May 22, 2008

Alan Watt on "The Animal Farm"

with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth on "We The People Radio Network"


"A Walk through the Farm can be Full of Charm,

As Long as You Look where You Place Your Foot"
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DJ: All right, weíve got Alan Watt,† Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. His background is that of a renaissance man with a background in three professions, plus having various books published in religions, philosophy, poetry, mainly under pseudonyms. For much of his life (for main income) he was heavily involved in the music industry as a singer/songwriter/performer involved in folk music, blues, pop, rock, and even classical. Also known for his session guitar work, he has played with some of the most well-known artists and groups.† Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K. covertly into a European Amalgamation. He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out.† With historical documentation, he shows how cultures are created and altered by those in control, always to lead the people like sheep into the next pasture. And we are pleased to have him on the Animal Farm tonight.† Thanks for coming on the show, Alan.


AW: Itís a pleasure to be on.


DJ: All right, so Alan, one of the reasons that I wanted to get you on the show is, number one, youíre brilliant, youíre smarter than a lot of people that Iíve listened to in terms of understanding the New World Order and the way it works. So I really wanted to give people, almost a history lesson and I wanted to start off with something basic to really give people the scope of what itís all about. So if you could, could you just please explain what is the New World Order.


AW: The New World Order, although itís not really, itís called the New World Order but itís an old, old idea of having a controlled and planned world society that really is a merger of two systems and that was the Soviet system and the Capitalist system. But out of it is to come an efficient, planned society. In other words, eventually, down the road, everyone whoís born will be born only if thereís a function for them to serve, and thatís the key word, is to serve the world state. And people have been categorised all through their lives, from school onwards, for generation after generation, into a eugenics programme. Where the elite have long ago decided on who were the Junk Genes, meaning the commoners at the bottom; will there be a future for them? Well they donít need them, so theyíre going to eradicate them under the guise of overpopulation. And interestingly enough, because they know that most people live their whole lives without an original thought, they really donít... thoughts are downloaded into them, opinions are given to them and they adopt opinions. They must have the consent of the public for every part of this agenda. Including, down the road, very, very soon in fact, voluntary sterilisation in order to save poor old mother earth you see and bring the population down. And when you look at whatís being taught, scientifically, itís a scientific socialism you might say, whatís being taught even in kindergarten onwards today. Theyíre gearing them up towards this world where youíll sacrifice yourself, if need be, for mother earth.


Itís a religion of sorts, it uses all of the techniques of religion because religion has worked so well in the past. And Mikhail Gorbachev, who is part of this structure, for a global society, said that we are creating a new world religion and it will be based on a form of Earth worship. By that he meant that you will literally live to serve Mother Earth. And of course Mother Earth has a new priesthood, thereís always a priesthood and you find itís the experts, the scientific society, who already have declared that they are just too superior for the rest of us to be around. And they have the natural right, they are the natural aristocracy, as they call themselves. In reality, all scientists who depend on grants and funding, from the wealthy - the already established wealthy elite - theyíre just the lackeys of those at the top.


So at the top of this system you have very old families, who held on and acquired more and more power down through many centuries and they have declared that they are at the top of the Darwinian tree. And beneath them you have the scientific society, that makes the weapons for them, including weapons that eventually will control the mind. And they plan to run the whole world, as I say, in a planned, not just planned parenthood society, a planned society for every country, which will be subservient to a global government. And thatís it in a nutshell really. It sounds rather blithe and quick, but thatís really what it is. And you find the embryos of this going as far back as the 1500s in the writings of people like John Dee and Francis Bacon, of London, England. They already envisioned it.


DJ: So Alan, youíre basically saying that thereís a centralisation of a certain set of ideological beliefs, in terms of centralising the economic systems, the religious systems, the social systems, and youíre saying that this started a very, very long time ago? †Now how long ago and who was it that started it and what is the chain that brings it into todayís society?


AW: What we have really is one main start, one main start, and that was whenever and whoever first weighed out gold and said this is going to be the most precious thing on earth and people are going to use this instead of bartering with each other. That was the first introduction of a system which took over everything else. Because once you accept money, whether itís weighed or minted or whatever, youíve just put yourself out of the picture as deciding the value of something that you want to trade. The third man, the middleman is the man who now controls you in the system and then your labour is taxed back from you because you use this money; you can also employ armies to go off and conquer people and have standing armies. You could never keep an army together without pay. So, money really was the key, but we find it was fairly static in the way it worked with oligarchical families for thousands of years up until the Middle Ages and Queen Elizabeth the Firstís court.


