Alan Watt on “The Monday Brownbagger”

with Don Nordin

October 20th 2008



Don Nordin: Hello, this the Monday Brownbagger, you're listening to Co-op Radio 102.7 FM, in Vancouver and my name is Don Nordin and, I believe I have, on the line, Alan Watt, from Ontario. Are you there Alan?

Alan Watt: I am indeed.

Don: OK, thanks for appearing today, I don't have your Bio - do you want to give a short bio?

Alan: Well, I've been in a lot of different professions, but I've written books, in the past, on this big agenda I follow. Not just politicians, I follow the real governments that rule them, to try and show the people that nothing happens by accident and that years go into big changes, including what we're experiencing now with the Bank situation. This was planned so long ago, as a part of a phase, starting with the Bretton Woods Agreement, in World War II, with another phase to come, into a global society.  I've been writing about these things and doing my own radio shows and trying to inform the public of the histories behind this, the big Foundations that circumvent democracy, because they have unlimited funding, and the special non-governmental organisations, which they fund, to promote every part of their agenda into practice, that becomes public policy.

Long ago, democracy, as we think of it, was circumvented by what Professor Carroll Quigley called, in his book Tragedy and Hope, a "parallel government" that he claimed was already existing in the 1960s and had been for sixty years in the U.S.  In Canada, we have our own branch of it. In fact all Commonwealth countries have a branch from the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They've been working steadily for a hundred years just to bring in this new global society; but, it's not to benefit the people, it's to be run on purely an economic basis and it's a basis where, shortly, you'll be allowed to procreate, if you have permission or the right genes, because eugenics is a big, big part of this group's plan; and, if you have the junk genes, as I say, you're too low on the scale, you'll be sterilised, that's to come into it.

Meanwhile, for 50-60 years, they've used the schools, even kindergartens, to help promote every part of their agenda, so that those children grow up thinking that each new part of indoctrination is quite natural and they don't realise they're being used - by predictive programming it's called - to bring in this World Order. They think it's going to be Utopia but the boys at the top have published plenty of books themselves, they have their own websites up on the big institutes, and they tell you that the society they plan to bring in is to be a vastly-reduced society where those with the 'poverty gene' as they call it, in Eugenics, will be simply eliminated and they will use genetics to foment and create the new type of creature, to serve them much better. Whereas the elite themselves have said, in their own books, that they will not alter themselves, they will be steering Planet Earth, therefore, they must retain the survival instincts but the public won't need those, because experts and authorities will be making all the decisions for them.

This is the Brave New World scenario that's coming into view now and the kick-off for this part of it was 9/11. 9/11 had to happen, to enable the whole world to go into this anti-terrorism mode and take the rights away from every person across the planet, at the same time, which they did. That in itself, tells you that the negotiations between massive bureaucracies and state departments took years and years, prior to 9/11, to set up that kind of working implementation.

We're now on a roll to the Brave New World and when you look into what's foreseen by the big Think Tanks that work for the world governments, such as the Department of Defence in Britain and all NATO countries - and I have this on my website at  - a 90 page report put out by the Department of Defence: they foresee riots, world-wide, but mainly in the western world, kicking off around 2010 or so and the reasons for it will be food shortages, unemployment, poverty, all of this kind of thing; and, they have the internalised military all set up to deal with that. They expect these riots to go on for thirty-odd years and out of it will come the reduced population and those with the special / right, you know the correct genes will be allowed to come through into this new age.

Don: Yeah, let's get back to the reduced population issue, in a moment; but, what we have now, basically, happening is a financial / economic collapse and, in the context of what you have said, so far, how do you see that sort of fitting in? Do you think that is the main issue right now and how do you see that fitting into what you have already said?

