July  19, 2008
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GEORGE - Welcome to the Secret Truth.  I am your host George Butler; Charlotte Littlefield Brown is still on vacation; we miss that little gal! Tonight our subject, we are going to talk about Bohemian Grove.  This is out in California, North of San Francisco.  Some people call it “occult of the occult” and so forth; I mean, there is a lot of allegations.  We have had a couple of people from Austin that penetrated that and infiltrated it and got some live video in July of 2000.  Our guest tonight is Alan Watt.  He is a profound expert in the field of ideas, world system and parapolitics.  We’ve got the right gentleman tonight for this discussion.  He has got a site:  Cutting Through the Matrix and go in there: - he has a lot of past radios that he has done.  He’s got some excellent radio, digital MP3-s you can listen to; and he has some excellent material to order.  His body of knowledge is about occultism; it is about as broad as you’re going to find anyone; he goes millenniums back.  Welcome to our program, Alan Watt!

ALAN - It’s a pleasure to be back.

GEORGE - You know, Alan, you do go back millenniums, don’t you? 

ALAN - I do.

GEORGE - I mean, I’m not puffing that, am I?

ALAN - No; I do, I do.

GEORGE - Am I accusing you? 

ALAN - I feel it too, I feel it too, yeah.

GEORGE - If the tag is right I guess you got to wear it, right?

ALAN - That’s right; it gets very white after all these years.

GEORGE - You are one of the few men that I can talk to for over more than just a few centuries, you know what I mean?

ALAN - That’s right.

GEORGE - And do you think that these men sitting out there right now at this moment in the Bohemian Grove - what they are captured by, or caught up by?  The Matrix, the web or whatever?  Where did that begin; how far back does that go?

ALAN - You can go back as far as we are given in the histories for secret societies, generally of an elite nature - and even the Romans had their equestrian orders, where they set up a tent outside of Rome and they had initiation ceremonies for the novices - and these were young nobility and also for the higher people who dealt with the trade, etcetera, the money - it’s all hand in glove with money and power and rulership over the public - and even in those days there was some kind of odd ceremony, a sexual ceremony between the Grand Master and the novice.  That goes down through time, and I don’t know if you have ever seen the little clip they have on Google with Nixon talking - he went to the Bohemian Grove; he talked about the rampant homosexuality that was…

GEORGE - Yes, I noticed he had that opinion out there.

ALAN - Yes, and so you have that; and then you have even in all major religions, an esoteric side to it.  In the Talmud they have references to what happened to the staff of Moses after he led them through the desert - and that was the Brazen Serpent; it was a serpent supposedly with wings upon it too; they put it in a grove and the Elite of that time period would worship in the Grove where this Brazen Serpent was.

GEORGE - Why was it always a grove, I mean, what symbolic…was it hidden away, away from the cities and the villages and from other people?  Is that sort of the way it was?

ALAN - It was; but it’s always traditionally, in fact, it’s traditionally near a river or stream as well, and so in the Bohemian Grove they have the Russian River going through; but they also modeled our capital cities across the world down through time on the same principle, where the layout, the plan of the city, with a major river next to it or running through it; that’s also traditional.

GEORGE - Does water have a symbolic…is it about rebirthing or some - they have mixed into some of their initiations some kind of a whole new man; is it sort of a Luciferian type of dynamic at times? 

ALAN - Absolutely; and since the most ancient time.  You’ll find in the esoteric traditions of all the major religions the same story buried within; for instance, in an Old Testament Judaic book, they will give you clues about the Deity itself, which again goes deeper in the esoteric side of it; but they give you the idea that the Deity is actually male and female: hermaphroditic. And you’ll find the same things in the traditions of Egypt; so much so, that if they could not be completely God - male and female - sometimes the priests of Isis, say, would emasculate themselves, so that they could be - being neither human one way or the other meant they were closer to the Deity; these were the odd things that they would go through.  Even in the esoteric cultish tradition, emasculation was often carried out at an elderly age after they had their families and so on, before they could reach the higher orders.  So there is a lot of sexual symbology.  Water itself traditionally is female according to the traditions and it’s also - you know, when you are born, you come out with water from the womb as well.

GEORGE - The birth canal and all of that?

ALAN - The birth canal - a canal is also “a way” in the tradition, we’ve got to understand “that’s the way,” the way into the world; and even with the Viking orders - and they had their own elect orders too - which are all, I think, to be honest with you, affiliated with each other by a much higher group.  The Vikings used to send their dead out on the ships to be burned - so they had fire over water.  Fire over the water is also displayed in the Washington Monument or wherever they put up their Masonic statues or obelisks; because the obelisk is the male phallus and at the top the perfect pyramid is at the very top of it: the pinnacle - and that represents perfection through fire.  It’s always reflected in the pool of water at the base, which is the female: fire over water.

GEORGE - Fire over water.  Then, how about Molech?  His name occurred out there at the Bohemian Grove; I think Alex Jones and them brought out a video and Mike Hanson; and the priests were bringing up the word and dedicating it to Molech, you know.  Now, Molech, was that where you dedicated and sacrificed your first-born to Molech?

ALAN - Yes, you did; you did and there’s descriptions of the…

GEORGE - Into the fire, right? - they burned them.

ALAN - They burned it, but Molech was actually a statue with the hands outstretched and it was a mechanical gizmo in fact.

GEORGE - With what, some kind of a roaring fire inside of the statue?  Is that what?

ALAN - It seems to be.  Now, some people, some of the Greek philosophers who traveled to the Babylonian structures and to even the Phoenicians, because really it’s one and the same thing when you look through their methods with this particular statue; they said it was a mechanical thing - and the mother would place the baby into the arms of the statue, that then turned or lowered it into the fire.  Now, they have dug up, we have archeologists who have dug up the caverns underground where they had these ceremonies and where the statues were; and they found the urns of the ashes of many-many babies - and that’s a known fact; they did certainly do this.

GEORGE - So this is not only just conjecture; I mean, there is physical evidence through archeological excavations and so forth.

ALAN - There’s no doubt whatsoever, they’ve found lots of this; but you’ll also find it in history books, where you look at when Carthage for instance was being attacked by Rome, they said that they could see the Elite nobility of Carthage, when they thought they were losing, then sacrifice their own first-born sons on the battle mount at the top; and so it didn’t matter - it didn’t have to be a baby, although that was traditional in times of trouble - they would use any age of the first-born, even if he was in his twenties, they would kill him as a sacrifice for power from the Deity.

GEORGE - I see.  You know, I was just googling around out there at the Bohemian Grove and they have the front gates there you could see, you know, like a street scene; and it’s at the corner of the Bohemian Avenue and Railroad Avenue, I believe.   And the Russian River does run along inside the preserve.  I think it’s 2,700 acres of…

ALAN - 2,400 I think they have, redwood forest.

GEORGE - There was a recent report about they were trying to do some logging in there - have you heard that?

ALAN - No, I hadn’t heard that.

