Nov. 1, 2008
Alan Watt as Guest on "The Secret Truth" with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown
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The Secret Truth.  Through Forgiveness we awaken, transforming information and knowledge into wisdom; and now, our co-hosts: Charlotte Littlefield and George Butler:-                

George:  Welcome to The Secret Truth, I'm George Butler, along with:

Charlotte: Charlotte Littlefield. 

George: How you doing Charlotte, everything going great? 

Charlotte: Yeah, it's wonderful out here in the Texas Hill Centre.  

George: How William, how's that little doggie of yours?  

Charlotte: Oh, I've had a sick puppy on my hands, yes, he seems to be doing fine, thank you George. 

George: You got a third child now, right? [Laughter] 

Charlotte: A 15 pound walking heart! 

George: We've got a Texas book festival going on down around the Texas Capital. I was down there earlier, we're going to have some updates during the second hour on that but, tonight, we want to welcome one of the finest guests that we've ever had and his name is Alan Watt. Welcome to our programme Alan.  

Alan Watt: It's a pleasure to be back on with you. 

George: Our ratings soar when you come on with us.  

Alan Watt: I never had to time to put it up on the web either, so, I hope they listen in. 

George: OK, tell us your website and what all you have on there. 

Alan Watt: It's and there's also a European one, that's  and I have, oh, hundreds of talks, filling in the histories of the power elite, as we call them, that have been running the World, basically, for an awful long time. I give all the background to do with the Foundations and how they funnel their money through the NGOs, to bring in this new utopia they claim they are going to bring in; and, so, I try and fill it in for the people who are just coming in or waking up to what's really happening. I try to give them the background and they can go into that website and download as many of the shows as possible; and, I give them shortcuts to understanding.  

George: Yes, we've got a click off on it. Go ahead Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Oh, George, I was going to say, Alan and George, this is our, George's and my 2 year anniversary, as I believe, this show George we've been on the radio together for two years. 

Alan Watt: Two years today. 

Charlotte & George: [laughter in response!]  

 George: That’s right; it was just like yesterday Alan.

Alan Watt: and no arguments yet, there you go, you haven't fallen out yet. 

George: No!  is your website, right? 

Alan Watt: Yes. 

George: But Charlotte's a wonderful lady, easy to travel with and get along with and she really pulls more than her weight, Alan. 

Charlotte: You know Alan, I think the last time we had, last time, one of the memorable shows we've had with you was at the Texas Book Depository, the library where JFK-

Alan Watt: That's right. 

Charlotte: That was very interesting. 

George: That was on the 25th of November 2007, I believe and 

Alan Watt:  Time flies, doesn't it?  

George: We played, we did some tricky recordings of a spoof on a JFK thing and we had four full hours there. That was quite something. 

Alan Watt: A long day.  

George: No it wasn't, with you on the air, it goes by very quickly Alan 

Charlotte: Alan, you're amazing! 

George: You know, I've noticed what's happening out here in the Patriot Movement: it's changing; how is the Patriot Movement changing, Alan?  

Alan Watt: I think it's maybe changing on cue, to be honest with you; because, I often go into the histories of how the world is planned, generations are planned, in advance, in fact, and those who are bringing on the moves that we are seeing today in the world, had this, basically, on the books, many, many years ago. They also looked at all segments of society, including the Patriot Movement and how they would react to the big changes and the totalitarian system which is frankly out in the open and in our face now; and they prepared certain peoples, I think, to enter it. Maybe ‘across the pond’, as they say.  

Charlotte: You know, Alan, how interesting, Alex Jones just had Michael Tsarion on his programme, I believe it was about two or three weeks ago, I thought that was an interesting crossroads. 

