September 18th, 2008

 Alan Watt on "The Intel Strike Report"

with Doug Owen and Michael Vail

(2 Hours)
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Doug: All right everybody, welcome to another live edition of the Intel Strike Report, right here on Oracle Broadcasting Network.  Today is September [18th], 2008.  I am your host, Doug Owen, and my good friend, my partner in thought-crime, our producer, Mr. Michael Vail is in studio with us as well, as Mr. Alan Watt tonight.  We will be Cutting Through the Matrix, running the gambit of news articles, different current events that are going on, right now.  We will be talking with him for at least the first hour, and we might be able to talk him into coming on the second hour.  And we will be taking your phone calls, as well.  Mike and myself do run the alternative news website,, so you can go there and check that out for all the latest news and information that we talk about on a daily basis, here on Oracle Broadcasting.  Mr. Watt, thank you for coming on the show.


Alan: Itís a pleasure to be here.


Doug: Yeah, this is the first time that weíve actually had you on this network.  We had you on WTPRN, and we had you on Truth Net Radio many times, but itís a distinct honor and pleasure to have you come on tonight on Oracle Broadcasting with us.


Alan: Yeah, itís good to be here.  The more stations you get on, the better, the more formats, the better it is.


Doug: Sure, exactly.


Alan: Especially in these late days, you know.


Doug: Yeah, time is definitely a factor here.  Whatís going on, Michael?


Michael: Oh, my God, man.  You know, itís always a rare treat when we get Alan on to talk about just a plethora of issues and even I get an education, and I have to after the shows, sort of break down some of the things heís said, and go do some more research as, man, itís you know, being a student about this whole thing and not saying that you know it all, but that you know that you donít know anything, and you try to grow.  But Alan, before we jump into this, you know, a lot of people, you know, really know a lot about you, but there are some out there who donít know.  Let our listeners know a little bit about you and how you got into all of this, and what youíve discovered.


Alan: Well, I like to say that I was born with a form of autism, where I understood reality in a world that did not.  And so, I was able to question everything from a very early age without being obnoxious, as a child.  But I observed and I watched and then I went to check up what I could check up on, because I was brought up in Britain, and Britain really was in a depression from World War II up until about the late 70s, when they gave them credit cards.  And I couldnít understand why everybody I knew in the working class towns was so poor when Britain supposedly ruled a good part of the planet, the British Commonwealth, and had done so for centuries.  I thought, well, where did all the wealth go?  How come only so many families in London, based around London owned all of this country and everything in it, and the masses of people couldnít even get their own homes to live in and own?  They rented.  And everybody I knew was arguing about basic things, food and rent, and the wages were almost like fixed wages, and fixed prices. And I caught on early that the whole system, the financial system in Britain was rigidly controlled.  It was a price-fixing you might call it, and it was not designed for the ordinary person to get ahead. 


And I checked into the history books, and I was lucky in one respect, and that was that I was allowed into the adult libraries early on, very young, because I persisted.  And I could get into the reference sections, where they did have old books going back into even the 1700s for reference books and check on the histories, as they were written at the time.  And I realized what I was being taught in school was a complete fabrication.  It had nothing in common with what happened before.  And what also struck me, leafing through the old newspapers, that were still preserved in sections of these reference libraries, newspapers and pages from them, from the 1700s, was how open, they were far more open about rebellion in those days, and what they were rebelling about.  They had no problem with voicing in mainstream newspapers the fact that most folk were being oppressed by a small elite, a dominant minority.  It was very open.  However, if you read the school books I was getting to take home with me from school, again, you had this sort of romantic past image of history, where you had good kings and queens and all of this stuff.  It was utter nonsense.  So, George Orwell was quite correct when he talked about history being rewritten constantly with every passing publication and republication of the same books, they simply take all the bad parts out and put it down the memory hole, and never to be found again. 


So, I kept on at this.  And then, when I started traveling early in Europe, I was astounded to find laws, the same laws being passed in every country, at the same time.  And I thought, well, if these are independent countries how is it that theyíre passing laws that affect all their citizens and they donít know that the country next to them is passing the same laws at the same time.  It told me that there was some kind of interconnection already set up for the whole of Europe.  And thatís when I went into what I knew was going to be the European Union.  I dug into the history books about it, right, during and after World War II, and up till about 1955 they were much more open about trying to get this United Europe through.  It didnít sit well with the people of the different countries, and so they simply did it by stealth.  They had set up from the United Nations an organization to bring in a United Europe.  It was set up in 1948 and every governmental department that signed the treaty at the United Nations for Europe took part in it.  It was only in the late 90s, or in the year 2000, that the British declassified their documents to do with the unification process, where they were told that the public must never be told the truth about total unification under a European Parliament, until itís up and running.  It was complete.  So, it was done by lies and stealth from all of that time, from í48 to 1999 or so. 


And then, of course, we find too, itís the same thing for the Americas.  The Americas also had set up, in the different countries, a branch of government to deal with the unification of the Americas.  So, Europe was to go first, then the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific Rim countries were to be brought together, which is happening right now.  Weíll all have a central governmental parliament.  In fact, during the Free Trade negotiations in the 1980s, they suggested that Montreal would be the capital for the Americas.  So, weíre not living through any kind of democracy.  Weíre living through a scripted plan.  It doesnít simply end with the unification of anything or even the world.  Itís not where you can sort of get to the end agenda, saying, well, thereís no more war, weíve got a global government, we can put our feet up or go fishing.  These guys want to go much, much further, because they want a reduced population, drastically reduced down to about 500 million people.  They want a program of sterilization to come into effect.  They would like it if the youngsters could be conditioned and brainwashed enough that theyíd voluntarily come forward and have themselves sterilized to save Mother Earth.  Thatís all part of it too.  I read some of that in the Green Party who mentioned this very agenda, how they would give education, mainly to the female species across the planet.  What they mean by that is the abortion and the sterilization so that they donít have children. 


Everyone is pushing the same agenda worldwide right now, because weíre already globalized.  Weíre in a centralized system and we have a parallel government running the show.  The parallel government was set up in Britain, first of all, in its Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Its American branch is called the Council on Foreign Relations. The Royal Institute of International Affairs are the ones who drafted up the Income Tax Act for Britain, and the Property Tax Act for Britain and the Inheritance Tax Act for Britain.  They are a non-governmental organization.  They are not voted in by any of the public.  And their branch in the United States also brought forth and set up the bills for the income tax and property taxes for the American side.  And they also drafted up the agreements, which presidents and prime ministers have been signing every year since 2005, which further integrates us into the union.  It was drafted up by the Council on Foreign Relations, who are an unelected body, a private non-governmental organization.  So, where is the democracy in that?


Michael: There is none. 


Alan: There is none.


Michael: Yeah.  Yeah, youíre absolutely right.  You know, I just wish that I had woken up to all of this, years and years before, you know.  I just didnít have that nature in me to question a lot of things, and I sort of followed the vicious circle that my father followed and his father followed and Iím trying to break that vicious circle on my own here.  But youíre right.  You know, everything, you know, I live in the States, and everything that teachers told us was garbage.  It was just for us to regurgitate, to say again, and all of the heroes that were created, that were created were not what they seemed to be.  Take an Alexander Graham Bell who was a Eugenicist.  Take Albert Einstein who came out with the Oppenheimerís writing document called, ďOne World or None.Ē  And all of these people that they hand-pick that they build up for us as leaders are puppets of theirs.  And youíre absolutely right.