GEORGE - There were some news piece just recently, I’ll see if I can dig it up here, where they were going to work some logging operation in there, maybe, you know, it…I don’t know it just generates…they don’t need money, do they?  I mean, let’s be honest…

ALAN - They don’t. 

GEORGE - They have plenty of money, I tell you.  We’ve got to cut away here for our first break, and we’ll come back and delve into where this is exactly and what goes on out there.  We’ll be right back.  Thank you, Alan.  ---------------------------------------------

Welcome back to the Secret Truth, I am your host, George Butler; welcome back, Alan Watt.  Tell us about your web site and what you have on there and how to order some of your material.

ALAN - Yes, - and there’s lots of free shows they can go over to do with a lot of the histories, some of the ancient stuff, the middle stuff, the present stuff and where we are going; and also I have books there for sale and CDs and DVDs where I explain some of this on DVD and there is also another site, it’s:  that’s based in Europe, and from there they can download transcripts of a lot of the shows if they prefer to read them, and they can pass them around to their friends too, to try and inform them of what’s happening.

GEORGE - How many radio programs and how many articles have you written over the years - is it virtually hundreds or into the thousands now?

ALAN - Oh, it’s many hundreds anyway now.

GEORGE - It’s way up there.  On the bottom on my page we have a Bohemian Club membership list, okay?  So, if a person is interested in that, a fellow out of the Netherlands put that together - it’s the most extensive list I have seen.  So our listening audience can go in there and click off on that if they want to see who some of the members are.  Otherwise I did find the article, the San Francisco Gate Chronicle - it says here: “About 2,000 members of the Bohemian Club started arriving this week” - so this is a dated July 12; it’s a recent article - “for the famously secret annual encampment of relaxation, high jinks and male bonding.”  Is that what they call that?  Hahaha.    Okay, “The club’s board is fighting for an ambitious logging plan for its Bohemian Club on the Russian River.  The high-power club is seeking a special logging permit that would allow it to cut more than one million board feet each year in perpetuity, without strict environmental review.”  Anyway, people on the web can go in there and read that whole article, but that sort of surprised me a little - is it sort of thinning out some of the undergrowth?  Is that what they are trying to do?

ALAN - It could be; it could also be to make more lodges, because inside there they have different sections across the whole forest - and when you join, you’re assigned your specific order and you’re in that order until you progress to a higher order and you get moved around within that 2,400-acre parcel of land.

GEORGE - That’s right; they have different names of different encampments, I believe - different camps in there.

ALAN - That’s right.

GEORGE - I see.  Okay; also, on my web page we’ve got the “Bohemian Grove, Cult of Conspiracy” by Mike Hanson and then, the Bohemian Grove video by Alex Jones.  Now, getting back to the mind-set.  These people, most are very wealthy, are they not?

ALAN - Very wealthy, and very often - so you have your power magnates there, you have the big CEOs of massive international corporations and also the top politicians involved - Canadian as well; and no doubt even the Mexican ones will come up and maybe even further Latin-American countries.  Again, it’s power with business and politics combined; scientific elites also are invited to attend.  We know they discussed the creation of the Atom Bomb in the Grove with the members at one of their meetings; and it’s even said that the decision to ultimately drop it - which it’s interesting even the parallels they used, the 33rd Degree Parallel for Hiroshima.

GEORGE - Really?

ALAN - It was done in the Grove.

GEORGE - I know Harold Brown - he was Secretary of Defense at one time - is a member on that list, and he is very…he is a physicist and all that - so they have a lot of…some very-very well educated people.  Let me ask you this, Alan: how do people that are this educated get tied into some of these things?  I mean, how did they get recruited in there or what?

ALAN - Well, what you’ll find in going into CEO positions or trying to get up to that position, or in bureaucracy or Government - you must join branches of Freemasonry, to begin withThat’s pretty well mandatory in all countries.  They’re already used to taking oaths; they know it’s a way to help their career take off; and they meet, they get a circle - that’s what’s meant: a compass creates a circle, so you travel within your own circle of friends.  You are given new circles of friends, which intertwine, like the Olympic Games’ logo of five.  Therefore you’re always expanding your circle of friends and associates and contacts as you go up the ladder.  And what they’re referring to is Jacob’s Ladder, of course - the real meaning behind it.  Therefore, you are used to, in a sense, prostituting yourself to get ahead in the world, to get the right brownie points to be accepted by the Dominant Minority and they go all the way up to clubs like Bohemian Grove - now, they have other ones across the world!  One is on the Saint-Lawrence River too, on an island there, where many of the same members come up to every so often and meet with some of the Canadian ones; and that goes as far back as President Wilson’s day.  They have different locations for the same type of thing; and all women are excluded from that - it’s a Male thing only; even the servants are male and there’s a lot of debauchery that goes on.  However, they have ceremonies, the same ceremonies every year; you know, the Burning of Care, basically, sacrifice.

GEORGE - What is this ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony about?

ALAN - Well, Care - on the one hand, you understand, in the High Occult Elite they don’t have morality as you know it; even before you get up into the occult, you would probably be going into the lesser occult, like MasonryYou gradually are taughtThere’s no such thing as right or wrong.”  It’s Cabalistic, you see.  It’s beyond even moral relativity.  Moral relativity is simply a philosophy spun off of Cabaallah.

GEORGE - Now, the Cabaallah - tell the audience what that is about.  Is that Jewish Mysticism?  What is that, exactly?

ALAN - It’s Jewish Mysticism that begun supposedly around the 10th Century; the final book, the Sephiroth was finished around the 16th Century in Europe; however, people like Wallace Budge who was the Chief Egyptologist for the British Museum, in his excavations in Egypt claims that the Cabaallah is much older, at least the foundations of it are much older.  It’s a very old type philosophy; but ultimately you go up and you find that there is no such thing as real ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’  Power is its own right.  And if you take the motto of Aleister Crowley, who run the OTO, the Ordo Templi Orientis, a branch of Freemasonry - he belonged to about five different Masonic Lodges - he said “Do What Thou Wilt is the whole of the Law.”  That’s it.  In other words, if you want to do it, do it, and if you are mighty enough and powerful enough to do it, there is no comeback on you.  You’ll find an awful lot of the similarities of the Bohemian Grove and what happens in that particular place - and others - occurred in the Middle Ages with the Albigensians and the Cathars of Southern France and Northeastern Spain, when they set up their own big communes and cities and they emulated the Catholic Church with Bishops, etcetera; but they had their own very peculiar rituals going up to the Perfecti - when you were “perfected,” you were above all laws, you had become a God.

GEORGE - And that’s what it is about self-gods, godhead.  Hey, we are going to have to take another break and we’ll be right back.  Let’s continue that God, Godhead idea.  Men, men fail themselves, don’t they?  We’ll be right back, thank you.  ----------------

Welcome back to The Secret Truth.  I am your host, George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.

ALAN - It’s a pleasure.

GEORGE - You know, Alan, you and I - we have the ability to throw things off of each other, you noticed that?   Hahaha!  What I see and I hear - and check me and correct me and I need your input and your feedback on these things - there seems like to me that these abstracted selves are fighting among each other or are trying to outdo each other.  Is it an abstraction of self that they think they’re something they are not really?