Alan Watt: There's a few of them who all know each other, very well, over in the other, as I say 'across the pond' and I've had emails from them, in the past, not very nice ones, when I said I wouldn't sort of go along with them; and, what they're doing is bringing in - basically - the New Age Movement into patriotism and, personally, this is my opinion, I can see how it will work, because we've already got the terms bandied about now: of 'conspiracy' and 'conspiracy movements' and that was given by the Elite, for us to copy. In fact, some people in the movement are quite happy with that term 'conspiracy' which sounds freakish, to those who haven't really woken up, or who are just starting to wake up. Now they're adding to it the New Age too, which makes it even more absurd, you know. You've got people who are reading tarot cards and bringing that into the Patriot Movement. You've got people who claimed that they were the reincarnation of Jesus Christ into the Patriot Movement and they've had big build-ups, some of these people and you'll find too, they all knock Christianity more than any other religion; and, as I say: if you knock religion, let's have equal opportunity knocking and that means that the New Age is open for knocking as well. I don't see why it's exempt from, in fact, most of the people who are in this New Age Patriot Movements, their main enemy happens to be Christianity, for some reason, which is a historical reason, in fact and they're doing a good job of it 

Charlotte:  Absolutely, you know the Tarot cards: I studied them extensively. I tried divination one night, I put the lights out, lit a candle and I tried to tell the future but my crystal ball was broken!  

George: She broke her crystal ball! 

Charlotte: [laughter] and I realised that the tarot cards is actually, potentially, this is where I come from, is that it was a mechanism for thinking independently, for thinking for yourself, outside of the constraints of organised religion, during the middle ages and the past history was you either went along or you were annihilated and I think the gypsies, the Bohemian Empire, back in that age. The tarot cards supposedly come, pre-date that, I don't know, I'm still... 

Alan Watt: It comes from Southern Spain into France, in the early Middles Ages and you find it was a movement coupled with the Cabbala, which is all through the New Age Movement; it came in with talismans and fortune-telling and so on. 

Charlotte: Alan, my take on that was that these mechanisms were an anti-thesis, if you will, to the constraints that were on the population and that was a mechanism for them to allow them to think for themselves, if you will. I don't think that anybody that has lived on this planet for any time period, duration of time, think they can actually foretell the future in cards or a crystal ball, or anything like that and I saw that as a sort of a fighting-back thing. 

George: It looks like to me though, sometimes, Charlotte and Alan, that these things are put forward like the latest / greatest inside thing, you know what I mean? Like a gnosis, like a real inside straight. You know, ‘you're going to do this and things are going to be happy’, you know what I mean, that it's sort of more like a hustle that I see. 

Alan Watt: Well, this is the key to it, it's a hustle, because it's been used before and, what you find is even kings and queens often had their astrologers for instance and they had their tarot card readers and crystal ball gazers and these people held quite a lot of power at court over royalty and it wasn't long before organised groups could actually manipulate governments, kings and queens.  

George: Ronald Reagan's wife, wasn't she into some kind of astrology and stuff too?  

Alan Watt: I think she was; you'll find a lot of them are and, even, I think, McKenzie King, who was a prime minister of Canada, used to have mediums in his home, to help him guide the country for the future. You'll find this is a fairly common thing, with some of the higher ones.

George: Maybe make that table move and float around too! Hey, we got to cut away; we'll be right back, thank you.

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George: Welcome back to The Secret Truth, I'm George Butler, along with:

Charlotte: Charlotte Littlefield. 

George: Alan, what do you think? Welcome back Alan Watt  

Alan Watt: Yes, it's a pleasure to be here. 

George: You know the patriot movement, to me, here's the way I sort of see it laid out: is that Ron Paul had something going and he ignited and, you know, a lot of people, he motivated a lot of young people, across the board you know and then the Patriot Movement was already there before Ron Paul came along, you know, I mean it was lingering out there. I mean, we were part of that thing in the 90s and the 80s alright and then, all of a sudden, and you were there further back than that and then all of a sudden, Ron Paul sort of galvanised and sort of brought things together, on a concerted effort to elect someone, you know? Now, is that what, is there an operation out there where they’re running the New Age into the Patriot, to delude it or to?  

