April 15th, 2008

 Alan Watt on "The Intel Strike Report"

with Doug Owen and Michael Vail

(2 Hours)


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Welcome to the Intel Strike Report, right here on the Truth Net Radio Network.  Your hosts Doug Owen and Michel Vail will be giving you the intelligent news, information, and analysis that you need to arm yourself with. 


Doug: Welcome everybody.  Thank you for joining us for another live edition of the Intel Strike Report right here on the Truth Net Radio Network.  Today is Tuesday, April 15th, 2008, and we have a jammed-packed show for you, as usual.  Alan Watt will be joining us about ten after.  We’ll definitely be Cutting Through The Matrix and kicking the capstone of the New World Order’s pyramidal infrastructure with Mr. Watt.  It should be really interesting, so definitely, spam it on MySpace.  Let everybody know.  I know that Mr. Watt put a link to the show on his website as well, so, hopefully, we’ll get some new listeners to TNR and get some good information out there.  There is a lot going on that we’ll be talking about in the second hour.  It just depends on how long we carry Mr. Watt on.  It depends on how long he’d like to talk, because he’s just got so much information.  He’s so well researched.  Just, you know, go down a whole, a whole list, a plethora of different topics and information.  And we’ll be taking your calls as well.  What’s going on Mr. Vail?


Michael: Oh, nothing much, man.  I need a nap, but other than that, I am all good.  And we’re going to have a great show.  And Alan Watt never disappoints.  And it just seems to me like all hell is breaking loose around the world, and my hand is steady.


Doug: Yes.  Yes, you know, the blooming war with Iran.  The Neo-Cons pushing forward.  Russia and China advancing in the region as well.  We have a huge Panopticon, technocratically advanced police state that is being erected around us currently.  One of the more disturbing articles that I found today, and this just goes to show you the total disregard for human life that some of these elitists and eugenicists have.  Aboriginal children injected with leprosy.  That’s right, my friends.  It finally came out in the Daily Mail.  Aboriginal children were injected with leprosy treatments at a medical testing program that used members of the stolen generation as guinea pigs at a Senate committee.  They actually heard this information today.  Of course, US Foreclosures jumped 57%.  It’s just amazing how many people are being affected by this.  US Foreclosure filings jumped 57% and bank repossessions more than doubled in March from earlier in the year.  Of course, Google is going ahead and using the guise of child pornography to put in a facial recognition technology to trace copyright violations.  And of course, to fight those online pedophiles.  We saw this one coming months and months ago, and they’re advancing that agenda.  Got a great article from Daniel Taylor, who writes for Intelstrike.com, as well as his own website, oldthinkernews.com.  “McCain Supports North American Integration and His League of Democracies.”  Those are those global democracy rings he’s talking about.  And he did a great exposé, and we’ll try to get into that as well.  I know that we do have Mr. Watt on the line.  So, Mike, do you want to just go ahead and bring him up?


Michael: Mr. Watt, you’re on the Intel Strike Report.  Glad to have you on the program.  Are you there?


Alan: Hello.


Michael: Hey, how are you doing?  Glad to have you on the program.


Alan: It’s a pleasure to be here. 


Michael: Before we really jump into it all and look at the good, bad, and ugly, let’s get into something that most people don’t know about, which is yourself.  Let us know a little bit about yourself and how you sort of fell down the rabbit hole like the rest of us. 


Alan: Well, I realized I was born down the rabbit hole and I tried to use the rest of my time getting out of it.  And I caught on very early, especially living in Britain, that I was already living in a completely managed system, a complete system.  And within the system there was another subsystem for something else, speciality systems, all the way from kindergarten through school, through council organizations, through all the levels of bureaucracy they already had in Britain.  And I realized that really, there was very little free choice in anything, even when people were going through school, they used to tend to train people according to the job they decided they would probably end up in.  So, they were already doing school-to-work when I was growing up in Britain, the same system that they were using in the Soviet Union.  And so, I caught on very quickly that we were all copying the same system, which eventually was going to become a world system, and that most of the public never figured it out.  I knew my parents didn’t; I heard them arguing, like with everyone else about politics and who to vote in and all the usual nonsense.  And then, eventually as I traveled across Europe, I saw the same laws getting passed in every country at the same time, and of course, they never told the people, their audience, that, oh, by the way, this is getting passed in Norway and Denmark and Sweden and Germany.  So, you’d think it was all your local news.  And so, I caught on quickly to the fact that it was a global agenda, and that there already, obviously, was a structure on top of this national structure system, and that was already international.  And so, I got into the books early, into the United Nations, traced the history of the League of Nations, and read many books by the players and those who spoke at the United Nations, and I caught on.  That was really the big wakeup then, was to realize that they were working steadfastly, not just towards a global system of government, but a scientifically-created ordered system that would run on statistics, and that everybody who would be alive in the near future would need a place in this system or you simply wouldn’t be born.  I kid you not.  They wrote about it.  The big players wrote about this kind of thing very early on in the game. 


And after World War II, they were so confident at the time, they published a lot of books from the United Nations about global government, and then they realized that it wasn’t going over too well, especially with the population of the United States, and so, they went back to doing it more covertly through their big institutions funding non-governmental organizations, thousands of them, all working towards this, this new type of society.  They’re calling it a post-humanist society or post-human.  And that’s the same agenda, by the way, that Adolf Hitler was accused of working towards, the Super-Man.  In the old dictionaries post-human meant the Super-Man type system where you’d be genetically enhanced and so on, scientifically designed, ideal designed for the specific task that you had been created for.  So, we are under what Aldous Huxley called a scientific dictatorship of sorts.  And the institutions which run this go all the way back, as I say, to the 1700s, when they started to publish this British Empire idea of a British styled system of democracy, which really is no democracy at all.  It’s run by an elitist group.  They call it The Establishment.  They’ve always been behind it.  They’re not voted in, of course; they’ve always been there.  They have the money, the power, the connections, and they wanted to bring this same system worldwide.  And you can trace it even further back to the writings of John Dee in the 1500s, where he advised Queen Elizabeth I, and he coined the term, the British Empire.  And he said, we can create a system across the planet based on this system, and those who would come into it would be given special favors, and it would be a sort of tax-free type basis for import/export; we call it Free Trade today.  And he even talked about countries coming in who would adopt it fully, being given favored nation status.  That was in the 1500s.  And so, we’re living through the whole plan, actually, today. We’re the only generation who didn’t have to speculate about what was happening, because the material is out there for anybody that wants to know.


And H.G. Wells, even back in the 1920s and 30s, he wrote a book called The Open Conspiracy.  He was a big player for the British government, and for the world system, and he said, there’s nothing really hidden, it’s just that most people won’t bother to read these particular books.  He says, but it’s available to the public.  So, he called it The Open Conspiracy.


Michael: Yeah, it seems like, you know, when we talk about Aldous Huxley, Carroll Quigley, they were all open and very happy to see some of these things coming to light, you know.  Aldous Huxley talked about the sort of scientific dictatorship.  And Carroll Quigley was so happy to tell everyone about all these things that were going to happen to us, and how it got started, and what we have to do, that the only thing was that the elites didn’t really care for it too much, because he let too much on.  But the question is, and of course, I know the answer to the question, but I’d like your perspective on it, why is it that we seem to have the same leaders after time after time after time, all inter-related, you know, all relatives of each other, all with the same agenda, no matter, I don’t care if you’re a Socialist, I don’t care if you’re a Fascist, whatever name, whatever tag or towel you have, all of these same people are being run by the same people in the background.  Talk a little bit about the bloodlines and how these people have somehow inbred and held power over the number of years.