And in that court and also in Germany at the same time the Rosicrucian Society broke out openly and talked about bringing in a new system, a new world system. And John Dee and Bacon and others around Queen Elizabeth the Firstís court were open Rosicrucians and they talked and they coined the term ďa British EmpireĒ, or a Brytish Empire Ė they used the Y instead of an I Ė would be formed or created and it would become an empire of the world. It could change its names, it could even change its location, its central location, down through time. But the whole idea in the 1500s was to create an empire where vast amounts of people and populations would serve the same type of system, which is today called Democracy.


And that in itself is a sham because weíve never had any Democracy. We have simply something that stops us from having revolutions every four or five years, and thatís voting. So, John Dee coined the term, he even coined the term Free Trade because everybody who joined this world system would be given a form of free trade. And those who complied and adopted the same governmental system would be given a title, the title being most-favoured nation status. And thatís the very title we just gave recently, a few years ago, to China. So that was coined 500 years ago by people in London.


So weíre simply living through a long, long term strategy. And some people in the 1700s, again various Masonic institutions. Iím sure some of them had some other idea of it; not everybody, and even in masonry, knows whatís really going on and they were given idealistic projections of the future. And thereís no doubt about it, the masonic lodges led rebellions in the United States and in France. And they hoped to bring in this new, better type world, at least at the bottom levels. But Iím sure the boys at the top knew better. We find Benjamin Franklin saying that the federation of these United States will be hopefully the beginning of a federated world system, a world government, and it will be run eventually by a council of 12 wise men. Thatís what he said, in his own diaries.


DJ: Itís amazing how far back it goes, Alan, when you look at people talking about the new world order; you know, some people think itís only as far back as maybe the 50s and 60s but itís obviously way, way back in the day. †First of all, folks, Alan Watt, weíre talking to Alan Watt, Alan, you have three books, you have DVDs, would you mind taking phone calls tonight? because weíre going to have a lot of people probably calling to want to talk to you.


AW: Sure, yeah.


DJ: Alright, great stuff. We have so many questions, Alan. When I get back, we have a break coming up, when we get back I want to know whatís the best way you find to talk to people because obviously you have such a wealth of information and knowledge. Most people canít comprehend what you just said at all, it would just bounce right out of their brains, so when we get back I want to ask you a couple questions about maybe the most preferable, how to get people involved to just start thinking about this. Folks, stay tuned,, we have Alan Watt on the line, much more to come, your phone calls and more interview, stay tuned.




DJ: Folks, you are not hallucinating, you are listening to the Animal Farm radio show, itís really happening right now. We are speaking with Alan Watt, his website is Heís got three books, Cutting Through 1, 2 and 3, heís got DVDs for sale. Folks, check it out.† Alan, before we get back to business here, it seems though youíre also an accomplished black belt because on the site here, itís one of the greatest logos Iíve ever seen in my life, I have a picture of you doing like a Bruce Lee-style jump kick, maybe more like a Chuck Norris-style, kicking the top of the pyramid off, which is brilliant, itís pure brilliance. What gave you that idea?


AW: Well, when I was in Egypt I took this little team over so I thought I would just do it on the spot. [laughs] Why let it go to waste, eh?


DJ: Exactly. Weíre talking about like making video games of you and all kinds of kung-fu renditions of you beating the new world order. So, once again folks,, definitely check it out.† So, Alan, before the break I wanted to ask you, because this is the kind of question I ask all guests so it is kind of a cheat by me, but I like to know when I talk to people I find some methods are effective in trying to wake them up or at least get them to think about government differently and about the role of government, that whole thing. What do you find, since you have so much knowledge and youíre so deep when it comes to history with this, where do you start when you talk to someone whoís probably not experienced in this field? What do you start with to try to wake them up?


