June 21st, 2008

Alan Watt as Guest on
"The Secret Truth"
with George Butler

(2 Hours)


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The Secret Truth.  Through forgiveness we awaken.  Transforming information and knowledge into wisdom.  And now our co-host Charlotte Littlefield and George Butler.


George: Welcome to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler, along with Charlotte Littlefield Brown.  She's on break tonight.  We have a real special program tonight.  We're going to talk about 9/11 Truth.  But we're going to talk about it in a little bit different manner than you normally hear.  We're not going to go over all the details of the attack, and who flew what plane and so forth, but we're going to talk about it on a conceptualized basis.  Much more on a very, very broad basis.  Tonight we have Alan Watt with us.  He's a profound expert in the field of ideas, world systems, parapolitics, and most of all, he's truly a truth seeker.  He has the Cutting Through the Matrix site, and he has very, very many impressive writings and ideas on that site.  He has a great knowledge also about occultism, and from an early age he avoided being programmed and he was able to break out of that programming that most of us are caught up in.  We're going to talk about the New World Order, how it came about, some of the foundations and so forth.  And let me make one quote here before I bring him on.  This is what he has to say.  "In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual's search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system. It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown. The process of awaking has begun, the discovery is underway.  Alan Watt, a Course in Deprogramming."  Welcome to our program, Alan Watt.  We're honored to have you with us. 


Alan: It's a pleasure to be back.


George: Boy, I tell you, I tell you, Alan, I've been listening to some of your other programs, and you're a killer, you know that.  Ha, ha, ha.  And you really, you really get down to that bottom line, and you really, you really address the real core problems that exist out there.  What about 9/11 in your own mind, what did they set out to do, and what have they accomplished so far in the attack?


Alan: The attack really was the signal to kick off the 21st Century.  And the 21st Century is a planned century.  We've heard of family planning, now it's global planning, as an old dream, a very old dream of high foundations and societies comes together, of a planned society from birth to death, for everybody across the planet.  And it's not jumping from one system right to another system.  It's a gradual change, although we're speeding up now.  We see it very quickly, but the 21st Century was planned and you'll find in Agenda 21, that's the Agenda for the 21st Century, at the United Nations, a lot of it is contained within there, because they want everyone to get moved off the rural areas, and into the cities, for habitat areas.  That's a mandate.  And they'll use all techniques to do it, gasoline prices going up and all that stuff.  All the crisis, all the sudden crisis that happened, after 9/11, started it all.  And we know that George Bush's father, who we all know, it's well documented, and it's declassified.  He worked for the CIA, and he became President, and he gave speeches on September the 11th, 1990, where he mentioned a New World Order coming into view.  And he never elaborated to anyone what he meant.  And of course, the press, being the good little boys they are, didn't ask him what he meant either, but they were telling you, they were giving you their little buzz words, their code words for those in the know.  And then on September the 11th, one year exactly later, they love that date, in 1991, he repeated it, the same thing again.  And then down the road, on September the 11th 2001, the Twin Towers go up, and that was the signal.  Now, you don't even have to know about all the scheming and planning or even the stuff that's out in the open from the United Nations to do with the 21st Century, or the eugenics movement that's heavily tied in with this whole agenda.  You simply have to see what's been accomplished, since 9/11, and the rapidity that every country across the planet went into action, because of something that happened in New York City.  They all passed the same types of martial law immediately, which tells you, because bureaucracies do not move quickly, that they were years of planning that went into and negotiation went into creating a system that was ready to jump in.  And one of the first speeches that was made to the public, I think was by Rumsfeld or Cheney.  He said nothing is ever going to be the same again.  And that was another high term used in the occultic language they use.  They meant it.  Nothing is ever going to be the same again.  He didn't say, well eventually we'll get back to a normalcy.  He says, nothing is going to be the same again. 


And we see that this had nothing to do with a man in a cave in Afghanistan, because it's everyone else of all nationalities and Americans and Canadians and British and so on, who are bending over at checkpoints, and customs, and border crossings and so on.  It's every one across the world who's to get ID'ed supposedly because of one caveman.  So the caveman had nothing to do with it.  This was a must-be operation.  A Pearl Harbor event as Mr., I think it was, Brzezinski mentioned we need a Pearl Harbor event to get support behind the government for war.  And all of the ridiculous things that happened on 9/11 itself that's been on mainstream media, including the CBC in Canada, to do with Bush Sr that day, who was at a meeting, a business meeting with his partners, the Bin Laden family, in New York, not too far away from the buildings.  I mean, you couldn't dream this kind of stuff up.  It's like Winston Churchill and Hitler having a business deal before they kick off World War II.  The same kind of farce that we get, fed to us by the media, and by these jokers who run the world.  So, the whole world now is on a roll into a new system, a totally controlled society.  We see all government agencies, not just the primary ones we see, the cops and the military, but we see children's care, child care worker societies, we see all kinds of bureaucracies and government inspectors and building inspectors and so on coming out in force and hammering the public from all directions, because all the mandates have been signed, sealed, and come from the United Nations.  This is a roll towards the totally controlled society where they hope to eliminate a good proportion over a period of time of the general population, who they claim are inferior and obsolete now.  They have no function in a post-industrial society.  We have gone into lots of talks on my website on the eugenics movement that's heavily, heavily intertwined with the big foundations that guide all the non-governmental organizations along this path.  That was what Bush Sr was referring to in that New World Order Speech when he said there are a thousand points of light guiding us towards this destination.


George: You reference in some of your recent writings and so forth and publications about this Socialist article up in Canada.  When we come back, let's touch on that, and then move on after that.  I think this Socialist thing, this Collectivist thing that had to do with this population control, I think it's a very important angle, you know, let's come back and talk about that.  Thank you for being with me, it's an honor.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler, along with our guest, Alan Watt.  Welcome back to the program, Alan.


Alan: It's a pleasure to be back.


George: You have, on one of your sites I've picked up one of your, what, it was about eugenics.  I believe there was an article out of Canada, and in it, it proved to be very, very interesting about some Canadian talking about the eugenics movement, but he was a Socialist, I believe.


Alan: Well, what it was, right now there's an exhibition on in a museum in Ottawa about eugenics in the last fifty to a hundred years.  And so this particular reporter had done an article on it.  It's about fifty years to late, because the same media kept quiet as all this was going on in reality, up until now.  He went into how many of the Socialist agencies and societies were really the ones that were pushing it.  And we know for instance that Adolf Hitler pushed it, and they were National Socialists.  We also know it was a prime thing to do with the Communist system, which was just another form of Socialism.  And they believed they could recreate men and perfect them, and also eliminate the weak and unfit as they called it.  But the man who brought in under the Socialist movement in Canada, the National Healthcare system, Mr Douglas, himself, wrote his thesis in university on the need to eliminate the physically and mentally unfit from society, and even segregate them and put them in special camps to stop them infecting normal people.  These are the heroes we're given down through history, who set up the institutions that now, they used to be called services like health service, now they are authorities over you. 


