the experts and so on

ALEX: [huge sigh]

Alan: We can't allow it to get to that stage and we have to start taking to the streets, in mass demonstrations, it's the only way to start to bring public awareness to this and even people who scoff at it eventually become curious and approach the big groups that are marching and ask the right questions. We can't sit back just chattering over the Internet, it doesn't work that way.

ALEX: Well, we're seeing coordinated inflation, they're saying they want to have three global systems controlled by one group so they can have coordinated inflation to destroy and enslave all of us, I mean they're so cold-blooded these predatory banks.  Oh [huge sigh]

Alan: They're very arrogant now, because they really do see the end in sight. They've said that they have, through scientific means, brought the public to this acceptance of being ruled by their 'betters': the Elite, the experts, the scientists – but they don't have all of us, that's the key to it and it's the rest of us who must start making as much noise as possible, right now, and saying 'no' to this.

ALEX: Well, let's take a Kansas City cop or a Knoxville officer or an Austin police officer listening, I mean if they just go check what we're saying, they're going to find out it's true, then what are you going to do? I mean, they're putting stuff, and you and your children and you wife and your husband that are killing you and they're stating it. Ha! ha! I mean this is, I mean, why aren't you with us? Why do you defend the system? I mean, why don't you have enough respect for yourself?

Alan: That's the key to it, again, you see, this money, this odd thing called money, we've all been trained to go out and accumulate, or earn. It's the key to it: they love their pay cheques, they love the status they get, they love the power and they love the fraternity. In a society where the bonds between people have been broken, the need for the bonding is still there and the military and the police supply that, they bring you into a fraternity.

ALEX: They understand our mammalian needs and so they give us wicked counterfeits of our brotherhood of warriors.

Alan: That's correct and they are loyal to each other, they will fight, to the death, for each other, against the public, if need be, unfortunately.

ALEX: While they're with the public being destroyed by the New World Order

Alan: Yes, that's correct. You see, the 'useful idiots' are always eliminated, once their use is over and we have to realise that, through technotronic warfare - and they're talking about it now, they're putting up the poles across the planet. I've seen some of them.

ALEX: Yes, the mainstream news.

Alan: and these technotronic weaponry that Brzezinski talked about, in Between Two Ages, they are in use now. People are getting headaches with them but it's meant to literally put you into a state of non-think

ALEX: That was in the Baltimore Sun about 4 years ago, they admitted that DARPA was quote "testing in American cities, electronic systems to calm us" and then publicly, 'oh, we put out the Skeeter System, ultra-low frequency to drive crowds away on the streets, if your business doesn't want loiterers.

Alan: and I've got photographs of them being built and I've seen the cables that go into them, they're massive cables and it's like big tall grey, battleship grey antennas.

ALEX: You know what, stay there. You've got to go in three minutes; but, for the viewers right now we're going to continue with the final statement from Alan on that. We'll come back with all the news. Stay with me... Hey Alan, I'm going to gave you the last three minutes here but I've got a TV crew and I’ve got to run out of the room and I'm going to trust you to take over for about two and a half minutes. Talk about the technotronic systems that are already in place.

Alan: Yes. OK, the technotronic equipment is vast, it's a vast array of techniques they can use, from microwave technology, which they are using, you can't walk through a city and not be exposed to it, it's everywhere, they have relays everywhere. It also tracks the new ID cards that have chips in them and so on. Very advanced equipment monitors all of this and puts it all together and tracks you at every moment of your life; but, also, it has effects on the mind and they know that, by altering the frequencies of it, from one level to another, they can either make you very calm or aggressive, or depressed even. They use HAARP technology as well, a different frequency; they can cover the entire planet with an array of HAARP institutes or set ups, from Alaska, all through the world. They even still have the old one in Riga, in the Baltic, they're all working in concert. This new type they're putting up throughout the cities is, literally, like a massive thick pole, maybe 2-3 feet wide at the base, it's a straight antenna and maybe 30-40 feet high and these are meant to set up fields within certain distances, and affect and control the minds of everyone within that quadrant. They can calm you and that's the key to it: they want everyone to be in an almost drugged, calm state, as they go through the biggest changes that the world has ever experienced and they'll do it calmly, without a thought. Their higher survival mechanism will not be working at all, that's the purpose of them. These have been well-documented by top scientists. Brzezinski himself, who worked alongside the NSA, talked about it, as far back as the '70s. He said: in the coming technotronic era, he says the public will have induced opinions, they will be unable to really rationalise why they come to various opinions, because it will be downloaded into them, through technotronic means.

ALEX: Alan Watt, thank you for all the time you're spent with us, I'll just say, in closing, that your contributions have been invaluable to humanity and, that, next time you're on, I want to talk about how they're turning the public into back-stabbing, lying, delusional people, destroying our basic morals, so that we'll tattle, steal from each other, engage in all this, so that we're less cohesive; and, we'll discuss that next time that you are with us. Give out your website again.



ALEX: Alright, thank you for spending time with us, my friend.

Alan: Thanks for having me on, Alex.

ALEX: You bet, take care, there goes Alan Watt.