AW: If youíre really trying to wake someone up you have to test the waters with that person first, test them and see if thereís even a point in waking them up. If thereís a nature in them, where theyíre animated, they might be of use to society. Thereís no point in teaching someone something if theyíre going to do nothing with it. Especially this kind of topic because it involves not just us but all those still to come and you have to share your time very carefully with people. Because we need people now, today, at this stage of the game, who will come out in front of people and speak openly. Thereís no point in teaching people who are going to just put it under the bed and sleep on it and theyíre afraid to even talk about it. So be very, very careful who you start to discuss it with and itís so complex today because weíve had such a Mind Job done on us. It is called... Huxley talked about the scientific indoctrination of society, well weíve all grown up in it. Weíve all been through the same, what we call, school system, of social indoctrination. And we get the same media, with the same old faces that they keep hanging in those chairs for 60, 70 years. You grow up with these guys, because theyíre more trusting obviously, because youíve grown up watching them at 6 oíclock in your own home every night, these newscasters. So, you donít realise that from school onwards youíve been downloaded daily with propaganda.


And thatís all that the mainstream media is, itís propaganda. That all works for very rich people who run the world and they run it like a business. And when you realise that history in the past and national governments, we were run like businesses, every country is a corporation, thatís what a government is. And they take everybody inside that country as a taxpayer and a producer and consumer and they figure out everyoneís worth. But they also borrow money on your head, basically, that you have to pay off for their big enterprises either at home or abroad. Well now these rich men of the world are going for the whole world. And everything revolves around economics, including your right to exist or not.


And the big boys have written so much lately, especially the professors from universities on this very topic, about the useless eaters. Theyíre getting very bold about it now and theyíre bandying that term about more often. And they just brought a report out, in Britain in fact, one of the big professors there from a major university and one in the States, talking about the low IQs of the working class people. Theyíre just so low today and theyíre really exaggerating the differences between wealthy and poor. And this is all gearing us up to, literally, depopulation agendas, which are openly talked about now at the United Nations.


DJ: Yeah, the key word, Alan, I think the key word for me is trust, like you said previously. From day one weíre put into this system, not that the system is universally bad, I donít really believe anything is really Bad or Good, you know polarisation-wise. But you know it is, itís school, you know you interact with people, you learn some things and of course you forget some things along the way. But the key word is trust, teachers, authority and it is like you said the indoctrination. And on top of it, like you also mentioned, itís the mainstream media. You know every day you come home, youíre eating your green beans and your corn with your chicken and youíre watching the same pundits over and over again.


DJ2: Well hereís the thing too, and not only is that trust systemic and on television, and your teachers, but itís also with your parents too. You trust your parents to do whatís right for you and your parents trusted their parents and so thereís this, almost a very long string of social engineering, like you were saying.


AW: It is. It certainly is. Itís a dumbing down of the whole world because the same education system is an international education system. And people should go into UNESCO, the United Nations. And UNESCO was set up to set out the agendas for every country on the planet, to give them the same dumbed-down education, to make them compliant, obedient citizens, and that was their main goal. Of course thatís a different definition of what most people think education is all about, but really itís just social engineering and people, most folk are really unconscious. They go through their life in an unconscious state. They can talk about the things that are on the media, they can talk about Paris Hilton and her latest exploits, but they donít really know anything in any depth that really does matter to themselves or those around them. So people float through their lives never really thinking and theyíll argue about opinions theyíve adopted, thatíve been given to them by experts, again on the media. But theyíve never thought anything through for themselves and I think itís probably been the same in most generations.


Huxley and Skinner and others talked about all mammals and how any mammal looks to a parent, to warn it of what is dangerous to it. If the parent does not know then that little bear or whatever will walk up to a human and get killed, you know. Well itís the same with human beings. We hope our parents are aware of whatís happening so they can warn us. But most are not, they were brainwashed before we were born and they didnít question things either. They were very obedient servants to their country; they went off into wars that they knew nothing about. They got very basic propaganda, thatís all they needed. And they didnít know to warn their offspring that this is a corrupt, crooked system thatís meant to serve a small minority of very, very wealthy families.