George: Oh, My God.


Alan: And so the eugenics movement is alive, very much alive, and very well.  And the whole thrust towards genetic engineering has been funded by the same big institutions that pushed eugenics through laws in the U.S. and Canada, and other countries, from 1920 onwards.  I don't think people realize that lots of people were sterilized by law in the United States, right up into the 1970s, by these same eugenicists.  And they're funding genetic research, and all the genetic research has nothing to do with curing cancers or anything like that, genetic research is a system of segregating the weak, what they claim is the weak and the hereditary unfit from the rest of society.  And they hope eventually, this century, to bring us through all these different crisis, claim there's too many people, bring out the solutions, and say well, some of you will have to go, and then they'll bring out those who should survive, those who will not survive, and they'll even probably ask eventually for voluntary sterilization because of food shortages and so on.  This is a worldwide plan, coordinated through a thousand agencies, that's guiding us to this point, and very rich people, very wealthy people, and very old families are behind this 100%, it's their agenda.  People think that Socialism is of the far left, or the left.  There's no left or right.  We have one system, and the whole Communist movement was funded by the West, that's all documented today.  We fed them all through the Soviet era.


George: Yeah.  Anthony Sutton documented that and wrote a book about it, didn't he?


Alan: He did.  He wrote a few books in fact, about that subject and it's all very well documented.  You'll find the same societies, even the Skull and Bones, who make war on the world by the way.  They believe that might is right, and those who have the power should use it, and lead the world in whichever direction they see fit.  And they run all sides of everything, but they're only one organization meshed with other elitist organizations.  Again, believing completely in hereditary superiority in their own families.


George: That's it. Well in Britain, you had the Fabian Society, what, in the late 1880s.


Alan: Yeah, the Fabian society was set up, again, they always give you your heroes and they gave the working people what seemed to be their system, but of course, no one knew that it was meant to guide you along the road of massive bureaucracies, government agencies which would eventually dominate you.  That was the whole point of it. 


George: Well this, the collective, they have to build a collective so that the state is grown, isn't that what they're out to do?


Alan: Absolutely, and even Carl Jung, who studied a lot of this phenomena said in his last book, my biggest fear is what I see in my mind, he said.  Not just a wall about across Berlin, he said, but I see a wall of bureaucracy stifling the world in its later days.  And that's what we have now.  We have authorities for everything, and they're coming out now with the big stick.  Now you'd think during a period of crisis, when things are getting tough for the people, the money is falling in value, purchasing power.  They're giving you gasoline shortages because you have one cartel owning the few, the handful of what you think are independent oil companies.  They're not independent.  It's one company at the top.  You have the same with the five major agrifood businesses.  They own the world's food supply.


George: Did you notice that they're going back into Iraq, the big oil companies? 


Alan: Oh yes, they're going to be...


George: The same ones.


Alan: Yes, the same ones.


George: They're back in there again, but it wasn't about oil, right. 


Alan: That's right.  The thing is too, what the American people don't know is what you've been doing all this time, through Halliburton and through your tax money.  And this was on the news here in Canada a few years ago.  The taxpayer of America has funded brand new refineries for these guys to walk into.  And those guys said before the war that all those refineries were obsolete and would have to be demolished.  Well, they did demolish it in the war, and now your tax money is built them brand new nice, spanking new, refineries, courtesy of the taxpayer.


George: Well, that is nice.  We need that energy, don't we?   I mean, you know, I've studied this and these guys are Platonists, aren't they Neo-Platonists.  I mean the Republic, isn't this it.  The elitist, wasn't that an elitist treatise that Plato wrote? 


Alan: Well Plato wrote it, and then about the 3rd century AD in Alexandria in Egypt, the Neo-Platonist schools came out.  And that was where the mystery religion as such came out, and intertwined with the mystery religion, even then, was the whole theory of superior types and inferior types, back to eugenics again. 


George: Well, it's that righteousness, that elitism that they appeal to that male ego, is it not?


Alan: It's not even a male ego.  What you have...


George: Or god self?  They want to become gods.


Alan: They do believe they are gods, in fact some of them.


George: Yes, I see.


Alan: And that was the whole thing of ancient mystery schools.  It's still today, even in High Masonry.  Even when they show you yourself in a mirror, that's to say you're praying to god, until you see it's yourself.  That's the message you're supposed to get.  And so the whole thing is that man is god, but not all men.  Only certain ones, you see.  And meanwhile, you have these aristocratic lineages that go back down through history, intensively inbred together, and their wives are picked for them, from selected families, and you really have psychopathic types, that's the key to it.  Now, Plato himself talked about breeding in his Republic workers for specialized jobs, and you could pick squat people, say short, squat people, male and female for miners and breed them in, and you do the same for tall people for picking apples, but also you can breed out traits, or breed in traits, like dogs.  For kings and queens, you wouldn't want them to have too much emotion.  You'd want them to be...


George: Alan, we've got to cut away.  We'll be right back.  Thank you.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm your host, George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt.


Alan: Yes, it's a pleasure to be here.


George: Some day we'll, I mean, it seems like they've already done a job on most of the people about animals having more value than humans.  And the Earth itself being more valuable, and we should be, you know what I mean, Guardians of the Earth, right?  And that Man is, is that what is being progressively taught, so that Man can be eliminated or built down?


Alan: There's a technique, it's called mocking the victim, in the occult.  And what you must do, it's like George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.  You must get the victim to agree with what you want to do with them, so much so that the victim will really believe that the master has no choice.  And we've watched this steadily going on, this drumbeat towards complete atheism and the rise of science.  Science is the new religion.  And there are no rights and wrongs anymore, you see, there's no moral right or wrong, and therefore, science is going to be the toughest, harshest master the world has ever seen.  It works on statistics, not people.  And it doesn't forgive.  And therefore this is the new science, the new priesthood are scientists.  Now Bertrand Russell and many others said that they would create a world where the public would be brainwashed by experts, until they couldn't do anything without the advice of an expert.  And that's back in the 1950s, he talked about this program, being launched then.  That's happened, that's been done.  And the Club of Rome, the Club of Rome is one of the premier think tanks that comes up with ideas to guide them, this plan along in the future, and they debate their ideas, and then they pass it along to the lesser think tanks that then must work it into action through the media, through schooling and so on.  Well the founders, the two founders of the Club of Rome wrote a book, published in the early 1990s, called the first Global Revolution.  And in the book, they said, back in the 1970s, the early 70s, they were thinking about how to get the population of the world to go along with this agenda to allow themselves to be ruled over, and they said that the only time that the people do what they're told and work collectively is under stresses of war.  They said, therefore they'd have to find a war, but how do you find a war in a global society?  They said, well, what they hit on, they said, we hit upon the idea of claiming that the people were destroying the planet, and that man was causing climate change and global warming, they said, that would fit the bill.  That's their very words, "that would fit the bill."  That's been taught as fact, steadily, a steadily increasing drumbeat since the 1970s.  And these men dreamed up the whole con, you see.