Alan: Yeah, if you read Einsteinís books, theyíre primarily on politics. In fact, he couldnít give any science lecture without notes in front of him.  All he ever talked to the public about was politics.  And some of the top reporters of their time, I think Snow was one of the big ones, who did the main characters, he did Hitler too, and then Einstein, a whole bunch of those guys, Stalin as well, and he said, all Einstein ever talked about was world government, and what he called, he said, I am a Zionist first, and no one had questioned what he meant by Zionism.  Their form of Zionism was a global type governmental system.  Thatís what he meant, because this was after 1948, and Israel was already established, so he wasnít talking about Israel.  He was talking about what they talk about in the societies, as they say, global government.  Thatís what they meant, and a planned system.  Itís the same system that H.G. Wells talked about.  A planned society where the betters, those who are more educated, those who are more evolved, they do believe in evolution, have the right to rule over the lessers.  Itís a form of scientific dictatorship, as Huxley talked about, Aldous Huxley.  Thatís what we have today.  And thatís taken for granted at the top.   We have an elite, a dominant minority as Huxley called them.  They own the money.  They own the wealth and the property.  And they have a scientific elite or dictatorship running the show, running us underneath them through masses of bureaucracy and whatís called social services. 


And if you go back into the writings of Lenin, he was the first one to tell us about the West.  And remember Lenin and the Soviet system was funded from its beginning from the West, Western countries, Western banks.  And all through the Soviet Era we funded them, we fed them.  They couldnít even grow enough corn or wheat to feed themselves.  And Lenin said that the West and the world will set up social institutions which will first start off as services.  And those services will eventually be given authority and become authorities over the people.  Well, thatís what we have now under socialism.  The Western world is socialized and we have masses of bureaucracies; many of them work with NGO groups, like Childrenís Aids and so on.  We donít realize that Childrenís Aid is still a private organization, but they now have SWAT teams coming in with the Childrenís Aid workers to take the children out.  So, these are the things that Lenin was talking about.  Itís the same with the Health Services.  We thought the Health Services was a service that you either take it or leave it.  Now the Health Services are mandating we take vaccinations.  Theyíre telling us what we must do by law.  And they have governmental weight behind them.  So, theyíve followed a very old agenda that was known by people such as Lenin.  And known by guys on the west, their counterparts at the same time.  We find Bertrand Russell writing about exactly the same things as Lenin.  In fact, they both had the same time dates.


Lenin said that this will take, that by the beginning of the Millennium, this will come into force, this whole New World Order of Authoritarianism.  And we find that Bertrand Russell gave the same time frame for this to happen, and Bingo, in 2001, we go into it, with the big, the velvet glove is off the Iron Fist.  We see it out in the open now.   Weíre being told what to do.  So, weíre just living through a big long script.  And once you get into the big foundations and their think tanks, they all network together.  Theyíre all one big club.  They fund all the nongovernmental organizations which get credence at the United Nations.  They fund these NGOs that demand that laws get passed to take away everyone elseís rights.  And really, theyíre just extensions of the foundations.  The foundations themselves are the money launderers for a very old aristocracy, who have never given us democracy.  They went around democracy by the setting up of these very foundations.  We find that Adam Weishaupt talked about it.  And his branch of the Illuminati, that was only one of them, was caught by the Bavarian police and raided.  But in his writings, Weishaupt said, we shall set up foundations and through foundations we will guide the world.  Thatís whatís actually happened.  And, as I say, he was only one little branch that was caught.  The rest of them still exist.  And theyíre still existing today. 


The Rockefeller foundation funds hundreds and hundreds of nongovernmental organizations.  And these are the ones that are now given public voice, they call it.


Michael: Stay right there, Alan.  Weíre coming up against the break.  This is the Intel Strike Report with Alan Watt, our special guest, on the Oracle broadcasting network.  Stay tuned, back on the other side, and weíll take your calls.


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Doug: All right everybody.  Wake up.  Thatís important.  So many people walk around in this world in a daze.  Youíre listening to the Intel Strike Report right here on Oracle Broadcasting.  Tonight, we are Cutting Through the Matrix with Mr. Alan Watt.  Weíre going to go straight to the phone lines.  Caller, welcome, youíre on the Intel Strike with Alan Watt.


Caller: Thank you.  Alan, what can you tell me about the Annunaki and Planet X?


Alan: Well, the Annunaki, see, all this stuff started with Zechariah Sitchin, who brought this, his own translation, a rather unique translation, very modified and very flexible translation, to try and explain to the people that if you were created to be an inferior type slave by very superior extra-terrestrial beings, then technically you donít have a chance in hell of defeating them.  Now, before he came out with his books, there was a project.  I think it was Project Jason.  It was a psy-ops project, where they discussed ways of doing psychological warfare on the populations of the Western World, especially.  And one of them was that very thing, if the public could be persuaded that they were created by some superior intellect, some alien species, to be slaves.  Then, obviously, the conclusion would be that you could never defeat your master.  And that has been pushed mightily, this whole Annunaki, Sitchin type agenda.  And people have been sent out afterwards to build on it.  In fact, thatís the foundation for most of the stuff that comes out of it.  But when you really study the Sumerian language and tablets, heís not only taken liberties, heís really fictionalized the whole context of the Sumerian legends.  It had nothing to do with extra-terrestrials whatsoever.  And Iíve talked to, in fact, Iíve put on my website, Iíve got a section there, where you can go into it, and youíll find professors and so on, who are into the Sumerian languages, who point out all the glitches of Sitchinís particular translations and how heís not only modified them, but heís fictionalized them in fact to suit his theories.  Now, itís good stuff for entertainment.  But today, people canít tell the difference between entertainment and reality. 


Caller: So, itís just another pseudo sort of religion, to make the people feel powerless?


Alan: Absolutely.  Obviously if you were to believe that, and now, some young people have phoned me up, and Iíve had chats with them, and theyíll come out with this stuff, so I know where theyíve got it.  I know what theyíve been reading.  And theyíre already telling me, well thereís nothing we can do, because weíre just minute creatures compared to these great, intellectual giants, these extra-terrestrials.  And itís worked already with some of them. 


Caller: Right, right.  And I also see them using it to ridicule real information, because Iíll see, Iíll see someone talking about it on a Patriot radio show, talking about the Federal Reserve, and then all of a sudden, theyíll be talking about Annunakis and UFOs and Planet X.  And I think that really destroys credibility.


Alan: Well, you see, in counter-intelligence, the whole point of counter-intelligence is to find out what is being discussed amongst the people.  Thatís intelligence; real facts, real data, and how can you go out there and upset it, and ridicule it, so that the baby, the truth, is thrown out with the bath water.  And they have sent out people, they have sent them out from mainly Britain, unfortunately, although the ones in Britain are connected through the US, through a particular agent, put it that way.  And I was approached by them to join them.  Thatís why I can speak about this.  And I was asked to go along with this particular agenda, and I told them no.  But I know the whole grouping of them.  Theyíre very popular.  They all know each other.  And they all work and build on Sitchinís foundation.