Alan Watt: There's not doubt. Twenty-odd years ago, some powers in Britain set up Zecharia Sitchin, who churned out about 12 or 13 books, in a series, and it really caught the minds of young people, it caught them up so quickly. It was written almost like a science fiction set of volumes; but, basically, he came up with his own theories and his own interpretation of the Sumerian Tablets; and, according to him, we're all made by the Annanaki. You hear this all over the place, Annanaki, in the New Age; and, the Annanaki, of course were - supposedly - the ancient gods of Sumer; but, Sitchin changed them into spacemen and we were created - supposedly - to be inferior types and base slaves. So, we can't fight them, technically, we're too stupid and silly and small, to fight them. So, it was a psychological operation; because if you believe that you're created to be an inferior type slave with a very small brain, you couldn't ever beat your masters; and, this is rampant throughout the New Age and a lot of guys were put out afterwards, to build on Sitchin's theories. And: you'll find the present group, who built on Sitchin’s theories, out there today, in the Patriot Movement; and, mixing fantasy with fact, facts about the NGOs and the Foundations and so on. 

George: You know, you made a good point. You know that Zeitgeist and all that?  What I see there is that those young people, whoever put it together, I think it’s Peter, what is his name? Peter Joseph? 

Charlotte: Joseph. 

George: OK, what they did: I went into that, OK? And he talked about scarcity too much. So, I went and looked at post-scarcity and what I found in post-scarcity, it was all science-fiction based.  See what I mean? 

Alan Watt: Yes. 

George: I was drawn into that Zeitgeist but there was no practicality there that I see, of making a living and running a society 

Alan Watt: No there's not 

George: It's a fictitious and fantasy world 

Alan Watt: Yes, what they always promise you, and they've done this for a long time, is always promise the followers a utopia. We've had this for a long time, the utopian idea. 

Charlotte: Right, now first, we're talking about Zeitgeist: addenda, there were a few of them. 

George: That's the one I saw the last and then I listened to him on Alex Jones and I began to look at some key words that he was saying, but it was a very heavy collective type of viewpoint, a world view and he said "scarcity", must have said seven or eight times, he said the word "scarcity".  

Alan Watt: Yes, because, what they're bringing into it is sustainable development, you see. 

George: Well, you know that came out of Club of Rome, way back 

Alan Watt: Yes, and this is the mantra today, with all the big Foundations, sustainable development, reduction of population, so they can have their utopia. 

George: Smart development too. 

Charlotte: You know, about, let's talk about those Georgia Guidestones, a little bit, if you don’t mind gentlemen. I'm under the impression a person by the name of a Wilcock, David Wilcock, I believe was his name. I heard him say and I haven’t seen and also a gentleman by the name of William Henry.

Alan Watt: Oh, god, yeah, yeah. 

Charlotte: OK. Well, anyways, I thought that I heard either one of those presentations that the Georgia Guidestones were actually encircled with Hollywood tree and which, of course, has pretty significant meaning as far as Hollywood, deck the halls with boughs of holly.  

George: Magic and stuff isn’t it? It's occultic huh?  

Charlotte: Potentially. 

Alan Watt: It's a grove, they used to use holly, the evergreen, for, it comes through the winter - it has the red berries as well. They also use Holly wood for the staff, as the magician, so they always have a staff of Holly wood and they cast as spell by Hollywood, in which they alter your perceptions by illusion. That's why they call Hollywood the movie capital of the world. 

George: Well, they really alter our whole perception don't they?! 

Alan Watt: Yes, they do 

Charlotte: Well, in increments, in increments, it's not one movie is totally but yeah, eventually 

George: Yes, but synergistically together with all of them, you know the way I see too with all the inventions, that we've been able to replay all this stuff, through tape recorders, VCRs and then now it's DVD players and all, we just can really, you know, continue to programme ourselves at a higher level. 

Alan Watt: Yes, most programming comes through fiction and it has to be very enticing fiction and we've been bombarded with sci-fi for our whole lives long 

George: We have.

Charlotte: I've heard of, well actually I stumbled upon, I was studying my plan. My birth name is Rossi and I was out searching my coat of arms, you know and these things, and I ran across this website Clan of Rossi, which mentioned the Boch Saga .

Alan Watt: The Bach? Say that again. 

Charlotte: It's Boch Saga 

Alan Watt: No. 