George: I was at a university meeting one time.  We were discussing the warming effect, you know, and greenhouse effect and so forth, and I said, well, could it be the sun?  You know what I mean?  And these students jumped all over me.  They didn't want to hear that, they wanted to hear that man was the problem.  See?


Alan: Well, that's what they said, The First Global Revolution, they said in the book, that we would convince man that he was the problem, and that he was at war with nature, and therefore nature was at war with him.  That's what they said, that would fit the bill.  They dreamed up the whole idea.  And then you had Maurice Strong, who brought forth the Earth Charter, the first Earth Charter that gave all the animals the rights, and left people with none.  That was the next step towards that agenda.  And they have been training children from kindergarten onwards for the last fifteen years into this Greening agenda, and that's all they'll know, this propaganda that's been instilled into them at a very early age. And you will see, very shortly, it's already happening actually, youngsters coming forward in the newspaper, saying they wouldn't mind being sterilized to save Mother Earth.  That's happening.


George: Oh, My God.


Alan: I predicted that would happen fifteen years ago.


George: Oh, man.  I tell you.  Well, Maurice Strong and that bunch, weren't they connected to the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies?


Alan: They're connected to that, but Maurice Strong also works for the Rockefeller foundation.  They raised him up, and at the United Nations, he was assistant president of the World Bank at one time. 


George: Oil connected, oil connected, yeah.


Alan: And he's had many U.N. jobs, and he's got another one right now, in fact.


George: So, when we talk about, say 9/11, the big movers and shakers, the countries that were involved.  We've got, what the American intelligence agencies, what very, deep covert operations of course, and then we've got the U.K.  Who else to do you think was involved in that?  Were there Israeli elements too?


Alan: Oh, there's no doubt.  In fact, the day it happened, the CBC released, did a little documentary, and they talked to some of the Israeli Mossad guys.  They said they'd warned the States that was going to happen that day.  The head spokesman for MI6 said, we don't understand it, we told the U.S. months ago that it was going to happen on this day, and we can't believe they allowed it to happen.  Well, I can, you see, because they had to have it happen to kick off this whole century with martial law.


George: Well, today, or the last few days when planning for this program, I went in on the BBC site.  I believe that Prison Planet was carrying an article stating that BBC has some new documentaries they're going to be releasing between now and August, I believe.  And they're going to reinforce the idea that it was a legitimate attack and so forth.  Well, I went in and just did a quick little scan, and I came up with America's Day of Terror, this is a BBC site.  And they lay it out, the four hijacks, the Trade Center disaster in pictures, Twin Towers, tenants time line, eye witness, 9/11 Commission Report, downloaded on PDF files, and it's just too pat.  You know what I mean?  It's just too pat to be the truth.


Alan: There's no truth.  You know, the average person, even an average person could sit and think it out.  I mean, they even had...


George: It didn't take geniuses to do this.


Alan: I know, I know.  And as I say, the father himself, on those very dates, 9/11, you know, September the 11th, in 1990 and 1991, one year apart talked about the coming New World Order.  We had the fake start, remember, with the Y2K nonsense, and then they had the debate then, well, when does the new century really start, and they came to the conclusion that it really starts in 2001.  So I was waiting for 2001, and 9/11 came along, and I knew it was coming along, and Boomf!  Up it went.  The Twin Towers, your Jachin and Boaz, up they go.


George: My Gosh. 


Alan: Gemini, and so here it is, and they kick off the whole martial law thing, just rams it right through.  But not just in the U.S., as I say, even little Finland did it. 


George: A couple of weeks ago I had Dr Collin Ross out of Dallas.  He's an expert on dissociative identity disorder, and trauma.  And I presented a question to him, I said, would the 9/11, could you interpret that as a traumatic trauma based programming, you know what I mean, causing a form of, a mild form of dissociative type behavior?  He thought for a second, he said, well, I've never thought about that, but yes, it could be interpreted in that way.  And that's what's happened on the American public it looks like to me.


Alan: Well, actually, you see, years ago, I talked about this technique being used.  And they first started doing it with the public with racing cars.  And they would show you a crash.  They would tell you the crash was going to happen, and then they'd show you it, over and over and over and over again.


George: Yes, repeating it.


Alan: That was a technique they were practicing on the public for years before 9/11, and then they used the same technique on 9/11.  You see the plane coming in, bang.  Plane coming in, bang.  Over and over.  And that is repetition.  It's called psychic driving. 


George: Yeah.  When you do psychic driving, you can create Manchurian type candidates, can't you?


Alan: You really cause a dissociative effect of fear and you can't sit and reason things through or even really look at the details that you're watching.  You're seeing the trauma, trauma, trauma.  And that repetition is psychic driving. 


George: Yeah, Dr. Collin Ross is the author of the CIA Doctors, among other books.  So he's pretty astute at this, and we had a nice conversation a couple of weeks ago.  We've got to cut away here for another break, we're really getting into some of the psychology stuff and this is getting interesting, I'm learning a lot.  I appreciate you being with me Alan.  We'll be right back.  Thank you.


(Commercial Break)


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler and my guest tonight is Alan Watt.  Welcome back, Alan.


Alan: It's a pleasure.


George: This psychic driving that you mentioned earlier, is that is what is keeping the psychological dysfunction being nurtured all the time in us?