ALAN - It’s a philosophy at the very least, and it’s a religion at the most prominent - there is no doubt there’s a religious factor involved in all of this; even the celebration of the Death of Care, the Burning of Care.  It’s generally a dummy dressed up as a young boy or a man and thrown into the fire; and technically, on the one hand they will tell their members that that represents the child that was you and you have now matured into a much higher state, higher being.  That’s part of it.  It’s also reborn - you are reborn when you join these groups, whether it’s basic Freemasonry - you get born againThat’s what George Bush Sr. said and George Bush Jr. when he was asked if he was a “Born Again” Christian, of course, he said “if you asked me if I were born again, the answer is yes,” because he was raised from the coffin in the Skull and Bones ceremonySo the Cremation of Care signifies: that’s the old you, the one that used to worry and fret and fume about things and laws and morals and so on - now you are raised to a higher status of close to godhood, if not godhood itself; then, just like the Albigensians as Perfecti, those laws no longer affect you and you can do as you wish.  Now, Theodore Roosevelt, interestingly enough, was one of the few Presidents that made reference to this, in a way that most people will miss; it’s in his biography - it’s also in the movie they did about Theo Roosevelt, where he is discussing history being a “long, dark tunnel down through the ages” and the only light that illuminated it and went down in the history books were conquerors and the Alexander the Great types - people who were not stunted by morality or what we would take at the bottom as decency and cultural norms or taboos.  They broke them all and went out to claim empires as gods should.  And so he is telling his staff that he was one of them; it’s also called “a point of light down the highway.”  This was mentioned first by Benjamin Franklin in his own diaries - that he wished to be remembered as a single point of light; he meant in this long-long spiralling darkness.  You find the same statement made by Bush Senior, when he talked about the “thousand points of light” that are here right now.  That’s those who had passed before into a spiritual realm, the Hidden Masters and their emissaries on earth that are in the physical bodies, working the Great Work, as it’s called, of “bringing in a New World Order,” which isn’t just a political system or economic system.  It’s a completely new way of life, where everything is to be ordered and science is to be elevated to the highest pinnacle until it’s in control of every facet of every individual’s life, right down to even deciding which genes shall be mixed with which genes - eugenics is very big in this system; they’re all eugenicists by nature.

GEORGE - How would you describe this system - is there one word to describe it or not?

ALAN - Well, I have no doubt…

GEORGE - Is it fascism?  It’s not really - it’s a mixture of different ideas; is it not?

ALAN - From the one system came communism and fascism; and now you’ve got the merger of the two systems, as the Reece Commission found out under Senator Dodd when the Ford Foundation told them.  It’s worked through Foundations, that’s where the financing to all these movements, these “social for change” movement groups comes from; and he was told by the Ford Foundation, their job was to merge the Soviet system painlessly, seamlessly with that of the West.  And it’s called “The Third Wave” in Alvin Toffler’s book.  Newt Gingrich was passing that book around to every Congressman…

GEORGE - That was his mentor wasn’t it, Alvin Toffler, Alvin and Heidi; I think it’s a team of husband and wife that’s written those books.  Now, I’ve got right here on the list: Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the Bohemian Grove.

ALAN - They all were.  And again, too, it’s this thing that goes way back in time…

GEORGE - Charlie Rose was a member too, you know, the guy that has a late evening talk show?  Charlie Rose is a member of the Bohemian Grove.

ALAN - See, anyone with public sway for creating opinion is asked to go there - anyone who is up there in the public limelight who can sway opinion.

GEORGE - Carl Rove is a member of the Bohemian Grove…

ALAN - Kissinger…

GEORGE - Donald Rumsfeld, William Sapphire is also a member.  My, I mean, they get everybody on both sides, don’t they?

ALAN - Oh, sure; politics is just a show for the public.

GEORGE - It’s a big hustle, is it not?

ALAN - It’s an incredible hustle; after all, you know, if you want to own the wealth of the world and the minerals and everything in the world, you don’t go for petty stuff; you go for the whole lot!  And since you are a knight, you have all gone through the knight phases of your various Masonic Lodges - then a knight goes on a mission, a Quest.

GEORGE - Like a Crusade, almost…

ALAN - It’s a Quest, and he’s also sent by his Master on the Quest - that’s part of it too.  And he is bold - now, another term for “bold” is “audacious;” he must be audacious; and with audacity - that means you break all rules that the normal people will followThat’s why you succeed.   And so you go for the biggest stakes of all, break all the rules to get it; and you have succeeded on your Quest.

GEORGE - So the pirates were ruthless, right? - and so the Skull and Bones is sort of a manifestation of that, right?

ALAN - The pirates were actually the members - the early pirates were the members in the fleet of the Knights Templar that left France - before they were caught with their treasure; and they erected the flag, because even Masonic lodges often use that particular Skull and Bones flag instead of the coffin; they lay it out as their jewels on a travelling lodge, so they lay on the flag to be raised up from the dead by the Grand Master and that became the flag for piracy.

GEORGE - Well, the Russell trust ships that, you know, went into India and China with opium shipments and so forth - I read somewhere and I’m not sure know how accurate this is - but the company flag that they flew on their ships was the Skull and Bones.

ALAN - They flew the Skull and Bones and they also had quite a few of their companies; they had the British East India Company flag as well, which was actually copied into being what you think is the American Flag: that was the British East India Company flag, initially with the Stars and Stripes.

GEORGE - Have many of these families in the past made their fortunes on drug, you know, dealing in shipping and so forth - is that the basis of some of their wealth?

ALAN - It’s a lot of their wealth down through the ages.  These are intergenerational families that often are intermarried within each other; and we know that the Bush’s ancestors were leading members in dumping the opium on China - and so were the Kerrys by the way - they all went to the same universities and they all dumped opium and made a killing on that.

GEORGE - Now, the benefactor of Yale - he was the East India official.

ALAN - He founded it; he was one of the main founders.  Elihu Yale his name was.

GEORGE - Yeah, he bequeathed, I think, 600 Pounds or something, the sale of some cargo and it was used to establish the University, after it had been established earlier as much more of a religious college, I believe.

ALAN - Elihu Yale said We must create these Universities and this one in particular, because forever,” - he says - “we shall supply the country with our own people and never lose sight of the direction that we are going.”  In other words, they’d always supply the people that would become the leaders.

GEORGE - Well, I’ll tell you with that Elihu Yale came a lot of things, didn’t he?  Like William Graham Sumner that helped kill the greenback.  Yeah, a lot of things.  Hey we got to cut away here again and we’ll be back and - do you want to open up phones and take some callers? 

ALAN - Sure.

GEORGE - Okay, we’ll do that when we come back.  Thank you for listening everyone out there and - Alan, you’re getting better.  You’re like fine wine, hahaha!  You are getting better with age, okay?  Thank you very much.  --------------------------------------------

Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I am your host, George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt!

ALAN - It’s a pleasure to be here.