Caller: And another thing I noticed, I wanted to ask you about Alan, is pyramids and the all-seeing eye and those Masonic symbols.  When I see them on a website on a banner or something like that, and Iíve been following this for years.  They almost always turn out to be part of a Masonic wing, whether they call themselves a Patriot or not.  Now, is that a legalistic thing, or is that just them poking fun at us?


Alan: Sometimes it is poking fun at us, thereís no doubt about it. 


Caller: Now, I know you have a pyramid on your site, but in your defence, you are kicking the capstone off.


Michael: Yes, Alan is kicking the crap out of the capstone.


Doug: You know what, I have a few banners that have capstones, and believe you me, I donít get a paycheck and Iím not a Mason, so, I donít think thatís always totally correct. 


Alan: I mean, itís so interwoven, because, you see, we do have a religion, and millions of workers who work towards the Great Work, as they call it.  And every Mason takes an oath to stand up for his brother, across the planet.  Any Mason is his brother, across the whole world.  They are for a global agenda, and they work through charitable works as they call it, at the lower levels, in your communities.  Theyíre also on the boards of education, and they make sure that you get the right kind of education, towards this globalist society.  Theyíre on your council boards for your village or your town or your city.  They are a force to be reckoned with.  They are organized, very organized, and those who are active Masons, those ones who are really active, in the Lodge are dedicated to a cause.  So you have a religion running the Western hemisphere that pretends that itís just a little get-together with boys.  But these guys take blood oaths and death oaths.  Now, what are charitable institutions doing taking blood and death oaths for in the name of charity and helping the community?


Caller: Yeah, I noticed that too.  I saw an old document in the New York Times, and it listed some of the ceremonies that they did and their duties.  And part of their duties were informing on everything that goes on in their communities, so it seems like theyíve got an underground intelligence network set up all over the world. 


Alan: Yeah, they have.  In fact, Jacques Ellul touched on that.  He was a great writer.  And he said, since the 1950s, he says, at that time it was a form of cardex system.  He says but information gathering is done on every single person in the Western World, he said from the smallest village to the largest city, and he said, the public are never allowed to know how this information on them is collected.  But what it is, is through Freemasonic societies.  The Eastern Star is actually primarily responsible for gathering all personal data and gossip, and dossiers are made up.  And the local police chief, whoís always a Mason, is given this kind of information, and they store this.  So, theyíve been using this for fifty, sixty years.


Caller: Great information.  One last question, what does Oracle mean?  The esoteric and exoteric meaning.  Iíll take the answer off the air.  Thanks a lot.


Alan: Well, OracleÖ


Doug: I think we had a hater there, Mike.  I think that he didnít like my banner that had a capstone on the front page.  Oh, well thatís okay.  No, no, no.  I want to answer the question.  Oracle.  Oracle is a name that I came up with, with Mr. Lee Rogers after four hours of trying to find a domain name, and I just liked the name.  And I thought it might give some credibility because of the software company, although, they are scumbags, so.  Itís just a ringy name.  What does Republic mean?  What does Genesis mean?  What is any esoteric meaning of it?  So, anyway, weíre going to take a quick break.  Weíll take more calls on the other side.  Thanks for listening to Oracle Broadcasting.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: You are now listening to the Oracle Broadcasting Network, the home of cutting edge talk radio.


Doug: All right everybody, welcome back to Oracle Broadcasting.  And youíre listening to the Intel Strike Report, live with Mr. Alan Watt, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we want to take your phone calls as well, and we do have another one coming in from Iowa City, letís go ahead and go to the phone lines.  Welcome, youíre on the Intel Strike Report, live with Alan Watt.


Caller: Hey, Alan.  I was wondering, if the Annunaki didnít seed life on this planet, then what do you think did, or what do you think all life originated from?


Alan: Itís kind of a moot point really, because, number one, weíll never know.  What we do know is that if we go into other cultures that are very old, like Indiaís cultures and histories, they claim that weíre millions and millions and millions of years old. And we know the evolutionist theory, which is pushed in the West and has been like a religion, it is a religion in fact; in fact, itís a must-be that we believe weíre fairly new on the planet.  Theyíre in a clash of the two different belief systems.  Weíve never found any missing link in anything to prove evolution.  Every one that theyíve come up with, like the Piltdown Man that was taught as gospel truth for years, then they found out that the lower jaw was actually a pigís jaw they stuck on a human head.  But I think man is far, far older than weíre told.  We find this too in the writings of the ancient Greeks.  Plato talked about his great uncle Solon going to Egypt to find out the history of Greece.  And the Egyptians told them, you donít even know your own histories, you Greeks are far, far older than youíll ever imagine.  And they talked about great empires and civilizations going back into the dawn of time that had risen and fallen and were lost to history.  So, weíre far older, thatís all we do know.  We also do know from the histories, if we take Egypt, that the art of ruling over millions or billions of people was always known.  The understanding of human nature was always known.  And the art of rulership was always known.  So, we can never, ever go into what really created it.  Why not just grab the Indian version here in America, like the Crow version, the giant Crow drops an egg, and out of it comes man.  I mean, thatís as good as any other theory, or Zechariah Sitchinís scientific explanation.  You understand too, they always give you an updated version of creation for the age you live in.  And we live in a scientific age.  Weíve been bombarded with science fictions from the 1950s onwards, from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, well worth seeing by the way, because that was massive predictive programming.  And therefore they give you a religion that fits in with rocket ships and space travel and so on.  That didnít exist in the previous century.


Michael: Well, you know, I would say also that, you know, while I research everything, different cultures had different things that were important to them, and everyone just about had some sort of culture, you know, about people from the skies and such, and while Sumeria is extremely old compared to other cultures, yeah, itís true.  But at the same time, I research everything, and sort of wade my way through, but, again, I mean, a lot things can be used.


Alan: What youíll find, hereís what youíll find if you go into Egypt.† In Egypt they drew up sky charts, because you had the stellar cult, the priesthood and what they gave you was Nature, Nature written in a story for the public to swallow, while the elite knew the real meanings.  And they gave you a champion, who always had to go on a quest, and heíd fight different creatures on his travel, like Jason on his way for the golden fleece, for instance, Jason and the Argonauts.  What youíre being told there is the sunís travel through the constellations of the zodiac, where he fights all the half men/half beasts and so on.  Thatís what they give you.  And so, they told the public these stories.  The public took the exoteric version.  As always, it captures the imagination.  They never catch on to what it really means.  You find the same thing in the Old Testament with Joseph and his many colors.  He represents the sun.  Itís the same story told over and over in different religions.  And the Greeks did the same thing as the Egyptians.  And even in the Old Testament, youíll find the same things coming on.  Youíll find it with Jacob and the Twelve Tribes.  He leads the tribes, he leads the zodiac, the procession of the zodiac.  In fact, in the Old Testament, itís full of zodiacal symbols.  The blessings put upon the Twelve Tribes, if you look at them, and itís in my book, the Cutting Through series, youíll find the explanations given for each blessing, because each one is actually a member of the zodiac, itís not people at all.  So, this is a standard thing that they give you.  And the people are fascinated forever, and they do worship as a religion on the exoteric, but they never understand the inner meaning of the Illumined Ones who know the truth of it.  If they knew the truth of it, theyíd lose their power.  So, the public always are given the exoteric story of things they can identify with, champions and gods who battle real things.  And it captures the imagination.  But, in reality, itís the sun going through the constellations of the zodiac.