Charlotte: It's out of Finland and there's a gentleman up there and he's starting to gain popularity. But, anyways, I just wanted to put that out there. It was very interesting views.

George: You know, I started looking at this stuff in the late 80s when I started getting online. Before the networks, well actually Prodigy was one of the first; and I saw all of these different New Age groups and they weren't very prevalent, now they have built into their, they're institutionalising all of that.  

Alan Watt: Yes, it's essential, because Gorbachev, and many others, have said that they're creating a new world religion, which is based on a form of earth or nature worship, for the masses, that is.

George: Gaia.

Charlotte: Yeah and I believe the heart chakra is categorised as green, ha ha! I could be wrong. 

Alan Watt: Well, green is also the sacred colour of Communism. Red: it's for revolution. Green is the sacred colour of the Sovietised world system and that's why you have the Green Party; and, you'll find that many of the New Agers - and the ones who are doing the Patriot Movement - are belonging to the Green Party, in fact. 

George: What about on television? They have this orange and this blue, are those U.N. colours or what?  

Alan Watt: Orange stands for the House of Orange, which is the royal seat, in Holland; it’s got basically the same status as London.  

George: What, the bloodless revolution that came over in 1688 

Alan Watt: Yes, and it’s The Hague in Orange.  

George: They brought all that money system to deal with them too, didn’t they?  

Alan Watt: Yes, and the world court. 

George: Then they had the Bank of England established shortly thereafter.  It so happens, it's perfect timing isn't it?! 

Alan Watt: It's always perfect timing!  

Charlotte: Let's talk to Alan Watt a bit more when we come back gentlemen, if you don't mind. 

George: OK, thank you Alan, we'll be right back, appreciate it.  

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 George: Welcome to The Secret Truth, welcome back, I'm George Butler, along with: 

Charlotte: Charlotte Littlefield.  

George: Welcome back Alan Watt.

Alan Watt: It's a pleasure. 

Charlotte: 9/11. Well, I have a question. 

George: 9/11, what is that about Charlotte? You got an itch?  

Charlotte: Excuse me? 

George: You got an itch about that? 

Charlotte: I got an itch about 9/11, yeah. You know, Alan, there's been a lot of concerns that we'll have another false flag attack and the Illuminati apparently use some sort of system and numerology, if you will, or perhaps, astrology, or something; who knows what they’re going off of. So, what are your thoughts about the current developments with the election, in the United States? If I'm not mistaken, you're still up in Canada? 

Alan Watt: Yes. 

Charlotte: OK, and, potentially, what's going on with, how do you see their next move, if you will? 

Alan Watt: I think if they don't have to come up with another big / major crisis and the public just accept the way it's going, which is more and more totalitarianism and loss of freedoms happening all the time, more surveillance on everyone, then they won't have to use something drastic; but, I'm sure they've got plan 'A', 'B', and 'C' and 'D', in the wings, just in case the public don't go along with it. We do know they're expecting riots for thirty years, from the Department of the Defence, both in the US and in Britain, came out with pretty well identical forecasts for the next thirty years. Where they see rioting across the whole Western World and what they don't go into is really the causes so much, the causes of the rioting. Well, we know it’s going to be food shortages and so on, because this is the time for crisis creation, it's the time to bring in a New World Order, as they keep telling us, and that also means a new economic order but it also means they want to have their planned society, world-wide, and this is a form of family planning, only it's the global village family and they want to vastly reduce the population and food will be used as a weapon. Food now, is in the hands of five Agri-food businesses, internationally, and they now are restricting the world's food supply, with their GMO foods. GMO foods was touted as a must-be, as they say in high Masonry, as a must-be scenario, because all the reports that have come in from GMO food and the crops show that it actually produces up to 30% less produce at harvest time than the old stuff did. So, it's not going to be the world's saviour, I think it's going to be part of our destruction and food will be used as a weapon, I think that will be part of the riots. The economic system is to be totally altered till we come out of this, as world servants, people to serve the world state - and that's been publicly said, at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations. So, we're looking at a whole new way of life, where the individual's life is planned for them, from birth to death. That literally is what they are talking about, this whole new World Order system that they're bringing in right now. 