GEORGE - Okay, our phones are open now: 1-800-259-9231.  Give us a call; and Alan Watt has such a depth of knowledge.  When we are talking about the occult - are these people occultist in all these different organizations?  Is that how you would describe them in a general way?

ALAN  - DefinitelyIn fact, really, the system they’re involved in, is a form in itself of Government; it’s above the elected Government in a sense - that’s where the real deals are made quietly in the dark and real things, real decisions are made between contacts at these kind of meetings.  So there is an occultic side even from that perspective but there’s no doubt they’re into what they call The Great Work,’ which is to - they used to couch it in terms, in the Middle Ages, of Nature.   They said that by understanding Nature they could conquer and re-shape the world, and perfect all that that was left imperfect; and today they use the term “science” rather than “nature.”  And through science they are perfecting all that they claim or deem was left imperfect - that the Builder left imperfect, or the Architect left.

GEORGE - Are these perfectabilists, I mean, do they think that Humankind is perfectible?

ALAN - Oh, that’s all through their philosophy; it was the same philosophy in Nazism as Communism; the Communists talked about creating the new “soviet man,” that was a Superman.  This all came, again, from the writings of Darwin and “survival of the fittest” and that through science they could improve the species and perfect it; it went on from there into the Fabian Society with the top founders, Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells and others, and with the big wealthy families that contributed to it, their whole philosophies.  And Bernard Shaw wrote the book called: Man and Superman, stating that those who could not adapt into the new system that would come, “would have to be eliminated” because they would bring down the superior species.  And then Hitler came into the Superman era; he had caches of breeding women, where he took the high officers from the SS, who were allowed to pass on their genes to these selected women, to create a new type of Superman.  This is all down through the ages.  You find it’s the same philosophy; and even in ancient times the ancient societies said that they would perfect all that that was left imperfect.  In other words, the God hadn’t left it perfect enough, so they were going to perfect it in their own image, which is exactly the same boast that Lucifer supposedly gave when he was cast to earth.

GEORGE - Then on one hand they are looking at perfecting themselves or so forth; but then with no restrictions on anything that they want to do.

ALAN  - What they’ve said is that they’d use science to perfect their physical body.  This is the interesting part of it.  People like Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, in his book: The Next Million Years, meaning the next dominating period by the same group for the next million years - which is quite the boast - where he talks about culling down the population, the “useless eaters,” getting rid of the “inferior species” types in HumanityHe also talked about, he says: “We the Elite must retain our survival capabilities, because we will be steering Planet Earth, we will be captains of the ship.  He and others, like Arthur Koestler, who worked for MI5 [British Military Intelligence Department Five] said the same thing; he says: “…But the general public won’t need those capabilities, because the State will be making all their decisions for them.”  So they both suggested ways to lobotomizing the physical human brain of the “lesser types” - those who would be managed by the state.

GEORGE - Oh, man!

ALAN - Now, when you take it a step further, you go into Ancient Egypt and they leave you a legacy in remnants as mummies.  Mummies were wrapped to be immortal - meaning, their goal in the future was to create physical immortality - for the Elite only!  Now we have David Suzuki who is one of the biggest mouthpieces, propagandists for the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and so on; who has also talked about the need to cull off masses of the human population.  He has said - and he is a geneticist - he said that “we now have the capability to extend a person’s life by stopping the ‘time-clock’ gene and they can live to 500 years.”  So this plan of getting physical immortality is to be for the Elite only; they will not alter their brain to be “inferior” as they will the masses as we go through this…

GEORGE - Hello, Stewart from Houston, what is your question for Alan Watt?  Welcome to the program.

STEWART - During the last session you talked about a kind of rebirth in a coffin.  Are you guys aware that Satanic, actual Satanic Baptism involves that, you know, as a part of the Satanic Mass and it’s a symbolic death and rebirth of the Ego rather than the antithesis within Christianity, which is death and then rebirth in Christianity?  Does that relate to this?  I mean, is it a - I don’t know, a travesty of it or a mockery of it, or what?  Are you familiar with that?

ALAN - I know that this has been used as well.

STEWART - Then, this is the Antichrist, in the sense that it’s a mimicry of Christian death and resurrection of Jesus and a mockery of the Christian rebirth into Christianity, isn’t it?

ALAN - You got it; it’s the same thing and their goal is to live forever, as was the goal shown by the Pharaohs, in the physical world.

 STEWART - Then this is the epitome of the Ego, themselves.

ALAN - It’s more than the Ego, because, you see, in the higher Orders of Masonry - and I’ve had different high Masons tell me the same story in initiations, who didn’t know each other, so it kind of confirmed it - they talk about bringing an entity into you with the high degrees.  An entity - now, you can call it, it depends on your religion, a “demon” or whatever.  Whatever it is, they claim they bring something in that gives them extra powers.  However you want to look at it, they believe it at the top and…

STEWART - Now, that’s part of Satanic teaching too.

ALAN - Well, all Satanic teaching comes from the same sources down through the ages.  Now, if you were to go into the Christian version, I suppose, you would say that the absence of physical body is Hell to a Demon.  They can only have sensuality and really go into the senses like you wouldn’t believe, in all kinds of ways, perverted ways through the physical body.  So, Hell is absence of the physical body and the world.  If you were just a mind stuck in space with no limbs and so on, for thousands of years, that would be Hell to you.  And, technically, to be incarnated into a body that’s now perfectly immortal - a physical body - is completion for the Satanic side of things.  That’s their philosophySo you’d have an immortal spirit locked into an immortal body.

STEWART - Studying Christianity, it’s a resurrection in the body of Christ, not Satan!

ALAN - It’s up to the people what they want to take out of that.  There’s no doubt the guys at the top, certainly even at the Bohemian Grove there, when you watch their antics, and we had, I think, an investigation by John Decamp the Senator, to do with them bringing in male orphans and what happened to them; some of them were killed there and they got away with itThere’s an awful lot of debauchery involved in all of this.  We find the same thing from people who were all for the Knights Templars, because they were descendants of them, like John Dee in the 16th Century, who was trying to defend the Knights Templars, although he did say in it that all Templars swore an oath to relieve each others’ sexual tensions on demand.

STEWART - Hmm.  Thank you Alan.

GEORGE - Thank you for your call and you made some very good contributions. Thank you very much sir for your call.  Well, it gets pretty deep, doesn’t it, pretty deep pretty fast, eh?

ALAN - Oh, yeah. 

GEORGE - We got to cut away for a break at the top of the hour, and we have about a six-minute break there, so if you need to take care of something, it’s the time to do it.  We certainly appreciate what you’re getting into, because we’re getting down into the real nut-cutting on this.  We’ll be right back.  Thank you, Alan; we appreciate you, you’re a good man.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


GEORGE - Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I am your host, George Butler.  Charlotte Littlefield Brown is on vacation.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.

ALAN - I am happy to be here.

GEORGE - Okay.  Swampy from Montana; what is your question for Alan Watt?  You’re live on the Secret Truth.