Alan: Well, yeah. Every year the newspapers and Burke’s Peerage and others, publish which American politicians, those who are running and those who are in power, they publish their connections to Royal families.  And you’ll find in pretty well every election, it’s been the same like that now for...  In fact, they even published the fact that George Washington was related to the King of England at the time.  So, you’ve been run by family dynasties for hundreds of years, and these family dynasties have a stake in the outcome, because they also, as they progress the world towards this great global plantation which they call a village, they’re going to own all of the resources which we will all be dependent upon.  So, they have a financial stake in it.  They’re also inbred.  See, psychopaths who are powerful, and who are born into families with power and wealth and influence, they tend to marry each other.  And because psychopathy can be bred into people, and Plato talked about this.  He says in the Republic, they already understood that they could breed types of humans, they could breed characteristics in or out, just like animals.  If you want a quiet dog, you don’t breed a Rottweiler with a Mastiff or something like that.  You breed it with a Lab or something to get a quiet dog.  In other words, you can breed traits in or out, and it’s the same thing with people.  So, those who have steadfastly gone after power, even in ancient times, up to the present, accumulate power and wealth by being utterly ruthless.  They have all the psychopathic traits necessary for that.  And today, we have the end product.  We have families now who are not seen as pirates anymore, or plunderers anymore.  They’re simply the top of the established families, and they’re all interbred.  They’re all interconnected.  And it’s a worldwide system.  People get confused.  They think, well, it’s the Jews.  That’s common.  That’s a common one, it’s “The Jews” as though it was some kind of they’re all clones of each other, there’s no individuals there.  Or they’ll say, it’s the Jesuits.  And so on and so on.  And there’s no doubt that every group and every people on the planet have been used.  But you have to look at the leaders over every bunch of people.  Those are the ones you look at.  You’ll find if you go in through their histories, they’re all inter-related to all the other globalists who are running over other peoples, and even adopting their particular religion at the top.  The trick is not to follow people blindly because you think that they are the epitome of your national emblem.  You see, people think the Queen of England for instance, she’s the pinnacle of Britain.  And yet, really the Royal families have no British blood in them.  They intermarry themselves, as they always have, for many centuries, and they’re really a foreign people who rule over the British people.  And it’s the same with every other nationality.  You’ll find the same thing.  These people came out of Venice and other places, the big old banking families, that even ran and profited from the Crusades, the old Crusades.  The Venetians had all of the shipping lines, they had all of the boats, and so, they used to ferry troops back and forth for centuries to the Holy Land, and they made a massive killing off of it.  And nothing has changed today.  So, those who accumulated money held on to money and understood economics.  That’s the important part.  How to corner markets, even create markets, and how to come together in monopolies and cartels.  That’s what we have today.  We’re living in the culmination of that, centuries of interbreeding of wealthy families from all nationalities who often are seen, as I say, as the epitome or the pinnacle of the national emblem, but they’re really foreign people.  They have more foreign blood in them than anything else. 


Michael: Yeah, it’s a game that’s been played out through thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  And although we’re almost up against the break here, we’ve got so much more to talk about.  I do want to note that we have seen a trend as of lately right now, where, you know, if you read your history about the sort of feudalist societies where you gave your lord a third of what you made or you look at the Japanese model, you know, and the Bushido code and how, you know, how they were taught, and almost bred down to the point where they were smaller beings. And there were you know food riots going on during that time period, and every now and then there would be an uprising that would get met with just a, they would just be dashed to bits to the point where they would have to bring up another sort of people to take the place of the people who rose up.  And I want to talk about what’s going on around the world with these food riots, which almost brings me back to Kissinger’s, what was it, the National Security Study, Memorandum 200, talking about Food Control, Genocide, and Population Control.  If you can, we’re almost up against the break here, but give us a quick breakdown of what you see as far as this sort of neo-feudalistic system that we have today that’s being installed.


Alan: Well, Quigley said it.  He said they’re bringing in a new feudal system, where the CEOs of major international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  And they have become so.  In fact, they’re in and out of politics.  And when they’re not in politics, they’re back in their chairs as the CEO of a big corporation.  We already have that set up worldwide.  Food has always been used as a weapon.  The United Nations Department of Agriculture admitted that, that they would use food as a weapon in the future.  In fact, under the United Nations, I don’t think people realize it, but when they wrote up their charter for the Department of Agriculture, it was decided that one day, when the time was right, they, the United Nations, would have all the foodstuffs of the world brought to them.  They would then dish it out in rations basically to each country.  And then they would force the people to bring down their populations, because they would not up their rations.  That’s still the same agenda for the United Nations.  And that’s the reason why we’re having this food crisis creation right now, and they’re all beating the drum.  Water and food and energy.  All those things that you need to sustain your life and your family’s will be in the hands of the United Nations, ultimately.  Now they must create the appearance of utter crisis, so that they can come forward and propose this to us so that we will accept it. 


Doug: The UN doesn’t even think that you have the right to water.  You talk about Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor, he thinks it’s great.  He thinks that a global depression is a wonderful thing.  Why?  Because he wants us to be feudalist.  He says it himself right there at the Davos World Economic Forum.  All right, everybody.  We’re talking with Alan Watt, whose website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And we’ll be Cutting Through the Matrix on the other side.  Stay tuned. 


Michael: Welcome back to the Intel Strike Report.  With us, we have Alan Watt of Cutting Through the Matrix, a radio show host on RBN, and we are talking about this Neo-Feudalistic Society, this system that we’re being brought under, that just seems right now, I mean, we’ve all been aware of it, of its beginnings and our place in it, but right now, it really seems like they’re trying to wrap this thing around our necks, and we were talking about food rations and the UN.  And the thing about it is, Alan, which really makes me worry is that the American people, when they see that there are food riots in Egypt, Haiti, you know, in all these different countries, they are just apathetic and have indifference towards it, and think that it won’t happen here.  And, of course, we are seeing the price of food rise.  But they don’t think that it will get to the point where we become like these third world countries, and I want to talk a little bit about the IMF and World Bank, and what’s going on around these countries now, where our country, the United States, is up to debt to its eyeballs, and now, you know, we’re being depegged, our dollar is being depegged as well as almost to what it should be, to the point where they may start offering us some loans, and we start getting on the bandwagon, and then we go really down to the point of where we become like some of these third world countries, very, very fast. 


Alan: Well, that’s on the cards.  And that’s why the United States, more than any other country, has spent about 25 years building up an internal army to deal with the chaos that they know will come out at the right time.  And the US has the tax base to create such internal armies.  Most countries don’t have that kind of tax base or population base to draw on.  And they’re well prepared for what they see coming down the road.  We’ve got to realize that the United States is the country that led the creation of the League of Nations for world government, under Wilson.  And we’ve got to realize too that even though the American people eventually turned against it, the US still kept representatives at there, who had voting rights, right up until it turned into the United Nations, and the United Nations, when they signed the final document, that was the end of national sovereignty as far as they were concerned.  Every government has departments that deal directly with the United Nations, and the United Nations, believe it or not, was set up to be a world government in every aspect.  All the laws, building codes and everything that have come down the pike in the last twenty, thirty years have come right down from the United Nations and been implemented onto your books, even locally.  So, they’re already set up to do the job.  But it’s not a nice benevolent type United Nations.  It’s not even pretending to be paternal.  It’s not democratic by any means; we don’t vote it in.  And the bureaucrats there in the United Nations, and there’s thousands and thousands of them, go to their own special school.  They’re brought up in special United Nations schools to be bureaucrats, and they’re the sons and daughters of intermarried bureaucrats, and these characters are pretty vicious.  They’re dictatorial in their outlook.  They see us as children.  They’re taught that at school, that we are nothing but children.  We’re just too stupid to realize what’s good for us, and therefore, special people must decide our fates for us.  And they believe they are the special people.  Let’s not kid ourselves.


They have a whole PR Department that generally speaks to the public on television.  But once in a while, you’ll get the head of a particular part of their organization speaking and it’s like an old-fashioned medieval king or queen speaking down to the public, or a very stern schoolteacher.  They mean business.  And even though they’re technically a front for the big moneyed families, and the organizations that are all connected with it, Freemasonry at the top, I mean the high type, the noble Freemasons, the Royal Freemasons, they’re all in cahoots together across the world to bring this about.  And of course, they settled upon the idea of crisis creation in every aspect of life; the sky is falling.  Technically it is, when they’re spraying you every day like bugs and they won’t talk about it.  We know, looking back at the old statistics to do with autism, or autoimmune systems and all the rest of it, before 1950s, we did not have anything like this.  We didn’t have massive autism everywhere.  We didn’t have attention deficit disorders and so on, which are just degrees of autism.  Autism, you see, it’s the same problem.  The injections and the inoculations that we’ve had since the 50s on have weakened us, helped destroy our immune systems, which is an ideal warfare strategy, if eventually you want to release some kind of pandemic or plague.  You try and bring down the enemies’ immune system.  We’ve got to realize that, see, we, the people of the world, are the enemy to the elitists.  They decided a long time ago there was way too many of us, and in the 1800s they had big surveys on the go, and they said that once we get into a post-industrial era, we won’t need all these people.  They’ll be useless eaters.  They’ll be consuming the earth’s resources and they would have to bring down the populations, drastically.  And that’s been one of their major drumbeats for a long time.  It’s forcible population reduction by any and every means possible.  And you referred earlier to Kissinger, and that particular bill that he put through.  And that’s what he said.  He said the number one enemy of the state is overpopulation, and that’s when the money was advocated towards finding ways to reduce it, and that’s when money was allocated to the department of war, the warfare department, to find something which would destroy the immune system of people.  We also have the United Nations that comes out every year giving us a very calm report on all of their statistics and they tell us now that the male sperm count of the average Western male is down 75%.  We’re three-quarters sterile than what we were in 1950.  And there’s no comment.  There’s no crisis made about that, and that, the very fact that there’s no comment about it means it’s meant to be.  We are being sterilized.