Alan: Pretty well.  You can get a major event and go through psychic driving until it's literally imprinted in the mind, and when you follow it up with very quick, rapid changes, it throws people off, off guard.  It's hard to get your balance.  And if you notice now, the whole world has changed.  It's true enough, it will never be the same again, it's not meant to be.  You're seeing, at a time when you would think authorities would back off the people and give them some breathing room, with the dollar falling, with the food prices going up, and all the rest of it, and oil and gasoline, no, all the different agencies of authorities are hammering the public even more so, during this time.  As I say, even children's aid and so on.  And various SWAT teams going after people for other things which really at one time were trivialities.  And at one time in fact certain things were rights.  The rights have all gone.  So this is to be on a roll.  Once you have the herd stampeding, and they're all terrified, you keep them rolling with change.  One change after another, and then you guide them into the new sheep pen, or the new system.  And that's what it's intended to do.  Now, they've already said before, before we heard the hype about the food shortages coming up, the Department of Defence in Britain put up 90 pages from their top think tank, and that's also the NATO think tank, on what they foresee for thirty years, starting around 2010.  And all they talked about was massive rioting, across the Western hemisphere, with the populations of different countries.  They didn't say why the people would be rioting, but they obviously knew what was coming.  And then we hear about food shortages for one thing.  Water shortages.  They knew that gasoline obviously was going to start getting jacked up in price, and remember, two years ago, Rumsfeld, he said, when we've cracked the $50 per barrel psychological barrier, he says, the sky is the limit.  He says expect it to even double, he says, by next year, which it did.  So these guys, who are not economists, knew that all this was going to happen.  Why?  Because it's the agenda.  They want everyone begging and helpless.  They already are achieving part of their goal.  People are moving, I've got an article here, moving from the rural areas in different parts of the U.S. into the cities, because they can't afford to drive to work and so on.  And so that's the intent, into the habitat areas, and when you go back into the old charters and so on they drafted up for the United Nations, they wanted to do away with private property altogether.  Now, in the UN's Agenda 21, they say there will be no private transportation allowed for anyone.  It will be emergency vehicles only.  Just like it was with the Soviet Union, you see.  So, this is all happening, it's coming to pass around us right now.  And if you look at warfare strategy in all ages, whether you're besieging a city or whatever, you would cut off their water supply.  You need water, food, shelter, clothing, and heat.  All of those things are being attacked right now, and they're talking about massive deaths this coming winter, because people can't afford heating oil.   You see, so all of this is warfare strategy.


George: It's fear, they're fear mongering, and you know, warfare against humankind.  I attended the Texas state Republican convention last weekend in Houston, at the George Brown convention center.  They opposed the UN in there, in any form or fashion.  In fact, one of the last little quotes they said is, we urge Congress to evict the United Nations from the United States and eliminate any further participation.  This was part of the plank, the platform.  So in Texas here, you know what I mean?  We were right there saying, yeah, okay, you know.  But I mean, this was in the platform, and that was not just one little quote.  There were actually under the United Nations, there were thirteen different statements in opposition to the UN and throw them out of the United States.  That's the Republican Platform in Texas.  And the Trans-Texas corridor and all that.  They were against all that.  So, I mean, I think programs like yourself, and Alex Jones, and other people, you all are having an effect. 


Alan: It's having an effect.  There's no doubt about it.  And at least for the first time people are hearing the histories behind these big institutions, and realizing that they're not democratic at all.


George: Yes, that's right.


Alan: The public never had a chance to vote on anything.  And they were set up to eventually become the world government.  At least the front for the world government, and for the rich men of the earth, and that's what they are.  People don't realize that practically every law that you have on the books, right down to your building codes, septic tanks, plumbing standards, electric, everything comes from the United Nations already.  For every department you have in government, you have an equivalent department at the United Nations to take over the running of the world.  But they have to have the three trading blocs done as Karl Marx said in the 1800s, before that's finally completed.  Karl Marx said, there would be a United Europe, followed by the United Americas, and then a United East-Asian Pacific-Rim region.  That's all coming to pass right now.  And as they're doing it, the United Nations is also gathering up the strength to lord over them as the Supreme Commander.  They have to be the government of the World.  This was written a long time ago.


George: The Irish are rebelling somewhat and they voted against this Lisbon treaty, and just in today's Sunday times, fresh off the press, Ireland under Franco-German pressure to hold new EU vote.  So they'll just bring it up again until they get the vote they want, right?


Alan: That's right.  Until you vote the right way.  And that's what they did with the European Union votes, and what they said also about Ireland refusing it, they said for the rest of the nineteen countries to go ahead and ratify it regardless, and they'll get around to Ireland later.


George: Yeah, one of their first statements that I read was actually, well we don't absolutely have to have this.  We're going to do this, and Ireland will cooperate with us anyway.


Alan: Yeah.  They're not going to change their agenda.  They've worked so hard on it for so long; it took two world wars to get this agenda through.


George: Well the Club of Rome was behind much of this, was it not?


Alan: The Club of Rome, and long before that you had the Royal Institute of International Affairs, one of the largest organizations on the planet; they're the ones who also have all the data on the coming food shortages.  They've been working on this for the last fifteen years, this coming food shortage.  Many of their members own the food program for the planet.


George: Have you done much research into La Circle, the Catholic based organization, European?  This is part of the whole system.


Alan: Yes, I have too, yeah.  As I say, every major institution has a hand in this.  And when you study enough the major power structures, where are they all going.  Look at the tenets of each one, and where does each one want to go.  It's so strange, they all want to go in the same direction, and end up at the same place.  Whether it's left wing, right wing, supposedly Protestant or Catholic, or whatever.  They all end up at the same place, this planned society, this controlled world, where everyone lives in the cities, and you'll simply have the bureaucratic class living outside in the new dachas, like they did in the Soviet Union. 


George: Yeah, it looks like this Obama, these supporters, many are on the left, and they're liberals, and they're going to get their way.  They're going to get Socialism.  They're going to get these new programs, you know, in reaction to capitalism, these right wing people that are heartless, right?  Isn't that sort of what's driving this whole Obama popularity?


Alan: That's the pretense.


George: Is that the pretense?  Yeah.


Alan: As I say, when they formed the Fabian society, what they knew in the 1800s is, if they didn't form a society to lead the working people and fool them, and give them their leaders, then the people might just form their own, and it would be out of their control.  So they gave us the societies to follow.  And they did the same in the United States too.  There's no left wing, there's no right wing.  Carroll Quigley, Professor Carroll Quigley, he mentioned that in his own book Tragedy and Hope.  He said, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the CFR pick the leaders on all sides, and as long as you groom those at the top, the lesser politicians don't matter.


George: Exactly.  They're just playing us off for a bunch of dupes aren't they?


Alan: Yes, and also, Obama and Hillary I think were at the Bilderberger meeting.


George: Can we wake up and fight this and resist it?


Alan: It's a big task.


George: You are helping a lot, Alan Watt.  And you're having an effect out there, I know that.  And I might be helping a little bit here, by having you on my program, right?


Alan: We're all doing it, yeah. 


George: We're all doing it, if we can do a little bit, poco by poco, we might progress or at least stave off some of this stuff.  Make it less bad, right?


Alan: Or divert it off in a different direction all together.


George: Exactly.  Hey, we've got to take a break at the top of the hour, and we'll be on break for about six minutes.  So now's the time to take a break and take care of things.  We'll be right back.  Thank you very much, Alan Watt, appreciate it.


Hour 2


George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm your host, George Butler.  Welcome back to our program, Alan Watt.


Alan: It's a pleasure.


George: Tell us about Cutting Through the Matrix.  That's cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  What all do you have on there?