DJ: Sure; now, Alan, not to diss out the babyboomer generation, but it seems to me, Alan, you know Iím only 26, so I have only really them to blame. But it seems as though the generations, the babyboomers and the ones afterwards, so many of these parents today, have, first of all they have no concept of how to parent a child or several children to begin with. But on top of that, obviously, so much. You know, the idea of your country, you know, taking care of your country, being aware that time and time again throughout history, governments have done the same thing, only in slightly different ways. And again it goes back to the idea about trust and acknowledgement. See Iím a big fan of, first of all we have to acknowledge whatís going on, thatís why I always ask every guest whatís the first thing you say to someone to at least, like you say, get the gauge, get the temperature, is this person even worth trying or spending time on. A lot of people arenít, and to me, and maybe you would disagree or agree with this, but every day that a person lives, every day that goes by that they donít understand or theyíre not told whatís kind of going on outside the big scene, is another day that the belief system gathers more moss. And that belief system gets stronger and itís obviously that much harder to wake someone up. And again you look at parents, you look at some of the parents out there. They donít, either they donít care or they donít want to know. Thatís what scares me the most, Alan.


AW: Yes.† Youíre right on.


DJ: Weíve got a break coming up, Alan, great stuff. Folks, your phone calls when we get back.† Alan Watt,, folks, check it out. Heís got a karate suit on, you got to check it out, folks. We shall return with more Alan Watt, stay tuned.




DJ: Yes, welcome back to the Animal Farm on the We the People Radio Network. Weíre talking with Alan Watt from, so if you want to ask him any questions feel free to do so. Alan, I have this article right here, since we were talking about the social engineering that we have in our society and the basic, I guess personality profiles that weíre given in our lives. I have this article and itís entitled ďTexas Corrections Officer Contemplates Murdering InmatesĒ. Itís just this corrections officer and he posted on a forum all the stuff that he wanted to do to the inmates and one of these was, ď...all I think about is taking the first chance I get to blast an inmateís face off with a shotgunĒ. And he also says ď prison I will force my will upon the unwilling without so much as a thought for their desires. In prison a guard is the guy that everyone hates but everybody needs, much like the government. Inmates may hate me but they will still obey because failure to comply results in assisting them to the ground or applying chemical agents to gain their compliance.Ē Now, what kind of victim of social engineering is this person and are we all a victim of it, in a minor way?


AW: It depends; a lot of people are born psychopathic and I think thereís a lot more in society than people realise. The clever ones get to the top, theyíre generally born into wealthy families. They can go even higher if theyíre a good, clever psychopath. The bottom ones go into control type jobs. And, see, this whole system, especially the militarized system weíre living in today, and the police are militarized. Completely militarized. They are an army. We should understand that. They dress like armies; they have the uniforms with the patches, they have the boots with the pants tucked in, theyíve changed to the same system worldwide, itís the same uniform. Itís all black, thatís the colour of the executioner and now theyíre even putting, the cops are putting their kills, theyíre painting the numbers of kills on their tanks and stuff like this.


DJ: Alan, Iím so glad you mentioned that. I literally am looking at the story. I was going to mention it before we had you on, but you know we were rushing through so many things. I was just going to bring it up. Itís getting to the point now, that the police are so militarized. Not only do they have the gear and the getups and the helmets and the blackness everywhere, but they have this APC, itís the Midland County Sheriff. Itís this grey/white-coloured APC, which is† basically like a tank with a couple more wheels. And like you said, they actually have two little figurines painted on the side to represent their kills. As if youíre like a World War II pilot or any pilot in the military, to say weíve killed two of the enemies. Itís getting to the point where, yes, the police are not only trained this way but they completely think of the population of America as the enemy now.


AW: Yes, they do.


DJ: Itís no longer to protect... itís not protect and serve anymore... itís basically to kill and punish.


AW: And what you find in totalitarian systems, and we saw this at the Nuremberg trial where the high officers of Germany still praised Hitler as a God, literally as a God. And psychopaths tend to do this in a militarized society. They despise the weak beneath them, they treat their subordinates terribly, they get off on it actually because theyíre sadomasochists. But the ones with more power above them, they actually worship. And that is the system that has been deliberately brought in for this particular era.