Doug: There’s also drugs in the rivers and the water that we’re drinking and eating each and every day, and it doesn’t seem that anybody really cares about it.  Mr. Watt, I just want to chime in real quickly, because a lot of people, you were talking earlier, feel that they’re being forced in the system, and we are.  I mean, even today or yesterday Walmart was saying, hey, if you don’t have a real ID we won’t sell you weapons, and we see this kind of agenda going forward, trying to coax us into this system by hook or by crook.  And we see a lot of these agendas are no longer in secret.  This globalist drive, this global agenda is really out in the open.  It is an open conspiracy.  But now we see a lot of people really buying into this.  I was just wondering what you thought as far as China and Russia, geo-politically in the future, I see a lot of, you know, Russia has been buzzing the USS Nimitz, etc.  They seem to have a lot of vested interest in Iran, the neo-conservatives here in the United States seem to really want to push this war in Iran.  We have the new spy satellite video.  I mean, what do you see coming in the future here, I guess you could say the next few months, with Russia and China, geo-politically with the United States?


Alan: Well, I’m not even worried about Russia or China at all, because for a hundred years the West built up Russia.  And China, modern China was completely funded and built up and instructed and taught by the West for their present role.  In fact, the United Nations has declared that China is the model state for the world to copy.  So, I’m not worried about them at all.  I mean, we know, and lots of books were written at the time when the Bolshevik Revolution took over, the first revolution, in 1917, the first revolution was 1905 and then the Bolsheviks took over, and basically since then on, the Western banks and the Western governments kept Russia alive.  They could have stopped Russia at any time, right up to the very end, by simply stopping selling them grain.  We had Alberta and other prairie provinces and the US had the same thing going, feeding Russia right up into the 90s.  They couldn’t even feed themselves.  So why would you feed supposedly your worst enemy?  The fact was, it wasn’t an enemy at all.  It was the Big Bad Bear, because you need a government who’s supposedly an enemy, who’s going to attack you.  And the money that your own governments were able to tax from you in times of the Cold War to protect you was all going into high technology that eventually would be used to monitor everybody on the planet.  That’s where the money was really getting used, but they used the excuse of a Cold War to do it.  They couldn’t have taxed you like that if there was no Cold War, so we funded, we’ve always got to have an enemy, and the same with China.  Bertrand Russell was one of the first major professors from the West to be sent to pre-Communist China.  And he, in his own memoirs said, I went over there to teach them the fundamental rules and principles of Communism.  This was Lord Bertrand Russell.  So, we funded them, we created them as the big, bad enemy, because you always need an enemy when you want to tax the people, and we crowd to our governments and say defend us, please, by any means you can.  And they get away with so much.  They build up government in times of war, like Carroll Quigley said.  And bureaucracies expand like crazy, and that’s what they wanted. 


And now, coming into a global government, you must find an enemy within, which is terrorism.  You must always have an enemy, and it could be you, your neighbor, or someone you know, that’s how it’s going to be in the future.  For them to keep control they have to find terrorism everywhere.


Michael: Well that’s the sort of game they’re playing right now, you know, where they could decide that if they find enemies such as Russia or China, you know to get everyone fear-mongering and completely frightened to say, well, you’ll get more food rations if you fight and you go into the killing fields.  You’ll get more food.  And that’s the way they’ve always done it. 


Alan: Yeah, and the first thing you do too, you see, what they’re really after, and this is the big problem that the United Nations has at the moment, and they’ve written reports about it.  In the transition from a nationalist structure into an internationalist structure, especially with a global army, where you’ll have to pull people from all across the world into this army. Now, it was easier for national countries to use tribal emblems, their cultural emblems and so on, to bind the soldiers together.  And that’s a hard thing to do for an international, this strange, wishy-washy entity called the United Nations.  So, they’re using scientific techniques of indoctrination to try and create a world type army to take over, which means you’re going to have an elitist group within the army, who are going to get taught that they are different from everyone else and special, and they hope that they’ll bind them, they’ll bond them together so tightly into a new type of fraternity they’ll be a separate class all together.  And that’s what they hope to do.  They’re actually doing it with the troops now.


But, see, Britain has already said they’re amalgamating all the armies of Europe at this moment.  And what they’re using as an excuse is, they’ll need the troops from all over Europe, as a rapid deployment force, to be sent to anywhere, where riots break out over food.  This was the excuse that was in the paper.  So, they’re going to create food shortages.  There’s no doubt about that.  That is coming.  And the Department of Defence put out the 90-page document, you’ll find it on my site.  This Department of Defence also runs the whole of NATO, and they see nothing but thirty years of escalating riots across the globe, and all across Europe and the Americas.  But they don’t tell you why it’s going to happen.  Well it’s obvious why.  You’re going to shortly go through such tremendous transitional changes to change your entire way of life that presently most people could never, it’s unthinkable to them.  It’s beyond their comprehension how radically it’s going to change, and it’s going to be crisis from every possible direction you could imagine.  People will be in shock; remember shock and awe is not just used against people over in Iraq.  Shock and awe is also used psychologically across the planet.  And people will be in shock.  That’s when the government agencies will turn out in force and start advising you what to do.  They want mass migrations of the public within the Americas and Europe.  They want to put mass migrations of people off the rural areas, into the overcrowded cities, where you’re easily taken care of, and herded together and observed.  And fuel will go through the roof, eventually, until you can’t afford it, so you’ll be totally dependent on their system, and the United Nations has said that these habitat areas, which are just the overcrowded cities for the majority, will have no private transportation whatsoever.  It will be public transportation within the city only.  So, you’re looking at a totalitarian regime of scientific engineering, and scientific control by bureaucracies and so on. 


Doug: My friends, it’s just one more of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  We’re talking with Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  On the other side we’ll be getting into a whole lot more.  Your calls as well, 1-800-451-1567.  Stay tuned everybody.


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Michael: Welcome back to the Intel Strike Report.  If you want to participate in this discussion as we are fleshing out the enslavement grid that we are going to be facing in this country and other countries soon, give us a call at 1-800-451-1567.  Again, that’s 1-800-451-1567.  And after the show, we’ll have Mr. Watt’s information on our website, intelstrikereport.com, where you can dig the podcast, vote for us on podcast alley, and so much more.  But Mr. Watt, let’s really, let’s flush out this enslavement grid, because, you know what, like you said, information, right now, in this age is at our fingertips.  The problem with it is that people get a glimpse of what is going on, but they fall into the trap of, oh, it’s the Jews, oh, it’s the Jesuits, oh, it’s because Bush is in office, and once Bush gets out of office, then, when Obama gets in, you know, everything will be great.  Let’s talk about really some ways that we can almost have an intervention on the radio and get some people awake to what’s really going on, without them being sidetracked on ridiculous issues.