Alan: I've got talks going back for at least ten years, piecing this together, giving histories of ancient times, and how so was much learned on controlling the population thousands of years ago.  And techniques have never been forgotten, and how you simply use them over and over again, and so I try and put the big puzzle together for the people.  Rather than looking at it's this group or it's that group, you'll find they're all tied together.  That's what the pyramid symbolizes, the power structures who own and control the resources of the planet, and the moneyed system, are all in a pyramid structure, and the wasteland at the bottom of the pyramid, by the way, represents us, the profane, the general public.  All those little weeds you see sticking up, that's called the wasteland.  And their job is to perfect society, which means eradicating what they call – and they really mean this, it's part of their religion – the Old Man.  The Old Man is he who was born and created imperfectly.  Their job is to perfect that which was left imperfect.  And that's taught in all the high agencies and occultic groups, and even the ones that are more open, like Freemasonry.  And now they've got the transhumanist societies that are just part of the eugenics movement, the same old eugenics movement.  The transhumanists, they even had members attending the Bilderberger meeting, and they're going full-steam ahead.  They're heavily backed, big professors and so on, at universities.  They're backed, and they want to bring in this New Man, who's part cyborg for some, but definitely a new type of human that's created basically in a test tube with all the defective genes taken out, and the superior genes inserted.  And they want to create a new race of servants that will serve them better, much better than the previous type.  This is literally stuff they're writing about, and it's up on their websites and everything.  Very well funded websites by these eugenicists.


George: Well, hopefully Aldous Huxley and what, George Orwell, didn't they, well actually Aldous Huxley predicted this more than anyone else.  Or is that H.G. Wells?


Alan: Well, Huxley, Wells, and all these boys, and Wells admitted it too.  He did not come up with the ideas for his books himself.  Professors in Oxford and Cambridge left piles of data on his desk, and his job, and his team, he had a whole building with typists and all the rest of it.  Their job was to write a story that would fascinate the public, around these particular topics for predictive programming purposes, inserting the idea of something to come, and when it actually happens in real life you're familiar with the idea, and so you allow it to happen.  That's their job.  So he didn't, it wasn't a great imagination that gave him his ideas.  Huxley himself was similar.  Huxley was involved in the big think tanks at Tavistock, and the big agencies.  He was an aristocrat himself; and in fact, his grandfather, Sir Thomas Huxley, taught H.G. Wells and the Red School Tie boys, all these authors, these budding authors that were picked, who would become the famous authors for that century.  They went the to Red Tie School, and Professor Huxley, Thomas Huxley was their tutor, he picked them, for social engineering purposes, through media and novels and so on.  Huxley the grandson took over and still pushed the same agenda to do with eugenics and Darwinism.  Darwinism is an essential part of all of this.  Darwinism was brought out to destroy the old religions.  Now, no matter what you think of the old religions, the ruling elite had to give at least lip service to the sacredness of human life.  When they convinced you you're nothing but an animal, that went out the window.


George: You're just breeding and that's it.  You're just an animal, right.


Alan: That's right. And you've got all these nature programs, all funded by World Wildlife Fund, and Prince Phillip, the man who says there's too many of us, at the head of the top of that.  And you've had twenty or thirty years of programming the people, through nature programs and reinforcing this idea. Constant reinforcement.  You're just another animal on Earth, and nothing special about you.  You're a freak of nature.  And once you believe that, that life isn't sacred, they can do what they want with you, and you become the willing victim, because you will agree with them exactly, as Orwell predicted.


George: So, we have this group in England, now we have those think tanks over there.  I did some real deep research, back in the 1990s on the University of Essex.  You talk about mind research, boy they're into it, you know.  And they have a Cogs group over there, cognitive psychology research group.  They have names of white papers I can't even explain what they mean to you.  Do you know what I mean?


Alan: Yes. 


George: They're so deep, they're so deep into this.  I mean is this what's taking place?  A deep mind and psychological and philosophical research, political research to make us into slaves, more easily, molded into slavery.


Alan: Exactly.  You see, when they gave us television, and again, Huxley predicted this along with Bertrand Russell.  He said a technique is shortly to be used on the public which will generate all their opinions and their reality, and the victims will have no idea it's even being done to them.  They were talking about television coming along.  And with television, you now have standardized data, given to everybody in a country or continent at the same time.  The same every day.  And so you'll all agree with each other.  You'll all start spouting the same opinions, never realizing it's been downloaded into you by the experts again.  And so, you all think you're sane, because you bounce off the same opinions, and you've heard it, and they'll agree with you.  They could be telling you anything, it could be utter nonsense, but that's how they create your reality and your culture.  Now there's declassified information out now, which tells you the whole culture industry, from the 1950s onwards, that's music, the arts of all kinds, fashion and so on, was all run by a department of the CIA.  And I've got all the data here, with all the names of the people involved.  And they also set up a branch in London, England, working with MI6 and another one in France, to deal with Europe.  And so for fifty years, they've been especially giving the young people a steadily altering culture, away from the old system, into a new system, preparing them for the new life, where there will be no family.  Encouraging all the promiscuity, etc, to ensure there will be no family.  To bring also on the need for abortions as the outcome of excessive promiscuity, because that was always a mandate, from H.G. Wells, even in the 1880s, he advocated free love in his first books, in the 1880s and abortion at the same time.


George: Well, there was a place called Ascona, Switzerland.  In fact, Carl Jung had conferences there on Gnosticism.  They were in the summertime.  Well, this was a pre-hippie area, and they used to, these ultra liberals or whatever you want to call them.  I mean, it's hard to use labels, because it's not really and fully interpretative of what we're trying to say here.  I'm not down on liberals.  I'm not down on conservatives.  I'm trying to get to the truth, and the labels get in the way sometimes, you know.  But in that area there, they talked about many of these very promiscuity and permissivism and you know, just let it all hang out.  Those kinds of ideas were very prevalent in that area, and they ran around in the woods naked and everything.  I mean, you know what I mean.  It was really just do your own thing, kind of Ascona, Switzerland, you know.


Alan: Yes, but you know, they tried the whole New Age system.


George: That's what it was.  It was the early New Age system there.


Alan: But you know, they actually tried it in Germany right after World War I for a period of about 20 years.


George: Well, now, now, okay.  Now some of those elements there in Germany, they're very permissive.  I think in Berlin they had a very wild group there too.  They were in Ascona in that period, see, right in that period in there. 


Alan: Yes, and they had the wonder folk and so on, and they had the whole thing to do with, they got into the country, have communes, live together.


George: Yeah, communes.  And we saw that during the Vietnam era here, you know, the undermensch, and whatever, the underclass, not the underclass but the counter, what is it, counterculture or whatever?  We've got to cut out of here for a second, for another break.  We'll be right back.  Thank you very much, Alan Watt.


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George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler, along with my guest Alan Watt.  Welcome back, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, glad to be here. 