25 or 30 years ago they knew they had to change the culture in the society to bring in a global system where they would need internal armies to suppress riots and so on, because they knew the kind of changes they were going to bring in society. The New World Order isnít simply a global governmental system. Itís a totalitarian system, where nothing happens by happenstance. Children as I say will be born, if theyíre assigned to be born and stuff like that. And theyíre also going to start cutting down the food distribution of the world, they want the United Nations eventually to be in sole discharge of all foods to all countries, in order to keep the populations of those countries down to a minimum. And if you go over your quota, population-wise, you get no more food. Thatís in the United Nations charters there. So weíre looking at, weíre also seeing 30 years of riots predicted by the department of defence in Britain. They wonít tell you why the riots are coming down for 30 years, but at the same time anybody with a thinking mind can see for themselves. You are going to see shortages of food, thatís planned that way. They want you off the roads, thatís why the gas, the gasoline prices are going through the roof. Not because thereís a scarcity, itís because they donít want you travelling around. Totalitarian systems never want the people travelling around. They want you confined in your certain areas, your habitat areas. So the future they project will be a system where, in these habitat areas where youíre all crammed in together, thereíll be public transportation only. Thatís in the United Nations Agenda 21. There will be no private transportation at all, you will need permits to travel, etc, etc.


So this has all been discussed at the Department of Defence. Itís also the same Department of Defence that works for all the NATO countries and they see nothing but escalating 30 years of riots, where theyíve already decided they might have to use small neutrino bombs to control vast riots in the population.


DJ: If youíre just joining us folks weíre talking with Alan Watt of CuttingThroughTheMatrix.Com, brilliant, itís great Alan, listening to it, it makes a lot of sense but itís terrible. But the next question I would have for you is: Given the technology and how advanced it is today, especially with, just within our own government alone, do you think thereís a way for us to really take this country back? Do you think that there are enough men and women out there who are going to get fed up enough, quick enough I should say, in the time being, to start really, not just protesting, but start really taking action inside of our government, taking back office and just start pressuring our government officials? I mean is there a chance for this country to not fall into the obvious police state/martial law state that we are heading towards? Do you think we have a chance here?


AW: To be honest with you, and this isnít pessimistic, itís a factual answer as far as I can see, you have two governments on the go. Hereís the problem. You have the one that you think you vote in and itís comprised of multimillionaires on all sides, who both believe that the economy must come first, everything else comes secondarily. And above them you have what they call the Parallel Government that professor Carroll Quigley and Margaret Thatcher both talked about. The parallel government is the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S. and its British brother which is the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Itís comprised at the top of ex prime ministers, presidents and so on. And they get the real work done behind the scenes, they donít have to ask for public approval on anything. Theyíre the real movers and shakers and Quigley called them the technocrats. They wield more power than any politician, they get things done. You have the big foundations like the Rockefeller foundation, funding hundreds and hundreds of Non-Governmental Organizations that pressurize governments to pass certain laws, along a certain direction, a pre-planned direction. So we donít really have a government as such, we have a bunch of yes-men who are put in there, in the elected government, and they do what theyíre told by their own superiors. Thatís a fact.


DJ: So, you know we talk a lot about fascism and the merger between governmental institutes and the government itself. So, are you saying that essentially, the new world order that weíre talking about isnít necessarily a fascist state where both of those things are melded together but the new world order and the elites that created the new world order, created the government and those? So they are basically at the start, the fascism isnít a result of both of those merging together?


AW: Well all systems, all systems always become fascist. Thatís just the way that a monied system will always take the people, along a fascist way.


DJ: And thatís a natural thing, something thatís socially inevitable?


AW: Itís an outcome of a monied system. You see Marxism was very similar to capitalism, if you really look at it. It was simply that all power would be in the hands of the state. If we look at what was called fascism, all power would be in the state. They would be in charge of all major industry. Technically the only difference on paper was that communism, everything, all factories etc would be owned by the state. That was the only little difference there.


DJ: So itís a matter of dealing with centralisation versus decentralisation?


AW: Absolutely. Centralisation was a key point of Marxism, to centralise all laws, rules, standardized across the country and then internationally. Thatís what the United Nations does. Most of the laws that you see for the last 30 years on the books, right down to your plumbing codes, comes from the United Nations. And itís passed into law by your own federal government. So weíre already under this government. And remember the United Nations is not a democratic body. Nobody in the public arena votes these people in. And yet theyíre always screaming about creating democracy; theyíre non-democratic in actuality.