Michael: You know, if it was really, letís just say that the whole Annunaki legend was true, then myself being black, would be a slave, and I would just relegate myself to being a slave, and I wouldnít do anything, I wouldnít be on a radio show, I wouldnít be talking to you.


Alan: Yeah, youíd be smoking dope and being happy.


Michael: Exactly, exactly.  Yeah, very true.  I do want to ask you though, before we get to the break, what is your definition of Oracle. 


Alan: Oracle, the main term for Oracle, it means the spoken, the spoken word, and it comes from the Oracle of Delphi, initially, the Greeks had it, high up in the mountains.  And it was a building.  You had to do a journey. Thereís always a journey to the truth, and so, the journey up the mountain was the journey to the truth, and it represents your life, as you go towards the truth, as well.  However, above the temple, it did say, Know Thyself, because the answer you are given, you can take it generally two ways, according to your ego.  And the answer that you might like might be the wrong answer.  You might become famous and be known amongst nations, but the ones who went to be victors, should I attack this country, they could be told, you become famous amongst nations, but it could be because you lose everything and you lose your nation in the process.  So, it was up to you to know thyself.  But they used to have a tripod above the well inside it, a big tripod and a chair on it, and one of the virgins sat on the chair, and she chewed a narcotic drug, and what she said was generally unintelligible.  And down below the well, this is the tricks the priests used to play, theyíd interpret, a voice would come from the well, and theyíd interpret what she was saying, kind of like interpreting speaking in tongues.  And of course, you also had to lower down the well gold and silver to pay as the price of the Oracle, and then you went away happy, hopefully, and you got all the good news.  But they had one there.  They had ones in Egypt as well.  We find they had them even in Hebrew lands as well, you had the Witch of Endor.  You always had Oracles who would divine the future, and generally they used females for this, the females of the species.  But again, it was associated with blood, and this is the odd part, if anybodyís got sort of problems with it, but they used women who were menstruating in the chair, and the blood fell down the well.  That was part of the whole procedure.


Michael: Wow, thatís pretty sick.  On the other side, Alan, I want to get into some of these international standards that weíll all be going through if we donít stop it.  And one of them is Codex Alimentarius and how now they just want to get rid of us being healthy.  No vitamins, no good food, everything is genetically modified.  Stay tuned for the Intel Strike Report with Alan Watt on the Oracle Broadcasting Network.  Stay tuned.


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Michael: Welcome back to the Intel Strike Report, arming you with intelligent information, analysis and much, much more, with our special guest, Alan Watt,  One of the guys we really like to get on and go way, way down the rabbit hole.  And we appreciate him coming on and giving us some time.  But this is an interactive show, and you can participate.  Go to, go to the left side, and thereís a little chat room and click there, and there are tons of people.  When Alan comes, people listen and people listen in droves and chat as well.  But Alan, Iím so, so tired of all these international standards, as if, you know, Apples and Oranges, you know, we being Apples and Oranges, living in different countries, and liking different things, and now they decide that, oh, weíre all going to do things all the same way.  And this is Codex Alimentarius.  International standards.  You know, anyone selling vitamins now will have to be a doctor.  And getting to the point where you canít even cure the common cold without their permission. 


Alan: Well, they canít cure the common cold anyway, even though they are doctors.  Thatís the beauty of it.† What youíre seeing though is more than just that.  You always have to ask why.  And itís not just money, itís not just the big pharmaceutical industries behind it.  Itís all part of it.  Certainly they profit off of everything, and the standardization.  But why are they standardizing this in this day and age?  In this day and age when we know, and they know, and theyíve even published it themselves, an age of intensive farming where you get potatoes out of the ground that donít have a fraction of the nutrients theyíre supposed to have, because theyíre so over-farmed.  And what weíre getting really is a process to make us weaker in the future.  Now, we have to be realistic about this, because when you read the documents about depopulation and the necessity to bring down the population drastically, quickly, and so on, from the big foundationsí own websites, then you have to ask yourself, is this part of this agenda, to bring us down and make us a sickly people.  We have more sickness today than we ever had before.  We have almost a sterilized white population in the Western World.  The United Nations tells us that every year when they come out with their statistics.  We are 75% down on our sperm count than the guys who lived in 1950.  What has changed since 1950?  Well, we had the inoculations came in, the polio vaccines and so on.  At least thatís what we were told they were.  And then you read the writings of Huxley, Bertrand Russell, and others, who talked about using the needle to bring down the populations, and then your mind starts to make that big leap and cross the unimaginable, which is, have they actually been doing this to us.  Are they bringing down the populations?  Well, they are.  Thatís just it, they are.  They donít want a physically fit healthy population for the next forty years or so, while we go through the big changes with genetic research.  Theyíve already told us they plan to recreate humans and give them genetic enhancements for select types in the near future, who will take over from us, who are the old man.  We are yesterdayís man.


Doug: Sure.  I mean, just look at some of the comments of people like David Rockefeller, who said, I donít want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers; and thatís what theyíre really trying to create out of this Codex Alimentarius.  For those of you guys out there that donít know what weíre talking about, Codex Alimentarius, well, hereís just a brief history.  It began in 1893 when the Austrian-Hungarian Empire decided it needed a specific set of guidelines by which the courts could rule on cases dealing with food.  The regulatory set of mandates became known as Codex Alimentarius, and was effectively implemented until the fall of the Emperor in 1918.  The United Nations met in 1962 and decided that Codex should be re-implemented worldwide, in order to protect the health of consumers.  Weíll talk about this and tons more, your calls as well, xxx-yyy-zzzz.  Youíre listening to Oracle Broadcasting.


Michael: No, weíre not at the break yet, man.


Doug: I thought I heard some music going.  Okay, Iím sorry, no.  So, thatís exactly what Codex Alimentarius is, and they revamped it in 2002, because they realized that this body had so much power and that if these multinational corporations, these pharmaceuticals as well as people like Monsanto, all of these people in these corporations that make money and cater to these multi-national corporations, could really use this to corner the market.  And just looking at it today, it is, itís something thatís not talked about a whole lot here in the United States, Alan, and I think thatís because people here kind of are in this kind of isolated bubble and they donít realize that this is something that the World Health Organization is pushing forward.


Alan: You know, the World Health Organization has a Department of Depopulation.  Itís called the Department of Population Control.  And they are also the ones who fund abortion clinics across the planet, especially in Third World Countries, as they try to bring the populations down.  So, when they come out and tell you itís for your own health, and this bill is going to help you, you better really, really question what they mean by that, and what their agenda is.  The fact is, if youíre not getting all the nutrients from your present, modern food, and weíre not, then you are going to be sickly, and so you need supplements.  And what theyíre doing is taking away any choice in the natural organic type supplements, and forcing you on the synthetic brands.  Now, all synthetic supplements youíll find from the big pharmaceutical agencies.  In fact, all their medications are made up from the petroleum business.  Itís all byproducts they use in your pills.  Thatís what goes into making all your pills and so on.  They rearrange molecules and all the rest of it to look like the real thing, to trick the body into believing itís the real thing, but it does not work like the real thing and there are side effects to synthetics.  But, thatís the only thing youíll be left with, eventually, and even then, youíll have to get a doctorís prescription to get them.  So, what theyíre doing, I think, is purposefully setting up a scenario for a sickly population. 