Alan: Well, if they were to go back, even to read reports from the United Nations, read the reports from all the non-governmental organizations that belong to the United Nations.  There’s thousands of them out there, all these reports, on the future, written from the late 40s onwards.  And you’ll notice that every part of these agendas that they wanted to bring in has pretty well been accomplished, regardless of which country had what political party in power, one after another.  No party has ever made any change to slow this down or even object to it, which tells you they’re all in on it.  So, the conclusion that I came to is that these parties, these political parties are just fronts, just fronts, that’s all they are.  And Margaret Thatcher, when she did her global tour in the 90s, early 90s, like the one at Massey Hall in Ontario, Canada, that was one of them, the title of her speech was The New World Order, the coming New World Order.  And she talked about the need to go to war with religious fundamentalism.  That was on the books, because in a standardized planet, you cannot have people going their own way, and hanging on to their old cultures and religion is part of that.  And that meant all fundamental religions.  But she also mentioned that she belonged to a parallel government.  She said it’s been on the go, it’s been in operation for a long time.  And she said that in World War II they realized that democracy was simply too slow and cumbersome, because there’s too many conflicting fights with different parties for power and individuals within those parties for individual power, and they could not get their agenda satisfactorily put through, therefore, she said that this parallel government was set up consisting of ex-prime ministers, ex-presidents, ex-high level bureaucrats from every country.  So, it’s a world parallel system that works towards this integration of the Americas, Europe, the far Pacific rim region and into a global structure.  But it doesn’t end there.  It’s not for our benefit.  It’s to bring the planet into a more, what they claim is a more manageable style of being ruled and scientifically managed, rather than having people with individual rights and individual freedoms and choices.  That was simply too chaotic from a ruler’s point of view.  They want to bring it in and make it a scientifically-designed society. 


And they’ve gone a long ways towards this.  They’ve given us all a standard education.  That was part of it.  Now, your national education system is part of the international education system under UNESCO.  So, now you have a world of people, all brainwashed from birth along the same way of seeing things.  That’s very, very important that they all see things the same way.  Then it’s easier to predict how everyone will react to news, etc, how they’ll accommodate their lives towards new crisis, etc.  So, they’ve been working on us our whole lives long, and our parents before us, and they see it coming into view now.  But no political party in any country, regardless of all the hot air they’ve put out, has ever, ever slowed this agenda down one iota. 


Michael: Absolutely.  It seems that we have a caller.  You’re on the Intel Strike with Mike, Doug, and Alan Watt.


Caller: Okay, well, what I’m getting, I heard Joe talking and the reason I called, I think Joe, I just guessed, I’ve been doing this for, not calling in, but I’ve been listening to you people and people like you, work their hearts out.  And the government loves creative emails.  They love creative thinking.  And they love creative people.  So, I’ll bet you ten cents that Joe really did a good show, because he’s a government worker and you know how that goes, if you know how that goes.  He gets his neck broke if he doesn’t do something wonderful by being rotten somewhere.  So, what I’d guess, I’ve got a friend, I can’t say who it is, but every day, he gets email, and it tells him what a jerk he is, and this kind of thing.  I mean, instead of understanding, I understand it right off, the government is doing creative emails is the way I feel about it.  But, he argues with them back and forth, if you don’t like my program, go get another one or something.  But it’s just sad.  Because I believe it’s the government.  How dare us think?  Diane Feinstein says we’re not smart enough to think.  We can’t handle the truth.  We don’t know all the whole story.  No, you horse trader, what would you call her?  We don’t know your truth, or you’d be out herding hogs or something.  I don’t like Diane Feinstein.


Michael: Did you have a question for our guest, ma’am?


Caller: Well, the one I was listening to, I apologize.  I didn’t get to hear the one that you’re talking about.  I’m getting the micro effect, but what I was getting was Joe saying to call in, so I apologize, whatever is going on.


Michael: He might be on a different network.


Doug: Yeah, Joel has a show on before us.  Like you said, you might be getting a macro effect.  We’re just talking with Alan Watt about the enslavement grid and how we’re kind of being forced into this system by hook or by crook and they’re using everything from taxation to food as a mechanism to quell us into a feudalistic society.


Caller: Yes.  Yes.  And that’s kind of what I was just saying, only I didn’t say it.  I guess, I believe this.  The corn is all being, did you, I sent everybody an email.  I hope you got one.  There’s corn and wheat that have a terrible dangerous fungus.  I wouldn’t doubt at all that the government starts the fungus.  These people are insane and need to be taken to the Hague for war crimes. These people are insane.  And why they’re getting away with it bugs me even more, because they’ve done everything they’ve done on fraud.  Why?  How are they getting away with it?  Bush got in there on his own false credentials.  Please, Mr. Guest, I’m going to hang up now and listen.  And I’m very sorry if I interfered in your program.  Yeah, there must be a delay.


Doug: No problem at all.


Michael: Well, thanks for calling in. 


Doug: She brought up some good points.  You know, why are people falling into this?  Why is all of this information available to the general public, and we seem to keep holding on to these nationalistic ideas that it’s in our best interest?


Alan: Because the TV has, the TV was created and put over in a scientific manner.  In fact, people today won’t believe anything, they won’t even believe their own eyes, unless the TV tells them to think about what they see.  And when anything is presented on news on television, it’s mixed with Hollywood, it’s mixed with sports, it’s mixed with the affairs of the bimbos in Hollywood, until it becomes surrealistic.  So, it’s mixed in with horror and families being blown up by mistake in Iraq, and all this kind of stuff by the airforce, until nothing is real anymore, and that’s called surrealism.  That was a scientific design of a form of mind control.  And if you saw the movie Network, they really put it across in its intensity there.  Television really is designed as an indoctrination tool.  And when you have the majority of the public, which we do, watching the same news worldwide, because it all comes through AP and Reuters, the same news, then you’re standardizing the indoctrination, so that when like Brzezinski said, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves.   They will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And they will have no topics to discuss except that which was downloaded into them on the previous night’s news.  Well, you see, that’s happened already.  And therefore, even with the spraying in the skies which has reached astronomical levels in every country, and people are getting sick too.  They’re really trying to hide this up big time.  They can’t help that it will break shortly, because there are people dying with this stuff we’re breathing in.  But as long as it’s not on the news people will not think about it.  They’ll believe the media before they’ll believe their next-door neighbor or their own eyes.  So, they are the end products of brainwashing.  We’re seeing the end products of brainwashing on a huge global scale happening right now. 


Doug: Well, most definitely. I think that’s why it’s all an open conspiracy is that, you know, you could look at a book like somebody like Aldous Huxley and people will actually read that and try to legitimize and say, well, you know, maybe people aren’t smart enough.  There’s this knock and talk thing going on, I’ve heard about it, where they’re actually going to people’s homes and asking them if they can come into their own home and search for weapons.  And people are just, oh, this is a great idea.  It’s wonderful.  I mean, if you’re worried about a weapon in your home and you pay the bills, shouldn’t you look in that room?  But so many people are just looking for a savior and I think that Mr. Watt is exactly right, we’re all info-tained and chemically lobotomized for the most part, and they’re bringing it all out now.  You know, they’re really not hiding anything.


Alan: Well, they said they’d have to lobotomize by chemical, viral, or other means the brains of every individual, and it could be done quite easily through inoculation.  They can target specific areas of the brain.  And they discussed this at the United Nations back in the 70s to bring world peace.  And they said, when this happens, the public will be unable to think for themselves, but they won’t have to, because the state will be making their decisions for them.  And I personally think this has happened to an awful lot of people.  They have no personal survival abilities.  They cannot think for themselves.  And also, here’s the key to it, people who have become dependent upon the system, they’re completely dependent on the system, like a paternalistic system, where there’s a big brother above you, or lots of big brothers in business suits, dealing with all the world’s problems on your behalf.  So, you’re told to be like a child, just go out and play, and don’t inquire into the first and last meanings or causes of things; leave it to us.  Well, we’ve done that, you see, and we have adults today, and even old people in homes who are technically immature.  They’ve never grown up and had to face major problems, because there’s always been a society or an agency ready to step in and deal with those problems on their behalf.  That’s happened.  We’re dependent, a dependent society. 


Doug: It is like, oh, don’t think.  We’ll think for you.  Don’t worry about one little bit.  And of course, we are chemically lobotomized.  I mean, we’re drinking fluoridated water.  The food we eat is no longer natural.  There’s no vitamins in them.  People don’t read books anymore.  They don’t even read newspapers or magazines anymore.  I mean, people see you at the bookstore and they think you’re some yuppie or some person who’s trying to think that they’re smart when you’re just trying to educate yourself.  Of course, they would prefer that you get your education from the school, but that’s another subject altogether.  But after the break, I want to talk a little bit about how farther this enslavement system will go.  I mean, we’re all living in compact cities, right now.  And you mentioned transportation.  That’s another part of it, and what happens when we get to the point where, well these people can’t even deal with the fact that there’s no food for them to eat unless they go to war in Iran, or wherever else, and they have to rely on the government for everything.  And we’ll talk about that after the break.  This is the Intel Strike Report on Truth Net Radio with Alan Watt.  We’ll be back after these commercial messages.