George: Well, you want to take some calls?  I better put the call thing out there and see what we can do.  We're more of like a lecture type of, you know, show really, or program.  Anyway, our call-in line is 1-800-259-9231.  1-800-259-9231.  If you have any questions for Alan Watt or myself, give us a call, and if you have a comment you wanted to express, an opinion, that's okay too.  Where do we go from here, Alan?  We're out here in the internet, broadcasting.  Some of us have air broadcasts, and so forth.  Are they going to shut us down or try to in the near future?  I know recently in the Bilderberg meeting up in Chantilly Virginia, there was dissension about moving too quickly, and maybe slowing down a little bit.  What did you get out of the Bilderberg?


Alan: Well, I do know that, as I say, the Transhumanists were asked in.  Professors and experts are getting in on this Transhumanist move to create the next kind of human being, and this is no joke.  They have the ability now to do it.  And you have to ask, why has that happened?  So that means that that's going to get pushed out more and more in the media this year, of the necessity of bringing in genetics to create more perfect people.  That's going to get pushed.  And I think also, that I know that Hillary and Obama have told the press of that very day not to follow them, because they had to attend a secret meeting.  And I suspect they were both there.  I do suspect they were both there. 


George: Yeah, Alex was up there, and I believe and Jim Tucker also.  There was evidence that both Obama and Hillary attended the meeting, you know.  They were in the area, I think one of the other Senators had them over for some kind of a party, and then of course, they sent, I know Obama for sure sent his reporters on a plane to Chicago, and he didn't go.  You know what I mean.  And I don't think that was a cool thing to do.  What do you think?


Alan: I know.  And I can see this scenario, because I don't think Hillary would, she's got too much unpopularity amongst certain segments, however making her vice president is a way to get her in, especially if Obama eventually stepped down and she would take over.  So, that's probably what's on the cards.  Because we know for a fact, as I say, that see, the Bilderberger is tied in with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations.  They're all tied together.  And as I say, Professor Carroll Quigley did say that.  He said they always, they have been picking their leaders for fifty years in his day.  That was in the 1960s, and he said they pick the leaders on both sides, and the top advisors on both sides.  He says the lower politicians are allowed some competition at the bottom, but the ones at the top are all on board with the same agenda.  They've been vetted.  So it doesn't matter about left wing or right wing, they've both been vetted by the same agencies to make sure they will fulfill their part in the agenda.  And so, I say that they're all interchangeable.  The faces and the names, presidents and prime ministers, they're interchangeable today, because one can easily replace the other.  They're all groomed for their positions.


George: Sure.  Yeah, good opinion there.  Good statement.  What I see on this Obama dynamic though is that he's anti-war and all that, so it's going to take some of that energy and hatred and resentment out of the group in his followers.  See what I mean?  Sort of pacify them and make them feel like they're really getting something, right?


Alan: Yeah.  And once he's in, he'll just say it's impossible to pull out now, there will be chaos.  I've heard Britain do the same, pull the same stunt over the years.  And that's exactly how he'll play it.  So we'll have to carry on for a while there, he'll tell them.  And he's also for, he said it in one of his last speeches, which is interesting, this move towards the city, to get you all into the city.  He said, cities are the answer, not the problem.  And so, he's all for the greening, and getting us all off the land, into the cities, according to Agenda 21.


George: Yeah.  The key to seeing where they're headed in Iraq is, they've built these new refineries, right, like you're saying.  And these big oil companies are going back in there, and they're going to have to have security for those facilities.  They're going to be there for a long time.


Alan: Well, Britain said it at the time, because Britain remember was over there for about forty years setting up those countries after World War I. 


George: That's why they had those straight lines along the border there, right?  (Chuckle)


Alan: That's right. 


George: I mean, you know.  That's why they sort of drew these lines in there.  You know how that British thing got started from what I can discern?  They needed border fuel for their fleet and their freight, their trading fleet, throughout the world and their war ships, see.  And that's what they needed that fuel for.  And Winston Churchill at the time was the navy secretary. 


Alan: And he said at the time, there's so much oil under Iraq, he says eventually we'll have to invade that country. 


George: Okay.  Alan, we've got Jeff from Texas.  Jeff from Texas, what are your questions for Alan Watt?


Jeff: Yeah, I just wanted to ask Mr Watt what he thought about all of these things that are happening, are not by accident.  And there are several people who have talked about this, who for about a decade now.  You know, Alex Jones talked about, you know America destroyed by design, and I wanted to ask Mr Watt, what he thought about, well, the combination of the Federal Reserve.  We have the international bankers, which I call a den of vipers, who are controlling our economy among other things, and then we have the United Nations, and I heard Mr Watt mention Agenda 21, and there are so many other things that the United Nations are doing, that Ron Paul has talked about.  And then we have the CFR, also Mr. Watt mentioned the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, which they actually have on their own website.  They talk about a one world government, and we have a lot of members of Congress which are CFR members, and I wanted to get his thoughts on how all of this plays in together with the CFR, the Federal Reserve and the United Nations and this New World Order, this one world government, that is being created before our eyes.


Alan: It's quite simple.  The whole moneyed system, starting at the very beginning, around 800BC when they first coined the money, was a con trick from the beginning, because it got between people who bartered, you had a third party there, who allowed you to use the coin that he gave out in exchange.  And it worked fine, as long as that went on.  But it didn't of course, he was the guy who supplied the coin.  He was the guy who decided eventually how much it was worth.  One week you could buy two sacks of oats, the next week he says, oh, it's devalued, you can only buy one.  And this trick has gone on ever since.  And along with that comes debt.  So money is the key.  Now they'd already had the twelve banking families set up after the Bretton Woods agreement to do with basically doing away with the gold standard and issuing paper money in lieu of it.  And that was all signed, sealed and delivered for the world.  And since then, they've inflated all the prices of everything so much, and devalued all currency so much.  You see, money to them is a means to an end.  They don't need the money.  It's only important that we all use the money and believe we really need it.  This is how this simple trick works.  But they've also gone after the entire resources of the world, everything that you need to live on.  And that was set up by the Royal Institute, that was their part in that to go after.  They've been doing it for a hundred years, taking over the mineral resources, water etc, of the planet. 


George: Jeff, did you want to hold over after the next break?


Jeff: Oh yeah, sure, sure.


George: Okay, we'll hold you over there.  We're going to move out of here for a few minutes.  We'll be right back.  Thank you, Alan.


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George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth.  I'm George Butler, along with my guest, Alan Watt, and our caller still on the line.  Jeff, what else do you have to say, or a question?


Jeff: Well, I'd like to make another comment if I could, and see his thoughts on this.  The Council on Foreign Relations and its countless tentacles of power and money and influence and the propaganda, which are wrapped around all levers of political power in Washington, which reach into the schools, the churches, the respective civic organizations in America, and which control the major media communications which are insinuated into controlling positions in the big unions and even have a big grip on prestige and money, some of the major American corporations, but I wanted to ask his thoughts on, I don't know if he's done the research, but it's, I think it was the March/April term of the 1960 grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, condemned the foreign policy association literature as insidious and subversive, and the American Legion Post actually published, I think it was the truth about the Foreign Policy Association to document the Grand Jury's findings.  And of course, at that time they tried to play it down.  But of course, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in case they forgot, we have a little body of law called the United States Code, and I wanted to see his thoughts on, any chance that the Department that calls itself Justice, or any of the Federal Law Enforcement, can get some of these people for conspiring to destroy the United States, and bring us into a One World Socialist System, which is even posted on their own website.  And I wanted to see Alan's thoughts on that.