George: Do you have any insights into this financial summit that's going to be held the 15th of this month? 

Alan Watt: Yes, what it is: you have to go into the last big summit they had, in World War Two, at the Bretton Woods, where they signed the agreement and they took everything off the Gold Standard, they put Fractional Reserve Banking in, where you could loan out about nine times of that which you had in deposit. You could loan out fictional money and that was part One of Bretton Woods. The next part of Bretton Woods, which they're actually calling it Part Two, is to bring in a new economic order, which is coupled with Sustainable Development and the Whole World Greening Project. In other words: population reduction etc etc etc. That's all going to be tied into the new economic system, which they will eventually phase in.  

Charlotte: Yeah, I think the November 15th meeting is going to be very telling. 

Alan Watt: Yes, and amazingly enough, I read an article the other night, on the radio, where, I think six hundred Non-Governmental Organisations had representatives at these particular world meetings with the big bankers and so on. What we're seeing now is the real meaning of democracy: democracy is not for the people, it never was. Democracy is actually big power lobby groups, funded by the Foundations, who are directing the course of the world and how we shall live, etc. It's done by dictate and they're the ones who are now really leading the charge for democracy, which is just a code term for the Sovietisation of the world. The Soviet system: 'soviet' means ruled by councils and the Soviet System had lots of Non-Governmental Organisations that pretended to speak on behalf of the people. In fact, their leaders were always chosen by the Politburo. Over in the Western countries, we have thousands of NGOs, all funded by the big Foundations, and their leaders are also supplied by the Foundations themselves. It's the same system and this is a blending of the Sovietised system, with that of the West. 

George: Yeah, I picked up on that. You know Alvin and Heidi Toffler that wrote those series of books, Future Shock and all that, they were really quite, they were supportive of all the NGOs and all that. 

Alan Watt: Oh, absolutely, and Alvin Toffler wrote another book called The Third Wave.  It was the blending of Communism and Capitalism, together and Newt Gingrich was his main spokesman for when they published the book. Newt was giving out hundreds of those books away on the Congressional steps, to all the Congressmen that were there. So, they're all for this whole agenda of population reduction and the Sovietisation of the world. Run, of course, by the same Elite that already run the Western World, a mass bureaucracy running all the people below them, right down to the local levels.  

George: You know this new Summit; this financial Summit, is the G20 plus China. Now are they going to re-order all the currencies, are they going to set and devalue the American Dollar? 

Charlotte: Or, are they going to have, essentially, a world currency de facto, if you will? 

Alan Watt: They’d love to bring in a single world currency, however, what they will probably do is create, remember, there is to be three main trading blocs in the world, when we're all under the United Nations, which will be the front government, for the big boys and Europe already has the Euro and they will be bringing out the Amero for America and Canada, Mexico and a few other countries, in Latin America and they'll bring one out for the Pacific Rim. But: they'll all be on a par; I've no doubt, they’ll bring it out to be on a par with the Euro. 

Charlotte: Right, well, potentially it might be a de facto world currency, if you will, out of the November 15th Summit, whether or not we actually transition to the Amero or not. 

George: The existing currencies have to be transitioned into something, for some kind of agreement about exchanging into these other main currencies, would you accept that Alan?  

Alan Watt: Absolutely, they have to get some standardisation process, where the Euro, for instance, will be the exact same worth as the Amero.  

George: and then the Dollar is going to be devalued, it looks like. 

Alan Watt: Yes, and gradually phased out. Whenever they bring in a new currency, they generally half the purchasing power when bringing in the new one, it's worth half of the old one basically. 

George: I’m getting rid of my script, man! [Laughter] 

Alan Watt: Oh, they’ve done this so many times though, in the past, in Europe that you can tell, down through history when they do it. 

George: What is it about the Europeans? Do they, someone just gave me some information recently, this is their take on it, in the Netherlands: they said it's getting very capitalistic over there now, what did they mean by that? Does that have any validity?  