Alan: Well, a hundred years ago, it was said that the final part of the plan would be brought in by 'the power of the purse' meaning the bankers and when you've followed economics and the big economic forecasters, they were all part, again, of this elitist system, beginning even with Thomas Malthus, who was the Economist for the East India Corporation, which was a Crown-owned corporation, with his eugenics plan, and all the rest of it, and then follow it right down through Bretton Woods, and all the characters involved, their idea was, eventually, to bring in the supreme Fascist-type system where government is truly wedded to international corporations and business and they would run society and find places for you to work, or not.

Money is a tool, money is a tool that we've all been trained we must have. We're not taught at school to go out and grow our own corn or farm or be self-sufficient; in fact, they say that self-sufficiency must be eradicated. You must be inter-dependent, which means totally dependent upon the system and therefore we've been trained, from school, to go out and earn this thing called money. Money is a means to an end and, as long as the public are willing to use it, everything seems to work fine. However, ‘money’ can be anything. Eventually, they are going to issue credits, now that the governments' got their fingers in the banks and they’ll be working with the banks. They will eventually, according to Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, who was a big player in this agenda. He wrote much of it that's coming into fruition now, he said eventually the State will issue credits to every citizen, at the beginning of the week. These credits would go into your bank account, you cannot save them up, so you start at the same amount every week, and it will be used also as a form of social punishment. They'll withdraw your credits, or withhold them, and you can't pay your rent and you can't buy food and that will be how they will control you, into conformity, in this new society that they're bringing in. That will come to pass. We already have government involved with your bank account. That means they'll decide what you can buy, why you're buying it, should you be buying it and so on. That was always the goal of the big elitists that call true fascism.

Professor Carroll Quigley himself, in his book Tragedy and Hope, and the other great book, called the Anglo-American Establishment, goes through the history of this parallel government, he worked for them, he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch of this organisation; and, he said this new system we are bringing in is a new type of feudalism, run by overlords and these overlords will be the C.E.Os of international corporations. It's very much like what you saw in the movie Blade Runner that had that in it, that's the kind of world they want to bring in. They say that the way things are now, where people can mate with who they want to and choose their own future etc is just too untidy, it's not organised enough, they want to bring in a planned society. We've all heard of family planning, it's a global village now, so it's global planning, on a big scale, that's what's coming in.

Don: We'll carry on here with Alan Watt, my guest, who is on the Republic Broadcasting Network on the Internet and speaking to us, I believe, out of Ontario, right now, where he lives. OK, it's quite obvious right now what is happening is a planned and engineered destruction of the United States of America, with George Bush, Cheney and others facilitating that. Would you explain the reason that America has to be destroyed and the roles that the Fed. and these people in the top of the Government, Cheney, Bush are playing?

Alan: Well, the people at the top of the U.S. Government - and pretty well every government on the planet - are, and have been, for an awful long time, internationalists anyway, using the nationalist system to bring in the global society; and, the United States was chosen a long time ago. In fact, we find various authors came over to the United States, to talk about this to the Senators, back in the early 1900s and they came over from, at that time, what was called the Cecil Rhodes Foundation. Kipling was one of them and he made a speech to the Senate Floor and he said Britain has created the embryo of a World Order, through its Empire, and this new world global society should be built upon this model. The U.S. would have to take over the functions of policing it, funding it, because Britain, at that time was totally exhausted, through debt from all the wars that they'd had to take over most of the world, and, that has been the role of the C.F.R. ever since, basically, the Council on Foreign Relations. Again, Professor Carroll Quigley, in his book, who was the historian for the C.F.R., said that these guys in his organisation had been behind most of the major wars. The World Wars were necessary to create steps towards unification, because, out of war, you find treaties are signed, amalgamations happen and now you have another empire. They wanted to create a European Bloc and an American Bloc and a Pacific Rim Bloc. You also find Karl Marx writing about that, before Kipling and H.G. Wells, and many others, talked about it openly, in their own books. The same three World Blocs, under a World Government system. The only problem was: they didn't think the public would go for it; they don't like giving up their nationalism, their identity, their cultures; and, so, through war, they would bring us all to our knees, so that we would accept it. If that didn't work, they'd bring in, as I say, the 'power of the purse' and, by economic crack-downs, they could make us do anything they wished. That's what we're seeing happening today, for the final push.