SWAMPY - Oh, gosh!  It’s not really a question so much, George; I do want to say it quickly.   I look so forward to Saturdays; you know, I put everything away and come in because I want to hear your show.  I’m an old Southern boy from Florida and I hear that ring in your voice from somewhere in the South…

GEORGE - Yeah, I am one of…well, South Austin, Texas.  Hahaha!  Now, Alan Watt is - he is the one that can ignite a lot of listeners.  He is really good for my program.

SWAMPY - Well, hello, Alan.  I wanted to tell you - when I flew out of the nest and about nineteen years old when I left Florida to see what was going on in the world, I had read a lot about the Pacific Ocean and the Russian River and places like that and I came out, like I said, when I was about nineteen and settled on the Russian River there in the Guerneville / Monte Rio area.  And we used to go by the sea and sometimes we’d stop and play our guitars and I hate, you know, I hate to say it but we’d smoke a joint or something and look at the redwood country and all the…

GEORGE – We’re post-indict you for that, okay? 


ALAN  - He didn’t inhale though.

GEORGE - I didn’t hear that, Alan.

ALAN  - He didn’t inhale.

SWAMPY - I was being honest with you sir.

GEORGE - You didn’t inhale, right, Swampy?

SWAMPY - I’m a whole lot older now.  But Armstrong woods and I remember the Grove there - we went up in there a couple of times and just would sit around and look at those beautiful redwoods around there and it raised the hair on my neck when I heard the things you were saying; I’m like gosh we were right in that part of the country!  You know, was that still going on in 1971?

GEORGE - Yeah.

ALAN - Oh, yeah, it’s been there for a hundred years.

SWAMPY - Oh, my Gosh!  We were right there.

GEORGE - The Bohemian Club was formed in 1872 in San Francisco…

SWAMPY - Okay.

GEORGE - …And then the Bohemian Grove is a site that they acquired of redwood, a stand of redwood trees, you know, quite a stand I guess.

SWAMPY - Yes, it is.  I remember it, it’s been quite a many years ago but I still can picture it in my mind and I just didn’t realize that all that stuff was going on and I heard George mention it and I said boy I got to pay attention on this one and it brought the hairs up on my neck to think that we were that close to these almost demon-like people, you know.

GEORGE - That’s right.

SWAMPY - But thank you, I don’t want to waste your time, George; and thank you, Sir.

GEORGE - Okay, we thank you for your call, Swampy, and call us again.  Keep listening.  Paula from Florida, you’re up next.  What is your question for Alan Watt?

PAULA - I really haven’t got a question; I mean, some of these elites they think they’re elites; well they’re from my family too.  And I am going to tell you something, they’re sick.  They are totally lost, they’re Satan’s fools and they’re going to burn in Hell forever! 

GEORGE – They’re pretty bad; that’s true.

PAULA - Yeah, and I mean, there has been over 2,000 years of intermarriage in this family, I mean, my husband and I both are from the House of David and I tell you what: this is - I just chewed out one of them the other day real good and told him you’re going to lose everything you got; I told him you’re going to burn in Hell forever. I said you’re Satan’s fool. And he needed to be chewed out for what he’s doing to these oil prices and he needs to go to jail.  These people are lost; I mean, there’s just, you know, there is so much mental illness in the family, it’s just unreal.  And I think this is what’s caused a lot of it and they just… I mean, coming from the House of David and they turned to Satan, I mean, what does that tell you.

GEORGE - Yeah, it gets crazy, doesn’t it.

PAULA - Yeah, and I mean, my husband - he is so embarrassed about what the family is doing, it’s unreal; and it’s just…I am so furious right now, I could just - I’d chew him out right away.  People just have to realize: they’re sick; they’re lost!

GEORGE - Okay, we appreciate your call, Paula, and your comments, okay?  Call us back again.  Thank you a lot.  Well, you know, when you say: “sickness” are you talking about a pathology of some kind, Alan - or what?

ALAN - Well, there’s no doubt, it’s interesting to see the different perspectives when you look at the same thing, the same phenomena. 

GEORGE - Sure.

ALAN - And we know that there is a book put out that was on Pathocracy; it’s called “Pathocracy” - and it’s the study of the psychopathic personalities from ancient times up to the present.  So from a scientific point of view they try to rationalize it all away as basically psychopathic people who inbred so much that you are pretty well guaranteed another psychopath in every generation, who grows up.  And if they are born into a powerful, wealthy family with connections, they certainly are trouble for the rest of the people beneath them, because a psychopath has no normal bonding or emotion towards other people or Humanity in general - they live on pure Ego.  So, depending on the way you look at the same phenomena, you can classify it under a scientific terminology of Psychopathy; or you can take the standard religious look at it.  There’s no doubt it is a religion that these characters are involved in; but from a religious point of view you’d have to say that if they are telling the truth and they believe they are taking on higher entities, which does give them certain powers, longevity, little intuitions that help them in business and so on, then you would have to say that they were “possessed.” 

GEORGE - Are they doing this transhumanism research?

ALAN  - They are behind it, absolutely.  The whole thrust of all of the power elite of the world are into transhumanism right now - and it’s the same thing, the “perfection” of humanity; the creation of new “worker bees,” ordinary people, the lower ones, the “perfected workers”: they won’t need entertainment, they won’t need fun and games to keep them happy; they will be obedient, programmed people.  In fact at one of the world scientific meetings they held at Loyola University on this very topic to do with brain implants, brain chips and so on, they said when this is given to the public - and it’s ready to go; all they have to do now is spend a few years indoctrinating the public to accept it - they said there will be no more individuality amongst the people - it will be impossible to even try to think of yourself as a distinct, separate individual.  This is where there are going with transhumanism.

GEORGE - So the ultimate Communism is what it sounds like, but with Fascist Masters, right?

ALAN  - That’s right.  This is the blending of the “fasci,” which is an ancient symbol; it goes back to the Minoan Civilization, when the Minoans ruled the trade routes of the ancient world, and they eventually moved and became the Phoenicians and so on; it’s the battle axe, the double-headed axe with the fasci, wrapped into the bundle of rods, was theirs.  That became eventually a symbol of Rome and the early Caesars or Emperors and eventually the Popes were surrounded by, I think eight fasci.

GEORGE - Was it the idea that if the real wealthy and the people that control the power - the judicial or whatever - stuck together, no-one could defeat them; was that the idea?

ALAN  - The idea was, one stick on its own, you can break over your knee; but you tie that around the shaft of the axe in a bundle and you can’t break it.

GEORGE - So, these powerful men, acting together, bonding together, it’s hard to break their hold - is that basically the idea?

ALAN  - Absolutely.  That’s it.

GEORGE - Okay.  That goes way back.  Is there any outside influence in this?  I know, in England, at Essex and all of that they’ve had some - really a lot of transhumanism research, you know?

ALAN  -  Yes.

GEORGE - Is there any outside influence that you possibly see coming in - I mean, you know, like an alien-type of a mix between alien and human?

ALAN  - No, but by the time we’re finished, we will certainly look like what they have given us to think of as aliens.

GEORGE - Okay, hahaha.  I mean, it could be, I mean, that we are going to look pretty damn strange, right?

ALAN - Oh, yeah; we will.