Alan: Well, that won't happen, because even during the McCarthy era, when they had the witch hunts and so on, certainly McCarthy was a climber, but he was also right in different, even for the wrong reasons, he was right.  There certainly was a great movement, and of course during the investigations into that, various people were uncovered that definitely were involved, in what was thought to be the Communist side, but you'll find that Carroll Quigley explained that their organization, meaning the Council on Foreign Relations, will play both sides, and often will be seen to be almost Communistic and definitely globalistic.  So, you find that these guys have been at it for a long time, and you cannot get someone in a high position in the court, in these days, who will actually speak for the people or do his duty for the people.  They're all bought and paid for.  They've all been vetted, and they know the agenda.  They know always to vote for the agenda and to save their own people, by the way.  It's completely taken over, completely taken over.  You can't sort of leave the log cabin and work your way up into these positions, and be honest.  The ones who are put into these positions are well vetted for their opinions, for their associations they already belonged to, and then they're given the judges' positions, right up into the Supreme Court.  So that's just the fact of it today.


George: You know, Alan, there's an interesting tidbit about the Joseph McCarthy, you know, problem there.  There was a Bilderberg agent inside the White House as an aide to Eisenhower, and he had attended the, I'm trying to remember his name, it slips my memory, but I examined some of the memos from him, that circulated within the top aides to Eisenhower, and there was a debate going on as to whether or not to let Joseph McCarthy continue his investigation, or to come down hard on him.  And this particular Bilderberger guy, I believe was given orders to come down hard, because if Joseph McCarthy's investigation had continued, he'd uncover this very network we're talking about, right today. 


Alan: That's right.  You see, it was already firmly in place, and if you go back to Norman Dodd, for the Reece Commission, where he investigated the big foundations, because they seemed to be doing everything that was anti-American, almost pro-Soviet from the outside point of view, and funding all the big NGO groups and so on, in a Soviet type fashion.  Well, he went to the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie, and all the big Institutions, and the heads, the CEOs of the Ford foundation, told Norman Dodd, he said, "Our purpose is to blend seamlessly and quietly the Soviet system with that of America."  They told him right out.  That's why they funded all these NGO groups and so on.  But they were so well protected from the top.  In fact, the guy said, we report to the White House.  So from the top down, this was the known agenda, back then, to merge the Sovietized system with the West, bring the two together, the Hegelian dialectic.  And that's what we have today.  Look at all the KGB guys they've brought over to be head of homeland security. 


George: Hey, hey, Alan.  I've got an interesting little, hey Jeff, does that answer your question?


Jeff: Yes, sir, it does.  I just wanted to say one final thing.  I don't believe that the American people realize how entrenched the CFR is in our government.  They're not only members of Congress, we have CFR members throughout the executive branch, and throughout our government.  And their tentacles are running really deep, and I think something needs to be done about it.  And that, I think that there is some legal avenues.  I've studied federal law for about seven or eight years now, and I think that Ridam and Damis is an avenue that we can start implementing.  It's a powerful legal tool that can be used against the CFR.  It's a powerful legal tool that can be used against the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, and to enforce the rule of law, the Constitution, and that's what I wanted to say.  Ridam and Damis is a very important powerful legal tool that the American people, the powerful lawyers in Washington DC and legal organizations can use against these tyrants, I mean that are trying to destroy our country.


George: Now, that's an optimistic viewpoint.  But I mean, I would support that certainly, but you remember Janet Reno, what she did during the Elian Gonzalez affair?


Jeff: Janet Reno?  You're talking about?


George: Yeah, remember the little Cuban boy when there was controversy about returning him?


Jeff: Oh, yeah, down in Miami.


George: Well, you know what she did, don't you, do you remember?  She went in there and snatched him, and took him back to Cuba, in violation of the very process that she said she was trying, that she said she represented.  See what I mean?  So these people up there are tyrants.  And they'll just snub their nose at you and just, you know, ignore totally any kind of legal process sometimes, if doesn't benefit them, or they want to find against you.  You're playing in their courts.  That's the problem.


Alan: Yeah, when George Bush came out with his declaration, after 9/11, a legal declaration, to the public.  He said, "You're either with us or against us."  He was telling every individual in the Americas, that this is an agenda, and if you don't go along with it, and you're not backing them up, you're his enemy.  That's what he was telling you.  That was a war declaration on the people.


George: You know what, that's interesting Alan, because there's a characteristic of these kinds of tyrants and psychopaths and so forth, and that's intimidation.  That was pure intimidation.  You find it when a husband is a wife beater in a family.  You find it when you have dictatorships and they're intimidators, and the more you give into the intimidator, the more you feed that beast.


Jeff: Oh, certainly, and I agree with you guys.  And I tell you, the Department that calls itself Justice has completely become politicized.


Alan: It's corrupt.  It's totally corrupt.


Jeff: Everything that they do is politicized and they try to sweep everything under the carpet. 


George: Yeah, Jeff, what's happening that I see, all this security stuff is political.  It's to get rid of their political enemies.  That's what this whole security, Homeland Security stuff is about.  It's all political.  And it's to form a very authoritarian statist, federalist, centralist government that is dictatorial and fascist in nature.  That's what it's about.


Jeff: They're conditioning the American people, in a sense, brainwashing the American people to conform to their authoritarian, their dictatorlike....


George: Draconian controls.  And Alan Watt has been the best in describing many of those.


Jeff: Oh, certainly.  Alan has done some great work over the years, fantastic.


George: Well, thank you very much Jeff, for your questions and your comments, and your contribution.  We certainly value your opinions.  Okay?  Thank you very much.


Jeff: Thank you very much.


George: Thank you, Jeff.  Alan, we've got to move out of here, and then we'll come back for our last segment.  And Charlotte Littlefield Brown, you know what she always makes me do, Alan?  Look on the bright side.  (Chuckle)


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George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth, I'm your host George Butler.  Welcome back, Alan Watt. 


Alan: It's a pleasure.


George: Okay, Alan, do you know who makes me go positive the last segment?  Charlotte Littlefield Brown.  (Laughter)  She's off tonight, but I guess it's not such a bad idea sometimes, is it?