The United States, when it was formed, and you go into the histories written by some of the Founding Fathers and letters of Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson: they both said that they hoped that the birth of the United States of America would lead to a Federation of the World; and then into the 1800s, Shelley and others wrote poems about it, a Federation of the World. They were all funded, again, by this society based in England - funded by Royalty in fact, and given charters, many of them - to push this agenda; and, by the pretence of using democracy they would put the public to sleep, basically! And we have gone to sleep because democracy was designed that the biggest groups within society would have the major say in democracy. It's not for the individual, therefore they set up massive Foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford, Carnegie, Guggenheimer and many more in Europe and in England; and, those Foundations, with unlimited financing, would set up what the public would perceive as grass roots organisations, non-governmental organisations who would then demand certain laws get passed on the environment and many other things and the Government was only too willing to sign that into law. That's how this kind of democracy really works. It's a rigged game.

There is no say for the individual; they don't care about the individual. You'll find, with the Club of Rome, another big Think Tank, which creates public policy that it gives out to governments, the same as the Council on Foreign Relations. The Club of Rome said, in their own book, The First Global Revolution, they said that the way to Global Government was through the creation of crisis. They said that they’d have to find a way to get the whole world to come together under a war situation. This is in the 1970s they were talking about this, and they looked at all the possible scenarios and they thought that blaming humanity for the destruction of the environment could be used by those who ruled, by implementing laws which would govern the minutest detail of every individual's life. That's what's happening today. In that same book, they went further and said that they'd looked at all the different systems of governments and controlling vast populations and the one they favoured the most was Collectivism, meaning the Soviet system. Now, 'soviet' means ruled by councils, or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and that's what we see today. If you don't belong to one of the big NGOs, you have no voice. If you start your own organisation, no matter what size it grows to, if the United Nations does not accept you, you will not get funding through the big Foundations. So, not anyone can be allowed into the elite group of NGOs that now run our lives.

Don: So, how do you see, what type of mechanism do you envision, for this system to be overthrown and how do you think that might happen?

Alan: It's incredibly difficult to overthrow, when you realise, and, this is what scares people, when they do wake up to the changes; when you realise that every facet of your existence depends on the system that's already in place. That's why people are terrified when it starts to change and I tell them: look, the previous system that you lived in belonged to the same people and Foundations and the ultra rich, they're simply upgrading their system into the next phase, as we all suffer for it. And: they have worked, scientifically, using scientific indoctrination our whole lives, through talk shows and television, movies, lots of programming into our minds comes from movies, predictive programming it's called, from Tavistock Institute, in England. We also have all the nature shows, that were put out there to get us aware, they call it raising public awareness, what they really mean is this is going to be your opinion, this is you're going to see things and view things on this particular topic, that's what they mean. Scientific indoctrination, as it's called, has been used on the general public their entire lives, most people don't come to their own conclusions or opinions, their opinions are induced opinions.

Don: So the mass media: there basically is no way for people to, aside from the Internet, some programmes on the Internet and so forth, to educate themselves about what is really happening. The mass media does not do that and, in fact, television basically acts as a mechanism to distract people with diversions, like sports and so forth,

Alan: Yes.

Don: things that really don't mean anything, as far as those people having political power. So, where is, what is the vehicle that people can, or do you think there is no vehicle, there is no possibility at the moment for people to empower themselves and take political control

Alan: The only way they could do it is, literally, to take to the streets en masse, across the Western Hemisphere

Don: Well, then they will be shot down and they'll be arrested.

Alan: That will come anyway, that will come, anyway, as I say, The Department of Defence have talked about, they don't call it demonstrations, they call it riots and, so much so, if you look into the website, my website and read through it, they say that they are even going to use neutron bombs on big crowds. This is from the top Think Tank for NATO.

Don: Well, demonstrations are being put into the classification of terrorism now, aren't they?