Hour 2


Michael: We’re back everybody.  The Intel Strike Report on the Truth Net Radio Network.  And the two hosts are Doug Owen of Blacklistednews.com and me, myself, Michael Vail of thought-criminal.org.  And we are with Alan Watt of cuttingthroughthematrix.com, a radio show host in his own right, on RBN.  And the topic is the enslavement grid, this neo-feudalistic enslavement grid, where we are being reduced down to the point of being peons on a global plantation or being global sharecroppers.  And let’s talk a little bit about the shape and format of this enslavement grid.  It seems that so many people live in compact cities.  No one really lives in the rural areas anymore.  It’s like we’re all in this global, I don’t know what you’d call it, a sort of a global community, where we’re all behind all these little gated communities, and no one wants to talk to their neighbor.  But let’s talk about what’s coming next and some of the things that will take place when you know that this enslavement grid has really wrapped around our necks. 


Alan: Well, you’re definitely going to see in the future rationing coming.  And that will be part of it all.  Remember, this is a war.  We’ve got to understand it’s a war.  But in their higher meanings it means a war on the public of the planet, you see.  And in all wars you have refugees, for instance.  And those refugees will be people flooding into the cities.  They’ll be forced into the cities through economic inabilities to purchase the gas that they used to use for travel.  Food will be made more expensive unless you grow it yourself outside, and that’s going to be forbidden eventually, by the way, without special licenses, even to grow your own crops.  And they want you all into these super-cities.  And it was the United Nations that talked a few years ago about the creation of super-cities, and from then on you saw the amalgamation of the main cities, with all the smaller ones that they were next-door to.  That was the creation of super-cities, which are the new habitats for the peasantry, because there’s to be two or three different classes of habitat areas.  For the elite wealthy ones, they already have sales for them in habitat areas.  Very expensive homes, all the mod-cons, solar panels, etc, everywhere.  And they will be for the high-level bureaucrats and so on, that won’t live with the people.  And maybe some of the higher levels of police, etc, that will be necessary, and teachers to keep the system going.  Like Stalin said, you must first of all grab the minds of the young, because this is an ongoing project, so you must pay the teachers well, and give them a better living standard.  Then you go for the military and police.  And then your higher-level bureaucrats.  So, they will be living apart from the rest of the public within these cities, which will eventually resemble Soylent Green, a Soylent Green scenario, the movie, with Charlton Heston.  Everything will be rationed.  And it’s not the end of the story.  We always think that there’s some sort of end to this.  We are the never-ending story. 


We are the building material for the scientists to then go ahead and create different kinds of humanity, over a hundred, two hundred, even five hundred year period, to serve the elite better.  New individuals that will be specifically designed for their tasks.  And Plato talked about this 2,300 years ago, the creation of specially, purpose-built humans for their specific tasks.  And they’ve gone further of course, with genetics.  That’s why the drive for genetics has been going on.  Not to cure any disease.  They want disease.  They want to bring the population down.  The whole genetic push is to create new kinds of specially-designed more-efficient humans, like the Borg.  But they also want a type that will be unable to think for themselves.  Technically, if you have the brain-chip implanted, and they’ve had the global meetings about this, it’s ready to go.  And they had the first one at Loyola University, in Louisiana, the world science meetings, the top biochemists there.  They had the top bioengineers in the field, and the guy from Tokyo, the top Japanese expert said, and this was kicked off by Newt Gingrich and funded by the US Department of Commerce, by the way, your tax money.  And the one from Japan said, he says, you’ll be no longer able to think as an individual. It will be impossible, once this chip is implanted.  And it’s ready to go, by the way, and now they have to just simply indoctrinate the public that it’s a good thing, and get them to want it. 


So, they’ve started to put it into novels and books and movies as a great thing, so the youngsters are very impressed by it.  But in reality you will no longer be you.  You will be programmable for any task.  No matter what you’ve been trained to do, you could be downloaded overnight and be a surgeon the following day for a few days and then a plumber the next.  And they think this is a great thing to do.  But that’s not the end of it.  Eventually they want to literally create from scratch a complete new servant class, that’ll be very efficient and very intelligent as far as being educatable, but they’ll be unable to reason or think for themselves and make personal decisions, or even think ‘I’m unhappy.’


Michael: We’ve had on a number of different scientists in the fields of A.I., biotechnology, nano-technology, and, I mean, right now they’re talking about where they, you know, have already made synthetic DNA, and they’re trying to make synthetic embryos, and get to the point where, you know some of them have actually made synthetic life forms that can do a number of tasks.  And you’re absolutely right.  This is here.  This is not something that you’ll, you know, they can’t create that synthetic life form just yet, but they plan to and they’re going towards that.  That’s the whole thing.  And of course, they have to make sure that a good amount of us die off.  And another thing that we haven’t mentioned, is that in order to make sure that these people are happy in their servitude, as Aldous Huxley likes to say a lot, there had to be some trinkets and baubles, and a number of things that I’ve seen in technology, some of which have been holograms, you know, creating some sort of holo-deck for people so they can feel as if they go on vacation although they’re not going anywhere.  And some of these BCI, brain computer interfaces that will just change their minds completely and rearrange their minds to the point that they think everything is wonderful, although they’re living in hell.


Alan: Well, even the BBC did a documentary, and this is why the push is on for virtual reality.  And, of course, Microsoft has got different levels of departments working on different types of interfacing the human brain, with the computer.  And on one of the lower levels, they’ve got a little ring you put around your head that’s coming out shortly, and it will interface with the computer to give you the sense of being in the virtual reality scenario.  You’ll have a feeling of presence.  And on a much higher level, they’ve already got it built in to the rim of the screen, so you won’t need one on your head at all, but, of course, we know it’s all gearing us, step by step, like the mice traps, as they say in marketing, you put a mouse trap out there and you step into it, and then it doesn’t trip, so they give you a better one, and you think that’s safe too, and that doesn’t trip, but once you’re in the third one, it trips and you’re caught. That’s how they discuss the public.  They call it a better mousetrap.  And that’s what the internet is for.  It’s not for our benefit.  The internet has enabled them to get the greatest amount of data collection on every single one of us.  All the viruses and trojans that were collecting all your address book members and so on was to find out your circle of friends, and then they analyze them to see if they’re of a similar mind as yourself.  And then they categorize you and subcategorize you and so on, because knowledge is power.  Because, in a world of totalitarianism then everybody, every subject must be completely predictable.  They must know everything about you.  But yes, the brain chip is ultimately the goal, and then when the brain chip is on the way, one population will work very well for them, and then, hopefully, they think, they’ll come out with their new types of specifically ideal designed creatures to serve them better.


Doug: Oh, yeah.  And that’s why Mike and myself, I mean, we really do get into the nuts and bolts of all of this technology and we cover a lot of news on this show that is directly related to what we’re talking about, and actually documenting it.  Because, you know, this technology is coming out mainstream.  I mean, we have no idea what they actually have.  But the admitted technology, the neural interfaces, the cybernetic neural implants, I mean, they’re there.  And you know, from all of the different researches that we’ve talked to, Futurists, Trans-Humanist types, they believe in this.  They believe it’s a religion, almost, in that we have to use this.  Hold on a second there, Alan.  We do have a call on the line.  Caller, you’re on the Intel Strike with Alan Watt.


Caller: Hello, gentlemen.  This is Mark in Wisconsin.  I recently downloaded some talks from the Master Mason Manley P Hall, and I think that he was talking to the profane, the uninitiated, you know, 3rd degree Masons and below.  And he spoke about what a mess finance was.  What a mess science was.  What a mess industrialization was.  And he finally, at the end of it, at the end of each of these talks, he said, what we need to do is give all the power to the real thinkers.  And it seems to me that the real thinkers are the recipients, the ones who are making all the money off of all this mess to begin with.  And his answer is to centralize more, when we can see that centralization right now in just about everything going on, I mean, as far as food, as far as industry, as far as science and finance, the more it gets centralized, the more messed up it is.  So, he’s leading his fellow Masons down this path of destruction.