So, weíre under a fascist system right now, we have corporate fascism and corporate welfare. We build up the big corporations through our tax money in bailouts that happen every 2 or 3 years. And we also give public institutions like motorways away to private ownership. Thatís fascism.


DJ: Very fascinating stuff. Weíre talking to Alan Watt from, he is our guest here on Animal Farm. We will be back momentarily, weíre going to take your phone calls. Stay on the line, weíll be right back. Stay tuned.




DJ: Alright youíre listening to the Animal Farm on the We the People Radio Network. Weíre speaking with Alan ďThe BrainĒ Watt, heís a brilliant guy. He knows all about the new world order and thatís what weíre talking about. Weíre talking about the history of it, the scope of it, the magnitude of what it is and we are going to go to your phone calls. Now Geoffrey, from Kentucky, you are on the air, whatís up Geoffrey?


Geoffrey: How you doing sir? Yeah, Mr Watt, Iíve been following you for a while and Iím under the impression, from what Iíve heard from you speaking, from what Iíve read of yours, is that the United States of America as it was initially created was just nothing but another arm of this new world or old world order. I mean, if you look at what George Washington was a member of, I mean he was a Order of the Garter and Benjamin Franklin, like you have quoted before was talking about a new world order coming soon. So in all technicality, could you basically just say that we were just replaced from an overt autocracy to a covert autocracy in 1776?


AW: Yes, there was European meetings before the United States was created because the elite had so many wars on the go they knew that the whole world understood that Britain, France and other countries were just plunderers. They plundered nations through wars and they could not come forward and guide a world into a global system. So they created a knight in shining armour with no history, the good guy, the champion of the poor etcetera and that was the United States of America. And itís a new secular order, itís part of its motto. A worldly system, a system run on science and data etcetera. Thatís what you have running this world right now.


DJ: Well I want to ask a question in regards to that Alan. You know we talked about how the new world order is basic centralization of power and the few running the many. But if you look at certain people, not all people, a lot of federalists when the government of America was first founded. But you look at people like Thomas Jefferson that were really for decentralization, that really were for individual states being separate countries. And most of the founding fathers were actually for this, individual states being individual countries. Individual towns being countries within those states and all those being sovereign. Your house in itself is almost a sovereign country. I mean is that bad or is that good?


AW: Well they also said that the system that they had created could only stand as long as people were an agricultural society. They knew already Ėespecially Franklin, since he was over in Britain many times Ė that once industry came in, that would be its biggest enemy. Because industry will always destroy small farmers etc., get people into cities and make you dependent upon the system of a city. So they knew that they were giving the people a choice to an extent but they also knew that progress as they called it was inevitable, that big monied people would eventually set up the factory system and they were quite right on that. So they knew it would fall and it would change. And Iím sure that many of the masons involved at that time had different projections or ideas of how this world order would be, but I think the boys at the top, the really top boys, really understood the agenda. Theyíve always been elitist at the very, very top of the freemasonic circle.


DJ: Sure, Geoffrey thanks for the call. Right back to the phones, Frank in Ohio, youíre on the Animal Farm, whatís up?


Frank: Hi gentlemen, great show. I heard you speaking earlier about the efficacy of speaking with the ordinary citizens around us about the fact that weíre losing our constitutional rights and what not. Like Iím sure many of your listeners, you know I try to talk to people here and there about Ron Paul and Iíve been met with total indifference.  Then I point out that this guyís been a senator for what? A decade? Without a blemish on his... you know, no scandals, no problems. And what not and...


AW: What you have, and this is important, itís very important actually. You see, from WWII onwards there was a big move to convince the public, very quietly to begin with, convince the public not to be involved in creating their own destiny and to leave it to the expert society. This is what Bertrand Russell and other guys who worked with Tavistock and other institutions talked about. The right to convince the public, using again techniques, propaganda, lots of entertainment to distract them, so that the public would leave it to their betters you might say, those special people from special wombs that are born above them. And thatís been very successful. People are socialized. They have become socialized and they expect the experts to just deal with every major problem for them, so that they can go out and play and be happy and watch TV and all that kind of stuff. This was a planned technique which has been very successful and youíre seeing the outcome today, where people simply donít care. Theyíre perpetual children.