Doug: Oh, sure.  I mean, theyíre spraying barium on us from the skies.  I think a lot of that has to do with topographical mapping and imaging of the United States for Northcom and Centcom, because they use the X-class radar system.  But, if you look into Barium and what it actually does to the human body, itís just horrible.  But, letís just look at some of these things.  I mean, theyíre talking about all food being irradiated when itís coming into the United States, Canada and the like, and we rely on these foreign countries to bring in our food.  Unfortunately, weíve given those other countries through things like NAFTA, CAFTA, agreements like this, non-binding resolutions with these other countries.  You know, theyíve had this advantage, so now we rely on them.  Farmers here locally are just not able to compete in that market, so, all of these leafy green products that theyíre bringing into the United States, they are already planning to irradiate them.  Thatís microwave them.  Take all nutritional content out of them, because they donít want us to get sick, because they love us, Alan.


Alan: Oh, they love us.  Yeah.  And what theyíre doing is making sure that thereís nothing really worthwhile nutrient-wise left in that food.  Thatís as far as I can see it.  They donít want us to be healthy.


Michael: And the bad part about all of this, is the people that are behind this, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, these people have been in the Third World developing countries for decades now, destroying them, utterly destroying these people.  You know, groups now funding it like the World Bank, who said that Eugenics was a great thing until the Nazis exposed it too much and ruined it.  But, weíre coming up on the break here, but on the other side, weíll continue this discussion and really expose whatís going on, because I donít think enough people really understand how dire straits Codex Alimentarius is.† It is literally going to destroy our lives and kill millions.  Stay tuned.  Youíre listening to the Intel Strike Report with our guest, Alan Watt.




Doug: All right everybody, welcome back.  You are listening to the Intel Strike Report.  We have Alan Watt.  You can check out his website at  I highly suggest you do so.  Heís got tons of great information on there.  Books, why donít we talk a little bit about some of the books that youíve written.  I want to get back into Codex Alimentarius a little bit as well, but letís just talk about some of the information that you put out, because I think that youíre probably one of the most prolific people in the Patriot/Truth/Freedom movement that there is, Alan, and we really do appreciate your time. 


Alan: Well, on this particular agenda, especially to do with the occult forces that run it behind the scenes, actually itís kind of more in the open today, however I wrote the Cutting Through series of books, I, II, and III, where I show you a lot of the coding, which is used by the higher Freemasonic societies that we loosely call them.  And they do have their codings and so on.  And I explain all the jokes which they play on the public.  And I also show you how the public are meant to perceive any particular topic, and I try and train the person to start to read it from the other side of the mirror, and you understand that theyíre flashing messages all the time to each other, while the public are mocked.  The public truly are the proles as Orwell called them in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  They know nothing.  They donít count as he said in the book.  Thatís how they view the public, as ignorant.  They keep us in ignorance.  Weíre kept busy with trivia, and shows, circuses and so on, while the elite can easily manage and plan and bring us along into their future, the only difference being they donít plan to have so many of us around in the near future.  And thatís all over the major websites from all the big foundations.  I also wrote, Iíve also got a book of transcripts from talks I did about ten years ago.  And these are also on MP3s as well, so you can get the audio version.  But these talks help to guide you through, because I was questioned by another host about different topics on religions, the creations of religions, how long they lasted, how they were utilized, and how they controlled the people, and then how they were altered to suit a new age.  So, I go through all of that to try and show you that weíre simply going into a new religion for a new age, and the new age religion is part of it.  Itís to be based on earth worship, as Mr. Gorbachev said himself.  And we will all basically live to serve the world state, the planet.  But weíll also reduce our numbers, voluntarily.  Youngsters will come forward, as I say, and I can tell by the propaganda theyíre getting now, starting off very, very young, at kindergarten even, and then through primary school.  And theyíre already being indoctrinated with donít have children, save Gaia, save Mother Earth and so on.  So, this whole new religion is going to be used.  And the new priesthood are the scientists.   The scientists are now treated like gods. Whatever they say, we parrot, and we obey, and the enforcers are the men in black uniforms. 


Doug: Well, havenít they always been though, Alan?  I mean, itís really always been the high priests that have had the knowledge over the rest of their clans, their tribes that made them the religious guru.  They knew things about the stars, when an eclipse would happen, I mean just go down the gambit, astrologers that were able to manipulate populations, showing them that they were a false god. 


Alan: Yeah.  And today, of course, we have been trained.  See, from the 1950s onwards, especially, a massive campaign was built up through popular media to train the public.  And this was explained by Lord Bertrand Russell, who was one of the main members of the think tank that designed this system and implemented it.  And he said, we shall train the public that they cannot think for themselves.  They will need experts to tell them what to do.  And he said, the day will come when a mother would not know how to put a diaper on her baby without expert advice.  Well, thatís already happened.


Michael: Thatís definitely happening.


Alan: You cannot watch the weather anymore without some expert coming on and telling you how to dress and what to wear for that day.  I mean, thatís how weíre treated, like children, who cannot think for ourselves, and most people, once youíre trained in that way, itís like muscles that youíve never used, or youíve only recently used, and they go into disuse.  You stop thinking for yourself.  You wait to be told what to do.  And you can see this in preparation for hurricanes and so on.  Out come the experts to tell you what to do, store up water and all this, stuff that should be common sense, and at one time, not long ago, was common sense.  You did not have to tell the people.  But you do have to tell the ones today, the younger ones.


Michael: Oh, yeah.  I remember watching Walter Cronkite, you know back, you know back in the day, and really, people even back then, when this whole thing was really beginning, you know, people still had a sense of common sense and critical thinking and the synapses were firing, the neurons firing in their brains, but today everyone is looking for someone in a $5,000 suit, to make their mind up for them.  And when this whole, you know, Codex Alimentarius rolls out, you know, these people now who, you know, they have to go on Google to say, oh, wait, my head hurts.  Whatís going on here?  Let me go to Google to find out whatís going on.  You know, and now you have, Google will tell you, you know, oh, oh, you have a headache.  Oh, oh, thatís what it is.  Okay.  But itís sad. 


Alan: Itís sad. 


Doug: I mean, just look at this.  Hereís a perfect example of an article that came out this week about some of these big thinkers saying that they should teach children as young as five about the pleasures of gay sex in the UK.† Can you speak to that?  I mean, thatís what level weíre at.  I mean, at what point did people just become so brainwashed to think because this guy is a scientist, heís an expert, that this is socially acceptable to have their five-year-old children taught about gay sex. 


Alan: See, what youíve got is intergenerational indoctrination.  And it started off really after World War II, and incrementally, generation by generation, they basically debased society, and they also indoctrinated them that you donít think for yourself, always leave it to the experts.  Now you have a generation of parents, young parents, who are totally indoctrinated into that regime.  And they fit into the category that Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about.  He said where, in the 1970s he said this, he says, shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves.  He says theyíll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  Well, you have that parental generation now, so they think itís all perfectly all right that experts of all kinds can teach and bring up their children.  Now, this falls into the fact that after World War II, the United Nations and all those who worked for the United Nations, like Lord Bertrand Russell, stated that the state would eventually give the morality to the children, and the parents would be out of the picture.  The media would back up their education, take over from the school system, but the parents would be out of the loop, because the parents were contaminated with old ideas.  That has happened.  Thatís happened.  The parents now expect the schools to basically raise their children for them, pretty well.