Alan: Yeah, but if you read the old Masonic books, they’re identical to the Communist Manifesto.  And Albert Pike promoted the same things, end of private property, etc, etc.  And Pike made no bones about it.  It’s a pun, no bones.  But he made no bones about the fact.  He said that an intellectual elite should be able to guide the world.  Why should they have to go along with the same rules that were used for everyone else, the lesser types.  And that’s been an old religion for an awful long time.  In fact, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, remember, is called the Rite of Perfection.  You’ll find the same Rite of Perfection going back to the Albigensians and the Cathars in the Middle Ages, this group that paralleled the Catholic Church at the time, and they had two categories, the ordinary people, but they also had the Perfecti that ruled over them.  And the Perfecti could do anything that they wanted.  They had reached godlike status, and therefore the rules that they made for the lessers no longer applied to them.  Well, this is the same rite, actually, that’s gone down through the centuries.  And Manley P Hall also said that they should bring the world together in a form of global interdependence.  He wrote that in the 1930s, long before it was used by the United Nations.


Caller: Right, right.  He also said that our children need to be indoctrinated into a global system at a very early age.  He also said that they needed to set up schools for politicians, for the real thinkers.


Alan: That’s right.  Margaret Thatcher said the exact same thing in the 1970s, because they started to publicly fund the private school system, the Ivy League types in Britain, and the reason that she said they needed public funds, apart from soaring costs of tuition for them, she says, this is where our leadership classes come from.  She says, we must keep them at all costs.  They will be the new future leaders of corporations, governments and parliaments and bureaucracies, and they must all meet each other in the same classrooms and grow up together, because they’ll all know each other then by the time they’re in the business world.  She was quite blatant about it.


Caller: So right now, basically, he’s talking about just lifting the curtain on the oligarchies that already exist.


Alan: Exactly, exactly.  And again, you’ll find the same thing with Huxley, Professor Carroll Quigley and Lord Bertrand Russell.  Lord Bertrand Russell says we are introducing a system of scientific indoctrination, in the 1950s, with the use of Madison Avenue, he said, and they’re marketing ideas into the brains of the public using all the scientific techniques of radio and television to do so.  And he says, the public will be unable to know how their opinions are arrived at.  They will be unable to even figure that out.  And that’s happened.  And he also said, he said that they’ll be unable to do anything without the advice of an expert; we shall train them they need experts to tell them what to do.  That’s happened too. 


Caller: And people see that every night on the news.  I mean, they give you the news and then they give you these professionals who interpret the news for you.  Thank you very much, but I don’t need an interpretation of the news.  I can understand these things myself.


Alan: And even on the weather forecast, I’ve noticed, they bring an expert on to tell you what to wear that day in case it rains.  I mean, they have stopped us from thinking for ourselves, and unfortunately a lot of people need that now, because they can’t think for themselves. 


Caller: Right, right.  And I wanted to mention one other thing.  A very good friend of mine from California, she told me to check into chemtrails.  Initially I was skeptical, but I’m here in Madison Wisconsin, and I know they sprayed all last night and early into the morning today, and I did a little research and they’re spraying fly ash, which is coal dust, and it contains aluminum particles, which every scientist knows causes Alzheimer’s and interrupts brain functions.  So, maybe they found a dual purpose of spraying….


Alan: There’s more.  You should go in….


Caller: That does something as well as dumb down the population.


Alan: You should go into my website, because I did a talk on that, a blurb, the last blurb I did.  It’s not just, we know there’s cadmium, there’s aluminum oxide, there’s barium in it.  We know that.  We’ve had it tested.  It’s also been on television.  The television thing is on my site as well.  But they’re also adding tranquilizing mixes, they call them calmatives, to it.  They’re a form of sedatives, to tranquilize the public through these major changes. 


Caller: Right, right.  And as far as solutions, as far as solutions go, I heard you bring this up once before, Alan.  We need to talk to our police and military and let them know what’s going on, because they are going to need to take people from our own populations to use against us.


Alan: That’s right.


Caller: And if we get these people involved and let them know what’s going on, perhaps we can head this off.


Alan: We also have to set up organizations, we have to set up organizations to deprogram these people and make a public noise about it, that we have these organizations, just like Coma did for people who were members of cults.  We’ve got to start realizing, we should start publicizing this, and start deprogramming the police and the military, who’ve had incredible indoctrination, you know.  They truly have.  They’re made completely paranoid about the public with the special talks and lectures they get every other week from these experts, again, that come around and discuss the coming agenda with them.  They are paranoid about the public, but they also have a scientific bonding technique used on them now to make them another fraternity, a close brotherhood fraternity.  So, we’ve got to start deprogramming them very quickly, because, we breed, we breed the cannon fodder at the bottom that’s always used on the public.  They come from our classes.


Michael: Absolutely.  We have so much more information coming up after the break here.  This is Alan Watt from cuttingthroughthematrix.com, also a radio show host on RBN.  And after this segment, we’ll be really getting into some of this information really that the way he’s presenting it to you is from a perspective where you take that information, you look it up, and you share it with your friends, because we’re all living in this neo-feudalistic society that they’re building for us, and it is we that must get out of it.  And that is the first and foremost thing that we need to do, we need to make other people aware of that they’re living in it.  And even if they don’t want to see it, ignorance is not bliss.  But, never the less, this is the Intel Strike Report, and we’ll be back after these commercial messages. Stay tuned.


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Doug: Welcome back everybody.  You’re listening to the Intel Strike Report right here on the Truth Net Radio Network.  If you’d like to join Mr. Watt, Michael, and myself on air, you can.  Give a call 1-800-451-1567.  You can also join us in the Truth Net Radio Chatroom.  This is an interactive show.  You can ask questions directly from the chat room as well, if you have a little stage fright and you don’t want to call in.  Go to Truthnetradio.com, and there’s a link that says chat.  All you have to do is pick yourself a user name, and come on in and join the discussion.  And Mike and myself try to pay attention to it during the offs and ons.  So, we will definitely get to it and ask Mr. Watt, if you would like.  So, the caller beforehand, Mr. Watt, mentioned chemtrails.  And chemtrails, there has been a lot of news lately about them.  You were talking about KLSA, talking about in Louisiana, actually, barium, putting barium in them, and actually spraying it across the skies in Louisiana.  I mean, this is all coming to light now.  And I actually was looking during the break at a Navy document, where they’re actually calling for using weather control to disrupt economies as a weapon for war.  So, let’s just flush it out a little bit, because I think a lot of people are confused about chemtrails.  And there’s so many different aspects they’re using these things, and so many different chemicals that they’re spraying in the sky for so many different reasons. 


Alan: Well, actually, it’s not so disjointed really.  These guys get a big bang for their bucks and they accomplish a lot of tasks at the same time.  Number one, it broke out heavily in 1998, and we’ve been sprayed constantly since 1998, across the planet.  Japan and China now are getting sprayed over the last year or so.  India is getting sprayed, southern India, Australia, New Zealand, it’s all over; I get photographs every day from all over the planet.  And so, it’s a worldwide agenda.  And we can go back to Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book, Between Two Ages, and in there is a chapter called the technotronic era.  And he said in that chapter that new techniques in science will control the minds of the public without them being aware of it.  If we jump from there to the HAARP type technology with ELF frequency pulsations, it was first brought up by Tesla who came up with the H-bomb.  He also wanted to spray the skies with metallic particles, then use ELF pulses through it, because it would affect the moods and the minds of the public.  Now, we know that in the 1970s the United Nations had an agreement, a treaty signed by the US and Britain and other countries to do with weather warfare.  And in that treaty they said they had the capacity then to create famines, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and so on, all with HAARP type technology, which can work on its own, but it’s more effective if you were to spray the skies with metallic particles.  If we then couple that with a statement made by Rumsfeld after 9/11 when he was asked what will they do if another major strike happens on a major city in the US, how will they control the public?  He said, we have aerosolized Prozac and Valium ready to spray on the public to calm them down.  And then it hit me when he said it, because they’re already spraying the skies, and I thought, my God, they’re actually doing it, because part of the side effect you’ll find, apart from the coughing and the bronchitis that won’t go away, is tremendous fatigue that people feel when they’re being sprayed.  Tremendous fatigue hits them.  And then when they stop spraying for a few days, you’ll notice that they get anxious and irritable.  That’s something else many of us have noticed.  And that happens when you’re going through withdrawal from a particular drug.  Once they start spraying again, it goes up in the blood level and you’re back to being sort of laid back and couldn’t care less again.  So they’re using all of this on us right now.  Remember, this is a hundred years war that’s been declared at the top, and they mean a war.  And they will use everything at their command to bring us through a hundred years into this Brave New World scenario where nothing in a hundred years will be anything remotely associated with the life of today. They’re using it.