Frank: Very good point and I think basically what you said, at least run through my translator, is the media and the banks are basically running things now and thatís not the way it was set up by the founders.


AW: No. No, it wasnít.


DJ: Yeah, well itís certainly... weíre very far from what the founders had in mind. And right or wrong weíre definitely way, way far from that ideology. And the other thing too that I wanted to say just before I let Alan respond to that, one of the things and I bring this up once in a while, and Alan Iím glad you said what you said before. Is it worth it? When youíre talking to the average person on the street or your friends or youíre at the bar, whatever the case may be. You have to be careful, and Iím guilty of this more than probably anybody listening or in this room, is donít, you know try not to waste time on someone who just doesnít want it. You know donít waste your time and I remember Darrel Bradford Smith, who hosts the French Connection, Iím not sure where these days, but he was the one who originally kind of pounded that into my head when I listened to his radio show. Is you know, some people just donít want it so you have to be careful, if you find someone who just doesnít, if you find one of those, move on. Donít waste your time.


Frank: Can I make one last quick point? One last quick one, if I could. You know I see that beautiful constitution with the calligraphy, ďWe The PeopleĒ on the front of your website and what not. And actually, recently Iíve taken to attempting to read the whole thing myself. Even though Iíve been an English teacher for 8 years, Iíve never read the constitution. And some of the things we find and not only reading that document, but the letters of the founders and just knowing the customs of the time is that, you know, the voting privileges, as both you guys know much better than I do, were quite limited at the time to males who owned land and I think even libertarians and people such as ourselves tend to shy away from that these days. Which shows that even we ourselves are pretty far from what the founders taught. And Iíll let you go with that and thank you very much.


AW: Yeah, the founders had quite a lot of talks about that. They didnít believe that the ordinary people should just have the vote. You had to prove your worth by having, it wasnít just land, but a certain amount of land, there was a minimum requirement, to be a voter. So they didnít believe in this kind of true freedom for everyone. They didnít have faith in the common person if he was poor. And they got that whole idea from the British system, they copied a lot from the British system and thatís how it was in Britain. You couldnít vote unless you literally owned quite a bit of property in the 1700s.


DJ: Well Alan, there were different discussions about that. There was, I know there was a famous argument between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams about how much faith each of them had in man. And Thomas Jefferson had I guess apparently a lot of faith in his fellow man and John Adams didnít have very much faith in his fellow man. So thereís that whole dynamic to it. Not all of these people agreed on everything but itís very clear that the constitution itself has a lot of things wrong with it. There was a lot, a lot of things wrong with it.


AW: The odd thing is, you had a lot of intelligent men, a lot of lawyers too involved in creating that constitution, who were incredibly well educated. Really well educated, in various languages too and histories. And for them to leave big holes that you could drive buses through is rather astounding to me, because they left massive holes there.


DJ: Right, weíre going to jam one more call. Alan in South Dakota, we got about a minute left, whatís up?


Alan: Hi! Well I just wanted to make a couple points. Great show you guys are having, appreciate listening to you. The first point Iíd like to make is people have become, if anybody has pets out there, you know your pet becomes very dependent upon you to feed it and put it out and clean its litterbox and do all those sorts of things. And some people are very happy with that domestication and thatís why you said, you know, make sure you pick and choose who you discuss with. And the other point was corporations arenít supposed to have rights. Those rights are individual, God given and God didnít invent the corporation but somehow we keep seeming to get slanted in our view by education, by the words that people use and by the schemes that they come up with.


AW: Yes, thatís true, it was very rich men in the United States that gave corporations the same rights as individuals, as entities.


DJ: This is great. Alan, we have to get you back on. Obviously weíre way out of time; this just flew by. Great stuff. Once again,, get on the website, folks, look at the books, order some DVDs and books, great stuff. Alan, once again, thank you for joining us tonight. Itís been a true pleasure. Anything else you want to say before we go?


AW: Yeah, even though it sounds bleak, never give in. This is what itís all about. Some people are happy slaves, others are not. Just make your life count, thatís what itís all about.


DJ: Amen brother.


DJ2: Alan the brain Watt, thank you very much for coming on, Alan, we appreciate it and weíve got to get you back on very soon to talk more about this.



Transcribed with Best Wishes by Mark. B.


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