Alan: Yes but you can still go into, you can still apply for legal demonstrations and do it; and, yes, you will have infiltrators, generally who are police or special forces, who dress up like the rest and they cause the trouble but you have to put up with that, because we have no other option. Politicians are marked on an agenda. I think it was Professor Quigley again, who said that (it's now for a hundred years) the politicians in all parties are picked and groomed beforehand, and their advisors, by the Council on Foreign Relations. That's why this agenda has never halted or been diverted, regardless of party change; and, you have to understand too that bureaucracies play a massive part in this, because bureaucracies are there all the time, regardless of what politician or what group gets in or out, and they have their mandates and, since the League of Nations was developed, became the United Nations, bureaucracies correspond with their peer groups, within the United Nations. They bypass the politicians. Bureaucracies are unelected and even Hitler, when he was asked about how did they run the country, he says you must control and have the bureaucrats on your side. That's the same system that we are run with.

Don: It seems to me, the intent of demonstrations is:-

(1) To notify the public in general who don't know much about issues that people are upset about what is happening and

(2) To try and, and to effect the politicians to make a change.

But, both of those: through the control of the mass media not covering demonstrations, and, through, basically, the sell-out of the politicians, to not challenge the system, demonstrations become non-effective.

Alan: That's the only chance they have right now; because, what's going to happen, in the near future, because I've seen this, I've got lots of documentation on this. We know that the 5 big Agri-food businesses have taken over pretty well the food supply of the planet; and, when a few people own the food supply of the planet, they will use that as a weapon down the road, on the public. They're talking about the coming food shortages. I’ve looked into the Royal Institute of International Affairs' website, and they've had think tanks, specialised think tanks, working on many projects but one of them was working on the coming food shortages, which are planned to be and then the public will riot, unfortunately, because that's what they do, when their back is to the wall. So, while we can eat and while we can feel fairly healthy, regardless of the stuff we're eating, we've got to, as I say, show ourselves now and, if nothing else, people who come to watch these demonstrations, can have literature handed out to them and it will grow and grow and grow and the mainstream media must be by-passed. Many people turn up at these demonstrations and take their own video and do their own documentaries and put it up on the Internet. That's the way you have to by-pass the mainstream media. By the way, the mainstream media: most members at the top too, according to the C.F.R., are their members as well, so that explains why they're all 'on board' on this particular agenda.

Don: OK, in the last 2 ½ minutes. We haven't had much time in the short time that we had to even begin to scratch the surface of this issue but I would urge people to tune into the Republic Broadcasting Network and look for the Alan Watt programme and hear more of what Alan Watt has to say. I would also urge people, again, to support Vancouver Cooperative Radio and 'phone in, right now. We need your pledges and donations and reader memberships to carry on; very important.  So, 'phone in to 604 684 8494 and make that pledge. We haven't had time to talk about the population reduction issue; but, Alan, if I could contact you again, maybe in the latter part of January, would you be willing to come on for an hour and further this discussion?

Alan: Sure, yeah.

Don: Is there anything you'd like to cover in the last one minute then, that we haven’t?

Alan: We have to truly take the fear that comes our way and get over the fear scenario, because part of this whole mammoth organisation that rules our lives tries to terrify us into immobility and we've got to stop that and realise that we are sentient human beings, with rights, just as much rights as a Mr Rockefeller or the head of the United Nations or her majesty the queen or anyone else; and, so therefore, we should have a say in the direction that the world is going and that's never been given to the public anywhere in the world. It's time we brought it in and we all got involved in it, because our lives depend on it.

Don: Well, thank you very much Alan, it's been a pleasure having you on today, on the Monday Brownbagger programme and I'll look forward to talking with you again, in January.

Alan: Will do.

Don: Thanks very much Alan.

Alan: Thank you too

Don: Bye for now

Alan: goodbye.

Don: Bye.


© Alan Watt and Don Nordin


Transcribed by Bill Scott