Michael: Oh, yeah.  Itís a prison system now.  You know, everything that they want to bring to us in the next twenty, thirty years now, theyíre giving it to the youth, letting them know, slowly, thoroughly indoctrinating them to whatís coming ahead.  And it is a truly sad fate.  But, off air I was talking to you a little bit about Robert Muller, the secretary assistant attorney general, not attorney general, for the UN, about how, you know, he openly admits so many different things.  I mean, he openly admits that he wants a union for different, for every continent.  He says in his book Paradise Earth, the continental approach to a World Union remains an important issue.  One could conceive five continental unions, a European Union, an American, an African, an Asian and Australian Union.  A World Union could be constructed as a superstructure in a common political system of five continents.  And the United Nations would be the planetary management system for what theyíre planning.  And this person of course went to the school of Lucius Trust, Madame Helena Blavatsky, Theosophy, and even she admits that the UN is based on three occult factors but doesnít mention what the factors are.  Tell us a little bit about Robert Muller and how he can come out with all this information and yet, when you tell it to someone they look at you like you have three heads. 


Alan: Well, itís because they have never even looked at the precursor of the United Nations, itís the Phoenix that transformed into the United Nations, the League of Nations, going back to the end of World War I.  In fact, World War I was necessary to bring in the League of Nations.  Theosophists and others were talking about this necessity of a World War, to bring the world to its knees, so as theyíd allow themselves to be ruled globally, by a global government.  And they didnít quite pull it off then, so they had another war, and out of that they transformed themselves, same group, into the United Nations.  So, they have set up departments to control all social factors of society, and all agendas in society.  The feminist agenda they push across the planet.  In fact, they bypass the males in third world countries by only giving grants to the females to start off small businesses, because they want to emasculate the male role, because theyíll stand up for themselves, for their tribe, for their nation and so on. 


So, the United Nations literally has been giving us our laws for our plumbing codes, our electrical codes, all building codes, etc, across the Western World, for years now.  They are a defacto government already.  They write laws and they hand them to every country and we pass them into law in our own countries.  Muller has been very outspoken in his part of it.  Heís heavily involved with UNESCO, which was designed to bring in a world culture by indoctrination of children, a standardized education across the planet.  Now, education does not mean truth, remember.  Another term for education is indoctrination.  And itís often interchangeable.  Youíll find that the top services, like MI6 use the term indoctrination, not education, even with their own members.  So, when you have a propagandized indoctrination given to millions of children across the planet, youíll get them ready for a global governance as they call it.  Not government, but governance.  Thatís the term theyíre all using. 


And Muller also wants to push into this educational system the depopulation program where people will voluntarily be sterilized.  Remember, they are all eugenicists at the top.  And they also believe in the Darwinist theory of evolution.  What they believe at the top, and at the United Nations too, and Muller is one of them, is that all those who have highly evolved, who made the Great Leap Forward and the last leap forward in evolution are at the top in society.  They own things.  They own the wealth of the world.  They own the businesses, the factories and so on.  And theyíve proven that they are fit to control the world, because theyíve kept hold of that money and power through generations of special, selective breeding.  They donít marry as commoners marry.  Commoners marry out of basically hormonal pushing, put it that way.  But the elite ones have their wives matched up to them, so wealth marries wealth, intellect marries intellect, cunning marries cunning.  And so, they believe they are the most evolved.  Everyone at the bottom happens to be the junk genes, and therefore, we canít go any further, according to their own theory of evolution.  Therefore they must start to eradicate us. And Muller was a great advocate of Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, who wrote the book, The Next Million Years.  And he advocated in the book that all of the common people should really be sterilized through one way or another, through inoculations, through chemical warfare on them, or even in their food or tampering with their water, but they must be sterilized and brought down, because they were terrified the common people would outbreed the elite, the dominant class.  So, youíre talking about a Nazi, a true Nazi.  National socialism is what we think of as Nazi, but you see, the Nazi philosophy was really a worldwide philosophy.  It wasnít just to be a national idea, and it spread on.  In fact, there were even Jews at the top who were also Nazi members.  They believed in the philosophies of evolution and theosophy.  Theosophy is simply borrowed from Hinduism and they believe that at the end of every great age, all of the inferior types must perish, must be killed off, because if they come into the new age, the next phase that comes up, they will destroy the superior type.  Thatís what they believe in the Brahmanistic culture.  So, thatís what itís based on.  Theyíre true believers in Theosophy and Eugenics. 


Doug: So, do you think that maybe the reason that theyíre in such a rush to build this New World Order, is 2012, the Age of the New Enlightenment? 


Alan: Again, yeah, they set their target dates a long time ago, and for 2010 the unification of the Americas is to be complete.  And that was announced on Canadian broadcasting television in 2005, when the Council on Foreign Relations came on television here, admitting that they had drafted up the amalgamation bills, and presented them to governments. 


Doug: Yeah.  Itís just amazing stuff.  Itís just so crazy.  And when people look at it, they donít understand, these people really do believe that they have...


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Michael: Current issues, news, analysis and much, much more, with our special guest Alan Watt,  I highly suggest that you go to his website, go through all the information there, research it and do the homework.  Itís worth it.  Itís worth it.  I think that, you know, without people like Alan out there, a lot of us just wouldnít have progressed and gotten to where we are.  And we have so, so far to go.  But again, you can reach the site at, and you can join in the chat room, interactive show, and I mean, weíre having a great show right now.  But Alan, these people believe that they are the cream of the crop.  And that when a population gets higher, and thereís too many of us, the useless idiots, or you know, useless eaters or whatever have you, then we have to get culled, like cattle.  And you know, looking at what the Nazis did, if we put all the numbers together of all the people that have been sterilized, murdered, essentially sprayed like bugs.  You know, it would be far, far horrible than anything perpetrated by Hitler and his crew.  But, letís get in a little bit of the New Age here, because these people do believe that they are connected somehow, you know, to interdimensional beings and Robert Muller they say is a big channeler.  And they have all these meditation rooms inside the UN.  What is it that these people believe?


Alan: Well, you find another one is Maurice Strong who works at the United Nations as well.  Heís been up there in all different departments, and he was up in the World Bank at one time too.  And he also is into this meditation.  And they brought in a big black or jade stone, I think it was, I think from India, and put it in the mediation room.  Theyíre all into theosophy, thereís no doubt whatsoever about it.  Theosophy fits into their belief system, because, number one, it gives them credence to themselves.  It gives them some sort of moral credence for what they do to the rest of the public.  They are the gods in a sense.  The rest of the public are inferior types, almost a different species, you might say.  And therefore, they have the right to do with us as they wish.  They see us as a blight upon the planet.  We are consumers now in a post-industrial society.  And they claim that we the people are using up all the raw resources, because weíre taught to purchase things all the time, that their factories, mind you, churn out.  But weíre at fault for buying them, I guess.  And they plan on killing us off.  They want an idealized population of around five hundred million to serve their purpose, to serve them.  And theyíve said in all their charters from the United Nations, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, they all say the same thing, that the man of the future will be born to serve the World State.  Serve the World State, and thatís the term they use.  So, they look at a world of service.  Thereís no room for the old man, the old consumer type that works for himself or his family.  Thatís to be eliminated altogether.  And they want those who will serve them in a world of service, who will be given credits, rather than money, issued by the state.  And you will not be able to save them up.  You will get the same amount at the beginning of every week.  There will be no private property.  Youíll rent accommodation, and if you buck the system, and donít go along with it, theyíll withdraw your credits and you canít buy your food and you canít pay your rent.  Bertrand Russell spelled this out in his own book, I think it was The Impact of Science on Society. 