GEORGE - I mean, you know, they get a mixture of animals, I mean, they are already doing that right now, right?

ALAN  - They are doing it; they passed the laws to allow it.

GEORGE - Hey, if you hear me start barking, you’ll know what they did to me, okay?

ALAN  - They’ve been quick on the go.

GEORGE - Yeah, okay.  We’ll be right back - got to go.    ---------------------------------------------

Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I’m your host, George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.

ALAN  - I’m glad to be on.

GEORGE - They are sitting out there in the Bohemian Grove right now and they are contemplating some very major decisions.  What comes to your mind about what they are going to decide over this next year?  What big, you know, decisions they are making out there right now?

ALAN  - They are discussing what they have all heard at their big CEO meetings.  Many of these men were in Davos, Switzerland not so long ago; where a top futurist, I think he is called Buckminster Bayer - he has written different books on the Agenda.  And so they are discussing all of this information, the long-term strategy for the domination of the world, which is going on - this is World War III right now that we are going through, while they standardize the last few countries into what they call the “Democratic System.”  The United Nations sends in UNESCO right off the bat into these countries to train the first generation into this form of “Democracy” as they call it.  And the UN also funds the women first off the bat in the Arab countries to start their own businesses so they don’t need men anymore.  That’s standard: the destruction of the family unit is prime to bring in this new system.  They want everyone isolated from everyone else - until there’s no-one to stand in front of you or around you when the Government talks down to you.  And that was shown by George Orwell in “1984”  - that kind of society.  This is the Agenda - so they’re standardizing the planet to bring it into three Trading Blocs as Karl Marx talked about in the 1800 - they’d create a United Europe first, followed by the United Americas and an Asian-Pacific Block under a Global Government and then they will raise the United Nations to full power.  UN, remember, it means “un” - in French it’s “one.” 

GEORGE - I see.  Has China been roped in by recruiting them into the membership of the WTO using those kinds of institutions and vehicles?

ALAN - Absolutely.  China, Communist China did not invent itself.  In fact, Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, a member of high aristocracy in Britain, was sent there amongst many other teachers and philosophers and professors back in the 1920s and 1930s to kick off in the Universities in China and sow the seeds of Communism to the youth.  And then, of course, big machinations were going on behind the scenes; they had to get someone to attack China to raise this fledgling Communist Party to full power, being the only opposition there would be; and so when Japan was militarizing, they made a deal with high financiers in the United States - Bernard Baruch was one of them - and the deal was that they would finance them.  These top bankers would finance Japan up to military strength before WW I or II and part of the payment deal was they would attack the Soviet system first - that was to spur on the taxation that would bring on the protests for the Russian Revolution and also to go into China, Manchuria China.  And that’s what they did; when they went into China, the only party that could effectively fight the Japanese coming in was the Communist Party.  So they were set up from the West:  long-term strategy, chessboard game and everyone is used in turn and then, in the 1930s the Royal Institute for International…and by the way, you can read about that in a book called “The Fugu Plan” - it’s also in the Congressional Records of the US.  They found all these deals made by the US bankers and the Japan elite.

GEORGE - Say that again, Alan.  What was that again?

ALAN  - You’ll find the whole Japanese build-up to military strength by the West, the Western bankers in “The Fugu Plan” - the Japanese called it the Fugu plan; and it’s written by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, who was a Japanese Jew, and he tells you about how the financing came to Japan and the conditions that these bankers made on Japan: telling them to attack Russia first, the Tsarist Russia, and after a few years of heavy taxation and loss of life, that helped to goad the peasantry into the Revolution.  So that was one bird killed off.  The second bird was to get this fledgling Communist Party up to strength, and the only way they could do it was to get invaded, so they then invaded, as they were told, China and went to Manchuria, and killed millions.  And it was from that conflagration that eventually the Communist Party was raised to strength with a lot of help from the West.  But it’s even deeper and murkier.  You find that the Royal Institute for International Affairs in their 1937 meeting in Melbourne, Australia, talked about the future coming war with Germany.  They also say in that same book that it would be very fortuitous if Japan were to attack America - 1937, remember - and bring them into the war and then they said they must “defend Russia, Soviet Russia, at all costs against the Germans,” and then they went into the post-war world - they were confident they were going to win it all - and they talked about eventually the build up of China to be a manufacturer.  So this was all planned back in the 1930s.  We are living a script. 

GEORGE - Yes, what they are doing, is they’re playing what Capitalism out of Communism; but they are bringing, they’re building up Communism. 

ALAN - The Club of Rome, which was one of their main think tanks - it still is - wrote a book called: The First Global Revolution, by the founders of the Club of Rome.  And the Club of Rome are top futurists that figure out scams to get the world to come together as one, and work towards this agenda.  And the founders say that back in the 1970s they looked at all the phenomena that drew people together; and warfare was the ideal situation, where people will sacrifice themselves, go on rationing and so on, do what they are told - so they said they’d have to have a war; so they hit upon the idea of blaming the people for causing global warming, so that mankind would be the enemy of the planet.  And they said “that would fit the bill.”  That’s the words they used.  That idea, that con would fit the bill - and it’s happening right now.

GEORGE - You know, out of that Club of Rome came some of those first world models that I studied.  They were analyzing how the world operated on a systematic basis; like a systems analysis, you know?  And there was a couple up in New Hampshire that pioneered - Meadows, I believe, their name was, if I’m not mistaken - that pioneered some of those earlier “world models,” computer models, you know.  And then they used those as a basis to do some future planning, you know.

ALAN - Yes, they do.  But it’s an amazing admission that they “hit upon the idea” - after looking at all of the different scenarios they could con the public into, to come together for warfare purposes and behave and do what they are told, to be ordered around - and they said that they “hit upon the idea” of blaming the people for causing global warming and that “would fit the bill”; that’s their own words.

GEORGE - Now, what is you take on the “Iron Mountain Report?”

ALAN - The Iron Mountain Report supposedly was found in a photocopier that was sold by a Government Institute.  So you can’t tell - however, we do know that the author initially, or the guy who supposedly authored it, detracted and said it was really just fiction and then he changed his mind again a few years later and said that it was the truth; so it’s up to the individual.

GEORGE - They tried to discredit it, but it’s strangely coming about.  So the report has some validity, just from the manifestations that are occurring now.  That’s my take on it.  Okay, we got to cut away a second, we’ll be right back. Thank you, Alan.  ------------

Welcome back to The Secret Truth.  I’m George Butler along with Alan Watt.  Welcome back, Alan.

ALAN - I’m happy to be here.

GEORGE - We got a caller from South Carolina.  David, what is your question for Alan Watt?

DAVID - Yes, hi guys.

GEORGE - How are you doing?  Welcome to the program.

DAVID - Oh, great, this is a wonderful show tonight and I’m glad you have Alan on; I’m a big fan of his work. 

GEORGE - Well he’s a fine, fine person.

DAVID - Yes.  I had a good question for him, I hope, considering he knows so much about them, they way these Elite systems work.  Do they seek to have one person in charge of, you know, the world itself or do they currently have someone that they’re just kind of hiding out?  I suppose someone, call it an Antichrist, I doubt they would refer to it that way themselves.