Alan: It's not bad when you realize there are ways to, whether it will ever happen, I don't know, there are ways to alter the course of this.  And you have to think outside the box.  And you can only do that by realizing all that's been happening is at an ever-increasing pace, since about 1950 or 60 onwards.  And that was the total degradation of society.  That was an intentional, worked-out scheme, and it was promoted all through society by the culture industry.  We find that people like Huxley and Bertrand Russell talked about creating apathy.  Apathy was a great tool, for guiding the people.  Once you get them apathetic and despondent, you can really shape them, in a new society very quickly.  And we've watched society go down the tube.  We've seen the planks of the Communist Manifesto, pretty well all be accomplished.  And it's inadvertently called the Communist agenda for the dissolution of the family, because H.G. Wells was promoting that in the late 1800s, on behalf of the British aristocracy, since he was a pupil of Sir Thomas Huxley.  This was one group running both sides at the top, with a Hegelian dialectic technique.  Now, as I say, they've tried to convince us with scientific indoctrination, that's what they call it, scientific technique and repetition, that we're just animals, and there's nothing sacred about you.  And when you allow yourself to believe that is true, you allow anything to be done to you and to others.  When we regain our ability and our respect for ourselves, if we can do that, then you will find people becoming indignant and standing up for their rights, once again.  And that's what we have to do.  We have to, we are the only generation with a memory, with a memory of rights.  There are children growing up now that in a few years will be in the military, and all they've known is martial law.  So we have a retention of what freedom is supposed to be.  And we'd better start being very indignant, very quickly.  And in a short space of time, the public service communities have reversed themselves into authorities over us.  It's time to put them back under the kitchen table as the servants, and very quickly.


George: Exactly.  You know, Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, have you heard of this lately?


Alan: Yeah.


George: It right now, I'm looking at the site, it's got 61,188 members signed up since last Thursday, a week ago last Thursday.  That's quite a bit for eight, nine days.


Alan: And we have to also concentrate on the military and the police and every other service.  They're supposed to be there to serve the people.  And we've got to start bringing that terminology back to them and reminding them.


George: You know, you've touched a lot of hearts out there.  And I'm trying to touch a few hearts myself.  We had just a wonderful experience down last weekend.  We took over a Senatorial district here in South Austin and dominated it, and we basically came out with 32 members, 32 delegates out of 36 that were Ron Paul delegates, to the State Constitution.  Well, we had one lady in there that got mad at us, and she was quoted to a local newspaper that we were like Hitler Youth, okay, you know what I mean.  But you know who our friend is, who our new friend is now.  She is.  We made friends down there.  We made up.  And you know what, we forgave one another, down there.  She forgave us for taking over, and we forgave her for calling us names.  It can happen, it can happen.  See. 


Alan: People, as I say, a good analogy is Plato's Cave.  And he wrote a very good allegorical story, about how you're brought up in a cave, and that's all you know, and a whole philosophy of reality in life builds up in that cave.  You discuss it with each other.  You don't see the outside world.  One gets out and travels the world, comes back and tries to tell them, look, there's a big world out there; well they refuse to comprehend it because it's outside their reality.  Well, that's how most folk are.  They're segmented into different factions of indoctrination.  These are all compartmentalized.  And you have to be able to bridge those gaps very quickly, through commonalities, what affects them.  Do they love their children?  Do they love...Once you get into established bonding and so on, and commonalities, then you can cross over, and then you can start the education, very carefully, and tell them: do you want your children to get brought up in a total surveillance society, where they want you to be completely predictable from birth to death, every day of your life?  Or do you want the right to have freedom?  You see.  And you must, what you're giving them back, is their ability to say, Yeah, there is something sacred in me.  I have these rights.  Some guy at the top cannot say he's better than me.  No public servant can start throwing me into jail because of a new policy that no one's agreed upon.  If the people don't agree upon it, it's no law at all, you see.  And you've got to throw it out.  That's what we've got to do, because we're the only generation with a memory of this. 


George: Yes, that's right.  We've got to keep that memory of the past, and here's what I see.  I promulgate it, and put forward what I call the new school, a number of years ago.  And the new school would be where free men would study the history of education and the many reasons and misuses of schools and education.  In other words, the schools have been an indoctrination center, not a freedom teaching center. 


Alan: That's right, and Gatto put the book out on it, with the history of it, it's well documented.


George: Yeah, John Gatto, yeah.  And also Iserbyt, Charlotte Iserbyt.


Alan: Yes, and also read the writings of Daniel Webster, because in his...


George: Oh yeah, Daniel Webster was good, yeah. 


Alan: And he also said that they were creating the school system that would become standardized because they would decide what kind of citizens they wanted to serve the state.


George: Yeah.  You know, on that Iserbyt book, I read it a number of years ago.  I think it was in the 1990s, she said that they, the Prussians marched the farm boys to school.  It was mandatory, and I got to thinking, why was it mandatory, because they needed citizen soldiers to die for the moneychangers and the wealthy. 


Alan: Yes, that's right. 


George: See, that's what it was about.  So schools have been indoctrination centers to further and to support the wealthy and the money.


Alan: That's right, and you also find that Prussia and parts of Germany, if you go into Carroll Quigley's books, he said that the Royal Institute in its early days with the Lord Milner group and the Cecil Rhodes group, were funding Germany before World War I, to become a superpower against France.  So they were encouraging that whole education system and putting money into it.  So London was behind that too.


George: Yeah, boy, I mean, London's got, boy they've got a lot of brilliantly evil people, you think?


Alan: Yes, they do.  And there's a good movie, it's called The Good Shepherd, it's out now.  It shows you how they blended the OSS with the CIA and MI6 in World War II, and there's a lot of good little catching bits in there, because they tell you that we're going to the masters of deception and black propaganda, London.  They've been at this for centuries.  That's what they said in the movie.


George: Well, it looks like to me it's a great confounding mechanism, you know.  It's to confound us, to mix us up, to keep us off guard, to keep us fearful, to keep us in a delusion, right.


Alan: This system, right now, is an abusive system.  It's based on abuse, on fear, to keep you in fear of everything that you need to survive and for those that you love as well.  Everyone is on edge.


George: Hey, you know what, you know, Alan Watt, you've written some, what you consider to be beautiful music, have you not?


Alan: Yeah.


George: So an animal can write beautiful music, right? (Chuckle)


Alan: Yep.  (Laugh)


George: And I've written a few things, like we're going to end with one of my little songs now, light a little candle.  You've touched many hearts and I think I've touched a few, I hope I've touched a few myself.  And we certainly appreciate what you've done for this world.  And if we could just keep going and touch hearts and men's souls.  And this lady that we made up with, that's grace.


Alan: That is grace and that's true power.


George: Yes it is.  It's where goodness can triumph over evil.


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely. 


George: And that's what we're trying to do, and thank you very much.  We ended on a positive note.  Charlotte Littlefield Brown, we did it, Okay. (Laughter)  Alan Watt, thank you.


Alan: (Laughter) It's been a pleasure.


George: Thank you, good night.  God bless you.




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