Doug: Exactly.  And a lot of people, they don’t realize that right now, I mean, this is something that just blew me away, USA Today is actually talking about seeding clouds.  They’re doing this all over the Midwest and actually getting different permission from governments to seed clouds with silver iodide.  And this is some of the most, I guess, less disastrous chemicals that they’re actually putting into the atmosphere.   But when you get into barium, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but they actually use barium with the x-class radar system.  They actually track, track movements and get topographical imagery.  So, this is multi-faceted, and when you look up at the sky and you see a plane spraying something, it’s obviously not a contrail, it’s really hard to tell, because you have all sorts of weather warriors out there.  You have an atmosphere geo-engineering going on by scientists.  All of this technology and science is unregulated even here in the United States, but let’s just go to San Francisco.  They have an untested pesticide that they are spraying, they will be spraying that has a residue of 90 days it will actually stick to everything it’s sprayed on, and it’s a pheromone to stop the apple gnats.  So, you know, I used to really wonder about these chemtrails and kind of took them with a grain of salt myself, personally.  But you know, just look to the sky.  And I don’t know all the science behind it, maybe you do, as far as you know, being able to determine what they’re spraying.  But they are spraying, and a lot of it.  And you know FOIA requests keep coming out by all of these different environmental groups, just pointing out that yes, they’ve been doing this.  You had the Ho Chi Min Trail during Vietnam, they are proud to say it now and it’s part of the record.  You can find it in the NSA archive that they were actually flooding out the Ho Chi Min Trail.  I mean, seed clouding technology is really, really old.  It’s just, this is now becoming passé.  It’s just like a lot of these things, they’re really starting to unveil this technology to us.


Alan: But I really do think though, as I’ve had it analyzed here.  I’ve had stuff analyzed here, even when I had yellow rain, just like they had in California at one point, and there was Cadmium in there as well.  And Cadmium is highly carcinogenic, and so is, of course, Aluminum Oxide.  Never mind, as I say, the tranquilizing stuff that’s in there, that’s definitely in there too.  They’re using tranquilizing agencies on the general public as they bring us through one crisis after another to make us more manageable. 


Doug: Oh, most definitely.


Michael:  Well, it sort of begs the question that, okay, we know that, you know in Brave New World, they had an aerosolized version of Soma that every now and then when a riot would break out, the police would shoot the Soma up in the air and calm everyone down.  Are we going to need to be calmed down when something catastrophic happens? 


Alan: It’s happened.  I read on my last blurb from a Department of Defense article on all these subjects we’re talking about right now, including the aerosolized calmatives as they call it.  I read off all the list of the tranquilizing agents they have ready to use on the public in mass riots and so on.


Doug: Oh sure.


Michael: Yeah, you know, if we’re having, you know, like a food riot right now which is happening and in different countries right now, the American people, or people around the world in sort of these so-called first world countries are not prepared to deal with certain scenarios and if these things present themselves then some people will just lose their minds because they cannot get their minds around the reality of what’s really going on, and of course, that’s what all the wonderful FEMA camps and things like that are made for.  But you’re right.  They’re going to have to bring us some sort of Soma.  But, then again, you know, 2 million children are on some sort of psychotropic drugs, so we’re already on it to some degree. 


Alan: There’s no doubt about it.  You see, the thing is, in the Great Depression, when you had the Dust Bowl and tremendous famine to an extent too, never mind the con game with the money situation, because we all know it was manufactured and planned that way, but the people still had a bonding culture, a common culture where they could help each other out.  They didn’t riot against each other.  And now that’s been destroyed.  Even the family unit has been destroyed, which is exactly what big government said they would love to do.  They want to talk right down to you as an individual with no one to stand up around you. And that’s happened.  And that’s counter to our own survival in crisis times, because the public don’t know anymore how to co-operate together for their own survival.  That is very true. 


Michael.  Well, yeah.  You mentioned about the sort of hierarchy of the new caste system, you know, where they turned the neighborhood watch, citizens corps, etc, these sort of groups that were you know at one time helpful, they’re now under Homeland Security now, so, they’re just a part of the new Stasi force, so, you know, if things get out of control, your neighbor now, who is, you know, at one time used to be just nosey and a pain, now she has government clout. 


Alan: You have to realize that Lenin and Stalin, who were the creators of the Soviet system, Soviet means rule by councils, but it also meant by organizations, NGOs, Non-governmental organizations and children’s aid, and all these organizations blossomed in the West, the reason for it being the big think-tanks that worked for the Western countries looked at the Soviet system, the great experiment number two.  And the Club of Rome, for instance, one of the premier think tanks on this particular area wrote in The First Global Revolution, the title of their book, the founders wrote this, that thirty years ago, they looked around for something to bring the planet together, and they said that only during warfare do the people help each other out and come together and do what they’re told.  And therefore, they hit upon the idea of blaming the weather, and blaming the public for altering the weather.  And that the reason, and therefore, the public would become the enemy to the planet and would have to be ruled by experts to save them.  There’s a complete admission right in there.  And they also said that the Western countries favored the collectivist Soviet system as a better and easier way to rule the public. 


Michael: So, it’s a sort of a several different layers of psychology that are being somewhat embedded into our psyches now where we’re now the problem.  It’s not an outside problem, it’s an inside problem.  And essentially, we are the problem. 


Alan: That’s correct.  Therefore, we’ll have to do what we’re told.  And under a collectivist system, it’s much easier for bureaucracies to deal with us individually and collectively, rather than a system where you think you have free individual rights and so on.  That’s out the window today.  And again, Lenin and Stalin said, by the creation of services in the Western countries, by that, children’s aid, even police services started up as services, remember.  Now they’re called enforcers.  They said, they’ll come in under a very helpful guise, but eventually will become authorities over the public.  Well, that’s been done. 


Michael: As a matter of fact, on the subject of think tanks, and I’ve only heard you and a couple others really talk about the RIIA, The Royal Institute of International Affairs in the Chatham House, and how our governments don’t come up with any ideas for themselves, but these think tanks essentially get their marching orders from the ruling elite and tell the government and sort of run it all out, the ideas, and run them through and give them the ideas and then our governments run with them.


Alan: It’s more than that.  It’s even beyond that.  At one time that’s how it was.  But in 2005, the American branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and Royal means Royal.  You can’t use the word Royal without it being okayed and chartered by the British Crown, which is an un-elected, non-democratic body, remember.  And the CFR is the American branch of it.  And for the first time, in 2005, they came on national television in Canada, as the Council on Foreign Relations, as a committee, admitting that they drafted up the amalgamation for the Americas for all governments to sign.  So, this non-political, non-democratic, non-elected body, this private group, drafted up the very bills that the prime ministers of Mexico and Canada and the president of the United States signed into law.  And they have drafted up every other bill that they’re signing, one per year, up until 2010, until it’s complete.  They also boasted in their own books that they were behind the amalgamation of Europe, and their members in Australia and New Zealand primarily are behind the amalgamation of the Pacific Rim region.  So, this goes back to Britain, once again, a very long term strategy, intergenerational, and it’s very easy as Carroll Quigley said, to make these agendas occur, because we think in short-term planning.  Our lives are fairly short.  But, he says, institutions can last for hundreds of years, and each one, when it’s set up with a specific mandate, can hire, work, and retire, and hire again, for generations, and pull off their initial manifesto.  They can make it happen, make it come into being.  That’s how it works, you see.


Michael: Yeah, it’s absolutely fascinating.  I mean, another example is that the CFR wrote the Homeland Defense bill years before 9/11.  And it’s like they came up with it overnight like, oh, here it is.  Here’s the Patriot Act.  Oh, you know, here’s the Homeland Defense Act.  Here’s all.  It’s right here for you. It’s like, do they write that?  No, they did not write that, people.  Your government is not being run by the people that you think it is.  But we’ll get into that and a whole lot more on the other side.  This is the Intel Strike Report with Alan Watt.  Stay tuned.


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Michael: Final segment with Alan Watt.  Intel Strike Report.  Intel Strike Report on the Truth Net Radio Network.  And we’ve all gotten an education here.  I want to thank Alan Watt for coming on, and in the final segment, we’ve really talked about think tanks, but I want to flesh this out a bit and so people can understand where these governmental policies really come from. 