Doug: Well, sure.  And when you look at some of the stuff today, the one thing that I do hope for is that they will not be able to provide those breads and circuses like Aldous Huxley said they would.  And when you look around today it seems that the federal government is really, really incompetent.  Just during this last emergency here in Texas, with Hurricane Ike, we had 500 Texas Guardsmen going without food.  And this is just what appalls me is that people have been bred, I mean, literally bred to think that the federal government here in the United States and other governments around the world are their, you know, father figure.  That these experts, these scientists that they bring forth to, you know, working on the behest of these non-governmental organizations, these think tanks, are looking out for their best interest, Alan.  I mean, itís just, itís sad to see the gullibility of so many Americans, Canadians, and people around the world.


Alan: It is.  Itís gullible because to do the study into these organizations, to read their own literature, and to believe what they say, you would have to cross a line of understanding in your reality and you would come to the conclusion that youíre living in a horror show.  The unthinkable has happened.  These guys are not your benefactors.  Theyíre not benevolent dictators.  They are bringing hell on earth right now.  And theyíre doing it in a deliberate fashion.  Theyíre also trying to create crisis in every different sphere of society, to make us think that everything is so unstable that weíll crawl on our knees begging them to help us out of the mess that we find ourselves in.  And they will then unfurl their old agenda in the open, because itís been drafted up a long time ago.  And we will end up on rations.  We will have everything given to us, piece by piece.  We will have limitation of travel, because, they said after 9/11, which was a necessity.  They couldnít push this in, especially in the Western hemisphere, this whole anti-terrorism bill.  That was an essential thing to happen, 9/11, to bring this whole thing forward, because they planned for the 21st century, to go right through a whole agenda of eugenics, the controlled society, the genetic engineering into the new creature which will emerge at the end of it.  This is the century for all this to happen.  And they couldnít have done it without bringing in terrorism and under the guise of terrorism we have been enslaved.  We were told that nothing will ever be the same again, and we were told that this is going to be a hundred years war.  Itís not a hundred years against the Middle East, itís a war on the entire planet to bring this whole agenda right through from beginning to end.  Thatís what they mean by that.


Michael: Oh, my God.  And the one thing that people donít realize is that, I mean throughout, I mean, if you look at some of these very, very, very old documents, this has been plotted and planned out for generations.  I mean, this isnít even new.  You talk about Charles Galton Darwin, H.G. Wells, etc, going farther back than that.  I mean all of this now is going towards plan, and these people donít mind waiting two and three hundred years for their plans to go into action, while you and I are waiting on the silver bullet and that instant gratification.  And weíll talk about that on the other side as weíre coming up to the break.  It is, it is sad that they have the patience to see their will fulfilled and many of us donít, but again, this is the Intel Strike Report.  Our special guest, Alan Watt.  Weíll be back on the other side.  Stay tuned.


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Doug: All right everybody, welcome back.  Youíre listening to the Intel Strike Report.  Tonight is September [18th], 2008, and we are cutting through the matrix with Mr. Alan Watt.  And if youíd like to join in the conversation, nothing is out of bounds.  I see a lot of people in the chat room talking about religion.  So, if you want to call in and talk about different control valves, mechanisms, anything, nothing is out of bounds here.  Give us a call.  Also, you can get interactive with the show by going to, on the left-hand side, or thereís banners in the middle of the page as well that say chat room.  Just click on them and you can join the discussion with the host, the listeners, and a huge group of people on there tonight, so definitely check that out.  Also, if youíre an international caller, outside of the United States, or you are just subject to paying landline toll charges, you can give us a call.  And you know, letís just talk about it, just for a minute here.  Letís talk about religion.  Alan, I mean, whatís your perspective on religions, most major religions?  What do you see?  I mean, I look at most of these organized religions as control valves and what not.  I just wanted to get your two cents on that. 


Alan: Major religions have been always used for control factors on vast populations.  Again, a standardization process, where we all go along in step towards the same rules and regulations and the same moral, whatever the moral times you live in.  I mean, morality itself is very plastic.  It can be changed and altered.  But whenever they want to rule vast populations, they give you common grounds for morality, etc, regardless of what those morals might be.  And theyíve been control factors.  We do know that the old, I call them the old religions, the old institutions that really were used down through the feudal system and beyond, mainly the Catholic Church, it certainly was under attack for hundreds of years by this new group, the new societies that sprung up in the 1500s, the Rosicrucians and then the Freemasons and so on.  And even Aldous Huxley, on youtube, you can find an interview he gave, where he talks about the only opposition back in the 1950s, to the whole Communist idea, was the Roman Catholic Church.  He also realized that the only organization that stood up for the right of parents to pick their own partner and marry and have children was the Catholic Church, and that was against all the philosophies of the up-and-coming new religion, this new religion thatís roughly called the New Age, and is also run by Freemasonry.  He was well aware of that.  Well, that has gone now, and Malachi Martin talked about that in his own books, especially in Windswept House.  He said that since the 1950s, especially the 60s onwards, the Catholic Church had been totally infiltrated and taken over at the top levels by Freemasonry.  And so, now itís used as a tool to bring world harmony.  And it might even be used as a tool to authenticate the New Age religion at the right time, in fact.  So, thatís happened.


As far as the Protestant Churches go, well, they were so splintered into different factions already, a multitude of factions, and they have their televangelists and so on, who can guide them as vast sheep herds into the new sheep pen.  So, theyíll be no problem either.  Whereas the New Agers are already all for everything, theyíre so politically correct.  They swallow every bit of propaganda.  Overpopulation, they accept it without thinking, without any critical analysis or investigation.  They accept the greening agenda, the worship of earth, etc, and weíre all one.  Thatís all part of it too, this oneness doctrine, which they must believe in, because eventually if youíre not part of the one, the rest will turn on you. Thatís going to happen.  Theyíll become vicious in the future if youíre politically incorrect, or you donít put your garbage in the right bin, or whatever.  That is all coming down the pike.  So, all religion has its nasty side too, and the New Age as well, when it rises to the top and is given credence and more power from the top will be a nasty religion when they turn on heretics.


Doug: All right.  Well, letís just move on right here.  I guess I want to go ahead and take some of the questions out of the chat room here.  Alan, have you ever heard of the Council on National Policy?  Itís a think tank.


Michael: Council for.


Doug: Oh, excuse me.  Council for National Policy?


Alan: I think I have. 


Doug: Itís a think tank that is kind of a bunch of right-wing zealots that have a major control over the military-industrial complex there.


Michael: Theyíre basically, theyíre Christian Reconstructionists.