ALAN - They do have a hierarchy, absolutely.  They do have incredible coordination and administration tying all of these NGOs, Foundations, etcetera across the planet together to bring all of this about.  They do talk about a head person; sometimes they will refer to it as also a group around the head of, say, “The Hidden Masters.”  It means those who are alive today and also those who have been.  Now, the Hidden Masters, according to their own philosophies, are those who have reincarnated many times and are “perfected,” as they say.  Perfected, and they don’t have to come back.  This is the stuff they put out to the public; whether it’s true or not - who knows?   But they don’t have to be - they are here to guide Humanity into this “oneness” idea.  This stuff is propagated through the New Age movements to make them believe it too.  But there’s no doubt they do have a tremendous pyramid structure going up to a capstone - who that particular capstone is, is up to… We’ll never be shown; they say the Hidden Masters will never be shown until they have accomplished their mission.  And of course, if we are all brainchipped and altered by then, we wouldn’t be able to care - we wouldn’t have the ability to care - if they come forward and show themselves for the first timeBlavatsky in her books - and that was just a branch of Masonry, trying to get women into the movement - she said that the Hidden Masters would come down and appear to the public when it’s all been completed.  So it’s anyone’s guess.   Now, I think personally there will be a throne for a “King of the World”-type idea; and maybe our only way out of this is when they start to fight amongst each other, squabble; as they try to get that seat - there’s only one seat for the top guy - whether they call it, like they do for the United Nations, the “Supreme Commander” or whatever; whatever title they give it.  Technically this will be the first in history “King of the Whole World, the Entire Planet” - and for a psychopath, that is incredibly alluring.  It could be the only time that they will start fighting amongst each other.  But when Titans fight, the little people get slaughtered at the bottom at their feet.

GEORGE - Where would that new - where would that Throne be, Alan, to your best knowledge?

ALAN - It’s interesting, if you look at the Crusades - the Crusades themselves are a mystery - I mean the Norman people are a mystery: who they were really, where they came from, these people who spoke French and supposedly came down through Norway and Sweden.  We know that once they took over Europe with logistical wars that went on many years, decades - tremendous supply lines and so on, and shipping; this is a world war scale that they took over Europe - and they were not even in Britain for maybe twenty-odd years and they recruited the peasantry into the military, and the first thing they did was to go off to the Middle East to set up a King of Israel - so they took the entire Europe with them to go over and set up this “King of Israel” idea and we forget there was a crowned King of Israel under the Crusades.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and do the same kind of thing again in the future; we certainly know that they have taken over Dubai and they are building up that area to be the most ultra-modern city in the whole planet for a specific size of a population, a new type of sizing of population, special population; and we also know that they want to go into Iran, old Babylon.  It’s interesting, if you look at the pop and rock music of the last few years, the many songs that came out about Babylon, and the Stones did their tour of Bridge to Babylon.  And you’ve got other ones coming out with “A Return to Babylon.”  So this whole idea of “coming back to the beginning” is very important in the occult.  So that could be that area that’s set up to be - eventually to be the new Capital of the World.

GEORGE – The second Babylon, right?

ALAN - Yes.

DAVID - I have another question for you, Alan.  Considering that it would appear to me that, you know, archeologists, some of them these days are finding that the Sphinx, for instance, is much older than Egypt and all of the commonalities between all the diffuse cultures and peoples throughout the world, I would say that there was some type of common culture at some point, that perhaps we fell from something in the past, you know, perhaps there was high civilization.  I know Atlantis plays into their mythology quite a lot; and perhaps, I think, they’re trying to work back towards that.

ALAN - There’s no doubt that at one time, just by the building structures in the Neolithic period even, we know that there was a common world culture, by the building techniques they used.  You find the same techniques to use the walls in Peru, these massive stones are interlocked without cement.  Every stone is shaped to fit the other - that’s incredible work, and it’s never been explained why they went to all that work to create that type of structure.  But we know we found it across the world elsewhere, we found the standing stones elsewhere, there were the circles of standing stones across the world as far as Australia and Scotland…

DAVID - …and Easter Island and places like that…

ALAN - We know there was some kind of ancient culture that was in communication by ship.  We know that Professor Barry Fell from Harvard unearthed in Algonquin Park in Canada the tops of three pyramids and the CBC radioed it, a whole bunch of documentaries on that find - and they found at the bottom of it, the quarters with these, where they think there where monks or priests lived, and they spoke an ancient Egyptian-Iranian tongue; so - then of course the Government stepped in and wired that whole area off, and that’s the last that we heard of it - so we are not supposed to know they were here already.  So there is no doubt about it.  They have also found ancient coins from Phoenicia along the Eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada and even some graves as well.  So there was ancient travel across the entire planet at one time and it was probably even in the Neolithic period that happened.

DAVID - Well, you have answered some great questions for me; I really appreciate it.

GEORGE - Okay, David, thank you very much for your call and call us back and keep listening.  You made some good questions and contributions.  Thanks very much, David.  You know, people out there; you know, it gets back to this question, Alan:  Are enough people worldwide going to be able to wake up to what’s really happening to make a difference, to really make a difference?

ALAN - I think we have to change even our ways of thinking like the masses; we tend to think that everything is a mass movement to save this or create that.  And somehow or other, personally I think that everyone, down through their lives, is making decisions as to what is - cumulatively, I think, the masses helped this along.  In fact the Elite depend on the masses going along the way they’re directed; they’re a symbiotic relationship.  What it really boils down to is the “saving” - if that’s the right word - of individuals across the world.  This movement is to destroy individuality.  And most people belong to the mass, are quite happy with the masses, they’ve all the same opinions, they don’t want to be different from anyone else, and so the enemy of this entire system - and the United Nations has stated this even when it was called the League of Nations, that they must destroy individuality for what they called “World Peace” and “Utopia.”  And you must understand who defines Utopia for whom?  So, I think we have to change our way of thinking and think maybe we can steer this off in a different direction, but it won’t be the same system we have now.  That has to go completely, regardless.

GEORGE - Maybe touching enough individuals’ hearts will make a difference and then they’ll act in a certain way that will change things.

ALAN - Yes.  It will take tremendous work on themselves to stand up and change things.

GEORGE - Okay, we got to go - we’ll be right back.  ----------------------------------------------

Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I am your host, George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.

ALAN  - It’s good to be back.

GEORGE - Alan, how can we - Charlotte always likes us to get into a positive this last segment.  What can we do to make this a better world?

ALAN - Ah, well, I’ll tell you…

GEORGE - I mean, your life, you devoted, I mean, that’s - can you tell me in ten minutes - but I mean, you have devoted your life…

ALAN - The meaning of life…

GEORGE - I asked a guy one time, “what’s the causes of war? And give it to me in two minutes."  But anyway…

ALAN - A drive-through answer…

GEORGE - …But anyway, you have devoted your life - it’s obvious that you care about this world and you care about people.  But what kind of positive - if you get up here on your soapbox, what would you tell our listening audience now that they can do and what advice would you give me myself and my listeners?