Alan Watt: Not really, it depends what they really mean by it.  The money, you see, the whole world is run on this money. 

George: Sure, it's a moneyed system. 

Alan Watt: It's one system; they've closed all the loop holes, to stop you living independently outside the system. If you try to do that, they come along with a tape measure and measure your plot of land and your shack and tax you for property, so you have to earn money. 

George: Or they'll give your land to some commercial venture, like they do in Connecticut. Man, I tell you, hey we got to take a break here, what's that? 

Alan Watt: The world is a business they say. 

George: It is, isn't it, it's a big business, it’s a big deal. Hey, we got to cut away; we'll be right back, thank you. Alan.

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George: Welcome back to the Secret Truth, I'm George Butler, along with:          

Charlotte: Charlotte Littlefield. Alan, welcome back. 

Alan Watt: It's a pleasure. 

Charlotte: You know, I was wondering; I often wonder if Europe, you know: Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Britain, England, Ireland, Scotland and all the other countries up north, do they have a Patriot Movement, like we do here in America? I mean: are there people who think like us over there? 

Alan Watt: There are people who think the same way, they know what's happening. The problem with Europe, it's so old and they've never really known the kind of freedom that they've had in the United States. They've never ever had that kind, in fact, they've had, basically, so many years of financial, I call it depression, not recessions that they're kind of beaten down and they also have massive governments, massive bureaucracies and departments and ministries of this and that and the other, that you can't turn or do anything without permission. In other words, you feel subjugated, and in fact they are because most of them are monarchies, even though they call them 'democracies', they're still under this kind of strange monarchy-type democracy, where the queen or a king has to sign every law into being. The parliaments can't do it on their own. It all goes to the king or queen, for approval. So, where’s democracy come in there? They've never had a voice, they've never even been taught about their rights and freedoms, as they were in the U.S., when they used to teach them in the school and they'd recite the Bill of Rights and so on. They never had any of that in Europe, so they're very despondent and depressed, basically, I think. But: there are a lot of people who are up on what is happening in the world. They're maybe even ahead of the U.S. on what's really happening, but as far as having any idea what to do about it, they don't have the kind of fortitude the U.S. has created, through having freedoms in the past.  

Charlotte: Right, I do have a question for you, Alan, pertaining to the word 'democracy' itself.  I find it's eerily close to the word demo or demon and, of course, I think it comes from the Greek the people, or something like that but demo is like demo-stration, demonstration.  

Alan Watt: That's right. 

Charlotte: Then dem-on, like a demon from hell, if you will; what's your take on the actual word democracy

Alan Watt: It does have many occultic meanings and you're on the right track with it, and the ‘big people’; you see, the ‘big people’ gave the public what they thought was democracy, as a front, to stop them from having revolutions every few years and the idea being: that you could always vote a new bunch in and get rid of the last corrupt bunch, that's how democracy really works. You don't really vote new people in, you're voting the present ones out, you're so sick of them; but, it stops you from having revolutions. In reality: the whole of Europe has been run by, basically, monarchies and their secret societies, for centuries. They never ever intended to share power with the people, never ever, and if you read even Alexander Hamilton, his writings, on what he thought of democracy, he spoke really and he was an elitist, along the same lines as Britain; but, he said "what do I think of the public?" he says "I think the public sir is a beast" and that was always the European, the Aristocracies' point of view. It hasn't changed; so, it's a front show. Politics is a front show, while there's a parallel government that really runs the whole system over in Europe. 

George: Well, you know, this election now is a good example of what you just said. It's a put-up job to make people think they really have a voice in electing someone. 

Alan Watt: Yes, you see the Elite studied the French Revolution, very carefully, and they got kind of scared too, to see so many of their acquaintances and their cousins have their heads chopped off; and, they vowed it would never happen to them and so they set up this idea of Democracy that would be phased in over a couple of hundred years. You don't realise that democracy has had many different meanings in Britain and the average person couldn't even vote in Britain, unless you had property - and a lot of property - up until World War One and then they gave it to the ordinary people, to get them to join the army, because they were using so many young men up, fighting their wars. They gave them the vote. Democracy is a feint, as I say, it's a front, so they don't have revolutions every few years but we can see it now, after 9/11, when every country in Europe came out, simultaneously, with the same anti-terrorism bill / Martial Law scenario. That told you that all of these countries had a parallel government that was in concert / working together, long before 9/11 happened, to have it all ready to go, so quickly and they're all identical.  