Alan: Well, as I say, a long time ago, an awful long time ago, they were having meetings in Europe from the 1700s in fact, on amalgamations of power, and you’ve got to understand that even then, since the 1500s, big corporations were already underway for the first time.  You might call them international corporations like the British East India Company, the Dutch East India Company, and various other ones.  And they realized that the time would come where they’d all amalgamate.  They’d have to amalgamate or have ongoing wars.  And they were discussing at that time how they could control a world population, 200 years ago, and the problems they were likely to face.  And so they set up, as I say, this real government.  Democracy never existed.  It was a front from the beginning, because they knew at the top, through studies, that every four or five years there would be riots from the public or revolutions, so they gave us the ability to vote every four or five years, and that way it put off or postponed revolutions. We don’t vote new people in.  We vote the old ones out.  That’s what you do in a democracy.  You’re so sick of them, and you just simply vote them out and then hope for the best with the next bunch.  It’s a con game.  But the elite never disappeared.  And they never stopped working with their own circles as they call them, their own circle of friends.  And they formed these front foundations, big foundations that would have the appearance of being charitable organizations and tax-exempt.  In the States you have the Ford and the Carnegie and the Rockefeller, and many others, all working together.  And sometimes, the board members of one are also the board members of another.  And they have the non-governmental organizations, well funded non-governmental organizations, which they set up in fact and financed.  They have pension plans.  They have office towers and all the rest of it, these supposed non-governmental organizations, who then lobby on behalf supposedly of the public and demand the government pass certain laws on this and that.  The government then steps in and plays its part and says we’re happy you asked for this; we’ve got a bill ready to go.  This is how the con game works.  So, the elite actually rule the world through foundations and the funding from thereof that go to the non-governmental organizations that have some sort of semi-official standing now, simply because they’ve been around for a long time.  But they’re non-elected.  This system we live in is not a democratic system by any means at all, any shades of gray or whatever.  It’s non-democratic.  It’s a con game to bring the elite’s view of the world into being.  That’s what it’s all about.


Michael: Yeah, a lot of people think that, you know, if you elect one person in there, and they think that that will change the world, you know, we put one Ron Paul in and overnight the world will change.  And we have this fascination with it being very, very speedy and a speedy process to change the world, but that’s not going to happen.  I mean, even if we get to any sort of stretched imagination to the point where we can take down these structures of influence, you may be, not you, but you know our listeners may be very surprised by some of the people that we’ll see as we take down these things piece by piece.  And in the final segment here, I do want to talk a little bit about solutions.  And we talked about food, transportation, you know, mass druggings and such.  How do we really sort of take this country back?  It’s just not going to happen with some guy with a 357, it’s just not going to happen if you put some Congressman in, and it’s not going to happen if you put a President in.  A President is essentially just a sock puppet, a meat puppet, a marionette for the global elite.  How is this really going to change?


Alan: I think all we can do is educate and prepare for the worst, because we’re going to go through hell.  I have no doubt about that at all.  As you say, one man, or even a group of people are not going to be allowed to change the course of these incredibly numerous elite organizations.  Nothing is going to stop them.  They won’t let anybody stand in their way.  All we can do is expose the whole con game of it, educate ourselves, prepare for the worst, and be in the right places, hopefully, to come through the worst of it, and at the same time, rather than hit them head on, you see, these are the masters of war.  You can’t fight big high technology, advanced science with popguns.  You cannot do it.  And you have to realize that these characters have prepared for this for an awful long time, and they have weapons they haven’t even used on the public yet that can knock whole cities out.  So you can’t fight them.  They’d love you to hit them head on.  As I say, they’re the masters of war.  They’ve had thousands of years of this chess game.  You have to try and deflect it from their agenda to some other direction, which will be scary too, because you don’t know what the outcome will be, but I think it’s worth taking the risk and retaining our individual abilities to think and reason for ourselves.  Because we know if we go along with them where they’re going to take us, which is a form of total annihilation, it’s almost like the imprisonment of the soul, you might say, or the destruction of the soul.  It’s not happy that they own your body, they want to destroy the soul within. 


And therefore, we have to deflect off in a different direction, but we will go through hell on the way.  There’s no doubt about this at all.  These guys are ruthless at the top.  They’ve been doing things to the public which are, there’s no tyrant in history ever been accused of, that even had the ability to do what they’ve been doing with us, through the inoculations, through the poisoning and so on.  We’re dealing with mass murderers here who are cold, very calm, very sophisticated.  They might even be very nice and generous to you on a one-to-one basis, but they are psychopathic inbreds nonetheless.  And we’re dealing with utter ruthlessness in a very cunning fashion.  Make no mistake about that.  These guys will not back off. And they also, through their think tank scenarios, constantly play war games. And they’ve already done one on the food crisis, by the way.  They did it in 2002, in the United States, a whole internet war game at the Pentagon to find out where the riots would break out, how to deal with them, and all the rest of it.  So, you’ve got to remember, they will be ready for what you think is the obvious type of retaliation.  You can’t go that way, they’re ready for it.  You have to go a different route, and you have to start bonding.  See, we’ve already been under attack, as I say.  The family unit is almost gone.  The people don’t know how to bond together, and that was part of their war, long-term warfare strategy, to destroy that part of it. Those who have the ability to get out of cities, would have to do so, because in a city, you’re totally dependent upon the system within the city.  You have no means to survive independently in a city.  At least if you’re outside the cities, and if you can live on very little, and take a bit of what some people think is hardship, personally I think it’s peace and quiet, you certainly will live a lot longer.  And prepare by collecting the foods and so on, and the dried goods etc. that you need to get through the hard times, which you know are coming.  Food and water will be used as a weapon.  There’s no doubt about it.


Michael: Absolutely.  And I thank you for coming on the program, and I know you do a fulltime show, three days a week, so thanks for coming on the program, and really getting down to the bone on some of these issues and letting people know what they’re facing. 


Alan: It’s been a pleasure.


Michael: Just before, give out some websites and some information so they can find out more about Alan Watt and how to Cut Through that Matrix.


Alan: Go into the previous talks.  There is lots of data and documents I’ve read off and so on.  You’ll find them at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts too in different languages of Europe.


Michael: Well, thanks for coming on the program.  And thanks for taking the time out with us.  And it has been a pleasure. 


Alan: Thanks for having me.


Doug: All right, there goes Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  The man is just a book of knowledge, Mike.  You know you look at all the news that we cover on a day-to-day basis, and he has hit all of the topics that we go through day to day.  I mean, when we talk about the technology and the enslavement grid, you know, he just gave you, we just got a two-hour rundown on the agenda, and where, you know, he sees a lot of this going, and I have to agree.  And I think that we need to flush out a lot of this information for the listeners, because too many of us, even in the Patriot Movement and the Truth Movement, whatever you want to call it, the alternative media, are still in this paralysis phase, and I know it’s almost becoming a cliché and I say it all the time.  You definitely know what’s coming.  People have the insight listening to shows like this, as to what’s coming, because we bring you the talk from the think tanks, from the Club of Rome, from the Military-Industrial Complex Center, so that you can gage how much time that we do have.  And I think that’s why Mike and myself cover a lot of the technology, because, you know, that is the infrastructure that they have to have in place before a lot of these agendas will go forward, but you know, there is no time to spare, my friends.  If you are still thinking about preparing, you know, you should have been doing it a long time ago.  You know, and all of us, I myself am sometimes a procrastinator, and just recently I’ve really been putting this thing into full swing.  Food will be used as a weapon, Mike.


Mike: Yeah, absolutely.  And I think what was really, really important is that he made you understand that your government doesn’t come up with squat.  They make no plans; everything is given to them on a platter by these nongovernmental organizations and think-tanks and such.  They are, your government is useless.  They have abandoned you, and they have failed you time after time.  And they will be the last people you see on this earth, and they are the ones who want to live well, and want you essentially to live in a compact city and to work for a food ration, and we’ve gone through all of that information.  And actually, myself, I’m going to re-listen to the podcast and take down a few notes, because he broke down some information, a bit of it that I didn’t even know about, but this is the information that we have given you.  And he took the time out to give it to you, and I think you should go to Intelstrikereport.com after the show and check out the podcast, and go to his website and read some of those transcripts. I mean, we’re in dire straights ladies and gentlemen, and we need to work it out.


Doug: All right everybody, stay tuned.


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