ALAN - I think I’d have to tell them they cannot keep the system that they are used to; they like it because they’re used to it and they feel scared about anything that is different.  Whether they like it or not, they can’t save it, because the Elite decided to move on to the next phase, the “upgrade” that they’ve planned for us all - which is not a nice system at all - so we have to find a new way of going.  But I think it boils down to the fact we can’t allow politicians just to do all the higher thinking for us and so on, all these big problems and let us play like children.  We’ve got to regain our adulthood; we’ve got to regain, primarily, our humanity.  We have lost so much of our natural humanity, which is a survival instinct, when people have a natural bonding and an empathy for other people, regardless of where they are in the world.  And when you think about it: how many years have we sat and watched, people were eating their dinners and watched people in Vietnam getting blown up and we watched other countries getting blown up; now it’s the Middle East getting blown up - and it doesn’t even affect them.  You see, that’s an unnatural state to be in; you are being desensitized.  We’ve got to regain our natural sense of horror at what’s happening in the world; our natural sense of complete indignation when we lose every freedom and right we ever fought to get in the first place.  Under any guise, it cannot be taken away from you, and the standard guise of robbery of all of these things is giving you safety and security in return for taking your rights away from you.  You cannot have it that way; when you have no rights, you have no safety - that’s the bottom line - and you have no freedom.

GEORGE - You are saying in a way that we have been traumatized purposely, intentionally, and we have been dissociated, our ideas of who we used to think.  We used to think more clearly and we had more of an integrated idea of who we were in the world.

ALAN - Yes.

GEORGE - And they have broken that into little bits and pieces, dissociated it; and then they’re manipulating us through all this media.

ALAN - Yes, and they have also basically destroyed the strong cultures of Europe and the Americas; they’ve destroyed them; and that was intentional too, because that’s a long-term project in war.  You must destroy the culture, the values; you must bring down any kind of natural decency; morality must go out the window, so that anything goes - and that was also the strategy of the Soviet Union; they said that it takes 30 years to demoralize a people; and once they are demoralized you can lead them by the nose to any direction you want to take them.  When you have no moral convictions to stand for, then you are easily pushed along in the flow.

GEORGE - Then you will go into anything, right?

ALAN - And you have nothing to fight for.  Men have lost even the knowledge of how to lead anymore; they have been under attack since the 1960s in an escalating fashion and they won’t fight for anything, because there is nothing left technically for them to fight for.  You see, this is all a strategy - a war strategy.  It’s been very-very successful.  So, we’ve got to regain our identity as to who we are as individuals and realize that it’s your cohesiveness together that can make changes.  But we can’t get back a system that was totally corrupt.  This Tower of Babel has so many band-aids holding it together down through the centuries and it’s been a horror show.  We must find another way to go and bypass their United Nations’ plan and all of these other plans that they have - but it starts with the individual: regaining the right to be an individual and then start having that natural empathy for othersWhat’s done to others eventually will be done to you by this big monster eating-machine that presently is over in the Middle East - it’s coming back home. 

GEORGE - You are sort of talking about a redemption of self, through holding oneself responsible again. 

ALAN - Yes.

GEORGE - We have sort of defaulted to a system of blaming the whole world but ourselves. 

ALAN - That’s been encouraged.  Huxley talked about it; so did Bertrand Russell - he says we’ll create a nation, a world of ego-syntonic people, where the world spins around them, the ME-GENERATION.  We’ve been through it all, we’ve seen it happen and how it was introduced through the culture creators - and there are culture creators that guide the culture decade-by-decade and they know where they are going.  So, people are so ego-syntonic they have lost the natural ability to bond and the natural affection for other people.

GEORGE - And that hierarchy has gotten - has built a hierarchy, those ideas.  Is that right?

ALAN - That’s correct.  And that’s the process of the elimination of the culture.  The destruction of culture must come before you put in a Totalitarian Government.  And that’s exactly what the Communists, the Soviet System said they’d do.  Don’t forget: the Soviet System was created by the Western powers in a dialectical process to change the world – the two together would to change the world into the Third Way.

GEORGE - Yeah, that’s why when I talked to a person that would be described as a Liberal - you know what I’m talking about?  I’m not trying to ‘diss’ Liberals, okay, from my listening audience, but a certain type of person has been conditioned through the University System, and they don’t get it sometimes, see?

ALAN - Well, again, there’s defectors that came from the Soviet Union - there’s one up on Google; he’s very good - he gives you that 30 to 40-year strategy of demoralization into decadence that was to be used through entertainment, through music and so on; and through the culture-creation industry - and also through Professors in the Universities.  And he said: “those ones who grow up in that after the third generation are contaminated.  When the real switch of Government comes in with Totalitarianism” - that’s what he said, which has happened in 2001 - he says: “when that switch in Government comes in with totalitarianism, those people must be eliminated, because they’ll find that all of those liberties that they thought they were championing for a specific party, don’t exist; that party will not allow them to live now with those particular values.”  They are used and then they are eliminated; they’re called “contaminated.” 

GEORGE - Yeah, sometimes those people that were the biggest supporters of the totalitarians, are the first to go - are they not?

ALAN - They are the first to go, because they are contaminated; they still think they have rights.  That’s what they were pushing the movement in the West with, “rights, rights, rights” - and the Totalitarian system that was backing them shows its real teeth once it takes over and eliminates them; they cannot have them around.  And these particular defectors said this is also the same strategy.  They said that no matter how much evidence you show them of Gulags and prison camps and so on, they will not believe it, even when you take them there.  How much evidence to the contrary of their belief system is shown to them, they are unable to accept it.  And that’s what you’re seeing in society.  Those who are awake are trying to communicate to those who are not awake and it isn’t that they don’t want to wake up - it’s that they can’t understand what you are saying.  They have been totally conditioned into a decadent type of society.

GEORGE - It’s heavily traumatic-based deep programming, is it not?

ALAN - Yes, absolutely. 

GEORGE - And it’s hard to break, because I see the synergistic inputs reinforcing the sleep state.

ALAN - There is no doubt about it.  The Television was the greatest tool of propaganda and indoctrination.  Now you have a world having the same television stations showing the same propaganda.  They are standardizing the propaganda.

GEORGE - Even the Iranians have it over there.

ALAN - Yes.

GEORGE - And they got computer games and everything.

ALAN - Yes, they do.

GEORGE - God, I tell you.  Well, we are coming to the end of the program and, Alan Watt, we’ve had a really fine conversation this evening and I have learned quite a bit from you and our listening audience, I am sure, has been heavily rewarded by you and your knowledge.

ALAN - I’m glad to have been of help.

GEORGE - Alan, you’re a fine person.  Thank you very much for your time, and all we can do is keep trying to do the right thing, right?

ALAN - We have to, we must, we have no option.

GEORGE - We have no option.  So, thank you very much and good night.

ALAN - Thanks for having me on.

GEORGE - Thank you, bye-bye.  Good night.

Transcript:  Tim



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