George: So, right now, they're getting closer to perfecting the plan, The Plan, have you heard that referred to as 'The Plan'?  

Alan Watt: Yes, and we find, even again, Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, in the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs; and, he said that, in the 1960s, he said this parallel government has run the U.S. for the last sixty years. And, so, it's still here today, it is a parallel government, Margaret Thatcher talked about it, that she belongs to it, she said that openly on her world tour and the title of her talks was 'The New World Order', the Coming New World Order. 

Charlotte: Alan, oh I'm sorry I'm interrupting your thoughts. I do have a question pertaining to definitions. The Oxford English Dictionary: a lot of times in the English-speaking world, they have like four or five, sometimes more than that, definitions for words that we commonly use. Do they, the global Elite, the Illuminati, or whatever, do they actually use our language against us? 

Alan Watt: Absolutely, in fact one of the greatest things that was done, right after 9/11, was the speech that said, to the public: ‘you're either with us, or you're with the Terrorists’ and that was a declaration of war on the public, basically, but is also; you see when the U.S. was set up, by Freemasons, and there's no doubt that it was Freemasons who set it up, that's public knowledge and Franklin wrote about it too and he toasted George Washington as the first Grand Master of these United States (and that's in his own writings). You find that the password that they took from the French, the Grande Lodge, the Grand Orient Lodge, was Nous which means us / US and of course, if you go back into Greek, Nous means spirit

Charlotte: Us, US, I see that when I read I see 'Us' instead of 'US' nowadays.

Alan Watt: That's right and, of course, US, as I say, means Us, basically, in French, or Nous and that was the password that they were using at the time of Washington, in the Masonic Lodges and, going back into the Greek, Ancient Greek civilisation, Nous meant spirit and that was used in their old old Lodges as well. This is an on-going thing. Right in front of the public, as Albert Pike said, ‘we can always speak freely in front of the public and only we know what we are really saying and the public will get another meaning from it and never catch on’. 

George: It sounds like that male ego needs to be boosted up to some new higher degree, doesn't it?! 

Charlotte: You know Alan, there is a term in the American vernacular, if you will, it's called 'what's coming down the pike'.  I've often associated that with the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati, but most people that I bring this up with, they don't make that association, I've used it in military settings and had it reflect well on myself. I've seen it on blogs. What about that term 'coming down the pike’?

Alan Watt: Well, 'coming down the pike' has another meaning. Actually a pike was also a lance, a spear, a long spear and 'something coming down your spear' means you've literally speared your enemy! So, there's another meaning to it. 'Albert Pike' is a Masonic-created name, a Masonically-created name. Albert, if you put an 'H' in front of it and drop it in the English language, because they often drop the 'H's and 'Halbert' is also an axe, with a spearhead on top; and, a pike is a second spear. It's all weaponry. 

Charlotte: Alan, you're awesome. This has been a fabulous hour with you. 

Alan Watt: It's been a pleasure, yeah. 

George: Yeah, I tell you, you just astound me every time that you're with us, you know that?! So, what's your advice right now before we close - we've got 30-40 seconds left? 

Alan Watt: I think people have to, again, differentiate between fact and fiction and don't mix the two together. 

George: get out, out of this fantasy world and get back into reality, right? 

Alan Watt: We have to, it's all we have. 

Charlotte: What about the language? Get back to the language folks!  

George: Oh, English ain't hard Charlotte! 

Alan Watt: The French called them the Angles because they are angles in masonry. 

George: There are more angles than you can compute. Hey we got to go. Thank you very much.  

Alan Watt: Bye now. 

Charlotte: Thanks Alan. 

George: Goodnight 

Alan Watt: Goodnight.



Transcribed by Bill Scott.