Alan: And theyíre also related to the New American Century group.


Doug: Yeah.  All right, so, if you guys want to call in and talk about it specifically, just call in.  Give us a call.  I try my best to take questions out of the chat room when I look over to it during the show, but anyhow.


Alan: It is interesting you mentioned that though, the sort of Christian right-winger types that are all for war and for the American expansionism, which falls in, again, with the New American Century policy.  Their website is up on the web as well.  And thatís the group that Wolfowitz and all these guys belong to.  When they said that theyíd create an empire, the Americans would create an empire.  They would rule this century as an empire.  And they got all the Christian right-wingers backing them without question.  Thereís even young guys who think theyíre Christian, joining the military, actually thinking theyíre going off to do Godís work.  Itís the old, old agenda used again, the same old trademark.


Michael: The New Crusades.  Yeah, itís a New Crusades.  I mean, itís almost reminiscent of people who say that theyíre Christian, and thou shall not kill and all that.  But, you know, the whole Manifest Destiny, like it was Godís Will to wipe out the Indians, itís Godís Will to wipe out the brown people, and I mean, itís so hypocritical.  But I want to jump back to this whole New Age deal, like you said where people are just swallowing whole the propaganda.  And following in the path of the elites.  Okay, so Iím going to buy a crystal, and Iím going to meditate, and somehow I get some energy from this crystal.  Who came up with these different ideas and what is the purpose behind pushing it to the people?


Alan: Well, the New Age itself was a way to, it first came out through Freemasonry and some Masonic front men who came out with what they called possibility thinking.  A way of taking standard reality and through a special indoctrination warp that reality and get people working towards an agenda, like a religion, again.  Thatís how it works.  And they came up with these special books.  There were books put out by the millions on how to change your life, how to change this, how to change that, how to change you.  And then they started up occult meetings and so on.  But the big kicker came when they got the Beatles to go to India, because remember theosophy in the 1800s said it would blend the religions of India, the East, with Christianity, a new type of Christianity, itís a New Age Jesus though, and bring in the New World Order, the new religion with the New World Order.  Well, the Beatles went off to India and suddenly everyone was interested in India for the first time.  And before you know it, Yoga had taken off, and the Maharishi was doing his thing across the planet and the big mainstream media was pushing all of this and those books replaced all the old Christian books on the bookstores, in the stores, and today you see the effects of it.  So, India, the religions of India fit perfectly well with a New World Order.  If you look at the history of India...


Michael: Absolutely.  Well, stay right there, Alan.  Weíre coming against the break.  On the other side, I want you to continue your thought, and but again, this is the Intel Strike Report on Oracle broadcasting network.  Weíll talk about this and more on the other side.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: Welcome back to the Intel Strike Report, arming you with intelligent information, on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, with our special guest, Alan Watt, Alan Watt of, a great show on RBN, and we like to have him on every few months, just to, I donít know, maybe catch up, maybe go through information that really isnít discussed by a lot of different people, and look at everything.  Look at everything on the table, wade through all the BS and come to the realization of what we are today.  But, Alan, I really want to talk about the future and what does it hold for us.  You know, I hear people like Charles Galton Darwin talking about, you know, if a dictator wants to be effective, he has to change our DNA.  He has to change the way that we breed.  And that brings up many different things with the genetic modification, eugenics, and it also brings me to an interesting book called the Eugenic Marriage, where they want to scientifically decide who you mate with; and where are we going here in the future?


Alan: Well, theyíve already got pretty well, as I said, their inferior types and superior types, and they plan to eliminate through coercion and other means the inferior types, at least get them to stop breeding.  And thereís no doubt about it, we will have courts, probably world courts set up to do with this very program.  But itís far easier if you can actually indoctrinate very young people, very young, from scratch, from kindergarten onwards into this new greening, the greening program to save Gaia, Mother Earth, and to even sacrifice yourself, if necessary, for Mother Earth.  You can do all of this with a religion, especially when itís backed up by massive indoctrination and through a scientific indoctrination itís perfected.  This will come about in fact.


Michael: Yeah, absolutely.  You know, it brings me back to the idea of changing who we are.† And you know, how the way things used to be where you were a serf, peon, caste system, untouchable and all these different sets.  And now people, people now are deciding what they are.  You know, oh, weíre middle class, oh, weíre lower class. Oh, I wear a $5,000 suit.  But what do you see really for the future and what these people have in store for us, you know, on how weíll live?  How weíll eat.  And generally how these people, I hope not, but will direct our lives.


Alan: Theyíve told us what theyíre going to do.  Theyíre going to give us periods of massive crisis, for a period of at least 30 years, according to the Department of Defence from the top think tank, and thatís also for NATO countries, all NATO countries.  And, Iíve got the 90-page report that they gave out on the scenarios that they see likely in the next thirty years.  And theyíre looking upon global unrest across the Western World, primarily the Western World, and food rationing.  Militarization, or military being used upon the public in riots, which will start around 2010, 2012.  And they even published all the ways theyíre going to deal with these riots.  I noticed today by the way that theyíve just brought back battalions from Iraq, American battalions and theyíre getting trained now in deployment for civilian unrest in America, in the United States.  Theyíre getting trained in all non-lethal weaponry.  Theyíve been given what they call modular packages of all kinds of non-lethal weaponry to play with.  And theyíre being taught to set up roadblocks and how to even spike, put the spike treads up on the roadways to burst all the tires.  This was in the papers, the mainstream papers.  Theyíre getting ready for what they told us theyíre going to do.  Thirty years of unrest is coming our way.  And at the end of it, of course, and through it, weíll be so war weary and beaten up and feeling helpless and unworthy they can rush this whole agenda ahead, and then offer a solution.  The solution, of course, will be, we canít go on like this; you canít just breed the way that you have in the past; we have to have a new type of World Order.  And then they unfurl the old plan and blow the dust off it, and present it to the public, who will then breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that itís going to put food on the table and bring some kind of order back into their lives.  This is all planned this way.


Michael: Yeah.  And I do think that, you know, we have to get through to a lot of these indifferent apathetic people who now just think that, well, theyíre leaders and they can decide our fates.  And Iím fine as long as I have my trinkets and baubles, breads and circuses, but Alan, I want to thank you for coming on the program.  And youíre always a great guest.  And weíd love to get you on in the future.  Go ahead and let our listeners know where they can find out more about you and more about the books that you write, and all of that.


Alan: Yeah, just go into  Look up the books, the discs, and there are so many free programs and audios on there where I try to fill in so much of this for the people, to give them the shortcuts to reality, because we donít have much time left.  We donít have generations to train intergenerationally and pass the information on anymore.  Weíve got to be awake now, because these guys are bringing the hammer down now. 


Michael: Absolutely.  We do need to do like quick deprogramming.  I thank you for coming on the program.  And all of this is a work in progress.  You know, waking people up, deprogramming them, getting them online and making them understand what the end game is, and I thank you for your time.


Alan: Thanks for having me on.


Doug: All right, Alan.  There goes Alan Watt.  Always a fun guest.  Always very informative.  I love having Mr. Watt on the show. He brings a unique perspective and just a wealth of information.  I mean, the guy, he just has a rolodex of history and information to share with the listeners.  And I know that they appreciate it as well.


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